Khajoor Pe Atke (2018) Movie Script

[Mobile phone ringing]
yes son, bless you.
But till yesterday...
oh okay, I will come by tomorrow.
What do you mean?
Alok, don't worry about that...
I will see what needs to be done. Hang up!
What happened?
Alok had called.
Deven's health is critical. - Oh God!
He was saying, "Doctor has told to inform...
everyone, that's why I called but you don't need to come here.
How can he tell me what is to be done?
Yes, then it must not be very serious; if doctor is saying so...
If it was like that, he wouldn't call at midnight.
What do you mean?
Should we wait till it's very serious?
We all will go to Mumbai tomorrow. - All of us?
I mean, Kadambari will take care of his husband...
or manage guests?
Guest? Am I a guest?
I am his brother.
He is my younger brother.
And Kadambari cannot manage everything...
that's why you will support her.
Do you want me to explain everything?
I was saying because...
four tickets will become very costly.
And Alok is already telling us, we don't need to rush.
Let's do one thing, you may go.
And if it gets serious, we all will come there.
Oh really?
Deven, my brother; is he nothing to you?
He has no relation with our kids?
I mean, we have a chance...
Don't you want to meet him once before he passes away?
The kids would want meet him too.
My brother is critical over there and you are worrying about money.
You're the one who's rushing!
You are insisting us to meet him for the last time.
Tell me one thing...
are you actually worried about your brother or that flat?
Enough! You just need a topic to discuss.
Whenever you talk...
Is it the time for this discussion?
He is my brother, that's why you aren't concerned...
He is my brother, keep accounts of each penny spent.
Had we kept accounts, we would have built palaces.
But we know everything about your brother, for whom you are worried right now.
You won't spare him even if he's in such a condition, will you?
You just accuse my brother based on rumours!
But I meant...
Stop arguing!
We will be leaving for Mumbai tomorrow morning.
Leaving for Mumbai already?
Are you going? - Yes, Lali sis.
In fact, we all are going.
All of you?
Look Jeetu, you know your brother-in-law very well...
He feels there is no need to go right now.
Even Alok mentioned it's not urgent...
then why should we go there like maniacs?
Maniac? Am I a maniac?
Our brother is serious right now; God forbid if something happens.
And your husband, how can he say that?
Oh, Jeetu!
Don't mind what he says.
I am too worried.
Did anyone inform Ravinder?
Don't worry, sister.
I will call Ravinder.
And Lali sis, don't take tension...
I am going, I will keep you informed.
Yes, keep in touch.
We could have travelled in train after 2 days...
but he wants to go by plane.
Air tickets are so costly!
Mom, don't spoil the fun!
First time we will get to travel by plane!
I will give you a tight slap!
Your uncle is serious and you want to have fun.
Mom, why are you scolding him?
You keep the phone and start packing!
Oh mom! I will do it.
Bro, all four of you are going by plane?
Yes. - But Alok said...
it's not that serious. - Oh, come on...
he is just a kid. He has no idea about anything.
When doctor is saying that nothing can be said..
what if something bad happens?
Exactly brother...
When doctor has said...
that nothing can be said, that could mean positive too.
You are just getting hyper.. - Bro, don't argue with me!
Ok fine, try if you can come.
Do whatever you feel is right!
If I couldn't see his face before he is gone...
I will never be able forgive myself.
Okay brother.
I have a meeting in 1 or 2 days.
I will finish that and come as soon as possible.
It's okay, do what you feel is convenient.
I am going, I will keep you informed.
Gather everyone!
What? - I mean, he should come.
He doesn't have time.
Everyone is busy these days.
Alok called last night and today he is going...
to Mumbai with family and that too by plane.
He is too hyper.
He is not saying anything clearly and also taunting me.
Yes, you may go!
But I was thinking, I have a meeting in few days, I will go after that.
Okay then go later.
Anu... - Yes?
You haven't met your brother Mrityunjay in a while, right?
Don't try that, I know what are you going to say...
I am not going on your behalf. - My brother is unwell.
And you're refusing?
Don't force me to do all this!
Just now you were explaining your brother, there is no need to rush.
And you are going to go after the meeting, why are you forcing me?
I will go later if it's too serious.
You may do what you want, I am not stopping you.
Okay listen...
cook normal food.
Without oil and spices, brother is not well.
I'll stay at my brother's place if I have to, but not at their place!
Younger one will go.
Even the youngest will go.
And the elder sister won't be there!
Oh Lord! You are spoiling my relation with them!
Oh, come on!
There's no need for everyone to rush there like maniacs!
Kadambari will handle her husband or handle you all?
Okay fine.
Not me, at least send Sharad.
I can't go. - Why can't you go?
I have practicals in college. I am very busy.
Stop this nonsense.
Like father, like son.
To hell with your practicals!
Did you hear what I said? Keep it back! He is my brother!
Token number 16!
What did you tell them?
Brother Jeetender is coming here with his entire family.
He is still alive. Yet the entire family is here to mourn for him in advance.
Don't say this, mom.
He is dad's brother, he must be tensed about him.
I know how much tensed he is.
What about my tension?
Should I take care of him or manage the guests?
That's why even aunt is coming with him.
So that she can help you. - Oh please!
I know very well why they're rushing here.
Sister-in-law has scanned the entire house. She knows where everything is.
Look, till the time they are here, I will stay in hospital with your dad.
Mom! - I don't want to go home.
You do whatever you want to do.
Give them one bedroom.
And check the cupboard once, it should be locked but still.
Get me some Bengali Sweets.
For no rhyme or reason...
For no rhyme or reason, they got over-emotional!
Every family should have such feelings!
For no rhyme or reason, they got over-emotional!
Every family should have such feelings!
Driver... - Yes?
Will Amitabh Bachchan's bungalow come in our way?
Look at them!
Uncle is sick, he is in hospital.
And they want to see Amitabh Bachchan!
Let it be, sir. He is just a kid.
Yes, his home is in our way.
I will show you.
In this fast-paced life...
everyone has their own problems.
Here, everyone has their own dreams and beliefs.
Here, everyone has their own dreams and beliefs.
Look how supportive are families nowadays!
Look how supportive are families nowadays!
Hello. - Hello sir.
I am Abhishek.
How are you, Abhishek?
I am all good.
But what am I hearing about Devender?
So you already know?
Even I am his brother, I would obviously know.
By the way...
should I come there? - No, let it be.
I have reached.
I will keep you informed.
Okay, that will be great.
As you say, brother.
Okay bye.
People just want to come here without any reason...
like they are just waiting for the man to die.
Give me money, God will bless you.
Not this, give me money, dear.
Here lives the emperor of Bollywood!
The gate is opening, I think he is Mr. Bachchan!
Where is he?
Where? - Over there...
What happened?
Gate was opening, right?
Let's go. Is this the time to see Amitabh Bachchan?
Sometimes he comes out on Sunday... - Let's go from here!
Sometimes he comes...
Yes sir.
People nowadays have no shame! - Sir, belt.
You start the car at least! - Yes sir.
Every family should have such feelings!
Kadambari.. - Brother...
Oh, God! Why did this happen?
I knew you would come here as soon as you got the news, that he is in ICU.
You are my only support, I told this to Alok also, right, Alok?
Yes. - You are my sister-in-law...
but I consider you as my real sister.
When Alok called...
I was so worried.
I told him to book plane tickets and not to worry about the cost.
Didn't I? - Yes.
Like what if something bad happens to brother Devender...
or if he dies then...
So I told him not to think about money and come by air.
It was twice the normal cost but... - Shut up!
I mean, stop crying both of you.
Dear, take me to my brother.
I want to see Deven.
Yes. - One second...
So many people are not allowed.
You both come with me.
I will come with you. - Let's go, son.
Let's go. - Okay.
Uncle, the room is towards the left.
Do something, Sir.
There is a family emergency.
Okay fine, if you are saying so...
I can try that for you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much' is not enough.
Changing the date is not in my hands.
Fine, we will adjust it in the final bill.
We should be mutually benefited.
And yes...
to get things done from someone...
no tool is faster than money.
Okay, I will send.
How much? - One lakh.
Isn't it too much? - The contract is no less either.
Yes but...
the tender.. - Oh don't worry.
Your job will be done.
It will be done.
That's great.
Promise it will be done.
He is so funny!
The next room.
What are you doing? You can't go inside.
Why not? We are not here to see the hospital!
All that is fine, uncle.
We are here, that is a big thing.
It was so hard for Ganpat to get you here.
Going inside is impossible.
He is my brother, Alok. My younger brother.
Listen, we come have from afar, the flight tickets were twice the cost..
We have bought four tickets, at double rate. - Madam, I will do something.
I will do something.
Tell him not to go inside.
Give me 500 rupees. - 500?
I just gave you 500 rupees to get us to corridor.
Yes, you did. But I spent it.
Where did you spend? You were with us all this time.
I got you here, that was the price for it. - One second.
You may give if you want to, otherwise I will go. - I am giving.
Here it is.
Do you have a smart phone?
If I have, you must have one too.
Save your contact in my phone.
Trust me, save your contact number.
I will just come.
Don't go inside.
Stay here.
I will just come. You stay here only.
You have Whatsapp? - Yes.
I will send photos. Recognize him.
My Deven...
My brother...
I am planning to book the tickets after all.
If something happens, brother will taunt me all his life.
And I don't have a good impression when it comes to something related to brother Devu.
Hello, Windmill Travels?
I want to book a ticket.
No, this time via flight.
So how much is the rate for tonight's Mumbai flight?
Okay, and what about tomorrow night?
Okay, I see. And a day after tomorrow?
Even day after tomorrow is costly!
And what about Saturday?
Saturday and Sunday will be more expensive?
Then book one for next Monday.
Yes, sure.
No, 5:00 a.m. is too early...
Something at 10:00 or 11:00 is not available?
Okay fine.
Okay, book it for 5:00 a.m.
Yes, one day I will wake up early.
Okay, I will transfer the money.
Thank you.
Why don't walk to Mumbai?
It will be free of cost.
Oh, stop it please...
Alok had told, there is no emergency...
and anyway brother Devu is in coma.
He wouldn't know if I am reaching today or after 5 days...
I will speak to brother.
Hey Deepak...
Have you reached Mumbai?
Yes, dad got us here.
It has been 2 days, I don't think uncle is dying any soon.
Nothing will happen to uncle. Tell me how's Mumbai?
It's too good, man!
You know, there's a bar at every other street?
And it's a huge city, no one notices!
I have a can in my hand...
and nobody cares. - Really?
Not like our city...
that we're doomed if we're caught.
And the girls over here...
they are a pleasure to our eyes.
They are not like the aunties we have in our village.
They are very different.
wait I will send you something.
Yes, please send.
Your father is in a semi-conscious state.
But right now his condition is little better than earlier.
Wow, doctor!
This is a good news... - But...
I don't mean that. If his condition... - [Mobile phone ringing]
doesn't worsen, only then he will have chances.
Yes Ravinder? - Brother, you were right, I am coming.
It's about family...
he is my real brother, I have informed my company.
That's it's important for me to go.
I have also booked a flight ticket.
Listen to me. - Yes, brother...
Doctor says Devender's health is improving.
You don't need to come now.
He is getting better? - Yes but I am glad you obeyed me.
Brother, I will just call you.
I will just call you back. - This is family love...
Uncle, what did you just say to Ravi uncle?
Everything will be fine, be positive.
Hi, I am Mr. Ravinder. - Yes?
I had booked a flight ticket for Mumbai.
Indore to Mumbai? - Yes that one.
Please cancel it.
Yes we will cancel it, but 50% will be deducted as cancellation fee.
I am informing you in advance. Then don't complain about it.
But how can you deduct 50%?
This is company policy, let me know what needs to be done.
Only 5 minutes are left, after that 100% amount will be deducted.
Tell me fast, what do you want to do?
Sir, be quick. We have a lot of work.
What else? Cancel it.
Cancel it.
I will never travel in your flight.
I will complain about you.
I lost 6000 rupees this morning.
Oh yes!
Mr. Sharma. - Mr. Ravi...
What can I do for you?
How are you? - All good...
What happened to the meeting?
Nothing has been fixed yet...
I will inform you once it's done. - No, no...
Let's do the meeting on the previous date if it hasn't changed yet.
Mr. Sharma, that date will be good.
And we'll save those 1 lakh rupees too.
Mr. Ravi, listen to me...
that money has reached...
where it had to go.
But date is fixed. - No, no, listen to me.
Don't worry, the work will be done.
I will change the date for you.
My promise. - No, Mr. Sharma...
listen to me...
Oh, my one lakh is wasted!
What a day!
First six thousand and then one lakh.
Good morning!
Did you find out something?
About the flat.
Are you crazy?
How can you think about it right now?
I can understand.
Father gave the flat to your brother..
but he's admitted into the hospital.
He has a wife and a son..
I've heard they have one more flat... - Enough!
Why are you creating an issue?
When Dad was ill, Dev did not have the house yet.
Me and Ravinder had it all managed.
Ravinder lives in the house given by his father-in-law.
And Dad gave the flat to Dev.
And told me...
You three are a disgrace to me...
if I need to mention about Dev's flat in my will.
We share such an unbreakable bond, get it?
Dev will do the right thing.
How are you, Mr. Sharma?
I am all good.
What about you? - I am fine.
I just called...
to ask if everything is set for tomorrow.
Mr. Ravi...
did I ever disappoint you?
That I will do now?
You just sleep peacefully.
Your work will be done.
Thank you so much, Mr. Sharma.
See you tomorrow. Good night.
Deven's condition is worsening, brother!
Now anything can happen to him!
Nothing can be said for sure, you decide.
Brother, keep a hold on yourself. - I don't know what to do!
We're here for you. Don't worry!
It's okay, I will hang up.
I have to call others too.
I said whatever I wanted to, now you decide.
What happened?
Well, it's the same thing.
I'll have to cancel the meeting again.
God knows if this is true or not...
as brother-in-law always creates an issue out of everything.
Let it be, this is not the time to see profit and loss.
If we don't go and something happens, he will taunt us all our lives.
Book 3 tickets for early morning. That will be cheaper.
Patient is facing difficulty while breathing...
we will have to keep him on ventilator.
So that we can continue with our treatment.
Otherwise... - Go ahead, why are you asking us?
We need to take family's permission first.
Because patient s daily cost increases...
How much?
In your case, let's say 75-80 thousand a day.
This evaluator of yours...
It's a ventilator.
Ven-ti-la-tor! - That's right.
I mean...
Can't we bypass it?
I mean can we avoid it?
Treatment will take time.
What if patient dies during that time?
If he is on ventilator, we will get more time.
Maybe he recovers.
So how many days will he need it?
That is difficult to say.
But we will try to minimise number of the days.
But still, how many days approximately?
Brother, should we decide something?
you may do whatever is necessary. You have my permission.
Please. - Yes ma'am.
How did all this happen?
First Alok and then brother Jeetu...
both kept denying.
Then we decided...
we will not listen to anyone, and we came here.
You all love me so much!
Did you find out anything about the flat?
Nothing will happen to brother Devu.
Nothing will happen.
When was I denying?
What is your wife saying?
I have stopped listening to her, brother.
Greetings, uncle. - Hello Deepak.
Greetings, aunt. - Bless you.
Greetings... - Bless you.
Dad asked me to call when I reached. I will just call him.
Hi, dad. One minute...
All good?
Greetings, brother. - Greetings.
I am Abhishek, I was little busy...
so Deepak has come. - Brother...
we understood, it's okay.
You couldn't come...
that's why you have sent your son.
It's okay. - How are you here?
I didn't want you to enjoy all alone.
Yes, but I will come. - Yes, we understood.
I will come, listen to me... - Hang up! There's not enough balance!
Take the phone.
Where are you?
You seemed brave while chatting.
Are you scared now? - I am not scared.
Where are you? Why can't I see you? - Oh my!
Why can't I see you?
Your voice is so good.
Too sexy, just like a heroine.
Shut up! - Oh!
What a voice!
Oh my God!
Oh, stop studying already!
Sister Lali. - Sister Lali is here.
Sister Lali!
One second.
I was so worried about all of you.
Are you all fine? - Have a seat. - I will get water.
How is my Devu?
He is better now.
Even Sharad was worried about his uncle...
so he came along with me.
I had forwarded your Whatsapp message to him.
All of you have become so weak.
Sister Lali, bless me... - It's okay, sit.
Kadambari, what have you done to yourself?
Have water. - Yes.
Drink water. - I...
I have left my luggage at his brother's place, I'll be staying there, Kadambari.
I don't want to be a burden for anyone!
Take me to Devu.
I've brought the holy ash from the saint..
as soon as I apply it..
he will start running like a horse.
Like a horse, Mom?
Don't laugh, son. Be quiet.
Come, let's go. - No, you can't go right now.
Sister Lali...
they are putting him onto ventilator.
You can't meet him now.
He's critical.
The holy ash... - We'll do it later, don't worry!
You look so good!
And your voice is mind blowing!
You have born to become a star.
I am not lying. I swear by God.
Look, I have spoken to few people about you.
After seeing you in person...
I am sure about it.
I will fix your meeting with the directors.
Yes, it's Rocky's promise.
I was telling you since so long.
Come to Mumbai.
I'll make you a superstar!
Hello. Yes?
Yes I am here only. Yes, coming.
Yes, coming.
Okay bye. I am going.
We will meet again, okay.
Hey, wait.
Will you just go?
Please give me one kiss.
You're tempting me on chat since days!
Turn behind...
I still remember brother Devu's slap.
I was stealing money from mom's wallet for ice-cream.
And he saw me stealing it.
So he slapped me!
But that slap made me a good human being.
We both were always together.
He was 2 years younger to me.
I used to tell him everything.
I never hid anything from him.
Never hid anything? - What?
I will tell you later.
They all have started talking as if uncle is no more...
He used to call me Dida.
Dida give me this, Dida give me that...
And now he is going to die.
[Mobile phone ringing]
What did I do?
Rocky, why did you call at this time?
Listen to me first.
Rocky made a promise, right?
I have fixed your audition tomorrow.
They are casting for a film.
Oh really, Rocky? Audition tomorrow?
You fixed it for me?
Be there at 12 p.m. - But Rocky...
I can't come at 12 tomorrow...
there is so much tension here, how can I...
Forget about the tension.
This is your lifetime chance.
But Rocky, my uncle is sick.
That's why we have come here.
You will lose the chance because of your uncle.
You think about it.
I will be there at 11 to pick you up.
It will be good if you come, or I will pick up someone else.
No, Rocky, listen to me...
Oh God! Please do something.
I don't want to lose this chance.
God, please do something.
She is not listening to me. Come fast. - These people...
are troubling me very much.
Doctor, run faster. - You also come with me.
Hail the Saint Vibhuti!
Ma'am, what are you doing? - Open your mouth...
Nurse! - Open your mouth...
Madam, what are you doing? - One minute.
What are you doing?
My brother will start running like a horse once I apply the ash!
This is not allowed!
Please come aside. - Just listen to me...
Stop pushing me!
Let me go, I said!
Go and call the ward boys.
Quick! - Devu...
He is my brother. - Ma'am!
My brother... - Take her out. - Leave my sister!
Let her go!
Let go of my sister!
Let her go. - Oh stop it! Didn't you see how they pushed me out?
There are some rules in the hospital, you can't go anywhere you want.
Excuse me... - Yes?
What is this?
No, what nonsense was this?
How did you allow her to go inside? And that too with ash?
I am sorry, doctor, actually my sister...
can't see him in that condition.
If this continues, your brother will die even if he was recovering.
Come fast. - Yes, let's go.
Nobody will come to know for now.
But we don't have much time.
Don't worry, we will come back soon.
Your life is going to change. Let's go!
Come on.
Come, have a seat.
Sir, she is Rosy.
Do you have any photos? - Yes.
Your face is good.
Any acting experience?
Yes, she has.
We'll have to take a test.
Yes. You need to give an audition.
It's a lead role. Heroine.
I told you.
There will be kissing scenes.
There will be intimate scenes with the hero.
You will have to wear mini skirt.
Yes. - Will you wear a mini skirt?
Should I ask them to get one for you?
Will you do steamy scenes with the hero?
Will you? - No.
Can't she talk?
Is she dumb?
How will she act if she can't speak?
You give me the scene, I will do it.
How much do you love me? - This much...
How much? - This much...
Please, father, I beg you, please agree.
Help me, leave my hand. Help me!
I like you.
Patient is not responding to any treatment.
Honestly, it's quite worrying.
So we are planning to try a new treatment.
Okay... - Doctor, go ahead with it.
We will have to do what's important.
No, it's not that simple.
Look, till now this treatment is only done abroad.
We don't know how the patients here will react.
every injection is for 75 thousand rupees.
But we don't have any better option than this.
Deven will recover with that one injection, right?
Not just one, it's a 3 injection course.
We have to complete the course.
And as I told you earlier...
we can't promise you anything.
Each injection is worth rupees 75 thousand...
and there is no guarantee.
This is great. - No...
You can start the treatment.
I will take care of it. You start with it.
Fine, ma'am.
Oh really?
Who told you this?
Sister-in-law Sushila told me.
But why will brother Devu do this?
Dad had told before his death...
You three are a disgrace to me...
if I need to mention about Dev's flat in my will.
Dev will do what's right.
Well, yes...
We got its fruits.
And our children...
they must have grabbed the chance when they got it.
The entire family is in suspense.
Even the tough ones fail in the matters of property.
Human intentions change in such situations in no time.
Man wants to snatch everything for himself!
Nothing like this will happen.
And you..
Don't listen to everything what Sushila sis-in-law says.
She just wants to create a dispute among the three of us!
Listen... - Yes?
Sister-in-law Kadambari, is eating so much these days.
Her husband is in ICU in coma...
and she is hungry all the time.
Is she pregnant? - What are you saying?
Each injection worth rupees 75 thousand...
total is 2.25 lakh.
And Kadambari agreed immediately.
I think they have money.
That's good.
Everyone makes money, not like you.
You are just after my brother.
We should be happy.
I am happy...
that he has money during emergency.
I guess we'll find out when the time comes.
You became very hyper and got us here!
It was not that serious.
Do one thing... - Yes?
Go and strangle my brother.
Tell him, 'We came by plane, paid twice the cost...
now you can't live!
And recover your money.
Are you done? - Yes.
Go to sleep now.
One more thing is possible...
Go to the ICU...
pull out all the oxygen pipes and other tubes that are attached.
Pull it out!
Can't you sleep?
Sister-in-law, have a bath, then we will leave for the parlour.
I am ready.
Are you going to the parlor?
Yes, I am free, so let me visit the parlour...
We're in Mumbai after all, so I thought I should trim my hair a little.
I have not got a proper facial since many days.
After that we will go to the mall.
Yes, you may go...
he is my brother after all.
Not yours.
We are here since 5 days.
Your brother is also here, he is not going anywhere.
I don't want to sit in the hospital every day and wait for his death.
Tani, go and play outside!
That too with those old ladies.
I can't understand any of you.
It's difficult to make him sit in the hospital the entire day.
He is... - Okay, go.
Even I can't do any miracle by sitting in the hospital...
Exactly. - Yes.
We are not doctors.
Let me give some excuse to my brother.
What? - I'll say that son has a toothache, so we are taking him to the dentist.
Right? - Okay.
This is right.
Give one plate of Kachoris. (Indian snack)
This is the magic of the big cities!
She is looking at us!
See, they are staring at us. - Yes!
Come on, they are calling us. - Let's go.
I think they went this way...
Bloody loafers!
Are you following us?
I did not do anything! - Harassing girls?
Not me... - Please, don't hit!
What happened? - They were following us.
Who was it? - All three of them.
Sir, I know them...
Let them go. Sir, please...
What are you saying? - I know them, sir.
These boys... - Sir, sir...
Sir, they are already in a problem.
Their uncle is admitted in our hospital.
He is about to die. They are kids...
Aren't you guys ashamed, your uncle is unwell...
and you are following girls! - No, sir...
I am sparing you guys because of him.
Go now. - Thank you, sir.
Come with me. - Get lost!
Sister, she is my neighbour, Vaishali.
Greetings. - She is my sister-in-law.
I was very sad to hear this.
my sister-in-law's sister's brother-in-law has expired.
He was also on ventilator.
Doctor advised to change the medicine...
but the medicines were very expensive.
I can't even explain...
And there was no guarantee at all.
People do anything to save their family.
So we agreed to that.
The treatment started.
For few days it seemed like he was recovering...
But then suddenly...
there was a reaction.
His body was shivering!
Full body was shuddering like this.
Foam was coming out from his mouth, eyes were wide open...
just like they show in movies when someone dies.
And he was breathing heavily!
Then he took a deep breath...
He died.
You don't worry at all.
He will be alright.
Nothing like this will happen to him.
This is a good hospital.
By the way, our patient was also in a good hospital.
Who can change the destiny?
But your husband will recover soon.
He has done such good deeds in life...
In fact...
even our patient had done good deeds in life.
Actually she is not feeling well...
she is feeling uneasy. Let's go.
Yes, obviously.
She is not well. Let's leave.
It's good that you came here.
She got your support. - Yes, bye. - Wait...
It was great meeting you. - Same here.
Thank you. - Just listen...
Why are you in a hurry? Listen...
your daughter is very beautiful.
Why is she still unmarried?
Maybe because we didn't find a suitable match.
Even I am worried, she is already at a marriageable age.
If you say, I can find someone.
I think I know a boy.
They stay near the hospital.
He will be a perfect groom for your daughter.
Wow, this is good news!
Nothing wrong in this...
We should meet him once.
But we won't be able to go to their house.
That won't be a problem, right? - Don't worry...
your daughter is like my daughter.
I will tell them...
to come to the hospital once and see the girl.
This will be great.
And this won't disturb the serious situation of your family.
Isn't it? - Yes. - Okay, see you. - Thank you
Enough, sister-in-law. There was no point in bringing me here.
I won't be able to sleep as I worry about him.
You'll sleep soundly on the bed!
And just finish this up... - No... - Do it...
It's almost empty. Please.
Have it. Yes...
Yes... - I'm done... - No, please finish it up.
Yes, empty it up. - Enough. - It's not over yet!
It's alright.
Now go to sleep.
What has happened to you?
We should not look for grooms in such a situation!
And how weird they are!
They agreed to come to the hospital.
Stop criticizing them and learn something...
They are so caring. - Caring?
My brother is...
Nothing has happened to your brother.
What do you mean?
Have a seat. I know your brother is serious.
But it is like...
we are stuck on yellow traffic light...
it's neither turning red nor green.
We can't understand, whether to go ahead or backwards...
life can't stop like this.
Do you want my daughter to remain a maiden because of him?
And it's a simple meeting.
There is no party.
But Kadambari...
she will also be there in the hospital.
We can't do the meeting in front of her.
Don't worry about her.
She will not get up before noon.
What have you done?
Why will I do anything?
I have not done anything.
She is tired.
Leave it.
Alok will go to office tomorrow.
You just talk to Ravinder...
and your sister has gone to Hajuri Baba, by the time she returns...
our meeting will be done.
No I can't. - Yes.
I can't do all this. - You can.
This is risky!
Brother, you are right, I understand...
No, let it be.
But we are ready.
We're about to hire the cab.
Yesterday, you took Tani to dentist...
it's a toothache, right?
Come after 2-3 days. - Sure?
Don't come today at least.
Take care of Tani.
Okay, hang up.
It's our holiday.
He said there is no need to come. - Really?
Let's roam around Mumbai.
Hey look at him!
Hello, hello. - Listen...
Hello... We don't see you very often...
I am a very big fan!
He was in 'Humlog'. - No...
Were you in 'Buniyaad'?
No... He was in 'Ghar Ghar ki Kahani'.
Click our picture. - Come dear.
Click it fast.
You were Salman's brother in 'Dabbang'. - No, he's Kiran Karmarkar...
He is Mr. Kiran! He is Uncle Kiran!
Click it properly. - Sir, please hold.
We are from Indore.
Salman is also from Indore. - Click the photo.
My brother is in coma.
We have come from Indore. Smile please.
Thank you. Let him go!
Thank you. - Thank you.
Are you done? - Yes. - Thank you, Kiran uncle.
Let's go, you clicked the photo, right?
He is the one from 'Dabbang'.
He has grown old.
Have patience!
She is new in the city. She'll freak out if go so fast.
Can't you understand?
Hang up now, she is here.
Even today you look awesome.
You know what?
Even your luck is great as your looks.
Why? - Why?
The director...
wants to cast you.
Really, Rocky? Wow!
Shooting will start in 20-25 days.
How is it possible? Do something, Rocky.
I will do something... Come...
Thank you, Rocky. You are so sweet, I love you.
Thank you so much!
Yes? Yes, I am on the way.
I'll have to leave. Bye, Rocky.
Let me complete my 'I love you too'.
My name is Sushila.
And he is my husband...
Myself Jeetender.
Greetings. - Greetings.
Where is your daughter?
She is coming.
Here she is.
come, have a seat.
She is Nayantara.
She is very shy.
She's an introvert.
We have to pull her into conversations. - Oh!
She is very cute and innocent.
I was looking for someone like her for my son.
What do you do, dear?
Son... - Yes?
What is your profession?
I own a Travel agency. - Okay.
Hospitals are so noisy. People can't even talk properly.
Why don't you go outside?
It's a good idea. - Where are you going?
Let them go. - Oh!
Kids, you go outside.
They will talk freely.
So, innocent girl, huh?
What was that with that guy?
Forget him.
Anyway I am not interested in a despo like you.
You came to hospital to meet a girl? - Oh hello...
my mom insisted to come here.
She said if the girl doesn't mind, then why should I?
So despo back to you.
Anyway who was that guy?
He is my friend, casting director.
Bollywood and all, huh?
Will he make you a heroine?
Yes, I have become a heroine.
I have also been cast for a film. - Wait...
you just came to Mumbai, right? - Right.
So you knew him already?
He is my Facebook friend.
I met him here.
You have got a movie as a heroine.
Wow, what's going on?
Chill okay, I just want to tell you...
that I have different plans in life.
I don't have time for marriage. Find someone else.
I have another plans. - Okay.
Hajuri Baba..." Just 2 minutes.
Hajuri Baba, you are great..." Move ahead.
He cannot go inside.
One minute.
Talk with respect.
Say it politely.
But why can't he?
Who told this? Your owner?
My brother is admitted in your hospital.
And doctors have said...
that only God can save him.
So through him...
I want get God's blessings for my brother.
Who are you to doubt my devotion?
You will blame me, why?
No problem. You may go.
Hail Saint Hajuri!
He's a flight tickets' agent.
Sister Lali is here.
Sorry, my sister is here.
Sister Lali...
Still tried? It's okay sit.
You won't be able to get up. - Actually sister...
who is he?
This saint has come from Hajuri Baba's Mumbai branch.
With his blessings, our Devu...
will start running like a horse.
Give me that pass.
But sister, doctor has...
Forget that doctor, he knows nothing.
And there's a tiny temple in here, right?
And it's visiting hours, what's the problem?
Give me the pass quickly.
Give her pass too. - But sister, I need to go.
Come with me!
Come, Hajuri Baba..
Just come with me.
Madam, what are you doing?
It's not allowed.
Who is this saint?
I have visiting pass. You come with me. - It's not allowed.
Please come in.
He is my brother, Devu.
Here. Devu!
Hey Devu, open your eyes...
Open your eyes. God's messenger is here.
Open your eyes.
Hajuri Baba is great!
Hey, what are you doing?
Get aside.
Don't touch him. - Madam, please!
This is not allowed here. - I have the pass.
I have come in visiting hours.
You please continue.
Open your eyes once.
Hajuri Baba, please cure him.
What has she done now? - See for yourself, Sir.
These people, I'm telling you...
Today they are gone!
Hajuri Baba is great!
Hajuri Baba is great!" - Slowly...
Oh my God! - Slowly...
Hajuri Baba is great" - What the... - Doctor...
It's the most ancient treatment of humanity.
What? - Faith.
Don't interfere.
If people get angry...
you will have to leave the hospital.
But... - You could even get beaten...
Don't. - "Hajuri Baba is great!
By the way...
Are you sure Deven owns another flat too?
You never believe me.
I know everybody's secrets in your family.
Your younger brother's wife Anuradha...
she's acts as if she's so innocent!
I know everything. She spends a lot.
Have seen her clothes?
And when I buy a sari... - I am going to sleep. - Okay.
You make it an issue even when I buy just one sari.
Mom, what are you doing?
Nothing, I was just looking at this.
I wanted to talk to you.
Can we meet Mr. Aditya again?
Oh wow!
My daughter finally liked someone.
I will talk to them.
We have to meet them again..
..You both are really a trouble for me!
Oh come on, she is your daughter too.
Don't you want to see her happy?
Oh really? So tell them to come with a band!
You don't worry, I will manage everything.
There's just one request, please be there with us.
Don't deny.
Sir, wear the belt please. - Sure.
Alok told me there's a temple nearby...
Yes, he visits there.
I was thinking, I should also visit it once.
I can't see you in this condition.
I will go there and pray for you...
so that you get rid of all this.
I will take my husband and kids along with me.
The more prayers, the better.
Yes, sister.
You care so much about me.
Obviously, we are your family.
That's true.
What did the doctors say? - Nothing as of now...
We could have gone out to explore Mumbai...
No, no, we haven't come here for vacation.
Kids, why don't you go out?
It's beautiful outside.
You guys go and talk there. - Go, dear.
So, how do you want to take this forward?
Once his brother is taken care of...
we can do the engagement.
By that time, they both will get closer to each other.
Right? - Okay.
Let's order food. - Yes.
I just need a break, man.
I know, baby, it's tough on you.
Dad has not recovered yet.
On top of it, all of them are so irritating...
It's such a pain.
Even this got over.
Order one more...
it's okay.
I know, it's tough on you.
Yes, mom.
Yes, meeting is still going on.
I will be late.
You don't worry, I will come soon.
It's okay.
I know, baby, it's tough on you.
I heard you wanted to meet me.
Yes, Mr. Aditya.
Mr. Aditya?
Don't you like respect?
I do, but...
that day you said something else.
And today it's totally different, I don't understand.
Okay, fine, I am going. - Sorry, wait.
What about your plans?
After meeting you, I realized...
I was going to commit such a big mistake.
I need a stable man.
Just like you.
But what about him?
The one who was going to make you a heroine.
I've moved on from that chimp now...
after meeting you.
Mr. Aditya, don't you think...
we need to know more about each other?
Shall we meet few more times?
Why not? We will meet every day.
Please eat.
We all came by flight... - What are you saying?
Where is he?
What happened? - Alok!
Alok is here!
I told you this is risky.
Let's go.
But Nayantara? - She is sitting outside...
Sorry, brother.
Let's go.
Alok is here.
What are you doing here? You had a office meeting right?
Why are you here?
Yes, I had a meeting...
it was happening here only.
Meeting was going on and...
But mom told me...
you both were going to some temple.
Yes, we had gone to the temple.
See, here's the 'prasad' (offering to God).
See, here it is.
Actually he was hungry, that's why we came here...
Don't waste time here.
Kadambari is waiting for us.
Oh yes. - My brother...
is in hospital.
We don't have time.
Uncle, you proceed, I will just come after you.
You reach the hospital, I am coming. - Yes, dear.
I won't tell anyone about your meeting...
don't worry.
Mr. Sharma?
Everything alright?
Sir, you always take care of me.
Then I would do the same, won't I?
What do you mean?
The contract is not closed yet.
Sir was unwell.
Due to food poisoning.
So all his meetings got cancelled.
So tell me, what should I do?
Mr. Sharma, I have already told you...
I can't give you any more money.
Did I ask for money?
You have already given the money.
It's not about the money.
Okay, I will let you know.
What happened?
Is Uncle Dev in a coma?
No, dear.
Go to sleep.
Sharma said, if I reach there in 2 days...
he can fix my meeting.
Don't think, you should go.
How is it possible? What about the mess over here?
About your brother Dev, I doubt he will recover.
God knows, what he wants...
He wants us to be in a coma as well.
Right now you should think about us.
If you go, it will be easy for us to leave.
Oh, I can't tolerate this anymore!
It's so confusing now...
Are we waiting for the patient s recovery...
or his death?
You should go.
You are right.
I will leave tomorrow itself.
This is right.
Well since we are here, we should explore Mumbai.
We are always sitting at the stalls.
I don't want to see India Gate.
You go. - Hey bro...
India Gate is in Delhi.
Here it is 'Gateway of India'.
We came to Mumbai just to see a gate? - Then? Do you want to see a dance bar?
No, no.
This is not right. Uncle is sick.
He is right, uncle is sick.
He is just sick...
Nothing has happened to him yet...
and nothing will happen.
Let's go, it's not a crime.
Yes, let's go.
Yes, yes. - No.
There's nothing wrong. Think about it.
Either uncle will recover or he will die...
in both the cases, we will not get free time.
We will leave for home, very next day.
Will you come back to Mumbai?
But that day police caught us...
That day we were alone.
This time it will be well planned.
With our tourist guide.
I don't understand, are you all courageous or stupid?
Your uncle is in ICU...
He is still alive.
It's not a crime.
His coma should not prevent us from living our life.
That's what. - No, but it's closed actually.
Now that area is completely empty.
Are you guys done? - Don't interrupt.
You don't know anything. - Why do you want to get into all this?
You want to get beaten again?
I know a place. We can go there stealthily.
Where is 'Stealthily'?
It's not a place.
It means secretly.
Don't get into all this.
Ganpat, let's go there. - Please, let's go.
I am not coming with you.
But you will have to pay commission. - Don't we have enough problems?
Don't worry, let's go.
Don't create problems.
Keep quiet, just come with us. - This is risky.
Where are you? I am waiting since 20 minutes.
I am so sorry, darling.
I got a bit late.
I am just coming.
Okay, bye. See you.
Hi, Rocky.
You are so sweet, Rocky.
You have done so much for me!
But, Rocky...
how will we convince my parents? Think of something, Rocky!
Sorry, brother. I have some work...
You can go. We are here.
It's okay, you go.
Lali Sis, it's not like that.
I will come back if required.
We all are here.
We aren't going anywhere, right?
As it is Anuradha is here...
I know that.
Go, dear, you are getting late.
Bless you.
Take care.
Go inside.
It's amazing! - I told you! - Where are the girls?
They'll be here soon.
But you told us that there are dazzling girls here...
It remains closed nowadays. - Nowadays?
Then how is it open today? - Just sit...
Just have a seat.
There's no fun without girls! - Excuse me!
Get 3 beers.
We asked you to get 3 beers. No need for the menu card! - One minute.
Get 3 glasses and 1 beer.
Why 3 glasses and 1 beer?
Yes, only 1 beer and 3 glasses.
Hello, brother-in-law.
How are you? - I am fine...
how is Deven?
What can we say?
Doctors aren't saying anything clearly...
Did you consult any other doctors before admitting him in that hospital?
What do you mean?
I mean, there is no positive news since so many days.
Are you sure the doctors are good there?
Brother, thousands of people are admitted here daily.
They must be good, obviously.
And he is my real brother.
We care for him.
That's true...
but even I am worried.
That's why I am asking, don't mind me.
Okay, bye. - Okay.
Lali Sis, your husband...
God knows what he thinks of himself!
He's talking as if he has all the knowledge in the world!
Did he start that again?
Jeetu, you know him well...
And why this doctor is not saying anything clearly?
One minute...
I will go and ask him. Is this a treatment or a joke?
Calm down! - Let me go.
Why are you getting angry?
Oh God!
No! - Go out. - No I will stand here.
You tell me, what's going on?
Okay, stand here.
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Oh my God, Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
What happened? - Deven is no more.
Deven is no more, Kadambari.
What happened? - Deven...
Deven is no more!
Oh god!
Get some water.
Yes, dear? What?
But he was all good when I left.
Oh really?
I have already crossed the security check.
The drums are rolling in the corner.
The drums are rolling in the corner.
My beloved is here, no one should know about it!
My beloved is here, no one should know about it!
What will happen if anyone tells about it to his wife?
What will happen if anyone tells about it to his wife?
What happened to her?
Calm down, sister. - Kadambari...
Hello... - Hello, brother, this is Abhishek...
Should I come? - Don't ask me.
Don't ask me, I said.
It's up to you if you want to come!
Don't ask me! Hang up!
Hajuri Baba... - Sister...
Everything will be okay. Control yourself everyone.
What happened?
Hey, Mister...
There's a tragedy...
This is only for entry.
My brother is dead! - Come aside!
My brother is dead!
Everyone comes here secretly, then drums roll in the corner.
The drums are rolling in the corner.
The drums are rolling!
Everyone knows about this secret of all.
The secret of lust!
The secret of lust!
Three of you again?
Do you have lot of stamina or what? - No, sir.
Sir, please! - Sir, we're innocent. - We didn't do anything! - Stop!
Sir... - Wait a minute!
One at a time.
Ganpat got us here. - Yes, sir.
Call him. - Call him right away.
I told you I didn't want any complaints from them again.
Didn't I say that? - Sorry, sir. It's my mistake.
The fine is 20 thousand.
From where they will get 20 thousand?
I will accept nothing less than 20 thousand!
He is asking for 20 thousand.
What are you saying?
Lower your voice, he might increase it! - From where will we arrange it?
I will call Alok...
Are you mad? Hang up!
He will complain at home.
Nothing will happen. He's owes me a favour.
I know his secret.
Which police station?
Sir, I did not get money.
You know, these days ATM limit is very low.
Sir, I have arranged 15 thousand...
Sir, please accept it for my sake. - Please accept it.
Oh stop your nonsense already!
Sir, please. - Please...
Sir, please.
Okay, okay.
Sir, sir... - Leave me.
Get lost... - Sorry, sorry!
You all created a scene within minutes!
Doctor, you said 'Oh my God', so...
So what? How can you predict my intention of saying it?
Tell me?
I was checking the patient. And drip speed was not correct...
and I just said 'Oh my God'.
I corrected it.
It was a minor problem, but you made it huge.
Everyone in the hospital...
What happened? Tell me everything is fine.
Till now, it's a minor problem.
But if this continues...
something might happen, not to the patient but to me!
Get aside!
Sorry, Alok.
I was scared.
No, uncle, don't be sorry.
I am so relieved that dad is fine.
Where were you guys?
Forget about them, Uncle.
For now.
I will get sweets for everyone as Dad's fine. - Yes.
Brother Devu...
What happened to my brother?
Lali sis, what happened?
Tell me that he's alright!
Tell me that my brother is fine!
Tell me that he's fine!
Nothing has happened to him.
He is fine.
No, no...
What? - Yes.
He means, your brother is fine.
What do you mean?
She called me...
Doctor... - Actually...
Oh damn!
Taxi! - Brother...
Wait, Ravinder....
Your brother is in ICU.
My money!
Ravi uncle, you are back!
Your brother is fine. Nothing has happened to him.
Have some sweets.
Shut up!
You must be happy today...
Very happy...
The task that I wanted to complete since months...
I failed at that task today.
It's gone.
I bribed so many people for it...
To Sharma; 1 lakh!
I reserved train and flight tickets at twice the cost, just for it.
I cancelled them!
6 thousand, 8 thousand, 10 thousand!
I shifted so many dates!
From one date to another!
And that taxi driver...
he charged rupees 2 thousand instead of 537! 2 thousand!
That's it!
No more.
Please have.
Brother Devu is fine.
This is good news.
Have this.
Eat more...
You already know, we are going through so much...
Only you can do this work.
It's too late. Let's go everybody!
Everyone go home, take Kadambari along with you.
I will stay here today. Go, Kadambari.
Brother... - Yes?
I say you should go home too.
I will stay here.
Ravinder, I am staying back.
Go. - Okay, bro...
Even I will stay with you.
You drink?
I thought you stopped drinking years back because sis-in-law told you to.
Yes, I did.
But I drink sometimes.
Dare you tell this to your sister-in-law.
Why would I?
I drink occasionally.
Like today...
I needed it badly.
I was very tensed.
Have this.
I don't drink.
Bro, it's a bad day, have it.
Your drink is too light, brother.
You said you don't drink...
Add more if you want.
I acted so stupid today!
So stupid!
I'm feeling very guilty today!
I killed my brother before time.
Don't say that, brother.
It was a mistake.
Brother, when I thought...
that Devender was no more...
my heart shattered with fright!
I couldn't feel my body.
My whole body was shivering.
Just imagine...
if this happens in real...
What will I do?
We grew up together...
We played together...
And one day he just...
What if this happens for real?
I was feeling very angry today.
But guilty too.
Do you know, for once, I felt that...
my greatest enemy in the entire world...
is brother Devu.
I wanted to shoot him dead. End of story!
It was not on purpose.
My mind thought this way on its own.
Do you remember, brother?
You had once come upstairs onto the old house's terrace...
and brother Devu was beating me up...
because I wore his shirt.
And you gave him a tight slap...
because it was your shirt!
Do you remember?
Blue. With checks.
Yeah! It was so big that it hid my shorts!
I inquired about it...
since it's a new job, I won't get a loan.
You don't worry, Kadambari.
Deven is not only your husband but also our brother.
Me and Ravi will arrange 1-2 lakh...
I will give around 1 lakh.
Ravi will also contribute.
Lali sis will also contribute some amount as she's his elder sister.
We are there.
Yes, we are there.
Yes, they are there.
I mean, we are there.
I will need to talk to my husband once.
He won't refuse as it's for the sake of my brother.
You don't worry.
You don't have worry about this.
I still have some funds.
I am capable of managing his treatment's expenses.
I will do it. - One second...
I think before making any decision, we should ask the doctor for his advice.
Yes. - You are right.
He is right.
What do you want? I can't say whether to pull the plug or not.
This is your decision.
I understand your situation.
Do one thing, let's wait for 2-3 days...
then we will take a call. - Call?
Then we will decide.
Yes, right.
You are right.
What should I do, Rocky?
Whenever I try to talk to mom, Uncle always gives new surprises!
Don't you worry.
If your parents won't support...
we have another plan.
Let me think.
Okay I am going, it's too late. - Wait...
Hey, Rocky... - Ganpat!
Bro, how are you? What are you doing here?
I had come to meet someone.
Whom? - What?
To meet whom? Who is admitted?
Someone from my area. Bye.
I don't understand what to do about you.
I mean, why are you acting so dumb?
Can't you get such a simple thing?
Our daughter is still unmarried and son is studying...
and you promised to give money. How will you give?
I got emotional at that time.
How can you do that? From where will you give the money?
I will give it from my PPF account if required.
You don't worry. - Yes, spend all the money you have.
Spend everything!
So they will buy more flats.
Great... Just say it...
Tell me, where is his another flat?
What's the proof? You always accuse him.
I have a verified source.
They did buy a flat outside the city.
People have seen your brother in that flat often.
Not just once but many times.
And I will get the witness in front of you...
only then you will believe me I guess.
Why does elder brother always speak for everyone else?
He may join politics if he wants to be a leader.
We lost the contract and now there is one more problem.
You always crib about the budget, now what will you do?
We don't have the budget for this too.
This is not easy for me to say.
But, we have done all that we could.
We have spent all our savings.
Even loan is not being sanctioned.
And now whatever is left...
Now you and I are...
I mean...
No one will tell us that we did a wrong thing.
But now...
Now we should...
We must be... - Practical.
We must be practical, right?
Alok, I was scared in the beginning.
But I can't see his condition now.
So many tubes!
We must let him go.
Your uncle...
has put everyone in a difficult situation.
So let's...
keep the machine on for 2-3 days, then we will decide.
Will you eat something?
No, when you accept the truth, you become stable.
You have been handling it all till now, it would be great if you continue doing that...
These are the cupboard keys. Please keep it with you.
There are some ornaments in the cupboard.
Sell it to the jeweller.
We will need the money soon.
Let it be, we are there.
Brother, I know you are very generous but...
this is the right thing to do. Please take it.
Take it.
Oh, it's a fraud...
Life is a fraud.
Life is a fraud.
The one who was dearest to heart...
The one who was dearest to heart, has cheated with me!
Life is a fraud.
Life is a fraud.
My so-called brother is a cheater!
My so-called brother is a cheater!
It's such an unfortunate phase! Life has been ruined!
What a day, My God!
Your betrayal hurt me a lot, brother.
Life is a fraud.
Life is a fraud.
He left since morning. Don't know where he is.
His phone is also switched off.
God knows what happened to him! He seemed quite alright when he left.
He will come back, don't worry.
But why is he taking so much time? - I said he will come.
Did you have a quarrel with him? Oh, great. He's back.
Brother, you are back! We were so worried about you. Where were you?
What happened?
You back is dirty.
Did you fall down or something?
Did you get into a fight or what?
Uncle, are you okay? - Say something!
Turn off the machine.
What, brother? - Yes.
We all have our own responsibilities.
We all have work.
Now I can't see Deven in this condition.
Let him go.
Hey, it won't happen immediately.
Please don't stand here.
It can take hours.
Please wait outside.
Please go out.
It will take time.
Come, it will take time.
Did you get any information about the flat?
Let it be, bro.
Constantly asking about the flat...
There's another flat too.
He bought for it himself...
and he did not even inform us.
What are you saying? - Truth.
God knows what he has done with father's flat.
It's not good to ask at this time.
He is our brother...
bid him goodbye and let's leave.
So our flat is gone?
Okay, brother, as you say.
Anyway he doesn't have much time left.
And even the Doctor said that he has only a few hours.
Very good, brother!
Did you call me? - Yes, Ganpat.
You already know, our brother, Deven...
Doctor cannot say anything for sure.
We want to book a hall for his condolence meeting...
and perform the last rites.. - I have contacts!
You'll require a Priest as well right?
Yes. - Yeah.
And you'll require devotional too.
I know you will. - Yes.
And which crematorium you want me to book?
Electronic one or the wooden one?
Or both? - The one that's faster.
Okay, I'll contact them. Just a minute. - Okay.
This is called brotherhood.
There's one party...
Yes, all contracts.
Hall, cemetery, singers, priest, everything.
Singers? I said they want everything.
Can you do it? They require it by tomorrow.
What? Yeah, okay.
And yes, don't forget my five percent.
According to doctor, Deven can die anytime...
So, I have book an electronic crematorium nearby...
and I have also called a Priest at 3 PM.
Let's pray for his soul.
Answer it!
Hello? - Hello uncle, it's me Aditya.
Is Nayantara around?
Is she not with you?
She said, she was sad...
she wanted to meet you.
But she said you were going to pick her up at the gate.
Oh did she? Wow, great!
She wanted to meet and said Amit will drop her, but...
Amit, were you going to drop Nayantara?
No. - Amit knows nothing about it.
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
Uncle, I think you should know this.
I think she eloped.
What happened, dad?
Uncle, what happened?
What happened? - Police.
Police? - Call the police.
Police! - What?
Is the entire family full of jokers?
Let them go, Sir. Just find their girl first...
But I need to know something at least! How can I let them go?
I have some information.
His Aunt lives in Dadar.
And his Uncle lives in Wai.
And his sister lives in Virar.
He is an orphan, and he's not on good terms with his sister.
Wai. He must have gone to Wai.
I'll go to Virar with two people...
Govinda's Virar? - Yes.
I'll give you Dadar's address.
Dadar... - Brother, you go to Dadar, we'll go to Virar.
Yes, okay. - Hey, come on!
I'll block all the roads.
They anyway can't go out of Mumbai in such traffic. Madam, don't worry.
Mumbai Police is there, nothing will happen to your daughter.
Don't worry at all. - You sit here.
Not there, sit behind.
Sitting on police's chair!
Hello. - Hello brother, it's me Abhishek.
Is everything alright?
Hang up!
Should I come?
I am in the police station right now. I will shoot you.
Hang up!
Sir, we have found both of them.
Oh... They have found Nayantara.
That's great...
Thank you so much, sir.
This is good news.
Is my daughter okay?
What can I say? See it for yourself.
I've never seen a family full of idiots!
What? Idiots?
Hello... - Guests have reached here for giving the condolences...
Where's the family?
Oh yes!
There is some problem...
so it's not possible today.
How can you cancel this meeting?
What do you mean?
Sir, if you wait for a day more... Maybe...
What a person you are!
Has anybody ever postponed a condolence meeting?
From where have you come?
I have paid you advance...
Can't you wait for a day?
So does that mean you can keep it whenever you want?
You have booked it for today...
be it for a marriage or a condolence meeting.
I don't care! - Hello... Listen...
When will she come?
She will come. Control yourself.
Come with me.
Identify her.
I caught them.
This loafer wanted to marry your daughter.
Nayantara, did I raise you just to see this day?
Inspector, I told you...
You are wrong.
What did madam call her? Nayantara...
But she is my Rosy. - Rosy?
Yes, uncle, Rosy.
How dare you!
You made her Rosy after eloping with her!
I didn't force her to elope with me. She agreed to it.
Just ask her once...
Why don't you ask her? Go ahead!
Just ask her! She agreed to it!
Wait a minute! - Ask her!
Hey! - Stop!
Inspector! - Hit him!
Inspector, stop! - Keep hitting him!
You can't hit my would-be husband.
Then why don't you speak up?
Tell me!
Are you his wife or their daughter?
Who are you? Don't keep us in suspense.
I'm their daughter. - Yes!
As well as his would-be wife. - Yes!
I don't like the name Nayantara.
Rosy is my screen name. And I'm an adult.
I know what my rights are.
Where have you all come from?
She's an adult! - I won't spare you!
Hello? - The devotional singers, the guests; all have reached. Where's the family?
Oh. Yes.
He was about to die, but he didn't.
Have you gone crazy?
Did you book everything without any reason?
You should have first confirmed whether the patient died or not!
Confirm with whom?
Tell me!
Yamaraj? (God of Death) - Hey!
Don't shout at me if the patient is confused!
Tell me what to do now. - Hang up!
I'll call you later.
Have you lost it? - Mom, please let him go!
It's over now. It's okay. - I won't spare him!
Just calm down. - I'll kill him!
There he is!
Hello? - Where are you, Sir?
Wrong number. - I've been waiting at the crematorium since three hours!
You called me to perform the last rites for your brother.
The thing is...
Priest, he's not a body.
What do you mean? - I mean, there's a body...
but it's not dead yet. - Are you crazy?
Where's the dead body then? - We are here since two weeks, but he didn't die yet.
Your not-so-dead body has wasted so much of our time!
I'm telling you, I'll recover all my travelling expenses from you!
You don't know who I am... - Bye, Priest.
What are you doing? - Hit him!
Hit him!
Mom! - You shut up!
Stop it everybody!
Help me! - Shut up!
Everybody out! Out I said!
Everyone out except the bride, groom and the parents!
Get out everyone! Get out!
Are you special? You also get out!
Out! I want no one here!
Nonsense! - Rocky!
This is a police station, not a fish market!
Get up!
Get up I said! - Sir...
Sir, give me one chance... - I am here!
Sir, just give me a chance...
Just let me make a call.
I'll prove that I'm not lying.
Rocky is right.
He introduced me to this girl.
I tell you...
I tell you, she'll achieve success!
Let her pursue acting.
She'll make quick progress in this field!
If she makes quick progress, you also be quick and get out.
Keep your film with you!
And you, get this thing clearly...
If you marry him, we are no longer your parents!
And just come home, I'll bash you up! - No, Mom!
Just wait a minute and come with me.
Where? - Dad, you too!
Just come with me. - What is it? - Come!
Look, I will do the film...
no matter what you do.
And I was not marrying him for real.
How can I marry that cartoon?
Anyway, these are hired clothes.
Why will I marry in these clothes?
We were going to a temple, not to a court.
Understood? The director is Rocky's friend.
I'll have to do this drama, otherwise I'll lose the film.
And I want to do it no matter...
I'll give you a tight slap!
Yes, Alok?
What is it?
He's no more.
Let's go!
We'll have to make the arrangements all over again!
The funeral and all...
Let's go. - Come on!
What will others think?
You're the eldest brother, you can't sit here like this.
Everyone has reached. Come on!
I can never forget it.
We were raised together...
grew up together...
I took care of them as if they were my children!
And he didn't even tell me?
What did he think?
Would I get jealous of happiness?
You are absolutely right.
But there's no point in being angry at him now.
The one who was to die, has died.
Will you bear this burden with you all your life?
But it hurts, Sister.
Too much.
We were just coming...
All of this happened...
that's why I forgot.
I needed to tell you all something.
As it is everyone's here...
it's better I say it.
He gave his Power of Attorney to Alok.
He told that when this flat is sold after my death...
Alok will have the right only on his part, not the entire flat.
Yes, Uncle...
It will be according to my father's wish.
One more thing...
He was very proud of his brothers.
He always used to tell me, "Kadambari...
My brothers never asked anything about father's flat even once!
As human intentions change in property matters in no time.
And he wanted to give something in return for such honesty.
A few years ago, his friend was selling a flat.
At a very low cost.
So he took a loan...
and bought the flat with it and adding all of the money that he had.
He said when he would sell the flat after some years...
he'll divide the profit among him and his brothers.
And the children would also grow up by then. So it would be for their benefit.
It's quite near; in Panvel.
He wanted to give you a surprise.
But he's not here to give it.
You have been handling it all till now, so it's yours now.
No, Kadambari. This... - Please don't refuse.
That's why God called him up so soon.
And God also requires such great people.
Brother Devu!
Let's go! - My brother Devu!
She's the elder daughter.
Did you get this saree from Lucknow as well?
Hello? - I'm here, I'm coming in two minutes.