Khon len khong (2004) Movie Script

Nan! Mom!
What's wrong, Mom?
Hello, Danai do you know...
Get out of the house now!
Your sister-in-law
is the one!
Bon, don't die on me!
Art of the Devil
What have we done to you?
Why are you doing this?
Sign this paper.
Answer my question first!
Actually... is not about you.
Honestly, I even like you.
Don't think about it.
Better luck next time.
At first I just met
your Dad and his friends.
He really likes you.
C'mon, take the job and call him.
What is the number?
Hold on.
Okay, tell me
I dare you to take off
your clothes and dance.
Are you sure you are pregnant?
I suspect it because my
period is 2 months late.
How do you know it's mine?
How can you say that?
I have only been with you.
If there is a baby,
you must do something.
Get this straight!
I won't be cheated!
Tell me frankly.
How much do you want?
One million baht.
I thought your dad would let me go.
There is no need to cry over this.
Did I say I would leave you?
Silly girl.
Who are they?
For one million baht,
you have to be shared.
Let me go!
Catch her!
Let me go!
Catch her!
And you think he will adopt the baby?
He gave a lot of money.
Why don't you get an abortion?
I want to keep it.
Blow the candle.
You've got to pay more
than one million baht.
Who is this lady?
Go ahead Dad.
I'll take care of it here.
Let's talk outside!
Stay away from my family!
Get this straight!
You won't get
another dime from me.
You bastard!
Six months later
A tragic accident occurred this evening.
Thawee Thepsoontorn, a property
broker, jumped off a bridge.
Police have not
determined cause of death.
Murder by witchcraft
Come on, let's have fun upstairs.
Can we go in your room?
Who's there?
The whole family of a famous
architect was murdered last night.
Shots were reported at
midnight at Siwahiran's house.
Police found the bodies
of a man and three females.
Is he in?
He's upstairs.
A child, aged 10, and
another unidentified woman.
Police identifies the man
as the second son, Amnat.
He had been drinking.
He shot his girl friend,
his sister and then himself.
His mother was found
dead of a heart attack.
Later Cha-am police found the architect,
Pratan, also dead in his beach house.
There were cuts around his head.
Nails were also found near his body.
Donate some coffins to the temple,
equal to the number of deaths.
Then the spirits won't bother you.
When are you expecting?
Just want to welcome the
healthy baby, that's all!
The court today awarded all Pratan's
assets to Kamala, his ex-wife.
After the tragic death
of the whole family...
...the estate has been
unclaimed for months.
The estate has been awarded to Kamala,
the ex common law wife of Pratan.
Let me clarify this.
My children are entitled
to the inheritance.
You know what I think.
Life sucks!
It's different for you.
You and your mom hit the jackpot?
Why you?
Because you are related
to that son of a bitch?
But I am his child.
Who are you?
Who am I?
I am the one your father
took for a ride, bitch!
You must have led him on.
Shut up!
You must have led him on.
Do you still think you are lucky?
I move into the mansion
tomorrow morning.
Okay guys, let's drink
to the nouveau riche!
How are you?
Brother Ruj!
Sorry, I am not a good drinker.
Don't run, Bon!
Take it upstairs.
Be careful it's fragile.
Please place this one next to the lamp.
Nan, tell them where
to place your things.
Can you manage?
Why did you drink so much?
Can I call you again?
What a smile.
Was it your girlfriend?
You will meet her when it is time.
I won't disappoint you.
Gotcha drunkard!
One body in this room, it was his wife.
Three more were out there.
It was real spooky.
I still get Goosebumps.
How was it?
Do you like the house?
It is good, Mom.
It is much bigger than expected.
You deserve this.
Your father should have provided
I couldn't myself.
This belongs to all of us, Mom.
Remember telling me about
seeing ghosts in your house?
Do you still see them?
I don't know.
I was tipsy at the time.
You look pale.
What happened?
Maybe I got bewitched.
Don't joke like that!
You should make merit at
the temple to bring luck.
What for?
C'mon, we can go this evening.
I've already made
appointment with the master.
You just want someone to go with you.
But no thanks.
I'm probably imagining things.
What's with her!
One mistake after another!
Is Nan here?
She is not in yet.
Tell her to see me when she gets in.
ASAP, got it?
Come on out.
Are you going to see your master now?
I think I'm really unlucky.
Let's go.
Did you bring pictures?
Yes, I did.
Come in.
Nanthakan has left this world.
She is being reborn.
May she have a good birth
and be rid of bad karma.
Who is that?
Damn, he will be unlucky!
Are you watching the news?
It is the freak that ate our offering.
Did he get the curse in my place?
One shouldn't disrespect these things!
It suddenly happens, see?
You're not coming, are you?
I didn't know Ruj was coming.
Please tell him that it
will be my treat next time.
Tell him to ask Boom for
my Sports Club card too.
Bye for now.
He's terrible.
I've asked him many times
not to work in that place.
It is full of drunks.
Mom, it's good that he has a job.
Ajob is a job.
So what if the men drink a little.
Unlike some people that can't hold it.
Okay, you souse.
Serves him right to miss this nice meal!
Ruj has a girlfriend. I think
we're going to hear good news soon.
Neng and I are grown up.
Everything's going good.
We will take care of you.
Don't make a face.
It is not good for you.
He said not to forget
his membership card.
Please ask Boom for it.
Yes, Mom.
You can stop playing.
What's going on?
I told him that I want to propose
to a beautiful woman out here.
It doesn't sound very romantic
but I do hope she wouldn't refuse.
Boom, will you marry me?
What's wrong?
When are you going to deliver the
Didn't you get my email?
Yeah! I got it.
But it's different from
what I told you to write.
There is evidence on friends of Pratan.
Believe me they were killed by the
same black magic as Pratan's family.
Black magic! Rubbish!
You've been a year on this story!
Don't you write anything else?
What's with you?
Do you want a prize?
I'd like to make reservation
for a wedding reception.
Please hold I will connect you.
May I help you?
Please hold, there's a call waiting.
What about the design?
Everything's okay.
We are here for the samples...
...and we will show them
to you at the office, okay?
Okay, come back quick!
Would you like to confirm your
reservation? What is your name?
His name is Ruj Siwahiran,
reserved for the 20th of this month.
It is confirmed on the 20th.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
Pardon me...
Are you okay
Clumsy bugger!
Don't you have something to do?
Go check on the groom.
Then we had better check on the girls.
Have you seen my friend?
What is it, Neng?
Let's look inside.
It is the first time I
have made a bridal gown.
That is why it doesn't quite fit.
Good that you look good in anything.
Saves me some work.
Don't you think so?
Can't you wait till after the wedding?
Don't get her knocked
up before the wedding.
Are you nuts? It was just a kiss.
You never know. I am off.
Are you frightened?
Of course, you are.
But don't you want to
hear about the others?
Enough! I said that's enough!
Not yet.
You want to hear about them, don't
Where were we?
Oh yes, the next body.
So you didn't send that
email on black magic, right?
No, it must have been a ghost mail.
It doesn't hurt to believe in this.
The more you know the better.
How is it now? Do you feel strange?
What are you girls up to?
What's wrong? You look strange.
Nothing, I've been in the sun too long.
Don't be concerned.
Not just his face, his ears too.
Maybe he's under a spell.
What spell?
Woon's spell!
Don't underestimate them.
We're joking. Why so uptight?
Yeah, she's so tight in that.
We received a black magic email.
One warns about answering
to your name called out.
If you answer the spell will get you.
That's crazy!
How can you not respond when called?
People will call you a snob.
It's won'th a try.
How about a bet?
How's that?
Go through a whole day
without answering to anyone.
I dare you.
It's a bet.
Just don't loose it.
Let's go over there.
He is dead serious.
He doesn't even answer his brother.
What's with him?
My brother is getting weird.
I'll just check my office then
I'll meet you in the lobby, okay?
You can't scare me.
Where have you been?
I was drawing pictures
with my new friend.
Let me see, who's this?
What's wrong?
Neng! Neng!
How are you son?
What did the doctor say?
An ulcer.
It was really painful.
As if someone was twisting it
Told you!
Irregular meals without rest.
You asked for an ulcer.
But an ulcer shouldn't
have caused this much pain.
I had one once but I was
okay after some medication.
What do you want to eat tomorrow?
Why? Will you get it if I tell you?
Much obliged!
No, just asking.
In case an offering is
needed after your death.
Stop kidding! You are not kids anymore.
Stay with your brother tonight.
I'll come back in the morning.
I am going now.
I'll take you home, Mom.
Bye Mom.
Get well soon.
Bye Ruj and Boom
Excuse me.
It is normal.
Eyes are popping out.
I'll tell Woon.
C'mon Sis, I'm not feeling well.
Sis, believe it or not, I
have seen weird things too.
Like what?
Get some sleep.
I will go tell them.
She is still shocked by his death.
She claims he was smothered by eels.
But his body showed nothing unusual.
Give her time to adjust
and she will get better.
Three months later.
Three months later.
I am Danai, a reporter.
Here's my card.
Can I talk to you, in private,
about your brother's death?
Let's go.
Your brother didn't die a natural death.
He was cursed.
You are all in danger.
Someone wants to harm you.
It might be hard to believe, but...
But if something happens let me know.
Maybe I can help.
How is my house?
Is it a pool? No, it is not.
Who would want to swim in this?
These deaths are very
strange and mysterious.
How is my father's death
related to my brother's death?
Black magic is involved.
Spells were cast upon your brother too.
I told my editor but he
calls it all nonsense.
Have you ever heard of cowhide
or nails found inside people?
The world is a struggle between good
and evil, between life and death.
We have good knowledge, and
too, have evil knowledge.
These two opposing
forces are all around us.
Some of us are lucky, some aren't.
I once had a bad pain inside.
X-rays showed a cleaver in my stomach.
But nothing was found
when they operated.
This is hard to understand.
Your family is facing
the same enemy as Pratan.
What has that to do with us?
It has to do with your father's estate.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
How do you feel?
I won't let you die easily.
You shouldn't have made problems.
Ruj loved you.
I want to do the same.
Do you have asthma attacks often?
Ever since I was young.
I'm used to it.
Explain about magic potions?
Magic potions are
poisons placed in food.
The poisons act the next
time the same food is eaten.
I want to know if you ever loved anyone.
Did you love my brother at all?
He was my only love.
Love? How can you say that?
You chose him as a
victim from beginning!
Darling, I'm packed.
Would you like me to pack for you too?
I will pack myself.
Since Neng died, Mom has got worse.
I am so happy that we're
moving back in with her.
What are you doing?
Ruj, I'm sorry.
I was afraid that you wouldn't love me.
I don't want to be alone.
I didn't mean to.
I was afraid that you wouldn't love me.
The dolls ensure that we love
each other until the day we die.
I got them because I love you.
Don't be superstitious!
Dolls or not, I still love you.
Don't think about it.
Who sold them to you?
Dolls are used to pacify crying babies.
Let's throw them away!
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
I will get you some tissue paper.
What's that?
You know I don't drink.
Just a little bit.
We don't want people to say
that my man is not macho.
You've been acting strange lately.
Is everything okay?
You can drink only one glass,
otherwise our baby will get drunk.
I just want to please you.
I will hold you all night.
Did you hear that, Baby?
Mommy is going to hold me all night.
Don't you want to come
with me, Sweetheart?
You know all my friends.
No, I don't feel well.
Go and enjoy yourself.
See you then.
You lied!
You told me that you loved
him and you sent him to die.
I've warned you not to talk like that.
You don't know shit.
I didn't want to do it at all.
Are you drinking water?
How can you drink a toast with water?
Have a real drink!
You know that I don't drink.
Do it for your friends?
Are you my real friend?
What do you want?
Let the game decide, okay?
One of the glasses has alcohol.
If you're lucky, you pick water.
But if not, then you will have
to drink with us all night.
You guys are really something.
If you don't pick one, I will.
I choose this one.
What the?
Don't leave me.
It was like this when I saw them.
I dare not remove them.
What's going on?
Who'll be next?
Me, Mom, or Bon?
I'm not afraid! Whoever it is.
I'm not scared of anything.
I dare them to face me!
I can't take it anymore.
I can't take it anymore!
Take it easy, Nan.
It's okay.
Take it easy.
You must have felt
sad but you know what?
I felt nothing because
I didn't start all this.
If you need to blame
someone, blame your father.
How could you do all those things?
What is your heart made of?
How could you kill
someone that you loved?
Stop talking about your brother!
I'm telling you to stop! Shut up!
It hurts, doesn't it?
But it's nothing compared to my hurt.
I didn't want him to die.
I just wanted him all to myself.
He was going to be the end of
his line and I am his lawful wife.
He shouldn't have suspected me.
I had no choice but to kill all of you.
Go to bed, Mom.
I have to go now, okay?
Don't stay up late.
Draw like this.
Color this way.
Not that, it's not right.
Sister, would you like to paint with me?
What's wrong, Nan?
Who were you playing with?
My friend. She teaches me how to draw.
Here's Mom, Nan, Bon,
and this is my friend.
I will kill you.
You must die.
What's wrong Mom?
Mom! Stop it!
Go get a rope, Nan quick!
Don't hurt me!
Hurry up, Nan!
What's wrong?
There's a spirit following you.
But don't worry she only wants to play.
Where's she now, your holiness?
She's right behind you.
What do you think about
your sister-in-law?
How does she feel about your family?
She gets along well with
all of us, especially Mom.
Mom likes her even more
now that Ruj is gone.
It could be that she's carrying
his baby, but why do you ask?
Nothing. Just making conversation.
After the death of the
first and second sons...
...Kamala started to act strange.
I may be wrong in suspecting that
someone close... the family is behind this.
Do him. He is interfering.
Name of patient: Not found
Mrs. Jittima Siwahiran:
Patient's name not found.
General hospital, good afternoon.
Hello, I'd like to know when my wife's
next appointment with the doctor is.
Her name is Jittima Siwahiran.
May we have your number?
I'll call you back.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Come here.
What are you doing here?
Why are you crying?
I don't want to play with her anymore.
Who don't you want to play with?
She said that we would all die.
I don't want to play with her.
I'm here.
You don't need to be afraid. I won't
let anything happen to any of us.
No one will die.
I'm calling from the hospital.
It turns out that there's no
Jittima under our prenatal care.
She was here only for
an annual check up.
Are you sure?
Definitely! Her check up shows
that she can't have a baby.
Hello. Are you there? Hello!
I'm afraid I have bad news.
Frankly, your baby might not be normal.
The ultrasonic shows...
...that it is deformed.
You must be prepared for this.
Death Certificate
Sister, come and play with me.
Sister, come and play with me.
What do you want?
What do you want from me?
What do you want?
I don't care who you are!
I'm not afraid of you!
I want you out of here right now!
I am in pain! Please help me!
Get out of the house now!
Your sister-in-law
is the one!
Bon, don't die on me!
This has gone on too long.
Do as I said if you don't
want to end up like her.
Don't try to fool me. Stop!
I said stop!
H-Help me!
Who can help you? The reporter?
He must be dead by now.
But you, you can't die yet.
You must sign the paper first.
Sign it!
Do you want to save your
mom and your brother?
Sign it!
Believe me.
Sign it.
How are you?
Danai, help my mom!
That reporter is not dead.
You know what to do, don't you?
Everything is normal
except the abdominal cavity.
It's a big piece of animal hide
The child could have swallowed it.
The surprising thing
is, it is getting bigger.
Bon, where are you?
Mom, this is me.
Mom, this is me! Wake up!
Mom, this is me.
Wake up! Mom!
No, Mom!
You stop!
You're hard to kill.
Let's see if you can survive this time.
Just my brother and I are left.
Please spare us.
I will give you anything you want.
Please let us go.
When you are dead,
everything will be mine.
I am the wife of Ruj.
The estate will be mine.
No way! It won't.
Everyone will know
that you're the killer.
Not true!
What I've done will not be in vain.
My baby and I will inherit the estate.
The estate should have
been mine, not yours.
You created all these problems.
Shut up!
Shut up! Bitch!
Nan, help me!
Bon, don't go!
Bon come back here.
Bon! Come back.
Turn around Bon!
Stay still. Come back.
Turn around, Bon!
Come back. Do you hear?
Danai once told me that he
used this information... a story called "Art of the Devil".
He recorded it on this tape.
He was accused of being superstitious
but I confirm that this is a true story.
I never believed it was possible
until it happened to my family...
...and Danai.