Kertu (2013) Movie Script

Are you ready?
Well, I think it's enough for today.
Yes, there is very little left.
Hold that.
Keep it.
If anything
still need to tell me.
Well, yes.
in foggy weather
I'm going
in foggy weather
I'll go for a walk
I'll go for a walk
Walking on a meadow
I'll go for a walk
Walking on a meadow
And I hear it?
And I'm there I see, hear?
Like early in the morning
I see his bride.
A Film by Ilmar Raag
Good morning!
Well, have been waiting for?
I was about to call the police.
Well, not too long I was out.
The peasant throat so long
stand up like a woman can endure.
Hey, guys! The end of the working day?
- Hey, Willie.
Maybe have a drink at one?
- Yes, too early.
Come on,
urabotaytes not only to the death!
Hello, Kurt!
Do you hear me? Villa?
Why did you last got drunk again?
You also need to see a doctor today.
Check out who you look like!
You were sent
to be treated for addiction to alcohol!
Saw what card
you last here?
Well, no, you have absolutely no brains.
Mocks a sick woman.
What are you, little women from all over
the countryside? - I do not know that Kurt.
So this is from the village of Kurt Ilbo.
Kurt others around here do not.
Do you think she knows how to write?
I thought you were absolutely crazy.
she writes beautifully.
Well, here you are.
Give me the bottle.
My head is splitting.
And I?
And I can fuck you,
even when drunk.
This is the man!
Do not go here!
Yeah, a little bit drunk.
On, take them.
- What is it?
Well, Willie,
came the test results.
And these pains in the throat,
and this husky voice...
It's cancer.
Well, how much I have left?
First of all, say thank you to his mother,
that it has led you here on time.
And all further
depends on one's own.
You tumor
not yet grown.
But if you do not you will be treated,
it will not last more than a year.
Who has brought to us from afar!
I was returning from the city,
I have nowhere to hurry.
I would also drank beer,
borrow a couple of the euro?
We have already chipped in
but if you want glotnu.
Look, when the funeral Ants were
We have put him in the coffin,
well, he's fat and was not fit -
coffin lid was not closed.
Yuss sat on the edge -
well, did not go!
Well, his son said then -
will not work.
And then what happened?
What do you think?
By morning, ordered a new coffin.
Well, what are you sitting there
like this one?
Today, I do not get drunk with beer.
And I was afraid,
you would come already drunk.
You wrote me this poem?
So what happens now?
Why would you?
You do not know me.
What am I saying here...
Kurt was gone!
What are you worried?
She announced.
Who's there?
- Listen, Malle is Einar.
This abnormal Kurt was gone. It is
said that she was seen with your Villa.
Villa went into the city.
He had to see a doctor.
Well then let me know
when it appears.
And then the whole village Yuri Myyry
to raise the legs.
Oh, my God!
This is still not enough!
Then let me know.
- Well, I will report.
- Agreed!
Well, all right?
Mallet said she would call when
He announced he was in town, so...
More than we are now
can not do anything.
If it does not turn up until tomorrow, then
we can declare it officially in the search.
Yes, there she is!
How to find?
From here, we 15km! At night!
She is afraid of the people!
Do you understand?
But she's grown woman...
We will immediately call you
When we learn something.
You also call at the port.
Okay, let's go home.
Thank you for coming.
Villa, is that you?
Well, let us go into the house.
I'll give you something to eat.
Good morning!
And how did you get here?
- Walking come.
Kurt, we need to call your
parents say that you're here.
Do not...
Mom Villa,
Please, let's not call!
At night, the constable came to me.
You were seen together at a party.
Hell, what do they care about that?
Maybe parents Kurt
worried about her?
Let's not call now!
- Kurt she knows what to do.
Kurt, if you yourself are afraid to call
I can call them.
Hello. Where's Kurt?
The house... Hello
You have absolutely no mind?
What do you think?
In what sense?
Let them into the house,
if do not know what they do?
I understand that you do not have council
an adult son
but Kurt is sick.
Do I have them cast out
into the street at night?
Sorry, but you are no better
than your drunkard son.
Mom, well, do not.
Let's take away Kurt and leave.
- Let's take her.
Where's Kurt? Kurt!
- And why did you come?
For Kurt.
- She does not want to go.
What are you talking about?
Kurt, let's go home.
Mom and Kaarin coming for you!
Kurt, let's go!
Dad and so very angry.
If she does not want to go,
let it be here.
And you, Villa, shut up!
You'll be sorry for what I did.
Well, I have to blame for everything!
Oh, yeah fuck you all in the ass, damn!
I will not go into your bedroom.
Go and bring it yourself.
You know -
I can not leave you here.
Well be reasonable.
You can not stay under the bed.
You were such a reasonable woman
Well, what happened?
Come on, come on out.
Let's talk.
Forgive me, mother Villa.
I do not know what came over me.
It's okay...
My name is Malle.
You just can not imagine
What evil could be my father.
And what does he do?
Between you and me,
The villa is also not an angel.
Even though he is my son,
but then I understand.
that you had him?
He did not do anything bad to you?
Well, let's go... Goodbye.
If Kurt is now something happens,
then you'll meet.
You and your son.
Do you have any idea
What will happen now?
I do not care.
- What are you talking about?
I have throat cancer.
A little more, maybe I will stay.
Who, who told you that?
The analysis results come.
But what they told you yet?
that we should go to Tallinn to be treated,
I have to stop drinking
Smoking is also impossible.
Cancer - a cancer.
Well, I will stretch out there for a couple of months
longer, and then all the same - the end.
I will not because of this shit
nothing to throw.
Villa! Well, you can not!
We was there in the hospital Lena is...
It will definitely help us.
Mom, I'm just a doctor.
Damn it...
And then we went to the sea.
And what he did then?
He made you
have sex with him?
I'll kill him.
What do you mean "no"?
Well, why did you go with him, Lord?
He made you, or not?
Kurt, he's just using you.
Hell, I'll kill that bastard!
Mom, we have to take her to the doctor.
A father has to go to the police.
So, now get out.
I want myself to talk to Kurt.
Urey, well, you will not have you...?
Heck, you can not talk to me
with his daughter? Get out of here!
Villa hugged her.
Strangely, I did not understand,
it's your Kurt.
Listen, and it has already
taken to the police?
The police because of this
did not move.
We talked with them yesterday.
They do not care that Kurt is sick,
she lives with me.
They have to make it myself
written statement.
With cops always the case.
And, this villa will be nothing?
And how Kurt feels?
And then suddenly, at some point, it
do not fucking understand what happened.
Well, you have not planted?
Do not sell him.
- Do you, Willie, not a drop of shame.
Dare here in the village still appear!
I'm not selling you.
As it is, I'm crying!
- I do not need your money.
Take the money!
- She said she did not sell!
Go to hell all!
- Take your money!
Villa, mind you, in this shop
you have nothing more to go. Get it?
What did he do?
- Was going to steal from me.
Heck, who then steals it?
- Hey, you! You are not ashamed?
You're small, you're the devil,
abused my daughter, a little?
Who abused, she will come.
- She's here! Freak!
Do you think me a little shame
the daughter of a fool?
She does not understand what he does.
Gavnyuk this! She's my daughter!
I'm her ashore. I have her in
a psychiatric hospital is not posted.
May you, drunk,
fucking my sick daughter!
Is that you,
'll take care of it?
When was the last time you sober?
I care about her, I am!
You understand - I am!
Now get out of here!
That you wrote to me
this poem?
Why did you do that?
You do not know me.
What am I saying here...
Get out of here.
I can not.
And I, maybe next time I can not.
Why? I do not like me?
Please, let's go!
Not here.
You're mad at me.
On the bus I have no more money.
So late buses do not go.
And went on foot?
- So far!
Well, yes!
You're used to going, of course.
Let's buy something with it.
No, please, no.
I love these cookies.
I have them at home, too,
to give their rabbits.
What, you feed rabbits cookies?
Only on holidays.
So, now I like your rabbit?
I do not even know who you are.
What do I say to a child?
I do not know,
why should I tell you all this.
In the village all the talk
about the case with Kurt.
And if it is, you fool,
she really wanted?
It just can not be understood?
She did not wanted to go home,
when we followed her to the Villa arrived.
Its just fooled!
Now the whole village knows
that it is an idiot.
Kurt, I said in the village that you
Now you will not deliver the mail.
I think it would be better if you're there
will not appear for some time.
And that, my father was still very angry?
- I think he's all right.
Can I stay here,
in his room?
Yes, you can stay.
You do not drink?
We do not have anything.
I said,
Why have you got in touch with Kurt?
What about her that?
It is absolutely normal.
It's still not quite normal when
adult woman crawls under the bed.
I was beginning to think all.
About what?
I will not tell you.
How much do you actually years?
- What? Do not be!
It can.
You're just used to not look at me.
Wait, wait, let me see.
Why are you looking at me?
How so?
That's so weird.
Yes it is your eyes are weird.
I can not look at them for a long time.
I'm tickled!
What happened?
I'm sorry...
I felt dizzy.
All right?
What happened?
I can not move!
I have a cramp.
Wait, wait...
What, what are you laughing at?
I feel so good.
You know, when you're smiling at you
the happiest smile in the world.
Good morning!
- Hello, hello.
Look, who is now almost goes round?
Kurt did not appear.
Well, yes, it Urey probably
drove to the hospital.
He did not give a daughter to a
psychiatric hospital, too proud.
- Hello, hello.
Yuri, did you hear? Villa lost.
- How is it?
Well, not looking for work anywhere,
the store did not come.
Most likely, he fled,
he has no life here.
If the store is more vodka
do not sell that he is there to do.
Have a nice day!
Kurt, what are you doing?
God forbid, Kurt, darling!
I did not think
that to me this is also going to happen.
What will happen?
Kurt, no one knows in advance.
This villa sleeping
with all the other women in Ilbo.
You do not even need to know
said about them.
Kurt, he did not deserve,
that because of him...
Yes, I already knew.
Now take a deep breath,
hold your breath.
Now you can breathe.
Kurt, my dear...
Well, now you're waiting for this Villa?
Honey, he does not return.
People say it all went,
and no one knows where.
Listen to my mother and me.
He's just using you,
because you're sick
and do not understand everything.
Kurt, honey, look at me.
Look, it's me, your daddy.
Daddy was so worried about you!
If this drunkard again announced
promise me you do not go with him.
Look at me!
You can not be with him more to go!
Come here!
That's it.
We have that here and we live here?
Do you want to live in a bath?
Do not think
too much about all this.
About what?
- The life here in the bath.
I tell you that, do not you like me?
I'm doomed.
Villa, is that you in there?
Well go into the house.
I'll give you something to eat.
I have cancer.
Analyses showed
that the tumor shrank.
Now we have to wait
a couple of months,
obsleduem again
know the final result.
In my view, there is hope.
You can go home.
And with alcohol and smoking -
as I said.
Well, yes...
Villa, I'm not kidding,
If you want to drink -
remain without a voice.
and the treatment here will be useless.
So the deal.
All right.
At the end of a long driveway -
Small World
And its top I can not see
But my little life here -
here all my pain
and my last home...
Damn it...
See it here.
What are you doing here?
- I came to see you.
How are you doing?
I'm a little sick.
I had a whole month in Tallinn.
I was in the hospital.
I was told that I recover,
only voice still hoarse.
Wait a minute...
I have something for you.
These are the cookies.
Come here!
No, I'm not going.
What is it?
I do not even know
What do you think about me.
You also sleep
with all the women in the village.
I now come to you!
I misunderstood.
You know, I'm a little bit of that...
Kurt, I thought about you
every single day.
You just disappeared!
- Kurt!
Go away, go away, he'll kill you!
- Well, we'll see!
Fucking man! What are you doing?
Where do you stick your nose?
- What, you can not even talk?
Heck, with a drunk, like you,
No one in the village will not speak.
Kurt, you have,
what to say to him?
Kurt! Kurt...
Well, what are you doing with my daddy?
No, Daddy, no.
This guy wants to see
as you love your daddy.
Kurt, show him.
Well, here you want?
You want her more disgrace
in front of people? Yes?
I did not drink for a month.
Kurt, come hell in the hallway vodka.
I do not know where she is.
- On a shelf near the door to the pantry.
Go-go, run!
What did you say to her,
her to go with you?
What did you do then, tell me?
What difference does it make?
- Say it! Come on, tell me!
I just called her.
Come with me!
You're lying, you bastard!
What happened to your voice,
What are you sick?
Well, if not fatally, then...
Share Kurt, what are you man!
Go all in the ass, damn it.
Next time, I'll kill you!
Kurt, you're not sick?
No, I'm just bad.
Can I get you a glass of water?
Yes, thank you.
Malle, your villa brawled at the store.
Drunk as a skunk.
Get out of here!
Go sleep it off! - You do not
nobody know dick about everything.
Get out of here, what are you
hanging around here, you bastard!
And what do you want this window frame made?
I do not remember,
I love you so fucked.
Let's go home, the Villa!
- Do not touch me, damn!
What if Kurt
in fact pregnant?
An abortion and everything.
There's nothing to discuss.
Yes, you have enlarged uterus.
And the analysis is done,
but I think - you are pregnant.
So - congratulations!
You can dress up.
And what's the plan?
We will bear, right?
- No.
We want to have an abortion.
Kurt, is that true?
- It makes no sense to ask her anything.
One used it drunk, okay?
- You told the police?
Stated, but they did nothing.
- How so?
They want
Kurt said to myself, but...
Kurt, wait a bit for the door.
Kurt, then I'll talk
with you individually.
You see,
how it affected her.
And she went to a psychiatrist?
- That it is not necessary,
it's just a little inhibited.
You see,
if Kurt does not officially sick,
I can not have an abortion
optionally mother.
You talked to her the most?
- You just do not understand.
From that moment I realized
that it is not quite normal...
You can not imagine
she is afraid of everything.
No, she's not stupid.
She's just scared.
In the village nobody touches it.
She even graduated from 8th grade.
It goes round -mail,
she copes.
But everyone knows
that we should not talk to her.
She did not respond.
Ask anyone -
all say that this is a drunkard
kill little...
In any case,
I have to talk to her.
I do not understand why you
not issued to her disability.
You would pay allowance.
- We do not need aid.
Our family earns enough.
We can take care of your child.
Kurt, I know what you mean, but you
you do not want a sick child.
There can be born
healthy child.
Kurt, I beg you! Be reasonable!
You know perfectly well,
What will happen now.
My father will not let
keep the baby.
But, Mom, I want this baby!
Do you have children,
at Kaarin also have children.
Kurt, please...
You're sick!
Villa simply not the man.
Come on, talk to my dad.
And please, be reasonable.
So what did they say?
Kurt was pregnant.
Talking about abortion?
Kurt itself should want it.
Kurt! Kurt, listen...
You did not tell the doctor?
You do not want this baby?
I want to.
If the baby is born, you
fly out of the house faster than a turd.
And daddy you no more.
All right?
Do you hear me?
- This is my baby.
Heck, Kurt...
From this gavnyuka,
that you have used
and fuck all the women in a row
I want a baby!
This is my baby!
- Damn!
Yuri! Stop it!
You will do as I say!
Damn, where are you, bitch, go?
Say you understand me! I can not hear!
- Yes...
I can not hear,
tell me what I knew now!
Will you go to the doctor,
say what you want to have an abortion!
I can not hear you!
- Yes!
Get out of here!
What are you doing there?
I need the money.
Well, what do you mean
so just surrender?
What should I do?
You know nothing about Kurt.
Well, tell me.
Give me the money!
- Do not give!
Hey, back off!
You're not going drunk on the tractor!
You do not care about anyone.
You can not
like this get drunk to death!
Did you ever thought about
Kurt like that?
I leave you this cookie.
You did it, too, liked it, huh?
- Yes.
Where are you this poem
to find me?
And you liked it?
Kurt! Where's Kurt?
- And why did you come?
Kurt, come on, let's go!
I wanted to tell you - our Kertu
pregnant from your villa...
And Yuri forces her to have an abortion.
Why are you telling me this?
Well, you tell your villa.
What are you still doing?
So what should he do?
Today, it will go...
I do not know...
I just do not know...
You do not say
I told you about it.
thank you...
If you want, you can go.
But I will say that you and I will.
This is a Villa
will not be able to stop drinking.
His father died of vodka
and he also died.
And a couple of years, he will die
from cancer, and you stay alone,
because in our house
you will not live.
In the village you have no friends,
children hurl stones of your child,
because he is born abnormal.
You know,
I'm not lying to you now.
If you want it,
then go with it.
I'm going to count to three.
Read this and sign here.
Come on.
Sit down here.
Legs here.
Now we'll make you an operation.
Sister will introduce the drug in hand,
and you will fall asleep.
When you wake up,
everything will be over.
You understand, right?
No, I do not want to! I do not want to!
- What happened?
I do not want do not want to!
Calm down, what you do not want?
- I do not want an abortion.
We will not make you have an abortion,
If you do not want.
Very good,
get dressed and go home.
I can not go out, there's my father.
Father forces you to have an abortion?
- Yes.
What can I do for you?
You want me to talk to him?
Do not talk!
- And what can I do?
Let's just wait a little bit...
So much so we will wait?
- Wait a little bit, a little bit...
Wait, wait, where are you going?
- Where's Kurt?
I have to talk to her!
- Too late, it's over already.
Well, you're a bastard!
Get back!
Put this scum!
- Pervert, a beast!
I will not talk to the likes of you!
- Kurt! Kurt!
You do not know
Kurt what I wrote?
So what did she write to you?
Are you afraid?
You go, if I say "go"?
Will you stay?
Kurt! No, wait, let me go!
That's my daughter!
Kurt! Kurt!
I wrote it to him!
- What is written? Get dressed, let's go!
Say it!
- Let's go, come inside!
You go, when I say "go"?
Will you stay?
If the night without a word, you shall be
in a dream to walk with me?
next to me!
Why are you doing this to Daddy?
You do not know what you're doing.
At the end of a long driveway -
Small World
And its top I can not see
But my little life here -
here all my pain
and my last home...
Where's Kurt?
I asked where Kurt?
Where it is probably better...
- Oh, my God! What happened?
She's alive, do not worry.
Mom, you promised.
So I believe that one day
can see the top of the sky.
And when I get big...
I do not need to be any stronger,
Neither beautiful
and just listen to yourself,
Because my heart wants to heat
when it beats inside
ask, you, the Creator,
believe me.
I thought it would be good
if I had time to see it.
Since I live as best I can,
sky above me...
So I believe that one day
can see the top of the sky.
And when the beauty of the world
all will go down with me,
That itself I'll barefoot
stand before love...
Russian Translator Lyudmila Reimann