Khali the Killer (2017) Movie Script

Grandma always said
I was a good kid.
She likes to tell the
story about me.
She calls it the paper jar story.
When I was 8 years old I spent
hours in my backyard in East LA.
Catching fireflies in a paper jar.
Kept the jar in my bedroom,
it lit up the wall.
It was beautiful.
But I felt sorry for the fireflies.
F..k you!
I'd poke holes in the top of the
jar but I knew that wasn't enough.
Fireflies would be dead in the
morning if I didn't do something.
So I went over and unscrewed
the jar and let them loose.
Dozens of little fireflies filled
out little house.
Grandma found out,
she wasn't mad.
She said I had something
that was very special.
She prayed I'd never lose it.
My tender heart.
Chainsaw? Fool why you using a
I mean that's the way they want it.
They want the head of the head guy.
The head of the head guy?
Seven prime time gangster
motherf..s and a decapitation...
They better be paying
you big time for this.
I'm getting the f..k out of
this business.
Trade this Hyundai in for a
Tesla or some s..t.
-Thought you had a Honda.
-Hyundai motherf..r, Hyundai.
What you gonna do if you ain't a
hit man? You gonna miss it.
Be a chef.
You don't know how to f..g cook.
I know how to cook enough.
What are you trying to be? F..g
chef Gordon Ramsey? Chef Khali.
I'm here, papi.
What's good homie?
What you looking at?
I see what you're trying
to do here.
You're trying to win Cori back.
I ain't trying to win nobody back.
Not Cori.
If you a cook, you need to bake
me a pie, motherf..r.
Or some pastries. Some s..t.
-Buenos dias, Chiquillo!
You haven't called me that
since I was a kid.
Bueno. What you think I forgot?
I remember you as a little baby
climbing over your crib.
And hanging on the bars
like a little monkey.
I made you some coffee.
Thank you. Smells good.
Have your been taking
your medicine?
I know what you want to do.
You want to put me in one of those
Senior places.
I'm not going in there
-I was just asking
That place smells
and reeks of piss.
You can take me out on
the street and shoot me!
-Wait, wait, wait
-I'm not going there!
I'm not taking you to no
Senior Care Living. Okay?
If I was to take you any place... would be like
that fancy place up in Malibu.
Baby you can't afford it.
Don't you worry about it alright.
I'm gonna take care of you.
Do that.
On my way home I played it safe.
Took the white bread express.
Avoiding cops and sticking
to the whitest neighborhoods... Los Angeles county.
No thank you. I'm good.
No, I'm good man.
F..g white boys act like
they own the s..t man.
I'm cool!
Would you like to make a donation
to the Westside children fund?
-No I'm cool.
-Come on, man.
What you pay for a cup of coffee
can feed a hungry child for life.
That's enough now.
Play time's over.
What don't you get the f..k
up out of here.
This is just my luck.
After avoiding pimps
...prostitutes and gang bangers
...I get jacked by
Justin f..g Beiber.
I'm gonna get out of the car okay?
Go get him. Go tell him stop.
Do something.
Just chill alright?
I'm gonna get up out of the car.
-You Tyler put it down.
-Tyler are you insane?
Put the gun away!
You're gonna get us all in trouble.
-Yo, Tyler. put it down.
-Put the gun away!
Get out of the car.
-I'm going to give you my wallet.
-Tyler stop!
-Everybody in the car!
-Is he okay?
Everybody in the car now!
Tyler why are we...
Let's go!
Where are we at?
Doctor John didn't pick up.
So, I had to find a Plan B.
Hi, I'm George.
This is my daughter's room.
Her name's Cali. Hey!
It's like yours.
My name's Khali. It's Nahuatl.
George here is a nurse.
I was a medic in Iraq.
But now, I work at L.A. County...
You're lucky.
That was almost your heart.
-Who the f..k is this?
-I'm Isaac.
Or Zeke. People call me Zeke.
-No one calls you Zeke.
In grade school,
people called me Zeke.
I've known you since kindergarten.
And no one ever called
you anything but Isaac.
-F..k man.
-What's up fool? What's wrong?
I think he's septic.
George, he's septic.
-He's not septic.
You don't even know
what the f..k that means.
-Don't listen he's septic.
-What are you guys talking about?
-Are you okay bro?
My f..g car is gone.
-Who cares fool it's a Honda?
It's a Hyundai motherf..r!
Those Hyundais have great
warranties. I almost bought one.
-Singaporean, I think.
My f..g car is gone!
All the money you can
buy ten-twenty Hyundais.
Oh, the money was in
-There was money in the car?
I mean like in a briefcase?
Like Pulp Fiction?
You know, you never actually
see what's in the briefcase.
They say it was his
-How much money we talking about?
-There was no money in that car.
I thought that's why you were
so upset at those white kids
White kids jacked your car,
take your briefcase of money?
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
Oh yeah, I'll help out too.
Um, what color's your car?
-It's red.
-I thought your car was blue.
-It's f..g red!
-Hatchback or sedan?
-Accent or Elantra?
-Elantra's roomier.
Yeah but the Accent handles
better and has more pep.
-Did you just say pep?
-Yeah, pep.
To add liveliness or vigor
to something. P-E-P.
On a one horse open slay.
Jingle bells, jingle bells
...jingle all the way!
-Grandma, you ok?
-Yes, I'm fine!
-You're not supposed to be cooking.
Oh wow, you don't tell me what to
do in my own house. Okay?
Por favor go!
It's okay.
No, no, no. Esta me casa.
-Hi. Buenos dias.
I don't speak Spanish.
Is Khali here?
Hey Khali.
Hey how you doing bro?
How did you get this address homie?
Hey, hey, hey I want to
apologize for just
...showing up here like this.
But you know uh
I really need your help with
-Hey you, you made this for me?
-Thanks, Grandma. But I'm okay.
This is delicious.
This good. I want some more
please. Love you.
-Look I'm still recuperating
-Yeah yeahso how's it going?
-I need to rest up.
-Yeah yeah
-That's how it's going.
-Okay, okay. Um... I'm going to get this
out of the way.
I need something from you.
Like a favor and I will do
something for you in return.
If you did it for me.
What the f..k you here for?
-You do something for me
-What the f..k you here for man?
I need you to kill my wife
and my mother in law.
-Come on are you f..g crazy?!
-I know it sounds crazy.
But, it's either me or them.
I have no choice.
Look I owe some
bad motherf..s.
And trust and believe
they about to collect.
Man I got
I got literally no options.
Your wife got money?
No my mother in law
has money right.
She's worth 20 million dollars.
And my wife, she's an only
child so, knock them both off...
...and it goes straight
to me.
-She got money?
-Yeah, she got money.
Don't act like you can't use it.
I mean look at this f..g place.
What the f..'s wrong
with you stupid?
Alright I shouldn't have said that.
I shouldn't have said that!
Get out of my f..g face! Get your
f..g a..s the f..k up out of here!
Hey straight up
take my card.
-F..k your card!
-Alright, alright, alright!
No harm no foul.
How the f..k did I
end up here man?
I wasn't some kind of abused kid.
My mom just wasn't around.
But I ain't no victim.
Hustlin' was fun.
My first taste of crime was
in a crew called, 213.
Not a gang really. Just a bunch
of homies. Friends, family.
With all kinds of benefits.
But, when I left the gang
and went solo...
...I became isolated.
It was just me out there. Alone.
Killing motherf..s. And
hoping that I didn't get killed.
No one had my back.
Every day, was Dia de Muertos...
Russian roulette.
Kill or be killed.
But like any job, I got used to it.
I punched the clock.
Trudged through.
Being a hit man was just
something I did to pay the bills...
...while I did things that I loved.
-Hi daddy.
-Hey baby. How you doing?
-Where's your mom?
Over there.
Hey, I need to borrow your car.
Where's your car?
It was stolen.
And you wanna borrow my car
My Grandma she's missing.
I think she wandered off.
Let me get my keys I'll be back.
Come on.
-Hey chief.
-Hey, what's up Walter?
-These darn labels
-Cori, hurry up!
She probably can't find her keys.
I can't find my keys.
I don't know why she doesn't use
the key caddy that I made her.
See that thing.
All you gotta do is you come in,
hang the keys right by the door never have that problem.
-Cori did you find them?
Perfect. So uh,
so how's work going Khali?
-Yeah, I mean uhcan't complain.
-Yeah I hear you.
You know I've been on my
job for eight year now?
Over eight years working
for the city.
It's a pretty good job.
I can't complain, I mean it's
not the best pay but
Hey whatever pays the bills, right?
Or the child support payments.
Hey come on buddy
I'm just joshing you.
-You ready?
-Yeah let's go.
-We'll be back.
-Has she done this before?
-No she hasn't done this before.
Ding dang dong.
You're so good baby.
You're not supposed
to call her that.
What? Good?
Why, what's wrong with good?
Tori is inherently good.
Her goodness has nothing to
do with the way she behaves.
It has something to do
with it right?
Just like you shouldn't
call her bad.
And tell her, her behavior
is rude or disruptive.
But that doesn't mean she's bad.
It just means that she
did a bad thing.
Wait, wait, wait hold on.
No that's not her.
Grand mommy!
Grand mommy! Mommy.
Right there! There she is,
there she is! Stop, stop, stop!
Grandma thoughts he was
chasing her parakeet Pedro...
...that died 20 years ago.
Good thing I could f..g swim.
You f..g pervert!
How dare you watch my
boy out there skating around!
You have two seconds.
Two f..g seconds to get the...
...f..k out of here before
I call the cops.
You piece of f..g s..t!
Hey bud.
Is Cori home?
No, she's not actually. She went
out to take Tori to karate lessons.
Look Walter, I need to borrow $50.
I'm sorry?
I need to borrow $50.
You want to borrow $50?
What the heck.
What the heck.
You're good for it right?
-What's this for?
-Your I.O.U. silly.
All right turn around
I gotta right it out.
Cant do this without an I.O.U.
I Khali...
...owe Walter.
All right Khali, here I'll give you
a copy of one of these.
-You need some help?
-Aye I'm trying to do croak-y.
Help me with the croak-y.
I can't get it.
-Croak- y?
-Croak- y. you know.
-That's what I said.
Uh. okay.
Come on. Come on.
-No, no, no.
-Come on you're gonna sing with me.
Okay now.
I don't even know what
you're singing.
It's togetherness. Come on.
I dream of Jeanie with
the light brown hair.
Borne like a vapor,
on the summer's air...
I'm seeing her tripping where
the bright steams play.
If I needed one more job.
Could you get it?
You trying to get back in the game,
already? I thought you retired.
Just one more job.
Let me think. I'll come talk
to you. You at your place?
I'm over here at my Grandma's.
Looking after her.
Your grandma's hilarious. She still
singing those Puerto Rican songs?
What you doing talking s..t about
Puerto Ricans, white boy.
You know I got all kinds of
spice in my blood.
Grandma! The tea!
911, what's your emergency?
What you're sleeping on... as important as
who you're sleeping with.
Come on
down to Macho Mattress...
...and restore your mattress
mojo today.
She's stabilized. Do you have
a plan for her discharge?
What do you mean a plan?
I mean, do you have a long-term
care plan in place?
No, not really.
Well your grandmother has too many
health problems.
She's beyond your care. She needs
to be in a long-term facility.
-No, I know.
-Sands Manor.
Sands Manor
is an excellent facility.
I'll begin the paperwork
to have her transferred there.
If I can't afford that right now...
She'll get whatever Medicaid
covers. Probably Senior Living.
Grandma, I know.
-Do you trust me?
-I trust, you promise.
-I promise.
-You staying here.
I need something big today.
Today homie.
You hear me?
-Here's your juice babe.
-I don't want it.
Daddy, I wanna play!
-Is grandma going here?
-I can't do that to her.
I promised her. I'm gonna take
her to that place Sands Manor.
Sands Manor? In Malibu?
-Do you know how much that costs?
-What, it's expensive?
-Ten grand!
-What a year?
-A month!
Hell no!
You better get to work,
I mean whatever it is you do.
Sneaking off in the middle
of the night.
I'm a cook. I'm a chef.
Tell mom I'm a chef.
-Na, for reals.
-You're so full of s..t.
You ain't no chef.
Why don't you guys come
over and find out.
Hit me hard.
Come on now.
You sure about this?
Yeah. I'm sure.
You ain't gonna let me down,
are you?
I'm the best homes.
After I'm done with this,
I'm gonna get the rest right?
I know I already told you this s..t
but I owe some people.
Bad people.
And if you f..k this up...
Don't f..k this up.
Baby, what are you doing?
Come on.
No, no, no, no, no. Me first.
You want some?
Cool homie.
With Isaac's money I put
Grandma in Sands Manor.
And put a down payment
on a new car.
Same model.
Same color.
Call me superstitious, but
there's a reason I'm still alive.
I don't understand why you have
to use those women.
They look straight out of a porno.
Don't they, Becca?
They look like porno girls.
They're supposed to look like
that. That's the whole schtick.
Did you hear that, Ma? Schtick!
I told you he's assimilating.
Oh no just water thank you.
So, how's the business doing? You
don't need any more money, do you?
I'm kidding. I'm kidding.
Isaac knows I'm a kidder.
Don't you, Isaac?
-You're a kidder.
I dont understand why you dont just
quit with the mattress business...
...and come to work with us,
-I don't like Jewish food.
-Isaac, don't offend Mother.
He doesn't like my food. Big deal.
-I didn't.
-He didn't say your food, Mom.
I gotta go.
You're going out again tonight?
I thought you were
going to take me shopping.
I'm meeting with clients.
I'll take you. We'll have more fun,
Y'all have a good time okay.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Kisses, kisses...
Snooky, snooky. Bye.
Love you!
-Love you too. Ya'll have fun okay.
You guys are adorable!
Simply adorable.
Oh come on. You've always been a
horrible liar.
-What are you talking about?
-Come on!
For lunch, egg salad, not tuna.
Water, not wine with dinner.
You're pregnant!
-I wanted to tell Isaac first.
I knew it! I knew it! Even before
the tuna salad, I knew it!
You just have that glow!
-I know. Okay so um...
If it's a boy, I wanna name it
-It means good.
You gotta be f..g kidding me.
I like that.
If it's a girl, I wanna name
it after you.
What kind of f..g choice?
You know what to do.
You don't have a f..g choice!
You don't have a f..g choice!
Go in there and you f..g kill her!
You put her f..g brains
all over the f..g wall!
You f..g bitch I don't care.
Oh yeah I forgot.
You don't speak Spanish.
I mean I understand a little.
How do you grow up in East L.A.
and not know Spanish?
I mean if you didn't talk
so damn fast...
...maybe I could understand
what the hell you're saying.
These are frijoles.
Arroz? Aroz?
You can't roll your R's, can you?
Closer. Watch my mouth.
A little bit better.
-Cul es tu signo?
What's my sign? Really?
Oh nice so you only know
pick up lines.
You're such a bendejo, go away!
Cook me something to eat.
-Ah come on! That was good.
-Yeah all right.
-All right frijoles.
I am in control. I am in control.
I am in control.
I am not a victim.
I am not a victim.
-I just came home and... wife's been shot.
Hello? Hello? Hello?
My wife and my mother in law.
Calm down Isaac,
calm down, calm down.
Calm down, calm down.
Calm the f..k down!
-Isaac is that you?
-What the f..k!
Oh my God.
You've vomited all over my
hard wood floor. And my rug.
He'll clean it up, mom.
He's been out again with
those porno girls.
-He was with Don and Tracy.
-I know it.
Wait, wait.
You were checking up on me?
I have a right to know
where you are.
Oh and, thank you for inviting
me to the party.
You said it was a
business thing.
It was a business thing.
Don's my client.
A client? He bought a mattress
from you, two years ago.
Yes, a Cali King.
-I'm going to bed.
-Pillow top. He paid me two grand.
Affirmation time.
I am not a victim.
I create my life and my destiny.
I am not a victim.
I create my life and my destiny.
This is good.
I told you, right?
I don't just cook Spanish.
Thai, Mediterranean...
Italian. Whatever you want.
I got you.
-Damn, okay.
Oh, I love this song!
-You dance?
-Yeah, I dance.
I don't salsa though.
-You don't salsa?
How can you be from East L.A.
and not salsa?
-You don't!
Ah get up. Let me show you, let me
show you.
-Come on, come on I got you.
One step forward.
And two steps back.
You're gonna show me how to salsa?
Yeah I gotta see this. Okay.
One step forward.
And two steps back.
Just like my life.
Always trying to move forward.
S..t just always happens.
-So, you're a victim?
-Nah, I ain't no victim.
There you go.
One step forward. Two steps back.
What is it you do anyway?
I told you.
Oh, yeah, a repo man?
That's what you used to say.
It's like I do the s..t work
that nobody else wants to do.
That's what I do. Come on.
But if they don't pay their bills,
I guess they deserve it?
Sometimes they do. Sometimes
they're just like the rest of us.
Everybody screws up.
But we try our best right?
One step forward, two steps back?
You're corny stop.
Come on! One step forward.
Two steps back.
Hold on a second.
Hey baby.
Hey babe.
Sorry to bother you at work.
Oh it's okay I was
on a break. What up?
Tori wants some canned pasta
but I can't find it anywhere.
And I just reorganized the
whole pantry.
So, I have a pretty good handle on
the status of the canned goods.
I always hide it from her or
she eats too much. It's in the...'s on the top shelf behind.
It's by my smoothie
stuff next to the chia seeds.
-Okay love you.
Well I gotta get back.
-Okay babe have a good shift.
I will.
Hey I gotta go.
Oh yes! Oh yes! Yes!
Cor, Cor!
I just hit sixteen mil on
Trivia Bomb it's your turn!
-Hey babe.
Hey, do you think I can have the
bathroom to myself?
Uh yeah. Yeah, no, no problem.
I can
just do my neti pot later.
-I love you bunches.
-I love you too.
The Cartel found out that Isaac
hired me.
And they weren't about to let
me off the hook.
Get in the car.
They wanted the blood to be on my
Not theirs.
You didn't do your job, Khali.
See, we could have done it for you.
But we don't want to get
our hands dirty.
But if we have to we will.
Oh and Khali...
If our friend Isaac finds
out about any of this...
...we'll skin you alive.
Mom. why are you still a
member at Hillgate, anyway?
Like I would never show my
face there.
Well, your father loved it.
So, when he divorced me...
...I told my lawyer I wanted
his membership.
It's not one of my
favorite country clubs...
...but you should never
underestimate the power of spite.
-Hola, senorita.
-Just listen, okay?
What's my favorite color?
Just answer. Please?
What kind of yellow?
The washed out yellow.
Like the one on the
convertible on your screen saver.
What's my favorite song?
Cruisin' the D'Angelo version.
How many birthmarks do I have?
A cross-shaped
birthmark on your left ass cheek.
And a scar from wrecking your Huffy
bike, when you were 11 years old.
You were a horrible teacher.
You were
a horrible student.
If you would listen, maybe you
could ride a bike today.
You know me better than anybody.
I'd say that's true.
You love me.
I do.
That wasn't a question.
I know you do.
And I know you'll take care of me.
I don't care what you
did in the past.
I know that you banged.
And I was a little hood rat.
I did some s..t to pay the bills.
Some bad s..t.
But I'm straight now.
And I'm responsible.
And I just need to know for
me, and for my daughter.
Are you good?
I'm good.
I love you.
So? When are you gonna tell Isaac?
I think I'm gonna surprise him.
I think I wanna cook
his favorite meal.
Oh, speaking of meals,
you better watch yourself.
You don't wanna use a
pregnancy as an excuse to pig out.
What? Mom.
When I had you, I only
gained twenty pounds.
Then, in less than a month, I was
back in my little black dress.
Is that from me?
Uh, no.
That was from your brother.
My brother?
Yeah. He died before you were born.
The umbilical cord wrapped
around his neck.
He suffocated?
Probably the only way to shut
up a member of our family.
That's true.
Oh, sorry.
Uh, how much longer
are you gonna be?
Because my mom is
coming to get me in like five?
Hey, it's me! George.
Remember me?
The nurse. I patched you up.
Hey! Wait. Khali?
Khali? Wait up!
Hey! Hey! Where you going?
Hey! Did you find your car yet?
Oh, man. Are you okay? Ah.
Hey, didn't you see that sign?
I've been keeping an eye out
for your car. And the briefcase.
Man, I hope you find it.
I bet you hid it, didn't you?
Like in a secret
compartment in the trunk.
I'll get your number from Axel. And
I'll call you if I hear anything.
Blue Hyundai, right?
Did you park on the roof?
Hey, kiddo. I love you,
you know that, right?
-Uh-huh. Yeah.
-But not bye forever?
No, well, technically,
that's up to your mom.
Don't f..g do this.
Wait, Cori...
I know we go through our like
ups and downs like this.
But do you want to do this to Tori?
Think about your daughter.
F..k you, Walter. Just get out.
No, listen. You're responsible.
I am being responsible.
I'm done, and you need to leave.
Get the f..k out. Get out.
-How dare you do this to me.
-Get out.
After everything that I've
done for you.
I've given you everything.
You know, you...
...what were you when we met?
You were nothing. Nothing.
Just Mexican trash.
Okay and.
F..k you.
Get out, sorry ass.
Get out! Go! Go! Go!
What's up?
You ever do something that you know
will have consequences...
...but you do it
anyway, because... have to?
It's gonna be alright.
I gotta pee.
-I have to pee.
Wait, no, no, no, no. Hold up.
Stop. I have to pee. Don't.
You're gonna make me pee.
Stop! Stop!
-Hold up.
Stop. I said stop.
-Wait, hold up.
Don't tickle me.
You know I hate that.
You wanna tickle?
You wanna play? Yeah.
Alright, alright, alright, alright.
You don't have to be all vicious.
You f..g promised me!
You promised me, Khali!
What the f..k is this?
-Stop. It's not what you think.
-It's not what I think?
I f..g trusted you!
And you promised me!
You promised me you were good.
-I finally was.
You promised me.
Where is all his stuff?
Hey, hey, man, Um.
Hey, listen, I am hard up.
I really need your help.
I'm not gonna do this again,
I'm not gonna let this happen.
No, look. I know I owe you,
man. I need this.
Listen, you need to man up.
Grow up.
Do the right thing.
When was the last time you
spent an evening with your wife?
What are we even doing here?
This is so whack.
Hey, la-ladies, where y'all going?
The party's just getting started.
We're outta here.
Call you back. Ladies!
Hey, hey, hey, where y'all going?
Hey! Hey! F..k! F..k!
Buenos Dias, guapo!
Now's time for you
to get into the kitchen.
I don't stay over unless my man
fixes me breakfast.
Are you having a good time,
Are they taking care of
you over there?
I love it.
But, to tell you the truth
I miss you.
And I miss my home.
I know, grandma.
I mean, I miss you too.
But, I can't take care
of you.
I don't have the medical
...and if something
happens you know.
I know. I know.
Homie just s..t himself.
Look at him.
That's right, dawg.
That's a b..h right there.
Now I knew I had to get
the f..k outta Dodge.
Even if it meant leaving Cori,
my daughter and my grandma.
Everything. I had to go
and be gone for good.
Well, there he is.
This looks great.
I made your favorite...
I'm kidding, I made lasagna.
With pork sausage.
Just like you like it.
What's the occasion?
Well, sit down.
-Is it that good?
-Did we win the lottery?
Is your mother moving out?
You're pregnant?
Yeah. They don't
know for sure yet.
But I haven't had any
morning sickness...
...and Ma says that
means it's a boy.
A boy?
-A son?
I think...
I think I'm...
-No. Not again.
Okay. I'm okay.
Look at me.
You don't have to be
nervous about this.
About any of it.
I love you.
You're a good guy.
This is all gonna work out
like it should. Okay?
-Mr. Cabres?
Mr. Cabres, this is Carmen Rockweld
from Malibu Sands Manor.
I'm afraid your
monthly payment is overdue.
When can I arrange to transfer
your grandmother... a different facility?
No, no, no transfer.
I-I'll get the money
soon, okay?
Mr. Cabres, I'm afraid
we can't give you much longer.
We have a waiting list for
your grandmother's room and...
F..k! F..k!
Listen now, I know we ain't
been on good speaking terms.
I haven't done
this in a while...
...but if you help me...
...if you help out my
grandmother, I'll be good.
Are you sure?
You found my car!
Yeah. Yeah! Yeah!
Yeah! Whoo!
Hey, loco what you do with
the jack? I need the jack.
Hey, Bobby, what'd you
do with the blue Hyundai?
The blue Hyundai? I think the blue
Hyundai's gone. It's crushed.
Hey, there he is. How's the nose?
This is my buddy's place, they buy
a lot of cars here without titles.
So I had them
put a BOLO out on yours.
-That wasn't it?
-No. No, your car's fine.
But I have some
bad news.
No briefcase.
I know what you're thinking.
And it did occur to me to take
it for myself and not call you...
...but I didn't think that would be
a really good lesson for Cali here.
I believe you.
Here you go.
Oh, man!
Cease fire.
It's for you.
What is it?
That's a whole lot of cash.
You got some serious money
right here right?
If you ever
need anything...
-Yeah. We got your back, brother.
-Yeah. You know where to find us.
Thank you.
Go, let's go.
Ladies, ladies, ladies.
Come on, come on.
I got the bags. I got the bags.
I just don't understand
what's going on.
-It's a surprise.
-I don't want a surprise.
I need to plan my baby shower.
The sooner we you can
plan it on the drive.
It's gonna be a serene
drive and you can plan it.
Serene? Where are we going?
I just don't understand!
We're going on a trip.
It's a surprise trip.
I can't tell you where we're going
because that would ruin it.
-Oh god! Are you okay?
I am so sorry that happened,
but if we would go...
Do not worry about the plant.
-Come on.
Were waiting and
you're not walking.
-I'm late. Come on.
-You're paying?
I'm paying.
I'm paying double for this.
I am serious. If I need to
change the tone of my voice... get you out the door, I will.
Come on, let's go. I'm not angry.
Is this the way to start a trip?
I put a lot of effort into
the surprise. Now let's go.
I don't have anything
to say to you.
If I told you that I had enough
money to take care of you...
...and Tori forever, would
you come with me?
-Where would we go?
-Where would we go?
Wherever you want.
Hawaii. Europe.
I have to know.
Where did you get the money?
No, Khali.
I'm not going back to that life.
-I can't.
-No, Cori.
It's not good for me
or my daughter.
Please, baby,
I gotta know.
Just come with me.
Baby, just come with me.
Please come with me. Please.
Please come. Please.
Come back in a month
and we'll talk.
I don't have a month.
I don't have a month.
Let's go. Just let's just go.
Get Tori and let's go. Please.
I'm sorry. I can't do this.
I'm sorry.
-No, Cori. Cori!
Once step forward,
two steps back.
I prayed for a sign.
And it flew in like f..g
Khali, what are you doing
here, man? What...
It is for the cab.
For the...'s only 50 bucks, man.
That's cool.
Nah. You're a good dude, Walter.
-I'm sorry. Take care.
-It's all good, bro.
-How did you find me?
-I told you...
We'd find you where you go.
Cover your ears, baby.
Are you f..g kidding me?
What? What I do now?
Walter just called.
Why you gotta be so good,
-You think I'm good?
You're just good enough.
-Let's get outta here.
-But what about my car?
I'll get you another car.
So what? Let's go.
-This has gotta be the stupidest...
-Come on.
...thing ever. Ah.
Shut up!
It was perfect.
We were riding off
into the sunset.
Sure. I'd made my deal
with Isaac and the cartel.
But what were the chances
I'd run into them?
Just wait, okay, wait.
-I'm pregnant. I need to pee.
You have to make it to the
next town, okay babe?
Isaac, why are you smoking? This
is a gas station, for god's sakes.
For god's sakes,
I've told you a million times...'s an electronic cigarette.
It's electronic.
-I can't.
-Can't you just put it away?
I'm gonna put it in my pocket,
are you happy?
-Thank you.
It smells good. It's strawberry
banana. It's not gonna hurt you.
It's still not good for me.
Crazy. Oh my God!
Oh, that man has a gun, Isaac.
I see that, Sarah.
Man, look, look, look.
We're straight, okay, I promise.
Oh, now
we're straight, huh?
Hey, look, man.
Becca's pregnant.
-Excuse me?
-I'm gonna have a son.
Is that the gardener?
Get them to shut up.
-Tell them to f..g shut up!
Man, if I could shut them up,
we wouldn't be here right now.
-Who is that man?
-I don't know.
What is he doing?
Shut up!
Put that gun down.
Put that gun down!
-Put that s..t down!
-Put the gun down, bro. Back up!
-Alright! Alright!
Isaac, what is going on?
Let's go.
You know what the f..k this is.
-Move! Get out of the car!
-Get out of the f..g car!
-Get in the car.
F..k yeah!
Get out of the f..g car!
-What do you want?
-My baby.
Shut the f..k up.
Get in! Get in the car.
Oh my...
Oh my god!
How much do they owe you?
How much do they owe you?
More than you got.
I got two million right now.
To settle everything.
But then you can't f..k them or
you can't f..k with us ever again.
Well, let me see.
Meet me at the overlook on Ranger.
Ten o'clock tonight.
No! No!
Man, that's my f..g little girl!
-Get out the car.
-No, baby! No! Let go of her!
Back the f..k up! Let's go.
-Get your hands off me!
-Get out of the car!
Get your f..g hands off!
Do something!
Let go of me!
-Just an insurance policy.
-Let go!
-That's not part of the f..g deal.
-Get in!
-Cori! Don't worry. I'm coming.
-I will see you at 10:00.
Careful, she's pregnant.
We will have to charge
more now.
Isaac, what is he talking
Everything's cool.
Khali will be here any second.
What is he charging for?
Just shut up and do
what they say, okay?
I don't know about you, but uh,
I'm getting tired of waiting.
He is here!
Well, I guess he showed up
after all.
Before we get down to business...
...Isaac, you wanna
tell them what's up?
May I?
Tell them.
F..g tell them!
I owe a bunch
of money to the cartel.
And I hired...
...Khali to kill you and
your mom so...
...I could collect the
inheritance and pay off my debt.
But I changed my mind.
I changed my mind.
-I'm sorry.
-Okay. Let's do this.
Count it and then get
the f..k outta here.
Here. Go ahead.
Go ahead.
No, no, no, no, no.
You can leave them down there.
I think we'll be collecting
your money...
...along with
the inheritance amigo.
F..k that, homie.
The odds are not in your favor.
Oh, this is so sad.
You're such a nice guy.
You think youre f..g
better than us, huh?
Is that what you think?
I know who the f..k you are.
Decapitating motherf..s, huh?
You think this fools better
with a f..g chainsaw than me?
Drop your weapons, or
we'll drop you, I s..t you not!
Keep your eyes on him, guys.
Watch their hands.
Keep those weapons on them.
Your life.
Your money.
Business... business.
Business is business.
Let's close in, guys.
Boys, over here.
It will be okay.
Form a perimeter.
Get up.
Thank you.
Get in the car.
Isaac didn't go to jail.
Becca was nice enough for my
sake not to involve the police.
Instead, she made Isaac
sign a divorce agreement...
...where he got nothing.
As for Grandma, I couldn't afford
to pay for South Manor anymore.
But I worked
something out.
As for me, I got a job at
a gourmet restaurant.
Mmm, our new chef is
looking good!
Thank you.
Even got this fool a job.
As for Cori...
...I thought she gave up on me.
This place was getting
rave reviews.
We had to come check it out.
I'm glad you came.
I'm really proud of you.
-I don't care how bad your gout is!
-Oh s..t! I almost forgot.
Get up there and clean
the s..t out of the tub.
Isaac did remarry.
For all of the s..t he f..d up.
He did do something right.
And this, my friends,
is the new Khali.