Keluarga Cemara (2018) Movie Script

Teteh, I love you.
Yes, I know. My bad. I missed it.
And I didn't text you.
I was at the office...
Well, there are stuffs to do.
I couldn't just drop everything.
I didn't mean it like that.
I'm sorry.
Let me talk to Euis tomorrow.
I'm gonna turn in first.
Abah, don't forget.
The party will start at 4.
And we'll be blowing the candles at 5.
-Hold on.
-What, Emak?
Repeat what I said, first!
The party starts at 4.
Candle-blowing is at 3:30.
Kidding. I'll be there. Don't worry.
-Hurry home!
Bye, Emak. Whoops, almost forgot!
-Bye, Emak.
-Say goodbye to Emak.
-Bye, Emak.
-Bye, Emak.
I won't miss your birthday party.
For real, Euis.
I'll be there on time.
I promise.
Have you got hold of Mr Fajar?
Not yet. But Mr Pai said,
he came last night,
opened the safety vault, and left.
We haven't been paid for two months.
What are we supposed to eat, then?
This can't go on!
Nita, can you try calling him again?
-Can you open the door?
Hey, Ara.
Where's your sister?
Thank you for coming.
Gentlemen, be calm.
And please hear me out.
Patience, please.
Patience, my foot!
I haven't fed my family for two months!
Please hear me out.
This is my car key.
The registration is inside.
You all know which one is my car.
I don't eat cars.
-I need money!
Patience. Mr Fajar
hasn't been picking up my calls.
Where's Mr Fajar now?
-You take responsibility!
It must be today!
Happy birthday, dear.
He'll be here soon, okay?
That must be him.
Let's cut the cake.
Abah, you promised.
This is something.
Kang Fajar?
What's all this?
This house is confiscated.
So everyone here, please get out.
Out! Everybody out!
-I'm sorry.
-Hurry up!
What's going on?
Ma'am, please step outside.
Can you please explain what's going on?
I don't understand.
I'm asking you to leave. Or else...
I really don't understand.
Deal with her.
Out, ma'am!
-Can we discuss this?
-I don't understand.
-Can you wait for my husband?
-No! Out!
Sir, I just want to speak to my kids.
Ma'am, please get out.
This house is ours now.
You have no right to this house.
Euis, go to Ara.
Sir, you don't need to seal it.
Give it up, ma'am.
This is our right!
This house is no longer yours.
No. We can do whatever we want.
Let's discuss this like civilized people.
Stay here, Ara.
Please! People are watching.
Sir. Calm down.
What's going on?
Kang Fajar, why did you take
the Orange City project?
Sorry, I should've paid you back
right away.
I also got scammed.
But we agreed.
If we borrow money, we should pay
the company back right away.
If we don't take risks,
we will never move forward.
I have dealt with all the paperwork...
This is Euis' house.
Ara's house.
How could you do this?
Mr Dedi.
My whole life is in this house.
Tell your brother-in-law.
I've been doing this a long time.
I wouldn't have taken anything
if there'd been no contract.
And one thing you should know.
I'm not the one messing
with Orange City money.
But I'm not the bad guy here.
Are you happy now?
Are you?
Did you get what you wanted?
Did you?
-I asked you a question.
-Did you?
-I'm so sorry.
-It's okay, Ara, we got this.
-Let me take this.
Let's go.
Move it first.
You can win this in court.
Your brother-in-law did this to you.
But I signed the contract, too.
But you didn't sign it for Orange City.
That's my way in.
Let the culprit be responsible.
Not you.
How long will the process take?
A month or two.
Don't you worry. I got this.
Just stay away
from the loan sharks for now.
So they won't find other ways
to blackmail you.
Can't you stay with your relatives?
Or your friends?
No one in our family picks up my call.
We don't know.
Kang Fajar might've also
borrowed money from them, too.
Euis, Ara.
For school break this year,
we're going to Aki's house, okay?
Do you know where Aki's house is?
Finish your water. Then off to bed.
Don't stay up too late. Euis, you too.
We are bankrupt.
You got scammed.
Why are you still giving us
severance packages?
It's all right.
-Let's hope for the best.
-What are they doing?
If it's settled,
we'll reopen the business.
See you all!
-Thank you.
-Let me help you.
-It's okay.
-Can you do it?
Let's go.
-Is this the house?
-Yes, it is.
Ara, lead the way.
Watch your steps.
Can't we just sell this house?
Don't say that.
Abah inherited this
from your grandparents.
Why hasn't Kang Sodikin taken care
of this place?
Why don't you call Kang Sodikin?
There's no cell reception here.
Maybe it's better out there. By that tree.
I'm going over there to make the call.
Maybe it's better over there.
We can make the call there...
Hey, Ara!
Teteh! Come on! Let's play!
We can run around here.
Come on!
Go play with her. Give me your bag.
-Watch your sister.
-Come on, Teteh!
Stop taking selfies.
I'll find someone to fix things tomorrow.
Ara, can you do it?
-Ara, can you do it?
-Excuse me.
How are you?
Mang Romli here is my childhood friend.
Mang means "Uncle" for you girls.
Please come in.
Abah, do you have tools?
Let me check.
Hold on.
Where's Emak?
-Do you want to join?
-Come on, Emak. It's okay.
-Come on, hop on.
-Come on, hop on.
A little more.
Our lawyer called. Our documents
have been submitted to the court.
And he believe we'll definitely win.
Let's hope so.
Wow, there's so many.
-Thank you.
-Sorry for troubling you.
Our pleasure, Beautiful.
Your parents had been so kind to us.
They helped us through difficult times.
If it hadn't been for them,
my family wouldn't have survived.
Thank you so much.
I still remember how my father used to...
Who's that?
-Sir, ma'am. Please, help yourself.
-Please, help yourself.
Wow. No wonder your houses are empty.
How convenient.
Everybody's here.
So you all can pay up here.
"Loan Women"?
So you're on loan?
No, Missy.
I offer credit installments.
I may be local,
but I have to look international.
Any kind of loans.
-Even phone credits.
-Oh, okay.
-I'll be happy to help.
-We'll keep that in mind...
...when we need Ceu Salmah.
Yeah. Please help yourself.
It's good.
-Please help yourself.
-We have more.
Romli never has problems
with his installments.
He always pays on time.
Abah, a call for you.
-Has he been calling for long?
-Yes! Hurry!
-Is he still calling?
Yes, Mr Tobing.
-Can you hear me?
-Back then, when you started,
did you ever issue a letter of authority
for Fajar?
I did.
Then we're screwed.
If this is the case,
even if I were the judge,
we could never win.
At first, your documents looked legit.
But the thing is, the company deed
has been renewed several times.
-In this case...
-That's great news!
Mr Tobing.
I'm so lucky to have you as my lawyer.
Thank you so much.
-How can I repay you?
-Hey! Didn't you hear me?
-Thank you.
-Have you lost your mind?
You'll never get your house back!
How did it go, Abah?
-We're going back to Jakarta!
-We're going back to Jakarta!
...we're stuck here?
For good?
What does bankruptcy mean?
So we'll be living here.
From now on.
Ara will go to Pertiwi elementary school.
It's just as good as the school
in Jakarta.
You'll start tomorrow.
Time for bed.
Go up first.
You're a big girl now.
You also know the condition.
You know we're going through hard times.
So Abah and Emak are...
...asking you
to be more understanding. For Ara.
But we know for sure.
You're a smart girl.
So you can go to any school.
But we've visited the school.
It's a good school.
-Great teachers.
The difference is...
...the facilities, though,
are not like in Jakarta.
Okay, Euis?
You're the girl from Jakarta, aren't you?
So pretty.
Is it true your family became poor?
Is it true?
Your name's Euis, right?
So funny.
A Jakarta girl with a Sundanese name.
Leave her alone.
I'm not bothering her, Deni.
Just trying to make a new friend.
My name is Ima.
Euis. It's just a nickname.
Hi, I'm Andi.
I used to live in Jakarta.
Really? You said you were from Bekasi.
I told you.
I spent my childhood in Jakarta.
-Not what you said.
-I told you. Greater Jakarta...
The "Bek" stands for Bekasi.
Put your shirt on.
Sorry about that. I'm Deni.
Ima, are you bothering the new girl?
Andi and Deni,
have you been standing on desks?
And were you topless, Andi?
Hi, I'm Rindu.
Sorry, we're looking for younger,
unmarried employees.
But isn't this an open recruitment?
Sorry, sir, it's currently
our company's preference...
...that we're only looking for young
and unmarried employees.
Could you please reconsider?
Because, well...
We're sorry, sir. Very sorry.
This is all we have left.
A dowry from you.
Keep it.
I'll find another way.
What else is there, Abah?
So what do you think?
Can he join us?
He's my cousin.
He's honest.
Kindhearted. Hard worker.
Great social skills.
And when he was a boyscout...
...he was a team leader!
Sure you want to be a construction worker?
He's cut out for it. Perfect.
Yes, sir.
Actually, I used to...
Romli! Are you eating or what?
I'm good.
-Well, I...
-Romli's friend! Are you eating?
-No, thank you.
Miss! Can I get some fritters?
-What? You eating?
Go on.
When I was in Jakarta...
Romli? Which fritters? Tofu or veggies?
Bring everything!
When I was in Jakarta...
...I was in property business.
So I'm used to this.
If you let me work here,
I'll work hard.
Excuse me. The fritters.
The pay is not as much as in Jakarta.
-Just so you know.
-What now?
-If that...
When are you paying your last tab?
Next week.
Can you leave us now?
-We're in the middle of something.
-Who's paying for this meal?
Don't worry about it.
Sorry about that.
As for the salary, I...
I'll leave it to you.
He needs fast money.
-Are you sure?
-I'm hired?
Thank you so much.
Romli will show you the ropes.
Thank you, sir.
Abah. Congratulations.
-You're hired.
-Thank you, Romli.
Romli! Next week, remember!
No need to yell!
There goes my appetite.
Romli! Next week!
O pretty morning
O lovely day
Thank you
For all the blessings
When I'm all sad and blue
I'll turn
To you
I'm singing
I'm praising
I'm giving thanks
Your blessings
Never waver
The world smiles
Happy together
Thank you
Dear God
Happy birthday!
What did you wish for?
A lot.
I don't want to be a tree.
-A tree?
-Yeah, that's right.
I should have been cast as the Princess.
Right, Emak?
Why a tree?
See? No one cares about a tree.
It's not that.
Not that it's not important.
We named you Cemara. It means "pine tree".
You should've named me Putri.
So I can be the Princess
in the school play.
What's the play called?
"Prince of the Dusk,
Guardian of the Forest."
So what is the Prince protecting?
The forest.
-What's in the forest?
-Is there a princess there?
-Of course not.
See? So being a tree is cooler
than the Princess.
But the Prince marries the Princess.
Well, that's life.
Not everything that we love, we get.
The point is...
Being a pine tree is cooler.
But I can't do the dance.
Ask Euis to teach you.
So you have no dialogues?
But, Teteh...
Since when do you see trees speak?
But they dance?
Let me see the moves.
The school still has
last year's tree costumes.
So we don't have to pay anything.
But if it's just a princess costume,
we can still afford it.
We barely have enough money for food.
Take a break.
You've been working since morning.
Just a little more.
It's bad omen, Abah.
One more is enough.
I can get you two.
No need. Just one more.
-Oh, my!
Help him, will you? Stop talking.
Let's go.
I'll find another job.
Be careful, Ara, it's hot.
Here you go.
Emak, how's Abah doing?
A broken bone takes a while to recover.
Sorry I had to borrow more money from you.
Don't worry about it.
I'm looking for a new job myself.
New job?
I can't stay being a "loan woman" forever.
I'm trying to become an "enter woman".
"Enter woman"?
Running a business.
But that's for men.
If you want to run a business...
...I'll invest on it.
A good one.
If you want to run a business...
...and if it's a good one,
I'll invest on it.
Has to be something easy to make.
And delicious.
That's right.
Something practical and efficient.
With minimum capital and risks.
Emak. I know the perfect business!
Let's sell...
Secondhand metals.
What about these opak?
"Then the storm comes."
"The pine tree is flailing to the left."
So I have to bring these to school?
Yes, of course.
-To the right, spin.
-How about this?
I'll teach you how to sell them, okay?
Let's take a break.
-Want to buy some?
What's that?
Are you selling these?
Yeah. This is all I can do.
How much for a pack?
2,000 rupiahs. Why?
Opak crackers for only 3,000.
Come on, buy some!
Why 3,000?
2,000 is too cheap.
Come on, be more enthusiastic.
Let's try. Let her try.
Opak crackers for only 3,000.
You can do it.
Opak crackers for only 3,000!
Now you're talking!
-Opak crackers for only 3,000!
-Opak crackers for only 3,000!
Please introduce yourself.
My name is Deni.
I am fried chicken.
It's okay, Deni.
It's your turn.
My name is Andi.
I am fried chicken.
Okay, Andi.
Would you try?
Hello, my name is Euis.
I'm 13 years old.
I'm from Jakarta.
I like dance and sing.
When I grow up,
I really want to become a lawyer.
That's good.
Can you write it for me?
Do not laugh.
Look, everyone! There's a Japanese flag!
I'm sorry, Dad.
I didn't mean to step on the wet cement.
It's all right.
But next time, be careful
if the cement is still wet.
Now, go wash your feet.
I forgot.
It's okay. Go wash your feet.
I am really sorry, Abah.
Okay, Ara.
Euis, what's the matter?
You won't get it! Just go!
Of course I don't get it.
You haven't told me anything.
Talk to me, then.
I want to go back to Jakarta.
Are you having trouble in school?
Did someone bully you?
What happened to you?
You won't understand. Just go.
That's why you should tell me.
I'm here. I promise I'll listen to you.
Enough with the promises.
If you hadn't given so many promises,
we'd still be in Jakarta.
You promised we'd live here temporarily.
That you'd come to my birthday party.
That you'd come to my competitions.
But you never did. Promises, promises!
I hate you, Abah!
Hang in there, Euis.
The first few days
are usually the toughest.
No wonder you're so scary
when you have your period.
I don't think so.
Thank you, dearest.
We're going through hard times.
But I appreciate your effort.
I know this is not easy for you.
But it's been equally hard
for Abah, as well
Will you apologize to him tomorrow?
I'm sorry.
Have you had your period this month, Emak?
Let's eat.
Yes, Abah?
You're going to have
a little brother or sister.
Emak is pregnant.
Brother or sister?
My prayer's been answered.
So it's your wish?
See, Emak?
It's Ara's wish.
Go ahead, say hi to the little one.
Hi, little one.
Why is Emak crying?
Those are happy tears.
Not sad tears.
Sometimes people cry
because they're very happy.
Emak is happy
because she'll have a new baby.
Little one.
Ara, are you ready to be a "Teteh"?
Of course I am.
Don't worry about it.
Every child brings blessing from God.
Thank you.
-Take care.
Ara, go back inside.
I've told you.
A town near Bogor.
Not so far from the city.
Not that remote.
How much, Euis?
62,000 rupiahs.
Can I get your permission
to meet my friends?
They said there's going to be
a competition in town.
It's closer,
so I don't have to go to Jakarta.
I promise I'll work harder
to sell the opak.
Not until next month.
I don't think it's such a good idea to go.
Bogor is far.
Where will you stay?
At a hotel with my friends.
What's her name?
-Will her mom be there?
-Let me call her later, okay?
No need.
We don't want to trouble anyone.
What's the problem, Abah?
Emak had already said yes.
But I said no.
Abah, I miss my friends.
I haven't seen them in a long time.
Didn't you hear me? I said no.
Well, the kids must learn
how to accept the situation.
What more do you want from them?
They are adapting now.
Things are not the same now.
If we say yes to everything,
they'll get spoiled.
What are you talking about?
Spoiled how?
Look at our condition now.
They never get what they want.
Have pity on Euis.
It's you that I'm thinking about.
You're pregnant,
but working day and night.
You're suffering because of me.
It's not like that.
I've made your life strenous.
No, Abah. Hey...
-It's not true.
-This is all my fault.
Abah, look at Emak.
...have never regretted anything.
I have never regretted anything.
It's a bit better now.
-It's okay. I can do it.
This will heal in no time.
Okay, then.
I should get going.
What's the rush?
There's no cell reception here.
I want to find another customer.
-Okay then.
-Bye, Ara.
-Abah, don't forget to learn it.
Okay, I'll have a look.
-See you all.
-Take care, Romli. Thank you.
-Take care.
-Let's go.
Look, I can walk without this. See?
-It's okay.
-See? Slowly.
-Don't force it.
But I can.
I can.
How is it?
Just a sec.
But do you have a motorbike?
I'll get...
Yes, I will get one.
I'll get one so I can take you on a ride.
We'll name the motorbike if you like.
-What are you going to call it?
-What would you like to name it?
Is this for real, Abah?
Of course it is. It's already bought.
With a discount
from my wife's business partner.
Just pray for me, okay?
I'm serious.
Abah, Emak...
I got lost.
Did you? Ask a policeman.
Which way is home?
Policeman, come here. I got lost.
Here. Okay.
-Paid with my credit.
-Miss, can you please give me five...
Oh, no, this must be my boss.
Hello. I'm at the lobby.
-Can I get...
I got the peanuts.
The flavors?
I feel... like I need a taste
to know the flavors, Ma'am.
I'll call you in a bit, okay?
Thank you, ma'am.
Oh, no. What should I do?
-Miss, can I get five...
I'm trying to focus.
Oh, no, it's true.
What do I do? My boss will get so pissed.
Then I'll get fired.
And my project will be terminated.
Then my family will get mad.
Then I'll be a disgrace to my family.
Oh, God, I don't want to get married now.
-Miss, excuse me.
-What should I do, sir?
Oh, my God!
The peanuts I've been looking for.
Why didn't you tell me?
You should speak up.
You kept on saying "Miss".
But it's okay.
You've saved my peanuts and my life.
You want some peanuts? You can have one.
Can I get five...
I don't think I can give you
five packs of peanuts.
I only have one extra pack.
But if you really love the number five,
I can give you 5,000 rupiahs.
-Wait a second.
-No, miss.
-What now?
What now? Wait, I'm trying to find
my wallet. Be patient, will you?
Can I get five stars?
Oh, a five-star rating?
Of course I can give you that.
Don't worry.
-I love you so much.
-Thank you, Miss.
-You saved my life.
-Yes, miss.
-I love you so much.
-You forgot this.
Sorry, miss...
-Miss, here.
-Can you help me with my stuff?
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Dolphins are sea-dwelling mammals.
They live in groups.
This type of animals can't be separated
from their group.
If they are separated from their group,
they will easily become prey
to the predators.
That was the sea ecosystem.
Next, the forest ecosystem.
Give me your phone.
Abah, I really need the cellphone
to meet my friends.
I want to see them just once.
Do you know what you did wrong?
You're not allowed to go!
But why not?
All you think about is having fun.
Don't you see me and Emak?
Working hard to send you to school?
You think it's easy?
I'm sorry, Emak.
It's my fault.
Go to your room.
I don't want to have birthdays anymore.
I want to stay 7 forever.
Why is that?
When I turn 13,
you'll yell at me like you did to Euis.
I don't like to see you angry.
Come on! Are we going?
I can't go.
You're not going to Ima's?
I'm going to meet my close friends
in the city.
Are you going with your dad?
He didn't allow me to go.
The city is far from here, Euis.
Just don't tell anyone.
I won't be long.
I'll be home before dark.
Don't do this, Euis.
What will you do if he's mad at you?
Here, take my cellphone.
They still have yours, right?
Oh, my God, Euis!
I miss you. Come on in.
Girls, look who's here?
Gosh, how are you?
So glad you can make it.
Oh, that's Diva.
Our new member.
Take those earphones off.
Take those earphones off!
What's wrong?
I'm going home.
Didn't you say you wanted to eat?
I bought my dinner, I'll eat with my kids.
Okay then.
Euis, can you play it one more time?
-A little bit faster I think...
I really like to be here.
I must go home.
You're not watching the competition?
I have exams tomorrow.
After the competition,
we'll drive you home.
What do you say?
I'll be okay.
I'm really sorry, Abah.
Abah, Emak, I'm off to school.
Ara, why are you not having breakfast?
Emak, Abah, I'm going to school.
What happened to your hair?
It's okay. I like it this way.
"Apollo said, storm and thunder
may make us fall."
-"But as long as we..."
What happened to your hair?
It was me. I bothered her yesterday.
And I put gum on her hair.
But, sir...
Before that, I drew things
on Deni's bag with a marker.
So he was just getting even with me.
Sir. I was the one
who gave Euis the marker.
-How come?
-What now, Andi?
It was all my idea.
I gave the chewing gum to Deni.
And I told Rindu to give Euis the marker.
Chewing gum, eh?
What is it, Rindu?
You're not used to this?
You'll get used to it.
Thanks, guys.
For staying here with me.
I used to be alone doing this.
So, what is it, sir?
Are there problems at home?
Or maybe... heard Euis mention something?
Euis is a bright kid, sir.
And she's kind.
Unfortunately, those things
are not enough.
...the problems around her
are making her difficult to handle.
We all know she moved here from Jakarta.
I'm worried that...
...her surroundings here
don't support her enough.
Especially at her age now.
I think I should bring my family back
to Jakarta.
But don't you want to try
living here first...
...with your wife and kids?
You'll understand
when you have a family of your own.
You need to be ready for anything.
The cost of being a man.
As head of the family,
you need to be ready
to deal with anything.
Are you kidding?
It takes two to build a marriage.
So every risk must be faced together.
Come on. Don't you get it?
So how?
Your phone's ringing.
Yes, Ceu?
Looks good.
You're moving away?
Why didn't you tell us?
Don't worry.
Ceu Salmah will sell this fast.
What do you think?
-Excuse us, Ceu, Abah.
Are you sure it's steady?
Play it!
All along the memory lane
We strolled hand in hand
All along the memory lane
You held me in your arms
The little drops of rain
Early that month
Made the evening stay in my heart
All along the memory lane
We strolled hand in hand
So, if you move to Jakarta,
we'll still be friends, right?
The little drops of rain
Early that month...
Abah, this is Ara.
This is Euis.
This is Emak.
Oh, this is you.
Emak will be angry with you, Ara.
I don't care.
I don't want this house sold.
I like it here.
Abah spends more time at home.
Emak makes opak everyday.
And I get to share a room with you.
Things were never like this back then.
Let me introduce you
to our potential buyer.
Luke. Nice to meet you.
The lady and gentleman here
are the notaries.
If everything goes well,
we can sign the deed today.
They've bought the land
in front of this house, to build a villa.
This house will be demolished.
And this area will be their backyard.
Ceu Salmah, we'll purchase it.
-Come here, dear.
-I can't imagine living here.
These are the owners.
We're gonna buy the land from them.
Say hi, Uncle, Auntie.
-Please sign here.
Okay, wait.
Don't you want to give it another tought?
May I see the certificate?
Here you go.
-Hey, Mom.
-We don't want to move!
Euis, Ara, hey...
Euis, Ara.
I'll try and have a talk with them.
Don't worry.
They love the house.
And the land will also be...
You can't yell at Teteh Euis anymore.
I don't want to move, Abah.
You embarrassed us.
We may be poor.
We may be bankrupt.
But we still have our manners.
Are you listening to me?
Yes, we are.
But you never listen to us.
I just want what's best for you.
If we move to Jakarta,
our life will get better.
But that's not what the kids want.
I know.
I know, Ara is exhausted
from walking to school every day.
I know.
Euis keeps longing to go back to Jakarta.
And be with her friends again. I know.
No, Abah.
Don't lie to me.
From the moment we got here...
...who always wanted to go back?
Who wanted me to sell this house?
You've been giving Ara ideas.
Making her mischievous.
Everything's a mess.
Whose fault is that?
I know, this is all my fault.
My fault.
It's not your fault. No one's blaming you.
It's all my fault.
-No one...
-I made our life miserable.
No one ever said that.
We all understand.
...I hadn't...
It's all my fault.
I made your life miserable.
You are all my responsibility!
...who's responsible for Abah?
Emak is such a good cook.
Have some more.
Have another corn cake.
I'm good.
Don't worry.
I explained everything to Mrs Presier.
Fortunately, she was in a good mood.
So the transaction is on.
She has transferred the down payment.
You should check
whether she transferred the funds yet.
We changed our mind about the house.
You can't do that.
No can do.
That's unprofessional.
But I can't promise you,
Mrs Presier will agree.
Actually I don't want you
to leave, either.
We're business partners.
What about our opak business?
I can't go back to being a loan woman.
If you leave, what will happen to me?
I don't know what to do.
Have some water.
That's the problem.
What about our opak business if you move?
Let me and Emak deal with this.
Have some more water.
Easy now. Don't get choked.
Mr Agus, you promised me
the best facilities in my house.
You said it would be beautiful.
Why is there no water
when I turn on my tap in my bathroom?
And the air conditioning,
which is like a fan,
zero, no coolling at all...
As Miss Salma has told you,
I'd like to apologize.
We changed our mind about the house.
Happy birthday, Teteh.
Here, Teteh.
Your cake is ready.
Teteh, Emak just peed on the floor...
Sit down.
Help her. Get the chair.
You have signed the agreement.
And I've transferred the down payment.
I know this is not easy.
Yeah, so you understand the situation?
You're only wasting my time.
I know, ma'am.
This is my fault.
But please understand.
-The understanding should be mutual.
Cut them some slack.
They're commoners.
Please, I'll do anything.
As long as I can have the house back.
Back to my family.
Hello, Euis?
That's great news!
Okay. Right away.
I'm on my way! I'll be right there.
What's wrong?
Where's my key?
The key!
-Can you manage?
-I can.
-Can you?
-I can.
-Go there, Euis.
-Let's go. One, two, three!
-One, two, three!
Watch out! Rocks!
Why backwards?
Ouch, my legs!
-Ara, stay with Mom.
Emak, wait here!
Thank God! Miss Salma.
It's Romli.
Euis. It's okay.
Calm down.
Euis, Ara.
-We'll see you soon.
-Thank you.
Thank you.
Come. Excuse me.
This is your Teteh Ara.
Right, Teteh?
And this is Teteh Euis.
How did it go?
I'm okay...
...if we have to live in Jakarta.
Wherever we live,
I promise I won't be of any trouble.
Me, too.
You're never a trouble.
I'm fine, either way.
What matters is...
We're together.
So everybody wants to go to Jakarta?
I prefer to go home.
-Look at her.
-Stop gawking.
No, I want to stay here.
No going back to Jakarta.
-So, where do you want to live?
Thanks, Abah.
I need you to pack up Emak's clothes.
Something comfortable.
-Put it in my bag.
Wear this for the motorcycle.
No, you wear it.
It's windy out there. Wear a jacket.
No, you wear it.
No big deal. Here you go.
-I don't need it, either.
-Please. Let me put it on you.
Euis. Can you manage?
Wait for me here. I'll be right back.
Happy birthday, Euis
Happy birthday, Euis
Happy birthday, Euis
My precious daughter
Happy birthday, Euis
Happy birthday, dear.
-My birthday is not important now.
-Of course it is.
And I never forget your birthday.
Blow the candle.
But first, make a wish.
Make a wish.
Here you go.
So, you're 14 now.
When you were a baby,
my biggest fear
was not being able to be there for you.
But it happens all the time now.
I'm sorry.
If I make another mistake,
and I can't be there for you,
please don't hate me.
Forgive your Abah.
Would you?
Let's cut the cake.
I'll just be a minute.
Wait there.
No! I don't want to live in the palace.
I'd rather live in the woods forever.
We're from the Gray Land.
Giving permission for the Prince to pass.
-What's wrong?
-A tiger!
You taught her that move?
Nice, Ara! Nice!
-So cool!
-That's really the dance?
Naiman as The Prince.
Rafi as The Tiger.
Adri as The Tropical Tree.
Bung as The Bamboo Tree.
And last but not least...
...Cempaka as The Banyan Tree.
Wave, everybody!
Thank you. And that concludes
our show today.
See you next year!
Miss! You haven't called Ara, miss!
Miss, sorry? Miss?
-Cemara! Not calling yet.
I'm so sorry.
Okay then.
Let's start over.
Ladies and gentlemen, here she is.
Cemara as The Pine Tree!