Khaleja (2010) Movie Script

Twenty people are
reduced to ashes in one month.
My father has died.
Brother has died.
l think an epidemic has
spread in our village.
Why are you so many
people dying after all? Yes?
What is our fault in it?
The entire village will
converted into a cemetery.
And we can't do anything?!
lsn't there any remedy?
The total figure is 534, Siddha.
Only this many people
are alive in the village.
Born in 9 planets, 12 star signs,
27 constellations..
..a valiant will come
here within 48 days.
Go! Go and search him
in the north direction.
The wind is showing
you the direction.
This land will protect you.
Siddha, nothing will happen to you.
Nothing will happen to you.
Go. Go soon. Go.
Whom do l have to find?
That man's face
will be very glorious.
His glowing facial
features will be like fire.
A storm! He will run like a storm!
But how will l find him?
You will hear his
voice automatically.
The birds and animals
will shout in a loud voice.
The rain will
welcome him on this land.
The soil of this place will dance.
Even the slight sound he
makes will also echo all around.
The one whom you want to see
will appear in front of you.
The sky will enthrone him.
The fire will dance to
the tune of his fingers.
His touch will put a tilak
(mark) of blood on your forehead.
Even the death
shivers at his sight..
..whose touch will
make you more powerful!
On watching him, even the
little children will start smiling.
On whose touch even a hut
will change into a palace.
Go and bring him,
Siddha. Go and bring him.
Yes. Siddha, be careful.
Do not look into his eyes.
Call him not with the voice of
your throat, but that of your heart.
lf he comes, this
village will be saved.
Nothing will happen to you.
Go and call him. Go.
Om Namah Shivai!
- The shield of death.
What is this?
This village has to be
saved within 48 days by Siddha.
Shoot him. Shoot him. Kill him.
Shoot him. Kill him.
Kill him.
Come on. Let's return.
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Stop. Stop. Stop!
- Please stop, brother.
How are you feeling
on watching this spot?
l am feeling hot.
- Obviously you will feel.
Think something new.
l love this place.
l feel like camping here.
No! This is bad.
Never mind if it is bad.
Whoever will watch this program,
he will go mad.
Why are you saying this, sir?
- Then what else, brother?
lf you tell them to make a
documentary on Rajasthan..
..everyone shows the camels,
sand dunes and rocks. - Yes.
We should cover the
entire Rajasthan. - How?
There is a way. l will show you.
- Yes.
Enjoy the breeze. Touch the
plants and trees. - Oh, oh!
We will take this
desert in our clutches.
We will take it in our clutches?
- Yes.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! l tore the
land open and popped up?
Why are you asking me? l
didn't understand it either.
l thought l had a heart fail.
l had slept on the
ground last night.
lt means the land covered you?
l thought l will go
around the entire Rajasthan..
..but after l fell asleep l
felt as if the land was revolving.
- Goodness me!
But what is all this
after all, brother?
lt is dust, brother.
You will get rid of it
when you rub it off.
Do not sneeze,
Babulal, you will die.
How do you know that
my name is Babulal?
l have come to know
from your identity card.
Why are you so surprised?
Are you from Mumbai?
Yes, brother. l have come here to
make a documentary film on Rajasthan.
Brother, actually l really
love Rajasthan's climate. - Oh!
l am the director and
they are my assistants.
Huh? Where have they disappeared?
Did they run away when l shouted?
A coward can never become an
assistant director. - What?
We will talk rest of
the things later. - Yes.
Go and bring the luggage first.
- Yes, l will bring it right now.
- Yes?
Will you feel bad if l
ask something? - No.
Have you come to the
desert to shoot a documentary..
..or to do romance
with the heroines?
l don't make any
relations with the girls. - What?
By the way, l don't have any
relations with the girls too.
Are you that?
- What?
Sir, by the way, for what
work have you come here?
Me, right?
- Yes.
To dry the clothes
in bright sunshine.
You are not replying any
of my questions correctly.
Will l reply
correctly if you ask me?
Do you know Hardoike Raju?
- l love him.
He is grandfather's darling.
That is my name.
So you are Hardoike Raju?
Yes. lt was a long name, so
l kept a short name as Raju.
How is my name?
- lt sounds good to hear.
And while uttering it too.
- Oh!
Sir, what is your father?
l don't have my parents.
My grandfather is all l have.
He is a teacher. He
teaches in school too.
He takes the class at home too.
Honestly speaking, he is a bookworm.
lf he gives a gift, he
gives a pen or pencil only.
l was fed up of studying.
There is maid who does
all the household chores..
..while watching TV.
And this is the cook. She
cooks while reading a book.
And this is the photo of my parents.
'Grandfather, take the
progress report. - Very good.'
What should l tell you, Babulal?
There was no happiness
on grandfather's face..
..even if l scored
90 marks out of 100.
'You have scored only
90 marks out of 100?!'
'lf this goes on, what
will you do when you grow up?'
'l have got a job as a
taxi driver, grandfather.'
'You have diabetes so
l didn't bring sweets.'
'Never mind, son. You have
become self-sufficient.'
We had a son after ten
months of our marriage.
l had been on a
pilgrimage since six months..
..and a son was
born to my wife here.
l want to make him a doctor.
By the way, if you see the
old records of me and my wife..
..he will never become a doctor.
l will have to give
donations and l need money for it.
And if we don't make him a
doctor due to lack of money..
..then he will become a
driver like you when he grows up.
That's why l have
opened this travels agency.
That is the car and this is the key.
Keep this identity card.
All the best.
This car is small. Don't
you have a bigger one?
My friend owns a transport office.
Shall l send you there?
You have a good sense of humor.
- Yes.
l want to ask you something.
Will you mind it? - Not at all.
Ask without hesitation.
Don't feel bad.
- l won't.
You were on a
pilgrimage for six months..
..then how did your
wife become pregnant?
'No otherjob is as
carefree as a taxi driver's job.'
'You do not have to
give a reply to anyone..'
'..or take orders from anyone.'
Hey, don't take the right,
but the left turn.
'Stop your stupid voice, idiot.'
From the left?
- Yes.
Brother, are you
driving a bullock-cart?
Drive faster or l will miss
the flight. - Certainly, sir.
'lf you take one more round,
your kidney or liver will pop out.'
Rs. 300, sir.
- What?
Rs. 300, sir.
''Wretched man, is it
your father's road?''
''l too have the same
right on it as you.''
''You have challenged a
brave man by mistake.''
''Look, l too know to abuse.''
''Goons and criminals salute me.''
''Buddy, l will teach you a lesson.''
''First your car will be damaged.''
''All the public will
watch your scene.''
''l will make your
condition such today..''
''..that you will never be
able to drive a car again.''
''l will make you pay.''
''l will make you pay dearly.''
''l won't come in
anyone's hands now.''
''l drive a taxi. A
taxi on the road.''
''l drive a taxi. A
taxi on the road.''
''No one is greater
than me in this world.''
''No car is better than my taxi.''
''l have changed the
directions of many storms.''
''My taxi runs faster
than an aeroplane''
- lt's time to go!''
- Yes!''
''l will never be scared of anyone.''
''l will live with my head high.''
''l will win the game, l
will play all the moves.''
''l have seen great ones like me.''
''Does anyone have the
guts to fight with me?''
''l will thrash him so hard
that he will never forget it.''
''l drive a taxi. A
taxi on the road.''
''No one can stop my taxi.''
''l drive a taxi. A
taxi on the road.''
''No one can stop my taxi.''
''No one has ever
been able to stop me.''
''No one has ever been
able to block my path.''
''No one has ever been
able to win over me.''
''No one has ever been
able to give me a reply.''
''Taxi. Taxi.''
''Whenever l rotate the steering.''
''A feeling of fear
spreads all around.''
''No one ever challenge
me or mess with me.''
''Look at me. Know me. l
will reach my destination.''
''l promise, l will touch the
sky with my hands one day.''
''l drive a taxi. A
taxi on the road.''
''No one has ever
been able to stop me.''
''l drive a taxi. A
taxi on the road.''
''No one has ever been
able to block my path.''
Brother, by the way,
you didn't tell me..
..why you have come to Rajasthan?
Who comes without any reason?
You think l am mad?
l am trapped in
some trouble, brother.
The name of that
troublemaker is Sumita.
Her height is 5.10 inches.
5.10inches?! - Yes,
brother. She is like a pillar.
By the way, she looks mind blowing,
but she is dangerous.
She has played a
special role in my life.
l have met her four times.
Then what? The
autumn arrived in monsoon.
Meeting no. 1 . We had
met in a college campus.
Which college?
- To hell with the college.
l don't have to
take admission there.
An amazing earthquake
had occurred when l..
..spoke to her for the first time.
Strange people were roaming around..
..and on the top of it l
was receiving phone calls.
'Welcome to Astro-world.
- Yes.'
'Please tell me your date of birth.'
'Mine? One minute.'
- Yes?'
'Brother from Kerela,
please walk ahead..'
'..otherwise the people
will think we are together.'
Sure. Sure. Let's walk ahead.
'lt is 9th October.'
'9th October? Yes. Today you
will meet a person in blue dress.'
'And your life will completely
change because of that person.'
'Yeah. Whatever!'
'Hey, my cap.'
'Do you want a taxi?
- No.'
'Shall l carry your
things to the car?'
'No, no. l will go myself.'
- No, thanks.'
'Take it. Tea?
- No, thank you.'
'Thumbs up?
- No.'
'Sweetheart, shall we sit and talk?'
'Sir, what should l bring?
- Bring anything.'
'Okay, sir.'
'ls this called life?
There is no joy or happiness.'
'She has refused flatly. Dammit!'
'Buddy, stop playing. Please.
Please, l beg of you. - Okay.'
'l am sorry. - What are you saying?
Don't you know to drive?'
'Look my car is damaged.
- l.. l am sorry..'
'Can't you drive carefully?
Who allotted the license to you?'
'See the condition of my car.'
'What's wrong, brother?
Why are you shouting?'
'She has wrecked my car.'
'Did you dash it?
- No, l was just turning it around.'
'You should have done it carefully.
- No, l was reversing it slowly..'
'A hard push, but it
has dashed slowly.'
'This is the condition of my
car when she dashed slowly.'
'What if she dashed hardly?'
'Hey! She is a girl. Don't
show your manliness at her.'
'l will give him compensation.'
'Darling, have you gone crazy?'
'He will rob millions
of rupees from you..'
' the name of compensation.'
'l am here. l will
handle the situation.'
'All right?
- Okay.'
'Brother, if she would
have done purposely..'
' could have sent
her behind bars. - Yes.'
'But she has done it unknowingly..'
' take Rs. 100
or 150 and go away.'
'Rs. 100 or 150?!
- Rs. 500!'
'l know this girl. Take Rs. 500.'
'Brother, it is a car.
- l didn't say it's an elephant.'
'Settle the matter for Rs. 500.'
'lt is fine for me,
but what about the taxi?'
'Taxi? The same which you
find at the railway station..'
'..with a black and
yellow combination?'
'No, not that. The
white car of Orange cab.'
'Goodness me! l am about
to get a heart stroke.'
'ls it written in blue on the side?'
'lt is written in blue,
but why are you crying?'
'lt is my taxi, brother.
- What?! lt is your taxi?'
'Oh, my God! l am ruined.'
'Darling has said that
she has dashed slowly?'
'l am sorry.'
'Oh, my God! lt is the same blue.'
'Damn you! So you
predict the future?'
- Welcome to Astro-world.'
'Yes. Who usually
predicts the future there?'
'Astrologer Anil Awasthi.
- Astrologer Anil Awasthi? l see.'
Where will l find him now?
'Ask anyone his address in Bandra.'
'He is very famous?
- Yes.'
'Look, shall l predict his future?
- Sure.'
'One man in white dress is
going to meet him in the evening.'
'Oh, wow! - After that Mr. Anil
Awasthi will walk on one leg.'
'But why? - Because l am
going to break his other leg.'
'Damn his prediction.'
'Meeting no. 2.' What
do you call the place..
..where you park your car?
- Parking place.
Yes. Parking place. There.
'Okay? So won't you
recognize me now? Hello! Come here.'
- Come here. Come.'
'l am sorry, l
didn't recognize you.'
'l am really sorry about that day.'
'l really didn't mean to do that.'
'Actually there were
many people there..'
' l got scared and left.'
'Actually it's my first accident.
l hope you understand.'
'First the glass. Second
the light. Third, the dent.'
'Thirty abuses from my boss.'
'The total is amount Rs. 8,950.'
'You can't escape by saying,
'l am sorry. l am very sorry.'
'l didn't know anything.'
'l will pay the amount. By
the way, how much is it?'
'Rs. 8,950. Give Rs.
10,000 as the round figure.'
'Rs. 9,000 is the round figure
for the amount Rs. 8,950, right?'
'There are more rounds
in Rs. 10,000. - Yes.'
'Take it.'
'She dashed it again? l am doomed.'
'Come out! Get down.'
'Damn you. Come out. Come out.'
'How will you be able
to see if you drive..'
'..wearing black goggles?'
'My side mirror is damaged.'
'Why are you glaring at me
like this? Will you kill me?'
'Are you angry at me?'
'You are too much.
You dashed my car.'
'You glared at me.
And you will kill me?'
'Then of what use am l? Lower
your eyes. Lower your eyes.'
'Otherwise l will gouge
them out. Lower your eyes.'
'What are you saying to madam?'
'l have not thought of anything
yet. Tell me if you have any idea.'
'Will l remain silent if
you will molest this girl?'
'l don't want a drama.
You go and do shopping.'
'Don't boast about your manliness.'
'A brave man like me
too lives in this city.'
'l will kill you, rogue.'
'l give you one minute's time.'
'lf you don't leave from here,
you will never be able..'
' do what you were saying.'
'The God in heaven will punish you.'
'l didn't hear.
- l know you have heard it.'
'Speak loudly.
- l won't say anything else.'
'He was boasting on seeing a girl..'
'..and he has fled
on watching a dagger.'
'You were provoking him,
assuming that the matter will end..'
'..if l'll be dead.'
'l won't take a big
risk for a side mirror.'
'How much do you want?'
'l liked you because
everyone talks with their mouth..'
'..but you talk with money.'
'You think that you will
buy me on the basis money..'
' take out a bundle of notes.'
'Right now l don't have any cash.'
'So will you give me tomorrow?'
'So tell me.. where
should l meet you, darling?'
'What should l say, friend?'
Our third meeting was in a
coffee shop. That Farishta.
Not Farishta, but Barista.
Yes, l know. l know.
Hello? Listen quietly
what l am saying. Okay?
Hi! - Oh my God! Have you
forgotten to wear your pants?
Shut up!
- l see. So it is so short?
How much?
- How much is the calculation?
l will check and tell you.
l think she has a
lot of money. Sir, pen.
Two Mocha please.
- Okay, ma'am.
But why the Mocha? You
could have ordered for coffee.
That is also a coffee, sir.
You all sell the coffee by
such strange names. Go ahead.
Ma'am, here.
- Thank you.
Excuse me, sugar?
''Listen, O' beauty.''
''You look ravishing.''
''Don't cast a spell
with your eyes, damsel.''
''Listen, O' beauty.''
''You look ravishing.''
''Don't cast a spell
with your eyes, damsel.''
''Your face always
blooms in my eyes.''
''No, no. No, no.''
''Your magic works
whenever l confront you.''
''lt happens in love.''
''Come on, let's go.''
''Far away.''
''Don't stop. Come on,
everything is moving on.''
''Come on, let's go.''
''Far away.''
''Don't stop. Come on,
everything is moving on.''
''Unite our hearts.
Why is this distance?''
''We both are young.''
''You are with me. Oh, God,
it's fantastic.''
''The land and sky are dancing.''
''You are a cool boy.''
''Sometimes when you
give me a problem.''
''Come closer, become my sweetheart.''
''Come and settle in my heart.''
''You are my darling.
My heart is burning.''
''l wonder what
will happen about me.''
''Just chill boy,
don't say that again.''
''What if we have a
fight in such a situation?''
''Oh, silly boy, don't say that.''
''Sometimes when you
give me a problem.''
''Sometimes when you
give me a problem.''
''Come closer, become my sweetheart.''
''Come and settle in my heart.''
''Listen, O' beauty.''
''You look ravishing.''
''Don't cast a spell
with your eyes, damsel.''
''Listen, O' beauty.''
''You look ravishing.''
''Don't cast a spell
with your eyes, damsel.''
''Your face always
blooms in my eyes.''
''lt happens in love.''
''Come on, let's go.''
''Far away.''
''Don't stop. Come on,
everything is moving on.''
''Come on, let's go.''
''Far away.''
''Don't stop. Come on,
everything is moving on.''
Will you take us to
Geological Survey of lndia?
Yes. Please sit.
Sir, you go, l will reach
within half an hour. - Okay!
Hello, Dr. Paranje speaking.
ls it director sir? - Yeah!
Sir, the building
is under renovation.
They say there is no one there.
But today is a working day.
Please come, Mr. Paranje.
Okay, sir.
Sir, are you a doctor?
- Yes.
l am feeling
exhaustion since a few days.
Please recommend me
anything else besides food.
l am not a medical doctor.
- Then?
l have done Phd in Geology.
Then l got this title.
There is such a thing too?
- Yes.
What does Geology mean?
- Earth science.
The science which informs about
the metals beneath the earth..
..and the rocks above it.
l have understood.
Senior officer is going to come.
Bring this board down. - Yes, sir.
Slowly. Carefully.
- Okay, sir.
Yes. l am doing it, sir.
- Carefully!
Yes, one minute. One minute.
- Yes, carefully.
Sir, your wallet?
They killed him?!
You are shocked just to hear it.
Then what must be my
condition on watching it?
l was terribly shocked.
Okay! So what happened
about the other one?
How sad! - He was like
junior Abhishek Bachchan.
He was finished within a moment.
You have told me everything,
but the reason..
..that why you have
come to Rajasthan.
The good news is, the
life insurance company.. giving a
compensation of Rs. 200,000.
The bad news is, it will
cost Rs. 300,000 for CPR.
So shall l deduct Rs. One million
rupees slowly from your salary?
My salary is Rs. 6,000. lf
you will deduct from it too..
..then how will l survive?
Don't talk great things.
l will explain it.
lt was Dilawar Singh
who fell on your car.
There is an insurance of Rs.
500,000 on his name.
He is a resident of Rajasthan.
l have prepared all the documents.
This is a cheque of Rs. 500,000.
You give it to his wife
and bring Rs. 100,000.
Yes, as if she would
be waiting for me..
Why will she give me Rs. 100,000?
You have done the
accidents and didn't l spend on it?
Alright. l will give a
new car. You go by it.
l can never forget the food and
grandfather's scolding of that day.
Along with forgetting the way in
the desert, l lost my money too.
The situation was such that l
had to rob drinking water too.
This is my story, Babulal.
Bring two bread, one potato
and cabbage dish and buttermilk.
Smear a dash of butter to bread.
And for you, sir?
- No fat. No oil. No spice.
lf you have any dishes
without them, then bring them.
Lord Bholenath, where will
he be in the three worlds?
Mr. Banwari! Mr.
Banwari, have they come?
Yes. They are arrived, madam.
l want to go to party.
l am getting late.
Yes, l know. You dance the
entire night, flirt around..
..and sleep
peacefully during the day.
l know what your problem is.
Good evening, sir.
You had wished me 'good
morning' in the morning..
..then why 'good evening' now?
You have got a habit of forgetting.
What will we do till
they come, sir?
You wear a skirt. l will wear pants.
We will dance in front of them.
Okay, sir. - What else? She is
talking about going to a party.
Her mother is drinking tea.
Her father is sucking
my blood. And.. - Hello?
l will call you later.
- Sir, juice?
You drink it. Drink it.
Hi, uncle.
- l am Law. Father-in-law.
- Hi.
Oh, grandfather has come.
Grandfather has come.
Mr. DP, you have got a very
beautiful house. - Thank you.
What about GK?
- He is actually out of lndia.
But we can't wait. Sorry.
- Let's go.
She is my wife.
- Hello.
They are our legal advisors.
Mr. Banwari.
- Sir.
Oh, it's okay. You
have very good values.
lt's a beautiful place.
Bobby, why don't you
take a picture? - Sure.
Mr. Banwari, you click it.
She always tells me to
click the important photos.
Because you will not be
included in the photo.
Mr. Banwari.
- Sir?
You go now.
- What shall l bring?
Come later. Okay?
- Hello.
Hello, aunt.
- She is my daughter, Sumita.
l am giving her to you. Go.
Are you sure, uncle?
- Hundred percent.
ls it your chopper?
- Yeah!
Hello? Yeah, we are starting now.
Thank you.
lt's beautiful!
Let's go.
How did you arrange all this?
lf you wish, you can keep
this moon in your balcony too.
Excuse me!
- Yeah.
Hello? Yeah? l am a
little busy right now.
So call me in the morning.
Thanks. Yeah.
Hey, Sumita.
Hey, Sumita! Hey, Sumita, wait!
Sumita, wait!
Listen to me.
- Yes?
Sumita is missing in Rajasthan.
That condom packet. l am sorry, dad.
What have you done? What did
you think about that girl?
A call girl who demands money?
l am making a business deal of Rs.
4 billion with her father.
Everything is ruined
because of your foolishness.
Stay out! Everyone is useless.
ls it? ls it not there?
Hello? Yes, sir.
l am sorry, Mr. Durga Prasad.
My son has made a mistake.
Your daughter will be with you
within 24 hours. Without fail.
Hey, go and check the work.
lmpractical guys! They don't
know any planning as well.
Brother, do you see
any sea in front of you?
lt is not a sea, but
your misconception.
You mean a mirage?
- Yes.
lt means it is a deception.
A person's mind is so strange.
You have come here just
one day ago, right? - Yes.
That's why you see sea all around.
- l see.
l have come here since
last three days. - Really?
Look there. lt seems
really Sumita is coming.
Hey, Raju! - Brother, it
seems she is coming running.
- Yes.
First it seemed she
was coming walking.
Brother, is it any mirage too?
- lt shouldn't be.
Oh, my God!
Thank God to see you, Raju.
From last night l just see animals..
..and not a single human being.
Please take me home.
l'll give you as much money as
you want. Rs. 2,000 or 3,000.
Your round figure, Rs. 5,000.
Oh, l am so sorry. l
am Sumita. And you?
- Documentary? What are you saying?
Babulal. How did you come here?
That's a long story.
l had come here with someone
yesterday in a helicopter.
And today l have
duped him and run away.
But there is no taxi
or auto-rickshaw here.
What kind of a place is this?
You know, the mosquitoes bit me..
..and made me miserable
the whole night. Look here.
Do you know where we are right now?
Perhaps 20 or 30
kilometres away from Mumbai?
Raju, l need a shower badly.
By the way, where have
you parked your taxi?
A miracle occurred when you
hit me on my head that day.
l had to stay in the
hospital for three days.
The very next day, the unlucky
planet showed such an effect..
..that two men ready
to die boarded my taxi.
l dropped them at the office.
They went inside.
Someone shot them
and one of them died.
And the second one? Oh, my God!
This is the highlight. lt's
amazing. Very interesting.
He came running
and fell on my taxi..
..and the taxi sank in the land.
l have heard a new
showroom has opened here.
l thought of buying
a new taxi from here.
And you want a taxi? You will
get a camel here, she-camel.
lf you don't find it,
l will bend down.. sit on me and
l'll carry you.
You mean..
Mumbai is only 20-30
kilometres away from here?
Damn you!
Pakistan is close by. Look here.
Look at that sign.
Did you see?
- Oh!
There are such big mosquitoes here.
lf the snake of
this place bites you.. won't even ask for water.
Madam, why did you
leave the helicopter..
..and get trapped here in Rajasthan?
The matter is not so.
He had condoms.
There were more risks so..
l don't have that too.
So there is more risk.
Please take me to Mumbai right now.
Why are you panicking? Accompany me.
You will die. - Don't scare us.
He always keeps on joking.
We will find some
railway station nearby..
..and we will depart to
Mumbai from there. - Yes.
Will you go out of here
with my darling? - Yes.
There is a limit of madness.
Babulal, while roaming in the sun,
you have lost your balance.
Forget him. You come with me.
Raise it.
- What?
Raise your skirt.
Hey, what are you looking at?
Her thighs are strong, Babulal.
We can't build such thighs. Come on.
Come and jump on me.
Make me a bubblegum..
..and stick me on the ground.
Man with small eyes!
- l have small eyes?
Whom did you call that?
- Leave me. Leave me.
Look! Look how she
is glaring at me..
..and she is standing
like a pillar. l will..
Sir! Sir! Sir! Forget it. She is
a poor girl. Come on. Let's go.
Oh, my God!
l am going home, Babulal.
- What?
l am fed up of her.
Lord Bajranbali!
You hit so perfectly. What an aim!
That's what l was saying
since such a long time.
Do you know how to play football?
Yes. l was forward in my school.
l was a goalkeeper in
my college, you know.
Really? So stop this.
Oh, no! Oh, no! You have killed him.
Babulal, get up! Get up, Babulal!
Oh, darn! He is bleeding too.
Give your scarf.
- No, no, why should l?
You give him yours.
You have hit him and
you are asking my scarf?
No, come on, give it quickly.
- No, l won't.
So you won't agree easily.
l will tear it away myself.
What are you doing? You
know how much it costs? ldiot!
Tell me, what happened, brother?
She made a goal and you missed it.
Brother, why is her dress torn up?
l have used it. - Oh! You used
her?! lt means you used her?!
There is a lot of sand here.
lt is very useful
for the sand sellers.
We don't have any benefit, Babulal.
Who named you Babulal?
Actually my father used to
work as an officer in the army.
That's why my mother
named me after his name.
Okay, Babulal, tell me,
where your parents stay?
My mother is in Mumbai
and father is in Bihar.
Sumita, your name is beautiful.
lt is an old-fashioned name.
lt is a long name.
Sumo. lt will be
short and comfortable.
What is this Sumo? Short
and simple. Call me Su.
Susu means peeing. Will it be fine?
Sumo is dead.
l am trying to
download her in this system.
Sumo is a witch.
- Yes.
Sumo is a she-demon.
- Fantastic.
Babulal, we will form a
sentence out of it. - Why not?
Let's declare Sumo's death
day as National holiday.
Sumo's murderer will
not get any punishment.
We will give him a reward too.
ln fact we will distribute
sweets to the countrymen..
..on Sumo's death day.
With biscuits.
- Yes.
Babulal! Babulal! Oh, God!
Your dress will be
reduced to a bikini..
..if you will hit
Babulal twice more.
And l will die within this time.
Sumo! Sumo!
- Yes?
You are looking very sexy.
Brother, it seems
to be a school bus.
Come on, hurry up. Hurry up.
No one is seen around, brother.
The keys are there too. Let's go.
No, brother, what if it
explodes as soon we start it? - Why?
Perhaps someone
has installed a bomb.
Darn you!
Am l Sonia Gandhi and
you are Manmohan Singh..
..that someone will
stop a bus here for us..
..install a bomb in it
and make it explodes?
Are you a fool?
You talk just nonsense.
Hey, someone is over there.
Brother, wait. He is
doing something there.
l am uprooting the plant.
lt is such a
fantastic melon, brother.
My name is Babulal.
l am Tom Cruise.
What sort of name is it?
- My parents have named it.
l was a child, so l
couldn't object it.
By the way, what work do you do?
- Plant toxins.
- What? What?
l am doing a research on
whether the plants have any poison.
So does it contain poison?
- lt is fantastic.
Hey, don't touch.
This is very dangerous.
lt will cause septic
if it pierces you.
lf it enters your body, you
won't get time to reach home.
You will be buried here.
To take it in a dickey.
- lt's difficult.
ln a train.
- No.
ln a flight.
- Never.
Fantastic. Clever boy.
That's why l have brought this bus.
- l got it, brother.
He is going. He is going.
Ask him for a lift. Ask him.
Brother Tom. Brother Tom.
- What is it?
Please give us a lift.
- Why should l?
We will die in this sun.
- Then die.
Forget about us.
Think about that girl.
A girl? Where is she?
Where? - Such a beautiful
girl is right in front of you.
l see. This baby?
- Yes!
She looks very strong.
She can carry you. Why
do you want her? Please.
Don'tjoke. Darling, come here.
- l see! Darling!
You people having fun?
Even she loves plants
just like you do. - What?
- Yes.
- Hi, l am Tom..
We were affected by her slowly.
But he slipped immediately.
- Forget it, brother.
A desert has sand
and sand has holes.
Are you okay?
What can l say? l'll have to.
l'll speak.
Excuse me, sir. You
help me to get up.
You pick it up.
Thank you.
May l help you?
- Hey, don't touch.
l will, okay?
Hey, give me that.
Thank you.
Tom, listen.
Will you give us a lift, please?
What an amazing style!
- Yes.
lf only she was mine..
..l would've given her a lift.
Lift. Come.
Thank you.
What do say now, Babulal?
Forget it, sir.
Handle.. - lf there's a screw,
it'll be loose. And it'll come off.
- Forget your discussion.
Help Tom first.
God! Tom. Come.
Road is unruly.
lf you don't mind,
can l kill this girl?
What? What did he say?
He is thinking of killing
my darling. - You'll kill?
lf l had strength, l
would've killed her all on my own.
But she is strong.
That's why l need help.
- But what has she done?
What has she done? l
fell down in the hole.. soon as she touched me.
The second time, l flew up
in the air and fell down.
Sometimes it's in
people's legs and sometimes.. the tongue.
She has it in all her body.
- What?
lron. She's an iron lady.
- Correct.
l am saying the same thing.
But Babulal doesn't agree.
Let him not agree.
Both of us do know, right?
This is wrong.
- What is wrong?
She wants to kill me. ls that right?
How can you know in stray incidents?
But what do you say
about what happened with us?
That was not an incident.
lt was an accident.
l will prove it.
What is it?
- Mosquito.
What happened? Nothing.
Shano. Come here quickly.
See, we have guests in the village.
Let's give them food.
You said something
is about to happen.
They are giving us
food without asking.
- Yes.
Not everyone is bad.
There are good people too.
There are no plants around here.
Mobiles are not working.
Something's wrong, brother.
Not something, brother.
l feel everything is wrong.
Could there be a
knife in the carrier?
How can she get a knife?
She seems like a knife herself.
Yes, it'll be better if you
do research on plants with..
..fruits rather than thorns.
Take. Take.
- Thank you aunt.
Enough! Enough.
- Take.
- Thank you.
The food was good, right?
- Yes. Very tasty.
lt was for free. lt had to be tasty.
Hey, where is my bus, man?
Hey, where are those people?
Oh my God!
Bus! Bus!
God! They fed us and
took the bus away.
So, Babulal. You said
that not everyone's bad.
There are good people too.
The hands that fed us
stole the bus parts too. - Yes.
You made Tom incur loss.
- What?
Loss, brother.
- lt's okay.
Have you read the book
called Secret? - What?
Reading people's secret
books is not a good habit.
l love attraction.
- Meaning?
She has negative attraction.
Touch her..
- You'll burn.
Hold her..
- You'll burn, brother.
lf you marry her?
- Sand.
- You'll turn into sand.
So what should we do, sir?
- Let's kill her.
Correct, sir. Kill her.
l won't interfere.
There is a village called Girdwara.
- Yes.
Dilwara Singh's family stays there.
- Okay.
We'll give them 5,00,000
and get one back. - Good.
And then in the night,
Babulal and l will..
..hold her legs and you..
- Yes.
No sir, don't get me into all
these matters. Please. - Raju!
Yes, darling. - You wanted to
go to Girdwara village, right?
Why, is it in your bag?
No, it is here.
My lovely staring..
Dilwar Singh's house?
This is the one, sir.
l am Dilwar's dad.
You? Come in.
Come in. Sit.
After my son passed away, even
his friends stopped coming here.
There are small children at home,
and l am old.
There is nothing to eat at home.
Though you don't know us,
you came this far to pay us.
You are God for us, sir.
You are God for us.
You are God for us.
After his son died, even
his friends didn't look back.
He's happy that you're helping
him despite being a stranger.
Should l ask about your share?
How can you ask now?
Have you seen his state?
They don't have enough to eat.
How will they pay 1 ,00,000?
l don't want it. The
owner will ask for money.
l'll give it. l'll
take a loan and pay it.
Or l'll take it from grandpa.
He's my grandpa after all.
lt got out of my hands.
Okay. Sit.
Hey, come here.
Have fun! Go.
Don't stare. You'll get it too.
''He plays a sweet tune.
Radha is impressed.''
''Gopis call for Girdhar Nandlala.''
''He plays a sweet tune.
Radha is impressed.''
''Gopis call for Girdhar Nandlala.''
''Gopis call for Girdhar Nandlala.''
''l can't say it.''
''l can't say it.''
''l can't stay without saying it.''
''l can't stay without saying it.''
''l can't say it.''
''l can't stay without saying it.''
''There is a fire that is
making my heart suffer.''
''l'm awake all night.
Sleep eludes me.''
''This restlessness of
the heart is my love.''
''l will tell her today.''
''l'll tell her.''
''l'll tell her
honestly that l love her.''
''l'll tell her all the secrets
that are hidden in my heart.''
''Why doesn't she tell me?''
''Why doesn't she tell me
the secrets of her heart?''
''She can't say that
she's in love too.''
''She can't stay away.
She doesn't come close.''
''The heart doesn't agree. l
can't take this pain anymore.''
''Today she will speak.''
''He has my heart. He's mine.''
''l love him. l've
to say this today.''
''Dance, dance, dance, Girdhar.''
''Dance, dance, dance,
- Girdhar.''
''Dance, dance, dance.
- Girdhar.''
''Dance, dance, dance,
- Girdhar.''
''Dance, dance, dance, Girdhar.''
''Dance, dance, dance.
- Girdhar.''
''Dance, dance, dance, Girdhar.''
''Dance, dance, dance, Girdhar.''
''Girdhar plays flute!'' ''Gopala!''
''By playing, he steals hearts.
Girdhar Nandlala.''
''There wasn't a moment
that was spent without you.''
''Without you.''
''Your dreams are
growing in my eyes.''
''My days go by because of you.''
''l've become yours.
l'm lost in you.''
''Now l've to stay in
your arms. l've to stay.''
''Wherever you go, stay in my heart.''
''Darling, it is because of
you that l deck myself up.''
''Govinda.'' ''Govinda.''
''Govinda.'' ''Govinda.''
''l am Radha.''
Will you travel all night to
cover three hundred kilometres?
Don't you have a brain?
- Sorry sir.
Babulal. Has our car come?
Yes, as soon as l got network,
l called them.
They got it.
- Yes sir.
Thank God. The car
came at the right moment.
Good that you got the car.
Go and get the luggage. - Yes.
One minute, brother. Madam, you too.
Brother Raju, there's a
bus stop called Abor..
..which is thirty minutes from here.
Every evening, a bus
leaves at five from there.
lf we miss it, we'll have
to wait till the next day.
lf you walk fast, we
can catch it. Come on.
That means, you'll leave us here.
- Go.
What are you saying?
- Should l give my life?
This is the grace of
God that l got saved.
Or else, l would've
died because of her.
Sorry, ma'am. Don't mind.
Poor Tom's shriek is
still echoing in my ears.
What are you
looking at? Get the car.
Nothing will happen this time.
Brother Raju, forgive me.
l'm with you.
- To see my corpse.
Speed up.
Don't leave me and go. Babulal!
Why are you looking like that?
You think he'll come back?
That lousy guy will never come back.
Go and get the bag or
we'll miss the bus too.
Babulal has become so smart!
Raju! Raju!
Raju! Raju!
Get up, Raju!
Raju! Raju!
When the bus was about
to leave in the evening..
..someone stabbed him.
Please help me to take
him to the hospital.
l stabbed him.
Just a second.
ls he the one?
Yes. Chatrapati Raju.
His height is six feet.
Black eyes.
- That's right.
There is one tooth
missing on the right.
Everything else is okay.
How did all this happen?
l stabbed him on the back.
lt's an internal injury, sir.
There are no blood stains outside.
Okay, where is the girl?
She's here, sir. She's with me.
What should l do with him?
Which swine stabbed me?
Tell me, who stabbed me?
l'll kill him only.
Or else, l'll kill everyone.
He ran away, sir.
lf you remain quiet,
l'll make this okay.
You're attacking me from
behind like a lousy man?
Your arms can't harm me.
These are like toys for me. Got it?
- Hey, kill that swine!
Yes, you'll try to kill me and
l'll just keep watching you.
Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.
Hit the swine! Hit him.
Will you extract this and hit me?
- No!
Tell me.
- No!
You swine!
lf l put this into your palm,
you'll have to eat..
..with your left hand, swine!
Come on, come on. This is your turn.
You're their leader, right?
lf l kill you, all the
problems will be solved.
Wait, one minute.
One minute. Come on.
Did it hurt? l got hurt too.
Got it?
You don't have the guts
to attack from the front.
You attacked from behind?
Here you are.
- No!
l am not like you!
Hey, wait. Swine!
Where are you running?
Trying to run away!
'You can hear his voice.'
'The five ghosts will
shout in a loud tone.'
'The rains will
welcome him on this earth.'
Hail Lord Shiva!
'The earth here will
dance aggressively.'
'Even the smallest sound he
makes will echo all over.'
'The one you want to see
will come to you on your own.'
'The sky will welcome
the one you want to see.'
'The fire will dance
aggressively if he's angry.'
Fire! Fire!
l want fire!
l want fire!
'Your forehead will
have a stain of blood..'
'..when he touches you.'
'Even death is scared of him.
Your strength will..'
'..increase when he touches you.'
'Small kids smile on seeing him.
Even small huts become..'
'..palaces when he touches.'
'You wanted to see him.
You saw him.'
Sir, save me. Sir, save me.
Forgive me, sir. Forgive me.
Save me first.
He's come.
- He's come.
He's come.
- He's come.
Hail the lord!
Hail the lord!
- Hail the lord!
Have you gone blind?
- Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
Where are we?
- Pali.
- Andhra Pradesh.
Tell me, didn't you
get any hospital in..
You and your driving!
You never use the brakes.
lt seems there's no gear
other than the first one.
Tell me.
- Yes.
What kind of a village is this?
What is it?
- Everyone in this village..
..thinks you're God.
- God!
You should've told the taxi driver.
But he said that Sri Krishna was..
..Arjun's driver.
- Who said that?
Hail the lord!
- Hail the lord!
- Yes.
Have you started
the standing program?
Very nice! Very nice!
ls he the one?
Why did you tell these
people that l am God?
Not an ordinary one.
You're that God who will protect..
..five hundred thirty four people.
l've come here to protect
five hundred thirty four people?
ls there a problem if
there are thirty five?
Do you know what you've told them?
Goddess said that you'll come here..
..with fire and water.
Actually l came here
in an injured state.
l'll leave as soon as l am cured.
Master! Choose a name for my kid.
Very nice. Cheechu.
- Cheechu!
- Cheechu!
- Cheechu!
But this is not a name. l said
it without a reason. - Cheechu!
He'll abuse me when he grows up.
- Cheechu! - Cheechu!
God! Everyone's gone mad!
You're calling me God?
l'm not God. Got it?
You're God!
Keep your volume low.
Will you hit me if l disagree?
You don't know.
Everything that God
says has to happen.
For example, will these
flowers shower on us..
..if l ask them to?
The gust of the wind
is a little too strong!
The breeze is flowing since morning.
The flowers have bloomed now.
Yes. You and your logic!
Will water flow from
Shirdi's Sai's foot..
..if l say so?
That girl is doing it.
But the fall is that side.
He's irritating me.
l'll use another trick to test him.
That wall will fall
down immediately..
..if l am God indeed.
Hey, where are you going?
Hail the Lord!
What is this?
l asked for the wall
to break down and..
..not to be broken down.
Flowers have showered from the tree.
Water flowed from the
little girl's hands.
Sidha could break this stony wall.
Everything that you
think of will happen.
Your smile is a blessing.
Your anger is a curse.
Your words are prophecies.
lt's a dark night. l
have taken permission from..
..teacher Gokul.
North, South, east and west.
l searched in all directions.
l worshipped with love.
l had no other work.
l bent my head and
worshipped the master.
My mind and spirit were restless.
Where will l get God?
l looked for Him in
three worlds and..
..fourteen Godly destinations.
l didn't get him here or there.
My inner mind was in a whirl.
lt was God's miracle.
l got to see Him.
My life is successful.
Hail the Lord!
Hail the Lord!
Hail the Lord!
Hail the Lord!
Hail the Lord!
Hail the Lord!
Hail the Lord!
Hail the Lord!
- Hail the Lord! Hail!
''Hail the anger of the Lord.''
''Hail the Lord's voice.''
''Lord Shiva is the ultimate saint.''
''Goddess Durga's husband.
He stays in Kailash.''
''You're an incarnation of Shiva.''
''You help everyone.''
''You will eliminate our troubles.''
''You'll help the Sun
of our happiness rise.''
''You'll turn the
sunshine into shade.''
''You will have to
make this promise.''
''You protect us forever.
Keep us from troubles.''
''Remove all our obstacles.''
''There's no other
support that we have.''
''Lord Shiva. Play drums.''
''Light new candles of happiness.''
''Earth and sky are moving.''
''When you use the
potion of your love.''
''That's why the world
calls you innocent.''
''Hail the Lord Shiva.''
''Hail the Lord Shiva.''
''''Hail the Lord Shiva.
Sing, Sing, Sing.''
''Hail the Lord Shiva.''
''Sing along, Shiva, Shiva, Shambhu.''
''Hail the Lord!''
''Heal the world is all we pray.''
''Save our lives and
take our pain away.''
''Hail! Hail! Hail!''
''Sing along! Shiva!
Shiva! Shambhu on his way!''
''Lord Shiva is the ultimate saint.''
''Goddess Durga's husband.
He stays in Kailash.''
''You're an incarnation of Shiva.''
''You help everyone.''
Hail the Lord!
Doctor, please have
a look at this kid.
What is it?
- She was fine till yesterday.
l don't know what happened suddenly.
What did you feed
her in the morning?
Goulash, sir.
- At night?
That's the reason she is unwell.
Feed her fruits
and green vegetables.
Getting all this is very difficult.
So why did you
give birth to the kid?
Hey, Changrez.
- Sir.
Come here. Check her
fever and blood pressure too.
- Stethoscope.
How will you check?
Send the blood sample to the
laboratory quickly. - Okay, sir.
'Let them do anything.
The kid can't be saved.'
'She will die suddenly.'
'There will be boils on her body.'
'And her eyes will turn red.'
'After that, her
relatives will mourn her death.'
'They will bury her in the
burial ground on the North.'
Where have you come from?
From the medical camp at Palegaon.
Send him to Tony's office.
We'll have to talk to the
dean to stop the camp, dad.
The dean's assistant is okay.
But the dean is stuck in rules, dad.
Okay. Call up Govardhan.
Place twenty men to cover up.
And no violence. l
want it to be clean.
This news shouldn't be
published in the newspaper.
There should be no
transaction from our account.
Our men shouldn't talk to
anyone and none of our.. should go there.
There should be no use
of fax, telex or email.
You talk to the dean once, dad.
lf it doesn't help,
talk to Govardhan.
Didn't you read the
morning newspaper?
The dean died due to
heart attack yesterday.
He's no more.
Henceforth, the assistant
dean's signature will be okay.
Just go ahead.
There is a letter.
What? We'll have to do
away with the medical camp.
They will create a ruckus.
- They'll handle it.
How much time will it take?
lt takes one hour
to put up the tent.
Only fifteen minutes will
be enough to take it out.
Sir, we'll have to give
medicines to eight patients tomorrow.
Pack up the equipments
and load them in the car.
Why, sir?
- lt's the dean's order.
Don't worry. Doctor!
Have a look at this kid.
Listen, madam.
There's no need to worry.
This kid is dead.
- What?
Why are you looking at me like that?
The life that she had
was more than enough.
Everyone who is born has to die.
She has lived for ten years.
That is good enough.
Last month..
How many people died last month?
- 25.
Yes. 25 people died.
With her, the number
has gone up to 26.
What is the use of saline now?
l'll remove it.
Hey, let's go quickly.
Plants are drying up.
And the poor kids are dying.
Even the tears have dried
up after so much of crying.
No, Veera. Don't cry.
Tell Veera to stop crying!
Master! Look at what has happened!
Have you planned
to settle down here?
Come on. Quickly get
on moving from here.
These faces are irritating me.
lf you put one inch of bandage,
one gram of..
..cotton or even one drop
of spirit on him, l'll..
..kill all of you.
You're trying to flee with all your
luggage by calling her an insect..
..and extracting
the saline from her?
Where will you go?
Go. Go wherever you want to. Swine!
Hail the Lord!
Hey! Who are you?
- Chatrapati Raju.
What? - Hardev Chatrapti Raju!
Freedom fighter.
He's very famous.
My grandpa likes him a lot.
So he named me after him.
You didn't like it?
Tell me.
Why does everyone have
a problem with my name?
Tell me.
Dance in anger,
master! The angry dance!
Create uproar!
Uproar, master! Hail the Lord!
Dance in anger,
master! The angry dance!
Dance in anger, master!
You swine!
Dance in anger,
master! The angry dance!
Become the ultimate end, master!
Ujjain's ultimate end, master!
Why did you stop? Shout!
What do you eat?
Where do you get so
much of strength from?
Your shout made me
forget who l am hitting..
..and why l am hitting him.
A second later, l
would've cut his head off.
Now l understood the matter.
All of you will make
me believe l am great.
And l'll kill all of
them and go to jail.
And you'll worship me?
He's young. He doesn't know.
You're old enough. Where
is your sense? Tell me.
Do you even know who he is?
Sorry, brother.
Did l chop off your finger?
lf l am God according
to you, don't ever..
..tell me to kill anyone.
This kid is dead.
You must ask me to
give life back to her.
Hail the Lord!
''Hail the Lord!''
''Hail the Lord!''
''Hail the Lord!''
''Hail the Lord!''
''Heal the world is all we pray.''
''Save our lives and
take our pain away.''
''Hail! Hail! Hail!''
''Sing along! Shiva! Shiva! Shambhu!''
''Hail the Lord!''
''Heal the world is all we pray.''
''Save our lives and
take our pain away.''
''Hail! Hail! Hail!''
''Sing along! Shiva!
Shiva! Shambhu on his way!''
Raju. Do you really have
inexplicable strengths?
Quiet! Have you gone mad?
l am not Shirdi's Sai to
give life back to the dead kid.
That kid was unconscious.
She woke up on my touch.
Everybody is
irritating me by calling me God.
They've gone mad!
lf this continues, this
village will become like Puttaparti.
They'll worship me
with flowers and fruits.
l'm scared, Sumo.
So what should we do now, Raju?
What will they think?
They, right?
They had elevated my
position by calling me God.
They must be abusing
me after knowing..
..that God has disappeared suddenly.
Should we go back?
They'll build a temple.
Are you feeling cold?
You should take care of yourself.
You should carry a
shawl or stole while..
..travelling in a lorry.
The breeze is cold.
There's dew on top of it.
You'll fall sick. You're not a kid.
You should be careful.
What's this, darling?
What were you doing?
- Yes, dust.
- Removing it?
You should've blown air out.
Why were you moaning?
Okay, you do all this?
Oh my God! l am dead!
Brahmanad Swamy said
that the world is changing.
Did he mean this?
Girls will titillate guys.
Yes? Very good!
Actually you left it at
moaning while you were in this mood.
lf you were angry, you've
pelted stones at me, right?
How would l know
which mood you are in..
..when you don't know it yourself?
Hey, l'm talking here
and you're looking away?
Look into my eyes.
What is your intention?
l was sleeping here
like an honest kid.
What was your
intention of coming close?
What did you want to do?
What did you..
l came with this intention.
Since l am a good girl,
l stopped myself here.
''Sunday. Monday.
Etcetera. Every day.''
''Have fun! Have fun!''
''Enjoy your today, friend!''
''Sunday. Monday.
Etcetera. Every day.''
''Have fun! Have fun!''
''Enjoy your today, friend!''
''Let's love each other openly.''
''Let's shout out today.''
''Let's love each other openly.''
''Let's shout out today.''
''The evening of fun has arrived.''
''There is rum for friends.''
''Let's dance in this situation.''
''This young ambience is
making me intoxicated.''
''How can sense
prevail in this condition?''
''Come on. You and
l should have fun.''
''Let's love each other openly.''
''Let's shout out today.''
''Sunday. Monday.
Etcetera. Every day.''
''Have fun! Have fun!''
''Enjoy your today, friend!''
''We get such a night very rarely.''
''We don't get friends everyday.''
''So why shouldn't we have fun?''
''Who knows what
will happen tomorrow?''
''These moments of happiness,
''Why shouldn't we
do what we want to?''
''Give me. Give me more.''
''Give me, give me more.''
''Give me. Give me.''
''Give me more.''
''Sunday. Monday.
Etcetera. Every day.''
''Have fun! Have fun!''
''Enjoy your today, friend!''
''Sunday. Monday.
Etcetera. Every day.''
''Have fun! Have fun!''
''Enjoy your today, friend!''
Call Durga Prasad.
Sir, call for you.
l've heard that your daughter is..
..roaming around with a taxi driver.
Don't ask me where.
Just think about
what needs to be done.
Make sure that our names
aren't published in the papers.
Get my daughter-in-law
from that taxi driver.
l'll forget that your daughter
was roaming around with someone.
Hey! Kill him and
bring the girl here.
What did you say?
l asked them to kill you and
to bring my daughter here.
Why do you want to
kill me to fetch her?
Take her if you want.
Tell me, what sort of car
ever runs without petrol?
Can a train run without the tracks?
There must be bloodshed.
These days people yearn for rains.
And you want bloodshed.
Hey! He is scared out of his pants.
l swear. Neither am l scared
of him nor do l love this girl.
You've taken her
around all over Rajasthan..
..assuming that
she is a little girl.
l know.
A little girl. You can
see her figure, right?
You'll commit suicide if you
hear what l did to her last night.
He is talking like that. And
you are standing doing nothing?
l am having tea.
Darn your tea.
What is this?
One blow and..
The punch was solid, sir.
- So..
l had been to the doctor
day before yesterday.. get my teeth out.
The doctor asked me
to come after a week.
But he took it out right now. Here.
- Hey..
l guess he has come down to earth
after getting his teeth broken.
l took out the teeth
without making him unconscious.
lt must have hurt him a lot.
He'll be fine if he goes
home and rests for two days.
Rest assured.
l have hired goons from Hardoi.
Ask him to break everyone's teeth.
By the way, he has hit only one.
There are a lot many.
l too am not happy beating just one.
l'll beat up the entire crowd.
You were with them, right?
- No sir.
What are you doing here?
l work here.
- You are working.
How much does a litre petrol cost?
- Sir.
How much does a litre petrol cost?
You look like a thief.
And you say that you work here.
- Oh God!
Get lost.
Sir, don't beat me
up in front of my son.
Why have you brought your son?
There is no one at home.
That's why l've got him with me.
Such a deed in front of your son.
l don't have money
even for the school fees.
How much has he said that
he'll give you? - 3,000.
- 4,000. Sir.
Sir, he has kept the 1 ,000
rupees with him as commission.
You usurp the kid's fees.
Aren't you ashamed?
- Sir. Sir, he gave me Rs. 5000.
Banwari gave me Rs.4000.
And took Rs.1000.
Darn you!
You rob poor people off
their money and live off it.
This is no living. You dogs!
Sir, there is no one there.
Will he keep quiet
if there is someone?
You are the one who is rich.
What coat, shirt, pant and tie!
You look like a thief in
these clothes. Useless.
l should've abused you.
Did l? No. Right?
You abused me by scolding me.
Now why do l need respect?
l give it very rarely.
Take it when l am giving it?
- What's that?
Are you about to give
something else apart from respect?
You can take your girl away.
Raju, what are you saying?
- l am right.
Your father stabbed in the back
because l went around with you.
lt is still hurting.
So much of violence for so
little love is not right.
l beg of you. Go
away with your father.
Go away.
Go sit in the car. Go
sit in the car, dear.
One strange bodyguard.
What are you staring at?
l'll strangle you if ever you
come in front of me wearing a tie.
l hate you. Hate you, Raju.
All the doctors are leaving.
They're taking the
medicines with them.
And Swami too has left us.
But God hasn't left us.
He is away for something important.
He is thinking about us.
He'll certainly do this task.
He will come back.
Okay. So you are back.
l would've put out an
advertisement in the newspaper..
..if you had come today.
You should have.
There were no telephone lines there.
You could've written a letter.
Wasn't there ink in the pen?
Old habits don't die easy.
What happened?
- Nothing.
l know you don't have brains.
Alright. Come in.
Who is he?
- Gosh! When did you come?
Don't you know?
He is here for me.
Now tell me.
You are here to take
me with you, right?
What do you think l am?
l know just three things.
Driving a cab. Bashing
people up if they mess with me.
And do you know the third thing.
Getting beaten up if the
opponent is more powerful than me.
What special quality do l
have that you all call me God?
lf we sow the seed of this
fruit a plant will grow.
But you will find
this only to be a seed.
But l see a plant.
Brother, you are still alive?
Lay off. Don't touch. l'll kill you.
You ditched me.
l'm really scared
of getting a tattoo.
You think l enjoy it.
l lost all my fruits
because of your sweetheart.
l lost my watermelon. l lost
my car. And my job as well.
They ruined me by
tattooing me on my private parts.
l left a week ago. And
l am reaching today.
Who is he?
Sitting here like a statue.
He thinks l am God.
- God?
lf you are God, who
would the devil be?
l did not understand that either.
Shall we have a
test to understand it?
Give me Rs.10.
- What?
l need Rs.10. Will you give it?
You've started early morning.
Aren't you ashamed of
begging in jeans and shirt?
He is asking Rs.10 as if l
had borrowed it from him.
Good Lord!
Will you give me Rs.10?
Keep the change for Rs.100.
Adorations to Lord Shiva!
Adorations to Lord Shiva!
Adorations to Lord Shiva!
Why did you need to ask for Rs.10..
..from the bike rider
although we had money?
lf you ask for Rs.10 from the one
with a car, he gives you Rs.100.
l did not get it.
No one gives money to
others just like that.
The second time l
did not ask for myself.
l thought l would get some
milk for this boy if l get money.
He gave me Rs.100.
Brother, now l know
the definition of God.
He is not up there somewhere.
He is here within you and me.
lf someone needs help,
he jumps to his aide.
You'll get millions, notjust 100.
Things will happen as
per what you had imagined.
Siddha, look your
village means nothing to me.
But l'll still help you.
You saw a plant in the seed.
But l saw the God within me.
l'll show you. Come on.
Brother, where are you going?
Brother, stop.
Say something.
Where are you going, brother?
Thank God.
We would've died if we
had gone any further.
We would've died even if we had not.
lt would've been better if you had
shut your mouth in this situation.
Speak up, brother.
Where are you going?
Tell me, brother.
He'll tell us where we
have to go. Get him. - Whom?
Hey! Who are you?
- God.
What did you say?
Didn't you hear or are you
asking out of ignorance?
l am asking out of ignorance.
lt's better if you don't
understand certain things.
So what do l do, sir?
You came into this world alone,
and you'll die alone.
Can't you jog alone?
- Yes.
Friend, see you
tomorrow morning forjogging.
You beat me whenever you
feel like. Who are you?
Brother, whose single
blow drives you nuts.
l am the one.
l have heard this
dialogue somewhere.
Not drives your nuts, brother.
But block your mind.
That's an old dialogue.
This is absolutely new.
But this dialogue came from there.
But is he going to like the
beating he is going to get.
Why did you wrap up the
medical camp from there?
Are you going to beat the postman..
..if the telegram has bad news?
l don't need this logic.
l am asking you something. And
you are replying something else.
The dean wrapped
up the medical camp.
l am just the postman.
You won't speak like that.
l'll make you talk.
l'll cut your legs.
And you'll start talking.
Leave me. Leave me. Don't beat me.
l'm telling the truth.
l'm telling the truth.
What he say is true, sir?
l don't think so.
What are you doing?
Listen brother Tom. Mix
in some jaggery and eat.
And catch the dean.
Don't consider him an ordinary man.
He is the head of the college.
lt is very tough to catch him.
l wonder if there
will be tight security.
Will there be security or not?
- l don't know.
l told you there will be security.
We'll have to go in, brother.
Milkman, newspaper guy,
servant, waterman, plumber, driver.
Whom do we catch?
Lord, you are no human, but God.
Lord, what you think of will happen.
Great. Why should we go in?
Won't he come out?
- Yes.
Are you dean Venkat Sharma?
- Yes. What do you want?
Don't question God?
Just follow his orders.
Hey! What's going on?
He is kidnapping in front of us.
Come on, call up the police.
Beautiful. Fantastic. Marvellous.
l have made 25 serials so far.
But l have never watched an
international movie like this.
Someone here is going to
call up the police l guess.
You, right?
You were so natural.
Encourage the artist,
folks. Oh. Hello.
Henu is in the car, right? Alright.
Lock the door and stay away.
- What, brother?
What is this serial called? - Thali
mein Khopdi (brain on the plate).
What do you mean?
- You did not understand?
The bull's brain on the steel plate.
Don't worry.
He'll break the
coconut with that rod.
Mix in some jaggery and feed us.
Darn you!
Why are you hitting me?
This is not temple that you
can have coconut every day.
You'll get something
else for lunch today. Apple.
Apple a day keeps the doctor away.
l am also a doctor.
Feed me an apple.
You want me to feed you
an apple and leave? - Yes.
Should l kill you feeding a banana?
Darn you! Moron!
Don't hit me. Don't hit me.
Rogue, no fake voices here.
lf you do so, l'll finish you off.
Why have we got him here?
What do l know?
He told me to move it.
Dean, why did you send the
letter to move the medical camp?
l did not. Actually G.K had sent it.
Who is he?
G.K is to lndia what
Bill Gates is to USA.
What has he got to
do with this college?
He is the board member of
our medical college. - So?
There is a rumour
that he had replaced..
..the dean if he refused
from moving the medical camp.
That's not a rumour. But it's true.
G.K's man Govardhan had
killed the previous dean.
When l refused from signing,
he threatened me as well.
Good Lord, we'll have
to catch him as well.
How many people do l catch?
There are no chairs or ropes either.
We'll bring chairs and
ropes with the next guy.
He is really influential.
lt is not an easy job to
catch and bring him here.
Lord is the mountain.
Don't mess with him.
You'll be wiped out. You'll be
destroyed. You'll be ruined.
His expectations are
increasing by the day.
Hello. Good morning.
How did you get here?
l reached the gate in a car.
lt was closed. That's why
l jumped over it. - Why?
To meet G.K.
l have been working
here for three years.
l myself haven't met him yet.
You are an ordinary secretary.
You question us?
Do you know who he is? He is God.
lf you are God himself,
make some miracle happen.
Brother cracks a mean joke.
By the way, we aren't here for G.K.
l have heard that a guy
named Govardhan works here.
He is a very close friend of mine.
We'll call him out ,
talk to him and leave.
lt's Sunday. lt's a holiday.
Jump over the gate and leave.
lt's Sunday. We'll have
to jump over the gate.
Then you should've
told this earlier.
Why were you asking us the details.. and why we came here?
He drove me nuts.
Let's go.
Don't be enemies with God.
You'll go blind.
Not a problem.
- Leave me.
He is talking trash.
- Keep quiet.
lt's Sunday. Don't we know?
lt's Sunday as if we don't know.
Exactly at 12..
Keep talking to me.
Don't disconnect the call.
Get it?
- Govardhan.
A rogue is following me.
You are Govardhan, right?
You are him, right?
Keep talking.
l'm out of breath, pal.
Govardhan, l can't run anymore.
Why are you making me
run in the scorching heat?
What do you eat that
you have so much energy?
Tell me. Are you a
human or an animal?
Govardhan, l had
something to ask you.
Please stop.
Govardhan, are you alive or dead?
My whole body is aching.
Tie him securely.
The door is weak.
Govardhan made me run so much.
l salute his running.
My leg is aching badly.
Darn! He runs well.
l can figure out from his
run that he is a cross breed.
Your body will float in the air
if water crosses into this whisky.
Yes. Please. Please.
Siddha, do you also want some?
He is strange.
You've come to know now.
l came to know long ago.
- Cheers, brother.
You saw him.
He looks like a recluse.
And this is dean. Darn the dean.
You do this instead of teaching.
Ever since l have dropped
her at the gas station.. life has been rocked.
- Really.
Shirt and trouser all the time.
l never got to see sari or
Salwar (traditional dress).
l've gone nuts.
We are going to call her up.
Don't take offence.
- l don't want to talk to her.
You talk to her.
- Listen, it's me.
Why did you call?
To apologize to you.
That's not needed.
Listen. Listen. Don't
hang up. Please. - Why?
l am in a really bad shape.
You gave me the kiss and left.
But my life has become miserable.
l can't sleep at night or
be at peace during the day.
l am really upset.
l wonder what l should do.
Listen. Listen. Are
you there? Listen.
How can you leave if l say so?
And moreover you said l hate you.
Your father was next
to you. What could l do?
l am really shy.
Sumo, how do l
explain all this to you?
You are laughing.
- ldiot.
You really like it when
you abuse me in English.
- Abuse me all you want.
Who else apart from
you will abuse me?
You are my sweetheart, Sumo?
You change colours
like the chameleon.
l can't believe you.
Say it once again.
You keep changing
the topic all the time.
Say the last portion.
l can't believe you.
Call me by my name.
- Raju.
l'll be at your feet as your
pet dog if you call me like that.
l'll talk to you later.
What are you doing, Raju?
What am l doing? l'm drinking.
Shall l hang up now?
Sumo. Her lan, her level, her
style is completely different.
She kissed me when
we were in the car.
You mean lip to lip kiss.
- Right.
Brother don, ever since then
the warmth of her breath..
What has the warmth
of her breath done..
lt has driven me crazy.
Why are you listening to our story?
l was talking about
family and ladies matter.
So you should've shut
your ears, isn't it?
A decent man like me made
you run all over the city.
And l kidnapped and fed
you Biryani (rice dish).
So don't you know that
you must shut your ears?
Both my hands are tied.
How do l shut my ears?
He is shouting.
- l can see.
He is threatening me.
Govardhan, you are
giving me an attitude.
Gosh! What attitude!
Govardhan, l have a way to
do away with your attitude.
Why are you hitting me for
someone else's mistakes?
Tell me. Who made it?
- What did he do?
He has stated a
factory with Sumita's father.
And many villagers have died
after drinking..
..the water contaminated
by that factory.
What factory?
- What do l do?
l am an ordinary goon.
What will you find
out by killing me?
Go ask Sumita's
brother-in-law Banvari.
Then you'll know.
Man, he is not saying
anything even after all that.
All the intoxication is gone.
My head is aching. Darn it.
Hey! What are you doing?
Get me a glass of
chilled water if you have.
lf he'll get a shot
for with those hands.
What for?
To drink.
- What is this?
What are you talking about?
Who is he?
So the bottle is here.
Put your leg down. Keep it down.
What is all this?
You are here to
plunder me in broad daylight.
Do you know whom are you
talking you? - To whom?
To God.
- He is no God. He is a cab driver.
He turned God three days ago.
You are talking as if the girl
turned adult three days ago.
You aren't aware of his powers.
He kidnapped a man passing by.
No one dared to utter a word.
Only goons kidnap and not God.
Shut up.
You know that's why
he's calling me God.
He doesn't know. He is an idiot.
- Yes.
l'll explain to him.
- Okay.
Brother Banvari, let me
tell you something simple.
You'll be enlightened
the moment you hear it.
Then you too will consider me God.
Come on, make a shot for me.
- Sure.
What is this?
- Hand.
Oh God!
What is this?
- Hand.
O God! - He is hitting you.
Watch your words.
l get it. l understood. Hammer.
Who am l? You are God.
As l said. He'll understand quickly.
He did not
understand when he said it.
You said it and l understood.
Relax and sit down.
Come on, sit.
- Alright.
For now, we'll strip and talk.
Don't involve my wife in this.
You go in. Go in.
- Okay.
You'll have to strip completely.
Absolutely nothing inside.
Completely free.
What business do Sumo's
father and G.K together do?
What do they do, sir?
They are big people.
They do business.
His father Durgaprasad is God.
- Oh God!
He is a crook.
He has hired me only
to hide his misdeeds.
Where did G.K's son meet Sumo?
At some function.
Love at first sight.
He'll not get married.
He is an absolute loafer.
He wants a different girl everyday.
The wife is no less.
She went around with a boy
in Rajasthan for three days.
They have been
disgraced in the society.
O God!
Why are you hitting me
although l am being candid, sir?
She was going around with me.
Hands are right here.
But l'm still getting hit.
How is this possible?
Don't ask questions. Answer him.
l have small desires.
l want another woman without
my wife coming to know of it.
Throw all your desires
into the drain. Okay.
What factories do GK
has in Pali village?
Just watch this.
Hey, just come here.
Behind the plastic glass. Yes.
Don't worry. lt's bullet-proof.
We have readied this plastic.
lt's scratchproof.
And look at this.
Check it out. Test it.
Lara, call all the secretaries..
..and ask them to
stand behind the glass.
l want to check distance.
- So sweet.
Made out of sugarcane.
This plastic has been
prepared from sugarcanes.
Go and keep it there.
Okay, okay, okay,
now it all makes sense?
Durga Prasad is this
country's number one..
..sugarcane crop owner, right?
You are wrong, number two.
But she's her daughter.
And for that l should marry her?
Young man, he has sugarcane..
..and l have a factory.
When these two are mixed
together we prepare plastic.
Come on, come on, jump, jump.
l like it.
Marry Sumitra.
And you can have a mistress as well.
Where is the factory, tell me?
- l don't know.
Or else l will pound you.
No matter what you do my
answer will be the same, sir.
What happened?
Look, Raju, my father
has turned my marriage..
..into a business as well.
Don't cry. l am there.
l am still alive. l am there.
Be quiet.
Enough. Nothing will happen.
Your cheeks are so soft,
like the apples of Kashmir.
The Lord is consoling her.
You are wrong.
Soothing her.
He's cajoling her.
lf you keep talking
nonsense like this..
..then l will break
this glass on your head.
Close your eyes!
l didn't mean you.
Be quiet.
''You are so beautiful.''
''My love is crazy.''
''Now even l dwell in your heart.''
''l lost my heart.''
''l've lost my serenity.''
''l can't sleep or stay awake.''
''What should l do?''
''l am not.. in my senses.''
''You are so beautiful.''
''My love is crazy.''
''Now even l dwell in your heart.''
''You covertly entered my heart.''
''Now l.. think about
you all the time.''
''He runs behind me
like a crazy lover.''
''How do l.. stop him.''
''The eagerness torments me.''
''l am completely restless.''
''l've lost my serenity.''
''l can't sleep or stay awake.''
''What should l do?''
''l am not.. in my senses.''
''You are so beautiful.''
''My love is crazy.''
''Now even l dwell in your heart.''
''l am so immersed in your love.''
''That l don't know where l am.''
''You gradually enter my
senses like a fragrance.''
''The heart's getting intoxicated.''
''The heart's making mistakes.''
''l've lost my serenity.''
''l can't sleep or stay awake.''
''What should l do?''
''l am not.. in my senses.''
So, brother. Why are
you looking so dull?
Now we know where the factory is.
Lets inform the police..
..and they'll know what to do next.
There is something wrong.
GK opening a factory
there and people dying..
..due to the chemical
coming out of that factory.
Something is not right.
Actually GK wants to kill people.
That's why he removed the
medical camp from there.
That means thatjoker lied.
- You are right.
He doesn't know the whole thing.
Then who will tell
us about the rest.
Why you..
Madam, do you want to die?
'Sir, you go ahead l
will reach in half an hour.'
What happened?
- Where are you going?
Seems like Govardhan
will get us killed.
Are you thinking of
breaking the door down?
Brother Govardhan, take us
along too. Brother Govardhan
l was kidnapped by
Hardoi Chatttrapati Raju..
..from in front of the office.
But l didn't say anything.
Not for not saying anything.
lt's because you didn't find him.
You shouldn't smoke
cigarette along with alcohol.
lt's a bad habit.
Does anyone else
know about this secret?
Why are you following me?
You tell me why you were running.
l don't know anything.
l didn't ask you anything.
You knew that the
doctor is going to die.
That's why you didn't
sit in the car that day.
Anyone that stays with
him will die. - Why?
When someone's losing
millions will he stay quiet?
Such high value for
a plastic factory?
Plastic factory is a small thing.
This is much bigger than that.
- How big?
Bigger than my life.
They are going to
eradicate the entire village..
..what are you?
More than a
billion dollars of money.
10 corporate offices,
many MP's, ministers and GK.
Everyone has planned this together.
They will eradicate an
entire village from the state..
..before the people find out.
Actually this matter began
from Rajasthan's Gidhwala village.
While returning from Jaisalmer..
..l and doctor
Paranjye stayed back there.
And that night was 'Janmastami'.
Dr. Paranjye was attracted..
..towards Lord Krishna's crown.
And Dilawar Singh from the village..
..helped us in testing that crown.
lt wasn't made of copper or bronze.
After scraping it we
found that it was..
'Costlier than gold,
stronger than platinum.'
'Rarest and toughest.'
'This element is made from
colliding of asteroids..'
'..and from falling from the
sky millions of years ago.'
'lt has the capability of
withstanding intense heat.'
'lt is used in satellites,
nuclear warheads.'
'lf it is bonded with bronze..'
'..then you can see its many forms.'
'This metal must have
been found in Rajasthan..'
'..and they made a
crown of Lord Krishna.'
'lt travels all the way
from Madhya Pradesh, Orissa..'
'..'Ghati' (Valleys) and
finally it settled down..'
' this Pali village of
northern Andhra Pradesh.'
'l spent 20 million for
sponsoring this research program.'
'But you have given me
information worth billions.'
'Thank you, Paranjye.'
'This shouldn't leak out.'
'Bury it right here.'
'How can l do that, sir?'
'lt is the property
of the government.'
'lt can change the face of economy.'
'We should inform them.'
'What will l get from that?'
'The contract to dig it out?'
'l want the entire lridium.'
lt's illegal.
- But l spent money for it.'
'That's why l gave you a copy.'
'Don't irritate me, Paranjye.'
'lf you want to live then
let this remain a secret.'
But the doctor didn't listen to GK.
He wanted to associate the
department of Ecology in this research.
That's why Dilawar Singh and
he were murdered brutally.
Who else?
- A taxi driver called Raju.
Does he know about this? - He
arrived after the doctor's death.
Does he know or not?
Maybe not, sir.
- Are you sure?
l don't like this word 'maybe'.
Should l kill him too?
You killed two government
officers in broad daylight.
But this driver is worrying me.
Do one thing.
Take him somewhere far from here.
And kill him.
- Yes, sir.
Did you ever think that
how did Dilawar Singh..
..who earned only
2,000 rupees a month..
..get 5,00,000
rupees from the insurance?
Your cab owners were given money..
..the papers were
readied and given to you..
..and then sent to Rajasthan.
That day when the goons
arrived at the village..
..they were there to
kill you and not Sunita.
How is lridium connected
with the plastic factory?
We need plastic to pack iridium.
Strong plastic.
And l have built
this factory for that.
And to make strong
plastic one requires sugarcane.
And for that it is very important..
..for Durga Prasad's
daughter to marry my son.
The village should
be evacuated so that..
..l can peacefully extract the
iridium from below the village.
But if we evacuate the
village forcefully..
..the government and the
media will find out about it.
We get rid of the
residents of Pali..
..we will have to
develop fear in their hearts.
The people of that
village are superstitious.
We should take advantage of it.
We will have to develop
fear in their water and air.
Death should make
even their souls quiver.
Since then the poisonous
water of the factory..
..was mixed in the
village's river and lake.
The people of Pali
village started dying..
..after drinking that water.
The entire village
turned into a graveyard.
No doctor visited that place..
..nor did anyone
receive any medication.
They wanted the entire
village to be evacuated..
..before the extraction started.
Everything was going
fine until you arrived.
GK promised me that..
..he will pay me 1 billion
rupees after the extraction is done.
You shouldn't tell a story
holding a gun in your hands.
You should shoot.
And the person should die as
soon as you press the trigger.
No matter what GK
extracts from there..
..l won't spare him.
Tell that GK that l am
getting a six foot tall..
..and two feet broad casket for him.
He cannot escape me.
lf he's a man, then
ask him to come to Pali.
Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
You were holding a gun.
A loaded one.
Your target was in front of you.
Then why didn't you shoot him?
l was scared to see him.
lt was my mistake to trust you.
l am sorry.
Everyone listen.
We have to reach Pali in 15 minutes.
Many people are ready to die.
Not even a single person
should survive in that village.
l have built a
factory in this village.
And let the poisonous water
from it flow in your lake.
l thought that you
will leave this village..
..from the fear of dying after
drinking that poisonous water.
But you believed
someone as your God.
And he started
protecting all of you.
Your God has ruined my entire plan.
Who is he?
- Our God.
Will he save you?
The life of every person..
..lies in every flag
that's posted here.
God will surely
come.. to save these 534 lives.
How many flags are there?
- 544, sir.
And how many corpses?
- 10 people, sir.
544 minus 10.
You predict the future, don't you?
What is your future, tell me.
l want this soil.
l want the iridium below it.
l will have it.
Can your God stop me?
Soon you will be reduced to the
soil you are so eager to obtain.
ln 15 minutes you will be
standing at the doors of hell.
Your fame will be destroyed.
Death is coming in front of you.
The sound his footsteps
will make your heart explode.
Your heart will be
stuck in your throat.
lt will be scared even
to see a small child.
Your palms will face the sky.
Leave as soon as you
see our God. Leave. Go.
This contains a
magazine of 12 bullets..
..and l also have 50 men.
Now there are 533 left.
The divine sight.
l can see it, Lord.
l am overwhelmed.
Tears in God's eyes.
So he might bleed as well.
'Death is coming in front of you.'
'The sound his footsteps
will make your heart explode.'
Go away.
l am not taking anything from here.
l only do my business.
Go ahead, do your business.
Do it.
But you won't ruin a single home.
Not a single drop of
blood will be shed.
Can you do that?
Business. You will do business.
What will you get by digging here?
You don't even know its spelling.
Rocket and
satellites are made from it.
lt is very valuable.
The people here don't know that.
They are crazy.
You know it is more
expensive than gold.
ls it more valuable than human life?
ls it more valuable
than your severed hand?
GK. Let's do business.
l will give you that mountain.
Will you give me this hand?
Will you give me this hand in exchange
of this hand? - Leave it. Leave it..
Leave it. Leave it. Leave it.
Give that hand. Give that hand.
Give that hand, GK.
'You will be even scared
to see a small child.'
Fool, you scared me.
You think you are God
just because they said so.
Who said l am God?
Will God come down just to kill you?
l don't need any weapon to kill you.
My hands are capable
enough to kill you.
Come on.
Come out.
'Your heart will be
stuck in your throat.'
Don't kill me.
No! No! No!
Leave me. Leave me.
Leave me. l beg you.
Move your hands.
You are scared of
death now, aren't you?
Where was this fear
when you killed Siddha?
Look. You killed him brutally,
didn't you?
He fell at my feet and
brought me here calling me God.
He never looked into my eyes.
He looked into my eyes
just before he died.
When he was dying there
was happiness in his eyes..
..and not fear.
And you are pleading.
l didn't know that you
are such a big rogue.
lf l had known it then that day..
..l would have wished that you
die instead of asking for water.
lf l am God then
you will have to die.
l curse you.
'You will be startled to
see our God in front of you.'
'You won't be able to see.'
'Your palms will face the sky.'
Lord, the void has been filled.
After killing
Siddha he thought that..
..only 533 are left,
that was his foolishness.
Divine predictions are never wrong.
You protected this
life from his clutches.
He was still in his mother's womb.
He's the 534th life, Lord.
No one can see when
miracles take place.
And there's no need to see
it after it has occurred.
You might not believe
that you are our God.
But for us you are our God.
Lord, this is the apple of your eye.
Please give him your blessings.