Keys to the Heart (2023) Movie Script

Ms. Sylvia!
- Hi!
- Hi, Mom!
So how was it? Was Jayjay a good boy?
Yes, all the kids
loved his recital earlier. Right, Jayjay?
Of course!
Batiquin Conservatory is hosting
a piano competition.
You might want to sign Jayjay up,
I'm sure he can do it.
There's also a prize. 100,000.
The thing is, Jayjay...
You know how he is
when he's in a new place,
or when there's a lot of people
he doesn't know, he's...
It's good to expose Jayjay
to other people.
We won't be here for him forever, right?
Jayjay, do you want
to join the competition?
- Yes, Mom!
- See?
Thanks a lot. We'll go on ahead.
- Okay. Bye, Jayjay!
- Okay, thank you.
Thanks, Mildred. God bless. Yeah.
Hello, Edgar. This is Sylvia,
your Aunt Helen's daughter.
Mom, who's that?
Yeah, it's about Jayjay.
Who's that?
- Hello?
- No. He can go to the toilet on his own.
Yes. He can take a bath by himself.
Oh... is that so?
- No, I was just wondering if...
- Mom, look, a robot.
- Robot.
- Hello?
Sorry, Mom.
- Hey, girl!
- Hey!
- Girl!
- Smoke with me.
I quit already.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Since when?
- Hey, girl. Are you okay? Sorry.
- Girl!
Girl, that was too much.
Hey, girl, can't Jayjay stay with you?
Sorry, girl, but it's not possible.
We won't be able to take care of him.
I have work, and Apple has school.
Yeah, I know. It's fine.
Anyway, I'll go ahead, okay?
Girl, about the rent.
Can I pay for it next week?
- No problem, don't worry about it.
- Sorry.
- Tell Apple to head home, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
- You take care.
- I finally beat you, huh, Jayjay?
- Of course!
Okay, that's enough!
Apple, your mom wants you to head home.
You have school tomorrow.
- Jayjay, go shower.
- Okay.
Yes, Auntie Sylvia.
What did Mom say?
She said no, but...
I understand.
Well, don't you have any relatives, or...
Maybe they're on Facebook?
I have no idea about that Facebook thing.
Here! Let's try it.
- What? Okay.
- Come here, Auntie.
- If you have an account...
- Yeah? can search for any name. Like that.
Okay, that's the name.
Here. Press that.
Who's that, Auntie Sylvia?
How can I find him?
Last I heard, he was in Gen San.
There he is.
He was at the Adolfo Boxing Gym.
This was just yesterday.
And it's near your restaurant.
Why did you do that?
What if he becomes sterile?
You're a sparring partner, not a boxer!
The problem is
you still think you have a license.
Such an idiot!
What, you want to beat me up?
Try it! You want to get arrested?
You're done here, Joma.
Find another place that'll take you in.
Sir, can we please talk about this?
I don't have anywhere to go.
You punched Roque in the balls.
That's not my fault, sir! He started it.
You still haven't changed, Joma.
Thanks, asshole.
Hey, can I get a Red?
Have you eaten?
I've been looking for you.
Believe it or not,
if it wasn't for this Facebook...
Son, it's raining. Come on, let's go home.
The house is just nearby. Come on.
Let's go. Let's go home.
Joma! Wait!
Dude, we've been here a while.
What really happened?
Nothing. Let's just drink.
Hey, the last time you drank like this
was when you lost your license.
I got fired from Adolfo.
What have you done this time, dude?
Did you bite an ear off?
Give someone a black eye?
Forget it, it's nothing. Really.
That arrogant jerk deserved it anyway.
And I saw someone
I didn't want to see ever again.
Maybe I should
push through with migrating?
Mr. Pabs has been telling me
for a long time.
To work in Ontario.
Didn't you apply for a visa?
What happened?
I ran out of money.
But they have my papers.
But that's life. I still need a ticket,
and there are other expenses too.
My money just wasn't enough.
By how much, dude?
About... 300,000.
Damn, dude. How do you plan to earn that?
I don't know. All I know is,
I'm a fighter. I'm not just for sparring.
But even if you keep on boxing, dude,
you can't keep that up forever.
Say, do you remember Dong Carreon?
When he got a head injury,
he got Parkinson's.
Now he's shitting in a bag.
He has a colostomy bag
attached to his intestines.
I'm telling you, dude,
he can shit while drinking with you.
That's absurd.
It's better to find another job
than suffer.
That's life, dude. It's always hard.
- Do you remember what Manny Pacquiao said?
- Yes.
Bro, I think you're drunk again!
Hey, careful! Take care, dude!
Take care. Keep safe, bro!
It's raining hard.
Good, you're awake.
The hospital bill is already paid for.
They said you have no serious injuries.
You can go home once you're cleared.
By the way, a little something
for the inconvenience.
Were you the one who ran over me?
That's what this is for?
If you are planning to sue,
or extort money,
I'm telling you this early. You'll lose.
The Labayens are a powerful family.
You can't fool them with
your scheme of intentionally getting hit
just to get money.
I'm not an opportunist, sir.
You're the one at fault,
and yet you're blaming me.
Is that right?
Give me that.
No way, you gave it to me. It's mine now.
I brought you some food.
It's a specialty
at the restaurant I work at.
Don't be angry, Joma.
But I asked around at the gym,
and I got to talk to your friend, Ver.
He told me everything.
How are you, Son?
- Do you need surgery?
- I'm fine. I don't need you.
You didn't have to bring me food.
I was about to leave, anyway.
Well, wait, where are you going?
Ver said you've got nowhere to go.
You can stay with us.
I've got this.
Just until you can work again.
Come in.
He has autism.
But... even though he's different,
he's very kind. Right, Jayjay?
Of course!
Your brother, Joma.
Your brother, Joma, yes.
Your bro Joma, yes. Yes!
You can sleep in my room.
I'll sleep in Jayjay's room.
By the way, I'll give you a copy
of the house key. Here.
Let me get you a towel too.
That's Jayjay's. That's mine.
Hey! That's mine!
Your brother is very
protective of his things.
I don't have a brother.
Drink some water.
Don't worry. I'll pay you
for letting me stay here.
No, Son. You can stay here
for as long as you want to.
Just save your money.
It'd be a shame
if it just goes to rent, right?
You're family.
What the hell are you doing here?
He just came in here.
He was sleepwalking again!
Jayjay, wake up.
Jayjay, let's go to your room. Jay...
I can't live in that house.
Do you have any other place to go?
I'm still looking.
But I don't want to use
the money from that rich asshole.
How much is it, anyway?
The Labayens are loaded, bro.
It's not enough for Canada.
Dude, I need to spar again.
Do you know anyone?
Dude, are you sure?
You just got out of the hospital!
Try me!
Elimar Gacho is looking
for a sparring partner.
Dude, Elimar Gacho's the biggest name
in Pinoy MMA right now!
Can you do MMA?
That's him! Elimar, see?
- Good afternoon, sir!
- Hi, miss!
That's it. A clean sweep. Awesome.
- Boss.
- Hi. You're here... Hey.
He's applying as your sparring partner.
Show him, bro.
Fast, right?
How old are you, anyway?
Let's see your ID.
I'm thirty-seven.
Thirty-nine. Final answer.
Elimar needs a sparring partner
who's younger, stronger.
There won't be any headgear for this.
That's it!
Just go around, man.
You must be Joma.
Hi, I'm Apple, by the way.
- Jerk.
- What are you playing?
I'm sure you don't know this.
Says who? Give it here.
What is it, Jayjay? What's up?
Don't mind him, he's just being retarded.
He is not retarded. Jayjay is special.
He has high-level autism.
What do you say, Jayjay? Let's play.
If you lose, take off your helmet.
You lost again.
Stop bragging.
Just let me play.
Fine, let's play.
This game sucks!
- Go, Apple!
- That sucks.
Nobody wins or dies there.
I'm a real fighter.
I think I've seen you before.
Yeah, just look me up.
ABAP 2012. I look good in that picture.
That's right! That was you.
Is this you?
It is you!
Wow, you're really famous.
Guys! Guess who's with us today.
Hey, look! Look at him!
A straight knockout!
What a loser!
Joma, right?
I just want
to apologize to you personally.
You're the one who ran me over?
I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it.
Don't worry about it. I don't need
anything from people like you.
You almost killed me,
and then you accuse me of being a scammer?
I'm really sorry. My father was probably
just trying to protect me.
He's just too anxious around people
who might... take advantage.
Because of how I look?
I just wanted to see if you've recovered.
Or if you need anything else.
I'm fine. Thanks, anyway.
Was it enough? Just tell me.
Tell me how much.
Fine, can you give me 200,000?
You give money away like it's nothing.
The night I hit you, that was the first
time I drove again since the accident.
I was the one driving when we crashed.
A drunk truck driver rammed into our car.
And I haven't driven since then.
Happiness comes with a price, huh?
Ma'am... I'm sorry, I didn't know that...
Shall I have Boy drop you off?
Excuse me.
Table four.
Hey, Arnie, watch it with the salt.
Last time it was too salty.
- Okay.
- Lilibeth, dice, don't chop.
- Yes, Chef.
- Mercy, your veggies...
Yes, Chef.
Excuse me.
I'm a little embarrassed to ask,
but I'll ask anyway.
Can you go with Jayjay
to the Center tomorrow?
I just have something
to take care of... at work.
The restaurant is opening
a new branch in Batangas.
Why me? What if he creates a ruckus?
He won't. Jayjay's a good boy.
Right, Jayjay?
- Jayjay doesn't like.
- You're going with your big brother, okay?
Jayjay not want. Don't like.
Jayjay's a good boy.
He'll come, won't he, Jayjay?
- What the...
- What is it?
What the hell?
- Mom...
- Jayjay!
- I knew it.
- What was that?
Come on. Let's go to the bathroom.
To the bathroom.
What's happening? Hush now.
Oh, Jayjay...
Thanks. This is yummy.
What's new?
You invited me out, I'm the one paying.
I'll pay you back. I can't eat there.
Sylvia's son peed on the floor.
You really call your mom by her name?
I don't have a mom.
You still haven't forgiven her?
All I know is,
if she came back for me,
maybe my life would be different now.
You know, when you were hospitalized,
I talked to Sylvia, your mom.
And she said she looked for you
when she came back to the Philippines,
but you were nowhere to be found.
She couldn't find you.
And you know, bro,
no parent intends to abandon their child.
No. My parents did.
My mom did.
She left me in Gen San.
She abandoned me when she remarried.
My father didn't just abandon me,
he beat me up.
Good thing that bastard got arrested.
He died without even apologizing.
Believe me,
some parents are really worthless.
You know, you always complain
that people judge you unfairly
for what you did decades ago.
You want a second chance, don't you?
So why don't you give the same
to your family?
Time to sleep, Jayjay.
Here, Mom. For you.
You like it, Mom?
Of course, I do.
Good night.
- Go ahead.
- Good night, Mom.
Son, you're back. Have you eaten yet?
I saved you some food...
Don't call me "Son." Call me "Joma," okay?
We can all live in peace
without bringing up the past.
You're helping me.
I'll pay you back. That's it.
Where is that Center, anyway?
Hey, what are you doing?
Don't want! No!
Please drop us off at the Center.
One regular, one PWD ticket. Thanks.
- What's "poo-poo"?
- Poo-poo.
Just hold it in. You can go at the Center.
Here's my stop!
Hey! Jayjay!
- Poo-poo.
- Jayjay!
Hey, not there. You can't do that!
Jayjay! Fuck! You fool!
Jayjay! Hey, that's illegal! Hurry up!
Hurry up!
Jeez! You dunce.
Hurry up!
- Look, he's pooping!
- Hurry up, Jayjay!
Now we're in trouble.
Hey! That's illegal!
No, that's exactly what I was thinking.
Yes. It's already so late
and they still haven't come back.
I'm really sorry, Apple.
I'm just really worried about them.
Jayjay isn't answering his phone...
They're here!
Yes. Okay, thanks, Apple.
Where were you? I called the Center,
but they said you didn't show.
District office.
The district office? What happened?
- Yes.
- It's this jerk's fault.
This is all my fault.
I shouldn't have left Jayjay with you.
I knew you'd be in trouble,
like what happened with your father.
Mom, went poo-poo in the park.
What? You pooped at the park,
so you were at the district office?
Yes, poo-poo at the park.
Jayjay! Why did you do that?
Elimar, look. The guy you front-kicked.
Hey, your video's already got
1,5 million views.
Want to make another knockout video?
Let's just spar.
Don't hurt my son!
Come here!
You're a worthless wife!
Run, Jom... Son!
Please don't!
Jeez, Jayjay! There you go again.
Hey, don't be noisy. You'll wake your mom.
You fool.
I was just surprised.
I'm not a bad person.
I forgot to eat dinner.
Do you want to eat?
Elimar... Elimar dickhead.
Elimar dickhead.
Elimar dickhead!
Elimar dickhead!
Elimar dickhead!
Elimar... dickhead!
Elimar dickhead!
Elimar dickhead!
- Elimar dickhead!
- Elimar dickhead!
- Elimar dickhead!
- Elimar dickhead!
- Elimar dickhead!
- Elimar dickhead!
Table number six!
Is Jayjay here yet?
Where is that boy?
Apple said they'd only be gone
for a little while.
They're not answering my calls.
By the way, Son. I'd like to ask
a favor from you, if it's okay.
There is a piano contest
that Jayjay could participate in.
What? He can play the piano?
Hey, even if he's a little different,
that boy has great talent.
He can play a song flawlessly
after listening to it once.
But my job in Batangas is on Monday.
He has no one to bring him there.
How long is that job for?
Only about a month.
"Only?" That's a long time.
If you take him and he wins,
you'll get half the prize.
He might do something again.
I don't want to get in trouble.
I understand. Where could that boy be?
You don't get a pass
just because you're a retard.
Hey! Stop it.
We're leaving. Come on, Jay.
- Pay us back for the food he threw.
- Hey!
What's this about?
You want money?
Good thing I just got paid.
Okay, I'll give you a hundred each
if you manage to hit me in the face.
But if you don't... you pay me.
You think we won't do it
just because you're old?
What do you mean "old"?
"Ouch"? Hold on. Okay, come at me.
Old geezer!
Here's my face.
So awesome!
Not yet.
Pay up.
I'm paying!
You're so cool, Joma!
I forgot to record it!
Move aside.
Where have you been?
Are you done with your homework?
Who's this handsome guy?
- It's Joma, Jayjay's older brother.
- My Joma. I'm Jayjay.
Right! You're Sylvia's son.
I'm Eva, by the way.
What? Head home now.
Don't mind my mom, she's cool.
Even if she's like that,
I can understand because
it's hard to raise a child alone.
Especially... a kid like me.
Let's go, Jayjay!
Punch this. Jab!
- Jab! Straight.
- Jab.
Come on, harder!
- Come on. Dodge. There you go.
- Harder.
There. So you don't get hit. There.
Come. Let's do it. Harder. Jab.
Harder. That's it!
That's it! Scare them!
When you're ready, come on!
Pay up. Three hundred!
"Pay up"?
Thank you.
It's been a while since I last ate here.
Do a wacky pose!
Can we have our picture taken too?
No. That's too cheesy.
Come on! We don't have
a picture of us three yet.
And if you leave, we won't have a chance
to have a picture together.
Excuse me!
Yes, ma'am?
Can we have a picture taken like them?
This is only for birthday celebrations,
if you want a photo in a frame.
Whose birthday is it today?
No one. What if we paid for it?
I'm sorry, it's our policy
to only take photos when
someone is celebrating their birthday.
- Okay. Is that so? It's fine.
- Yes, ma'am.
Me. It's my birthday.
All right, sir. Please show me your ID.
I don't have an ID, is that a problem?
Okay... Just a minute, sir.
Yanna! Take their picture. Here.
She's going to take your photo.
Just look at the camera.
Let's take a picture in...
One, two, three, smile!
I'm really sorry about this, Son.
Jayjay always gets knocked out
when he's full.
Are you okay, Joma?
Of course!
Do you want whiskey?
Of course. The answer's obvious.
I'm sorry... about what I said
the other night.
When it comes to Jayjay, I don't want
anything bad happening to him.
I don't want it to happen again... The...
Joma... I know I have a lot
to make up to you. I know that.
But I'm so grateful to see you again.
And Jayjay has a brother now.
He's a really good kid.
I hope you'll learn to love him.
You talk like you're never
coming back from Batangas.
I'll go with Jayjay to the competition.
He might win.
I don't want to let the money go to waste.
- But I'll get my cut.
- Yes! You'll get your cut!
I'll just take some for his tuition,
and the rest of it's yours.
Thank you very much, Joma.
You don't know how important this is
for your brother. Really.
You know what's missing?
We need some music.
Come on, Son, let's dance.
No way. Your music is too corny.
Hey, this is a classic.
It's a great song. Come on!
Come on!
You look stupid.
Come on! I know you want to.
All right. How do you do it?
- Like this?
- That's it. Very good. Groove it.
Hey, are you okay, Mom?
That's the first time you called me "Mom."
There's lots of food in the freezer.
It will last two weeks.
But if it doesn't, there's canned goods.
Just heat them up.
Just don't eat noodles every day.
Yes, I'll take care of it.
All right. Jayjay?
Be good, okay?
Do what your brother says, okay?
Of course.
All right. That's all.
Bye, baby.
- Bye, Mom.
- Bye.
Bye. okay.
Take care.
Bye, Mom.
Will you be okay here? I have work today.
Yes. Work. Yes.
Okay, you're coming with me.
Jayjay will come!
Joma! Jayjay will come!
Jayjay will come!
Stand here.
Give everyone a flyer. Okay? Like this.
Like this. Look.
Yes, yes, yes!
Got it? Just stay there, okay?
Don't move. I'll be right back.
Your piano skills are great.
- Do you want more?
- Of course!
Go buy more. You can do it.
Show them your ID.
First prize,
National Music Competition, Young Artists.
2009, 2011.
Wow, you've been following her
for a while, huh? You really are a fan.
Annette pretty.
Do you have a crush on her?
Someone's got a crush!
Annette pretty.
Let's see. She's all right.
Back up!
What are you here for?
For Ms. Annette.
Delivery? Leave it there.
No delivery. It's Joma.
Joma Hermano. She knows me.
You again? Did you make an appointment?
Yes, I did.
You're not on the list.
I just need to talk to her.
Please, just for a moment.
We came from a far place.
Jay, let's go.
My brother and I just reunited
so I just recently found out
that he plays the piano so well.
Because of watching your videos.
Right, Jayjay?
Of course!
First place winner,
National Music Competition, Young Artists.
Grand Prize Winner.
Manila's next search
for the Piano Virtuoso 2012. Yes, yes!
He's a big fan of yours.
Jayjay, Ms. Annette is right here,
what do you want to say?
Come on.
Annette pretty.
I haven't played in a long time,
but thank you for coming here
to tell me that.
Well, Ms. Annette,
that's not all we came here for.
We were hoping you could help us
so he can enter this competition.
We don't know where to get
the "endorsement from school."
He didn't go to music school.
So I thought, maybe we could ask
for a recommendation from you.
I already turned my back
on Batiquin Conservatory,
and I don't want anything to do with them.
I'm sorry, but I can't help you this time.
It was nice meeting you,
Jayjay. Excuse me.
Unbelievable. Let's go.
Jayjay, hey, come on! Jayjay!
Like this.
Jayjay, come on.
That looks slick. Where have you been?
Why didn't you take me with you?
Apple, know where we can get
some cheap formal wear?
Hi, guys! I'm here today
to support my friend, Jayjay!
Say hi, dude.
You're next!
Next up is Joselito Hermano.
We need to remove your phone
because we're using wireless.
Jayjay's phone. Phone Jayjay.
Let's just turn it off.
Just a short break, guys.
What's wrong?
We need to turn off the phone,
it's interfering with...
Apple, what's going on? Jayjay!
Can't he play anymore?
He's fine now. He can play now.
He said he can't. Besides,
the judges already made their choice.
Why did they take Jayjay's phone?
That's his style.
It's unfair.
They didn't even give him a chance.
I could call you that,
but you're no longer my mentor.
Or shall I say, tormentor?
Let's go, Jayjay. Let's go home.
Your brother's already outside.
I'm just here to support Jayjay.
He didn't take music lessons
his whole life,
but whenever he hears a piece just once,
no matter how hard it is, he can play it.
Mom, do you hear that?
Jayjay is playing. Here, listen.
Isn't that what you're looking for?
This is not a freak show
for people like him.
Hello, dude. Yeah?
I'm just waiting for Mom to come back.
I'll work on my papers for Canada.
Okay. Thanks.
Mr. Joma, good morning!
Hey. Apple's inside, I'll go get her.
Is it true? You're leaving for Canada?
Is Sylvia and her son coming with you?
Well, life is indeed hard here.
But come by my club before you leave.
Do your farewell party there,
I'll take care of it. This is my card.
What a pity. We just met.
I was planning on offering you a job.
With your looks and appeal,
you'd be very popular in my club.
I'm only ever good for boxing.
But aren't you tired of being a fighter?
What about being a lover for a change?
Okay. I'll get Apple.
Mr. Labayen.
You should have said you were coming.
There's nothing wrong
if I wanted to visit the...
school that receives
a subsidy from our family.
I'll be frank with you.
The child with autism,
the one who participated in your contest,
I want you to let him join
the competition.
You know, since Annette met that boy
and helped him for your contest...
that was also the very first time
I heard Annette play again
after so many years.
I just want
to keep hearing her play
for... as long as I live.
Cesar, just think of it as a...
request from me.
That's why I'm here.
Mr. Labayen, maybe you've heard
about how he acted during the qualifiers?
He can't do that in a competition
that has been an institution
in music in this country.
I have to protect that reputation.
That is more important
than someone's personal request.
Norman, hand me the documents.
I just came from a meeting with our board
and... I now hold the majority
of the voting shares.
So you can say that
my interests
and the interests of the conservatory
are now aligned.
Jerk! What the hell?
Sorry, Joma.
Joma! Jayjay!
Thanks for coming.
I just wanted to tell you in person.
Jayjay will join the competition!
Dude, did you hear that? You're in.
- Yes!
- Awesome! Wait, how did that happen?
I don't know, but I received
a call from the Batiquin staff,
and they told me that Jayjay
has got a spot in the competition.
- Awesome!
- I'll forward what you need to prepare.
Sure. Perhaps you had
something to do with it, ma'am?
I can coach Jayjay a few days
before the competition.
I'll have him picked up and... Here.
Buy a new suit for Jayjay,
and for you too.
But don't buy suits for a funeral, okay?
This is good, huh? Looking good.
This is definitely not funeral-material.
Yes, not funeral-material, but for awards.
Evening, sir. Do you have a Metro card?
No, I don't.
- Thanks.
- Thank you, sir.
Sir, did you see my brother pass by?
About this tall. This is him.
- He was headed over there.
- Here? Thanks.
He didn't come here,
maybe you should call the police.
Ma'am, I just came from there.
They haven't seen him.
You might need to check nearby hospitals.
All right, ma'am. Thanks, anyway.
Apple. Good thing you called.
Hello, Joma. He's not in the park,
or in any place I know he'd go to.
This is him. Twenty-one years old.
Maybe he's a patient here.
Name is Jayjay Hermano.
Sir, upon checking our records,
there is no patient by that name.
But, sir, to be sure,
you can check with the reception.
Hello, Joma. Jayjay's been spotted.
He's at the restaurant,
looking for Aunt Sylvia.
He must miss her badly.
Hello? Joma, hello?
- Joma, Son.
- That's why you left Jayjay with me.
How long were you planning to hide this?
Is this why you looked for me?
To take care of your child
because you're sick?
Otherwise, would you still look for me?
I don't expect you to forgive me,
but all I ask...
I beg you...
not to hold a grudge against Jayjay,
he isn't to blame.
Me too!
I wasn't to blame either.
I was so young but still,
you chose to leave.
I thought
I was protecting you when I left.
I thought I'd put you in more danger
if you went with me.
Joma, I was so scared of your dad.
I knew that as long as he was alive,
I couldn't escape him.
I only had the courage to go back when
I found out he died, but you were gone.
You ran away... and I couldn't find you.
Is it my fault that I ran away?
Because of my aunt's cruelty?
No, Son. It's my fault.
I regret the decisions I made.
I wish I had been braver back then.
I hope... I hope I have enough time
to make it up to you.
Jayjay will come!
Jayjay will come!
The Batiquin Conservatory Music
Competition will be held tomorrow night
at the Manuel Lacson Concert Hall.
One of the contestants is
21-year-old Joselito Hermano, or "Jayjay."
This is the first time that a PWD
will compete in the province's
famous piano competition.
Joma said...
Jayjay, listen.
It's just like practice, okay?
You can do it.
Mom? Get the door.
My Jayjay was so good earlier.
I'm so proud of you.
Are you still afraid
of your big brother, Joma?
Of course.
But are you happy
that you have an older brother?
Yes, yes.
When you go up to heaven,
guess who is waiting for you.
Annette pretty.
But will you still look for Mom?
Listen to your big brother Joma, okay?
Don't just eat instant noodles
and fried chicken, okay?
Let's go home, Mom.
Let's go home.
You know, before... I thought...
this disease was a punishment from God.
But now that the three
of us are together...
I think God has forgiven me.
I didn't know you smoked.
This was Mom's last pack.
I just saw it at home.
I remember your mother
used to smoke a lot.
She said she always had this "wish stick,"
so she needs to finish a pack each time.
She only had one wish,
and it finally came true.
Jayjay? Jayjay!
Joma, Jayjay's missing.
Elimar dickhead.
Elimar dickhead!
Okay. Thank you.
Ma'am, someone saw Jayjay at Uptown Gym.
Don't! Why? Hold on a minute.
Elimar dickhead!
Sorry, boss. He didn't mean it.
My brother's special.
He's not retarded! He is autistic.
A high-functioning autistic.
- Are you okay?
- Ouch.
- And fight!
- Dude, destroy him!
That's what I'm saying, man!
Go, Joma!
That's it! Another one, Yeah!
That's right. Go ahead!
Fight, Joma!
That's it!
Gloves up!
Don't look!
Fight, Joma!
- Stand up!
- Joma!
Stand up, dude!
You can do it, Joma! That's it!
Spin left, bro!
- Cover, dude!
- Joma!
Cover first! That's it!
I know I have a lot to make up to you.
I know that.
But I'm so grateful to see you again.
And that Jayjay has a brother now.
I hope you'll learn to love him.
- Man!
- Go, Joma!
Hand! Dude, the hand! That's right!
That's it! Let's go! Stand up!
Finish it, bro! That's it! Bam! One more!
He's down!
You're awesome, Joma!