Keep, The (1983) Movie Script

Your new home
How do you like it?
Not very well, sir
Why not?
We should be in Russia
For what?
The final assault on Moscow
You could transfer
But by the time you got there,
Russia would've gone like France,
Belgium,Holland...all the rest
We're all done fighting
Now we are the masters
of the world
Do you understand?
Yes, sir
We have been assigned to
guard this pass,
so here is where you'll stay
Tell the men to get out
Machine guns come across the
ravine into the Keep with us
What are you doing here?
I'm the caretaker, sir
And they?
They're my sons
There's a 108 such crosses
made of nickel
embedded in the walls
of the keep.
You counted them?
Or is it something to do
with cathecism
I'm Alexandru, my sons
and I work here
No one tours this place
I thought the keep
was unoccupied
We go home at night,
we live in the village
-Where is the owner?
-I have no idea
-Who is he?
-I don't know
-Who tells you what to do?
-We do what needs doing
My father
spent his life doing it,
his father before him,
and so on..
My sons...
will continue after me
There you are,
you may continue your
maintenance after we settle in
-You cannot stay here
-And why not?
No one stays here
And who forbids it?
No one forbids,
some travellers have stayed,
we don't stop them
-But no one stays the night
No ghosts here
-Death then, Suicides?
-No one's ever died here
Then what drives people out
in the middle of a rainy night?
-ha ha...Nightmares?
Look man,
The real nightmares,
man has made
upon other men in this war
The bad dreams of your Keep,
are nursery rhymes
in comparison
Come on, I want a tour
Who built the Keep?
Some say the Turks,
some say the
warlords of ancient Volakia
How do I know this is
not a fortress
a soldier could walk out
from outside the wall
Why are the same stones
on the outside,
and the large ones,
here in the interior?
It's constructed backwards
This place was not designed
to keep
What is this place?
No one knows for sure
-Herr Officer, stop them!
-Stop what?
-There opening the walls!!
-Old man, spikes for lights
we have generators
the Randoff doesn't live
by candlelight
Now is he stringing lights?
What's your assignment!?
-To string lights sir
-Then what the hell are you doing?
Silver crosses,sir
there is talk among the men
they hide silver here
Treasure, sir
Private Lutz, it's been a
profitable day for you
not only have you learned the
crosses are made of Nickel
but you've earned yourself a
place on first watch all week
Get out!!
Never touch the crosses!
And why not?
You must not stay here
Good day Alexandru
but not this one
-I'm on duty!
-Forget it, c'mon
look at this!
-Look it, look at the block
-This is the only silver cross
this block moves
Behind this one block there
may be more silver
-Are you ready to be rich?
-Oh yes
A passage, I knew it
Lets take this cross, block it
and come back later
that's stupid, we're here
why share it
Tie these around my ankle
Silver, there's more silver
Ah, Ah,
pull me back!
pull me back
Lutz, Lutz!
Stand down!
-I need to hire a boat
-Where to?
the Romanian coast
Too dangerous, very expensive
Steiner, last night
it was steiner
that makes five dead,
and I checked with
the radio man
there's been no answer to
your request for relocation
Stop this!
Wait! Wait!
In this village,
partisans have been
operating against
the greater german Reich
-Are you insane!
I am Commander Koempffer,
is what I am
Captain Klaus Woermann,
is what you are
your request for relocation
is denied Woermann
I am now in command over
this emplacement
And you, will not interfere
with our actions
you and you
Bring them to the Keep
There are no partisans
in this village!
these people know nothing!
If one more german soldier dies,
all five hostages will be shot
And five more will be shot
every time a german is killed
We will continue until
partisan activity stops
or we run out of villagers
They are no partisans!
You, see to it that my
command quarters are in order
Those people you murdered
are Romanian citizens
we are an allied state!
Let's have an immediate
understanding Woermann
who gives a damn
about a few communists
Listen to me
MG 34's cover the entrance,
lights illuminate the perimeter,
And whatever kills us,
gets in anyway
Nothing we do,
no security works
we have seen no partisans!
-Something has been released!
What do you mean something,
are you trying to create
a mystery?
To excuse your incompetence
in protecting your men
My competence,
was proven in combat
against soldiers who shoot back
not slaughtering civilians
And I am a political soldier
and I shall say it once only
your security doesn't work
because your methods
are wrong
The answer's fear,
From now on these partisans
will be afraid to kill
because they will fear
the price these actions
cost these villagers to pay
Now listen, something
else is killing us
And if it doesn't care,
about the lives
of three villagers
If it is like you
then does your fear work?
Take that brilliant thought
back to Dachau when you go go
Because here in this Keep,
Commander Kaempffer
you may learn something new
neither you nor the Keep
can teach me anything
We found the rest of Steiner,
well, Commander Kaempffer
let's see the latest present
our friend has left us
Bring a hostage
Explain this Kaempffer,
this is what's
happening to us
-What do these words mean?
-Herr officer, I don't know
Don't lie to me, those words
are Romanian
What do they say,
I want to know
They look like Romanian
Herr Officer..but they're not
-I don't know
what they say!
-He's telling the truth
Make him stop,
What do you suggest I do?
Arrest him?
Priest, your next
Teach him the art
of translation
Herr Officer,
this writing is like Romanian
but different, it's meaningless
not written in the Latin alphabet,
nor the Cyerilic alphabet
What can you tell us about
the Keep we don't already know?
Me? nothing
Yes, you were about
to say more
-You can tell us nothing,
-Who can?
-No one
Don't lie to me
or I'll shoot this man dead
There's a professor of
medieval history
at the university in the
city of Ayashi
He made a study of this Keep
perhaps he can translate
that for you
-His name?
-Dr. Theodore Cuza
He grew up in this village
Herr Officer
Dr. Cuza is not in Ayashi
Then where?
Dr. Cuza's a Jew
He's wherever you've
taken the Jews
The SS will bring them
today from the depot
Do you play at night?
I don't play music here
we suffer enough,
not happy here
Why are you here, girl?
I'm Eva Cuza
this is my father Dr.Cuza
We are Jews, the gypsies
are not the only ones
who are enemies of the state
When we reach that new
settlement place they
say we are going to,
then I play music for you guys
There are farms,
and wheat fields there
they said...
Where are you going
in such a hurry?
-Into the pass
-Get down
How far?
To the Keep
Move away from the machine
Open the case
touch that
I will tell you something
if you want hope
the people who go to these
settlement camps,
there are only two doors,
One in, and one out
the one out, is a chimney
You'd better find a way to be
of use to me in three days
Three days
Or back to the camps, go you
and your daughter
What does it mean?
Can you understand it?
The former is in
the imperative
It says:
"I Will Be Free"
So we do have partisans
In zoltz navonic, but within
the Gaelitic alphabet
Your partisans
are writing to you
in a language that's
been dead for 500 years
Wood, we need wood for a fire
Does he get that cold?
Look at my father,
does he look 68?
He's 48
He's dying from a variety
of Schleroderma
With the temperature
in this room
gangerine will be in his
fingers in an hour
Alright, that's enough!
He won't last
Major Kaempffer's 3 days
You'll get the wood,
and some furniture
and lights
get your food from
our mess
Let me tell you two something
the Major will snuff you out,
like that
He has his reasons for
a quick solution
I have mine
I don't want any
more of my men to die
find out what is killing us
And I may be able to
get you to Bucharest
And keep you safe
And then again, you may not
Mihail, how did you
manage this?
I didn't think I could
You rescued us, for me it
doesn't matter,but for Eva
What fairy tales
did you tell him
They made up their own
But I made them believe that
you could solve their problems
just to get you brought here
And now, now
we must get you out
Today I arrange a guide,
tomorrow you ask to see
the old slavonic
manuscripts in the church
the guide will take you from the
church across the mountains
to Nyipa, from there
the black sea,..anywhere
How far do you think
I'll get, I can't fight
I can't walk, nothing
You just get Eva out of here
Listen to me
They've already killed
three villagers here,
including old Seminesku,
I was in Breschauf
they're rounding up
trade unionists, journalists
Jews, gypsies,..God knows
what happens to them
We found out what happens
I'm not going without you
You'll have to try
I'll carry you on
my back if I must
How long?
don't ask
whoever thought of sticking the
miracle of human intellegence
inside one of
these decaying bodies
He should of been fired
so where else would God
of put the human soul?
In a desk
maybe a street car,
won't have been so bad,
it breaks, you get a new part
one of these days your
gonna believe in the divine
You believe in Gods,
I believe in men
How's Eva?
Eva wastes her youth,
chained to an old man
in a wheelchair
I should have a nurse,
she should live her life
She won't let anyone else
take care of you
I have much to do
Hey say
the writing on the wall
did you put it there?
How'd it get there, Mihail
There is something you can
do for me, make me feel easier
Keep it with you, just two days
Hey look tres,
it's your sister
-Can I help you
-get your hands off me
Sit down
Get a healthy helping, ma'ar
-alright, that's enough
Get away from my child
take me and leave her
What have you done to her
what are you?
Why are you, here?
They thought I could find
what was killing their soldiers
And I have!
haven't I?
you turned into an ally
you collaborate!
Don't accuse me of
collaborating with Nazis
I'd do anything to stop them
If you don't believe me,
then kill me
What happenend?
your hands
Your face!
I feel warm
-I know, it brought you here
Father, it was a dream
it was a nightmare
It carried you here, I saw it too
What I saw wasn't real
Look at my hands,
look at my face!
It touched my body
Look at you
don't know what it is
and I don't care
-He's like a hammer,
and can now smash them
-What are you talking about?
We're dealing with a golum?
A devil
A devil!
Now you listen to me
the devil of the Keep,
wears a black uniform
and has a deathshead at his cap
and calls himself a sturbein Furor
There were two more
deaths last night
you are going to stay at the Inn
you have two minutes to pack
because I can at least keep
you safe from what is killing us
And after the incidence
in the mess,
maybe from the men too
Maybe from the men..
I'm not going to leave
my father here alone
-Yes, you should go
You now have
a minute, 45 seconds
A minute, 45 seconds
for what?
For fraulein Cuza to pack her
things and moving her stuff
She is not going anywhere
I forbid it, I will not permit you
to send my daughter away
You, you forbid?
Let me tell you something,
you forbid nothing
Get her out of here!
Are you ready?
Listen to me, my child
you are the meaning
of my life
Whatever I will do here
whatever happens to me
leave me behind,
Go without me,
do not wait for me
-Yes, go!
Meet a man
live a full life
and you live for me
-Who is this?
-My son
He died in Spain,
5 years ago this month
Fighting on the Republicans side
Were you in Spain?
If I were, I would of been
in the Itteral brigade,
with other anti-facist Germans
Your son and I, we would've been
fighting on the same side
But, No I wasn't
Why do you, a Jew
need protection of the cross?
I don't
It was a gift of a friend,
A humane man
Listen to me Captain Woermann,
I pass the gift on to you
Take it
You're a humane man too
and you...
you may need it
How did you get out?
did they let you go?
where's theodore?
Still inside
Anything for theodore Cuza
down here, through this door
I have no money
to pay you right now
Your father did me many
favors over the years
forget about it
Thank you, Mr. Oppe
What are you doing here?
Is this the only room
overlooking the Keep?
Than I'll take it
It's taken by Miss Cuza
It's okay
Where will you go?
Back into the Keep,
away from here,
I don't know
Why's your father in the Keep?
He's being kept there by soldiers
Are you going to wait for him?
Or leave?
I'm going to wait
right here for him
Then you better stay here with me
Why are you here?
Where do you come from?
-I'm a traveller
-From where?
Go to sleep
And dream
There is...
Death around you
-At your hands
And what you sense is
my fate in a death camp
A place where people gather to die
A place where people are murdered
My people are murdered?
-yes, and others from all over
-who does this?
There leader in Berlin
-and the soldiers in black
-I'll destroy them!
I will consume their lies
could you do this?
When I am complete
in two nights
If I can leave this place
-Why couldn't you?
because an object of mine
the origin of my power
must be removed from the Keep
and hidden in these mountains
and kept safe from people here
And from anyone
who may come here
It must be done by
someone I can trust
like you
Only then can I leave the Keep,
and destroy the soldiers in black
and their leaders
Will you...carry this object
out of here..for me?
-I'm not leaving yet
-did you get Eva out?
-Eva..Eva is at the Inn
There is something here,
a power
this power is our salvation
Power is God!
And the messiah,
his immortal son
who took flesh of the holy
mother and ever
virgin mary, And I...
I have been right
And you...
you Theodore Cuza
you have been wrong
I was right in my simple faith
I was right
Evil comes from the acts
between man and man
it wears a swatzika and
it believes in black dreams
you know this
What's happening to you?
Stay here,
stay here with your
daughter and burn
with the others
Burn with the misfits,
the gypsies,
the heratics,
-I won't lift a finger to help you
Ha, Monster!
Burn in Hell!
And the dead and the glory,
and judge both the living
and the dead,
and deliver of the grace!
Pray for them
I never thought
I'd see you alive again
-Now we can get out
-Not yet
-Mihail, told me
you didn't leave
-you alright
Mihail's gone crazy
-What's happened to this place
-I can't help Mihail
What's happened is...
that what was repressed
within the Keep
is spreading into the village
Who are you?
What do you know about it?
This is...
I know that you have
bound yourself to him
that you've agreed
carry the talisman out
-It's the source of the power
It is not his, it's what keeps
him inside the walls
and if you carry it out, he will be
released into the world of men
what's happening in the world is
worse than anything he could do
-He is the same
-look at him
-what, it's my body,
I don't give a damn about me,
I'm not doing this for me
That's why he picked you
only someone uncorrupted could
even get near the Talisman
-Don't listen to this
-Stop stop it
-What are you doing
-let's just get out of here
Don't take it out
-What do you want?
-there's a stranger at the Inn
he asks questions
I believe he's connected to
the people who pay
for the keeps maintenance
Arrest the man,
bring him to the Keep
This place, seems
to agree with you
you look...
This place has it's strong points
You're part of this
Aren't you?
Tell me!
tell me
The talisman that holds
him inside is mine
I have been here for ages
and guarding against
what is happening now
He is being released
I don't understand
I have come to destroy him
and it may be too late
I will end it
What ends?
When he goes..I go
Then why?
why did you come to me?
Become my lover
out of a dream
To touch
as only mortal men can do
You are coming to the Keep
Stay here
What's all the shooting
in the village huh?
-A civilian being interrogated
resisted arrest
-another civilian
the courageous commander
again is victorious
I will not!
you will..nothing
You will... die
-All of us will die
-you're falling apart Woermann
you despise our ruthlessness
but you do not grab history
by the throat
and write the next
1000 year future
without brutality
and courage!
-Fairy tales Kaempffer
romantic fairy tales,
you tell yourself,
then dress up in black and silver,
so you can look in the mirror
and maybe believe them
Eich! Hiel Furror!
A year and a half ago,
SS commander executed men,
women and children
children for gods sake
How many times in this Keep
have you made your bed?
Don't you talk to me
about courage
were you with the German
anti-facist fighting us in Spain? No!
Did you stop
commadore posnack, No
you have a debilitated
german disease, Woermann
Sentimental talk
It allows you to feel sensitive
superior, and yet safe,
because you take no action
your sentimental suffering
makes me sick
for once, your right Kaempffer
I'm only half a man
all that we are is coming out
here in this Keep
-Ha Ha Ha
-the man sees the truth
and what truth do you see?
what are you discovering
about yourself, Kaempffer...Huh?
I murder all these people
therefore I must be powerful!
and you smash them down
because only that raises you up
it's a psychotic fantasy to escape
the weakness and disease you
sense at the core of your soul
you have scooped the most easy
psyches out of the german gutter
you have released the foulness
that dwells in all mans minds
you have infected millions
with your twisted fantasies
and from the millions
of diseased mentalities
that worship your twisted cross
what monstrosity has been
released on this Keep
Who are you meeting
in the granite corridors
of this Keep?
Jesus, protect me
protect me
What are you?
where do you come from?
Where am I from?
I am...
from you
Carry it from this place
take it out of here
There's no one left to stop you
Eva! I have it!
take it back
it belongs to Glaehic Mahistis
No, this is power!
It's corrupted
It's changing your soul
take it back
-Get out of my way!
Kill her!
and take the talisman
out of here
Who are you,
that I have to prove myself
to you by killing my child
Obey me!
Or you will return to the
diseased state I found you in
And I'll slay both of you!
If this is yours, as you said
then you take it out of the Keep
You can't..
then this isn't yours
and the Keep is a prison
to contain you
And you have lied,
exploited, deceived
And you are the same
evil outside this place
so you prove yourself to me!
You take it out of here
You yourself
Take it!!
Take it!!
Take your father
and get out of this place