Keedam (2022) Movie Script

'On this beautiful night'
'all the love stories
that I am knowing about'
'are heartbreaking
and full of losses.'
'It's about drifting away.'
No wonder I am bored to death.
'Hello, where did you reach?'
I am about to reach.
May be 30 minutes more.
'I hope there is no issue?'
What issue?
I had a costumer till Chavakkad.
That's why no one suspected it.
'You come fast anyway.'
Hey! Don't worry.
Shall we just keep making
someone else rich forever?
We are the
ones toiling day and night.
'I didn't say
anything for that.'
'We will deal with
everything later.'
'Once you reach here...'
- One more thing.
The goods should have crossed
the border till I reach home.
Got it?
'We'll do everything.
You just be here.'
Alright, you hang up.
I will reach soon. - 'Fine.'
"There are no more
words. The destination is unknown."
"There is evil lurking nearby.
Every sight is devilish."
"The wheel of time is moving.
Light is dimming away."
"The skies above are
looking for answers."
"The sun dries out. It becomes
a reflection of the mirror."
"Looking at that dark night,
the flowers get scared to bloom."
"The words...
The words..."
"The words...
The words..."
"The words...
The words..."
"The words...
The words..."
"These words are meaningless.
The destination is unknown."
"There is evil lurking nearby.
Every sight is devilish."
"The wheel of time is moving."
"Light is dimming away."
"The skies above are
looking for answers."
"The words...
The words..."
"The words...
The words..."
"The words... The words..."
"The words... The words..."
We can monitor and prevent all the
cyber attacks with these tools.
Sir, there is another
feature to it.
If some employees
of your company
suffer some data leakage
then we can monitor that live.
Sir, unlike other companies...
- Excuse me.
I forgot your name.
- Sir, Radhika.
Yeah, Radhika.
I somehow missed it.
Please sit, Radhika.
To be honest, Radhika.
I am not here for
this presentation.
I had told Vijay.
I have a personal problem.
I need your help
to deal with that.
Sir, we had already discussed it.
The matter about his divorce.
Yes, Vijay told me about it.
But I didn't understand
what's your expectation, sir?
Yes, let's come to that point.
My divorce is exactly
the way you are assuming.
It's not so simple
and straightforward.
Because there is lot
of money at stake.
My ex-wife is asking for half of
the wealth to sign the petition.
It's kind of a cheap blackmail.
Okay, sir. But what should we do?
She was cheating on me.
sir's ex-wife had an affair.
But we don't have any
proof to prove that.
If we get any evidence. - Are
you suggesting hacking her systems?
Yes! He phone,
email, social media...
Wherever you can.
I am sure of her
illicit relationship.
And once I get hold of
some chat or screen shot
then her blackmailing
won't work.
I am sorry, sir.
We cannot do that.
See, Radhika. Vijay has already
explained me your policies.
And I value such people.
So this work
is not going to be cheap.
My offer is Rs. 2.5 million.
Sorry, sir. The value of privacy
of a person is much more than that.
A cyber security firm like is
very aware of it than anyone else.
Sir, privacy is a person's
fundamental right since 2017.
By law.
I think we can discuss...
Vijay, this is illegal.
We can arrested for it.
In this state?
What happened after there were
allegations of hacking the phone
of ministers and bureaucrats?
I mean, the government
only hacks the phone here.
And no one even cares.
Sir, I think we will discuss
this and get back to you.
Alright, Vijay. Can you get
back to me by tomorrow evening?
Tomorrow will be fine, sir.
It will be fine.
Yeah. Thank you.
Cyber security
is now a hot thing, right?
Sir, people are just realizing
the importance of it now.
May be that's why
I see a lot of cyber security
start ups all around.
Sir, this way.
Hello. Yes, dad.
- 'Hello, dear.'
Yes, I was in a meeting.
So I didn't receive your call.
'Shall I come to pick you up?'
I have some more work remaining.
It's fine. I will come home,
get fresh and then do it.
Yes, you come to pick me up.
'I will leave right now then.'
- Okay. Bye.
Look, don't come to me with
such cheap cases, okay?
Oh! As if you have never done it?
I have.
I have done it a lot of times.
I reached here like this only.
Do you know whom
I hacked first in my life?
My own dad.
Oh! - Then the fool who
broke up with me in college.
But I have never left my
ethics and done something
till the time I have
joined this profession.
Radhika, listen to what...
- There is no use of it, Vijay.
We should not hack her phone.
We don't need the money even
if he gives us millions.
We need money and
cannot live with ethics.
Sorry. I said it
due to frustration.
Leave it.
- You also leave it, Vijay.
We just need one small project.
As if.
What is your law code?
- Just tell me.
That is my personal device.
- Oh! Privacy.
There is no lock code in that.
There is only face recognition.
Extra protection.
What is the issue? Tell me that.
Do you know your
wife phone lock code?
Yes, I do.
One, two, three, four.
You might have set it.
Why? Doesn't she need privacy?
Listen, Vijay.
Our work has an issue.
We have the tendency to
sneak in to other's lives.
It will feel very
normal after some time.
And if someone comes
with some money
then it may feel doubly right.
- We should leave that tendency.
I don't have that tendency.
You have never hacked her phone?
What nonsense are you
saying? I have never done it.
What are you looking at?
Just once.
I have checked once before marriage
to see if she had an affair.
Listen, Vijay. We have to
stand on the other side.
We started this firm to help
people having privacy issue.
And not to hack them.
Just call and tell him tomorrow
morning that we aren't doing it.
I said it downstairs only
that we cannot do it.
I am leaving, okay? Dad has
come downstairs to pick me up.
- I will give you the tomorrow's
security audit presentation
in the morning.
- Bye.
Enough of it. You can work
after having dinner now.
I have little more work, dad. We
need to submit a proposal tomorrow.
It's a potential customer.
I have found out some good
security vulnerabilities.
Are you able to manage
the stress of a start up?
I resigned and started
this company after
knowing about all this, right?
But I think I am enjoying this.
Then it's fine.
I want to enjoy after
you become a millionaire.
Oh! You are not enjoying
now at all, right?
It seems as if you want
to say something else?
Dad, where did you go
yesterday after saying
that you're going for a concert?
Have you started
to monitor me now?
Why are you so tensed?
Do you have an illicit affair?
I am trying but
nothing is working out.
Firstly, I am a divorcee.
Secondly, I have a daughter
of marriageable age.
Both are an issue.
- Oh!
There are so many hurdles.
Aunt Lali said that you
didn't go there yesterday.
Is it her?
- Yes.
I have a doubt that she
is interested in me.
Anyone will get interested.
Don't go and play
cards at the club after
saying that you're
going for a concert.
I am tired of concerts.
Tell me, if there is some
DJ party going on somewhere.
'Pradeesh, I am standing at the
spot where airport taxi driver'
'Santosh was killed
in an accident.'
'The police informed us that
the incident happened on'
'national highway
between 3:30 to 4:15 AM.'
'The police is searching for
the culprits very intensely.'
'SP Nitesh Sharma informed
that a special task force'
'has been formed for the same.'
Listen, Aji. Shall we start?
Brother Kuttan, you sit inside.
We will start.
- Where is your phone, by the way?
I called on that many times.
It will be inside somewhere.
Then keep it with you sometimes.
It's never reachable. Come fast.
Go on.
Come in.
[Indistant chatter]
- Yes?
I am leaving.
Biju. Hey!
- Yes.
I will call you later.
Let's talk later.
Who is it?
There is someone.
- Is brother Kuttan here?
He is there.
- Come.
Is Aji in?
He is in.
Oh! So you are here?
- Let's start.
Is he in the shop?
- No, he is here.
Did you do it?
[Indistant chatter]
[Indistant chatter]
Yes, I will leave now.
'You didn't leave till now?'
Yes, I am leaving. You hang up.
'You are going to spoil...'
Dear, come there. Our
Karthik has come there.
Which Karthik?
Uncle Raju's son, that doctor.
He is here to see
me with some work.
come and introduce yourself.
Dad, I am already late.
Just say hi before you leave.
You can go for a
date if you like him.
I don't understand
if my days are so
bad that you have
to find me a date?
No... That...
I just said it since
he is a nice boy.
Okay. Alright.
I will come. You can leave.
Will you come.
- Yes, I will.
Dad had a surgery last
month, uncle.
- This is Karthik.
Yes, I know him.
We are meeting for
the first time.
'But I know
everything about you.'
'Karthik Rajasekhar. You
studied at St Jude School.'
'Then you went to
Alappuzha Medical College.'
'Your friends are your
biggest weakness.'
'Last week you were in Munnar.'
'You took these lonely pics'
'just because you want to show
that you are a travel freak.'
'You posted even your dog's
sickness on social media.'
'Your pain looks
very fake to me.'
'You also comment on every
pictures of actresses.'
'You are drying for
their attention.'
Cyber security company means
hacking and stuff, right?
You cannot say that.
We give solution to a person after
checking out their
security vulnerabilities.
Oh! Is there scope for that now?
No, you are right.
The people in our state don't
even know to make a nice password.
I read an article online
some time back, uncle.
It was about the passwords
people make the most.
It was a funny article.
Uncle, most of the people
will be either their own name
or one, two, three, four
or it will be password itself.
But what I was wondering is...
Radhika, if people are
making less obvious passwords
then hacking would be
difficult for you, right?
Like how?
- I mean,
like our pets, their names,
or their car number
or their pass out year.
No one can guess that
quickly, right?
I am a bit careful about
all these stuff, uncle.
Where did you study?
- Alappuzha Medical College.
Do you know one Vimala there?
She is 2012 pass out.
- I passed out in 2015.
I may know her if I see her.
I had sent a Facebook request.
Oh my! Is it the photo of
a man with the dog? - Yes.
Yes. - Uncle,
I have a Labrador dog at home.
We also had a
Pomeranian, right dad?
His name was Dundu.
- Oh! Nice name.
What was the name
of the Labrador?
How sweet?
Macho1215 will be the
password, right?
It's hacking, right?
No, this is called
social engineering. - Oh!
It's about manipulating
someone and then
getting out confidential
information from him.
Our company is relevant
till these tricks exist.
Dear, you are getting late, right?
Then you can leave.
I will leave. Alright,
then we'll meet later, Karthik.
The technician will come to
repair fridge. Tell him the way.
- Fine, dad. Okay. Bye.
Are you fine now?
Look, the password...
- Vijay.
I will send you the
slide right now.
We are already late.
- I will give you now.
Don't try to sugarcoat it too much.
- Fine.
Vijay. I sent you. Can
you please check it?
'Hello.' - Hello, I had received
a call from your number.
Ma'am, I am calling from
the fridge service center.'
'Our repairman was waiting
there since some time.'
Oh no! I was in a meeting.
Can you give me the
number of the repairman?
'Yes, he was waiting
since a long time.'
'I will give you the number.
Note it down please.'
- 45.
'Call him soon.'
- Okay.
Okay, ma'am.
- Thank you. I will call him now.
- Hello.
Mister, did you leave?
You had come for servicing now,
right? I am calling from there.
Oh! Is it? Yes, tell me.
Mister, where did you reach?
Did you reach Vytilla?
I can come anywhere.
You tell me.
Isn't this the service center?
What service do you need?
Tell me upfront.
Amazing! A bird! Eight.
- Yes?
Come here.
- I am coming. Coming, brother.
Give him.
- Oh my! No need.
Sir, I heard that the new
police head has taken charge.
So what about the
progress of our case?
This is a missing case.
- Yes.
The investigation will go
in till the man is found.
It has been about
thirteen years now, right?
I am telling you just
because I am close to you.
You don't have to
come every month.
I said it the last time too.
Sir, I wanted to see CI sir.
Sir, I have backed up
all the footage
we received from the factory.
I will take care of it.
- Okay, sir.
Sir is a bit busy today.
Yes, no issue.
I will see him the
next time I am here.
Hi, Radhika. How are you?
- I am good, sir.
Can we sit inside?
I am a bit busy.
I need a small help.
What is it, sir?
The issue is a bit confidential.
There was an unusual
activity some days
back in the
Kerala Aluminium Limited factory.
- Someone hacked the server
and stole some sensitive data.
I am investigating the case.
The forensic team
is investigating.
But you know they
will take some time.
These are the log records
and CCTV footage of
the hacked system.
- Okay.
We cannot see anything
unusual in the CCTV footage.
But you just check it out.
Sure, sir. I will tell
you in a day or two.
Yes, that's fine. Is Balan sir
going to the court nowadays?
No, he is celebrating
his retirement.
Okay. I was investigating
the last case in
which Balan sir was
the public prosecutor.
Yes, I know it.
Do tell him I inquired about him.
- Sure, sir.
Fine. - I will come.
No, it's fine. Thank you.
- Okay.
Bird. One. Two.
- There are so many.
Then what.
Bird number eight.
- Just check this number
on true caller.
- Okay.
Radhika Balan.
Her voice was very sweet.
Is it?
- Yes.
Let's check on Facebook.
- Okay.
Radhika Balan.
Is it her?
Is she from Kochi?
- Yes, she is.
Then it will be her.
Let me check.
She is very nice.
- Isn't it?
You dial her and see.
Shall I?
- Yes, call her and see.
I will have to try hard.
- You try it.
She is not receiving, right?
She may have slept.
Can't you see?
She is not someone
who sleeps so easily.
You are right.
Call her once more.
Don't let her sleep. Call her.
- Yes.
The phone is ringing.
Pick it up.
It's an unknown number, dad.
Check who it is.
It may be urgent.
Are you asleep?
I cannot fall asleep here.
What is it?
It was some pervert, dad.
Block the number.
You cannot reach her, right?
She may have blocked you.
They are like that only.
That is not an issue for me.
You have a lot of number, right?
How many do you want?
This is an amazing thing.
Call her once more. Come on.
Yes, call.
We will find some more
details, sir.
Come, Ashraf. Sit.
Ashraf is taking
care of this case.
Ashraf, this is Radhika.
- Hi.
I know it, sir. You have told me.
- Yes.
Radhika has some
interesting findings.
Can you?
- Yes, sure sir.
Sir, I examined the CCTV footage
that you gave me.
That's when I found
this interesting thing.
These footage are manipulated.
I don't get you.
I mean the CCTV footage
have been stored at
8 minute short clippings.
Look at this clipping from
3:02 minutes to 3:10 minutes.
if we zoom at it from this angle
do you see a pipe
in the background?
The water from this pipe
is not going backward.
It's going back inside the pipe.
Someone has replaced the
original clipping
with the previous clipping.
So that we don't realize
the time difference.
Also, we don't find similarities of
the clipping ahead and back of it
this clip has been
pasted in reverse.
That's why we feel as if the water
is running back in to the pipes.
Oh! So you are saying...
Yes, this has been done to
hide something which
has happened there.
Someone did this purposely to
make the CCTV footage a blind spot.
This forgery has been committed
in all the other CCTV footage
at that time.
So someone accessed the
server room during this time
and tried to cover it up.
Anyway, we have to get out
the list of all the people who
came from outside to the company.
I think it's an insider job.
This has not been
done by an outsider.
Someone familiar with the factory
and the server room has done this.
Radhika, how can you say that it
was not a professional hacker?
Someone from inside the
factory would have helped.
By giving their access and all?
Sir, this is not a professional
as he has not covered his tracks.
If a professional
hacker access his system
then it's nearly impossible to
find his digital footprints.
But here the cloud server
which has been used
is the same local server which our
kids used to pirate local movies.
A professional
will never do that.
Then the IP address used
to access the cloud server
has not been masked as well.
It's the internal IP address only.
A professional will never do
that, sir.
Sir, if you release a statement
saying this is an insider job
and that three or four people
are under the scanner for it then
they will surely panic since
they are not professionals.
Then it will be more
easier to find them.
Do you have an interest
in joining the police?
No, it will be a
headache for us if you
turn in to a criminal.
My dad always says that he doesn't
trust anyone in this world.
Everyone looks at
me with suspicion.
It may be due to
the job that I do.
But it is useful like
this in some way.
Anyways, thank you so
much, Radhika.
Also, Ashraf will trouble you
if we need any help.
Oh! No problem, sir.
Then I will leave.
- Okay.
Thank you!
Dear. Radhika.
Why did you take so much time?
- Who is this?
Oh my! English!
Don't we know English?
You speak with her.
I called you to
just talk with you.
Hey! Who are you?
You have been calling
me since some time.
If you call me again then
you will have it from me.
Got it! Hang up and leave.
She says she will teach me a
lesson. - Tell her to come here.
We will tell her.
- She is serious.
Oh my!
I am feeling scared.
Is it? Then you will really
get scared when the cops come
to your house. Hang up now!
Don't hang up.
- Let me call her again.
She blocked me again.
What a rascal she is!
I will show her now. She is
talking about getting me arrested.
- Yes.
What happened?
- Nothing.
Don't get in to unwanted mess.
No, brother. It's nothing.
Did Brother Kuttan call?
No, he said that he is at work.
He will reach in half an hour.
Give me the key.
This is okay.
But we should roll out the
update on our products
as soon as we can.
Implementation is in process. Just
the documentation has to finish.
First tell me if this is okay.
This is okay.
- Just check it out once.
In this...
What is it?
Who is this?
Good morning, sir.
- Oh, Radhika!
Come, sir.
- Yes.
Come, sir.
How are you?
- Alright.
We found out who sent the message.
His name is Kili Biju.
He is a culprit in
some petty cases.
I have brought a written complaint.
I had filed a FIR too.
Radhika, you already know it.
The complication of such cases.
It's very difficult to get him
jailed after dragging him to court.
Without proving that the phone
was with him while messaging
the case will not hold.
Sir, you know it already.
If you file a case
as per IT Act section 67
under transmission of porn
then they will be in
prison for 90 days
without bail.
I am fine with that.
These are seasoned criminals.
They are fearless.
We are not like that.
So decide everything
very carefully.
Isn't it better to rough them
up a bit by bringing them in
and making sure that
they won't do it again?
They will send such a message
to someone else if we do that.
If I cannot fight
this in court when
I am so well versed
with cyber law
then what will normal people do?
You are absolutely right.
But unfortunately our
law has some limitations.
Sir, you know very well
what they did with me.
They send me such messages
after breaching my privacy.
They disturbed me my
calling me up at midnight.
It's an act of violence.
Why are we seeing it as so simple?
As a friend,
I told you what I had to.
The choice is completely your's.
If you have decided to go
ahead with the case then
you have all my support
as a police officer.
Sir, shall I call them in?
Not now. Let them wait there.
Let me discuss with them.
Just give me five minutes.
I will call you.
So what's your decision?
Sir, IT...
- Dear.
I feel Charles is right.
Fighting such cases in court is a
very traumatic experience.
There will be unnecessary
discussions and questions.
As you are thinking
these guys will not change
if they are put in
prison for a few days.
I know it well, dad.
But I will get some peace of mind.
Charles, you can do
what you feel is right.
Can I?
Call them.
- Come in.
Kili Biju.
Your name is very nice.
Who named you?
I don't know.
- What?
I don't know.
- Stand straight!
What do you do?
We have scrap business.
It's not messaging the girls?
Sir, I lost my phone a week back.
- Is it?
Someone is doing it with that.
How many numbers do you have?
Sir, the phone I lost
was a dual SIM phone.
There are two numbers.
One number is for work.
Sir is here after
learning everything.
He is very smart, sir.
Who is the other guy?
Sir, he work with him.
What is your name?
- Ajith.
Sir will know only if
you say Turumbu Aji.
Oh! Was it you?
How do you know him?
Sir, he works at my shop.
So is your work
messaging people?
Sir, I don't have WhatsApp.
I have a simple phone.
- What?
I have a simple phone.
So, Biju.
- Yes.
Your phone got lost.
- Yes.
Now that phone is messaging
people from somewhere.
Is it like that?
Sir, someone is purposely...
- Purposely?
Someone is doing it purposely.
- Is it?
Sir, we don't know if she sent
message to someone and blaming us.
Sir, there is no use of
talking to these criminals.
File and FIR now.
- Who is she to call us criminals?
Are you laughing? Yes?
Sir, why are you beating him?
Do you policemen are fools?
- Sir, why are you beating us?
Whom are you speaking to? - Get
them both out. I will remove their
arrogance now.
- Come out. Their foolish show!
Sir, he said he didn't do it.
Fine, sir.
What are you looking at?
Stand there quietly.
Are you scared?
- You!
Oh my! It's trapped. Poor soul.
Ma'am, he can fix a puncture.
You can call him he will fix it.
Shall I fix it?
How much is it?
- Twenty.
Aji. Ma'am is here.
Just give us a look.
Dear. Dear.
Oh my! Don't go like that.
Have a look at this and go.
Just do it properly, Aji.
Let the trees grow.
Ma'am, don't go. Ma'am.
Ma'am, come out of the house.
- Dear.
Do you want to file a case?
- Go and file a case.
How much is it?
- Rs. 345, ma'am.
Sir, wait a moment.
All of these belongs to ma'am.
Ma'am can buy it if she likes it.
I have paid for it.
- Okay.
Hello, dad.
- Dear.
I have reached. - Alright,
I am coming. Two minutes.
Okay, I am standing below
the office. Okay. Fine.
Who is it? I didn't understand.
The car might have got changed.
This is my car.
Don't you know me, sir? I came
here just because you called me.
Who called you? I didn't.
You might have got in to the
wrong car. You can get down.
Don't act foolish, sir.
This is the issue if I come
fast after the customer calls.
I have some other work.
You please get out.
Why are you saying this, sir?
Fools! Get out.
- Hey!
Talk properly.
You called me.
- I told you to get out.
What is this?
What kind of prank is this?
- Huh!
Who called you?
- Who!
Sir, you only called. Who else?
Sir, what are you doing here today?
I am here to pick up my daughter.
Is it?
- Yes.
Is this your wife?
You please get out.
Sir, people are gathering. You
please drive. Let's go. - Shucks!
Sister seems to be in a hurry.
- I told you to get out, right?
Sir, drive.
- What is it?
Who is it?
- Don't you know who Balan sir is?
I know Balan sir and even her.
I don't know her.
Sir, you don't know her.
But she knows you. - Last week
one man brought a woman
calling her as his mother.
So you don't try to escape
after saying the same thing.
This is a usual activity.
- Come, this is your town, right?
Do you see what's happening here?
- Come. Come and see.
This is not acceptable to decent
people. - Hey! Listen to me.
You come and click
some pictures of sir.
Poor man!
- Hey! Make a video.
Look at them.
- Do you see this.
Shucks, sir. What is this?
Let's go from here, sir.
Be happy, sir.
Don't you see how happy she is?
It will go viral.
- Make a nice video.
Hey! Move away.
Sir's daughter is here.
Let her come and
see what she is doing.
Come and see. Come.
Who are you?
- I was told to come.
Move away.
What is all this?
- Move!
What is this?
What is this?
Ma'am, what is this?
- Get out.
I was told to come.
- Sir called her.
Why are you pulling me?
Leave my hand. Ask you
father who I am. - Hey!
I said, move. - Why did you
call me here to waste my time?
Then how will she go?
Dad, drive the car.
- Ask her how is she
- Dear.
I have got some nice
photos and videos of sir.
I will send you later.
Super photos.
- Dear!
Now file a case about
your father's illicit
affairs too now
when you give a case.
Balan sir, do you remember
what I told you back then?
That we should never
meet each other again.
What to do? We had to meet again
due to your daughter, right?
Sir, just tell her that
we are innocent people.
Then as I said back then,
we will never meet again now.
Drive your car.
Drive your car.
- Dad.
Move, let them go.
- Drive the car.
Enough. Let them go.
Go away, sir. Go.
- Let them go.
Let them go. Move. Let them go.
Sir has other important work.
Move away.
- Come on, start the car.
Dad, let's go.
[Indistant chatter]
Let me lie for a bit.
I heard you talking to Charles.
Let's not provoke them.
Dad, is it you saying this?
Dad, how do you know them?
This Ajith was
got arrested some time
back for a stabbing.
I was fighting for the victim.
All the evidences
were against him.
He got jailed for
three years too.
But he got out before his term
by using all this connections.
Watch out for him.
Dad, are you saying that we should
keep quiet fearing this criminals?
I don't care about old things.
I cannot take a
risk in your matter.
I don't care even if you think
that I am a coward
and useless guy.
But I cannot
push you in to a
troublesome situation
I have just you.
Dad, I am scared.
I will drop you home.
I need one help from your side.
What is it?
I want to hack their phone.
Those rascals?
What is wrong with you?
Just forget about this.
What will you get from their phone?
I want to trouble them.
I want to kill their privacy.
Aren't you the one who
gives lessons about privacy?
Have you heard
about Adeanna Cooke?
She is one of the best female
hackers in the world right now.
She was a model.
One day while browsing she
found some nude pictures of her.
Morphed ones.
She hacked that
website in that anger.
She deleted all the contents on
the site and shut down the site.
Right now she is
helping similar victims.
Everyone calls her the
Hairy Fairy right now.
If I forgive them right now then
will do this with other girls too.
I have to stop him.
I have no other option right
now apart from this, Vijay.
I don't know.
- I just want you to say yes.
I know how to do it
without anyone's knowledge.
You know it.
How will you access their phone?
What's your plan?
What will we do to help someone
whose privacy has been breached?
We will think like our enemy.
- Exactly.
That's what we are going to do.
We will think like them and
then do what they would've done.
What is this?
Now I am getting
messages it seems?
Who is it?
It seems like a foreign number.
You might have registered on some
site after getting desperate.
How else?
Anyway, she is nice.
Is it? Then forward me too.
Muthumani, do you want it?
Send it to me.
Oh my! Look at him getting shy.
Send it to him.
Send it to him.
I have forwarded you both.
Did you get it?
'Brother Aji told me to inform you
that stuff is coming'
'on the Sharjah flight
every night at 8:30 PM.'
'I will go next time
taking the car.'
'Brother Aji told me to inform you
that stuff is coming'
'on the Sharjah flight
every night at 8:30 PM.'
'I will go next time
taking the car.'
Good night.
- Good night.
Hello, sir.
- Yes.
Sir, I have got a
very important information.
Tell me. - Sir, I have got the
information the Sharjah flight
which will land at 1 PM today will
have drugs or something like that.
Sure? what is the source?
I am sorry, sir.
I can't reveal those details.
But I will send you
the flight details.
Will you check it out?
- Yes, please.
Thank you, sir.
Can you stop being so slow
and do it fast?
Hello, sir.
- Yes, Radhika.
Do you have any
other information?
We didn't find anything
during checking?
Okay, sir. One moment.
Let me check once.
Yes, do it fast. Please.
- Okay.
'If it's not drugs
then what is it?'
'Is it gold? But stuff...'
Sharjah International Airport.
Sir, I have send a photo
on WhatsApp.
Can you check if that man
or someone wearing the
same shirt is there?
Fine, let me check once.
Also, sir. I think
it also can be gold.
Let me check.
Check him.
Hello, Biju.
There is some issue.
You come back.
- Okay, I will come back.
Hello, sir. - Radhika,
you were absolutely right.
We got it. Thank you.
What can we know if we
hack a person's phone?
All the details in
that man's phone.
Who all is calling him.
His call history.
Contacts, SMS.
All the applications like
WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook.
All the websites he visits.
All the photos in his gallery.
The locations he has visited.
I can switch on the camera of
their phone by sitting here.
Now if they change
their SIM cards too
still I can access
their phone from here.
Section 43 and 66.
Hacking and data theft.
Three year imprisonment
and Rs. 500,000 fine as well.
Dad, when those criminals came
here breaching our privacy
at that time no law protected us.
You should not make another
mistake to correct a mistake.
They are part of a
huge gold smuggling racket.
Such a big crime has got exposed.
Then why can't you
tell Charles all this?
It's not the time yet, dad.
They are just a small part
of such a big racket.
Just carriers.
They may be handing it over to some
other carriers from the airport.
They may not know where
it will reach ultimately.
We need more proof if the
case has to get stronger.
Dad, nothing as sort of you
are thinking will happen.
They will never find out
that their phones are hacked.
In case, even if they find out
it will never lead them to us.
Intention or purpose
should be for a good deed
and not for revenge or hatred.
No, sir.
- 'What do you mean?'
Nothing can leak from here.
All our kids are only here.
That is fine.
- Sir.
Tell them that
I am investigating it anyway.
I will tell them, sir.
We are investigating
from our end here.
- it's my issue. I will handle it.
Hello. Hello. Shucks!
That George is pissed off.
Is that rascal saying that
we leaked the information?
It's not like that.
He will also be pained, right?
He lost stuff worth millions.
We killed someone for him still
he is doubting us.
Hey! Stop it!
What's wrong with you?
The issue is you blabbering
all these things.
You keep quiet.
No one will create any issues.
I am telling you too.
That Santosh died due to
his this brash behaviour.
He wanted to have
everything for himself.
Any one of us can end
up the way he ended up.
Just know before you play.
- Yes.
Is our bulk
SMS service still active?
- Please set it up for me.
What? For what?
To distract those
guys for a few days.
People use this stuff
generally for marketing.
We are also general people, right?
Why am I telling you?
How many people
can we send it to?
About 200,000 people.
Who all?
City, age, gender.
They have a data base
with all of this.
Aren't these databases illegal?
- Perfect.
Then enter this. Male.
Age 17 to 55 years.
How many people are there?
There... About 190,000.
Send it.
What do I type?
Give me. Give me.
What is it?
- He wants to order a headset.
He has been using an
old one since some time.
Is this man buying
this petty stuff?
You keep quiet. I somehow convinced
him to buy a Bluetooth headset.
Let that happen.
- What a pity?
What are you doing?
- He is such a miser!
He has kept his share
from the last time safely.
We finished our
share long time back.
Yes. I got a very nice item. It's
nice. I am ordering it. - Fine.
I am going to order it.
I am ordering.
- This is good.
He got a nice one!
Here is the stuff. Open it.
Be a little happy.
Here, I have ordered it.
Now be a bit happy.
Who is calling me?
Which rascal are you?
Come here. I will show you.
Since morning these two three
guys have been nagging me.
I am feeling furious.
They are asking
if I got any message.
I told you, right?
He registered with
some adult sites
out of desperation.
They call like this.
I have not given my
number to anyone.
You should think when you do
things out of desperation.
I am putting my phone on charge.
Pour it.
I just plugged it.
You calm down.
It's just ten minutes.
Who will call you so
late in the night?
What if your mother calls me?
As if!
My father can take
care of my mother.
It will not be like your wife
who ran away with someone else.
Should he talk about my mother?
- Stop it.
Anyway what is there to say?
Even she is living in Mumbai
happily, right?
What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with you? You
talk about my wife once more.
How dare you touched me?
- Say it.
You're talking about my wife?
Move away.
- Are you joking?
What will you do?
Touch me, I dare you.
I will break your head. You rascal!
I am telling you.
- Come.
Who do you think you are?
- Biju, stop it.
Stop it!
- He is...
Move away! Move!
Do you know why have
we gathered here?
Stuff will come in
tomorrow's flight.
It's our duty to carry it safely.
And in between...
Kill each other!
Look at him.
Hello, sir.
- Yes, tell me.
I have got an information.
"I am shocked.
The fire will burn viciously.'
'There will be rage soon
and a fire in the forest."
"The ball is spinning."
"The search is on."
"The one who came for hunting
got stuck in the fire."
Don't pick up. I have called.
Which is this new number?
- It took it for some other work.
Just wanted to check
if it's working.
What work?
"Give me the fire to burn the"
- Yes.
I cannot get through to him.
He may be busy in his shop.
He will call back.
- Yes.
You send him a WhatsApp message.
- Okay.
Ask him where to bring the stuff.
- Yes.
Mister, the stuff is ready.
Where do we bring it?
"There is a fire
inside the forest."
"The ball is spinning."
"The search is on."
Do you still do mimicry
and mono act from college?
Do you?
Come here. Come.
Is there any other issue?
- Nothing.
It's safe.
- Yes.
Then tell them to take it.
"Give me the fire
to burn the desire."
"Give me the fire
to burn the desire."
It's an unknown number.
- Hello.
- Is it Sajan?
- Dear, it's Mohanlal [Film star].
Dear, I have told
people who know me
that smuggling is a
dirty business, okay?
No, I will not do it, sir.
I won't.
It will be better if you
are careful. Okay? - Okay.
Shucks! Even Mohanlal came to
know about it. He had called.
Who? Mohanlal?
- Yes.
I told you to be careful
about information leak.
I told you to be careful but...
This... This will not work.
Tell him to take it out.
Enough. Tell him to take it out.
This will not work.
- Amazing!
Thank you!
- Nice!
Thank you!
- I know some other people too.
That is not needed now.
I will tell you if needed.
I can imitate Mammooty too.
It's fine. I don't need now.
I will tell you later.
"It's a lesson for your sins.
The things you buy"
- What is it?
We are here only.
We have not left.
Brother, I am getting a call from
another number. I will call back.
"Give me. You have..."
- Hello.
You rascal!
You come here.
I will teach you a lesson now.
You come here
if you have the guts.
What a nuisance! - Are there so
many mad people in this state?
That too at such a
time of the night.
So I should not save it, right?
No. I will save it.
Haven't you heard it?
- Muttumani.
His Muttumani!
What a trouble.
"Give me the fire
to burn the desire."
"Give me the fire
to burn the desire."
Do you know how much I lost
due to your foolishness?
No, sir.
- Don't speak anything more.
- Just listen to me.
George sir,
listen to me at least.
What more do you have to speak?
Tell them to live
without making noise.
The cops were interrogating
deeply for Santosh's case.
It's not done yet. - Sir,
Aji wants to talk. Can I hand over?
What more does he
have to tell me?
I don't have the time to
speak to a nobody like him.
Tell him not to call me crying
after getting in
to police custody.
I will not run behind him
every time to save him.
I don't have the time nor money.
Then who else knows about the
goods arrival apart from you?
I don't trust any rascal.
Tell those fools.
Aji. Forget it.
Brother Kuttan.
- Yes.
We should do
something about him.
Or else he will frame
us in Santosh's case.
Aji, don't do that.
He said something that time
due to the anger that time.
You don't worry about it.
Listen, Aji.
He is trying to hurt me.
I don't need him any more.
You settle that account
once and for all.
- Yes.
You just WhatsApp that rascal.
Before framing us
he will think a lot.
- Aji.
This is an issue.
You don't do it. Leave it.
This is like playing with fire.
- Yes.
Don't you have
the picture of him
paying you while
giving the jewellery?
I do.
Send that also to him.
- Biju.
Radhika, do you know about the
seriousness about your confession?
I can arrest you right now.
You know that?
Sir, you can take a case
against me if you are sure
that you can punish those
criminals with this evidence.
I am ready to self incriminate.
What more evidence
does the police need to
prove the murder of that
taxi driver Santosh?
It's clear that the owner
of Palace Jewellery,
George gave the
order for the hit.
you don't get what I am saying.
Sir, I am not so great to
respect the privacy of people
who hurt me so much.
They should not call
any girl like this.
I am ready to go to
any extent for that.
That girl got some
message or video...
Something like that.
- Surrender that laptop fast.
Don't leak anything.
I will tell you after
some time what to do.
Fine then.
Aji. Aji.
It's a big mess.
Yes? Why are you quiet?
We should leave from here soon.
Have you heard about
a girl's revenge?
She is a termite.
She will eat up everything.
Then it's time to destroy that.
There is no use of
us hiding anywhere.
Hello, dear.
I have reached Link Road.
It will take me
fifteen minutes more.
If you are feeling sleepy
then you lock the
door and sleep.
I have the keys.
I will open the lock and get in.
'The number you are
trying to reach is'
'unavailable to take
calls right now.'
Get that information as
soon as possible, okay?
- Sir.
Go to every auto stand in city
limit and investigate. - Okay, sir.
We don't have much time.
- Okay, sir.
Follow up anything that
you find suspicious.
We checked all
their usual places.
They have kept that scrap
shop shut since afternoon.
They went in the auto of a
man name Kuttan in the end.
Who went to the spot
Balan sir said about?
Manoj has reached there.
There are not many houses there.
There is forest on both
the sides of the road.
We are searching that
place in a detailed way.
Balan sir.
Balan sir, come.
Did you find...
I have alerted all the
patrolling units of the city.
We will find them soon.
Sir, one more thing.
Speak up.
Sir, the tower location where
Radhika's phone got switched
off and the spot Balan
sir mentioned are nearby.
Hello, dear.
Hello, dad. Where did you reach?
I am at Link Road.
Give me fifteen minutes.
Go on.
Sir, their mobile
phones are also at the
same tower location
since afternoon.
They might have thrown
their phones away.
They cannot go too far away
in the same auto. - Yes.
It's impossible to
leave the district too.
Ashraf, keep contacting the
patrolling units continuously.
Okay, sir.
- We have to verify directly once
we get some information.
Okay, sir.
Did you forward their photos in
all WhatsApp group. - Yes, sir.
Radhika's laptop is here.
Check it in detail.
What if we get any
more information?
I will call Vijay.
- He is Radhika's company partner.
That will be good.
They are on the run
but not too far.
'All stations, all mobile, all
highway patrol, control answering.'
'Attention please.
We have forwarded the pictures'
'of the four culprits on
all duty mobile phones'
'through WhatsApp.
They were last seen'
'travelling in the auto
rickshaw of a man named Kuttan.'
'The vehicle number
is KL 40 R 4977.'
'Pay attention once more.
KL 40 R 4977'
'All the vehicles
that are susceptible
has to checked in detail.'
'If you are finding any detail
contact the control
room fast. Over.'
I was checking
if she is breathing.
What if we have to give
mouth to mouth CPR.
You can give her if you want to.
Where are we?
- We've reached it seems.
Aji. What is it?
We should have killed both
the daughter and father.
You calm down.
Shall I kill her here?
That will be an
easy death for her, Aji.
Look, leave her
matter on me.
Let Muttu also come with me.
Police is nearby.
We all should
go five different
ways as we had planned
with the money we have with us.
George sir will take care
of the matter here.
We have to trust him now.
Come here.
Close it.
There is your new number
only in this phone.
We all only know
about that number.
If anyone else is
calling on that phone
then don't pick up the
phone at all and be careful.
Don't call anyone else from that.
You have the phone. Give me.
No, I don't.
Let's call and check.
It's ringing.
Any information?
This is Vijay.
Oh! Balan sir told us about you.
Radhika's laptop is here.
Come and check it out.
I will check and come.
Alright, then leave.
We have to take
out the stuff soon
from the places we have hidden.
It's an highway.
There will be police. Be careful.
It's stuff worth millions.
Sell as per your need.
Once all of you reach your place
call Aji and Aji will call me.
Don't call or contact anyone else.
Fine, go and come.
What about her?
We can cut her in to so many
pieces that her father
can pick her up.
Is that fine?
Till the time she is missing police
attention will remain diverted.
By that time we
can move from here.
Fine, I will leave then.
Come. Fine.
- Come.
Start the van.
You proceed. Okay.
- Yes, I am on it.
Sir. Please drink it.
Sir, you be assured.
Radhika is a brave girl.
They cannot leave the city
and go averting the police.
It's just a matter of time.
Trust me.
[Indistant chatter]
You go home.
You will be stressed
if you sit here.
Just because I am
sitting here...
No, sir. I will update.
Please go home.
- Shall I drop you?
Sir, I have been
able to access this.
Can we get any
other information?
Let me check and tell you.
- Okay.
What is it, sir?
My phone!
Let me call.
I had got a call
thirty minutes ago.
- It's an unknown number.
Shall I call back?
Sir, one minute.
- Wait.
Yes, sir.
- Trace this last number.
Location tower and all details.
Okay, sir.
- Make it fast.
Is this their number?
We don't know. I am not sure.
Would it be for asking
ransom or something?
Never, sir.
- Yes.
Your wife is not in Mumbai.
Your wife is not in
Mumbai as you think.
How do you know?
Your wife loved you a lot, right?
Shut up, you rascal!
Then why did they do it?
She is in Tamil Nadu.
Udaym Peth.
Thirty kilometers
away from Pollachi.
A Christian Church is there.
Her house is near that.
Go and find out
if you don't believe it.
I thought of telling
you before dying.
Your favour, right?
- Then?
You were looking for her
since some time, right?
Go and ask her why she left.
Or you will have no answer
to say when petty guys like Biju
will tell you that it's
due to you are useless.
I will hit you! I will
break your head, you rascal!
Sir, this mobile was also
at the same tower location
when Radhika had
called Balan sir.
Sir, this number is still active.
Are you not killing me?
You will not die so easily.
You shall suffer and die.
You all will not go
Scot free even if I die.
The police will trace you
no matter where you hide.
I can only save
you all from that.
You have to deactivate
that from my laptop.
I should trust you for that, right?
If I know about your
wife's whereabouts
when no one else knows about her
then you have to trust
me with this too.
'PL 1. PL 2 calling.'
Ashraf, did you all reach?
- Yes, we did, sir.
The way adjacent to the
market you are waiting at
or the way adjacent to the church
I am at is their only way out.
There is a river
on the other side.
We need to block
both these exits.
move in to the side slowly.
Okay, sir.
You all wait here.
Sir, don't come out no matter what.
- No.
- Sir.
- What?
- You stay with him.
Yes, sir.
Go. Go away.
- Yes.
Alright then, lie there.
I want to hear your
laugh turn to cries.
Say hi to your wife.
Go and meet her fast.
You won't have too much
time after my death.
You petty woman,
who are you challenging?
Then I will tell you one thing
which even they don't know.
I killed that petty woman
who was my wife.
No one will find
about that too.
Oh! You were bragging too
much, right?
That was too much fun.
But it is more fun
seeing the fear on your face now.
You can scream as
much as you want.
Let me see who comes to save you.
Instead of drying here
tell me she is she?
She is dead, sir.
Tell me, where is she?
How can I tell you
where are dead people?
I need my daughter.
I will give you all my wealth.
Balan sir, please.
I will save you
from all your cases.
Believe me.
I will go to any
court for you all.
I just have my daughter.
Forgive her.
Close your mouth.
If you go fast then you can
at least recover her limbs
before any dog eats that.
What is it?
Sir. Muttumani.
Muttumani is dead, sir.
Muttumani is dead!
- Muttumani!
Have you not heard about her?
His Muttumani!
Hello, Vijay.
- Hello, uncle.
If Radhika has saved
a number in the
name of Muttumani
then see if you can find that.
- Okay.
She was monitoring
some headset using that number.
Try if you can find
any information
from her laptop in that way.
then I will call you back later.
Is this man buying this
petty thing? - Yes.
I convinced him for this
Bluetooth headset somehow.
You keep quiet.
- Hello, is it Fast courier?
'Yes, go ahead.'
My friend had ordered
a Bluetooth headset.
I got a message that it will
come today. But he is not here.
He told me to come to your
office and collect it.
'Okay, ma'am.
One OTP will come now.'
'Can you tell me that?'
- Yes.
One moment.
Shall I say it?
- 'Yes.'
What is this? A Bluetooth headset?
- Give it back. I have ordered
to gift it to a friend.
- Which one?
'Habits. If we look careful then
we can know about all
the secrets he possesses.'
'Our door to his secrets
is the headset he is
carrying with him.'
What can we do with
a Bluetooth headset?
I can hear everything
what he hears from this headset
no matter where he is.
Even if they don't
use this phone now
still we can monitor
everything live from here.
Our Muttumani will help us.
Brother, your headset. Headset.
Are you happy now?
You are very lucky, girl.
Mangalapuram Express which
was supposed to reach at
3:15 AM is late even today.
You can thank the
Indian railways
for extending your life
span by 10-15 minutes.
Sir, I got that
number's tower location.
A patrol unit has left for there.
Yes, Vijay. - I have
received an audio from that
'headset a while back.
I will send it. Please check.'
Okay, I will check.
An audio has been received
from that headset a while back.
I want to hear your cries.
Say hi to your wife.
Go and see her fast.
You cannot see her once I die.
She is alive.
'You are very lucky, girl.'
'Mangalapuram Express which was
supposed to reach at 3:15 AM'
'is late even today.'
- The 3:15 AM
Mangalapuram Express.
- 'You can thank Indian Railways'
'for extending your
life by 15 minutes.'
Police. Come.
Why were you so late?
That mad man
would've killed me if
you had got late
by a few minutes.
Why are you laughing?
Why are you laughing, I asked?
I knew it that nothing
will happen to you.
God always blesses
evil people, right?
I never thought that you
will tell me the truth
when I provoked you a bit
by talking about your wife.
Anyway since we are so close now
I am thinking about withholding
your that secret or not.
'Who are you? You have been
troubling me since a few days.'
'What do you want?'
Look, if you call me again
then I will... Hang up, rascal!
Go away!
What is it?
One guy has been disturbing me
by sending me messages and
calling me from an unknown number.
He calls from another number
when I block a number.
He is sending me message
from Facebook too.
We will complain to the police.
It will be big headache, ma'am.
Don't worry. I know people there.
I will send you the number.
Send me.
I got it.
Don't worry.
We will sort it out.
Thank you!
"I am shocked. The fire
will burn viciously.''
''There will be rage soon
and a fire in the forest."
"Don't go around
time or run around."
"The one who came for hunting
got stuck in the fire."
"Give me the fire
to burn the desire."
"Give me the fire
to burn the desire."
"I am shocked. The fire
will burn viciously.''
''There will be rage soon
and a fire in the forest."
"Don't go around
time or run around."
"The one who came for hunting
got stuck in the fire."
"Give me the fire
to burn the desire."
"Give me the fire
to burn the desire."
"How about you run or break it?"
"How about you run
out your issue?"
"Time often you can fake it."
"Wake off you gonna bloody wail
I am gonna make you feel it all."
"There will a decision now."
"This will be a
lesson for your sins."
"You will get curse."
"You will burn in my fire."
"Your fear is my only aim.
You will see it every day."
"You will keep searching for
it and then fall in my trap."
"Time will turn now."
"You will become the source."
"If you stand against
me then you will know."
"Give me the fire
to burn the desire."
"How about you run
out your issue?"