Kevvu Keka (2013) Movie Script

Sir, please give me arms!
You're maintaining body very slim,
six pack like Sunil?
No money even for a cigarette pack,
how can I have a six pack, sir?
Take this money and turn your
six pack into family pack.
Eat on time, got it?
Do we watches to eat on time, sir?
- You're right.
You're a great benefactor?
ls your name Dharmaraju?
Neither I'm Dharmaraju nor 'Di | ' Raju,
I'm Buchi Raju.
What do you want sir?
- I want a car for dropping.
Which car you want, sir
- Costliest car!
We don't have that company car, sir.
Did you get it like that, I meant
which is the costliest car here.
That's perfect for my range.
I want the costliest room
in your hotel.
Then, take President suite.
I don't want President's pant
or Prime Minister's shirt,
I want the costliest room.
Sachin stayed in this room
for IPL matches.
ls this already used room?
What's your name?
APP". here's your tip.
This tip will settle all my loans, sir.
I'll get on to the real work.
What word should I use?
Suicide note!
If you're born in this world, either
you should be Ambani or Amitabh's son.
I don't have that chance.
If many commit suicide for
the diseases,
I'm committing suicide for
not having money.
Don't send my body to mortuary,
I hate that smell.
Courier it to my uncle
Abracadabra Appa Rao's address.
Please note: Uncle, I'm dying
for the first time in life,
don't be stingy in
conducting my funeral,
don't worry about cost,
make it a grand affair,
use sandalwood to cremate me,
yours... I'm going away!
Oh no! My death is nearing.
If I die in bad time,
I'll roam here as ghost.
I'm scared of ghosts.
Buchi, your life ends here.
It's sour!
How do people drink it to die?
If I add sugar,
I can drink it easily to die.
Stomach ache!
Why should I've this
disturbance when I'm dying?
Door is open!
Our bad time, did he find
our hotel to die?
What can we do?
Treatment is on inside,
please pay the bill.
Forget about your hospital bill,
who will pay my hotel bill?
This is the house.
What's this? No please...
You're too much!
What's this? No please...
You're too much!
Who's he?
Running a show early morning.
This is not that show
but my calling bell tune.
Don't imagine too much,
open the door and get in.
Got scared?
Don't forget you've come
to a magician's house.
If you want to see head,
turn your head and see.
What's this myth?
Got anxious?
I created many magical tricks
like to upstage P C Sorcar.
Are you here to book my program?
Where should I come and when?
You must come to Help Hospital.
ls the program in hospital?
Your nephew is there.
- What happened to him?
He tried to commit suicide for fun.
- Yes.
Our bad time!
How is Buchi?
- Buchi? That drunkard Buchi.
No need to worry about him.
But since he drank too much, it has
damaged his intestines and liver.
If his liver is damaged,
what about his treatment?
When we were treating for it,
suddenly his two kidneys failed.
I thought only in studies,
did his kidneys too fail?
He had paralysis after failing
both his kidneys.
My heart pains on hearing this.
Heart has two holes because
of extreme high and low BP.
You say about heart holes
like two patches on tyres.
It's not a big deal,
we'll patch it.
The real problem is
with respiration.
What happened to it?
Though ventilators are
pumping air inside
respiratory organs
are rejecting it.
Can't you tell him to breathe
in strongly?
We can but he must hear it, right?
You mean his ears too...
Lost it first.
Patient is out of danger,
pay Rs.9,9999, we'll treat him further.
Which part is working in
his body to treat now?
That's why we're engaging specialists.
Till then, we'll use eye drops.
- I'll sell my house.
We keep recording temperature.
- I'll sell my farm.
Come Doctor, come here.
For safe side,
keep a box ready in mortuary.
Medical treatment is deadly!
Are you fine, Buchi?
You said he's almost dead.
My nephew is happily
eating apple here.
Didn't you ask about Buchi Babu
who had spurious drinks?
Asked about my nephew Buchi Raju.
Your nephew drank scent
to kill himself.
Did you drink scent bottle?
I went to super market and
asked for poison,
how would I know it's
the name of a scent?
What's this nonsense, Buchi?
Though you don't have anyone,
you've your maternal uncle, right?
That's why you pay the bill.
Not just this bill,
I can build a house for him,
I paid electric bill for him,
Forget about that
first pay this bill.
Go, I'll PaY-
Tell me how much is your bill?
Rs.3000 or 4000 or 2600?
Rs.145000 including hotel
and hospital bill.
Rs.1 lakh...
- Forty five thousands.
Did I tell the bed would get
booked on hearing the bill?
Your suicide almost killed me.
- Anyway why do you want to die?
I brought you here to tell that only.
Can't you remember flask back
unless you come here?
I'll not get the feel.
First scene of my love story
began here only.
Does your life lover story too,
I thought it had only comedy.
I too thought like that only,
but on seeing the girl,
lover boy in me woke up.
On that table only,
I was having 2 idlies with
third serving of sambar.
Why are you seeing that side?
- Heroine walked in from there only.
I've seen beautiful girls,
innocent girls,
I saw that day my wo | rd's most
beautiful and innocent girl!
Did you fall in love
with senior Sridevi?
Generally when I'm eating I don't
bother about anything else than food,
I became a statue seeing the girl.
Venkatesh and Aarthi Agarwa | 's film?
1, 4 and 3!
I like you!
Film's name is I like you!
Yes, I like you!
Srikanth and Soundarya,
Nagarjuna special appearance?
I love you only!
- I love you only!
I'll marry only you.
- Yes, I'll marry only you.
Uday Kiran and Reema Sen...
You're in my heart!
You're in my heart...
You're in my heart...
Venkatesh and Soundarya...
Let's marry!
Let's marry!
- Yes, let's marry!
Marry happily,
you both are perfect couple!
Your love will also succeed like ours.
So senior lovers mistook you
forjunior lovers, right?
It's strange.
Second meeting was stranger.
Where did you meet her second time?
This park only.
- I expected this.
That's why you brought me
to this park, right?
My heroine was reading a magazine
sitting on that bench.
I entered munching groundnuts
listening to Pavan Ka | yan's song.
I thought young girl,
she's young mother!
ls it him?
Like father like son!
ls she really a mother?
Without bothering about crying child,
she's devouring magazine!
May her eyes go burst!
ls he father?
Without caring about crying child,
he's munching nuts!
May he be affected indigestion!
Baby is crying!
Fights and tiffs are common
for husband and wife.
Will you bring out the child
in chill weather for that?
Did you give birth to the child
or lifted it from somewhere?
The child is her...
She'll abuse as wife!
Won't we go home and cook and
look after wife and kids well?
What sort of husband are you?
That's not my child.
- Not mine too!
I'm not married at all.
As I'm married!
Did you go to play instead
of looking after the child?
My dear, don't cry...
Let's go, we've messed the scene.
Very good! Excellent!
So the society branded you as
man and wife in your second meeting.
Where did your love journey
actually begin?
In that bus!
If you remove your hand from rod,
I'll get down.
Why should I remove my hand
for you to get down?
Because this lamp rod is mine.
Thank God!
Excuse me, you owe me change.
I've to return Rs.30 to you, right?
- You owe me Rs.20.
I don't have change,
do one thing,
I'll give you Rs.50, share it.
How can I?
Get down please!
Let's get down.
Give it, I'll get change.
- Okay.
Do you know how they say
Rs.50 in Marathi?
I don't know.
Konkani language?
- I said I don't know. Go away!
Says doesn't know...
I mean no change.
H ow?
If we've coffee there,
they'll be forced to give change. Come.
It must be superb!
My name is Buchi Raju,
fondly people call me as Buchi!
What's your name?
- Why do you want my name?
Would I tell my name if you ask?
Would I tell my name is
Balabhad runipathruni Veeravenkata
Sivasathya Thulasiganga
Manikyamba Mahalakshmi?
Do you think I'll tell you
that my short name is Maha?
I'm 28 years old.
I think you may be around 26 years.
I'm quiet and you're daring
to ask a girl's age.
My aunt's daughter Chinnari
turned 26 on August 15!
I'm 2 years younger than her.
Would I tell my age if you ask me?
I thought little old
but she's 24 only.
Age has matched perfectly.
I'm working as salesman
with Kalanikethan.
What about you?
Why do you want to know?
What would you do anyway?
Though I did MBA,
I'm presently doing nothing,
will you be able to make
give all the details?
Go to hell!
There's idli, poori and
vada too, madam.
ls it? Have it yourself, go!
ls this coffee or kulfi?
It's disgusting.
Do you know to make good coffee?
It's like asking Sachin
if he can bat well?
Why should I tell you that my neighbours
form a queue for my coffee?
I've decided.
- What's that?
You don't need to pay me even a penny.
All my life!
- Why?
Just serve me a coffee with
your hands every day.
All my life!
Tell me clearly.
Would I tell lfell in love
with you at first sight?
Would I tell you that I've
decided to marry you now?
Nobody can make me say I love you.
It has started...
narrating long tales...
A beautiful fight between
sweet pair of lips...
The tempo of the rhythm increased
the heart to speed like a chariot...
My heart's turmoil is more
furious than Bay of Bengal...
Would I let you know that?
Your action says
what your lips are denying...
If anyone asks me to compare you
with another beauty...
What else can I find difference
other than ear rings and bangles...
You've doused me with the
colours of rainbow...
When asked what's your colour,
white went white blushing...
I'll accept that you're great...
But I'll not tell you that...
Your words are magical love...
My love line is longer than
equator of earth...
My heart is a gram heavier
than earth...
Even temple rings can't pull
me away from your thoughts...
Look at this strange thing I can't say
a word without uttering your name...
Where was all this enthusiasm
hidden till now?
Am I also in love like you?
My like is waiting for your love...
It's time!
Please sir, I'll never come late again.
My brief wasn't dry,
so I got late. sir.
It'll never get dry,
come on time even if brief is wet.
Punctuality Prabhanjan, if I get
caught, he'll eat my brain.
I'll give complaint card,
meet the owner.
I didn't get Punctuality Prabhanjan
name for nothing.
Go and meet the owner.
Greetings sir.
If you don't have sense of time,
what's the difference between
humans and mannequins?
Humans must be sensitive,
attitude and sensible.
Get lost!
What to do now?
I'll go to the counter behind
this without getting caught.
Whose legs are these?
What's this?
- Today is my birthday, sir.
Bless me I'll grow up to be
like you, sir.
But you're late of office?
- Customer is waiting sir,
I'll finish the sale and
come for your blessings, sir.
Look at this colour, madam.
See this colour.
Got any new models?
- Please come.
This colour will match your colour well.
Please sit down, madam.
- Look at this.
Buchi Raju, show her the latest designs.
- Okay, sir.
Look at this, latest design.
Show me that colour.
- Okay.
What's this nuisance?
What happened?
ls this way to behave with customers?
He pulled away my belt.
ls this way to behave?
What do you think of yourself?
- It never happened here.
We've the same stock in another
counter, I'll show you, madam.
You're singing duet with heroine
and turned supervisor into a comedian,
everything is rocking!
There's not villain in
your love story, right?
Why not?
- Who is that fool?
My Maha | akshmi's father!
Where's he?
- He's there!
Hello! Why are you still here?
The TV you gave is ready here.
If you discharge with it,
I'll recharge immediately.
What's this, uncle?
Who is uncle to you?
I've a name, it's Subba Rao!
Call me as Subba Rao!
When I got you an LCD TV,
you insisted I call you as uncle,
said it's music to your ears.
Moreover you promised to get
your daughter married to me.
I promised with my mouth only
not on promissory note, right?
I'll tell you the logic, come.
Isn't LED TV better than LCD or not?
- Better.
Isn't Sunny car better than Nano?
- Better!
See, you've accepted
the truth yourself.
What ever it is,
it is for better only.
Look, here comes Sunny with LED TV!
Greetings sir.
- Greetings.
Keep LED safely in house.
- Okay sir.
Very good quality, Subba Rao.
- Subba Rao?
Why are you calling me by name
like a stranger?
Call me as uncle,
it's music to my ears.
Okay, uncle.
Please come. Come.
Move aside, son-in-law is coming, right?
Who is he, uncle?
- Some roadside Romeo, forget him.
Please sit down.
Dear, get a coffee for LED son-in-law.
How is it?
- Very nice! Bru coffee, right?
I didn't ask about coffee,
about my daughter.
I like her.
As soon as your grandpa's
property is transferred to your name,
let's fix the marriage.
- Okay uncle.
I'll take leave.
Bye, uncle.
- Okay.
My son-in-law is 100 kilos
of pure gold.
What's this drama every week?
You bring a rich man and
say he's would be son-in-law.
How many will you change
like TV channels?
ls that fat man would be son-in-law?
Would any father do like this?
Can't avoid it, silly woman!
Had we stopped with telephone,
would cell phones have come?
Had we stopped with TV,
would computers had come?
There's no compromise in betterment.
I'll not fix my daughter's
marriage with a clerk like me.
I'll find a rich son-in-law.
I'll have a blast like
my boss Jagadamba!
Challenges don't suit
your personality, dad.
If necessary, I'll increase my
personality but never give up ambition.
This is a challenge with Jagadamba.
You always talk about Jagadamba.
What exactly did she do to you?
Before I tell what she did,
I must tell what she was doing,
when I was a clerk with
a Municipal contractor,
you know what was Jagadamba's condition!
Mother, I brought you lunch.
- Why did you come in hot sun, dear?
Whosoever marries you is
really very lucky man!
My sweet darling!
Talk to your daughter in home,
do your work here.
I've to answer the contractor.
Okay, sir.
- Okay, go.
What is Jagadamba's position now?
What's those discrepancies
in the accounts?
If you can't write accounts well,
get yourself a tuition teacher.
You've mentioned about 20 packs of
dog biscuits but only 19 are there,
where's the last pack?
Did you eat it?
If you cheat me like that
Municipal contractor,
I'll rip out your skin!
How is that?
She was a lowly paid worker
but behaves like Lady Ambani,
who is responsible for this change?
Her daughter junior Jagadamba.
She trapped my contractor's son
and married him.
Jagadamba's life changed after
getting a rich son-in-law.
If with an ordinary daughter
Jagadamba can do this,
what great things can I achieve
with a beautiful daughter!
I'm doing all this to find
a great proposal for her.
Many a young men have to get
sacrificed at the altar.
Why are you laughing loud
like a tooth paste model?
A billionaire is in love with me,
would I tell you that
he owns Kalanikethan mall?
Kalanikethan owner?
Would I tell you his photo
in that book's 36th page?
My sweet darling!
I knew an intelligent father like
would have a clever daughter like you.
That you'd make my dream come true.
Keep quiet dad.
- I can't.
What can I give you in
this happy moment?
Other than being born as your child
with a golden spoon!
What did you tell him?
Did you say I'm a billionaire
and own this shop?
Even with my four months' salary,
I can't buy a suit here,
if you say I own this shopping mall,
who would believe it?
If they don't believe,
you must make them believe it.
If not my dad brings some rich guy
and says he's my husband.
Will you lie to him
that I own this mall?
There must be a limit
to tell lies.
If I tell my dad is coming there now,
if you don't make him believe
that you own the mall,
not only in this life, we can't
marry in any life after this,
1 what would be your position
on hearing this?
ls your dad coming here?
Not coming,
he would've already come.
Difficult if you don't know the size.
My boy friend Kamal's personality
is just like him, sir.
ls it?
Please come here. Faster!
It seems her boy friend is just like you.
Remove your dress,
she'll see a trial on you.
Dress only, show her a trial and
go to the counter immediately.
Wear this coat.
Just coat only, right?
Why did he ask me to remove
my dress then?
Very good!
Can you please come walking
from a little distance?
Son-in-law is handsome with likes
of Prabhas and Mahesh Babu.
This is okay.
- Would you like anything else, madam?
Kama | 's brief size is...
I know the size, pack it.
Briefs are there.
She knows brief size
but not the coat size.
What would you like to see sir?
Suiting or shirting?
I want your legs.
- Legs?
If your legs are free,
I'll wash and give my daughter
in marriage to you.
Are you Maha | akshmi's father?
Why are you calling me as sir?
call me as father-in-law.
It'll be fine for you to call
and fine to hear for me.
How long will you take?
Will you show or not?
That counter salesman will come,
please wait, madam.
Silk border, madam.
Where is Buchi?
Taking so much time for a trial.
Where has he gone?
Pack this and send it
to billing counter.
Don't he know he must be
in the counter?
What do you think of yourselves?
Salesmen or customers?
Will you please take your hands off?
Please see this madam.
When did he come?
It has embroidery work too.
Where is he?
There are few other colours
in this model.
How about this, madam?
Why is so-in-law showing
like salesman?
Received today morning only.
Very good for summer.
Learn it! How many times
do I've to teach you?
Show it to customers like this.
Why am I working here as one of you?
So that you'd learn to work,
come good in life.
Father-in-law! How come you're here?
Please come.
- Learn from him.
Don't give him tension.
- He'll learn.
How can anyone prosper
without working hard?
Sir, call letter for you.
What's that, son-in-law?
Nothing Bombay Dyeing people
are here for my advice.
Please sit here,
I'll come back in a minute.
No problem, I'll look around
our shop, you carry on.
Normally he shouts if anyone
comes with complaint card.
That too in working hours.
He'll start an epic!
How to manage him?
- What?
The piece is here!
Not stays in the counter.
Human must be sensitive
and have self respect.
Get lost!
Let's sit and talk, father-in-law.
Why anywhere else?
Let's sit in your room, son-in-law.
In my room?
I want to see you sitting
in the chairman's seat.
Looks like the short man
will get me into trouble.
Please come, let's go and sit inside.
Son-in-law, if you don't mind,
can I sit in your seat?
Feel free as if this is your office,
please sit down, uncle.
Please sit.
He calls as and when he feels like.
Clean this dust bin.
Clean this also.
What's this switch?
If you press it, supervisor
and other staff would come.
Why did you press it?
Son-in-law, I want see you
commanding your staff.
Please sit.
Oh no! Supervisor is here.
I must speak like Chairman.
Tell me sir.
What should I tell you?
No shirt buttons, no oil on hair.
salesman is coming late,
sales man is not in counter,
you only complain on others,
what the heck you do here?
If customers are Gods,
salesmen are priests.
Humans must be sensitive,
shyness and shame.
Go, look after the sales.
You were fantastic, son-in-law
...great job!
I'm always like that I change
my voice to scold them.
I'll also join them.
That bell rings due to
short circuit problem.
Let's go, customers are waiting.
- Let's go to counters.
I do play such fun for relaxation.
This is what you call
as work is play.
Who is he?
Father-in-law of this show owner.
- My father-in-law?
Not yours but his father-in-law.
He claims to be your father-in-law
and also mine, who is he anyway?
He's little mad, hsi son-in-law went
bankrupt after running a showroom.
Since then he lost his balance and
visits showrooms and behaves like this.
Last week there was a box news
about him in newspapers.
He entered your room,
I was sending him out, sir.
Customers are waiting,
I'll go, sir.
Who is he?
Why does he think he's the owner?
He's the owner.
Years ago, he lost everything
in races and became a pauper.
He sold this to me.
He lost his mental balance and roams
here as if he's owns this place.
He once owned this place, right?
I pity him.
Come, father-in-law.
Where's Buchi? Went away again?
We met after many days,
shall we go to club?
No need to use two cars,
let's go in my car.
Excuse me, 7777 BMW is in parking area,
please handover this and
tell the driver to go home.
3Sha | | we go?
- Come.
Work like this!
Should I've to tell you everything?
Auto is waiting,
I'll go now, son-in-law.
No need of auto, I'll have you
dropped in my BMW.
Son-in-law, I'll cut the auto.
- Okay.
Madam told me to give you this,
your madam's guest is here,
she told you to drop him
at his house and go home.
I sent him away.
- Sir is here.
Greetings sir, please get in sir.
I'm Romeo's brother...
I'm a part Devadass and Shahjahan...
I'm Juliet's sister and
descendent of Parvathi...
I'm Mumtaz...
I've crossed Everest
in my love long back...
I've united your name
with mine long back...
I was hearing the
love ring tone till now...
Now I found out it belongs to you...
Something lovely is pulling
towards you...
I'll make your heart
my permanent abode...
I'm Rama and you're my Seetha...
new Ramayana has began...
You're Krishna and I'm Radha...
new romantic story has begun...
You're like sun flower
following sun...
You're fragrant aroma
like coffee...
You're my daily horoscope
of happiness...
I'll be January 1st of
your calendar...
Settle down on your lips
like Candyman...
I'll copy all wishes and
desires in eyes...
I'll paste it in the system
of love eyes...
Our love postings must flood
Facebook and Twitter...
Our love must be the breaking news
on TV news channels...
I'm giving you my heart...
My entry and exit of every live
is with you only...
I'm mischief of youth and
I'm giving all of it to you...
I'll download the melody
of your words...
I'll produce music in your arms
like a maestro...
I'll roam in your world like butterfly...
I'll stay with you every summer...
I mistook for my house
and entered it.
No confusion,
this is our house only.
Give this.
I was waiting for you.
Sign here, your mother too signed it.
What's this?
Why no objection certificate?
You sign it first.
Sign it.
Take it, Seth!
What is it father?
You're going to marry a rich man,
how can you remain poor?
If your husband sees this place
and thinks cheaply about us,
I can't tolerate that,
that's why I made these
arrangements to match his range.
What about money?
I've taken Rs.30 lakhs loan as first
installment from this money lender.
Rs.30 lakhs?
- Just at 15% interest only.
Isn't it?
- Right, sir, I'll go now.
Why have you tied him like
taking a goat to meat shop?
Who is he?
He took loan and defaulted.
That's why as per the agreement,
I'm taking him to sell his kidneys.
Agreement to sell kidneys?
We used to lend money on
farms and houses,
we faced problems because of litigations
due to various reasons,
that's why we're lending money
on body parts.
For safe side they're taking
NOC from family members also.
You signed on NOC only.
Did you lend money to my father...
- On kidneys only.
I've taken the rights
to sell his two kidneys.
It's your responsibility to protect his kidneys
by giving him 3 litres of water every day.
Just formalities only.
Only defaulters must be scared,
why should we?
After your marriage,
won't son-in-law pay repay it like tip?
Let's ask son-in-law to pay him
Rs.10 lakhs extra,
he has children,
it'll help him earn more interest.
You're very graceful, sir.
Do you've a beautiful daughter?
- No.
Why did you take loan without
a beautiful daughter?
Not only kidneys and eyes,
they must take your heart and liver.
I think his bad luck may stick to us,
please take him away, Seth.
Bye sir.
- Bye.
- He must live without kidneys.
I'll go to Jagadamba's house.
- How will you go?
Autos are striking work.
We don't have to travel
in autos and buses.
I've booked BMW auto gear car.
Delivery will take little time,
meanwhile I've booked a Honda car
from travel agency.
How is it? Do you've brain
or lent it to live?
You know today evening is
my son-in-law's birthday party.
Don't you know there's work here?
Are you coming like a VIP now?
If anything goes wrong in the party,
I'll make you security guard
of this house, be careful.
I've an important meeting,
but you're more important, right?
I'll definitely make it.
What happened?
There's a birthday party today evening,
my father-in-law insists I must come.
You should get tension if asks for
party, why to attend a party?
Go, have two pegs, eat food
and enjoy the party.
It's a star hotel
not lrani hotel to go as you like.
Moreover dress code is compulsory.
Like a bank clerk, he has money
all around him but not his,
though there are so many suits here,
we can only see not use it.
No money to buy it.
Don't worry, I know a man who
stitches suits for less money.
Try if he can make it in your budget.
- Krishna Nagar.
You want a suit for Rs.1500 and
can I offer 30% discount also?
Thanks you sir.
Funny fellow! Would any fool
stitch a suit for Rs.1500?
There's public talk that you do.
Give this golden opportunity
to someone else, leave me.
Hey lazy! Get ready those two suits
before I m back.- Okay.
I feel pity on seeing you, brother.
I've decided to stitch a suit
for Rs.1500.
Can you stitch a suit?
Who built Taj Mahal?
- Shahjahan.- Masons.
He's Shahjahan and I'm mason.
Money please.
Take it.
I must your size.
- What?
Your hip size.
Take the measurements.
3 and 2, 32!
Legs 44!
18 here also.
Are you raping or taking measurements?
- Length 22!
I want to stitch a shirt,
will you say I can do only
buttons and holes?
I found a scapegoat.
I'll stitch a suit now.
How long man?
- Over, sir.
Did you take down the measurements?
- I did.
What happened?
- I'm drowsy, I need liquor.
Pour the liquor in coat into mouth.
Have it.
What's this?
- Nothing, brother.
Since my mother's milk didn't suit me,
my father gave me liquor.
I can't be fine when I feel
drowsy without liquor.
Don't know what's the
middle class problems are!
Let's stitch a suit from the cloth
owner saved for himself.- Okay.
Looks like junction is jammed.
OVery tight.
Rates decide suits.
I'm getting late to party,
this is too tight.
If suit gives in party,
I'll lose my honour.
Let's do one thing.
I'll also attend the party
in a suit.
If there's any tear, I'll stitch it
without anyone seeing it.
Okay, come.
- Greetings.
Please go inside.
Why are you staring here?
Look after the guests well.
There mustn't be any let up.
- Greetings.
What are you looking at?
Why did you bring me to a party?
I must show a film to Jagadamba, right?
Here comes my Aladdin's lamp!
Why are you waving hand?
- It's free, so I waved.
Coat arm pit gave it.
Why are you standing here, son-in-law?
You're the hero of this function.
Please come.
- Why father-in-law?
Before I take next step,
please dance with my daughter.
Cover me.
Come here.
Give me your hand.
Someone is calling you, go.
- Samantha- Me?
Would you like to have whisky?
- I drink only milk.
Please forgive me.
I drink only whisky.
Do you drink every day?
- I'll quit at times.
Why is he acting like rich man in party?
There's something fishy.
This is the right time to
get back my money.
Why is he here?
Sir, you promised Rs.1000 to buy
medicines for my great grandpa.
- That day!
You'd have,
please give him, son-in-law.
You're great sir.
You're so great that
I can't explain it, sir.
Your generosity is making me cry, sir.
Take care of your
great grandpa's health.
How would he know what you gave him
is just a drop of an ocean?
Son-in-law is very controlled,
self controlled man.
Will you go for drinks on smell?
Stitch it.
Do it fast.
Nobody saw it, right?
Did you get the suit on hire?
To tell the truth,
you're great in this dress.
I'm telling the truth.
Are you fine?
I'm feeling drowsy.
What happened?
- I'm drowsy. I want liquor.
Bloody weakness. . .wait.
Drowsy... | iquor!
He's the right man.
- Take it.
Tell me what else?
Where is Subba Rao?
Address my name with respect, Jagadamba!
What's this stare?
What's this new style and get up?
Have you gone mad after
having drinks?
You're going to get mad now, Jagadamba.
Why are you shouting?
I'll fire you.
As if this is Collector's job.
To hell with you and
your bloody job.
Silly woman!
I'll buy it back.
If you can be so proud for having
an ordinary rich man as son-in-law,
how proud should I be for having a
son-in-law who pays crores as tax?
Would you like to see my golden goose?
Son-in-law! Make a grand entry!
Your father is getting me
into trouble.
He's my son-in-law.
Your son-in-law is like an ATM,
it may run out of money,
my son-in-law is like RBI,
it'll never run out of money.
You'll be swept off your feet
on knowing who my son-in-law is!
What's this?
- Do you know who my son-in-law is?
Chairman of Kalanikethan group
of shopping malls.
Chairman of Kalanikethan?
- Any doubt?
Then who am I?
Why is the mad man here?
Am I mad? You mad man!
Buchi, tell me, who is mad?
- You!
Who am I?
- You're Chairman of Kalanikethan.
Who are you?
- Salesman there.
Tell that mad man!
Yes, father-in-law,
he's the real owner.
I'm just a salesman.
- Yes father. We lied to you.
- Lied to you.
Humans must be sensitive,
shyness, shame and pride.
I got it, sir.
You've fired me, right?
He gives and then takes it away.
Are you swept off your feet, Subba Rao?
Madam, please forgive me
for my mistake.
Please take whatever has
happened as nothing.
I'll come to office on time
from tomorrow.
You've been fired 30 minutes earlier.
- Like that.
- Sorry, father.
We didn't want to cheat you,
thought you'd adjust after marriage.
We didn't expect this.
Lorry is coming, I'll die.
Father, please...
please listen to me...
No sound?
Father, no...
Allow me to die.
I lost my honour before Jagadamba.
You must regain it,
you shouldn't talk about death.
Don't talk to me.
You trapped my daughter and planned
to become my in-house son-in-law.
As if you're great Bill Gates!
I planned to become
your son-in-law.
Neither he planned nor trapped me.
I fell for him on my own.
Electric wire!
I'm dying!
I'm dead.
That's cable wire, you can't die.
Father, I'm your daughter.
I too have the sane pride you have.
You want a rich son-in-law.
That's all, isn't it?
- Will she dump me?
You want to die because he's not the
owner of the shopping mall,
he'll become owner of a bigger mall
and marry me with great pride.
This is my challenge.
Please give me some time.
Are 50 or 60 years enough, dear?
No need, Buchi will marry me in
6 months coming back as rich as Ambani.
- Yes.
Our love will make you a winner.
You're like Lord Anjaneya,
you don't know your power.
You're going to become
a billionaire for my sake.
That's all!
I'll become a billionaire, that's all!
If it doesn't happen.
Your daughter will marry
the man of your choice.
I'll come back after 6 months as mall
owner and call you as father-in-law.
This is our challenge.
Did you throw a challenge
to own a shopping mall?
I got emotional then.
Are you Chiranjeevi of Challenge
or Venkatesh of Kondapalli Raja?
You're just Naresh of Kevvu Keka.
Should I throw a challenge
if I'm Naresh?
Should I earn crores in one song?
If you say shouldn't, you can...
But how?
- That's why I've started.
Back ground song.
Victory is yours,
no need to worry...
March ahead without any inhibitions...
Life is ajourney of struggles...
Victory is in struggles...
Your way is path of flowers,
march ahead, boy...
As your wishes come true,
it's victory bugles...
Men can become sages
with dedication...
Can become great men...
How much you earned in a month?
Ask me how much I'm left with.
Rs.632 only.
Not much, just Rs.9999368 only to earn!
Do you need background songs
for this paltry sum?
Auto earnings were enough
for police and petrol bills.
Money from stone crushing
work went for doctor bills.
Money carrying loads were
spent on chicken leg pieces.
If you earn like this,
forget about shopping mall,
you can't even run a
cut piece centre opposite to it.
Okay, I've taken a decision.
What's that?
- Would I tell you?
If you fail to earn money
after 6 months,
unable to marry the man
of my dad's choice,
unable to live without you,
would I tell you that I've
decided to commit suicide?
Commit suicide?
Though it's crooked decision,
tell me that straight.
Would I tell you that I've already
brought cyanide for safer side?
I'm not that foolish.
That's my flashback, uncle.
It's impossible to become
Ambani in 6 months.
That mad girl is roaming with cyanide
like an Al-Qaida terrorist.
Silly girl would do as she says.
I can't die after watching her death.
That's why I thought of
dying before her.
Why did you go to star hotel for that?
I was born a poor man,
I thought of dying like a rich man.
Where did you get so much
money for that?
I must thank you.
- Why me?
I sold off your ne Nano car
to ajunk seller.
What have you done, O my God!
Are you crying for car
instead of being happy for me?
Uncle, you've proved again that
relationships are materialistic only.
Such heavy dialogues
will not suit you.
I didn't cry for that.
- Why then?
If it hadn't happened like that,
you wouldn't be in this situation.
What hadn't had happened and when?
Tell me clearly, uncle.
Till now you told me flashback
which I didn't know.
I'll tell you now your flashback
which you don't know.
My flashback which I don't know myself?
- Yes, child episode.
You came at right time, hear my
flashback which I too don't know.
Who is she?
- Heroine.
World beauty?
You too hear it, dear.
As you think you weren't born as poor.
Your father Ramamurthy is
your village's headman!
He didn't even look at a school.
No interest?
- No school in village.
But still he was very popular.
If anyone needed help,
your father would be very glad.
Village used to get flooded
with water.
He fought with govt. for a dam.
- Did govt. oblige?
It did.
Did they build a dam?
- They arrested and beat your father.
Then, Pedarayudu took a decision.
He collected money form people
to build a dam of their own.
Just then your dad's childhood friends
Tata Rao and Goapalakrishna entered.
Your father gave them money
since they were educated,
and sent them in train
to Delhi for permissions.
They ran away with money, right?
People took my father, right?
How do you know that?
- As if there's a big twist in it,
Tamil dubbing films have
this routine flashback.
What happened then?
Unable to hear the accusations,
he gave away his property to village,
and left the village with wife
and children as a poor man.
Why didn't you tell me this
lousy flashback till now?
Because it's lousy!
Fearing you'd become a killer
by seeking revenge on them.
As if I'm Prabhas and Junior NTR!
I'll go with Rajamou | i's
weapons to hack them.
Where are those cheats now?
I know the whereabouts of Gopalakrishna.
Recently got connected
to him on Facebook.
He's a big shot in Bangkok.
We must get that 1000 crore project.
Take it...take it...
Are you office boy or boss?
Why are you sleeping in day time?
This is not sleep but
Yoga meditation!
My grandma told me before her
death I would become a king.
These are the garment designs
which you've to finalize.
If you see and okay it,
we'll send it to stitching section.
Your work would help greatly
for this company to develop.
Your hard work would surely
be rewarded in near future.
If boss is so positive, I'm sure
you'll be the next Vice president.
We're doing all this for
that only, right?
Has New York material come?
Not yet, madam hasn't yet
cleared the cheque.
That spiker company?
- Madam didn't clear that too.
Unless you both sign...
She's a sadist wife.
She's a hurdle even to sign cheques.
I committed myself for her wealth.
I pray even a Pakistani shouldn't
get such a sadist wife.
When I hear that I feel like hugging
like a child to comfort you.
You indeed have a large heart!
What's your program?
Need to visit beauty parlour
for eye brow shaping.
I asked about my program, sweetie.
Discussion about divorcing your wife.
Janu, you've misunderstood me.
I'm nothing without you.
Please let's stay together.
You can't cheat me with film titles.
You love my wealth more than me.
Madam, please think again
and take a decision.
Madam has taken a firm decision.
Very firm!
Janu, for trivial issues...
- ls the hotel issue trivial?
Trivial issue?
Not again!
Please go to sleep.
Please give me at least
30 minutes rest, darling.
I can't do it.
Who are you?
What is he doing with you?
Who is he next to me?
Who are you?
What are you doing in my room?
This is my room.
This is my room.
She's my wife.
What are you both doing in my room?
This is my room.
- This is my room.
I'll prove it now.
Got it, lawyer?
Though I was with him,
he entered another room,
what could be his intention?
-You know I walk in sleep.
That's a ruse!
That's a ruse to get rid of me.
Boss, don't get angry.
Please don't ask for divorce in anger.
It'll take 6 months to get divorce.
Since you both are partners
of the company,
according rules of the company
if you both split up,
wealth must be divided
into two equal shares,
can't avoid it.
ls the brief with holes yours, uncle?
- I never use briefs.
What's this like blood mark?
Lip mark!
You're going to Bangkok to bring
back lost wealth from the cheats.
I wish you victory.
I'll come back wealthy
getting back my money.
Anyway we'll see it
on silver screen, right?
Why are you removing her nail polish?
Come, we're getting late to flight.
Our MD will announce the
new Vice President now.
Today we're in this position
because of your hard work.
As this company's Vice president,
I'm appointing Alaknanda,
my personal secretary.
I need comfort in such times.
Did you see nephew? What a big
building that cheat has built?
He'll build because it's
others' money, right?
When he said you'll be rewarded,
I thought something else.
I didn't expect he would
cheat like this.
How would that creep
look like, uncle?
He'd be like a snuff inhaling sucker.
He looks like Chinese, its not him.
You want me to attend Sri Ramanavami
festival, right?
I'll definitely make it.
Son of Ramamurthy of
Lakkavaram is here.
Ramamurthy's son?
- Yes, he's tall like pole.
Let him in.
- Okay.
He's that crook.
Are you Ramamurthy's son?
I saw you as a little kid.
You were so small.
Everyone would be small as a kid.
If everyone from India come to you,
how can I find jobs for them?
Since you're Ramamurthy's son,
I'll offer you attendas job, do it.
I'm not here for your
lowly job offer.
I'm here to take back the money you
looted from dad with interest.
So you came here knowing
the flashback, right?
I want my money.
Nephew, don't get so excited.
Though he looks like an actor
working for blue films,
isn't he human? Doesn't he eat food?
He'll reform and
return your money.
He's not a crook as you think.
Isn't it?
Why are you going overboard?
Isn't it true that you cheated my dad?
Your father knows only
to get cheated,
I was there at right time,
so I got that offer.
I'll make you shed blood tears.
Can you make me bleed worse than
what my wife does with me?
I don't want any security.
He's challenging me,
throw them out.
When did I challenge you?
- Let's go.
You'll die in my hands.
Fools, he'll throw you out like this.
He usurped my dad's wealth
and insulted me too.
I'll not spare him, uncle.
Don't leave him, nephew,
this is a matter of our honour.
How he insulted us!
He insulted us,
we must teach him a lesson.
Though I was the senior most
and you developed company
with your new designs,
how dare he promotes Alaknanda!
He didn't even respect
this personality.
Great injustice!
- Gross injustice.
Had you not backed him. he would
be eking out a like in Dondapadu.
He enjoyed it till now,
for seeking divorce,
and now wants 50% share in
the wealth, this is disgusting.
Yes, disgusting.O
ls it disgusting to
seek comfort in your lap?
Not that, darling.
Though she may have invested 90%,
didn't you invest 10%?
You made 90 rupees 100!
Will she take 50% of
the wealth for that?
It's a sin!
Forget about sins and good deeds,
we must get back our money.
Business man kidnapped a week ago
was released free today.
Kidnappers freed him after
his family paid the ransom.
His sons Bruce Lee and Jet Lee
shared their joy of father's return.
I'll get myself kidnapped,
I'll make everyone believe
it is real kidnap,
I'll demand 50% of the wealth,
at least for public, my wife will
be forced to pay ransom,
after getting the ransom,
I'll go home like an innocent man,
anyway I'll get legally 50% of
the remaining wealth,
I'll get 75% and she'll get 25%.
25% to him and you'll get 75%?
- Yes.
If I get my husband kidnapped,
if I pay 50% of the wealth
to get him released,
let's play a drama.
anyway I'll get 25% of the
remaining wealth, right?
Don't tie my hands with laws, uncle?
It's right to kidnap him
for our money.
It's correct to kidnap him
and recover our dues.
But when, where and how?
Tomorrow! In Telugu Academy's
Sri Ramanavami festival,
he's the chief guest.
It seems guests will arrive
in mythological get ups.
Nobody can recognise us then.
That's the right place.
That's the right place.
But who is the man who can
kidnap me smoothly,
a man who isn't known
to anyone there?
Who is he?
There's a man whom you
too don't know.
My younger brother Birbal.
There won't be any goof up, right?
There's no way for goof ups.
My cousin Jimbo will deal it perfectly.
He's a man who takes
every step carefully.
That's real punch!
Watch out, Gopalakrishna!
Telugu Academy Sri Ramanavami Festival
How do you I look in
this get up, uncle?
You're like Samarlakota
Lord Anjaneya's idol.
I'll beat you with my tail.
Already behaving like monkey.
Look there!
For his personality,
Lord Rama's role?
NTR's fans would chase him to death.
- Yes.
He's safe because it's Bangkok.
Brother, you remember
what I told you, right?
You must kidnap my boss Gopalakrishna.
Take him carefully to hotel
and look after him well.
Okay sister.
I don't know who your boss is!
He's doing the role of Rama.
Remember well, you must kidnap
the man in Rama's role.
You know Rama, right?
- I've seen in so many films.
Rama is strong like me,
carries a mace and squeezes it.
The one who carries mace
is Bheema not Rama.
The man with blue hue
carrying an arrow is Rama.
He's my boss. Got it?
- Okay sister.
Blue hue, carrying arrow.
Madam, talk to Jimbo.
Greetings madam.
Are you outside only?
- Outside only, madam.
Will you do it correctly?
- I'll do it, madam.
He's a demon but doing Rama's role.
We mustn't use our original names
till we finish our task.- No!
Yes, you're Lankini,
I'm Shoorpanaka, she's Thataki.
Your get up is super.
Where's your brother?
- He's ready.
I feel like I've seen you.
I think you didn't recognise me.
- No.
To recognise me,
I'll give you 3 options.
This is most important.
Oh Appala Raju!
You're an attendar in my office,
how dare you put on equal
role of Krishna with me.
More over giving me options
like Amitabh!
My grandma said I'm the best
as Krishna after NTR.
Go! Come back as monkey.
Jealous that I'm handsome than him.
Jealousy man!
Greetings to all!
Great industrialist Gopaiakrishna
coming for today's event,
Blue hue...carrying arrow!
He's Rama!
Can you please smell and tell
what flavour perfume this is?
Uncle, come.
- Be careful heads.
Why hasn't he come yet?
Remove those heads.
What shall we do now?
I'm kidnapping You-
Why is he executing our plan?
Blood, there's competition
in every field.
Who is he?
I know that!
Shout loud for people to hear it.
I'll tell myself!
He's kidnapping me!
Point your gun on my neck.
Open the door.
Come fast!
You kidnapped me perfectly.
Style of holding the gun was great!
Joseph, I'm kidnapped.
Go fast!
What happened?
Don't you know to check car's
condition before kidnapping me?
Check it.
Looks like the car is broke down.
What's that? Get into the boot.
Lock the boot.
What's the problem?
Why are you taking so...
I feel like I've seen
this personality.
Shoorpanaka, Lankini, come!
Thataki, hold the gun properly.
Who are you?
We're kidnapping you, sir?
Already he's here,
why another gang?
I got it.
If there's any hitch in between,
she has arranged a back up,
that's A | aknanda's plan!
Come, let's go.
I thought he would fight, but he's
coming as if going on dating.
What ever it is, he's coming, right?
Come fast...come fast.
- Come...come.
Who are these she devils?
They look more terrible than him.
I know as much as you know.
Do you at least know what to do now?
I'll tell you.
- Come.
What happened?
What happened this time?
Flat tyre, sir.
How many cars do I've to change?
Flat tyre here.
That car is fine.
here the good news yourself, madam.
ls our plan executed?
- Executed but by others.
You kidnapped him, right?
Some others pointed a gun
and took away sir with them.
Where are you calling from?
- From car boot, madam.
I'll get the keys.
Pull it...pull...
Pull it inside.
Cheap colour may spoil the bed.
He himself is damn cheap.
Nephew, call his wife.
If she pays quickly, let's have
curd rice and sleep early.
Are we here to sleep early?
Remove it and speak.
We must have her phone number
to call her, right?
Not now, let's find it
by morning and call her.
She'll also be fresh and in mood
to get shocked by our news.
Let's remove this make up.
Where am I?
- In a star hotel, sir.
What's this dress?
I put it on you so that
nobody recognises you.
Who brought me here?
You're talking as if you
don't know anything, boss.
It's my duty look after you
like a king, sir.
Who are you anyway?
Order me for anything you want,
enjoy till you get bored.
Anyway you'd be a king, sir.
- King?
Someone told me the same dialogue.
Appi, you'd be a king
in near future.
Can't say from which direction
luck would hit you.
men would serve you like servants.
My dear grandma!
Has your word come true like this?
Are you really my servant?
- Why doubt me, sir?
You look like a giant demon in dress.
I got a good servant, Tawa.
- I'm Birbal not Tawa.
Birbal or Herbal,
what ever I call is your name.
I'll take bath, order the most
expensive food and drinks for me.
Why are you staring at me?
I'll pluck out your eyes.
Move! I'm the king!
Why are you looking at me?
Go out, you may cast evil eye on me.
Sister, I kidnapped your boss
as you told me,
I'm keeping him in room no:109
in Hotel Radisson.
But he's behaving differently, sister.
He's a golden goose.
Look after him like a king.
He thinks we're acting
according to his script.
But he doesn't we've our
own screenplay.
Don't know why I feel like
killing him with my head!
Once his wife pays ransom,
I don't mind what so ever
you may do with him.
Let's go to Dubai after
you're done with him.
Till then don't use
a harsh word against him.
Do whatever he asks you.
Give the phone to him.
Your sister?
- I mean your secretary.
This is what you call luck to get
a secretary on getting rich.
ls everything okay, boss?
ls my brother looking...
- I'm very busy.
Skinhead is looking after me well,
cut the call.
Looks like he's fully drunk.
Why are you watching like watch tower?
Who will squeeze it?
My body and legs.
Do it slowly.
Famous industrialist Goapalakrishna
has been kidnapped last night.
Indian Association has criticized
for failing to give security.
Our officer is dumb.
There's only one man who is responsible
for any kidnap in Bangkok,
he doesn't know it is
Kidnap King Thota!
What's this month's collection?
- Total 72 lakh bahts.
How many kidnaps?
- 14.
ls this the way do business?
- ls this the way to do business?
Don't you've shame?
- Don't you've shame?
What's this?
Just 14 kidnaps only.
That too small cases.
We're providing so many
facilities to victims,
we're maintaining so many cottages,
maitainance cost has grown
and income has come down.
What's happening here?
Ups and downs are unavoidable
to powerful Dons also.
Shut up!
You eat like gargantuan and
take home hefty salaries.
Performance is nil.
- It seems performance is nil.
Look after the counters.
He's eating our brain though
he can't utter all words,
if he can speak well all words,
we can't tolerate him.
Go to counter 2.
What's the name?
- Kamineni Kameshwara Rao.
Age 60 years.
He was kidnapped on 4th.
- Yes sir.
MY father, sir.
Did you get time now
to free your father?
Managed to get money now only.
Show this in counter 2 and pay up.
Any discount?
Discount is only in peak time,
not in usual time.
Go to counter 3 and take delivery.
Pay Rs.4.4 lakhs.
You demanded Rs.4 lakhs only
when you kidnapped him, right?
We spent Rs.40000 for
maintaining your father.
Your father takes bath only
with hot water.
He'll not sleep without
Thai massage every night.
All other expenses are in
this slip, check it.
What's this, sir?
Condom expenses too!
Your father used it,
he's still quite virile.
Go to counter 3 and take delivery.
Here also!
Your son is here to take you, come.
Son! Have you come?
I was waiting for you.
- Father.
Kidnap? Kidnap in my area
without my knowledge!
Isn't it you who kidnapped him?
We came happily for our cut
hearing about VIP's kidnap.
Fizzled out.
I was wondering why my business
was going down,
someone has opened a shop
to compete with me.
Even professional kidnappers
won't do it so sincerely.
You didn't get nervous while kidnapping,
why are you nervous now?
Anyway the kidnap act
went off very well.
You appear like real kidnappers.
Who is he?
- He is...
Your assistant?
He has a good quality,
he asks a question and
answers it himself.
What are you murmuring?
Order a good coffee.
I'll freshen up.
He has diabetes too.
Why is he behaving like this without
worrying about getting kidnapped?
I think chloroform has made
him forget everything.
It's good for us to encourage
him without fighting.
Order a pot of coffee.
Did you have it?
- We don't drink early morning.
Did you call my wife to demand ransom?
Not yet.
- Why?
No balance in my phone.
Even if you have
will you call from this phone?
Police would tap the call.
My fate!
Buy a new SIM card and call from it.
He's clever.
My life's dictionary has
no place for word slow.
Why didn't you check before buying it? a new SIM, go!
What's this? I'm asking address
and you're saying something.
Watch out! I'll find the
address in 1 hour.
Great Bangkok! We've seen it in
so many of Puri Jagannadh's films.
I came in airbus not in red bus.
It's love magic, any girl would
appear like Mahalakshmi.
Would I tell my name is Mahalakshmi
and I'm coming from Hyderabad.
She's my lover only!
Who are you?
How dare you hold a girl's hand
though it's Bangkok.
I'm fire!
You foolish girl, it's me!
How come you're here?
What happened?
I beg you! Leave me.
- Tie him up.
I beg you Seth, please leave him.
Please leave me at least
for her tears.
I'm on a vow of prayer for
the welfare of husband.
It'll be over on coming Friday.
If you want take him on Saturday.
Am I taking him away to kill?
I'm going to take his kidneys
as per the agreement.
Why are you saying so simply
as taking a plate of idlies?
Boys, take him away.
Please leave my daddy, Seth.
Give me one month's time,
I'll settle your loan.
Consider me as your daughter, Seth.
You hit me with daughter's sentiment.
I'm giving you one month's time for you.
If you fail to pay after a month,
I'll take pluck one eye for
interest along with kidneys.
You're the surety.
Untie him, boys.
Pack my clothes.
- Are you going to wash it?
Neither to wash nor to dry it.
I'm going to Bangkok.
If you want money,
people go to bank, why Bangkok?
Would I tell you that there's heroine
behind every successful hero?
Would I tell that I'm behind Buchi?
Would I tell you that I'll come
back from Bangkok with money only?
Don't tell me but
do come back with money.
Till I'm there no need to fear
about your dad's kidneys and eyes.
Will you donate your kidneys and eyes?
Would you take if I offer?
Not that cheque is ready in room,
we've to encash it, that's all.
I know you Buchi!
If you throw a challenge,
you're a winner!
my beautiful fair lady,
I saw you...
I wish to be a mole
on your fair cheek...
O my handsome tattoo!
You're after me...
I'll consider you as turmeric paste...
I'll come as white jasmine....
I'll stay on dark rain...
If you call I'll come as love bird...
If you say no I'll stay on honey comb...
May I use my kohl and put a mark
under your feet to ward off evil...
Don't vanish after teasing me
and raking up desires...
May I come unbridled horse...
May I close the door and
settle in your arms...
May I cover myself with you...
May I take you to bliss...
I'll charm you and
take you to heaven...
If you make me the king of
your nights I'll rule over it...
Uncle, look who is here!
You get up, you take rest.
Who is she?
- Do you need to know? Get up!
What's this? You're involving too
many people in the operation.
Should I take your permission
for the operation?
Who is he?
You said cheque is ready,
just have to encash, I got it.
You'll sell his kidneys
to save my father, right?
His body parts are damaged
with jealous and betrayals.
We don't need them.
What nonsense are you talking?
I'll tell your sister
about you, be careful.
please don't call my sister.
To hell with my sister!
Do you think I'll wet my pant
on hearing sister's name?
Who is my sister anyway?
Aren't you A | aknanda's sister?
I'm A | aknanda's younger brother
or Anushka's elder brother.
You're Ramamurhty's son, right?
- Yes.
I too don't need this,
you can use it.
I'll leave you only after I get back
my dad's wealth along with interest.
Am I really kidnapped?
Any doubt you fool?
Then, I'll escape!
- Catch him!
Where will you escape?
Would dead men become ghosts?
Nephew! Villain is escaping!
Go silently to sleep.
Catch him, uncle.
Why are you playing at midnight?
Go to sleep.
Not playing games,
he's escaping, catch him.
Go inside.
- Catch him.
He's running around.
He shut the door.
Did you make him smell
chloroform or doused him?
If dose increases, he'll die.
- ls it?
ls he sleeping or dead?
He's dead.
Did I kill a man with my hands?
I read just now that dead men come
back as ghosts to take revenge.
ls it hot?
He won't come back alive even if you
give a Kama | hasan's performance.
Think about what to do with
this dead body!
OPeople may get doubt
if we take body in a bag.
Stay here, I'll check
the position outside.
Be careful.
ls the body smelling so quickly?
Not from the body but from you.
Uncle, police are here.
Do they already know about the murder?
Whatever it is we mustn't
stay here, let's go away.
Let's try getting out from there.
Police here also...go...go...
Stay here, I'll check if there's
any way from backside.
Why hasn't he come back yet?
Did he wantonly beat me or
unwittingly beat me?
Where are they?
Where did they go away?
No, I didn't kill you wantonly.
Where's the lock?
It's here.
It's not me!
I killed you by accident.
No please!
Where were you, nephew?
Are you here?
That villain has become ghost
and is trying to kill me.
I almost died in shock.
Am I a ghost?
- Are you alive?
He's alive.
I'm a sleep walker.
- Thank God, we're saved.
Wasn't the police man after us?
Where are you Gopi?
What control?
ls it your husband
who has been kidnapped?
He's my husband.
You didn't find a clue even after
he has been kidnapped for 24 hours.
What Bangkok police is doing?
We're trying, madam.
I suspect the kidnappers
may be close to you.
I'll find the truth.
I don't know what you do,
I want my husband, that's all.
I f kidnappers call you,
inform us immediately.
Please be brave.
No need to e brave or anything,
please leave me alone.
I'm struggling to cry.
Bye madam.
I suspect her character.
She's not like that sir.
I didn't mean like that.
She wants divorce from him,
why is she overacting so much?
Anyway keep an eye on her.
Okay sir, I'll stay back here
to keep an eye on her.
No need, my eyes are bigger
than yours.
Nephew, the time is here,
make a phone call.
Tell me house number.
That's door number.
We asked residence phone number.
Who are you stupid?
Are you laughing or coughing?
Both are same for me,
my boss will talk to you now.
Boss? Who the hell are you, idiot?
I'm the Don of this city.
If you call yourself as Don of city,
as your boss,
what should I tell her now?
- What should you tell?
Say Don 2!
I thought she's foolish but not.
What do you want?
Your husband Gopalakrishna...
- He's not here.
He's away after getting kidnapped.
If he comes back alive,
call him then.
Don't you want your husband alive?
Do you want him?
We too don't want him.
That's why we called you.
We kidnapped your husband.
How can I believe that he's with you?
Believe...we'll tell his
identification, listen...
He looks like ear cleaner.
He looks like a harmonium repairer.
He looks like a zoo feeder.
He looks like a thief
stealing phenol from toilets.
Talk to your husband.
Talk to her.
I'll not talk to that
Kanchukatla lady!
Your husband says he'll not talk
to that Kanchukatla lady.
Then, he's my husband.
-You believe us, right?
If you want your husband alive,
you must pay ransom demand.
If not...
Tell me your demand.
How much...
How much are you planning to demand?
I'll demand Rs.5 crores.
- Rs.5 crores only?
Not a penny less!
Why kidnap me for Rs.5 crores?
You shou | d've kidnapped my driver.
If this news leaks out in market,
my image will take a beating.
Should we ask Rs.50 crores?
Ask Rs.50 crores,
- 50...crores!
What happened?
Won't the boy faint
if you tell such big amount?
Who sprinkled water
on my face now?
- No, I sneezed.
Ask Rs.50 crores.
You take Rs.10 crores instead of 5.
Give me Rs.40 crores.
Rs. 1 O crores?
I'll cooperate with you.
Come here.
- What uncle?
It's his money,
let him take whatever it is.
All we need is our money only,
make the demand.
Hold this.
Switch on the speaker.
Are you kidnappers? How much time
will you take to make demand?
Tell her...tell her...
- You wait man!
He's still shivering.
Ask her.
- We demand Rs.50 crores, that's it.
What are you asking?
Did I demand too much?
Prices have shot up recently.
Tell me how much you can give.
Come away from my husband,
I want to tell you something.
What's this like Pavan Kalyan
of film 'Thammudu'?
I've very far, please tell me now.
Though my husband is useless fellow,
will you demand just Rs.50 crores only?
Take Rs.75 crores!
- Rs.75 crores...?
Control yourself,
I can't sneeze now.
But take Rs.50 crores and
return Rs.25 crores to me.
Keep this secret from
my useless husband.
Get ready the cash, I'll call
back to tell where and when!
Hey you cunning Kannamba!
What a family!
Will you pay Rs.50 crores to kidnappers?
I'll pay and then steal it from them.
Why should we stay in hotel?
Police are snooping,
they may suspect us too.
We didn't kidnap him, right?
Someone did it before us
and another man later.
Whether the first man or second
man gets caught, we too get caught.
Till it is clear safe to stay
here and we know the things.
That's 107!
I'll fresh up.
- Go.
That's not bathroom door, it's here.
What's this door?
- Connecting door to next room.
What's this?
Bangkok city tourist map.
- Why?
I'm finding a lonely place away from
city to escape after getting money.
Will you tell the amount
and decide the place too?
ls it you who got kidnapped or we?
Leave him alone.
1 Select a good place, nobody must
come there by mistake also.
Including police.
They are here.
- Who?- Police!- Police?
Hey you!
- Police may be here for me.
What shall we do with him now?
Hide him?
- How?- Like this!
Close your nose.
Let me see the view around.
Police are here.
- Police?
Be careful.
We packed him in bag,
where shall we keep the bag?
There's a connecting door to this room.
- If so?
Come, I'll tell you.
Police are checking the rooms.
I think they know we're here.
Come with me.
Let's request them and
keep the bag there.
Knock the door.
The door is getting knocked
without me doing it.
Somebody is knocking from other side.
Open the door.
Who are you?
- Move...move...
Lorry hit me!
What to do now?
Why did you push your way
like wild cattle?
We need a small help, please.
We're waiting for someone
to help us.
What's that?
Her family is forcing marriage on her.
No need to tell anything,
she loves another man.
Her family didn't agree,
so you ran away from home.
That's all, isn't it?
- Groom should be one on run.
She created the story
without waiting for us.
Police are here,
we suspect they're here for us.
We too have the same doubt.
I mean they could be here for you.
We'll stay in your room till
they finish checking our room.
You can stay by all means.
You must also do one thing.
- What?
When police check our room,
you must hide the bag in your room.
If you agree for this exchange
offer, you can stay here.
They're in the next room.
I think police are coming
to this room.
You go to your room.
- Come.- Go!
Carry it.
Go inside.
Take the bag.
I'll see.
Whom do you want sir?
Who are you?
What's this?
You're barging into the room
without telling anything.
You hurt our sentiments,
we'll approach Human Rights commission.
Are you Telugu people?
- Will you spare us?
A big industrialist has been
kidnapped in this city.
We're searching.
Why are you laughing?
Would I tell that you won't
find him in this room?
She's saying there's no one
else other we three.
What do you do?
- I'll have lunch after an hour.
Not lunch, he's a magician
and we're his assistants.
ls he a magician?
How can I believe it?
ls it?
Though you're not wearing pant,
you believe you're wearing, right?
Am I not wearing pant?
Where's my pant?
See now, you're wearing a pant.
It's there!
You believe me now?
- Yes.
You can go now.
- Okay.
Would they stay back here only?
Nobody is here.
We got scared of police,
but why were they afraid?
What's in this box?
Why did they hide it here
fearing police?
Let's see what's in it!
Boss in the box!
He's alive!
They were the kidnappers
who took boss from us.
Let's take away the bag
immediately from here.
Close it, quick!
Excuse me...
No need to take trouble,
give it to us.
Thanks for watching.
- We didn't see anything.
I didn't mean inside
but keeping watch on it.
Be careful!
- Take it.
Fast...turn it up!
He was wearing suit
but now in suitcase.
What did you put inside?
- Microphone.
Didn't you see film 'Manmadhudu'?
- I saw!
We can hear anything
they speak there.
Let's kidnap when time comes.
I'm getting bored to drink alone.
You must also have drinks with me.
Let's drink together from one glass.
Half is mine.
Half is yours.
Drink, my Tabla.
Why did you drink my half?
- You told me to drink half, sir!
I told you to have your half,
why did you have my half?
How can I drink bottom half
if upper half is there?
But half is still there, right?
You drank my half and
moreover advising me too.
I want my half.
I want my half.
I want my half.
I want my half.
Gibe me, you skinhead!
I know you're the kidnapper.
Come to the point.
He has called madam.
- Let's hear their talk.
Where should I come with money?
Listen carefully.
50 kms away from city,
there's a flying club,
tomorrow at 10 am,
as we had decided,
you must come there
with Rs.75 crores.
?.Rs.i5 crates?!
You must come alone.
If you come with police
like group dancers,
you can watch your husband's
headless body in MMS.
How am Ito recognise you?
We'll come in black Fortuner car,
your husband will be in black mask.
Once we get the money,
we'll handover your husband to you,
then tell us, when should
we handover your money to you?
There mustn't be any change,
be careful.
My guess has come true.
I've an opportunity to catch
the kidnappers red handed.
We must reach the place before
them and take the money.
Tell me, madam.
When I pay the ransom
to the kidnappers,
I'll tell you a plan
how to steal it from them.
Hello, it's me!
You called me and say it's me!
I've stopped it long time ago.
I'm Gopalakrishna.
Who the hell is he?
ls it you boss?
You said your brother is very clever.
Do you know what my position is here?
He would've done something.
I must manage it.
Please forgive my brother
for one last time.
I'll ensure he won't do it again.
- Okay, there's not time.
I'll tell you what to do in short,
listen carefully,
tomorrow at 10 am in flying club,
my face would have black mask,
she's bringing Rs.75 crores
to free me,
at least this time plan it perfectly.
What did you do
to make boss so angry?
He's showing psycho angle
in second session.
I gave him a fitting...
That's why he called me to
tell the plan instead of you.
Plan? What plan?
Listen carefully and follow it.
We must arrest the kidnappers
red handed while accepting money.
You got it?
Your brother must steal the money
bag when I give it to kidnappers.
Did you bring money?
- Here it is!
It's in dollars.
Here's your husband.
Men had a deal with me, right?
Why did you women come?
Do you want your husband or our sex?
Black car, black mask and
car number are correct, right?
Send money and take your husband.
We don't have time.
Get down! Come!
Do as I say!
Who are they?
Same car number and same mask.
Who are they?
- Here's your husband.
Pay ransom and take him.
No time to think.
How can my husband be
in two places?
Not two but three!
Have sweets, sir.
Sweet in this hot situation.
I came on earth on this day
40 years ago, sir.
So what?
- My birthday sir.
To hell with...
- He respects very much sir.
These operations are routine.
Have it sir.
Give me.
- Have it.
Who are these guys?
- I know as much as you know.
Got late in traffic jam, sorry.
If you pay quickly, you can
take your husband to home.
Remove the mask, I'll pay.
Nephew, remove the mask and show.
- Okay.
Look at me!
Why did you remove your mask?
You must remove his mask, right?
What's this silly meeting?
I said your husband is with me.
Look at him!
Look at him clearly!
Why did you bring this buffoon
instead of boss?
He's your boss, right?
ls he my boss... you kidnapped...
- This man only.
You told me to kidnap Rama,
I did so.
Bend down, tall man!
I'm Krishna not Rama.
I wanted to settle down in Dubai with
boss' money, you ruined everything.
You've big body but no brain.
Sister! I did as you told me!
ls it you?
How long can I remain in mask?
I'm feeling breathlessness.
What's this?
Didn't we tell you
we've the original goods?
How dare you betray me!
Bloody dirty face!
This personality!
Designer Gajalakshmi!
You three?
- He recognised us.
We did this to get paid
for our hard work.
Don't we have a gun?
What are you looking at?
Would I say there are
no bullets in it? - Shut up!
Give the money to us.
- No, to us.
You'll get nothing.
He's our customer,
you know how much I spent on him?
We too spent a lot!
We spent more than you, big man!
Light the smoke bomb!
Who is smoking cigarette here?
- That's not a cigarette.
Did you do as I told you?
- I did sir.
Did the bomb go off?
It did but it wasn't our bomb, sir.
It's not important
hose bomb it is,
whether it went off or not
is the point.
Where's the money?
I think it's in 22 Fortuner car, sir.
There are 3 cars with same number
and same colour.
Don't know which car
is carrying money, sir.
Where are the vehicle heading to?
Towards Pattaya highway, sir.
Are we safe?
- Triple safe, uncle.
We, our money and our heroine.
Oh, I mean my heroine.
Maha, your father's kidneys
too are safe.
Who are you?
Why are you holding my hand?
I didn't, you were holding my hand.
You pulled me from the smoke.
The money is ours.
If you don't give it to me...
Will you get operated for stammer?
Get lost! We struggled a lot for money.
- Uncle, control.
If you don't give, I'll kill you.
Uncle, it's his money,
let's return it.
Come to my way like that.
Way is that side.
What's there?
- Boot!
If so?
You must keep your money safe, right?
Open it.
Check if it's clean or not.
Where's Maha?
Who are you?
Why did you kidnap me?
I didn't kidnap, you got into
this car in confusion.
Stop the car.
If you want me to stop,
first stop the car following us.
I'll kill you, stop!
If I stop that skinhead will kill me.
Why don't you answer us?
Why did you get into this car?
You got into the car I got in.
Stop the car.
- I'll not.
If I stop how can catch the money
going in the car before us.
ls money in that car?
Why would that car go so fast then?
- Then, go fast!
How dare you come with me!
You creep!
If I'm creep, then you're spooky!
That's my money.
- Shut up!
You betrayed staying close to me.
Didn't you cheat your wife
with a kidnap plan?
ls she a wife?
She tried to rob her husband.
ls it right if you do
and wrong if I do?
Watch out!
Where have you brought us?
- To Thota's empire.
Who is Thota?
- It's me!
How dare you call a Don as Thotti!
Don't you want to live?
He's Tata to you, for me he's
Thottempudi Tata Rao.
We were close friends in flashback.
They don't know our friendship...
In game nobody is close
not even brother-in-law.
Stand in line.
I'm your friend...
Tell me where's the money bag?
- We don't know.
If I get angry, I'm not a human.
Tell them.
If he gets angry,
he'll not be a human.
He'll become a beast.
He'll become a dirty rotten scoundrel!
He'll become a rogue!
He'll become a fool, you know that?
Enough! Tell me!
- We don't know.
Though you've money,
your lover isn't with you.
Where to search for her in Bangkok?
No need to search, we'll get the
information in few minutes.
How can you say so confidently?
I've so much trust on
her loose tongue.
You betrayer! Don't you've
any value for friendship?
I do, that's why I left you
though you're a big shot here.
We both don't have any right
to talk about friendship.
We both together cheated
Pedarayudu Ramamurthy.
That's why Ramamurthy's son
kidnapped me.
Did Ramamurthy's son dared
to kidnap in my area?
Today he kidnapped you,
he may kill me tomorrow.
I'm sure the money bag is with him.
Kill him and bring the money bag.
Since you said no so loud,
I think you've a connection
with him.
Tell me, where is he?
Would I tell you he's my lover
and would do anything for me?
Would I tell you his number
is 0826535455?
I can hear it.
I'm kidnap king Thota here.
Your lover is with me.
I got it, uncle.
You want me to give the money
I've to free my love, right?
Tell me your address.
This is what you call lived like
a king and died like a pauper.
The mistakes we made brought us
to this situation.
If you've cunning girls as PA,
you're bound to go wrong only.
It's wrong to desire other women.
Yes, it is wrong,
there wasn't anyone to console me.
Did I refuse to console you?
Did you ever tell me that?
One can tell anything to
an understanding man.
You can tell in a way that
I can understand, right?
If there's a speck of doubt
between husband and wife,
people would make
mountains out of mole hills,
It was my mistake.
- I too made mistakes.
Owners are owners and PA's are PA's!
Don't PA's have hands?
Let's shake hands!
My hands are paining massaging you.
You tortured me more than Talibans,
I'll not spare you.
Won't you?
Then, I'll massage.
It's like camel's legs not human's.
Brother, leave him.
Leave him.
- Thank God!
Anyway you don't have a male companion,
for you three women...
I'll join your team.
Whichever team you may be
no use after losing money.
Do you know that man is?
Second villain of your life.
- Second villain?
He's Tata Rao, the other partner
who cheated your father.
I know you're Ramamurthy's son.
I know you're here to take
revenge on us.
He can't pronounce 'Ra'.
He's unable to carry the weight.
Take the money bag.
Give it.
You promised to leave her
after getting money, right?
I'll leave the girl and also
all others but on one condition.
What's that?
I'll do only 100 kidnaps
in any country,
I've completed 100 with
this kidnap!
Before I escape to Singapore,
I want to enjoy to the hilt!
If you entertain me with song
and dance, I'll free all of you.
Oh my beau! You pinched my heart
and left me for good...
Hey Babu! Rambabu!
Nawab with big moustache
and squeaking slippers...
A poor man breaking
into folk dances...
When I said you're a good man...
You sneaked under my cot...
When I invited you to my house...
You ripped apart my home...
No wife or nor she's pregnant but
son-in-law's name is Somalingam...
You ended up as good for
nothing in public...
To hell with you!
I've seen it!
If one can reach the top...
I'm a man who knocks him
down from there...
Why are you making noise?
You'll be sent on a leather hunt...
It seems a hungry horse stooped
down to eat dry grass...
If I burn you with hot iron,
bring down the sky with scream...
Song is over,
why don't you leave them, boss?
They're our safety net
till we reach Singapore.
I'll tell after reaching Singapore.
If you like leave them
or else kill them.
Come, I'll tell.
- What will you tell?
I'll draw a plan in cottage 7 about
how to take money to Singapore.
Why walk till there?
Why not tell us here?
Trees have ears.
Not for trees but we do have ears.
I've another plan.
We've packed money in bags,
let's take Singapore highway!
What happened to your mind?
- What happened to your mind?
Police patrol the highway.
I'll draw up a plan!
This is Pattaya boat club.
Tourist place.
No checking here.
We'll reach this spot in a van.
Transfer money bags from van
to speed boats.
Let's escape to Singapore via sea.
Give me a lighter.
What are you doing, boss?
I'm burning to keep my plan a secret.
Come on, boys.
Why draw and burn this lousy plan?
My damn fate!
Nephew, your carbon plan
has worked out.
Shifting money to Singapore by boat.
Let's go.
This is Pattaya boat club.
Tourist place.
No checking here.
We'll reach this spot in a van.
I must divert them.
I kept it somewhere here only.
Where did I keep it?
Where did it fell?
Where did I keep it?
What did you do?
- Watch the show now!
You must put a card
and then pick one.
I did throw a card
before picking it.
You're getting too comical off late.
I don't accept this in card game.
What can I do if you go blind?
I lost only eyes, find with
whom your wife is eloping!
I'll tolerate if you abuse him
but not his wife.
What bothers you if he
abuses my wife?
Don't know what affair
he's having with her?
How dare you accuse my wife
of having an affair?
This is the right time.
Come fast!
Keep it quickly in boat.
My boat is leaving!
Where did he come from?
You've been cheated!
Pull the boat.
Pull it with power.
Check if it has money or not!
Check it.
We can buy as many kidney
as your father wants.
Line is clear for our marriage.
Nephew, police!
What shall we do now?
We'll get caught if we stop.
If we don't stop, we'll get booked.
What to do?
Why is he circling us?
They must come to our boat
and check it,
why are they calling us
to their boat?
That's better.
Let's tell them we don't have money.
I beg you, dear.
Please don't open your mouth.
Come, I'll tell you.
Why is he giving chocolates?
- May be his birthday.
Silly girl! Would anyone give
chocolate pointing a gun?
Give it to me.
Have chocolates with fake police.
We're in for great luck!
They diverted us and
taking away our money.
Uncle, let's go.
Police are corrupt here also.
They robbed us with chocolates.
You're finished today!
They're running away with money.
Looks like everything is upside down!
Where did they go?
- That side.
Come fast!
Nephew, look there!
- Forget about that we must get the money.
If we stay together,
we may get caught.
Let's meet in boat, you both go
that side, you go this side.
I'll go straight.
That side!
Look there!
You go here, you go here.
Wet floor, be careful.
Got you, man!
There's a rod behind me, skinhead!
Where are you going?
Don't confuse me rounding up?
- We rounded to confuse you.
Pick it.
My bag!
You come.
If you move, I'll fire.
Be careful!
Give the bag to me.
If not two bullets will
come out from two barrels.
Two barrels!
How can it come out now?
Come on!
Boss, cut it.
Water! Stop. . . stop...
Where's the bag?
They're running away.
Come...come... Come...
That's my bag!
My bag! bag!
Don't you dare with me,
bullets will come out now.
Take the bags, boys.
My bag!
Boss, they're foolish than you.
Don't they know guns on walls
aren't loaded?
Not loaded? Catch them!
What are they looking at?
We were meeting here secretly
to catch a criminal,
the criminal has walked in himself.
Reward is 50000 dollars!
where are you going away?
Where will you run away man?
I dared and risked life to catch you
with money and handover to police.
Where will you run away?
Why are you falling beating him?
Allow me to go free
if not I'll kill him.
Allow me to go free.
No use to hide behind an old man.
If you've guts like NTR,
if you're proud like Raviteja,
if you can create havoc like Ramcharan,
fire at me!
Fire me here!
If not here!
How did my gun reach your hands?
You've to believe few truths
on seeing it.
Catch the crooks.
Take them away!
I appreciate your bravery.
I'll see that you get the reward
from Thai government.
Your gun.
By the way who kidnapped you, Gopalakrishna?
Who else? That Tata Rao!
Who are these people?
They're my people.
Then, come to station to file
a detailed statement.
I don't know how am I
to thank you, son!
Without bothering about revenge,
you saved my life.
I'll correct the mistake
I made years ago.
In fact I must say sorry to you.
Whatever it is, kidnapping is crime.
I must say sorry.
I planned to get my husband kidnapped.
It was all my mistake.
We must say sorry to you, sir.
We betrayed you after eating
your pizzas and burgers.
It was my mistake for not
encouraging your talent.
We're saying sorry, sir.
I don't know why everyone is
saying sorry, I'm also sorry.
If we don't say sorry now,
people would think we're the villains.
Let's say it.
I tried to use your weakness.
I had weakness that you used it.
It wasn't your mistake.
Stop it!
Sorry for stopping your sorry marathon.
Did you realise the reason
for all this trouble?
Money disease.
Goat must shake the tail,
tail mustn't shake the goat.
Man must play with money,
money mustn't defeat man,
how is my dialogue, Maha?
Would I say punch lines are shattering
though understood or not?
Impossible to get
information from me.
Settling Seth's loan with
Thai govt. reward,
Buchi Raju saved Subba Rao's
kidneys and eyes.
Gopalakrishna returned money to Buchi
and living happily with his wife.
Appalaraju realised only hard work
can make him rich not good luck.
Subba Rao's daily duty is to show
his riches before Jagadamba.
Our hero Buchi Raju bought the shopping
mall where he worked as salesman.
By the way everything was rocking!