Keep 'Em Flying (1941) Movie Script

Oh, Mother,
isn't he wonderful?
He said he was simply dying
to meet my mother and father.
He gave me
these passes...
'cause he was positively
dying to meet you all.
Jinx, in case
you're interested,
there's a girl down
here waiting for you...
Three of her,
complete with families.
I was afraid of that.
Locate those two pals of mine
and tell them to get rid of'em.
I'll talk to that
air-crazy baboon.
- What are you trying to do, ruin me?
- Yes, Mr. Gonigle.
You stay up so long,
my sideshows are starving.
- Now get down here!
- I'll come down when I get good and ready.
There's gotta be something in your corny show
to give the customers their money's worth.
When that lug gets down here,
tell him he's fired!
All right, friends,
it's only a dime.
Fun for the
entire family.
It's wacky, it's daffy,
it's crazy!
You'll all have fun.
We're here to make you happy.
Where's that nitwit partner of
yours? He was here a minute ago.
You guys are as dizzy
as your pal up there.
Get over to the
"hit the umpire" concession.
Another guy got hit in the head...
that's the fifth umpire I've lost.
Joe, take over here. And keep that
little fat partner out of my sight.
Every time I turn around,
he's under my feet.
You'll have to get off.
This is as far as I go!
Take it easy.
Take it easy, boss. Come on, you!
It's one dime.
The crazy house.!
Goofier and dizzier than
anyplace you've ever been.
Get to work!
Go on, you.
What are you pushing for? Get in!
Get up!
What are you doing?
Just do as the boss tells
you. What are you gonna do?
You like to play ball
games? I love baseball.
What part do you like to play?
I want to be the big boss!
I want to be the umpire. You are
the umpire! Everything all right?
Friends, step right up. Three
balls for a dime. Kill the umpire!
Kill him, neighbor.
Knock his brains out.!
Get another boy. My mother
never raised no foolish children.
Look, they're only cheap balls. Yeah?
Wait a minute!
Come here.
I'm going home. I forgot something. What?
I forgot to stay there.
Here. There's a protector.
Put that on.
When the ball hits the
protector, it bounces off.
This is a protector?
And the ball bounces off
the protector? Certainly!
Did you ever figure out what makes
the ball bounce off the protector?
My head!
Will you listen? See that bat? Yeah.
I have absolute control
over it with this button.
I press the button, they throw the
balls, the batter hits the ball.
Somebody throws, you press, and
the bat hits the ball? That's all.
Don't forget.
Push the button.
- Okay.
- Ooh!
Wait until I say "ready. " What'd you say?
I said, "Wait until I say ready"! Okay.
What's the matter with you?
Put your shirttail in!
Who do you play for,
Brooklyn? Get back there!
Not until I say
"prepared. "
You thought I was
going to say "ready. "
All right, folks,
step right up.!
Kill the umpire!
Knock his
brains out.!
That's the idea of the game. Blackie!
Blackie! Blackie! Never mind that.
Wait a minute! That's enough. Take it easy.
What's the matter
with you?
Stay back there
where you belong.
That's enough. I'm
through. What's going on?
What are you beefing about? Don't push me.
Don't tell me I can't quit.
I can quit. That's the boss.
What do I...
Hello, boss.
This guy's using my head
for a baseball.
I'll use it for a football
if you don't get back to work!
Aw, poison ivy.
Now you made me say
a rash word.
Come back here! Wait a minute, Gonigle.
I wouldn't hit him if I
were you. You wouldn't?
Well, you're not me. But if I was you,
I'd take my plane and get out of here!
You're grounded!
Then this'll make two of us.
Come on, boys,
let's get out of here.
Go ahead, Jinx.
Did you fall down? Oh,
he hurt himself. Poor kid.
You're fired.
You get out too!
If I ever find you here again,
I'll have you thrown out!
We've been thrown out
of better places!
You won't get back! We didn't
get back on the other ones.
Boy, what a place.
May I take your hat?
Who's gonna pay
this check?
I'll pay it.
We're gonna celebrate.
Celebrate getting fired?
You don't think I'd let Gonigle
fire us if I wasn't ready?
We got a real job now.
A real job?
We're in the army.
Buck privates?
No, in the air corps. The order just came
through to report at the Cal-Aero school.
Get this. They're gonna pay me a
salary while I'm learning to fly!
Pay you a salary to learn
to fly? That's right.
At last, I'll get my wings! Wings!
Come on, will you
pick yourself up?
What's the matter with you? Excuse me.
Daddy, Daddy! You always get
that look when you see a girl.
Not me. I'm not gonna
fall just for anyone.
I'm gonna wait until the right
girl comes along, and here she is.
That was a fast romance. Never mind that.
Sit down
over here.
This is swell.
I'll have a hamburger. Quiet!
Order something from the menu. Okay.
Jinx, there's one thing you
overlooked about the army. What's that?
No women. You'll hate
that. I never thought of it.
We need a union.
What kind of union?
A woman-hater's union.
We should organize it.
Every union has officers. Those in
favor of me being president, say "aye. "
The "ayes" have it.
You gotta have
a vice president.
Those in favor of me being
vice president? Aye!
You wanna be a whole union?
We wanna be something.
I'm elected president, so I
appoint you secretary. Swell.
I'm gonna be something,
or I'll stuff the ballot box!
How much money have
you got? Thirty dollars.
You be the treasurer.
All right?
I'm gonna be treasurer
with my own $30?
What's wrong with that? That's not fair.
We've got $10 apiece
in this treasury,
so be careful how you
handle our money!
We won't walk with a woman, talk
to a woman or look at a woman.
It's a deal. Okay? Shake.
That's the boy.
One for all, and all for one!
That's what I say.
One for all, and all for me.
Never thought I'd fall
But now I hear love call
I'm getting sentimental over you
Things you say and do
Just thrill me
through and through
I'm getting sentimental over you
I thought I was happy
I could live without love
Now I must admit
love is all I'm thinking of
Won't you please be kind
And just make up your mind
That you'll be sweet and gentle
Be gentle with me
I'm getting sentimental over you
Never thought I'd fall
But now I hear love call
I'm getting sentimental over you
All the things you say and do
Just thrill me through and through
I'm getting sentimental over you
I thought I was happy
I could live without love
Now I must admit
love is all I'm thinking of
Won't you please be kind
And just make up your mind
That you'll be sweet and gentle
Be gentle with me
I'm getting sentimental
Over you
Thank you.
It isn't easy
to say good-bye.
It's been a grand engagement,
and you've all been wonderful.
I wouldn't dream of
leaving for any other job,
except the one I'm going to:
the hostess corps of the U.S.O.
and thank you all again.
Stick to the union! Watch out.
Speaking of the union,
what about my $10? What $10?
The $10 of mine in the treasury.
What's he talking about?
You're holding $30.
Give him his $10.
That's why I'm treasurer.
Wait a minute!
I'm giving you $10, I don't
know what for. Give him an I.O.U.
He wants to keep
his books straight.
I want to be
a businessman.
"I owe you ten dollars. "
Here, sign it.
That's very
"Heathcliff. "
There you are.
That's what I mean.
Gotta keep your books right,
and do it like business.
What was the idea of that?
Everything's all right.
Congratulations, Linda! Thank you.
It's the soldiers that
should be congratulated.
How about this
farewell dance?
I'm sorry. Miss Joyce
has this dance with me.
You're sitting this one out. Excuse me.
This table will do.
Now, here we are.
How have you been, Linda?
My name is Jinx Roberts.
Not really.
The Jinx Roberts?
Oh, you've heard of me!
No. Now,
if you don't mind...
Don't get sore.
What's a guy supposed to do
when he sees a girl...
that he's been dying
to meet all his life,
and there's nobody to
introduce him? Well, all right.
Now we've met,
Mr. Roberts,
and it's been a perfectly
beautiful friendship.
Too bad it has to end.
Wait a minute!
What kept you?
Sorry to be late. We were
delayed. I'm glad to see you.
Why, Roberts.
It's been a long time.
Not long enough.
You two know each other?
Yes, we know
each other.
Flown through any storms lately,
or are you still a fair-weather pilot?
Jim, I'd like to dance.
But don't go away, Craig.
I want to see you. Excuse us.
Same old technique,
eh, Roberts?
I wouldn't advise it
with Linda.
Tell me more.
Jinx, there's something I've wanted to
straighten out with you for a long while.
Let's talk it over. We've
got nothing to talk over.
You already straightened things out
beautifully for me four years ago.
Remind me to thank you
for it someday.
May I cut in?
We're gonna have union trouble.
Get a load of that guy. Looks bad.
I oughta picket the guy. Well,
let's do it. Let's make a sign.
That's what we'll do. You got a pencil? No.
Wait a minute.
I'll get something.
I beg your pardon.
Can I have your lipstick
for a minute? Sure, dearie.
Here's some bobby pins in case
you want to put your hair up.
Here's a cigar
in case you want to smoke.
Here's a punch in the nose
in case you want to fight!
Here's your $10 in case
you want to quit the union.
We'll talk about that later.
Let's make the sign.
Is that on the level,
about you and that U.S.O. business?
Of course it is. Any idea
where you'll be stationed?
At the new unit near
the Cal-Aero Flying School.
No. You know who's gonna
be there starting tomorrow?
Psst! Psst!
Jinx, remember the union!
Jinx, in union
there is strength!
Gotta stick
together, Jinx.!
Do you mind if I cut in?
Certainly not, Heathcliff.
Go right ahead.
Thank you.
What is this?
New type of dance.
Are you kidding? Go away! What
do you want to do, wrestle?
All right, boys, Cal-Aero!
Let's look forJinx.
Wait a minute.
Can't you read?
Who's smoking?
Hi, Mickey.!
Hi, Mickey! What are you doing?
Let me get my bag,
Where do you think you're
going? To see my palJinx.
Nobody gets in
without a pass!
Get going! Let's go to the
administration building.
Pick it up.
All right,
pick yourself up.
This ain't administration.
This is "you-so. "
You-so? U.S.O. U.S.O.,
you-so. What does it mean?
No, U.S.O.
"United Service Organization. "
This building is donated
by the government...
and supported by
unselfish Americans.
This building here provides for these
boys' entertainment, refreshments, books,
everything to make it
a home away from home.
Do you understand?
All but one thing.
What's that?
What does "you-so" mean?
Let's find the administration
building so we can get our pass.
Everything all right? Yes.
Would you care for more
to eat? No, that's all.
Let's play
a game of pool.
Gloria, is the cake ready? Coming up.!
Bring on the army!
Whoo, whoo!
Gloria. Gloria.
Look, sister dear,
one of these fine days...
I'm gonna teach you how to get
a man in six easy lessons.
That's what I said.
Oh, tennis.
I am sorry, sir. What do you
think I am, the eight ball?
Are you trying to ruin the man's game? No.
Who's in charge? Miss
Phelps, at the counter.
Over there?
Could you tell me where the administration
building is? Inside the gate.
How do you get in
to get a pass?
You can't get inside
the gate without a pass,
to get a pass
to get inside the gate.
Very "intricky. "
Come on.
Won't you boys have
something to eat? Yes, ma'am!
What do you mean, "Yes, ma'am"?
We've only got a quarter.
Do you understand?
What's wrong with you?
We can get something.
I'll tell you what.
I'll order a turkey sandwich and
a cup of coffee, and give you half.
If she asks you, say,
"I don't care for anything. "
"I don't care for nothing"?
That's right.
We're gonna put something
over on her? No, no.
Gonna try to slick her?
All we've got is a quarter.
She'll think we're big shots. "I
don't care for nothing. " That's right.
A turkey sandwich
and a cup of coffee.
What'll you have? I don't care for nothing.
Go ahead, have something.
Gimme a turkey sandwich, then.
What did I just get through
telling you? I refused once!
We've only got a quarter!
She said, "Have something. "
I said, "I don't care... "
You can't order!
Never mind what I say.
No matter how much you coax me?
Just say "I don't want anything. "
I'll say I'm filled up.
That's all.
I ain't, but I'll say it.
Say that!
I'll give you half. "I
don't care for nothing. "
Turkey sandwich
and a cup of coffee.
What'll you have? I don't care for nothing.
Go ahead,
have something.
Go on, have something.
You're in here to eat, right? Yeah.
Go ahead, order something.
Give me some ham and eggs.
What did I just get through
telling you? You keep coaxing me!
We've got a quarter! But don't
keep saying, "Take something. "
Never mind what I say.
Don't order anything.
How are you gonna pay
for it? "I'm filled up. "
No matter how much I coax, don't
order. I don't say another word.
You can't pay for
two turkey sandwiches.
"I don't care for nothing.
" You don't want anything.
That turkey sandwich and a
cup of coffee, please. Yes.
And what'll you have? I
don't care for nothing.
Sure you do.
I'm not in the mood to eat.
You just told me you were hungry.
I know, but I ain't gonna eat.
I beg your pardon, miss, but
I'm not hungry. You are hungry.
What do people go to a
restaurant for? Not me...
What do people go to a restaurant
for? Sometimes I wonder.
They go to eat. That's
a wonderful word, "eat. "
All right,
order something.
I'm not hungry. You want people
to think I'm a cheapskate here?
Go on, order something
small. Give me a small steak.
What did I just get
through telling you?
What do you keep coaxing
me for? Never mind that!
No matter how much I coax,
you don't want anything.
Now sit down
and behave yourself.
That turkey sandwich
and a cup of coffee, please.
Turkey sandwich and a cup of coffee? Yes.
But he don't care for
anything. Thanks. Yes.
Where are you going? Out of here.
What for? You won't let me get nothing.
You'll get half
of the sandwich.
Hiya, fellas. What'll you
have? Here we go again.
Do I have to write it
down? Oh, a smart guy.
You're kinda cute. Where's my
turkey sandwich and a cup of coffee?
Turkey sandwich,
cup of coffee. Okay.
That's for you.
Blackie, she gave me
the cake for nothing.
That don't mean we're engaged,
does it? Certainly not.
I'm too young to fall in love. Love.
Here's your turkey sandwich. Thanks.
I'm sorry I took so long. That's all right.
I hope you enjoy it. I will.
That'll cost you 10 cents. You
just gave it to me for nothing.
There must be some mistake. Indian giver.
Do you like cranberries? Oh, sure.
I do too.
That's funny.
I'll get you some.
All right.
I thought
she liked me.
What do you mean?
Why should she...
Be quiet.
We ain't got
no more turkey.
Huh? What's the matter with the cake?
Why don't you eat the
cake? I lost my appetite.
Is there anything
else I can do?
Is there any way you could
sneak us through the gate?
It's against
the rules,
but the guard's
a friend of mine.
I think I could
kinda fix it for you.
Now she likes me again.
Wait. I'll get my hat.
Go on, eat the cake.
It's on me.
What does she chew, tobacco? No.
She only went, "click,
click. " Oh, drives a horse.
Go on, eat the cake.
Here's your cranberries. Thanks.
Looks good. I said, "That'll
be 10 cents, please. "
You gave me the cake for nothin' when
you went to get your hat. Hat? What hat?
When you said you was gonna
sneak us through the gate.
I never told you I was gonna
sneak you through any gate.
First you told me I can have the cake
for nothin', then I can't have it.
Then you say there ain't no
turkey, and then there is turkey.
You say you're gonna sneak us
through the gate, and now you're not!
Why don't you
make up your mind!
How dare you
yell at me.
I'm a brute, huh?
Are you gonna give me half? All right.
Come on, I got my hat.
Let's hit the road!
Let's get out of here.
Let's see how
those boys get in.
Howdy, boy!
Over here,
Hop to,
Take this bag,
Where's your platoon?
Get over there!
Left, face.!
I'm sorry.
Back here, mister,
on the double!
Drive out.
Get on the ball, jackpot.
Drive out
before I get rough!
Plenty rough!
Understand that?
Get those
heads up.!
Mister, throw back
those shoulders.
Put some hair
on that chest.
Make a move! You observing
me, mister? Turn around.
Hut, two,
three, four.!
That must be the new class.
I don't seeJinx. Do you? No.
Maybe we came to the wrong place. Oh, no.
by your presence here...
you have indicated your ambition
to become a part of...
the greatest air force
the world has ever known.
I congratulate you
upon your decision.
In point of years,
the story of the army air corps
is a brief one.
But it is also
a distinguished one.
Your training of 20 weeks here
will be an exacting task,
but when it is completed,
you will go on to...
advanced training in the army's
West Point of the air.
When you graduate,
you will be commissioned...
in the air corps
of the United States Army.
Some of you won't
make the grade,
but being washed out as fliers
needn't mean you're out of the service.
There are other jobs in the corps
that are just as important:
aeronautical engineers,
observers, navigators,
meteorologists, photographers
and a host of others.
for every pilot
that hits the blue,
it takes many other
highly trained men...
to keep his ship in shape,
on its course,
and properly manned.
Those men are
the backbone of the corps.
I'll turn you over now
to Major Barstow,
who will be in charge
of your instruction.
you are in the army.
While you are here,
your flying instructor...
will be your most
important associate.
Although that flight instructor
is a civilian,
you must remember that
he is acting in the capacity...
of an officer of the army,
and will be treated as such.
Best of luck,
and keep 'em flying.
Hey, Heathcliff,
there's Jinx now!
Don't you wish you could
fly a plane like him?
Not me. I wanna stay
on the terra firma.
And the firma the terra,
the terra I'm gonna firma.
Take over, mister. Detail. Ten-hut.!
Forward, march!
Major Barstow's compliments,
and report to his office.
Major? Thank him for the
compliments and show me the way.
Here, bud.
Hut, two, three, four.! Hut, two,
three, four.! Hut, two, three, four.!
Well, look who's here,
and on my reception committee too.
You look swell in that uniform.
Wait till you see me in mine.
That may be
quite a wait.
Here you are, mister.
This way.
Okay, okay.
See you later,
Good morning, Major.
My name is Roberts.
They told me
to report at 11:00.
Nice timing, eh?
As I observed.
For your information, Mr. Roberts,
this is a flying school, not a circus.
I trust that your entrance just now
was intended to be a joke.
But understand, this school is under army
supervision, and army regulations hold.
Those regulations are definite,
and they are enforced.
Unless you intend to obey them,
you'd better leave.
I think I'll stick around,
It's apparent that you've had
flying experience, of a sort.
That makes
no difference here.
You're to start from scratch,
learn to fly our ships our way.
Get Mr. Morrison.
You'll be assigned
to an experienced instructor...
who will have direct charge of your
training throughout your course.
Yes, Major?
A new student for you,
Mr. Morrison... Mr. Roberts.
So, you're gonna
teach me to fly.
Well, if I'm not
the lucky one.
I know Roberts, Major,
very well.
So you're acquainted with the
many things he's got to unlearn.
Here we are.
Hello, Jinx!
How are you?
Glad to see you.
Hey, don't he do wonderful
things in an airplane?
Young man,
you're intruding!
I think so too.
I should wear a girdle.
Who are these men? These
two guys are my pals.
That guy over there, I don't
know him. Who are these men?
Must be hard of hearing.
These two guys are my pals!
That guy over there... Quiet!
I didn't get it at first. Now
I get it. I thought you meant...
Take your hand off first.
I got heads, you lose.
Will someone
answer my question?
Perhaps Roberts
could help you out.
We're his private ground
crew. Private ground crew?
So you didn't think our mechanics
were good enough for you, eh?
Get these men outside the
grounds, and keep them out!
Wait a minute.
You can't do that.
Jinx, Blackie, and I,
we're pals.
When Jinx signed up
for the duration,
that's what we wanted
to do. What can you do?
I doubt if you're
very good mechanics.
There must be something
we can do. Sure, Major.
There's thousands of guys like Blackie
and I that want to serve their country.
We can't help it if we've got
flatfeet or poor eyesight.
Maybe we haven't got training,
but we're willing to try.
We'll try hard too.
It don't mean nothing if you
don't give us this chance.
Our hearts are in the right
places. I understand all that.
Look, Major,
when I was a kid...
I was too fat to play on the baseball
team, so they made me the batboy.
Then when football season
came around...
I couldn't run fast enough
to make the team,
so they made me
the water boy.
And now when you're training
the biggest team that we ever had,
there must be a place
for Blackie and I,
maybe as a water boy
or a batboy.
Won't you give us a chance?
Please, Major?
Take these men to
the chief mechanic,
and see if he can find
something they can do.
And keep an eye on 'em. Thanks, Major.
You're a swell fella.
I'm gonna see if I can't sneak
you into the woman-hater's union.
Jinx, he's a
wonderful man.
Come on, you two. Wonderful man!
come on, come on.!
Excuse me.
They said I was
to be in here.
Hmm, not so bad.
How are you?
I'm lucky to get you
to room with.
You know that
littleJoyce dame.
I got special plans
for that babe,
a nice spot for her
in the old trophy room.
Hey, what's the big idea?
It just happens that I'm particular
how guys talk about my sister.
Your sister.
Finejobs you got for us. Good job, huh?
Janitors, that's what
we are. We're working.
We're just water boys!
What? We're right nearJinx.
After all, ifJinx
was around here...
What are you doing with
those? Hiya, kid. They're mops.
What are you doing with the
mops? Carrying out orders.
What orders? We were
sent to mop up the field.
Throw 'em away! What are you doing?
So you guys wanted to get
in the air service, huh?
Well, brother,
you're in it.
Get busy and taxi that plane off the field!
You heard what he said.
Taxi the plane off the field.
Taxi, taxi! What are you doing?
Gotta get a cab to get the
plane off. Nothing of the kind.
We've gotta get it off. Huh?
Which way are we going? That way.
What's the matter?
I can't budge it.
Get on that wheel.
Wait a minute.
What's the matter?
Contact! What are you talking about?
Ain't you ever heard of"contact"?
That means, b-r-r-r!
Get ahold of it.
Come on.
Ooh, hoo, hoo!
What's wrong now?
What is the mat...
What's the matter?
What's the matter?
What? Oh, all right.
All right, all right,
all right, all right.
Keep your feet from
under the wheel!
Way out in Kansas City
on 1-2 Street
They say that there's a guy
they call Pig-foot Pete
He plays piano by ear
Turns and plays all night
for pig's feet and beer
He's murder on the 88
He's the guy that brought
the boogie-woogie up to date
He's got a cannon
in his left hand
And a rifle in his right
He shoots
a double-barreled gate
And he shoots
the eight-beats to you
At a frightenin' rate
He's just a solid whiz
I'll tell you who he is
He's Pig-foot Pete
A boogie-woogie elite
His hands are just as big
as Virginia hams
And when they go to work
they're like batterin' rams
And when he plays on that box
The joint rocks
until you beat to your socks
Wherever boogie
is part of the plan
You'll find a-Pig-foot Pete
the boogie-woogie man
Way out in Kansas City
on 1-2 Street
They say that there's a guy
they call Pig-foot Pete
He plays piano by ear
And he plays all night
for pig's feet
Pig's feet and beer
Murder on the 88
He's the guy who brought
the boogie-woogie up to date
His hands are just as big
as Virginia hams
And when they go to work
they're like batterin' rams
And when he plays
on that box
The joint rocks
until you beat to your socks
Wherever boogie
is part of the plan
You'll find Pig-foot Pete
the boogie-woogie man
Pig-foot Pete
the boogie-woogie man
They call him Pig-foot
The boogie-woogie man
Our man!
Would you care
for a sandwich?
Thank you, Gloria.
I'm not Gloria.
And if you don't mind,
hereafter please call me Miss Phelps.
She gettin' high-hat?
Want a sandwich?
The joint's
jumping with them.
You just gave me a sandwich. I did not!
Yes, you did, Miss Phelps.
Miss Phel...
Just call me Gloria. Why
don't you make up your mind?
Do you want me to call you Gloria or
Miss Phelps? Heathcliff, let's dance.
I don't want to dance.
What's the matter?
I've got another idea.
Let's go out on the porch.
Don't you like dancing? No, it's
just a lot of hugging set to music.
What don't you like about that? The music.
Oh, Heathcliff.
Okay, Miss Phelps.
Miss... Oh, please, you can
call me anything you want.
I can call you anything I want? Mm-hmm.
Gloria, you can call me
anything you want too.
Okay, jerk, come on!
Isn't it wonderful out here?
You and me and the moonlight
and stars... so romantic.
Just like in
the movin' pictures.
A boy and a girl,
they sit by themselves and...
first thing you know, they
fall in love with each other.
Oh, Heathcliff. Gloria, take it easy.
I just want to
sort of, you know...
I'm gonna ask you
something. What, Heathcliff?
You won't get mad, will ya? No, not at all.
I'm ashamed.
I'm gonna hide.
Yes, Heathcliff?
Would you...
Would I what?
Would you... Would I what? Go on, what?
Give me a bite of your
sandwich? That's a fine thing.
I bring you here, thinking
that the moonlight and stars,
you and me alone,
will make it very romantic.
All you do is get hungry.
What a fine character.
Well, maybe this'll
mean something!
Heathcliff, we've gotta
fix something forJinx.
Boy, am I burned up!
Come on.
Hurry up.
Come on.
That's partly why I gave up
my job and came here, Craig.
Will you stop worrying. Your brother
will get his wings. Are you sure?
Do you thinkJim is the first
student who's ever had that complex?
You're wanted on the phone. On the phone?
Won't be a minute.
It's right over there,
way over there in the corner.
Right this way,
this booth here.
Thank you.
All right.
Yes, what? This is Morrison.
He ain't here. I don't want Morrison.
Then what are you
calling the guy up for?
I'm not calling anybody!
Oh, a practical joker!
Will you get off the line!
I'm waiting for a party.
I went to a party last night.
I can't go again tonight.
Two nights in a row is no
good for me. Who is this?
I won't tell you "who is this"
until you tell me "who is you. "
Listen, I'm Morrison!
Morrison, huh? When the guy gets here,
I'll tell him you want to talk to him.
Listen, you
birdbrained baboon!
I'm trying to explain to you that
I'm Morrison! Look, look, look!
You'll have to keep quiet,
and don't shout so loud!
I can't hear what
my party's saying.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Now, listen.
Craig, there's another thing
you must understand.
Jim wants to fly,
more than anything.
It's only that... When he was
a kid, he saw his dad crash,
and he's never been
able to forget it.
When it came time to solo,
he couldn't make it, got sick.
You know? Plenty of us
know. We're keeping quiet.
We're just as anxious for
Jim to solo as you are.
Linda, do you think that anybody
who knows anything about flying...
could have forgotten
your father...
and what he did
for the game?
I... I don't know what...
Look, I didn't come here to
talk about your brother.
I'm much more interested
in your brother's sister.
Why do you think
I got rid of Morrison?
I've been trying to tell you,
somebody called Morrison!
Why don't he answer? Because I'm Morrison!
I'll tell him
when he gets in.
If I had my hands on you,
I'd bust you in the nose!
Oh, yeah? I'll fight you! I'll fight you!
And I'll fight you!
And I'll fight you!
We'd better call it a draw. You'd better!
As soon as you hang up, I'll meet
you outside the recreation room.
In five minutes.
I'll be there!
Don't forget to be there. Yeah!
Don't have any cadets around to
help you. I'll be there all alone!
You're darn right, because
I ain't gonna be there!
Just had some trouble with
a guy on the phone. Me too.
Into the air
you flying cadets
The wings of America
are in your hands
Into the air
you flying cadets
You're the symbol of all
for which America stands
Spread your wings
you eagles, and fly
Time for fledglings
to take to the air
Hit the beam
and get those planes in the sky
And let's keep 'em flying there
We're an all-American team
And we see every play
Hit 'em hard and fast
Let that be our theme
And let's keep 'em flying high
Join that American eagle up there
Keep the skies clear together
He's the undisputed king
in the air
And that makes us
birds of a feather
Spread your wings
you eagles, and fly
Time for fledglings
to take to the air
Take 'em up
in dirty weather or fair
And let's keep 'em flying there
That is the structure and function
of the aerial-type torpedo.
Now to make sure
you've all understood,
I'd like one of you to repeat
the description I've just given.
What about you, Mr. Roberts? Huh?
I'm sure you won't have any
trouble. What do you mean?
About the aerial-type torpedo.
This torpedo is a recent and valuable
addition to the air force armament.
It functions for both
air and water attack.
It has a water speed capable of
56 knots and air speed unlimited.
It contains 963 pounds
ofhigh explosive in the warhead,
which is enough to make a
molehill out of a mountain.
The motor operates by hot gases,
fumed by the combustion...
of secret chemicals
and compressed air.
The air is stored
in a special chamber,
4,862 pounds
to the square inch.
The motor of the torpedo
is started...
by the simple expedient
of releasing that pin.
Anything else,
That's all for today,
How many miles an hour
does that go on water?
Miles an hour?
It's not miles an hour.
There's nautical terms
for that.
If you asked a sailor how fast that was
going, he wouldn't say "miles" to you.
He'd say "knots" to you.
He would, huh?
And I'd say "nuts" right
back to him! Oh, well.
There's no use talking like
that. It's useless. Hey, you.!
Come here.
Who, me?
Come here.
Return this torpedo to the supply
office for shipment to the air depot.
Are you sure you mean me?
Yeah! And watch your step.
No, wheel it
out of here.
You and the rest,
come with me.
Blackie, come here. I'm
a-scared of this. Why?
This is full of
high explosives.
The explosives are in the
front. You stand in the back.
Then if it explodes,
you'll never know it. Ohh.
I'll never know it?
I don't get it.
I think I'll christen you
after my girlfriend. Heathcliff!
Heathy, what's cooking? I was
just gonna christen this Gloria.
After me? Why? Must I tell ya?
I like ya.
Let me try it.
You christen it.
You better close your eyes so the splash
won't get all over you. Close yours too.
All right. Go ahead. Do it.
I christen thee...
The planes are flying too low,
much too low.
What are you
christening me for?
I was christened
a long time ago!
I'm sorry, Heathcliff. You
all right? I'm all right.
It's that little gadget
I'm worried about.
You know much
about these things?
Is it dangerous?
Only if you pull the pin out. What pin?
This here one
right here.
Oh, oh!
Wait for me!
Come here!
Here, torpy.
Here, torpy.
If you hit anything with that torpedo,
I'll never speak to you again!
- Where are you taking that torpedo?
- I ain't takin' it! It's takin' me!
- Come back here!
- Aaah!
What? No sugar?
Whoa! Whoo! Whoo-whoo!
- Heathcliff!
- Look out! Look out!
- Whoa! Aaah!
- Hold on!
- Hold on.
- Oh, oh!
I'll get you. Hold on.
Help, somebody!
Watch out!
Watch out!
Don't hold on.
Don't grab me.!
Stop pushing! Hold still.
You're scratching me.
Scratching you?
I'm cuttin' my... Ooh-ooh!
Get up!
I can't get up.
I hope it didn't hit nothin! Hey!
Boy, am I tired!
Okay, Jim, take over.
Ease her into a spin
and level her out at 6,000.
Okay, kid.
Just an off day.
We'll make it
Hiya, Jim. What's wrong?
Three more fellows
soloed today,
and I've had more duel
instruction than any of them.
What's wrong with me, Jinx? Maybe your
instructor's got something to do with it.
It's not Craig's fault. He's spent more
time with me than any other student he has.
Why would he do that if he didn't want
me to make it? You'll solo... soon too.
Jim, Linda and I are going out
and have some fun tonight.
How 'bout coming along?
Thanks, Jinx, but not tonight.
And don't say anything
to Linda, will you?
You go and
have a good time.
She rolls and tosses.
We have 40 on the inside.
Come on!
Are you kidding? I'm glad
we sneaked away from Blackie.
I like to spend my money
the way I want to.
The young lady wins the doll! Thank you.
You see?
You're lucky with me.
I still can't believe that
you're here with me tonight.
I can't quite
believe it myself.
But then, I often have strange,
weak moments. That's good.
How many you got?
About 20. Twenty? Gimme one.
One? That's all I want, just one.
The kid
really spends.
If you're gonna make faces at me,
I'll bring my business someplace else.
Let's go in...
There's Jinx and Linda going in
the tunnel of love. Tunnel of love?
That's one place I can have
a lot of fun with you. How?
You and I could get in the
boat all by ourselves. Yes?
Then when the boat gets
to a nice, dark place, Yes?
where nobody could see us... Hmm, yes?
Then what? We could take our shoes
off and put our feet in the water.
Of all the
unromantic dopes!
Aw, you poor guy.
Gloria? Gloria?
You can't do that.
Come back here.
Gloria! No, you don't. Not so fast.
So it's you, is it?
Gloria? Gloria?
I'm not scared.
Barbara, I used to spiel
in this place.
You did?
I bet it was fun, huh? Yes.
We always...
Ooh! Ooh!
What's the matter?
That thing.
That's only a stuffed ape.
Everything here's a fake.
I know, but I'm scared. Come now.
Did anybody see
what I saw?
Gloria, my girl...
with my best friend...
Blackie, why do this to me?
I've always been nice, Blackie.
I'm through with women.
No more.
I can't get over it.
No more women for me.
I was living a nice life.
Thank you.
Just minding my own
business and everything else.
Have another one?
I'm a scaredy cat.
I gotta be brave.
I pick out a fine time
to get brave.
Of all the times
to pick out!
Gloria, is that you?
I hope.
Give me your hand.
I want you to...
Are you biting
your nails?
Wait for me!
Sweetheart, relax.
Let's have some fun.
There's nothing in here to hurt
you. I'm a little frightened.
I'd much rather get out
of here. We'll get out.
Barbara, Blackie... Gloria!
Gloria, what are you doing here?
Playing tag with Heathcliff.
I don't know
what's cooking.
Once he loves me, then he
doesn't. I don't get it.
I think the guy's whacky. Now I get it!
He thinks that you're you
and that Barbara is you too.
He really doesn't know
that you're sisters.
Gloria, I'm sorry.
Two of them. Come here, Heathcliff.
come here.
What's wrong? Blackie, I
never took a drink in my life,
but right now I feel
like getting drunk. No!
I do, really.
You don't want to drink.
Every time you go into a bar,
the devil goes with you.
If he does,
he buys his own drink.
You don't understand. They're twins. Twins?
Gloria's two girls? No. Barbara is my girl,
and Gloria is your girl.
Hi, Heathcliff.
I'm sorry.
I've been a fool.
A big fool!
Oh, it's nothing at all.
Whew, whewwww!
Whewwwww! Whew!
Didn't I tell you
we'd have a lot of fun?
Let's go for a ride.
The tunnel of love?
I'll buy the tickets.
I'm glad I found out
you two kids are twins.
Now I'll be able
to tell you apart.
Let's go in the tunnel of love. Come here!
I'm the one.
Oh, excuse me.
I've got the tickets. Come
on, sweetheart. Not that one!
That one's mine. Wait. Let me see.
She's yours.
Oh, yes.
I'm looking for the boy
with the wistful eyes
Oh, I adore the boy
with the wistful eyes
We met and for a second
His lonely eyes beckoned
Then the chance was missed
I passed the boy
I should have kissed
Though I don't know
what color his eyes may be
I can't forget the way
that they looked at me
And now all alone
Through two wistful eyes
of my own
All I'm looking for, I realize
Is the boy
with the wistful eyes
I'm looking for the boy
with the wistful eyes
Ho, ho, I adore
The boy with
the big, sharp eyes
We met
and for a second
His lonely eyes
Then the chance
was missed
I passed the boy
I should have kissed
Though I don't know
what color his eyes may be
I can't forget
The way that
they looked at me
And now, all alone
Through two wistful eyes
of my own
All I'm looking for, I realize
Is the boy
with the wistful eyes
We're looking for the girl
with the wistful eyes
Oh, we adore the girl
with the wistful eyes
da da-da
We met
and for a second
His lonely eyes
Then the chance
was missed
We passed the boy
we should have kissed
I don't know what color
his eyes may be
Do do-do-do-do
Oh, I can't forget
The way that
they looked at me
And now, all alone
Through two wistful eyes
of my own
All I'm looking for, I realize
Is the boy
with the wistful eyes
He's the boy
with the wistful eyes
Do do
Morrison, I've been checking
the records on your students.
They've done well, except two. Joyce and
Roberts, yes, sir. I wouldn't worry aboutJoyce.
There's a special problem,
but he'll make it.
And Roberts? Maybe the answer
for Roberts is another instructor.
You mean, someone who
knows less about him?
I find he was once discharged
as a commercial airline pilot,
his license
temporarily suspended...
for flying through a storm
against the dispatcher's orders.
Was he, sir?
His copilot on that particular flight
was a man named Morrison.
Craig Morrison.
Yes, sir.
You in favor of eliminating
him? Major, we need fliers.
PotentiallyJinx Roberts
would make...
one of the best pilots
that ever hit the blue.
When that happened, he got
the mistaken impression...
that it was I
who reported him.
Maybe with another instructor,
he might...
Come in.
Mr. Roberts, certain facts concerning
your past record as a flier...
havejust come
to my attention.
Those facts, plus your record
since you arrived,
would seem to call for review
of your entire case.
Pending that review, you will
remain on post and do no flying.
You're grounded.
Is that clear?
only too clear, sir.
That's all,
I'm gonna teach you how
to fly. I don't wanna fly.
I've got a funny complex
about these things.
There's no engine in this plane.
See the boys taking it out? Yeah.
Come on,
get up in there.
Blackie, I don't want to
get up there. Get up there.
Blackie, Blackie. Get up there. Go ahead.
I don't wanna get up.
What? What's the matter?
Look how high I am! Gimme
a parachute. Oh, stop that!
What's the matter? Let me
come down. Give me a parachute.
What do you want that for? Gimme
an umbrella. I'm getting airsick.
Behave. Do something for me, somebody.
Stop the plane. Stop what
plane? This plane is not moving.
Don't be ridiculous.
My head's going around.
Flying today is as safe as
sleeping in a baby's cradle.
Okay, you fly. I'll go
by cradle. Get in there.
That's the boy.
Strap yourself in there.
Huh? Strap yourself in there.
Strap myself in? In the plane? Yeah.
With a strap? Around me?
With a strap around here.
What's the matter? I ain't
gonna strap myself in there.
Why won't you? Let go. I'm not
gonna strap myself in that airplane.
Why not? In case I want to jump,
I'm not gonna drag no plane with me!
What goes, kid?
I'm through,
washed out.
Who said so? Nobody,
but that's what it means.
Everybody has had a chance to solo
except me, and I'm not gonna get a chance.
Did Morrison tell you
that? He didn't have to.
Where is that guy? That's
no good for either of us.
This is a better idea.
Packing is all right, but how
are you gonna get out of here?
You just can't walk out
the front gate without a pass.
Maybe you're right.
Why don't we both
kiss this place good-bye?
Come on.
Hurry up, Blackie. Wait,
Jinx. You can't do this.
You can't go up without
orders. You're grounded!
Write me a letter
about it.
The major ever finds out about this, he'll send
you so far it'll cost me $10 to send you a postcard.
Here's the
other chute.
Have you got a clearance? When you see my
friend Morrison, give him our love, will ya?
Craig, wait.
Even you admitJinx
is a great fller.
Maybe he's trying to helpJim.
He's breaking regulations.
Can't anything ever be more
important than your regulations?
You crazy fool,
get back down here now!
Just as you say, Professor.
I'll be right down.
Jim's alone up there.
The maniac, he still thinks
he's back in the circus.
Now he's got to solo!
He can't land it.
- Where do you think you're going, mister?
- Jim, can you hear me?
- What's wrong up there?
- The throttle is jammed. I can't get my speed to land.
Don't take any chances. Bail out. You
understand? Don't take any chances.
If he bails out now, he'll
never fly again! Bail out.
Gimme that phone!
Don't bail out. Just cut
your engine and let her glide.
If she starts to stall,
drop her nose.
Stick to that ship,
Come on, let's get him
out of here.
Jimmy, are you all right? Sure,
he's all right! You did it, kid.
Any landing you can walk
away from is a good landing.
- Get him to the hospital.
- He is hurt.
Fine time to bail out, Roberts,
when your throttle was stuck.
You still don't care about
other people's lives, do you?
You don't think that...
Linda, look...
Roberts, I don't think
there's much can be said.
If that boy's badly hurt, there'll be
charges against you. Serious charges.
If not, you can start looking
for another circus in the morning.
You're washed out.
Doctor, Jim's all right? Miss Joyce...
Tell me the truth. Unless
my diagnosis is wrong,
your brother is suffering from
nothing more serious than shock.
There's every reason to hope he'll be as fit
as ever tomorrow morning and up there flying.
But you aren't sure? I'm
sure enough to know...
that you'll be better off, and
so will he, if you get some rest.
Thank you, Doctor. Good
night. Good night, Miss Joyce.
Linda, I've been looking
all over for you.
You can't believe I left that kid
up there with the throttle jammed.
'Cause I didn't.
All right, you didn't.
Wait a minute.
I'm leaving in the morning.
I've been trying
to run things my way,
and as usual,
my way went haywire.
It's funny the things
that a guy will do sometimes...
to try and make a girl realize
he's in love with her.
Isn't it?
Yes, Jinx, it certainly is.
Very funny.
The starting procedure
is simplicity itself.
On contact,
you turn the switch,
pull the toggle to engage the
starter, then hit the booster mag.
Easing the throttle forward
increases the speed of the engine.
Come on.
She's set
and ready to go.
There's plenty of life
in this old crate.
Heathcliff, I'm gonna give you
another lesson on how to fly.
Blackie, I'm not afraid anymore. No?
No. Flying this plane without
an engine, that's a lot of fun.
You can't fly this plane off
the ground without an engine.
I know. That's why
it's a lot of fun.
Put this on.
It's gonna be too hot.
I don't think I'll need
that. All right. There we are.
Look how brave I get up.
I don't even ask to come...
That height gets me. Now,
you're starting that over.
I'm not afraid.
Go ahead, get in.
Don't forget what the
instructor told you. Yeah.
He told the rest of the boys and
we heard him, didn't we? Yeah.
Turn on the switch and
put your hand on the starter.
That's right.
What's that noise? That's one
of those planes over there.
Pay no attention.
You enjoy yourself.
Some darn fool forgot to
put the brake on. Put it on.
Stop shaking the plane!
I'm not shaking the plane.
Wouldn't we have a lot of fun
if there was a motor?
Boy, is it cold!
Why do they put air-cooling
systems in these hangars?
I'm going out
and get my jacket.
Oh, oh, oh! Oh, oh, oh!
Oh, oh!
Get in that seat
or get off!
Look where he tells me
to get off. Look!
Take my hand.
- Take my hand!
- Bring it out to me!
- What shall I do?
- Fool with those gadgets till you hit somethin'!
- One of these?
- Blackie!
Get your hand off that button!
Bla... Blackie.
Get up in there.
Stay there!
No! No!
where are you now?
Blackie.! Heath, what
are you doing back there?
Whoa, whoa! Come on. Grab ahold here.
Come on.
Blackie, give it.
Don't pull me out!
D-Don't ch...
Don't choke me.
Boy, am I glad
to see you again.
Whoo! Whoo-whoo!
Get in there.
Blackie, turn it over!
One of us must be wrong.
- Let that stick go.
- Oh! Oh! Oh!
Get it up!
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
Keep the nose up.
Keep the nose up?
What are you doing?
I'm keeping the nose up.
where are you?
Blackie, wasn't there
wheels here before?
Ain't this thing supposed
to have wheels? Sure.
That's what I thought.
You gonna land?
Watch it, dummy!
One of the finest groups of cadets
we've ever turned out, Colonel.
Do we have to beat it? There's a big
show and the place is full of admirals.
Generals, you dope. This
is the army. I'm sorry.
Look, Jinx... We're getting out now!
You don't need to take my arm
along with ya.
Spread your wings
you eagles, and fly
Time for fledglings
to take to the air
Hit the beam
and get those planes in the sky
And let's keep 'em flying there
We're an all-American team
And we see every play
eye to eye
Hit them hard and fast
Let that be our theme
And let's keep 'em flying high
Join that American eagle
up there
Keep the skies clear together
He's the undisputed king in the air
And that makes us
birds of a feather
Spread your wings
you eagles, and fly
Time for fledglings
to take to the air
Take 'em up
in dirty weather or fair
And let's keep 'em flying there
Spread your wings
you eagles, and fly
Time for fledglings
to take to the air
Hit the beam
and get those planes in the sky
And let's keep 'em flying there
We're an all-American team
And we see every play
eye to eye
Hit 'em hard and fast
Let that be our theme
And let's keep 'em flying high
They're at the right height
for the drop, Major.
All right, men.
Jump as I tell you.
Okay, Wilson.
Aw, come on.
I'll take the shortcut myself. Be
seeing you. We'll follow you, sir.
Calling Bevans
in transport four.
One of the parachutists
is caught on your fuselage.
Don't land until you get him loose.
Can you see who it is?
Morrison, sir.
We can't get him.
He's out of our reach from
inside the plane. What orders?
Just keep flying.
Jinx! Jinx! Look!
Who is that?
Morrison? They can't figure
out how to get him down.
Where are you going?
Come on.
You can't go up. Let 'em try and stop me.
What are you going to do? I don't know yet.
Hurry, Heathcliff.
Hurry up.
What are you dopes
doing in this plane?
Jinx is in trouble.
He might need us for help.
What are we waiting for,
boys? Come on, get in. Attaboy.
Will you let me get in?
Will you stop pushing?
Let me get my feet in. Don't push!
Will you let me get my
feet in? Don't push me.
Roberts calling.
Contact the transport and
tell 'em to keep flying level.
I'm gonna get underneath
and get him into my ship.
Bevans in the transport.
Bevans in the transport.
Keep flying level at 90.
Roberts is going to...
Let me go, Jinx.
You'll crack yourself up.
Hold on, Craig.
Here goes nothing.
You all right, Craig? Yeah.
You want a doctor?
Are you all right?
You scared the life out of us.
I was a bit scared
I don't know what a guy
says in a case like this.
Yes, I do.
Thanks for proving I was
right. I don't get it.
When I told the major
thatJinx Roberts...
is the best flier
that ever hit the blue.
Okay, Professor.
I had a long talk with Jim...
about yesterday.
I should have known
you were trying to help.
And it worked!
I'm very grateful, Jinx.
Grateful and...
You certainly can make it
difficult for a girl.
What do I have... Attention.!
Excuse the interruption,
but that was a superb job.
Thank you, sir.
What's this man doing in mufti,
Major? We should have him in the corps.
I was in the corps, sir,
but I washed out... for good reasons.
I'm beginning
to realize that.
As long as you feel that way, I have
an idea your case needs reconsideration.
Report to my office
after maneuvers. Yes, sir!
Carry on, mister.
What's wrong?
The motor
is conking out.
You boys better bail out.
We gotta bail out. 5,000 feet in the air,
and the guy wants me to look for a bondsman?
I won't wait for bail! I'll jump out! Sure.
With your chute on. What, do you
think I'm gonna jump in my underwear?
Come on.
Come on, Blackie.
The motor's okay.!
Blackie? Blackie?
Blackie? Blackie.!
Okay, never mind.
Heathcliff, get off there.
Please, get off there.
Get off there.!
- Talk a little louder!
- I can't talk louder. Get off there.
I can't hear a word
the guy's saying.
- Wait a minute. I'll fix that.
- Will you get off there?
Ohhhh! Ohhhh! We harmonize.
Quick.! Quick.!
Quick, the ring!
The ring. Fine time to talk about marriage.
Oh, oh!
Hold on.
Aaah! You're choking me!
Hold still! You want me to
fall? Get off my lap! Get off!
I'm so glad you're safe.
How do you think I feel?
Heathcliff, please don't go up
in the air anymore. Don't worry.
Nobody will ever get my
feet off the ground again!
- It's got me!
- Where?