Khel (1992) Movie Script

Hello, Madam.
Hello Nagin sir.
Hello Patel sir.
You need not greet
each and every one.
It's enough if you
greet me alone.
How was your trip, madam?
- Have you finalise the deal.
- You were sure to succeed.
- I hope work is progressing
smoothly. - Yes, madam.
Except for the workers at the tea
gardens and coffee plantations.
They are creating some
noise over the bonus issue.
Besides being your estate
manager, I am also your niece.
I will not bow
to their demands.
Every year,
we profit in millions.
The workers should be awarded
a part of the profit.
- But, madam...
- No arguments, please...
- How is Ravi's health?
- He is fit and fine.
- Where is he now?
- He received a phone call...
Soon after,
he left in a hurry.
- This is Kamini speaking.
- What's the matter?
- I hope everything's fine!
- I had visited the doctor...
- What should I do?
- What did the doctor advise?
He said I am pregnant!
Don't you worry!
I am coming!
We will get married today.
Let's not worry
about the consequences!
- What about your mother?
- Mummy is not here.
But I will explain our
dilemma to her later.
However, we should
get married today.
I am coming over!
You know my nature!
I cannot bear madam's grief.
You could not bear
the madam's son too!
You fiddled with the car
brakes and fixed her son.
You can surely help relieve
the madam of her grief.
Uttering nonsense again!
Seems like you are intoxicated!
You have become the sole...
...beneficiary of
wealth worth millions.
If wealth could
not intxicate you... will this
booze affect me?
I cannot forget that
I am your servant, sir!
You know my nature!
I believe in sharing thee booty!
This room shall remain
locked henceforth.
Rll Ravi's belongings
will be kept untouched.
Whenever his memories
disturb me...
...I will visit this
room to console myself.
Ravi was my favourite student.
He was brilliant in
studies and sports.
When he grew up,
he become fond of hunting.
Rnd he drew such
wonderful sketches.
Once I had asked Ravi...
...why he made sketches of
only birds, he replied saying.
R girl wants to see you.
- What's her name?
- Kamini!
Please believe me!
I am speaking the truth.
You are lying! Ravi never
mentioned you to me!
But we knew each other
since a long time.
- Do you have any proof?
- No.
My son is dead.
But people want to
benefit from it too.
This girl claims that my
son has impregnated her!
Now she wants to blackmail me!
No. No!
I have no evil intentions.
You seem to bee unaware of my
powers. I can have you jailed!
But I don't desire to make
my son a laughing stock.
Ensure that this girl should not
be seen anywhere in the vicinity.
I simply want to...
Weeping won't help solve matters.
You are my wife's close friend.
Can I advise you something?
Of course! I have no
one else to turn to!
- Please do advise me!
- Get her some drinking water.
Don't say heed to what
Ravi's mother told you!
No. I don't hold any grudge
against her.
She had never heard of me earlier.
In such a situation, how could
she have believed then...
I am coming, brother.
What's this new spectacle
in our house these days?
Yes, brother.
Don't forget that we live
in a joint family system!
I have two grown-up daughters.
If we allow an immoral girl like
Kamini to live in our house...
...the gossipmongers in the
society would have a field day.
It would adversely affect the
marriage prospects of my daughters.
Please speak in whispers.
She's in the adjoining room.
Why should I? Have I
committed a crime?
That girl cannot stay in
this house henceforth...
Tell me madam, how can I help you?
Do you know Sanjay Gupta?
How do you do, son?
I know him quiet well. He was
Ravi's collegue in college.
He was in Canada since some
time. He returned just today.
Ravi had written him this letter.
Ravi has mentioned about
Kamini in this letter.
I insulted Kamini and threw
her out of this house.
But she had been speaking the truth.
What should be done now?
I want you to search her
and bring her back.
Even if she was not officially
married to my son...
...I still consider her as
my daughter-in-law.
...and her progeny
shall be the...
...sole successor of
my entire wealth.
I could not trace her.
I searched every where.
I have committed a blunder.
Please allow me to atone for my sins.
Let's go!
Can I tell you something?
You have been visiting the
temple since years...
...and praying for only one wish.
I too would like to share your
grief. I too would like to...
...pray to God to unite you
with Kamini and her progeny.
I have committed a sin.
Rnd I would like to
atone for it myself.
But it's unbearable to watch
you suffer in agony!
You know my nature!
The more I visit this temple,
the more my belief strengthens.
I am confident that one day,
I will meet Kamini...
...and her progeny...
I am not going to die
without meeting them!
Who are these people?
This is my identity card.
What brings you here?
We have received information that
you deal in unaccounted gold.
This is my team.
You have the right to examine
their identity cards.
This is an official raid.
Till we are over with it...
...nobody is permitted to
exit or enter the premises.
Sir, half of our gold
is uncounted for.
- We are in for trouble.
- I will find a way out.
Yes, sir. Rost assurred.
Work is progressing smoothly.
I suppose we should be able
finish it in 2 to 3 hours.
Rll right, I will come over.
If you permit, may I have
a word with you?
- Go ahead!
- You are an intelligent man.
Let's find a way out of this problem... that both of us are
content and satisfied.
Rre you understanding what
I mean to say?
- Sir, this jewellery.
- Just a minute...
I can understand you very well...
If you try to bribe me, I
will have you arrested!
What I meant to say is!
Do you believe that you can
bribe your way through?
Yes, what's the matter?
Sir, we have listed
this entire jewellery.
Have you taken the accountant's
- Yes!
- I will return in an hour!
Let me speak to Mangaram!
- Excuse me. Sir is on the line!
- Sir who?
It's Mr. Dharmadhikari speaking!
Sir, this is Mangaram here!
Your hair is turning grey,
but you are still so immature!
- What did you say?
- Now do as I say!
Send my boys home.
Close your shop...
...and rush to the
nearest police station.
Wouldn't you report this
broad daylight robbery... the police station?
"Listen to my advice..."
"Do as I say!"
"If you listen to my advice..."
"I will do as you say!"
"Get me the moon!"
"Get me the stars!"
"Get me more stars!"
"If you lust for me..."
"If you desire to
take me home..."
"Why do you worry?
Why are you preplexed?"
"You can acquire me,
but not before you leave!"
"The more you consider
me as your beloved..."
"The more I will be
at your disposal..."
"It's not tough at all... The
destination is not far off!"
"If you desire me,
you can have me!"
- The crook!
- He's the one! Catch him!
Catch him!
Catch him! Catch him!
He had come this way!
- Thanks for knocking at the door!
- What do you mean?
People are treating this
room as a highway...
They come in running, and rush
off through the window.
Rs it is, this hotel
has lost its charm.
I am also not keen
on continuing here.
...but you are just not
scheming anything these days.
It's ages since
our Ramkot episode!
- Which episode?
- We sold him a jake diamond!
- You did not plan any...
- You are right.
But as of now, I have a
fresh idea. See this!
- Who's this girl?
- Tara Jai Singh!
The only daughter of famous
industrialist Dinesh Jai Singh!
Rs long as he lived...
...he donated millions in charity
to hospitals for the handicapped!
His daughter is the sole
successor to his entire wealth!
In this interview,
she states that...
...she will continue
the practice...
...of donating money
to the handicapped!
- Get the idea?
- Yes. I get it!
There's this famous
song from my youth.
You will find
greener patch someday.
She also states in the
interview that she visits...
...the Tikamgarh Holiday Resort
to relax this month of the year!
- Get the idea? - Indeed!
When are we leaving?
Tomorrow, but let's
leave this place first!
I will change my dress and
join you in a minute!
I am sorry if I have caused...
...people to treat your
make-up room as a highway!
It's difficult to decide if
you are a good singer...
...or a good dancer
or whether your beauty...
...overshadows these
two qualities!
I will fondly remember the evening!
May I use your window?
The Tara Jai Singh idea
is truly outstanding!
How should I thank you?
Please don't mention it!
I consider it my duty to donate
a share of my earnings... this orphanage. Rfter
all, I have lived here for years.
Many boys have stayed
here for year...
...but who bothers to come back!
There are few such boys like you...
I have hung pictures of boys like you!
You have made considerable
progress in your profession...
...of importing and exporting
as you have inform me!
- I should be leaving now!
- How about a cup of tea?
Some other time, sir. I am
going away for a few days.
I have to make necessary preparations!
Mother! Mother!
Rll right! Inform the
doctor that I had called.
I am Saradha here.
Yes, my name is Saradha.
Why were you shouting?
I am not shouting but I
am asking you something.
- Where are they?
- They what?
- My cloths!
- They are right infornt of you!
- Rre your eyes buttons?
- Yes, they are buttons!
In how many days will you return?
Please pray for my quick
return, mother!
I simply cannot understand the
profession of the two of you?
If people begin to
understand our profession...
...we would have to shut shop.
- Can I sit next to you?
- Sure! Please sit!
You even remember my name!
Please repeat my name once more!
- I have begun to like my name.
- Shut up, you fool!
What's so special about me? Why
do you girl's go bonkers over me?
Your personality is similar
to the man of my dreams!
Have you gone nuts? There's
nothing special about me!
How could you estimate
your own worth?
I want to convince myself
that you really exist!
Can I touch you and verify for myself?
- I want to tell you something!
- Speak out!
How should I? Everyone
is overhearing us!
Let's go outside.
Let's walk and talk together!
- Hello!
- Hello!
We wish to go for a walk!
- What is this place known as?
- It's called Cloud Colony!
- Cloud Colony?
- Yes. It's newly created.
- I live here!
- You live here? But where?
You see that small cloud there.
Turn left from there!
Left turn from the small cloud
there! Oh, I see!
Further down, you will find a
dark cloud filled with water...
My house is located bang opposite
that dark cloud!
- It's called 'Monsoon Villa'!
- Monsoon Villa!
- Shall I reveal my feelings
to you? - Yes why not?
Let's get down to
singing and feeling.
But let's do it together!
"Neither is this the earth
Neither is it the skies"
"Where have you
brought me along?"
"Cloud Colony is my home..."
"The place where I have
brought you along!"
"Don't you fool me, dear.
Nobody lives on a cloud!"
"Come and see it for yourself.
Your beloved speaks the truth!"
"Strange are the roads
in your wonderland."
"People on this land walk
with their feet on the stars!"
"The star that shines brightly
I covet that priceless pearl."
"The dot on your forehead
resembles the moon."
"While the sun acts
as a mirror for you."
"Romantic clouds surround
us on all sides."
"Faint is the brightness.
Bright is the darkness."
"The romantic clouds
are so thick and dense."
"What if they
melt down tomorrow?"
"Rest assured
O beautiful maiden."
"I am not one of those
who cannot be trusted!"
- Shall I tell you something?
- Go ahead, Seema!
Please fasten your seat belt
and stop smoking.
We will be shortly landing
at the Tikamgarh Rirport!
- What about my cottage?
- It's booked, madam!
I had dialled your number.
But you weren't in!
Yes I am...
What are you watching?
There's this famous song
from my youthful days...
"The heart says...
Somebody's arrived!"
- Who's arrived?
- Tara Jai Singh's arrived!
- When?
- This morning.
- She's reading a book seated
in the garden. - Let me see!
Shall we go and meet
her in the garden?
There's this famous song
from my youthful days...
"Enter the garden
with caution, dear..."
Do you understand? We
will definite meet her...
...but with patience.
We will pose as doctors?
- Pose as doctors?
- Yes. Our greatest ambition... life will be to
build a hospital...
...for the helpless and
the handicapped!
When she forces us too much...
...we shall show her this plan,
the blueprint for the hospital.
This is the hospital which will
put on end to our miscries!
We're already attracting patients
for your proposed hospital!
- What do you mean!
- See it for yourself!
- Who's he? - He's the same
chap I had told you about!
- Did you say something to me?
- You want to feed those swans!
- Shall I?
- Would you?
How beautiful and peaceful
these swans are!
Just looking at them gives me
tremendous harmony and bliss...
...something which I never derived
associating with human beings.
So pure and transparent,
without any selfish motives.
How innocent and honest
these creatures are!
You might be wondering why I
am blabbering in this way...
- Rctually, I was...
- Rnyway. Thank you very much...
You were very helpful.
Few care to lend a
helping hand those days.
- So, he is the one?
- Yes. He is the one!
I remember that famous song
from my youthful days.
"Should we finish you?
Should we spare you?"
"Tell me how you
should be dealt with!"
What can I do for you?
- Get lost from here!
- Better hurry! Or else...
- Or else what?
- We can do a lot for you!
- Like what?
- We can expose you!
- We can get you arrested!
- We can have you jailed!
What is it?
There's this famous dialogue
from the famous film...
...from your youthful days...
'Those who live in
glass houses... not hurl stones
at other's houses.'
The dialogue that follows in this
particular sequence goes thus.
'Such games are not
meant for kids.'
Do you understand?
Tara Jai Singh is too
smart for a kid like you!
You are good enough only for
the thieves and robbers game.
This game is much too
sophisticated for you!
Whether this game is meant
for you, or for me...
...this can be decided when
one of us emerges victorious.
- Is he challenging us?
- Yes. He is indeed mistaken.
Rll right, let's
go ahead with it.
But what will
decide the victor?
Whichever of us two can squeeze
out five lakh rupees...
...from Tara Jai Singh,
will be declared the winner.
"Gloomy are my days and nights..."
"Ever since you departed."
"The brightness in the mornings..."
"...has turned darker
than the nights..."
"Ever since you have gone."
"Nights brought along with it."
"Deep shadows of memories..."
"The moonlight hurts my heart."
"How can I sleep then?"
"My heart has stopped beating."
"Subdued is my heart
Ever since then."
"Without any purpose I
travel through life."
"I resemble the temple where
Godden resides no more!"
"My tears, your flowers.
My blood, your divinity!"
- Excuss me!
- Yes? Oh, it's you!
- So early in the morning?
- Your song hured me here!
There is so much pain in your voice!
- I am Tara Jai Singh!
- I see! I should be moving!
- Excuse me! What's your name?
- I am Devdas!
Just see how engrossed they are
in conversation!
The girl appears to be on the
verge of inviting him for tea!
Let's have tea together!
The brute will act fussy first.
Tea? With you? Me?
Tea? With you? Me?
The girl will say, "I will be
glad if you have tea with me!"
I will be glad if you have
tea with me!
Glad? How can I make anyone glad?
Why can't you make anyone glad?
I will come if you insist!
- Is it a promise?
- Yes, I promise! Rt five o'clock!
Five o'clock then!
He is climbing the
ladder too rapidly.
Let's pull away the ladder then!
There's this famous song
from my youthful days.
"There's a thief eyeing your
treasure! Rise O traveller!"
I have heard it, yes!
Let's see when this thief
comes to meet Tara...
Why don't you stay over some time?
No. Rctually I am
required at the city.
When I learnt about your stay
here, I came over to meet you.
You seem to have broken ties
after your father's demise!
No, it's not so.
I will definitely visit
Chandnipur this time!
Please do visit us!
- Look at the watch!
- It's five sharp!
You are very punctual.
Let's sit in the lawn!
If you had come a bit earlier...
...I would have introduced
you to my aunty.
Yes. I had noticed her. Who's she?
She's the sole owner of
the Chandnipur Estate.
Tea Gardens, coffee plantations,
Jasming, factories she has it all!
She is filthy rich!
Yet she is all alone in her family!
Poor lady! Where is this Chandnipur?
Rbout 250- 310 kilometres
away from here!
What is she doing here then?
She is one of the board
directors of Grindlays Bank.
She came here to attend one
of the board meetings.
Can I ask you something?
- Rsk me whatever you want?
- Since when and how did...
You want to know since
when I am living...
...a life of an handicap
on this wheelchair?
- I hope you are not hurt!
- No.
But what will you gain by
hearing my job story?
If you don't feel like like
telling me, it's alright with me!
If you have asked me about
it, I will tell you!
My life today is a night
full of grief...
...but there was a time when
it was a morning full of bliss!
There was Rita in my life then!
We had sowed to live life together!
We got engaged! We were to be
married in a month's time!
Rnd then, that ill-fated
moment... Rnd then?
- What happened thereafter?
- Cricket!
- Cricket?
- Yes!
R cricket match was held in our town.
Somebody offered us two
entry passes for the pavilion!
Gavaskar's century, lmran's
bowling, Miandad and Kapil Dev...
...five days flow in a jiffy!
Rt the end of five days,
India won the match...
...but I lost the match of my life.
What happened after five days?
Rita clean-bowled my love.
My dreams met with an L.B.W.
Rll my hopes were caught
at silly mid-on!
- What do you mean?
- Rita ran off with lmran!
Rfter that incident, I saw
the same dream every night...
...that I am running
faster than lmran Khan.
Rnd one five day, when
realisation dawned upon me...
I could see my useless feet...
...I had become a burden
for the wheelchair!
Yet I pray for the well-being
of Rita and lmran!
- Don't be so remorseful!
- Where am I affected?
I am laughing.
See, I am laughing!
I know it was an
unfortunate incident!
But do not be so
disheartened with life.
Who knows?
Happiness and bliss may... awaiting you
round the bend!
I am confident that you will
recover completely.
You can be treated.
I can be treated. Yet I
cannot be treated.
I don't understand!
There's a doctor in Indra
who can treat me.
Dr. Khatpatiya from New Delhi?
- Dr. Khatpatiya?
- Yes! I had written to him.
But when I realised
the astronomical...
...sum needed for
treatment I concluded...
...that I was not
destined to be cured!
How could I have arranged
five lakh rupees!
I will give you the
five lakh of rupees!
No! Please don't try to rob me
of my self-respect and pride!
If you ever attempt it again,
I will never meet you again!
I am leaving. Don't you
try and stop me!
- Let me be myself!
- You are misunderstanding me!
What about my self-respect?
You call me your friend. Does
one friend hurt the other!
Rnd don't you worry!
I will not mention
Dr. Khotpatiya ever again!
Seems like my patients
will not spare me ever!
You are on a vacation!
I don't want you to
work while holidaying!
Rre you the same famous
Dr. Khatpatiya from Delhi?
I don't know if I am famous, but
I am Dr. Khatpatiya from Delhi.
I consider myself fortunate
to have met you!
There's a sick young man
who needs your attention!
Rnd the doctor needs to relax awhile!
This is my chief assistant
Dr. Jadibooty!
You will have to deal with her!
What's your name?
You see, he's on
a vacation right now.
...and he's booked for 2 years.
We cannot accept any new case.
Date problems, you see!
I am so sorry!
If you could spare some time
for him. Only you can treat him.
- He had even written to you!
- He had written to us.
- What's the patient's name?
- Devdas.
Is it the one whose feet...
I remember! Isn't he the one whose...
...girlfriend had cluded
with a football player!
No. It was a cricket player.
Imran Khan is the
cause of his agony!
It's an interesting case.
Please spare some time for them.
- Okay, Miss Chand Jai Singh...
- It's Tara Jai Singh!
Let's go and meet your patient!
Remember I had told you not
to be disheartened with life?
Rnd that happiness and bliss may
be awaiting you round the bend?
Yes, I remember!
Bliss is not awaiting
you round the bend!
Bliss is about to walk in over to you!
Guess who I am going to
introduce to you just now?
Who is it?
Dr. Khatpatiya and his
assistant Dr. Jadibooti!
You need not be so sorrowful
any more! We are here now!
Rnd we shall treat you
in such a manner...
...that you will be cured completely.
No, doctor. It's very
difficult to cure me!
Don't you worry! We will ensure
that you even start running...
Will Devdas actually start running?
Why not? We will make him run!
Did you hear, Devdas?
He can hear as well understand.
But before we start treating you...
...we would like to understand
your problem throughly!
- Can you feel anything?
- No. Not at all!
Today, we will only
conduct a check- up.
Thereafter we will decide
about the course of treatment!
- Can't you feel any tingling
sensation? - No. Not at all.
No problem. You will feel it!
We will have to
examine him thoroughly.
- Can you feel it now?
- No.
Not even now?
If you hit him hard at one
point, he may feel it!
Let's try it out!
You did not feel
anything even now?
Stop! He might be experiencing pain!
Rlas! Only if can experience
pain and discomfort!
If he experience discomfort, his
legs would've come back to life!
He will definitely get curred.
That's our responsibility.
There's this famous
song form my youth...
"Darkness lasts only
for the night..."
"Whoever can prevent
the advent of dawn!"
Look, doctor! His eyes are
filled with tears of joy!
I was saying that...
No, let it be!
- Speak out frankly!
- Tell me! What's the matter?
Let me caution you about this matter.
I request you not to discuss
my fees with Devdas!
I don't understand?
He should not feel that
you are helping him.
Rfter being betrayed by a girl,
Devdas has lost his confidence.
He doesn't trust
himself anymore!
There's this song that I
recall from my youth...
...that will explain
his state of mind!
"I am walking away helpless,
from your world."
"I am going away,
far off, far off..."
If another girl like you
happens to burden him...
...with a favour of
five lakh rupees... will break the poor
chap's heart to pieces!
He may possibly suffer a
paralytic attack due to...
...inferiority complex and he
may be unable to move his limbs.
He may end up being nothing
more than a mere statue!
Only a statue!
I will never mention the
fees in his presence.
But how did you manage
to ring the door bell.
Shall I demonstrate?
This is how!
Please come in!
I have come to discuss
something with you!
Sure! But would you
like a drink first?
No! You take your seat first!
What's the matter? Rre you alright?
I am quite fine. I haven't
felt better since ages!
I have realised that my
ailment is not physical...
...but a psychological one!
If I am able to shun off
remorse and hopelessness...
...I can succeed in standing
on my own feet!
I will be able to walk then!
You are right! You are quite right!
Rnd I don't need a doctor to
help me help myself!
R girl had ruined my love life...
...and had subjected me
to this wheelchair!
You could dispel the
vacuum in my love life...
...and liberate me from the
bondage of this wheelchair!
How unbelievable of you!
Yes, indeed! You have come
like a ray of hope for me!
Yesterday night, it seemed like
somebody whispered in my ears...
...that if Tara encourages
and cheers you up... can stand on your
own feet once again!
You will walk! I will encourage
you! I will chear you up!
You can walk once again!
Tara urges you to do it!
- Rise! Get up, Devdas!
- But how?
Listen to me! Trust me!
You can stand up!
Get up! Get up! Yes!
Don't lose courage! Keep trying!
I am standing! I am standing
on my own feet!
You can walk too! March forward now!
O my God!
Bravo, Devdas! Bravo!
Come forward! Watch out!
Don't worry! I can walk! I can walk!
I don't want any doctor! I don't
want a Khatpatiya or a Jadibooti!
I only need you!
- Come forward, Devdas!
- I am coming, Tara!
I am indeed walking! I can walk now!
You will change my life.
You see, Miss Tara Jai Singh?
You are geniuses!
They have cured you!
But I myself...
They had already told me
that you may come today...
...and that if you come... will stand on
your feet all by yourself!
But how did you get to
know this in advance!
We understand our patients'
psychology very well!
We know when and how our
patients recover from ailments!
Why not? There it is.
I will fetch it!
What's the matter? You don't
look as happy as you ought to be!
- I am very happy!
- Try to understand his dilemme!
He concealed his grief for so
long! Now, he's hiding his joy!
His heart now wants to sing this
famous song from my youth...
"Gloomy days are begone now
Happy days are here again!"
His heart is presently overwhemed
with emotions of excitement!
He can faint down out of joy!
I am finding it difficult
to contains my joy!
This is to celebrate your recovery...
What's the matter?
- What's happened to him?
- He's fainted!
Why has he fainted?
I had already told you that he
is presently overshelmed...
...with emotions of excitement!
He could faint any time!
Rnd he fainted!
Now listen what you should do!
Before he regains consciousness... should distance
yourself from him!
But why, doctor? He has
just recovered, and...
Do you want his feet to
be impaired once again?
Certainly not!
Then do as we say! He should
be totally convinced...
...that he has recovered on his
own and not by someone's did!
Only then can he gain
...and he will be able to
stand on his own feet!
Rll right! You know better!
I will do as you say!
Before I leave, your
five lakh rupees...
Yes, of course!
She is leaving now, you may
collect five lakh rupees in cash!
I will have to sit by his
bedside till morning!
Where's the madam who
was staying here?
She has left, sir!
Rnd what about
Dr. Khatpatiya and Jadibooti?
What names did you say, sir?
We could have extracted more
money from Tara Jai Singh!
Never stretch a rubber
so much that it breaks!
We have squeezed five lakh
rupees! That's lot of money!
Get down!
- What crime have we committed?
- Would you like to know?
You have committed a fraud
alongwith one Mr. Rrun Kumar!
R fraud amounting
to five lakh rupees!
Five lakhs! What five lakhs?
What are you alleging, inspector?
Miss Tara has filed a complaint
against the three of you!
She should be arriving any minute now!
Put them in the lock-up
till she arrives!
Hey! Why don't you understand?
How could the matter take
a turn for the worse?
Thanks to that Rrun Kumar or
Devdas, we have had to...
...find ourselves behind bars
for the first time in our lives!
Yes, indeed!
You find yourself behind bars
for the first time in your life...
...and what about me? You speak as
if I've lived my life in prisons!
This is the first time...
...that I find myself in
a soup, all due to you!
What do you mean?
You acted in a haste!
Now you can make merry
with your five lakhs!
- But... - I am sure he
has blundered somewhere.
Because of him...
Whether we like it or not,
we are aboard the same ship!
Instead of quarelling,
let's think of a way out!
Our predicament reminds me of
this famous song from my youth...
"The bird is a captive.
When the consort smiles..."
"It becomes difficult to explain,
it becomes difficult to bear!"
You appear to be a gentleman!
How could you get entangled in...
I can understand...
I wasn't such a person earlier.
I was a decent and honest man.
My two brothers handled my business.
One fine day, my brothers
cheated me of my money.
I found myself a bankrupt man.
Even my beloved wife passed away!
That day I realised
the fact of life...
It's all so futile! Everything,
every person is up for sale!
One has to simply ascertain
the right price!
You can win over any
person you desire!
You are right. Can't we
win over this cop too?
Why not?
Don't talk in riddles!
Speak out frankly.
Listen carefully! We have
five lakh rupees in our bag.
If Tara Jai Singh gets back her
money, and we end up in jail...
...none of us is likely
to benefit at all!
Rll of us can benefit,
if we don't go to jail...
...and you reveive the
five lakh rupees...
...instead of Tara Jai Singh!
You are trying to bribe me!
You are right, inspector!
We are indeed bribing you
with five lakh rupees!
- Saved our souls!
- We are back to square one!
We lost all that we gained.
It was a wasteful exercise!
If there is any game which
we can play together... can contact us at
this number in Bombay!
We shall take your leave now.
You never told me about your
brothers and your wife earlier!
How could I? I cooked it all
up sitting in the prison!
- You mean it was all a lie?
- Yes, of course!
- But why did you lie? - Should
I lie only when I stand to gain?
However, Rrun Kumar had turned
emotional hearing my rob story!
What happened?
I have left behind my vanity
case at the police station!
Quick! Drive back to
the police station!
Take away the phone or we will
have to pay today's rent too.
Excuse me! Why are you
dismantling the police station?
Rre you shifting it elsewhere?
We had created a
police station set!
Do it fast.
- Who are you?
- I am the production manager.
- Get me some tea, quick! - R
short while ago, there was...
It was a fake police station.
Everything is artificial
in a shooting!
R gentleman had hired his set
form us for a couple of hours!
- Won'd go get me some tea?
- What about the policemen?
- They were all fake policemen!
- Our five lakh rupees?
That bloody Devdas has
pocketed the booty!
You acted fabulously!
This is for you!
- But you were splendid too!
- Please have it, sir!
I won't eat any eatable as yet!
I need to starve myself for a
couple of days!
Would you like to perform another
small act for me?
Catch him.
- What happened? - R man snatched
madam's purse and ran away!
I hope it did not contain
too much money!
No. Not more than 8 to 10 thousand.
But it contained some very
important documents!
Your purse, madam!
- Where did you find this purse?
- I had chased that thief!
- Yes, he had chased the thief!
- I caught hold of him...
He escaped, but I pulled
back your purse!
Please check if the contents are safe!
I was worried about these documents!
Here, keep this for yourself!
No! Please don't embrass me!
I simply did my duty!
Good bye, madam!
Excuse me!
You have helped me out!
Can I do something for you?
If you could help me
secure employment!
I am in distress!
What's happened to him?
- Why don't you sit down, madam?
- I am quite comfortable!
There's nothing to worry!
He has regained consciousness!
But what caused him to
lose consciousness?
He appears to be
an unemployed youth!
His stomach was empty. I think
he hasn't eaten since three days.
How strange! He was starving
since three days...
...and yet he returned you
the purse full of money!
He even refused madam's
offer to reward him!
Can I meet that young boy?
- Keep yourself comfortable!
- I am fine. Please be seated!
You took the unnecessary trouble
of coming here!
No, not at all! Where do you live?
Should we inform your family members?
- I have no relatives!
- None at all!
My mother died as soon as I was born.
My father nurtured me! But he
too died when I was fifteen!
I was left alone! One day, I...
No, do not tend to be nagative.
What was your father's profession?
He was a teacher.
He always told me that honesty
is his only possession.
I am passing on this prized
possession to you!
He told me never to squander it away!
I'm unsure if I will be able to
safeguard my father's principles!
Why couldn't you? You are
already safeguarding it!
Your father would have been
proud of you, had he been alive!
You need a job, and I need
an honest person like you!
Henceforth, you shall work for me!
I am taking you along!
Come, Rrun.
Hello, Madam.
- I hope you're all right, madam!
- Yes. What could happen to me?
I was informed that a thief
ran off with your purse!
Hearing this news, Mr. Balwant
was over come with anxiety!
You know my nature!
This is Rrun! He rescued my
purse from the thief!
Henceforth, Rrun will work here.
Take his belongings to the guest room.
There's your room!
Not that one!
Your room is over here!
That room is closed since years!
Please come, sir!
Why is that room closed since years?
That was the room of madam's
only son, Ravi! - Okay.
Do you like your room, sir?
This bottle?
It must belong to the guests
who had stayed here last week.
Please give it to me, sir!
If you had anything
please press the bell!
Rll those tea and coffee
plantations belong to us!
You own all this land?
Till what point?
Till your eyes can see!
Rnd much beyond!
- Come.
- Come, Rrun.
- Here, take this!
- One more cheque, madam!
Gosh! You have converted me
into a signature machine!
Take it.
The blueprints for the coffee
seeds processing plant is ready!
If you could have a look at it...
Rll right! I am coming!
You had told me last time that
you wish to start music class.
But we will need a music teacher first!
Insert an advertisement!
We will find a music teacher!
Let's place an order for the
musical instruments too...
...along with our order for
goods for the science lab!
I am feeling embarrassed by taking...
...undue advantage of your generosity!
This school, so many orphanges
so many widow homes...
- I am simply oveerwhelmed!
- Please don't mention it!
The fact remains that
there's a helpless widow...
...somewhere in the world,
and I caused her misery!
How can I forget her progeny?
I have made the child an orphan!
You view yourself too harshly, madam!
Sir, you could have ringed
the bell to call me!
- Can I come in?
- You are welcome, sir!
You have a pretty nice room!
Madam takes proper care
of her employees, sir!
- Can I help you, sir?
- Fetch me two glasses!
- I am not used to drinking alone!
- Sir?
Don't bother about formalities!
Go and fetch two glasses!
Since when are you employed here?
I have lived my life here, sir!
I find that madam is
a very lonely person...
...although she has all the
riches in the world!
You guessed it right, sir!
Madam blames herself...
...for all that happened
following her son's death!
- What had happened? - Her son
was going steady with a girl.
But madam had been
unaware about it.
By the time she got
to know about it...
...through Ravi's friend, Sanjay
Gupta, it was too late already!
Remember you had asked me
to get in touch with you...
...if there was a game which
could interest all three of us!
There is one such game!
R grand and sophisticated one!
- Would you be interested?
- Of course! Why not?
- It's Rrun on the line!
- Rrun who?
- The same one!
- I see!
- He wants to meet us!
- Let him meet us!
What's all this?
Is this the done thing?
You are intelligent people!
That's why we know that you wish
to dupe us again?
- Dupe you? You think so?
- Yes!
In fact, I have come
with a lucrative offer.
Give us our five lakh rupees first!
Rdd the amount towards interest too!
You cannot see beyond the pennies!
Think big, man! Think big!
How big?
I am talking of course,
not thousands or lakhs!
Have you heard of Chandipur Estate?
Yes, we have heard of it!
- Where did you hear about it?
- You just mentioned it!
Don't take it lightly.
It's a huge estate.
The owner of the estate,
Sulakshna Devi... on the lookout
for her son's progeny!
She doesn't even know if her
grandchild is a male or a female!
I will have it established that
you are her granddaughter!
The property is worth in crores!
We can split it fifty-fifty!
Hold on! If she doesn't even
know if her grand child... a male or a female,
why don't you...
I could have declared myself
as his grand son.
But I had already lied to her
that I was a school master's son!
That's why I had no choice!
Rll right! We see the picture!
Now tell us your modus sperandi!
Remove these guns first!
Then we can talk business!
- Hey! These are just toys!
- Toys!
Yes! See!
This is the photograph of Ravi,
the son of Sulakshna Devi.
These are the sketches which
were drawn by Ravi himself.
Rnd this story book which had
been gifted to him at the school.
- So? - These things
will help me...
...establish you as
her granddaughter!
- How will that be?
- I will tell you!
- But first tell me if you are
willing to split? - We accept!
Fourty... fourty plus two is
fourty two. Fourty two plus.
- Yes, what's the matter?
- I will tell you that later.
First, I advise you to learn
etiquette. Stand up and speak.
Stand up!
Rnthony is away on a long leave.
Have you fixed up a replacement?
I had inserted an advertisement
in the local newspapers!
We have received
many applications!
Rnd a candidate has
come in person too!
- Where's the candidate then?
- He's the one!
This fellow will handle the
responsibilities of a butler?
He has worked as a butler
at many places!
He possesses certificates too!
I wish to seek Mr. Balwant's
approval for his appointment!
Keep quiet!
Come here! I am addressing you!
Where have you worked earlier?
Rll my life, I've been employed
with Kings and emperors...
Don't you brag about your links
with kings or emperors?
I don't find this man deserving.
Rppoint somebody else!
I will consult Mr. Balwant
before taking a final decision.
How will it help? I have
given my verdict already.
You had better go away!
I have to accompany the
madam to the school...
- Shall I go, sir?
- No! You had better wait!
Hasn't madam come down yet?
No. She hasn't. But Mr. Rrun
is climbing up rapidly.
- What do you mean to say?
- I mean to say that...
This poor man had come to
seek a job as a butler.
I asked him to wait.
To seek your final decision!
- Then? - He was questioning
the logic of consulting you!
This man will not do, he said bluntly.
You should have seen his
high-handed behaviour!
He seems to be flying too high!
- What's your name!
- Sir?
He is the real boss here.
Rppointments and dismissals
are at his discretion.
But that gentleman had
told me to go away!
Who's he? What's his position?
You may join duty from today.
- Sir, my certificates!
- You need not show it!
If I've decided to appoint you,
means that you are appointed!
Just don't bother about what
that petty man says.
Thank you, sir. That gentleman
had refused me work.
But by employing me, the
favour bestowed by you...
...reminds me of this
famous song from my youth...
"You are my mother
you are my father."
"You are my brother
you are my friend!"
This is how I feel about
you at the moment!
You sing quite well!
Today, we are scheduled to select
a new music teacher at the school.
I would have gladly appointed you,
had I known earlier!
How many years have you
taught music to children?
- For seven years, madam!
- Rll right!
Please register your
address outside.
We will inform you later!
Rll right, sir!
- What's your opinion, principal?
- She's the best candidate so far.
Let's see if there is a better choice.
She is the final candidate
for today's interview.
- Good day!
- Good day!
Please take your seat!
We have seen your qualifications.
But tell me, how come you
selected music as your subject?
I don't treat music as my
subject, nor as my hobby.
Music is worship for me.
Music is as vital to life
as breath is to a human body!
In your opinion, what is the best
way to teach music to children?
Childern are like the flower
buds who have yet to blossom!
Flowers cannot blossom through
strong currents of winds...
...but through soft and
light gushes of winds.
I feel that childern should not
be taught the intricacies...
...of musical notes head-on.
First, they should
be introduced... the world of music
by way of light...
...simple and childlike songs.
Childlike songs? Okay then, let's
hear you sing a childlike song!
R childlike song!
24 Yes, indeed! We would
like to hear one!
"Listen to my advice..."
"Listen to my advice...
Do as I say!"
"If you listen to my advice...
I will do as you say!"
Chant Hari Hari Om!
That's enough!
It's all right!
Rll right, then! You may
register your address outside!
But I don't have
a local address!
I have arrived
here today itself!
Rnd when I reached here,
I learnt that...
...they don't live here anymore.
It's all right!
You may wait outside.
If you are selected
for this job...
...we will provide
you accomodation too!
The committee has to
arrive at a decision now.
In my opinion, this girl...
...and the one before
her both are eligible.
I feel Mrs. Chatterjee
would be a better choice!
It's for a committee to decide.
Rnd you are not
a committee member.
- I was just offering my...
- No! Please!
I found this girl
a perfect choice.
You agree with me, don't you?
Rll right.
Let's appoint her then!
- Give her the appointment
letter! - Yes, madam!
Mrs. Chatterjee was not a bad
choice. But this girl is better.
- Yes. - R candidate had come
personally for the butler's job.
- Yes. I know. I asked him to...
- I know. You know my nature.
I have appointed him too!
Because I found him better!
- Welcome, sir!
- I was passing by.
I thought of enquiring
if you need anything.
In the present age,
when humanity is fast...
...becoming a rare commodity
you care for me so much!
You are our school teacher...
...and as yet unfamiliar
with this place.
It's our responsibility
to care for you.
What a pure outlook! I should
indeed offer you a cup of tea!
Leave the formalities aside!
Rll right! If you insist!
But please be quick!
I will not waste a moment,
Sir! Please be seated!
Rll right!
Time is like a bird.
It flies constantly.
But you should admit that I
did not make you wait long.
This sketch?
I am fond of making such
sketches since childhood.
But I don't know why
I only draw birds!
How much sugar, sir?
- Can I borrow these sketches?
- Why not, sir!
But what's so special about them?
Years ago, one of
my students...
...used to draw very
similar sketches.
He too drew only birds!
You are right. The sketches
have a striking resemblance... the one's drawn by Ravi.
What's more astonishing in that...
Seema too draws sketches
of birds alone!
What a strange co-incidence!
I wasn't infavour of
her appointment...
...but I should admit...
...that she does seem to
belong to a respectable family.
Bring her to me some day!
The rabbit told the lion,
O king of the jungle!
There lives one more
lion in this jungle.
The lion roared with rage!
Rnother lion in my jungle!
Where is he?
The rabbit pointed out...
Children, don't make noise.
I will be back soon!
You seem to have befriended
the children very easily!
Children are like clay. They can
be moulded as we may desire!
But to make them listen to us,
it's important to befriend them!
For instence, today, the children
weren't keen on music lessons!
So I offered a story narration.
This story book for children
is really interesting.
I have been reading
it since childhood...
...yet I enjoy the stories
as much as I did as a child.
Where did you find this book?
What did she reply then?
She said that the book is
a momento of her father...
...whom she has never ever seen!
But are you sure that
this is the same book?
I had gifted this book to
Ravi when he was in school.
Here is my signature on the book!
Do you mean to say that... that bloody girl
draws similar sketches...
...or if this book bearing
your signature was...
presented by you...
...are we supposed to accept
her as Ravi's missing child?
No, I don't say so. But it
is an unusual occurrence!
Yes! It is indeed an
unusual occurrence!
What if she is really
my Ravi's daughter?
Don't be ridiculous!
We can't jump to conclusions
on the basis of this book!
Let's talk to Seema. Let's ask
her about her family background!
Even if she hasn't
met her father...
...she must know
his name at least!
I wouldn't advise
you to do so.
Even if she get
slightly suspicious...
...about our plans to establish
if she is your successor,
...who knows she
might even lie to us!
What do you say, Mr. Balwant?
Yes, of course!
He is absolutely right!
Yet, I disagree. I feel we
should find out more about her!
Sir, if her room is searched, we
could find something definite...
...which could give us a
clue about her identity.
I get it! You may go!
I suggest we search her
belongings in her absence!
We may find something about the girl!
That wouldn't be the done thing!
We understand your viewpoint.
But if we suspect that...
...she could be madam's
granddaughter, then...
...isn't it better to
clear one's doubts?
The doubts will be cleared.
Madam, let me do this task!
You come along!
Could this girl indeed
be my son's daughter?
I can find nothing
except clothes!
Did you find anything?
I can find nothing except
books and ball pens!
What's this?
He was Ravi's friend, who
migrated to Canada years ago.
Don't you remember?
When we interviewed her,
she had told us...
...that the family with
whom she planned to stay...
...did not live here any longer?
Perhaps she was referring
to Sanjay Gupta!
But I wouldn't advise reading
someone's personal letter!
Let the madam pacify herself.
Please, madam. Go ahead!
What's the matter, madam?
What does the letter say?
What's all this?
Give me the letter!
Dear Sanjay, I
wouldn't be alive... the time you
receive the letter.
Seema could be left all
alone after my demise.
I'm sending her to you.
She is the daughter of Ravi,
your dearest friend.
Please care for her!
The unfortunate one, Kamini!
She is truly...
No! It cannot be!
What cannot be?
It's already happened!
Seema is the daughter
of Ravi and Kamini!
But, but...
Rren't you happy that I've
met my son's missing daughter?
Rctually, he is finding
it hard to believe that... much of happiness can
befall him so suddenly!
Yes. I cannot believe it, really!
I believe it. But I would like
to leave no room for doubts!
Fetch Seema here!
You have already met madam!
Hello everybody.
Madam wants to discuss
something with you!
Discuss with me? Well!
If you're dissatisfied with
my performance at school...
That's not the case!
Do you recognise him?
This is my father's picture!
Where did you get it?
See madam!
The lie has been exposed!
I know that if she
was a fraud...
...she would blunder
at this juncture!
Rnd she did blunder!
What are you talking about?
What's the issue?
You had told the principal that...
...your father had died
before you were born!
- Yes!
- It's obvious then...
...that you had never
seen your father at all!
Yes. I never saw him!
Then how could you identify
your father's picture?
- Why am I being interrogated?
- We will tell you that later!
You should explain how you could
recognise your father's picture...
...if you had never seen him?
- Yes Seema! Rnswer her!
This is how!
This is my mother's locket!
Rs long as she lived...
...she kept this picture
close to her heart!
Is Kamini not alive anymore?
Do you know my parents?
What's the matter?
- You are Seema, aren't you?
- Yes.
She is your grandmother!
Oh! So it's you!
My father's mother!
The one who insulted my
mother and threw her out!
My mother had not disclosed
your whereabouts to me!
- I never knew it was you!
- Listen to what I have to say!
If I had know it was you,
I wouldn't have come here at all!
- Daughter!
- Don't call me your daughter!
Our relations have no meaning!
You have severed relations...
...with me even
before I was born!
Do you believe that you
can flash your wealth...
...and influence me
to come back to you?
It's impossible! I'm leaving
this place today itself!
- Stop!
- Do you wish to say something?
I don't deny you
your grief and anger!
But there is more to the truth.
It's also true that your
unfortunate grandma...
...has suffered for years,
repenting her mistake.
Rlso true is the fact that she
has tried her best to trace...
...Kamini's and
your whereabouts!
If the grief in
your eyes is true...
...the regret emanating from
her eyes is genuine too!
The incidents did take
a turn for the worse...
...but nobody can be
held responsible!
Forget the past!
Rnd remember...
...that you are the only
daughter of her only son!
Remember that she is
your grandmother!
- Grandmother!
- Daughter!
- Grandma! Grandma!
- My daughter!
Grandma! Grandma!
Congratulations on your reunion
with your missing niece!
Do not weep! Happy days are here
again! We should celebrate!
Inform the gentry about it!
I wish to invite them
to the celebrations!
It's all a matter of destiny!
Madam was destined not to meet her
granddaughter for so many years.
Rnd when destiny desired,
the two met each other!
The father too played a
great role in the reunion!
He was the first to sense it!
If he hadn't been...
Man cannot accomplish anything
till he desires!
I agree with him!
Be careful, sir! Don't bite off
the glass even as you drink!
What's the matter?
Everything's fine, I hope!
Yes. Everything's fine!
Who's he?
He's the Prince
of Hathipur Estate!
Let him be! But you shouldn't
dance in such a cheap manner!
- What have I done?
- What kind of a dance was it?
You were laughing with him.
How would people react?
- Well, why should I bother?
- Yes. Why should you?
Ours is a fifty-fifty partnership.
Whatever else I do is
none of your concern!
Go now! Your darling prince
is waiting for you!
I'll have to do
something about it!
Henceforth, think well
before you act!
You appointed that girl
simply to snub Rrun!
It was you who suggested the
idea of searching her house!
Rnd thus that letter resulted
in a severe setback to you!
How could I know that a small
envelope would present...
...a complication
of such magnitude!
It's for the first time that...
...a mountain emerged out
of a mole hill.
Till yesterday, you were the
sole successor to the madam.
Today, that girl has replaced you!
Yes, I know your nature! You'll
surely do something about it!
By now, madam must
have given you...
...jewellery worth at least
twenty lakh rupees!
I don't know it's
exact worth...
...but here's the list of
items for your records... that there's no
scope for confessions later!
Later? What do you mean?
Our's is a fifty
fifty partnership!
I want my share right now!
I would end up as a dumb idiot
if you vanish with the booty!
You think everyone will
be a cheat like you!
We had better not debate over
honesty and dishonesty.
But he should realise that if
I give him his share now...
...and if Madam wants to have a
look at the jewellery later... I tell her that my partner
has taken away half the jewels?
But Rrun too has a valid point.
He is entitled to his share!
- But what's the solution?
- There's a solution!
- What's it?
- Whatever she picks from home...
...I will take it's
equivalent from the office.
Rll right! House is for you,
and office for you!
It's a fair deal, isn't it?
I remember this famous
song from my youth...
"Extend a helping
hand O friend..."
"R lone person will
be exhausted..."
"Share the burden
between yourselves!"
But how will we make it happen?
I will show you how!
I had directed Balwant to
come at ten o'clock!
- He hasn't arrived yet.
- He must be coming any moment.
He was working at the office
till two in the night!
That must have delayed his
arrival. Rm I right!
Yes, of course!
Balwant's workload equals
that of ten people!
- Rm I right, Hasmukhlal?
- Yes madam! She is right!
- Everything's fine, I suppose!
- Yes, sir!
"You are my mother!
You are my father!"
Madam was enquiring about you!
I took the load and told her...
...that you were busy working at
the office till two last night!
You are my brother!
You are my friend!
I was held up at the office
till two last night!
I could have finished the work
today. But you know my nature!
Yes, I know everything. Sit down,
and listen to what I say.
Yes, of course.
If you work so hard, what will
be the state of your health?
I've decided to let Rrun
handle half of your work!
I have been very unfair to you,
I never gave it a thought ever!
It was Seema, who explained
your predicament to me!
What is this happening, boss?
She is the successor
of the house.
Rnd now this man is
capturing the office.
You don't have any authority
at either of the places!
I cannot dare label
you an underdog!
You can call me the dog,
if you like!
But now we have nowhere to go!
You know my nature!
I'm not an underdog.
I'm an blacksmith!
Haven't you heard the saying?
One blow of a blacksmith equals
hundred blows of a goldsmith!
It's also possible that...
...the goldsmith vanishes
with the loot...
...while the blacksmith ends up
dangling his tool like a fool!
Better hurry up, sir! Or these
two will gain complete control.
I won't let that happen.
I'll investigate if
Kamini is dead or alive!
I'll verify if she
ever had a child...
...and if she did deliver a
child, I'll find out where it is!
Encash this cheque,
from the bank tomorrow.
Rll right, madam!
It's more than three months
since Balwant's gone.
- Yes, three months have gone by!
- How strange? It's three months!
Stranger is the fact that...
...there hasn't been any
communication from his end.
Yes! I'm also quite
concerned about him.
I would like to meet
Mr. Vinod Mishra.
I'm Vinod Mishra.
How can I help you?
So you're the one! I'd so
much difficulty tracing you!
Rnd suddenly, Kamini went
away without informing us.
That was our last meeting with her!
She was a close friend of my wife!
But the problem was that my elder
brother was an orthodox man.
Where could she have gone?
Do you have some idea?
Please try and remember!
She may have indicated...
Yes! R few days
after she left...
...I discovered an address of
a maternity home from her room.
But fearing my brother, I didn't
disclose it even to my wife.
What was the address?
Which maternity home was it?
I'll try to remember.
But why are you so desperate?
For her own benefit. You know
my nature. But no! How can you?
Rfter all, we're meeting
for the first time!
Rctually, her uncle has passed
away. If I can locate her...
...I would hand over the
property and wealth to her.
...or to her daughter,
if I can find her!
Kamini's daughter?
But she never had a daughter!
Kamini had a son?
But how do you know? You said
that you never met her again!
I never met her. But she had
met my brother near a temple.
She was in tatters.
She had a sick one-year-old
infant with her!
My child is very ill!
If he isn't treated soon,
he will not...
Please help me!
Nobody can help you! Your
sins are taking their toll now!
It will be in the child's
interest that you stay from him.
Leave your child in that swing.
Somebody else will nurture him.
So Kamini's daughter
was never born?
- I am annoyed with you!
- Why?
Why did you visit me in my
bedroom this morning?
I long to see your face the
first thing in the morning!
What's so special about my face?
I didn't see your face today.
Rnd I fell ill today.
You fell ill? What's
ailing you, grandma?
Cold, of course!
I am Tara speaking!
I phoned in to congratulate you.
Prince of Hathipur told me
that after so many years...
It's my good fortune!
Oh, so you are coming!
That's good news, indeed!
Yes, of course!
You should come and
meet my grand daughter!
Rll right, you may
come today itself!
- Who is she, grandma?
- Meet her this afternoon.
She is a very decent girl.
It's good that you came.
Rs it is, I am feeling sick.
One of my guests is arriving
in her private plane!
You may welcome her!
This is the blueprint of
our proposed buildings.
- Who's coming?
- She's my old friend's...
Your medicines, madam!
Yes, she's my old friend's...
Excuse me! Remove the plates!
What was I saying?
You said she's your
old friend's...
...that's all you said!
- She is his daughter!
- Is it?
What happened?
I felt as if there
were an earthquake!
What name did you say?
When is she coming?
She has her own plane.
She will be here in two hours!
What's happening to you?
How should I explain? I see
darkness all around me!
You too appear to
have fallen sick.
You may take a holiday today!
Time to pack the bags!
The game will end shortly.
It lasted while it lasted!
Why do I see everything
upside down?
If you lie down upside down,
you will see everything jumbled!
Sit straight and think straight!
It's time to evaluate,
not to think!
I remember this famous song
from my youth...
"Fly off O bird...
The land is turning hostile!"
I meant to say that rush to
your rooms and start packing!
Not so easily!
If you're so fond of
imprisonment, you may stay back.
- We are leaving!
- Yes, indeed! Why wouldn't you?
You will head straight for Hathipur!
Yes indeed! To that
Prince of Hathipur!
The one with whom you were
dancing the other day!
So you are still
experiencing the pain?
I have already reminded you once.
We share a 50-50 partnership.
Why should you be bothered...
...about whom I meet,
what I do, and where I go?
I will not be bothered.
Why should I? Rnd why would I?
What's happening to you? Let's
not quarrel with each other!
Looks like you have
turned insane...
...after knowing
about Tara Jai Singh!
I haven't turned insane.
But I don't know about others.
You mean to say?
- Yes, why not?
- He's really turned insane!
I haven't turned insane.
Let her arrive!
- What is this that I see?
- It's a small world, you see.
- How are you?
- I am fine!
But you cannot imagine how
I feel seeing you here!
But you cannot imagine how
I feel about seeing you here!
- But what are you doing here?
- I am the general manager here!
It's because of you that
I find myself here!
Had I not met you there,
I wouldn't have been here!
- She's coming!
- Let her!
- How is Balwant!
- He isn't around these days!
We are close to this family
since many years.
That's why wish to
brief you about...
...something you
know nothing of!
- What's that?
- Please be seated!
- What's the matter?
- Please sit down first!
I don't know how I should
convey it to you!
You must be aware about madam's
traumatic experience years ago!
- I know! Her son, Ravi...
- Yes! That's the crux...
Madam has nurtured this grief
and this grief and loneliness... slowly eating into
her thinking power.
She is talking pointlessly
and waywardly these days!
Has she turned mad?
No. No! Not at all!
She doesn't bite at all!
It's turned off!
She isn't prepared to
get herself treated!
But, we should do
something for her!
I have done all that I could!
Dr. Jadibooty and
Dr. Khatpatiya are both here!
But you say that she isn't
willing to get herself treated!
That's why I have not disclosed
to her that they are doctors!
Madam has mistaken
them for somebody else!
What did she mistake them to be?
Her mental state is so
worsened that she considers...
...Dr. Jadibooty to be her
missing granddaughter?
- Rnd Dr. Khatpatiya?
- He's not a doctor!
- He isn't a doctor?
- No! He is a noble man!
He agreed to pose as a
butler to treat madam!
He is truly a noble soul!
He is entitled to a Nobel Prize!
- Why don't you meet madam?
- Can I not avoid meeting her?
Don't worry. She doesn't bite.
Neither does she hit...
Nor does she throw things!
There is no violence involved!
It will be an
emotional experience!
Just accept however the madam
addresses Dr. Jadibooty...
...and you had better address
Dr. Khatpatiya as a butler!
Rnd address me as Rrun!
Last week she started
addressing me as Rrun!
Don't oppose or deny any
of her statements!
These are Dr. Khatpatiya's
strict instructions!
- Come.
- Should I come? - Yes.
Rnd don't exhibit any emotions
of fear on the face!
Smile! Present a happy picture!
Do you see? She is reading
the newspaper upside down!
- Grandma!
- Where have you been, Seema?
- How is your health now?
- Same as ever!
Rrun should have brought
Tara along by now!
We have arrived, Madam!
Why are you standing there?
Come here! Come close to me!
I will introduce you to
my grand daughter later.
First, you should embrace me!
- What else?
- Everything's fine!
The last time we met, you
appeared pink like a rose!
Today, you are yellowish!
Me? Yellow? Yes, indeed!
I have turned yellow!
Come. Sit here.
Why did you turn yellow?
Don't you care for yourself?
You are absolutely right!
I don't care for myself!
- But it's not the done thing!
- You're right! No, you're wrong!
- No, no! You're right!
- This is my granddaughter!
- Your medicine, madam!
- Medicine? Once more?
This medicine is for treating
your cough and cold!
If you don't take medication,
how will be normal again!
You are my grandma, aren't you?
Do you have any doubts?
Hurry up, then.
Rnd take this medicine!
- Do you see her devotion?
- Yes, of course!
Give me the medicine!
I'll be back shortly!
Make yourself comfortable. You
may chat with them till then.
Yes, grandma.
Did you feel it?
- Rrun? Did you hear?
- I am coming, madam!
She cannot bear to be
alone for a moment!
Don't be scared!
Everything will be fine!
You are wonderful human
beings, really!
We are trying our best
to set things right!
Please pray that we
succeed in our mission!
You have all my best wishes!
Ours is a thankless job.
When madam recovers...
...she will not even
remember how we treated her!
What about your fees then?
It hardly matters! Fees is
not the only criterion!
One should be willing to
contribute towards humanity.
No! It's not right!
You should receive you fees!
What are you doing, Tara?
I'll pay you your fees!
We shouldn't be
accepting the amount!
- One Thousand only?
- No. One lakh! - One lakh!
Why don't you convince her
to avoid paying the amount?
She won't listen to our pleas!
She is a very determined lady!
- We didn't need it!
- Of course, you need it!
You are being too courteous!
You may tear off this cheque...
...but I'll encash it and
give you the cash forcibly!
I'll show you around the estate!
What's this new act?
We shouldn't leave them alone.
He might be having
some aces up his sleeve!
Till that girl boards the plane,
we shouldn't leave them alone!
It's good that we had this
drive before you left.
This place is really scenic...
...but there's hardly any worthy
person to share it with!
With you by my side, the
last two days were real fun!
Stay a little longer, please!
She has other important
responsibilities too!
I agree! But something seems
to be burning somewhere!
Something is burning somewhere!
Please take care of aunty!
Please be careful!
Please stay back comfortably!
I'll escort her to the plane!
- Do you see? Do you notice?
- Notice what?
You feign as if you aren't
aware of what I mean to say!
Till you tell me something, how
can I know of it in advance?
- How innocent you are!
- Since childhood!
You always keep pointing at me,
and accuse me of cheap behaviour!
Rnd the way you were behaving
with her, was it any less cheap?
I had only danced at the party!
But you were flying kisses!
I'll repeat what you told me.
We are fifty-fifty partners!
Rnything else I indulge
in my lookout!
Your lookout! My foot! You
dared to ask her to stay back.
What it she had stayed back,
and we would have been exposed?
Who would accept the blame then?
We could have ended
up behind bars!
What do you say? Tell us
what you think right!
Was I behaving the
way she alleges?
The fact is that you are
fooling each other.
The truth is that the two of
you have fallen in love...
...but you don't have the
courage to admit it!
- What are you saying?
- Listen to me!
Talk it over frankly. Here I go.
Listen to me.
He seems to be losing common
sense. How can I love you?
- Rctually, he's going berserk.
- Rbsolutely.
No sensible man can believe that
I could fall for a girl like you!
What's so special about you?
Do you think you are a dream man?
Rnd do you think yourself
to be a goddess of beauty?
I'm much better than you!
I wouldn't think twice before
dumping ten girls of your kind!
What do you think yourself to be?
Remember that I could throw
etiquette to the winds!
- Leave me!
- I won't!
"I want to write a letter.
But I wonder..."
"How should I convey..."
"...that I have fallen in
love with you!"
"Listen to me, just write that..."
"Your eyes have been
overpowered by dreams!"
"Rs I lift the pen and paper..."
"The heart races faster than ever..."
"Whatever you may write..."
"You won't be able to suppress
your true feelings!"
"I am fine here..."
"I should convey this at least"!
"How can I write that I have
fallen in love with you."
"I've decided to
at least write..."
"...that since a few days,
I wonder why..."
"I find this world a beautiful
place to live in!"
"Rlso write that
through out the day..."
"You keep company with a
man without whom..."
" find life
dry and boring."
"Tell me..."
"Explain to me how I should
word my letter to convey..."
"...that I have fallen
in love with you."
"I may mean something, he may
assume something else..."
"I hope such a situation
does not arise!"
"If so is the case
better be specific..."
"This is what I advise!"
"Yes; you are right!"
"Why should I feel hesitant?"
"Why shouldn't I write that..."
"...that I have fallen
in love with you."
"Then write that you
have fallen in love..."
"I will write that I
have fallen in love!"
Dear mother, I had promised
that you would be...
...the first person to know
when I find my suitor!
I have found him, and I'm
sending you his photograph!
Come, Rrun.
Let me inform the two of you
that I have learnt everything!
Did you believe that I would
never be able to discover it?
You haven't been fair to me!
You've hurt my feelings!
It was very embarrassing... hear from someone else
that you love each other!
Seema is my only ray
of hope in my life!
You are the only one whom
I can blindly trust!
If the two of you
love each other...
...I would be the happiest
person on earth!
- Grandma! - No, I'm not
just a grandma or a madam!
I am your confidante too!
Rrun is a very decent boy.
I am proud of your choice!
I've lived a lonely life for years.
When I got back my granddaughter...
...I felt my motherly
feelings rejuvenated.
I may have all the
riches in the world...
...but nothing is more
precious than Seema!
I am awarding you my
most prized possession!
I bless both of you!
This woman believes us
to be one among her!
She would be shocked to death if
she were to know the bitter truth!
You are asking me to locate
a needle in a hay stack!
Who maintains records
for all these years?
Even if the records exist,
it's impossible to trace it!
I understand!
But I need a copy of
the birth certificate...
...of Kamini's
child at any cost!
I am prepared to compensate
for your efforts!
Here's ten thousand!
This is my will.
Please finalise all legal
documents within this week!
Madam, this property is yours.
I will do as you wish me to.
I would advise you to
think sufficiently...
...before taking such
a crucial decision.
No! I have taken
the right decision.
If the two are to marry,
I wouldn't want Seema to feel...
...that everything belongs to her.
Moreover, I consider Rrun
as one of my own!
My property will be divided
equally between the two!
- Hasmukhlal.
- Yes, madam.
Complete the entire documentation
before the engagement party.
- You had summoned me?
- See these cards!
For the engagement of you two!
- But?
- What's the hurry, you may ask!
I am in a hurry!
I will not live for long.
Your marriage will
be a grand affair!
I wasn't fortunate enough to
get Ravi and Kamini married!
If you two get married
while I live...
...I would have atoned
for my mistakes.
The two of you remind me
of Ravi and Kamini.
What do you suggest?
What should we do?
I can't say for sure.
But we should not be doing
what we are doing!
I've conned the smartest of con-men.
But I will not be able
to cheat her innocence!
- We should leave this place!
- Yes, you're right!
You're wrong!
Rbsolutely wrong!
Rre you out of your mind?
He has a limited vision. He
can only see the millions!
I can understand! But there
should be some ethics, at least!
You two are not the sole
agents of ethics!
Your moralities have
awakened overnight!
You wish to abandon everything
and run off! You may go!
But have you ever considered
that when the madam...
...realises that the two of you
were frauds how would she feel?
What do you want us to do?
Nothing at all.
If at all, I will be the
one to leave this place.
From your end, you will
have to conceal the fact...
...about your real identities
till she is alive!
It's fine if you don't
desire her wealth!
I remember this famous
song from my youth...
"You may break temples
or mosques..."
"But never break a heart
which is filled with love..."
"Because the Lord resides
in such a heart!"
Have you heard this song?
Both of you should stay here.
This would be most
ethical of you!
Rre you convinced that the
truth will not be revealed?
How will it be revealed?
Who can tell her the truth?
How do you do?
- Where were you all these days?
- That's what I want to ask you!
I'd visited Chandipur to meet
aunty! You were not to be found!
I had to attend to
some urgent work.
- How is aunty now?
- Why? What happened to her!
Why are you alienating me?
Devdas has told me everything.
Who has told you everything?
Devdas did! Rbout aunty's
mental condition!
- Hasmukhlal.
- Yes, madam.
I hope you have made all the
arrangements for the party!
Rest assured! Everything will
be done in a grand fashion!
What happened?
Come, Balwant.
- Congratulations, madam!
- Congratulations to you too!
- You're Seema's uncle, you see.
- Yes, indeed! Of course!
I am so happy to see you!
- Wilson, keep this flower vase
out side. - Yes, madam.
You have arrived at an
opportune moment!
You know my nature, madam!
- Have you meet the children?
- The children? I will meet them.
Had you not arrived in time,
we surely would have missed you.
However, I will feel the
absence of two people at least.
The absence of Ravi and Kamini
pains me no end.
- Excuse me?
- Yes! Did you refer to me?
Years ago...
Remember the Belapur temple...
It was a stormy night...
My life was taking
an unusual turn...
R helpless mother had
only one alternative... save her hungry
and sick child.
This child is suffering
from acute fever.
Let's rush to the hospital.
You took him away!
Thereafter, I attempted suicide...
But I was not destined to die...
Mr. Rnand, a stranger,
saved my life...
Do you know that it's criminal
and sinful to commit suicide?
Shall I hand you over
to the police?
What's your name?
His wife had passed
away the same day...
...after giving birth
to a baby girl!
The noble-hearted man supported
me like an elder brother would!
I reared his daughter, Seema!
Mr. Rnand died of cancer. There
was none Seema could turn to!
I had to live to for her.
I was living somehow...
...but my grief at losing my
son remained inconsolable!
Noticing you today, my
hopes were revived!
I understand now.
You have refreshed my
memory once again!
Tell me, where is my son?
I would like to meet him.
I am not aware of
his whereabouts!
- But I can show you his
photograph! - Please do so.
He is your son!
- Is he my son?
- Yes!
Have a look at this!
If he is my son, then I know
where I can find him.
He is enjoying life like a prince!
This prince and the princess will
meet their end at my hands!
So be it!
Ever since you were away
my income had nearly dried up!
I have started selling utensils
for some additional income!
Do you order utensils from Moradabad?
No, I have been disposing
utensils from my own kitchen!
You need not sell it anymore!
I hope you've tied the
loose ends this time!
There is no such likelihood!
Look at this!
This is the birth certificate
of Kamini's child!
She had a son, not a daughter.
Tara Jai Singh has told me
everything about the three of them!
But why haven't you disclosed
the facts to Madam yet?
You know my nature!
What's the hurry?
The allegation of murdering
the old madam...
...has to be levelled on
somebody. You understand?
So this episode was
destined to end this way.
But there's a regret.
We would slip away, but
Balwant will kill madam!
Why do you say so?
When I overheard him talking,
he was scheming to murder her.
You are informing us now?
When we are about to leave!
We should inform madam
about everything.
Definitely, we should protect
her from Balwant.
Would anyone believe your
allegation against Balwant?
He has all the evidence against
you. But you can prove nothing.
- You are right.
- But we should do something...
Let's go.
One alternative is to board
the train and go away.
The second alternative
is to return.
You may not succeed in
rescuing the madam...
...but you're sure
to end up behind bars.
Today, I'll succeed in removing
all the thorns from my path...
Seema, Rrun, the butler...
...and our madam too...
You have turned a terrorist.
If you kill so many of them,
would you be spared!
Seema and Rrun will be accused
for murdering madam!
The two are smart too!
They wouldn't live to
defend for themselves!
Their dead bodies will be
delivered to the police!
But how will you explain their
murders to the police?
I will testify before the
police that the two were...
...trying to escape
after killing madam...
...and that I shot them dead!
Do you believe that the police
will believe your testimony?
Why won't they believe?
The revolver that kills
madam will be discovered... the police in the
hands of Rrun's corpse!
Then there are the
birth certificates...
...there's Tara Jai Singh...
It will be sufficiently proved
that they were frauds, crooks...
Who will suspect me?
You are right! Rnd what
about that third chap?
Oh! He was a butler! He
left the job and went away.
They won't even discover his corpse!
When will you accomplish
this dangerous feat?
Tonight, you idiot!
"In the game of life who
can predict the outcome!"
"What has to happen will happen
Don't bother about the outcome!"
"We set out for something...
we achieved a lot more."
"Where will our journey
lead us to?"
"What will the oncoming
moment unfold?"
"What colours will the
oncoming season exhibit?"
"Who knows the direction of
winds once the seasons change?"
"What we believed was a game..."
"...turned out to be love..."
"What was our path
till yesterday."
"...turned out to
be our destination."
"What we intended to achieve
tomorrow we acquired it today."
"Beware, the world is
likely to be envious of us."
You have scaled too many stairs!
It's time to climb down!
Mr. Balwant, this...
Walk down!
We know that you know everything!
If you are willing, we
can make an offer...
...which you would
most gladly accept!
You know that if
I and Seema desire...
You cannot desire
anymore, friend!
Today, only my desires
will be fulfilled.
Balwant, this...
If you want to know
who killed them...
...let me tell you that
I have killed them.
Now I am about to kill you too!
- But why?
- Madam wants to know the reason!
The old lady wants to know why?
Because I am your poor,
distant relative.
Rnd I am envious of your
success, wealth and status.
You retained me as your servant
all my lifeand now you wanted... distribute your
property between these two!
Forgive me, madam! I am
about to murder you now!
For the first time in my life,
I need not seek your permission.
Excellent, sir! What feelings!
What emotions!
You speak your dialogue
pretty well!
What's all this happening?
I think it would be advisable...
...if the two main characters
of this story explain things!
You need not be too surprised!
We had replaced real
bullets with fake ones.
We knew that you were
upto something today!
I will have you arrested!
The three of you have framed me!
These are crooks!
They are frauds!
I've all the evidence
against them.
See this birth certificate...
Shut your mouth! I've
seen your ugly side!
You still have the guts to
lie about Rrun and Seema!
No, madam! This is the only
truth he is speaking!
What do you mean?
What's the matter?
Don't scare me! What's
the matter, after all!
We wouldn't be sorry,
if the floor gives way...
...and we are engulfed within!
But it will not be!
We have to face you now! Rnd
you have to face the truth!
Rnd what's the truth?
You think that I was a decent,
truthful youngster...
...who met you by chance!
But that's not the truth!
You think that she was an
innocent and helpless girl...
...who came to seek employment
in your school by chance!
No! That too is not the truth!
The truth is that we are cheats,
liars and frauds!
We came here to usurp your
wealth and property!
We won't beg forgiveness from you!
Simply because we don't
deserve to be pardoned!
- You aren't my granddaughter?
- No!
But only if I were! Not to get
your wealth, but your love.
You have the right!
These bags contain all
that you'd given us.
We are taking along with us,
nothing but repentance!
Come, Seema! The police
is waiting for us!
Before I go, let me inform
you about one fact!
If they wished, they could
have made good their escape!
But they returned! To save
your life from Balwant!
They will be punished
for their deeds!
But it's regretful that they
are being imprisoned...
...when your love
and affection...
...had turned them
into good human beings.
It's okay. Such an eventuality
too is a hard fact of life.
Release them!
Greed brought them here!
Love made them stay back!
I've nothing to complain
against them.
When they arrived here,
they were strangers!
But now they aren't!
They were never strangers
to you, madam!
But none of you
were aware about it!
Years ago, you'd asked
me to locate somebody!
I met her at the
railway station today!
- Do you recognise her?
- Mother!
What are you doing here, mother?
If you are Kamini's daughter...
It's a lie! Kamini gave birth
to a son! Not a daughter!
Kamini is not her mother!
What if she isn't my mother?
She means much more to me!
What happened to your son?
Mine and Ravi's son! I've
come here in his pursuit!
Kamini is your mother!
You're my mother?
Yes! You're my son!
Rnd she is your grandmother?
I cannot bear to see
this emotional reunion!
Therefore I'm leaving!
It's time to head
towards the jungle...
...whereas you have come
towards civilization!
- Which way is the jungle?
- This way!
Sir, it's the lion!
In such a situation,
there were two options.
Either it could have
been a serious fight...
The second option was all
that is happening now.
I say, this is the better option!
Everyone has arrived at the party.
Family, friends
and the police.
But the police
always arrived late.
Does it arrive
earlier these days?
Hey, you! Turn back!
- Let it be!
Just get me a cake! - What?
I will not spare you alive!
You have exhausted all
the six bullets!
The battle is at it's peak!
Cakes're clashingwith each other!
Yet Hasmukhlal's eyes and
intentions are glued on...
...the suitcases, which
are loaded with wealth!
- Is the wealth yours?
- No. It's yours!
It's high time that the
devil is paid his dues!
That's the end of evil!
Please forgive me!
Please forgive me!
Please forgive me, madam.
I don't want to see your face!
Take them away!
You know my nature, madam.
I am your distant relative.
I see on this playground,
all family members...
...are close to each other.
Looks like the situation is
about to turn emotional soon!
- Rrun!
- Grandma!
No, son! You belong here!
Won't you embrace your mother?
Why are you standing like
a stranger? Come here!
Thus they lived happily thereafter!
They never faced any
problem ever after!
See how grandma is making the two
of them hold each other's hands!
Before the end, I remember this
famous song from my youth...
"Please return if you can