Khoya Khoya Chand (2007) Movie Script

- Mr. Pappu. . ?
This is Zakhia Sheikh. He said
that a new film is being made.
And there might be a role
for my daughter Nikhat in it.
''My heart swings, my body sways. ''
''My heart is becoming restless. ''
''Who is playing the flute?''
No! No! What are you doing?''
''My heart swings, my body sways. ''
''My heart is becoming restless. ''
You are useless.
''Who is playing the flute?''
''My heart swings, my body sways. ''
''My heart is becoming restless. ''
''Who is playing the flute?''
''My heart swings, my body sways. ''
''My heart is becoming restless. ''
''Who is playing the flute?''
No. No. Come on. . once more.
The name is Nikhat.
The name is Nikhat.
Greetings, Pleased to meet you.
The name is Nikhat.
Greetings, Prem Sahib.
The name is Nikhat.
So Chaubey, how do
you like the poster?
Khosa, in your eyes Prem
Kumar is still a superstar
Think about Mr. Malkani
also. He has spent money.
This new actor,
Ravinder, has done a great job. .
Give him more
prominence on the poster
Maybe then your film will
have a chance at success
Chaubey, head for the door. .
I don't think we'll be doing
any business even in the future
because this poster is
going to remain the same.
It is showing you the restlessness
of the superstar Prem Kumar.
After a long gap one of
his films is releasing.
Ok. Enough.
How's Ravinder's new film doing?
Doing well. . the storyline was good.
And even Ratanbala is in the film.
Shaukat, even Ravinder is talented.
Thank you, sir. - I did
not notice anything especial.
Now throw it away.
I don't want to hear anything.
- Listen Mr. Pappu. .
Oh Ratan !
What's the matter Ratanbala?
This is not done.
There's a limit to insolence!
- This is not done, Bala
It was just phenyl
What's wrong, Mr. Khosa?
What's the matter?
Prem sahib, I'll pack up. We
all are here to make films
No slavery here. Phenyl will
of course stink on clothes
If phenyl is not used, clothes
will be infested with fungus
The new hero Ravinder is on the line
Prem sahib, she is a nice girl
Tell her not to be a fool.
- Attend the phone
Mr. Khosa !
Heard you're spending a lot of
time with Ravinder these days. .
One has to make an effort.
Ravinder's film is a success.
I see. - It's his time
to enjoy the attention. .
Have a word with Ratanbala.
This money is far too less.
Do shower some
attention on me too, Khosa.
When we call for a
limousine then we pay for it.
Your daughter is just ordinary
so you'll get only this much.
Listen, come here.
- Coming boss.
Mr. Pappu, please listen.
At least give us taxi money.
Amazing. . here you're laughing. .
there Khosa's almost
having a heart attack!
So, what do I do? Just
have four songs in this film. .
And you're doing everything else. .
And I'm very grateful. .
This is the last time I am
doing it for you. - I see.
In the next film if
everything revolves around you. .
. . you can find somebody
else to entertain you. .
Calm down. . Ratanbala.
- Let me go.
Losing your cool is not a good idea.
Prem, ready?
1, 2, 3, 4.
''Those eyes. . ''
''A sigh just stops. . ''
''. .on my lips''
''Those eyes downcast. ''
''A sigh just stops on my lips''
''O madman, why do you. . ''
''. .flit about gatherings?''
''You know you will burn. . ''
''. .so why kiss the flame?''
Hands off!
Why are you holding my hand.
I'll let you go
when you have to enter
Am I a dog that you have to keep me
on a leash? Can't you just tell me?
- Sorry
Shyamol. .
- Yes?
who's that girl?
Who sir? That's Ms Ratanbala
The one standing behind
your producer? In a grey sari.
Nikhat. She was a dancer,
now bitten by the acting bug.
- I see
She's done bit roles in a
couple of films. - I see.
''Tomorrow I won't be there. ''
''Those eyes downcast. ''
''A sigh just stops on my lips''
''O madman, why do you
flit about gatherings?''
''You know you will burn
so why kiss the flame?''
5- 1. Premji to serve.
She's been passionate
about acting since childhood
She watches a
movie many times over. .
and at home enacts
the heroine's part
Shut up and let me speak to her
I repeat
You will have to work your
butt off. Are you willing?
- Go over there
Go on
Now come walking towards me
What happened? Come.
You didn't say action
All right. Action
Is Mr. Kumar not
going anywhere today?
The boss has a new catch.
He's not going anywhere.
You are disgusting.
- Maybe, but my heart compels me
Trample such a heart.
- My heart is under your feet
All you have to do is
take the trouble to do it
Hit me.
- Yes. .
What yes? Hit me!
''If our eyes meet, all
hell will break loose. ''
''With desire so strong,
Nothing will hold us back. ''
''So lets take our chances''
''In this life full of sorrow. ''
What are you doing?
Nikhat, until we're not comfortable
with each other, come closer,
how can we work well together?
Really! I feel I'm
falling in love with you
Everything is fine.
1st part. Ok. Sir.
Rolling. . Action !
Even if I burn, do place
your burning desires. .
before him
Look, he's coming
Cut! Cut!
What is happening? !
This is how they met. .
Zafar and Nikhat.
Zafar Ali Naqvi,
my childhood friend,
younger in years,
but much wiser
At 24, he had already published
two novels and several short stories.
He was a rising star in
the world of Urdu literature.
Once, his family was
well known in Lucknow. .
But that's all gone now,
and only the ruins remain
How many illegitimate sons
the father had, we do not know
But in the house there were four
sons from four different wives,
Their only aim in
life was enjoyment.
And when idle fight
like dogs for property.
Bloody witch ! Stay away
from my children. I'm sure,
you'd even poison them.
- Shut up!
Lallan, pack my bags.
I'm going to my mother's
I'll be pleased if you
make kebabs for me, sweetheart
Why must you bear such humiliation?
Why don't you go to
your sister's place?
The place was driving Zafar nuts
It's ok, son.
His father's conduct. .
would hurt his mother everyday.
He couldn't bear it.
But in that devastated house,
another story was writing itself
In the heart of his
father's fourth wife, Tahira. .
a dangerous and dark
desire was surfacing
A desire for Zafar
What're you doing?
Get away from here.
Won't you forgive me now?
Zafar regretted till his dying day,
the fact that he didn't say yes,
but childhood wounds never heal
- Zafar, listen to me
Take me also with you
There are many things
that are just impossible
Even if you want to do
something you can't do anything.
After his father's death,
Zafar sent his mother away. .
. .to her sister in London and came
over to Bombay. . to live with me
He used to work in a
press during the day. .
And at nights, while
we'd visit whorehouses. .
. .and drink ourselves to death. .
. . he'd sit and write his novels
At number 10 is the
song for people who. .
. .are starting their new journey.
Tell your friend to lay off!
Why does he waste my time?
I thought he was here to enjoy,
but he wants to discuss politics!
Zafar, what are you doing?
And sometimes when I
was otherwise occupied. .
. .on the sly he
would read the scripts. .
. .of the films in which I
was an assistant director
I am not boasting. .
but I can write far better than that
Moron ! What have I been
telling you for the last six months?
Why don't you write? Write
I'll talk to Prem Kumar if
you wish? What do you say?
''Come to me, my love''
''Come to me, my love''
''I beg of you''
''I beg of you''
''I'm the flame of the lamp. . ''
''Burning eternally with desire. ''
Every actress is not Ratanbala.
''Burning eternally with desire. ''
You'll fall flat on your face.
And right into your arms.
I have an intuition, this
film is going to be a smash hit
Really? Do you know that man?
A star of silent movies,
hero of every second movie
But why are you talking about
him when he can't talk himself!
Know why?
Because he didn't
see his failure coming
But I do, Mr. Khosa
I see my career going nowhere
And you guys don't give a damn !
- What are you saying?
Panditji, let me speak
I do care. .
- My foot!
Of course, I care. My
money is riding on this film
Then before you lose more
money, stop the production
That's not possible
Sir, he's my friend Zafar
- Greetings.
Shyamol told me about you. I
believe you read my script?
Please wait a while we are
discussing something important
Listen to me and change the script.
Times are changing. The audience. .
You must've asked me to sit,
I probably didn't hear
So I guess I'll sit down.
- Please take a seat
So have you read
the script in detail?
Tell me what you think of it
Speak up, don't be afraid
I'm not afraid. Where I come
from we call it being polite
People lose their politeness
pretty quickly in this place
Meanwhile, cut the crap,
and let's get to the point
From what I read, I feel the
plot is stolen from Devdas
There you are.
- Change something.
In this age you are
showing Chandramukhi. .
Why is the heroine
constantly moaning?
At least in one scene
she should tell Devdas,
Dev Babu, you know why you
hate your father so much?
Because when you look
inside yourself, you find him. .
You are as much selfish.
Mr. Khosa, cancel the
shoot for a couple of days
Don't worry, I'll pay
the bills. Shyamol. .
. .get your friend over tomorrow
''Oh beloved ! Oh beloved. . ''
I am used to solitude
Just look out of the window. .
the chaos on the street. .
. .the cries of the coachmen,
the tea-vendor. .
. . here everyday is a festival,
The banter of boys, beggars
pleading in the name of Allah,
the rich alms-givers. .
That's what you
call being passionate
That's fine, Khosa sahib
The set is standing
there for so many days.
Should I dismantle it?
- That's your problem.
I'm also a filmmaker,
I also have passion
Why don't you go and
do some other business?
How many things should I look into?
It is only a set. Let it stand.
Don't disturb me
Do not be sad, my love,
whores are used to solitude
Just look out of the window. .
the chaos on the street,
the cries of the coachmen. .
Do you even realise
what you are saying?
Feel the words,
understand the solitude,
I should see what you describe. .
Forget it. I told you,
it requires real hard work
You are not up to it
- What is it?
How are you, Zafar?
- Fine, sir
I don't know if you meant
what you said the other day,
but it sure as hell helped us.
Our story was really stale
You are talented. If you
stick around, you will go places
But as of now, I'm not
sure where this lady is headed
You know the background of
the character she is playing. .
. .explain it to her
Also work on her diction
''O beloved, I am delicate.
Be careful. ''
Now that's a tune worthy of
our greatest music composer!
I told you I'm not
interested in coaching her.
Nikhat, you're still in costume?
He should have waited
for my confirmation.
I've booked a table at Gaylord.
- I've still got some work to do
Where is that slave
driver? Where is he?
I'll find him. And you,
please be quiet
This is Sharda
You must've seen her films.
- Who doesn't know her?
That was long long ago.
I'm this baby's foster mother
So what did you say your name was?
- Zafar. How do you do?
I do it very well. How do you do it?
Stumped him
Back home, we are
formal at first meetings
I could've replied though.
- Wow! I love challenges
Nikhat, please come here.
- I'll be back. - Hurry up
- Thank you
So how do you find our industry?
I don't know why I feel that. .
it's hard to survive
here without a godfather
First you've to find a godfather
and then work to shirk him off.
Though Prem Kumar himself
introduced me to Nikhat. .
I think it's time Nikhat
broke free from his clutches.
Now the entire song
will be picturised on you.
''My love, my beloved. . ''
''I can't sleep anymore''
''While you sit in your palace. . ''
''. . having a party''
''The folds of the sheet
hide my desires for you. . ''
''. . as I writhe and squirm in bed''
''Tormented in separation''
''Tormented in separation''
''Separation. ''
''Separation tears
me apart, my love. ''
Get the camera here
Pakia, pan left
Yes Panditji? - Premji, you
have changed all my scenes
Who's the new jerk
you've asked to write now?
You've completely changed it.
What are you saying? You are
the one who gave it a new twist. .
. .the night before. You forgot?
I must've had one too many, sir.
- Trust my memory, Panditji
Take two.
- Action
I hate my father!
- Hashim sahib, you know. .
why you hate your father so much?
Because, when you look inside,
you find him inside
You are as much selfish.
The only difference is. .
he was proud of his own identity,
Brilliant. Acting with Prem Kumar. .
. .and not
faltering even for a moment
This girl is amazing
She'll make someone
really rich some day
She's a treasure!
He has found a gem.
How did this witch get here, damn !
I told you guys to inform her!
You thought she won't find out?
You gave all her scenes to Nikhat
Prem Kumar is fooling
around with Nikhat. .
. . now this witch will scream at me!
Good morning. How are you?
Nikhat, you go inside.
Quick, some tea for madam
Ten minutes break
That's Zafar. I was going to call. .
This is not done
I said, this is not done!
Kukku, call the ambulance.
- For you?
No for Ratanbala !
She needs treatment.
How are you?
Don't get paranoid.
It's your scene as well.
Just that I felt
unwell in the morning. .
. .so I told them to inform you. .
. .that the shoot has been cancelled
Then I felt better, and told
them not to cancel the shoot
We felt it wasn't quite
right to first tell you that. .
the shoot was
cancelled and then it was not
That's why we thought
we'd do your scenes tomorrow
It's just a trivial matter,
Nikhat, and you are. .
I meant, Ratan
As long as I'm here, your role
will remain exactly as it was
Go away!
Let go
Nikhat! Give me a break, darling
She did the same bloody thing,
when she was on her way up
Now, you don't feel sorry for her
She attempts suicide like the
rest of us visit our grandparents
Granny, I'm here! I can't
be long ! Pop a pill ! Bye!
Khosa, Go and sit with her
Pappu, go get the money!
It's the fifth time
she has attempted suicide
. .always unsuccessful. Does
she take expired pills or what?
Hey Ratan dear. .
Nikhat, we won't be
shooting for some time
Go and rehearse with Zafar. Alright?
Prem sahib! The mad
woman has slit her wrist now!
Please do something.
The world is like a
child's play in front of me. .
. .and I witness this
drama day after day
Don't ask what
condition I am in thanks to you
How many times have I told you. .
if it rains, stay where you are!
Take your clothes off
You should've taken a taxi
Taxi ! As though
we're rolling in money.
Heat some water for me, Sheikh Bi
How do you pronounce
it? Khalisa? Kalisa?
That's your father?
No, that is my father.
Siraj Sheikh. He was a writer.
Let the oceans ahead
continue to lash their waves.
I'm telling you. Once more
he gets on my case. I'll quit.
The earlier man was fine.
This is very tough.
Can't we sit in another
room and shut the door?
You must've realised by
now that I'm not a rapist. .
Don't ask how I am without you.
Hello? Sehar!
How are you, my child?
And how's your brother?
Put him on.
How are you, son? When are
your vacations starting?
Sure. Of course, you
are coming to Bombay
Mummy. Sarfaraz, it's Nikhat.
Salaam. Bless you
Now listen to me
Ammi will come there
and take you to Ahmedabad
Yes, to our aunt's place
Don't argue with me
I'll come over as
soon as I find time
Bye. God be with you.
Nikhat, this guy Michael who keeps
hanging around your house. Who's he?
He's my mother's. . friend.
He was a neighbour. Mother
was alone. They got close.
It's not easy being alone.
Aren't you asking
very personal questions?
Forgive me, but I'm from
Lucknow. A little nosy.
And where do you live?
Where girls are barred.
My aunt.
- No way!
It's you ! Come on in
No. . I'll leave. I don't
want to ruin your evening
You guys are already embarrassed. .
Correction. They are being formal
Please come in. We're
bored of seeing ugly faces here
Now come on.
- Welcome
All right
''My love, come over every Sunday''
''My love, come over every Sunday''
''My love, come over every Sunday''
''I love you'' ''Get lost''
''I love you'' ''Get lost''
Why are you so stuck up?
Your dad was such a swinger. .
He would have disowned you
Sorry. Wrong question
''I'll feed you eggs. ''
''My love, come over every Sunday''
''My love, come over every Sunday''
''My love, come over every Sunday''
Well, when Shyamol
mentioned your father,
why did you get upset?
Is it necessary to puke out
everything that's on your mind?
It could be a touchy issue for me
What if I ask you a
personal question. . ?
What do you want from life?
That it should be better than it was
Your mother called,
she's looking for you
Prem Kumarji had sent a car for you
I told them you are here, so
the car's coming to pick you up
The rehearsals . . I almost forgot
Premji is a very busy
man. Rehearsals at 2 am
How could you. . ?
Who gave you. . ?
Shyamol. . will you see me off?
Where were you?
I've been waiting
for over two hours.
Noni Da, where have you been?
- Here. . and already regretting it
Happy birthday.
- Thank you
This is Khosa's party
Welcome Nonida. - Khosa,
the new hero Ravinder is here
Ravinder, how are you? !
- Greetings!
The role which you were talking
about only Ratanbala can do it.
Yes of course.
- Hello! - It's 12 o'clock.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Prem Kumar
Happy birthday to you
One minute
One minute
One minute One minute
I just have two people in my life
Only two
My son. .
and my friend Prem Kumar
In which case there is no point
in me sticking around, Khosa sahib
You are just a bloody star, Ravinder
But his friend. He's my brother.
I can do anything for him
You know I mean it, Premji.
- I know
Khosa sahib is not drunk
Not tonight
Mr. Raj, where are you going?
Send me your novel, I'll read it
Really, I mean it.
It's very good. Come here.
Have you met Zafar?
He's a very talented boy
You can read Urdu,
right? Read his novel
I will, if you say, Noni Da
But he doesn't seem to be talented
You are a great director, Noni Da.
But not everyone is blessed. .
. .with the same
vision and intelligence
So the two of you know each other?
And are taking a dig at me, eh?
One minute. . one minute
My friends have a request
it's unfair only I
know Prem bhai's big news
Wrong. The news is false.
- Premji, I don't reveal secrets
But I'm a very emotional
guy, not my fault though
Premji's wedding has been fixed !
I know you're very hurt.
This wedding is a compulsion.
What can I do?
But I love only you, Nikhat.
Parents also have some aspirations
But why are you upset?
Nikhat, you are born for greatness,
not to be someone's wife
You'll be doing grave
injustice to your talent
Your exceptional talent
will make you immortal
That's your destiny, not me
May I try?
- Why? You think I can't drive?
Stop the car
What happened?
This was the first producer. .
whose office I was taken to
How could anyone rape. .
. .a 14 year-old girl?
I mean, she is struggling
to free herself from you. .
and you are forcibly. .
Hail Kali, Goddess of Calcutta !
May my aim be true!
''Now that my beloved has
chosen to be indifferent''
''I fear my fate, I admit. ''
''In the darkness that my
life is, help seems faraway. ''
''Please hold my hand,
so much I crave. ''
Who is it? Who is it?
'' Oh, what do I seek? In
quest of an unknown purpose. ''
''Why is my heart restless?''
''Why is my heart so piqued?''
''It chooses its own destinations. ''
''It even bridges distances. ''
''Yet, why does the heart
fear and fret on the way?''
''Oh, what do I seek? In
quest of an unknown purpose. . ''
''. .why is my heart restless?''
''Life is full of questions. ''
''Still more questions emerge. ''
''Please hold my
hand So much I crave. ''
''I wish I could
pluck those dead stars. ''
''Pluck them. . ''
''. .from everywhere. . ''
''Let alone a couple of them. . ''
''. .I'd pluck all of them. ''
''Pluck the stars from here. ''
''Pluck the stars from there. ''
''Why is my heart so moody?''
''My crestfallen heart. ''
''Oh, what do I seek? In
quest of an unknown purpose. . ''
''. .why is my heart restless?''
''It's not easy to make
my heart understand''
''Listen to what my heart says. ''
''It deceives me''
''Not happy with what
life had to offer. ''
''My heart desired more. ''
''Even though pain is
what came its way. ''
''Why does my heart still desire
more pain, why is my heart restless?''
''Oh, what do I seek? In
quest of an unknown purpose. . ''
''. .why is my heart restless?''
''It chooses its own destinations. . ''
''. . it even bridges distances. ''
''Yet, why does the
heart fear and fret. . ''
''. .on the way?''
''Oh, what do I seek? In
quest of an unknown purpose. . ''
''. .why is my heart restless?''
''. .why is my heart restless?''
By your love I swear. .
. .when the noose tugs at
my neck, I shall not wince
To battle then, let us go! Attack!
This film I've
made for the audience.
Yes, give it to me.
The next film may be
based on your novel.
Forgive me for saying this,
but I'm still your second choice
Who in the industry was
never a second choice?
Look, who is here!
Oh ! It's Mr. Prem.
She is not ordinary.
Nikhat's mother is briefing her about
how to greet Prem Kumar's fiance
You are even
prettier than I imagined
Thank you.
She is a brilliant actress.
- Of course.
Excuse me. .
- Please
For the first time I feel,
my daughter has grown up
She's grown up a little too much
Why am I such a crook?
I mean, why do I do all this?
What do you mean?
I'm going to get married
And then there's Nikhat
And sometimes it's just anyone,
even though it maybe once in a
couple of months, but they are there
Is it that I'm a b d? Or. .
is it that everyone is a b d?
Everyone wants to do this?
The only difference could be,
I have the luxury of doing it.
Let's go and work on the script?
Being with you is great
Off to sleep now?
- Well. .
And if you don't then. .
Mother will be waiting
Your mother's gone to sleep
- Goodnight.
I told you I'll come.
So you put your to-be wife
to sleep and came here. .
to your whore?
Nice habit. Strolling
alone in the forest at night.
No answer?
- Shut up
I mean, I understand. .
he doesn't have to marry me,
just because he gave me a break
I'm not stupid enough
to nurture that hope.
I'm fine with his decision.
How is that possible?
But what right does he have. .
to sneak into my room. . ?
As if. . I'm his keep.
Spare me!
Can I say something?
Why are you blaming just him?
You have used him as well
Whatever happened, you
allowed it to happen
I thought you were different
But I was wrong
You are just like him
I allowed all this to happen,
what do you mean?
When in fact, I myself
didn't know what was happening
Look behind there!
Where did she go?
- Nikhat!
Action !
You. . ?
- Let me go!
Father was right,
you are a snake in the grass
You will understand me
someday. Until then. .
Cut it
I'm still the director,
ain't I? Take him away
I thought the scene
was over, so I said cut
See you
Good night, Noni Da
I've had a little too much
Got to wake up at
seven in the morning
- Shall I see you to your room?
No, thanks. Good night.
Good night.
- Good night.
Good night.
You guys should get going now
It's quite late and
you have to wake up early
Let's rehearse the
scene once, Nikhat
Get the hint, lets go. .
Can we finish the drink here. . ?
- Let's take our glasses along
No, it's okay. .
. .take your time
Action !
Hope you've forgiven me.
Come to the cottage next week.
Will wait for you.
Cut! Are you okay Prem?
Turn off the water.
I'm fine. Just get some balm.
Now you'll have to come.
Let's do it once again.
Call Nikhat. The shot is ready.
What was Prem Kumar saying?
Zafar, what are you doing?
What am I doing?
Am I a fool?
Come here.
That night, at the
outdoor shoot, where were you?
Don't I know? Both disappeared.
The entire crew knows. And
even right now on the floor
Haven't you been taught to not
interfere in other people's lives?
This is Prem Kumar
If he discovers you'll
be writing digestive ads. .
. .for the rest of your life.
Get the
Mahabaleshwar cottage cleaned.
Prem, give one rehearsal.
- Ok.
What's wrong with him, Noni Da?
Haven't you told him the good news?
You tell him.
- Why don't you?
So listen to the
good news, Mr. Zafar
Your novel. .
Prem and I discussed it
We'll make the
next movie based on it
If you butter me up,
I'll also let you
write the screenplay
Prem sahib keeps his promises
I can't play this game anymore
I can't take Prem
Kumar's favours and then. .
Either we tell him or we stop this
Why do you feel so obliged?
He needs you as much as you need him
How are you going to tell him?
Please come.
Meet our heroine
Please come.
Is everything alright?
Bengalis are talented, the
film will certainly be a hit
Mr. Kapoor. .
let's go and watch the movie
Smile. Smile at that camera
Okay, enough. We'll see later
Noni Da. . one minute. We hear that. .
you are making your next movie
also with Prem Kumar and Nikhat
Any objections? Tell me
I've got a great
story after a long time
Zafar has written it.
-What's the title?
Qaid. Tell him
Dada, one picture please
Tell us what inspired
you to write the story. .
Come on, see it
That scene which you
had done on that day. .
Noni da, please come and sit down.
It was very good.
Start preparing for the next project
Noni da, all the best.
Your destiny is ruined,
make it if you dare
If you trust yourself, wage a bet
''Each time my heart desired love. . ''
''Pain is what came its way. . ''
I didn't expect you
to betray me, Zafar
You see, sir,
I could either betray
you or betray myself
So I betrayed you
In your company,
can anyone be happy?
Have pancakes.
What happened?
Sorry, I don't want to sound rude. .
. . but I thought you and
I would talk in private
What is Panditji doing here?
We are certainly making the film
I thought we'd choose one of
Panditji's beautiful stories,
And you want that girl
over there to be the heroine?
Dada, she has the
intensity, trust me
You'll have to work on her a
bit . . didn't I discover Nikhat?
She is a gem, I tell you.
I saw her screen test
She's done an amazing job. I
got goose bumps. . even now
In your language you call getting
your dick up getting goose-bumps, eh?
You'd rather not hear
what we call it actually
Jokes apart, she is amazing
Why don't you do a screen test?
Hashim sahib, you know why
you hate your father so much?
Because, when you
look inside yourself,
you are exactly like him. You
are as much a b d as he is
The only difference. .
Where were you all these days?
. . is he was proud of
his own identity. .
And you try to hide behind
his personality. - Here, sir.
What is this?
- The signing amount you'd given me.
Now that you aren't making
the film, I'm returning it.
What will you do now?
Nothing. I'll try everywhere
And if the film industry
is owned by a few b ds. .
I'll leave it and go back.
I'll sell vegetables if I have to
Come here. . over here
C'mon here
How dare you talk to me like that?
Who do you think I am?
Am I Khosa? Or am I
your friend Shyamol?
I am Noni Ganguly. Noni Ganguly
I make the films that I
want to make. Understand?
Did Prem Kumar get me
into this industry. . ?
Why should I ask him
before I make a film?
Noni Da. .
Please return my signing amount
I need it.
But Zafar. .
I'm very disappointed with you
No Noni Da, no
Sorry Noni Da, please forgive me
What are you doing?
- Forgive me
What are you doing? Let go of my leg
Let go of my leg.
Noni Da, did you call me. . ?
- Let go!
First help Noni Da tie his
dhoti and then he'll make your life
Listen to the story,
Gayatri's story. .
. .who's married.
Loves the younger brother but
married to the older brother
Time passes
The younger brother
becomes a freedom-fighter. .
. .the older one a jailor
The real story begins. .
. .when the younger
brother seeks help from Gayatri
To get his fellow
revolutionaries freed
This is the story of the film ''Qaid''
Listen. - Why are you telling
me? Noni Da is not making it
Listen, then we go back. .
. .and show their relationship.
You mean, Noni Da
is making this film?
Who's playing Gayatri?
Noni Da listens to me these days.
Just tell me once. All I need
to do is make two phonecalls
I swear, he won't get
finance for his film
If he does, I'll change
my name! That bloody Noni !
Kukku ! Drink for me, make it strong
That f king Bengali ! Daring to
make a film without Prem Kumar!
Even if he does make it, what'll
be the result? Uncle Sam's dick?
Don't do it, sir.
Only the small-minded do that.
It's too petty for you
Why do I get the feeling
that you knew a Gayatri?
I'm a writer. It's my
job to understand people
You mean you didn't know. . ?
Somewhat. .
like my father's fourth wife
My husband is a jailor.
He's only doing his duty
And I, mine
And if I don't help you?
How many times I told her to flee
I'm also a prisoner here.
Who will set me free?
Don't depend on me. It's impossible.
Forgive me, Gayatri
After father's death. .
. . my brothers will
thrash her, throw her out.
Rather than be a cook at home,
it's better to be in a brothel. .
Where is she now?
She killed herself
''The father's home is left behind. ''
''I'm to my beloved's doorstep. ''
''Four palanquin-bearers. . ''
Gayatri !
Gayatri !
''She left the world. ''
Come dear. Dear!
Come on. Come.
Filmfare for the best
actress goes to Nikhat.
Ravinder. . how are you?
Sorry, I don't have a pen
How are you?
My wife Yashodra. . a
great fan of yours
It's all because of you, Dada !
They're puppets, Dada.
All on your fingers!
A writer's life is pretty f ked.
You should think of turning director
You are offering me a film, are you?
What will your
brother Prem Kumar say?
One man doesn't run an industry
Change is the essence of life
Nikhat! What happened?
- What is it?
She's not free.
I want to talk to
her about her father
One minute. . leave him alone
Please come with me
I'm a doctor from Hyderabad
Your father was my patient
It's been almost two
years since he passed away
Before his death,
he'd say just one thing
He wanted to meet you
and seek your forgiveness
Luckily I came to Bombay
Someone brought me here,
so I thought I'd tell you
I might not get a chance again.
- Nikhat,
what happened?
What happened, dear?
Leave me please. Leave me.
Stop it please!
Why did you lie to me?
- You can't tell a child everything
Please come with me
Look. Yes, I understand.
You come on. Come.
Why did you lie to me?
What could I do? I was alone. .
bringing up three children
I did what I thought was best. .
what the circumstances allowed. .
I feel as if my entire
chilldhood was a f king lie
It could've been something else
It's not Ammi's fault
How can anyone just
abandon his children?
I won't let my kids out of
my sight even for two minutes
You mean, our kids?
Stop it
Will you marry me?
I promise,
I'll never leave you alone
Right now
Tomorrow morning?
Mother, you have every right
to slap me when you meet me,
but at the moment
I can't help myself
Also, when you meet her,
I'm sure you'll forgive me
By now you must have figured
out that I'm getting married
Her name is Nikhat
For the first time in life I
don't feel like hurting someone
Shyamol is making
all the arrangements
I already owe him a lot, and it's
about time I did something for him
But artists seldom do
anything for anyone. .
As soon as it is possible,
I'll get Nikhat over
Anyway, take care. . and
control your temper till we meet
- Zafar
Coming. I'm going to go mad
Hello? Hi, baby
It's your wedding today,
Zafar. What are you writing?
The last love-letter
before your wedding?
Come on, the shot is ready
Let's go.
- Don't be nervous
Just say the lines I've written.
- No, I. .
Sharda, is everything all right?
Nikhat, where are you?
Ask her to come quickly
Shut the f k up!
For God's sake, shut up
I don't get what
you're saying. Start again.
I came home to tell
Ammi about the wedding
Both of them were baffled. I thought
it was because it was so sudden
Suddenly uncle Michael says,
''What happens to
the children's fees?''
I told him, every penny in
the bank belonged to them
I said I won't take a dime with me
Then uncle Michael says,
there's nothing in the bank
He lost every single
penny gambling at the races
After emptying the
bank account, he panicked
Come over here! Is she marrying?
What kind of a joke is this?
You should have warned us, we
wouldn't have announced the film!
This is India. Nobody f king goes
to watch a married heroine's film
Whose idea was it anyway?
- The wedding is not happening
The wedding is not
happening? Oh sorry
Just sit down, sir.
What are you doing?
Who gave you this news?
- The b d has gone mad
Go and fix him.
- He's always lying
I'll call you, Khosa sahib
Yes, no tension. He's stubborn.
It's not possible.
- Why not?
How. . ?
Not possible right now
It's up to you
''Oh, what do I seek? In
quest of an unknown purpose. ''
Why aren't you taking a stand?
Zafar, Noni Da is here.
''Why is my heart restless?''
''Why is my heart so piqued?''
What happened?
You have an entire life ahead. .
so don't think about
marriage right now
Hey, I'm telling you
Let her work for
another couple of years
After that, it's your life,
you can do whatever you want
If you can't have the wedding,
who says you can't
have the wedding night?
What happened?
I'm leaving
Where to?
It just occurred to me. . I
should also be thinking about myself
So I'm going to think
Guru, Nikhat is an amazing actress. .
. .Why don't you cast her?
If Waheeda wasn't
there, I would have
If she wasn't there then. .
Why is Nikhat doing
the daily grind like us?
Why has Nikhat signed so many films?
- Photograph please.
Get an autograph.
- Thank you.
Can't write for
other directors anymore
Either I'll direct my own
film or I'll pack my bags
First sign your hero
''I know what trouble love is. ''
''I know what trouble love is. ''
Mr. Chhabra, I'm
not writing your film
Shove the money up your ass. .
. .and breathe deeply.
It's a wonderful idea.
Narrate the story to me
- Of course
It's their wedding,
they are ruining their
lives, let's ruin ours.
Your daughter is just
going from Bandra to Khar.
you have no experience,
you've never directed before
This story needs an
experienced director
For example, Guru
Dutt sahib, Noni Da. .
It's not about experience
No one else can get the
intricacies of this story
I won't let anyone else direct it
Look, the passion with
which you told the story. .
. .will you be able to bring
the same passion into the film?
Ravinder, stop living
such a calculated life
Take a risk, brother
''These beautiful people never
listen to the cry of the heart. ''
Look Ravinder, Prem Kumar
is a friend, and he's a star
You are also a star, and
now you will become my friend
I'll make films with
both of you. Not a problem
Any confusion? No. I'm
financing it, not Prem Kumar
So let's do it?
That's good. Congratulations
Just get Nikhat's dates
and the rest I'll manage
Shyamol, how's your heroine?
Block her dates for Zafar's film.
She can't possibly block her dates
How can you expect her
to take three months out. .
and do your film?
- If Ravinder can, why can't she?
Stop it. Both are
different situations
You know, Ravinder is
postponing Chabra's film
You can't expect us to
dance to Ravinder's tunes
I'll talk to Ravinder.
We'll make your film next year
Am I interfering in your work?
So don't interfere in mine
Zafar, we could
discuss this somewhere else
Why are you taking off on me?
I have nothing to gain out of it
You are the one who asked
me to manage Nikhat's work
Now that I'm managing it,
I'll do my best, won't I?
It's very sad, you
are not doing the film
I wrote it just for you
Cut! Fantastic
Madam, what a shot you have given !
- Call Mr. Dev.
It's a small industry, Zafar,
only about a hundred
people who matter. . very small
Out here, everyone knows everything
So tell me, why
should I do your film?
Because nobody can enact
this role better than you
Well. . it's true Nikhat
was doing this role earlier
But now that she isn't,
there must be some reason I came
to you rather than anyone else
Another lie
If you can't
understand such a simple thing. .
. .I don't know why
I'm wasting my time.
You must be very busy.
Such arrogance!
Now I see why Nikhat fell for you
The film is based. .
on my life.
If I had met
somebody like you then. .
Somebody who understood me
and my relationship with my father
Maybe life would have been different
Khosa sahib, I'll be
coming directly to the office
It didn't take you very long
to throw me out of the film
Did you make soup
for Zakhia, Sheikh Bi?
Come on. . the doctor
told you to stay in bed
Come. Your spinal chord. .
- Why is that asshole still here?
You didn't answer my question.
- You give me an answer, Nikhat
Ammi wouldn't eat
after we threw him out
I thought she'd get a stroke
And he. . he was lying
drunk in some gutter
What could I do?
You tell me.
- You know something, Nikhat?
All these sacrifices
you say you are making. .
for the sake of your Ammi
and your brother and sister
It's all a lie
You are doing it all for yourself
You can fulfill your wishes,
but when I'm making a film and
trying to fulfill my wishes,
it hurts you
That's not a straight answer
Ratanbala is better
than you for this role
She's not better than me
Are you trying to threaten me?
So far I'm only requesting you
You must've shared some
relationship with my Ammi
For the sake of that relationship,
do us this one last favour
Ravinder. . once more
Lallan. . pack my things. I'm
going to my mother's place
Get lost!
Stop it! He's your younger brother
Has everyone gone mad?
I know why you're
upset with your father
Congratulations! You're a director!
''It's kind of strange. . ''
''. .this journey called life. ''
''Because you have to leave
the place that you call home. . ''
''. .and then you try
to find it again. . ''
''. . but everything is new,
it's never the same. . ''
''Why does this wild heart of mine. . ''
''. . hurt the one. .
it loves the most. ''
''Strange! What love makes you do.
You get hurt over and over again''
What is this that I'm hearing?
Nikhat's working with Prem Kumar
I got a call from a friend.
I'm sure you know about it.
You artistes are weird. How do
you allow such things to happen?
Anyway, different lives,
different stories
''O wanderer, O wanderer. . ''
''Which place. . will
you call home again?''
''Trust me, every new experience. . ''
''. . is just another bout with pain. ''
''But it never stops. . and
the eyes send out a message. ''
Better to work with Prem Kumar
- Goodbye
''. .the lips quiver as they
sing to stop the pain. . ''
''. .and to weather the storm, the
heart finds a place to rest. . ''
''. .what can it do,
there's too much rain. . ''
''O wanderer. ''
May I?
- Take two.
You're here, son?
At least forgive me now, son
Cut it! No Mr. Sahni. .
. .you are forgetting the
status of your character
It's in your character
to not lose his pride. .
. .even in his deathbed.
Stop this f king film right now
What's in the making here?
A 20th Century Fox film?
It's been 135 days of shoot!
You're just doing one scene
again and again ! Is this a joke?
Stop it! Do you keep an account?
All are playing with my money!
Khosa sahib, please. .
Ratanbala, this is
the end of this film
The end.
You are the producer.
Whatever you decide will be the best
- But I must tell you something
This is the most
beautiful film of my life
Darling. .
- Try to understand
It's a technique. Unless I swear
at these directors once a day. .
. .they don't work properly. But. .
I'm not going to tolerate
another day of re-shooting
Go and reason with him
before I pack this film up
I will
But Khosa sahib, this
film will certainly be a hit
This film won't fail.
- Sure?
Take my word. Come on
So lets continue.
Kukku, make a cheque of a
thousand rupees in favour of Zafar
What the hell ! Is anyone
even worried about the film?
Come on, let's start
Please. Four more shots to go
All right.
- Lights
- Get a cold drink for Zafar sahib
Do me a favor. Before your
useless sons come to kill me. .
What is it?
Brother, he has sold our land
in Bhadol and grabbed the money!
Let's go, I've had enough. .
It would've been better if
we had seen that film. - Yes.
Forgive me now at least! - Rubbish
film! - I've got a headache.
Now that your film has been rejected
so badly in its very first week
How do you feel?
The film is a flop,
in short
Kukku, I'm really
worried about Zafar
Why are you worried about him?
The f ker deserves what he got
Money is not an issue,
Kukku. I have farms in Jalandhar. .
They'll earn me enough to
produce yet another film
But what will happen to Zafar?
It's pack up time for him
Good only!
Take us to the producer's house.
Where I had gone today morning.
Okay, sir.
We're going for my work.
Please smile. .
Introduce me to Nikhat baby
Nikhat baby will
definitely be in the film
Ravinder as the male lead
Or Raj's brother Shammi
I'll write the story
I'll just be back.
- Sit sweetheart
Where are you going?
Have a drink
No thanks
What's this? Now
we'll be meeting everyday
Do have a drink
Get her a drink
So. . what other
films are you acting in?
Don't ever get me
to this sleazy place
How selfish are you !
Just this once I asked for your help
He was ready to produce my film
What did he say
that you're so angry?
He was making a pass at me
What f king pass?
Was it anything compared to
what your mother made you do. .
when you were fourteen? She
even took you to Prem Kumar
Did he try to screw
you like they did?
You were f king Prem
Kumar of your own will. .
Were you asked to do
anything of that sort here?
Then why are you
being holier-than-thou?
How fortunate is she. .
who finds a husband like you
I shall pray to God, to
grant me the opportunity. .
to serve you in
every lifetime to come
Go on, my Lord
And, when you return,
you will find your wife waiting
for you right here, at this door
Your sacrifice will
not go waste my love. .
Cut it!
Who is it? What's
going on? Throw him out
Everything is okay.
Carry on with the shoot
What the f k is going on?
F ker doesn't know how to act
He's leaving her and glorifying it
Are you crazy?
Zafar, lets go outside
I need to talk to you
Come, Khan sahib. There's
some other scene going on here
Come outside right now!
Sorry. . sorry
But this scene is absolute crap
If you have to apologise,
do it properly
What nonsense is this? ''I
shall give you all the happiness''
What happiness, eh?
Nikhat, let me handle him
You think I don't
understand what's going on?
What will you handle?
My totally split wide open ass? !
She quit my film to
do this f ked up film
I understand everything
To hell with Zafar's film
It's more important
for Madam to work. .
with Prem Kumar sahib
Old lovers have to unite
For this f ked up film,
you turned down. .
my film
Go away from here, Zafar.
I'll come meet you later
Who the hell wants to meet you?
Go and work with Prem Kumar
Earn lots of money! Just let me be.
It's easy to be ahead
of your times, Zafar
But it's very
difficult to deal with it
''Clouds burst, rain showers. . ''
''My heart's obsessed with you. . ''
''In the storm of love. . ''
''I crave for you. . ''
''Tell me what you desire. . ''
Where is Nikhat?
I will wait upstairs for you
Let go of me!
I hope you enjoyed it
At least she was there for me. .
Where were you?
Where are you right now?
I was right there. You
were the one who left me. .
the day I stopped
being of any use to you
I'm no good right now, Nikhat
I can't take it anymore
I can't stay here
If I do, I'll ruin
whatever little is left
I'm leaving
Come with me
You told me, there's no harm
in thinking about one's own self
Right now, I'm
thinking only about myself
Don't worry about me . . I'll be fine
And Zafar left Bombay
Suddenly. Without telling anyone
Time passed. And I
( Shyamol) became a producer.
Shauqat, Shyamol sahib is here
Address him with respect,
he's become a producer now
Welcome, dear sir. Welcome
Welcome, dear sir. Welcome
''Just like a fragrance, he
lives in every breath of mine''
''Like an intoxicant,
he enters every pore''
''And still I wait everyday for him,
when will my love come back to me''
''In my memories he left me, but
in my dreams he returns everyday''
''Now, even the flame
has been extinguished''
''But he shall come
and light it up again''
''How long can he stay away from me''
If you're managing Nikhat's work,
why is she doing these bad films?
Need the money
Nikhat's need or yours?
What could one say to Prem sahib?
People thought I made
films with Nikhat's money
But who looked after
Nikhat in times of need?
Dear Shyamol, People find
us only if we want them to
I've been in London all this while
Often thought of returning to Bombay
But couldn't muster up the courage
Some people I want to avoid
Some who'd rather forget me
But if I do have
the courage to return
I hope you'll welcome me Zafar.
''6 1 went by with smiles and tears. . ''
'' 1 96 1. . ''
''Somewhat hot, somewhat cold. . ''
''That was 1 96 2. ''
'''63 and '64, some
calm, some clamour''
'''63 and '64, sad
nights, happy days''
''With hopes and dreams. . ''
''With hopes and dreams. . ''
''. . here comes. . ''
'' 1 96 5. . ''
Shyamol, you never replied
Great news. Somebody wants
to make a film on my new novel
One of the few who
understood my first film
''Happy New Year. ''
I want to do something now
Can't say about the industry,
I do hope old
friends have forgiven me
This industry is not the same
While changing from black &
white to colour, a lot has changed
I've also changed
Who will you cast?
Also want to cast Prem Kumar
And the girl?
''Happy New Year''
Keep a watch on the
whiskey, will you?
And Mary look at the. .
And how are you Sharda?
I don't want to dance with you
Go. . go away!
Can't he take ''no'' for an answer?
Disgusting ! He just
doesn't seem to listen
Where were you?
I was right here
It's okay. Please continue
Why in the name of
God did you go away?
Somebody had to be there for her
I was the only friend she had
Damn it! I don't owe
you any explanation.
I mean, it's not as if. .
I betrayed you or anything
Anyway, I haven't married her
Nobody betrays anyone
Just circumstances
Get on.
She can't handle this place anymore
The mad desire to stay afloat, to
reinvent the magic of your past. .
it's tough.
She'll die if she lives here anymore
But we can't live
without this passion either. .
Look at me
I came back, didn't I?
Don't give me that f king crap
Just stay away from Nikhat
You have already
screwed her up once,
don't do it again.
Is that clear?
Take care.
Have you given madam her medicines?
I'm booking our tickets for Nairobi
We are leaving next week
I think that gives you
enough time to finish packing
I am going to see Dr. Shah
He's going to
refer us to Dr. Bernard
So you do what you have
to do in the next six days
Say your goodbyes,
because on the seventh day, we are
going away, for a long-long time
Till you get well, ok?
''Without my beloved,
without seeing him. . ''
''. . how do I tide
over the dark night?''
''The night. ''
''The dark night. ''
''The dark night. ''
''The dark night. . ''
Hey. . good morning, baby.
How are you this morning?
Zafar's script. He gave it
to me last night to read
Looks like you've
already finished it
What happened?
- I've got to go. Shyamol is waiting
Nikhat, your purse
Despite what we've
been through Zafar,
despite the stupid
animosities of our youth. .
. .you want to cast me in
your film. I can't refuse
So who is going to play Nikhat?
- Come on, there's nothing to hide.
It's our story
Just set in the world of dancers
If I'm playing myself,
Ravinder is playing you,
then who's playing Nikhat?
I don't give a damn if it's
the best script in the world
Why did you read it?
I went to say my goodbyes
He was sleeping. The
script was lying around
Why are you getting agitated?
I just read the bloody thing
I know you ! Now
you'll want to do the film
''Just this once,
Shyamol'' you'll say!
How many times have I told
you, I don't like beans!
That's all there is.
- Then you eat
It's not possible, you won't
be able to take the strain
You'll die doing it
It'll be the last film of your life
And I don't want to lose you.
Don't do this to yourself
Don't play with your life, Nikhat
Couldn't throw out you heroine!
Shaukat. What do I say?
The name of the film
is Khoya Khoya Chand
Want the shot ready in 5 minutes!
Excuse us! Don't bother us please.
Come on. All of you come in line.
Just putting on my earrings
She's new. I'm
shooting after ages so. .
I came to say something
Thank you
. .for acting in my film
Come on, move!
''Today, let your feet move. . ''
''. .with wild abandon. ''
''Today, my love, let us
cross the boundaries of madness. ''
''Because even if we die, we
would have suffocated in ecstasy. . ''
''So let your feet move. ''
''And let the frenzy take over. ''
''Today, my love, let us
cross the boundaries of madness. ''
''Because even if we die, we
would have suffocated in ecstasy. ''
''So let your feet move. ''
''So let your feet move. ''
Cut it!
You were good
Do one thing.
- Was it okay?
You were good ! Really.
How good?
What's happened to Nikhat?
Are you fine?
Are you fine?
Call Shyamol
Shyamol sahib, everyone had left
I was locking up when I found her
Careful ! Get it down !
I told you to stay away, didn't I?
I told you she can't
take the tension of it all
But you didn't listen
You think I'm a fool?
Do you think. .
I didn't try to
get her back to work?
But she couldn't do
it. And you know why?
Because she is sick.
She has a hole in
the heart, you b d
She has a hole in the heart!
I realised only when she started
drinking and landed in the hospital
That's why I was taking her away.
Got it?
Spare her, I beg of you !
Forget her, Zafar
Cast someone else.
Nikhat can't do it
You're wrong
It's a crime. .
. . if you think you
are saving her life
She'll die anyway, a
slow, painful death
Maybe she'll die doing my film
But with that b d,
she'll die for sure
Don't I know?
He was only waiting to strike
But I have no right to say anything
Else, I'd have taken her along
I don't have the right
Will you marry me?
Then nobody can tell you anything
All rights are yours
I give you control of my life
Do what you want with me
Kill me
Go away, brother
Don't drop me from the film, please
I promise you, this
time I won't fail you
Don't throw me out of the film
''The choices we made
Some right, some wrong''
''As I still remember the
darkness of our desires''
''I still remember the
darkness of our youth''
''As I still remember the
darkness of our desires''
''I still remember the
darkness of our youth''
''So let your feet move''
''So let your feet move''
''And let the frenzy take over''
''We were right sometimes,
sometimes wrong. ''
''The destination was the same,
the routes different. ''
''Who knows whether things. . ''
''. .could have
turned out differently. ''
''Maybe, the fact that we met. . ''
''. .was the worst thing
to have happened to us. ''
''Many possibilities were explored. ''
''Now let us explore another. ''
''Many possibilities were explored''
- Now forgive me, son.
''Now let us explore another. ''
''So let your feet move. ''
''And let the frenzy take over. ''
''Today, my love, let us
cross the boundaries of madness. ''
''Because even if we die, we
would have suffocated in ecstasy. ''
Nikhat! Nikhat!
Call the ambulance!
I tripped because of my anklets
''Oh, what do I seek? In
quest of an unknown purpose. . ''
''. .why is my heart restless?''
''Why is my heart so piqued?''
''It chooses its own destinations. . ''
''. . it even bridges distances. ''
''Yet, why does the heart
fear and fret on the way?''