Khaidi No. 150 (2017) Movie Script

'Fifteen minutes ago.'
Oh, shit..
We toiled for 5 years..
We toiled for 10 months
to arrest him.
But we couldn't keep him in
custody for at least 10 days.
If the media got to know
about this, we're doomed.
And if our higher officers got
to know, they'll fire us all.
Sir, there's a man who can
help us in arresting him.
Who is it?
- Prisoner number 150.
You mean Machete Seenu?
Damn it.
Sir, please listen to me.
Till now, he has escaped
from jail for 10 times.
He never went out of the jail on
a bail. He has always escaped.
He is perfect for this, sir.
If I asked him for a help,
he'll take advantage of me.
I don't want that to happen.
My ego wouldn't agree to that.
Sir, I beg of you.
Please convince yourself.
Please, sir.
Which cell is he locked in?
Hey, prisoner number 150?
It's all right.
He did that out of love.
- Seenu?
Sir, he's a bigger egoist than you.
He'll only answer for you.
Call him politely.
Mr. Seenu!
Who is that?
Oh, it's you.
What's the matter?
Why do you all look tense?
Did the prisoner number 620 escape?
How do you know?
Because he invited me along.
I told him that I don't
want to escape
until my prison sentence is over.
Thank God.
Thank you, Seenu.
If even you had escaped,
we would've been in trouble.
Seenu has changed a lot, sir.
You ask him..
- Okay!
You have to help us in
taking him into custody.
That's not happening.
Don't say that, Seenu.
Aren't we all like one big family
without any disparities among us?
Then, come here.
Give me your uniform
and take my prisoner clothes
and sit in the cell. Idiot!
It's a mistake to even try
to talk to you.
Listen to me, Seenu.
Why don't you help us?
Then, I have few demands.
- What are they?
I need a TV on that wall,
a freezer in the corner
Wi-Fi in the room
and a smartphone to use.
What are you sighing for?
Did I ask for a luxurious life?
I just asked for the basic needs.
Give your consent to his
demands, sir. - Okay!
Sir is fine with it.
I'm fine with helping too.
I need a blueprint of the jail.
This is the cell of the
prisoner number 620.
- Can we find him, Seenu?
Yes. But first, ask him to
change that stupid expression.
Now I need a brand new
shoes and bubblegum.
You'll need the shoes to run. But
why do you want a bubblegum, Seenu?
To build on some attitude.
- Attitude?
Hey, come on.
Follow me.
By now,
he would have gone very far.
Even if we wasted a minute,
we might miss him.
Everyone meet me at the
other end of this tunnel.
There he is.
Come on.
Shoot at him.
Come fast.
Wow! That was a great shot.
How could you shoot so perfectly?
I'm a carom board player.
I'll always hit right
on the target. Come on.
Hey, get up.
Hey, hush!
If people got to know that we
sought Seenu's help to arrest him
that would bring dishonour
to our department.
Ask Seenu not tell anyone
about this.
Where is he? - He's escaped.
- Search. - We'll not find him.
You're very lucky, sir.
Now, you don't have to worry
about fulfilling his demands.
Shut up.
This guy has killed
two police officers.
Show the records saying
that Seenu killed them.
Search until you find him.
- Yes, sir.
'Hyderabad.' - 'Your way
of thinking will change.'
'You'll act according
to the time.'
'Your responsibilities
will increase.'
There's only Rs. 40 in his wallet.
This guy is useless.
'Now, let's talk about
zodiac Aquarius.'
Hey, that's my zodiac sign.
'Since the Jupiter enters your
stars, you'll reap no profits.'
'You'll go through hard times
because of your loved ones.'
'You'll incur losses from
the people you trust.'
Hell with it.
I've so much jewellery and money.
Why would I face troubles?
Why is everything shaking?
Hey, it's me.
I'm back.
Sir, is it really you?
Being a thief, you're crying
out 'thief', you thief.
Even if I'm a thief, won't I be
scared of a bigger criminal?
It's been so long
since I saw you, sir.
It's been so long
since I saw these.
Did you spread-out the jewellery
knowing that I was coming?
Stupid TV. It told me just now.
That the maniac is on its way
to steal away everything.
You showed up in no time.
What's it this time? Did you come
out on bail or did you escape?
I escaped.
- By the way. - Yes!
What did you do with
the prison uniform?
I left it on the train.
- Oh, God!
That's enough for the police dogs
to find this address.
Don't worry.
They can't find us.
- I'll change my appearance.
How do I look?
- You look the same.
Did I change this time?
You haven't changed.
Do you think this is some movie?
You can't disguise with glasses,
and change back when you remove it.
Then, what do we do now?
You have to leave India, sir.
Okay. Then we'll go to Bangkok.
- Greetings.
How are you?
But what about money?
We don't have enough money.
- Then, what will you do?
This is where I'll get
the money from. - Oh, God!
That was a narrow escape.
Or I would've lost my dignity.
You'll find money wherever it is.
I can smell money no matter
where it's hidden.
But I don't know the
whereabouts of Subbalakshmi.
Who is Subbalakshmi?
She's my heart-throb.
She's my teen love.
- Oh, it's a flashback.
- Tell me..
Forget it.
Now, we need to get to Bangkok.
How do we do that?
We need to board a flight.
I thought that I could take
a bicycle to Bangkok, idiot.
Now, I need a passport.
How will that happen?
- We need to go to Old City.
Then, let's go.
- Oh, God!
Hey, Mr. Seenu.
Mr. Seenu.
- Hello, Basha.
Greetings, Mr. Seenu. Welcome..
- How are you?
I'm doing great, sir.
- Mr. Basha, he needs a passport.
It'll be ready in an hour.
Here are the details
and the photos.
Don't worry, sir. I'm here for you.
- Okay, go.
Sir, I'll go exchange this gold
for money.
Let's go.
- Where are you coming?
You're staying here only for a day.
You can go sing, play and dance.
Sir, your ex-girlfriend
Rattalu is here.
- Yes.
Undo the buttons of your shirt.
- Yes.
- Yes.
I'm back.
"The boss is back. Get ready."
"For a deadly dance, get ready."
"Hey, Rattalu..
Oh, my dear, Rattalu."
"My shirt buttons aren't staying
closed after seeing you."
Oh, my dear, Rattalu."
"Looking at you, my heart
is in a thunderous ride."
"All your beautiful curves
and charms are mine."
"Come to me, my darling.
Let's rephrase the laws."
"I can teach you new experiences
if you're ready to learn."
"Let's dance to a new rhythm,
come to me, oh, Rattalu."
"You have to experience my romance.
It's a pistol loaded with flowers."
Oh, my dear, Rattalu."
"My shirt buttons aren't staying
closed after seeing you."
Oh, my dear, Rattalu."
"Looking at you, my heart
is in a thunderous ride."
"The boss is back.
Get ready."
"Your laughter is like
a precious gem."
"Your words are as valuable
as pearls."
"We could negotiate them away
for crores of rupees."
"Your hands are as
powerful as magnets."
"Your fingers are like
the strings of a Veena."
"Your touch is enough
to arouse me."
"I get inebriated by
your presence."
"My desires are fluttering
to be quenched."
"That's why I'm here, let's
play this game day and night."
"Let's dance to a new rhythm,
come to me, oh, Rattalu."
"You've to experience my romance.
It's a pistol loaded with flowers."
Oh, my dear, Rattalu."
"My cute little anklets
are ringing for you."
Oh, my dear, Rattalu."
"I can't control my feelings
when I see you."
"Boss, show me your grace."
"Hey, my dear boss.
You're a blend of class and thug."
"Even a lion would want a picture
with you, for your style."
"Your beauty is no less
to that of a beauty queen."
"Looking at you,
my heart is losing its rhythm."
"I lose my control,
watching your gait."
"We wouldn't need petrol, your
beauty is enough for ignition."
"Let's learn from each other."
"Let's dance to a new rhythm,
come to me, oh, Rattalu."
"You have to experience my romance.
It's a pistol loaded with flowers."
"Hey, Rattalu..
Oh, my dear, Rattalu."
"My shirt buttons aren't staying
closed after seeing you."
Oh, my dear Rattalu."
"Looking at you, my heart
is in a thunderous ride."
"The boss is back.
Get ready."
Purpose of visit.
What purpose will a jobless guy
have in Bangkok?
Oil massage and..
- Sandwich massage. - Yes.
Excuse me.
- Yes.
Subbalakshmi, is it really you?
It's been so long.
How are you?
Where's your husband?
Where are your k-kids?
Kids? I'm not even married yet.
Why're you lying?
You got married long ago.
You've mistaken me for someone
else. Can you give me that pen?
Thank you.
- Subbalakshmi?
My name is not Subbalakshmi.
It's Lakshmi.
Whatever it is,
it still Lakshmi, isn't it?
Who is she? You're talking to her
as though you know her well.
I told you about Subbalakshmi,
Did you mean about
your heart-throb?
Is she your teen love?
- Yes.
Oh! - Both of us
from class 7 to class 10..
Did you study together?
No! We loved each other.
- Is it?
But her father Nagabhushan
is a bad man.
He separated us and married her
to someone else.
After that, I became
a vagabond like this.
Was it child marriage?
- No!
After she met her age of puberty.
She was a woman.
- Oh, okay.
Then, why is she behaving as though
she doesn't know you at all?
She met me when I was young.
So, she couldn't recognise now.
I'll remind her.
Lakshmi? Hi.
- What is it?
You want the pen, right?
I'll return it to you. - No!
Is your father Nagabhushan
still alive or is he dead?
Hey, my father's name is not
Nagabhushan. It's Narasimha Rao.
Narasimha Rao.. Did your mom
leave him and marry this guy?
- Mrs. Andal took a good decision.
My mom's name is not Andal.
It's Anasuya.
- A-Anasuya..
Yes. There she is.
Hey, what's wrong with you?
Here's your pen.
What is it, sir?
Did she recognise you?
I heard that there were
doppelgangers for everyone.
But I'm experiencing
it for the first time.
God showed me my Subbulakshmi
in this form.
I'll get her phone number.
Subbu, I won't let go of you.
Right? Do you like it? - Ma'am,
you owe Rs. 300 more. - Oh!
I don't have change. One..
- I'm here for you.
That's my purse.
Did you steal that too?
Tell me how much you need.
Rs. 300?
- Sure.
Come on, kids.
It's about your money, right?
I'll give it to you. - No..
Are you going to Bangkok as well?
No, I'm here to bid a farewell
to my sister. - Ma'am?
What is it now?
Could you give me
your phone number?
Make a note.
- Oh, thank you.
Tell me.
- 8978732325.
- Okay?
I'll buy a new touch screen phone
and keep in touch with you.
Give me the boarding pass.
Here is the boarding pass
and the passport.
Don't come back to India.
Even if you come, don't meet me.
Happy journey.
Take your bag.
W-Why are you tearing up
the flight tickets?
Since I have met Subbu,
I'll even tear the lottery tickets.
First, she should like you.
Why'd she give her number
if she didn't like me?
Let's go.
He must not escape
under any circumstances.
If he escaped
he wouldn't let any of us be alive.
- Sir.
I feel nervous to call
Why do you feel nervous?
Be cool.
Hey, what should I say
when she receives my call?
Hi, darling!
Oh, no.
I won't address her like that.
Why not?
I feel shy.
- Oh!
What will you say then?
- Stop it.
I'll say something else.
- All right, go on.
I love you.
Say it now.
- Sorry.
I love you, Subbalakshmi.
- I'm not Subbalakshmi.
My name is Venkata Lakshmi.
- Stop it. You are lying.
You are Subbalakshmi.
- No, man.
This number belongs to Municipal
Canine Control Department.
C-Canine Department?
- Yes.
Let us know if you are being
troubled by street dogs.
Our personnel will come
and carry them away.
If you continue to annoy us, the
cops will come and take you away.
Canine Department must remain
within its limits.
W-What do you have to do with
the police? Put the phone down.
These men are a nuisance.
Drat! Subbalakshmi has fooled us.
- Sir!
Book a ticket to Bangkok.
- What?
Another ticket?
- Yes.
To book another ticket, we need
to snatch 10 purses and 20 chains.
Chains? - Yes, ma'am.
Do you have any? - Oh, my.
We're sorry.
Can't you keep your
tongue under control?
They are carrying broomsticks.
They will bash you up.
I'm sorry.
- You fool.
Let's go, guys.
Sir, he looks exactly like you.
- Yes.
He is still alive.
Hey, the bullets struck
him to his right.
If we take him to the hospital now,
he'll live. Come on. - Okay.
Hey! - Sir.
- Admit him in the hospital.
What about you?
I can't do it. Come on, hurry up.
- Okay.
- What is it? What happened?
Kolkata police reached
my house searching for you.
My landlord has given my number
to them. It's not safe here.
Let's go away.
- All right. How is he doing?
He is safe.
Come, let's go.
I wonder what'll happen.
Sir, why did you stop?
What was the name you
wrote at the reception?
We don't even know who he is.
These are his belongings.
- Okay.
Write my name instead of
his name at the reception.
Go and keep this next to him.
The police will mistake him for me
and arrest him.
Isn't it unfair to do this, sir?
- It's okay.
Bengal police will realise their
mistake and release him.
This time window is enough for us
to leave for Bangkok.
Our path is clear.
Let's go.
Cute one.
It's black and so shiny.
Okay, sir.
Hey! - Sir.
- Go and bring those two here.
Hey! - Sir!.
- If we take this to the Old City
it'll help us to get to Bangkok.
Go and open it.
Oh, my!
Sir, the cops are here.
To the left or right?
- Left and right.
Let's go.
Hey, mister.
- Hail Lord Ayyappa.. - Stop there.
Hail Lord Ayyappa.
- Stop there.
Hey, I'm calling you.
Stop there!
The videoconference with the CM
regarding ration cards
has just ended. So..
- Greetings, sir.
Sir, he brought us here while we
were going to a religious ceremony.
You can go there later.
Get into the car, Shankar.
When they send the ration cards..
He is calling me Shankar. Do you
think it's the patient's name?
No doubt. It must be him.
Get in, Shankar.
- Get in, Shankar.
I'll crush you.
The collector is asking
you to get in. - Damn you!
Those documents must be on my table
when I get there. Do you get it?
- Tell me, sir.
The cheque which is owed to you
is with me since long time.
I want to give it to you.
How much is it worth?
Rs. 25 Lakh.
R-Rs. 25 Lakh?
- Yes.
Will you deduct anything from that
amount as part of income tax?
No deductions, Shankar.
- Give it now, sir. We'll get down.
It'll be better if I present it
to you in front of everyone.
In front of whom, sir?
In front of your people
at the old age home.
'Mother Theresa Old Age Home,
Why did our district collector
come here?
Why did you come here again?
Aren't you ashamed?
Why are you here again?
- Get lost from here.
Can't you understand?
Go away.
Mr. Shankar!
Hey, Mr. Shankar has come.
Step out, dear.
At last you are here, Mr. Shankar!
We were worried that something
has happened to you.
We were about to file
a police compliant.
Police complaint!
What's the need for that now?
Collector did a good thing
bringing me here with him.
Mr. Collector, give me the cheque.
I'm giving your compensation cheque
to Shankar.
Thanks, sir.
Oh, no! What's that?
Why did you tear it?
It's worth Rs. 25 Lakh.
It doesn't matter to us.
Our struggle is more important.
Old man!
We should dig a pit and bury him.
We can't even stick it
back together, sir.
All right. Come with me.
As they don't know that you took
this decision in their own interest
they are angry.
I'll get you another cheque
within ten days.
No, next time don't
give me the cheque.
Give it in wads of Rs. 100 notes.
They will get exhausted
trying to tear them up.
The government doesn't
easily pay in cash.
At least, pay half of it in cash
and the rest by cheque.
Okay, I will try.
- Okay.
Mr. Collector, we'll be waiting
here till you return. - Okay..
- Yes.
It's a matter of Rs. 25 Lakh. What
if there is a fraudster among them?
How could there be one among them?
- Yes.
There'll be a fraudster everywhere.
What is that?
- Puris.
I told you to prepare 'Pesarattu',
right? - I won't.
Why? - Shankar has come.
I'll prepare only 'Furis'.
It's not 'Furis.' It's Puri.
First, learn to pronounce, 'P'.
It's a birth defect.
You can't set it right.
All right. Like I said, did you
send groceries to my mistress?
I sent to your wife, too.
- Why did you do that?
Didn't I tell you that I was bored
of her? - I'm not bored of her yet.
Shankar has come, man.
Will you prepare Dal with mango
at least today?
Unable to bear the stench
of your flatus
the neighbours are evacuating.
Why do you want to eat more Dal?
Go away.
- What?
You're losing your temper too often
these days.
You are even abusing the elders.
Someday, someone will bash you up.
- Who can bash me up?
I'll bash up whoever it is.
Oh, my! It's a very big house.
- Yes, sir.
How much do you think it is worth?
Maybe around Rs. 2 Crore
to Rs. 3 Crore.
Milk for Shankar and coffee
for the other one.
Take it, Shankar.
- Shankar!
That's coffee.
- Yes, it's coffee.
You don't take coffee..
It's for the guest.
- Yes.
Who is he?
He is my old friend?
What is your name?
- Tell him my name, Shankar.
Why do you want
to know his name?
Why are you getting angry at this?
Tell him my name.
Sugar in less in this milk.
I won't say.
Shankar won't get angry so easily.
You didn't tell your name.
- Doberman.
Why did you take a dog's name?
My dad's pet dog died,
he named me after it.
- What is your name?
- Parvati! - Yes.
What sort of a name is that?
- When my father's mistress died
he named me after her.
- Oh!
Your father is a better person.
- Yes!
He at least gave you a good name.
How did you get acquainted
with Shankar?
Why would I tell you
all these details?
I smell something fishy.
I will find out.
Sir, something went wrong
and we failed to kill Shankar.
Bloody bugger!
Tell me that you've wasted bullets.
But never say that I have failed.
Aggarwal never fails.
His demise is not too far.
I will deal with him..
Why are you venerating
those photos?
Today is their death anniversary.
Did all of them die
on the same day? - Yes.
All of them committed suicide
at the same time.
To save Shankar's life.
Mr. Shankar!
Women and children in
our village are fasting.
They'll eat only if we complete
this veneration.
If you pay oblation,
the veneration will be completed.
- Come, dear. - Let's go.
Why did six people die
to save one guy?
For Shankar, not just six
everyone here are ready to die.
He started with the 10 people
from his village
and now he's looking after everyone
of us in this old age home.
Sir, this is like a haunted
house in the morning
and a cemetery in the night.
I'm getting worried day by day.
Let's go, sir.
'Consumption of alcohol
is injurious to health'
Why are you crying?
Poor guys.
Six innocent old men
died unnecessarily.
It would've been better if that
guy who tore my cheque died.
All the bad people are alive.
Why are the good men dying?
Sir, don't divert the t-topic.
Five unknown people shot
that Shankar.
Six people died protecting him.
It is not safe to stay here.
Let's go.
I won't come.
That collector must give
me the cash
only then I'll move from here.
If someone see's you drinking,
we'll be in trouble, sir.
Doberman is already on our
tail checking for clues.
He can do nothing.
I brought basil leaves
to ward off the smell.
- Paramdhamayya fell down..
Everyone, come down.
Come fast.
- Slow..
Press harder.
- Fine.
I'm not a doctor.
- Hey, move..
What happened?
He ate too much
because he liked the curry.
Now his stomach is bloated
due to gastric upset.
Oh, try to breath.
We tried to call his family
members, but no one took the call.
We messaged them,
we hope someone will show up.
What are you looking at?
Try to resuscitate him.
In this guy's mouth?
- Yes.
Paramdhamayya doesn't brush
even once every 10 days.
His mouth stinks.
By the way, where is Doberman?
My doubt is right.
I won't bark anymore.
I'll bite them now.
We have to call the police
according to the rules of this old
age home. - Hey, shut up, man.
What's the need with police?
That'll create a nuisance.
What is this?
What's going on here? - He's
struggling to breath. - Is it?
Why do I smell alcohol?
Can't you smell anything else?
- I can smell basil leaves too.
A man is in danger and you're
bothered about the odour.
Go and try to resuscitate him.
Save him..
Do it properly. - So, that's how
you made him shut up.
I can't bear this smell.
- Revive him.
Someone came to see Paramdhamayya.
- What took them so long?
What is this?
Won't you care about your elders?
Do you have common sense?
Hey, S-Subbalakshmi!
You silly.
Who is he?
- My grandfather.
Our grandfather?
I didn't know that.
Had I know that, I would have taken
him to the hospital. - No need.
You can all go to sleep.
I'll take care of him.
You heard her, right?
Go.. - Yes, go and sleep.
I'll be here.
- You too can go, please.
Please go.
- Okay.
Wow! What a touch!
You used me to conceal
your identity, right?
You'll repent for it. I'll reveal
your identity with proof.
- Yes!
Women don't have any feelings.
I adorned myself so elegantly.
She didn't even pay heed.
Sorry, I didn't know that you were
Shankar in the airport.
This is the first time I came here.
Last night, my grandfather was
praising you for your good deeds.
He said that you don't
tolerate injustice? - Yes!
Can't you sustain corruption?
- No.
You have to help me.
What is it? - You have to hit
our ward corporator.
But why?
He never took the responsibility
for the cleanliness of our colony.
So, we expressed out discontent
by dumping garbage in his house.
So, he hit me because of that.
What? How dare he hit you
for expressing your contentment?
It's not contentment.
I meant, discontentment.
Fine, whatever.
How dare he is hit you!
Come, let's beat the
crap out of him. Come on.
Sir, all these people have less
than 100 yards of land. - Is it?
He is the guy.
- They applied for documents.
If you sign on it..
You brought yourself a bodyguard?
Who are you, man?
Are you a goon?
I'll cut open you..
How is it?
- Thank you! Thank you so much.
"The enchanting girl mesmerised
and enticed me with her beauty."
"And stung me like a bee."
"This beauty.."
"She bound me with her beauty
and intoxicated me with her charm."
"And took me in a new direction."
"This beauty.."
"She allured me
and got my attention."
"The one who made her
deserves beyond price."
"She wore a dress
and that made me sleepless."
"I liked her that moment
and started falling in love."
"The enchanting girl mesmerised
and enticed me with her beauty."
"And stung me like a bee."
"This beauty.."
"Like how you tease a kid
with a chocolate"
"she's killing me with
her splendour."
"Like you remove the darkness
with light"
"this woman lightened up my heart."
"Get romantic and stop
being shy, my love."
"Let the world know that
you belong to me."
"The enchanting girl mesmerised
and enticed me with her beauty."
"And stung me like a bee."
"This beauty.."
"Like how we score when
there's no goal keeper."
"She hypnotised me
while I was un aware."
"Just like how we fire a rifle
after loading"
"she shot me with her looks
and she captivated me."
"Come to my heart, dear.
I've kept my love open for you."
"Let's go somewhere like Ooty
for honeymoon."
"The enchanting girl mesmerised
and enticed me with her beauty."
"And stung me like a bee."
"This beauty.."
"She bound me with her beauty
and intoxicated me with her charm."
"And took me in a new direction."
"This beauty.."
What is all this?
Where am I?
Hey, what are you saying?
We don't speak your language.
This is Kolkata jail.
Kolkata jail?
Why have you arrested me?
W-What's the date today?
- January 8th.
Sir, by January 16th I have
to be there in Hyderabad.
I have to submit some important
documents in the high court.
Please you must have
made a mistake.. - Hey, shut up.
Excuse me.
I need to talk
to your higher officials.
Check his legs.
He's not machete Seenu, sir.
Sir, please help me.
If I don't leave immediately,
there will be a disaster.
- Fine.. I'll see to it.
Don't worry.
- Please, sir..
What shall we do now, sir?
- Something went wrong.
Sir, please.
Keep him in a separate cell
and make sure he
doesn't talk to anyone.
We have to keep him safe
until we catch that guy.
Or else, we'll lose our jobs.
What's with this collector?
Neither he answers the call
nor does he get the money.
We're stuck here unnecessarily.
I feel tense.
- Don't worry and drink this.
Today is Tuesday,
I won't drink today.
Is it? - I'll drink if someone
assists me though.
- Yes.
Hey, I caught red-handed.
Hey, wake-up..
Everyone wake-up. - What happened?
- Get up, I'll tell you. - What?
I'll show you all something
shocking, follow me.
- Come with me.
Oh, God..
Look here..
Look at this horrifying scene.
What is this? Why did everyone
come at once? What happened?
Sir is drinking alcohol, right?
We came to see that.
What are you looking at?
Question him.
What is this, Shankar?
Why are you having drinks?
No, I'm not having.
I'm drinking.
Shouldn't we drink?
What's wrong in drinking
digestive tonic?
Digestive tonic?
- Yes, check for yourself.
No, don't test that on me.
Let them check.
Take this, sir.
Yes, this is digestive tonic.
- What the hell?
How can you know the difference
between alcohol and a tonic?
I'll check and tell you.
What is this? It tastes
sweet and sour like a tonic.
Is this a new brand of alcohol?
- No, it's an old brand.
Digestive tonic!
- Yes.
Since we were suffering from
indigestion we had some tonic.
Is it wrong?
Shouldn't we take medicine?
Where did you come from, man?
How dare you doubt me?
Idiot, you doubted Mr. Shankar
You should be trashed.
You disturbed my sleep.
Useless fellow.
What is wrong with you?
Come, let's go.
He ruined my sleep.
Waste fellow.
- Sir.
You disturbed everyone here.
Now they won't let
me sleep anymore.
I must struggle the whole night
serving them now.
Is this what you wanted us to see?
Something went wrong.
Come, go. - It's not, come go.
It's 'come, let's go.'
Fine! Hell with you.
Let's go.
Teach him a lesson
and then let him go.
Nothing went wrong.
I changed the glass.
You are overwhelmed by your victory
and I'm in the pain for my loss.
Tomorrow when the collector
comes with the money
I'll take you to task then.
I want to kill him.
- Hey, no need.
Let's have some fun with him.
Save me.
Open the door, please.
What happened?
What's this?
They ran into each other
and fell down.
What are you looking at?
Help them get up.
I will. Get up..
- Let me go.
Get up!
Hey, why are you manhandling her?
Who are you, dear?
What are you doing
here at this hour?
I work at a call centre, sir.
- Is it?
Some people started stalking me,
so I got paranoid and came here.
Do you want some water?
- No need, sir.
I just had a drink.
What did you drink?
- I meant homeopathy medicine.
Please provide some safety to me
and my dignity tonight.
You need not worry.
You can sleep in my room tonight.
You can leave in the morning.
- Shut up.
Dear you can sleep along
with our elders tonight.
You dignity will be safe there.
- Dober?
All our men might give her trouble
with their snoring.
Let her stay in my room
for this night. - Correct.
Your room will be safe for her.
- Thank you.
Go, dear. He'll guard you like
a dog. - Sure, sir.
Milk is too hot.
I'm also hot just like that milk.
Have some milk, dear.
- Have some and give me.
Why does it feel so different?
Hold it..
Job done.
Dober is asleep.
What are you doing here?
- What is she doing there?
Why is she crying?
Is she crying? - Yes. - What did
you do to that innocent kid?
She's not a kid.
She's a hot lady.
Why is she crying when
I haven't done anything?
Haven't done anything?
Didn't you spoil my dignity?
When did I do anything like that?
Hell with your dignity.
What's wrong now?
Did you hear this guy, sir?
He's insulting me.
- Oh, no.. Dear, don't cry.
Calm down.
- I want to die, sir.
I'll die. - Dear, don't
do anything like that please.
Why should I live after losing
my dignity? I want to die.
Get lost.
Dober, she's saying
she'll die. Go and stop her.
Why should I?
I did this to many girls till now.
None of them died.
Why should I care
if she commits suicide?
What's the proof that I did
something shameful?
Are proofs that important?
I waited so long as I didn't have
a proof to prove your identity.
If I had any kind of proof
I would have informed
the police long back.
Is that why she gave me this phone?
What is that?
- Proof. Look.
Oh, God!
Did I do all of this?
Else from where would she
get these photos from?
Looks like I did something.
But my body doesn't feel so.
- No.
I'll give this to the police,
they'll help you get exhausted.
- Dober.
Where is he?
Hey, Dober?
- Shankar.
What is this?
- I'm scared of police and wives.
From now on,
you are the real Shankar.
What should I do?
- You have just stay quiet.
Or else, these photos
will be broadcasted.
How long should I keep quiet?
Till the collector gives the money.
Where did he go?
Hey, Malli.
Malli is in the car downstairs.
Will you come along with him
or in search of him?
Sir, they are here.
Shankar, I've waited for three
years. I cannot wait anymore.
This time, you don't have a choice.
The ones shaving your men in your
old age home are my men.
Do you see where their knives
are positioned, right?
My gesture is enough
to get them killed.
Shall I?
- Stop..
Tell me.
What do you want?
For the first time,
Shankar asked me what I want.
You have changed a lot.
I'll tell you what I want.
One! Finger prints of
ten of your villagers.
Two! You have to withdraw
the case from your lawyer.
Three! You have to leave
this country
after taking the Rs. 25 Crore
which I'm going to give you.
R-Rs. 25 Crore?
R-Rs. 25 Crore?
- Yes.
There's Rs. 15 Crore here.
Take it.
Collect the remaining Rs. 10 Crore
after bringing the papers.
Hey, Malli.
- Sir!
Bring the money case.
- Okay, sir.
Hey, corporate.
Don't think he took my money
so, he'll bear no matter what I do.
I'll always act according to my
heart no matter what.
But if anyone tries to force me
I'll hack you down.
This is a sweet warning.
Are you going to keep
this money for yourself.
I'll give some money to
these old people. - Okay!
Even you can take some.
- Okay.
With the remaining money
I and Subbalakshmi.. - Wow.
What's there in the suitcase,
Mr. Shankar?
- How much?
- Is it Rs. 15 Lakh?
Rs. 15 Crore.
- Rs. 15 Crore.? - Yes.
Who gave it, sir? - Why would
anyone give for nothing?
I have to convince
those 10 people now.
Call the men who are
from Shankar's village.
But you are Mr. Shankar, right?
- Don't overdo it, sir.
There's no one here,
we can talk without any worry.
Why do we have to risk it, sir?
If some idiot like me hears this,
his life will get into trouble.
Just like mine.
- Don't worry.
Call those 10 people.
Why are they coming all dressed up?
What is this, Shankar?
Aren't you ready yet?
We are getting late.
We need to go to the club.
Hey, why do you want to
go to a club at this age?
Oh, no!
We meant about the Lion's Club.
They are felicitating you today,
I don't want any felicitation.
I don't like it.
Don't say that, Shankar.
If not for felicitation
at least you've to come to collect
Rs. 4 Lakh they are going to give.
Rs. 4 lakhs?
'You got Rs. 15 Crore, but also
you're greedy for Rs. 4 Lakh.'
Though it's a low amount,
you shouldn't neglect it.
Don't I have freedom to think
also, sir? - No. - Okay.
It's getting late, help me
in getting ready. - Come.
Come, let's go.
- What happened, Mr. Shankar?
Everyone is standing to go home.
I think the program is over.
They are all waiting for you, so,
they stood up for you.
W-Waiting for me?
- You are Shankar now.
Shankar is putting me
through lot of troubles.
Greetings, everyone.
The reason we all gathered
here today
is because of a man.
The name is Shankar.
He's was someone who was
searching for solutions.
But today
he's the solution for
most of the problems.
Do you all know about Shankar?
For people who do not know
him, we're playing this video.
It's a small village
in Rayalaseema, Neeruru.
The name of the village
means water
but the village doesn't have water.
It's a drought area where people
are hopeful for water.
He was born to a farmer.
His name is
Konidela Siva Shankara Vara Prasad.
My name is Veer Reddy.
Neeruru is not my village, but I
married a girl from this place.
I saw Shankar for the first
time in that village council.
Fine, we know it's the rule of this
village to not sell their lands.
But our wives are against selling
the land that we got as dowry.
Is it our mistake to marry
a girl from your village?
The corporate company
took all the farming lands from
around 200 villages around us.
So, not even a handful of soil from
this village should go to them.
If you want money, sell the
land to some other farmer.
Agriculture can be continued.
But don't sell it
to those corporate company.
They'll destroy it.
How can another farmer buy the land
while he's struggling for food?
The land is useless anyway,
why bother on who buys it?
All that we want is money.
I mean..
- Dad.
There will be currency
that's not worth anything.
But there will never be a land
that's without value.
You'll sell it for money now
but when this same land becomes
more valuable in the future
you'll repent for selling it
There's nothing more assuring
than land.
Those documents are enough to live
fearlessly with your family.
That's true. We could do it
if we can cultivate that land.
But there's no water in the land.
If you sell your land
because there's no water
that's like selling your mother
because she can't feed you.
While many people are dying
because they can't cultivate.
Why do the people in this village
want to follow agriculture?
Is this necessary?
- Agriculture is not a business.
It's a responsibility.
Our Veda's say that
it's the responsibility of the
king to rule and farmer to farm.
Who said there's no water
in this land?
I studied hydrology.
There's water in this land.
If we can know the direction
of its flow, we can give water
to all the lands in our district
from that.
You've been saying this
for the past six months.
We're tired of hearing that.
At least listen to me.
I'm a professor.
These two men who came with
Shankar are my students.
This is the satellite picture
of your village.
The bottom portion shows
underground belt of your village.
Can you see the white
coloured portion here?
It means that there's
a water reservoir.
That's why your village
name means water.
And those corporate companies
want this land now.
To be honest, they don't want
your lands.
It's the water that's beneath
this land.
Fine, what is the water's
direction? How deep is it?
What's the possibility
for it to reach the surface?
Will that company wait till then?
What if they go to some
other village?
What do we do then..
Give me sometime.
I'll definitely detect
the water location.
Do whatever you want.
But we'll leave our wives here
with their parents till then.
We'll take them back with us when
you detect the water location.
Come on. Let's go..
- Don't act in haste. - Dear..
Dear. - He's saying he would do
something, right?
You can come then.
Mr. Shankar..
You all will be fine, dear.
Believe me.
Sai, come to the right.
Brother! - Yes.
- Milk. - Keep it there.
'Corporate sector.'
- Yes.
We call them the corporate people.
Who are they?
The one's who buy our
resources for a low cost
and sell them at premium
to us again. - Oh!
We had Britishers at one time
to do that
now we have these corporate guys.
- Oh!
Dear Haritha!
- Brother!
Come here.
- What is it, Brother?
Listen to this once.
- Yes.
Mother, come here. You can hear
the sound of water flow. - Come..
There's water here.
Who owns that field?
It belongs to Bhupathi Naidu.
They are killing Bhupathi.
Who owns the field over there?
- It belongs to Dhamaruddin.
What about that one?
- It belongs to Narsi Reddy.
What about that?
- That belongs to us, dear.
Mr. Shankar..
Oh, my God!
Mr. Shankar..
What the hell is happening here?
Open the gate.
Who are you all?
We should ask you.
Who are you?
What are you doing in our fields?
Does the company
still owe you money?
They cleared the balance amount
during the registration.
How can you still claim that
these fields belong to you?
I didn't get you.
What are you talking about?
We didn't sell this land to anyone.
Just a minute. Rambabu,
get a photocopy of land documents.
What's happening?
- What is this?
But anyway make sure that the
water is in large quantity.
Did they give their fingerprints
for no reason?
And these are photocopies
of registration documents.
Whose fingerprints are these?
What's happening here?
Mr. Shankar..
Mr. Shankar! Your friends
and professor also cheated us.
They are working for them.
What is this, Mr. Shankar?
Whom should we believe?
These people don't have
basic human values.
Usually people survive on food
but these people are surviving
by ruining other's life.
I'll not leave them.
I'll not leave them
for killing people.
I'll fight for justice.
Hey, stop them!
What is this, sir? We are
not goons. We are farmers.
Please let us explain
our problems to the collector.
Sir.. Just a minute.
Please, sir.
One person can come.
Hey, leave me.
Sir, we are farmers from Neeruru.
That MNC people are..
You look like an educated person.
Don't you know that
it's a lunch hour?
Farmers are the reason that
we're having lunch today.
Can't you spend a minute
from that for them?
Write down your problems on a paper
and get it signed by everyone
and submit in the office.
Later, I'll see to it.
- Hey.. Stop!
How are you related
to these people?
We are from the same place.
Won't you leave your place
if there are jobs available
in Hyderabad or Vizag?
It's just a matter of places.
Why do you want to
waste your life? Go.
Sir, we might not stay
with our mother forever.
But we wouldn't have been
here without a mother.
The place we hail from
is just like a mother.
It won't change.
- What do you want now?
We want our village
and our fields back.
The corporate company men
killed people
and took their fingerprints.
What is the proof that
they killed your men?
My dad's dead body.
My dad was a class 10 graduate.
And these are his certificates.
He doesn't have
to give his fingerprints.
Do you need any other proof?
I will take you to that
company's owner Mr. Aggarwal.
They will give you a cheque.
You can settle with it.
Anyone with basic sense
will not speak like this.
Every morsel that you eat is
provided by a farmer. - Hey!
- Hey, shut up.
Is she your sister?
Is she born to your dad
or someone else?
Though you don't have human values,
at least mind your tongue.
Mind it.
How dare you hold the collar
of a policeman?
It's very easy to provoke
you farmers. Come.
- Brother.
Sir! Hey..
What are you doing?
Those are my dad's
original study certificates.
You killed him. Why are you
burning his certificates now?
It's not fair.
So, you shouldn't be too honest.
This is what happens,
when you're too honest.
We even value police dogs.
But you are that
company's watchdog.
You better be their slave
than a police.
Sir, will my son be alright?
- Nothing will happen to him.
Where's our Shankar?
Leave me..
- What did he do?
Leave me.
- Please let me see my son.
I beg of you.
Dear Shankar!
- Mr. Shankar!
Mr. Shankar..
Mr. Shankar..
Dear Shankar..
Water flow to the fields
should not stop.
Do it even at the
cost of your happiness.
Our fields should always be wet.
It's our fields,
our water and our village.
We shouldn't lose our
fields at any cost.
Even if he kills me, you
must not stop cultivating.
The farmers should live long.
The farmers should live..
- Shankar..
Leave my son.
- Mr. Shankar.. - Brother!
Excuse me, sir.
Release Shankar..
They are not concerned
about your sorrows.
There is media to let the world
know about your sorrows.
Our channel is not that popular.
So many don't watch.
There are many other popular
channels and newspapers.
I will give their contacts.
Contact them.
Otherwise, they will kill Shankar.
Sir, give those contacts.
Channel Dinaprabha.
- Greetings, sir.
We are farmers from Neeruru.
Tell me.
Is something wrong?
Police have arrested
Shankar for doing nothing.
It's been quite common these days.
If you have something interesting,
tell me.
What do you mean by interesting?
'Channel Shubodhayam'
- It's the interest of the public.
Aren't people concerned
about farmer's problems?
Who cares? The problem
must be interesting too.
Throw stones at minister's house.
We will telecast it every hour.
All the farmers form a
group and torch a train.
We will telecast it
every ten minutes.
But farmers don't know any
of these. - Do what you know!
- They might kill Shankar any time.
If that happens,
please inform us first.
And see to what extent
we will telecast that.
Farmers have been crying."
"There's no one
to take care of them."
"They're filled with sorrows"
"and many unfulfilled desires."
"There's no one to help them."
"A farmer has many problems."
"Who is concerned about them?"
We must save our fields
and Mr. Shankar.
If that has to happen, the entire
country should know our problem.
We must get all the news channels
and reporters to our village.
Everyone should know the
problems of a farmer.
If that has to happen,
we'll have to act to it.
They might consider a farmer
as an incapable person.
But he is not a futile.
Their decision was a mass suicide.
Mass suicide.
I'm Raju.
I'm a reporter from DTV.
It was me
who recorded that incident.
On that night they came to me and
took me to that company premises.
Sir, don't do this.
This is not right.
I beg of you.
Please listen to me.
In our religion, killing someone
or killing oneself are considered
to be a sin.
But we don't have a choice.
Nothing can help us
apart from our death.
We are going to die in this water.
If you want to build a factory here
you'll have to build it
on our dead bodies.
See to that Mr. Shankar is
released. And give our land back.
Please stop this
factory construction.
That's our last wish.
This sickle helps
farmer to cut the crop.
But now it's helping us
to slit our throats.
"Look at them succumbing
their lives."
"Their sorrows took their lives."
The day the old people
committed suicide in Neeruru
is another black day
in the history.
The Assembly and the
Parliament mourned.
The court has put a stay order
to the factory construction
until the final judgement.
To investigate on all
the incidents that took place
the court has handed over
this case to Krishna Murthy.
And the court released Shankar.
The ex gratia of Rs. 25 Lakh
granted by the government
to the dead has been
rejected by the villagers.
The entire villagers
had taken a decision
that no men will stay in the
village until the final judgement.
And the villagers had
given the responsibility
to fight for the justice
to Mr. Shankar.
To provide financial assistance
to Shankar to fight this case
all the men in that village
moved to different places to work.
"Can we quench our thirst
or can we grow crops"
"with our tears?"
Shankar has been living with
some main witnesses in Hyderabad
and fighting for the justice.
This had happened three years ago.
It's a fact that some poor
people are fighting
with a multi-national
company for justice.
It's still happening.
Let's see where and how these
men from that village are.
Mr. Shankar, how are you?
I'm Raheem.
I'm working in Chennai railway
station in OBHS department.
Please somehow win that case.
I want to come back to our village
and do farming.
How are you, Mr. Shankar?
I'm working in a bar
as a server in Mumbai.
People here won't respect us.
They are looking very down on us.
Let it be. We are going
to win the case, right?
Convey my regards to everyone.
Call my mom whenever
you are free.
She will be happy
when you speak to her.
I'm Govindappa's son.
I'm a sewage worker here.
I'm feeling very bad to do this.
I want to come back to our village.
Please win the case soon.
This is a cheque worth Rs. 4 Lakh.
This is not just money.
These are the hopes and sorrows
of all these people
working in different places.
We've collected this money
through our club
and we are giving it
to Mr. Shankar.
One last word..
All men in the village
left their family and happiness
and are living far away from them.
It's because they believe
in Shankar.
It's because they trust Shankar.
Mr. Shankar, please.
"We cried and mourned for them."
"As we couldn't find the justice."
"We lost our hopes on the
water and our life"
"because there is no
solution for this."
There's Rs. 2,400 worth
coins and notes in this.
We're giving it in loose change,
in respect to their hard work.
What happened?
- He asked me to tell you
that he doesn't want to
give that documents to you.
Take back your money.
Hello, sir.
Where are we going?
- To the police station.
I will surrender to the police.
I made a blunder mistake.
It's unfair to be here even
after knowing about him.
Hello. What?
What happened?
It seems some goons have
attacked the old age home.
Turn back!
Mr. Shankar..
Just because we rejected
to give our fingerprints
they harmed us without any mercy.
Did you call the ambulance?
They didn't allow us to call.
- Sir! - Call ambulance.
Come with me, sir.
Hello, ambulance?
Hey, Malli!
Take them to the ambulance.
I will see who dares to stop you.
Come on.
Come on..
Sir, why do we have to do this?
Let's go from here.
Mr. Seenu.
- Shankar!
Call me Shankar.
I'm going to be Shankar from today.
Let that Shankar be there
until the final judgement.
He is very innocent.
I'm the exact opposite.
Whoever wants to fight me,
even if it's corporate
I will break their bones
and feed it to the animals.
It's him..
Tell me.
Do you consider yourself a hero
just for thrashing some people?
What's your strength?
Hey, that's what I'm born with.
Hey! - Hey, you were
brought up with luxuries.
But I surpassed many difficulties.
Don't mess up with me.
Why do you sound so different?
After a gap,
the boss is back.
Let me see.
- I'm waiting.
Bye, Nageshwara Rao.
- Bye, sir.
Boss is here.
Borabanda Bujji! - Long live!
Borabanda Bujji..
- Long live..
Borabanda Bujji..
- Long live.. - Stop it..
Where is my brother?
Why aren't you answering?
Hey! Close the door..
Someone has beaten up
our brother.
Since then he has locked himself
in this room
and refusing to come out.
What were all you doing when
someone was beating my brother?
We had been out to have food.
He came and bashed him up
in the meantime.
Who is he..
- This is Borabanda Bujji speaking.
Bora Banda Bujji?
- It's not Bora Banda Bujji.
It's Borabanda Bujji.
Okay, what do you want?
- Did you beat my brother?
Hello.. I think there is a
problem with the network.
- Don't trifle with me.
It's a serious matter.
You have a beautiful girlfriend.
I'm holding her captive.
Please don't harm her.
I beg you.
Tell me what I should do.
Come here immediately.
- Okay, sir. I will.
Sir, he is here.
Come, my dear.
- Shankar.
Why are you worried, darling?
I'm here.
You've become so weak.
Come let's go.
- Buddy.
Stop romancing.
This is my house, not a park.
Sir, what happened was..
- I don't want explanations.
Maybe you didn't know that he's
my brother. - I knew.
Let bygones be bygones.
Touch the feet and leave.
Okay, sir.
- 'Oh, no!'
I touched the feet and I'm leaving.
Hey, buddy.
- What is it, Bujji?
I did not ask you to touch
your own feet.
I told you to touch my brother's
feet and apologise to him.
Look, he has spread his legs
for your convenience.
I'll tell you what..
- What?
You touch his feet instead of me.
I've got go. Let's go.
- Yes.
You seem to think
that this is funny.
Sir, don't mess with him.
Why? - He is not Shankar.
He is machete Seenu.
Machete Seenu?
- Yes. - Who is he?
Ten years ago, I had seen him
in Chanchalguda central jail.
He is very dangerous.
He says your name is machete Seenu,
and not Shankar.
What is this nuisance?
Who is machete Seenu?
Why are you addressing Shankar
by some stranger's name?
Who is machete Seenu?
- Don't stop me, sir.
How dare he compares you
with some bastard!
They are right.
I'm machete Seenu.
I didn't know this.
- I told you now.
Now, just wait and watch.
Hey, both Shankar and machete Seenu
are great men.
Is that okay, sir?
I won't live much longer.
I might suddenly die
because of your surprises.
Hey! Why did you bring me
out of that room?
You make him apologise,
or else I'll go back to the room.
Wait. I'll make him do it.
Buddy, please do it.
First, confirm who bashed him up.
Is it machete Seenu or Shankar?
I myself find this confusing.
How can he be sure then?
I will certainly confirm who it is.
Mister, please come here.
- Okay.
What is it?
- Hit me as you hit him earlier.
Shall I hit again?
- I think you are confused.
I asked you to hit my brother.
Brother, come here.
Come quickly.
You aren't taking a stroll here.
Hit him.
- 'Oh, no!'
Hey, do I look stupid?
- What happened?
He hit me with another hand
the other day.
Do you think it is funny?
Are you planning to escape?
I won't spare you.
I will thrash you.
Why is this confusion?
It isn't making sense at all.
Which hand did he use?
- Right hand.
Which cheek?
- The left one.
Hit him.
Brother, it is him!
He is the one who hit me.
Finally, we caught you!
Touch the feet.
- I already did.
That was your feet.
Touch my brother's feet.
Hey, leave it.
He touched his own feet.
Let him go. He once beat
the kidneys out of someone.
They couldn't inserted back.
Why are you overdoing?
Narsi! - Sir.
- Kill him. - Hey.
What happened?
I didn't understand.
Go near him.
You'll understand.
Don't overdo it.
What will happen if I go near?
I'm here.
What will you do?
Oh, God!
His punch might render me
totally blind.
Hey, Rocket.
Kill him.
Where are you all going?
Hey, have you all received calls
at the same time?
Brother, they are all going away.
Why are you all going away
leaving us behind?
Buddy, all have left.
You also leave.
You need not apologise.
Your girl is waiting for you.
I won't go until
the feet is touched.
I said you need not apologise.
Leave now.
I won't go until
the feet is touched.
Why are you giving us such
a hard time? Please leave. - No!
My wife will be home shortly.
Please leave, sir.
You fool! He's telling us
to touch his feet.
Is that so?
Then, go and fall at his feet.
Please leave, sir.
Should I
to your feet?
There is no value for justice.
Humanity is dead.
There is no security
for the goons.
"Till recently,
I was a lifeless idol."
"When I touched your feet"
"I realised the need
of human values."
Please leave, sir.
What else do you expect me
to touch?
Oh, my!
- Love you, dear.
Hey, idiot!
- Yes.
Get into the room.
Should I apologise to you as well?
People call you as both
Shankar and machete Seenu.
How should I address you?
Do you like raffishness
or classiness?
- Call me machete Seenu then.
Let's go.
"From now on,
it's just you and me."
"Together we resemble
the beauty of sunset."
"Together we resemble
the night sky in summer."
"If you are the tune"
"I'll be the song."
"If you are the sky"
"I'll be the drizzling rain."
"From now on,
it's just you and me."
"From now on,
it's just you and me."
"Together we resemble
the beauty of sunset."
"Together we resemble
the night sky in summer."
"I know about hibiscus flowers.
I know about glittering gold."
"Are you the blend of these two?"
"I know about the blazing sun.
I know the silvery moon."
"Are you the blend of these two?"
"If beauty is true"
"then you are my beauty."
"If dreams are true"
"then you are my dream."
"From now, it's only you and me."
"From now on,
it's only you and me."
"Anger is the essence
of a soldier."
"Cheer is the essence of a lover."
"Are you the blend of these two?"
"I have seen the rustic beauties.
I have seen the urban beauties."
"Are you the blend of these two?"
"If you are the actual rainbow"
"then I'm the arrow
that fits in that bow."
"If you are the flood of flowers"
"then I would love
to be inundated."
"From now on,
it's only you and me."
"From now on,
it's only you and me."
Hello, sir. It's me Shankar.
we got all the vegetables
which you mentioned in the list
this morning.
I.. - Milk is the only item
we've to get.
Did you get any information..
- Listen to me.
Sir, someone is impersonating me..
- Hey, what's happening?
I'm not Seenu.
My name is Shankar.
I know that you are not Seenu.
How do you know?
I heard the policemen talking
about you.
Do you know where Seenu is?
Then tell me.
I want to find him.
I want to kill him.
I won't tell.
If you kill him
then I'll not be able
to prove my own identity.
I tell you what,
I'll get you out from here.
My men will go with you.
You hand him over to them
and leave.
We'll do whatever
we wanted to do to him.
Yes, I've booked the tickets.
Be ready. I'll bring my vehicle.
You want jasmine..
- Are you done talking?
The entire staff is busy talking
over the phone these days.
You are being overindulged!
Come with me.
Greetings, sir.
- Okay.
We are farmers from Neeruru.
- So what?
Our lives depend on the report
which you write and submit.
We'll do what we have to do.
Did you walk in here expecting me
to sign off on all your petitions?
Go away.
- Sir, please don't get angry.
What should I do?
Should I take you inside
and spray perfume on your body,
you foul-smelling filth?
Go away.
- Sir..
Sir, I'll talk to him. You leave.
- Okay.
What will you talk?
Come on, tell me.
Tell me.
- Sir.
This issue isn't as simple as
taking a bribe of Rs. 30 Crore
and filing a false report.
It's the future of a village.
Write a truthful report.
- What are you talking about?
In locker number 708 of HYFC Bank
you stashed 10 crore dollars.
In OSB Bank, you've euros
worth Rs. 10 crore.
And another Rs. 10 Crore
worth in diamonds.
Totally Rs. 30 Crore.
Here, take your locker keys.
How did you get this?
I took it from your house
last night.
- What?
Locker keys are missing. I had
it tied to my waist last night.
Couldn't you sense
who touched your waist?
I thought it was you
who touched me.
I haven't touched you
in recent times. Get inside.
I can take your life as easily
as I took those keys.
What? Are you threatening me?
Should I threaten you?
If anything goes wrong
I'll get you killed
at the hands of a kid.
Under the Juvenile Justice Act
he will only be awarded
a three year prison term.
Or I'll put a minor behind
the wheel of a loaded truck
and make him run over you.
As per section 304A,
he'll just have to pay a fine.
You've gained weight
by taking bribes.
I've exhausted myself
indulging in crime.
What do you prefer?
Do you want to stay alive or rich?
Bye, sir.
Sir, instead of laughing
at his foolish bravado
why are you frightened?
Laugh at it.
I don't find this funny.
He scared me with his enumeration
of penal code sections.
- Mr. Krishna Murthy!
Is Aggarwal telling you
not to be afraid?
Boy! You don't know about him.
So you better don't mess with him.
Oh, my! I'm scared!
Tell him that someone
is waiting for him outside.
Someone waiting for you outside.
Go and see.
Go and check.
- Sir.
Hello, sir. I'm from Toni and Guy.
Just now a guy gave me
a trim and left.
No, sir. I'm the person.
Then who was the other guy?
- I don't know, sir.
Hey, get him! Go!
What's your problem?
Why are you after me?
Switch on the speaker.
I did. Go ahead.
- Hey, Aggarwal.
Take a look at the back
of your neck once.
Get me a mirror.
Hey, corporate. I've got
fingerprints stamped on your neck.
I can just as easily get your
neck severed.
Hey, you!
- You can do nothing.
Not only you, I can also hold
a knife to your neck.
Mr. Krishna Murthy.
- Yes.
- I will give it him. - Good boy.
Here it is.
Take it.
Mr. Krishna Murthy,
don't be scared. I'm there for you.
Stop it.
How can you be there for me?
He'll get you locked up under some
section of the law. Be careful.
- Sir.
Send all the goons
in the city
and get him shredded to pieces
and bring him here.
Wine has worked wonders for you."
Day by day you're becoming
more glamourous.
Forget about me.
Why is your grip slackening?
My shoulders have become weak.
So my grip has slackened.
Why didn't you consult a doctor?
- I did.
He took an X-ray and asked me
in surprise about my work.
I said I massaged legs. And he
asked me if it were legs or stones?
How dare he compares
my legs to stones!
Who is he?
- Don't take him wrong, sir.
He meant that your
legs were strong.
Okay. What else did he say?
- What else would he say?
He asked me not to massage those
stones, I mean legs, for a week.
I know I can't rest.
- I appreciate your sincerity.
You are a kind person!
It's been a month since I slept.
I'll recommend another doctor.
Go and meet him.
As you wish, sir.
Malli, my phone is missing.
- Sir, what are you saying?
I think it's lost.
- Lost?
That's why I told you
not to go to grey market.
People there might have stolen
your phone and sold it off.
Oh, God!
If Dober gets to know about this,
he will get back at me with fury.
Hey, I am already very furious.
Should I massage your legs
and make you laugh with my jokes
while you enjoy your liquor?
Rascal! My body has become weaker
because of the torture
you have put me through.
No, Dober.
Just because I massage
your legs and hands
do you consider me foolish
and ineffectual?
Deep down I'm a strong
and a capable person.
I'll call the police immediately
and get you locked up in a prison.
I've found the phone, Malli.
- Is it? Where did you find it?
It was in my back pocket.
I didn't notice.
What would've happened to us if
the phone had actually been lost?
You took pity him and asked me
to leave him alone.
Did you see his true colour now?
- Sir.
What did you call me?
Was is it rascal?
- No, sir.
I called you as 'sir'.
But you didn't hear it properly.
You heard it differently.
So you mistook it.
Why couldn't you wait to find out
if it had actually been lost?
Actually, all that suppressed
and pent-up anger within me
has come out at once.
We say many things in frustration.
Don't mind these in friendship.
Sit down.
- I like you.
Very good.
- Stretch your legs.
Have your liquor.
Malli, I hear the sound
of vehicles. Take a look.
What is it?
Why are so many people here?
Dober, go and lock the rooms
where our men are sleeping.
Okay, sir.
What is this for?
- I'll tell you.
Switch off the electricity
when I drop the first coin. - Okay.
When I drop the second coin
switch on the lights for a second
and switch it off again. - Okay.
Follow this pattern whenever
I drop the coins. - Okay.
At last,
I'll drop all the coins at once.
Switch on the lights
and keep them on.
Is that clear?
- Yes.
Oh! Since there are so many of them
someone among them
would surely kill him.
Oh, God! I believe in you.
You are the..
Why is there a power cut now?
Don't attack each other by mistake.
Be careful.
Why is there a breakdown now?
Hey, all of you spread out.
Hey, he is upstairs.
Aadi, is anyone there?
I don't understand anything.
I'll go home once
the electricity is back on.
I'll send you home.
Now, the power will be back on.
Didn't I say that?
I must leave this place
when the lights are on.
All these goons are useless.
Oh, God!
See to that he is dead.
What's that pile?
God, you don't exist..
Oh.. - How many are still left?
- Don't talk.
He'll come back if he listen to us.
A-All gates are locked.
Hey, I'm giving you two minutes.
All these bodies
should be in vehicles
and vehicles should be
away from this area.
Okay, sir.
- Go!
Move aside.
Is everything fine? Are you hurt?
- I'm fine.
We'll win the case tomorrow.
That's why he did this.
Move aside..
Mr. Shankar is tired.
He'll take ayurvedic tonic.
Please go.
Let's go. - Go.
Let's go.
Hey, Dober!
- Yes.
God does exist.
But he always support
good people.
You didn't lose focus on me
even in tense situation.
Someone should come
to change your focus.
Hello! - Is everything safe?
- Everything is safe, boss.
Change your vehicle every hour.
Don't keep the phone with you.
Be careful till
you reach Hyderabad.
Contact me once you find him.
I'll take care of it, boss.
- Change into these clothes.
All the land under dispute should
belong to the Neeruru people.
This has been decided by the
committee under Krishna Murthy.
But 2,300 graduates
who live around the village
want that factory
to be constructed.
They sent a representation along
with certificates and Aadhaar card.
My lord, who are these people?
How are they related
to Neeruru village?
They are graduates from that place.
They are our future.
We can't go against them.
The representation might be fake.
If you think it's fake
then prove it.
I'll give you
a time of five working days.
We can't extend this case.
The court is adjourned.
Shankar, documents are original.
But none of them are in India.
I only got the contacts
of these 50 members.
- Hello, who's this?
I'm Shankar.
- Is it Mr. Shankar from Neeruru?
I'm from your neighbouring village
Chakrayapalem. What is it?
Narayana, did you sign any document
supporting the cool drink factory?
I didn't.
They have you Aadhaar card
and study certificate.
- Is it?
I'm in Dubai on a contract
with a corporate company.
They took my signature
on a plain piece of paper
and kept my card
and certificates with them.
Can you say the same thing
in the court in Hyderabad?
- They have my passport.
It's a four year contract.
They won't give it till then.
Can't you come?
- They won't let us.
Shankar! Whomever you call
you'll get the same answer.
It's the corporate network.
It's worldwide.
Your village is a small insect
stuck in the cobweb.
You can't save it.
Hey, corporate!
We call cobweb as spider web
in our place.
I'll sweep it with a broom.
You'll see to yourself.
All the evidence will come here.
I'll make sure.
Don't you feel the pain
as you lost once.
People are laughing at you.
You shouldn't laugh at the
sea waves going back on the shore.
If it gets angry, it will swipe off
everything as a tsunami.
You'll be no one.
These are corporate politics.
You can't take these.
I've experienced street politics
to central politics.
Comparing these with what
I've gone through
you're nothing.
I'll sweep you off.
What's your strength?
- I believe in myself.
The angrier I am,
the stronger I grow.
I won't accept failure
till the moment I reach my goal.
I used to fight for life
from my childhood.
Inform it to those laughing
at us that they will lose.
Leave now..
Do you think it's a school to be
disciplined, it's a secretariat.
We'll come. Cut the call.
- Excuse me! - Yes!
We have to meet minister.
- He's inside.
Okay, let's go to meet him.
He's not inside the house.
- He's in the pool.
How long did I stay inside?
- Sir, it's 50 seconds.
I should practice more.
- We're farmers from Neeruru.
I came to know about you.
There are 2,300 people against you.
- Sir, they are cheating.
You should make all those men
abroad to come here.
Let me think and decide.
I've thought of it.
I didn't find any way to do it.
You can leave.
- If you continue to disturb me
I'll have to take action
against you. - Don't do it.
You'll be in trouble then.
- Is it funny?
Hey, kick them out.
- No need of it.
Public will kick you out
from your position in the future.
Let's go.
How can we continue with the story
that happened 3 years ago?
Tell us something new.
There are still people.
Ask them to die.
We'll broadcast it live.
It'll be a sensation. - Hey!
Whatever you do, we need
sensational news.
"Farmers have been crying."
"There's no one to take care
of them." - Get lost.
Please help us. - Why should I
do it for your village? Let's go.
"Dreams.." - Don't you have
any other work? - Sir!
"Who is concerned about them?"
- Mr. Shankar!
We realised that
media wants people to die.
We're here because
six of our men died.
Four of us will die.
It's for our good.
We're old. We might live for a
maximum of four years from now.
Why can't we die early?
For a better future,
we should sacrifice today.
We'll die.
Would they help us only at
the cost of someone's death?
Do dead bodies need help?
If a village has a problem,
no one will respond.
From paddy to mustard seeds,
pulses to curry leaves
and all vegetables
are grown in a village.
But no one from city wants to help
when the village is in a problem.
Why? - They have everything
they need. Why will they help us?
They should help us. If they don't,
we should give them a reason.
From tomorrow onwards, this city
will not have water for three days.
I'll make sure that
no one ignores our struggle.
We'll show them what will happen
if a farmer gets angry.
How will you do it?
I'll tell you.
- Yes.
I want a blueprint of this city.
- Okay.
We'll stop water supply.
It's not easy to stop water supply.
Can we do it?
Only humans doubt about
their capability.
And only humans can prove
their capability.
Who will help us?
- We are there for each other.
Our children left us here
as we were a burden for them.
We are old people.
What can we do?
When Gandhi walked the
entire country for freedom
Gandhi's age was above 70.
The person who fought for the
alcohol ban in Telugu state
Vavilala Gopalakrishnayya's age
was above 80.
The person who came to a different
country and served orphans
Mother Teresa was 85 years old.
How is a person's age decided?
It's the time between date of birth
and date of death.
Remove that barrier.
Senior citizens are not a burden,
but the pride of a country.
Let's stand up for ourselves.
Tell me who'll stand with me.
If there are people who you know
and those who trust you
then call them all.
They'll definitely come.
I'm very happy.
This isn't an agitation.
This is a dosage we're giving to an
institution which is neglecting us.
At first, it hurts.
Then, it'll all be fine.
It's already late.
We have to go release
the water immediately.
Hey, look over there.
Who are they?
I don't know either.
Who are you?
Hello, what're you doing
in a pipeline?
Why are you all going into that?
I'm asking you.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Good morning, sir.
Are you the lineman?
Yes, sir. We should have
released the water at 5:00 a.m.
It's already too late.
Hey, look inside the pipe.
- Yes, sir.
Hey, who's there?
I'm asking you.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Hey, what are you
all doing in there?
Come out.
Will you come out?
Or should I come in?
Come. We have petrol
and a matchbox.
We're 25 people in total.
If you joined us, it'll be 26.
Come on. Let's die together.
What happened? - Sir,
there are 25 people in there.
All of them are old people, sir.
They're scaring with a petrol can,
saying they'll torch themselves.
Sir.. They've blocked water supply
in the whole city.
Not just here, at Himayat Sagar,
Nizam Sagar and Singooru.
There are people in
all the pipelines, sir.
'Himayat Sagar.'
People are suffering from
lack of water in the city.
We don't yet know the reason.
- Good morning, sir.
Has anybody come out?
- No, sir.
It's a 50 kilometre pipeline, sir.
If we tried to break open it, we'd
not have water until we replace it.
It'll take too many days.
Who's doing all this?
It's Neeruru Shankar, sir.
These people must be from there.
What's happened to the farmers?
They're thinking so criminally.
The response is amazing, sir.
Really? - All the news channels
are right here.
There's a better news than that.
All those channels who mocked us
that ours wasn't a news
are waiting for us outside, sir.
Even the international media
will be coming.
Sir, now this is a national issue.
We don't want a promotion.
We want a solution.
The media isn't the one that needs
to be moved, it's the people.
That begins tomorrow.
Wait and watch.
What's wrong with this?
The water has stopped.
Hey.. Why're you shouting?
- Sir, is it really you?
- Why are you looking like that?
It's the suds, you ditz!
Find out why the water has stopped.
Do you want me to switch on
the TV, sir?
You idiot! The water comes
from the tank.
It doesn't come from the TV.
Now, the water has become
a big news, sir.
Oh, God!
Hey, I'm scared I'll have to go
to the bathroom. - Dad.. - What?
It's burning due to the paper use.
- It's just burning for you.
We're even bleeding.
Blood? - Hey?
- Yes.
When the kids go to the bathroom
this time, give them milk packets.
It'll be better.
- Okay. - Carryon, Son.
Go. Hey, don't drink that milk.
How are we related to the
problems of those village people?
Why are they harassing us?
When there's an injustice,
it has a procedure to be followed.
They shouldn't disturb the
normal life in the city.
These are the opinions of the city.
Let's hear what the
villagers have to say.
We have to travel 10 miles
for water everyday.
You have to know
what that feels like.
We never had water for farming.
That's why we've come here to do
these jobs that we don't want.
Hello, Lakshmi?
It's great idea, really.
Total media is focusing on us.
The reaction very good even
before you spoke about the issue.
I wonder how it'll be
when you do speak tomorrow.
Thank you.
Thank you all for trusting me
and standing by me.
We will stand by you.
Thank you, Lakshmi..
"Hey, guys!
This is not a thug song."
"This is the boss song."
"I'm wearing a red shirt for you."
"I've spritzed a branded
perfume for you."
"I'm wearing a lungi
in a trendy way."
"I'm wearing sunglasses
and coming just for you."
"Darling, let's dance."
"I've bought a red sari
just today."
"I've stitched a black blouse
all night."
"I'm wearing a hibiscus flower
in my long hair."
"I've adorned myself for you."
"Darling, let's dance."
"Like an Instagram profile picture"
"your beauty is a wonder,
you lovely girl."
"Like the chasing in
a discovery channel"
"stop coming on to me
like a lion."
"Darling, let's dance."
"Your beauty is like an ice cream
truck in a scorching heat."
"Your beauty is dazzling my eyes."
"Your sight on me is
like thorns pricking me."
"Your hip is so enchanting."
"Could I hold it
just for a minute?"
"Your hands look so rough
and tough."
"Your touch will leave me sated."
"Darling, let's dance."
"Buddy, let's dance."
"No matter what you're wearing"
"your body looks so tantalising."
"No matter what kind of
an explosion I've seen"
"you're the biggest explosion
I've ever seen."
"I want to dance with you."
"So, I've just prepared
a new song for you."
"I'm waiting for your
alluring romance"
"with a red wine."
"Darling, let's dance."
"Hey, guys!
This is not a thug song."
"This is the boss song."
"Darling, let's dance."
'All those people who's
stopped the water supply'
'are being identified as farmers
from Neeruru village.'
'These people are staying
in the old age houses'
'and are participating in this
illicit activities with Shankar.'
'They've stopped water and
are harassing the city people.'
'People are talking about these
people as worse than criminals.'
'The police are..'
- Come on, hurry up.
We need to go fast.
Sir. - Tell them
I'm talking to the press tomorrow.
After that, everybody will remember
only the hardships of the farmers.
The fake evidences submitted
by those corporates
will be fought by
the people itself. - Okay, sir.
This is the first time the
total corporates of India
have assembled at one place.
We might have business competition
between us.
But if we have a common enemy,
we should all be united.
We have to crush the people
who threaten the corporate.
If we didn't take this seriously,
every villager will threaten us.
I have a shampoo factory.
I need 45 eggs to prepare
one bottle of egg shampoo.
If the kids on streets
wished to eat eggs
then how could we make shampoo?
- He's correct.
If the MNC took a step back in this
case, it'll be a problem for us.
I have 33 cases on my 12 companies.
If we leave it like this,
my company will in trouble soon.
So, the press meet cannot happen.
I've brought in few
goons from Assam.
As soon as Shankar comes out for
the press meet, they'll kill him.
Yes. They'll finish him off.
Thank you.
Thank you all.
I'll be the winner in this case.
Thanks for your support.
Why did you get us here?
Let's go there first.
I'll meet the CI once..
Excuse me, sir.
Sir, I need to talk to you.
Sit down.
- Thank you, sir.
Is this all done by a fraud who
escaped from the Kolkata jail?
Yes, sir.
- Come on. Let's meet the SP.
What? Did you see him properly?
Yes, sir. I saw him clearly.
It's definitely Shankar.
The inspector took him
to the SP just now.
When did he come out of
that pipeline?
Why is he going with the
inspector at this hour?
He's planned something huge.
Save me.
Hello, sir.
- What's happened?
They're both alive, sir.
Kill that CI and
bring Shankar here.
Okay, sir.
'Neeruru Shankar is coming
to the press on the fourth day.
Shankar, look at that.
So many people are waiting for you.
Not just the media. The entire
India is waiting for you.
Go.. Go, talk to them.
The lives of the people
who trusted in you
was promised to me by you.
But in no time, you returned
the money that I gave you.
Rs. 25 Crore..
How did you leave it? How?
You beat up my people.
My henchmen!
Beat me.
Beat me now..
This case would've gone soon.
But it's still in the courts.
All because of you.
You scared the
Commissioner Krishna Murthy.
Now, try scaring me.
Come on!
Will they talk?
T-This is cheating.
This is cheating, right?
Hey, is this a live telecast?
Yes, sir.
It's a live telecast.
Thank you all for coming here.
Ask your questions.
- What do you want us to ask?
What is this nuisance? Do you know
how much the city is suffering?
Bloody village brutes.
What did you say?
Could you come here once?
Where were you born?
Right here, in Koti.
What about your dad?
- He was born in Khammam.
What about his father?
- Kolluru near Guntur.
So, that's a village.
To put it in your words,
your grandpa was a village brute.
Is that it?
Your cities were born
out of our villages.
What do we do with the people who
doesn't care about their mother?
We're not village brutes.
Your family roots originated
from a village.
'Stop cussing and know your place.
Get lost.'
Well said, sir.
The civilisation began when
the farmer began farming.
Farmer's profession is that old.
Do you know how long it takes
to farm rice?
You don't know.
It takes 120 days.
When a farmer toils for 120 days
in the mud and brings together
the rice by farming
then we'll have food to eat.
Know that first.
Our country is the one that
doesn't waste food.
'If you're ignoring the farmer
that cultivates your food'
'who do we complain this to?'
We wish good for people
who give us food.
Do you know who really
gives us food to eat?
He's not the one that cooks
or serves you food.
He's the one that cultivates it.
Even God can't help us
better than a farmer.
We can live without a cell phone.
We can live without
a TV or an AC.
The one that manufactures
all these is a billionaire.
We can't live without food.
But the farmer who cultivates
the food will always be poor..
Are you saying that the industries
shouldn't come?
I'm not saying that.
We need industries.
But they shouldn't ruin the
farm lands while they come.
There are a lot of wastelands
and rock lands.
But to reduce the costs incurred
the industries are being built
where there's water available.
Where will a farmer go to
get water, sir?
Ask them, sir.
Ask them more.
In our country, in
the last 10 years
1,71,105 farmers have
killed themselves.
Among them, 25,400 farmers
belong to our Telugu community.
Can you believe that there's
a farmer dying every half hour?
But that's the truth.
'A country won't progress
when we ignore deaths, sir.'
Approximately ten lakh farmers have
left farming and are being slaves.
A farmer who's the backbone of
a country is working as a watchman.
A beggar who needs to be respected
has been begging for money.
Won't you consider this?
Aren't the farmers
getting debt relief?
Where are they getting that?
How much are they getting?
Don't live in fake promises,
live in realities.
A corporate owner who took loans of
crores of rupees plead insolvency
and flew to foreign countries
to have fun.
But a farmer who took loan
of around Rs. 10,000
have been dying in their farmlands.
Isn't this true?
Won't you consider this?
Come here and look at all this.
Farmlands are dying because
of the corporates.
Rivers are being polluted
by these factories.
The MNC's are polluting
our pure soil.
Won't you consider all this?
Aren't we getting jobs
because of all these companies?
These industries are
ruining our nutritious food.
Shampoos with eggs, creams with
carrots and soaps with soya.
They're resulting in inflations.
'How can a poor man
afford all this?'
The farmers aren't even getting
those money.
The middle men are getting it.
The rich middle men
are getting richer.
The poor farmers
are getting poorer.
The poor people,
due to the lack of nutritious food
are suffering with diseases, sir.
A job should be for the
sake of betterment of our lives.
But these factories are using us
and ruining our lives.
Farming is also an industry.
A farmer is a hard worker.
Realise that.
Ours is a small village, sir.
We just have 500 houses.
We're fighting against a company
with a turnover of
Rs. 5,00,000 Crore.
We don't want to win.
We want to survive.
Just because our problems
didn't reach out to you all
six farmers killed themselves, sir.
If you think it's some village
and you don't care about it
then, all the villages will become
some village soon.
Think about it.
Bring those witnesses who are in
the foreign countries to courts.
Media can shake the whole
world if it wants to.
You have that power.
We want to show the pain we're
enduring for the past three years.
That's why we harassed you
for the past three years.
Forgive us for that.
If you think our fight is a fair
then, please help us.
- Mr. Shankar.
Journalists aren't
just reporters, sir.
They're the supporters of justice.
We've worked for TRP
until now.
We'll show you how well
we can do our jobs.
The witnesses will come.
The farmers will win. - Yes.
Thank you.
'Farmers have the media support.'
'They'll fight until the justice
is done to Neeruru.'
'They're demanding the
government to bring the witness.'
If the media supported them,
we'll lose the case, sir.
Even if you feel that we'll
lose you shouldn't tell me.
Let me tell you,
the victory is mine.
'The farmers are
close to victory.'
'The witness are coming to India
at any minute.'
'Chief minister has arranged for
a quick meeting.'
- Hey, Machete Seenu.
How's the photo?
Don't harm him.
Fine. I won't do anything.
But you should do what
I ask you to do.
I will.
Wait a minute.
Who is it?
- It's your granddaughter.
- Grandpa?
- I saw you on TV.
Did you? - They're saying that
you're a terrorist.
Yes, dear,
your grandpa is a terrorist.
- Who was that?
It was my granddaughter.
The call was disconnected.
They portrayed us as
terrorists in the news.
Hey, Malli, when did Seenu
become a farmer.
The speech to the TV channels
was mind-blowing.
Why are they calling him Shankar?
Did he change his name?
How much are you earning in this?
Malli, Seenu and you
are cheating them.
Please do call us
for something like this.
Mr. Seenu..
- Who's Seenu?
It's Mr. Shankar..
Here's the phone.
Why isn't Seenu here yet?
- He'll be coming, sir.
Have your dinner
and go to sleep.
What did you ask?
What is it?
Why do you all look angry?
It's already late.
We're waiting for you.
What are these? - These are our
case related documents.
Ten of you have to give
your fingerprints.
What's written in those?
We're withdrawing our case
and selling our land to Aggarwal..
Do you believe in me?
- Stop it!
Do you know the importance
of belief?
It's not our land.
It belongs to us.
Tell us, how much did you take?
What did you take to sell us?
What did you do to Shankar?
Is he alive?
Please say something.
Please say that he's alive.
- Sir!
What is this..
- How are we related to you?
You don't deserve to even
address us by any relationship.
Do you know who are your parents?
- Hey!
If you say something,
I'll thrash you up.
- Let me speak, sir.
I'll ask you something.
Tell me the truth.
If he wanted to sell you,
would you be here?
The whole country is with you now.
Isn't it because of him?
They said, they will pay him
Rs. 25 Crore.
They paid him Rs. 15 Crore
in advance. But he rejected it.
Haven't you given fingerprints
on that day if he had asked for?
Would you have done it or not?
My boss is also a farmer like you.
His father died as he
wasn't able to farm.
His mom came to the city
with him.
She was working in a construction
company and died leaving him alone.
Do you know what is the first thing
he has stolen?
For food.
He became a thief for food.
To provide food for everyone
he became good.
What does your Shankar know?
He only knows to cry
and shout against.
You're winning because of him.
You're thinking that
you're believing in everyone.
But you stopped believe
in yourself.
That's why you ended up here
like a dog.
That's wrong..
I might have lied
for my livelihood.
But I'm not a fraudster.
I came in search of money.
But I found you here.
You're the reason
for what I am today.
I can't sell people for money.
Please believe me.
Shankar is in trouble.
If I have to get him,
I need your fingerprints.
I can't go there without these.
It's the truth.
We'll win.
You'll definitely win.
I'll sign the papers.
We'll also do it.
- Okay.
Take these.
We need Shankar and our land too.
If we don't get any of these
we won't be alive.
If I come back or not,
Shankar will be back
and you'll get your land.
Sir, fingerprints are tallied.
Can I send him? - Yes.
You can go.
Sir, don't destroy that house..
You'll be ruined.
Please leave my bullock cart.
Oh, God! - Don't take my jewellery.
It's my livelihood.
You're making us suffer.
You won't be happy.
Let him go.
I called you to get documents
from you.
But not to let Shankar with you.
But I'm here to take Shankar
with me.
Not to give documents to you.
Go, get him.
If I come back or not,
Shankar will come back.
You'll get your lands.
Who is it?
Let's go.
I'll take care of them.
Leave from here.
What about you?
Shankar is not just a name now.
He's a representative of a place.
You should stay with them.
Tomorrow is the judgement day.
Inform it to everyone that
machete Seenu kept his word.
Please go.
'With the help of media,
witnesses reached India.'
'Neeruru farmers and state
farmers thanked media.'
'Witnesses reached high court.'
Hey, aren't they waiting for Seenu?
Will he come back?
- No. He'll not.
They might have killed him.
Why do you hate Seenu? - Even you
would, if he films your secrets.
What movie is it?
- Do you need details now?
Act as if you're sad.
Boss, look there.
Damn it!
- You try to act now.
I'll broke your bones.
- It's not broke, it's break.
Whatever it is.
Boss, take these coins.
Start with them.
I'll be at the power mains.
Come now.
- Seenu!
You're back.
I'm happy.
- Greetings..
- Greetings..
Greetings, sir.
Who's the one that stopped
the water supply? - It's me, sir.
I got angry on you
for what you did.
But I got convinced
with your speech.
- Thank you, sir.
Who killed Aggarwal?
- It's me, sir. - No, it's me.
No, it's me..
No, it's me..
Calm down..
Killing a human is crime, but
killing someone evil is revolution.
You'll win this case.
That's a good decision, sir.
Stay happy.
this victory belongs to you.
No, it's the victory
of the farmers.
My men are waiting for me.
I'll see you.
- Okay.
I'll come in a flash.
I'll be waiting for you.
Darling, let's dance.
"Hey, guys!
This is not a thug song."
"This is the boss song."
"I'm wearing a red shirt for you."
"I've spritzed branded
perfume for you."
"I'm wearing a lungi
in a trendy way."
"I'm wearing sunglasses
and coming just for you."
"Darling, let's dance."
"Hey, guys!
This is not a thug song."
"I've stitched a black blouse
all night."
"I'm wearing a hibiscus flower
in my long hair."
"I've adorned myself for you."
"Darling, let's dance."
"Like an Instagram
profile picture"
"your beauty is a wonder,
you lovely girl."
"Like the chasing in
a discovery channel"
"stop coming.."
- Dear.
Isn't something stinking?
- Yes, sir.
What do you mean? - We didn't
take bath since many days.
You have swimming
pool in your house.
"Your beauty is like an ice cream
truck in a scorching heat."
"Your beauty is dazzling my eyes."
"Your sight on me is
like thorns pricking me."
"Your hip is so enchanting."
"Could I hold it just
for a minute?"
"Your hands look so rough
and tough."
"Your touch will leave me sated."
"Darling, let's dance."
"Buddy, let's dance."
Mr. Seenu..
- What?
Please give my
video footage to me.
This CD has 150 movies.
Watch them and enjoy.
Thank you, sir..
- Carryon!
- Take it.
This is a gift to me.
I got back my video.
That CD only has
his 150 movies.
You will never get
back your video.
Is it? - Yes.
- Hey, Seenu!
"Hey, guys!
This is not a thug song."
"This is the boss song."
"Darling, let's dance."