Keeping Company (2021) Movie Script

[siren whooping]
-Hey, what's up?
-Whatever you need, I got it.
The [bleep]?
[car idling]
[muffled yelling]
[muffled yelling]
With drugs and crime
at an all-time high,
our streets look like
a Third World nation.
Every neighborhood and corner
has been infested
with bad people
who will do anything
to take what they want
forcing law-abiding,
goodhearted citizens
to live in fear every day.
As your district attorney,
I have worked tirelessly
to clean up our streets,
and I promise I will
continue to do so
if re-elected this November
because we all deserve better
if we follow the law.
I'm Glen Garrey,
and I approve this message.
Get away!
I'm the luckiest guy around.
Truly a dream come true.
We're actually expecting,
so it's a bit of a rush
to the altar before she pops.
Ah, what are you expecting?
-A baby.
She actually proposed to me
with the pregnancy test.
Both at the same time, it was--
My whole life changed
in one moment.
Speaking of, we have
a pretty busy day ahead,
-so if we could just--
-There's this things about
her eyes, they're just so
-Could we
-go back to--
-Whose eyes
should the baby have?
Hers, right?
-They're just the best eyes.
Uh, also it's your
sister's big birthday.
Oh, no, I don't have a sister.
Well, sister-in-law, my sister.
It's his sister-in-law,
my sister's birthday,
-It is?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I told you.
You were eating corn, or--
I don't remember what happened.
-Yeah, corn's loud.
-Well, of course.
This will only take
a moment of your time.
Now, you see we have
many different plans,
all great value,
but the Platinum
is the most popular
and most comprehensive.
[kettle whistling]
Oh, no!
Allow me.
Oh, thank you.
[tapping on aquarium]
Do they ever eat each other?
Seems like they would
being cooped up and all.
No, they would never
eat each other.
Not unless you
gave them a reason to...
in which case
you would be covered
under our Tails and Scales plan
should you elect it.
You're the breadwinner
here, correct?
Uh, I don't know
what that matters.
You're young,
you're newly married.
Mazel tov, by the way.
Oh, thank you.
But while it might
feel like you have
your whole lives ahead of you,
the reality is...
you don't.
And what are you gonna do
when he's gone, Mark?
You have to survive somehow.
I think I can handle--
excuse me--uh, the cups
are up and to the right.
Imagine this scenario.
You wake up one morning,
you roll over to give
your lovely husband a kiss
same as you always do,
but this time
that kiss lands on
ice-cold cheeks.
[gasps lightly]
Or, you're leaving
work for the night,
you're walking through
the dark parking lot,
You've just been
shot in the stomach
by some druggie lowlife
lookin' to score
their next high,
leaving you to
bleed out and die.
Now Mark's all alone,
left to grow old all by himself.
[beating table]
Nobody to take care of him,
and nobody left to feed him.
Tea bags?
Oh, yeah, um,
third drawer on the left.
We'll get Tails and Scales
just to be on the safe--
-Thank you for being honest.
-Yeah, I mean,
we're gonna have to
figure something out.
There's nothing
that you're good at,
so we just, we should
probably protect you
-just in case, you know.
-Now, as I was saying,
we have three levels
of life insurance,
but only the Platinum plan
covers everything from
normal death
to accidental suicide,
even mysterious disappearance.
Now, the most
important thing in life
is that we protect
the ones we love.
But, we cannot do that unless
we take care of ourselves first.
We'll go with
the Platinum package.
-Ha! Fantastic!
Hey, so,
so you know, as you know,
Carrie's due in a few months.
You know that.
We've been doing a lot
of planning for the baby,
which has been pretty intense.
We're arguing about
the baby room,
and she wants
gender neutral colors,
I want gender inclusive colors,
which is just silly
because colors
can't have a gender, you know,
they're not having
sex with each other--
unless you count when colors
mix and make another color,
like blue and yellow make green.
When there's that case,
then blue is dad,
yellow's mom, obviously. But...
What I'm trying to say is,
will you be my kid's godfather?
It's really just a title
to show how important
you are to me.
I don't even know the kid,
and you're askin' me to what?
I mean, you and Carrie
are the closest thing
I ever had to family.
Noah, we're co-workers.
That's all.
Let's just put a pin in it.
-Yeah? Great!
Put all the pins you need.
I'll send you an email.
I'll remind you tomorrow.
Ah, it's the red coats.
I hope you paid for those
burgers because that BMW
does not run on free meals.
Show him the receipt.
Listen, we'd love to
stay and chat, Pops,
but we really need
to get back to work.
Ah, yes,
the high stakes world
of insurance sales.
How's all that going anyway?
Great, actually.
We hold the best sales
record in the office.
"We," so how are you the best
if "we" are tied
for first place?
I think you're missing
the point here.
It seems to me
you're saying that there are
two of you in first place.
That's what he's saying,
right, Nathan?
Uh, it's Noah.
-Yes, we're partners.
What I'm saying is I think
most parents would be proud.
Proud of what?
Your, your five-figure salary
and your, your split commission?
I would be ashamed
to admit that I made
that little of money,
but clearly bringing shame
to your family's reputation
doesn't seem to bother you
all that much, does it, son?
Come on, Noah.
-So sad.
-Bye, Mr. Reddy.
This was awesome.
I never had a dad, so--
Noah, chop, chop!
Just move around him,
just push past him!
-Go right.
-Oh, my God,
where would you like to go, son?
-Thanks for eating
at Faithful Cow!
Your business is sacred to us!
[water running]
[mop wiping]
Ah, hey, Lucas.
It's been six months
since he went missing.
Everyone, including the police,
are telling me to accept
that my husband's dead.
And, and I have.
Hell, we had a service
for him last week!
Look, we have
a system here, ma'am,
and it's our job to maintain it.
But everything is processed
thoroughly and fairly,
your claim included.
What-what does that mean,
It means that
in the eyes of insurance,
your husband is still alive!
Hey, that's kind
of exciting, right?
except for the fact that
he's not still alive.
Well, you can't prove that.
Prove it?
People try to cheat the system,
so it's our job to be vigilant
in this situation.
But if your husband
is actually missing,
then we can only assume
that's all there is to it.
And until he's proven dead,
his breathing ceased,
his mind unable to ponder
the questions of the life
he's no longer living,
then we can't pay out
his life insurance policy.
See, had you elected
the Platinum plan,
this wouldn't have
even been an issue.
There's a silver lining, though.
Your husband might
actually be dead,
and if his body is recovered,
then your claim
will be rewarded.
So, I could
still get that money?
So long as you continue
to pay out the policy.
Hi, I'm Paula Caste,
and at Caste Insurance,
we understand
the importance of family,
which is why we're here
to provide peace of mind.
Peace of mind that
it's not the end of the world
when your son wrecks
the family van.
Peace of mind that
mom is still mom,
even when she has
her identity stolen.
Peace of mind
that despite your dad's
pre-existing condition,
we will still cover
that open heart surgery.
Dad! What's wrong?
Dad, are you okay?
Don't worry,
they have Caste Insurance,
where your life is our life.
Dad, wake up!
Don't you dare leave me!
Dad, wake up!
Okay, one more expense
that I have a question about,
and this is big,
a $100,000 deposit
to Yacht Brokers.
So, you confirm
that expense, then?
Yeah, it's a business expense.
Is it? Because I'm not
so sure I can do much more
to cook these numbers, Paula.
It would be one thing
if we were just
-dipping into reserves--
-Brent, I'm a CEO.
CEOs have boats,
end of discussion.
-Please, don't--
-Oh, don't worry,
I'll make it work on my end
just make it work on yours!
-Jesus Christ [bleep] Almighty!
-Okay, okay, we just
talked about this.
Paula and I split
commission my whole career.
I'm not settling!
Why do you say that?
That's not what I'm doing!
I'm making something of myself.
not sure if you saw
my request for paternity leave--
I didn't realize
you were the one giving birth.
Trust me, if I could,
I would give birth.
It's been a true blessing.
Okay, so I guess I'll check
back with you in a few weeks
'cause Carrie's really
about to pop,
-and I'd like to know...
-Yeah, okay, look, look,
-I gotta go, all right.
-...before the baby gets here.
I'll do better and be better,
okay, bye, Pop.
-Really crucial time--
-Some clients just
talk your ear off.
Meet me in my office now.
Yeah, okay.
Have you ever had
a $200 cup of sake before?
You know, I can't say I have.
I'd like to propose
a toast, Sonny,
a toast to my future
-VP of sales.
-Paula, that's fantastic.
You're makin' a great decision.
-Eh, eh, eh, hey!
Don't drink it. Spit it back
in the cup, all of it.
Wipe it off your fingers,
put it in the cup.
I am simply saying
that you could be my future
VP of sales, that's it.
Sure, sure, and "could be"
means highly probable.
Perhaps, but you need to
get your sales numbers up.
[computer chiming]
Let me be clear, Sonny.
I don't need you
just to give me more,
I need you to give me
everything you've got.
Your sales need
to double this quarter.
Double? Paula,
that's not possible.
Well, perhaps Noah
would think it's possible.
For the first time, I have
everything I could possibly need
with my family and friends
like Sonny by my side.
Whoa, okay, hey, all I meant was
double's not possible
with Noah weighing me down.
I look in the mirror and I still
see that boy from Claremont...
-...bouncin' around from
-foster home to foster home.
Of course.
And people like Noah,
they don't seem to have
that gusto it takes
to really excel in the world.
I kept hope alive,
and I always kept
-love in my heart.
While people like us,
we're sharks,
and we will do whatever
it takes to survive.
you know what, Paula,
I've always felt that
we're on the same level.
My goodness.
And this is me
laughing for genuine.
You think we're on
the same level.
I'm your boss,
and I'm also a great white.
I could chew you up
and spit you out
as if it's nothing at all.
I could give you
the world's rarest,
most exquisite cup of sake,
and then I could
take it away from you.
[sake pouring]
So unless you get your sales
numbers where I need them to be,
I may have to rethink
your employment
here at Caste all together.
And don't think for a second
that your tarnished reputation
won't follow you
wherever you go.
Without me,
you're just another nobody
with nothin' to show for it.
Great, now get out there
and sell the people
what they need.
Ah, Wendy, tell me,
have you ever had
a $200 cup of sake before?
[doorbell dinging]
[dog barking distantly]
[cart rattling]
While the poll numbers
are extremely close,
District Attorney,
Glen Garrey remains confident
in his re-election.
His Sweep the Streets campaign,
calling for stricter sentencing
on drug-related,
non-violent offences,
along with his well-known
tragic family story
has emboldened his base
to the point--
I already have life insurance.
I just don't see
why I would need
accidental death insurance
on top of it?
As I mentioned earlier,
they're just not the same thing.
You know, why don't
we just go ahead
and get you set up
with the Basic package
just for starters.
You can always upgrade.
Oh, I'm sorry,
but I'm just not interested.
It's not a problem
because you can cancel
-at any time.
I think I'll cancel now.
What Sonny means to say is
we can't help you
if you don't let us.
Noah, let's walk away now, okay?
We don't have time for this.
I'm sorry if I offended you!
Not at all, Mrs. Kennedy.
You have a good
rest of your day now.
Hey, is everything cool?
No, we needed that sale.
No stress,
we'll get the next one.
Besides, our numbers
are impeccable.
No, they're not!
And even if they were,
that's still not good enough.
Hey, we're on
the same team, bud.
I don't need you
on my team, okay?
I just need you to step it up.
You're not the only one
with family pressure.
[cars crashing]
[car trying to start]
Come on, man!
You gotta watch
where you're going.
-You came outta nowhere!
-What? I can't hear you.
-I'm sorry.
Yeah, well, sorry doesn't
fix my bumper, does it?
Are you hurt, sir?
Try not to overexert your spine,
but if you could reach
your insurance information,
we could work
this out, no problem!
Hey, you awake in there?
I need your insurance info!
I don't have insurance.
-Really? No insurance.
-If you don't have insurance,
we can help you with that.
[car turns over]
Hey! Hey!
What they hell are you doing?
Sir! Come back here!
Sir, we sell insurance!
Hey, you can't just
hit and run like that!
-We're just tryin' to help.
Hey, listen, I'm not mad,
and you're not in trouble.
I just need your
insurance information.
-I told you, I don't--
-You don't have insurance,
which is why I'm willing
to forget about the accident
if I can just have
a minute of your time
to discuss your options.
You see, today's
your lucky day because
we could set you up
with a custom package
with rates as low
as $10 a month.
In fact, if you're interested,
we don't just have auto plans,
we can also set you up
with home, life,
and health insurance.
Bottom line, we have
your best interest in mind.
'Cause at Caste Insurance,
your life is our life.
-You need to leave.
-I promise,
this will be a lot quicker
than calling the police.
Wow, thanks, that was fast.
Beautiful home you have here.
Yeah, but you know
with an older home like this...
...really should
consider homeowner's.
And, to be clear, flood isn't
covered under homeowner's,
so with the climate
changing at this rate,
you really can't be too safe.
You would be shocked at
how little water it takes
to destroy a home's foundation.
Even a minor leak
can do real damage.
Yeah, you know what,
in fact, let's go take
-a look at that basement.
You have a lot of
older pets in here?
Pets are a part
of the family, too,
and you wanna make sure
you protect 'em.
Which is covered under
our Paws and Claws package.
The basement's gotta be
around here somewhere, right?
[jiggling door handle]
You really have
this place on lockdown.
Privacy is important,
which is why we offer
identify theft protection.
Yeah, you never can be too safe.
You need to leave now.
Ah-ha, here we go!
-Thank you.
-That mildew smell, which--
Well, well,
we have guests I see.
It was a mistake.
They're not like the others.
That's no matter, sweetie.
They're under our roof now.
We mustn't treat them any
differently than the others.
After all, there is
an order in this house,
and we must do all we can
to maintain it.
'Bout a five-foot.
Now you see, basement
with exposed piping
is always a nightmare
when it comes to flooding.
We're talking thousands
of dollars of damage here.
You need to listen.
-Oh, no.
Oh, my!
This is a huge problem,
catastrophic even.
I mean, this bathroom may
as well be a hydrogen bomb.
Bathrooms are
the leading culprit
when it comes to water damage.
Hey, have you heard the one
about the two hydrogens
who walked into a bar?
No, thank you.
Oh, no, you're gonna
wanna hear this one.
They got so drunk
they needed some oxygen.
Get it?
Two hydrogens, an oxygen?
It's a water joke.
But, water is no joke,
so let's get you set--
I'm sorry, I don't
-think we got your name.
Lucas, I'm Noah,
nice to formally meet you.
This is Sonny, my best friend.
-Co-worker turned best friend.
Not really relevant right now.
Just so he understands
our dynamic, now you know.
Yeah, so how 'bout we take
this conversation upstairs
-before Mt. Vesuvius blows?
-That's not what Grandma wants.
You live with your grandma?
Does she have life insurance?
Because I know it's a tough
thing to think about,
but it's something
we all need to plan for,
and I'm sure Grandma
would understand.
We could explain
everything to her in full.
She's in her room.
So go get her.
I'm not allowed in her room.
Okay, well then she's gonna
have to come down here because
after all, life insurance
is something for her
-to decide.
I'm sorry,
but Grandma will
not speak to you.
Not a problem.
Just the auto and flood then.
I'm gonna go get that paperwork,
and I'll be right back.
Must be nice to live
with Grandma.
[door rattling]
What the--?
You need a key.
Hey, look, you need
to unlock the door
so we can finalize your policy.
We can't help you
if you don't let us.
No one can help you now.
-Wait, what?
-Sir, we're trying to offer you
-a way out of this situation.
-There is no way out,
and I'm not buying
your insurance.
What is it with the people
in this neighborhood, huh?
None of you can
see value when it's
-right in front of you?
-Sonny, cool it.
No, you know what,
I'm not cooling it,
okay, because this
guy hits my car,
tries to run off,
and then he doesn't
have the decency
to buy insurance from me.
Well, then you will be
hearing from my lawyers, okay?
Give me those keys! Argh!
Let go of him!
You know what, [bleep] you,
let us the [bleep] out!
Hey, maybe there's
a better way to handle this.
Yeah, there is.
Hey, you're gonna break his arm!
You're makin' a big mistake.
Ah, no, no, let go, let go!
Let go, no!
No, no!
Sir, please, we're on your side.
You don't have to buy
the insurance, we will go.
You [bleep]!
I'm sorry.
We offer other plans!
You're messin'
with the wrong guy!
We're sorry!
You are messing
with the wrong guy!
Are they contained?
Well, do what you must to
get them fully settled in, hm?
-Yes, ma'am.
-And, Lucas, please
fix your shirt.
We don't want someone
thinking that
you're some kind of lowlife.
[keypad beeping]
You gonna just
stand there? Come on!
I have weak bones,
you know that!
[door opening]
[chains rattling]
Okay, hey, listen, you need to--
[electricity popping]
Empty your pockets.
That's what you want, cash, huh?
-Oh, [bleep] you.
[electricity popping]
Grandma has
an order to maintain.
The sooner you accept that,
the more comfortable you'll be.
It's nothing personal.
Yeah, well, it feels
kinda personal, [bleep]!
[insects chirping]
[utensils clinking]
You're distant, Lucas.
You shouldn't be
doing this to them.
They're not bad people.
Don't concern yourself with
who they may or may not be.
All that matters
is our survival.
But the code.
The code is what
we make it, Lucas.
It's merely meant
to ensure our prosperity
just as it did for my parents
when they ran this house,
and their parents before them.
Doesn't feel right, Grandma.
A person guided by feelings
is a person too weak to survive.
Your mother was too weak
to survive.
Come, my dear.
[plate sliding]
You need to eat.
[breathing heavily]
This is worse than the time
I dropped
my phone in the toilet
before a flight.
I was so nervous
that I wouldn't be able to
keep in touch with Carrie
that I left the airport
and rushed all the way home
because I didn't want her
to think I was maybe
raped or murdered.
I swear, if this
lunatic gets me fired,
I will kill him.
Hey, I don't know
if we should call him a lunatic.
Sure, psychopath
is more fitting.
Yeah, well,
we're all a product
of our environment.
We don't know what
he's been through.
What he's been through?
We're locked in his
[bleep] basement, Noah.
Point is...
no one's crazy for no reason.
Two local insurance salesmen
who were reported missing
one week ago today
are tragically found dead
in what appears to be
a grizzly double homicide,
sparking District
Attorney Glen Garrey
to call for an emergency
press conference
to address the recent string
of criminal activity.
Crime is out of control
in this city.
I'm gonna stop and frisk you.
Grow up!
Anger is what runs the world.
I want you to go tell
all those who have lost
family members to these animals
that increased policing
is unnecessary.
-This and more tonight at 10:00.
-Teeth were pulled,
limbs cut clean, and the rest
was sent to the kiln.
Left with nothing
to identify them
other than what
was in their wallets.
My sources at PD
estimate the remains
have been laying out there
for at least a week.
Well, we can't slow down
just because those two
couldn't take care
of themselves.
Let's have Wendy push
forward on their leads.
We don't have a Wendy here.
Her, right there, Wendy.
That's Diane.
What difference does it make
what her name is?
Let's just have her
pick up the slack!
[hold music playing on phone]
Most parents would be proud.
[hold music continues]
Proud of what?
[hold music continues]
Thank you for calling
Caste Insurance.
So I may better
assist your call,
please tell me why
you are calling today.
Open a claim.
Your wait time is 12 hours.
[hold music resumes]
Oh, good, my meat!
Thank you, Martin.
[lightly snoring]
Thank you.
Sleep well.
It's a little bright.
You ever make
a blanket campfire?
I've only ever used lye
and kerosene to burn things.
Ha, no.
Here, give me the flashlight.
It's okay.
[whispers] Sit down.
It's okay.
See, it's...
it's like a campfire, only
can't roast marshmallows.
Know any good ghost stories?
I only know one story.
Let's hear it!
Only if you want.
There was once a girl,
she could have been anything
she wanted to be in this world,
but she chose to
throw it all away.
She chose a life
of sin and deceit,
spending her time on the streets
with lowlifes and vagrants,
indulging the worst within
herself because she was too weak
to live a life
of honor and dignity.
Then one day, she got pregnant.
With no one to turn to,
and no certainty
of who the father was,
she became frightened.
She moved back in
with her mother
and tried to clean up her act,
but her cowardness
and selfishness were too strong.
And one night,
she put her son in his crib
and kissed him goodnight.
She walked down to the basement
with a shotgun in hand,
and she put an end
to her misery.
The end.
My grandma tells me
that story all the time.
It's about my mom.
For what it's worth,
I don't have any memory
of my parents either.
How'd you lose them?
They were a couple
of teenagers who
couldn't afford
the extra mouth to feed,
so they dropped me on
the doorstep of an orphanage
and never looked back.
Is that your mother?
No, it's, it's my fianc,
She's pregnant.
I'm gonna be a father!
I'm gonna have the family that
you and I never got to have!
You're lucky.
I know, and I'm so grateful
every day.
I need to get back to my family.
It's not up to me.
Then who, Grandma?
-I should go.
-Lucas, wait!
Lucas, please!
Lucas, what are you
still doing here?
I thought you'd be gone by now.
I'm going now.
Oh, don't forget your gloves!
There's a little nip
in the air tonight.
What do you need?
All right, dude,
I don't have all day,
I have a family to feed.
Are you--are you all right
in there?
[inhales, pants]
I'm sorry.
What happened last night, Lucas?
No one was there.
There's always someone there.
That is how this works.
[toast scraping]
Look at me
when I'm talking to you.
[toast scraping]
[plate clatters]
If you can't do
the simplest task,
then maybe you don't deserve
to live in my house
-and eat my food!
-Maybe I don't!
[plate shatters]
You ruthless boy!
How dare you waste this?
Open your mouth, come on.
Open it or I will open it
for you.
Here at Caste Insurance,
we understand
that life is priceless.
But life insurance,
well, that can be as low
as $10 a month.
Because at Caste Insurance,
your life is our life.
I talked to him last night.
-You what?
-Yeah, while you were asleep,
he came down here and gave us
these pillows and blankets,
and he looked alone,
so, I showed him how to make
a blanket campfire, you know,
like when you were kids,
and he opened up to me.
You know, he told me
this messed up story
about this lady drug addict
who turned out to be his mom.
He doesn't even know
who his dad is.
It's crazy,
it's not as crazy as my story,
'cause he still has a grandma
and lived in this nice house,
but it was messed up.
His face was so still.
But his eyes
had all the emotion in it.
It was amazing, maybe he'll
tell you the story tonight.
It's incredible. Then he told me
that his mom blew her brains out
in this basement with a shotgun.
And I knew there was something
weird about this basement.
Then he showed me
a picture of her,
and I showed him a picture
of Carrie, and you know
how people react to Carrie.
He really connected with her.
And then I told him
that she was pregnant,
and I don't think
he's gonna hurt us.
He's a good guy, he just needs
to know we're on his side.
I think he's gonna kill us both
if we don't kill him first.
We can't abandon hope.
What hope, Noah?
If we want to survive,
then we have to earn it
at any cost.
We have to be ruthless
and unforgiving,
because nothing,
and I mean nothing,
is accomplished through hope.
I just don't believe
that was my Noah.
It couldn't have been.
And I refuse to give up hope.
Carrie, sweetie,
I truly commend your strength
during this time. There we go.
-Thank you, Paula.
-Of course.
And all of us are keeping hope
alive here, too,
so you're not alone.
And just so we're on
the same page,
keeping hope alive
means we have to maintain Noah
as a missing person.
Oh, I totally understand.
I have no interest
in his life insurance policy.
I just--I want him back.
Great, can we get that
in writing?
-Oh, I--
-I'm just gonna send you
to Wendy in legal.
-Thank you.
Carrie, we'll be in touch
while things develop.
Okay, bye, sweetie. That way.
Excuse me, sir,
you can't come in here.
-Can I help you?
-This is Caste Insurance,
is it not?
According to all the signs, yes.
Then, yes,
you can help me, Ms. Caste.
And you can start
by opening up a claim
for Sonny's life insurance.
Ah, you must be Mr. Reddy.
You know, you could have called
to open a claim.
We have several representatives
standing by.
Ah, if only you made it
that easy.
Perhaps if your employees
didn't go missing on the job,
I would have been able
to get through.
What happened to Sonny
was tragic,
and I can assure you
we have tried--
No, let me assure you,
Ms. Caste,
I will stop at nothing
until you pay out
my son's life policy.
And if you don't,
you can expect to hear
from my lawyers.
Well, may we all move on
as quickly as you have,
Mr. Reddy.
You're messing
with the wrong guy.
You're all messing
with the wrong guy!
-Back to work.
-I am the wrong guy!
Back to work!
What about your IRS insider?
I thought the whole point
was so that we had
protection in place.
It's not an audit
I'm worried about.
Our claim reserves are
almost completely dried up.
-Paula, it's just a boat.
What did you just say to me?
That [bleep] thinks
that he can come in here,
my place of business,
and extort me?
[laughs wryly]
Who are we talking about
Sonny's dad.
He wants to collect
on his life policy.
In full.
I don't think that qualifies
as extortion.
We need to gain leverage,
otherwise we are
completely [bleep].
I'm sorry,
am I missing something here?
Okay, you two.
Listen to me,
and listen very carefully.
We don't pay out on big claims
because we don't have policies
to pay them through.
So... you're collecting premiums
as pure profit?
Paula, that's...
You're committing fraud.
No, we are committing fraud.
You two have been enforcing
company practices for years.
Therefore, we don't want
to go to jail
so we have to continue
to work together.
Does this make sense to you?
Do you understand?
What do you need us to do?
Thank you, I need you to do
some real detective work.
Get dirt on Mr. Reddy.
See what he's been up to.
See if you can find
anything that he's hiding.
We'll get right on it.
Good. Oh, and one more thing.
Nobody will believe you over me.
Just something to think about.
[items clattering]
[keys jangle]
Come sit next to Grandma.
I have something that
I think you've been looking for.
Bet you thought you lost it.
I gave you this photograph
because I wanted you to know
that your mother,
that she...
...she abandoned us.
She didn't want you.
I am the only person
who has ever taken care of you.
I'm the only person
who has ever accepted you.
I think you're old enough now
to accept that and move on.
Oh, how about
a piece of pie, hm?
Oh, I know.
Never dessert before dinner.
But I think we can bend
the rules just this once.
You don't need to be afraid
of her, Lucas.
You're not alone.
Sonny and I are on your side.
We can work together.
And the most important thing is,
we can't abandon hope.
Okay, you're gonna let us out?
It won't be easy.
There are cameras everywhere.
So we'll need a distraction.
You have to put in a code
to unlock the door.
And then you only have
a few moments to escape
before she makes it downstairs.
We'll move quickly,
but what about you?
I'll be fine.
What's the code?
The code is two...
-I just have to say
how incredibly brave
this is of you.
I can't imagine what it's like
to stand up to your grandma.
I never had a grandma.
I never had a dad or a mom
or a brother or sister.
I didn't even have a friend
until I met Sonny.
And now you.
Things are gonna be okay.
What the [bleep], Sonny?
You might have just killed him.
So what? I'm not trying to play
sleepover the rest of my life.
[keys jangling]
Lucas. Lucas?
Are you okay, Lucas?
Lucas? He was gonna let us
out of here peacefully.
Yeah? Well, now I'm getting us
out of here.
[keys jangling]
I'll be right back, Lucas.
[door opens]
-[whispering] Sonny. Sonny!
-[whispering] Shut up.
-Shut up!
You're not gonna be able
to open it. You need a code.
He was giving me the code right
before you knocked him out.
What the [bleep]?
We can still fix this.
He's trapped too.
We can't get out of here
without him, Sonny.
We can't get out of here if you
just stand there doing nothing.
Doing nothing?
Are you even listening to me?
I've been listening to you
for the past ten years, Noah.
All you do is talk, on and on,
about absolutely nothing.
So, for once in your life,
just make yourself useful.
Make myself useful?
We're--we're partners, Sonny.
Best friends.
We are not best friends.
We're just co-workers,
you weirdo, okay?
And not for long either,
because once we get out of here,
I'm gonna be your [bleep] boss.
What are you talking about?
I'm done splitting
my commission with you.
Your commission?
-We both earned that.
-Did we?
Are you sure about that?
Huh, then why am I the one
getting promoted?
I really wonder.
[bleep] baffled.
Oh my God, I know why.
Because you're a worker bee
and I'm a leader.
I'm a shark.
Where is this coming from?
We've always been
in this together.
Been in what together, Noah?
This is life,
survival of the fittest.
Just ask your [bleep] parents.
I loved you like a brother!
I had your back since day one!
I asked you to be
my kid's godfather!
And this is how you repay me?
This is your fault,
you're making me do this.
[knife pierces]
Sonny, help me.
[footsteps creaking]
You up?
You need to unlock...
Who are all these people?
That's the food supply.
The food?
Oh my God.
[gun cocks]
Drop it.
[knife clatters]
We can work this out, okay?
There's a plan for everything.
No one is allowed
in Grandma's room.
Listen, I'm not gonna tell
anybody about this.
[sputtering, grunting]
I told you, Lucas.
It'll always be us
against the world.
Well, don't just stand there,
Get that filthy pig
out of my room.
[record whirring]
[bright music plays]
Oh, I love this piece.
What a shame.
A little more time to grow
and he could've been a cash cow.
Do not look away.
He was not your friend.
He was just useless swine.
But you don't care
about that, huh?
You don't mind being associated
with filthy lowlife.
You're just like your mother.
You would rather be left
with nothing,
nobody by your side.
[intense breathing]
[slicing sound]
[freezer humming]
Good, my meat.
Beautiful meat.
You save me so much money,
yes, you do.
It's all just been
so much at once.
With my dear Sonny
being murdered.
These bills piling up.
And nobody by my side
to even confide in.
And I know,
my personal life is just that.
But I hope you can understand,
not, not as a person
who's a banker,
but simply as a person... difficult
this time is for me.
I am the right guy
for this business loan.
No, too much.
I am the right guy
for this business loan, sir.
No, no, sir.
Don't be ingratiating,
you [bleep] idiot.
I am the right guy
for this business loan.
You are the right guy.
I am the right guy.
I'm the right guy.
I am the right guy.
I am the right guy!
[struggling grunts]
So where'd they pick you up at?
[bleep], they got me
over on 65th.
It wasn't even like
I was pushing weight.
I swore I was done
with that [bleep].
I was just doing what I had
to do to survive, you know?
You don't have to explain
to me, man.
Fools like us
never stood a chance.
Speak for yourself.
I'm getting out of here
on my own.
[bleep], that's what I said
the first few months.
Oh my God, oh my God.
Oh my God,
get me the [bleep] outta here.
[camera shutter clicking]
Quiet neighborhood, nice house.
Sweet car.
I really don't think we're gonna
find anything on this guy.
You'd be amazed
the kind of [bleep] up [bleep]
that goes on in the suburbs.
Yeah, I grew up in the suburbs.
I'm well aware.
He's probably got people
locked up in there.
Tied up, greased up.
Yes, look it, he's just
a normal guy going to work.
Come on, let's go. Let's go.
[engine starting]
What are you doing?
My job.
I suggest you do the same.
[sighs] [bleep].
[door creaks open]
[footsteps approaching]
Grandma says it's your time.
Hey, you know, uh,
just thinking about this.
I am up for a promotion at work,
which I am pretty proud of.
If you let me out now,
I could consider you
as a new hire.
I mean, we'd have to start you
off with a base salary,
but the benefits
make up for that.
I'm sure you want a change
from all of this, Lucas.
That's why you were
gonna let us out, right?
Grandma doesn't care about you.
Stop it.
My dad's the same way, you know.
I mean, I have spent
my whole life
trying to prove my worth to him,
and yet somehow
he always finds a reason
for why I'm not good enough.
Because at the end of the day,
all he cares about
is his money and status.
You need to take her out.
I said stop it.
[door unlocking]
[door creaking]
This is not part of our job!
It's time to focus up, Frank.
And remember,
something big enough
to destroy him.
Oh my God, oh my God.
Oh my God!
[papers rustling]
[engine starting]
Okay, all I got are
a bunch of overdue bills
and this invoice from...
Straight Off the Block
Meat Company.
Holy crap, this guy
was selling cheap meat.
Declined loan application
for a hundred grand.
That's why he's been so adamant
about getting Sonny's
life insurance payout.
Okay, let's go!
Paula's gonna gut him.
[door creaking]
Election Day has arrived,
and hours before
the polls closed,
we sat down with
District Attorney Glenn Garrey
-for an in-depth...
-Grandma. interview
where, for the first time...
-He's ready.
-...he spoke openly
about the loss of his daughter.
You can't abandon hope.
We can't abandon hope.
That's why we've never given up
when seeking justice
for our daughter.
She was a good person, you know.
She wasn't perfect...
[phone vibrating]
You've reached
agent Danika Palmer,
Caste Insurance, make it quick.
[slamming phone]
She had her struggles,
but she wasn't... some criminal.
The only reason drugs
became a problem for her
is because of how readily
available they were
and still are.
I mean, all you have to do,
all anyone has to do
is walk south of 65th Street
a couple of blocks,
and you enter into
an entirely different world
filled, filled with people
who choose to live
in sin and squalor.
Those people destroyed
my daughter.
They're the ones
who took her away
from my family.
My wife and I
will never forgive them,
and that is why,
if I am re-elected...
What are you doing in my room?
You--you're--you're not--
That is exactly why you're not
allowed to watch television.
Rots your brain.
She's not your daughter.
You're not my grandma.
I didn't know that she was
pregnant when I picked her up.
-Why would you lie?
-I did not lie to you, Lucas!
I gave you a chance at life.
She was still shooting up
when she was pregnant with you.
I did you and the rest
of the world a favor.
She could've been helped.
They all could be helped!
There's no need
in helping the helpless.
They will only waste away
what they are given
because they don't have
what it takes to survive.
The only useful
and productive thing
for them to do
is to give their selves to us.
You must either eat
or else be eaten.
That's the way it's always been,
that's the way
it always will be.
You stay right there!
People tend to think
that the bigger the cut of meat,
the better,
but what they fail to understand
is all that simply matters
is how the meat is cared for.
You've heard, perhaps,
of Kobe beef. Hm?
Well, Kobe beef sets itself
apart for a number of reasons,
the most important being
that it's treated
with tenderness
to create, well,
a more tender piece of meat.
You have to relax the muscle,
which marbles the area
with a beautiful layer of fat.
And then we have
the low-grade meat.
Meat which never really stood
a chance.
Nor deserved one.
[deep inhale]
[deep exhale]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[muffled screaming]
You know,
I might not even eat you.
I'm just gonna enjoy cutting
you up into little pieces.
Let's get to it then, shall we?
[panting, groaning]
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
Catch a piggy by its toe.
If it squeals, kill it slow.
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
[screaming, grunting]
[gagging, screaming]
Lucas, damn it!
Lucas, stop it!
Stop it!
[gasping for breath]
[seething exhales]
I trusted you.
[screaming, slicing]
[freezer humming]
[blood dripping]
[door opening]
[freezer humming]
You need to let me out, now.
[footsteps scrape and thud]
[breathing heavily]
[keypad beeping]
You were right about her.
Just unlock the door.
I have felt trapped
my entire life.
A prisoner like all the others.
But now I see
that I only have myself
to blame.
Move one more [bleep] inch
and I will blow your head off.
[breathing heavily]
It's no different out there
than it is in here.
[cork pops, cheering]
That is live coverage
from Glenn Garrey's
campaign headquarters
as Garrey is predicted to win
re-election by a landslide.
His "Sweep the Streets" campaign
ignited a firestorm...
How about your Porsche?
Which one?
The 2012,
or any of them, really.
What about the Jag--
The Hummer.
Which color?
The cream...
and the white.
Great, we'll get a lot back
for those.
[door slams]
[gasping, muttering]
-Oh, my God.
-Holy [bleep].
[deep exhale]
[bottle opens]
[exhaling, cork bouncing]
I want...
that [bleep] promotion.
You're a shark.
I'm a great white.
Back to work!
[telephone ringing]
Paula, Pau--
What the [bleep]?
[phone ringing]
[clearing throat] Yes?
-Hey, it's Danika.
-This isn't part of the job!
Oh, I-I meant to call you.
We're all clear here.
-Oh my God.
We're not all clear over here.
This isn't part of the job!
This isn't part of the job!
I do files!
I'm just a regular guy
who loves insurance!
That's all! That's all I am!
I love insurance!
Is that so wrong?
Oh, my God.
I'm not a murderer!
I'm just a regular guy
who loves insurance.
I love insurance!
So what?
I'm not a killer!
I'm not a murderer!
You've reached Ram Reddy.
Leave a message at the tone.
Dad, it's Sonny. Call me.
I got some great news
at work today.
I think you're gonna be proud.
Just clean it up.
Paula, Paula!
Is everything okay?
Everything's as it should be.
[singing in Portuguese]