Khatta Meetha (2010) Movie Script

Hey god give me blessings
how much you will take my exam?
Why this is happening with me in
this house?
3 years has been passed i got
the license from government
since 3 years i'm praying you
give me one big bridge contract
atleast give me one shopping
complex contract
or atleast give me a bus
stand contract
or anything like this
i'm asking since 3 years
what you have given me?
Only roads and tunnel contracts
how can i live?
You think how can i live?
If they wont pass my bill on time then
how can i pay to my workers?
Yesterday my assisstant rangeela took
rs 1000 from me
pls tell to rangeela dont waste money like this
i'm a poor guy
one more thing
tell them to dont eat so much
you started in the morning
we have to put cotton
in the ear
he is doing throat exercise
he thinks his biggest enemines are in
his own house
his elder brother and you 2
gaytri is right
or he could sell this house
yesterday one contractor told me
the rate of this house
what is so use of this?
Can you sell this house?
Do one thing,
hang this palace on your neck
you are clever man,
why dont you tell him this?
I have many other good works to do
all the works he has done,
all done by cheating
and he wants me to tell everyone
that he is right
because of it muncipalty is not
ready to give him bill
and he put a case on muncipalty
i'm trying my best to get
my transfer from here
tell him to stop praying
and if he wanna eat then
breakfast is ready
today he was complaing to god
daily brother prays are increasing
god knows when his life
will stop
just clear my bill
you are fooling peoples
now you start with god
when i start,
i cant stop
what kishan told you?
Will he give you anything?
Now i cant bear this
last night your father slept
at 2 am
then tell him to sleep on time
but if you do party at night
then how he will sleep?
You have to keep this in mind
that this is not a beer bar
school vacations are about to come
yesterday i had collected the cheques
and i also have given the commission
that chief engineer was asking
1 lac extra
We had decided everything
is there any guy left whom you
did not take loan?
Hey i'm talking to you
he asked 10000 loan from my peon
that guy haven't seen 10000 together
in his life
so whata the big deal?
Since long time i haven't seen 1000
i will say one thing
no matter i asked for loan but
i never used your name
do you have your name?
Dont mess with me in the morning
mother give me boil eggs
do hard work and earn money
if you are earning in a right
way than its ok
where is your daughter?
She is in mumbai.
I'm trying to transfer her here
because my wife is sick
she cant walk without stick
she needs someone to take
care of her
mother is saying to come
and have breakfast
one day i will also buy mercedes
like this
you will drive it
you are now working for brother in law
then you will work for me
yes sure
we cant give payment daily
tell them to take by
the end of every week
listen today is the last day
of the week
if you wont give money today then
we will close work from monday
work shouldn't be close
do one thing,
hold this
sell this and pay to
what are you doing?
They always check on the corners
if you cant put correct material in the
centre then cars will go under earth
leave something on god.
Do as i'm saying
if this road will lasts for one year then
next year we wont have any work to do
what will happen to this country?
First i will become something then
i will think about country
he says if you dont give money
then dont eat here
what me what i do?
It takes 2.5 hour for lunch
if this will go like this then
it will take 2 more weeks to complete the road
if you arrange everything here then
we will cook and eat here
i'm going to muncipalty office,
i've heard new commissioner is coming
in this country nothing will be good
with a good man
and bad peoples get everything
you are right
go from here fast
are you tired of riding bicycle?
You still remember my name
what a memory he has
where you will be tomorrow?
Tomorrow i will come there
i have to return your 130000
dont you dare to make me remember everything
dont you feel shame
why dont you keep on your tongue?
what are you doing?
Talk slowly
i'm a big contractor.
I know
last time you told me i will return
in 3 days
i told 3 months
come here
they wont give you money,
i give you one idea
next week its your daughter wedding
give him the contract
he is right
what are you doing?
If i give you one work then
will you do it?
Yes i will do.
I have many small workers
pick the phone
many people died
now how many left?
65 died on the spot
are you mad?
I know i put small amount of cement
what is need of putting iron
in small quantity?
It was your responsibility
arrest warrant is released on
all 3 of your names
i will handle it
until when it will happen?
Do you know any person whom
you blame this?
What is the name of your driver?
You call me sir?
Look at this
what happen?
Bridge is broken.
Many people died
he was about to commit suicide
harish what happen?
It was better than going to jail
uncle please help us
what can i do?
Take this blame on you
just tell them you put a bomb
under that bridge
what are you saying?
You will get 1 lac and your daughter will
get transfer too
if police will ask then?
If they ask from where i bring the
bomb then?
Then tell them i steal from
the mountains?
You cant do this for us?
You are like our father
say as we told you
now we need only 2 persons who
will say that we have seen him there
he got the bail
did they beat you?
No its ok
you have done so much for us
i trust you
you go inside and take rest
what do you think?
It will end here?
You dont understand what
he wanna say?
He wont say anything
what are you saying?
I'm saying correct
if lawyer will ask anything then
this old man will say everything
and if anyone see him then
they will kill him
now what we do?
He shouldn't say anything
if you say yes then
i dont believe.
He cant do this
there is something behind it
father its right
he was asking for double salary
and we said no
we said ok leave it
how he said this?
This is now become a big problem
bridge is not blasted with a bomb
and contractor driver did not
commit suicude
i dont wanna talk to you
my wife and son was in that bus
now i dont have any family
look i also feel bad for this
i dont want money
i dont come here to take money
give them punishment
give me that
he come to save my husband
and brother
he will write as i say
come here
what is your name?
you did not listen?
He just said
put the ice
you dont know how to treat
with guests?
Go inside
who thief?
Tell this to father
you are hiding from father since 3 days
i'm not hiding
are you coming or not?
Ok i'm coming
why you have remove it?
Let it on
let me see it
what is all this?
Buy a parrot,
you will earn more
you also used that money
dont think i'm useless
one day i will become a very
big contractor
you no need to learn it,
you got this since birth
we wont have place to store them
will you do one work for me?
I dont want share in abusing words
one day you will proud of me
go out from here
i will return one in the evening
he wont understand
go there and see
anytime they will come.
Is everything ready?
I think they have come
where is the boy?
They are labours
how much time it will take
to complete this work?
Minimum 5 days
i have the world's best workers
what you have break?
Now i will kill you
sir they have come
guests have come
finish the work in 2 days
i paid 1 lac for this photo
how it break?
I know this
what i do with them?
You know how expense it is?
Come and see what he has done
take this money from him
dont leave him
i did not drop it
what you have done?
Clean it fast
i'm watching
clean fast
he dropped colors on the sweets
and look at my condition
ready my daughter
they came to make my home good but
they destroyed my home
throw him out
you should buy for one week
i did not buy this,
i steal it from my house
why you are crying?
Is your mother dead?
Go and do your work
how is everything?
We have rice and grains but
no space to cook
dont worry i handle her
can i show you?
You may be heard my name
i'm the owner of tihkkule and
tichkule company
my company made that bus stop
we dont wanna made anything
i'm not a beggar
i have so many work to do
i take care of my workers
i need a small place in
your house to cook
my manager said you told
them no
i have to ask my husband first
ok but do it fast
we will do it fast
i told you she wont agree
they agreed
why you are looking so lazy?
I'm having headache
i will come tomorrow
you did not buy salt
how can we cook food now?
You need only salt.
I bring it
give me some salt.
I forget to buy
how dare you to look there?
I came to borrow onion
what happen?
Whole day nobody eat food
i understand who is behind it
you did not do anything?
I wont leave him
no i tell him who m i?
I know everything
he beat you without any reason
call that fat man out
my workers mean alot to me
dont you dare to open your mouth
your husband abuse my workers
i will take revenge
call your brother
wake up brother
police is outside
this fat man beat my workers
i will beat them more
you couldn't do this after my death?
Who is behind this?
Go inside
is father sleeping?
Why you did this?
How can i go to college now?
Listen to me
i swear i did not do this
this highway project is of 3000 crores
if you give everything to leaders
then what will we get?
We are not earning that much
i know how much you are earning
give me just 5% of your income
then we will do this
we are doing this for sanjay rana
you are going to college?
I'm also going there
i will go by bus
what happen angili?
How you come here?
I wanna talk to you
not infront of everyone
i'm coming
you saved my brother
i know what you do
dont do this on me
i will kill you
come come
do you remember what i told you?
I'm sorry for being late
i dont know anything
why you were teasing the girls?
I was just checking whether she is
a girl or not?
He is a headache for us
everytime he asks what
is behind bra?
Your grand mother is behind bra
go from here
go back to work
do you have money?
I want to give it to workers
for food
how much we have to pay there?
Is this your chain?
I just steal this from my
mothers cupboard
let me meet the commissioner
go your work is done
you may be know many peoples
are living under poority limit
do you know why?
Because of people like you
last year management told us that
our staff is increased
samething is repeating this year
and this year our teacher is targeting
how was my speech?
I think you did not sleep whole night
if you write and learn speech whole
night than this will happen
i'm not interested to become a leader
i'm also not interested
i'm coming
in the evening i will drop you at house
take care of yourself
what is going on?
Most of the students are ready
to not give the exams
its a good news
there is a problem
one of girls group wanna
give exams
it will create problem
then our strike will go in water
do you know who will go first?
She wont go
yesterday i told you for not giving exams
you cant go inside
everybody knows we love each other
then you cant do this
somebody likes study and
somebody dont like
if i wont give exams then
i will have lose
my father worked alot for
my studies
if he ask me why you did not give
exams then what i will give?
For strike?
If you go there than all
girls will come with you
its not my problem
i'm saying you cant go inside
i will go
i will check
today it was the decision
day in court
you did not come
thats why i was come to meet you
sachin tichkule won the case
i dont believe it
its first time
her lawyer told that muncipalty dont
have money
now we have our own road roller
now we no need to borrow
money from anyone
my streets will be off steel
its time for celebration
father where are your feet?
I told brother one day he will
proud of me
and that day has come
i'm going to do good work,
dont say this now
give me blessings
now go
with red paint
all formalities are completed,
now you can take road roller
its a government office,
dont shout here
i was just saying my feelings
go and show this feelings on
your house
take this road roller and
go from here
bring bed and sleep here
i will break it
you did not come to see
its the slap of your face
come all and see
how a normal person win and
muncipalty lost
shame on you
i say sorry to you,
please forgive me
you cant drive this
you need a separate license for this
do you know any driver?
I know one driver,
he is my neighbour
can i bring him?
What are you saying?
If road roller brake fails then?
Then i got an idea
you should went out of roller
people were shouting
then a leader and and gave me award
at the same place?
No after 3 to 4 days
he said you are god
he said this by looking at
your face
are you making fun of me?
M i kidding?
Go and find someone else
i believe you
what foolish man bring with you?
Is he mad?
Give me keys
go with right hand
i know it
once this roller will run,
i will pay you your money
i will repair it
i just put diesel in it
ok i will repair it.
Give me screw driver
which you switch it off?
From where you bring him?
Go down
i will repair it
there is a problem in spark plug
give me tool
i become black,
when you came here you were black too
what happen now?
Gear box is broken,
i repair it
now i know what is the main
problem of it
i have to take out its
whole gear box
it will take much time
what we have to do now?
Call mechanic and take out
gear box
do as he is saying
its air is correct
give me one minute
i dont want anything
do one thing,
sit on my legs
you did not bring the road roller?
Its your property now,
and its parked on our property
if you did not take it from here then
i have to charge you rent for this place
if you did not bring then i will
charge you rs 10000 per day
if you did not pay rental then
take over it
you are keep saying that i
repair it now
i cant give its guarantee
for what?
For destroying it
who told you to open it?
Dont create scene here
do everything and take
it out from here
first tell him to repair it
who is mad?
Now i cant bear it
we dont have any other way
i bring the elephant
brother wake up
why you are increasing father's
What happen?
Did you break someone's house?
You go outside,
i'm coming
go fast
you come
brother run away
he tried to kill him
i say sorry for him
you have to pay him
i'm also ready for it
you have to come to police station
tell me one thing
is he your son?
Mother is calling you for food
i dont wanna eat
father has already paid them
you think its your bad time then
everything will be changed
one day my brother will become
a big man and i will be proud of you
now lets go and eat
if you wont eat then i will
also dont eat
can i come inside?
I wanna tell you something
we have done some mistakes
what do you want?
I cant do anything,
go and ask engineer
she said talk to engineer
he will agree
whatever is in your pocket,
give it to him
can i come inside?
Forget this that we are relatives
for one minute
comissioner told me to meet you
what told you i take money?
What is going on here?
He told me that you told him
i take black money
this man is a big problem
i dont want that police will come here
take your money and go
from here
rs100 is less in it
go from here.
Where you throw?
Is he your relative?
It was my bad luck.
I did not know he belong to the same family
thats why i'm saying anjili
should marry soon
a boy loves anjili
he is not an ordinary man
because of his money,
he can get any girl
now i dont have money
now its your duty to
take her responsibility
what is this?
Then what this bill is for?
I wont go on cycle
my foots cant touch the floor
what kinda party?
Your sister is getting married
and you did not invite us
that printing guy told me in the bus
that he is printing cards
your sister is getting married
with sanjay rana
you dont know this?
I wanna talk to you
but i wanna know m i your son?
Then why i came to know from
outside that my sister is getting married
dont give speech
we dont need brother like you
you wasted all the money
your brother and brother in law
have lots of money
their childrens study in big schools
your mother is a maid here
and there is no value of my
words here
if we dont listen to them then
anjili wont marry ever
i dont wanna know
lts my last wish that i will die here
bring the money and marry your
sister wherever she wants
i wanna tell you something
I need some money
doctor told me that they have
to do operation
doctor told me that i have
to pay rs 5000
i need some money
i said its my sister wedding
i was talking about marriage
you told me its you mother wedding
we have only curry
is curry ok?
What is your problem?
Its my sister wedding
what is your problem?
Your sister died
my sister is not died,
its her wedding
how many time you took loan from me?
Can you give us some money?
Engineer and commissioner is coming,
i think they will inspect the road
you cant dig here
i wanna check the material
if you wanna check then check
on side
you cant destroy this road
i should had do this before
there is no correct sand and
material in the road
for this i have to take
may all the material went inside
the land
we have to stop this
go and tell this to a donkey,
i'm already doing it
mind your language
you dont know me,
i'm very bad
i dont have nothing to lose
i dont care
dont mess with him
house keys are on table
when you go to office,
take them with you
listen whatever you wanna say,
come to office
i dont have any work from you
is your brother is at house?
He went outside
he gave us some money
its better to beg on the road,
rather than borrow money from you
what do you think of yourself?
I have to numbers of the notes
that you have in your hands
you took black money from sachin
to pass his bills
he told me to give this
to my brother
now this powder is in your fingers
please believe me.
Dip your hand in it
we have to arrest you
she committed suicide
she is taking her last breathes
she is in room no.104
how is gehna?
She is out of danger
i never think of this
i dont come here to say sorry
because i know i dont
deserve forgiveness
i became blind
after a long time we met
on strange situation
i was feeling myself very small
i thought when i become something
then i will come back
because i was walking on a
correct way
your sister called me
she wanna meet you
who are you?
Tell her i'm her brother
tell her brother has come
nobody is at home.
Sir and madam gone in wedding party
they will come late
where were you?
We were searching for you
he is azaad bhagat and he is
how do you know him?
He was stealing something from
my sister house
i think you have a misunderstanding
but he is not a thief
where you find it?
I searched by myself
i need your help
look at these files,
it has many truths
where is that red file?
I lost it.
Why you write everything?
Thats why i have to make
files for everyone
everybody knows who is
what about remaining 200 crores?
Everybody took his money
and you all are blaming me?
Leader told me to buy cement
from his relative
he gave me white powder instead
of cement
i made the biggest mistake of my life
by giving you contract
what about that pipe line?
You placed 2 feet pipes in it
and this engineer is involved
in it
the money we saved in pipe lines,
we used in making farm house
do you any record?
I knew it you will do this
thats why i record everything
if i got arrested then i will
say everyone's name
nobody will go inside
and that commissioner wont do
any case too
i know what i have to do
from now he will sit on your seat
but nobody told me this
if truth is open than big names
will come out
i dont need anyone's help
i have whole record
truth and justice is still
in the house
operation theatre is busy,
you wait here
may be she commit suicide
and if she is still alive then she
will be killed
where you have hide the red file?
They know where is that red file?
I dont know how they know
we cant take risk
tell him that i took the bag
i will call him
if i would know this that you live
here than i would not give my sister
i'm saying kill him
you killed the hands that give
you food
you did not succeed like your
brother in law
because ofjealousy you put them
in jail
it would be better if you
give us poison
let her speak
because i'm about to say
when they were taking my younger sister,
why you were not crying?
Where were these faces?
Because you love you husbands more,
or you knew your husbands are responsible
on that time i did not had
permission to speak
if on that time i spoke something,
then my sister would not die
your husbands are still alive but
my daughter is died
when newspaper were about to bring the
reality outside then they give them money
and they blame uncle
after that their husbands are not
i have decided i wont stay
in this house
i say sorry for everything
i will go anywhere but i will never
let your face down
its my promise
whatever you have done,
is correct
i'm proud of you
are you leaving everything?
I need some peace
dont know what i will do
in future
and everyone wants you start
work again
and they are saying that i
give you work
they are saying thats why you
are giving me work?
You did not ask one question from me?
Why i did not marry?
Let me ask now
why you did not marry?
Always i was feeling that one
day i will meet you
i know without you my life
will be incomplete
so when you are going to
change your name?