Kenjac (2009) Movie Script

Dad! -Dad, your son
wants to ask you something.
What is it, son? -How
much more till Drinovci?
Luka, we've just left home,
don't start already please.
Love, you've got the map.
Check on it.
I can't find Drinovci.
Please, drive slowly.
- It's OK.
Let's go to Split
and visit grandparents!
We'll do it next time, love.
Uncle Petar came to Drinovci.
We're going to see him.
Who is he?
Your dad's brother.
What, son?
Is there a sea in Drinovci?
- No.
But there is a lake.
Written and directed by
Pako, how are you?
- So-so...
Look at you, Pero!
- Hey.
When did you get here?
- The day before yesterday.
Look at her!
- Hey Zvone!
Pull over and have a drink with us.
We're taking the kids
to the coast and they can't wait.
The coast won't run away.
Dad and I will get back
as soon as they settle down.
Wise, but kids, the Drinovci
is much nicer than the coast.
I hope you don't mind, but
we should get going. Dad, drive.
Do you have your passports
with you? -Yes. -What for?
Ferdo is controlling and checking
everybody -Dad, drive already.
Pako! Did you see that?
I won't get anything done on time.
Boro, we should get back
by the 5h of this month at the latest.
Do you hear me?
- OK...
- What brings you here?
Nothing special.
Yeah, right. It must be about Pero.
Yeah, right. It must be about Pero.
Have you seen him? -No.
Kata's Andro told me he's here.
What's this?
Mijat's kid...
Does Mijat know?
He's over there.
See you.
- How long are you staying?
I don't know. We didn't
make any plans. We'll see.
That's the way to do it.
We didn't make any
plans? Yeah, right...
I'm not staying here more than
a week. -OK, we'll talk about it.
We did! In Zagreb.
- Shut up already! Please!
Come on, love. We're here.
Jesus be praised!
- Forever, aunt.
- Look at you!
You all right?
- I'm kickin' it.
You're all right.
Look at my daughter-in-law!
Like straight from the runway!
Look at how much he's grown!
How are you? -Not as
good as you, but I'm OK.
- Who's been sleeping, huh?
He kept checking out the road
map and asking, are we there yet?
He slept for two hours.
I'm thirsty. -Thirsty?
Ljube, take him to the kitchen.
Let's go. It's fresh inside.
Come, daughter-in-law.
- Boro, shall we?
What? Go to Pero's? - Nah,
we'll do that toward evening.
Pako and him took the kids
and Danicato Makarska. -Makarska?
Yes, so that kids can unwind.
They've been in Sarajevo for 4 years.
God forbid. -When are they coming back?
The two of them toward evening.
Danica and the kids in seven days.
We won't get to see them! -You'll
see them when they come back!
Let's go, Boro...
- OK.
You saw that on the lake...? -It's from
this morning. -Don't stand in the sun.
Why did you take these?
- It's for my college.
You haven't graduated
already? -I haven't, Ljube.
I got pregnant and then I didn't
have time with a baby around so...
Luka, are you crazy?
Where did you get that?
If you only saw him.
He couldn't be nicer.
Shiny hair, sharp eye...
Good and obedient.
He's unusual kind...
You'd surely want him.
ipa, I believe you,
but what can I do with an ass?
It's a sin that it
stays with my mother.
She's old and has to take food
from her mouth to feed him.
His hoofs need fixing.
As if I knew how to do that.
- Take him to Andre and he'll do it.
You know everything.
- I know?
I came here yesterday and I'm
leaving tomorrow for Germany.
I won't even stop by in Drinovci.
And today I got divers from
Split to retrieve Mijat's kid's body.
And today I got divers from
Split to retrieve Mijat's kid's body.
I barely had time to change my socks.
- And you find the right one to ask!
Boro came with his wife and kid.
And I should tend to the donkey?
You got that right.
- What?
Think about it! Take the donkey
to the kid and he'll be overjoyed!
He doesn't have that in Zagreb.
He'll be visiting every year,
not every ten years like now.
What ten?
- Then how much? -Eight.
Sorry eight. But if
it weren't for Petar,
you wouldn't have seen
him for eight more years.
God, who will feed
and give water to him?
To hell with him!
- OK...
Have him eat and drink
on my account.
It must be the long trip.
- Feeling better love? Hm?
Hm, honey?
Oh, my...
What's with it now...?
They should have been here by now.
Pere and...
- They're here for sure.
But the money's flying my way
like flies to the cow dung!
Here we go...
Serbs from the occupied parts of
Croatia, along with Abdic forces
keep attacking all over
the Bihac frontline...
Despite their ferocity,
defence lines are not moving...
- Huh?
Call Boro and see if he's here.
I guess he'll call then he gets here.
What are you doing, Ljube?
- Making them something to eat.
You think they'll be hungry?
Jesus be praised!
- Forever.
Hi, dad.
When did you get back?
Three hours ago.
Is Pere up?
He was until a moment ago.
Call him outside! The air is nice.
What's up, bro?
Won't you give your brother a hug?
There, there... There, there...!
It's OK. I'm alive.
You'll make our uncle cry. It's OK.
Fuckin' hell...
Let's go, easy.
Hold him, easy.
It's OK...
Here we are... back
where we came from.
My only brother..
I'm going to bed.
Go, dad. Good night.
Good night.
- Good night, Pako.
Good night.
You know... You'll have to be
the one to break the silence.
Don't be so stubborn like him.
Right, uncle?
What are you doing?
- I just dozed off.
Turn it off! Jesus,
it's like somebody died!
And go to bed!
He's been throwing up.
He just fell asleep.
It must be the long trip.
So? How's Pere?
Well, Boro?
What can I tell you?
You'll see for yourself.
What the hell do you need the
asses for? -Taking them to Italy.
What the hell do you need the
asses for? -Taking them to Italy.
They buy and slaughter them.
They like to eat them.
Is that right?
If only you came here 30 years ago...
You'd have found ten of them
in three houses. Not anymore.
People don't keep them anymore.
Andro Solarevi is the only one...
- He took this one from him.
So, nobody has a donkey?
Anybody up in the hills?
Wait... Something's...
One man might have one.
- Where is he? -I should call him.
Croatian forces have liberated Glamo.
Success at Livanjsko Polje frontline...
President Tuman met with
UN special envoy Yasushi Akashi.
They discussed the situation
in the Bihac enclave and SWBosnia.
You still have a gun up in that box?
Take it out of the house.
It's like this...
A man's got an ass.
- And?
And he says he's like
nothing you've ever seen.
Let's go and see him.
I asked him, but he can't now.
Then what?
He says it's an ass of all asses.
And he wouldn't sell him? -He would.
How much does he want for him?
500, he said.
I buy them for 200-300 tops.
I told you, he says
it's a special kind of ass.
Special? What can be
so special about him?
He's a special breed
that you can't find here.
Neither in Herzegovina nor Dalmatia.
And that's why he wants 500?
- I don't know You're into that stuff.
OK, this is what we'll do...
My dad wants a nice ass. He doesn't
even bother with the ones for Italy
I'm going to Cerna in a week.
I'll stop by on my way back. -OK.
If he's like what you say I'll pay
you 500 just to satisfy my dad.
You won't pay me, he's not mine!
I'll bring him for you
and you decide!
Go and play with them!
Come on, Luka.
What is it?
Would you like to play with them?
If they're up for it, OK. -Why
wouldn't they be up for it? Come on...
My dear ass... My sweetie...
Be nice to your grandma and
grandma will be nice to you.
My dear donkey Nobody
will hurt you, just be nice.
Be nice, little one.
Be nice to your grandma.
Be nice to you owner
and she'll be nice to you.
I'll listen to you.
Look at you...
Don't make me mad.
Come on.
That day was really peaceful.
Not even 3-4 grenades fell...
Really beautiful day
Too nice. Sunny.
Really beautiful day
Too nice. Sunny.
It landed about 100 m from us.
And out often of us
in front of the building,
that small shrapnel just
hit me straight in the spine.
Fuck it, when it's in your
cards... What can you do? -Uncle?
What? -Can I take a ride
in that wheelchair?
Luka, no can do.
- Why?
Because some bad guy poured
glue on this chair and now I'm stuck.
He didn't! -He did too!
Try and pull me up.
Can you do it? Huh?
Such a nice ass.
- Yes. He really is.
Dad?! -Luka, where are
you going? Be careful!
Jasna, stop screaming...
Where's that donkey from?
- Who knows what's Ante up to.
Is he ours?
He'll be with us couple
of days and then he'll leave.
- Why?!
Because he has to.
You drink so much in Zagreb too?
Just asking.
I don't.
I have a few when
there's some... Why?
I don't understand it.
Do you want us to stop?
- It's no problem.
I'm just asking
why you drink so much.
How much? -Very much,
brother -What's much?
Here... I won't drink anymore.
By God, you will.
If you can drink with your pals from
Zagreb, you can with your brother.
You're screwing with me?
What else can I do?
Now, seriously..
You seem troubled... Nervous.
Is it because of Jasna?
- Why?
I can see that you're fighting.
OK, but it's not like...
Usual stuff. -Having fights
is usual stuff for you?
And it's not usual to get
along, huh? -No, just...
What, we'll discuss me and Jasna
now? What do you need it for?
We'll talk about it
because it interests me.
We can talk about me and Danica,
but you and Jasna are first topic.
Fair enough? -Yes. Fair enough.
- So what is it? Tell me.
I don't know.
I can't stand hearing her talk.
Whenever she speaks, I feel
like she slaps me on the face.
I don't know I can't...
I can't explain it.
There's always something.
We try this way, we try
that way... That way. No way.
It's no good.
And it's like...
Nothing's to the point...
Nothing's to the point...
I don't feel like going
home anymore. I can't.
Everything's like...
- Usual stuff.
Stop screwing with me, please.
- I'm not screwing with you now.
Boro, you have to sort
somethings out with dad.
Then things with your
wife will be different.
Screwing with her that's
the easiest thing to do for you.
Did you sort things out with dad?
I did, as much as I could.
Fuck it, he's our dad.
Wait, wait...
- What is it?
Look at that.
- What?
Look at the sky. It's as if you
could touch it with your hand.
No, take one out of the house.
Six again!
Not with that one!
Praise be to Jesus.
-Not bad! -Good. -Great!
Boro, I'd go for a drive-out.
- What? Just roll it, brother.
Look at him!
- Bad.
That's what happens when you don't
listen to your brother You townie.
What are you doing here, son?
- I'm showing him something.
When did you get up?
- While you were sleeping.
Come on, go to bed, you'll play
with him whole day tomorrow.
I'd like to stay
with him some more.
You'll play with him whole day
tomorrow when you get some sleep.
I'd like to stay with him some
more, he's bored during the night.
OK, how is he bored?
- Because he's not sleeping.
He is. -Then why
isn't he lying down?
Because donkeys sleep standing up.
Look, he's watching us.
He's not sleeping now.
He doesn't need much sleep.
And you need lots to grow up.
I'll sleep less when I grow up!
- Why? -Because I can come late,
sleep a little and then go
out and keep it like that.
That's not good, my son.
- It is.
Trust your dad, it isn't.
- It is. And grandpa Pako told me
he'd teach me how to play boccie.
Who told you that? -Grandpa Pako.
He was here while you were out.
What else did he tell you?
- That you and uncle
didn't know how to play boccie
and that's why he'd teach me.
Let's go to bed.
We'll play with the donkey
whole day tomorrow. OK?
Abdic forces kept attacking
all over the Bihac frontline...
Despite their ferocity,
defence lines are not moving...
Let's visit our mother's grave.
We'll do it tomorrow.
- Why?
Because. Come on.
Luka! Let go of your aunt.
Where did you get so dirty? Huh?
- What does it matter? Get inside.
I'm just saying...
Want some watered wine?
- Sure!
Jasna. -What? -Come and
have some wine with us.
OK, just a moment.
Were there a lot of people?
- The whole of Drinovci.
Funerals always attract
the biggest crowds.
Father Ivan held a nice eulogy
About loving your neighbors,
so that we don't regret
a thing when they're gone. And so...
Nice. Very nice.
Sit down. -Can aunt
sit somewhere? -Sure...
You just sit down. I'm fine.
What's with you?
- Nothing.
Take me to the toilet.
What's for lunch?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Why are you acting like a jerk?
What? -What what? How long are
you going to abuse that woman?
OK, we won't talk about this...
- We will because you're impudent.
You don't get anything,
you foolish fool.
You don't...
- Get out.
Get out, I said. Go.
You want to mount him?
Come on...
Is this your donkey?
Have you given him a name?
- Riki.
Never heard that one before.
Riki the ass.
Why do they call you an ass?
You're not...
Take a look at me.
Look at me.
Whenever I talk to somebody...
there's a problem or something.
Be it my wife or my brother..
And that kid...
I barely talk to him.
Don't know how.
He's mama's boy.
One day, he'll just...
And he won't even say bye to me.
Do you know...
I wanted to have a girl.
To be just like my Jasna.
And who can I explain that to now...?
I haven't told her that.
That I'd like to have a girl.
To be just like Jasna.
A beauty
I haven't. If I did,
she would have had a girl.
For sure.
But I'm telling you.
Do you know Jasna? Huh?
That one...
When you see her tell her that.
We're almost done.
Come on, be patient.
You're nice. Yes, you are.
You're nice. Yes.
You know I almost feel bad
that you're leaving.
What can I do? I promised him.
And you're expensive. You know?
You're expensive.
Want some water?
Here... Come on, drink.
Need some help?
- No, I'm fine.
Good evening! -Here he is.
- You're just on time.
You see how I can feel it.
- Where's our boy? -Huh?
He's not back yet?
Did you see that?
- OK...
Don't worry, daughter-in-law
nothing can happen to him.
Where did you leave the kid?
I left him with the other kids.
What can he do by himself here?
What? -Don't, Jasna...
- Daughter-in-law!
Easy, don't make a fuss.
- Why are you interfering?
Damn Drinovci and
the first time I saw them...
Six year old kid...
- Where are you going?
To the club! -Let him
play, he'll come back.
Tell me where you left him!
- He's with the kids, come back!
Tell me where he is!
I won't.
You jerk!
Hey, daughter-in-law!
What brings you here?
I'm looking for Luka. Is he here?
No. -Oh, my God!
I can't find him anywhere.
Come on... Let's go find him.
- Where kids play.
Why didn't his dad go
look for him? -Nah. Boro...
Ante could have come with you too.
They say he'll be back.
- He will.
Kids are like that here.
They go home to eat and sleep.
I know. But he's not used to it.
How is he?
Fine. He'll start school
soon. First grade.
Is his business doing fine?
- Ah, Boro's? Yes, it is.
At least one thing going for him.
- What there?
Where are the kids? -Gone.
He's back home by now.
How? And what if he isn't?
Just go. He's home.
Just cross the field over there.
Bye, daughter-in-law.
Bye, Pako.
I put him to bed. He
fell asleep right away.
We've just received an announcement
from the Ministry of Defense saying...
Good night. -Good night. -Croatian
army started an operation this morning
aimed at liberating occupied
areas of Knin, Gracac, Lapac,
Korenica, Slunj, Glina,
Dvor and Petrinja,
bringing them back under the
Croatian constitutional and legal system.
Sleep, love.
It's grandpa.
Who's that?
Come on, it's Davor.
Hello, who's that?
What, my son?
You don't say...?
Without a swimming belt?
And without foot fins?
Mom just lets you go and...
What, my son?
I can hear you, but something's
wrong with the line...
Jasna! Are you asleep?
- No.
Sit down.
Now the two of us will have a drink.
We can treat ourselves too.
Cheers, daughter-in-law!
- Cheers, my Ljube!
Wow, it's strong! -Has to be.
Soft brandy is no good.
Now we can sip it.
I sat down with Boro like this
when he was leaving for Zagreb.
I told him what to do.
He kept saying, yes, aunt.
I thought, if he does one thing
I told him, I'd be pleased.
Lube, can I ask you something?
You don't have to answer.
Ask. Why wouldn't I answer?
How come Ante and you
never had any children?
I said it's my fault.
And it's not?
It's all the same. But it's less of
a shame for a woman to take the blame.
Some doctor in Zagreb told him
he could help. But he refused.
These are kids for him.
Men's business.
I almost don't feel bad about it.
We always treated Boro
as if he was our own.
He's my sister's son,
but just like my own.
He's that close to my heart.
He spent more time with us
than at his own house.
We sent him to school and all...
Yes, I know, Boro told me that
Pako didn't want him to go...
He wanted him to work the fields.
But Boro wasn't for it. -I know...
And Boro as well... It's been 20
years. He could have forgiven him...
Isn't that right?
I guess so.
- What is it, Ljube?
You should talk to Boro.
He held something back
from me, right?
See to it with him.
- Ljube, please, tell me.
It's about my sister...
So I guess I can tell you.
Boro's mother went to the lake.
And she let herself go...
Pako kept tormenting her
until he drove her to her grave.
And he didn't tell me...
It was a year before
he went to Zagreb...
If you can,
wait until you get back to Zagreb
and then settle it with him.
Good one... -Great!
- Way to go, uncle!
Did you see that?
Straight and neat!
Way to go, uncle!
- I'll make a better one.
Good evening! -What
are you doing here?
I'm going to watch them
play boccie. -You're drink?
Good evening.
- Hey -You're losing?
Uncle, we'll head home.
- OK...
I'll finish it up with Stipe.
What's the rush? Let me see you play!
- I'm not playing anymore. Come on...
He's not playing... -Want to make
a scene here? -You're a scene!
- What? You liar!
What? Am I embarrassing you?
We must save our faces in front
of the village! That's the worst thing!
Let's go home, you're drunk.
Come one... -I'll be drunk at home too.
Did Mijat's kid die from
a heart problem? -What?
What can you do... He was old,
his heart failed him. -What?
Was it like that? -What?
- I'm asking you, was it like that?!
Just keep quiet. If you open
your mouth, you'll tell a lie.
Please, go and play boccie,
wander around, that's your game.
You mother killed herself.
Was that so hard for you
to tell your wife?
My mom killed herself
because dad brutally abused her.
Yes, now you know everything
and... -But you didn't tell me.
Come on, let's go home...
- I fit was you...
If you only said, please,
let's not every talk about this,
I'd say OK. But no. You lie,
because you're a pussy!
- Just like your father!
Where's Jasna?
- Sleep, my son.
You drunk cow! What have you
done?! -I didn't mean it, I swear!
Shut up, you've woken the kid!
Back off! Get away from me!
Jasna... Don't be a fool...
Don't be a fool.
What are you doing?
Jasna! -Get away!
- Jasna, come back!
Come back, Jasna!
I got a cramp...
Take the kid to bed.
He doesn't want to go.
Luka! Go to bed.
Mom and dad will be here soon.
I'll see when my dad
can come here.
In about a week would be best.
- We'll be here even sooner
I thought, it'd be more convenient
because of the kid. -What?
Nothing. -Come on,
we'll strike a deal.
Look at him. He's nice, huh?
- Yes.
You made your wife go to the lake...
It's not right that a kid
doesn't know his grandfather.
And has grandpa ever called Zagreb
to ask about his grandson?
You would have hung up on me.
I did call.
- You didn't.
I called when the kid was born.
- You didn't. I would have known.
I called the hospital. Petrova.
He weighed 7 lbs 11.5 oz.
And I sent a bottle of
whiskey to the doctor.
Jozo's Rapo went to Zagreb so...
Doesn't matter.
You want to talk about other things.
And you?
You don't.
You drove my mother to her grave.
You never said a nice
word to her Not once.
But you don't want to talk...
- I never loved your mother.
Not for a moment. Never
I wanted to marry another one.
Why didn't you?
She died.
My father was killed...
My brothers fled to America.
I wanted to go to Germany but
I couldn't leave my old mother.
Your mother was ripe for wedding...
She gave me two sons
and I didn't love her.
Pere, I could stand him, but you...
When I took you in my arms,
you didn't smell like a child to me.
You stank!
If only I could have killed myself...
It would have saved me.
I'm ashamed. Ashamed
of my life. Ashamed.
You licked me...!
- He's licking us. You licker!
I'll go and get some more...
- Aunt, sit down, for God's sake!
The table is full. Stop
running because of us. Relax.
I'm used to it.
Dear aunt, since we came,
we've been stuffing ourselves.
You have to take it easy
with us Sarajevans.
We're used to having a can
with some onions for a whole day
I don't know if I can
cook anything normal anymore.
I cooked from the can for
three years... -Oh my God...
It wasn't like that, Danica.
When Ibro brought us smoked
sausage from Visoko...
Now that was a feast!
The whole apartment building
gathered around one sausage!
Dad! -What? -Davor.. Come on,
sit down with us, look at you.
Relax, have some water -OK...
Dad? Know what Luka says? -What?
Wha'? -So?
- It's funny to me.
It's funny to Luka
when you say bro',
but he doesn't tease you
because he's well-mannered.
Here's a drumstick.
Now go, you Bosnian hick.
Don't be like that.
- It's OK...
The kid knows it's a joke.
Luka! Luka!
Come and have breakfast!
Right now!
Hi, Ante.
- Hi.
Hi. Cana.
- Ante.
Let's sit down up there
and have a drink. -Nah...
Luka, my son, come and have
something to eat. Come on.
Come on. -They're
taking Riki away now? -What?
Riki is going to be theirs now?
- I don't want that.
But uncle Ante said that
Riki would have to go, right?
Don't let them.
- How my son?
Don't let them. -Luka!
- Give him the money.
Here it is.
What is it? -He feels bad
because of the donkey.
Come here, love. You feel
bad because of the donkey?
Luka! Luka!
I'd sit and have a drink,
but dad's in a hurry.
It's OK, maybe some
other time. -Hold it, hold it.
Luka! Come over here.
Riki belongs to Luka.
Ante, give the money back.
There's nothing to give back.
We've done the deal.
You haven't done a thing.
How much is there?
- 500 marks.
Here's a thousand.
My brother..
Drive slowly. Don't rush it.
Danica... -Boro... Drive slowly.
- I'll be taking care of Riki.
And you come back as soon
as possible, you hear? OK...
Aunt... Look at you...
Be careful. -Don't cry.
- Look at her!
My Boro...
Try and stay a bit longer next year.
- I will. And you stay well until then.
Wha' up?
- Wha' wha'? -Wha' wha'?
Bye. Take care.
Let's get going! Come on!
Good luck! -Bye!
- Take care! -Bye!
Praise be to Jesus, Ane!
I sold that ass of yours.
To hell with you and him!
I don't need that money.
Nothing. I just...
Are we going to drive
like this till Zagreb?