Khanzab (2023) Movie Script

Hey. Rahayu.
Wake up, it's time for the dawn prayer.
Come on.
- Rahayu, get out of here!
- Father!
Rahayu! Leave her alone!
Don't touch my daughter!
Rahayu! Please don't hurt her!
Leave my daughter alone!
Rahayu, run! Let her go! Let...
Banyuwangi Shaman Beheads Dozens
with Unexplained Motives
Shaman's Massacre Claims Multiple Lives
Black Magic Claims Lives
Let me help you.
Excuse me.
Coming through.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Do you want to buy some?
Excuse me. This is for you, Ms. Endang.
- Rahayu, bring it inside.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Did you only order one bag?
It should be two bags.
- But there's only one.
- How many items are there in the bag?
I counted ten.
Do you want me to bring them all?
You can start putting the things
in boxes right now,
so that Ms. Husni doesn't have to wait
and can pick them up easily tomorrow.
One more thing,
please wrap the remaining stock.
They were ordered for
Mr. Cholil's Quran school graduates.
Okay, ma'am.
Wow, you've got so many customers!
Umrah plans for this year
seem promising for you.
How long will you be away?
I'm not sure. It might take a week or so.
Alright, I'll leave now.
Take good care of this shop. Okay?
Just ignore her.
Thank you.
- Take care, ma'am.
- Okay.
I see you have a complete package,
a dedicated shopkeeper
and a lucky charm to boost your sales.
Excuse me. Another one for Ms. Endang.
It's okay, I got this.
Where do you want it? Over there?
I got this.
Thanks, uh...
It's Ratman. Suratman.
- I'm Rahayu.
- Okay, you're Rahayu.
Be cautious.
She may not be as good as you think.
You may get charmed.
I think I already did.
Excuse me.
You little wench.
Ride a rickshaw?
Please take a look.
How much is this?
This one costs 5000 rupiahs.
Ayu said she wanted to work
and help me out here.
Things would be better
if you stayed at my place.
She would have better education.
She could even go to college.
- I'm home.
- Welcome back.
Look, I've brought you
this month's harvest.
And here's some money for you.
Thank you.
Aji, I brought you a toy.
Do you like it?
You shouldn't buy toys
for your little brother too often.
It may spoil him.
Teach him how to take care of himself.
Aji, shall we go upstairs? Let's go.
Let's go upstairs.
You'd better return to Wonosalam.
Your father was the only brother I had.
He used to trust me to look after you.
So you are my responsibility as well.
We'll be alright here.
Ayu loves to be here.
You're the one
who should make the decision.
Don't leave everything to your kids.
They're the only ones I have.
Even though Rahayu
is not my biological daughter...
I love her as much as if she were.
before he died, your late husband
told me to sell this place.
You do know
about your husband's past, right?
Things went south after he died.
People here
have become increasingly judgmental.
Be careful. Can you even see with that on?
Watch yourself, okay? It's already late.
Aji, it's already late.
Go to bed, okay?
Mr. Sarwo?
Excuse me.
Mr. Sarwo?
What are you doing here?
Uh, your late father gave me that cane...
for me to guard it.
It's a sacred cane.
If you don't be careful with it...
you might end up like your mother.
I've brought you some bananas from my mom.
Thank you.
You're welcome, sir.
I heard that Sentot is still determined
to sell this shophouse.
I understand your feelings.
That's why you don't like
your step-grandfather.
You see, some people can look holy.
But you'll never know
what's really going on inside.
If this shophouse sells...
you can go back
to the house you grew up in,
which your father has
donated as a prayer room.
It's just behind the market.
Do you still remember?
Check this out!
Ours are cheaper!
Ma'am, here's your delivery.
You can choose many different colors.
- We have the one that is pink and red.
- Thank you, but no.
We also have the green one.
You can see inside, miss.
We have a lot to choose from.
Please come and take a look.
Here's the latest model.
You, the daughter of a shaman!
I know you're using a charm.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
Your charm won't work out here.
I know your father was a great shaman,
but last time I checked, he was dead!
What, are you going to charm me now?
Say something!
Shame on you, witch.
You, the daughter of a darn shaman!
Let me go, you witch!
Let me go!
- Oh my god.
- Ayu? Come to your senses.
- Please give her this water.
- Thank you.
Ayu, try to drink this. Come on.
Are you alright?
- Try to drink.
- Come on, Ayu.
She was possessed.
It happened to my nephew too yesterday.
He was from that prayer room.
That prayer room?
Were you going to that prayer room?
The spirits who served his father
still live there!
- You're Semedi's daughter, aren't you?
- Shush, shush!
Everyone, please calm down, okay?
Calm down.
Were you really disturbed
in that prayer room?
Everyone, leave now.
Return to your place.
I heard...
that today, at the market, you...
Were you praying in that prayer room?
Were you disturbed by the...
Nobody disturbed me.
Whenever you feel their presence...
recite Taawuz
and spit three times to your left.
Then, hopefully,
they will leave you alone.
- Ayu.
- I know!
May Allah protect me
from the cursed devils.
Rahayu, throw that away!
Calm down.
Sentot, please help me!
Rahayu. Please, wake up!
Rahayu, please wake up!
If you can cure her,
then you can also afflict her.
This kid has a potential that comes out
when you use your power in a certain way.
- She's still too young.
- Wake up.
We don't know what she's capable of doing.
I don't want Rahayu
to be near those spirits!
We have to stop it...
before it's too late.
But you have to clean yourself up.
What do you mean?
You must stop living this way.
You've been possessed by a spirit.
A jinn!
Now you see the consequences.
Please cure Ayu. Save her.
Then I will do anything you want.
Get me some water.
You've caused trouble in the neighborhood.
What did my daughter do
that made your daughter try to kill her?
Tell me!
She's not an ordinary woman.
People in this neighborhood told me
that your daughter is haunted. Right?
- Yes, she is!
- Yeah!
I know that your late husband
was a shaman.
He acted as if he were a holy man
by donating a prayer room.
But it turned out
that he did that with black magic.
What do you want now?
Do you want to murder my daughter?
You want to cast a spell on my daughter?
- Please calm down.
- There she is!
The daughter of that shaman!
At first, we were glad that you left.
But now that you're back,
you're bringing bad luck with you!
What do you want? Tell me!
Calm down!
Everyone, please calm down.
I saw what happened.
Even if she was possessed,
it wasn't her fault.
Hey, punk.
Don't act like you know everything.
You're still new here.
You have no idea
what kind of person her father was.
Rahayu, don't say anything...
I do apologize.
I had no intention to hurt anyone...
including Riri.
Let's just go home, Mom.
I have a bad feeling about this.
- Come on.
- Do you accept my apology?
Come on, Mom. I'm fine, really.
You devil's child!
You better watch yourself here.
Because we already know
that your father was beheaded
because he was a sorcerer!
- Enough!
- Sorcerer!
- You understand?
- That's enough.
Understand, huh?
I'm so sorry, everyone.
That's enough, Ayu.
No more trouble, okay?
Why did those people get mad at Mom?
They didn't get mad at Mom.
She's alright.
Now, it's time to sleep.
Why did you have to
cause such a commotion?
You were the one who asked to live here.
If this keeps up, then we...
I was born and raised here.
This is all that my father left behind.
Then please do me a favor.
Act normally.
Stop creating any more trouble.
I've done everything you wanted.
So please...
do this family a favor,
so we can live...
Sentot has told us...
- that...
- we can move in with him.
So that he can take over
my father's money.
What did you say?
Sentot has been manipulating you.
He married off my father to you
after my mother died.
My real mother.
And now my father's no longer here.
So it's easier for him now
to take over father's wealth.
Praise be to Allah.
Don't worry. There's nothing here.
Do you want me to stay?
No. I'm good. You can go.
Did they show up again?
Who are "they"?
You recklessly summoned them.
You can't stop them now that they're here.
I was the one who summoned them?
You were praying...
and you were disturbed.
I did recite Taawuz,
because I was told to.
And spit three times to the left?
Then what will you say if it turns out
that you really did call them?
Who do you mean by "they"?
Your childhood friends.
What do you mean?
That house, the prayer room, this town,
those places made you
the way you are today.
Your father was a good person,
and so are you.
Sentot, your stepmother,
your father's tragic demise,
and you returning to this town...
It has compelled you
to confront your own truth.
Ayu, you're not an ordinary person.
That's why Sentot and your father
performed exorcism on you.
But it wasn't finished yet.
You saw for yourself
that you could summon them...
even when you didn't know it.
They were waiting for you.
They were the ones
who went to the prayer room to see you.
Just 5000 rupiahs for two bags.
I can wrap them up for you.
The red ones, right?
- Forget about it.
- Why?
I gave you the cheapest price.
These flowers are fresh.
- May I help you, miss?
- How much are these?
- It's 5000 rupiahs for two bags.
- Alright, I'll get two of them.
- I'll add the fresh ones for you.
- Thanks.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Like daughter, like mother.
You both sure are using a charm.
You don't care about us here at all.
You might as well just take all the money
from the buyers in this market!
Take them, all you want!
That makes you happy, right?
You and your daughter really are amazing.
What? Why don't you say something?
Don't act like you're so holy.
You and your evil family!
I'm sick of you all!
My leg!
My leg hurts!
- My leg!
- Mother!
Riri! Help, my legs! It hurts!
Please, help!
- Oh my God!
- Mother!
Goodness gracious!
Let me help you.
Watch your step.
- Nuning, show yourself!
- Show yourself!
- Nuning, show yourself!
- Get out!
- Come out here!
- Show yourself!
- Sir...
- You sorcerer!
- Calm down. What's going on here?
- Mind your own business!
Nuning! Come out, you sorcerer!
- Nuning! Come and show yourself!
- Come out here!
Don't you dare to run!
Ayu. No.
Don't open the door.
- Nuning!
- Hey, Nuning!
Stop it! What's going on here?
A lot of people have been hurt
since that woman came here.
That's true.
Don't act like you have no idea.
It was Semedi's wife
who had been putting a spell on them.
I have to go out there.
- No, don't!
- No, Ayu.
Don't go!
Watch your tongue!
Last time,
Rahayu strangled Minah's daughter.
And now Minah is being harmed.
How is Minah being harmed?
Her legs are festering
due to the spell cast by Semedi's wife.
My leg!
Oh my god!
- It's true!
- Yeah!
Don't you dare mention the dead!
His wife and daughter
came here to make a living.
You shouldn't bother them!
Don't act like you're all perfect.
I'm well aware that some of you
have evil spirits working for you.
If something bad happens...
you will be the one to blame.
Fine. Alright.
Now leave!
Stop harassing a widow and her kids.
Calm down.
You're fortunate
that I managed to calm them down.
If it hadn't been for me,
your family would've been in grave danger.
My husband wasn't a sorcerer.
He helped other people in his own way.
"Helped other people"?
Stop blabbering nonsense.
Ms. Minah died in a tragic way.
Her legs were rotting overnight.
Is that what "helping other people"
means to you?
Even if it were true
that Semedi was a sorcerer,
he has already passed away.
And there's no way Nuning and Rahayu
could cause any harm to Riri and Minah.
We might have let you defend them before,
but now you can see
that the people want justice.
- Yes, we do!
- Right!
What are you going to do?
You're going to behead them too, huh?
First, they need to acknowledge
their wrongdoing.
And then we can determine
an appropriate punishment for them.
No. We won't admit to things we didn't do.
Why do you keep bothering our family?
Leave my property.
I said leave!
- Hey, hey.
- Go away!
- Calm down, Ayu.
- Ayu!
See? Daughter of a witch.
You can't make someone say
they did something they didn't do.
And you can't tell the police
because you don't have strong evidence.
So what are you going to do now?
What kind of answer can you give?
Please tell us.
- Yeah, we need an answer.
- Tell me about it!
God is the only one who knows
if you are using black magic or not.
You'll have to swear
and look God in the eye.
What do you mean?
You're going to perform a Pocong Oath.
I will do that.
I'm going to show you that we're innocent.
- Ayu.
- No!
She's not going to perform the oath...
but her mother will.
Minah died
because someone was using black magic.
Before she died,
she was arguing with this woman.
So, if someone used black magic on her,
it must have been this woman.
And if she still won't say it,
let her die while she's taking her oath.
I will take the oath instead of her.
So I can die and see my father again.
Shut it, Ayu! Do not say a word!
Come here, baby.
Don't do that.
There is no other way.
If Nuning agrees to take the oath
and remains alive thereafter...
I want all of you...
to stop bothering them.
This time, I agree with your idea.
Let's go.
These shophouses need to be cleansed,
and Rahayu needs to be exorcised again.
Are you saying
you'll be the one to perform the exorcism?
Just like what you did to her
when she was young?
Look, Sarwo. Back then,
Semedi was given this shophouse as a gift,
for curing a conglomerate from the effects
of witchcraft cast by their enemy.
Semedi used the help of spirits
to support the healing process.
You should have been to blame
because you were the one
who got him interested in the occult.
Don't act so righteous in front of me
as if you think
I'm going down the wrong path.
I know that I don't pray
the same way you do,
but I also have a God, just like you do.
What we need now isn't a Pocong Oath.
People need proof,
and the Pocong Oath is the answer.
You're just making things worse.
Maybe you are the real reason
Rahayu is having so much trouble.
And now you're taking over
her father's wealth.
He left it with me,
and I didn't rob him.
Rahayu never believed you.
And is your reason for doing the exorcism
as good as you say it is?
Ayu, where are you going?
Repeat after me.
I swear...
- I swear...
- I did not perform any witchcraft...
I did not perform any witchcraft...
Against Minah Tarjo.
Against Minah Tarjo.
If I did...
If I did...
Then I am ready to die instantly
as of this moment.
Then I am ready to die instantly
as of this moment.
This woman has kept her promise,
just as you all wanted.
So I'm asking everyone to leave...
because nobody will suffer tonight.
Go home and be thankful...
that all of you have been saved
from a needless sin.
Leave, now!
Why are you messing with your food?
Are you finished?
Oh, hi, Ayu.
Make a bowl for me.
I have to go.
- Here's the money.
- Oh, right.
- Thanks.
- Ayu.
I heard that you're leaving.
Who told you that?
Uh, people at the market told me.
They said someone
is going to buy your shophouse very soon.
That's just rumors.
These shophouses were donated
to my late husband in 1992.
What is the land area?
It's approximately 500 square metre
for four shophouses.
So it's 500 square metre.
We'll measure it again just to be sure.
- Can you do that for me?
- Sure.
Do you have all the necessary
and full paperwork for the land?
Yes, of course.
Okay, thank you for your time.
We'll see you soon.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
You're home, already? At this hour?
Do you want something to eat?
Those people are Sentot's men,
aren't they?
They are, aren't they?
Your father did leave Sentot some lands
that he planned to sell.
- And now...
- And now...
he will take full control of everything.
please stop being biased.
He helped your father find repentance.
So you now agree with him
that my father was so bad
that he had to repent?
Your father used to engage in connections
with black magic from another realm.
I knew that even before we got married.
And as it turned out,
everything he did came with a price.
What do you mean?
During the Pocong Oath ceremony yesterday,
the evil spirits that granted him power,
supernatural protection,
pesugihan, spells...
They were all pursuing me.
Then how are you still alive?
I saw you there.
You were among them.
Ayu, we need to break away from them.
Or else, the devils
who have us under their control will...
Sentot's desire to take over
my father's money is the real devil.
Your uncle, who always tries to look holy,
is the real devil.
He's trying
to take control of my father's wealth.
That night,
he was the one who planned the murder.
He was the one who murdered my father.
On the day we were kicked out
from our home by the community...
there was one person among them
who had a wound on his face.
I was the one who caused that wound.
Those people were the ones
who killed my father.
And Sentot knew them.
They were conspiring.
All of that wealth belongs to my father,
and he paid his dues...
by having his head severed like an animal!
So you should really stop believing
in how holy Sentot is
because it's all fake.
Or your fate will end up like...
my real mother!
Ms. Endang...
I'm sorry that I...
I overslept.
- Ayu.
- Yes, ma'am?
This is for you.
What is this for?
You don't need to come to work tomorrow.
- What do you mean?
- You're fired.
- I know I made a mistake, but...
- That's enough.
Shame on you, witch!
You, the daughter of a darn shaman!
You devil's child!
You better watch yourself here.
Because we already know
that your father was beheaded
because he was a sorcerer!
- You're fired.
- I know I made a mistake, but...
Minah's legs were festering!
We need to break away from them.
Or else, the devils
who have us under their control will...
Mother, I'm thirsty.
Yes, son?
I'm thirsty.
Oh, right...
I'll get you some water.
Aji, watch out!
What have you done?
Stop it...
Wake up, my son.
Oh my god.
Mom, it hurts!
Aji! Oh my god...
My son...
Aji, please wake up.
Please forgive me.
I deserve to die.
I deserve to die.
Please let me die.
Where are they?
You just relax, okay? You are safe here.
Finally, you all managed to get me here.
Are they going to do an exorcism on me
like they did back then?
Sentot always saw your father
as if he were his own son.
So he won't do you harm.
He's been targeting my father's money
for quite some time.
Sentot is a rich man.
He's rich in both material possessions
and compassion.
He built this boarding school
and other facilities for the people.
Everyone can stay and study here for free.
So he doesn't need your father's money.
just lie down and take it easy.
My mother...
and Aji...
Are they no longer with us?
You have to gain Rahayu's trust...
to really save her, Sentot.
I think she's somehow connected
to that prayer room...
where her father used to do his practice.
There's something there
that keeps drawing her back,
and it's tied her to two different realms.
I seek forgiveness from God.
- Sentot.
- Mm?
What's wrong?
You must go to that prayer room.
Once you get there...
you need to find that snake cane.
You didn't kill them.
You're not a murderer, remember that.
You have no idea what those snakes are.
They were coming out of me.
Those snakes do not belong in this world.
It was beyond your control.
Those spirits have been manipulating you.
How do you know?
You're not alone.
I was just like you when I was younger.
I was very sensitive...
and I couldn't control my own power.
It took a lot of victims...
including my own family.
Sentot helped me and guided me.
These evil spirits
feed on grudges and remorse.
And they're comfortable
to stay in your body.
They must get out of your body.
We need to completely cleanse them.
It's unusual. No greetings?
That's unheard of.
You don't deserve a greeting from me,
you bastard.
I found it.
You scum! Give it back to me!
Give it back!
Stay away from Rahayu, my child,
and all of my students.
Rahayu, the daughter of Semedi...
with the grace and power of Allah...
you will undergo
a purification process to rid yourself
of any evils that may reside within you.
Are you willing to let it go?
Rahayu, the daughter of Semedi...
with the grace and power of Allah...
you will undergo a purification process
to rid yourself of any evil
that may reside within you.
Are you willing to let them go?
not willing to let them go.
You bastard!
Die you! Die!
I am Sentot, your grandfather!
I'm not here to harm you.
I want to save you.
I know you murdered my father.
No, it wasn't me. I swear!
But you know who murdered him.
He's taken away everything I had!
Including all my patients.
He's getting even richer!
You've taken away everything I had.
Now, I will take
your daughter away from you.
Do you know how powerful his daughter is?
She will assist me
in attaining both glory and wealth!
So you are the one
who've been targeting Rahayu's wealth?
If you want to inherit all my abilities...
you have to steal the snake cane
from my perverted student.
It was my son who did it, your uncle!
Uncle, my foot.
He was used by Sarwo!
Get rid of Semedi.
Don't let Wahid know, okay?
Rahayu! Let go of my daughter!
I'm sorry, Father.
I really didn't know
that Sarwo asked Husni to kill Semedi.
Curses on all of you
and everything you've done.
You're hiding other people's sins.
Isn't that also a sin?
We are all sinners...
who seeks forgiveness from Allah.
But you...
will never get my forgiveness!
Wahid! Wahid, stop it!
- Wahid, that's your father!
- Wahid!
Stop it, Wahid!
Get a grip, Wahid!
Open your eyes!
Seek forgiveness, son!
Please forgive me, Father.
I deserve to die!
I deserve to die!
Seek forgiveness, Wahid!
- Sentot!
- They deserved to die.
We have no right
to decide who should die, Ayu.
Yeah, but they got to decide...
if my father would live or die.
Now what do you want to say?
Khanzab is an evil spirit
who disturbs people during prayer.
However, the one who approaches you
isn't just Khanzab.
It's actually darker beings
that used Khanzab as a way
to take full control of your body.
And these beings...
have an evil side
that is in every person.
But can you really expel them?
Or can you control them?
I surrender myself to Allah.
The ruler of heaven and earth.
Devils live in our hearts
where we feel revenge and anger.
You have to be able
to let go of these feelings,
including your anger at Sarwo
and everyone else who has hurt you.
The key lies in one thing,
you must decide for yourself...
how you will utilize the ability
that Allah has bestowed upon you.
Are you feeling better now?
- Then, see you again.
- Take care.
So you're here?
I grew up here.
Mr. Heri called and asked me
to help out around this place,
since Mr. Sentot had died.
I'm sorry for your loss.
"So establish prayer, pay alms-tax,
and hold fast to Allah.
He alone is your Guardian.
What an excellent Guardian,
and what an excellent Helper."
Surah Al-Hajj, 78