Khu Kam 2 (1996) Movie Script

Step aside, step aside.
Out of the way.
Kao go and sit over there.
So close.
Around Bangkok Noi area.
Bangkok Noi, mom.
That's where Kobori is.
He's there.
Dear Mother Earth, he's a good man.
Please take good care of him.
Kobori, don't let anything happen to you
I have something important to tell you.
The baby.
Mom, I have a strange premonition
I'm going to go look for him.
Don't go.
It's too dangerous Ung.
Hurry up, hurry up.
Go and see who's been hurt, hurry.
Kobori Kobori...
Kobori Kobori...
Kobori Kobori...
Over here.
Kobori Kobori wait
I'm getting you out Kobori, Kobori.
There should be doctor around here.
Don't worry.
Doctor this way.
Doctor, Kobori is over here, doc.
Let me see the wound.
The wound is on the backside.
How can I stop the bleeding.
Dr. Give him some injection.
Any injection will do and bandage him up.
It's not too late, right Dr.
Please inject him.
No, give him some injection.
It's not too late, no Dr.
It's not too late.
We have very few supply of medicine
I must safe them for others.
Not hopeless.
It's not hopeless, Kobori
I'm not giving up hope.
Thanks doc.
Dr. Don't go, please safe Kobori.
Don't go away, wait.
Please help Kobori,
I'm going to find another doctor.
Please hold on, I'm going to find another doctor.
Don't go, no one can help me, Hideko.
I love you.
No one can help me.
Don't cry
I'm going to be close to you
wherever you may be.
I will always love you Hideko
I will always love you.
Strange but we survive even though
our hearts are broken to pieces.
Life goes on.
Nothing will ever hurt or touch me
as deeply as what I've been through.
But the birth of our child
is what kept me alive.
As you once said,
"look after our child Hideko
so that he or she will never feel the pain or
sorrow as we've both been through"
I shall do everything as your wishes,
Hurry, hurry, go fetch the baby.
Hurry up, hurry.
Wait for me.
What are you looking for, mom?
The mattress is over here.
Be quick, hurry up.
You've got everything?
Wait for me Ung.
Follow me, we must be quick.
Follow me, hurry up.
Dear Lord Buddha,
please protect us from harm.
You've see Ung, uncle?
Ung Ung...
Here take the baby, let's go.
Hurry, let's go.
Let's get out of here.
Wat Soithong was totally destroyed.
The bomb was intended for Phra Ram 6th.
Bridge but instead they have
fallen on the temple.
You know in her previous life Mein must
have donated a set of stereo to the temple.
That's why she babble non-stop.
How is the Jap's baby?
You are so vulgar.
Why? The father was a Jap.
See when the father past away
the kid is just a rag doll.
No one gives a damn.
She must tend the baby all by herself.
At least after the lost of her husband,
there will always be someone
who willingly look after the baby.
Not like some people whose husband
took off with the kids and left her alone.
Pao who are you talking about?
Who are you referring to?
No one, right?
Yeah, that's right, no one.
We are not referring to anyone in particular.
That's right.
I don't know how much we can
fetch for the sale.
We sell them cheaply but in return we have
to pay a lot to buy other things.
Rice cost more than 10 Baht per barrel.
How come life is so difficult during war time?
Now a day, the bomb warning came
much more frequent.
There's our Department of Consumption.
Ung, Orn.
Hey, Phol which way are you heading?
We nearly passed the house what's the rush?
Let's go on up.
We have arrived.
Listen Orn, the German has surrendered.
Say again?
The German has surrendered.
The news came directly from
the War Department.
There are only Jap left.
We should evacuate immediately.
We are much too close the Japanese
shipyard, right Orn?
But it won't be long
until we have our D Day.
What's a D Day?
You'll see.
It doesn't concern me.
Whatever will happen I'll remain here.
It doesn't matter wherever we are.
We are all meant to die eventually.
- Sawasdee Ka, Dad.
- Sawasdee Krub,
- please excuse me I'll go upstairs.
- Sawasdee Krub.
Sawasdee Krub, I'll join you.
Come right in.
What's his name?
His nickname is Yoishi.
It's a Japanese name'
Did you know the German
surrendered on May the 8th
I've just heard.
The Japanese will have to surrender soon.
Peace that everyone been
looking for is close at hand
I will be here for the last time.
Are you leaving?
If the Japanese surrendered,
I probably be put in prison.
Nothing, but once we are on the looser side.
We are all doomed.
What's that have to do with us?
We are not Japanese.
But in my position it's imperative
that I work with the Japanese
I shall perform my duty to the very end.
They have already divided the winner
from the looser
I must be prepared
I'm deeply sorry.
It's all my fault that you
have to marry Kobori.
No, none of it is your fault
I willingly chosen my own destiny
I love Kobori and I also love you Dad
I'm proud that you stood up for what's right.
Don't fret, I'm a daughter and a wife of a soldier.
With that in mind I can face any situation
Do your duty with dignity
I'm so proud of you, Dad
I feel the same
I'm proud of you too.
I must be going
I think I'm the only one who will
walk proudly to the prison.
If the Japanese lost the war.
Will my son be in harm's way?
Uug, you may be tarred from
your father's involvement.
Just think once the Japanese surrender
they are all mark as an enemy and an invader.
The Thai would not like it.
What will happen to the enemy child, Ung?
Ung, We all worry about your whole family.
Yo is still a child.
There is only one solution, Ung.
We must get marry.
I know you meant well,
Nud and thank you.
But at the moment I cannot do it.
Even if you refuse my proposal
I'll do my best for Yo
I will cherish and wait
for you for eternity.
Thank you, Nud.
I always love you.
Time does not change my feeling for you.
Looks like a long tail tiger.
I know you understood what I said
Why don't you answer?
He understood alright but he doesn't
like Jap language.
Listen carefully,
you can't play with that.
Give it back to me.
Stop at once.
Why don't you listen.
You must listen and give the sword
back to your mom.
Be careful Yoishi.
The sword has a sharp edge.
You shouldn't be playing with it.
Yoishi, please give me back your father sword.
Yo, give that sword back to me.
Yes, slowly, very slowly.
Yo, Why don't we go
and play with the banana horse
I'll make you one.
Wouldn't you like that?
Come on, give the sword back, come now.
No, no don't.
Yo, Yoishi. It hurts.
What happen?
He's bleeding a lot
We must take him to the doctor.
- Nud.
- What happen?
Give me the cloth.
You take care of him, hurry.
Mom, it hurts real bad.
Oh no, Yo Yo.
I'm hurt, mom.
Hold him I'll get the boat.
You going to be OK.
Be brave.
He might be infected.
Your child need penicillin for the wound.
It's very expensive but a necessity.
Or else the wound will not heal properly.
How many shots does he need.
At least 4.
Go and pawn this, please.
If Nud knew he will not let you do it.
Don't ever leave me
I can't stand loosing you too.
Before Nud goes to work.
He specific asked that you eat something.
You might get sick too.
He's worry about you
so don't disappoint him.
Yo Yoishi
You finally wake up.
Mom, I'm hungry.
Yes, I'll get you something to drink.
Even with an honor in bachelor degree
it's still difficult to land a teaching job
I recommend that he further his study
abroad to broaden his perspective
and become one of the new generation.
What do you think?
It's all up to him.
But you must try to persuade him and to make him
understand that he would gain much more
if he attends school abroad.
He will gain both the language
and the knowledge.
If you have any problem with money he can
pay back the loan once he start working.
Sometimes I don't know what's on his mind.
Yo is quite stubborn and
have a mind of his own.
Once he make up his
mind it'll be difficult to alter.
Well, he certainly got it from you.
You see all of them are here to develop the Wat
Yo is not what you think he is.
We could plant some flowers right here.
Yo always try to be helpful to the poor
I don't know where he recruited this people.
He is brilliant and has special way to
influence these group of people.
You see that guy over there.
He used to be a drunk, a thief but
Yo managed to turn a new leaf.
He currently participating in
all community activities.
Most important Yo understood these people.
But if you don't like him to take part in
politic then you must reason with him.
Tell him what's right and what's dangerous.
We have to start with ourselves.
Pretty soon your children would follow
your foot steps in hygienic.
Don't you agree?
We all should combine ourselves to
improve our community.
Isn't gathering more than 5 persons
in public against the constitution.
It doesn't matter
I'll looking after him,
you need not worry.
Come in.
My name is Chitrapa.
Don't you have classes to attend?
I do but all my students are in the meeting.
Someone mentioned that you
support the student' rally.
No, I'm just their counsel.
That's a beautiful picture.
Yes, I love that picture.
The birds represent peace in the world full
of turmoil and greed... Come in.
Professor could you please attend the
Student Board Meeting?
We all agreed that the foreigners came
to take an advantage.
I agree, our government should look
into these problems.
Me too.
We lost our trade deficit to the Japanese
tremendously per year.
During the war the Japanese invaded Thailand
with the use of arm forces.
Gradually, they grew much stronger and
decided to invade us with economic.
Pretty soon we'll be their colony.
Yes, many Japanese Department Store bloomed
all over the city and run by
the Japanese using their own products.
Eventually, all the profits go back to Japan.
What do we get in return?
After a close look at all these problems we
should therefore try to alter the course
and to upgrade our own society.
I agree with Khun Verayut Jula
and other universities' students.
We must join force to oppose the use
of Japanese products.
We agree, we should standing
to oppose for society.
We are not going to use the word oppose.
Let's say that our house has been burglarized.
No way are we going to stand
aside and let the thief gets away.
Is there any more suggestion?
We should change people opinion
by persuading Thai people
to use Thai products and to create
a strong bond among the Thai.
Yes, I agree. All of us agree.
Me too.
We should try to convince
Thai people to use Thai products,
and protest those who still
use Japanese products.
If we don't start from step 1.
How are we going to move to million.
Don't you agree?
Yes, I agree.
We must eliminate the balance of trade.
Yes, we all have our duties in these matters.
Yes, we must fight... fight.
What do you think?
What do you think of the whole thing?
I don't see any problem because...
I'm sorry but I must be on my way.
Yes, that's fine.
Sawadee Ka Professor.
Is this the way to your house?
Yes, right here in Bangkok Noi.
Shall we take a short cut.
Thank you for the suggestion about
resisting the use of Japanese products.
But they are all the students' ideas.
Yes, if you say so.
I'm impressed with your idea Sarawanee and
your determination with the use of Thai products.
You remember my name, professor?
Of course.
I think you know that the raw materials
have gone up twice the market value.
The manufacturers always waiting for the
opportunity to increase the prices.
Don't they know how hard it is to convince
Thai people to use Thai products?
We must start with a small group of people
in order to convince the rest.
Just like a drop of ink on the blotter
It will gradually absorb and expand.
If there's anything more that I could be
of assistance I'll be happy to help.
It's nice just to have this chat with you
It's very interesting.
Same with me.
You know you remind me of
someone even your smile.
Really, you also impressed me and
I should consult with you more often.
Any time.
Sawaddee Ka,
Thanks for everything.
We are always handicapped by the Japanese.
The Japanese has been taking advantage of us.
We lost our trade balance
of up to 100 million a year.
Our economic is down the drain.
So I asked everyone to be in front of the
Japanese Department Store on the 20th.
Anyone seen walking into the Department Store
will consider themselves as Thai born
but Japanese at heart.
Professor, have you seen our 10 proposals
to summit to the government?
Yes, I have seen them.
What do you think?
No bad.
Er, tell me which faculty is Sarawanee in?
Oh, Sara.
She's in her 3rd year in political science.
She is good speaker.
The word she generates is super.
Born Thai but Japanese at heart.
That's a good one.
We could use it for the poster
and show to everyone
who seen walking into
the Department Store.
Professor, have you got a minute or 2?
I just want you to see something.
Why did you bring me to this place, professor?
I want to open your eyes up and see
how much they have done outside
the main frame of the university not just
from the inside.
Thanks but I don't wish to know.
Here's the leaflet.
By whom?
The Japanese Trade Association
has made this announcement.
How did you know so much
about the association?
It's a long story.
To cut short, my family
has business dealing with the Japanese.
Then why did you bring this leaflet to me?
To show you that you don't know anything
about the whole deal.
The Japanese community is currently
changing their tactics.
They sure that soon enough the Thai government
will renegotiate a new proposal with the Japanese.
They do not care much
about the students demonstration.
It will work only through people.
Professor, it's like you once said,
if we don't start the 1 st step
How can we follow through with the 2nd and 3rd.
How many people will answer your call?
Not my call but it's to do with the whole nation.
It's our duty to reawaken the people.
Not waiting for them to do
in their won leisure.
Be careful you may not have enough
power to stop the fire.
Maybe even get burn yourself.
They're using you...
Please refrain from using Japanese products
for the good of the country.
What's this? It's my money
and I can very well do whatever I want.
Who's going to stop me?
Oh, what's wrong with your people?
Get out of my way.
How dare you forbid me to
use the Japanese products?
At home all my toothpick, soap, detergent,
clothes, plate, watches, pen, radio, fan,
refrigerator, television are all made in Japan.
As for you young man, your glasses,
scarf, shirt, watch, belt even your pants,
where are they made from, huh?
I support the students.
Me too.
Hey, you can count me in.
Let's go that way.
Are you free this evening?
There is a debate about the
democracy at Chula University.
Would you like to accompany me?
Yes, I'm free but let's discuss this
in a little whole, OK?
Sawaddee Krub.
There are many students from many
universities and also some without their uniforms
I couldn't tell the difference.
There are many I recognized from
Thammasart university
but there is a couple of hooligans over there.
That does not look too great.
Those hooligans must have been
paid and the guards are standing by.
There might be some disturbances.
Do not attempt to use force.
Stick to the principle.
Hey, you people are blocking the exits.
What's wrong with you
people this is an exit.
This is the main entrance
You people cannot stay here
go away... go away.
Sit down, sit down...
Please you must all leave and
demonstrate elsewhere.
You cannot remain here
Use the footpath over there.
Enough of this, you're blocking my exit.
You cannot stay here!
Get lost!
This is not a place to sit
Go sit somewhere else.
We love Thailand.
Uphold Thailand.
Thrive for prosperity.
Fitting for thais.
We are thai, born a thai, die a Thai.
Never submissive.
Never surrender.
Never fear the enemy from
which ever direction.
We love Thailand.
Uphold Thailand.
Thrive for prosperity.
Fitting for Thais.
We are Thai, born a Thai, die a Thai.
Never submissive.
Never surrender.
Never fear the enemy
from which ever direction...
How was it, professor?
I was standing on the opposite
side watching you.
Me too.
Uncle Anud.
This is Professor Chitrapa my
colleague from the university.
- Sawaddee Ka.
- Sawaddee Krub.
I want to see how the students perform.
I hope they will not attempt to use force.
Do you think it'll work?
We should leave or else people may wonder
if we are here to dictate the students.
You should know by now that no one
can dictate the students.
What we know if the opposite
of what people think.
Are you going somewhere?
I will be your chauffeur.
Would you mind park the car and try
a ride into Klong Bangkok Noi?
Sound interesting,
but it's up to Prof. Karin.
Oh, I think he is looking forward to
invite you himself.
I didn't invite her.
You cannot run away from a women
It's not like a conscription.
Right this way.
They are using you...
Isn't that your aunt with professor Karin?
Karin Chalasilph use his mother
last name as you suspected.
His father was Kobori Kakenishikan.
He was a captain with the
Japanese Royal Navy.
On the island of Bangkok Noi.
One more thing Mee said he saw
the professor at the Japanese Trade Association.
It's very suspicious.
At first he wasn't convince until
he had a closer look.
He confirmed his identification.
They are using you...
Please go on up.
Yo's mother Sumarin.
This is a professor.
A colleague of mine from the university.
I'm Chitrapa.
What's this?
Banana preserve. Try it, please try
I did them myself.
They are so cute.
Well, I have so much free time on my hand
so I use my time to do little things.
This isn't a just little things.
It's a work of art.
Are you sure you're in the same
economics field as my son.
He always complain that it's a waste of time.
I hope your're staying for dinner.
Ung would you prepare Nam Prik,
I'm going to the market.
That's alright.
Believe ma she's a great cook.
You are welcome to taste
the country style of cooking.
Not only to taste but if anyone likes to try my
Nam Prik Jone I'll be happy to prepare it for you.
It settles then, Koa go with me to the market.
Wait for me I'll go with you.
You haven't taste the Nam Prik Jone yet.
You act like you're going to rob the market.
Yo stays and help the professor.
Yo go and pick those babies cucumber for me.
I know they would not dare greet me
I didn't want to loose face so
I came or else I would never set foot here
Sara you seen the Bangkok Noi people.
They are the ones who witch
craft you grand father.
He gave everything to them.
The reason your grandfather was put
in jail was because of that daughter of his.
She married a Jap and has kid with him
I hate those people.
I don't like bad people also grandma.
That's right my dearest grand-daughter.
I'm so disappoint in you.
What have I done?
I really trust you and I have high hope
that you will be our counselor.
But how could you do it and why?
Please explain to me what have I done?
What happen?
About the Japanese Trade Association somebody
told me that you are well acquainted with them.
Oh, that is not true.
What do you mean not true you passed
out those leaflets yourself.
If it's not true why were you there? I have prove
and a witness what do you say to that?
I went to the association but
I have nothing to do with them.
See, you finally admit I'm sorry all these year
I always trust and look up to you.
Who else could we trust.
Why did you do it? I think I know the real
reason and don't you dare deny it.
Pretty soon the public will understand our goal
OK the next step is to convince the government.
How are we going to do it?
We have submitted 10 proposals but
the government ignored our request.
It's getting close to the 25th what shall we do?
We have to figure out our next step.
Hey, Sara what's your momentum?
We have to be ready before the 25th.
That's mean we only have 2-3 days left we
must contact with other universities' students.
Yeah, we must have the right plan
Hey, where is Prof. Karin, is he coming?
He's at the faculty.
Then we should make a rough draft and discuss
with him first. Do you all agree?
Why should we discuss anything with him?
It's no use to consult with him.
How much do you know about Professor Karin?
What's wrong with her?
We have been consulting with him
since the very beginning.
- How come our plan is not a success?
- Who said it's not a success.
If we really succeed then why do
we need a continence plan?
How come the Japanese Trade
Association is so well prepare?
Here's the letter from the
Japanese Trade Association.
Let me see.
Tell us what's in it.
To compromise with the students request.
All Japanese are willing to sell more
Thai products and further discussion
with the Thai government will be held soon.
Born Thai but heart of slave is better than Born
Thai but smeared with Japanese blood.
Who are you talking about?
Who else? The one we are always in counsel.
Prof. Karin?
That's not true.
It's unbelievable.
If you don't believe me then ask him yourself.
How's everything? Strange but today
you are all quite and in order.
You heard of that name?
Japanese's son.
That's your father's name right?
You shouldn't call out other people
father's name with disrespect.
His full name was Captain Kobori Kaikunshikan
He was with the Royal Navy.
No one can change their hereditary.
A person identity does not depend solely
on which nationality your are but
what you contribute in life To honor yourself
and others, be truthful to yourself.
If you all really want to know
whether my father is a Japanese.
Well, the answer is YES
Is it important?
Prof. Are you supporting the Japanese
Trade Association?
If my answer is yes, how can I be standing here
right now A person with out dignity and honor
he is not a man. You should never dare ask me
such a guest ions Is there any more question?
If not Sayonara.
Yo what happen?
You have a fever?
What's wrong,
Yoishi what's happen?
A 4 corner carp. Do you think father will see us?
Yes, he will.
Mom, tell me again about my dad.
What, all these years you never want
to hear about him.
Yes, I do. Start from the never
want to hear about him.
There's nothing to be ashamed that your father's
name was Kobori There isn't a thing wrong
that your father's last
name was Kaikunshikan.
If I could bring back the time and ask myself
would I marry your father.
The answer is yes.
Your father was a good man and
I'm proud of you anything and you?
Tonight I will light the
lantern to guide your father back to be with us.
I have some news for all for you. Prof. Karin has
submitted his resignation but was denied.
He also resign himself from
student counsel committee.
That's a real shame.
I told you this would happen.
What are we going to do?
Who shall counsel us now?
I'm still have my doubts. Why would a man with
the same race oppose their own people?
I still think it's not right.
Don't forget Prof. Karin is also. Thai and
has the same ideal as all of us.
We have often work along side
him and you should remember that.
Yes, I agree.
Me too.
Hey, Ki and Sara what do you think?
But right now we must join forces
and go forward with out aim.
That's correct the work must go on.
We will not stand idle while the Japanese steal
our business the government is doing nothing.
We must ask all Thai to stop
using the Japanese products.
This is one way to solve the current problem.
We must show everyone that Thai can unite
together and bring prosperity back to our country.
That's right.
The government is not doing anything.
While prices shoot up and our wages is
still below the standard of living.
Look at us, we stood in the heat while they
are in an air-condition room deep in discussion.
Anyone can do that job.
Are you here to support or spy?
A Japanese is not welcome here.
Hey, we are all here to demonstrate the
instability of trade with the Japanese
not the people individually.
You should think well before you open your mouth.
Are we going to unite in this fight?
The last 2 hours of talk between the Head of
Students Party
and the Secretary of
the Coup Government turn out quite well.
The government has accepted the students term
and declared that the labor law will start
taking effect in the coming December.
Finally this is the end.
Not really.
Today the students may gain their
victory but this is not the end.
This is just the beginning.
That's how they planned their strategies.
Their target is still not yet clear but
at least the silence power got started.
You want to see me, aunty?
Yes, that's why I asked for you.
Actually, it was all my fault because
I challenged Prof. Karin to go with me to
the Japanese Trade Association Meeting.
The leaflet was all my idea as well.
I'm the one who start the turmoil not you.
Prof. Karin is an arrogant man so I doubt if he
will stoop so low as to be call a traitor.
Then why are you telling me now or do you want
me to know how close you are to one another?
Yes, that's right everybody comment on how you
two love each other and how well suited.
You have capitalism and he has motivation I'm
pretty sure that you were meant for each other.
Don't you dare criticize me
and if the rumor is true.
I'll be more than happy to know that we both
have the same ideal.
You should know that
it takes two to make it work.
Sara you are a smart girl but not very wise.
Can't you tell who Prof. Karin care for?
Please take a seat.
I think my mother is in the kitchen.
Mom, this is my student Sarawanee.
She one of the student who went
against the use of Japanese products.
The new generation has way of expressing
their freedom than the older generation.
I always follow what's going on
and I do agree with the students.
What we did last time was for the economic
of the country after that we have gone into.
Miss Thailand Beauty Pageant Woman should
use her brain instead of her beauty.
And now we are into politic and constitution.
Prof. Karin use to be our counselor.
Could you please do me a favor and go
check on the work at uncle Nud's house.
I don't know whether the gardener and
the cleaning crew did their work properly.
Don't forget to take my table
cloth knitting along with you.
Alright, I'll take care of it.
Don't insult your wife and kid.
Don't quarrel with your wife it
will only bring heart ache,
because you wife would scream
back at you both day and night.
Heaven will grace upon you once she die.
Just listen to him humiliate his parents.
My mom ask for 2 liters of rice and a 100 baht
but she told me to hurry back even for a 50.
Is this the new girl friend? This one is
much too young he better be careful or
the police might catch him.
Kao, that's enough.
Well, it doesn't matter but right now I'm hungry.
Kao come and give me a hand.
Hey, that's hurt.
Why did you knock on my head?
Don't squeeze my ear.
Let him teach that boy a lesson.
He doesn't even afraid of his own parents.
But at least he listen to Yo.
Alright I would not brag about you liking
the young girl. No, don't squeeze my ear.
Please excuse us.
Where is his other girl friend?
What are you talking about? Do not meddle in
the adult business you are only a child.
He may not like the older one but the
young one will cost more to feed.
Kao you want to go to uncle
Nud's house with me?
Go and come back later for the money.
Katari is an old sword use during the war.
But now a day it represent one's honor.
Your grandfather's sword is still around?
I'm not so sure.
You knew about it?
I'll show you a picture in the magazine.
I recognized and know who you are.
You know I was the one who told
everybody that Yo has a...
Japanese father.
I'm deeply sorry for the things I've done.
It's the truth.
Yes, but I hurt Yo's feeling.
That's alright.
It doesn't matter who our father was
but most important is who we are.
What ever happen was in
the past and should be forgotten.
I'm truly sorry and I know
he will never forgive me.
That's why he doesn't talk to me anymore.
I don't think that's the real reason.
Why don't you come and sit here.
I would like to talk with you.
Me too.
I've something to say to you.
Is it about that girl, Sarawanee?
How did you know?
I raised you up remember?
Take a look at this magazine.
So she's related to me we both
have the same grandfather.
Now that you know I hope you would use
your senses to disperse your feeling and emotion.
Sarawanee is your relative.
She cannot be anything else, understand?
What about your professor's friend.
I think she likes you.
Now a day men and women
work along side each other.
So we are more of a colleague.
It's up to the man.
You're here.
I was about ready to go and see you.
I'm quite worry after I read the paper.
It's doesn't look good.
Don't worry.
Yo is not noticeably out in the open.
I heard Therayut and his colleagues demanded
a new constitution
and have held meeting
on many occasions.
On the 5th of October they
held a press conference
and this morning they were distributing leaflets.
Do be careful
The police might capture you people.
This time you're dealing directly with the
Even though we do it for our and
all the people lawful righteousness.
Statement from the students...
About 20 students who asked for a new
constitution have been handing out leaflets from
the Monument of Volunteer, Sanam Laung,
Bang Lumpoo up to Pratunam
11 of them were captured by the police
including Prof.
Thawee from the faculty of
Sarawanee was among the distributors
but luckily was further away from the van.
So she manage to escape.
Now they caught one more that's
made a total of 12.
Yo was at the University Board
Meeting so he was not involved.
He's not here.
He's at the university.
What has he done?
OK fine.
Search the entire area.
If you going to confiscate those books
for prove you going to have your hands full.
Those books are taught in the
Even if they have not got enough prove but
he is not above suspicion.
As long as those 12 are still being accused
for the wrong doing.
I've paid for the yearly land tax,
electricity and water bills of Khun Ungsumaree.
For the past week the students held many
demonstrations and I know that you
are part of the team.
We also knew that they have 12 people in custody
Luckily, you're not one of them.
I'm sick with worry for your safety and
I can't sleep most nights.
Yo stop being part of the team
I want you to stay home and don't do
anything that doesn't concern the academic.
For once can you please do this for me?
But mom there's work to be done.
No buts
I knew that the university has postpone the exams.
How did you know it wasn't even in
the newspaper?
We did request for a new constitution peacefully
and openly but without any results.
We will stand firm and continue our
demonstration until a new constitution is in order.
Everyone will fight for their right and to
see free those 13 who are being held.
All of us will fight for our 13 colleagues who
are in custody and for our democracy.
I have just learned that by asking for
a constitution as a law of our country.
It has been classify as treason.
The Student Council will not stand idle but
will wait and see the sincere out come
of the government in handling
the democratic policy as stated.
The students and Thai people demand
the right to our constitution.
Students all over Thailand demonstration for the
release of the 13 students who are being held.
The main body of our student council have all been
captured Homes of everyone they suspected
as being a member have been searched.
They confiscated evidences either in small
or large amount except for one person.
Prof. Karin
Strange that his house has been search but they
came up empty handed.
What so strange?
He is one of the team to distribute the leaflets
but like he has eyes at the back he got away clean.
What do you mean? You know quite well he was
at the University Board Meeting.
I always suspect that he is one of them.
One of who?
The opposite.
Are you out of your mine?
No, then how is it possible that the one
who encourage us to fight for our democracy is
no where to be found, huh?
I just been to the Thammasart University.
There must be at least 50,000 people.
That girl cursed the government and I have a grand
time whenever she spoke her mind.
What does the word tyrant mean?
Strange but I have a deja
vu that we are in war time.
But the last war was a foreign war.
We can divide between foes and enemies.
But this time we are the same nationality.
Just differences in ideal but end
up killing one another.
Power is like a drug coated in sugar.
The first few bites are so sweet to the tongue but
gradually we all became addicted.
We became greedy and in search of more power.
It's hard to let go and tend to overlook
those surrounding you.
The Students Council unanimously voted that we
have given the government sufficient time to
Finally, the Students Council...
feels that it is necessary to summit an ultimatum...
to the government to release those
in captivity within 24 hrs.
Starting from 12.00 on October 12th
If by 12.00 on October 13th 1967 the.
Students Council have not
received any acknowledgment...
the Students Council will deem necessary
to use a stronger measurement.
The Students council of Thailand dated
October 12th 1967 at 12.00
I think it's going to create a chaos.
What ever the fight is all about it started with
dignity which finally led to disaster
but never a compromise.
The government is sure of their state
authority and the students
are firm on the strength of people.
When the two collided
they challenge each other...
It's just an accident mom,
I'll make you a new one over even two.
Do not speak about it
2 lanterns.
Did you perhaps too strict with the boy?
You asked him not to leave the house and
obviously he became frustrated.
He didn't want to disappoint you so he
stays home.
Just look at him and try
to understand him better.
This is Radio Broadcasting Network of
Thailand concerning the release of 13 prisoners
held without condition.
The prime minister has submitted article
17 of 1972 constitution to administer the Kingdom.
As a result it has created a disorderly situation
and destroy the peace.
Therefore, the Deputy Director General
of the Police has ordered the release of the 13
prisoners held without condition on
October 13th 1967 onwards.
If you wish to go to Thammasart
I will not object.
It is our duty isn't it?
I will be back as fast as I can, mom.
Prof. Karin, we have been waiting for you.
Sarawanee's aunt has been calling me every
day because she has not been home in weeks.
She must be in one of the Council vehicle.
Then we should go and fetch her.
You wish me to drive?
The main process should be at King Rama the 5th
Ground and the end is around Mukkrawan bridge.
It's no use going any further
Let's go back.
You go and wait in the car I'll go and find her.
Hey, watch where you're going.
We must have peace and freedom we seek.
Thai people will not surrender and
thailand is for us Thai.
We will stand united until we get our
democracy back.
For Thai people, by Thai people.
Have you seen Sarawanee?
Last time I seen her she was right over
there at the corner of Rajvithee.
Even though we are having a hard day
but it will not discourage us.
We represent Thai people to fight the tyranny of the
dictators who do not listen to the voice of the people.
We will fight for our right, peace and
constitution. We will not surrender.
Stop the killing.
Please help me, I've brought death to them
I never meant for anybody to die.
Don't worry.
We are safe here.
We did not hurt anybody
Why don't they release those people
I don't want anyone hurt.
Don't be sad.
We did not bring them here.
They came at their own free will.
All of us has a duty to stand up for our
right, to bring peace and justice.
But I did not want to see anybody
hurt ot die for the cause.
You did your best to fight for the freedom.
It always difficult to gain freedom everywhere
Once it's in your hand learn to use it wisely.
Ung is Yo there?
Mom, you alright? Yo is at the university.
I'm worry heard that
they are now shooting at people.
If he's back tell him not to go anywhere
I have a deja vu feeling about this.
Yes, mom.
Did you hear about the arrest at Sanam Pao?
Many students and people all run for their lives.
Many people saw Yo over there.
We cannot do anything much
except wait for his return.
See I told you
I shouldn't have let him go
Child who was born during war time.
Get out of harm way.
That boy has been shot in the leg.
Be careful.
All students must leave the university
compound before 6 p.m.
Everyone be careful.
If you continue to stay here you
might endanger yourself.
You all are in danger if you remain here.
It disturbed me greatly to see the
students carrying firearms.
Me too, I have inform the Student Council
to confiscate the weapons
I'll be back
I better go and see the students on the outside.
Shit... aunt Urng.
- Where's Pi Yo?
- He was missing like you.
Man, that was fun.
They are shooting from the helicopter
and on top of the building.
Everybody is running scare.
Yo call that fun?
You know the helicopter that hover over at
Thammasart University announced for everyone
to leave the compound before 6.00 p.m.
I'm afraid they meant to blow the place up.
Have you seen Yo? Kao, take me there.
They're going to bomb the place.
It doesn't matter follow me.
Please somebody help me
That's my son, my son.
Why do you have to leave me
I have on one left but you and
I can't stand being alone.
Have you seen Prof. Karin?
Why aren't you in bed?
Neither are you
People whose main ideal is to search for
democracy never sleep.
Where are you going, Sara.
To disconnect the incendiary bomb
Someone bound to get hurt
I'll be right back Prof... Prof!!!
You're a bastard.
I didn't have anything to do with it.
Doctor the Prof. Has been shot.
I want you to rush him to the
Sirirat hospital immediately.
I call home but no one has soon him.
Prof. Please be strong.
Once you're on the other side there is
a good doctor and better facility.
You'll be safe.
Can you hear me Prof.
I have something I want you to hear...
The boat is here
Help me carry him.
I love you Prof.
So don't leave me.
His heart beat is too low.
Yo, it cannot be happening.
Sara, where is Yo?
Yoishi, no, my son, my son.
Why this thing has to happen?
Why? Don't ever leave me.
No, no, no, no
This cannot be happening.
No, no
This is not real.
Yo, Yo, No, no
Wait for me.
No, you cannot take him.
No, no.
The breath stop as the soul departed.
The body became cold to the touch.
Water separate from the earth.
To be destroyed.
Who can ever take
anything out from this world.