Keller - Teenage Wasteland (2005) Movie Script

I know you.
You go to my school too, right?
Teenage Wasteland
Are you going my way?
Do you live on Parkweg too?
- Parkweg?
In the slums?
Are you crazy?
You wanna come along?
Say something.
Where to?
Or you got other plans?
It's cool.
What are we gonna do?
99 cents please.
Haven't you ever gotten caught?
For what?
What you just did.
That's the thrill.
Are they awake?
Did you think it was the money?
What do we do now?
C'mon, stay a little longer.
Let's see who can wind it to the top.
You hurt yourself?
- Keep trying.
Cover the lamp back up, please.
Were you at the pharmacy?
I missed my bus.
The bus driver
wouldn't open the doors for me.
And even though I ran,
I got there late and the pharmacy
wouldn't open up for me either.
Should I go back and see
if theres a night pharmacy?
It's all just so...
Every week I go to therapy
and they tell me:
It's coming along,
it's coming along.
But I ask myself:
What's coming along?
Nothing's changing, nothing.
You don't understand.
Let me sleep now, OK?
What is this?
Keep going.
What is this place?
Just wait, you'll see in a sec.
Who does it belong to?
Who do you think? Us.
Is it broken?
Fuck that. I can get you
20 more of the good kind,
new ones.
Not that cheap Taiwan shit.
Whose boat is it?
My grandfather's.
It was his thing,
he dreamed of sailing somewhere.
Now my dad wants to buy a real boat,
a sea-going one, a real yacht.
What does your dad do?
Buys and sells.
- Companies.
He buys them low
and sells them high.
And yours?
Why won't you tell me?
Or is it a secret?
Because I don't know, OK?
I have no idea what he does.
You're lucky.
Nobody gettin' on your case.
Now it's ours.
Did you carve our names into it?
Where'd you get these?
They must belong to my dad.
You can look straight up her pussy.
And your dad?
What'll he say
if we get his stuff all mixed up?
He never comes here,
and if he did, he wouldn't care.
I'm hanging this one up.
And this one?
This one has a nice round butt, huh?
Nice and round, yeah.
Why are you laughing?
I was just thinking:
What if someone came by...
and saw all these nudes
on the wall.
He'd probably think a pervert lived here.
So what?
Then he'd just figure it was my dad.
How much farther?
Why? Is your mommy waiting?
Hey, Sebastian! Car!
Are you crazy? Get off the road!
Are you crazy?
Do you want to save me?
You're totally insane.
No kidding.
Can I help you?
Don't bother, I'll get it.
I'll go over it with the machine.
Lift up your jacket.
What's going on?
You want me to call the manager?
Cut the crap. Are you crazy?
Are you two together?
Put it back.
Don't have a cow,
it's not your money, is it?
Put it back.
If I see you around here again...
Get out, both of you.
Forget it, man.
It was still awesome.
I never had a friend like you before.
You ever done it?
You ever really screw a girl before?
What? Fucked?
Sure. More than once.
What about you?
Of course.
Plenty of times.
A bug almost crawled down
your pants, idiot.
I'm bored.
You gonna sit here all night?
Hold on.
Apparently her boyfriend.
How about a movie?
- No, I got a headache.
You want some aspirin?
And how do I take it?
I'm going to...
Hi, this is Reiter.
I forgot my key,
could you buzz me in?
What now?
Shit, come on.
You can stay down there
for all I care. You...
What are you up to here?
Hold on.
Why did you do that?
Give me a hand, would you?
It's up to you.
If you want to scream,
you stay like that.
But if you say you'll be quiet,
I'll take the gag
out of your mouth, OK?
And then if you scream,
I'll tape your mouth shut.
What the fuck's going on?
Answer me.
What's going on here?
We're not telling?
Stop talking bullshit. Untie me.
We can't.
You can't?
Untie me.
This has gone far enough.
Don't you understand?
Shes too stupid to understand, huh?
She don't understand nothing.
What do we do with her now?
Whats this all about?
Untie me.
Stop playing games now, OK?
Untie me.
Leave her.
C'mon, Paul.
And what if she screams?
Have you ever seen
anyone around here?
Don't you get in trouble
for coming home so late?
I don't even think anyone's home.
I just...
What's wrong? You scared?
She's gonna tell everyone.
Then what's gonna happen?
We're just having a little fun.
Yeah, but...
- But what?
I was expecting you to be different.
Forget it, OK.
C'mon, forget it.
Where were you?
Why are you locking the door?
Did she hurt herself?
Of course.
You bled. Here, I see it.
Stop it.
Untie me.
What's the magic word?
Don't, hit her.
It doesn't matter. She likes it.
You're right.
She likes it.
We saw it with our own eyes.
You trying to bargain with us?
You hear?
You can't tell us anything.
C'mon, Paul.
I have to use the toilet.
Go ahead.
Hey you with the fat ass and no tits...
What do they want from us?
What do you want, loser?
Hard up, or what!
Have you ever seen them before?
Wait up.
You're so awesome.
Now you.
What do I do with it?
What else?
Go for it, no one's here.
Stand like this.
Like this?
Is this OK?
Now fire.
- Shit.
Did I hit it?
- Doesn't look like it.
Can I try again?
Better not.
You idiot.
What's with her?
- What's wrong?
Whats this?
She really pissed on the floor.
You, now you're...
It's gonna stink like a pig sty.
Then untie me.
She's so stupid.
Will this rope hold me?
Sure, I'll show you.
Think I can jump over to there?
What do you think?
With enough momentum...
Hey look.
I'll get her something to drink.
That's enough.
Yeah, I think so too.
No, not yet.
In case you hear from her,
tell her I'm sorry,
and that I miss her.
No, that's not what happened.
Seven would be OK.
And where?
And now you.
I'm not crazy.
Chicken. You're such a chicken.
Shit, is this cold.
I'm in here.
You sure are late.
What happened?
Is Sonja with you?
Tell me, is she at your place?
No, why should she be at my place?
Did she call?
Why do you ask?
Did you get in a fight?
And she wasn't at work either?
She doesn't work on Saturdays.
Don't you believe me?
Sure I believe you.
It won't work.
It won't work.
What are you thinking?
Nothing important.
I was just spacing.
Sometimes you're totally weird.
What's wrong?
Nothing, nothing at all.
Don't let it bother you.
Fuck you.
Hey, fuck you.
- Fuck you, man.
You know this?
Spin the bottle?
you take the bottle,
spin it,
and you get to call something.
The one it points to fulfills it.
What do you mean fulfills it?
Weren't you ever on ski week?
I wish that...
whoever the bottle points too...
has to give the other guy something.
You can't do that.
C'mon, I didn't cheat.
You gotta give me something.
I want your T-shirt, I'm cold.
Can you do this?
Try it.
Are you ashamed?
It just seems that way.
Why? Am I too skinny?
Don't get a complex about it.
Now it's your turn.
He has to kiss her.
Kiss who?
No, I'm not doing that,
that's bullshit.
Stop being that way.
Are you scared?
I'd have the guts.
I mean, the bottle could point to me too.
No, that doesn't count,
it's all wrong.
Do you want to kiss her?
C'mon, play the game.
C'mon, let's play something else.
It's your game. You said...
we call something,
and unfortunately the bottle chose me.
That's not how the game goes.
- Then how does it?
It doesn't matter.
And now I'm stuck doing it.
There are things in life
that just aren't funny.
And this is definitely one of them, OK?
Why isn't it funny?
She does know the magic word.
I told you she likes it.
Why didn't you do it?
- She couldn't breathe.
Fuck this shit, man.
Wait a second.
Stop being this way.
Look at me, man.
I was just messing around.
Go to hell.
Did I offend you?
Sorry, but you know me.
I didn't mean it seriously,
I was just pretending...
I was just messing around.
What is it?
What's wrong?
Nothing, I'm just tired.
Works every time.
What are you doing here?
I was in the neighborhood.
Can I come in?
It's not the best time...
Who is it?
How do you do?
Mom... Sebastian.
He goes to my school.
How nice.
He hardly talks about his new school
and the people.
Come in.
Weren't you in a hurry to get home?
I'm sure I have time for quick drink.
Shall I take off my shoes?
Please don't mind the flat, Sebastian.
It's so untidy.
Would you like a drink, a bite to eat?
Mom, don't bother.
I wouldn't mind an Evian.
- Evian?
I don't believe we have any.
But we've got mineral water
or apple juice.
Apple juice is OK.
I'm finally seeing where you live.
He's invited me over many times.
It's never worked out
because I live a little farther away.
Oh really.
Thank you.
Sebastian is a class above me.
The same commute.
Almost the same,
he continues on with a different bus.
Just a sec.
Have you lived here long?
Here you go.
- Thank you.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't my intention.
You're the only friend I've got.
Let's not fight over
such a stupid matter, yeah?
You are so weird.
Take it.
But why?
Just take it.
I have two of them.
And your T-shirt.
Can you give me a blanket?
It's gotten so damn cold.
I don't think so.
This place doesn't have any.
I don't bite.
Thank you for yesterday.
with the gun...
I don't want to talk to you.
And what happens now?
Do you have a plan yet?
You don't want me to die, do you?
Why do you say that?
Is that a trick of yours?
Because I need my medicine.
That's why.
What kind of medicine?
Are you a junkie?
She can't take the cold.
I hardly slept all night.
Did you have a lousy night too?
The rain and all?
That's why I'm here early.
I have to pee.
Shit, it's going to stink in here again.
Hold it instead.
Or better yet:
No more waterforher.
What if we take her outside?
Then she can piss in the field.
Her hands are tied
and it won't stink in here.
That's probably the best idea.
But don't untie her hands.
What's wrong?
Do you think...
I can get up without help?
I haven't moved my legs for hours.
Stop acting so mental.
And how?
Am I supposed to pee in my pants?
I'll do it.
Go ahead.
Careful she doesn't piss on you.
Is that better?
Quick, or she'll piss on you.
I can't go with you watching me.
Come on.
We wouldn't want to watch anyway.
She totally kicked me.
Let's take her in and tie her up
before she freaks on us again.
When she wakes up...
I can't stand to look at her anymore.
Let's go outside, OK?
Isn't this place amazing?
You know what I feel like doing?
Let's finish the boat
and then take it down the river.
And we can bring barbecue stuff
and some booze.
Wouldn't that be a blast?
Should we do that?
Do you want to tell me a secret...
no one else knows?
You won't make fun of me?
I've never really been
with a girl before.
Don't sweat it.
You've got pretty hair and great eyes.
Look, I told you she likes it.
Check out these knockers.
Look. She likes it.
They almost hang down to her knees.
I have to go take a piss, OK?
I'll be right back.
Where is he?
When did he leave?
I don't know.
I know you don't want to hurt me.
I don't care what you're planning
to do with me,
but I know you don't want
anything to happen to me.
I need my medicine.
I'm sick.
It's on my nightstand.
Just slip in.
The key is in my sweater.
He wouldn't even notice.
Really he wouldn't.
Just slip into my flat briefly.
You think I'm gonna buy that?
What do you have, huh?
Do you know what that is?
I collapse if I don't get my medicine.
Why haven't you collapsed yet?
Don't be so stupid.
I gave myself an injection...
right before you beat me up
in the basement.
It's your fault.
All your fault.
Where'd you get the keys, you punk?
What's going on here?
What's going on here?
I don't know.
I don't know.
- What's going on here?
What's going on, huh?
Hold still or I can't untie you.
Sic 'em!
Sebastian don't!
What did you do, asshole?
Lets take him over there.
How did the asshole get here?
What do we do now?
How do I know?
You think of something.
You brought him here.
She said she would die.
- So?
It's not so bad.
- The cut.
What's going on here?
- It's just a little blood.
What do they want from you?
Why didn't you scream?
It's no use.
Don't just sit there!
Stop it.
It's useless.
You think I'm gonna let these assholes
get away with this?
C'mon, help me scream.
I want out.
Gonna let me down, huh?
Watch out.
I'm gonna kill you assholes for this!
Be quiet.
Or I'll kill you.
What's wrong?
Put up a little resistance.
Did you hurt yourself?
You were bleeding.
C'mon, Paul, help me.
Leave the dog alone.
Do you hear?
I said leave the dog alone.
Leave the dog alone.
I'm gonna kill you, you little asshole.
You scummy little faggot.
Who's killing whom here, huh?
Want another blow?
What's wrong?
You're scared of me, right?
I'm cold.
What did she say?
She's cold.
Shut up.
Shit, you're out of luck.
She don't love you no more.
You see?
You guys have gotten real buddy-buddy.
You like this twerp feeling you out?
Stop it.
Stop it.
You get off on this, don't you?
Can't you look me in the eye anymore?
Look me in the eye.
You wanted it this way.
What a threesome.
You asshole, you little bugger.
What's wrong?
Huh, what's wrong, bugger?
What's wrong? Pull the trigger.
You ain't got the balls, you coward.
What's wrong?
Pull the trigger, you little fairy.
You ain't got the balls to shoot.
Shoot, you piece of chickenshit.
Shoot, you faggot.
You do it. You've got the knife.
Cut me free.
Come on.
He's going to kill us.
Are you crazy?
Who screamed ''Shoot!''?
Who said to shoot him?
You or me, huh?
Get it together, man.
Calm down.
You've got blood on your face.
Shit, this is insane!
Should we get him outside?
He's heavy.
Can you give me a hand?
Why don't you take the head side?
Why don't you take the head side?
I never had a friend like you before.
What's going on?
Stop it. You'll ruin everything.
Don't stop. Please.
You've got to tie him up.
You've got to tie him up. Quick.
You've got to tie him up.