Khud-Daar (1982) Movie Script

Come quick...
And zapochvaite to eat.
Here we come.
Come on!
I've prepared for school?
Yes, brother.
Cum food for 5 minutes.
And then...
Successes and failures'', over the road;
your goal is very far''
''Do not give up, capable of being
of helplessness''
Successes and failures'', over the road;
your goal is very far''
''Do not give up, capable of being
of helplessness''
Successes and failures'', over the road;
your goal is far away''
''Life is not nothing but a long journey''
Way''in which we do not go a''
''You better be careful...
- Watch''
''Those who are not careful
razrupeni in long-term perspective''
Successes and failures, over the road
your goal is very far''
''Do not give up, capable of being
of helplessness''
Successes and failures'', over the road;
your goal is very far''
Tire is missed!
Now what, brother?
Seems to have happened in the right place.
Govinda, fill the air in it.
Okay, brother.
''What do I do, dear brother,
if my legs are tired?''
''Take a short break and
then continued''
''Those who sleep... - Lose''
Successes and failures'', over the road;
your goal is very far''
''Do not give up, capable of being
of helplessness''
Successes and failures'', over the road;
your goal is very far''
''If you find love
treat it as your way''
''This is a shadow of your time...
not just your objective
''You have your own dreams''
''Do not you wander away from your
own purposes''
Successes and failures'', over the road;
your goal is very far''
"Do not give up, capable of being
of helplessness''
Successes and failures'', over the road;
your goal is very far''
I got to go now... okay?
He is a stepbrother ba husband.
There's another one.
Keep them under control from day one.
Otherwise you will be responsible for them
throughout their lives.
Go now.
He goes to sleep.
Let him sleep.
This is my wedding night. .
His stepbrother
took my bed today.
Soon, he will take my life...
over my rights.
Hey! You guys cry?
You are my brave Tigers!
In addition, the city will go
only two months.
Once you take the exams will
became very successful lawyer.
I will do a lot of money.
Do you want legs Raja
be treated?
Will consult the best doctors...
then it will train and do PhD.
It kasno. Pusni me.
Shema, let brethren of your care.
Care for them.
You are their daughter and her mother too.
All I want from you f. .
when he returned to find them
Snahichke we go to school.
Will not you give us some breakfast
and lunch for later?
Do not you see?
Make them.
Will be late, shahichke.
I what to do?
Not yet ready.
Okey. Nie go now.
Send a feed of today uchlishteto
in the afternoon.
I feel very hungry.
Daughter does not send a food?
Must be on the road.
Want to eat this?
Go. . eat everything.
You will not want to eat?
How can I be in this happy family?
Count your days.
Why? What makes you so sad?
There is only one reason you know.
I remember! Ramday said Harry
loves his brothers.
They are not brothers,
they are my competitors.
Forget it!
Why fight it?
Let me son!
Tricks! Are not you ashamed?
Get out, okay?
Are not you ashamed?
I feel as conceived here.
I can not carry their burden anymore.
Or they will zhivetya here, or me.
Shema is not nice for you to
so angry.
Coolie! Coolie!
Sir, can I ppogrizha for your luggage?
Can you?
Okay? Let's go.
This son... well.
Be careful!
Here for you.
Give me that for 50 paise!
How did you got them?
Who gave them to you? Tell me!
The man.
Cast in January
I said throw it!
Look, do not touch food Radzha. Nikoga
given by strangers.
While I'm with you
they will eat throughout their lives.
Bravo, my boy! Bravo!
You yourself are you both?
Will you come with me?
I need a job?
Work? Yes, of course.
That's Stop here.
Here, sir.
''Come quickly...
and eat''
You coming?
Where are Raja and Govinda?
Well... Govinda and Raja...
Why do not you say?
They ran away from home.
Fled? Why?
What happened?
Do not I tell you that when I get back
I saw them happy?
Why do not you stop?
Who am I to stop them?
Who are you... ?
Clear. Got it.
Please, sir. . 5 paise, sir.
Give us 5 paise, sir.
Start to beg you guys.
How will the experience
if not simple?
The boys ran away!
Why are you sitting there? Come on!
Come on!
Otherwise, you will clobber!
Leave these guys alone.
Why fight them?
Save us, Uncle.
They are forcing us to beg.
Do not worry, my boy.
Let the boys.
- How close to them?
Me?... I'm their uncle.
Go to hell!
Enough! To kill them you want?
Get back to work.
Where are you from?
Come from very distant place.
Where are your parents?
You have one.
We only us
Uncle, will you give me a job?
Will run on your age?
Yes, I will work very hard.
And ask my brother to sit
vdin day of their own feet.
Really? Here it is spirit.
Come with me.
This is my house
Yeah, Dad?
Yeah, Dad?
This is Farida, my daughter.
This is Anvar, my son.
These two will live here with us
Dad, look both tolkkova
hungry, that...
may die at any moment.
Do not say that. Give them food.
No, uncle. Not so.
Will FIRST WORK to earn
little money. Only then will eat.
If I eat without pay,
will be considered a load.
I am ready to bear the burden
but never to be another burden.
Bravo! This is my
samouvazhavashto be a boy!
Yes. . it is!
Bravo... !
that's how!
Let the drama begin rehearsal.
How so? Manzhu not yet arrived.
Who will play the leading lady?
Nobody here is so delicate
as you are. To go.
I will give my life for your love.
I will shed my blood for
colored your love.
I belong to you.
Only you.
What home!
I'll give you your life.
Will you shut up?
Manzhu! You're here?
I was looking for you!
Juliet will be everywhere
where is Romeo.
Director wondered...
if you sent the invitations.
Why do not you send them?
You are the Secretary General.
And I will send invitations?
Come and Mark calls.
Raja, how do you invite?
Why do I call?
Will not you ask your brother?
My brother does not hold much in India.
His business extends
Sometimes it is in Germany
sometimes in Japan...
Sometimes in France...
Sometimes in England...
On the day of performance
it will be in America.
The president of America invited him to tea.
What business is your brother?
Any kind of business.
It has 50 percent shares of 10 hotels in London.
It has oil wells and gold mines
as well as ships.
And buy your own plane.
Furthermore, it must travel
worldwide and to monitor their business.
Why buy two tickets
and wait at the airport?
If someone owns an airplane mozheda
traveled with him where he wants.
Listen, he sent an invitation to the brother of Raja.
But he refused!
Just send. It will be very fun.
What happened?
- If you hold the plane home...
. . Where will you travel?
From the land where I live.
There is a great field behind our house.
Will make a trip.
Where is your brother now?
Here's me and me. .
Under the car.
There are a traveler Dzhuhu.
He will give you drive?
What style? I already have a passenger inside.
Hurry, shofyyor.
This car or is it garbage?
What? You call this crap?
Wipe your eyes.
Unable to see properly.
Call it garbage. May
shouting to his mother's aunt.
How to call her?
lt has been the first 5 minutes.
Do not start!
I'll start.
What do you start?
What is it, where is happening today?
Come Basanti! Why make me
to lose patience?
Get out! Why spoil me
What say?
You got something illegal?
No, no. What illegal things?
Narkoti and various other things?
My Basanti shows red signal.
We are good people.
Not doing similar work.
My car then you lie?
The car can you speak?
My might.
What's in your bag?
Let me see.
Let me see.
What right have you to watch?
So that's what! Opium?
Get out!
Get out!
Where is that fat man?
He ran away!
My Basanti detect smuggling,
thieves and robbers. Okay?
He said trash!
Forgive me Basanti.
I am also angry as you.
As you can see I'm not so smart
as you.
Fresh bananas!
Who say my name?
Who is it?
I am.
Why is your face sad?
Chotu when to hold your head high?
There is only one thing in my life.
Debts... or fever!
What's wrong now?
- I'm tired of life.
I do not understand what government is doing.
You start again to scroll!
And I Do?
My room is so small that when
stretches morning...
my two hands touch the wall.
In this room live with my fat
wife and 12 children.
my wife and children are always
You can laugh at my wife.
Even the public and the government laugh.
You there! Move your cart!
Move, or else the cops will get caught.
You there!
The road is so wide. A people
yet walk in the middle.
Madame, do not you hear the siren?
It you have cotton in your ears?
A hustle and she would fly
Football as topkal.
Do not you hear me?
Hey! She is pregnant!
Madame, forgive me.
I did not know.
Where are you going?
Allow me.
Okay, sure.
I have no money.
It's okay. Only come.
Let's go!
Now listen...
What do you say?
No, no... how so?
I beg you.
Not bothering me?
What does your husband?
He is in police forces
- Right.
He was an inspector!
Madame, I have a brother who teaches at a college.
I want him to become an inspector.
You better listen, Basanti!
You go?
My best wishes for the baby.
I lost my time
I do not understand why not start
when entering criminals.
But why not start when
lady was here?
Come here.
What happened?
Look, Raja sent a postcard.
He has invited me to attend
anniversary of the college.
You're inside a great time!
Since I was in college for the first time...
should get there in style.
Why not wear a 'sherwani'?
'Sherwani'? He 'attended a
recitation of poetry?
Should I wear a 'dhoti-kurta' then?
You present it to Parliament?
Wear a suit! Come with me.
Can I say something?
You can sew clothes
only for children.
What babbling?
Can not speak hindi?
Sew clothes for adults.
This is the first time someone
as you come into my shop.
You have so many hands
and as long legs.
Jacket I made this.
Raja is!
Can I see my Raja?
Difficult at this time
I'm his brother.
He is dressing.
His game is scheduled to begin.
Why not katurnesh front of the hall?
So he is the brother of Raja!
I do not know English.
I do not know.
We present you the drama, which
wait so long.
And the man died
The actors are...
Julie... Miss Manzhu.
Coma... Brutiy Kumar.
And Raja... !
This is my brother!
Brutiy, there lies your love.
Oh restless heart...
We will go there on horseback.
I would say that love is blind.
Julie, your baby arrived,
flown on the wings of love.
Who? You Brutiy?
Your love makes me helpless.
I loved Marcus.
There will always be so.
He will be killed.
And the world will see!
My lord!
What is it?
Let's get out.
Marcus is about.
Very good.
Go now, Julie.
When the moon rises again
I'll be back.
And I will take with me.
Julie, my love!
In comparison with your beauty
sun and moon fade.
Your body... your beauty
They are weird.
Let's get lost in it.
We can never be distanced.
What happened to him?
Raja! You got it, man!
Not make noise! Or will
Beat you! Sit!
Brother? How comes it?
Truth can never
be suppressed by falsehood.
Just as paper flower
never give flavor.
Tell your positions, Raja!
Oceans have been cut...
and mountains are made
to evaporate!
What nonsense! He said
ppochti right!
The mountains have been cut...
made a okenaite
to evaporate!
For your interest, I can
crash even the heavens!
Bravo, my dear boy!
I do so that dust
to bite the enemy. !
Enemies bite the dust!
I can not make enemies
bite the dust.
Demolition of the riches...
From the destruction of wealth...
Elimination of the law...
The elimination of the law...
I can start managing the love!
Management love.
Go further! Why are you there?
Go further! Why are you there?
This is not dialoga. Molya they
to move on.
This is not dialogue
Please be etc...
He does not remember their positions.
Leave him!
Stop the drama!
Leave him!
In this channel!
In this channel!
Shut up!
Not a word from anyone!
Where are you going?
Sit down there fast!
Come there and talk with Raja!
Continue with the drama!
It is time for your home.
Raja! Watch out!
I hit this guy without any reason.
I do this.
Otherwise program would fail.
I do not think I have a brain.
That is 50 rupees.
You may need.
And give 50 rupees to the boy.
Tell him that your brother has given them.
Tell him that a friend of your brother
gave them.
I'm leaving.
Very well, brother.
But how did this confusion?
Why did it hit me
so that watching the game?
You know how many times you carry "Ram-Lila!
Once dropped off pace
stage as Hanuman.
He was hospitalized for 15 days.
Here's another 20 rupees.
Okay, brother.
The parents of the boy... will be
I hurt when they see the boy?
No, not exactly.
Hold another 20 rupii. Day
them to him first aid.
Okay, brother.
Do not feel bad, right?
How can I ever feel bad
for what you do?
I knew you would not mind.
Here's another 20 rupees. Buy almonds.
You look weak.
Better go, brother.
Abtobusat leaves.
What is it, brother?
Stay strong.
Write me whenever you
need money.
Here's another 50 rupees.
Take care of yourself!
Inspector's wife!
Forgive me, madam!
What are you looking?
Where was gone?
If something goes wrong,
police will get me.
No one will catch you.
You mean that already happened?
Yes! It happens.
What is - boy or girl?
Twins? When?
But where are the babies?
On school.
School? Were born only yesterday,
and now go to school!
You are amazing, God!
Anvar... ?
Thank God! This is Chotu!
I will go down the bend.
Who was with you in the car?
Tell me!
Tell me... Who was it?
He gave me a bribe to get it
left alone.
Check his bag, Sir. I
that there is contraband in it.
Lock him up, police. .
Why? What happened?
He was caught with contraband.
Where is Mr. tip?
What happens now? It is far
the house of his brother.
I surrender all their
illegal work, brother.
Give me to shans. Iskam
lead again otgovren life.
You? Responsible life?
Your whole propriety
just because your greed.
You want a loan than a million rupees.
So forged
decency today. .
But I will not give you anything. .
Get out.
And do not set foot in this house more.
All right. I'm leaving.
But we will avenge it in
so that...
I'll remember for a lifetime.
What's worse than that to kill me?
You're a criminal. You kill people.
People may be afraid of you
but not me.
Do not worry, sir.
Get out!
Your health may deteriorate, sir.
Who were they?
What do they know?
I do not know anyone.
I swear I had tatko. Chotu
to see someone else.
Why did not explain this to him?
Do not tell me.
Speak to him directly.
After I started with smuggling?
Even I do not know what it means smuggling.
I work for a transport company.
You can come and ask
if you do not believe me.
If they refuse to recognize me,
will understand them.
Very good. Say that
Today I made a mistake.
It was not you, it was someone else.
But remember, many, Anvar.
I am very indebted to your family.
She is my sister. He is my father.
Which makes you my brother.
I will never tolerate it if
my brother doing some criminal activities.
I will kill him.
I will personally throw him out... .
whether you or Raja.
I swear to God...
Do not get me intersuvat links when
it comes to maintaining the truth.
Why are you laughing?
I know what you are,
and what is your brother.
That poor boy makes charges
all the time...
and his brother flies
aircraft's in the college.
But how do you... ?
I heard what you said your brother.
In my interest, Manzhu.
You must not tell anyone
that my brother is an ordinary taxi driver.
But why should you hide the truth
the world?
Because I dream sppechelya money
to become rich.
I love you, not your wealth
or poverty.
Wealth is not everything.
If one is blessed with
wealth of love and harmony...
state money is nothing.
Those who have wealth
can afford to speak so.
Let me and I became rich.
Then you'll see...
whether wealth is more important
or love and happiness.
Money is not falling from the sky and
not grow on trees.
Anyone who dares to jump.
takes precious stones and pearls.
Bounce these positions and
Say something useful.
I say something useful.
You have a nice personality and his quick
with maps.
I was in your shoes
I am now earning millions.
I do not understand.
Come with me. I'll take you in a world...
where you can win thousands
with your personality...
millions with the dexterity of your hands.
Want to come?
Let me think.
Think. But do not stay long.
Someone may take your place,
and sorry life.
What is the significance?
- I'll tell you.
Yes, brother?
What is it?
Bring me the license of your pocket
of my shirt.
What is this?
You know... right?
Abdominal pain?
No, uncle.
Whatever one call. . ?
You know this thing?.
In the human body...
Not much!
Searched the whole place.
There was nothing there.
Get out! Discuss something personal.
Wrong. It is nice to
speak with personal ineshta whisper.
There is something wrong with
Talk in my presence.
It is not something that can be
discussed in your presence.
Why are you pushing?
Come outside, Uncle.
What is it?
Come... they will not leave us
to speak here.
Uncle, you know...
Why do not you understand?
When the woman's stomach is so?
When the child is born!
Yes! It took you so much
to understand!
Then say it with more words!
Why you weird?
When it has happened once
When this occurs again?
2 to 3 capable...
At least one year!
Yes. Year.
Now uncle, sit down.
And listen...
I saw this girl a week ago
was in the same condition.
And it was fine the next day.
So she decided the baby.
The child must be born.
But when I saw her today, she
was like before.
No, no... I must have seen someone else.
I swear in the name of Allah!
Not kalni. Tova is sin.
I swear to your name.
Impossible. There will be chaos.
I speak the truth.
I saw it with my own eyes.
You must have seen someone else
''Hi there!''
Do me''time, otherwise I will
I'm running against you''
''I'll have to take
police station''
''This is amazing, Chotu!''
''Make my way or I'll remove''
''I'll have to take
Police Station'''
"Chotu! Watch where you go!''
What to do''as
Razboyna not hear me?''
''They refer to the road if
is their property. ''
''If we svaalya...
they will lift the scene''
"They behave like cops''
''Make my way or I'll remove''
''I'll take the law
Police Station'''
''Make my way or I'll remove''
''I'll take the law
police station''
Chotu''! How I'm related to you?''
''Let the people ask me what is
my relationship with you''
''You're my source of livelihood "
You are so''open''
''I've never seen anyone like you''
''Make my way or I'll remove''
''I'll take you right
at the police station''
''Smile, baby!
Sing With Me''
Play on the table!''
''Do not make those noises
And stop talking about''
Taxi! Stop the car!
Yes, it looks like Arcade!
Open the door, please.
And help me with this.
Why you looking at me like that?
Your face reminds me of Arcade,
he lives in my community.
So we will e. Zashtoto sppodelyame
one name and one identity.
People in dnesshno time call me
Hey! Arcade!
Arcade You, my friend!
Where did you get so much of
hair on your head from?
When one becomes rich,
the hair comes on its own.
Will you take me to Dzhuhu?
Sure. Get
But how all this happened?
Do not you won the lottery?
Not a lottery, something better
the lottery.
One of my ppriyateli is
in this illegal business.
Pomilih it help me
when immah trouble.
He put me in this job
I stayed with him.
I found your work!
I was sick to sell bananas.
I even dreamed
for those big banana!
Performed several manipulations
with the money of some people.
I did 1. 5 million.
Swallowed them.
1. 5 million?
Then I bought a bungalow.
I bought a Benz.
Say you want Chotu
Sell taxi to Chor Bazaar.
Will they put my business in my day.
You're a top driver of the city, right?
May progress 10 times
more than me.
Are you done?
Do not say that again.
Why not?
Will they beat so that all
Your teeth will be killed. .
And never you
to use them.
What is the fee?
Get out.
You took me in so many
my hard times.
Now I have a lot of money.
You can take the money.
Give me 10 notes.
Fri bill of 100 rupees.
Here's your 90 rupees.
Arcade! Get your 90 rupees!
You are my friend. Hold
remaining 90 as a tip.
Listen! I do not want a tip!
Will hold 90 rupees on the dashboard.
If you ever strapped for cash
come and get them.
Uncle, whose are these things?
There is a new tenant, a lady. ,
who lives a free house.
It's nice. The house was free
for quite some time.
Raja is here!
Sincerely, Uncle Rahim
You're not my ppisa!
I came to listen.
I want to give you a surprise.
What do you give me?
I know what I mean "sir" and "price".
Nno not know what happens after
"Sir" and "price" is put together.
I wanted to shock, brother!
Clear! Okay, I'm shocked.
How are the exams?
First Class.
How painted all this paper?
Very good.
Bless you!
What is your number, Raja?
This is my brother, okay? It is not a car
to be licensed number.
Chotu, here's the place nomertata
the examinations.
I see. . who's your number?
My is 3782.
Save it in my diary.
What happened?
I'm scared.
Why are you scared?
Want to become a millionaire, right?
This is a door behind which they wait for the money.
I'm blind for 100 cigars.
Thousand rupees pokzvat that for me
Mr. Kapoor.
There you are!
You win!
Another deal, Mr Kapoor.
Mr. tip brought Raja.
Where is he?
This is the mass of Mr. Kapoor.
Where does this smell?
That smell comes from where.
Oh, yes!
Now I'm pregnant!
You scoundrel!
What is this?
Where are you going??
You dare to cook brandy
In this column?
Installed and appropriate
brewery, right?
You destroyed my distillery!
I will break bones even you.
You broke it.
So your husband is a police
Now I know why Sea pregnant every day.
Heck, get outta here!
No... prebiesh know me?
Not only you will hit your whole
family, okay?
You hit me?
Yes. And your father would hit!
What happened?
This woman is the devil...
No abuse!
Why not? She chased me through
last week.
Sometimes she is pregnant, sometimes not
It is smuggling business.
"Why worry about it?
How can you curse the girl?
But it sells alcohol!
It's like you're a big money spinner!
Better warn her uncle.
Just a miff to me
will smash her face.
Get out! Once you break
his face of someone?
I'll come home, right?
Go now. If you smell
drink again this morning...
Will they discharge into the furnace.
Oh, get out!
I've seen many like you.
Why are you sitting there?
Watch the movie without a ticket, right?
You weakling! Beat man himself?
Come and carry the drum.
Or will they beat?
Will face one big man...
with certainty.
Who do you kill?
Is a tall man.
He destroyed my distillery.
He beat up my people.
Must be killed.
Listen... come here.
There is someone who is hanging with her.
Bring him here.
I will come in the evening.
Are sure to come.
The taxi is free?
But it is allowed to board only
four passengers.
Where should you bring?
We will do this instead of that.
Do not you told
do not do anything for free?
Sell drinking... not your body.
Let's see.
Leave me alone, Peter.
Where will you run away, my dear?
Peter, stop!
My name is Marie.
I swear in the name of his mother Marie.
Will not spare.
Let me.
Where will you run?
Leave me alone.
Help! Help!
Shut up!
When Peter sgrapchva ' catch ' a,
nobody can save her.
What is this?
I told you to bring that man.
Correct your say.
But things turned.
Brought them here.
What is this? For me?
Misled, meaning that you will see
look after country.
He had!
It still moves!
Well, kid... Right here.
He is now!
You sent men to kill me, right?
Also, as delikatno?
They were swollen by Brandy
iskarani uncommon and money. .
They are empty inside.
Next oat sure that
Call out a tough one. Clear?
Why touch my feet?
Simple mi. Ako I was not saved,
they would rob my balgoprilichie.
Propriety? What decency?
Got this in order to be robbed?
Living slochestno obtained from wealth.
You make and sell spirits.
You do disgusting job
And then talk about respect!
If you're so anxious for your consideration,
stop doing such things.
Something decent work. Amend the floors,
wash, earn a living.
You just talk!
One moment... I'll be back soon.
My hard earned money.
Past''is buzzing around town''
Here comes the''worst of Bridge;
keep your stomach''
"Here comes the worst of the Bridge;
Protect your water''
Past''is buzzing around town''
Here comes the''worst of Bridge;
keep your stomach''
Here comes the''worst of Bridge;
keep your stomach''
''One of the things that will happen
is that''
''He can not just steal the butter...
and refer and your heart''
''One of the things that will happen
is that''
''He can not just steal the butter...
and refer and your heart''
Who oppitvash''to scare?''
''Who's afraid? Let us come''
''Do not say that...
did not snap around so''
''You will scream, Lady
when he won... ''
Your water''... ''
Past''is buzzing around town''
''It comes from young Bridge;
paving your stomach''
Here comes the''worst of Bridge;
keep your stomach''
''What would you do if
were robbed fair?''
''You can look at your reflection''
''What would you do if
were robbed fair?''
''You can look at your reflection''
"Do not go on the street
showing that mark-point''
Gokul''King knows that
is flirting. ''
''He met his party at Radha''
"He will cry when she captured''
''With her veil, she will tie
Buzzing''the city has undergone''
''It comes from young Bridge
keep your stomach''
Here comes the''worst of Bridge;
keep your stomach''
''The news is out razprostranenna
throughout the city''
Here comes the''worst of Bridge;
keep your stomach''
''It comes from young Bridge
better keep your stomach''
''There is panic in the city''
''It comes from young Bridge
keep your stomach''
Where do you want to go sir?
Pierre Ballard.
Sorry, sir. No
opportunity for appointments this week. .
Please contact us
following week.
Yes, please?
Is the lawyer?
Do you have an appointment?
Tell him that...
his childhood friend Bansi
comes to meet him.
I was not thinking that smoking
too much?
No matter. Let two smoke
cigarettes quickly.
Unbelievable! Recognized me?
After 20 years people will forget
and those of their parents.
But remember it all
How can I forget?
Why? What is so special
Story of my life starts with you.
Nothing we could have so lush
College in those days...
I would either get sick or
seozhenya not so fast...
or my brother would be
separated from me.
Anyway come and sit down.
One of my men has been arrested.
l want him released.
In what respect?
He has some things in it.
What things?
Cocaine and other drugs.
You must help me. Necessary
Is he to be free.
And only you can save it.
I'll pay any price to me.
Will not be able to pay
price to ask. .
Why not? Try me.
The price is such:
Come with me at the police station...
tell them that these things are yours,
and that the man is innocent.
I will release him
Want to come?
I came to you with high hopes.
You're disappointed that you came
the wrong place such hopes.
I do not sell law.
I defend it.
What do you drink? Tea... ?
Let go!
You came into my taktsi, right?
Drop watch here.
Oh, my God!
This is an expensive watch
Yours, right?
What is this?
Hold it.
What do you think?
I climbed the stairs...
and fought with the servants only
to take into consideration?
The passenger has found what is his.
My pride is intact. .
Life''is nothing ppoveche
of a long journey''
It seems your brother honest.
Way''in which go
we are not known "
What is your name?
I called around Mumbai Chotu Ustad.
Chotu Ustad, you're very nice.
Goodbye, sir.
Well, then... I'll see you again
if it is written so.
Clock is really beautiful.
Who are you?
I am your son in law.
Chotu Ustad.
Ustad Chotu?
Taksidzhiite call me in Mumbai
Chotu Ustad.
I'm Govinda.
I guess not recognize me.
Recognize them.
What brings you here?
I understand that today in the city.
Otherwise, I would have come earlier.
To meet with you, folks.
And seek your blessings. .
Looking to blessing
or to live with the crumbs?
To dissociable family?
Your brother has forgotten it. And you
come to break his world?
No, I did not come to destroy your house.
I do not want wealth and your brother.
None want a simple and selfish
Think you know about your status
before you come here?
Did you consider in what
house going?
The house's most famous
lawyer in the country!
And you? What are you?
Furthermore, a taxi driver!
If you have a little self-esteem,
and they care about respect for your brother...
no more error to come
What a strange man you.
You meet your brother after years...
and not even tell him that his
his younger brother?
Yes, uncle.
I could not gather courage.
Bad words to my daughter
still ringing in my ears.
And what I say to him?
Samobiknoven that the taxi driver?
It is the most influential lawyer
in bizarre...
I am a man nnegrammoten.
Would you watch it passed
and not tell him how
Both are related?
Yes, uncle.
Surely not.
The day when Raja is education
and become a great man.
Then we bring it to Raja
and say...
If your honor has been compromised
calling uneducated...
your brother, then do not call me
your brother, but...
Raja is educated. Surely
you may call your brother.
Mr. tip, the boy is very
good, good.
So things should be developed.
Marry it to Manzhu, brother,
Verma's daughter.
I'll cover you with so much money...
that will be required to serve
no one lives in the next 17.
Honey, what is your
progress to Raja?
Cop bird.
Do it quickly.
Start a preposition. Okay?
Ramnath, do it in-law
my brother earlier.
Then see how the manipulation
razmkite millions in a minute.
We will use trucks to
"Verma Transport for smuggling.
Will step into office immediately
as the old man die.
Manzhu is of marriageable age, sir.
You have to think about it.
Do not think so. Indeed,
I am very interested in the you.
But what will happen to me when
she went?
This house would be so lonely.
But, sir, why should it goes?
Why not looking boy
will live in this house...
instead take your daughter
after marriage?
Where can you find such a
boy dnesshni times?
I know such a man, sir.
Manzhu also loves him.
He is poor. But its poverty
doshtla good for you.
He will remain under your control.
And yours will be in command.
Can rarer to meet him?
Call him.
Wait! Please see. . here are
results of the investigation.
I passed my brother or ine?
Under what number is?
Congratulations. Your brother passed
in the first division.
In the first grade?
I went in the first distribution of BA
Uncle Rahim, I!
Has announced a book.
You did, Raja!
All my dreams were realized.
I can now tell his older brother,
that Raja passed away.
My Raja has done
and is now a graduate!
Well, sir?
I like the guy.
Yes, sir... Continue.
Raja is a very good boy.
He is modest. Honest. Where can
To find such a boy these days?
Well, I wear a marriage proposal for him.
For my daughter.
Sir, a rich man like you give
znachnie so much of my brother.
Like all my desire
is fulfilled.
I would give my life for such happiness.
But I want to tell you something.
No distinction between wealth
and poverty. But...
The gentleman wants to say that...
Manzhu lived in luxury bungalows
and walking around is by car.
To live in such a situation...
Do not worry about it, sir.
Will even sell themselves to their
give any happiness in life.
No, you do not understand.
Raja I want to keep my business
after the wedding.
It has to live with me forever.
You mean like your slave?
No, no... I mean...
No, Sir.
You're the first person who offends
me and my respect.
My brother, whom you want to take away,
live in my heart.
And only my death can do
knead here. Okay?
No, you got me messing.
You 're wrong.
Want to buy my brother with money?
It is not only a brother to me
but part of my heart... my soul.
And rich people can deal with people
poor but can not.
Go over and do not return.
He came to buy my brother!
Brother, this gentleman... ?
Yes, Mr Verma came.
He wanted you to buy.
He wanted to steal my life...
offering bungalow and car.
I gave up.
Are we for sale?
We have everything we need.
Remembering where we came from the village...
we had no boots, a roof over your head
we had bread and clothes.
But life has provided us all.
We have a house, food,
father as uncle Rahim...
We have a sister, Farida and fees.
What else do we want?
He came to buy us.
Why are you so quiet?
Brother... just very happy people
balgosloveni are a treasure.
Such a possibility is obtained
once in a lifetime.
If he lost this chance, never again
will be rich again.
There was a possibility in my life
to move...
To earn money, but today everything
was destroyed. . because of you.
Yes, brother.
There are millions of learners and fair
people who do not even work.
Wealth only came to our house
and you reject it.
You destroyed my promising future.
Brother, those who love
make sacrifices.
They do not destroy other homes.
I came to apologize to you, sir.
I forgot my status and kept
terrible to you the other day.
I came to ask for forgiveness.
Please do not penalizing my brother,
because of my mistakes.
I thought nothing
else in the world except love.
But love can not feed the stomach.
And it helps preuspeesh in life.
Do not want my love to be a barrier
Nantes progression to my brother.
Please forgive my mistakes
my brother and receptions.
I beg you, sir.
Thank you, sir. Never
forget what I have obliged.
Sir, can I make my
another service...
poor we will be honored
What is it?
Raja to marry in my region.
I agree.
Call me Chotu, and I'm there.
I will not let the ceremony to begin
before you come, brother.
Please come.
''Maybe your companion and your new
travel to be blessed''
Spring and''Bless
enchanted city of your dreams. ''
My heart sings''playful... "
''Maybe your life will be
filled with happiness''
Successes and failures'', over the road;
your goal is very far''
''Do not give up, capable of being
of helplessness''
Successes and failures'', over the road;
your goal is very far''
Touch his feet.
Why do my?
After marriage blessing is taken
more big brother.
You my older brother.
I mean. . Having an older brother.
Touch his feet.
Blessed be.
If Govinda and Raja were with me
likely to me that...
much love and respect as Chotu.
What is it, uncle?
How long will plunge
in sorrow?
I can see in this condition.
Everything's uncle. Do not mourn
for your son.
I am very unhappy.
All who love me abandon.
My parents died
I lost my daughter...
I lost a brother size.
My broken heart has only one support...
which give all your love...
my youngest brother.
He also leaves.
Also, skrabtta will leave me ever.
And when she left me
I will leave the world.
Do not say that, son.
We do not know anything meaningful to you?
Farida Is not your sister?
Did that old man is your father?
We do not know they love?
Yes. You love me very much.
But afraid of his fate.
Who knows? May someday be
part with me.
Before this happens,
will be divided by all.
I'll leave someday
Will go very soon.
What date is it today?
August 15.
August 15? Ustad Chotu
bet it was his car...
and had promised to pay it today.
Go check out his place.
This will not be necessary.
The car is your threshold.
No, no... I was kidding.
It's okay, sir.
Fate makes his jokes with me.
What is the difference if you are
have fun a little.
But what will you do now?
He succeeded with his hands and feet.
And what if I lost the car?
My hands and feet are intact.
And while they will help me continue my life.
But sir, take care of my Basanti.
I told the world that you
my mother... my sister.
You almost brought me.
You protect me.
But I am unhappy man.
Will go today after
sell my mother.
Driver, stop the car.
What is this mud of liitseto you... ?
It was my brother...
He soiling me.
What happened?
Something special out there?
For me, something special
Here... and here too.
Let me leave you somewhat
If life meant to leave them somewhere
I'd leave you but to me he would
Fate distanced me from Basanti.
Now you want me to "leave"?
We are completely separated, Chotu.
Everyone is sad when expensive
it izsotavyat beings.
And when the grief is gone. .
Death comes.
Who knows whether death is true... .
or she leaves?
Not talking about it.
No, please, prodalzhavay. Shte
short commute. I will lead.
We landed all things.
What are you saying? Even today, smuggling
is hard work in this country.
But I haul these things very easily
trucks in the "Verma Transport.
Tell your claims in the eyes
on your in-law.
And we will continue with the landing
in his truck.
All this will be sold
tomorrow for 5 million.
You will get 2. 5 million,
I'll take the other polovinat.
Drink to that.
Stop it! Cry so much!
I do not drink intentionally.
You should do it.
I met many people in business.
I have to entertain them.
Business that you hold today
belongs to my father. .
It is in this business 40 years.
He never drink
to meet someone.
Who are these new people, because
to drink?
Your father belongs
the old doctrine.
Time has changed today.
Time has not changed.
You are changed.
You look changed.
If you could change your home
your world, your relationships...
why can not change
your style in business?
What you see, I...
Do not touch me.
First listen to why I came.
I've never seen so inconsiderate
man like you.
Your brother spent every day of my life
to improve your life.
He stood hungry,
so that you can eat.
He was subjected to any
difficult for you to be happy.
And now, when I came into these chambers... .
you do not even look at his brother in the hut.
He is fed up immersed in misery.
He is alive, but it was better dead.
And you?
You're a selfish person.
Uncle! This... ?
How did we get here Basanti?
When a poor man works hard
he became rich someday.
This is the day when he gets
provident fund... when he steps aside.
I am also a great day.
And his son rich with my money.
By saving your fund, you... ?
You were so sad.
I could not bear to see your sorrow.
I see this as a gift from your father.
Uncle when his son grows up, he
not accept gifts from his father. .
Rather, he gave gifts
of his father.
There were so many responsibilities.
Farida has to be married away.
Much more important than my happiness
David is married to Farida.
Return it and get your money back.
Since God created us, He will
fulfill all our desires,
my son.
No offense by this old man
the return of this gift today.
Do not want to offend.
So you give up.
If people accept it will consider
that compromise with my respect.
I'll be offended and my contempt
will be your insult.
So please Post adds Our Take it.
You can get a loan from your father, right?
Until you come back the loan will
taxi ride to me, right?
it is true that there is no love
and humanity worldwide
But while there are people like you around...
love will never die.
You're doing me a service in
But today you buy me.
All right. Come now.
So remember your brother today?
No, brother. I remember you every day.
But I am so busy with work
I had a chance to see you.
In addition, execute the wishes
of your life.
I make money... earning respect.
There are thousands of people working for me.
I run millions.
Just watch, one day your brother
We'll be the richest man in the country.
Uncle... my little Raja
speaks today!
I've always dreamed about
and now he has a big man.
Unbelievable! And I worry here
that my brother loved me or not.
Getting older.
How could you say that?
Yes, uncle, growing old.
Can not find tolko
simple thing.
Very well, my boy.
Win lots of money.
Gain and glory.
But remember, brother...
never lose your self-esteem
for fame and money.
Freedom Is a taxi?
Yes. Where do you go?
Burning. But I have no money on me.
Pare? Do not confuse things for me
at this early hour!
Very happy today.
Yes, I am.
Do come to share my joy too.
Your happiness? Why? What happened?
Getting married or what?
Today is our vestival.
Then will come. You piyanstvash,
but you know I do not like to drink.
You mean it will not come?
No, no.
I am proud that also have relatives.
And they will come.
But you said not to come.
You are throwing yourself
at me like nobody's business.
Just because I spoke with you twice...
I was your relative?
If you come to your house someday...
Does your spouse will become?
Yes, indeed.
Then let me see...
What are you looking at?
What is it Marie? First invited me,
then turn away?
Who cried?
Who called me, huh?
Who calls?
Who are you waiting here?
And now you ask me who cried?
I do not know what you mean.
Why would I invite?
I do not even know who you are.
Look into my eyes and see their love.
You aspire to my love.
Sir, measuring your tongue!
It's impossible!
My teeth cause me problems.
Continue to misbehave with me
and will kill your teeth!
Will izdera beard!
Why should you cause problems?
'll Get out myself.
Here you are...
In English, ''they say
'L love you'''
''They say the same of him Gujarati''
"So you say it and Bengali''
Punjabi On''sounds so... ''
''Will die without you, I love you''
''I'll never find a girl like you''
In English, ''they say
l love you''
They say it the same''and Gujarati''
''Just as it says and Bengali''
And Punjabi''sounds so... ''
''Will die without you, I love you''
''I'll never find a man with soul
like yours. ''
''I umram for you so much
as there is water in the seas''
So while''many birds fly into the heavens. ''
''So much as
black bees in gradinnite there. ''
''I umram for you so much
how much water is in the seas. ''
"So while many birds fly into the heavens. ''
''So much as
black bees in gradinnite there. ''
In English, ''they say
l love you''
On''Gujarati also say their love''
So''it said and Bengali''
''As for Punjabi,
Here's what they say... ''
"I'll die without you, I love you''
Where will you find''stapnik like you?''
Why alarmed''all this fuss?
What will the world think about us?''
''I thought you an intelligent,
But you're an absolute idiot. ''
Why alarmed''all this fuss?
What will the world think about us?''
''I thought you an intelligent,
But you're an absolute idiot. ''
I will not tell''in English, I love you "
Nor will''tell Gujarati''
''I will not say you love and Bengali''
As a Punjabi''will not say... ''
''You better give me your approval soon
otherwise I swear to you... ''
I drink poison''in the presence of the whole world. ''
''You better give me your approval soon
otherwise I swear to you... ''
I drink poison''in the presence of the whole world. ''
''I say in English, I love you''
On''Gujarati gonna confess my love''
On''Bengali will tell you... ''
As a Punjabi''will tell... "
In English, ''they say
l love you''
Gujarati''On the same say it. . ''
''Just as it says and Bengali''
Punjabi''And they say... ''
Hello! Hey, cleaner!
If my fate clear destiny
whether I will become a janitor?
Sorry, sir. Your face reminds me
for someone.
Why only person?
I am the same person.
Are you Rush?
Why clean way?
The government went through my house
so we had to become a janitor.
But the car, the clothes and that hair. .
where is everything gone?
When I had hair was money here.
When I lost money and lost his hair.
I look awful.
But what happened?
The government rushed into my house.
They took all my clothes...
utensils and ornaments.
Bungalow also took mii.
I have already sold their old house.
So now I live in sewers.
It is a nice part of the government...
has made the poor rich man
and only for a day.
You have no idea what government is doing.
During the municipal strike...
I got a cleaner work
for 5 rupees a day.
I have not eaten in two days.
My wife and my 12 children did not eat.
Hold on!
Remember that once gave me 90 rupees?
Keep your money for you
if any need.
Promise that no longer work it.
Dobre. Ti're an angel to me.
For me it is only 90 rupees
It is 90,000 rupees.
Buy some bananas... or
come back to this dirty business.
You are welcome, Chotu Ustaad!
Open your mouth and Have this sweet.
But what is the meaning?
My brother passed his BA examinations.
Here stepennta and his photo.
My brother also BA's premium examinations.
Then you have to offer me candy.
Place pictures of your brother in a frame.
Will my photo so much that
whole community to talk about it.
I will put it in a large frame!
The extent of my brother is my level in life.
Where is that?
Got his number?
Go to the university. And say your number.
It will take.
No. Who said that? 3782?
The first class! Rame Gupta?
No, no. The name of my brother Raja.
But this number belongs shoulder Gupta.
Let prverya name.
What name did you say?
Radzhesh Shrivastva.
Radzhesh Shrivastva has prvalil.
What did you say?
Why grab my collar?
Grab the collar of your brother, .
I dance. . '' you dance''
I dance. . '' you dance''
''My happiness, my dreams. .
come to life here. ''
''I do not zatvyary in cell
I'm not a bird. ''
''My happiness, my dreams. .
come to life here. ''
''I do not zatvyary in cell
I'm not a bird''
''Let me speak... for my interest "
It is''a cup filled with wine
not with poison. ''
''You will not mind if you drink
and sing along with it. "
It is''a cup filled with wine
not with poison. ''
''You will not mind if you drink
and sing along with it. ''
''Let me live... ''
''We talk to one another''
and we already sway. ''
''Let me fly, ... ''
I dance. . '' you dance. ''
I dance... '' you dance. ''
Stop the music!
What villainy is this brother?
Stay away or I'll kill you!
What villainy is this?
Tricks! So do I pay off
full of hard work?
What have I done? Better talk fast.
I do not have much time.
No time? Missed 25
years of his life for you...
and now you tell me that you have no time
listen to me?
Tricks! Not failed
only B. A. exams. .
but every test in your life...
Oh! So now you know. .
But it's too late mean compliance.
Not supposed to leave on
Geek railway platform. .
where it is fed with food
given to beggars...
so instead of being...
under the influence of strong drink and wealth...
would forgive a corner
having difficulty.
But I do not understand the reason for your rage.
You wanted to earn wealth.
I did it.
He wanted to create a situation.
I did it.
What difference does the degree?
Right. You can not understand
degree of importance.
You sold yourself for currency notes
Brother, these currency notes,
people even sold their conscience.
Yes. Just like you.
Sell honesty, respect their
and became a slave to wealth.
Skip it, Brother.
All these ideas are a coward.
Some need courage to succeed.
I had courage. You would not.
People like you are born poor workers
and die as such.
If you remain illiterate and poor
Why blame me?
If you have courage,
go and make money. .
What happened to you?
Rich boy teach me!
I taught him how to walk.
I did it man!
It was high society
thanks to my work and my money.
And he says that I am a coward!
And I have korazha to win.
Will earn money and show him.
Whatever you win for 10 years
I will earn 10 times more per year.
Let him go.
Do not stop now.
To start!
Basanti, Do not be stubborn
Today I am angry.
Better start.
Otherwise I. .
Tricks! Not Started!
Not started!
Join here and leave.
Pascal is not afraid.
Today I came to stop them,
a drink.
Give me a drink.
Give me a drink.
Pascal! Give me a glass!
Pour me.
Pour drink into the cup.
Fill this cup also Pascal.
Get se. Meri.
If you can drink
why can not I?
Have you not seen drinking.
I did it with my hands
and serve the people.
I will drink today.
Why do I break the glass?
Give me to drink.
If you give me to drink
How will you drink itself?
You can not even touch it.
Simply touch the glass
and bottle.
Will not stop again
Personally, I will give you all drinking
Go ahead. Touch bottle
the cup. Sipping!
Drive faster!
Prior to escape with the goods
I want to grab them
Download here. Quick!
Drive faster!
Call them, Robert!
Silence. This is the police!
I'll be back soon.
Seems to have escaped
Transport company Verma?
See what's in boxes.
What, sir?
Mr Bansi, our things were stolen.
What happened?
What about it?
His leg was seriously injured.
I hid it behind the bushes.
Before he died, bring him here.
He knows all about our plans
and for 7 and 10 and this month
Okay? Hurry.
What happened? Truck
I seize it?
What happens now?
What do you say to Mr Verma?
You are such a coward, how
get involved in all this?
What? What are you saying?
Truth is,
Take your truck from smuggling.
Now come.
You see the consequences of
Uncommon cases?
Consequences lied to your father?
It must be taken immediately to hospital.
His condition is critical.
Call an ambulance immediately.
Who are you?
Leave my brother found one robber!
Ottawa me alone.
Anvar where water?
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
Daddy! How did it happen?
What harm we caused them?
Uncle, I swear... I will not let
to drain your blood in vain.
Will dirty the whole world with blood
these bandits.
Where is Anvar?
Where is Anvar?
Tell me where is Anvar.
Tell me. Or will I break in pieces
you thick head and watermelon.
Tell me... Anvar is where?
Where is Anvar?
I'll tell you.
Forgive me.
Do not worry.
Everything will be fine.
Look, you brought Anvar.
Kill Chotu Ustad
Do not spare.
He has sympathy for his brother!
He was happy with my money
and sympathetic to his brother?
I make money with money on my son in law,
not with yours.
And you of leading smuggling
vehicles to my son in law.
Lies! You himself carrying goods
vehicles with your son in law.
Do you personally doing all that.
Whole business is conducted with your name.
Your name is used for all
places. Not mine.
Tell someone like you. Police
I'll arrest myself.
I'm built transportnta company
with hard work and honesty. .
This company is known throughout
India with respect.
But today, you destroy his reputation.
It made me lose my temper
face of the world.
I loved not only as Z,
but as my own son.
But I forgot the simple fact that...
one that can reject
sobsveniya brother...
brother who sacrifice every breath of life
because of your interest...
You compromise his love,
to become my son in law.
To get to wealth
it may even come back here someday.
May reject my daughter
and marry someone else.
What? I...
Get out.
Told to get out!
Mr Varma knows everything.
My God!
Come here immediately.
Who? Mr. Raja? Rich man
of this city...
Why are you here in this colony
of the poor?
Careful, sir.
This is not the hand of a dancer.
These are the feet of the poor taxi driver.
Brother, forgive me. Simple this
guilty man.
Should I forgive?
I am a poor man. What can
to give to someone anyway?
Poor people like me were born poor,
and will die poor.
And the poor do not forgive anything.
Would rather ask for forgiveness
rich people like you.
Enough, brother!
... Enough? So soon?
You act fantastic. Then poured
a few tears and said "Dostataachno.
You put someone in a house fire...
Tears flowed after that and think
that the fire was put out
No. Until you forgive me
will not let your feet
Uncle Rahim, who was having
father to me, died for you.
My sister Farida remained an orphan.
Anvar is dead.
You are the murderer of my
honesty and my respect.
You lost my respect.
Hit me, bro!
Hit me up meat.
I am ungrateful man.
I'm a cheater!
I nakuchvah and you were the one who
taught me to go.
You helped me to stand on
own feet.
And what is the first thing
when I did?
Rejected the love of his brother
Cut my legs, my brother.
Why should you cut your feet?
Previously disabled only
Now your soul is mutilated.
Your feet will serve you
no longer in use.
If necessary, cut the legs of the devil
Who lives in your heart.
Cut greed, which has launched
roots in your heart.
Tell me, are you really able
to do this?
Chotu, a call for you.
Call for you Chotu.
Yes, who?
Here is Verma, father in law to your brother.
Yes, sir? What?
Can you come to my bongo now?
I want to ppogovorim on Raja
and dazherya my life.
Why ask me? You and Raja
may find themselves.
I do not know anything.
So please, di-mail me.
Listen Chotu. .
I'm worried.
For God's sake, come for a while.
I'll be much obliged.
Please come.
All right. Coming.
Sir! What happened?
Who did this?
Tell me, sir. Eg Who... ?
Murderer! Murderer!
Open the door!
Celebrate... section is
The biggest danger in my life
Today is my move.
People kill two birds with stone.
I killed three birds.
I have not committed this murder.
I received a call from him.
The sooner you get here...
Come to the police...
... And say what you like.
I have not committed this murder.
I said stop!
Leave me alone!
Who killed my brother?
Manzhu, dear, how all this happen?
The man who killed my brother
will lose your hands!
First, let me congratulate...
on behalf of all lawyers in the city.
This is your first day as a judge.
Process begins.
Accused has a younger brother
named Raja.
It gives education and
after completing their education
Raja married the daughter of Mr. Verma
Manzhu and live with them.
Days go by. Suddenly,
the night of January 20...
Raja is bout memzhdu
and Mr. Verma.
Mr Verma and Raja grieved
kick it out of his house.
Defendant went into the house of Mr Verma,
to speak in the interest of his brother.
Mr Verma was already angry.
The accused was also angry.
Two of them had a conflict.
Therefore, defendant has
killed Mr Verma.
Mr. lawyer, touching the Holy
Gita 10 times a day...
getting people to swear,
that will speak the truth...
himself you speak lies?
The accused will be given to him
Able to speak.
It should not break your ways
Having spoken to the end.
I want to present several witnesses.
You may continue.
My first witness is Mr. Ramnat.
Will tell the truth, and nothing else
but the truth.
How long have you know Mr Verma?
20 years.
I'm a manager
Transport komppaniya Verma.
Is it true that between Raja and
Mr Verma is there any tension?
Da. Nemarlivostta of Raja and
wasteful spending. .
detrimental to the business of Mr Verma.
Company Mr. Verma received a bad reputation.
conflict erupted between the two
the night of 20...
and Mr Verma asked Raja
to leave the house.
Then zetya who lived by-laws. .
left the house, he lost the house
and wealth too. .
Raja left the house. I tried to
convince Mr. Verma.
Raja wanted to ask Mr. Verma
for forgiveness.
That night Raja looked everywhere.
Finally, I realized that Raja is
went to his older brother.
There is a shop in their colony.
Telephoned there to talk to Raja.
But instead Raja came his
older brother.
He said he would come.
He said he would agree with Mr. Verma personally.
He lied!
Accused is warned in
poslednno time for a break.
Then, the accusations do so
which had threatened to do.
Now I want to call Raja
to the stand.
I went to his brother on the night of January 20?
I asked... Why go there?
I had not seen his brother many days.
Can you talk a little higher?
I had not seen his brother many days.
But on the night of January 20...
therefore feel that should see his brother?
Because he saw that his future now
not so sure. .
He left the shabby house of his brother
and went into the house of the rich...
rich man and that it has rejected.
This blackout has occurred in his life.
He is brother incite against Mr Verma.
That his brother, who is known...
between taxi drivers...
as someone who speaks little
and easily broke...
He arrived at the house of Mr Verma.
He attacked Mr Verma with a knife and killed him.
No, this is a lie! My brother is a murderer.
It is evident from the testimony of the witness...
he is a murderer.
He killed Mr Verma.
He lied, sir.
Soon you will know what is truth and what is not true.
I want to ask a few questions of the accused.
You have permission.
Your name?
Chotu Ustaad.
I ask you for your real name.
This is my real name.
He lied. Has lied throughout his life.
From his colony of college
where his brother taught...
from the village, which has escaped...
it was discovered that his real name is Govinda.
His name is Govinda Shrivastava.
The name of his father Rame Shrivastava.
And the name of his brother Raja is not,
Radzhesh and Shrivastava.
Adjourn the court.
You never remember your
older brother in the last 20 years?
You never come back to see
how your older brother...
live as a corpse
without you both?
20 years punishing you brother
a crime...
which he never knew.
I nourish my life, brother.
I lived with the hope that...
I could hug his brother at least once
during those 20 years, which suffered.
In return, I would not mind
, even if they had to give his life.
And today, when fate
Unfortunately, my favorite events...
and they met... .
but what place?
Younger brother stands
the stand...
accused of murder.
A larger brother is Judge
who will accept his death sentence.
No, son. Do not cry.
Do not cry. . no!
Your older brother will be
put to the test.
This is a real test.
... And my God too.
If it exists, if His law is truth
His justice is if the truth...
Your brother, then this will save you
from the gallows.
From where comes the second judge?
All statements of witnesses
were recorded.
So I pray the court to read
its decision.
Why this haste?
Yet my turn.
Sorry for the delay.
Submit Govinda as a lawyer.
My first witness is the manager
On the night of January 20 when Mr Verma
Raja thrown out of his house...
you said that you have searched
in many places.
Where are you looking for?
In hotels, bars, clubs. .
in many places...
And none of these sites found Raja.
No, I found it.
Then where Raja opened?
There is a grocery shop in the colony
where does the older brother of the Raja.
Telephoned from there.
That means...
Before calling,
you already knew that...
Raja went to the colony
to see his brother.
You live in a colony?
No! Live on Napean Sea Road.
Then from where you took the number of the store?
Mr Verma gave it to me.
Before or after the murder?
Mr Verma gave me numbers
many days before.
Manager, your memory
has diminished considerably.
You've been around personally.
He took my phone number
the trader...
and then I talked with Govinda
from a public phone.
No! This is a lie!
People, who have taken
phone number is sitting here.
Do you recognize him?
... Can I call him here?
No... yes... I took the phone number from him.
So remember.
Now I remember.
Why call me?
Because I wanted to arrange meeting
of Raja with Mr. Verma.
After I went to the colony,
Why not meet with Raja?
Why did you have to call?
The question is...
There was a big conspiracy behind it. .
Mr Verma was dead long before
Ramnathan to call.
Killer wanted to cry out there Raja
calling him...
and dip it murder.
But occasionally...
Govinda, brother Raja proved to be there...
and got hit by the killer.
Court is adjourned for today.
On the night of January 20
How did you know that your brother was killed?
What an absurd joke!
The whole world knows about it.
So why not me?
Nevertheless, he was my brother.
According to police reports...
for 4 hours after the murder...
Police did not inform anyone except Manzhu.
And you arrive there after half an hour.
How did this news so fast?
I got a call.
From the local slave.
According to the telephone exchange
report that. .
after the murder, during those four hours...
no place or receive
call from there.
How come there?
And why?
Just as...
I answer that question!
They are pictures of the corpse of Mr Verma
made that night.
All things are present in sheets.
Except one thing.
This shiny object.
How is the clock in this case?
There are very deep connection.
Clock of this picture is here!
Picture of the clock...
can clearly see the month
day and time.
According to the report...
murder happened at 11. 30 afternoon
January 20.
Watch the picture show
11. 30 afternoon.
Please take note, Your Honor.
The murder was at 11. 30 this afternoon.
Clock shows the same time.
The defense wants you to say that...
Police was there during
the murder...
and instead to catch the killer...
they take pictures?
I mean something else, Your Honor
Police went there at 12:30 am.
This means that images must
be made at 12:15 am.
But the clock still shows 11. 30 in the afternoon.
Is quite obvious that clock
stops working...
in mommvnta, which fell to the floor.
But, unfortunately the lawyer
My clock is running.
Works now.
But did not work until 11:30 am
January 21...
when you fix it in
Eastern watch company in Fontana.
This is to obtain a repair.
This is a duplicate.
You must have the original.
Mr Bansi rescheduling murder
his older brother...
Govinda involvement in murder
then returned home in a peaceful state.
But criminals always remain
at some evidence somewhere.
When he returned home, guessed
that engagement...
he has lost his watch.
He returned in place of Mr Verma
to seek the clock.
But within the police there
He ceased their activities.
Who killed my brother?
Manzhu dear, how all this happened?
Man, this caused my brother
will lose your hands!
Now what will I do without you?
If you see face to face with this monkey
not leave it alive.
But then, evidence
been documented by the police...
in the form of picture.
Misleading indication of
Ramanathan manager that...
attack in a call Raja
to the home of Mr Verma...
calling him by the food store...
Neuvedomen about it...
He arrives at the crime
for less than half an hour...
The fact that he is watching
there during the assassination...
And watch that disappear...
All this shows that Mr Bansi
committed the murder of Mr Verma.
Yeah... I'm a murderer.
I killed Mr. Verma!
And today and will not spare you, Harry.
Beware! Nobody comes close!
Are you okay?
Get out!
You damned smuggler!
How dare you shoot my brother?
You destroyed the life of my brother Raja.
Take it to the police.
My work is over, Inspector.
Now you can do your.
Let's go home, honey.
Since you went away...
Happiness at home is also gone.
Forgive me.
What is it snahichke?
... Brother Raja...
Let's go, brother!