Kevade (1970) Movie Script

Read, Tnisson.
When Lembitu saw
that German knights had
surrounded Estonian troops...
What did the teacher say
when you were in his room?
Didn't he say that you must not
read Indian stories in class?
- To me he did.
Have you read
"ln the Forests of America"?
- What a man!
Fighting alone
against twelve redskins.
- The Kentucky Lion.
When the long...
slavery... in Estonia
Days of slavery...
- Age of slavery.
... begun in Estonia.
Right. Sit down, Tnisson.
Show me!
- I want to see!
Dip a goose-quill into milk,
write a couple of words on paper,
iron it over and you'll see!
Buy my pocket knife.
With a corkscrew!
Show me.
- Crappy knife.
Why didn't you come to school earlier?
- I was ill.
We came last week.
How do you get along in school?
- Very well.
Only Russian is difficult.
- Is it really?
For me, it is awfully difficult.
Arithmetics is hard for me.
But you did so well today.
Everybody says you are
a clever boy. - Who said that?
Do you want to walk to school
with me from now on? - Yes.
When I reach the old willow first,
I ' ll wait for you.
When you get here first...
- Then I will wait!
I sing to praise the Lord.
Who gives everything unto us.
And bears our burdens.
Let us pray.
Our Father, who art in heaven;
hallowed be Thy name...
It's much better to pray
like American settlers.
Kneel on the left knee,
bend the right leg.
So you can hold your sword
and pray like hell.
I don't think everybody saw,
how you taught us to pray.
Kneel in the corner
and show us.
Instead of a sword
you can use the poker,
so everybody can see
how to pray like a...
Kentucky Lion.
- Quiet!
- The buttons are gone.
What buttons?
- The buttons of my boots.
What does this mean?
Maybe rats took them away. They
once stole our cabbage-chopper.
- Right.
Rats can't even lift a cabbage-
chopper, much less carry it.
Maybe there was
a whole bunch of them.
Where were your boots?
There, under the bed.
Who sleeps here?
- Visak.
Visak? Who else?
Then comes Krd and then Toots.
- Yes, there's my bed.
Since when do you sleep here?
This was the first night. My bed
was brought here yesterday.
He threw clothes at us
and didn't let us sleep.
You hear what Visak said?
- He is a liar!
He cut off Kiir's buttons and now
he's blaming me! - Shut up!
Who was the last to go to bed?
I was already sleeping when Toots
kept laughing in his bed
and farted so much we nearly
suffocated. - A button!
Another one.
There are some more here.
Didn't I tell you it was the rats!
Mark my words!
You just had a very narrow escape.
So, you had to go telling on me!
Joosep, stop it!
Joosep, don't fool around!
- Bastard.
Joosep, don't!
- I'm going to fix you up!
- Stay put, you bastard!
Telling on me!
Well, cooing all the time!
But, it was always obvious that
one day Arno will marry Teele.
Let go of me!
So, I am the Kentucky Lion?
From now on I am going to start
making plans with her.
- Yes?
You won't tell anybody,
if I tell you something? - No.
Toots said, he's going to start
making plans with Teele.
- Yes?
Don't listen to him.
- But if he's right?
How? No he won't.
You think so?
- Yes.
Tnisson, you are so kind.
The German jerks
are on the river again.
Bumpkins are going home.
Shut your mouth,
or your heart will freeze.
I'm going to
beat you up like a dog.
Come to
the stables tonight, fatso.
What's happening? - The great battle
under the gates of Leipzig!
What battle?
Give me! Hurry!
Hurrah! Forward, boys of Kentucky!
Death to the redskins!
Men, back to our yard!
I am going to ask you
one last time,
will you apologize
to the young gentlemen?
You see, minister.
You are the most torpid
creature in the world!
Usually they start
blaming others.
This one is dumb like a fish.
Detention for one week,
and every day you will learn
four verses from the hymns.
Whatever troubles your heart,
whatever you demand.
Leave all your troubles
to our Lord.
Try to think about
what you are saying.
Let's start from the beginning.
Whatever troubles your heart.
Whatever troubles my heart.
No, your heart.
- My heart?
No... From the beginning.
Whatever troubles your heart.
Arno! Aren't you coming?
In a moment.
Whatever troubles your heart.
You go ahead, it's Saturday eve.
I'll try by myself.
- What?
Why do you think
Teele won't marry Toots?
H is family is in debts and their farm
will go under the hammer.
What does that mean?
The men will go to prison,
until they pay their debts.
Do they put children into prison?
I don't know,
but who would leave them out.
lesoo family is in debt!
Their place will go
under the hammer!
All of them will be sent to prison.
Hi, Liisa.
- Hello.
What are you doing by the river
on a Saturday night, Lible?
I am going to make
the river run the other way,
so it will be fun to see
when the wool-mill stops.
- Look who's talking.
Quit splashing, stupid!
- Don't go calling other people stupid!
Let's go home now...
They are coming!
Tell them we went home together,
if they ask you.
- Just tell them.
Sit down.
Tnisson, come here.
Did you sink
the young masters' raft?
No, I didn't.
Was there anyone else
with you on Saturday?
Tali was here too.
Tali, what were you doing here?
I helped Tnisson
to learn the hymns.
But then you must
remember them as well?
Tell me one.
Whatever troubles your heart,
whatever you demand.
Leave all your troubles
to our Lord.
You are a good boy, Tali.
Did you go home together?
A small boy could not
have done it all alone.
But kitchen-maid Liisa saw him.
And Lible as well.
That Lible is a wicked man.
You, Chunky-Charley,
I'll sink you to the bottom
of the river like a bloody turkey.
Lible is terrible!
How so? - Why does he have
to go drinking and brawling?
Well, look at that!
Saare family's daughter-in-law
and the young master himself.
H i.
- Hello, young master.
Oh, dear...
- Yes?
Why do you drink? - If I knew
it wouldn't get me drunk,
I probably couldn't
take a single drop.
Quit drinking.
- Why?
It's not good for you.
Can't say it is...
But man is just a machine.
You have to oil it,
otherwise it blows up.
Well, young master, I won't be
ringing these bells anymore.
- The raft, of course.
They blame me for
sinking the German jerks' raft.
Don't they believe
you didn't do it?
The minister would believe,
but that damn Chunky-Charley!
Hopping around
and singing like a sky-lark!
Lible did it, Lible did it!
He just wants to get rid of me.
- Why?
You, Arno...
You are a good boy.
I can tell you one thing.
No rascal in this world
wants to be told the truth.
But lie to them...
Then you are respectable.
Then, who did sink the raft?
You can chop me into pieces,
but I didn't do it!
I didn't do it!
And the German masters
went by on the sleigh and l...
Let me try.
- No way.
Just for a second!
- Don't even try!
Jorh, I'll give you
my chest and a tomahawk!
For free.
- Quit it.
Let me try.
- No.
- Yes?
You didn't sink the raft, did you?
How could I have done it?
So you didn't, Tnisson?
- No.
But you did go to the river?
Was the raft still there?
Of course it was.
Quit bothering me.
What are you doing here?
Go to the reeds,
Iook at the scrawfish
scrambling around the raft.
But if you are lying?
- Why should l?
One of them, as big as a mitten,
was eating the others.
Let's go, girls.
- Don't.
Go on!
If you are lying,
I'll beat you up.
Arno, where are you going?
- To the river.
Don't go.
You know...
That raft...
It was me, who sank the raft.
Why? - Why do these bastards
have to come fighting to our yard!
But if Lible is fired,
then it's your fault.
You little devils!
Who told you to go there!
Didn't I tell you,
it is forbidden!
Arno, catch!
Take the rope.
Good! Hold tight.
Lible, Lible, Lible...
So hot...
Chunk-Charley told
everybody not to visit you.
- He is afraid we'll catch it.
But you came.
- I am not scared.
Well, hello there.
- Hi, Lible.
They told me you were sacked.
That's true.
Lible, you didn't do it.
I know who sank the raft.
- I doesn't matter who did it,
I wont be ringing
these bells anyway.
But if I can prove
you didn't do it?
The minister and the churchwarden
are just being stubborn.
Let it go.
When I was young,
as I child I used to play...
I did not know anything,
but the things
I saw with my own eyes.
Joy makes
the voice of children singing,
even more beautiful
than kantele.
Tali is back!
- That's him! Arno!
Hello, Arno.
You could have stayed home a bit
longer to get your strength back.
Alright then. Sit.
Take your seats.
Arno, look.
Toots, what are you doing there?
What do you have in your jacket?
Nothing. Ouch!
Let me see that "nothing".
Exactly what we needed here...
Maybe tomorrow you'll
stick a piglet into your pocket.
Why did you bring the puppy?
Kiir wanted to buy it. - He's lying!
He said he had a puppy,
who can dance and play drums.
I didn't say anything.
You wanted to buy it
and told me to bring it to school.
Be quiet. Toots.
- Yes?
What do you figure
I should do with you?
I won't make you
stand in the corner.
You will not be punished at all.
But promise me,
no more pranks today.
Will you promise me that?
- Yes.
I don't want the stuff that you have
in your pockets to lead you astray.
Put them on my desk.
Come on.
I don't want to.
They are watching.
Put them on the table
in my room. - Alright.
And take the dog as well.
- Sure.
You see, Lible was sacked.
We have to tell the churchwarden.
But it is our fault
and now Lible was let go.
I'll be expelled.
- Me, too.
You won't, but I will.
No, I have to go and tell them.
Go on then.
What now?
What is it, Arno?
Something is troubling you.
Consider me your good friend,
you can tell me anything
that bothers you.
I lied when I told you that we went
home together with Tnisson.
You did?
Did you sink the raft
of the parsonage boys?
Why did you do it?
Answer me!
Why do they have to come
to fight in our yard?
Didn't it bother you one bit,
that another man was sacked?
It did.
Would you have told me,
if Tali hadn't?
Take your stuff.
Don't bring them along tomorrow.
Promise? - Yes.
Look me in the eye.
And try to study better.
You don't always have to do
all the homework.
But the things you do,
you must do well.
I will learn half of
the Russian homework. - Alright.
Half, but do it well.
If I can't do both of
the math exercises, I'll do one.
Fair enough.
But to copy from others,
and then to lie
that you did it yourself,
don't ever do that again.
- Yes.
Good bye.
- But Pitsu?
What about him?
- Pitsu.
Pitsu, Pitsu, Pitsu!
Here he is!
Pitsu, come here!
Go home, do your exercises
and keep your chin up.
And don't worry about Lible.
Good bye.
- Bye.
I can't go on...
- Rest for a bit.
Sit down.
We can't stay here for too long.
Soon it will be dark.
Come closer,
I'll shelter you from the wind.
I don't mind the wind.
Someone is in the chapel.
The noise came from the village.
Would you be sad
if I had died?
Would you have wept?
- Oh, stop it.
How can I say
what I would have done?
I know for certain.
If you died, I would...
You would cry?
- Y es.
Have you ever
watched the clouds?
Sometimes it seems as if
there's a man up there.
Sometimes it's like an animal.
Others have
shown me sometimes.
Don't you ever watch them?
When would I have
enough time for that?
What are you always doing then?
- I help my mother.
Weird that
you don't see anything.
It's getting dark.
We'll get lost. Come on.
I can't.
- Give me your hand.
Would you be sad,
if I had died?
Arno, you are acting
really strange today.
Of course I'd be sad.
Bye, then.
- I'll walk you home.
No, you still
have a long way to go.
Be a good boy,
go home now.
I'll wait for you tomorrow.
But don't come too early,
it's too cold.
Stop it! You'll go blind.
Get lost, if you are scared!
I'm not scared, if you're not.
But why do you have
a knife in your mouth?
You fool!
While I am loading the gun,
ten redskins
can attack me from behind.
Always keep
the tomahawk at hand.
Which one are you?
White or a redskin?
You keep switching.
He's the Kentucky Lion!
- Shut up!
Die, you dog!
What is it?
It won't shoot?
Sure will, but I'm afraid
the damascus steel can break.
You're scared!
Toots, don't!
Stop it!
I figured out a new way to shoot.
One, two...
...and three!
God damn!
You are killing people!
Do you have any sense at all?
Which one of you did it?
That's what I thought.
You are a born idiot.
I thought
it was damascus steel...
I'll show you damascus steel...
What happened?
Nothing much.
The boy played a prank
and broke the sauna window.
That devil!
Oh, Christmas tree,
oh, Christmas tree,
your branches evergreen.
Not only in the summer,
but also in winter
in this cold land.
Oh, Christmas tree,
oh, Christmas tree,
your branches evergreen.
Oh, Christmas tree,
oh, Christmas tree,
how lovely are thou.
They bring you
from the woods for Christmas
and hang candles on you.
Oh Christmas, tree...
Now it's yours.
Learn to play.
I will teach you.
Merry Christmas.
Come here, Arno.
Can I toll the bells?
Go ahead.
Are you strong enough?
- Sure.
Anton, Albert, Adalbert.
Ulfrid, Sulfrid, Vilfrid, Gotfrid.
Tnisson, tell me a nice
name for a boy. - Lembitu.
That won't do.
- Pick an Estonian name.
Like Kaupo or Vambola.
- No way! Not Estonian!
Go to hell with your Estonian name!
- Buy it!
Buy it, Kiir.
- I don't want that.
Visak, buy it.
Shines like Judas!
No way.
- It's solid gold.
Pure pinchbeck.
- You're the pinchbeck!
Lesta, tell me a nice name for a boy.
But not Estonian.
Pick one from the bible,
Abraham, lsaac... - No!
Two new boys came to school!
Where are you from?
- Tukre.
I have relatives there.
What is your name?
- Jri Kuslap.
Let's help them carry the bed inside.
Buy it! Pure metal!
- I don't want to.
What is that?
- A kantele.
Do you play?
- I sure do.
Let's go inside.
What's your name?
- I melik (Strange).
What is strange?
- My name.
A strange name.
- That's what it is.
Hurry up.
Well, isn't that something!
Forward, boys of Kentucky!
- I give up!
tell me a nice name for a boy.
No way
I am going to tell you that!
Joosep, wait up!
Why can't you tell me?
- You see, Jorh,
I will give that name
to my firstborn son.
Your son?
When will that happen?
One of these days anyway.
He sure will be born.
I'll give you two apples for it.
- Two?
- Fool! Six apples!
Then we'll see.
- What is there to see?
I'll decide when I see the apples
whether to tell you.
Then you will have to tell.
- Alright then.
Play a polka.
- Play a walz!
Polka is better.
- Play a Reilender.
You call that an apple?
It's way too small.
Stop it.
Joosep, wait!
If it is such a great name,
we will invite you to the party.
The party?
I'll sure come to the party!
Do they have brawn as well?
Sure! Brawn, sausage,
roast beef, everything.
And raisin-bread?
- Plenty.
Tell them to put a lot of raisins
in the bread.
Otherwise you'd have to poke around
for them with a knife like a fool.
They will put so many raisins you
won't even see the bread. Tell me.
Right. Let's go.
You know what, Kiir,
I actually have two names.
The first one is really nice...
It is Kolumbus.
- Kolumbus?
I know that one.
- So what if you do?
But the other one...
The other name...
It is...
Kri.. Krisos... Kri...
- Krisostomus!
I melik, play a polka,
I'll take Tali's bride for a dance.
Let me go!
Toots, don't!
Toots, let go of me!
Let me go!
Why did Toots drag you around?
- He asked me to dance.
Where did Toots go?
Stay here.
Good gracious! I ran
straight into the churchwarden!
His lip was split!
I got a bump
on my head like a horn.
Where did Toots go?
Can I finally get an answer?
Peterson, where is Toots?
I don't know anything.
I was in the sleeping chamber.
There you are!
Come right out!
I'll get you!
Out of my way!
I want to have a few words
with this horrible creature.
Teele, don't take it to heart.
I would have come to help, but...
- Get lost!
Well, come on then.
Look at this.
- Hi.
- Hi, there.
How did you get here?
Take a seat.
Are you angry with me?
No. - Come here.
I melik will play his kantele...
Out of my way!
All these colourful labels!
Why are they so high up?
So they are out of reach for...
- Who?
You never know,
who may come.
Some of these bottles
are really expensive.
This one over there.
"Lati Pac".
It costs two roubles.
But what does "Lati Pac" mean?
Probably the name of the wine.
No. "Lati" is French for "really"
and "pac" means "sweet".
Really sweet.
You shouldn't! - There are lots
of things one shouldn't do,
but are done nonetheless.
And just one!
T ake one from this side,
these are cheaper.
I busted my spine!
- Get down, you'll break in half.
Stroke my right leg.
The damn thing twitches.
Don't tickle me, you jerk.
What should I do then?
- Wait.
Here you go.
So, what will the little one's name be?
Right, certainly...
Kolumbus Krisostomus.
What? Kolumb...gri?
No, not Gri.
Kolumbus Krisostomus.
- Right. Kolumbus Krisostomus.
Now I get it.
But, see...
Kolumbus was a family name
and Krisostomus is
a very old and strange name.
It is not proper
and it won't do at all.
I see, it won't do?
Maybe your wife
happens to know another name?
So it won't do?
- No.
Katariine Rosalie!
Jorh, get up, they are singing!
Let's go inside.
Let's go. On your feet!
Don't want to...
There's no way
this one's going to move...
I baptize thee
Bruno Benno Bernhard.
Bruno Benno Bernhard? What
about Kolumbus Krisostomus?
You little devil!
- Damn!
What are you doing?
- Math for tomorrow.
Is I melik...
- He's not here.
Don't show
these exercises to lmelik.
Let him do them by himself.
- He can't.
If you show them to lmelik,
I'll hit you.
You won't show, will you?
- I will!
Let go!
- Not until you promise,
that you won't show them to I melik.
You won't, will you?
- I will!
I'm going to hit you!
Tali! You're here as well?
Do you want some candy?
Take it.
Hey, Tiugu!
What are you doing in the corner?
Did you have a fight with Tali?
Whatever, now it's over.
Come here and make up.
Let's all eat candy together.
What did you do that for?
Because you copy
your homework from Kuslap!
It's none of your business.
I'll tell the teacher
and you will be kicked out!
So what, if they do.
I'll just take my kantele
and Tiugu and life goes on.
What did I ever do to you?
You haven't done anything...
The Tukre guys are here already,
although from afar.
Those who have a long way,
always come first.
Boy, do you have an appetite!
The last time I ate, it was midday,
now it's already evening.
Tiugu, cook something.
It would be nice
if we could make soup here.
Buy a pot or a sauce-pan
and start cooking.
Cook some raisin soup.
That's good.
Raisin soup? What is that?
Boil some milk,
add the raisins,
boil some more...
And there you have it.
Do they add any salt?
Come now, who would
put salt into raisin soup?
So it's a tasteless slop.
What tune is that?
- Sleeping march.
Sleeping march?
You can put the lights out now.
Do it yourself,
don't bother the others.
What are you waiting for?
Lights out!
There is someone
behind the window.
- I don't know.
But he doesn't look human.
He's all red, eyes blinking.
Churchwarden, who else!
No, it's a...
- A ghost!
What the bloody hell are you
muttering there, jerk?
Don't go!
Oh, dear god,
now he'll get killed!
Behold your ghost.
It's Toots!
Who did you think it was, fools?
Toots, damn it!
Very funny, Toots!
- I thought it was a ghost.
What's that?
- A globe.
A globe.
Why is it red?
- What colour should it be?
I didn't have any blue paint.
Tomorrow I'll mark out the school
with a big cross,
then it's clear, where we live.
Paint the churchwarden's potato clamp.
- And the river.
And don't forget
the raft on the bottom.
And I'll paint you as well.
Do you have any idea
where I'm coming from?
Where could you have come from?
From a christening party
at Kiir's place.
The two of us drank two bottles
of wine that cost 2 roubles.
You don't believe me?
Quit slobbering on the boots!
You are not as drunk as you act!
If you had drunk as much,
you'd be dead!
But, as you can see, I'm alive!
Is Kiir dead?
Maybe. I left him behind.
Which one was it? A boy or a girl?
- Boy, dammit!
What's his name?
- Kolumbus.
- No...
It wasn't Kolumbus.
Peni or Pennu...
- Peni for kid's name?
I guess there were two of them.
One was Peni
and the other Kolumbus.
You're making it up.
- Why should l?
You don't have to believe me.
- T urn the light off.
Are you sleeping?
- Yes.
I want to tell you something.
You see, I am really sad.
Teele used to walk home
with me, but now...
Let her be with whomever
she wants. Don't mind her.
I can't, I do mind.
My heart is aching
as if I lost something.
You'll get over it.
- I'm not sure I will.
Of course you will.
Are you sleeping?
- No, go on.
There is an old willow by our road.
When my grandfather was young,
he stuck a small branch
in the ground, just for fun.
The twig started to grow
and now it is a huge tree.
Did you notice,
when you came to my place?
I will get over it.
What's the matter?
- I feel sick.
- That damn wine...
What did papa say?
- He said he'd kill you!
Come along.
Take your clothes off,
climb up and start whisking.
I can climb on the bench,
but the clothes?
Take them off,
you'll get sober.
I am sober. I just feel sick.
Well, then you won't.
Take them off.
Get your pants off and climb up.
Soon it will be warm.
It will heat up in a minute.
Damn, the dampers were shut!
Isn't it warmer already?
- No.
It seems to be getting colder.
I'll just get dressed.
Fool! You're almost sweating
and now you get dressed?
I can't sweat here.
- You sure will.
It's really healthy.
I told you.
Is it hot enough already?
No, it's freezing!
My butt is stuck against the bench.
Not even now?
- Maybe just slightly.
Get down then and wash
yourself with cold water.
Go to hell, I haven't even started
sweating yet. Look at me!
What's there to look?
- I'm all blue!
Toots, wait.
Wait up!
God has created you
in a fit of rage,
to punish mankind
for their sins.
Just as He sends us famine,
hail and heavy rain,
the same way has He created you
as a terrible example,
how low a child can fall,
if he does not
take care of his soul!
If we were to count all the pranks
you have played here
in these few months,
the sun will surely go down,
before we would reach
the end of that list.
Tell me,
what am I to do with you.
See, now you are quiet.
You don't have
an answer to that question.
Neither have l.
But I have to think about it...
And I will try to reach a decision.
Oh, Judas!
Arno, wait!
Are you in a hurry?
No, I thought you...
- What did you think?
Just admit, that you are
too proud to walk with me.
Teele! I am not proud.
But I thought
you want to be with I melik.
Me with lmelik?
When have l
ever wanted to be with I melik?
What nonsense!
Teele, don't be mad.
Let's start coming to
school together like before.
Shall I wait for you
under the willow?
Wait, if you want to.
But will you wait for me?
- We'll see.
Isn't it strange. Everybody dies.
Be it young or old.
It has always been that way
and I don't think it will ever change.
Why is it that way?
Well, go figure...
A man is born.
It is as if he comes
to a joyful celebration.
Whatever good he did,
he did it to himself.
All the evil
he also did to himself.
And quite a lot
was still left to be done.
Perhaps others would like
to ask him to forgive
for all the evil
they had done to him.
Who knows how much
we all owe to each other.
But one thing is certain.
It is better to be sad
when leaving this world,
than to make others sad.
Because he
who comes to take us away,
he is not going to wait.
He just puts his hand on your
shoulder and says, "Come with me."
Because the time
that you were given...
...that time is up.
It is over.
And it will never ever come back.
Kuslap, I am sorry that I hit you.
I won't ever do it again.
Forgive me, Kuslap.
I have to show
my homework to I melik.
Show him, if you want to.
Just, don't be angry with me.
I'm not angry.
We shouldn't go. We'll get
into a fight like last autumn.
What are you afraid of?
I already left the poker in the oven.
We can just watch.
You should have pulled
the raft out yourselves.
Pull, Lible!
Pull! What should I pull with?
A raft isn't a bundle of twigs
that the hook would sink into.
Out of my way!
Dive under water,
push the stones away
and the raft will rise up.
- Is it possible?
Why not?
T ake your clothes off.
Dive like little otters.
Stick the hook into the raft,
tie a rope around it and pull...
Goddamn bastards! They are
asking for it. - Let's help him.
The great battle
under the gates of Leipzig!
Give them hell!
Attack, boys of Kentucky!
Let the redskins have it!
What doesn't stick,
you just make stick.
What doesn't stick,
you just make stick.
What doesn't stick,
you just make stick.
Attack, boys of Kentucky!
Let the redskins have it!
Punish them devils!
Just don't kill them.
Come on.
The churchwarden is coming!
The churchwarden! Go now!
And you, buggers, as well!
Get lost.
The churchwarden!
Go on!
Good bye, girls.
- Bye.
Let's take a walk
in the churchyard.
Haven't we walked
there enough already?
You don't want to come anymore?
- I don't think so.
What do you want then?
- T o go home.
What a baby!
He wants to go home!
Toots, will you return
to school in the autumn?
The devil only knows, what I'll
be doing. The world is wide.
Guys, I have some stuff.
If you want it, you can have it.
Arno, I promised to give you
that picture of an Indian.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
Show me.
Tnisson, here's a storybook for you.
When do I ever have time to read it?
- Take it!
Lesta... Where is Lesta?
For you, little Lesta,
I will give this silk ribbon.
se it as a watch chain.
But I don't have a watch.
No watch?
What kind of a man are you?
You can buy mine.
- I don't have any money.
No money as well?
There's no choice then...
Take it for free.
- Thank you!
Shake hands with the kind man.
But who will you give the globe to?
Right, the globe.
I should give the globe to some girl.
Imelik, you are courting Teele.
Give it to her.
- Oh, do shut up.
Where would she go with that?
Like a ball of fire. - Go on!
Then again, why not.
I'll tell her it is from you.
One shouldn't look
a gift horse in the mouth.
To you, Jorh...
To you I would really like
to give a good beating.
You sorry little bugger!
Always telling on me!
Remember what
you did at the christening!
I'm going to beat you up.
Well, then.
Good bye, little Lesta.
Try to grow a bit
in the summer.
Farewell, Tnisson.
God be with you.
Come back for at least
one more winter, if possible.
So what, if you are a big boy already.
Where there's will, there's a way.
Hello, Kiir.
Bye, Toots. Keep your chin up.
Be brave and cheerful.
And Arno, don't forget the violin.
- I won't.
Have a good journey.
Arno, come to see
our new house today.
I'm not sure, home...
What is there at home?
Flowers, meadows...