Kelce (2023) Movie Script

[cat meows]
[dramatic music playing]
Yeah? You ready for bedtime?
Do you wanna hear a story?
Oh, the places you'll go!
Congratulations! Today's your day. You're
off to great places. You're off and away.
You have brains in your head
and feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
Oh, the places you'll go!
There is fun to be done!
There are points to be scored.
There are games to be won.
[crowd cheering]
And the magical things
you can do with that ball
will make you
the winning-est winner of all.
Wherever you fly,
you'll be the best of the best.
And wherever you go,
you will top all the rest.
Except when you don't.
Because sometimes you won't.
You can get all hung up
at a prickle-ly perch
and your game will fly on,
you'll be left in a lurch.
You'll come down from that lurch
with an unpleasant bump,
The chances are, then,
that you'll be in slump.
And when you're in a slump,
you're not in for much fun.
Un-slumping yourself is not easily done.
I'm afraid that sometimes
you'll play lonely games too.
Games you can't win
because you'll play against you.
Be your name Buxbaum, Bixby, or Bray
or Mordecai Ali Van Allen O'Shea.
- You're off to great places.
- [baby coos]
Today is your day. Your mountains are
waiting. So get on your way.
[pensive music playing]
[radio announcer] 94 WIP HD One,
Philadelphia Sports Radio 94 WIP.
[radio show host] Good morning, everybody!
Welcome to the WIP Morning Show.
We are broadcasting live.
Right here in this seat between me and Al
is the most popular and beloved
Philadelphia sports figure,
Mr. Jason Kelce.
[fan on radio] Uh, Jason, you have no idea
what you mean to this city, man.
You embody this city perfectly.
Jason, we love you here in Philadelphia.
Thank you, Josh. I appreciate it.
I got to tell you, the outpouring
of love today,
I've been doing this 33 years, Jason,
nothing's close, nothing's close.
We're not screening these, are we?
No we're not-- they're in order.
No I, I, I am sitting next
to my favorite Eagle
in my lifetime.
I can die happy.
Because you and your teammates,
- won us a Super Bowl.
- Yeah, I--
It's the greatest thrill I ever had
as a fan ever!
- I, I snapped the ball.
- [crowd laughing]
Nick Foles won that Super Bowl.
[Angelo] Okay, let's,
let's start on the parade.
You ever see things after that speech?
- What happens at parades now?
- Yeah.
Like you changed the whole--
- You changed parades.
- [Angelo laughs]
It changed everything.
[Jason] If you love the Philadelphia
Eagles, let me get a "hell yeah!"
[crowd in unison] Hell yeah!
I'm gonna take a second
to talk to you about underdogs.
-[Angelo] The Mummer outfit,
-[Jason] Yeah.
that had to be something
you thought of before you even started it.
- Yeah.
- What-- when did that come to you?
I was like, "Man, it's a parade. I got to
do it Philadelphia style," you know?
[Jason] No one wanted us!
No one liked this team!
No analysts liked this team to win the
Super Bowl. And nobody likes our fans.
You're a bunch of underdogs.
And you know what "underdogs" is?
It's a hungry dog.
Hungry dogs run faster.
For 52 years, you've been starved
of this championship.
Everybody wonders why we're so mean.
Everybody wonders why the Philadelphia
Eagles aren't the nicest fans.
If I don't eat breakfast,
I'm fucking pissed off.
[Angelo] What does it mean to look out and
know you changed all of those lives?
Just in that one moment.
[Jason] I didn't really think about
whether it would be well-received,
but at every meaningful part of my life,
where I've questioned my own self-worth,
I've had people there to reaffirm me,
whether it's my parents,
whether it's my family members or like
this whole city. They've been there.
I think the best thing, like a human being
can give like another human being is,
is belief.
You know what I got to say
to all those people that doubted us?
To all those people that count us out,
and everybody who said
we couldn't get it done?
What my man Jay Ajayi just said,
"Fuck you!"
[crowd erupts in cheers]
We're from Philly
Fucking Philly
No one likes us
We don't care
[Rhea Hughes]
I'm really sorry to interrupt.
- You're going to be-- you're going back--
- Hey!
- but Travis Kelce is in the house.
- [Jason] Oh my gosh.
- Jason's brother is in the house here.
- [Angelo] Travis Kelce is here.
You won it after Jason did.
I do not mean in any way to insult you.
I admire you as a player,
but I don't even know
if you gave a speech at the rally.
The funny thing is I'm right there,
I don't even know if I gave a speech.
Travis, when you win one,
does it make you feel
less pressure to do it again
or hungrier to do it again?
I feel like when you win one and
the next year you don't win it again,
it's almost like that following year is,
you want it more than you ever wanted it.
-Because it's like uh,
-[Angelo] Yeah.
you just feel the taste
of the mountaintop, man.
Like going into this year, I want this
year more than I've ever wanted any year.
And it's just because, you know, you--
You know what it takes. You know
you can get there and--
[Angelo] And the Eagles had
an awesome offseason, Jason.
- Yeah.
- Do you harbor the dream, is it possible?
- It's definitely possible.
- Yeah.
I hope you win again so--
'cause I would like to see
a sequel to that speech.
- Oh, man.
- If you win it, like this year,
that would be a lot--
that would be pressure, wouldn't it?
- It would be a lot of pressure.
- [Al] Ah, man.
Jason, I can't begin to thank you for,
as always, just delivering for this city
and being such a big part of what we do.
But I have to ask it now 'cause you have
a 121 consecutive games streak.
- Oh my-- yeah.
- Right. This is your 12th season.
- [Jason] Mm-hmm.
- Is it your last?
Down. Go.
[coach] Move your feet. Move your feet.
Move your feet.
[coaches yelling]
- [coach] Ready!
- [players grunting]
[Jason] There aren't many guys on a NFL
roster that are over 30.
As an older player, it just gets harder
and harder to to do on a daily basis.
For an offensive lineman,
you're hitting every single practice.
Even when you don't have shoulder pads
on, you're hitting somebody else.
So I've had at least seven surgeries.
I've torn my MCL, ACL, my knee.
Let's see, left ankle, right hand,
two elbows.
I've broken my right foot,
toes, and fingers
and everything has at least,
a small amount of arthritis.
So, yeah, I mean, this is my 12th year,
and I play a position where I hit
my head on every single play.
Physically, I'm in good shape.
For an average person that's 35 years old,
not good shape.
This tries to pump...
the soreness out.
[device beeps]
I feel like I'm half cyborg,
like I have to plug in.
[Jason] But yeah, early in my career,
I didn't have to do any of this stuff.
I didn't have to warm up
before I went out there.
You know, you're just
ready to go at all times.
I'm at the point
where I can't play football
without, like, heavy anti-inflammatories.
So, I think I know that
my time is coming to an end.
[pensive music playing]
[players grunting]
[Jason] There's a good chance
this is probably my last season.
Losing seasons suck.
If this is my last year,
I don't want it to be bad.
I want to go out
with a good season and a good team.
We ended the season before
really hot with Nick Sirianni.
We made a lot of great acquisitions
this offseason.
[Ryan Wilson] They get A.J. Brown,
they sign Haason Reddick,
they draft Jordan Davis.
I think we got
a really fucking good roster.
[Shannon Sharpe] I love A.J. Brown,
I love DeVonta Smith.
The offensive line has been rebuilt,
if they can stay healthy.
But Jalen Hurts struggles with
turning the ball over entirely too much.
I do not believe that he's advanced
enough at throwing the football.
[Jason] Jalen Hurts, I mean,
being a running quarterback,
you know, he's--
he's dealt with a lot of criticism.
He's called everything like,
"can't throw the ball, too small,
system quarterback."
[Shannon Sharpe] The question
that the Eagles have,
"can he take us to the championship?"
I don't believe he can.
[Jason] But you have to have
like the maturity to...
truly understand what
you need to improve on
and which criticism
you should take and be like, okay,
I can use this to try and get better.
And which criticism you can take
and be like,
you know, fuck that guy,
he doesn't know what he's talking about.
I think last year, they maybe raised
expectations by getting to the playoffs,
uh, maybe a year too soon, in my opinion.
I don't think they make it this year.
[Jason] The beautiful thing about football
you know, you can bitch and complain
as much as you want
about somebody's opinion of you.
You're gonna end up right
in their narrative.
Somebody can write an article
about how undersized you are,
how weak you are.
At the end of the day,
what we go out there and do
is what they're going to have
to fucking write.
Still got the Mummer suit.
You know, hoping to be able
to wear that again.
If I was a Super Bowl ring,
where would I be?
No. Not there.
[stammers] This is how I look.
I just kind of like, start moving stuff,
and then usually something
will just remind me. Oh, okay!
That didn't work right there,
but usually that's how it works.
[Kylie] He reads the defense
very, very well
and calls productions very effectively.
So, he'll go out there and
see everything on a football field but,
he cannot find his keys
if they're in his pockets.
Probably in a pocket
in one of the pants upstairs.
No dice.
This is what it's supposed to be in.
This is the box they give you
so that you're not doing this.
It has the confetti from the game,
but not the ring.
[Kylie] He won't let me lie about this.
We met on Tinder.
Jason, 27.
None of the pictures
showed Eagles football,
but my friends and I, we were like,
"This guy looks kind of familiar."
And we find on Google images,
him and we're like, "Okay,
so it can't be him. It's a catfish."
So when he said,
"Oh, come meet us at this bar,"
my friend was like,
"It's either going to be him
or it's going to be someone
who is pretending to be him.
Hilarious either way."
But right away, as soon as
she walks through the door like,
the most beautiful women I've ever seen.
Uh, very much like that
love at first sight.
45 minutes later, he fell asleep
at the bar, like, just out.
- Like, asleep asleep.
- Not the best first impression for me.
I did take it golfing, I think.
You checked your golf bag?
[Kylie] And the next day Jason was like,
"Can we try that again?"
He did much better that time.
I-- it took me a while. Like,
I didn't tell anyone who I was dating.
The last thing I wanted to be like,
"I think I'm falling for this guy"
and then have him be like,
"Oh, I got like six other girls waiting."
Which is like the stereotype
of a football player.
Now that we've been together
as long as we have,
- Ah! [laughing]
- [child screaming]
It's entertaining
that there was any hesitation at all
just knowing him, the way he is.
Our dynamic made it so that
it was not that I was
in a relationship
with a professional athlete.
It was very much that I was
in a relationship with Jason,
whose profession is football.
[crowd cheering]
[announcer] Welcome to
the 2022 NFL Kickoff.
What an atmosphere in Detroit
to start it all off!
- [Kylie's dad] I'm getting out of here.
- Oh, good.
My dad leaves during games
because he will be screaming his head off.
[Merrill Reese] Good afternoon, everyone.
For the Eagles,
the 2022 season is underway.
- On paper, the Eagles are loaded today.
- [dramatic music playing]
However, that paper goes into the shredder
and the true measuring stick comes out.
[dramatic music intensifies]
[commentator] It's Williams.
Breaks through for the touchdown.
I feel like it's the true Philadelphia way
for when I'm watching broadcasts,
I'm like, "Can you stop focusing
on the other team?"
[commentator] Hurts keeps it.
Hurts runs it in for the touchdown.
Under pressure and James Bradberry
has his first pick.
It's a pick 6.
Swift, who goes inside the pilon,
and the Lions tie the score.
We can't just have one game
where we just like fucking cruise.
We can't cruise just one, one day.
[announcer] It's Gainwell.
It is... a touchdown!
And the Eagles will open the season with
one that could have been a lot easier,
but it's still a win.
As you go through a year, right? Teams
are either coming together or they're not.
We need every single person in this room
to accomplish what we want to accomplish,
and that's win our next game.
- Go Birds!
- Go Birds!
[players grunting]
[announcer] He is going deep
for Quez Watkins.
- who has it, toes in, for the touchdown!
- [fans] Let's go!
Takes it close to the five,
falls down to the two.
Touchdown, Jalen Hurts!
And the Eagles beat the Vikings
- [players grunt]
- It's Hurts.
It's a deep ball.
Looking for DeVonta Smith, what a catch!
[Merrill Reese] Hurts this time gives it
to Gainwell, up the middle.
He's in for the touchdown.
And the Eagles will be
the only undefeated team
with a 4-0 record.
[Mike Quick] Wow,
that sounds pretty sweet.
- [reporter] Hey Jason, how are ya?
- What's up?
Good to see you guys.
I know everybody expects us
to be, you know,
Super Bowl champions of
Philadelphia right now.
And, you know,
I think that can definitely happen but,
expectations are just that,
they're fucking nothing.
And uh, we've got to go out
there and play.
Y'know, the moment
you're comfortable in this league,
uh, somebody's coming for ya.
I get uncomfortable with too much comfort.
Like I'm like, "Dude, something's wrong.
What's happening right now?"
Everybody's too happy and everybody
thinks this shit's going great.
I know what motivates me, and it's...
it's not people telling me I'm awesome.
Yeah, I mean, all these guys have
played professional sports.
Barry was the guy I was talking
about that like,
was like the first one
that, like, was like a living proof
of somebody who can, like,
make it to the league really.
My brother and I.
[Jason's dad] Okay, fire away.
Hurry up, Trav, get the ball.
[Travis] Jason is two years older than me,
so he always kind of had the upper hand.
That was everything,
for me as a kid was to-- was to
be able to beat Jason at something.
Go, Trav, go. Alright Jason, go.
- [young Travis] He ran into my chest.
- [young Jason laughing]
Jason and Travis were very active.
And if we wanted any sanity
whatever in the household at all,
we knew we had to keep them
extremely busy.
Our focus pretty much has always been,
help them find their passion,
and do everything you can
to feed that passion.
- [Donna] Hey Jase, you ready to play?
- Yeah.
- Gimme your mean face.
- No.
[Travis] Me and Jason played
so many sports growing up,
sometimes two sports in one like,
sports season,
so there was definitely no lack
of my parents being uh, supportive,
that's for sure.
[Donna] There's always a thought,
you know, financially, can we handle it?
And maybe scrimp and save on some other
issues, like maybe not have the best house
on the street or whatever.
Not have the best car.
Sacrifice is a terrible word,
but it's the easiest.
Your priorities are very different.
[Travis] I knew my mom and dad's situation
was different than other parents.
I would go
and have sleepovers at other houses
and you know,
the other parents are staying in the room.
My parents didn't stay in the same room.
I started making those connections
when I was in like middle school,
and I realized that they were
probably going to split, but um,
they stayed together for,
for me and Jason's benefits, I believe.
[Ed] If we had split,
as we probably both would have preferred,
that would have been a nightmare.
With the logistics of getting kids
where they had to be,
and providing all the support.
It was just, uh,
trying to keep it all together,
you know, when you're
being a parent, i-it's tough.
[Jason] In high school,
I really thought that I was good enough
to try to go Division I football and,
you know, play with, you know,
the top competition.
Especially seeing other guys
I knew that got scholarships
that competitively, you're like,
"I'm better than that guy."
He was a guy in high school
just always trying to solidify himself
and prove to everyone that he is worth,
the-- the scholarship.
- You gettin' some work in?
- [man on field] Yeah.
- What're we going on?
- We goin', uh...
- we do it on the clap. Yeah.
- on the clap?
[Ed] You know, the idea that you're gonna
work as hard as you've always worked,
and everything will work out.
Then, you know, the massive letdown.
Middle of his senior season
when we got nothin'.
I didn't get a scholarship.
It was very much something
that I took very personal.
[Ed] In my words to him basically were,
"if you want to play football
at that level, you'll get there."
It just-- it may not be as
easy it was for other people.
I first met Jason in college.
He was a walk-on on the football team
at Cincinnati,
and I remember just being like, "Who is
this walk-on that looks like Rudy?"
[coach] Let's go, c'mon. C'mon.
[Connor] He had like elbow pads,
forearm pads, and he had a lot of tape.
All of the kids that get scholarships,
especially the higher recruited guys,
they're going to be given
the opportunities first.
So you're going to have to go above
and beyond to prove that you're...
worthy of getting a chance.
I just have it cemented in my memory,
him running like Rudy.
Balls to the wall and trying to, like,
destroy someone like tackle him.
This asshole thinks it's the Super Bowl.
[Jason] That's something that has fueled
Continuing having to prove yourself,
you know,
t-that's been my career
every step of the way.
You know, drafted in the sixth round,
not a lot of sixth round picks pan out.
There was a lot of doubt
on whether I can play at the next level.
And, you know, I really don't look
at it now...
like mad about it like I'm,
you know, "fucking thank you."
[child yelling]
Hey, everything alright?
- [child] I don't want to go to a nap.
- Clearly, it's nap time.
Remember we just talked about this.
I'm going to be here
when you wake up, okay?
[child] You're not going to work?
I'm not going to work.
I'm going to be right here. Okay?
This the best ankle rehab there is.
I was just uh, pass blocking somebody and,
guy got behind me,
stepped on it and rolled my ankle
in the game,
one of the ligaments on the outside
that luckily, I've torn before.
Not fun.
You know, if this is my last year, I feel
it tends to-- has made me more dramatic.
[laughs] Like, man.
Fuck, if that's the fucking last snap
I'm ever going to take,
and all that's going through your head.
- What's your name?
- Elliotte.
- Me llamo Jason.
- [Elliotte babbles]
Don't be out here trying to act like
you passed Spanish.
I did pass.
- Why'd you pass, Jason?
- Me and the teacher
came to a mutual understanding.
If you promised to never take
Spanish again, she would pass you.
That's-- hey! A pass is a pass.
The report card says-- said C.
- For, "Yes you passed."
- [both laughing]
Fly Eagles fly
On the road to victory
Fly Eagles fly
- We're still going to repeat?
- On the road to victory
[Jason grunts] You gotta--
you gotta finish it. What is--
what's the end of the song go like?
I got a text from like
one of the training staff.
She said that he was going back
to get an x-ray.
And then she texted me,
"He's going back in,"
and I just texted her back,
"Of course he is."
[Jason] I wonder where they could be.
- [child screaming]
- I got her!
- Dad, this is too much. Put me down.
- T-too much? Alright. Too much,
- Put me down!
- Too much.
[Jason grimacing]
I don't think that people realize
the beating you're taking
then impacts the way that like
you interact with your family.
[Kylie] Hey, Wy.
- Yeah?
- Maybe we should give Dad a break
Because Dad did
a lot of hard work yesterday.
[Kylie] Now granted, I always
am very quick to point out like
they are compensated heavily.
But, it's crazy as a 35-year-old man
being in like a world of pain.
I gotta sit down.
So he's been telling me for years
that he was going to retire
and now we are expecting
our third daughter.
So like I always tell people that
no matter what happens with football,
how it ends,
I would like him to retire
when he will still be able
to get down on the floor
and play with our kids comfortably.
- Dad!
- I'm coming, I'm trying. [grunts]
How were your guys' bodies
when you got done?
Or how are they-- how are they now?
When I got done, my body hurt.
I've noticed my injuries
now more than I ever did.
I just fought through them
when I was playing.
Now it's like, "Damn, I got to deal
with this for the rest of my life."
- Mm-hmm.
- Yes.
Did any of you guys retire and have
options to keep playing when you retired?
It took a couple of teams
to turn me down
and then, like, nobody calling in
like a year to sit in
and then be like, "Well, maybe
you guys are on to something."
- [all laughing]
- Nobody wants me.
Teams were calling for me
to come to camp and all this stuff,
and, when you got to think about it,
you're like,
"Do I really wanna-- "You're retired.
You're retired, like--
Knowing how many times
he's thought about retiring,
knowing his family situation,
having his third daughter on the way.
I can't help that think
this is probably his last year.
But man, you see all
your friends that stop.
And you know what it's like.
You know, some of them are doing good.
Some of them are very lost.
I feel like playing football
is the most obvious thing in the world.
I just played football.
I just kept doing it,
and so I've never been in a boat of like,
not knowing what to do, that's for sure
my biggest fear.
[Kylie] Um, right now
I just worry that he is trying
to put his hand
in so many different things.
It's the question of, "Is it coaching?
Is it real estate full time?"
He has the cow situation
going on in Missouri.
[cow moos]
How are we doing, miss? Excited to learn.
[Connor] It's hard to take that
humble pill after you're done playing--
- I mean, you are at the top of your craft.
- [crowd cheering]
And you've had to put everything in it
to get there and then it's suddenly over.
This will last us probably 15 years.
It's that good a hose.
This shit hits you like a ton of bricks.
I don't think. Even when you think you
know, you really know until you get out.
Brent tried a couple of things.
- Yeah, I failed at all of them.
- [all laughing]
- [Jason] How's this one doing?
- [man] Good.
- You wanna see it?
- Let's do it.
My biggest fear's that he's going to try
to do a million things
and he's going to have-- he'll get a bunch
of money in the bank
and he's going to have a cow
farm, a real estate fund,
and a fucking taco truck.
And a woodshop,
and not be good at any of 'em.
One day I want to make the healthiest
non-GMO garden in all of Philadelphia.
[Jason laughs] Fuck,
you're a fucking dick.
This is the garden. Right now,
it's a weed garden.
We're going to work on getting
the weeds under control today.
I'll say this is half punishment for
Travis is supposed to be graduating
from Cincinnati
- this weekend.
- Dude, what're--
you just gonna throw me under the f--
You're gonna throw me
under the bus like that
- right now?
- And he missed his flight.
- I didn't miss it. They--
- Took him 12 years to graduate.
Everyone's missed a flight before.
What was your major?
It was a criminal justice major.
Not easy to just...
get out of there in five years
with a degree that Cincinnati.
At Cincinnati, all the guys
that don't go there for school...
- Hey, hey. Hey, hey.
- ...major in criminal justice.
Can we cut this out? Can we cut this out?
Making me look like a Jamoke.
I don't know what I wanted to learn,
so I said, might as well learn the law.
Stay out of jail. Jason,
Have you seen me in cuffs before? No.
I've seen you pretty close.
[Jason] You know, my brother and I
a lot of times
we don't talk that much during the season
'cause we get caught up
doing our own thing.
We always wanted to do something together
because we wanted to do more together,
let alone,
you know, doing something together.
I mean, we'd have a lot of fun.
Testing, testing.
Whatever they're calling it,
digital show or the podcast.
I don't know if I'm going to like it. I
have never done it. I could hate it.
Welcome to New Heights.
New Heights is our new talk show,
where we will be giving you next level
access to the NFL in both--
From, from Philly all the way
to Kansas City.
[Jason] One thing I'm nervous with
the podcast in particular is,
you know, as an offensive lineman,
most cities don't even
know who you are.
In this city, they respect me.
And I don't want to do
like a "fuck around, show up my brother,"
and in some ways ruin that.
"What would you do this off season?"
"Oh, I got-- I partied in Las Vegas."
Cool. Been there, done that.
Have you cut a bull's nuts off?
No, I don't think you have, alright?
I don't really know how it's gonna be like
perceived or like how it's gonna go right?
Could be a complete disaster.
That about wraps it up, everyone.
Um, sorry to those of you that tuned in
for the whole thing
- for wasting your time.
- [Travis laughs]
Uh, I promise you,
we're going to get better at this.
So, uh, you know, don't judge us
off one episode.
[dramatic music playing]
[Merrill Reese] Today, the 5-0 Eagles
can make this a perfect weekend,
if they can bring the 4-1
Dallas Cowboys down to earth.
[Mike Tirico] Is this team good enough
to sustain this start?
'72 Dolphins?
- Too soon?
- Too soon.
[Jason grunts]
[commentator] It goes to Sanders.
Pushing, pulling.
He's in for the touchdown.
[Eagles players yelling]
Hurts takes the snap, into the endzone.
Touchdown, DeVonta Smith.
Eagles 26 -Cowboys 17.
Feels good.
[Reese] Hurts, he's looking. He is
going deep.
For A.J. Brown, who leaps.
It's a touchdown.
[triumphant music playing]
[sportscaster] Sexy Batman
makes an appearance.
[commentator] Is it sexy Batman
or fat Batman?
[Travis laughs]
[Jason] So the Eagles unbeaten.
We Eagles, who would've thunk?
Not me!
Also Chiefs, looking good.
[commentator] The Chiefs with
a rousing victory.
There as good a team as
there is in the league.
[Reese] And it's fourth and goal
from the two.
And in for the touchdown
goes Miles Sanders.
He fakes, he throws.
Touchdown, Dallas Goedert.
[commentator] And Jason,
what a great skill he has.
Are you feeling the most love that
you've had In a season?
[sportscaster] There's our guy
hustling downfield.
Now, I just get love for being like old
and still playing. They're like,
"Man, can you believe this guy's
still out there?"
And the Philadelphia Eagles, for the
first time in their long-storied history,
are 8-0.
Is this the best team
you've ever played on?
I don't know. We'll find out.
[fans cheering]
[dramatic music playing]
[Reese] Welcome to
Monday Night Football.
The Eagles are 8-0.
The Washington Commanders are 4-5.
Hurts, under center. He sneaks, and he is...
Touchdown, Eagles.
Heinicke, gives it off inside,
and leaping, and lunging, and scoring
a touchdown is Antonio Gibson.
And the kick is-- it's good.
And the 8-0 record is now history.
Eagles 21, Commanders 32.
Hand the Eagles the first loss
of the season.
And uh, nobody saw this one coming.
I'm not going to lie man.
Turnovers, missed assignments,
I mean, it was a sloppy game for us
offensively, defensively.
[Travis] It's one
of those situations where
you find out over the course
of the season how to become
the best team possible
by the end of the year.
And sometimes, you know, those losses,
like, when you take L's like that
or find yourself in adverse situations,
you find out how not to do things.
I always wanted to feel
that power tandem of, you know,
me and my brother out there together
fighting against the world like that--
that was always something that I wanted
to, to feel.
[Jason] My brother and I went
to the same high school.
He played a little bit as a true freshman,
and then my senior year
he was ineligible
because he failed a French class.
So we missed out on my senior year
playing together there.
All of a sudden, he commits to Cincinnati.
In the second year,
we're actually kinda playing together.
He does a couple wildcat formations
where he's the quarterback
and I block for him.
[Travis] The excitement of sharing
the field with my brother.
Man, that was um,
that was one of the coolest moments.
Travis' first touchdown.
We have a picture of him as he's running,
he's got the ball.
And his hand is on his brother's hip,
who is paving the way in front of him.
And that is the coolest picture
I will ever have.
[dramatic music playing]
[commentator] It is a sellout crowd
and a boisterous crowd indeed,
at the Superdome in New Orleans.
[Jason] The Sugar Bowl against Florida
and Tim Tebow and those guys.
- We were both playing together.
- [somber music playing]
After the game, a bunch of the guys are
out on Bourbon Street having a good time.
I was finally playing college football and
having a blast. I was partying my ass off.
[Jason] We didn't know it leading
up to the game,
but the NCAA tests for THC one time
a year and it's during postseason play.
The moment everybody found out what was
going on, panic set in within the team.
Sure enough, Trav gets chosen as one
of the random drug test participants.
I got kicked off the team,
scholarship was revoked,
and uh, I got to live
with the embarrassment of it,
and I got to live with, you know,
trying to get back into the university,
so I could try and work
my way back onto the team.
And I know I didn't make, everybody...
really that proud.
You know.
It was without a doubt
one of the biggest years of my life.
Really, the first time I'd ever hit
adversity in my life.
[Ed] They were so emotionally spent about...
You know, how you let
so many people down?
You know, his brother Jason
must think he's a piece of crap.
He could have killed me, but he was every
bit of a mentor in those moments, man.
Along the way there was some tough
brother shit that I just had to hear.
And I knew my brother had gone
to the coaches and said, "You know,
if you give him a second chance,
he won't screw it up."
It kind of put his word on the line.
The only thing I did was
the same thing my parents did,
in a time of adversity
that my brother had,
my job is to be there to fulfill that same
um, belief and,
and confidence in him.
That's my role.
So it was a very weird feeling for me
when I won the Super Bowl.
It was 'cause that's when it started to
like, really, like click for me. Um...
That was a moment
you don't make 'em proud and...
and then when you do,
it's the best shit ever.
So, I owe a lot, if not all of it,
to the big bear.
Without that big guy, and-- I don't know.
I don't know where, what I would be doing.
[Christmas music playing]
[news anchor] It's a Philly Christmas!
And if you want, you can celebrate it
with a few Eagles. How?
Well, they're dropping a Christmas album.
Phew! It's getting cold out here
at the lake.
Look up in the sky.
I think I just started to see
some snow flurries.
Yeah, it's getting close
to Christmas time.
Hey, now, you know, pretty soon
we'll be able to see Santa
flying way up over that
beautiful Philly skyline.
I hope you all been good this year.
You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town
Santa Claus is coming to town
Santa Claus is coming to town
[Reese] This team has dominated
every phase of this game.
[indistinct chatter and laughter]
Hurts is looking, Hurts is running.
Hurts is scoring!
Where would they be without him?
He sees you
when you're sleeping
[radio host] I thought Kelce
was at the end of his career.
This guy is the best center
in the league right now.
[analyst] Eagles, they are gelling.
They have really come together as a unit.
So you better be good
for goodness sake
You better be good
for goodness sake
[analyst] I believe the Eagles--
they got a great shot to go
the distance this season
and I'm putting no yield sign
in my brain to say,
"You gotta slow down."
All in, full systems go.
Jalen, what do you want
for Christmas this year?
You know what I want?
I want a Super Bowl.
Santa Claus is comin' to town
Santa Claus is comin' to town
Santa Claus is comin'
to town
[Reese] The Philadelphia Eagles
are 13...
- and one!
- [Jason] Merry Christmas, Philly.
And a happy New Year.
Except you, Dallas.
[all laugh]
I thought you were gonna do it?
Sorry, sorry.
[bombastic theme music playing]
[Travis] Welcome back to New Heights.
The number one sports podcast
on Apple and Spotify.
Man, uh, do you also feel
that the support is becoming greater?
People don't say "go Birds" to me anymore.
They just say "New Heights!"
[fan in stands] I love your podcast!
I love your podcast!
Week 15 was a wild one, Trav.
We're both clinched.
- Ooh. We having playoffs.
- That's right, we are in the playoffs,
- baby. Playoffs!
- We having playoffs?
[Jason] The Chiefs
are officially clinched,
officially the winners
of the AFC West Division.
- Uh, for seven straight years.
- Yep
You want to talk about
dominating a division? Wow.
[Travis] Pat Mahomes is playing
lights out right now.
Style of play that he has, I don't know
if the NFL's ever seen anything like it.
Welp, we're both clinched.
You start thinking about playoffs,
you start thinking about other things.
Anything could happen.
I was, I don't know who you are--
I was always a teepee guy.
Kelce taught me the log cabin.
Talk about the log cabin.
Takes a whi--
It takes a little bit to get it going.
- But once it's going, it's fucking nice.
- It does. It's boring.
I'mma try to expedite that process, today.
Did not know about this tool, though.
I'll know when.
- Also a good way to break in the thumbs.
- About to say,
like, man, do you want me to do that dude?
I feel like your left hand
is really exposed.
That should do it. [grunts]
-This season going well,
-[Jason] Mm-hmm.
- you individually play well.
- Mm-hmm.
What has it done for kind of like,
your offseason plans or like the future?
To be honest, the thing that
probably factors in more is
the podcast doing well.
- Cow, cow farm.
- Podcast.
Cow farm? I'm not doing much on that.
-Which one, which one
- do you think has a better future for you?
- [Jason laughs]
Oh gosh.
So no podcast.
- No podcast.
- What do you think you're doing?
- I don't know.
- [both laugh]
Probably be in the same position
I was this year and trying to decide.
- [Connor] I think.
- [stammers] I think it's getting harder
and harder to play.
-I-- there's been little things,
-Oy vey.
that are not big things yet,
but are going to turn
into big things the longer I play.
Like, not to address like an elephant
in the NFL room, but like,
- You know, I am...
- [melancholy music playing]
I am fearful
that, you know, who knows
what the impacts of playing football
are gonna mean long term.
I have two girls and,
some people end up getting CTE,
some guys live long, healthy lives.
I have no idea
what's going to happen with that.
'Cause I thought about this,
like it's like destroying my body.
You know, maybe with the amount
of head shots I take on a game basis,
weekly basis, monthly basis.
Who knows,
if or when that's going
to come back to bite me,
- right?
- Yeah.
Maybe that happens,
and it'll suck when it's here.
But, you know, guys in my era,
we know the--
The risk.
And the way I've rationalize it
to myself as, you know,
nobody's guaranteed...
Nobody's guaranteed years in advance.
You know, we, we idolize living
as long as possible,
and as healthy as possible.
I don't know that's necessarily
the meaning of life.
And, you know, if I get CTE,
and I can't interact with my grandkids,
you know,
I would still say, you know, playing...
12 years in the NFL, making my family
super prosperous and being like a
influential member of at least
the city of Philadelphia,
is a good tradeoff.
[commentator] Jalen Hurts will run it.
Got around Morrow.
Stopped by Dixon.
Hurts slow to get up.
Worst nightmare for the Eagles right here.
[radio announcer] 94 WIP, breaking news.
-[radio host] Eagles QB and MVP candidate,
-[somber piano music playing]
Jalen Hurts is uncertain to play Saturday
versus the Cowboys
due to a sprained shoulder
that he suffered during Sunday's win
over the Bears.
[analyst] Depending on how
severe this thing is,
he might be down
for the rest of the year.
[host sighs] Yep.
[Reese] 'Twas the night before
Christmas and all through Jerry's house,
the Eagles and his Cowboys
are ready to collide once again.
This afternoon, the Eagles are not letting
quarterback Jalen Hurts
play with a sprained right shoulder.
Can the Eagles find a way
to pull this one out
and clinch the top seed in the NFC.
It is second and one for the Cowboys.
Handoff and rolls into the end zone. Easy.
Back goes Prescott again,
he looks, he is firing.
It is complete, turning around
and walking in is Ceedee Lamb.
[Travis] 40 to 34, Cowboys get it.
[Jason] Watching the tape
was a little, uh...
It's frustrating. It's frustrating when
you don't, y'know, play your best.
[sportscaster] Last week in Dallas,
right? You can say,
"Oh, man, the injuries startin'
to pile up. All those turnovers."
If they get that fixed, they'll secure the
number one seed here this afternoon.
[commentator] It is Taysom Hill to take
the snap. Hill straight ahead.
He's in for the Saints touchdown.
It's Minshew, steps up in the pocket
and gets sacked.
Minshew gets sacked.
[Angelo Cataldi] And I'm watching
that Eagle game on Sunday.
And I'm just going to say it,
Jason Kelce sucked.
- [whistles blowing]
- [commentator] Oh boy, just a little off.
[sportscaster] A lot off.
[Angelo] He sucked as a center,
and he sucked as a leader.
[announcer] Is it as simple as you get
Jalen Hurts back and the world's fixed?
[sportscaster] No, they think there's some
other things that are going on here.
This is not the same team
that we watched four weeks ago.
After the game.
He was like basically catatonic,
like he was on the couch
watching on the iPad
and like, like clenching
when like plays were happening.
I've only seen him like that
probably one or two other times.
He was like, really not in a good state.
Y'know, now there's a little bit of like
some questioning, some doubters.
[radio host] I mean, the injuries have
piled up. The one seed still dangles.
I am, I would call it worrying.
[analyst] You feel the frustration
sort of in the building.
I could give two fucks about clinching
first place or seeding right now.
We've got to get a lot of things fixed.
I gotta get a lot of things fixed.
So that's what I'm focused on.
[Reese] Jalen hurts is back.
This game is a must.
The Giants are resting
most of their starters, Mike.
And even some of their backups.
[Quick] So hopefully the Eagles
can seal up that number one seed
in the NFC today in decisive fashion.
[Reese] Hurts, gets it off to Scott,
up the middle, touchdown!
First and ten for the Giants,
Webb going for the end zone and it is...
- [Mike Quick] It's caught. It's caught.
- [Reese] Any plans that
the Eagles had to get a big win
went out the window.
They're not operating on all cylinders.
Oh boy, take a deep breath.
Here is the onside kick,
and it is recovered by the Eagles
and that will do it.
Mike, this was far tougher
than it should have been.
[analyst] The concern level on the birds
as they venture toward the playoffs.
I am pretty damn concerned.
[Jason] My wife got that for me
for Christmas.
It's like, I guess a sound-wave
of a specific song that I like.
He was like, "That's so cool."
And then I had to tell him,
it's supposed to be
Guy Clark's "The Cape."
It might be.
And I'm not a music person. I have
no way to tell you whether or not
that is the chorus from "The Cape."
He was like, "That's really cool."
And then he was like,
"How do we find out if it is?"
And I was like,
"You are significantly more
musically inclined than I am,
so I'm going to put that one on you.
Merry Christmas."
["The Cape" by Guy Clark playing]
"The Cape" talks about,
um, you know, a kid,
jumping off the garage
as a k-- as a child, right?
Being young and stupid and fearless.
Eight years old with a flour sack cape
tied all round his neck
He climbed up on the garage
He's figurin' what the heck
[Jason] Talks about that same kid then
growning up to bein' an adult and,
having success
and still jumping off the garage.
Now he's all grown up with a flour sack
cape tied all around his dreams
And he's full of piss and vinegar
He's busting at the seams
[Coach Sirianni] Listen, we got
knocked down the last two rounds,
and a really good part of the process
is to drag yourself through the mud
on the shit we fucked up.
It's good to drag yourself
through the mud.
But I'll tell you what
the next part of that process is.
We know we're all going
to go through adversity in our lives.
We're going to go through adversity
in football.
And what d'you gotta do every single time?
G.T.F.U., get the fuck up.
Even when it's fucking hard,
shake that fucking mud off,
look yourself in the mirror again
and say,
"I'm the baddest motherfucker that's gonna
step on that field this week."
[dramatic music playing]
[Reese] It's been almost two weeks
since the Eagles have played a game.
Finally, the wait is over.
The team that roared
through the season at a 14-3 clip
meets their rival of 90 years.
Here we go. It's playoff football live!
[Quick] I'm glad that you mentioned
the team that was roaring
earlier in the season because that's the
team that we really need to see tonight.
[Reese] The fact of the matter
is that we really haven't seen the Eagles
play the way they can play
for about a month.
[Quick] The Giants have a lot
of momentum coming into tonight
and it's up to the Eagles to take
that momentum away because tonight,
it's win or you go on vacation.
That's where we are.
[Jason] Alright Giant Killer,
let's have a day, Bubba.
Let's go, LJ.
Have a day, Milt.
You know how long it took me
to get to this part of the playoffs?
Seven years.
Don't take it for granted now, young buck.
- Have a day now.
- [marching band drumming]
- Here we go, here we go, baby.
- [Reese] Here we go.
I think some of us, being floated,
worrying about a little bit of rust.
As Hurts takes the snap, he's back.
He is going deep,
looking for DeVonta Smith,
- who has it down at the 35-yard line.
- [crowd cheering]
- Hurts looks, Hurts fires. Complete.
- [players grunting]
He's got Dallas Goedert
standing in front of the goal line
into the end zone.
Eagles seven, Giants, nothing.
[Jason yelling]
- [triumphant music playing]
- [players grunting]
Well, this team has come out like a
stealth jet plane.
[referee] I just see you ran all the way
past that-- all the way to the sideline
- over there. God dang, man.
- [Jason] I'm trying, man.
- You've got some wheels down!
- I don't know how much longer
- I'll be out here, I gotta use it all up.
- Yeah.
[players grunt]
Hurts at the gun. Screen to DeVonta Smith.
Across the five, into the end zone.
It goes to Boston Scott,
he pushes forward...
he's in for the touchdown!
Hurts is gonna run.
This thing's over, it's been over.
For a long, long time.
Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one...
38 to seven, Eagles.
The Philadelphia Eagles have reached
- the NFC championship game.
- [Linval Joseph] Yeah! Yeah!
Some of us thought
this would be a close game.
[Quick] I did.
[Reese] Total domination. [laughs]
[OB] There's her little mouth moving.
There's her sticking her tongue out.
I'm suppose to be due
February 25th and, um,
the Super Bowl is
the 12th of February, so 13 days...
When we firmed up a due date,
and then they had gone
on like, a winning streak,
I went to an OB appointment and was like,
"Hypothetically speaking,
if I had to go somewhere
when I was 38 weeks pregnant,
would you go with me?"
Because while we're out there,
he would be of no use to me.
And like if anything's going to put me
into labor early, watching a Super Bowl.
So if everything goes to plan,
it would be terribly inconvenient
for them to make the Super Bowl.
And therefore very likely
that it's a possibility.
[dramatic music playing]
[sportscaster] Jason and Travis Kelce
both take center stage
on the NFL's conference
championship weekend,
And I know what you're thinking,
play it forward.
If the Eagles and Chiefs both win,
we'll have brothers squaring off against
each other in the Super Bowl.
Mom and Dad will be in Philly.
They'll root Jason on and the Eagles
as they take on the San Francisco 49ers.
Eagles! Woo!
[Reese] The two best teams in the NFC
are about to collide
for the right to head to Glendale, Arizona
for Super Bowl 57.
Birds by friggin' 50.
Take a mortgage out on the house
and put it on the birds.
[Quick] That San Francisco defense is
the number one defense in all of football.
- [kids booing]
- Alright, who raised these kids?
Who raised these kids?
Ever since Brock Purdy
became their quarterback,
they've scored more points than any other
offense in the National Football League.
So that's what the Eagles
have to deal with today.
[inspiring music playing]
- Go, Dad!
- Go, Dad!
Have fun today, boys.
[Reese] And the Eagles will open
with the double tight end.
In the gun is Hurts.
He's gonna throw, he pumps,
he fires, he completes it.
It's A.J. Brown up at the 40,
for a six yard pickup,
tackled by Charvarius Ward.
he's looking left, he's looking right,
he's pumping.
He is firing the football.
And it is caught by DeVonta Smith,
at the five.
What a marvelous catch.
On second down, the give goes to Sanders.
Up the middle, touchdown!
Seven nothing, Eagles.
[Fletcher Cox] Did ya see
Kelce's celebration?
The give is a fake.
[announcer] Purdy gets hammered
by Haason Reddick
as he's trying to throw the football.
Now they're walking towards the locker
room with their starting quarterback.
[Reese] Brock Purdy, who has done
a great job for the 49ers, is out.
Josh Johnson comes in at quarterback
He's the backup.
This is a major, major change
in this game.
Seven nothing, Eagles.
Under center is Johnson.
Johnson gives off to McCaffrey,
breaks a tackle, still on his feet
at the 15, 10, five, touchdown.
For the tying score.
Seven-seven, the score.
Hurts gives it off, gets it...
into the end zone.
- Touchdown!
- Yeah! Yeah!
They go Scott, tries to sweep.
He is in for the touchdown!
The 49ers are in deep trouble.
He sneaks. He pushes.
Touchdown! Jalen Hurts.
Ten, nine, eight...
...four, three, two, one.
The final score:
the Eagles, 31, the 49ers, seven.
[Quick] Pack your bags,
- we're going to the Super Bowl.
- [Reese] We are and we cannot wait.
- [soft piano music playing]
- [crowd cheering]
[Reese] Attention air traffic control,
A flock of eagles,
- is heading to Arizona.
- [Quick laughs]
Yeah, man.
- My wife's out here, have you seen her?
- [male voice] I have not seen her.
Have you seen Kylie at all?
- Thank you, thank you.
- [male voice] Good job, good job.
[Jason] I love you.
- One more. One more. One more.
- Do it again.
[crowd cheering]
Gotta put 'em in your pocket.
Put 'em in your pocket, Wy.
We're flying to Arizona.
We're-- be there in two weeks. E--
[Eagles fans] A-G-L-E-S,
- Eagles!
- [fan] I love this fucking city!
I gotta go, guys. I gotta go, I'm sorry.
I'm gone. I'm gone.
I got a Chiefs game to watch.
[Jim Nantz] For the second straight year,
it's Cincinnati
and Kansas City for the Lamar Hunt Trophy.
And the AFC Championship,
with the winner
- to face Philadelphia.
- Yeah.
Then you got Travis Kelce, trying to meet
up with his brother at the Super Bowl.
Jason and the Eagles already in.
- Ah!
- From the 46 of Cincinnati.
He's got Kelce, he's taking off!
Another 16 yard play, back to back.
What's this day been like for you?
I started drinking about 11.
The Chief's first possession
leads to three.
Alright, Butker!
I woke up at three o'clock and I'm like--
uh, I just couldn't go back to sleep
'cause I was so excited.
It's been a long day.
It's not over yet.
Third and 14, Burrow to throw it.
[referee blowing whistle]
and Cincinnati is on the board.
Here we go, fourth and one
Is it there? End zone, caught!
Travis Kelce with the touchdown!
- There we go!
- Woo!
It's 13-six, Chiefs.
Able to seal 'em, here's the pass...
Oh, what a catch!
Come on, Pat.
Get it in there, dude.
Slipped out of the hands of Mahomes.
Ah, that's huge.
Higgins moving to the left side.
-They go up the middle to--
30 seconds.
How many yards do they need
to be in field goal range?
[Tony Romo] You still gotta get yards,
Jim. At least, I think, 10.
Gotta get to the 30. Gotta get to the 30.
[Donna] I don't want this going
into overtime.
Oh, no, no. They're going to get
a completion right here.
This is your season.
Both teams all year, you knew
it was gonna come to this.
[Nantz] Here's Mahomes
rolling out on third and four.
He's gonna go for the--
Yes, he's got the marker!
He's out of bounds to stop it.
Oh, throw the flag!
And a flag's coming in
- to put it 15 yards closer.
- Oh my God.
- Yeah!
- [referee] Personal foul,
unnecessary roughness,
defense, number 58.
[Nantz] We're at 15 yards,
It's gonna take this all the way
to an inside of about
40-yard field goal attempt
to go to the Super Bowl.
Eight seconds left and 45-yard attempt
by Harrison Butker.
[Donna] Please. Butker. Butker. Butker.
Oh, my God.
From 45 yards...
- All the way, it's good.
- [crowd cheering]
[soft music playing]
[Donna] Oh, shit. Oh. Oh, God.
Oh, God I can't believe it.
[Winchester] Let's go
to the fuckin' Super Bowl.
Let's go.
[fans] Kelce! Kelce! Kelce! Kelce!
["Kelce" chants continue]
Alright, I'm taking this off.
I'm done with the Chiefs now.
[fans] E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!
[upbeat music playing]
[host] Football's biggest week
proving to be a family affair.
Let's talk about the Kelces.
For the first time, two brothers
will be facing off in the Super Bowl.
- It'll be the first two brothers--
- Two brothers will be facing--
[host] Two brothers contend in the biggest
game of their professional careers.
Mom will be watching.
We've got Donna Kelce with us.
- Mama Kelce.
- Mama Kelce.
- Everybody loves your boys.
- Are you rooting for any particular team?
- Absolutely. The offense.
- [hosts laugh]
- "The Kelce Bowl."
- "The Kelce Bowl."
- "The Kelce Bowl."
- "The Kelce Bowl."
-Brother versus brother--
-Who's your favorite Kelce brother?
[indistinct overlapping dialogue]
Go Kelce brothers!
[kids yelling]
Oh my gosh.
[Travis] Welcome back
to New Heights, baby. [laughs]
Do you hear that? Dad is talking.
And he sounds very serious.
Okay? It's because he's recording.
- Listen to me, I understand that.
- I gotta to do my singing.
- Not-- nuh-uh.
- I gotta dance.
I don't know if you guys know this, but
uh, there's two brothers
playing in the Super Bowl
and it's Jason and Travis Kelce.
If the world hasn't force fed you
this shit already.
Yeah, if you're not tired of it yet,
which we are, uh,
we're gonna talk about
the Kelce Bowl now.
As soon as Dad's done,
you can make all the noise you want.
Within reason.
- [child yells]
- Stop.
[child babbles]
Maybe, maybe, maybe-- hey, nuh-uh.
Could you pick a noisier toy?
- I'm bringing the girls.
- Nice.
- And Kylie's, Kylie's bringing her OB...
- Making the, making the show.
...because she's going
to be 38 weeks pregnant,
- at the game.
- Dude.
- Dude, if she has a baby--
- That could be the Super Kelce Bowl.
If she has-- a baby at the stadium.
-If she has a baby in the stadium,
it's officially scripted.
We're in the Matrix.
- It's official.
- There's no fucking way. There's no way.
- [children yelling and babbling]
- [Kylie shushing]
Stop, Elle!
Did we think it was going
to be both of us? Um...
I don't know. I thought it could happen,
but I didn't really ever
fully anticipate
it happening until pretty much last week.
I was like, "Man, this is--
this could really happen."
Now it's like, I don't know, man.
I like--
Somebody's gotta, somebody's gotta
send their brother home, man.
On some level, I think Travis and I
were rooting for each other,
but also kind of also,
hoping the other loss just to--
I dunno just 'cause uh,
it's going to be a little bit weird,
both of us playing against each other
and then the hype around it
and all that other stuff.
- Wanna show me "surprise" face?
- No.
I'm going to the Eagles game.
You're going to the Eagles game?
My dad was over yesterday,
And he was like, "Oh, I got to go. I got
to go meet with a reporter
for the L.A. Times." I'm like, what the...
Like they're both like,
just living it up, which is cool, but... just adds more to it.
Alright, so I'm doing the maximum amount
of tickets that you can purchase.
'Cause that's the amount
that we were counting for.
This is why I don't go on
the calculator on my phone.
- That's a lot of money.
- $50,000.
We are paying almost $4,000 for a fucking
kid who's not gonna sit in a seat.
To watch her dad play in a game,
- that's bananas.
- It is.
I'm going to the Eagles game.
Hey, do you want to go to the Super Bowl?
- Yes or no?
- Nuh-uh.
- She don't want to go.
- She doesn't even want to go.
My baby wants to go to the Super Bowl too.
Oh, baby wants to go to the Super Bowl,
too, Dad.
[pilot] American 97-45.
Go Birds, expect 2-5 left.
2-5 left covered, thanks very much.
120-point-niner, fly, Eagles, fly.
[analyst] Well, the Birds touched down
in Arizona just about an hour ago.
[analyst] One week from this moment,
Super Bowl 57 will take place.
And... action, Jason.
You know, we're the first brothers playing
against each other in a Super Bowl.
It's, it's incredible.
Probably had a better shot
at hitting the lottery,
than playing your brother
in the Super Bowl.
We played a lot of football
with each other.
We played a lot football
against each other,
a little bit higher stakes here
than we've ever had.
If you wouldn't mind,
scooping this guy up and flying him
some place really far away from here.
You touch me, Swoop, I'm gonna B-E-T you.
You jabroni, get out of here.
One of the biggest things
the fans want to know,
what's so different about
playing in this game.
[Jason] Uh, just the amount
of distractions
and the amount of media
and the amount of attention on the game.
And if we're being honest,
it's all just distractions
for the one thing
that we're all here to do.
I don't know. I don't like phrasing it
this way, but we're all a brand.
Look at that.
Don't break it.
Oh man, I'm, I'm a big
biscuits and gravy guy myself.
I regret that immediately.
Matt Harmon here with the real star of
the Super Bowl this year,
it's Donna Kelce.
The lady of the week.
The lady of the month.
- Yeah.
- The legend herself.
[Jason] My mom's here somewhere.
I'm happy with how well she's done.
I was a little worried for her,
if she was going to be able
to handle this type of environment.
You are the star of the Super Bowl.
Like every media outlet is like,"
"Well, we've got to get their mom.
I've been looking forward, trust me.
Thank you.
Guys, we really have to get going
- for our next one.
- Okay, no problem.
- I just go right up?
- Yep.
And just like Mom, where she knows
her boys hedge a big battle,
she comes bearing gifts.
Oh, Mama!
Mom, you're bringing in these cookies.
You've probably cooking these cookies
forever for these guys.
That's what got 'em big and ready
for the NFL.
I got a text from my OB,
and she was like,
"Kylie, O-M-G, the news."
And I was like, "The news?"
Jason's wife, Kylie McDevitt, may be
making some history all on her own.
Jason's wife is nearly
nine months pregnant.
Jason's like,
"Oh, yeah, I told him on the podcast."
And then ever since, there have been...
an alarming number of people concerned
with the status of my cervix.
[reporter] Jason, you're about to have
a baby, are you mentally prepared?
We haven't talked too much game plan
if it happens during the Super Bowl,
Our parents are coming along on the trip.
You know, we're going to have
her OB with her.
These are our supplies for the plane.
We have some suture.
We have some lidocaine.
When your doctors start telling you like,
"we're packing sutures, like,
just in case," you're like, "Huh."
This could really be
a bonding experience for you
and the other women on this flight.
That'll be lovely.
Hopefully we don't scar
small children on this flight today.
[Jason] She won't be on her own. but um,
I think if it happens during the game...
don't even put that in my head, please.
[Travis] You got to really channel in
and have the focus
of flipping that switch on and off, being
able to compartmentalize all of the--
what I like to call it nonsense
in the media world so that--
So your strategy is to make
the distraction not a distraction?
- Then it's not a distraction.
- Yes.
But then is it, is it a distraction,
with you trying
to not make it a distraction?
No, because I, I compartmentalize it,
you forgot to compartmentalize it
and make it not a distraction.
I like your use of "compartmentalize."
And... go ahead and look up.
Perfect, that's a wrap.
- Mommy, are we home?
- Are we at home?
Well, this is home for the weekend.
- Who's playing football tomorrow?
- Daddy!
Who else is playing football tomorrow?
- Uncle Travis.
- There you go!
To be clear, like...
I, I am like an Eagles fan
to the extent of like,
if Jason ever went and played
for another team, I would wear Kelce.
I would not wear another team's stuff.
Like, I've thought about that a
number of times where like I just--
I couldn't do it. Like-- [laughs]
it sounds terrible.
Travis was in the playoffs one year
and the Eagles were not.
And so we went to a playoff game
in Kansas City and I was like,
Do I have to?
Like Trav knows that, like
I always want Travis to be successful.
I always want Jason to be successful.
But like, I can't um--
I'm not going to be out here
like doing the Chiefs chop,
whatever that tomahawk thing. No.
Are we cheering for Uncle Trav tomorrow?
Not tomorrow.
Tomorrow, at least one of them
gets to go home with a win.
But at the same time, I'm like when
Jason's like, closer to retirement so.
So can you just let it be the Birds?
Yeah, I uh...
Nick's been asking me to, like,
if I want to talk last few weeks,
and to be honest, I get real emotional.
I'll know if all this emotion
is fucking good.
'Cause we just gonna be able to go out
there and play football. That's it.
It's the same shit that got us here.
Like I can't help myself.
Like, when I get going to this game,
I get to these big moments.
I think of everything I fucking do
to fucking get here.
- All the shit.
- [inspiring music playing]
All these motherfuckers, all of us--
Think how much you fucking, fucking--
think how hard it was
to get to this fucking moment.
God damn, man.
As we say, I got a god damn
fucking Frankenstein foot.
I swear to God, I didn't know if
he was gonna come back or not.
Fucking Boston ain't much more than 5'5.
- [team laughs]
- God damn.
We're here now, man.
'Cause you had the fucking courage
to keep going.
This motherfucker, a system
fucking quarterback?
Does he say shit?
Fucking put that fucking head up high.
I'mma show you what a
fucking system quarterback is.
Chin up, out on the field, transfer.
We got the opportunity.
We only need one more game.
And I'm--
I'm trying bring this emotion back down
'cause it's the same shit,
like Haas just said.
Just be fucking dogs. Dog mentality.
Play after play.
Echo to the whistle.
Let's go show these motherfuckers
who we are.
I got so much goddamn respect
for each and every motherfucker in here,
and we just got one more goddamn game.
One fucking more.
Dad, you got to move.
You got the checking the watch
and freakin' staring at my face.
You got to move.
You got to get out. This is absurd.
Ellie Ray, do you want to go
to a football game?
[atmospheric music playing]
The city's on fire.
I love the fact that the two brothers
are playing against each other.
I love the mother, Donna.
Champions gon' be
champions forever. [laughs]
[indistinct chatter]
- [television beeping]
- [children crying]
Mom, she's just not awake yet.
Stand up, Stand up.
- It was chaotic. Here we go.
- I'm ready.
[kids yelling indistinctly]
[crowd cheering]
[Kylie] Dad! Hi, Dad!
- Number 62.
- That's your dad.
[announcer] Travis Kelce.
So proudly we hailed
...the twilight's last gleaming
- [Travis] How 'bout this, huh big guy?
- [Jason] Love you.
Love you, big guy, do your thing.
You see her up there? [laughs]
Woo! Ginnie! Yay, Ginnie! Ginnie!
[Kylie] Four, three, two, one.
[producer] We're all ready,
alright strike away.
[announcer] Ladies and gentlemen,
it all comes down to this.
An entire season has been played
for the right to lift
the Vince Lombardi trophy.
[Travis] Love you big guy,
stay healthy, man.
- [Jason] Love you, brother.
- See ya after this thing.
[soft piano music playing]
[Kevin Burkhardt] Super Bowl 57.
Here we go.
Here we go now, guys.
Energy and focus, baby.
Energy and focus always win.
And so the Eagles will start
on their own 25-yard line.
Hurts over the middle.
There's Smith, he's got a first down.
And gets decked out of bounds
across the 40.
Hurts to throw, fires, and it's caught.
It's another first down
on his opening drive.
[players grunting]
Hurts looking, throwing,
another wide open receiver.
It's Smith again, breaks a tackle,
inside the 15.
Surging forward is Hurts,
- Touchdown Philadelphia.
- [Kylie] Yes!
Another opening drive
touchdown for Philly.
But now we get to see the MVP
Patrick Mahomes
[Greg Olsen] Expect him to come out
aggressive early.
They understand the battle that they're in
going up against this Philadelphia team.
[Burkhardt] Mahomes firing, and it's
caught by Kelce in stride.
- Travis Kelce up near midfield.
- [fan cheering]
[Donna] Woo!
[Olsen] Kelce at the bottom's going to
come in a little short motion.
[Burkhardt] Mahomes looking that way,
throwing that way.
Kelce, got it! Touchdown.
[crowd cheering]
Alright, little brother.
More, more, more.
Eagles have to get to the 35.
Hurts, pressure coming.
And this Kansas City D forces a punt.
[Olsen] Andy Reid deciding here
obviously to settle for a field goal.
[Burkhardt] And Butker's is hooking,
and hits the post, no good.
Hurts has all day. Loaded up.
Taking a shot.
- Oh, fuck.
- [Burkhardt] Looking for A.J. Brown,
He's got it! Touchdown.
That's amazing.
That's what I'm talking about! [laughs]
So after the Butker missed field goal,
the Eagles lead.
Hurts on a quarterback draw,
no where to go and the ball is loose!
Sitting on the turf,
it's picked up by Bolton.
No one in front of him,
he's going to score!
14-14, 9:39 to go in this first half.
Now Hurts, on the keep.
Has a seam, and Jalen Hurts
is in for the touchdown.
[Jason] Ah! [laughs]
21-14, Eagles on top of the Chiefs.
Hey accept the challenge!
Accept the challenge!
[Kylie] Tell him, not today Uncle Trav.
Not today.
[Mahomes] One 80, set.
Right up the gut and in! Touchdown.
Quick throw. Toney's got it.
Touchdown, Kansas City.
This offense has come alive.
Mahomes, what's he gonna do?
Blitz coming, Mahomes.
Man wide open, touchdown Chiefs.
- It's Skyy Moore.
- Ah!
[Olsen] Three straight touchdown drives.
[Burkhardt] Butker,
extra point is up and good.
[dramatic music playing]
So it's the Eagles down by eight now.
9:22 to go, and the largest lead
of the day for the Chiefs.
Hurts, has some time.
Going deep, got a man, DeVonta Smith!
- He's got it!
- Yes!
He is out of bounds at the one!
First and goal they try
to shove Hurts over the end zone,
waiting for a signal.
He's in, touchdown Eagles.
[Olsen] They're a two point play away
from making this thing all tied up.
[Burkhardt] Hurts looking
for a block, and...
He gets there, he's in.
We're tied in Super Bowl 57.
[singing indistinctly]
[intense music playing]
4:18 to go.
And Travis Kelce
should have a first down.
[Mahomes] Blue 80, set.
Mahomes, in trouble, gets away.
Mahomes racing
with a bad ankle and all,
- inside the 20, he's taken down.
- [crowd erupts]
So here are the Chiefs,
2 minutes left, obviously already in field
goal range. What's the strategy here?
[Olsen] If you're Kansas City,
get a fresh set of downs,
for what would potentially be
just a game winning field goal.
- [crowd yelling]
- [fan] Defense! Defense!
[Mahomes] One 80.
[Burkhardt] Mahomes. Pressure.
Lofting one, end zone.
Incomplete. Juju Smith-Schuster
couldn't catch up--
There's a flag at the 10.
Hang on, there's a penalty.
What they call?
Prior to the pass, holding.
Number 24, defense.
It's game.
[melancholy music playing]
[Olsen] And that's worst case scenario,
you'll see...
James Bradberry,
they're going to say he grabs him.
Got his left hand on his back. I don't
know, Mike, listen, I think on this stage,
I, I think you let him play. Obviously,
Mahomes thought he saw it I think...
I don't know. I think you let him play,
finish this thing out.
I don't love that call.
[Winchester] Travis Kelce, dammit!
[Townsend] Ah! Ah!
[melancholy music continues]
[Jason] Congratulations. I love you too.
Good job.
Way to go. Congratulations!
- Go celebrate, go celebrate.
- [Travis] Love you, big guy.
- I love you. Oh, you're good.
- Thank you, man.
Fuckin' funnest fuckin' year of my life.
- I love you, big guy.
- I love you too, go celebrate.
- Congrats, Tom.
- Hell of a season.
- Thank you.
- We'll see you back here next year,
- how 'bout that?
- Oh, I wish.
I don't know if that's going to happen.
[Donna muffled] It's okay.
[muffled speech]
[Donna crying]
- I love you.
- I love you.
Go celebrate with Trav.
[Travis] You saw everybody
pour everything out on that field.
Sure enough, the Chiefs came away
with a victory, baby.
- Congratulations, enjoy.
- Thank you.
Hey, hey, Chiefs Kingdom.
You gotta fight!
For your right
[Chiefs fans] To party!
- [Jason grunts]
- [child coos]
Yeah, it's alright, what can you do?
- What! You're still awake?
- [child] Dad!
- Daddy! Daddy.
- Come here, gimme hug.
What? Look at this outfit, girlie!
- Daddy. Daddy, are you okay?
- What? What?
I'm okay.
You're okay, you're okay.
- Dad, I made this specifically for you.
- Oh, my goodness.
That is so beautiful.
- How'd you do that? It's rainbow.
- It's rainbow.
I saw the confetti.
You saw the confetti?
It was red confetti.
It's not good. We wanted green confetti.
I like confetti.
That's alright,
we're happy for Uncle Trav.
- Dad, you didn't win.
- We said we'd be happy for him
- tomorrow.
- [Jason laughs]
- What's that?
- You didn't win.
- I didn't? Oh, man.
- No.
Uncle Travie winned.
- [stammers] Uncle Travie did win.
- Did you want that to happen?
I didn't want Uncle Travie to win.
- It's alright. Uncle Travie got it.
- [child babbling]
- [sighs] We can be happy for Uncle Travie.
- [Kylie] She wants that--
Come on.
She announced that on the bus.
- Did she?
- Yeah.
I didn't want Uncle Travie to win.
- [both laugh]
- [luggage zips]
They really lighten the mood.
What about you? Happy face.
- Angry face. Surprise face!
- [growls]
[soft piano music playing]
Feel free to eat it.
I'm pro-eating boogers. Go for it.
- It's good for your immune system.
- [Kylie] Don't do it.
- They don't taste bad.
- [Kylie] Don't do it.
Trust me.
Don't do it.
- That's gross.
- Ah! You did it!
- I tried to warn you, Daddy.
- You did try to warn us.
- I like to eat boogers.
- Yeah. Me too.
- And when my-- [babbles].
- Yeah.
- What's your favorite color, Dad? Red?
- Green.
Green. 'Cause I like boogers.
Would have it been great to go out,
world champions, storybook ending?
Yeah, it would have been fantastic,
but y'know, it's just--
It was just one of those games.
The city's probably really upset, um...
Yeah. I hope that they're proud
of the way the team fought and played
and you know, again, I think that
we gave it everything we had and
just came up a little bit short.
[inspiring music playing]
I really do think that like, this team
represents Philadelphia and,
you know, this whole thing,
it's a Philly thing.
It's like the whole mantra
of like the postseason,
having the courage to
y'know, fight for who you are
and embrace, you know, your strengths
and believe in yourself,
and be happy with who you are
and how you're different.
Being unapologetically yourself,
until the whole world has to accept
how great you are.
And that's a Philly thing, man.
[Kylie] Are you ready to get in your bed?
'Cause Mom has things
she has to do before I have to leave?
Thank you, Ellie.
- it's time for bed.
- [door shuts]
Mom and Dad are going to go
get your baby sister out,
- Okay?
- All right...
Because she has to come some time.
- Is she coming out today?
- Maybe tomorrow.
- Okay, goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- I love you.
- I love you!
Call us on the camera if you need me.
- What's that?
- Call us on the camera.
- [chuckles] I will.
- [Jason] Should I bring a fan?
No, you should not bring a fan
to the hospital.
It's that little one you got me,
the travel fan.
- The one that goes to training camp?
- Yeah.
Yeah, if you bring a fan to the hospital,
I will personally kick you out.
Just trying to be comfortable.
[both laugh]
- Jason, I cannot begin to tell you...
- You might need it. little empathy I have for you
- in this situation.
- No, no, it's for you.
I'll bring it for you.
Jason, do not bring a fan to the hospital.
Jason, I'm not kidding.
'Bout to have a baby.
My job's easy. I got a nice book.
- [cameraman] The fan. The fan?
- Huh?
Well, we'll see.
That's a game time decision.
We'll see if she's gonna kill me,
trying to bring it out of the car.
Might not bring it.
Just think how nice it's gonna be when
- you get those stirrups off...
- Jason.
- ...and you have a nice breeze...
- I swear...
- ...across your face.
- God.
If I feel an ounce of fuckin' wind
from that fan, at any point during labor,
I will personally end you, okay?
Make the whole retirement decision easy.
[uplifting music playing]
[uplifting music continues]
- [Kylie shushing]
- [baby whining]
It was a-- it was an awesome year.
[Travis] Having the year that
we had to go through everything
leading up to this moment.
I screwed up a few years of my life not
being able to play on the field with you.
Um, then meeting you
at the mountaintop, brother.
It was um, we were on top
of that thing together, man.
It's such a hard feeling to juggle.
Back of my mind, I wanted all the success
and all the happiness, and all this.
But I was really--
I was just trying to find Jason.
Finally met my brother up there,
that I've been chasing my whole life.
The crazy part is that I would never
be playing this damn game
if it wasn't for you.
- Stop. It was--
- Um, nah this, it's the truth, man.
The moment I saw Mom
is when I got really emotional because
y'know, she was on top of the world for--
for a week.
- She was the heavyweight champ, man.
- Hey, baby girl.
You wanna hold her?
He's got a good ball security.
[gasps] Oh, hey girlie,
- How we doing, huh?
- Just like a football.
There you go.
[Jason laughs]
- [Travis] What kind of lines you got?
- I have one line.
A lot of risk.
[Jason] If you were to ask me at the start
of the season, would I have a--
like, one of the most successful podcasts
in the world and,
uh, the most successful
Christmas album release.
Go to the Super Bowl, and then come
to Saturday Night Live and host it
with my brother,
I would have said, "You're fucking crazy."
Even though his team lost
after being up 10 points at half.
My brother is actually
really happy for me.
It's a different level of uh,
of fame I guess.
with all of this stuff, it's like hard to,
you can't say no to Saturday Night Live.
I've been watching my whole life,
and it's like a--
incredible moment for my brother.
But like, I'm also missing
my daughter's birthday today,
and I have a seven-day-old child
at the house.
[gasps] Is that the birthday girl?
How old are you, girlie?
[Kylie] Dad wants to know
how old you are, chica.
How's the day going?
- [child yells]
- Fine.
- Just fine?
- Yeah.
Um, I am going to make it home
by 3 p.m. tomorrow.
All right?
- Okay.
- Just letting you know.
I'm very sad.
You have to tell Daddy,
say goodbye and I love you.
Love you, Ellie. See ya, Ky.
Bye, J.
[sighs] Well, that went great.
Yeah, not up for "Dad of the Year"
right now, or "Husband of the Year."
[dramatic music playing]
[radio announcer] 94 WIP HD One,
Philadelphia Sports Radio, 94 WIP.
[radio host] So Jason Kelce hasn't already
told the Eagles his plan for 2023.
I'm putting Jason Kelce on the clock.
It's the middle of March, this is free
agency. What are we talking about here?
It's not fair to the Eagles, to have
Jason Kelce just looming out there,
trying to decide
if he's coming back or not,
because there's a possible
$14 million hole
on the start of free agency next Monday.
But you have to build
the rest of your roster.
You can't just wait on Jason Kelce.
[host] Listen, when you have a leader
and you have a character,
and you have a guy like Kelce, I mean,
you give him as much time as he needs.
[analyst] What the hell do you--
like, what are you thinking about
over the next two or three months?
Because make the decision, go home,
be with the kids, be with the wife.
Alright bro, listen, we love ya.
Alright. You playing this year or not?
[melancholy music playing]
[Kylie] I just keep catching him
in like his blank stares.
Even when he is here,
he's half checked out.
No matter what his decision is,
we're going to navigate it.
But when you have
two toddlers and a newborn,
and like going through postpartum,
like all of those levels
like layers of life.
And I'm just over here, like,
"You got your own shit, I'mma hold
onto this stuff, I'm just gonna hold this,
and you figure that out and um-- "
I think that that appropriately explains...
uh, football.
And how it impacts your family.
I want him to make a decision
that he feels comfortable being final in,
but ultimately, like to think forward
into all of the moving parts.
Yesterday I was fully ready to--
say right now, actually, like, just like,
"Fuck it, I ain't done it. I'm fucking--
I'mma keep going."
And I went to sleep and
started thinking, like man,
"I can't fucking do this again, I can't."
Ain't no fucking way
I can do this again.
I had to get up off the couch.
It's not as easy as you'd think,
and I'm not taking any anti-inflammatories
right now, so my body is sore as shit.
Knees, ankles, my joints hurt worse
than they did in season.
I mean, there's no fucking chance
I can do that again.
I don't have the energy or the mental
fortitude to get through another year.
[Jason] My brother this offseason said,
like, you know, you go to the Super Bowl,
and you lose, that makes
you want to win one
like, more than you ever
wanted the one before.
[Travis] You just feel the taste of the
mountaintop and you know what it takes.
You know, you can get there
and you know,
you just want to challenge yourself
to be perfect, man.
[Jason] When he said it, there was like a
group of people, I was like,
"This fucking dude's, like, just saying
something that sounds good
to a bunch of fans."
And then I lost a Super Bowl.
That motherfucker was right.
[man] It makes sense on our end to try to
work something out before the 16th,
because, you know, that's when
free agency starts is right after--
[Jason] Free agency starts tomorrow.
Realistically, the team
wants a decision today.
I don't know what the answer is right now.
The worst thing I can do...
is say one thing,
the team commits to that,
and then I can't do it.
I don't want to do that.
You have brains in your head,
you have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
[Jason] I got three kids, I got a wife,
you know, between broadcasting,
podcasting, for my health.
Like being a good husband
and father, like,
every logical thing is telling me
I should stop playing football.
I tear my body apart.
Like, what the fuck is the purpose
for any of this stuff?
For, like, a game.
But like the-- that fucking jolt you get,
every day fighting.
Every day you're trying to win
the rep in the weight room.
Win the play on the field.
[melancholy music playing]
So much of this like competitive fire,
fighting for your worth, and it's fucking
hard, it's really hard to do that.
But man it-- like, keeps you alive.
Fucking, keeps the juices fucking going.
And uh, you know those guys that--
you know,
that's what I've been worried about
is sitting at home
and not fucking having that,
I have no doubt I can be a loving father.
I have no doubt that I can be successful.
But where am I going to get that?
Where am I gonna fucking...
Well, I'm gonna be the best
in the world at what I fucking do.
And not because of any--
Anything other than
"I go out there and earned it."
[Guy Clark] Well, now, this is a song
about jumping a garage.
[crowd on song recording cheers]
["The Cape" by Guy Clark playing]
[volume increases]
[song plays from stadium speakers]
[radio static]
[radio announcer] 94 WIP Breaking News.
[radio host] This is the bomb, fellas.
Per the man himself.
Jason Kelce on Twitter:
"I have put much thought into whether
it makes sense to play another season.
After talking it over with my wife
and many other friends and family,
I have decided to return for another year.
Thank you to all my supporters
and detractors for fueling me.
I ain't bleepin' done yet."
Now he's old and grey with a flour sack
cape tied all around his head
He's still jumpin' off the garage
and will be till he's dead
All these years the people said,
he's actin' like a kid
He did not know he could not fly
So he did
He's one of those who knows that life
is just a leap of faith
Spread your arms and hold your breath
And always trust your cape
Spread your arms and hold your breath
And always trust your cape
[inspiring music playing]
[fan] Here we go, we're out
in Philadelphia, let's go Birds.
I got surgery at 6 a.m. tomorrow.
I got hit by a car.
Who cares? We out here, man.
You know, if you die, guess what?
You ain't getting buried on a Sunday.
'Cause we're coming
to the Eagles game first.
My mom was a huge Eagles fan. She died
in 2020 from metastatic breast cancer.
So she loves Andy Reid,
so if we don't make it, it's the Chiefs.
[fan] Ain't no team greater
than the Eagles.
And if I got to suit up for Philly,
I will do it.
Oh, man. I love Jason Kelce.
He is uh, what we are.
He's our fabric.
Jason Kelce's an animal.
He'll be here forever until he retires.
I hope he stays until he's 50.
The part where he said,
"Hey, whoever thought we weren't
going to win the Super Bowl.
Guess what? You."
That was awesome.