Kesari (2019) Movie Script

At the beginning of the 19th century,
Maharaja Ranjit Singh drove away
the Afghans from the North-Western region
of India and established Sikh Rule there.
Since then,
the Prince of Afghanistan kept looking out
for an opportunity to capture
this part of India again.
After the Maharaja's death,
...when the British tried to
strengthen their hold on the region,
...they suffered heavy losses
at the hands of the Afghan tribes.
It was also said that
there was a Mullah...
...who would incite the Pathans to
attack the British in the name of Jihad.
Since it was only the Sikhs
who could oust the Afghans,
...the British took the help of the
Sikh Armed Forces to fight the invaders.
In 1890, the 36th Sikh regiment
was stationed at the three forts built...
...amidst the Samana Mountains.
This is the story of the
soldiers from this very regiment,
...who were guarding the Saragarhi Fort.
These mountains fall under Afghanistan.
And these belong to India.
And in the middle, a line is drawn.
And proclaimed as a border.
- This?
- Hmm.
Now let's suppose,
the Englishman is the husband...
And the Ruler of
Afghanistan is the wife....
And the Pathans of this
region are the Magistrate.
The wife took the husband's money...
And accepted this line as the border.
So if the husband and
wife are in agreement...
... what's the magistrate's problem?
The magistrate always
has a grouse with the regime.
On top of that,
the wife keeps egging him on...
So the Afghan Prince is instigating
the Pathans against the British...
But why?
Because the wife wants
to continue her Russian affair...
... divorce the husband
and grab the alimony!
And only the magistrate
can sanction the divorce.
Ishar Singh...
But if the Prince is the wife,
The Englishman is the husband...
And the Russian is the lover...
Who are we, then?
The wedding guests!
Gulab Singh, we're the wedding procession.
We're just here to dance to their tunes!
Havaldar (Sergeant) Ishar Singh!
Yes Sir.
We're done patrolling today.
Time to head back to Gulistan.
Keep the men ready.
Yes Sir.
- Sir, look!
- No, Ishar Singh!
We won't interfere in their matters.
- Sir, they'll kill her!
- So what?
It's business as usual for them.
Not our problem.
Come on, move!
That's an order, Havaldar!
Lord Almighty, uphold our honour.
Oh dear.
It's showtime!
Run away!
The Sikhs carry their
honour in their turbans...
Take it off first.
Strip his head bare
before you chop it off.
Kill me if you want,
... but don't dare touch my turban.
One shall be forever blessed,
who says God is the ultimate truth!
He needs to be punished severely, Sir.
We need to set an example.
You are right, Lawrence.
This is a serious matter.
We must inform the Lieutenant
Colonel immediately.
- Attar Singh!
- Yes Sir!
Make contact with Saragarhi.
We need to send a message to Lockhart.
... for Lieutenant Colonel Haughton.
Yes Sir!
Water is already scarce.
If the Major finds out you've
been watering the earth it,
he'll shoot you straight-away.
It's my share of water.
Whether I drink it or throw it -
my wish!
Any progress?
Not yet.
Nothing can grow here, Ishar...
This soil is as hostile as the Pathans...
It refuses to mingle with strangers.
I'm a farmer, Gulaab...
Bonding with the earth
comes naturally to me.
So, have they decided on my punishment?
Not yet...
He'll poison the Major's ears first...
Then they'll send word to Haughton Sir.
He's going to deal with you then.
Haughton Sir won't do anything to me.
He's very different from Lawrence Sir.
How exactly?
Haughton Sir doesn't discriminate
on the basis of a man's colour.
Whether you're white, brown or any colour
for him, all soldiers are equal.
All that is rubbish.
If that were the case, why would
he differentiate between you and I?
Because we're separated by rank.
That's why.
Man, I want to rise in rank too!
Learn some English first, Gulabo!
Yeah right...
As if you've learnt a lot, eh?
I have! By listening to them.
You barely know a few words....
God knows if you even use them correctly!
I know a lot of words.
I learn a new one everyday.
Do you remember the day when troops
arrived from Hangu... With General Biggs?
Among them was a British
Havaldar (Sergeant).
- Yeah, yeah.
- The same rank.
Do you know what they called him?
"Saajan (Darling) Tim, Saajan Tim!"
- Saajan?
- Hmm!
God, no...
I don't want to be a Havaldar then!
Why, what happened?
Look, there are 175 men here.
If they all start calling
me 'Darling Gulaab'...
My masculinity will be blown to bits!
Well, Nurse Teresa will
call you 'Darling' too, then...
Won't you be thrilled!
Oh stop it, Ishar Singh!
What do I say, my friend...
Every time a war begins...
I wish to get injured...
Only so the pretty nurse
could tend to my wounds.
But nothing ever happens!
The Pathans can't even aim -
Look after him.
There's too many of them, Sir!
Send word to Lockhart.
Call for help. Quick!
Yes Sir!
Why didn't you obey
Lieutenant Lawrence's orders?
If I had,
that girl would have been killed.
Yes, she would've died...
But we wouldn't have been attacked!
You just gave that
Mullah another excuse...
To rile up the Pathans against us.
I beg your pardon, Sir...
But the reason behind this war isn't me...
It's the British government.
Don't you dare teach me about
the politics of my government.
You're a soldier,
meddling in politics isn't your job.
Your job is to follow orders.
I'm transferring you.
You're going to Saragarhi
and taking charge there tomorrow.
Sir, what will I do there?
Nothing ever happens there.
Yes. That's why.
So you won't get into trouble over there.
And remember.
Without Saragarhi,
Gulistan and Lockhart can't communicate.
I'm a soldier, Sir...
Not a postman.
Be careful Ishar Singh,
or you won't remain a postman either.
Yes Sir.
When you see a senior officer,
what are you supposed to do?
I didn't ask you to salute.
I simply asked you -
what should you do when you see me?
I should salute you, Sir.
Then why didn't you?
I see.
Looks like I need to teach
you some discipline, Havaldar.
Now salute thrice.
And with each salute,
apologize to your senior officer.
Right now, Havaldar!
I'm sorry, Sir.
I'm sorry, Sir.
I'm sorry, Sir.
What did you think, Havaldar?
You'll disobey me and get away with it?
You think you're better than me, isn't it?
Well, let me tell you something.
If you were better than us...
... You wouldn't be our slaves.
You know, it's funny.
The Sikhs and Pathans
claim to be very brave...
But the moment there's a chance,
you're the first to flee.
Like now...
You're running off to Saragarhi.
That's how the people of India are.
I think there's something
rotten in this land itself...
It breeds cowardice.
Am I right, Havaldar?
I'm sorry. Don't let me keep you.
You need to pack your bags.
So long, fer!
'Fakhar' (Pride)?
On one hand, he's angry...
And yet, he's proud of you too?
I'm confused.
These Britishers are such weirdos, man!
He says the cowards are
born from the land of our country.
These forts stand on our shoulders...
And they have the gall to call us cowards,
the low-lives!
Why didn't you answer back?
I don't know why...
Words seemed to fall short.
Man, don't you ever wish...
We could flow free, like a river...
Walk with pride and swagger...
... March to our own beat?
What are you talking about, Ishar?
I don't really understand.
Today, for the first time I realized...
We're slaves, not soldiers.
Were people like us just
born to bow and salute?
First the Mughals ruled us,
now the British...
When will we rule ourselves?
So you want to rule, is it?
I want to be free...
To be free like a river...
To flow of my own accord.
Anyway, forget that.
Tell me something...
Did she finally nurse your wounds?
How would I know -
I was unconscious!
My luck is cursed.
I took a bullet, all in vain!
Why don't you get married?
I will when I go back to my village next.
It's better than getting
shot for a random woman...
I'll just remember my wife,
and soothe my heart.
Like you do.
What do you mean?
Don't act so innocent...
I've often seen you sitting and
thinking of her, smiling to yourself.
You sure keep an eye on me, eh!
Very well. I'll leave now.
Stay strong, my friend.
Take care of yourself.
Holy smokes!
It's you!
I thought it's someone else.
Are you fine, ma'am?
I hope nobody troubled you again?
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Do you know Punjabi?
No point asking.
Do you know English, ma'am?
left-right, left-right, fire, line...
Wow... 'bye-bye'?
By God, you speak English!
Do you know any more?
Very well. I'll be off then.
Yes, yes.
What is this?
Hmm... It's sweet.
It's very tasty.
It was nice talking to you.
I'll be off now. May God be with you.
Bye bye.
Are you done philandering?
Bless you, my love!
Such anger!
I look after your home,
await your return years on end...
While you get cozy with that Pathani!
Why fight as soon as you've arrived, love?
At least offer me a few sweet words!
You satisfied your sweet tooth,
didn't you? Tell me!
I'm going to crush your bones.
Wait till you get home.
She offered me sweets
as a token of gratitude...
So I had to accept it.
You know I'm not fond of sweets anyway...
I like it hot and spicy...
That's why I married you!
You're not all that good looking,
you know...
It's just these silly things
you say that make me fall for you.
So when I come home,
will you just crush my bones...
Or will we get cozy too?
I say, Mister Ishar Singh...
Yes, sweetheart...
Go to hell.
Okay, forget romance...
At least give me a hug!
I'll die a happy man!
My love!
"My dearest, my sweetheart"
"Promise you won't ever leave me"
"I can't think straight without you"
"I'll follow you hand-in-hand"
"To wherever you go"
"We're two incomplete halves"
"To be with you is all I want"
"Before or after you"
"I could have no other true love,
apart from you"
"I'll follow you hand-in-hand"
"To wherever you go"
"My dearest, my sweetheart"
"If you'd keep me in your heart"
"We'd talk through our eyes"
"If you'd keep me in your heart"
"We'd talk through our eyes"
"My heartbeat feels your presence"
"You are mine and I, yours"
"Even the almighty cannot deny"
"We're two incomplete halves"
"To be with you is all I want"
"Before or after you"
"I could have no other true love,
apart from you"
"I'll follow you hand-in-hand"
"To wherever you go"
"Promise you won't ever leave me"
"I can't think straight without you"
"I'll follow you hand-in-hand"
"To wherever you go"
"Promise you won't ever leave me"
"I can't think straight without you"
"I'll follow you hand-in-hand"
"To wherever you go"
So should I write this, then?
"I miss you a lot."
Oh no. Let it be, Gurmukh.
She'll have the priest read it to her.
If she hears these words from him...
... she'll be mortified, the poor thing!
Just write this much, that I'll -
It's a letter from Haughton Sir.
I'm taking charge
of this place from today.
But weren't you going to arrive tomorrow?
I'm Naik (Corporal) Lal Singh
and that's Sepoy Gurmukh Singh.
Lamp Operator.
So you have kids enrolled in the army!
How old are you, kiddo?
Nineteen, Sir.
Who's making so much noise?
Attention, soldiers!
Havaldar Ishar Singh
is here to take charge.
Sir, water.
Who are you?
I'm the cook. Khuda Daad.
No thanks.
So these are the brave
men of the 36th Sikh cavalry.
Is this what soldiers are like?
No Sir.
nothing much happens around here...
All we do is pass on messages
from Gulistan to Lockhart...
Back and forth.
You could say it's like a post office.
This is the army, Lal Singh.
Not a festive carnival!
Look at the state of your men!
Where's your uniform?
Worthless creatures!
Drop the broom!
A soldier in underwear!
Look at Gurmukh!
A soldier must be in uniform on duty!
Bloody Brit!
You'll be punished for this.
Now you'll wrestle among yourselves,
and the roosters will watch the show!
And you'll continue
till the roosters ask you to stop.
How will the roosters speak?
Who are you?
Lance Naik Chanda Singh, Sir!
Chanda Singh...
While they wrestle,
you'll take rounds of the fort.
Yes Sir.
Lal Singh.
Yes Sir.
Your duty is
to keep a watch on them.
If anything goes wrong in the slightest,
you'll be punished.
Yes Sir.
And remember
you'll only do as the roosters say.
Get the birds!
You went on a rampage as soon as
you arrived! Why were you so hard on them?
My love...
This regiment was named after the Sikhs.
Its name carries our repute and honour.
One mistake from them can
malign not just the regiment...
But the name of our entire community.
But the roosters won't speak, will they?
They won't.
So then?
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Adversity reveals one's
true character, isn't it?
What is it?
When you say such clever things,
I feel so...
Don't you have any work to do?
Go, feed the cattle!
I've already fed them.
I just need to feed your mother now.
Don't talk nonsense.
Do you want a spanking?
Go right ahead, my love!
At least you'll touch me then.
Hush, you naughty girl!
What's happening?
I asked them to wrestle
and they're singing instead.
Lal Singh!
Yes Sir.
Where are the roosters?
We cooked them, Sir.
On whose orders?
The roosters' orders!
What nonsense is this?
Sir, you told us to
do as the roosters say.
They didn't say 'Stop!',
but they definitely told us to cook.
They spoke to you?
That's what,
at first we didn't understand either.
They were speaking in English, Sir!
The roosters spoke in English?
Yes Sir.
Jeevan Singh!
Tell Sir what they said.
Sir, among all of us,
only Gurmukh knows English.
He told us what 'Cook'
means in English, so...
We did exactly that, Sir.
Who was responsible for carrying
out the punishment properly, Lal Singh?
I was, Sir.
So then you'll be one getting punished.
Forget chicken,
you'll get nothing to eat for a week.
Yes Sir.
Pardon me, Sir...
But as long as Naik Lal Singh doesn't eat,
we won't either.
Actually, let's extend
the punishment to two weeks.
Two weeks, Sir?
Should I increase it?
Any doubts?
No, Sir!
36th Sikh Regiment, any doubts?
No, Sir!
Well done.
"Cook-a-doodle doo!"
There he goes again!
Man, if he couldn't get married...
How is it our fault?
Well, if a man gets called to the battlefield
right before his wedding night...
He's bound to be upset.
Poor guy's stuck being a virgin...
Yeah, as if you have tons of experience!
O Bholeya!
What's the only battle you can never win?
Do you know? Tell me?
No matter what you do,
the wife always wins!
Lighten up, man...
I told you, he won't laugh.
He will, someday!
Took rounds of the fort all night...
Didn't sleep, and wouldn't let us either!
Not sure if he's a man or a bloody ghost.
Definitely a ghost!
Give it a break, man!
Polish that shoe any more,
and a Genie will emerge from it!
You won't understand, Ram!
I know...
You're saving them for your father.
These aren't just shoes,
they're my father's dream.
The poor man has worn one pair of
torn slippers all his life.
He always loved the shoes soldiers wear...
That's why he enrolled me in the army!
Now when I take these
gleaming shoes for him...
You'll see.
He'll be so happy,
he'll even wear them to sleep!
What's with him and our undies?
Shall I tell you a joke?
Once, a...
Lighten up, man...
What does he think of himself?
What kind of punishment is this?
If a soldier remains hungry,
how will he fight?
Sir, I don't get a good
feeling about this man.
The British have sent us a liability.
Mark my words.
This man will get us killed one day.
We were at fault, Chanda.
We deserved to be punished.
Don't get so angry.
Let it go.
Look at this.
Look, your niece is now six months old!
She has such tiny hands!
Man... Enough, for God's sake!
Stop playing these morose tunes now.
Come, spend your wedding
night with me if you want!
Have you lost it!
Till now, each of your tribes
have fought the British separately...
... Which is why they have failed.
But now it's time to stand united.
Because now,
it's not merely a border-related matter.
Some days ago, that Britisher
along with his Sikh infidels
stopped us from punishing
a woman who insulted Allah's name.
The day is not far, when they'll
tell us to let our women roam unveiled...
The way their women do. God forbid!
There's still time...
We need to protect our women,
our traditions, our faith...
We have to destroy
them or we'll be destroyed.
We need to fight a holy war...
I agree that we must stand united,
Mullah Saeedullah...
But before making any decision,
I want to know where the Sheikh is?
Sheikh Abdul Rehman is
the Ruler of Afghanistan...
The British always keep an eye on him,
so it wasn't possible
for him to be here today.
We have no problem with his absence.
Our only issue is that
the British pay us money...
To not attack their convoys.
What about that?
If we succeed,
you'll get double the amount.
And the border?
It'll be erased.
It's a deal.
8, 9, 10...
11, 12 ,13, 14...
Do you know,
the pantry has 312 potatoes,
221 onions and 150 carrots...
And a sack of watermelons.
How many tomatoes?
How does it matter?
It's not even been two days...
Yes, Khuda Daad...
You called me, Sir?
Make food for everyone.
The punishment is over.
Yes Sir!
Everyone get ready to eat!
Sir has called off the punishment!
Hold on!
No one's going to eat.
Sir, we're going to
complete the punishment.
The punishment is over, Chanda.
Come quietly and eat.
No Sir.
We don't need his pity.
Two weeks means two weeks.
You are wise men.
You must have a good reason to rebel.
But you must know that
Sir hasn't eaten in two days as well.
Sir, why are you punishing yourself?
To eat while my comrades stay hungry?
I'm not such a soldier, Lal Singh.
Alright, Sir.
Let's all eat together, then.
Khuda Daad!
Yes Sir.
Go on, 'cook' the chicken!
Yes Sir.
And make it quick.
So it's decided then.
The first attack will be on Saragarhi.
The Sikh troops are
few in number over there.
Won't take much time to finish them off.
And then Gulistan and Lockhart...
... won't be able to contact
each other for help.
And by evening,
our flag will be flying
on all three forts.
What if other troops
come to Saragarhi's rescue?
Our army will stop them.
The large British forces from
Hangu will also surely come to help them
It will be difficult to stop them.
They'll only be able to
reach the next day from Hangu.
That's why it's imperative that we seize
control of Gulistan and Lockhart by evening.
Once we do that,
no army will be able to drive us out.
With Allah's will, it will happen.
This time, both the numbers
and God are in our favour.
Why do you keep getting God into this?
What does He have to do
with human war and bloodshed?
Wars aren't fought without weapons...
You use yours...
And let me use mine?
Sir, 'Fakhar'?
Your English is pretty good...
You must know what it means!
Pick that up too.
Sir, at first I didn't understand either.
I heard the word for
the first time in Peshawar.
From an English officer.
He told me what it means.
Skip the long story and come to the point.
Tell me what it means!
Ishar Singh!
What in God's name is he doing?
Bloody Lawrence!
You're a Fakhar!
Your Dad's a Fakhar!
Your Brother's a Fakhar!
Your whole goddamn family are Fakhars!
- Scoundrel!
- Sir...
- Son of a donkey!
- Sir...
What is it?
- What is it?
- Sir...
Sir, if you go towards
the northern wall and shout,
you'll be heard in Gulistan.
Sound echoes in all directions from there.
What are you looking at?
You go and do your work.
Actually, that's what I came for, Sir.
Tell me.
We have an informer
in the village down there.
He hasn't come back in a while.
Something seems wrong, Sir.
We should go and find out.
Please come in.
Thank you.
How may I serve you?
I'd like some tea, please.
Surely, sir!
Mohsin left the village overnight.
Everyone found out that he's an informer.
His life was under threat.
Where are all the
villagers carrying stones?
Winter is coming, Sir...
We need to finish all the village
repairs before it begins to snow.
But I only see women,
children and elderly folk...
This is heavy labour...
Where are all the young men?
They're all out for battle.
Only if they get a break from
war can they think of home, right?
Thank you.
You didn't go?
I've lived long, Sir...
Long enough to understand
that these wars and borders...
It's all just business.
What are you repairing these days?
Give us a job that befits a soldier, Sir.
We are here to fight the Pathans.
Not to build their mosques!
We'll fight when the time comes...
We surely will, Chanda Singh.
But now is the time to build God's home.
And we have no grudges with God, do we?
The Pathans wouldn't piss
on us if we were on fire, Sir.
We've been enemies since centuries.
We won't accept this, Sir.
You can give us any
punishment you deem fit.
This is service.
It must be done voluntarily, not by force.
Whosoever wishes,
can join me tomorrow morning.
But before you make up your mind...
Do remember the name of the person...
... who laid the foundation stone
of the Sri Harminder Saheb Gurudwara.
Whoever laid it -
how do we care?
Why bother thinking of it?
But who was it, after all?
The Sufi Muslim Saint, Hazrat Mian Mir.
Our Guru Arjan Dev Ji requested
him to do the honours.
May I battle all foes without fear
And claim victory with courage
May I battle all foes without fear
And claim victory with courage
And claim victory with courage
Grant me this boon, O God
May I never refrain from righteous acts
Grant me this boon, O God
May I never refrain from righteous acts
You're late, Lal Singh!
Pardon my audacity, Sir -
but we're right on time!
If we were late,
you would be crushed to a pulp!
Come on, boys.
So, what needs to be done?
This way...
Straight, straight...
Move it...
God bless you!
Daya Singh,
granny gave everyone an almond.
And everyone ate it.
But Bhola has been guarding
it like some prized possession!
We all crave for
something in life, Jeevan.
For some, it's power,
for some it's just respect.
Granny didn't just give him an almond,
she gave him respect, from the heart.
I don't quite understand.
In our society...
... A man's caste dictates whether
he is treated as a human or animal.
And people like Bhola Singh
were always considered animals.
I was with him in Lahore.
I heard that as a child...
... he once stole mangoes
from the landlord's orchard.
He paid the price,
with both his childhood...
... and his mother's honour
crushed at the landlord's feet.
The truth is, our Gurus
always considered everyone equal.
But we as a society
never truly accepted this.
Baldev Singh!
Yes Sir!
Sir, there's a message from Lockhart.
What is it?
Sir, they're warning us.
A group of Pathans
is approaching Saragarhi.
He says they are sending troops for help.
Lal Singh.
Get me my monocular.
Yes Sir!
Why can't I see them?
Do you think they turned towards Gulistan?
It's possible.
Let's contact Gulistan, then.
There's a message from Lieutenant
Colonel Haughton, Sir.
Soldiers, there are at
least 10,000 of them out there.
And there's 21 of us.
Orders have arrived from Lockhart...
...And a soldier's duty is to obey
his officer unquestioningly.
But today I want you to
make this decision for yourselves.
What are Lieutenant Colonel
Haughton's orders, Sir?
They cannot come to help us.
because the pathans
have blocked all the routes
So they've asked us to
abandon the fort and escape.
Bhola, what's the matter?
They're asking us to run!
We should flee!
I know how you feel about this.
But I still want you to think again.
You're putting a lot
more than your lives at risk.
So give it some more thought.
I always knew it...
A man who keeps preaching
love and humanity...
- How can he fight a war?
- Chanda Singh, you -
Why are you trying
to weaken our resolve, Sir?
Why don't you just admit...
That you're scared
seeing so many Pathans.
You don't want to
fight this battle, Sir!
I'll fight, Chanda Singh.
I most definitely will.
But I want us to first think...
...what are we fighting for?
For the salaries
that we get every month...
For this uniform...
Or for the British
who are in fact, our oppressors?
Can you sacrifice everything
you have for them?
I cannot.
Absolutely not.
My life, relationships
and responsibilities...
...are far more precious to me.
Then what will you fight for...
Tell us!
- What nonsense is this, Chanda Singh?
- I'm speaking the truth, Sir!
I told you the very first day...
The British sent us a liability,
not a leader.
A man who goes around building
mosques for the Pathans...
Who will he fight for?
And you guys were happy
singing his praises!
Went ahead building
the Pathans' mosques...
Now see the result!
See for yourselves, what a coward he-
Do you know why I've
worn this saffron turban?
An Englishman once told
me - You're a slave.
That cowards are born in our country.
Today's the time to answer back.
Do you understand what
saffron symbolizes, Chanda Singh?
It's the colour of bravery.
Of sacrifice.
We've sacrificed millions of lives...
... and earned the right
to wear this colour on our heads.
Today when I go to battle
thousands of enemies...
With my head decorated
and held up high...
I won't be alone.
I'll carry the spirit of all those
brave men who gave up their lives...
... but not their honour.
Today I'll fight, not for money...
Not for the British...
Not for myself...
But for those martyrs.
For every man who
is considered a slave.
For my community.
Today I'll fight for my Guru...
Today, the turban I wear is Saffron...
I will bleed Saffron,
And my fight-back will also be Saffron!
One shall be forever blessed,
who says God is the ultimate truth!
One shall be forever blessed,
who says God is the ultimate truth!
One shall be forever blessed,
who says God is the ultimate truth!
There's just 21 of them!
Don't worry...
We're very far off.
The bullet can't reach here.
I didn't know the gun
could fire that far!
It can.
If the wind blows
in the same direction.
Forces, get ready to attack!
Jeevan Singh, Uttam Singh.
Yes, sir!
36th Sikh!
Get into position!
What happened, Gurmukh?
Sir, I had a question.
Ask away.
I know Haughton Sir
ordered us to stay here.
Why did you lie to us?
For our freedom, Gurmukh.
Freedom, Sir?
The British call us slaves, Gurmukh.
A slave can neither live
nor die of his free will.
If I told you the truth...
It would be said that 21 soldiers
of the British army fought bravely.
But today these 21 Sikhs have
chosen to die of their own accord...
Not because a white
man ordered them to.
That's why today,
21 Sikhs shall fight as free men...
...and die as free men.
Yes, Khuda Daad.
You think I won't fight against them,
because I'm a Pathan?
When did I say so?
You said there's 10000 of them,
and 21 of us.
There's 22 of us, Sir!
I'll also fight.
Don't go by my stature.
I'm stronger than I look.
I can shoot as well.
Many people can shoot a gun,
Khuda Daad.
But the job I'm giving you,
is something only you can do.
What's that, Sir?
You'll offer water
to every wounded soldier.
But I've always done that.
But you've probably never
offered water to the enemy.
To enemy soldiers?
Till he fights, he's an enemy soldier.
When he falls wounded,
he's just a thirsty man.
Sir, I want to destroy our enemies,
not save them!
In the battle of Anandpur Saab,
Bhai Kanhaiya Ji offered water...
... to the injured Mughal
soldiers as well as the Sikhs.
When the Guru asked him why...
Do you know what he said?
What, Sir?
"I see God in all men, whether
it's our soldiers or theirs."
"How can I not serve Him?"
Fighting only destroys the enemy.
Kindness destroys enmity itself.
I'm giving you the chance to
be the bravest soldier in this battle.
If you have the courage, take it.
Bring it on.
- After Saragarhi, they will attack here.
- Sir! It's started!
God help them.
Today, either you'll screw
them or they'll screw you...
Either way,
your wedding night is guaranteed!
"Separation befalls us..."
"Separation befalls us..."
"Everything I wanted to tell you..."
"Everything I wanted to tell you..."
"Shall remain unspoken in my heart..."
"Shall remain unspoken in my heart..."
"Fare thee well, my love..."
"Fare thee well, my love..."
"As I've lived longing for you..."
"As I've lived longing for you..."
"I will die, still longing for you..."
"I will die, still longing for you..."
It's a bomb!
Bhagwan Singh!
Bhagwan Singh !
Nand Singh, lie low!
Screw you!
Nand Singh!
Nand Singh! Come on.
Stand up...
Bhagwan Singh!
No need...
No need to show such sympathy,
Nand Singh.
With the sad songs
you've been singing... won't survive either,
you idiot!
- Buddy...
- Yes.
My mother...
She will be left all alone, man!
Nand Singh.
Nand Singh!
Yes Sir!
Are you okay?
Yes Sir.
Go, handle the front.
The battle isn't over.
Those bloody...
Why didn't you shoot, Gurmukh Singh?
Why didn't you shoot, Gurmukh Singh!
Sir I...
You what?
... I got scared, Sir!
I got scared.
I've never killed anyone.
Never fought a battle.
I got nervous, Sir.
Go take Bhagwan Singh inside,
and return to the Lamp.
And make sure Haughton Sir
is updated on every detail.
Yes Sir.
There's a message from Saragarhi.
Bhagwan Singh has been martyred.
Ram Singh!
Yes Sir.
You take Bhagwan Singh's place.
But there'll be no one
left to guard the western front.
They'll get here only if
we let them cross from there.
Come on.
Yes, sir!
Destroy them in Bhagwan Singh's name!
Cease fire.
Stop firing!
Yes, Gurmukh.
Haughton Sir has said that General Biggs
has set off from Hangu with his batallion.
They'll reach by tomorrow.
Lal Singh!
This seems to be
a ruse of theirs, Sir.
We're just playing along, Lal Singh.
How, sir?
General Biggs will arrive
with his forces tomorrow.
The longer this battle continues,
the better.
Now if they want to waste
time in talking, what's the harm?
So if we manage to stop them till
tomorrow, will they reach here to help us?
Even if they can't help us...
...they'll be able to
help Gulistan and Lockhart.
The Pathans will definitely
attack there as well.
So the longer we can stop them,
the better it is for our comrades.
I'm Khan Masood.
...the leader of the Afridis.
That's Gul Badshah,
the leader of the Orakzais.
And that's Mullah Saeedullah,
our guide.
That's Ram Singh.
Tell me.
Look, it's clear that
you cannot win this battle.
We won the moment we decided to fight.
The rest is mere bloodshed;
It will go on.
- None of you will...
- Wait, Sir.
Excuse me.
- Khuda Daad.
- Yes Sir.
You were saying something.
These antics of yours won't save you.
You have only one chance to survive.
Ask Allah for forgiveness, and leave.
Or you'll get killed.
We're ready, Sir.
Do you have the courage
to die for your cause...
Or can you only kill innocent women?
If you lay down your arms,
we'll let you leave safely.
There's a thin line
between bravery and madness.
You got 10000 men to fight 21,
and you talk of bravery?
If you want to fight, so be it.
A dying man must be
granted his last wish.
Fight bravely, Gul Badshah.
The British are watching.
Or they'll say cowards
are born from this land.
You take great pride in your bravado,
isn't it?
Well, our pride is
what we're fighting for.
By noon today,
Your pride shall be destroyed.
You'll fall at our feet
and beg for your lives.
After Saragarhi, we'll have Gulistan
by afternoon and Lockhart by evening.
Today we'll conquer all three forts...
And the proud turbans of
the Sikhs will be at our feet.
Dream on!
Uttam Singh!
You've lost a lot of men.
You must be falling short.
So I'm returning them to you.
Move it!
By the time the walls come down,
we should try and get to the doors.
They are wooden -
they'll break quickly.
The enemy won't survive
a two-pronged attack.
That Sardar talks too much!
We need to make him
realize our strength -
Take that!
They claim that...
First Saragarhi,
Gulistan and by evening, Lockhart...
They think that in 9 hours,
they'll capture all three.
They think that we'll fall
at their feet and beg for our lives.
They think our turbans
will be crushed under their feet.
What do you
have to say to that?
Screw you!
Come down!
Come down!
Come down, my man...
If the Pathans shoot,
you'll lose your manhood...
... along with your life!
I say, let's drop these British rifles,
and get our Indian shooters out!
The enemy will flee
out of embarrassment!
Someone shoot that infidel!
36th Sikh!
No matter what...
...we must stop them here till evening.
Stay strong, brothers!
Bhagwan Singh!
Lal Singh!
Yes Sir!
Go down and guard the door!
Sunder, Daya, Hira, Jeevan, Bhola...
Let's go!
Let's go!
I was out of rounds, Sir...
... so they shot me down.
Quiet, Bhola.
Get a cloth from inside.
Let it be, Sir.
They say death washes away
all divisions and differences.
Shut up, Bhola!
I feel like I'm truly equal...
Sundar, get some cloth here, quick!
... Like everyone else.
Keep faith!
It's okay...
Stop it.
Jeevan, you've become a fossil!
Your Pop's a fossil!
My rounds are over, Sir.
Mine too!
Sir, I also have only one left.
What do we do?
Bring the marksmen forward!
Take them inside...
I'll collect the ammunition.
Jeevan, close the door!
Jeevan, close the door!
Shall I tell you a joke?
They're running out
of bullets.
Lt. Munn!
They need more bullets.
We've been trying, Sir.
But the Pathans are too many.
It's impossible to reach Saragarhi.
Narayan, bring more bullets quickly!
Go to hell!
Two Pathans are trying
to blow up the west wall.
Everything is over, Sir.
The wall has fallen, Gurmukh...
Not us.
We need to stop them
for some more time.
Go and take your
position at the Lamp.
And Chanda Singh,
you stay with Gurmukh.
But Sir, I...
This might be my last order,
Chanda Singh.
Accept it?
Pass on a message from
me to Lawrence Sir, Gurmukh.
What, Sir?
You know it well.
Yes Sir.
Fill the flasks, Khuda Daad.
Our enemies will need it.
Yes Sir.
36th Sikh, any doubts?
No, Sir!
Any doubts?
Shut the door, Gurmukh!
Tell me.
The operator has sent you
a message from Havaldar Ishar Singh.
What is it?
"So long, Fakhar."
Finish off the remaining Sikhs,
There's still time...
We can conquer Gulistan.
You won't come back this time,
will you Ishar?
Who's going to look after your fields?
You'll be there, won't you?
And your mother?
Who'll take care of her, my foot?
You'll manage.
I have full trust in you.
And what about me?
You're my only support, Ishar.
So should I leave
the fort and run away?
Don't let our community down!
O Lord, protect our honour!
"Grant me this boon, O God..."
"Grant me this boon, O God..."
"May I never refrain
from righteous acts..."
"May I battle all foes without fear..."
"And claim victory with courage!"
You are just a kid!
"May I battle all foes without fear..."
"And claim victory with courage..."
"May I battle all foes without fear..."
"And claim victory with courage..."
"And claim victory with courage!"
"Grant me this boon, O God..."
"May I never refrain
from righteous acts..."
"May thy glory be etched on my mind..."
"And my highest goal
be singing thy praise..."
"When this mortal life comes to an end..."
"May I die fighting
heroically on the battlefield..."
"May I die fighting
heroically on the battlefield!"
"Grant me this boon, O God..."
"May I never refrain
from righteous acts..."
Didn't I tell you,
your turbans would be at our feet?
Dream on!
Kill me if you want,
but don't touch my turban.
No one will touch your turban.
I give you my word.
What's your name?
Ishar Singh.
I'll always remember you, Ishar Singh.
I hope I didn't let us down, my love?
Stay strong, brother.
Damn, he sure was one tough nut to crack.
We've lost the battle and the day,
Gul Badshah.
It's going to be dark soon.
It's impossible to reach
Gulistan and Lockhart now.
I'm not going back
only carrying defeat...
Do whatever you want, but
do not remove any Sikh's turban.
I want to hear that Sikh scream.
Set the tower on fire.
One shall be forever blessed,
who says God is the ultimate truth!
One shall be forever blessed,
who says God is the ultimate truth!
One shall be forever blessed,
who says God is the ultimate truth!
One shall be forever blessed,
who says God is the ultimate truth!
One shall be forever blessed,
who says God is the ultimate truth!
One shall be forever blessed,
who says God is the ultimate truth!
One shall be forever blessed,
who says God is the ultimate truth!
One shall be forever blessed,
who says God is the ultimate truth!
One shall be forever blessed,
who says God is the ultimate truth!
"Swords bear memories of our blood..."
"Burning embers remember
our burnt flesh..."
"By harvesting our sweat and blood..."
"We were bestowed this saffron crown!"
"Do not mourn O Motherland,
For you I'd bear a hundred blows..."
"May your glory stay intact,
Whether I live or die..."
"My Land, my beloved,
Your love runs in my veins..."
"With every drop of my blood...
I'll ensure your color never fades..."
"To become one with your soil..."
"And blossom as a garden..."
"That's all my heart desires..."
"To wash away in your rivers..."
"Soaring across your fields..."
"That's all my heart desires..."
"May the mustard fields bloom and sway,
Where I couldn't dance with joy..."
"May my village thrive and prosper,
where I couldn't return..."
"O beloved country,
Our love is that of legends..."
"To be sacrificed in your honour,
How blessed was I!"
"To become one with your soil..."
"And blossom as a garden..."
"That's all my heart desires..."
"To wash away in your rivers"
"Soaring across your fields..."
"That's all my heart desires..."
"Colour me Saffron..."