Khiladi (2022) Movie Script

Anything in this world is dealt and
ruled over by money.
Anywhere, anyone and anything is
does for money and just the
money gets it done.
The money game is not like
any other game.
It maybe thousands, lakhs or in
crores, to gain one must
play the game.
To make his father Home Minister
Gurusingham, as the Chief Minister..
Mafia don Balasingham started the
game to bring in Billions of euros
from Italy to India.
Money moved from Italy and
reached Hyderabad.
Sir, we unloaded it all.
Today is your last theory class.
From tomorrow you will be
entering into the field.
Man is controlled by only
two emotions...
Fear and greed.
When fear controls greed, youre a
normal human being.
Once fear dominates greed, you
become a criminal.
One vital reminder, we
are not criminals
But we have to understand the
criminal way of thinking
to understand the
psychology of the criminal
Kindly switched off your mobile.
Sorry sir.
All of you have to submit your
thesis in four weeks.
I hope all of you working on that.
Wish you all the best.
I am in class
Why are you calling me
so many times?
Didnt I tell you not to
drink and drive?
Wish you said the same to the
person who hit me.
He must be reckless just like you.
Booze, betting, night clubs... Stop
all that and concentrate
on your thesis.
Only four weeks left.
Doctors said I need minimum six
weeks to get up and walk.
I can submit only next year.
I am here to help you, no?
Why fear?
Whats your subject?
Sensational murder in
Hyderabad Jubilee hills
Mohan Gandhi kills two members
of his own family.
What is the real reason behind
auditor Gandhi murdering
his own family?
Two murders in Hyderabad created
panic among the citizens.
I am starving... shall we eat.
Dad...Does any father try to
kill his own daughter?
Of course!
There are people who murder wife and
mother as well, forget
just daughters.
What is the motive?
Money is the real reason why so many
crimes happen in the world.
The very thought of a father killing
his daughter scares me dad.
I am so happy to have a
father like you.
Thank you so much dad for taking
care of me even if moms gone.
Its getting late. Good night.
Dad...take off your glasses.
By the way, I have to meet some
prisoners in Central Jail.
I wanted your permission.
No, It's too dangerous.
No, I'll go.
Hey, open the gate.
He's Gandhi!
Mr Gandhi...
My name is Pooja. I am a
psychology student.
I need to talk to you as part of
my research, you know.
Please talk to me.
I am a psychologist.
I can dig out the meaning of what
men speak as well as
decode their silence.
I know how to make you talk.
Why here?
This is the place of murder.
I thought, may get any clue
to make him talk.
Its risky to visit a house already
seized by the police.
I'll take care.
Not you...If your dad seems me, he
will take care of me.
Nothing will happen...Lets go.
Isnt this my doll?
Who are you?
I am your dads friend.
Hows my daddy?
Hes fine.
He sent me to find out
how youre doing.
Does daddy cry because he misses me?
so he is also asking you not to cry
and instead study well.
Dont tell dad Im crying.
He will also cry then.
Okay..Why did your daddy
kill your mummy?
Why? Daddy is your friend, no.
Didnt he tell you?
Of course he told me.
But wanted to know what you heard.
He told me not to tell
anyone about it.
Can you take me to my daddy?
I will.
I can see the sprint in your legs
when you heard your daughters voice
and the tears in your eyes
.Do you still want us to believe you
tried to kill your daughter?
I met your daughter.
When I met your daughter, she has no
scorn for you for having killed her
mother in front of her own eyes
But I have seen nothing but love.
Look..I approached you only to
work on my thesis.
But after meeting your daughter, I
thought I need to do
something for her.
I know what it means to lose ones
mother at such a tender age.
I can relate to her.
Please tell me the truth...
I will help you.
You cannot be of any help to me.
I can.
My father is Intelligence
Chief for the State.
Your daughter said you will
always do her bidding...
Now your daughter is
again asking you...
Tell the truth please.
I got a call two weeks ago that
my boss got arrested.
Not like that...
I need to know everything about you,
your family, your life,
your profession...
I want all the details.
I was a loner since I was a child
except Mr Rajasekhar who took
care of my upbringing.
Hence I have enormous
respect for him.
Good morning Sir.
Focus on work instead of wishing me.
-Yes sir.
Did you finish the order trip
for Dr Reddys Labs?
It will be done sir.
What about the Financial Report of
the Construction company?
Will complete it sir.
Did you complete the Induction
for the New Staff?
Will do sir.
Why do you always say, will do, will
complete etc..all in future tense?
Never heard from you words like
Done. Etc. Nothing in past tense,
Will come sir.
-See, again, future tense.
Sir, please stop talking in tenses.
I am getting tension.
-There you go again.
Sir..What about my increment?
I will see
What about my leave approval sir?
-Will approve.
My promotion?
-Will give.
Now youre the one talking in
future tense sir.
I realized I need to counter you
with the same tense that you
talk to me about.
Ok ok...did the client RR
Client come over?
Yes sir, he came.
Asked me to manage the Financial
Report so I sent him to Gandhi.
Isnt it past tense sir?
That is present tense...You
have had it from me!
Cant fudge the books of accounts to
give an unrealistic picture about
the health of the company when it is
actually bleeding losses
Not possible to change the
financial reports.
How much do you want?
-Get up.
Just do what I say .
-How dare you...
Youre just an Auditor.
Is he the only one in Hyderabad?
Nobody else?
He was just asking a favour.
Either oblige him or say that you
Why did you have to react so wildly?
We dont react to do the work.
We only react because he is asking
us to do the wrong thing.
I think you need anger management.
You cant question me
for every action.
At this rate, I will oust your job.
Itsupto you.
Hello, I own this company .
-He is the Chairman.
Do I care if you are the Chairman
or just a Watchman?
Because I liked you when you
interviewed me,
I chose you as my boss.
This concept looks good sir.
Interviews are meant to select the
desired employees, not to
choose bosses.
Because you answered my questions
well, I chose you as an employee.
Because you asked sensible
questions, I chose you as my boss.
Otherwise, it would have got
nasty... And I would have
selected another boss.
Sir, this concept is even better.
New Boss...You mean new boss? I
will tackle you later.
New batch of employees have joined.
Need a small session of introduction.
Didnt you hear the boss walking off
that he wants to see me later etc.
I am not sure I will keep
my job tomorrow.
Why dont you take care of
these introductions?
-Yes, of course.
Why the hell introduce someone like
me to the new employees when I may
not even on the rolls by tomorrow?
Eat in leisure dear.
Because I got an unemployed like you
and made you a General Manager,
Now you want to get a new
boss...New Boss, eh?
This is getting can you
rebuke me in front of
everybody else?
What brother? Did you scold Brother?
Yes, and he scolded me how!
Look...If you need to scold him
again, do it indoors, not in
public again, okay?
Yes Madam.
So, even my family loves you more
dearly than myself.
What family? Dont we know where you
head off for the weekend.
Hey heyhey.
Just because I wanted to have a
drink somewhere outside the house...
why do you have to give it so much
Please dont create fresh
Thats better.
Dare he say something again?
Just a phone call will do.
You can search for a new boss and so
can I search for a new...
Understood mam. Understood
But dont have so much
attachments to him.
The day he will get married, all
these relationships wont stand.
Hello Mr Rajasekhar.
No girl, not even my real parents
can take the place of the
both of you...
Anybody else...only after you.
Whats this?
Trying to life weights without
a pound of flesh!
Auspicious moments are
passing...Walk fast!
Hey... keep distance. We are
an orthodox family.
Did you even bathe?
Yes, two days back.
He said `two days back. How
can I calm down?
And shape is out of this world.
I need to impress her.
Aiyo...Sorry son...Get up please,
get up.
Are you okay? Careful!
Sit down!
One minute. I will set it.
breathe...breathe..breathe out.
Now look
What Guruji, theres some
magic in your hands
Its all in what we eat, son.
-Come..I will explain
Mutton... Chicken.
Masalas and Alcohol
If you give up all these foods and
instead switch to sprouts and
vegetables, your body will
be in your command
For whose benefit Guruji?
For the sake of kids,
son...for the sake of kids.
By the way, how many kids you have?
Two girls..And two more boys.
I am in the process of finding the
Chandrakala of those four girls I
am going to father.
Did you find her?
-Almost there...
I saw this lovely girl
in the morning..
Natures bounty is in her
body beauty Guruji..
When she lifts her head, drapes
herself in a saree and then puts her
hand around her waist...
it looks like the crescent moon has
descended to earth... you see the poetry
in my words... crescent..nature..
Her face looks beautiful even
in her Aadhar Card.
Whoever is her father must be
a great lover too!
Girl is gorgeous, I am stumped
See my luck Guruji... She stays
right opposite my flat.
Your flat?
Come, let me show.
There, do you see the `D Block?
- Thats ours.
Lets go...I will lure her from her
flat to mine one day...hahaha...
Oh oh 304 and 305. I hope his
flat no. is not 304.
This is indeed my flat.
Oh my God, why did I
give away so much?
If he knows my flat no, he will
realise I was talking
about his daughter.
Hello Wheres your flat?
Yes, no...1..1...0...3 I
mean eleventh floor...much higher..
I hope you got it sir.
I am confused.
He seems a Junky God.
Beer Bottles, Pizzas,
Chicken pieces.
His health will freak out if he
takes all this junk.
Correct..Correct Guruji...
Why am I caught in this vortex ?
-Yes sir.
I hope you wont take this junk and
instead take sprouts, and Rasam
with black pepper.
Black Pepper!
-It will be hot and fine.
You see the results...Go for it, ok.
Black Pepper Rasam with
sprouts...From tomorrow.
Served Hot
-Fixed Guruji
You please go inside.
Please go inside.
I will start in right earnest.
Let me go upstairs and be on that
job... Please go inside..
You please go inside sir.
-Bye Bye...
Did you boil the milk?
Junky is a fun tag to describe you
Whats wrong if he knows you
stay opposite him?
No problem had I been decent
in describing her...
But I went overboard in describing
her physical attributes like a
Telugu Shakespeare.
I have used up all the words which
describe a girls shapely beauty
from the lexicon causing
embarrassment to the old man
Didnt stop there.
-talkative nature!
You were unstoppable ...X, Doube-X,
Triple-X dialogues
were in full flow like Sunny
Leone swimming .
You have that verbal diarrhoea that
I knew would land you in trouble.
But how can you describe a girl you
liked with such graphic details?
I cant mask my inner feelings for a
cutie like that with dignified expressions.
I express what I feel in plainspeak
not in polished ways like cute
smile, What an attitude.
I cant be cool in such matters..
and have to spell it out.
Anyways, you cant hide it for long.
It has to come out in the open soon.
Yes...but before that, the girl will
be totally in my grip.
Later, I dont care how he reacts.
Let's see what happens
and how it ends.
New India Shares drastically fell
today after some
financial details...
got leaked which led to speculations
about its financial health
of the company.
Oh no!
Sir...its a new employee
who made this error...Instead of
emailing to,
she mistakenly added S and
mailed to
She didnt do it intentionally.
No sympathies here... her mistake
ruined our companys reputation.
Get me the Dismissal Order on her
I will sign it and pack her off.
Sir, its her first job.
Must have felt tense and rushed it.
Just one letter is the
spelling mistake sir.
Just one letter.
One letter?
Why dont you get your Dismissal
letter too?
I will sign both so you
can both leave.
Yes sir, she is very
irresponsible employee.
Let me get the Dismissal letter
typed. Without spelling mistake.
Do that first
I am now very happy, you know?
-Happy for losing the job?
Job lost but lifes back.
I salvaged my character
during the interview..
Hey, go.
After I reached the apartments,
I discovered nature.
Now I see future.
What else did you find?
Got my cab
And I found a nut!
Keep packing...Ill...
-Oh, hes caught me
What are you doing here?
Why are you coming from there?
Because I reside there... Now
youre getting confused.
I think so...I mistook their house
for yours and rang their bell.
Are you convinced now Guruji?
Im confused.
Didnt I tell you about that waste
fellow Junky fellow
I hear weird sounds from his flat
but he is never seen.
Okay.. ok.
Come inside, son. Let me
introduce my family to you.
Just missed.
My wife Chandrakala My
daughter Chitra
He was the boy I met in the morning.
-Oh. Namaste
Namaste Madam.
Ah Guruji, Why is your stuff
still not unpacked?
They were unpacked..but had
to pack it again
Your reaction is shocking like
some bomb exploded.
My daughter lost her job,
thats all.
Anyways, its time for her marriage,
Wanted to hunt for some good
matches in our village
Give one tight slap!
No, no, not you madam. The
guy who ousted you.
How can anybody ever
remove her from job?
Hes gonna bite dust,
wretched scoundrel.
Just a spelling mistake sir. Will
anyone kick you for that?
Spelling mistake?
Which company is this?
R V Consultancy
Some General Manager
called Mohan Gandhi.
Bloody idiot!
I will teach him a lesson one day.
Yes, dont leave him.
He is a Bin Laden who assumed a
pious name as Gandhi.
My curse wont spare him.
He wont get very far in life. Amen.
Why so many curses Guruji. Leave him
to reap his actions.
Why fret over small issues?
My friends company has some
Let your daughter join
there tomorrow.
Don't say anything.. Just say yes.
Oh ok but no worries, son.
We will take her to our village and
fix a good marriage.
I will...
Ahhh. Is it him?
-Yes, Its him
Oh God!
Y es, Its him.
Relax, son... Its ok.
I will pick you up tomorrow at 9 am.
Be ready.
Monday morning.
Ok son...By the way, Forgot to ask
you. Whats your name?
Mohan Gandhi.
I mean Mohan Grandhi....
Grandhi Mohan Kumar..
Like North Indians, I put my surname
first as part of the name.
Hope you got convinced.
Again, I got confused.
No problem sir... as long as you
dont think I am lying.
See you.
Okay, be ready in the Monday
morning. Bye, Guruji.
Sir.. Sir.. Sir..
Sir...why are you leaving
without giving an update?
Please tell me sir... what
happened today?
To hell with your curiosity... Cant
you talk without touching me?
You hid your flat no. from her dad.
You concealed your
identity from the girl.
God knows, what you will hide from
her mother, be careful sir.
Hey HeyHeyHey..Dont mess around
with me. I will sack you..Mind it.
Not that.
Sir, waiting for tomorrows
breaking news sir.
Every day, if you have boiled
cucumber before going to bed...
...your bowel movement
will be smoother
And use the Indian commode, not
the Western commode.
Why does the old man hang around on
the corridor all day?
Why doesnt stay indoors?
Oh I have to climb up
using the pipes too.
Who is this fellow? Climbing
pipe in this time?
Oh My God...Thief! Thief! Hey boy
stop. Thief! Thief!
Where are you?
Did her mother see you?
Why are you laughing? Do you know,
youre a big Psycho?
She saw my back, not my face.
Should have seen your front.
Did you get disappointed? As it is,
there are enough Psychos at office.
Bloody life!
Should have seen your front.
(Singing a song) Are you asking
about the garden in
front of my house?
Oh my..Even her mother is
loitering on the corridor
Have to manage somehow.
Chandrakala Garu... You sing just
like singer Chitra.
Oh Cmon!
Hope its all comfortable here
Everythings fine.. but looks like
thieves abound her.
The other day, I saw a
thief from behind...
he was climbing to the top...
Let me catch him next time.
How can you recognize
him from behind?
I can recognize him from the back
Such is it
possible tell by the back?
For sure, I will nab him
Looks like she has similar tastes.
Ok..what brings you here?
Ah..I was passing by just to enquire
if everything is sorted or not.
All okay right?
Everything is fine...
Careful ok.
Goddamn it...So much energy getting
sapped with these daily cover-ups.
Chitra ji..
Its getting late. Shall we leave?
Two minutes.
Bye mom
Whats up son?
If she sees my back, she will surely
find out. Need to cover up
Whats wrong with you?
Since we are leaving for important
work, why dont you walk across.
It will be auspicious for her.
So believe in omens and
auspicious times is it?
Thats so cute son.
Can you go back further
little further...further...
walk now.
Very good guy.
Remember, at 11.45 am the
inauspicious time starts.
You must reach office by then
Sure... Please get back. Thank you
You sacked her from your company
unbeknownst to you.
why cant you reinstate her? Why
come all the way to me?
Actually, if she works half day
there, it will shave off six crores.
You wicked fellow..So, giving money
to her is safer than
risking her with work!
Risky yet...Just feign as if you are
giving her some tasks.
Ok sir.
Did you see how beautiful she is?
Every guys eyes will be on her..
Ensure shes protected
from everyone.
So I have to give her both Salary
and Security.
All your responsibility.
Take care...
-Thank you
...of her.
Thank you so much. My dear
friend Hemanth. Ok. Bye.
Congratulations. All set.
I am mesmerized by your devotion
to help me get a job..
Thank you very much sir.
Had I not got this job, my folks
would have got me married off
by now, you know?
"When I was young... always loved
to eat of moms hands"
"Later, loved the henna put
on hand by grandma"
"At school, loved two
plaits of hairdo"
"After wearing saree, loved to put
Rangoli on the floor"
"Love the new bite of mango pickle"
"love the harvest of my home garden"
"And finally, love
myself above all."
"But, now I only love one thing "
"The sweat you put in for me"
"Love the early sunrise
morning coffee"
"Love the soul-stirring
music of Sufi"
"Love to embellish my beauty in
front of the mirror"
"Love to see the world praise
my beauty forever"
"Love those moments when it rains
without a warning Love the stars
shining in darkness"
"Love the lullaby before
falling asleep"
"But, now I only love one thing "
"The sweat you put in for me"
"Love to close my eyes
and dream out big"
"Love to hear stories
that tug my heart"
"Love the mischievous sounds of the
bangles clinking ...the `breaking
news sound of the anklets"
"Love the solitude that enhances
imagination ...the breeze that
gives our breath,"
"...the heartbeat that
gives us life,"
"But, now I only love one thing "
"The sweat you put in for me"
Hey Sweety.. Always on phone?
Hey Gandhi!
Why are they all staring
at me like that?
Because I remain aloof from
girls at office...
And now they are surprised to see me
with a girl at home.
Actually, they got a bit
confused thats all.
Please sit down, girl.
-Sit. Sit
Will join in a minute...
Just check if its alright.
Come to the side, son..
Need to talk a lot.
Did she give a green signal?
What green signal?
Or shall I go and talk?
Look here Mahalakshmi..I just came
here to introduce the
girl to all of you.
Dont get too excited and
complicate matters. is beyond him now.
Tomorrow lets go and
fix the alliance.
Set the Alliance?
As it is you helped me out
with a cosy job.
Now you will help me settle down and
talk about it as a favour
lifelong is it?
Not necessary. I will
work on it myself.
Stop getting up worked
up on my behalf.
Tell me.
Can you get me a kg of laddoos
and two kgs of Halwa?
Looks like shes breaking
some sweet news.
Better go to a quality shop which
tastes better and uses less oil.
Almond House.
Aiyo..That will take long. The Groom
party is arriving soon.
Groom party is arriving ?
- yes
Bridal glances! Bridal glances!
Okay.. okay
Go on..Dont tell anyone.
Today, we have to sort it out one
way or the other.
Need to talk to your parents
Theyve gone to the temple to take
blessings for this alliance
Do I look good in this saree?
Is my back looking proper?
Dont raise the temperature
with these turns.
Turn around.
Am I looking hot? Will he like me,
Why so much disconnect here?
Bloody hell! -Wait please...
Let me show my fianc. come
What! Is he inside?
And you wanted to introduce him?
You seem hell bent on
enraging me today...
Hows he Gandhi ji?
Gandhi..oh oh
I knew youre talented
but not so much.
this is what I was waiting
for...Come here.
Same person...
Same back
So, youre the same guy on
the pipe that day...
Yes, its me.
That thug...keep distance, keep
distance... Move away.
We are orthodox family
-Moving closer is our family style
Do you see that? Why arent
you saying anything?
I see that... Hey, remove your hand
Didnt you say you loved a girl
staying opposite your house?
Yes, the girl opposite my home
So, you are that Junky God!
You uttered all that
nonsense about the girl.
Oh god!
This is too much, man.
Not like that Guruji...
Youre the witness to my struggle
and my pains..Please
listen to me Guruji.
Please accept ..Please Guruji.
What please?
-Please Guruji.
You guys go to hell. We cant put
up with this nonsense
Thanks Guruji...
-Did you accept it?
Come here Chitra
Wow, raise it up.
"The flying kisses from your lips"
"Fires my pulse rate up"
"Imagine the cascade of what
it does inside me"
"Full kickku"
"Full kickku"
"Full kickku"
"Full kickku"
"Oh the love signals beaming
out of your eyes "
"It sure will
kick-start an F-1 Race."
"A break-dance without a break"
"Full kickku"
"Full kickku"
"Full kickku"
"Full kickku"
"The love novels you read"
"The wet towels you discarded"
"The wild thoughts they
trigger in me, you know"
"Full kickku"
"Full kickku"
"Full kickku"
"Full kickku"
"A nonpareil among models, You
messed up all my cahnnales"
"Do you know how crazy I am
of your beauty!"
" Fullu Kicku"
"The dumb-bells hidden in plain
sight of your body"
"Drive my hormones to
full discharge"
"And make my nights dreamy,
you know."
"Fullu kicku"
"My body and your body
match in step"
"Come, lets bridge the gap between
us Why this nuisance"
"Come on, give the green signals"
"Fullu kicku"
"Fullu kicku"
"Your talent of finding my hideout
Is of no use to Google Maps"
"No gaps between the two of us"
"Full Kick"
"Even magnets get spooked with the
intensity of our mutual attraction"
"Nothing but full kick in
world of love"
"Full Kicku"
"The Physics between us, Say
something, somethings about us."
"The lyrics between us convey the
romance between us"
"Time for Wedding Bells"
"Full Kick"
" Full Kicku"
" Full Kicku"
" Full Kicku"
Hello Bobby...
Sir...What sir..
Come sir...Please come inside.
Dont pretend excitement.
Hi cutie...son.
How are you Chitra?
-I am fine
Namaste Sir, how are you doing?
-Namaste madam. I am fine.
Chitra..Get some coffee for sir.
Just coffee wont be enough
Its been six years since
you got married...
Why didnt he treat us atleast
once for a good meal?
Not even a missed call for
courtesy sake, sir.
When he comes home for dinner, he
devours all non-veg
to the bone and spares the veg
to us as left-overs.
At least Uncle is a gentleman, he
has at least called us for lunch.
Namaste Sir...
-Talking about you...
All eating food.
No diet today.
I think it is salad, sir.
Don't worry...
Don't hesitate sir.
Bitter gourd juice
-Ridged gourd juice
No Snake gourd juice?
Have that too.
-Serves you right?
For barging into the dining table as
soon as you got invited.
Chandrakalal ji please tell them
They seem shy to eat more.
Please have them sir... all are
cultivated organically.
Cultivated alright.. but you have to
cook them too right?
My father-in-law doesnt know the
concept in between
cultivation and cooking.
Isnt it Sir?
If you cook it, you
lose vitamins son.
If we eat them raw, we will be lost.
Health is wealth sir.
Here, take this..Ridgedgourd..
Especially for you.
Whats this?
They are just peeled of Ridged Gourd
and you call it Special?
He has atleast peeled them for
you... But we are all eating it raw.
My sympathies for you.
I am famished sir.
-Eat me.
Why delay? Come have this.
Your health will improve.
We better stay hungry sir.
Is it an Emergency? I just
sat down for lunch..
Should I rush right away?
Even I had to leave for
the Emergency.
Why dont you grab something
before you leave?
-Please have something and leave.
No, no,. Its urgent. Weve
got to leave now.
You can leave after finishing sir.
-No, well leave now and come again.
You cribbed that I didnt invite you
folks for six years.
Now come home every
weekend for lunch.
Come to the little den
I will explain.
Should I pack the meal so you can
have it on the way?
Good idea. Very good idea. Shall I
arrange home delivery?
My wife is suffering with labour
pains sir. -No sir.. no.
Please have something and leave.
So far so good.
The real problems started here
Sir we unloaded everything
Money reached safely.
Location safe?
100 per cent safe.. Nobody can
even smell of it.
State Intelligence is
mostly focused on us.
Take care.
Sure sir.
Heres the MLA list.
Sunday 6.45 pm is auspicious time.
All money should reach
everybody by that time.
Hi, Good Morning
Hope you are comfortable.
I am Arjun... Bharadwaj.
And this is...
-I am Prashant sir.
I am somewhat short-tempered.
So, for tranquility, I
have this Prashant.
Why did you guys bring me here?
We got a tip that you got a sum of
Rupees Ten thousand crores for a
single transaction.
Just an inquiry into that.
Somebody misinforms you about me and
you just arrest me like that?
Do you know, I am a respected
person in the society?
Thats why we are talking
courteously to you sir.
So, Guru Singam...Are you the
Financial Advisor to his
financial affairs?
Sir, the call you were expecting
from the Home Minister is here.
He wants to talk to you about
Rajasekhars arrest.
Please handle it yourself.
Sir says, he will call you later.
Sir, why bring in Home Minister
for a trivial matter?
If you answer my question properly,
you will reach home in one hour.
Just cut it.
The phone will ring until
you pick it up
Rajasekhar ji...why are you
complicating matters?
Just cooperate please.
I am Arjun...Bharadwaj.
In half hour, he should
be in his home.
later...we will talk over.
What do you mean? How dare you...?
...dont you have any other work,
Dont call me again?
Put the bloody phone down.
Put the bloody phone down...
you nincompoop.
Ministers quota over now. Now,
lets both talk.
Ill pose easy questions.
Who gave that money to you?
Where is it now?
No tension.
Did you arrange all the things for
Yes sir.. I did.
I want to talk to my lawyer.
I just spoke to your Minister...
It is not good for talking to your
lawyers in Sanskrit.
Everyone will get money into their
account in four days.
You can go now.
-Okay sir.
Sir, you called for me?
Rajasekhar is holding my cash.
Rupees Ten Thousand crores.
Problem is, only Rajasekhar
knows where it is.
Your CEO is sitting on a cash pile
of Ten thousand crores and warming
his seat in jail now.
And nonchalant about
its whereabouts.
You go to jail, meet him and tell
him one thing clearly.
In one week, the Assembly
sessions will resume.
I want the money back before that.
Or else, warn him that nobody in his
house, not even his dog
will be spared.
Sir, I will go and meet
Mr Rajasekhar.
You will get your money back.
Please dont harm anyone in
his family sir.
Arrange a meeting for him
and Rakasekhar
Okay sir.
Arjun Sir has given strict orders to
disallow Rajasekhar from
meeting any visitors.
But since the Home Minister has
requested, I have risked to
arrange this meeting.
You have only 2 minutes.
-Thank you sir.
Hey Gandhi...
What is this sir?
What is the cut he gave you for
doing this wrong job?
So, you also doubt me, eh?
When our country was in dire
financial crisis, that Home
Minister helped us out...
I thought he saved us
when we needed him.
What I later realized is
that he exploited us.
Now, he ensured to get locked into
an option where I have no
choice but to accede.
At least now, tell me where
is his money now?
The moment I reveal that, he is
going to kill me next.
I know all about his intricate
financial scams and illegal deals.
He knows if I testify in court, he
is the one in danger.
Home Minister assured us he
wont harm you.
But if you dont reveal
where his money is...
Gandhi... - ...he said he will
eliminate your family
Arjun is here..hes going
to smell a rat.
One minute
-Come on
Please ..Just a minute sir..
I will have a problem.
-Please sir.
Buggers who are you?
Chill.. Chill... Chill..
What a smart man you are.
By now, you must have figured out
why we got you here.
Did you get it?
I will show you something
for better clarity.
Lets start a little show.
All of them are my men
You like chocolates or cookies?
I just bluffed to your wife that we
are your cousins from the US.
They are getting over-excited at
being your cousins for
the first time.
What do you want?
What Information?
The moment Rajasekhar reveals where
the pile of money is, you
gotta tell me.
Not to the Home Minister.
Remember...My gang will be
at your house only.
But you are not our hosts...
you are our hostages.
Dont worry sir... Everything is
going as per the plan.
He was wooing her while staying
opposite our flat.
He is always being the same.
What is this, husband? You never
told me about so many cousins.
We couldnt make it when
his parents died.
Thats why he is angry with us.
Isnt it?
Look son, forget the past.
They have come all the way from
the US seeking for us.
Dont keep a grudge from past.
Just leave it.
Ok, go and get freshened up
Hi Cutie.
Lets talk afterwards. Go and
get freshened up first
Chitra, come and take the blessings.
Sir, who are you?
-Arjun from CBI
May I come in.
Yes sir.
Ah..nice house.
Is she your wife?
-Yes sir.
I heard you make good coffee
Let me make one for you sir
-Thank you.
The criminalsin our custody is like
our own lover coming of age.
We have to keep a vigil on them...
Who is coming? Why they are here?
So, you met Rajasekhar, it seems.
I mean sir...
-Next time, you dont have to
meet him by subterfuge
I will take you personally there.
Convince him.
Find out the
whereabouts of the money.
And tell the secret to me alone.
Sir, I have a problem.
-That is me.
If you dont cooperate with me.
Lets go.
Sir, please tell about the money.
We are in grave danger.
The sooner we tell about its
location, we will be out of
this danger sir.
Trust me please.
I beg you.
I dont know about it.
Leave me alone.
I beg you .
I beg you.
Comes to Small house...
then I'll tell you.
I beg you.
I felt like someone was following me
there. There was nobody when I saw.
I had to protect Mr Rajasekhar, his
family and my family.
If I told the Home Minister about
the money, Mr Rajasekhars
family will be saved.
And if I tell about its location to
David, my family will be
out of danger.
Ok sir.
All that cash has to reach
our location asap.
You ensure that.
-yes sir.
What about Rajasekhars family?
Leave them
-Thank you sir
You wait outside
-Thank you sir.
What about Rajasekhar?
Fix a time for his death.
Okay sir.
-This is Gandhi sir.
There is a plot to kill Rajasekhar
whos in your custody sir.
Please save him sir...please.
Gandhi, its time. Shall we leave?
-Ok sir.
Please come sir.. About the
money you asked...
You...Dont talk about it anywhere
else.. you can leave now.
We know the location now sir.
-I am on the way...
You leave
Hi bro..
All the cash is in that godown sir.
Sir, please tell your men to leave
my family alone sir.
Patience, sir
Give me your phone.
Just a precaution bro.
Take this... come on fast.. fast...
Keep moving fast...
Quick... Quick...
Dont waste time again
What is the point of keeping fake
currency here when the pile of ten
thousand crores is over there?
Relax know something..
Just watch...
All the cash is loaded into our
truck sir...
We also attached GPS trackers
It will reach our location
in four hours sir.
Okay...Find the exact
point of location
Gandhis mobile phone signal last
came at the Kompally area sir.
If my guess is right, the cash must
be in this house sir
I don t think so.
Look here...See the tyre tracks of
heavy containers that
sped from here...
Money on Wheels...
Sir, the truck passed
Ok..take position
In position sir.
Keep a distance of ten feet -ok sir
Come on guys... make it fast...
Hey, replace the fake currency there
and shift the original currency
to this container.
Quick... fast.
Not much time left.... fast.
Oil tanker come in.
Send this currency to
the forensic lab
I want the reports ASAP
-Okay Sir.
Ten thousand crores...
Finally, ten thousand crores
-We did it.
Youve got all the cash
you wanted now.
Will you finally leave my
family alone now?
Can I have my phone back?
-Give his phone back
One second bro.
Two minutes... only two minutes
Sir, As per your plan, the
money safely reached.
We did it sir.
Sir, what about Gandhi now?
Give the phone back.
All the best brother.
Thank you sir.
Catch him.
we missed him.
Hey, are you all still in
Gandhis house?
Shanti is there, brother.
Gandhi escaped from us.
Go to his house and finish
off his family.
Okay brother.
Chitra! Go and check someone is
knocking the door.
Mom, dads calling.
Hello tell me...tell me.
Here... take butter milk.
Chitra, the inmates staying in our
house are not my cousins.
Unable to hear you.
- we are All in trouble
Do not open the door at any cost.
They will come to kill you.
Open the door.
Police station!
Who is it Chitra?
They to kill us
What are you saying?
-To kill us
-What happened?
Come... this way
Chinnu... -Chinnu.
Leave Chitra!
What happened, Baby? Who are you?
The gang which stole the ten
thousand crores said
they will spare my daughter only if
I keep mum about the whole thing.
That's why I surrendered
Arjun tried to meet me several times
in jail to find out what
really happened.
But didnt give him a
whiff about it.
Dont worry Gandhi....I will
speak to dad about you.
The girl is my responsibility now.
your father-in-law is no more.
Madam, your time is over.
Why do have to go through all this?
He filled the void left by my
fathers early departure.
Now, I am not even able to perform
the last rites for him.
Are you Bobby?
Yes..and you?
I have come to meet Gandhi.
Gandhis father-in-law died.
Gandhi is not even able to catch a
last glimpse of him.
You dont worry.
I will ensure to get
him out of jail.
Thank you.
-See you.
Request to DGP sir for giving a bail
to Gandhi on personal surety, sir
Confirm sir.
Grant him bail.
Forensic reports have arrived sir.
Thank you.
-Yes sir.
Connect me to CMs office.
Mr Arjun tell me.
The forensic reports confirm that
the currency is fake.
Is it?
Sir, I think we should meet
Ramakrishna right now...
Sir, Bail papers.
I am State Intelligence
Chief Jairam.
Please tell me sir
Did you get any bail order in the
name of Mohan Gandhi?
Yes sir.
Cancel the bail order. Stop
him immediately.
Sir, Gandhi is being
released from jail
Stop him at any cost.
Task force.
Stop him immediately.
Dont shoot him... I want him alive.
Okay sir.
Dont move.
Kneel down.
Welcome my love!
Don't move.
Stop it Gandhi..Your game is over.
Shut up..My game is always on.
You cant escape.
-Stop Stop.
Hey..please dont harm my daughter,
Gandhi, what is this..?
Shut up
-Please.. dont shoot
Go back... go back...
Bye, bye partner.
Love you baby... I love you so much
You know what you have done... Do
you know what you have done.
He is an international criminal.
And you just helped the guy
to escape. Damn it.
Isnt he the one who got arrested
in connection with Gandhis
family murder case?
My foot. All lies.
He is not the same guy. The story he
told is that of Ramakrishna.
Do you know the crime you
have committed?
What an audacity, knowing she is
DGPs daughter, eh?
Sorry Uncle.
They said they will pay me
Rs.5 lakhs for this.
I gave fake documents, fake news
clips to Pooja and made her believe
But, I did not realize that it
would help a criminal
I will not leave the bloody
criminal Gandhi.
He may be a criminal... but he
is a genius, dad.
Do you know what you are
talking about?
He cheated you and framed
you in this case!
Thats why I said he is a genius.
I am not an easy one to fall for,
I did my Masters in psychology.
He manipulated me in just two
meetings and made me forge
your signatures.
And you praise him for that? You
should consult a psychologist too
Dad ... you are the police
You do arrest when you
find a criminal.
I am a criminologist, I study
criminals on finding one.
No.. no.
you cant meet him.
I wont blame you for getting
cheated, he is capable
to cheat anyone.
If you ever rate him on that, its
10 out of 10 in cheating.
In my 20 years experience, he is
the only criminal who escaped me
He is not Gandhi.
It is his hight of sarcasm
He is a mystery.
His only passion is money
Only money.
Money may be vital to us but for him
it is as important as oxygen.
When I was ACP in Mumbai
Crime branch...
Gandhi, India's most
wanted criminal.
I was deputed as a special
officer to catch him
I got from intelligence department
that he escaped from India and
operating activities from Dubai
And I too went Dubai to hunt him.
"He is a grand master"
"He is a Crime Poster"
"The time he crosses your path, Is
your date with Danger."
"You got to run faster"
"He is a Spell Caster"
"Money Monster"
"A meeting from him, Is a
call from Hell."
"Life roller coaster."
"He can call out the currency
by the smell of it"
"And the count of it by
the weight of it"
"The Great School of Robbery, Money
Heist today scaling new
heights in Havala"
"Kill..Kill...Kill...Kill...Khiladi "
"Kill..Kill...Kill...Kill...Khiladi "
"Wherever on earth, theres liquid
cash He tracks it all and
knocks it off"
"All the secrets hidden in locker
Are hacked by this hackster"
"He is the King in the Poker Game
Who turns you into a joker by
sleight of hand."
"He is the Carroms Striker who
targets the currency"
"His is the human body made entirely
of a thinking mind."
"Makes a neat sketch of anybody
who wins his hearts."
"Kill..Kill...Kill...Kill...Khiladi "
"Kill..Kill...Kill...Kill...Khiladi "
"He is the ledger who balances any
entry in book-keepers world"
"A freelancer ruling the world of
finance like a Ph.D"
"In the world of Sovereign Debt,
Whats wrong in running
small debts?"
"The Consultant who cons people!
A Rare Advisor"
"A man who rents his own shadow"
"A self-made selfish man who
doesnt cede a centimetre"
"Kill..Kill...Kill...Kill...Khiladi "
"Kill..Kill...Kill...Kill...Khiladi "
Its freaking 490 million dirhams
Yeah, 490 million dirhams.
Where is he going?
I have scanned his whatsApp
chat and phone calls.
Looks like ten thousand crores of
money is coming to India.
But no clue as to how and when.
Ten thousand crores.
How magical it sounds just to hear
each zero getting added to 1,
isnt it?
I am sure.
He is just a side-pin.
Theres some other guy who controls
him like a king-pin.
Getting in details,
I came to know that he put aside
lots of cash without the
knowledge of that Kingpin.
Gandhi blackmailed DCosta by
using that information.
What do you want from me?
Money, 490 Million dirhams
Tell me where and how it is going?
I don't know sir.
Albenoza Did knows.
Please don't play with me.
Sorry Sir..I dont know.
Theres strong security around him..
His location is very confidential.
I don't care about his strengths.
Tell me his weakness.
She is a bar girl in the pub
If someone want earn money,
he should not any weakness
other than money.
Hello... Aditi.
What's up?
Are you enjoying the weather?
Who is this fellow?
I'll also join you.. coming.
Im basically a con artist, baby.
I came to give you an offer
which you can deny.
That Balasingham has a crush on you
and he has loads of cash.
If we can encash that crush, itll
be the biggest heist in the history.
Think big.
Our target is 10,000 crores.
What the hell?
The melody of money.
Come... Join the gang.
This is Aditi.
Our new crew member.
Puttaparthi... Expert hacker.
He makes fake documents pass
off as originals.
If he fakes a passport, no
airport can stop him.
Thats me
And thats my darling...
Racer Chandini
Operation Balasingam begins.
"Hello Mister Macho Man"
"Can you come and dance with me Man"
"Seek a naughty date with me Man"
"You wont get another chance Man"
"Nothing right or wrong here No
nighty thats colourless"
"Come jump right in like a
Robinhood, Mr Superman"
"No glass without whiskey No
race without a risk"
"No face without a mask nowadays!
Here comes Spiderman!"
"Catch me catch me catch
me if you can"
"Teach me teach me teach
me What you can"
"Hey Party Man"
"Do you like DJ Mix? "
"If yes, lets bask in the
fluroscent flourish And put on
our favorite grooves"
"Lets rock the dance floor"
"Hey Baby girl"
"Your beauty is driving me crazy"
"If youre with me, lets pick any
currency Pound or Euro"
"Lets break out into
unlimited party fun"
"Like a dollar shark Dont bait me "
"I have a new scheme to
net your glamor"
"With some Scam"
"Catch me catch me catch
me if you can"
"Teach me teach me teach
me What you can"
"Hey Player..."
"Your killer looks are
driving me hot"
"And piercing me like a bullet"
"Lets bring down the house
with our dance"
"And match steps like a
peacock pair"
"Hey Damsel"
"Your beauty is a true weapon"
"Driving daggers into my heart
with your finery"
"Driving me mad Racing my pulse up"
"Enough of your silly banter"
"Get the romance out"
"Like a shining deer I will steal
the thunder of your looks"
"Catch me catch me catch
me if you can"
"Teach me teach me teach
me What you can"
Wheres that 10,000 crores cash?
Only Balasingam knows about it.
He used live tracker (app) to
watch the money flow.
Why, he couldve tracked
the phone itself.
Iphone is highly encrypted.
Its unhackable.
Because of that, We join
Aditi in our team.
Be on the job, Aditi.
Balasingam messaged me.
Tomorrow 10.30 am Piemonte Hotel.
Where is Balasingam.
-Balasingam is not here...
He is in other place. You
have to come with me.
Gandhi, Balasingam hasnt turned up.
But his men came.
Puttaparthi... It seems
Balasingam not here.
I thought he asked me to
meet in this Hotel
Please Come.
Move...Move... Follow.. Follow
This way
Welcome baby..
Lets have fun.
Youre looking so hot.
Come here dear.
To get the cash, you need to lay
your hands on Balasingams
phone for 30 seconds.
Send a message Jam Ready from
Balasingams phone.
Immediately, our Puttaparthi will
send a link to him.
As soon as you click,
malware gets installed.
Later we can control his phone.
Beautiful painting.
Can I take a selfie.
Sure you can.
Oh my God..My battery is dead.
Can I use your phone.
I dont usually give my phone
to others, honey.
But youre special.
You can do it.
Thank you honey.
Are you done baby?
Ah.. one more selfie.
Thanks baby.
And here comes a perfect selfie.
Thank you.
-Thats it.
All the cash is lying
at the Port Area
Its about 25 kms from here.
And 20 minutes go for the
ship to start.
What if we get caught?
Whats this?
This is cannon spray...
very powerful.
Just spray on his face and he will
be knocked out for 20 hours
After that, you can easily escape.
Why care for the lipstick? It will
get wiped now, right?
If I caught.
Hey like Siri Assistant...
We will insert a voice recognition
message Go to hell
which will trigger an
automatic call back.
Tell me.
-Go to hell
Aditis caught!
I will kill you if you not reveal.
Puttaparthi... call Balasingam.
What's your plan?
No,he is not picking the call.
You answer the call.
Puttaparthi...why do you forget?
You already hacked his phone. Now
answer it yourself.
Come on tell me.
Hey Balasingam..Leave her alone.
Who the hell are you?
So, you sent her?
Yes, I did.
Send her back to me or I will come
myself to take her.
Okay come.
Puttaparthi, I am leaving.
Open the door.
Yes, Aditi darling.
Whats the position?
Ive locked myself into the adjacent
room but he is trying to
break it open.
Dont panic. Do as I say.
Tell me about the surroundings.
I see a table, chair, candles,
looks like a Bar room.
What should I do, Gandhi?
I did exactly what you said Gandhi.
Not much time left. Please hurry up.
If that door opens, I will
die at his hands.
Or I will perish in these flames.
Hello Baby.
Come on.
Hey Balasingam here we go!
I will call you after I
am done with it.
Ok..? Leave!
Let's go.
Come on. Come on.
Hey brother
Long time..What are you doing here?
What? Me? Brother?
Not that brother...
10,000 crores...
you see its all going out of
grasp... So, let's make
a clear deal.
Ten per cent take it.
What say, Partner?
Not a small amount
thats 1000 crores...
20 percent.
This man will not change
the expression.
30 percent
Heres the best offer...for
40 percent.
Please dont refuse this offer...
Please partner...
I want 100 percent and I want you.
Thats not fair, uh...Haunting me
like an adulterous husband.
and making away with my money?
As if you earned all this with your
sweat and brow like a
rickshaw puller?
Why are you so emotional?
Yes, I am emotional sir.
As emotional as when someone
separates you from your lover.
Same feeling sir.
Even mine is a love story...
between me and my money.
Missed him again. No idea,
where he is gone.
Whats the motive of remitting
Rs.10,000 crores to India...
I revealed all to the government.
The CM played a role in me taking
charge in Hyderabad as
CBI Joint Director
I got a phone call after few days.
I know the Gandhi youre
searching for.
Surprise...I am under arrest.
Why are you surrendering yourself?
Because the old woman gave
a banana to me.
One day, as I was on the
run from police,
I was sleeping on the platform.
I woke up and saw an old
lady...with a banana.
Did you grab it from her?
Before that, she read my hunger and
offered the banana to me.
Thats when I realized
sir...what is humanity.
And I surrendered.
Now shall we talk the truth?
Sir, you believe how a Gandhi
became a Mahatma Gandhi
when someone throws you out onto
a Railway Platform.
Why dont you believe how
this Gandhi became
a Good Man just by sleeping
on the platform?
What a dichotomy sir?
Sorry sorry sorry sir.
Horrible comparison.
Does it tally with what you are
and what you said ?
Just book a case against him in
local station and send him in.
You want to just file a
normal case against me?
I wont agree..
File all cases against me...Section
123... Section
420...468..471..and then send me in.
File all cases against me.
Samba, I can provide the
evidences you need for this.
Venkatesh Sir, file all pending
cases in the station too against me.
Minimum 20 years...
Minimum 20 years... should be the
Sentence against me.
Only then I will appear
before the Court
Else, I wont.
I wont..I wont.
Hey.. Hey.. Hey..
Take him away
I love the trinkling sound
of the handcuffs
Thank you so much Officer.
Thank you.
Dont mind brother.
Hows it?
Its kick ass
No matter.
-Thank you.
What brother? He
uttered that to you!
What did he say?
-Mind means mind..Dont means lost.
He says your mind is lost.
Did he utter that?
Calls me kickass every day
Means Kick you in the...
He calls me NO MATTER
That means you have no matter.
Did he say that?
See my dear friend.
If you have any problems,
fix it yourself.
Because God is too busy
with other works.
He wont listen to you.
Like this we need to sort out
Thanks a lot sir.
You risked so much for me.
You are hurting yourself while
making others happy.
You seem to be a good man.
How did you land in jail?
Money and Pain both are
similar in nature.
If you share, it halves...and
doubles, if you keep it yourselves.
I saw you as a friend and saved you.
If you feel the same,
share your story I
wont trouble you.
Call me...
He is calling.
Yes, what a performer.
Did you call me, brother?
Shares of that company experienced
heavy losses under imaginations.
So, Crazy.
What a smart man you are?
You like chocolates or coockies?
Say where is that money sir.
I beg you.
Chitra, don't open the door.
Chitra, Chitra! Chitra!
By the way, Who is David?
In the jail, he sympathized with
Ramakrishna and learnt
about his story.
He narrated the same story and now
won your sympathies.
He used you to go to jail and used
me to get out of jail.
What is this Gurusingham?
He says today and again tomorrow.
Will he give us money or not?
I know that we wont get this money.
I understood bro, you have no money
and we wont get the money.
But, Sir will become CM
here it seems.
You know what happens if you vote
against the Government, being
in the Ruling party?
Youd lose even that
MLA post in hand.
Still, we took so much risk to
make your sir as the CM.
One shouldnt think big to become CM
without a capacity to give 100
crores to each MLA.
Bloody, Ill finalise this today.
Wait for four days, everyone
will get their payment.
If you say no... Ive a son,
Uncle, why are you disturbing Balu
He said to wait for four days,
Yes, lets go... Come on, move!
-Yes, move!
Love you baby.
Love you baby.
I love you so much
I love you baby.
Hey, What are you doing here?
Shout as you much, your
dad wont be here.
Because I told him about
a tip off about
Gandhi and asked him to come
to Necklace Road
He is waiting there for an hour now.
What do you want?
Since you havent yet considered
my proposal yesterday.
I thought let me make a fresh offer.
Basically, I love partnerships and
am allergic to relationships, baby.
I somehow got connected to you the
first time I saw you.
Then, selected for life.
I want to spend my money with you.
I love you baby.
One would say, I want to spend
my life with you.
What is this `I want to spend my
money with you., eh?
To hell with that. Anybody
will spend life easily
but to be able to spend my
hard-earned money of 10,000 crores
tells you how strong my
love is for you!
One shouldnt love you, but
study you in a lab.
I thought I am a
doctorate in psychology
but havent passed LKG grade
is what I infer now.
That means you still havent
understood my concept
Have you ever imagined
how life with me,
I mean, life with ten thousand
crores, is going to be like?
The sound, the beat, the tempo, do
you know how its like?
"Watch me not like that, I am
getting intoxicated"
"My pulse rate shooting up
soaring body heat"
"Your agility is enticing
me into the mood"
"Even your blushes are
sliding upstairs"
"I made a poster out of our selfie
on the wall of my heart"
"Watch me not like that, I am
getting intoxicated"
"My pulse rate shooting up
soaring body heat"
"An ocean of beauty in a bottle"
"So impossible to pack it all,
Gods great!"
"They mustve rewarded you Superhero
tag... a package"
"Which is the fuel that
gives me courage"
"Stand not apart from me,
I will go mad"
"You can seduce even Mr Bond"
"You stirred in me a DJ mix with
mass beats How you tied me
with a love rope"
"Watch me not like that, I am
getting intoxicated"
"My pulse rate shooting up
soaring body heat"
"Youre like a current that neednt
be switched on I am
connected to you"
"My remote is with you Use
it as you wish"
"Youre the Cupid himself Your body
defines the contours of love"
"Pick the content that fits your
range Watch my glamour"
"Bring it on, the
truckload of love!"
"I am with you, here and forever"
"Even the Censor Board will get
shocked with our 'scenes'."
"Watch me not like that, I am
getting intoxicated"
"My pulse rate shooting up
soaring body heat"
You think I will fall so easily just
for ten thousand crores!
So you will feel connected only
if I give pathetic
sob stories of Wife dying or
child missing, is it?
I will
I will feel the connection but first
unite this child and her father.
Daddy is here.
I just said because you
should not shout.
Convey my greeting to dad.
But I love you so much baby.
Hello guys...
Ten thousand crores cash.
We have got a chance to get both
David and Gandhi now..
Three birds in one shot.
How Sir?
They are producing
Ramakrishna in court today.
Only he knows who is David,
how David looks like
because only Ramakrishna
knows his identity.
So before Ramakrishna dare
open his mouth,
David will want to kill him.
If we plan well, Ramakrishna can be
baited to catch David easily.
And bait David to nab Gandhi.
But he is...
master in escaping.
So security must be very tight.
Hey, David...
Sir, protect me.
- Sir..
He is David that we are looking for
Send his photo to N.C.R.B.. Get
all the details...
Right now.
Hey David... My threshold for
patience is very low.
Tell me where the Money is...Tell
I dont know where the cash is sir.
When it comes to money..
I am a monster.
Yes Sir.
He is a bloody monster.
He killed my family for money.
All I know about him is that
his name is David.
And David is the one who came to
the court to kill me.
Puttaparthi..Doesnt it
make a lovely sound
when the cash is counted or
the bones broken?
Hey, only three broken so far,
203 more to go.
Thats all I know sir.
And thats what I told Gandhi
too in the jail sir.
I know nothing else sir.
I'll tell... I'll tell.
Heres the cash you asked for.
Did you see that?
You...just look at this.
Bloody you...Dont play drama.
I will skin you alive.
What drama?
Havent I shown you the
cash you asked for?
Theres a money detector here
like a metal detector.
As soon as money is near, it
gives a beeping sound.
This is all fake currency.
-What nonsense!
I burnt the fake currency and lifted
the real currency, isnt it?
Hello... Hello.. Hello..
The Gandhi on the currency
note may not know it.
But this Gandhi knows how to
tell fake from real.
Then what happened to the
real currency?
How do I know that?
When we intercepted Rajasekhar
bringing the cash from
the money house itself, we
burnt the fake currency
Dont know who did all this and how.
Hold.. Hold.. Hold.. Hold
Who asked you to burn the fake
currency and flick it?
I dont know...
I have only met him once. At
Inorbit Mall Parking lot.
100 per cent, the ten thousand
crores is all yours.
Guru Singham has to be stopped
from becoming CM.
Thats all.
All I want is revenge.
He guided me step by
step...every step of the way.
From his version, it appears
all the cash coming
from the small house is
fake currency.
We know nothing about Davids
boss how he looks..
or his phone number
How can we catch him Gandhi?
Game over Gandhi.
I think we should take
some other deal.
Shut up!
Where did David say he met his
boss for the first time?
Inorbit Mall...Parking lot. I
think he said..B 25.
Inorbit Mall.
Parking Lot.
B 25
Gandhi.. Theres a problem
-What happened?
Before I reached Inorbit Mall,
the CBI team came and took away
the footage it seems.
Its not easy to get hold
of the CC footage.
By now, it would have got
classified as Investigation
material stored in the
CBI headquarters.
So we cant get inside there?
We can get in.
but getting out is tough.
It is CBI Head
Quarters..Fool-proof security.
Every corner is
captured on CC camera.
What did you say?
-I said there will be cameras.
Thats it, we will get
to the footage.
They wanted to see the
footage there isnt it?
All we need to do is watch the
footage at the time they
are going to watch.
How can we see what they
are going to see?
-CC Cameras.
Ok ok. Understood but hacking
cameras is not that easy.
Not easy to breach the
network-layer security
Not possible.
Please dont disappoint me. How can
you also talk like that?
I am trying to hack the switch that
connects to the CC
camera..Its taking time.
Let me try the router.
-Yes! did it.
-We got that.
We managed to track all his
movements for the last 30 days...
and observed the CC footage of
the places he visited.
The footage in Inorbit Mall
looks a bit suspicious.
Please see Sir.
He is playing the
Inorbit Mall footage.
Here it is sir.
Hey Bobby...
We thought it is OTT but he is
giving us the Big Screen experience.
Man, we are so lucky.
Wait... Wait... Wait.
He has managed to hide his face from
getting caught on camera.
Rewind again...
Whoever, he is damn smart.
His face invisible to the camera.
Who is he talking on phone?
-Dont know sir.
Yes, he spoke for 7 seconds.
Its an incoming call.
Lakhs of people would have got
the call. So what?
Sunday Evening
Find it immediately.
At 7.23.
Thousands of calls would have
poured in Gandhi.
Impossible to track all that.
That Location
The Area Tower is in Inorbit Mall.
Then, 100, 200 calls would
have come in easily. we need to
screen them and find
the calls which had run for
at least 13 seconds
he just spoke for 7seconds.
Gandhi Call list.
There are 4 calls with 7
seconds duration.
One outgoing and three incoming
calls. I have circled the numbers.
See the last page.
Chinnu, wear your seat
belt like this.
Hi Pooja how are you?
Hi Chinnu...
-Whats this Gandhi?
I called you to give some good news.
Theres no more hurdle in
our love story.
We can easily get married now.
Do you know why?
Your dad is not a policeman... he is
a stealth policeman.
Now, we belong to the
same family babes.
Dont utter a word more
about my dad.
Is this your number?
-Thats my other number.
My dad uses it.
Yes..I knew that
Chinnu darling... Chocolates,
Hey, cutie.. lets go come.
Whether you believe it or not, the
girl got her mother murdered...
the girl made her father go to jail.
The ten thousand crores was
stolen by your dad.
No way...My dads not like that.
Go and check at home.
You know how to check it very well,
Chinnu, how is it?
Come.. come.. come...
You like the chocolate?
The baby will be here
until you come back
If it is proved that your dad
is not a criminal,
the baby will be
door-delivered to you.
If indeed he is proved guilty,
tell me where the cash
is...and take the baby.
Come soon.. Im gonna miss you.
Hey Pooja...
theres no link here with our
love story and this.
I still love you sincerely. I am
just giving you a serious warning.
lets keep the two issues separate.
Daddy... your glasses.
I was looking for them. Thank you.
Hello good evening sir.
Are all arrangements done for
sending the money?
Sir, as per your plan, preparations
are on to transfer the ten thousand
crores to your account
It will be done after
preparing the works.
Good, its a top secret. Becareful.
You were right about everything.
I want to meet you.
Tomorrow morning sharp at 9:30
Mahatma Trust Building
Ten thousand crores is coming...
I love you partner
You are my cute little partner.
Tell me how much share you want.
I want my dad.
-Thank you dad.
This is what my dad gave me.
I dont know about the money.
You do anything for money, right?
Take these ornaments and bring
back my dad, uncle.
Wheres the cash?
Theres no cash
its all converted into Bitcoins
Virtual currency...Wow
We can encash it anywhere around the
Just one click and you can
transfer anywhere.
One bitcoin is equal to
approximately Rs.35 lakhs
That means, ten thousand
crores is equal to...
30,000 Bitcoins.
You transfer bitcoins to me, I will
transfer the girl to you.
In the end, a happy ending... happy
ending..happy ending.
I love happy endings.
A criminal like you shouldnt
get access to it.
Gandhi... enough.
Do you know why Gandhi is
doing all this?
Its his life dream for 15 years.
Its' his life ambition.
Do you know what my
ambition really is?
Had you given me thousands of
crores, I wouldve
revealed long ago.
I am just like you. Same to same.
IPL Player.
Whoever bids the highest
is my partner.
Aditi please...I need this money.
I have already told you not to link
your charity work with me.
Infact, Balasingam offered
me more than you.
And he offered higher for
bumping you off.
Gandhi... Gandhi...
Hello Ambulance.
Theres a good intention to save
lives of thousands behind
Gandhis resolve to steal billions,
We have seen his father who donated
all that he had to help
those in need.
We saw his sense of despondency
when he was helpless
to save the life of his six
year old daughter.
We saw Gandhis courage after
his sister died...
and then his father died within two
weeks of her passing after
pining for her.
Because he didnt want to see
others go through the
helpless suffering his sister and
father faced from disease...
he is building a Super
Speciality hospital.
You mean the Mahatma Trust.
It belongs to him.
Then, why did he hide all this?
He feared that all the good
work for Hospital
will be stopped because of the
illegal connection.
He was more keen to be a do-gooder
than to be called a good man.
You get tears in your eyes when you
see another in need.
Thats why Gandhi likes you so much.
He loves you a lot Pooja.
Whatever happens to me, my
mission shouldnt die.
The hospital construction
shouldnt stop.
No, it wont.
I wont let that happen.
Added Mahatma Trust as
a beneficiary.
Total money transferred
to Mahatma Trust.
You will get the message shortly.
I love you baby.
Here, all of you share this!
Hey Bobby what a performance!
What diction! What a base!
And the Oscar goes
In the end, Chandini also
supported well.
Oh yeah.
What a great improvement.
10,000 crores.
I know your psychology.
I believe your story once..
got cheated
How can I believe you again?
Silly dialogues.
Routine performance.
We got caught because of your
expressions and performances.
Totally non sync.
I did alright. She only
messed it up.
What did I do? Puttaparthi penned
the whole dialogues.
Why blame me for what you did?
-What did I do?
Hey, stop it.
Pooja. Whatever happened happened.
Lets start afresh...
Can you initiate that money
transfer please.
I should have Bitcoins in
order to do that.
Ten thousand crores is
still lying in cash.
Then why did you say that?
In order to save the baby
and tie you in.
Game is...
You happy Darling? See you soon.
We waited so long out of affection
for your father and out of
respect for you.
The no-confidence motion is on the
day after tomorrow.
If the money is transferred by
tomorrow evening,
your father will become CM.
Otherwise, he will lose the
Home Ministry also.
I beg you, sir. Don't harm me,
please sir.
kill him.
Sir..Please sir
please sir.
I know where the ten
thousand crores money is
I know how important it is to you.
So, if you release Ramakrishna, I
will tell you where the money is.
I am coming.
Sir, the money is in the container.
The ship will leave in
twenty minutes.
In ten days, money will get
exchanged at Dubai.
After four days, it
will reach Cairo.
Money will be remitted to you in
two days after that.
Everythings going to be fine sir.
Both of us are in similar situation.
We both have no Mother.
At least, his dad is
desperate to meet him.
Whereas my dad is keen to desert me.
If I sell my daily quota of ten
hours to the government,
I will get a monthly salary of
Rupees Two lakhs.
When I am about to get Ten
thousand crores in one go,
how can I leave it just like that!
How did Balasingam know
about this location?
I told him.
Balasingam agreed to
release Ramakrishna
in exchange for information
about the money.
So, I told him information about
which container carries the money,
You spoilt our two year plans.
Wheres the cash container?
I wont tell.
Put the entire harbour in lockdown
mode and search for that container,
Okay sir.
You search from this end.
-Okay sir
Search every container.
Surprise, my love
In playing cards, there
are four Kings.
In this game, theres only one King.
One and only...
Are you shocked how I
managed to escape?
My dear innocent partners. I am
offering you 50 crores each.
Bought everyone.
Hey Balasingam...
You seem to have grown taller.
Shes my love, my strongest emotion.
How can I be calm if you lay
your hands on her?
I will cut down your height,
you bugger
Sir.. sir.. sir... Please sir cool.
What is this sir?
Every time I get money you come and
ruined the opportunities
Not like sir.
Let share the money 60:40 ratio.
What do you say?
I have said before that I
will not compromise.
Sir... sir.. sir.. please stop it.
I did not know you were the Action
King so I got into action
What a punch? What a power?
I can't fight with you... I
will surrender.
You know only action... I know how
to lock the action king.
See you.
Uncle, please uncle.. Dont
harm my dad, uncle.
Oh Mother!
Uncle, please get my Dad.
Uncle, please get my Dad.
Please uncle.
Uncle... uncle...
Please bring my daughter to me sir.
I bow before you sir.
Please sir.
You have given me, right?
Definitely, I will.
You said you will help me to meet my
dad I want my dad...
I will show you... don't worry.
I followed only my mind
in my entire life
First time I followed my heart
First time I see a change in you.
You are free
I wont leave the ten
thousand crores.
Amidst unprecedented developments,
No-Confidence Motion moved against
the Government has fallen through.
Home Minister Guru Singam has been
expelled from the Party for carrying
out anti-party activities,
according to Partys high command.
What sir?
You thought of becoming a CM by
giving us fake currency?
Now we ensured you wont even enter
the Partys premises.
Hows that?
If the money with us is fake,
where is the real ten
thousand crores lying?
By replacing the fake currency found
in cold storage with real currency,
Gandhi away those ten
thousand crores.
I will catch him wherever he is.
The Game is still on.
Book a ticket to
America immediately.
I am not a non-violent person. But I
follow Gandhi wherever he goes.
Operation success, play smart
without stupid emotions.
Over to Las Vegas.