Khad (2014) Movie Script

Bad scene..
..there are some problem between
drivers of the plains and the hill.
There are no vehicles for the day,
they all are in transport strike.
Then...what to do?
This will never stop,
What will not stop?
Anyway. Is there any hotels near
by, we just need it for one night.
12 hours?
No no 24hours.
Oh my god
Sister is saying ''shit''.
Uff.!!! You don't have to repeat.
Listen everyone, all the hotels
are very bad. We can't stay here.
Also all the tourist lodges in ''Maal
Bazar'' should be full by this time.
Hay Listen, there is also
a transport strike in ''Sebok''
Who told you?
We could have been get down in NGP...
..and arrange some hotels,
if we know news before.
Sir don't we have
a retiring room here?
Yes, but it's very shabby.
Aunty why are you sitting in
the sun? You can sit in the shade.
Don't worry I am fine.
Hello Kid.
Are you from ''Dhaka''?
No.. Shut up.
Yes, I am from Dhaka.
Are you a tourist?
So many people stuck here.
What to do?
Can you arrange a retiring room,
just for my mother.
No car will go up today.
But I have arranged a
missionary bus from ''Damdim''.
It's on the way.
It will take us to ''LAVA''
We can get lot of hotels there.
Thanks True.
No one will stop this bus?
No one will stop
the missionary Bus.
Is it?
Also we have Father with us.
I think we should stay
in ''Damdim'' to night.
I just cant talk right now.
You pay your daughters
mobile bill for this month.
Why she is so busy with talking
in phone. When she is in vacation.
Thank you thank you father.
You are really god sent.
We all are my son.
I just don't like it.
Dad, do you know how's
father is that white man?
Whose Father?
That Green man's Father.
How do you know?
That Green Man said
''Thank you father''
And the his father
said ''Thanks you my Son''
Sir, All done. Take this.
Thank you.
Mother, I have arranged
the Retiring room.
It's AC.
They are changing the bed cover.
Let's go.
What happened.
We all are in trouble.
It does not look good
if I go to the AC room.
What they will do?
We should stay together.
I am there yesterday.
I am there tomorrow.
Like I am right now.
I am here you can touch my finger.
I am here
I am herein the
jungle for the wind.
I am here in every
Tree and every leaf
Maybe in the rainy season I am there
beside you soft hand and umbrella.
worromot niereht ma I
Like I am here today
Time does not have heart
but still done feel right
After taking a bath in
seal feel unknown to myself.
Again in morning you
sit in the sit sun light
I know it's there but dose
anything is changing for real
I am here you can touch my finger.
I am here
Last few years this mother...
..and son are moving between India and
Bangladesh for health check-up.
Cancer effected Savita Devi knows,
That she don't have
much time left.
that is why She and her son
Khokon is going for a holiday trip.
Hold my hand.
Easy! Easy! sit here
Sit there.
Take some rest here mother
don't know still how much we need to walk
Ask them about the plane?
What is the time now?
ohh! shit.
What happened.
Sorry mother
not only is the watch glass broken,
but the watch has stopped.
It's showing 12:08 PM which must be
the time when the accident happened.
I think the driver was drunk
Stop it mother.
You sit here for a while. I will just come
Hey please check some
thing is gone in my eyes.
Wait! splash some water in your eyes.
Oohh! The water is so cold
Father what is the time now.
My watch is not working.
1 :32 PM
Ok. Polton can you
please come with me.
I need my bag
lets all stick together.
I will help you, Tewari ji.
1 :32 PM
It is 1:32 PM now.
TIt will start getting dark
by 4:00 PM,
so we have 2 hours.
What to do?
I don't know.
We have to find a way out.
Where is the Problem?
We have 2 hours, we can
walk as much as possible.
Where do you go by walking?
If we walk for 2 hours
we can reach somewhere.
You will reach nowhere.
Do you all have any idea?
how far that bus fell down.
No! No! what she meant
is we cant stay here.
Whose is this?
We have to find a road.
Its mine.
Sorry! Sorry!
Have you ever been in the Hills?
Yes, so many times!
For trekking?
or by car?
Why are you confusing us?
Nothing is arranged properly
Say it clearly
There is no proper road
for this 400-500 ft. Am I right?
We have to find out
the road by trekking.
It's not possible in 2 hours.
It will take a whole day.
Especially in this unknown forest.
Lost love or a dead wife is not
the reason Rajeev is alone in life.
He loves to stay in his
own world form childhood.
He dont have many friends.
He is in Kolkata
for only a few days in a year.
He loves the hills.
So he goes trekking very often.
We dont know much about
this health conscious Bengali called Rajeev.
Don't worry son.
Even the Devil does not like me! See, I am still alive
even after falling from such a height.
Don't talk rubbish.
take the medicine
Is he alright
Yes. Thank you father.
He dont speak its
hard to understand him.
Your mobile is working?
Wish I could make a call.
Mother she also said shit.
She is from Khorda.
Now she stays in Crick Row.
and she works in a private firm.
She can jell with people
very fast, has lot of friends.
That is why we often see her
in high profile dinner parties.
Dr. Siddhartha Gupta is a very famous
physician of Kolkata.
He is so busy with patients
and his nursing home..
..that he almost has no social life.
But he has to go to important clients'
birthday or anniversary party.
What is your name?
What did you say the name.
Pavan. Pavan Singh.
He is a bad guy...
he is always drunk.
He don't have work.
He just picks up the
patients from village
and take pregnant
women to hospital.
That's his work
But still we should
check if he is alive.
You have no idea.
He very dangerous.
Go and check in Gubatan bazaar. He
is definitely having roti and tadka there.
What do you mean?
You have seen lots of
accident news in newspapers.
have you ever heard that
a driver died in an accident.
They always come to know first.
If they see any trouble they jump
off the car. Pavan did the same.
What are you saying?
Did you see it?
What do you think?
Am I talking nonsense?
He opened the cabin
door and jumped off.
See we are standing here it's god's gift.
Like we are playing extra time
Thank god
Have seen a tomato
falling on a stone.
There are few people with
whom you inevitably like.
Despite all the sadness around
they live with a smile.
Polton is one of them.
That is why he is everybodys friend.
He is addicted to smoking,
alcohol and cinema.
His hero is Mithun
This side.
Open your mouth.
Daughter are you all right?
I am fine.
was having some headache
but now its fine.
Mother, I have seen everything,
That driver jumped off the
car and then the car was on the air
But I held on to the rod
in front of me.
then the car started falling
through all the trees
Suddenly I hear a sound
and I flew out through the front glass
and started rolling down.
You are making it sound as if
it's a fun ride for you.
Of course it's a fun ride.
It's like a car race
in video games.
Mother my video game
is still in the bus.
Dont worry I will buy
you a new one from Kolkata
From the day when the film
actors stared doing stage theatre.
..The theatre stars
started losing their fame.
He left it long time back. Now just acts
in group theatre as a hobby.
All the household work is
taken care of by his wife.
There is a large difference of age between
his daughter is Meghna and Son Tito.
Mohan Babu is always worried
that he has to survive with only his
savings for the rest of his life.
Other family members
are not so concerned about it.
That's why maintaining status
is the biggest enemy in their life.
What are you looking at?
Nothing to be surprised,
my brother doesnt want to talk.
In our eyes that is ''Abnormal''
Sorry, I didn't know this.
No. How would you know.
His brain was damaged
during forced delivery.
There are many other things to afraid of here,
Don't be scared of him.
Everybody knows Aparna Banerjee.
She does not need an introduction.
Apart from acting she
is associated some NGO's.
Recently in Kolkata
She organised a huge rally
for medical Check-up of Street Dogs
and their adoption.
All her personal relationships
have been very painful,
Perhaps that is why the outcome
of love is always different for her.
Her only Brother Avik is abnormal.
That's why her glamour world stops
at her drawing room only.
The water is very cold.
You want to see? wait.
Open your shoe.
brother! please open your shoe.
Remember, the water is very cold.
Uff! it's too cold.
Come don't be scared
hold my hand.
Sit here.
Hey may I ? may ? !
Why are you getting angry?
We have so many people here.
We will take a suitable decision.
Don't talk like a fool.
If Rajeev Babu wishes to trek for 10 hours
we are not going behind his ass.
What are you doing?
in the silent chasm beside river,
How do a newly married
couple enjoy their honeymoon,
by doing tracking.
That too with 1214people.
Don't be a fool it's an accident.
Shut up!! ''Don't be a fool''.
Our entire honeymoon is f.
What kind language is this?
Of course I will do
You are a newly married Bengali Bride,
don't use this slang. It's possible.
You want me to use Sanskrit? Stupid.
No no..
You can't talk like this.
Please please keep your mouth shut.
Please please.
Poonam. I am
I am telling you
F.. f
.. F.. F..
F.. F.. F.. F.. F..
By seeing them what you
can realize its exactly same,
They are childhood friends.
They are such close
friends all the time.
They grew up together
in every aspect.
That's why when they
started understanding Love
the difference between friend
and lover blurred.
Actually they never let themselves
know or love anyone else.
May be their surrounding
is not that easy.
Now they are trying to grow
up as a newly married couple.
I think you should
give it a second thought
I think you should
give a second thought
No no father this is completely absurd.
This does not happen very often
Rajeev Babu,
I agree with all that you said
and that you have lot
experience in the hills
but I cannot accept
your suggestion.
Then you can do whatever you want.
You can walk.
I am not stopping any one.
I think what Rajeev Babu is saying
is it possible father? We can not
stay in this chasm with our family.
What happened?
Rajeev Babu gave a nice idea.
To organize a reality
show with all of us.
You want to participate
Mr. Chatterjee.
Mother see.
No entry fee
Let's go.
Let me do the odd Job.
There is no point arguing.
Hello every one! listen to me.
Madam please! Would you also listen to me?
I don't understand Hindi.
Please talk in Bengali.
So what I want to say.
everybody is not here.
Hello everyone!
please come here.
Hindi teacher of
St. Heron School in Kalimpong.
He is here since 36 years all
the local people also respect him.
Tiwari ji knows that he will not be able
to adjust in his hometown far from the hills.
After retirement he wanted to spend the
rest of the life here with his wife.
That's why he bought
some land near school.
He decided to start
construction this year.
But he had to put that
plan on hold due to his wife's illness.
God saved us all.
But don't be afraid
nothing will happen to us.
But think what could
have happened.
There is a transport strike on
So no one will know we are here.
Forget about rescue teams
there is no network in the mobile also.
Bye the way what is the time now.
1 :57PM
That means the Day light
will there for 2-3 hours.
See Rajeev Babu is
an experienced trekker.
He believes that we have search for
the route to get out of this jungle.
Am I right sir?
Yes, 23 hours is not enough.
if there is no daylight
you all will stuck.
Then what is the solution?
That means the old
lady also needs to walk.
We will all walk and
become a trekker like you.
Very good.
I think would be much better if
we start tomorrow morning.
But in the time there
are lot of ladies in the group.
This is the jungle Mohan Babu.
Here ladies gents dose
not make any difference.
I mean if anything bad happens
they won't care male or female.
What do you mean by danger?
Rajeev Babu what kind of
animals are there in this jungle
Snakes for sure
No Tigers here.
why do yo scare us so much.
Tiger is there.
I mean leopard.
Local people call it Cheetah
Really! We have leopards in this jungle?
Why? You want to see one?
Apart from Leopard
what other animal is here.
Do they have elephants?
Yes Elephant, Bison.
No Bison don't come this side.
you can see Deer on that side
Are there dinosaurs?
I don't know, never seen one yet.
Did we came here to a zoo?
Ok Rajeev Babu! What do we do?
Now that's the main thing.
Only solution is that
We will stay here together
and we will start our
journey in the morning.
Rajeev Babu
my mother is a cancer patient.
She is going to sit here
among the stones for whole night?
Are you mad?
See! l am just trying to help.
Every one stay together for the night
And we will start tomorrow morning.
This will be the only wise
decision and the only way out.
Sir, I mean
Rajeev Babu is correct.
In the morning time if we can
walk 2-4 KM we can find a way out.
2-4 KM we can walk now also.
I am going to stay here.
Whoever wants to stay please
raise your hand. Who ever wants go.
can leave on their
own responsibility.
Don't be a kid
Go out of the class.
Are you mad mother? How will
you stay here. It's not possible.
What else can happen?
I am almost dead.
2 months or maybe 2 days.
First honeymoon of my life. Rubbish!
Better luck next time.
Leave me.
Don't be afraid we are all together.
Now please lower down you hand.
Lord give us courage.
I pray to you.
We are all together.
Everything will be all right.
Doctor can you please see that.
hallo microphone testing over
Hey leave it. Don't touch that.
It's not working.
This is belongs to police.
I know! its wireless.
Hey Polton
Yes sir.
can you please come closer
otherwise the kid will get scared.
Can you arrange some
wood for the camp fire.
Hey Polton. Can I take some
diesel from your car.
want some to light a fire.
Yes Doctor
Rajeev Babu.
Khokon da and Mohan Babu
can you please come here.
Tewari ji is not a good person
He called me and ask me to arrange
Some girls for the night fire.
What r u saying. This is not right
We all have family here.
Tiwari Babu. Can you come this side?
Why you want to call him
Leave it he is an old man.
No no let me talk to him.
Yes tell me?
What did you say to him?
Leave it please
You need girls for the night?
No no I said I need
wood for the fire.
That what I said.
Thats what I said
You are so stupid
Don't mind! don't mind!
I am just joking.
Let's go we will get some wood.
I fooled all of you.
Let's go that side.
Mother I am going to
The jungle to get some wood.
Be careful.
You make fool out of me.
Hey did you see Aparna
Banerjees ''Godhuli''
Bhaskar Sen was her third husband
Fourth husband is Sarathi Jana
Sarathi Jana.
They have the restaurant
called China Colony.
But fourth husband
also doesn't stay with her.
Did she tell you all this?
No. I came to know from newspapers.
Now she stays alone
in Ballygunge Place.
What she was telling you?
She was telling that she had 4 honeymoons
None of them were as thrilling like yours.
She told this to you?
Is she you aunt's daughter?
as she will feel shame while talking.
She is Aparna Banerjee.
Sometime back she had a bad
time but now lot of awards, ads,
She is doing anchoring for
her own show ''Face to Face Aparna''.
Whatever you say
her skin is not fair.
Meghna is the fairest among all of you.
Again you are talking
About skin colour.
You are exactly like your mother.
Fair fair fair
She is fair that's why I said it.
No, you can't tell.
This is not a characteristic of a girl
don't talk like a cow shit.
Hey you please
Why are talking like an illiterate.
Fair fair fair what is this.
Cockroach, Pig, rat they are all fair.
Ok I am sorry,
I will not say again. Happy?
I will finish with a last thought.
at the time of your sister's marriage
your father put an ad in Ananda Bazar.
you remember what he wrote?
You pig I will kill you.
If you don't mind
May I ask you something.
Sure, please
My husband was a theatre star
his name Mohan Kumar.
After that he joined
Utpal Dutta's group.
I am also from art background.
I was a singer.
I left everything.
I used to perform whole year.
Mostly Lata Mangeshkar's songs.
My daughter Meghna
She is in Morden High.
But now she does modelling,
art, party, dieting and all.
Hope you understand
art is in her blood.
Can you help her to be an actress?
What is she studying?
Commerce pass
in city college.
But she doesn't want to study.
Actually it's the blood.
She is getting attracted.
can you please help.
If you say I can do a photo shoot.
Let us go out of this place.
After that we will think
Can l have you phone number
Of course.
Thank you
No no! mobile number
Sorry I don't give
my mobile number to any one
You call in this number.
Tublu will pick up
But will recognize me.
You must get so many calls in a day.
That's true,
but tell him we were in a chasm
together. Then I will recognize.
Ok, hey, how old are you?
What do you think?
Please come aunty. Careful.
You son was worrried.
How would you stay in
The night under the sky.
Leave him
Please come, it's your room.
Where did you get this?
This was there
in Rajeev babu's bag.
If you fold it will be a pillow.
This is not done.
I will stay here alone, what about
others. They will stay outside.
Aunty you are sick.
Thats why you will stay here.
Sickness is not my identity.
My identity is what you called me, that.
That new couple
need a separate room.
Please come inside. Careful
Son, I came with one son.
Got so many here.
What happen to you?
Why son?
You are crying that's why?
Is this your room?
Will you stay with me.?
What do you mean?
I mean will you stay
with me in this room.
I mean will you stay
with me in this room.
Bengal's and
East Bengal are the same?
Tito? Tito?
Why are you standing
outside? come inside.
Sit here.
Shit! I am looking like a ghost.
Are you taking
the medicine on time?
If I forget also Khokon
will give it to me on time.
Please pass me that bag.
Sure, you must be stressed.
You are not well also
But I should not
look like a patient.
Why should others
come to know that I am sick.
Al my hair is gone
Due to chemotherapy.
If I roam like this it will
be even more stressful for Khokon.
He is traveling with
His half dead mother.
I try to stay as clean as possible
for his sake.
The Diseases is all mine
The pain and suffering is mine.
Why should I let other
People suffer for me.
Take this, you can use it.
it's new.
Is it Red?
No, natural.
Hit the ground hard while walking.
If there is any snake then it will
come to know someone is walking.
Well then it will surely bite.
No no
snakes are very scared.
Will you please stop for a while?
Why are people afraid of dying.
All the pain and suffering
is there in living.
But if you are dead
there is no problem at all.
I don't know.
But I think no one knows
what happens after death.
That's why they are scared.
May be.
This is my last trip.
I don't want to be
in this trouble anymore.
You sure Pavan ran away?
I will go back to Lataguri.
I will stay in Subho Da's shop.
Your brother?
No, no blood relation.
Just like that.
You mother has cancer
is it not curable.
No. it's been there for a long time.
Her hand and face
have started swelling.
She cant walk properly
Then why did you bring her here.
What do I do. Its her last wish.
She want see Kanchenjunga.
Hey Polton I heard that you
can see Kanchanjunga from Lolegaon.
Yes, you can see it like a picture.
Good, that's good.
When she want to see
she should see and then go.
You did right.
Whenever I see you mother
it reminds me of my mother.
I called her mother
also she didnt realize.
She is a mother.
Whenever I see you
all it feels like a family.
Once upon a time
I also had a family.
Now there is no one.
Its reminds me of my Father, Mother,
Brother, Sister-in-law, Nephew.
You also look like my Brother.
Shh.. come this side.
This is like a heaven.
I knowa few producers.
you get your photo
shoot done and meet them.
Tell me.
Your are young.
Background is also good.
They will love it.
You also do acting?
Not much did 1-2 serials.
I am not good at acting.
Since everyone was insisting,
just thought to give it a try.
It was a disaster.
your father and mother
both are actors?
Father is actor.
Mother was a singer.
She sang some time at home.
Do you have a boyfriend?
How many?.
What do you mean? I have only one.
You can have more than one.
At you age I had 24 boyfriends.
used maintain it smartly.
No none knows it.
What does he do?
He has a business
of Cable TV network.
In Ballygunge Circular Road.
Also he works with Dish TV.
He gave connection
in Moonmoon Sen's house.
He saw Suchitra Sen Also.
What's his name?
Mother is coming.
She doesn't know?
Okay listen.
They have arranged
a wash room for Women.
if you want you can use it.
What's you name please?
Mousumi Pal.
Ok, I am Seuli Jana.
You came for a holiday?.
Siddhartha Babu is your?
My fiancee.
Every one come here.
Please come your father is calling.
I don't feel like going.
Listen stop behaving
like an actress.
You are roaming alone staying
away from your family Why?
What do you think
I didn't understand anything.
What do you understand?
You drag me to this
trip against my will.
What do you think
I didn't understand anything.
Listen Mother you go and tell father
I love Sujoy and thats final.
Maybe you have problem
but I don't have any problem.
Just because of this holiday you
cannot wipe Sujoy from my heart.
And listen mother?
Don't call your daughter now.
I have something to say.
Darkess will fall slowly.
Please don't go alone anywhere.
And Rajeev Babu
trying light some fire.
Wood has also come.
This is to keep animals away.
It's nothing much
just a matter of safety.
Where can I keep this?
Keep it on that side.
And rest of the firewood is
at the back of the tent.
I have a request.
if anyone has any
food please share.
Me and my sister have
some chocolate and fruits.
Mousumi please
take out the fruits.
I have ome puffed rice, biscuit, fruits
I can share this, I have no problem.
I have a half... no I dont have.
I have some dry fruits.
I will just come.
We don't have anything.
I just have chewing gum.
I cant share this as this is not a food.
We didnt know something
like this will happen.
Yes, if you did know,
you could do a bit of shopping.
Everyone here, where is madam.
Madam is there in
the tent with Aunty.
What you want?
Are you hungry?
You want to eat anything.
I open my palm today.
Take whatever is there.
This is the ideal time
to donate yourself.
I can donate my lifeline.
I open my palm today.
Take whatever is there.
This is the ideal time
to donate yourself.
l can donate my lifeline.
I open my palm today.
Take whatever is there.
This is the ideal time
to donate yourself.
I can donate my lifeline.
Take whatever is there.
Take whatever is there.
This is the ideal time
to donate yourself.
Take whatever is there.
Don't try to calculate.
I should go or stay.
The way wind blows.
The way morning
comes after the night.
The way leaf falls.
The way people die.
Go in that way.
Today you leave
calculation teach poem.
Take whatever is there.
I open my palm today.
Take whatever is there.
Madam. You want to have.
No thanks.
I know all the actors in India.
In our country you all are stars.
I recognized you when
I saw you in Sealdah.
Khokan was saying such a big
star and she is traveling in train.
Why? I love traveling in train.
We travel by plane
just to save sometime.
Also Avik is scared
of traveling in a plane.
I do like train the most.
It's a big adventure.
Please in the night it looks like
a big lion making a python run.
When did you see python running?
See dont eat too much tonight.
If you don't eat one
night you will not die.
What are you saying mother.
Mohan Babu's wife gave me this.
that's why I am having it.
They way you said that.
I don't feel like eating anymore.
He got angry.
If you say anything about
his eating he get angry.
Why don't you consult
a good doctor for him.
I did everything.
Nothing is going to happen.
His world is totally different.
What he thinks,
what he understands ...
Being his sister
I dont know anything.
Be normal with him. He will fine.
I am trying my best.
But the way people react
as if he is an alien.
You came for this tour with him
that's really good.
It will be refreshing for him.
I am not here for the tour.
I want to leave him in a Home.
I am alone now and Avik stays at home alone
every one takes advantage of this.
I had an uncle exactly like him.
Everybody used to call him abnormal.
But he saved Khokon's life once.
or else he could have burned
You saw that black mark on his face.
it is dur to the fire.
I really like you.
You are keeping
you brother in Home.
don't you feel sad.
He is going to a beautiful place.
Hey Polton you are done.
Yes. Take this.
Very nice.
What is it?
It was part of our bus
but now it is our tea pot
What are you looking at? Get some water,
teabags are ready, we have to make some tea.
Polton lets light the fire.
What rubbish.
Listen you are using
river water.
If you get sick.
hill diarrhoea is very dangerous.
Mineral water,
Pure Spring water.
Please let me know who wants
have tea. It's without sugar.
One minute I have 'sugar free'.
Very good.
Who wants to have tea
does not make any difference.
we will make this in
this pot and we will share.
As we dont have any cup here.
But how can we drink
like a caveman.
Then you don't drink,
no one is forcing you.
Take this.
Give it to me
Please be like a
caveman for tonight.
This way it will be
easier to spend the night.
Where are you going?
Hey why are you
so un-cooperative?
Just like that brother.
Just Leave from here.
I know magic.
I do know magic.
Well if you know
then show me.
First you have to show me.
Ok fine.
Close your eyes.
Close your eyes
That I don't know.
Hold your hand up.
Fine, then you count 1 to 5.
Start your count.
Where did get this.
Now your magic.
Think. This is my hand.
You have to move it
round without touching it.
That is easy.
Close your eyes
and Start counting.
123- it's not yet touched
Meghna. Where did she go now,
just cant take it.
Meghna.. Meghna..
Meghna.. Meghna.. Meghna
So many times I told her not to go alone.
She never listens. Disgusting.
Hey do you know
where is your sister.
I don't know.
This will be a big problem.
Hold this.
I will take a look.
Give me the Kukri.
You told her still
why she is going.
Wait wait I will check that side.
I will check the other side
Wait wait! I will check.
Where did she go.
Where did you go?
Everyone was talking too much.
I didn't like it.
This place is very nice, cool wind,
sound of flowing water, moon light.
Very nice.
I never seen such
a beautiful place father.
Listen Meghna, I have
only one request stay together
You carry on I am coming
but then don't blame me,
you are inviting trouble.
Still come and join your family.
Please come.
Polton give it in this.
Is it washed?
No, I wiped it.
Here take this.
Where is yours?
I don't drink tea.
What do you do?
I work in advertising.
Designer, costume designer.
You can do modelling.
You have a nice figure,
Walking style is also nice.
Also you have an
apple in your eyes.
What does that mean?
You can attract people.
Since when have you been married?
1 Month
Okay, newly married.
Your husband is very handsome.
Eyelashes are a bit girlish
but very handsome.
How did you fall in love?
I looked at him, he got attracted.
and he agreed.
Wait wait wait.
I will clean it and come.
You don't come
forward this is fire.
Take this Mister poet.
This is our faith.
That women Mousumi
Doctor's sister.
She is problematic.
Don't talk to her.
If she asks you anything just tell her
that ''I don't know, My wife knows''.
What happened?
If she asks for my mobile number?
Then too! say the same.
No one has signal in their mobile.
how will you get it?
Keep your mobile in the bag.
You are so arrogant.
You don't want to drink?
Do whatever you want.
Wow you have a matching cup.
You are so lucky.
You always carry this cup.
Khokon Babu,
Once I am done with the tea.
Please wash the cup
and give it to your mother.
My mother told you about the tea.
She is lying inside the tent.
her back was paining.
The pain always increases
during full moon and half-moon.
That's the big
problem of my mother.
You finish it.
I will just come.
Aparna madam
In this place at this
time lot of stones, sand.
You are a star.
That's in the movie.
I have heard. The movie
stars are very pampered.
One-person giving water, juice.
One person doing my hair.
another helping me with the jewelry.
Different people
for different work.
But this is not
pampering Rajeev Babu.
It is comfort.
If my hair, my dress or
I dont not look perfect.
Than all your fantasy is gone.
Cinema is all about illusion.
Uff.. Oh my God!
You know uncle.
My dad knows a lot of ghost stories.
When I don't sleep
he starst telling me a story.
Then I get scared and sleep.
I don't fear ghosta.
You are very brave.
Did ever see a ghost.
I saw them in my dream.
Also in TV.
I have seen Aahat, Fear File.
Also in Hindi horror story.
Oh my god.
Apart from TV ghosts
are there around you.
Like this dark place,
Abandoned houses.
"Neem'' Tree.
in villages.
Did you ever see a ghost.
It should not fall.
Please give.
It is hot.
It's ok.
Thank you.
Thank you brother.
Hay I am older then you,
can I call you Aparna.
Of course.
Please keep in mind..
about my daughter.
I mean if you guide her
that would be great.
When we came know each other,
then nothing to be ashamed of.
Hey Meghna..
Hey Meghna.. Hey Kato..
Hey Meghna..
Come here.
She is learning eastern
and western dance from Bob.
She has done a few ads too.
Giko battery, Tinku Cycle.
I did only 2 adds.
Nonsense products.
You tell me is it possible any
cycle brand name called Tinku.
Any one will buy this.
Do you like acting?
Yes, I use to act in
BCL competition in school.
Once I got the best actress
award. But that was an English play.
She is very good.
Hey show some acting.
Are you mad mother?
Why mad? Pleased.
Ready 1 2 3 start.
what happened?
Let me see. Nice.
You want some.
Rajeev Babu
What happened?
Rajeev Babu
What happened?
Something is there in the bush
and it's moving. What?
Whenever it understood I was there.
suddenly stopped moving.
Can you please come?
Polton get my torch.
Get my torch.
I want to see.
Meghna wait
No no please don't go that side.
Meghna, you are not going
that side. Stop right there.
Please relax, Calm down.
Please don't come this side.
No one. I will check.
Let's go Polton. Come Khokon Babu.
Don't worry.
Go that side.
Is it any animal?
What are you looking at?
That bush is also moving.
Come come there.
Have seen. It's moving.
Its coming at is.
I am shitting.
Switch off the torch.
I am shitting. Shitting
Switch it off
Please leave.
Who shit like this..!!
Let's go.
What I thought, and what it is.
Takethis Polton.
Take father.
Sorry, you have it.
Rajeev Babu take it.
Thank you.
We have to stay awake.
Remember that.
Don't worry father,
we will be fine.
ours is little hard.
Khokon Babu
Mohan Babu, I am going to tell
you something don't take it otherwise.
But from morning you didn't
have any food. And you drinking.
It will kick you badly.
Telling him is no
use khokon brother.
Whether he drinks or not,
he will be drunk.
Empty stomach or full stomach does
not make any difference to him.
Why are you tense.
Take this no one will say anything.
Why you are taking tension.
Take this no. onewill say anything.
No no its okay.
Have it. Take a sip. Take it
You guys want.
I am just tasting
little bit. Cheers
Sorry sorry madam.
My mistake I did not ask you all.
Please hav eit all of you.
You have it.
I have enough stock.
You can have it.
You know what I think,
the amount of fun we are having
that situation is not that funny.
I mean I am not against drinking,
but before this picnic you should
have taken permission from us.
Leave it.
She has a point.
Father, it's a hectic day.
It is just a relaxation.
We are not committing a crime.
Doctor, you know my father
use to say those who don't drink,
They are very dangerous.
What does your father do?
He has a coal shop.
After second marriage he
stay separate. No connection
Wise man.
Wait wait.
Listen Poonam.
If you don't like it I can
ask them to stop drinking.
I am not saying that father.
I am just talking about manners.
Why must men always
decide what will happen.
Here we have so many girls you could
have taken permission from at least one girl.
Rajeev Babu may have fought with an Cheetah.
that does not mean he can do whatever he wants.
Why you all are smiling?
We didn't do anything.
Tewari ji did it alone.
Leave it please.
With an empty hand,
only with some water.
This is very insulting.
My wife said a very simple thing.
And you all are making
fun of her words.
Wait wait.
Please come this side.
I will explain to you.
Whispering is very bad manners.
When we went to the jungle
we thought it's a leopard but...
Poonam they are
not laughing at you.
they are laughing
at my incident.
This is very bad.
Please let it be. Why you?
This is very bad.
Hey! hey Poonam. What are you doing?
Hey sister don't.
What! you saw a ghost?
You guys are drinking
... Drink drink.
Like India in Bangladesh too
also People drinking a lot.
Take this aunty.
Khokon you are also drinking?
You also drink, you wife has already had some.
or else the smell will be a problem.
How do you get this
practical problem.
His father... Was a naughty man.
On the day of marriage
his friends make him so drunk..
..that he was not able to open his pant.
And I was sitting like a cow.
Suddenly I heard him
started snoring beside me.
They took one chair from
the bus and made a chariot for you.
No no I am fine. I will walk.
Only one wish left
Listen, If anyone is sleepy.
You can go to the tent and sleep.
I guess it will be tough to
Spend the night just by talking.
That's true.
No no we can play dumb charade.
Antakshari, China's whisper
Everybody will not
understand all this English.
Better everybody start singing.
hey please come.
I heard you are good singer.
Please sing a song.
Sorry please don't mind
I don't feel like singing.
Anyone else can sang.
Her mother knows. She has
Lata mangeshkar's voice. Sing...
Sing sing. Atleast if
you sing the snake will not come
Start start.
Didn't understand what you said?
It's not joking.
If you say lata lata
then snake will not come.
Please sing a Lata
mangeshkar's song.
Please sing.
This is the only song he knows.
The small boat get stuck
A silent sea
Like a painting in canvas
There is no wind
And the wateri s like a mirror
Seuli di. Why don't you sing?
a duet with Avik. Kishor/ Lata
What did you say?
Yes you.
What duet
Kishor/ Lata you are saying.
I said just like that.
Just shut up.
This is not a funny subject.
Why are you taking it like this?
Listen he is my brother my life.
If you make fun of him
I am not going to tolerate that.
He is trying to express himself
where did you see the fun in this.
You illiterate.
Now you are disrespecting me.
Just F off.
If you had you self respect then you
would not have talked like an illiterate.
Leave it madam. Listen to me.
Listen to me. Please.
Please cool down.
Cool Down please.
Why are you talking
without thinking.
Why are you poking
your nose aunty.
Why don't you keep quiet?
We all are in trouble.
So hard to differentiate
''You'', ''Me''.
I am noticing from the station
Your words are not good.
That's none of your business.
You are such a stupid.
My Mother is correct
Khokon, it's from birth.
What do you mean?
When you mother gave
honey in your mouth.
Unfortunately there
was hole in the spoon.
The entire thing
did not go inside.
Doctor why are you laughing.
Every one is saying
whatever they want.
are you enjoying it?
I am your sister right?
Did you see how she
feels for her brother.
Still you didn't learn anything.
What kind of a brother are you?
Siuli Di Ilied to you
you he is not my brother.
Just shut up
Mother please come.
Yes, let's go.
Tito, let's go I will show you magic
What you going show.
You can have fun with girls.
But you don't have balls
to protect them.
What kind of language is this?
You daughter is here and being a father
you are sitting like a fool.
Who are you? Sopthoporni 6th floor
does not mean you an educated.
Why are you doing this?
Herewe have a small kid and
a girl kindly keep this in mind.
Meghna please go to that side.
I am not going anywhere.
I will stay here.
I was comfortable there,
you forced me to come here.
Open your palm and see.
No one is there.
Cable TVbecame Dish TV
Meghna please leave.
Please.. please.. please.. please
Stop all this.
It is just one night. Don't
spend the night with fighting.
You are right. I am also
watching froma long time.
Whatever is happening it's not
right. We are all from good families
Except me.
Listen thereis no point in lying.
Dr. Siddharta Gupta
Keep your mouth shut.
This one night, last night.
Everyone will tell the truth.
Petronex medicine company sent
me as gift to Dr. Siddhartha Gupta.
The Doctor will have fun with me
in return he will prescribe the medicine.
You bitch.
That's it brother slapped his
sister and everything is fine now.
Not only girls.
Medicine Companys gave him money
for foreign trips. Fit AC in his house.
He held parties in Taj Bengal with
hs friends. It's a never ending list.
But doctor please prescribe
the medicine some times.
You cannot blame only doctors.
It happens in every profession.
But I am very serious
about my profession.
That's why I am a
Successful doctor in Kolkata.
I am bachelor,
I am not cheating on anybody.
Apart from that desire for
physical intimacy is natural.
Doctor... are right.
Profession in not the problem.
it's the ethics.
It doesn't matter if you are
a doctor, engineer, Actor, Author.
What a friend we have in Jesus.
All our sins and grief to bear.
What a privilege to carry
everything to god through prayer.
Mousumi and Sidhartha will start
a new beginning from tomorrow.
Father can't we all do the same?
Sure we can.
Everybody start confessing.
All the pain, sadness...
..we will leave it in this place
and start our journey tomorrow morning.
No one will know this ever.
If you are willing
then call everybody.
This is really good father.
I will call my mother
and Aparna Madam.
Call everyone Polton also.
Mother we should also participate
Father you keep
me aside in all this,
I don't have anything to confess.
I have lost everything.
36 years of relation
I could not save Sunita.
I have 1 year of my retirement.
but I don't feel it from inside.
That's why I was going
to Kalimpong to resign my job.
I have left everything from within me.
Now I have only one wish that I could
die and might meet my wife again.
You will meet, it happens.
Your wife is always with you.
Its the long relationship and love.
When people die the
sprit never goes away.
They roam around their loved ones.
You will definitely meet some day.
Where is tito?
He is playing in the tent.
Let's make a promise tonight.
Whatever secrets we have
we will leave in this place..
..will never look back to that again.
Trust me you will feel happy.
I respect all of you.
You are still there with your
Family despite all the trouble.
But I didn't that's
why I ran away tothe Church.
Hello hello over
Hello microphone
testing 1 2 3 4 over.
Hello hello police
bus accident over.
Hello hello police.
ln our family always father,
uncle grandfather, grandmother,
do the naming of a new born.
But I gave myself my name Polton.
Our house was just behind
the Dam Dim Military camp.
My entire childhood sports,
15 Aug., everyone celebrated it
there in thecamp.
After grew up I wanted
to join the military.
I gave the exam also. Everything was fine
but they rejected me due to my height.
India has bad rules.
China, Japan, Korea's armymen
arenot taller than me.
But I didn't leave my dream.
I am practicing for the next
year. 26th January, I will be there.
We didn't came for a holiday.
My Mother and father brought me here
to convince me to forget Sujoy.
Heis belongs to a family lower in
class to us.
How is our family?.
Soptoporni does not
mean we are a good family
What father does,
theater that's all.
Our Original house is in Halishahar and
it's a very middle class family.
Then where is the problem
I dragged this middle class family
to this place where we are today.
Only me.
And every one used it. To maintain
this economical standard is a crime?
Theater maybe very
simple for others.
but I feel honored
that I am a theater artist.
Theater is Bengal's pride.
My wife Sunita. When she was
alive I could not say one thing to her.
Sunita where ever you are or if
you are listing to me please forgive me.
Once I touched a class
8th student in a wrong way.
Yes I did it.
And I am extremely ashamed of that.
We were in south point
school from our childhood.
We were in love from class 6.
It's not physical love because we didn't
know what is love at that time.
But we realized later and we got married
in Kalighat Temple against out family wishes.
I have convinced my father.
But the main problem is in his house.
But we are happy.
Poonam came out of
her house to marry me.
our family have lot of prejudices
regarding caste, religion and all.
But we don't have any problem.
No one talks to her
properly in my house.
I know but I can't
react all the time.
But betore I cometo this trip,
Before coming here I told my mother that I
am not coming back to this house again.
I will arrange a 1BHK
and settle down somewhere.
Poonam doesn't know about it.
I thought to tell
her during the trip.
That's why I told her just now.
To be very honest Poonam also
has some issues. She gets angry very soon.
And the situation gets worse.
Don't talk like a fool Jit.
If someone pokes
me I can't keep quiet.
And Poonam doesn't
like slang. Never.
My name, address
nothing is my own father.
I can't let out any
of my secrets in this place.
I don't have the right to do that.
If I say anything it will
create chaos in this country.
Only thing that I can say is that
I am not justa simple trekker.
I am an informer
in this border area.
I leave the rest to your imagination.
It's been 8-9 years since my
mother's treatment started.
I am tired of traveling from Bangladesh
to Kolkata. Kolkata to Bangladesh.
Actually, apart from me there
is no one to take care for her.
My career is almost gone.
You can understand that
in this kind of a situation.
I don't have any personal
life or any kind of relaxation.
What to do?
Sheis dying and Killing me too.
That's all
For me my career is everything.
I have struggled a
lot to reach this place.
I can't concentrate at
my work if he is alone at home.
That's why I am
sending him to a Home.
I am ashamed of this decision.
I know apart from me my
brother has no one else.
I am a bad sister, a bad human being.
I am sorry brother.
I am not a singer
All that is rubbish.
I was a cabaret dancer in
Mirza Ghalib Street's, Oscar house.
He used to come there
every day and sit at table 3.
After few days I understood
that he comes for me.
I always wanted to act
that's why I got married to him.
He promised me that
he will get me a chance
but after marriage he
didn't do anything for me.
But it is ok.
he saved me from that hell.
l don't have any secret.
no no I have one. Since I have
got this chance I will leave it here.
I was Nafisa Alam.
I was pregnant at the time of partition .
Ismail sahib died in the riot
someone hit him with a stick.
Weran away from our
houseto another village.
At that time Anadi Dutta
gave us sanctuary in his house.
After listing to everything...
..he changed my nameto Savita
and married me as per Hindu Act.
Nafisa became Savita.
That Savita gave birth to this..
Ismail sahib could
not see his son's face.
Anadi Dutta was a regular drinker.
But his heart was so big.
All the bad people divide the
country but can they divide a mother.
Whats Khokon's religion,
What Savita's Religion.
Why do you all put pillars and
wire and divide lands fools?
Will you speak to me?
Father, he can't speak.
Let him try.
Akash Bani.
News reader Tathagoto Ghosh.
Breaking News for today.
Yesterday around 12:00 PM.
one missionary bus fell into
a chasm with all its passengers.
By the time police reached
the spot, it was evening.
The rescue work has started from
last night with help of local people.
Darkness is hampering rescue.
Driver might have run away.
Police are trying to arrest
him and are searching for him.
As per police information
Some people have died in this accident
among them few at women and few are kids.
Among the tourists
13 people are from Kolkata.
They are sending all the dead bodies
to Bagdogra and from there to Dum Dum
there the bodies will
be handed over to their relatives.
Chief Minister expressed
his deep sympathy.
And requested the people to drive
carefully in the hills.
Asato maa sad Gamaya...
Tamaso maa jyotir Gamaya...
Mrtyurmaa.. amritam Gamaya...
Shaanti shaanti shaanti Om...
Shaanti Om, Shaanti Om...
Hari Om Tat Sat...
See lots lights in the sky
See lots of stars in the sky.
See beside the road.
Wind blows badly.
Lot arrangement of happiness
Is all waste without me.
My hand should be full
The two eyes should beflowing.
The time came like a king.
All the calculation
of work is done.
Come all my Child come running.
Here, there is no death no pain.
Comeall my Child come running...
Here, there is no death no pain...
Asato maa sad Gamaya...
Tamaso maa jyotir Gamaya...
Mrtyurmaa.. amritam Gamaya...
Shaanti shaanti Om...
Shaanti Om, Shaanti Om...
Hari Om Tat Sat...
See lots lights in the sky..
See lots of starts in the sky...
See beside the road...
Wind blows badly.
Lot arrangement of happiness
Its all waste without me.
My hand should be full
The two eyes should be flowing.
The time came like a king.
All the calculation
of work is done.