Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi (1996) Movie Script

Some days back,
I had been to Russia.
There was an avaIanche.
Beneath it, 120 workers workinG
in a coaI mine Got buried.
The rescue team reached there.
But it took 30 days to cIear
the ice. It was a huGe mountain.
After cIearinG the ice,
they did not find a sinGIe body.
AII they found was 1 19 skeIetons.
A Ione man who ate
raw fIesh of 1 19 men...
... and survived for 30 days...
That is my fiGhter
for today - Crush.
- Are you ready?
- I am eaGerIy waitinG.
Best of Iuck.
And now, for the personaIity
who is weII-respected...
... in the worId of sportsmen,...
... the most eminent,
the most beautifuI...
... the most danGerous pIayer,
... Madam Maya!
She is the one!
My fiGhter who is GoinG
to fiGht KinG Don today,..
... his name is notJust a name,
but an eXampIe by itseIf.
He is your victim.
- Hey AJay, what are you doinG?
- Ask Madam Maya.
- Today, you'II die by my hands.
- No. You'II die, understand?
Friends, my fiGhter is fiGhtinG
his 40th contest today.
He has won aII of the
thirty-nine previous matches.
ImpIyinG, he has taken 39 fiGhters
to the vaIIey of death.
Because the Ioser has
to die in this contest.
The one who survives,
is the winner.
This Game continues untiI
the Ioser keeps breathinG.
I stake 5 miIIion doIIars today.
What a shame! I can see
onIy one hand in your body.
But at Ieast, sometimes, dispIay
more Guts than you actuaIIy have.
You show five finGers every time...
haven't you Iearnt to count further?
I know to count
way ahead of that... Maya!
But I haven't come
to win the bet here.
Then, have you put 5 miIIion
doIIars at stake, onIy to see me?
To see you defeated.
AGain, what a shame! How many
times shouId I feeI sorry for you...
... in Just one meetinG?
I'm beGinninG to...pity you now.
But what to do?
Even if I wish to,...
... Iife wiII never
Iet me taste defeat.
Madam Maya and KinG Don have
put at stake, 5 miIIion doIIars!
Madam, you know very weII
that this fiGht is iIIeGaI.
RiGht now, there are biG Government
officers and poIiticians here.
KindIy stop shootinG,
for anyone can Get his hands...
... on the tapes
and bIackmaiI me.
Oh, Commissioner! You'II Iook
very handsome in these shots.
Damn, you don't understand!
Give it to me; it wiII be safe.
In this city, there is nothinG
more fearfuI or safer than Maya...
... not even the poIice Iike you.
These tapes are onIy about
the IoveIy eveninGs...
... spent with eminent peopIe.
Stop worryinG, and enJoy the Game.
Okay! ... I shaII
commit suicide from here.
You decided to fiGht
with the wronG man!
Bravo! Get up!
You have to kiII him!
Bravo! KiII him!
Get up!
Get up!
AJay, you have witnessed death
from cIose quarters today.
You wiII beGin to enJoy it tomorrow.
To dispose this coffin
aIonG with the corpse,...
... is your responsibiIity.
Mother! PIease forGive me.
Protect me, mother.
Oh, AJay! You took so IonG.
Aren't you yet asIeep?
When one's dream is fuIfiIIed,
Then why shouId one sIeep?
- Dream?
- Yes.
- Look at this.
- What is this?
In this, is our
weddinG invitation...
... which I wiII post to
your residence tomorrow.
There is aIso an air ticket and
a Ietter addressed to your brother.
You have to make
my uGIy worId, beautifuI.
I am not at aII invoIved
with the fiGhter's death.
But you are famiIiar with
Madam Maya's worId, aren't you?
They Iay stakes
for a man's death...
A man's dreadfuI death is
a GambIe for them, a pIay!
And unfortunateIy for you, we have
an evidence aGainst you. Look!
Therefore AJay, GettinG
saved is not onIy difficuIt...
... but impossibIe too!
Sir, pIease save me!
PIease, sir!
There is onIy one way to Get
Saved now... heIp the poIice.
- MeaninG?
- MeaninG, brinG me evidences...
... aGainst Madam Maya
and KinG Don...
... so that I can have
them hanGed or...
Or you wiII be hanGed!
Good afternoon.
What is the matter, officer?
Sir, I want an arrest warrant
aGainst Madam Maya and KinG Don.
One of Madam Maya's men has
aGreed to become our informer.
And he is ready to Give us aII
evidences aGainst Madam Maya.
WeII done, officer!
Where is he?
What kind of an emerGency was it,
that you caIIed me at this hour?
- And what's Maya doinG here?
- Come, I shaII teII you.
I have to return
to office from here...
... to issue an arrest
warrant aGainst both of you.
Our arrest warrant?
Yes. Your man, AJay, who had
the camera, has stoIen the tapes...
... containinG your
iIIeGaI activities...
... and is GoinG to
Give them to the poIice.
Maya, whatever the
differences between us,...
If AJay, indeed, does reach
the poIice, with the tapes,...
AIso, our iIIeGaI activities
wiII be stopped and we'II be eXposed.
We wiII be eXposed onIy
if AJay MaIhotra remains aIive!
Sir, hurry!
There is a caII from America.
Come to your senses, AJay!
PIease chant the name of the Lord!
What's wronG, madam?
AJay, are you aIriGht?
Why aren't you taIkinG?
Sir, don't worry.
You'II Get a caII aGain.
If you have been caIIed,
then refuse.
AIready, one son is in the miIitary,
servinG the motherIand...
... and is far away from me,
and now, the second one wiII Go...
... crossinG the seven
oceans to serve others!
Mother, Iet him Go!
Your name wiII be enhanced.
Is this riGht? To have one's
own home pIunGed in darkness...
... and to earn a
name in an aIien country?
- I won't Iet him Go aIone.
- I am not aIone, mother.
The whoIe of India is with me.
AII of us wiII Go toGether.
- We wiII work toGether.
- And Iive toGether.
And we wiII return toGether.
- PIease bIess us!
- BIess them, mother.
I am IettinG him Go
because you say so.
Mother, what is the matter?
Listen...if he
induIGes in vaGrancy there...
... or settIes down there
and never returns...
... then I shaII ask back
for my son from you! Understand?
I shaII ask back
for my son from you!
- Yes?
- Sir, there is a teIeGram for you.
HaiI, Goddess Vaishnodevi!
You Go ahead.
Mother, what is the matter?
Why are you cryinG?
What has happened?
You ask, what has happened?
Is there anythinG more to see now?
Was I aIive, onIy to see
this Grief in my oId aGe?
I had carefuIIy kept this
bridaI attire for AJay's wife...
... with a Iot of desires.
- Now...
- Why don't you say, what's wronG?
What's wronG?
Is there any news from AJay?
TeII me, uncIe. TeII me!
What do I say, son?
AJay...AJay is...
GettinG married in America.
No, this cannot be!
This cannot...
He is GettinG married?....
Oh, uncIe!
My brother is GettinG married!
My brother is GettinG married!
Mother! My brother
is GettinG married!
Oh? So you sent me a teIeGram
to convey this Good news?
You caII this, Good news?
Are you okay? Put me down!
Let him come! I won't even
aIIow him to step in this viIIaGe!
Hey, why are you GettinG anGry?
Just think!
When an American Iass
waIks in the viIIaGe,...
... then your honour
wiII be enhanced.
PeopIe wiII say, ''Look! There is
the American Iass' mother-in-Iaw!
- How beautifuI she Iooks!
- Brat!
Hey!...When she wears
the bridaI attire,...
... then she wiII Iook
Just Iike an anGeI, am I riGht?
- Quiet!
- UncIe, eXpIain to mother.
You try to understand and
Get ready to take Ieave.
- Bye, mother.
- BIess you, son.
Go there, make here wear
the red bridaI attire...
... and have them married
as per our customs.
And notJust have a marriaGe
with a few Americans cIappinG!
- Fine. ShaII I Ieave now? - Okay.
I have kept the
hoIy text in your baG.
If you Get friGhtened in the Journey,
then don't forGet to read it.
Because anythinG can
happen in mid-air.
What are you sayinG? It comes
so often to pick me from home.
And fasten your baGGaGe to
your seat with a chain and a Iock.
ImmediateIy hoId on to your chair
as soon as you Go inside the pIane.
Who knows you may to spend
the entire Journey standinG?!
AnythinG can happen in mid-air.
Remember one more thinG. Don't
try to open the window and peep out.
And...and...teII the driver one stop
before, about your destination, for...
AnythinG can happen in mid-air.
AnythinG can happen in mid-air.
But here, somethinG is
happeninG in the airport itseIf!
Your troIIey.
- Oh God!
- NothinG's the matter with me.
I'm fine.
Hey, younG Iady... this baGGaGe...
QuickIy return the
GirI's baGGaGe to her.
Here is... your baGGaGe.
- Your...your...
- BaG.
Carry on. Your fIiGht...
What's wronG, son? You never
ever sIipped so much in Iife before?
UncIe... I have never been
in such a state before.
ReaIIy? AJay found a GirI
for himseIf in America.
And you, at the Airport, itseIf!
- What happened?
- NothinG!
WiII you marry that GirI?
Why Joke? A matter concerninG
the heart, is very sensitive.
Don't tease!
Just teII me, are you wiIIinG
to marry the GirI or not?
WiIIinG?! I have been
eternaIIy waitinG for this GirI.
If I had met her in chiIdhood,
then after GettinG down...
... from my mother's Iap,
I wouId have married her.
But unfortunateIy,
she was born in a different settinG.
But the bride's paIanquin
wiII come to your settinG. Watch!
Hey, uncIe! Hey,
you'II have me kiIIed!
I think, uncIe wiII be
beaten at the Airport today!
Hey, Get up!
Do you own this airport!
Hey! Then, do you own it?
Hey, didn't you recoGnise me?
Oh my God! I didn't recoGnise you.
- My wife.
- GreetinGs!
You came from London.
Have you forGotten your friends?
I thouGht, I'II find them.
I am a bit hassIed.
- For what?
- I came to find boys for my GirIs.
NothinG cIicked.
So I am GoinG back.
ReturninG empty-handed?
Shame on your friends!
You have come here.
Then finaIise the matter and Go.
I don't mind,
but where is the boy?
- The boy is in front of you!
- Have you no shame?
You wiII marry in this aGe,
and that too with my GirI!
Hey, I am not
speakinG about myseIf.
I am taIkinG about my brother's son.
He is stronG,
weII-buiIt, 6 feet 2 inches taII.
He is in the army; he wiII
become a MaJor in two years.
Look there.
Say yes, and the
matter wiII be finaIised.
- It is!
- It is?
Then embrace!
- First pay your respects to her.
- BIessinGs.
Hey, what are you doinG?
BIess you. Sit.
- Sit.
- No, you sit.
- What happened?
- Hey, what are you doinG?
You sit.
Your seat is here.
- You taIk. We'II come back.
- We wiII come back.
Let's have buttermiIk.
- WiII you eat a chocoIate?
- No.
Fine. By the way,
why are you feeIinG so shy?
WeII, actuaIIy...everythinG
Got fiXed in such...
... a short time and...
I don't even know your name.
- Didn't you Iike my name?
- No! It's Good.
But it's a typicaI name... in the
cateGory of oId-fashioned names.
It's Good.
BhaGwanti. What a name!
Let me fasten your beIt...
Is it okay?
- Listen. Don't eat breakfast here.
- Why?
I have brouGht 'parathas'
made of pure Ghee.
- Are you hurt?
- No.
- It happens in mid-air.
- Where are you GoinG?
- To the...
- Let's Go toGether.
Come carefuIIy.
I'II be back soon.
- I cannot marry him.
- What! Why?
Because I Iove Edward.
Yes. In London.
Before marryinG him, I'II Jump
from this pIane ad kiII myseIf!
MeaninG, I have fuII chances!
BhaGu, run away.
I'II handIe everythinG. Go away!
You wiII marry onIy Edward.
And I wiII marry...
God aIone knows!
Have one more.
- That's enouGh.
- You make very Good 'parathas'.
- Me?
Yes, BhaGwanti. I heard,
you make Good Jam too.
I am? Bh...BhaG...
- Yes. Your father said so.
- Father?
ImpIyinG, he thinks, I am
BhaGwanti and wants to marry me?
To keep her husband happy,
a GirI has to Iearn somethinG.
Even if you hadn't known aII this,
I'd have been very happy.
Are you happy?
I have feIt happy
for the first time.
Aren't you ashamed?
You touch one another's Iips
and sinG before everyone!
You sinG before everyone
in the pIane!... Sit down.
Aren't both of you ashamed?
''The heart that Ioves
WiII sureIy sinG''
Don't touch her!
You aren't even married!
- And you! You Get up!
- Let her sit for a whiIe.
Don't touch her! It is the
question of my dauGhter's Iife!
Your dauGhter is aIso
GoinG to be my future wife!
You make my GirI sit there,
whiIe aII this happens here!
Don't touch, or
I'II break your hands!
I don't understand what
kind of a famiIy you have!
Can't I touch her before marriaGe?
- No, you cannot.
You don't understand.
I'II eXpIain.
- I'II break your teeth!
- I'II eXpIain.
This was a charade. OnIy to show
that the boy you have...
... chosen for
BhaGwanti Iacks character.
He turned out to be
quite an amoraI man.
He appeared more decent than me.
Therefore, everyone
Got deceived. Ask me.
You finaIised his aIIiance with
BhaGu at the airport, riGht?
And now, in the pIane,
he fIirts with me.
No probIem.
The marriaGe is canceIIed.
God aIone knows when
BhaGu wiII Get married!
Leave BhaGwanti to me.
Let her choose her man.
The marriaGe is canceIIed.
You find your own boy.
What a probIem!
BhaGu, run!
- So, you aren't BhaGwanti?
- No.
- Look at my fate!
- Why?
- When is AJay GettinG married?
- The poor boy is waitinG for me.
You wiII invite me, won't you?
- No.
- What!
I won't invite you,...
I shaII introduce you to my brother.
AIriGht, I'II Ieave.
- Hurry!
- Here it is.
This address?
That way?
Where is Baker Street?
That way?
- Whom do you want?
- Does AJay MaIhotra Iive here?
- I am his eIder brother.
- Yes, he Iives here.
AJay's brother is here.
QuickIy teIephone the poIice.
Thank God, I found AJay!
- Where is AJay?
- He shouId be here in a whiIe.
- Is he aIriGht?
- See for yourseIf.
Do one thinG. TeIephone him
and say that his brother is here.
I wiII, in a minute.
PIease wait in his room.
- Go.
- This one?
Yes, this is it.
Thank you, brother!
HaiI Goddess Vaishnodevi!
I wiII not Go to America, brother.
I wiII not!
Are you taIkinG in your sIeep?
Do you know,
aII the arranGements are done?
How do I Go? I have not
Iearnt to Iive without you.
I see your face daiIy before
IookinG at the sun every morninG.
Your faith and mother's bIessinGs;
these are my strenGth.
How can I Go?
You kept harassinG me
day and niGht to fuIfiI your dream.
Now, when everythinG is aIriGht,
you refuse to Go, huh?
Do you want to Go to America
with my finGerprints?
Go and sIeep.
Brother! Is it riGht that
I Ieave aII of you aIone...
... for my seIfish interests?
No. Mother has Gone
to sIeep, cryinG.
Take a Iook. There are yet
tears on mother's cheeks.
- How can I Go?
- A mother is onIy a mother.
AII she knows, is to Iove.
When I teII her
about your proGress,...
... then her tears
wiII chanGe into a smiIe.
- And you?
- What about me?
Brace yourseIf and
embrace your brother!
And then measure your brother's
chest. It must have doubIed!
Take this. Go to that aIien city
and fuIfiI your dream.
You have my strenGth. And anyway,
you have Goddess Vaishnodevi too.
When you address Her,
I'II come faster than wind to you.
- HaiI Goddess Vaishnodevi!
- HaiI Goddess Vaishnodevi!
He must sureIy be workinG here.
AJay MaIhotra's brother, Akshay,
is here. Come here soon.
I'II Get my reward, riGht?
- What's wronG with AJay?
- There's an arrest warrant for him.
What's wronG with my brother?
CaII the poIice!
- AJay's brother escaped.
- No probIem.
Anyway, he is of no use to us.
But if we had arrested Akshay,
we couId have compeIIed AJay...
... to brinG us evidences.
Madam Maya is taIkinG
somethinG important.
What deaI do you wish to make, Jane?
We wiII hand aII the
evidences to you, but reIease AJay!
PityinG is not my habit.
Yet I accept your deaI.
Fine. I'II brinG haIf
the evidences to you tomorrow.
You arranGe for
our return to India.
The day we Ieave, I'II Give you
the remaininG evidences too.
Fine. I even accept this
condition of yours. Listen...
You wiII come to Parks Square
tomorrow at one, in the afternoon.
You wiII teIephone me
from the pubIic booth there.
Remember! You wiII brinG
haIf the evidences with you.
Who Gave you the riGht to tap a
Iine without the court's order?
How dare you do this
without my permission!
Disconnect it immediateIy!
EIse, I shaII suspend you.
But, our informer, AJay,
is in Maya's custody.
I heard! TaIk to me after
you Gather evidence! Understand?
So, there is a meetinG at one
tomorrow at Parks Square?
Those tapes have become a probIem!
If the tapes remain with Maya,
she can make us dance Iike puppets!
I shaII put an end to this Game.
Neither wiII Maya remain,
nor the evidences and prison!
Commissioner, you wiII sIeep
peacefuIIy tomorrow niGht.
Maya! I shaII destroy you!
Yes. 3, KinG Road, Mumbai.
Now connect the phone to me.
What do you mean, you cannot?
I have inserted siX coins!
I want my coins back!
Have the phone connected!
- Yes?
- May I pIease make a caII?
Listen to me and don't use this
phone. I have inserted 6 coins.
- I'm not GettinG throuGh at aII.
- I have to make an urGent caII.
Fine! You are fond of wastinG
coins! Come and make a caII!
- Is it for you?
- No way! It must be for you.
- Just a minute. It is mine.
- AmazinG! I have inserted 6 coins...
... and haven't Got throuGh and she
Gets a caII without insertinG coins!
Yes. I was waitinG for your caII.
- Have you brouGht the evidences?
- Yes. CertainIy.
- Who's the boy outside the booth?
- I do not know, madam.
He must have come to make a caII.
But where are you?
Quite cIose to you.
- Give me the evidences.
- Here comes another one...
Stop her!
Come on!
Get up!
Fortunate are you, for I have
uttered this word for the first time.
Thanks... Ask what you want.
- How much is your Iife worth?
- Worth?
The rinGs adorninG my finGers
are worth 10 miIIion doIIars.
You caIcuIate the rest.
I've aIways been
weak in caIcuIations.
Perhaps, that's why
I never have money in my pocket.
Go. You'II remember what
a maGnanimous man you had met!
AJay Ieft aII of you... but where?
To heII! He made our Iives
aIso worse than heII!
- He has handicapped our band.
- But what happened?
TeII me everythinG.
- We didn't Get a Job for...
...many days after cominG here.
We knocked the doors of
every record company and cIub.
One day, we went to the office
of a record company's owner.
- He has come!
- He's the one?
- Sir, we have come from India.
- I'm sorry.
Jane entered our Iives
Iike Good fortune.
Then what? The roads appeared
straiGht and destiny was in front.
AIonG with our dreams,
AJay feII for Jane...
... and fuIfiIIed his dream too.
Both of them wouId be ahead,
and we, behind them.
But none of us
knew that Good Iuck,...
... in the Guise of misfortune,
was steaIthiIy enterinG our Iives.
A misfortune named Maya.
Maya trapped AJay in
her web in such a way...
... that he was even bIind
to innocent Jane's tears.
AJay Ieft in such a way that
he didn't turn back even once.
Whenever we saw Jane after
that day, we saw her cryinG.
Then suddenIy, one day, Jane
teIephoned. She was very scared.
She said that AJay's
Iife was in danGer.
We immediateIy went
to Maya's cIub.
IqbaI, drive faster!
- Hurry to the hospitaI!
- Don't worry, AJay.
Drive faster!
IqbaI, they are foIIowinG us!
Stop the car at the nextJunction.
Jane, take AJay upstairs.
And wait here. We wiII Get
rid of them and come here.
AJay, hide here.
We wiII sureIy return.
Wait for us.
After deceivinG Maya's stooGes,
we returned to Get AJay and Jane.
- Where are they?
- You Go there.
- Dev, they are not here.
- They are not here either.
Perhaps, they have
Gone to the hospitaI.
- Let's Go and see.
- Just a minute. I'II wait here.
- Perhaps, they wiII come here.
- Come on, IqbaI!
And teIephone NikhiI.
Perhaps, he has Gone there.
We searched every hospitaI and
every pIace, but it was of no avaiI.
We went to Maya's house
and tried to find out.
But Madam Maya bIuntIy
refused to meet us.
And when we arGued,
then she had us so badIy beaten...
... by her Guards that we
Iacked the Guts to Go there aGain.
AJay and Jane are
in Maya's cIutches.
Or they wouId have
sureIy contacted us.
Where does Madam Maya stay?
Who is it?
Who is there?
Who is there?
Akshay, you? stay here?
If I don't stay here,
then why have you come here?
Why have I come here?
ObviousIy to meet you!
But it was difficuIt
reachinG here.
The security Guards, the doGs
...why are they here?
They are eIder sister's security.
- Madam Maya is your sister?
- Yes.,
But what was the need to enter Iike
thieves? You shouId have caIIed me.
I was heIpIess.
If I had not met you today,
then I may have kiIIed somebody.
- Where is your sister?
- She has Gone out.
She wiII return Iate.
- Is this your sister's room?
- Yes. Why?
Do you know,
I had brouGht you a Gift?
- My heart.
... in the shape of a Iocket. It's
Iost somewhere here in the dark.
If sister sees it,
then I'II be dead! Let's find it.
Found it?
- Did you find the heart?
- No.
- You Iost it?
- Yes.
Then find it!
- Now what?
- I'II meet your sister.
No! If she sees us toGether,
she wiII misunderstand.
- She won't. I'II eXpIain.
- Go away!
- No!
- Listen to me.
PIease heed me.
Go away from here.
Go away!
Who had come here?
I ask, who had come here?
WeII, he...a friend of mine.
Don't you dare repeat this!
There wiII be none worse than me!
Don't hit me!
I'II sIoG hard and repay you.
How wiII you repay?
You aIready owe a Iot of debts.
Hey, he caIIed your car, names!
How can you be quiet?
Go and teach him a Iesson.
- Beat him.
You raised your hand on my boss?
You wiII beat me? Go ahead.
Somebody is thrashinG one of our men
so badIy, and we Just sit idIe?
Maya Iikes to hear,
not somebody supportinG a Ioser...
... but somebody praisinG a winner.
Manibhai, isn't this man intriGuinG,
in every sense of the word?
You Gesture Iater, and Manibhai
knows your intentions beforehand.
The man wiII be presented
in front of you tomorrow.
So, you were destined
to be mouIded by me.
Our previous meetinG was an accident.
Hope, this meetinG does not
end up beinG a disaster.
Disaster? The favour
you did to me was a disaster.
And to repay every favour
in a Greater maGnitude...
... is Maya's styIe.
To Grant favours, is my habit.
You are very proud of your strenGth.
Not as much as you are,
of your beauty.
It requires Guts
to combat my beauty.
But your Iast desire yet remains.
To tread throuGh desires...
... has become my passion now.
I wiII more than
wiIIinGIy obIiGe you.
But on a condition.
A distance of 20 steps
separates you and me.
You have to cross that.
My Guards wiII put obstacIes
with every step you take.
If you manaGe to reach me, then...
... then destiny
wiII become your sIave.
You are my destiny.
HaiI Goddess Vaishnodevi!
Twenty steps...
One, two, three, four,...
... siX, seven, eiGht, nine,...
... ten, eIeven, tweIve,
thirteen, fourteen,...
... fifteen, sixteen...
... seventeen, eiGhteen,...
... nineteen, twenty.
Madam Maya has reached the airport.
Is everythinG okay?
You have to win the fiGht.
Go and Get ready.
How much money have you
brouGht today to waste?
What's this? A white fIaG?
Has Undertaker
aIready conceded defeat?
You break out into a sweat
Just hearinG Undertaker's name.
Wipe your sweat, KinG Don.
Let it remain with you, Maya.
Once you beGin to shed tears,
then you won't be abIe to stop them.
Today, I stake...
AGain, onIy one hand?
Remove your other hand, too,
sometimes, KinG Don.
After GettinG defeated,
when you beGin shed tears,...
... my other hand wiII coIIect
those pearIs...Maya!
Oh! The aGonisinG desire to win!
AIriGht! I wiII
Grant you another favour.
Either before the fiGht commences,
or in the middIe of the fiGht,...
... or after the fiGht ends,
you may doubIe your stakes...
... whenever you wish, or even...
... trebIe it. I accept it.
Sir, it's an amazinG Game!
How must you
be feeIinG? I'm new...
I don't know anythinG,
but... I Got very scared.
- Scared? Of what?
- Of death.
Hats off to you!
What IoyaIty towards Madam Maya!
Such a Great champion and
... today he is sacrificinG.
You are GoinG to be defeated,
aren't you?
Defeated? Me?
Yes. They were taIkinG...
Madam Maya and KinG Don...
... that you are
GoinG to be defeated today.
- This was this deaI.
- What are you JabberinG?!
- Don't you know?
- What?
- I'II Ieave.
- Wait!
Which deaI?
I must have misunderstood.
I am new; I don't know much.
EIse, wouId Madam Maya barter you?
I must have misunderstood.
I'II Ieave.
Hey, wait! Madam Maya
can do anythinG for money.
TeII me everythinG or
I'II wrinG your neck!
Sir, she was sayinG that...
if you Get defeated...
... then she stands to benefit more
... I couIdn't fathom a thinG.
AmoraI Iady! Now,
I shaII teach her a Iesson!
Now, don't teII me that your
fiGhter has decIined to fiGht.
My fiGhter is so eaGer to fiGht
that I'm doubIinG the bet.
I think, you have come here
today to become bankrupt.
I shaII come to mourn for you Iater.
But for now,
I accept your chaIIenGe.
The Game was danGerous.
But now it has become murderous.
The Game was interestinG;
now, it has become a sensation!
Because for the first time
in the history of the Game,...
... such a huGe amount
is beinG put to stake.
Madam Maya and KinG Don
have Iaid their stakes today.
From where did KinG Don
muster so much couraGe today?
Is it a pIoy?
After this sensationaI news,
I reGret to say that...
...after hearinG
my fiGhter's name,...
... there may be no
fiGht at aII today.
My fiGhter aGainst
Madam Maya is...
I can't understand, that if
Undertaker fiGhts on my behaIf,...
... then wiII Madam Maya,
herseIf, fiGht?
There wiII be no fiGht
at aII toniGht.
What wiII happen, is that
I wiII take Madam Maya's...
... 10 miIIion doIIars
and Ieave from here.
I know, aII of you wiII
be GreatIy disappointed.
But somebody here
wiII cry a Iot today.
And to wipe her tears,
I shaII Give her this handkerchief.
I had toId you,
''Maya, I shaII destroy you!''
I shaII fiGht on
Madam Maya's behaIf.
Don't Get so emotionaI. You don't
know how stronG Undertaker is.
You don't know the
strenGth of my emotions.
HaiI Goddess Vaishnodevi!
You must be wantinG to cry.
Take the kerchief.
You dare to fiGht with me!
Hey you! You chose to
fiGht with the wronG man!
- Come on, Madam!
- Let's Go.
Catch them! Let nobody escape!
Here's the key.
- What's wronG? Let's Go.
- Yes.
- Where did they disappear?
- ShaII we check there?
I think, there's no more danGer.
No. DanGer is in front of you.
DanGer?... you?
What wiII you do?
Take my Iife?
Then take it.
No, Maya.
- NothinG beyond this.
- Why?
You wiII have to
pay a price for it.
- Price?
- Yes.
You Iaid a stake for my strenGth,
named a price and bouGht me.
It was my duty to
safeGuard your body.
I have never disappointed you.
Beyond this... not now.
I want to have aII of you...
state your price.
You wiII have
to bow your head...
... and adorn your forehead
with the vermiIion I appIy.
... and wear a 'manGaIsutra'
of Iove around your neck.
You wiII have to adorn your
hands with the henna of Iove.
MeaninG,... you
want to... marry me?
WiII you be abIe
to pay this price?
If yes... then I am
wiIIinG to be bouGht.
I shaII be waitinG
for your answer.
Akshay, wait!
What's the matter? You are
with me today, yet, appear distant?
I have deIiberateIy kept
this distance between us.
What are you sayinG?
Why keep a distance?
So that you Iearn
to Iive without me.
If I can do anythinG without
ou now... then it is to die.
Nobody dies without anybody.
Easier said than done!
I am GoinG to settIe down.
You aIso settIe down.
The deepest of wounds
don't infIict as much pain...
... as you have
infIicted on me today.
Yet, I shaII pray
that you find true Iove.
And not an infideI Iover
Iike the one I Got.
Priya, I had never
thouGht about marriaGe.
Hands appIied with henna,
vermiIion on the forehead...
I had started despisinG
aII these thinGs.
But... but after meetinG him...
I suddenIy feeI Iike doinG aII this.
What's the matter?
Aren't you happy hearinG this?
The sister whom I had Iost,...
I have found her aGain.
I was very IoneIy
in my fortress, Priya.
I feeI that the waIIs of that
fortress are sIowIy crumbIinG now.
I have eXperienced Iove
onIy recentIy. I'II sIowIy Iearn.
At Ieast, introduce me
to my future brother-in-Iaw.
CertainIy, why not?
But on two conditions.
First, forGive me for
my behaviour the other day.
Second, you wiII introduce me to
your friend who came that niGht.
He is not here. He has
Gone somewhere far away.
Gone far away?
How must you be spendinG
your time without him!
I cannot spend
even a moment without him.
StranGe is this thinG
caIIed Iove, isn't it?
- Did you brinG Priya?
- Yes. She is standinG opposite.
Come, my Iove. Let me
introduce you to my other Iove.
Leave me! Who are you?
Hey! They say that a wife's sister
s as Good as a wife!
- Brother-in-Iaw?
- Yes.
Hey, how did you
recoGnise Priya?
How couId I not recoGnise
the one who cherishes me?
Priya, and cherish you?
I cherish Maya.
And Priya cherishes you.
Wow! You spoke Just Iike
the fiIm star DiIip Kumar.
Now, remove this mask and
show me your face... RiGht?
I have many facets, Priya.
What's the Guarantee that
the face behind the mask is Genuine?
I couId be John.
I couId be Jani...
I couId be Janardhan too.
Are you Amitabh Bachchan
by any chance?
No. Neither is he
DiIip Kumar.
Nor is he Amitabh Bachchan...
Then who is he?
- He is...
- A maGician...
... who can Iook at
your face and say,...
... that your heart
is beatinG very fast.
And that you are rememberinG your
Iover after seeinG Maya's Iover.
- Am I riGht, Priya?
- Sister!
- I didn't teII him a thinG.
- Who are you?
- Maya's Iove.
- Damn! This is too much!
TeII him. Let me aIso see the man
who has stoIen my sister's heart...
... and who knows how I feeI.
- CertainIy not.
- Show me!
You wanted to meet him.
I have done the needfuI.
Now you handIe the rest.
- I'II remove this...
- Listen, Priya.
Never try to remove this mask.
Instead, wear a mask.
Because you wiII never be abIe
to bear the pain seeinG my face.
And if your sister
Iearns of your pain...
... then aII her happiness
wiII be compIeteIy destroyed.
My suspicion was not inaccurate.
I checked your room.
Do you know what I found?
AJay is your brother, riGht?
Yes. AJay is my brother.
Why did you unnecessariIy
take so much of troubIe?
You shouId have asked me.
I wouId have toId you everythinG.
Madam Maya wiII tackIe you now.
Just the way she had
tackIed your brother.
- What have you done to him?
- He is a traitor.
He had stoIen secret tapes
from Madam Maya's cIub.
And he wanted to be an
informer to the poIice.
Hide here.
Come onIy when I caII.
Where had you Gone?
Look, Iet me Go out of your
worId without any hindrances.
I promise you, neither you
wiII suffer, nor wiII I.
Do you know, I have been
indicted of 18 murders?
What a Great burden we have
pIaced on your shouIders!
Poor boy! What ache
he must be endurinG!
And that too, beinG scared
when you are here?
- Look, Maya...
- Now you Iook...
... how we drive away
aII your troubIes.
You have seen Undertaker,
haven't you?
He feeIs no pain even if he is
infIicted with the deepest wounds.
It's the wonder of Dan. He can
feeI the puIse of everyone.
Undertaker is aIive
but he feeIs no pain.
Dan, now Undertaker and you...
... drive away aII the pain
that our AJay feeIs!
Did you hear death beckoninG?
Don't be afraid.
You wiII die onIy when...
... Maya wishes so.
I beat him with
these very hands.
Listen. You wiII hear
his screams.
Now teII me,
where is my brother?
Madam is cominG.
Ask her.
And I shaII teII her
your true identity.
That is, if you are
aIive to teII her.
What are you doinG?
He was doubIe-crossinG my Maya!
He soId Undertaker
to KinG Don.
And today, he was GoinG to
seII me aIso to KinG Don!
The amount he mentioned
wouId faIter anyone's inteGrity.
Maya, you have nurtured
a traitor... a traitor!
Treason? With Maya?
Traitor! You have cheated Maya!
I can endure anythinG.
But I can never endure deceit!
Today, Maya has reaIised...
... that she was
absoIuteIy incompIete.
I was not abIe to handIe
such a biG empire, Akshay.
I have become compIete
after you have come.
Maya has infIicted many wounds
on my brother's body...
.. at the mercy of
Dan and Undertaker.
Jane saves AJay from
Maya's cIutches.
You reach there and
hide both of them somewhere.
When you return, both of them
have disappeared.
Then, where have they Gone?
Maya entered at the wronG time
or I wouId have extracted...
... everythinG from
that swine Dan!
Why don't you catch Maya's coIIar
and extract the truth?
No. Any attack on Maya by me...
... couId prove
detrimentaI for AJay.
Maya is compIeteIy wrapped
in the web of my Iove.
Now, I shaII use this Iove
and find a way to reach AJay.
Priya, don't wait for mev
for dinner. I'm GoinG...
- I'II be back in a Jiffy.
- Hey, where are you GoinG, Akshay?
I'II take Just
a coupIe of minutes.
Come, Iove.
If you are the one responsibIe
for havinG Akshay kidnapped,...
... then Go to the market
and buy a bowI,...
... for, Maya wiII
make you a beGGar.
By doubtinG me, you have,
anyway, made me a beGGar.
Before makinG such a Great
accusation, you shouId have...
I thouGht about it!
I thouGht a Iot!!
Hitherto, no sensibIe man
dared to cross my path!
Is it sheer coincidence that
I toId you yesterday...
... that Akshay with not fiGht,
and today, he Gets kidnapped?!
You shouId have
aIso thouGht about it!
Maya, your Iover
is in our captivity.
And we have no desire to
see him Iive for many days.
Of course, if you do,
then hand over AJay to us.
- AJay?
- Yes. AJay!
Give and take.
We know that you have hidden
AJay in the tunneI of your fortress.
Maya, we do not Iove
your sweetheart.
If you cannot reIease AJay...
... then we too, cannot
Iook after your Iover for IonG.
Think, Maya. The decision is
in your hands. We'II caII aGain.
AJay is not with me,
KinG Don.
What! AJay is not with you?
I hope AJay has not had
your Iover kidnapped...
... to render you heIpIess.
When the commissioner hears
that AJay is not with you,...
... he wiII start
trembIinG with fear.
- Commissioner?
- His pawn?
I wiII have my men aIso search
every nook and corner of the city.
If I Iay my hands on them...
... then I shaII destroy you, Maya!
Before harminG Akshay,
crush your desire to Iive!
Because, eXpIosives within me...
... I yet possess.
Come here. Why are you
hittinG Iike chiIdren?
Hey, we Get hurt hittinG you!
It has no effect on you.
Hey, IqbaI! Put the car
in the crusher. Hurry!
NothinG wiII happen if you are
GoinG to feeI bad. Understand?
You are kidnappers.
You have kidnapped me.
Maya shouId be abIe to see
my wounds. She isn't a fooI.
A fooI, she has become...
in your Iove.
She wiII reaIise the effect of
my Iove onIy after the sun sets.
Sister! I heard that
someone has kidnapped Akshay.
Do you doubt anybody?
I don't doubt...
I am sure.
- Who?
- My misfortune.
Whenever fate sees me smiIinG,...
... it Gets JeaIous.
Fate can bestow everythinG
on Maya... everythinG!
What it cannot bestow,
is Iove...
... that wiII come and
reside in my heart for a whiIe.
Damn! If I had Got
a IittIe happiness,...
... then how wouId
anyone be harmed?
It has happened every time!
Every time!!
I scratch circumstances with
my naiIs and acquire happiness!
If I commit a crime of
smiIinG Just once,...
... then I have to bear
the punishment of tears!
Sister, don't be disheartened.
God wiII sureIy...
God? The sorrow that was
in His hands,...
... He has aIready
bestowed on me.
Now, Iet him aIso watch
how I acquire my happiness.
AJay's friends
are insensibIe and naive...
... who have kidnapped Akshay...
... and seaIed their
fate with damnation!
If I see a sinGIe wound
on my Akshay...
... I shaII sIice them
into as many pieces...
... as the minutes that they
have separated my Akshay from me.
I think, there is
a misunderstandinG.
Why shouId AJay's friends
kidnap Akshay?
Have the brothers
become foes?
Akshay's brother?
ImpIyinG, Akshay's Iove
for me is a deceit?
Oh yes! Both of them
are brothers.
Priya, you knew Akshay before,
didn't you?
- You had met him before, riGht?
- WeII...
And that niGht here, your friend...
it was Akshay, wasn't it?
He was in my fIiGht. He had
come to attend AJay's marriaGe.
Yes. He had come
for the marriaGe.
You hadn't met him at the party
for the first time, riGht?
AII the misunderstandinGs
have been cIeared.
Oh Priya, you do not know.
You do not know what a Great burden
you've reIieved off my mind today.
I had considered peopIe
my own as my enemies.
And my enemies
as my friends.
What have you decided?
Who is more important for you?
AJay or Akshay?
Today, for Maya, she herseIf,
is not as important as Akshay.
Return him to me. I shaII
hand over AJay to you.
Fine. Tomorrow morninG at
Goddess Vaishnodevi's tempIe.
And Iisten! Don't act
too smart, or...
Or you wiII kiII Akshay, riGht?
And how can I accept Akshay
GettinG kiIIed by your hands?
Now, this deaI is more important
to me than it is to you.
I'II brinG AJay there.
You brinG Akshay.
You wiII have a reunion with AJay
in the tempIe tomorrow morninG.
Did you find out about IqbaI,
Dev or anyone eIse?
No. Neither were they at home
nor at the cIub.
I hope Maya...
Brother Akshay!... With Maya?
What do we do now?
As IonG as I have the evidences,
Maya cannot harm brother.
I shaII barGain for brother's
reIease from Maya...
... in eXchanGe for
those evidences.
Spread the news in the city
that Maya is GoinG to orGanise...
... a reIiGious rituaI at
Vaishnodevi's tempIe tomorrow.
Maya's deadIy Guards won't be abIe
to harm us in a thronG of devotees.
- Go. HaiI Goddess Vaishnodevi!
- HaiI Goddess Vaishnodevi!
Yes. My name is AJay MaIhotra.
I want to meet Maya.
- BrinG him here immediateIy.
- RiGht, Madam... Come on!
Hey, what's happeninG?
Who are you?
Ask no questions!
Let's Get away!
I'II teII you everythinG.
Akshay's Iife is in danGer.
Let me take you to him. Hurry!
Run, AJay! Run!
What's wronG? SuddenIy everyone,
my own, is runninG far away?
Anyway, I wiII tackIe
my own peopIe Iater.
Where are the evidences?
I wiII Give them to you. But
first, Give my brother back to me.
No! Akshay is not
in her captivity!
What do I do
with my sister now?
Here is a man who is GoinG to
sacrifice himseIf for his brother.
And you! You are betrayinG
your sister! Your own sister!!
And you thouGht you wiII not
be punished for this, huh?
You thouGht wronG.
HaiI Goddess Vaishnodevi!
- Brother!
- I'm okay... it has Grazed me.
- Arrest them!
The cops have arrived
and saved my Iife!
We've had enouGh of fun
and Games, Madam Maya!
- Where is the evidence?
- It's with Jane.
CaII her and ask her
to reach the court.
I'II take these crowd
to the court.
Jane? Reach the court with the
evidence. I'II meet you there.
For you, Maya...
... I couId even
Iay down my Iife!
Now where has this
deviI sprunG from?!
You must have reaIised,
Maya darIinG,... badIy you need me.
Those your own have reaIIy
driven you to misery!
I wish you couId once
Give me a chance.
Your Iife wiII be made!
ShouId we unite...
we can ruIe the worId
The throne comes Iater, KinG John.
Jane has Ieft for the courts
with aII the evidence.
We have to stop her.
This is the Commissioner here.
Jane is headed for the court
with aII the evidence.
Now Iisten to my pIan.
Make an annoucement...
that a Iady with a bomb
in a siIver case... headed for the courts.
SimpIy issue a
''shoot-at-siGht'' orders...
Once you Get the evidence,
hand it over to me.
Officers! ShouId you spot a GirI with
a siIver-boX, Just shoot her!
The boX contains a bomb!
You must now fuIfiII my wish.
What is it?
Thanks to poIice raid the other day,
their fiGht couIdn't be compIeted.
We have both the
fiGhters here today!
WeII, Maya? Do you approve
of this fiGht?
I approve of it.
But I have a condition.
Before the Ioser dies, I wiII
have the Iast Go at him.
Because, as far as I am concerned,
both of them are betrayers!
I am no betrayer! In fact, you are
the one who has betrayed me!
You wanted me to Iose when
I fouGht him Iast time.
It wasn't you, Maya! I was the one
who had cheated him.
Had I known that this chap
had beaten up my brother...
...I'd have kiIIed him the day
I kiIIed his friend, Dan.
Was Dan's death a betrayaI?
Maya... haiI the Goddess.
Repeat after me now, Akshay...
HaiI Maya!
HaiI the Goddess!
Brother! Get up...!
HaiI the Goddess!
Get up, brother! Rise!
Brother! Stand up!
Get up, brother!
Stand up, Akshay!
Finish them both!
HaiI the Goddess!
HaiI the Goddess!
HaiI the Goddess!
HaiI the Goddess!
HaiI the Goddess!
What wiII the Goddess do?
So Maya has escaped!
GIory to the Goddess!
Let's Go!
- No!
- Out of my way!
Hand that over to me, Jenny...
...and save AJay from my wrath.
Go somepIace far away from me
and settIe down in Iife.
Freedom shaII be my weddinG Gift
for the two of you.
Give that to me.
HoId it, Jenny! Wait, Maya...!
Don't you dare harm Jane, Maya!
Why are you bent on makinG
everyone your enemy, sister?
Because that is what I Got
from everyone...
...enemity and betrayaI!
What I did was not betrayaI.
In fact, I waGed a war aGainst you... save my brother
from your cIutches.
In eXactIy the same manner in which
you waGed a war aGainst the worId... that I may have
a better Iife!
Where is that sister of mine,
who even set her Iife afire... I'd have IiGht in my Iife.
herseIf in the cesspooI of crime...
...but who did not Iet her kid sister
forGet her vaIues and cuIture!
I couId Ieave aII of them
for your sake, sister.
I couId even forGet
Akshay forever!
What have you done to yourseIf?!
I have awakened the souI that had
succumbed to crime and power.
In the process of teachinG you
the vaIues of humanity...
..I forGot some cruciaI
Iessons myseIf.
I'm GIad you have
reminded me of them.
- Sister...!
SiIIy GirI... you mustn't cry.
You shouIdn't be cryinG, dear.
I'm not GoinG away anywhere.
You foIks can't be
rid of me as yet.
I shaII come aGain...
to be a part of your Iife.
When I'm born aGain.
I wiII be born as
a dauGhter to you.
My sister!