Ketika Berhenti di Sini (2023) Movie Script

North is the earth.
It's black.
It's my desire as a human.
Oftentimes, it's thirst.
Always restless.
Looking for satisfaction
that we do not know for how long.
Oh dear!
Excuse me.
I'd like to repair my iPad.
I spilled coffee on it.
This place was recommended
as the best to repair an iPad.
Who recommended it?
This person, @edisonkaskart Whatever.
They said, "Repair it at Jul's Computer.
Good quality, great..."
"Great price. I hope
your drawings are safe, Dit."
Was this you?
You recommended your own shop?
- Dammit.
- Sorry. Hang on.
I'm also a customer and I know the owner.
Here, Ed. I've cleaned it.
What's your problem?
You spilled liquid on it?
But it can't be done now.
Mister, can you speed it up?
I think it's important.
She's your friend?
So, which one is it?
Okay, then. I'll check it out.
Can you be patient?
If you're patient,
it'll take a day or two.
We're friends now?
It's because you pretend to be cool.
- What?
- Nothing.
Mister, is my iPad done yet?
I'll do it tonight.
It'll be done tomorrow morning.
I'm still working on it.
Want to try this?
I'm making a virtual room
of my architectural design.
You look like a critical person.
A know-it-all.
Did I say yes?
You didn't say no.
Come on.
Are you an architect?
Follow me. Sorry, a step forward.
Do I really have to?
Put this on your left hand.
And this on your right hand.
Give me your input.
What to add, what's bothering you.
I think you should put that over there.
What is this sound? It's disturbing.
That's my late granddad's voice.
How is that possible?
It's easy. Just put it out using Descript.
It's easy.
My voice is there too.
Moving on. What else?
The writing, I think you need to find
somewhere else to put it.
The drawing on your tote bag,
is that your design?
Why does it look familiar?
Let's eat. I'm hungry.
- Okay. Let me put this away first.
- Okay. I have acid reflux.
What should we eat? Korean?
- Do you even like it?
- How do you know?
You posted about that once.
Are you stalking me? That's so creepy.
Why is the design so annoying?
Because you're a stalker,
shouldn't you know what I want to eat?
- Noodles?
- Yup.
Ed, I swear No!
You take a picture
and you get a 10% discount.
- You're putting it in your bag?
- Just kidding.
Miss. Discount, right?
- Fan.
- Yes?
- Let's eat.
- I'll catch up.
"Edison." Who's that?
Just a regular guy with an IQ of 162,
enrolled in university at 16 years old,
graduated in architecture at 19 years old,
got his Master's degree in Japan,
and now he's working
at Megantara Architecture Company.
Guys, the campus finally agreed
to our Campus Night rundown.
What you were pitching.
Hey, how's your iPad? Is it repaired yet?
Not yet. I have to go back
to Mr. Ijul's service shop again.
- Do you want me to take you?
- I'll go by myself.
- She has someone else for that, Fan.
- You're not fast enough, brother!
- Who?
- No one.
Mister, where's Ed?
He loves riddles.
So, he told you to meet him
Ten minutes early.
Well, the clue was too easy.
You know I hate that design.
You don't need to be annoyed by me too.
What are you doing?
Nothing important. Just some rearranging.
That's Mandala, isn't it?
That's why it looked familiar.
If I'm not mistaken,
I learned that in Japan.
I learned the Javanese version.
My dad taught me.
He likes to read?
He loved it.
I'm going to ask him about books.
But in the afterlife.
- I didn't know.
- It's okay.
If I may know,
when did it happen?
When I was about to go to university.
Lung cancer.
The biggest riddle in life
according to the Mandala theory.
Death is the door to life.
You're young
yet you talk about death. Why?
Death and birth are the same.
It's an event.
When I'm dead,
I want everyone to wear white.
Black is too common.
Don't equate death and birth.
With birth, we have
nine months of preparation,
not with death.
Do you know this one?
But I'm sure people
will appreciate your work.
Because your work is
"Unique" is a subtle rejection.
"The design is unique
but it's complicated"
Being unique is a gift.
Not everyone is unique.
I'd love to be Clementine.
She lives her life freely.
I think it's fun to live like that.
Where's the sound?
No, you push it over there.
The song is good.
- Can you be patient?
- Can you write in English?
Give it a smiley face.
Hey! She's coming.
Why should we hold it back?
- Pretend to laugh
- Shut up!
We're waiting for him.
This is Ed. He brought me here
because it's raining.
- Happy Birthday!
- Just a card and a cake. Nothing weird.
- Nothing much. Just this.
- Okay, thanks.
I didn't know it's your birthday.
Can I join you?
Want to write something?
- If it's okay. May I?
- You may.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
Happy Birthday
My dear Dita
One, two, three!
Just a card?
Read it.
"I hope
your beautiful scribbles go global.
Your number one fan,
- Dad."
- Dad!
"Look to your left. Don't scream"?
Oh dear! Thanks!
Thank you!
The guy you stalked the other day?
He is. Why did you say, "Arigatou"?
It was a tell-tale sign.
So adorable!
Nice, right?
Why are you wearing Power Rangers suits?
We're the Power Couple!
Let's go to the front.
Is it possible for Aladdin
- Who are you supposed to be?
- Clementine.
Is it possible for Aladdin
to dance with Abu?
Isn't Abu the monkey?
Damn you!
And now, a slow dance session
for the couples here.
We're going to graduate soon.
- Are we still going to...
- Of course.
Still going to be friends?
- Until death?
- Why are you talking about death?
- Sorry.
- With Ed, I talk about death
and I talk about it with you too.
Excuse me, sir and madam.
May I dance with her?
- Nice costume.
- How did you get in?
I can't be here? I'll dance
with the Power Rangers, then.
Hey. Don't.
I'll be all alone.
May I?
Sorry. Tell me if you feel uncomfortable.
- Why are you looking at me like that?
- Nothing.
Gosh, that's so high school.
Find something that has to do
with birthday in my store.
Don't think about it now.
- Al.
- Yes, Uncle?
Take good care of your friendship.
Until the end of time
you have to support each other.
Yes, Uncle.
I haven't cut it yet.
It's yellow. It's the wind.
It's the feeling
that comes up just like that.
It makes it the desire and the longing.
To have and to lose.
It needs courage to fall in love.
There are several riddles
you need to solve and do to meet me.
I've given the clues to the people there.
Mr. Edy? I'm Ed's friend, Dita.
"Everyone has it but it is often ignored."
Everyone has it
"Unique" is a subtle rejection.
Being unique is a gift.
Not everyone is unique.
- Is it uniqueness?
- You're right!
Now, please take one of
the presents from there.
The clue to take the present is "west".
Maybe it's yellow.
- It's empty.
- Congrats, Miss Dita!
Congrats? But I fail
to understand the clue.
"This might be your first failure with me,
but there will be
thousands of other failures.
Please enjoy this next clue."
Miss Dita?
To have the next clue,
you have to answer this next question
and then you have to read Ed's clue.
Favorite topic?
Me, that will be gone with the wind.
Greeted by the waves,
unfriendly with desires.
Later, when the sky calls you home,
do not be concerned.
I am with you.
And I will always be with you.
We will run on eternity.
Run towards the everlasting eternity.
Me, you, us.
Just the two of us.
Mister? Mr. Jonga?
Listen to the music, then
I'll give you the clue. Bring the music!
Have a great time chasing love.
The next clue
is the last one for you to meet me.
Not bad, huh?
You still have a mission.
Draw anything that represents me, you
or maybe us?
"Us" in what context?
Okay. No big deal.
Turn on the music, then.
What do you think?
Does it represent you and me?
What's missing?
To complete this drawing
and also our lives,
we have to do it together.
What if I can't make your life perfect?
Well, this is teamwork.
But I'm difficult and insecure.
When I'm insecure, I can be demanding
because that's what my dad
couldn't give me now.
I like you being demanding.
Me being competitive?
It's also good.
- What about me being sulky?
- Adorable.
Hurry up. My arm is starting to hurt.
What else?
- Be patient!
- What? Looking for another excuse?
Listen, I promise
I will always be there for you.
Don't make any promises.
Just make true of your words.
We need a process for that.
Why can't you just say it?
Panic or just being silly?
Come here.
- Come here!
- No!
- Stop!
- What?
- There. We're even.
- You are unique.
Ed, I'd like to tell you something.
- Mom!
- What is it?
Please tell Dita to do her prayer
and tell her not to drink too much coffee.
- And
- Enough.
Well, I forgot the other one.
Come on. Come with me. Don't bother them.
Is my shirt too big?
It's good, Dita.
You can't stop asking that.
Well, you told me to wear white
at the last minute.
- Mom.
- Ed.
- Hello. Come in.
- This is Dita.
- Hi.
- Dita.
Oh, you're the girl
Ed has been talking about.
And the second present.
How fun, Ed.
Happy Birthday, Grandma
I always pray
that our family stays healthy.
- Hi, Ed.
- Hi, Grandma.
Dita's not coming with you?
Dita has another appointment.
And I forgot to tell her.
But your birthday date doesn't change.
She should've remembered.
Ed has changed.
I feel like we're living
our own lives separately.
You men
always belittle a woman's mind.
Shouldn't you be happy
with his achievement?
I am happy.
But for me, a couple
should be empathetic to each other.
I am sad, jobless, and hopeless,
yet he can't stop talking about his work.
My success is for the two of us.
That's what you think.
And what you need
isn't always what she needs.
Can you lose
the sequins a little over here?
And can you change the model of the skirt?
It's hard for me to walk in this.
- Okay, I'll note that.
- Okay.
My future wife is so pretty!
Why are you here? It's forbidden!
- It's good.
- Really?
- It is. It's cute.
- Really?
Why are you looking at me like that?
You're pretty.
What are you talking about?
Nonsense. Where have you been?
Dita's is also nice. I don't get it.
What's Ed waiting for?
Maybe you're weird
and it makes him hesitate.
Hey! Not every couple is like the two
of you and quick in making decisions.
There is still a lot to consider.
She's sulking. Apologize!
- I'm only kidding, honey.
- I feel bad for her.
I was just asking.
They've been dating for so long.
It's not nice to be hung up
on getting married.
When the time comes,
you give this ring
to the girl that will be with you
until you're old.
Dit. Sorry, the meeting dragged on.
Have you ordered yet?
Not yet.
Nothing special.
You look busy.
Just scrolling.
Talking about scrolling,
I saw an ad
for a graphic design short course.
Do you want to join?
- Not interested.
- Relax.
I'll pay for it.
Why should you pay for it?
What I mean is
You pity me for being jobless,
not having anything to do every day?
So, I'm only bothering your busy day?
Who said you're bothering me?
No one said that.
I just want you to see
- new things that can
- Sir?
I'd like to order one Unagi Rice.
- For me?
- For me. You can order yourself.
Just a minute. I want to
Grandma asked me when you will come
to finish the puzzle.
You want to go now?
Am I only your grandma's caretaker?
What did you say?
That I'm your grandma's caretaker.
Why do you say that?
Because I feel like you only need me
to make your grandma happy.
But I don't think that at all.
Every time I talk to you,
you're being defensive.
Think about our dinner.
I asked you how was your day...
That is your template question.
So, what do you want me to ask you?
Why do you say that?
I feel that you don't love me
like you used to. It's different now.
Of course, it's different, Dita.
We've been dating for years.
I understand that you're
confused and upset. I get it.
You're upset because you're not working.
But please, everyone has their limit.
And it's your problem.
your insecurity is not my responsibility.
Oh, they are different.
Your words during our courtship
compared to us dating.
It turns out that the two guys
I love the most in my life are liars.
One died and left me
and the other one is just shitty.
Hello? Fan, where are you?
Grandma? Sorry, are you
about to go to sleep?
When I get home,
I want to talk. Is it okay?
- Fan.
- Hey.
Gotta go.
It's unusual for you to be here.
As usual, to accompany a client.
That drink
That's not yours. Dit!
Don't do that. What's wrong with you?
I hate Ed.
He said I'm insecure and that
my insecurity is not his responsibility.
I bet we're going to break up tomorrow.
Dit, enough.
Stop it.
Four years wasted, you know?
What's going on?
Can I ask for your help, Grandma?
Dita, please pick up.
Dit, please, I don't want to
keep on fighting like this.
You'll see my grandma tomorrow, right?
She wants to give you something.
And there's something
I need to talk to you about.
Dita, please answer me.
Hello? What's going on?
Hello, big sister?
Ed had a car accident this morning.
He's not with us anymore.
16 JUNE 1995 - 21 AUGUST 2021
Ed's gone, Mom.
- No!
- Calm down.
Calm down.
Seek Allah's forgiveness.
Yes, I know.
I know, honey.
We belong to Allah and to Him we return.
When death comes
I'm lying in the ambulance.
Talking about the funeral cost.
When my fate is coming
sirens running.
I'm also sobbing.
Now I'm complete.
Come back.
Come back to me!
Come back!
South is red.
It's fire.
It's the burning disappointment.
The kindled anger.
Making it a grudge.
Striding on the same point.
I stopped here.
Our proposed logo has been adjusted
to the new spirit of your bank's brand.
The logo application
can also be flexible and dynamic.
It can be adjusted according to
the alteration target that you want.
For example, settlement,
nature, and lifestyle.
Interesting. Right?
But we can still change
the color palette, right?
Psychologically, it's too dark, I think.
No problem, sir.
Because when people talk about death,
it's always awkward.
They tend to dodge the conversation.
That is so true.
For these kinds of ideas,
I don't think
you can use old-school logos.
Right. That's why the colors
will be bright and cheerful.
The message will also be clear,
that death can come anytime.
Because people tend
to be brave to face death,
but they forget to think
about the ones they leave behind.
Far, what does the boss think?
We need to have a contingency plan, right?
So it won't be problematic like before.
- Far?
- Wrong button.
The boss is ready.
Here it is. Excellent.
I approve of this.
Dit, anything else you'd like to say?
I'm done. Thanks.
- Tissue.
- Tissue?
So sorry.
I tried. It won't work.
It needs to be repaired.
It'll take a week. Five days, at least.
If there's no earthquake.
I can't wait that long.
I have a lot of deadlines.
I need to change
the colors of the project.
What should we do, then?
I know a place with a quick repair time.
Hey, you.
This feels surreal.
It feels like it was only yesterday
that we made that campus night
and I wore What was it?
- Pink Power Ranger's costume!
- Power Ranger.
And now you're a mother of one.
But I'm so happy seeing the two of you.
Same for you and Ifan.
So, are you happy?
I am.
How was your exhibition, honey?
It went well. No problem at all.
And it was crowded.
It was fun. What about you?
As usual, I just did
what the paying client wants.
By the way, during my exhibition,
there were a lot of sophisticated
electronics, just like Alexa.
Here. Look.
Nice, isn't it?
- Try this.
- No, thank you.
- Try it first. Just a moment.
- No.
- Want to try it?
- No.
- Try it first.
- I don't want to!
I told you I don't want to.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for my high intonation.
- No, it was my fault.
- My fault.
Will we do this all night?
"My fault, my fault, my fault."
Take care.
I hope I can always make you happy.
That sounded pompous.
You've made me happy.
Have I?
- Seriously?
- Seriously.
Eat the Unagi Rice.
- I will.
- You have to.
Hey. Remember what I told you?
"Don't speed. Drive safely."
Good boy.
- Hey.
- What?
Eat the Unagi Rice.
Such a chatterbox.
Don't lie to me.
- Mr. Ijul?
- That's me.
I want to have this iPad repaired.
I can't do it quickly.
You can get it back in three days.
Oh dear. That's a problem.
This is Dita's iPad.
What are you to her? Her boyfriend?
- Do I suit her?
- No.
Give me that.
She spilled coffee on it.
- It's still "awake" now.
- When did it happen?
- Just a moment.
- Thank you.
Yes, honey.
I'm about to go to the office.
Miss? Hang on.
I was in the storeroom.
Mr. Oman said he was going to
throw your things away.
May I have them?
- Take them.
- Thanks, Ms. Dita!
Miss, it's been repaired.
Mr. Ijul told you to check it.
Okay, thank you.
You're welcome. Excuse me.
I HAVE - I HAVEN'Enjoy your meal.
Thank you, Ifan,
for bringing my daughter home.
I was afraid she preferred to be at
the boarding house and forgot her family.
However successful you are,
family still needs to be
your number one priority, Dit.
If we're in trouble,
our family is the one who helps us.
Dita often talks about you
and Sister Dinda.
But you know,
Dita always liked to draw
since she was little.
Her father always supported her.
I was neutral on that.
After her father died...
That was then.
Okay, then.
I'd love that, honey.
I'm always here for you.
This is Mandala philosophy.
- There are East, South,
- South.
- West, and North.
- West and North.
Now, East signifies peace.
South signifies anger.
North signifies greed.
And West signifies love.
Now, we have to understand this.
These are the elements of life.
When you're an adult,
you have to remember this, okay?
If you really want to be with Dita,
you need to be patient, Fan.
There are still a lot of things
she needs to let go of.
She needs to build herself
to be ready to face everything.
That's what I want for Dita.
Mister Ijul.
The last time we met was two years ago.
Time flies.
I've been wanting to give you this.
But it's hard to reach you.
Thankfully, your iPad broke.
This indicates you're ready
to receive what Ed gave you.
This is still a rare item.
Ed got this
through his university friends in Japan.
It was finally sent to my shop
after one or two years.
It's a sophisticated pair of glasses.
It works almost like a smartphone.
Everything is visualized
through augmented reality
that you can touch with your finger.
Although Ed had bought it a while ago,
I always updated the software.
Ed wanted you to wear this.
"Dita will surely need this gadget.
I'm sure she'll like it."
I've customized it
so you can use it right away.
Hi, Anindita Semesta.
Do you need a virtual assistant?
Choose your virtual assistant.
The virtual assistant program is active.
I will be your assistant.
Please give me a name.
Hi, Dita. I'm Clementine.
I'm ready to help.
What do you want to do today?
Eat? Watch a movie? Talk? Go on
a vacation? Read a book? Listen to music?
I can give you a recommendation
to your liking.
I want to have a snack.
What recommendation do you have?
Recommend a movie for me.
Your favorite movie is
Eternal Sunshine of...
Not that one.
According to the calendar in your email,
tomorrow is your time to rest.
But don't forget to work out.
And also
Is it experiencing an error?
Where have you been all day?
Why haven't you called?
Why are you panting?
Are you okay?
I'm okay. I
I just watched a horror movie.
You're not normally brave enough
to watch a horror without me.
Are you still going to Bandung?
I am. I'm going to set up
the exhibition in Sabuga. Five days.
Take care.
Don't go missing.
Hello? Mister?
Mr. Ijul? Are you crazy?
I told you I've customized it for you.
I've hacked the personal traits.
I've cloned the voice using Descript
from the recording of Ed's voice.
- So, if you miss him
- No, I don't miss him.
I'm returning the glasses.
Well, you can do that.
But I just need to remind you.
If you want to use that thing,
use your common sense
for the sake of your mental health.
You knew that he would
come to you before me,
as if you already knew
how much time you have left.
As if you believed
that nothing is perfect.
And now,
you prove your imperfection
by leaving without saying anything.
Leaving everyone who cares about you.
You bravely stand up in the face of death,
but you are afraid of losing.
You reject the sadness and heartbrokenness
of being abandoned.
While there are still so many things
I had to say to you.
There are still so many things
I have to tell you.
How are you, Dita?
Your body temperature is normal.
Your blood pressure is normal.
Congratulations. You are healthy.
Is there anything I can help with?
Your heartbeat is increasing.
Are you sad, shocked,
or are you happy to see me?
Is something wrong?
Ed is dead
Death is the biggest puzzle.
Death is more of a shift, not a farewell.
What is it for?
Why do I need these glasses?
I've tried living my life without you.
It's tough.
It's been really tough for me.
It's tough not having you around.
I know
I don't belong in this world anymore.
But I'm right here, in front of you,
just in a different version.
Don't cry.
I will be here for you.
Whenever you're sad
and so on.
Now take a deep breath and let it go.
What is this?
I analyzed that your stomach is empty.
I just ordered food for you.
But I need your permission to pay.
Don't worry. You will get used to this
in a couple of days.
That's the beauty of a human being.
Hi, Dita.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have done it that night.
I should've tried to understand you.
You're not him.
What am I doing?
Don't be sad.
Ed, you look...
As I told you earlier,
you will adapt to this.
You will get used to seeing
and listening to me.
Now do it again.
Take a deep breath
and let it go.
EASEast is white. It is water and sincerity.
Flowing in peace, filling in the loss.
There is something
to be found in emptiness.
Perhaps I could have mine.
Ed, move over here.
- Watch out!
- What, are you crazy?
Let's sit here.
You can change your clothes instantly.
I wish I could be an AI.
What are you doing?
Nothing. Just rearranging things.
You always did that when we were together.
See? I'm still the same.
Why do you like running?
Running teaches me to move forward.
But I can run backwards.
Once more, technology beats humans.
Humans have feelings, technology not.
If we did, humanity would be extinct.
Oh, right. I updated
your glasses last night.
There's a new feature. You can now
change the color of your vision.
Really? You mean like filters
on social media?
Something like that.
Try tapping the right side.
Try it again.
There's still more.
It's a bit disorienting, though.
Watch out! Don't daydream while you run.
Leave her. She must have
a screw loose or something.
Be careful.
Is it okay for you to be here?
This used to be your place with Ed.
No, it's been a while too.
I need to get used to it.
New glasses?
That thing looks so 2006.
Shut up! It's all about the function.
So, what's going on with you?
I just had my baby
and I feel like my mood is still unstable.
And Awan never takes me seriously.
Sounds like baby blues.
Yeah, right.
What is right?
Oh. I mean
I think you're having baby blues.
Maybe that's what people call it.
I just feel like my hormones
are going up and down.
Awan keeps making fun of everything.
Having a baby is so tiresome.
I can't even imagine that you someday
will get pregnant and crave
Dita? Are you still here with me?
Are you daydreaming?
What are you looking at?
Nothing. I was just
I was thinking, what should we do
to help with your baby blues?
Because it might get worse.
First step.
First step.
Eat your favorite food.
Eat your favorite food.
- Second.
- Second.
- Last one.
- Last one.
Talk about your mood with your husband.
Talk about your mood with your husband.
Okay, those are some good solutions,
but you sound like Google Translate.
Don't you feel overworked
as a corporate slave?
That too.
Your idealism is stuck inside?
Go on a vacation.
I wish I could.
Delivery for Ms. Dita.
What did you order now?
You asked me to pay,
but you didn't tell me what for.
It's about what Untari said yesterday.
Don't you feel overworked
as a corporate slave?
Your idealism is stuck within you?
Tomorrow is the deadline
for your presentation.
I want you to bring out
all of your crazy ideas.
What do you think?
Challenge accepted.
- Okay?
- Okay.
This is the concept
for the "Make a Change" new logo.
I did some redesigning.
I think this suits the theme better.
It's more playful...
That's wild.
May I have permission to mute, sir?
I need to discuss this with the team.
This is pretty unexpected of you,
coming up with a new concept.
Just tell him that you just want
the best for the client.
- Say it.
- Okay, wait.
Huh? No.
I was just talking to myself. Sorry.
Sir, I don't think this is the design
that we're looking for,
but this will look good
for our other product. Can we do that?
I'm so happy that we got the project done.
This is all thanks to you, Ed.
It's all you. I just helped a bit.
Babe! I missed you so much!
Who did you talk to?
Sounds like you're having fun.
Who did you talk to?
That was Awan and Untari.
Really? Sounds exciting.
Well, they shared their experience
about being new parents.
Why are you lying?
Can you shut up?
What's the matter?
Oh, I wasn't talking to you.
I was talking to myself.
Is that a new pair of glasses?
Can I try it? It'll look good on me.
What are you doing?
I want to put it on.
No, these are
specially customized for my face.
I don't want you to mess them up.
Can I have a bite?
Hi, babe. Where are you?
In my room. What is it?
I'm at the gym.
It's so packed, I didn't get to do cardio.
Want to go for a run later?
This afternoon
Wait a minute, Ed.
Who are you talking to?
Huh? Yeah, that sounds good!
Meet you at the usual place?
Alright. See you later. Bye.
Okay, bye.
Let's go.
- Are you ready?
- Yes.
Watch out.
Are you okay? You look disoriented.
- No, I wasn't.
- Want to take a breather?
No, I'm good. I can stay focused.
Is Dita happy with me?
I can see that.
She's happy because of you.
I usually sing this song
I don't mean to disrespect Ed
who passed away,
but you can provide what he couldn't.
Her dad must be happy to see
what you have done for her.
Dinda asked when you are coming home.
You haven't been home in a while?
That sounds good.
I haven't been to your house for a while.
I'm so happy that you came home today.
Ifan said that this was your idea.
Someone missed you and Dinda.
He missed your cooking.
- Right, Fan?
- Right.
Next week marks the eighth year
since your father passed away.
You haven't visited his grave lately.
Let's not talk about this now, Mom.
It's alright.
Do you know
that he often visits me in my dreams?
Maybe you're just hallucinating.
You love your father
yet you say I'm hallucinating?
You can't measure my feelings.
I can never measure your feelings
for your father.
Just so you know,
whether it's your father or anyone
who used to be in your heart
it is not your fault they passed away.
It's just you that can never let him go
as a daughter.
You can be mad at me and hate me.
Hate me all you want.
We're leaving.
I have to go, ma'am.
This is all my fault.
Your dad died of lung cancer, right?
Why do you feel guilty about it?
Dad used up all the money
for his treatment
to pay for my tuition.
Why didn't you tell me about this?
It won't change the fact
that he thought
my studies
are more important than his life.
- I was just a burden to him.
- Don't say that.
You don't know how it feels
to lose someone.
I know I don't.
I have to see someone tomorrow.
Someone who I should've visited
a long time ago.
Want me to come with you?
I'm fine. Thanks for the ride.
I need to ask you something.
Why now?
There's something that I have to finish.
And now, I know what to say.
Is it okay with you?
I'll leave you two alone.
It must be tough for you.
It must be tough for you too.
I miss Ed so much.
Miss him so much.
I missed him too.
But now, I can see him.
What do you mean?
Put these on.
What is this?
It's not real, is it?
This is a video, right?
Put them on and try to talk to him.
Can I help with anything?
I know it feels weird at first,
but you will get used to it soon.
Not like this, Dita.
Prayer. He needs prayer from you.
You have to let him go
and move on with your life.
- Hi.
- Hey.
I'm just a bit tired.
What's the matter?
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
Do you want to order something?
- You Okay.
- Let's order.
Can I have the menu?
Dita. Are you okay?
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
What should we eat?
They have mushroom soup.
It's your favorite.
Or do you prefer pizza?
Don't eat pizza.
It's bad for your stomach acid.
How about rice?
That sounds good. They have
omelet rice, chicken rice, fried rice.
Ed, can you please shut up?
He's still on your mind, huh?
I need to use the bathroom.
Do you realize that this isn't real?
What should I do?
I feel so stupid.
I tried to make you love me.
Dita, why are you sad?
What is wrong with you, Dita?
What glasses are you talking about?
Where did you get them?
How come you can see Ed with that?
Tell me, what is Ifan lacking?
He has been there for you
since high school
and he was there when Ed left.
He did everything for you.
I know this is not his fault.
This is mine.
But I can't lie to myself
that I still have feelings for
I miss Ed so much.
Can I see the glasses?
Where are they?
In my room.
I don't know.
He's not real.
You're kidding!
I just high-fived a dead guy.
This is too real.
So, you're going to date an AI
and build a family with it?
Not to that extent
but imagine if you can see someone
that you wish to see again.
- That you...
- He's gone.
What do you mean?
Ed's gone. He was here, in front of me.
- Did you press anything?
- I don't know.
- Maybe the setting's changed.
- Are you angry?
Check the battery.
It's fully charged.
- Seriously. It looks real.
- Shut up!
- What did you do?
- I have no idea!
Where is he? You know
how important this is to me.
I'll do my best.
What are you doing here?
Ed's gone.
- It's better that way.
- Are you insane?
- Dit.
- Shut up!
I told you from the start,
if you decided to wear those glasses,
you should use your common sense.
Ed can interact with us,
just like the one we knew.
Dita! Ed is nothing but a program.
He can't react
because he doesn't have any feelings.
He's only living inside your head.
I will not bring him back
because this doesn't do you any good
or your relationship.
Let me deal with the good or the bad.
But if you care about me,
like what you always told me,
please bring him back.
I can't.
- Please
- I can't! I've erased all of the data.
You deleted all of it?
I asked him to do it.
I explained everything to Mister Ijul.
This device made you think too far.
- So you can also...
- So what?
So I can forget about Ed?
This thing can make you
forget about him? Is that it?
- Ed is nothing but a system, a program!
- I understand that part.
Do you care about my feelings?
I can't let him go that fast.
I'm not my mother, who quickly moved on
without my father.
I respect that, but you don't know
what your father told me.
- No, I don't.
- Because you're being too selfish!
Did you ever tell me about it?
I will bring him back,
as long as you stop fighting.
- Mr. Ijul.
- Give it to me.
Here, I'll put it on speaker, so that
you know Ed is just a program.
Hi, Dita. How are you?
- Ed, I'm sorry, I didn't delete...
- I've analyzed that your stomach is empty.
- Do you want me to order some food?
- I'm not hungry, Ed.
- Your heartbeat is increasing.
- Ed?
Are you sad, shocked, or happy to see me?
Your body temperature is normal.
Your blood pressure
Not this one. This is not Ed.
This is what he's always been, Dita.
I know you like to use your imagination.
Maybe this is all just a part of that.
No. No, it's not.
- It's the truth.
- Come on, Dita.
I just need to remind you.
Use your common sense
for the sake of your mental health.
Ed is dead.
Hi, Dita.
I'm here for you,
whenever you're sad, happy, and so on.
Not like this, Dita.
- Watch out, Ed!
- Are you crazy?
Dita, are you listening to me?
What are you looking at?
You're not him! What am I doing?
- Your heartbeat is increasing.
- Ed?
Are you sad, shocked, or happy to see me?
Dita has the trauma of losing someone.
So she unwittingly pushed away
everyone who loves her.
She has unfinished issues with Ed
and with her father.
That's why she was so happy
to have those glasses.
What can I do if she doesn't need me?
She needs you desperately.
Just give her some time, okay?
Everyone asked me
to let you go.
How can I let go of the people I love?
Based on an article
that I found on the Internet,
everyone has their own way of doing so,
but you have to do it.
Because letting go
is part of loving someone.
And it is also the highest degree
to show love to our loved ones.
You have to let me go.
What happened is not your fault.
Is there anything I can help with?
I would've never been able
to finish this puzzle.
But after you came yesterday,
I decided to continue.
There is still one piece left.
Complete the puzzle, Dita.
Erase all the data on these glasses
Are you sure?
It is finished, Grandma.
Congratulations. You did it.
No, you did this.
You finished this puzzle.
Good luck with your next puzzle.
The night before the accident,
Ed returned home.
Dita will come here tomorrow
to finish that puzzle with you.
Please give this to her
when you're finished.
He said
you will know what it is
after you receive this.
Now I know what I have to do.
Are you sure?
I know you're mad at me.
And I know you don't want me here.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Grandma gave this to me.
The last clue from Ed.
- I promise this will be the last one...
- You don't have to make a promise.
If you still can't do it, then it's okay.
I will still be there for you.
Do you know where you're going?
MEET ME IN THE EASFinish that puzzle.
Do not stop.
Move on with your new life.
14 JANUARY 1966 - 28 SEPTEMBER 2015
How are you, Dad?
I'm doing well here.
I just miss you every single day.
You must be mad at me
because I never visited you.
Maybe it's just me
who still can't accept that you're gone.
But I miss you so much.
So much.
I promise to be even stronger
so I can visit you more often.
So I can pray for you.
Please forgive me, Dad.
Forgive me.
If only I could hug you one more time.
Can I hug you one last time, please?
When we were at Mr. Ijul's place,
you said my dad said something to you.
What did he say?
A week before he passed away,
he gave me this letter.
But I could never give this to you.
Ifan, thank you for always being there
for my daughter since she was a teenager.
My baby daughter is a bit cranky
and likes to wake up late in the morning.
When the time is right, maybe
when she accepted the fact that I'm gone,
please tell her this.
Tell her that she is always bigger
than anything in my life.
Tell her that Anindita
can conquer the future.
And until my last breath, I still believe
that her work will be known
all around the world.
Please take good care of her for me, Ifan.
And be with her every step of the way.
I'm asking for your permission.