Khullam Khulla Pyar Karen (2005) Movie Script

"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
So, Mr. Govardhan and Mr. Damani..
..I've called you both from India specially.. remind you of what you've forgotten.
Do you know.. many dead bodies the foundation of the underworld stands on?
We've drenched the earth of the the underworld with blood.
We've slain so many officers of the law..
..and have coloured the walls of the underworld with their ashes.
Don't you know all that?
My empire, my underworld... I entrusted to you both.
And today, what do I see?
My arms are striking at each other?
You want to trample on his head..
..and he wants to snatch your crown?
It isn't anything like that, Anna. Actually..
No words. You're both trying to bring each other down.
I have some Indian newspapers. Look at this.
Gang war in Mumbai. Damani's men have killed 21 of..
..Mr. Govardhan's men in a gang war.
Damani has been fired on in Dongri.
A lethal attack on Mr. Govardhan.
And ten of Damani's warehouses burnt down in Goa.
I want to ask you..
..why the two of you are baying for each other's blood after all.
I'll tell you. You gave me charge of Mumbai's illegal banking system.
And he started doing that work secretly.
The billions of rupees that I was to earn..
..he has earned in actuality.
Very good! And the gold and silver..
..smuggling that Anna had given me?
He has done all that smuggling.
And whenever I tried to smuggle anything..
..he robbed my goods at the Daman-Kutch border.
You've killed 220 of my shooters till today!
And who will account for 400 of my shooters that you've had killed?
Who has killed whom..
..just means that the underworld killed the underworld.
And if this enmity goes on, we'll all be finished one day.
And I can't see my underworld being destroyed.
Forget your old enmity.
No, Anna. I won't forget this enmity even if I die.
And I can't forget it even in future lifetimes!
One minute.
Sir, there's a call.
I don't like anyone disturbing me like this.
Now, listen to me carefully.
You have a daughter. - Yes.
You have a son, who studied in London and has recently returned to India.
Yes, but.. - I know everything.
I wish your son and his daughter to marry immediately.
Mr. Govardhan, as soon as you reach India..
..send your son to Gujarat, to Damani's place.
Your son will see his daughter and understand her..
..and your enmity will change into relationship.
And if this doesn't happen..
..then listen and listen well.
Instead of clarinets at a wedding, shrieks of death will echo.
Shrieks of death!
Why should I become a scapegoat in your enmity?
Son, if you don't marry Damani's daughter..
..all of us will become scapegoats.
Who is this Damani? That Gujarat don?
If I marry his daughter, what will happen..
..of my Tina, Rina, Meena, Marzina and Rita?
What will happen of all of them?
They'll die without me! And my Lily!
Darn your Lily. I'm so worried here!
I'm sorry, Dad. I can't go through with this marriage. - And I'll have it done.
I can't do this marriage, Dad!
To heck with the world, but I'll have this marriage take this place!
What? A second marriage at this age, leaving me?
Do you think I'll let you? I'll shake your world!
I'll show you stars in the day! wife.. - Mom.. - What?
You're always so angry! Listen to me at least!
I don't want to listen to anything.
I doubted your character even before marrying you. - Did you hear that?
Who is that witch? Who is that witch..
..who wishes to destroy my marriage?
I'll destroy her! - Listen to me at least!
I've heard whatever I had to.
I'll see how you remarry. I'll call my brother right away. Brother Pappu!
No, please don't call him! Don't call your brother!
What's the matter, sister?
Brother, I'm ruined... I'm destroyed!
Your brother-in-law is about to remarry.
Sister, shall I shoot him down?
I'm not speaking about my marriage.
I'm speaking about my son's marriage.
Sister, shall I kill his son? - Uncle!
You fool, what are you saying? He's my son too!
I had forgotten in the tension that he's your son too.
Aim the gun away! What if a shot goes goes off?
Nothing will happen to you. My sister will be widowed.
Do you have brains? Do you have something here or not?
I didn't check.
And what's this? Who are these people?
They are my bodyguards. - Your bodyguards?
Look at your body, what's the need for a guard for it?
When I exercise, I fall down.
When I speak loudly, I fall down.
If I hear a shot fired on television...I fall down.
If there's a strong breeze, I fall down.
Now, I've kept them to pick me up.. that people won't say your brother-in-law is a lowly man.
Please go. I lose, you win. Please go. - Okay. - Go.
Tell me right now.
Look, hot wife.. - Legal wife! - It's one and the same.
He'll have to marry Damani's daughter.
Or else Anna will kill all of us!
Brother-in-law, shall I kill Anna?
You can't fly a kite, how will you kill Anna?
Come on, get lost. - Okay.
Come on, take care of me, okay.
And listen, he'll have to go to Gujarat to meet Damani's daughter.
Okay. So Damani's daughter will become our daughter-in-law?
Son, marry her. Damani is a millionaire.
Where will you get such a father-in-law?
But Mom...Lily.. - Shoot that Lily. Black cat. Sit.
Listen, you'll have to marry. - No. - Because..
..we have no choice, and it is Anna's order.
And once you're married, we'll have the upper hand.
And we'll get a large dowry too!
And after that, I'll take the business of Gujarat in my hands.
Once I get the business, if I don't make Damani polish.. shoes, my name isn't Govardhan.
I'll make his daughter wash the utensils here!
Preeti, you go shopping at least ten times a day.
Why do you spend so much money?
Daddy earns, and I spend.
There's a money-earning machine..
..and she's a money- spending machine.
Hey, thief! Thief!
Catch him! Catch him!
There are so many men here. Why doesn't anyone catch the thief?
Who called that I had to come?
So what if I don't have moustaches..
..I can give my life for the pride of men.
Tell me, what's the problem?
The thief stole her purse. - Thief!
Not her. She went that way.
Her! - Yes, I saw!
Driver, come quickly. I'll miss my flight to Delhi.
Whether you miss your flight or your life..
..I'll apprehend the female thief first..
..and only then will you catch the flight.
He has run away! What about our match?
Girls, come on. Let's go hold Himalaya Travels to account.
I won't leave her. It's a matter of Bihar's prestige.
How fast are you running? A bit slower...please..
Were you a racehorse in your previous life?
Hey, give me my bag..
Give it to me..
Give my bag back to me..
Tell me now.
Oh, God! She seems to be a veteran dacoit..
I've caught her. I've caught the thief..
You take the bag and run. Escape. - Thank you.
I'll see what this thief does.
Stupid donkey, jerk... I'll kill you.
You speak in English! Police!
Who is this lady?
Hey, are you blind? She's a thief of your neighbourhood.
What all hot items are there in our neighbourhood? I didn't know..
She's all right, but don't get involved with her.
Your goods will disappear, and you won't even know.
All right, fine. Untie and ungag her.
Do you know any English? - No.
Then it's useless to ungag her.
Why? - She abuses in English.
Okay, my superior knows English. Untie her.
Okay, I'll untie her just because you say so.
See. She's pushing me with such style.
She's gagged, even then she's speaking..
Idiot...donkey...jerk! I'll kill you!
You shut up! What are you saying?
Hey, you know English!
I know more than she does, but I use it less.
Why? - Because if I use it a lot, the stock will be exhausted.
What are you saying? - That's what I'm saying.
Shut up! I will kill you!
This is known as thievery and then bragging.
You idiot, I wasn't the thief. It was..
..the girl whom you gave my bag to.
See, she's looking for a new way to save herself now.
I won't spare you! - I won't spare you!
Here is Preeti.
They've arrived! My eyewitnesses has arrived.
So, maidens...please recognise this beautiful face.
Wasn't she the girl who ran away with the purse?
What? You caught her?
Whom should I have caught then?
That girl had run away with her purse.
Who had run away? - The one whom you gave my purse to.
What are you saying? It was a wrong number?
Oh, my God! - Where did he go?
Change the name from Himalaya Travels.. Wretched Travels.
I ask you.. could your man leave us in the middle of the road?
Because of him, we've missed our plane.
We had to go to Delhi to play a important hockey match.
And they lost without playing the match! - Yes!
I'm very sorry for what happened..
Nothing will be achieved with your apology.
Return our ticket money!
How can I return your ticket money to you?
My name is R.P. Mangnani.
That means don't ask me money.
This rabbit won't understand like this.
Take his things..
Hey, lady what are you doing? Why are you trashing my furniture?
Let go of the computer! Let go of the computer!
Okay, I'll give the money.
You've trashed everything. - Yes, give it quickly.
With a heavy heart, I give you this money.
You have ruined everything. - Yes, give it quickly.
He is ruined me.
You're here? - We?
Yes, what are you talking about?
I was searching for these girls there.
And they are moving here like it's their garden at home.
Did you flirt with the girls?
Raja, I had told you to drop the girls off at the airport in the bus.
And you dropped them midway? - My luck is bad.
I'll tell you what the matter was. There was a problem..
I know that you have a lot of excuses..
But I don't want to listen to anything.
This is great. The lawyer doesn't listen in court.
The teacher doesn't listen at school.
And you don't listen here in the office.. - My father!
Don't call me your father. I'm younger than you.
If I keep heroes like you on the job..
..I'll leave this world before my time.
So what? I'll take care of your office.
What's the difficulty in that? - Do you joke with me?
I'll break your face and kill you..
..with my punch like the movie 'Ghulam'.
Don't show this fist to me. Nothing will happen. I won't die.
Are you made of iron or brass..
..that you won't die?
Forget all that. I'm very lucky. The God of Death has tried too.
What do you mean? - Actually, when I was born, my parents..
..were taking me from one side of the Ganges to the other.
There were seventy people in the boat.
When the boat drowned, all the people drowned too..
..including my parents. But I survived.
How was that? - My mother kept me on a tube.
The tube floated, and I floated with it.
When I was ten years old..
..I stole the priest's shoes in fun.
The priest took me and tied me to the banyan tree.
He tied me to the banyan tree and..
..there was a storm in the village.
The priest and village headman drowned..
..but I didn't drown. - How was that?
He tied me to the top of the banyan tree.
The water didn't rise that high.
When I was 21, I was going to Delhi by train.
The bridge collapsed, the whole train drowned.
We didn't find even one bogey. 970 people were in the train.
When the bogey wasn't found, how could the people be found?
But I survived. - Are you mad? When the whole train drowned.. could you have survived?
I was travelling without ticket. The TTE had..
..made me get down at the station itself.
You're groaning as if you didn't like that I survived?
How much more will you lie? - I'm not lying.
When I was 24.. - Enough, my father, enough.
Don't call me father, I'm younger than you.
I curse my fate.. - Please have a seat and curse..
I curse the day that I employed you..
..after reading Lallan Prasad Yadav's letter..
..from Bihar, saying that you're an orphan.
I think that you'll make me an orphan one day.
Go. Just go!
It isn't like that. You'll give me one chance.
I won't. - Please.. You're a honest man.
I won't give.. - You're a saint. I know it..
I'll give one more chance. But remember..
If you create any problems after today.. know very well what I'll do with you.
Yes, I know. You'll give me another chance.
You.. - There's a call.
Hello? Yes? Hello, Mrs. Gudgudlani.
Yes...okay...I'll come with the Mercedes.. the hotel at 11 in the morning.
Okay, bye.
It was Mrs. Gudgudlani.
Good morning, Mrs. Gudgudlani. Your car has arrived. did you know that I'm Mrs. Gudgudlani?
Your laughter is so good, I can understand you're Mrs. Gudgudlani.
Oh, you naughty boy.
Oh, you pretty woman..
Oh, no. - Oh, yes.
Hurry up. Get the car. We'll talk later in the car. Go.
Yes. Just a minute. I'll be back in two minutes.
Look at the face, she'll speak to me in the car.
Hi. Waiting for someone? - Yes.. Thief! Thief!
She's the same thief from that day..
I won't spare her today, I swear.
Where did she go?
Hey, wait! Where has she gone?
Hey, thief!
She has gone inside. Will she escape me like that?
Where did she hide? Is this a ladies bathroom?
What if I'm thrashed while doing a good deed?
Where are you?
Hey, you thief! I've caught you today. - Manager! Manager!
I've caught you today.
Call the police. She fooled me that day.
Catch her.. I'll see her face today..
Where did he go? Who was he?
I'll kill him!
"See from here.. see from there.."
"See from wherever you wish too."
"She is young, she is beautiful."
"She is young, she is beautiful."
"I have fallen in love with her.."
"I have fallen in love with her.."
"She is not a girl, she is a Banarasi Betel!"
"She is not a girl, she is a Banarasi Betel!"
"He is a lover, he is crazy, he is immature."
"He is a lover, he is crazy, he is immature."
"I think that he is a rascal."
"I think that he is a rascal."
"Save him, his life is at risk.."
"Save him.. his life is at risk.."
"He seems to be a stupid lover to me."
"He doesn't seem to be honorable by heart or face."
"I will have her taken good care of.."
"I will care for her.."
"She is the shop of a youth's story."
"She is not a girl, she is a Banarasi betel."
"She is not a girl, she is a Banarasi betel."
"Beloved, the heart agrees, but the words disagree."
"This is the attitude of the maidens."
"You don't know who I am."
"He is a arrogant fool, he doesn't agree."
"He doesn't know me at all."
"Save him.. his life is in danger."
"Save him.. his life is in danger."
"She is young, she is beautiful."
"I have fallen in love with her.."
"I have fallen in love with her.."
"She is not a girl, she is a Banarasi Betel!"
"She is not a girl, she is a Banarasi Betel!"
Do you see this Himalaya Travels? - Yes.
I shouldn't see it tomorrow. I'll take care of the rest.
Okay, ma'am.
Hey, what's going on? did this wrong number come here?
Hey, what are you doing? Stop this hooliganism!
This won't work in a democracy.
Where is democracy?
Sir, you'll jump if you see my Himalaya Travels.
It's my job to jump and dance.
I've got such huge offers for my property.
From Muscat, from the US.. Even from Bill Clinton.
He wanted to build a house for Mona Lewinsky.
I said no, I won't give it. The Indian government made me an offer.
They wanted to build another Rashtrapati Bhavan.
I said, no. I won't give it. But when you told me..
What will you be making?
Yes, a dancing school.
I became emotional and agreed..
..because even my wife dances.
Where does she dance? In a beer bar or a night club?
Are you joking with me? I'll break your face..
..with my fist just like in the movie 'Ghulam'.
Take the 2000 sq ft place that I have..
..and give me Rs.500,000 as deposit.
Sir, come and see how my Himalaya Travels is..
What are you looking here and there?
Tell me whether it is good or bad..
I'll tell you anything only when I see something, right?
How will you not see it? It is R.P. Mangnani's property.
I've made it myself. Look properly and see.
What will I see? This whole ground is empty like the Ramlila Grounds.
Are you crazy?
Are you crazy?
Are you crazy?
Are you crazy? My property was here till yesterday.
Where did it disappear to all of a sudden?
You search for it. I'll leave.
Where did my property go? Where did my property go?
My property..
Thank God. Thank God.
Has some thief stolen it?
It isn't about thievery, it's about an earthquake.
Did the earthquake affect only my 2000 sq ft?
Sir.. actually, it's a tragedy. I'm working with you..
And it's very unfortunate for me, my priest told me.
It'll clear off...but right now... it's a very bad time..
Tell me, what has happened?
I'll tell you, sir. He flirted with a girl.
She brought some hoodlums and did this to the building.
Tell me, how were you saved after.. were crushed under all this wood and tin?
There was something solid.. - Painting?
Yes, I saw that the office was about to crumble.
So I took the painting and held it over my head like a umbrella.
The office crumbled, but I didn't get hurt.
What happened to the painting? - That broke.
You broke the painting worth Rs.500,000?
Should I not have saved my own life?
Collect your baggage, and get lost from here.
You'll give me one chance. - I won't.
You're a very honest man. - I'm a wretched fellow.
You're a good man. - I'm not!
You're a saint. - I'm a devil. Get lost from here!
Can I go without money?
Take this. Take this, my father..
Don't call me father, I'm younger than you.
Oh...are you looking at my scooter?
Take it. Take it away. But it doesn't have petrol.
Who wants petrol? It'll work half the way on my reputation.
And the rest? - I'll tie it to some Bihari's truck..
..with a rope, what else?
Do whatever. Just get lost from here.
I don't feel like leaving you. But you don't..
..have anything that will make me stay.
Yes. That's what I'm saying. You're ruined.
But the girl because of whom all this has taken place..
..was gorgeous.
I've fallen in love with you at first sight.
Hello, I'm Ratilal. Who is speaking?
I'm Govardhan from Mumbai. Give the phone to Damani. - Yes, one minute.
Sir, it's Mr. Govardhan from Mumbai.
Tell him that I'm not here.
He's saying that.. sir.. just a minute..
Just a minute. It seems that it's something serious.
Hello, Mr. Govardhan.
Damani, my son Vicky is reaching Gujarat.
Receive him on the highway. - Okay.
Our bad luck is going, and good times are coming.
I have to get a lift from Mumbai to Bihar..
..because my scooter doesn't have petrol.
And I don't have any money either.
And I don't find this paltry scooter acceptable.
Understood? So you'll go in the middle..
..and meet with an accident. And I'll get a lift.
This is the car that you have to get me a lift from.
Hey, what are you doing?
Silence! He has seen my whole game. accident.
1. 2. 3.
Oh, God. Oh, God. - Thrash him! Thrash the rascal!
Hey, what are you doing? Why are you doing this?
It isn't the mistake of this good man.
If the police have to be called, I'll call them.
Then why don't you call the police?
Because I don't want to. What's it to you?
But he has bumped you with the car.
So what? He has bumped me. I like being bumped.
I was going by the wrong side. I'm a wrong man!
How are you concerned with it?
This is great. Meddling is thankless nowadays.
Did I invite you to meddle?
Go and take care of your garage. You go and take care of your inn.
And you go and take care of yourself.
That's great..
Sir, are you hurt a lot?
Yes. It can't be seen, but I'm hurt.
It's good that you came or else..
They would have hit you, they would have broken your limbs.
But I won't let that happen. You're a honest man.
You're great. - You haven't seen my greatness till now.
Please give me a lift. - Yes. Come on...please..
Shall I tell? - Get lost from here..
What does he want to tell me?
Give me Rs.100.. - Nothing.
You bumped me, and I bumped him.
Give him Rs.100, he's very poor.
Yes, take this...take this Rs.100.
Go now.
We'll meet later. - Am I crazy to meet you?
Are you all right? - Yes. Fine.
Come on.. - Yes, come on..
I'm so shaken..
He seems so honest..
I'm completely shaken..
Let's go.
So...where are you going?
I'm going to Surat.
Why are you going to Surat?
I'm going to Surat to meet my future bride.
You're going to Surat to meet your bride-to-be? Congratulations.
That means you live in Surat.
No, I live in Mumbai. I'm going to Surat to see the girl.
Oh! You're from Mumbai and you're going to Surat to meet your future bride.
I have an idea. Why don't you drop me off at Patna..
..and then go to Surat? - Patna?
Yes, it's nearby. Leave me off at Patna and go to Surat.
Sir, Patna is 1500km from here.
And Surat is just 200km.
Oh. That's a great problem. - Exactly.
I'll drop you off at Surat and take the car to Patna.
Don't worry. I'll fax the car back. - Fax?
Look, you seem to be rather drunk already.
And then, you're drinking even now. What if we have a problem?
Don't you know that drinking and driving is a legal crime?
Legal crime!
It seems you don't know who you're speaking to.
Who am I speaking to?
I'm the son of Mumbai's don, Govardhan.
Oh. Mumbai's don. Please, stop the car at the side.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Why? What's the problem? - I don't have any problem.
I don't have any problems. I can't have any problems.
Because for me, the bad luck is going..
..and the good times are coming..
What is going? - The bad luck..
But your behaviour seems to indicate..
..that your good luck is going, and your bad luck is coming.
Bad luck is coming.. The truck is coming..
What are you doing?
I've mixed such herbs and given him..
..that it's my last cure. If he gains consciousness, he'll..
Hey...hey...he opened his eyes!
He has gained consciousness!
Where am I? - You're in my hospital.
Who are you? - I'm the physician of this village.
How did I come here? - You were swept here in the flood.
You're fortunate that you've come here.
Half the village died due to the storm..
..and the rest died due to my medicines.
I was worried for my livelihood.
But when I saw you, I felt that you're rich.
So I cured you. But you don't have any money.
My ring, my watch.. where's my chain?
Everyone's wives and children drowned.
Even I had two, they drowned. - What? - Wives.
And you're talking about watches and chains?
What nonsense..
I made so much effort to bring you back to your senses.
I spent Rs.15,000. Who will pay?
Why have you tied me up? Untie me.
If I untie you, you'll run away, right?
Look.. I live in Mumbai..
So, do you think there aren't any fraudsters there?
What's your father's address?
I'll write a letter to him and get..
..Rs.15,000 via money order.
Only then will I let you go.
My dad is a very big don in Mumbai.
Whether he's a don, Brooke Bond or James Bond.. is that my concern? I want my money.
I'll release you only after that.
Just call my dad, he'll shower money on you.
What's your dad's phone number?
They don't even let me build my body.
They start calling me early in the morning.
Hello? Who is it? - Is this the don's house?
Why? What's the matter? Is someone about to die?
No, his son.. - Did he die?
No. I've saved him. I spent Rs.15,000 on..
..his treatment. If nobody gives it to me, I'll kill him.
You'll kill my nephew?
I'll hang you and shoot you!
Hey, bodyguard, give me the gun.
You idiot, what did you do?
Someone was threatening us over the phone..
..that they'd kill your son. So I shot him through the telephone.
You fool, when you shoot through the phone..
..will the bullet reach from here till there?
When the voice can reach, why can't the bullet reach?
Tell me, something. Which date were you born on?
Did you father make a 32-dated calendar?
I don't know. I'll ask my father.
If he doesn't give me a proper answer, I'll kill my father!
Get lost. Come on, get lost..
Phone! Phone! - What is it?
Phone. - You..
Bodyguards, we'll body build in the room upstairs.
Come on. Come on.
You don't have to worry. I've given him an injection.
He'll be conscious pretty soon.
Thank you. - Welcome. - Thank you very much.
Don't worry.
Sir, why are you so worried? I'll call and tell his father..
..that he has met with an accident.
You fool! Have you gone crazy?
Listen. Nobody must know he has met with an accident.
Why? Did you have the accident take place?
Shut up! The supremo will think I wished to have him killed!
And his father, Govardhan, my sworn enemy..
..will say it was my conspiracy.
It was good that all of them were drowned in the flood..
..and my future son-in-law was saved.
Son-in-law? - Yes, son-in-law.
To tell you the truth, not him but I have been saved.
Right, sir.
My daughter will be coming from Mumbai.
Let her meet him and consent. Only then will I get some peace.
The boy seems a hero, though.
If something had happened to this hero..
..there would be rivers of blood here.
And you'd drown in that river too.
Don't talk like a fool!
Sorry. Shall I say something sensible? - Yes?
What if his father asks for the whole of Gujarat in dowry?
No. I won't give the whole of Gujarat.
Yes.. I'll agree upto Rs.5 billion.
What if he doesn't agree to Rs.5 billion too?
Hey, why are you bargaining? Are you his broker?
No. I'm loyal to you, so I'm asking.
Well, if he doesn't agree to Rs.5 billion..
..I'll give him upto Rs.8 billion.
Yes. - Wonderful.
Okay, come on. We'll let him rest.
Lord Shankar, now I understand what you said.
The bad fate is leaving now. The poor boy..
..will soon be the rich man's son-in-law.
Lord Shankar, I understand what you said now.
When you've decided to help me out..
..I won't stop. I'll cooperate fully.
Oh, good. The son-in-law has regained his conscious.
I had regained it twice, but I lost it both times.
Why? - I heard Rs.5 billion once and Rs.8 billion once.
Was he bragging or was he telling the truth?
Are you speaking about Rs.5-8 billion?
He can easily spend around Rs.10 billion on you.
Why are you exaggerating?
What's so special about me?
You're about to marry his daughter.
That's all right. Tell me.. why is he spending so much on his daughter?
Is she characterless? - No, she isn't characterless.
She's out of her mind.
She's crazy? - No, she isn't crazy.
But she's equal to a hundred angry people.
Okay, she gets angry very quickly?
Yes. Just like how you have to temper mad horses..
Don't worry about that. I've tempered half the horses of Bihar.
Can I have a look at her?
Yes. That's her photo.. - Where is it?
Lord Shankar, now I understand what you wanted to tell me.
You've sent me to the right place.
He's conscious. - Really?
Oh.. He's unconscious once again.
Sit down, sir.
Where are we? Whose shanty is this?
Shanty? Son, this is a bungalow.
When did I say that this is the jungle?
Who are you? - Son, I'm your future father-in-law..
Oh...bless me, father-in-law.
What happened? - You took my blessings? - So what..
I just took your blessings, I didn't curse you.
Son, I didn't mean that. I mean..
..I had heard you lived in London and were very Westernised.
But my heart is Bihari. And that's the way I am.
If I meet a Hindi fellow, I'm Hindi. If I meet a Sindhi fellow, I'm Sindhi.
Who are you? - I'm Damani.
Da. - Ma - Ni.
This is a cute and fantastic name.
You talk so sweet, dear boy!
Shall I tell you something? Your daughter.. sweeter than my words.
Have you met my daughter?
I saw her photo hanging. I got the idea.
All right. All right.
Can I tell you something, son? Will you feel bad?
No, I won't feel it at all. Tell me.
Will you move into my home after marrying my daughter?
Will I? I already have! It suits me.
Bravo! Bravo!
Give me Rs.10,000. - Rs.10,000..
As a ritual for our first meeting.
You joke..
Okay, you're very smart. When I asked.. for Rs.10,000.. you say that I'm joking?
What about Rs.10,000, I'll give you Rs.100,000.
Then give me a million.
Why? You just asked me Rs.10,000 just now..
That's my habit. If someone gives me..
..a hand, I'll simply catch his throat.
In my field, we have to think big all the time.
You're just like your father. He too used to ask for money.
He asks money even today. - The rascal! - Rogue!
Hello, Damani. Did my son reach there?
Yes, Govardhan. Yes. your son has reached here safely.
Please, have me speak to him.
Here, son. Speak to your father.
I'm unwell. - Speak to your father..
He asks for money. - Don't do this.
Speak to your dad, he wishes to speak to you.
Are you laughing?
I'll laugh when he's joking. - When did I joke?
If I say so, you're joking..
Son...son...listen to me..
Son...son here...and son there..
Son, have you gone crazy?
I'm crazy, and I'll make him crazy too.
Have you lost it completely?
Yes. And hang up the phone.
Son, what was this? Why did you laugh and talk?
Dad and you are fighting with each other, right? - Yes.
Then should it not seem that we are happy in your house?
My son-in-law is so hearty.
My daughter is very lucky!
Now, see what will happen further.
Hi, Dad. Good morning.
Very good morning, my darling.
What's the matter? Phones and faxes. 'Come soon'.
'Come soon'.. - I've found a bridegroom for you.
Yes. When you see him, you'll be stunned.
She won't be stunned, she'll boot me!
I'll see his photo first. If I like it, I'll meet him. Not otherwise.
I knew that you'd say that. So..
..I put his photograph next to yours in the room. Go.
She's arriving. Lord Shankar, I didn't understand what you said!
Lord Shankar, I understand what you said now..
Hang here for some days. In future days..
..I'll be all over this room.
Yes! Ajay Jadeja!
I didn't even dream you'd choose such a nice boy for me.
He's a hero.
Daughter, I too know how to recognise diamonds.
How are you, child? Fine?
Yes. I want to meet Him, Dad. Where is he?
He's watching a movie in the mini-theatre.
'Come And Embrace Me'.
Go, embrace him.
Did I say something wrong?
Keep your hand down..
"Here and there.. God knows where.."
Hi, Ajju. - Hi, Preetu.
You play so well.. - I'm playing since birth.
Okay. Tell me. Where are you playing your next match?
I think that I'll play the rest of the matches in your compound.
Sometimes, in your hall, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen.
You're so funny. - I don't know why..
..but the whole world says that.
I'm a big fan of yours.
But I don't know how to believe that.
That means you've consented to wed me?
Will you reject me as soon as the lights are back on?
No. Never!
Why did you switch the lights on?
I mean, why did you switch the lights on?
It's the interval, sir.. - It would have been the end here..
I had got the third kiss on the cheek.
The fourth would be on the lips.
The game has been ruined.
Don't worry. Please, show me your face.
You said that you won't reject me!
Reject! I'll murder you! - What are you doing?
This women has gone crazy. Look, I don't fight with women..
Where's the democracy? - I'll kill you!
What childishness is this? You shot at my future son-in-law?
He can't be your son-in-law.
Why? You were excited when you saw the photos?
They were someone else's photos.
What are you talking about?
Yes, we've been fooled. Come with me.
I'll show you. Come on.
Hey. This photo.
It's of that same boy.
Dad, it isn't the photo I saw.
You've gone crazy.
Father-in-law, why does your daughter..
..get angry every time she sees me?
Is she having an affair with someone? - What do you mean?
I mean, are you having an affair with anyone?
Our relation is set, right?
I won't spare you alive. I'll riddle you with arrows.
Hey, this is a scene of a foreign movie.
I had seen it in Teevin Talkies in Bihar.
Shut up. Daddy, throw him out of the house right now!
Attend the phone, it is ringing. I tell you.
See, he listens to me.
Yes! Yes, Supremo?
Damani, till where has the matter reached?
Everything will be all right.
Actually, Govardhan's son likes my daughter.
But my daughter..
Listen to me carefully. If this marriage..
..proposal doesn't go through, I'll..
..take away the Gujarat business from you.
And you'll be on the streets, understood?
Listen to this carefully now.
If you get married, it will only be to Raja.
This isn't only my decision. It's the supremo's decision too.
Come on!
I don't understand. When you don't like that fellow..
..why does your dad want to marry you to him?
That's what I don't understand either. He has made my life difficult.
Okay. You want him to drive him out of the house, right?
Yes. - Then, I have a suggestion.
There's a hoodlum, Pashabhai. Meet him.
He does anything for money. He'll..
..turn that Raja into a pauper. Forget the house..
..he'll leave the city and escape.
Really? - Yes.
He's a bizarre man. He looks here and speaks there.
Don't leave him... don't leave him..
The four...there is money set...hit..
Mr. Pasha..
Yes. Come,. please sit on the sofa.
Sofa? Where's the sofa?
It's here..
But this is the TV. The sofa is here.
I know that it's here, but I can see it here.
Just like the TV is here, but I can see it here.
Oh, God! He looks at one place and sees another.
You're right. When God was fitting my eyes..
..his aim was a bit off. This is a minor problem..
..but not in the business of hitting people.
I've hit whomsoever I've wished to.
Tell me, what's the job?
We have to teach a lesson to a wastrel.
We'll teach him. If he's unmarried..
..we'll hit him and make him a joker.
If he's married, we'll hit him and..
..make him a servant to his wife, like me.
We have to break his bones.
We'll do it. If you say, I'll book a cot in a hospital.
For six months, for a year, tell me!
One month? - That's it?
Yes. Actually, I want to scare him out of my house..
..because I don't want to marry him.
Why? - Because I don't like him.
What do you think about me? - What?
I mean, is he stronger than me?
Why? Are you scared? - What are you saying?
I meant that if he's stronger than me..
..I'll have him beaten in the washermen's lane.
If he's of a medium size..
..I'll have him beaten up in a washing machine..
If he's skinny, I'll give him Ariel in his hand.
Tell me, who is he?
Son, I'll give you a suggestion. - Yes?
Give her a flower every morning.
Oh...I understand. - Then you'll see..
Yes. I understand. To woo the flower of your garden..
..I'll have to give her a flower, right? - Yes.
See. There he is.
I did see him.
Properly? - I've seen him properly.
He's a washed out man already.
It seems that many people have washed him.
He's very arrogant.
I'll take all his arrogance away.
Who is the second one?
He's my dad. Please don't do anything to him.
Dad? Was he married in his childhood?
What do you mean?
How am I concerned? I just have to beat him up.
You go for a stroll. In the meanwhile, I'll round them up.
Okay. - We'll meet after a small break.
Bhikhu, Pappu, Tinu.. Have you arrived?
Have you arrived?
What's the matter, Pashabhai?
Come, we have to thrash someone, okay?
Come with me.. - Come on!
Hey. Who are you? Insolent! What is this?
What are you doing?
Why are you hitting him?
Move, Daddy.. - Daddy..
Yes.. Pasha has taken a contract for him.
Taken a contract? You mean you'll kill him?
No, your daughter hasn't given us so much money.
My daughter? Stop them, or else he'll die!
He won't die. He's getting his just desserts.
Why are you looking here and speaking?
See, if I'm looking here, I'm looking right.
This means that your sight is on a turn..
Look, listen to me... listen to me.. -
What is it? - Listen to me!
This is a wrong number. - What?
You have a wrong number. See, the one whom you think is..
..the son-in-law and are thrashing.. actually the father-in-law and..
..the one whom you think is the father-in-law and are sparing.. actually the son-in-law. - What?
I'm telling you the truth. - Such a huge mistake?
Yes. - But my boys have already thrashed him.
Yes, the mistake has been committed.
What will you do now? - Hey, come on!
Just a minute. You wish to leave? - Yes.
It'll be difficult for you to leave. - What are you talking about?
The one whom you hit, thinking him to be me..
Do you know who he is? - Who is he?
He's a big don of the city.
Now, you're a finished case.
Take care of your own case now.
Hey, this don will kill me.. Run! Run!
Hanging.. why are you hitting him?
He's being hit because he saluted..
..Mr. Damani with the wrong hand.
He's being hit because he saluted with the wrong hand?
I hit him with bamboos! What will happen to me?
Whose elephantine leg is this?
This is not an elephantine leg, it's Mr. Damani's leg.
The man whose leg is so huge..
..that man himself will be so huge!
He'll have such a huge heart.
Everything that he has will be huge.
Why are you trembling?
I got malaria due to fear. But this is not my mistake.
It's the fault of my turned eyesight.
I was contracted to hit your future son-in-law.
But my turned eyesight turned on you.
I'll take your eyes out.
Take them, sir. Gouge them out. I'm tired of them.
Put yours in their place. - You fool!
Do you know what the punishment for this is?
I know. I saw. People are hung up and thrashed..
Sir, shall I shoot him?
No! I'm a fly. Spray insecticide on me..
I'll be scared. Just show me the can, I'll be scared.
If you shoot me, the whole of Gujarat will spit on you.
For what you've done..
..the only punishment is death. Take him away.
What are you doing? Is there any..
..comparison between a lion and a bug? Let him go.
I'm not a bug, I'm a fly.
Don't speak, or you'll die. Let him go.
No, this is not the way of our world.
If I can, I'll not only change the..
..ways of your world, but your world itself.
While I'm in Gujarat, I don't want any bloodshed.
You change the way or I'll leave.. - No.
Wait. Okay.
I spare you because my son-in-law asked me to.
Yes. Now go. - Go. Go, get lost.
Thank you, Mr. Damani.
Don't thank Mr. Damani, thank the son-in-law.
Thank you, son-in-law.
I'm here. I'm here...see.. - I can see.
From where? - I was born on the border, I see everything like this.
Please leave, you'll be killed.
He was an honest man. Why were you killing him?
That fool broke my leg.
What are you talking about? - Yes.
Shall I tell you something? It's good that you broke your leg.
Because if you hadn't broken your leg, my leg would.. broken, and then my dad would collar you.
You can understand? Shall I tell you something?
Before your daughter does something else.. whatever is to be done between us.
But your parents..
Forget my parents. I just don't want.. to die before they arrive. - What?
Yes. I'm very tensed after your leg.
Okay. I'll announce your engagement tomorrow.
Mr. Damani, I can't see Govardhan?
You said that you were Govardhan's enemy?
And that you'll have him killed? - But see what has happened now..
This is not my decision. This is the supremo's decision.
So, this is not a marriage, this is a compromise.
Call the boy and girl and fulfill the engagement.
Yes, they'll be here any moment now..
Here. She has arrived.
Give me..
Daughter, give him this ring and you give her this ring..
Father-in-law, I too am the son of a don.
Tell your daughter to wear the ring that I give her.
What do you think? You can marry.. just by making me wearing this common ring?
"Wear my ring in your finger."
"Lily ten to what I say, or else.. I will create a ruckus here.."
"Wear my ring in your finger."
"Wear my ring in your finger."
"Don't be proud on this story of four days, your youth."
"I tell you the truth, there is no fire on water!"
"Non. . I haven't seen such attitude before.."
"Wear my ring in your finger."
"Wear my ring in your finger."
"Ring.. Ring.."
"Ring.. Ring.."
"I will bring a red colored dress.. I will marry you.."
"Why will anyone stop me? I will make you a bride."
"I will not leave you all my life, I swear."
"I am the Bihari Lalla!"
"Wear my ring in your finger."
"Wear my ring in your finger."
"Lily ten to what I say, or else.. I will create a ruckus here.."
"Wear my ring in your finger."
"Wear my ring in your finger."
"Ring.." - "Wear my ring in your finger."
Hello. - Hello, Damani. It's me. Govardhan.
Yes, tell me.
You fool, you called my son there and had him engaged?
What could I do? The situation was something like that.
I had to have them engaged.
I'm coming there. And I'll come and fix the marriage date. - Okay.
What's the matter, father-in-law?
Whom were you speaking to so early in the morning?
Your father.. - You should have given the phone to me.
I'd have bored him with my laughter.
He's coming here to bore us.
He's coming here? When is he coming here?
He'll be here in a couple of hours. - In a couple of hours?
Lord Shiva, I didn't understand what you said. - What?
You won't understand, you'll come to know about it later.
What are you doing? Why are you blowing the horn?
Sir, someone is walking in the middle of the road.
Who is it? - Shankar Bhole, I understand what you said.
It's some sage. Park the car..
Shankar Bhole, I understand what you said.
Sir...sir, please listen to me..
Don't touch me. You're the snake of the black world.
Hey, what did you say? - He's a mongoose, and he's a snake.
Don't you see that he's an omniscient sage?
Get lost from here. Get lost..
Give me an order, sir. - What shall I order you?
You want to plunder your enemy's safe, right?
You've sent your son to Gujarat for that, right?
Yes. That's correct.
But please tell me. Will I be able to take his money?
Certainly you'll get..
..but thrashings, not his money.
Whose mother has fed milk to the person who will hit me?
The mother of your fate. And nobody can fight fate.
Any solution to this?
There's only one solution. - What?
You're going to Gujarat to meet your son?
Yes. - Don't see his face.
If you see him, he'll die.
His spirit will wander around.
Please tell me a way out of this problem.
There's just one way out. - What?
This black cloth was dipped in holy water.. a saint.
Just tie this black cloth over your eyes.
And then you'll see, nothing will go wrong.
But if I'm blindfolded, how will I see him?
See him with the eyes of your mind.
And embrace him and feel him. - But why?
Because the bad luck is heavy on you.
If you look at anyone with love, they'll die right there.
But when will it leave me?
When you'll go to Mumbai from Gujarat.
And if I come to meet my son in Gujarat once more?
It'll be heavy once more..
Is this ill fate traveling with me?
Don't ask me more questions, my concentration is dwindling. - What?
Concentration is dwindling! - Shall I tell?
No, sir. Please don't tell anything. - Who is he?
He's Sage Badbole. Whatever he says after drinking..
..turns into reality. Sage, what do you want? - Really?
That same thing. Rs.100.
Give it to him. - Yes.
He's a dangerous sage. - Go, please.
Go quickly, Sage. - Bye.
One more order. There's a small stream behind that mountain.
Take a bucketful of water from there.
And then heat it.
A bucketful of water? Where will I bring a bucket from?
And then bathe there for about an hour.
And then leave for Gujarat. I'm leaving here. I'll meet you there.
Lord Shankar, I understand what you said. - Oh, God!
Where will I bring a bucket from?
Then I'll have to heat that bucket..
And then when will I bathe?
He's going too. How will he go?
He's walking, I'm in a car. He'll make me crazy!
Leave it.
Wait here.
Damani.. - Welcome, welcome.
Govardhan, how are you?
It seems that you won my son over.
Can I ask you something? Don't feel bad.
No. Tell me, what is it?
You say you're Raja's father.
But he doesn't seem to be your son from any angle.
What do you mean?
You're a conman and with A hundred matters and..
..he's so innocent. Did the child change in the crib?
If I start unveiling your secrets..'ll leave your house and run away.
Sit down, sit down. Tell me.
Where's my son?
Yes.. I'll call him.
Just a minute. Is he upstairs? - Yes. - Then I'll sit here.
What is it?
No. That's a personal matter.
I'll tell you later.
He hasn't blindfolded himself.
Raja, come downstairs. Your dad wants to meet you.
Just a minute. Don't come. Wait.
What's this? Will you play blind man's buff with your son?
No, time is playing blind man's buff with me.
What's this childishness?
This isn't childishness, this is faith.
You don't know. Come, son.
What will I do of this voice?
What happened to your voice? - I'm eating an apple, Daddy.
What? - Apple..
What's he saying? - He's having an apple. apple. That's why I don't understand what you say.
Come...the apple of my eye!
Daddy, you say that I'm the apple of your eye..
..and you've blindfolded yourself too.
Please take this blind fold off...please!
No...don't take this blindfold off. - Why?
Look at my nose, look at my face..
..but please don't look at my eyes.
It seems that some priest gave my dad an order.
How do you know that?
Simple. The son will know about the father.
Or do you think that some neighbour will?
Did you see that? My son is so intelligent.
I'm here..
Did you see how intelligent my son is?
Yes...that's right.
Come, son, embrace me. - Daddy!
Hey, this is Damani.
I'm not Damani, I'm your son. - Really?
Your fat..
The air has changed..
Your ears have become so fat..
Those are not my ears, they are my cheeks..
Yes...a man becomes so hefty due to a change in the air?
No...the love of his daughter.
One becomes stronger in love.
Did you hear that?
That's what I'm seeing.
There's such great love between father and son.
Will you just embrace..
..or will you arrange for food for your father? - Why, am I a servant?
No, no, no! - No, no, no!
Ask me whether I'll eat something or not..
Have I come here to be blindfolded and eat?
I came here to fix the marriage date.
See, there's a problem. - What's the problem?
These two keep fighting.
The two don't gel with each other.
That's it? - Yes. - Send them out together.
They'll gel well.
This is a nice idea. It's a fantastic idea.
I'll arrange to send them tomorrow!
This is great fun.
It seems I'm sitting in some emperor's car..
..and am moving around in his garden.
By the way, where are we going? - To hell.
What's the need to go there right now?
As it is, we are good people. What will we do there?
Will you please keep quiet?
This is great, if we both are quiet.. will our love story be bright?
Shut up! - Okay, I'll tell you a poem.
I say..
The goat climbed the mountain..
The goat climbed the mountain..
The goat climbed the mountain.
Then what..
Listen to this..
The goat. The goat climbed the mountain..
What then? - It came down.
Why did you stop the car?
I didn't stop it, the car stopped all my itself.
This is great. The girl wasn't working before.
Now that she has started working, the car has stopped working..
Lord Shankar, I didn't understand what you said..
What shall we do now?
There must be some dirt in the petrol.
I'll see. Maybe the car needs a push.
Why will you push? This is against manly pride.
I'll push!
Hold the steering...the foot on the accelerator..
I'll push.. Hey! Hey!
Lord Shankar, I understand what you said.
She fooled me for this push thing.
She left me alone in such a dense forest.
What will she do if she meets a lion?
What else? So what if the lion is a lion?
The Bihari is more than ten lions together.
Hello? Anybody home?
I can hear some voice from somewhere. Is some vehicle coming?
Who is there? - Hey, you're the same..
Even you're the same.
This is my scooter.
When did I say that it's my scooter?
You'll drink and die.
What about death, I've killed three. - Really?
Yes, its number has reached the police station.
You've done such great work..
You sit behind, I'll drive the bike. - Okay.
Sit. Did you sit?
Yes. - Let's go. Very good.
You drive so well. I don't feel anything.
No noise. I feel that I'm flying in the air like Superman.
"This lady has given me nothing but sorrow."
Hey, the car is here..
I got my car. Take your scooter and go.
Hey, where did he go? Did he fall off?
The car is here. Where's Preeti?
Preeti! Preeti!
Let me go! No! No!
Help me! No!
Put her in the car.
No! - Come here. Come here.
Who are you? Give her to us.
Is she some sweet? - Yes. - Get lost!
Come here..
A dagger.. - Come!
The one who fights us will fall in the ditch! Get lost!!
Run! Go away!
Hey,'re crying! They fled.
They ran away.
Raj, if you hadn't come, I don't know what'd happen..
How could I not come?
If I didn't come, would I rot in the jungle?
And see, as it is, Lord Shiv helps me a lot.
Where did you leave me, and where did I come?
Shall I tell you something? All this is because of me.
If I hadn't fallen in love with you..
..I wouldn't have reached here.
So, I've decided I'll go to Bihar.
But before that, come. I'll drop you home.
No, I don't want to go home.
Then where will you go?
Wherever you take me.
Lord Shankar, I didn't hear what you said..
Please speak louder. Please..
"The arrow of your gaze pierced my heart."
"The arrow of your gaze pierced my heart."
"It pierced."
"I fell in love with you.. I fell in love with you.."
"I fell in love with you.. I fell in love with you.."
"I saved myself a lot, yet I fell in love."
"I saved myself a lot, yet I fell in love."
"It pierced."
"I fell in love with you.. I fell in love with you.."
"I fell in love with you.. I fell in love with you.."
"I had to refuse, I accepted."
"I fell in love with you.."
"I saw you and became restless."
"I lost my senses in your love."
"I forgot this whole world."
"I fell in love with you.. I fell in love with you.."
"I fell in love with you.. I fell in love with you.."
"Your youth and color is magic."
"Come.. let our lips caress each other."
"I heard what you said.."
"I am crazy in your love."
"Whatever people say.."
"I fell in love with you.. I fell in love with you.."
"I fell in love with you.. I fell in love with you.."
Congratulations, Govardhan. Your plan was very successful.
We sent them out, and their marriage is fixed now.
Find the date out for marriage quickly.
Don't worry. I'll get the priest and get a date right now.
But give the phone to my son. I haven't spoken to him in quite a while.
Yes. Here, speak to your father. - Why should I speak to such a man?
Even I know he is a lousy man.
But he's your father, you'll have to speak to your father!
I'll have to laugh now. - Why?
Simple. I'll have to show that I'm happy in your house.
Dad.. everybody is mad.
Speak in Hindi. What is this mad?
He doesn't know English. Dad..
My father-in-law and I have fixed the marriage date.
You don't need to come here. - What nonsense is this?
Let my child be born, then we'll..
..celebrate every good event nicely.
I'll celebrate every celebration with you and your child.
We'll arrange everything and very soon..
Hey, Govardhan... suddenly?
You didn't tell me about coming here?
Are you so hasty about the marriage?
What marriage? Whose marriage?
This marriage can't take place.
Can't take place? Did you forget Anna's decision?
The matter isn't about a decision, it's about betrayal.
The betrayal that was done to me.
And to you. - Betrayal?
Who invites death by doing this? Who is it?
The one who has barged into your house as my son.
What? - Yes. - What are you saying?
That's the truth. He's not my son. This is my son.
He's your son? Then how did you..
..speak to that person over the phone?
He was changing his voice and speaking over the phone.
Now I understand why he laughed more and spoke less..
So that I could not recognise him.
And that day...that day when you..
..blindfolded yourself and met him?
He was telling you repeatedly, 'Daddy..
..'please undo the blindfold...please'..
But you didn't. What was that drama?
He met me as an astrologer on the way.
I was fooled by him.
Govardhan, are you playing a game with me?
Is this some conspiracy of yours?
What are you talking about, Damani?
Has anyone gone against Anna's orders?
Then how did this happen? How did that man reach here?
I'll tell you. I gave that person a lift on the way.
My car met with an accident. He took advantage of this.
He reached here in my place, to be your son-in-law.
Very good!
A wastrel has insulted the people who execute the world.
We'll kill him!
He has played with fire sitting on gunpowder.
Where is he?
Come with me.
Where are you going? - Leave me..
Please wait.. - Let me go!
He's sleeping, the wretch.
Wait. Wait. Sir, what did you do?
What are you doing? Whom did you kill?
This man!
It seems that you've gone senile.
Shut up! If you talk too much, I'll shoot you.
Did you forget? You sent both of..
..them out of the country for the marriage shopping?
What? You sent my fiancee with that man to a foreign country?
I don't know what he must be doing with her..
What must they be doing? It's a foreign location.
Both of them must be singing songs! - Shut up!
"Save.. Save.. Save.. Save.."
"I have been pierced by love, save me."
"Take care.."
"Take care.."
"Take care.."
"Take care.."
"Take care.." "Take care.." "Take care.."
"I have been pierced by love, save me."
"There is some restlessness, some pain.."
"Touch me.. the flame of the heart is so cold."
"I keep awake all night, I can't sleep."
"I have been staying unknown to myself."
"Kiss me!"
"Take care.."
"Take care.."
"Take care.."
"Take care.."
"Take care.." "Take care.." "Take care.."
"I have been pierced by love, save me."
"Save.. Save.. Save.. Save.."
"I have been pierced by love, save me."
"These thirsty heartbeats for love.."
"I don't know what kind of noise is there.."
"These people say the truth.. who can force love?"
"When I take your name in loneliness."
"I touch myself, thinking that I am you, in intoxication."
"Why don't you just take me away?"
"Save.. Save.. Save.. Save.."
"I have been pierced by love, save me."
"Take care.." "Take care.." "Take care.."
"I have been pierced by love, save me."
Oh, my God! I'm ruined!
I didn't do anything. How are you ruined?
Raja, someone took all my money.
That's bad. Why do you worry?
Your father...must have money in some foreign bank?
Yes. - Take your mobile out.
I'm smart. Not just like that..
Okay. - India's number is 0091, right? - Yes.
Hello, Uncle. It's me..
What are you saying? No. No. Disconnect the phone..
What is it?
There is a lot of trouble in India.
The police are arresting many underworld people.
Daddy.. - No. He's not dead. He's underground.
Yes. He's underground six months in a year.
Was he a toad in his previous birth? - Why?
No, even a toad remains underground for six months.
Shut up, Raja. What will we do without money?
Why are you worried? Come on. Young people like us..
..will be penniless in a foreign country? It's impossible.
Such confidence?
I'm from Bihar. We have much confidence.
We should use it, or else it gets wasted.
Tell me. Whom will we rob? - Tell me whom.. I'll rob him. Yes.
That one.. he has worn so many golden rings!
We'll rob him.
You are the daughter of a gangster.. You have very good eyesight.
Excuse me, sir. Will you come out, please?
I want to shake hands with you.. - Okay.
Thank you, sir. Thank you..
Thank you, I'm going. - Why? What happened?
After seeing you, I've changed my mind.
What happened?
He's very strong, he will hit me a lot.
This is a wrong number. Search someone else.
Oh, no, Raja.
Search someone nice, so that I'm not insulted.
What are you looking up for? - I'm looking for some skinny man..
..who is not fat, but whose wallet is fat.
He's not the one...not even him..
Here. Found him. - Where?
He's there..
He seems to be an Indian.
That's good. Everyone is robbing one's own in this world.
We got one more. Come on, let's go for a robbery. Yes!
Bread. Veg soup and toast. Okay.
Thank you, sir. - Okay.
Hey, Tripathi! - Tripathi?
Did you forget me?
We worked together in the coal mine in Bihar.
You were 340, I was 440.
Coal mine? 340, 440? What are you saying?
See, you are very bad.
It's time for you to have your clothes torn..
..and you are acting up so much? - Clothes torn?
Whose clothes? Who will tear?
Did you forget? We had made a bet..
..that the one who wears new clothes..
..and the one between the two of us who tears them..
..will get Rs.10,000 from the other?
We are abroad. I'll take $10,000.
Hey, what are doing? - Hey, stop it.
We are best friends.. Bihar. 340, 440.
Neither am I Tripathi, nor am I 340.
Was it a wrong number?
I'm not what you think.
I made a mistake, I'll have to pay now. How much?
You tore my shirt? - Is it for 25 dollars? How much?
Shut up and get lost!
Not like this.. - Get lost.
Why are you telling me to get lost? It's your loss..
What is this? - This is a signal that you are not Tripathi.
So that your shirt isn't torn again.
You move around with him, and he moves with a gun!
Now go. Get my shirt from the car. I'm in the bar.
You tore his shirt.
He's fortunate, only his shirt was torn.
But we didn't get the money.
Don't worry, darling. He's the one who'll give us the money.
But how, Raja..
You'll see.
That stupid Bihari..
Tripathi. You are sitting here!
And I tore someone else's shirt!
You bloody fool. You tore my shirt once again?
Once again? Yes.
I'm the same one you tore the shirt of.
I had given you a flag..
I threw it away. - Why? It's your fault that you threw it away.
My fault? - Now, I'll have to pay you for two shirts.
I have an idea. Send your driver to my house.
I'll send you the $40. - Get lost.
Listen to me. - Get out! - Okay!
What is this?
A flag again, so that I don't make the mistake again.
From where did I get this flag man today?
You tore his shirt once more?
He's fortunate, only his shirt was torn.
But we didn't get the money.
Don't worry, darling, it is just two attacks now.
The final attack is still there.
Oh, my God! Who smashed my car?
Tripathi! I tore a man's shirt twice thinking that he was you!
Come on.. - Don't touch me.
I'm the same man who you tore two shirts of.
Show me. - Look at this, look at this.
Where is that flag? - I threw it.
Why did you throw it? It's your fault.
But I won't tear anyone's shirt now.
My nails get ruined.
You destroyed my car.
There are two people in the US who have such a car.
One is me and the other is Clinton.
Who will pay for this loss now?
Don't talk about loss, I'll take the money and throw it in your face.
What's the loss? - $5,000.
$5,000. - Yes. - I'll take your car and bring the money.
As guarantee, keep this girl with me. - No problem.
No. - No problem.
Daughter. - What nonsense!
You're my girlfriend, but you're his daughter's age.
Daughter, stay with your father.
Whose daughter? Which daughter?
It's right. You are of the age of her father.
So I regard you as father, or else I would have regarded.. as grandfather. Give me this mobile. - For what?
If my girlfriend remains with you..
..I should know whether my party is right or not.
Your car is a car, and my girlfriend is nothing?
And you.. - What a fool.
Shut up. - Thank you, darling.
Excuse me. Take me to the Advance house.
Boss.. - Take him.. - Daughter, take care of the father.
My wife is of her age..
Excuse me.. - Yes, please?
Listen, your boss's health is not good. He may die any time.
But I'm pulling down.
Speak in Hindi, I don't know English.
I don't know english.
You seem to be very badly off. Don't you have a stock of English? - No.
Then why did you say 'Yes, please' in such style?
I've lived in the US since 20 years.
I've learnt this much. - Very fast.. - Thank you.
What's your name? - My name is Donga.
Did your dad have a utensil shop?
How did you know that?
Because the word 'donga' also means a vessel.
It's okay. What work do you have?
Actually, your boss is very ill. He has a leg fracture.
Where is he?
He's in the hospital right now. Call him on the mobile.
Listen. There must be a bathroom here.
Bathroom? - Yes, I have to go. Please tell me.
It's there. - Okay, thank you.
The boss is unwell.
Hello, sir. - Hello, Donga.
Sir.. - I'm dying. - No, sir. No,sir..
The boy whom I sent, send $15,000 with him.
I'll send it right away. - The fool.
So much time in the bathroom?
Yes, sir. - Here are $15,000.
15? How did you know that this amount was needed?
I called the boss.
Did you talk? - Yes.
Yes, so he would have talked about two shirts.
Yes, he's in the hospital. Everything has been torn.
Two shirts. Okay?
Here are your $5,000. - $5,000, thank you.
Don't thank me. - Why? - You'll find it out soon.
And here are your two shirts. - Shirts?
That's great. - Don't say that. - Why?
You'll find it out later.
But the shirts are of my size. - That had to happen.
Why? - You'll find that out later too.
Come on, Preeti. Here, take this mobile. - Thank you.
Hey, is this a mobile?
I gave you my expensive apple.
Good boy.
Hello. - Sir, I forgot to ask that boy which hospital you are in.
Hospital? Why should I be in some hospital?
Your accident happened.
And you told me to give that boy $15,000.
So I did. - What?
Hello, who is it? - Did you find out?
What? - Just what you were to find out later.
Didn't you understand? I'm 340, you are 440.
Oh, you fool!
I will kill you!
Bring our luggage from the car.
Father-in-law, I touch your feet.
What can I tell you about our trip to the US? It was fantastic.
Wasn't it? - Yes.
What is the matter? When we went, you were so pink.
Why are you so yellow now?
What happened, Daddy?
Dear, go inside.
Come on. - Not you.
Okay, I'm coming. - Bye!
Who are you?
I ask, who are you?
What are you saying, father-in-law?
You've forgotten my identity in a week.
And me, I've brought such a fantastic watch for you.
Waterproof.. - And what have you brought for your father?
For father also.. Father!
Daddy has come to Gujarat. Daddy has come to Gujarat.
Who are you?
What is this? Anyone who comes holds my collar.
Are you playing tag with my collar?
You are joking with your father?
Not joking! That I had once done with the Lord of Death.
I had shown him right and come out through the left.
Since a month, you are moving around with my daughter.
Who are you?
What will you do if I don't tell? - Even your father will tell..
You are my father. You only tell then.
You.. Bless me, Mother.
You wretched impostor! You conned my son.
Tell us who you are.
When you'll come to know, you'll begin to tremble.
Come on, my father, tell us quickly who you are.
Don't call me father. I'm younger than you.
If I lose my mind, I shall shoot.
No shooting, a bomb will explode here.
Someone's heart will break. Your soul will shatter..
..when you'll come to know the truth who I am.
Who are you? Are you a person of the CBI?
Not CBI. I'm his son.
You rascal! How can you be my son?
I'm the son of your first wife.
What's this, brother Pappu? First wife..
So what? This is quite normal nowadays.
Sister, brother-in-law has deceived you.. badly. Shall I shoot him?
You'll shoot me? - No shoe.
You get out! Get out or I shall beat you with my shoe.
Why will you beat him? I was doubting your character..
..before marriage. Sheila had warned me not to marry you..
Which Sheila?
What? - Which Sheila?
Why? Do you want to flirt with her now? - Yes.
Why are you saying yes? What proof do you have..
..that you are my son?
I have proof. - What proof?
You lower your pants. There is a mole here. I know.
You'll be beaten by me.
Okay then, remove your shirt. Here too there's a mark..
..I know.
He's just scaring us with a loud voice. What to tell?
Go away from here.
You cheat! - You call me a cheat? See now. - Go away.
See, here is the mole. My mother had told me..
Look, here it is. - Yes, there's a mole.
Daddy, this is the one whom I had given a lift to.
If you had given me a lift, does it mean I'm not his son?
I was chasing you purposefully, stepbrother.
What drama is going on in my house?
By ordering the marriage of your son with my daughter..
..the supremo has put me into trouble. - One minute.
Buddy, let me think for a moment.
What is there to think? You are getting a readymade son.
Finally, that happened which I was scared of.
He turned out to be our relative.
Will you be quiet, old lady?
You discuss whatever you want to.
I've got jetlag in my flight from the US.
I'm going to my room and taking a rest.
Well done, partner. - Thank you.
Okay, tell me one thing. How did you know that..
..he had a mole on his back?
What mole? - What do you mean?
See, mother was crying. Pretending to wipe her tears..
..I removed her bindi and stuck it to his back.
You won't cheat me after marriage, will you?
Have you lost your senses? Once a Bihari loves someone..'s like loving her a hundred times.
There's no mole. That means he was fooling me.
I'll teach him.
I did not kick you. Then why did you turn?
How did your eyes open?
When I toss in my sleep, my eyes open. But tell me..
..why did you think of kicking me in the middle of the night?
Fraud! Traitor! I've seen my back just now.
There's no mole. Where's the mole?
What are you saying? I've shown the whole family the mole.
You yourself have seen it. It seems that your eyes..
..have also gone feeble in your old age.
You.. - Come.
Hello, come. I'll make you see the mole in its entirety.
I'll make you see the whole mole. What is this?
A mirror.
And what is this? - My back. - Now, raise your shirt.
Raise your shirt. - Show me the mole.
Was the mole here or here? - What do I know? You tell..
..I think it was here. What is this?
Where did this come from? Where?
What kind of a mole is this? It appears and it disappears.
It's very much like you. My mother saw you..
..years ago, but then you disappeared.
Okay, listen, whose son are you?
Of Chameli? Laxmi? Parvati? Or Bijli?
I'm Damini's son.
Damini! No woman named Damini ever entered my life.
You are lying. Get out! Get out!
See! This is where you get mistaken.
Don't you know that Bijli is called Damini in Sanskrit?
Is that so? - I'm Bijli's son.
Did you remember? Did you remember? Or not?
Did you remember?
My grandpa would play the same record to my mother..
..that 'Morning Shall Dawn Sometime'.
My mother kept living, kept dying..
..she drank her own tears for years like a cold drink.
But that morning never came. You left us like Satyen Kappu.. 'Deewar' and I kept slogging like Rajesh Khanna in 'Avatar'..
..and like Amitabh Bachchan in 'Trishul', I kept stifling..
..and pondering where my father is after all.
But my mother, she never jumped off the Red Fort.. Rakhee in 'Lawaris'. She raised me and made me.. adult like Nargis in 'Mother India'.
One day when I was grown, I realised that my father.. the 'Mughal-e-Azam' of the underworld and he wishes to..
..get his son Salim married off to Gujarat's Anarkali.
Then I awoke the young desire in my heart..
..and I came to Gujarat to become a groom.
Tell me, what mistake did I do?
You made no mistake.
Now tell me one more thing.
Are you Sanjeev Kapoor of 'Trishul' or..
..Amjad Khan of 'Lawaris'. Will you give me my right.. live or not?
Your rights are written on the bullet of my pistol.
See! I knew that Gabbar Singh would definitely enter.
No! I won't let my father be killed while I'm alive.
Rascal! I've not come to kill daddy, but you.
Don't do like this. - Why?
I'll sit down. - Hey, get up!
Don't listen to him. He's pulling wool over your eyes.
He's an actor.
I'm an actor? Okay, you keep standing here with your gun aimed.
I'll just now go to Bihar and bring my mother here.
Then, you listen to the tale of your father's mistakes.. my mother tells them. Then this pistol won't fire.. but here, and your mother will become a widow.
Shut up, you wastrel! Otherwise, I shall pull out your tongue.
Okay, so you also don't believe me. So just now..
..I shall go to Bihar from Gujarat and bring my mother.. in the Bihar Express. You all stand here like this.
Cease! When your deceit is exposed.. - What happened? are trying to run away? Your mother will come..
..but you won't bring her. - Who? - My uncle will bring her.
He? - Yes.
Will he be able to come back from Bihar? - Don't doubt my body.
No doubt. I have full faith. Your body's guarantee has expired..
..and this is its last week going on.
Go, buddy, go. - Hey, tell the address.
Okay, write. Old Banyan Tree, Broken Bridge..
..Laila Cattle shed, Romantic Lover..
..Strong Building, Ground Floor 840, mother's name is Bijli..
..father is unknown. For current details, contact him.
Now don't think. You had made that mistake. - I..
Come on, Uncle. - Come on.
Okay, listen. Give a hug before you leave.
It may be the last time.
How much are you yelling?
Come on, uncle. - Go away, go. - Come on.
Daddy, have you observed one thing?
These people aim their gun at you for every reason.
What conundrum is this? Have you become a don by mistake?
What's this! Since you've come to Gujarat, you are..
..decking yourself up a lot. Have you fancied someone?
Leave it. What are you telling me? Look in your own heart.
My heart is a mess. What to look in that?
Why should I not deck myself up?
Aunty, finish quickly. The beauty parlour will close.
Oh! I'm coming, Preeti.
Come on, Preeti, come. I'm so excited.
Oh, I'm dead.
Oh, no, Aunty. Are you all right? - I'm dead...I'm dead..
I'm dead. - What is going on?
What is this? - I'm dead.
She has fallen from the stairs. - I'm dead.
What happened, Mummy? Come, I'll lift you.
Beware if you touch me.
Why? Do you have a contagious disease?
I have no disease. But you are the son of the other woman.
You are my stepson.
But your real son is drunk and sleeping upstairs.
Let me lift you. - Don't touch me.
Will you only keep talking or will someone lift her?
Someone must lift her. - Yes, someone must lift her.
Someone, lift her. - Lift her, someone.
What is this you are all doing?
Lift her and take her to my room. - Yes, take her.
No, take her upstairs.
No, take her downstairs. - Okay, I'll lift her.
What happened? - She's my wife. How can you lift her?
You lift her daily. Let me lift her today.
Get up.
Great! You lift her, God will lift you.
What did you say? - No, the phone...I must call the doctor.
I'll call him just now.
This road is narrow. Be careful. Near the buffalo.
Be always with me. Protect me. Don't leave me alone.
This neighbourhood is Chaila, the cattle shed is Laila..
..that means that boy has told the correct address.
Brother-in-law has surely had an affair here.
How much inside we have come? My bodyguards..
..guard my body. Sister Damini.. Sister Damini..
Have you come now? I was waiting for you since ages.
But who are you?
I'm burning since ages.
Were you a hookah before?
No, I'm an old coin.
You must be of the times of Akbar. You are not going.. be useful in today's times. But who are you?
First you tell. Who are you?
Me? I'm the brother-in-law of Govardhan. - What?
Bring it here, brother, bring it here.
Hey! If you slap me, I shall shoot you.
I shall not even consider your age.
Look at this.
I'm his father-in-law. You wretch!
When I have no son at all, then how did you come as..
..a brother-in-law of my son?
No, no, sir, I'm his other wife's younger brother.
Sorry then. Why didn't you tell me before?
You slapped me. You didn't give me chance to speak.
I was also not given any chance. He trapped my..
..innocent daughter in the web of his love..
..and gave birth to a beautiful illegitimate son.
If he meets me once, then I am not going to leave him.
I'll kill him.
Is this a Gujarati family or what?
My daughter's husband's other wife's brother.. did you come here?
Brother-in-law has sent me to fetch Damini.
You remembered my daughter after so many years.
My daughter has told me that this house is in..
..a bad condition. The walls are crumbling..
..the doors are collapsing. The curtains are tearing apart..
..the sofas are shifting. I said, daughter, when he'll come..
..everything will become all right.
No, that's all right. Just tell me where Damini is.
That's what I'm telling you. My daughter had told me..
..when her husband would come, I must show him..
..the empty cupboard, the empty safe.
The safe will be filled. Only tell me where is Damini.
That's what I'm telling you. She had told me that even if..
..someone gives Rs.25,000, don't tell my whereabouts.
This old man is going to dupe me.
Bring...bring the money.
Old man! Take this Rs.25,000 and tell me where Damini is.
She has gone to Mount Kailash to pray..
..for her husband's wellbeing.
Mount Kailash! That very, very high peak!
Good morning, Mummy! Let me press your feet.
Leave me, don't touch me.
Do I have a contagious disease that you always..
..tell me not to touch? I only had called the doctor..
..and got your foot treated.
Okay, but you are my stepson. Get out!
Okay, but I'll certainly get tea for you.
No! I haven't brushed my teeth yet.
But you have fake dentures, no? Remove them..
..and give them to me. I'll brush them.
Shut up! But how did you come to know?
Daddy was badmouthing you downstairs.
Mummy, look, I've brought crutches for you.
Now you can move about. - Idiot! Good for nothing!
The mother who taught you to walk, the mother who fed you.. if she's unable to walk, you've brought..
..the support of sticks for her? I'll take my mother on.. shoulders like Shravan Kumar to visit..
..all the holy places.
Good morning, Aunty . How are your legs?
It's all right, now.
Raja, I found your pillow outside the room.
Ratilal told me that you slept outside the whole night.
Someone has to stay awake. What if mother asks for..
..water in the middle of the night? He'll be drunk..
..and asleep. There needs to be someone outside.
You slept without a blanket the whole night in such cold?
What if you had caught a virus?
He's fooling us.
Yes. His eye is on our wealth.
You take all the wealth. Give me only my mummy.
I'm not Gabbar Singh of 'Sholay'. I'm Dharmendra.
No, son, no. Don't weep, son. - It hurts.
I can tolerate everything but not tears in my son's eyes.
Oh, mummy.. - Aunty, tea.
Put the sugar properly.
Don't cry.
Raja, don't weep. Don't Weep, Raja. Don't weep.
Preeti, this is Mr. Raman. A bigshot of this city. - Hello!
He has built a resort about 50km away from the city.
There he has organised a musical evening..
..for which he has invited us. I'm tied up with some.. and so I can't go. You go.
Okay, I'll go with Raja.
Not Raja. You'll go with me. - Why?
Because you are my fiancee.
She may be your fiancee, but she'll marry me.
You can go now. - Goodbye.
Hey, move off. It's not confirmed yet that.. are Govardhan's son.
I know I'm on a waiting list for the ticket. But one day..
..I shall have the whole compartment in my name.
We shall see that when it happens. But as of now..
..Preeti will go only with Vicky. - Right. - But Daddy..
Shut up. This is my order.
He's so insistent! It doesn't matter, you go with him.
Sometimes you must change your chauffeur. - Yes. - What?
All right, you are going. - Come on.
Preeti may go with him, but she'll sing in the garden with me.
"We have to tell what is in our hearts.."
"..I do not have to live without you."
"We have to tell what is in our hearts.."
"..I do not have to live without you."
"Why should we be scared of the world."
"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
"We have to tell what is in our hearts.."
"..I do not have to live without you."
"We have to tell what is in our hearts.."
"..I do not have to live without you."
"Why should we be scared of the world?"
"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
"In your eyes, there is an intoxication.."
"In your conversation, there is an intoxication.."
"In your eyes, there is an intoxication.."
"In your conversation, there is an intoxication.."
"Your love has killed me.."
"I know what you are trying to say.."
"..why you are sighing so.."
"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
"I have heard what you have said."
"I do not like this distance now."
"I have heard what you have said."
"I do not like this distance now."
"My beauty is a killer.."
"My love is also crazy.."
"Why should we be alone now?"
"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
"We have to tell what is in our hearts.."
"..I do not have to live without you."
"We have to tell what is in our hearts.."
"..I do not have to live without you."
"Why should we be scared of the world."
"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
I ask you, where is my daughter?
Where did you leave her?
Uncle, she vanished from my car suddenly.
I'll make you vanish from the world for ever.
One minute, one minute, Damani. Where is his daughter?
Daddy, I really don't know.
When you could not take care of her, why did you take her?
Yes, you could have taken me. - Shut up!
Hey, I'm asking for one last time.
Tell me where is my daughter, otherwise..
One minute. I can tell you only if I know.
What will he tell you? I'll tell. It happened thus.
Some rowdies stopped his car on the highway.
They asked money from him. He had money, but he refused.
When did I?
Shut up! What happened further?
The rowdies aimed their gun and told him to give..
..either the money or the girl. He gave the girl.
Daddy, he's lying.
I'm lying? I have proof.
Tell me, what proof do you have?
I don't want any proof. I want my daughter. Where is she?
Daughter! My daughter Preeti!
She's also a part of the conspiracy.
Who reduced you to this condition?
Speak, in front of whom had the rowdies..
..torn your clothes?
Me? When did they tear them in front of me?
You keep quiet. Now tell, who had given you to the rowdies and gone?
When had I gone? - You keep quiet.
Daddy, if Raja hadn't come on time, I don't know what..
..would have happened. - They are lying.
No, dear, no..
It's very good, father-in-law that my sixth sense is strong.
I can sense danger in advance.
I reached there. Anyway, I didn't trust his courage.
I beat the rowdies up.
Well done, my boy. - This was my duty.
There's nothing to thank in this. She's my future wife. Okay, father-in-law.. I'm going. I'm very tired of this.
It's all right.
Sir, I already told you. What will he take care of Preeti?
I shall have to think about this now. Come on, child.
Fool! If he had not saved Preeti..
..then Damani would have killed me today.
Is it that you want to kill me and become the..
..don of Mumbai yourself?
You are strange, daddy. My number is after yours.
Okay, you've already thought of my future? - No!
Then I'll also have to think what I'll have to do after you.
Everything is a trick of this actor.
Tonight I shall get his limbs broken.
You sleep.
Come hit me.
I'll show him now.
Save me.. - Will you trick me?
Who is it? - Daddy..
Rascal! You are beating your father?
No, no..
Till now, I've not accepted him as son and..'ve already become my enemy?
No, Daddy, that..
What happened? Why are you yelling in the night?
This good for nothing son of yours was trying to..
..kill me in the night. - What? Vicky?
No, no... - It was so that he'd kill me and take my place.
Daddy, I was beating on your legs.
Did you want to hit me on the head?
No, no..
What's going on in my house?
There was a plan to kill me. He was killing me.
No. - Sir, I had warned you it is a troublesome family.
Don't give your girl to them. - Hey, you..
Quiet! For the first time, he has talked sense.
I'll have to think something about you. Come on. - Come.
My God! - Daddy..
You go from here or now I'll beat you.
Daddy, that actor.. - Why didn't you die the day.. were born? Go out from here, you shameless one.
Now let me see who comes to beat me.
Lord Shankar! Now I understood what you said.
Bodyguards! Take care of me.
What snow this is! How cold it is!
There's snow with the wind. Don't know what trouble..
..this all is. He committed the blunder, sired a child..
..and trapped me. There is some man here. Come, come.
There's a ghost on Mount Kailash.
Sir, can you see me? - I can see.
Give me some water from the holy Ganges.
I think I'm going to have a heart seizure.
Hey, child! The one who dies over here..
..may assume that he has got entry into heaven.
I haven't come here to die. I've come here to find Damini.
I'm roaming for her. If you've seen her..
..moving around somewhere here, then please..
..tell me her whereabouts.
That lady had told me that if anyone comes and asks of me..
Hey, you have that last box. Give it to me.
This is only Rs.100,000 left with me.
Accept it and tell me the whereabouts of Damini.
She had told me that if anyone comes and gives even..
..Rs. 100,000, then I should not tell her address.
If you give, I'll keep it but.. - Hey..
What is it?
Nothing, sir, sir! I was telling you to please..
.. come to the point and tell me Damini's address.
Okay. Last week, she was standing here where..
..are standing now. And standing thus, she died.
Child, where have you come here from there?
Sir, just now you said that she died standing here.
I have no plans of dying now.
But for lowly sinners like you, there's no place up there.
There's no place for me up there, but my brother-in-law.. a very suspicious man. Till the time he see..
..her death certificate, he won't believe that Damini is dead.
Then, lift the red pot.
I lifted it. Do you take me to be a simpleton?
Do you think that Damini will come out of this?
These are her ashes. It was her last wish..
..that only her husband will open this.
Go, go, let ruin come to you.
May you be blessed!
Thank you, sir. Come on, he is angry. The money is also over.
Mobile! Raja, Raja, I've sent him.
Now you take care.
I've also taken all his money. I've not left him.. a position to return even by train.
Vicky, will you have tea? - Yes, keep it. - Okay, I'll give you later.
Your son Vicky must be battered.
This is your tea. Make it yourself. I'm in a hurry.
Where are you going?
I have to arrange for two funerals.
Funerals? Who is dead?
No one is dead, but is about to die. - But who?
I don't know, but your son said to arrange it.
Is your son crazy? Is he yours or have you..
..picked him from somewhere? - What..
Hi, Vicky! - Hi! - Why are you cleaning your gun..
..early in the morning?
Because I don't know when I'll need it.
But Raja was saying that you only know to clean the gun.
You don't know how to fire it.
I'll kill him.
Kill him later. First aim and show.
But where? - At those pots.
These? This is no problem.
How was the aim? - Now see the next one.
Down, down, on the floor. - Someone is shooting.
No, no! No!
Mummy, Daddy, I may die, but I won't let you die.
Oh, my god.
Who is it? - Who was firing?
I don't know who he was. - But who was firing?
I shot them. Did you see, Daddy?
Did you understand who those funerals were of?
You were the one to shoot?
Shameless! You want to kill your dad and take his place?
What's this you are saying, Mother?
Sinner.. - Who is the sinner?
You are! How did you dare attack my parents?
What is this? These gunshots! This firing!
What's going on in my house?
Sir, Govardhan's real son tried to kill him.
No, no. . - Shut up.
Oh, my God! I'm sick of this crazy family. - Leave my clothes.
I had already told you this is a problematic family. - I know.
Daddy, today he tried to kill him. Tomorrow he may..
..try to kill you. The day after, he may try to kill me.
Oh, my God. What's the guarantee?
No guarantee. There's no guarantee.
He's a fraud. Uncle, he's a fraud.
He's trying to show me in a bad light to you.
The entire truth will be revealed when uncle will come.
See, he has come. - I've come.
You've really come.
So what did you think? That I would not come?
Forget it, brother. What happened of the job you went for?
You suspicions were right. My brother-in-law..
..has a very sneaky character. There was a woman..
..named Damini in his life. - No!
What does 'was' mean?
She died and these are her ashes.
Ashes. No! - If not, then are these my ashes?
Yes, say that really they are your ashes.
No! No! What tragedy is this in my life!
When I was born, first God snatched my father from me..
..and now when I've found my father..
..he snatched my mother from me.
Now who will give me the love of mother and father?
I've become an orphan.
Don't weep, son.. - I've become an orphan.
Don't weep. You are not an orphan. I'm there, aren't I?
What happens if you are there?
I'm your mother, son. - Mother!
Enough, son.. - And his mother has left this letter in your name.
Bring it here, mother, I'll read it. It's my handwriting.
What? - What does 'your handwriting' mean?
'My handwriting' means.. what difference can there be..
..between my mother's handwriting and mine?
Firstly I'm in so much tension and to top it all.. are finding loopholes.
Be quiet! Read, son, read.
'My dear sister, I know that first of all this letter will be..'
'..a shock to you knowing that there was someone..'
' your husband's life before you.'
'But what to do? Maybe this was our destiny!'
'Even if I'm not there, give my Raja, a little amount of..'
'..the shade of your motherly love.' - Yes, sister.
'Get him married to a girl, who is worthy of becoming his bride.'
Son, don't cry. Yes, I'll get you married.
I'll definitely get you married. Sir, from today..
..we can begin preparations to get Preeti and Raja married. - Yes.
Daddy, what is this?
Mother! - Son!
Enemy of my life! You'll arrange for two funerals?
Get aside! I'll deal with you later.
You make preparations for the wedding.
I'll phone and call the priest.
Sir, the car is very good. How many such cars.. Mumbai will you be having?
Hey priest, why are you mocking me?
I have not even a single car. I work as a driver in a company.
Impossible! The lines on your forehead tell that..
..the goddess of wealth is very benevolent to you.
You should be having scores of such cars.
I had once. But then such a bad influence came..
..on my zodiac stars that it converted me..
..from a prince to a pauper. I'm telling the truth.
If I meet him again, I'll wear a ring like in the film 'Ghulam'..
..and smash his face in.
Don't worry. Very soon, you'll meet that same bad influence..
..again, but this time he shall make you prosperous.
Look ahead.
Good, good! Thank you, sir. Thank you a lot.
Hey pundit, who will give the fare?
Didn't I give it? I thanked you?
Thanks doesn't suffice for livelihood.
Wait, I shall take the fare from the host and come right now.
Okay, but come soon. It's getting late.
I'm losing my time of business.
I'll be back soon. Very soon.
Hello. - Hello.
Good day, sir, good day, good day.
What is this? We are waiting for you since so long.
I'm a man who worships five times a day. I get delayed.
All along the route, I have been matching..
..the stars of your daughter with those of his son.
All the stars are unmatched. This marriage is impossible.
What an inauspicious pundit this is!
During marriage, he's saying such ominous things.
Can I shoot him?
Wait! If you shoot the pundit, then will your father..
..conduct the wedding? - No.
What is it? - Stop the wedding!
Pundit, Pundit, this marriage is of his other son.
Other son? What does that mean?
He has a son from his earlier wife also.
Oh! Now I understand. I've told you many times before..
..that there's something fishy in your hands.
His other son is very honest and very noble.
Then the marriage is very possible. Give me Rs.3,000.
I con the whole world and you are trying to con me?
Rs.3,000 for what? - I came in a cab up to here from Mumbai.
Its fare is to be paid.
Why has this pundit not come till now?
Is it that he has entered from the front door and exited..
..through the back door? I shall have to look. I'll come back.
Where are you going? - I'm going inside. - Why?
A pundit had come in my taxi. I have to take the fare from him.
Oh, that pundit? He has gone this way.
If he has gone this way, then I shall go too. Where is he?
Raja, you?
Who are you?
You don't recognise me? R.P. Mangnani whose travel agency.. used to work in? But you dressed as a groom?
Are you getting married here?
Then what? Are you getting married? I opened my mouth.. talk to you and you entered it and kicked my intestines.
I don't know you, brother.
What are you saying? My face is so unique that if..
..a person sees it once, he never forgets it..
..and you say you can't recognise it?
I'll make your real introduction done here.
You won't do that. - I will.
You are a very nice man. - I'm a bad man.
You are a saint.. - I'm the devil.
Then come aside. - Why?
I'm faintly remembering.
Be it faint, but you remembered at least.
For you I traveled from Himalaya and became..
..a taxi driver. And you see me and ask..
..who am I to you?
You are really my master. Why are you getting emotional?
Actually the girl whom I am getting married to.. the same girl who had broken your travel agency.
What are you saying? How did you nab such a big fish?
Such a non entity from Bihar, came to Bombay ticketless..
..not knowing of his father and mother, you would sleep..
..on a cot outside the travel agency, eat cheap stall food.
How did you then get this big mansion?
Actually I fell in love and love is blind. What do you think?
Your love became blind, but my business is ruined.
Give me a small room in this big mansion.
I'll start my travel agency once again.
Look, you keep your mouth shut.
I shall open a couple of travel agencies for you.
Congratulations for your wedding.
I was scared. - Silent.
Great, Raja! How good you are looking!
Forget all that. Call the bride soon and..
..get the marriage over with. I'm getting tensed.
What tension now?
What's there to tell you now? If I tell you'll also get tension.
Why? Is there something black in the lentils?
Lentils are black as it is. What black and yellow?
All is the glory of god. Daddy, call her.
Call the girl.
You beat me, you push me.
Speak. - What's matter?
Who are you?
He's the same taxi driver who brought me here from Bombay.
No Daddy, he was the master of Himalaya Travels once..
..and this impostor used to work with him once. Tell them.
He's not telling.
Tell them.
Don't beat on the nose, ears or face..
Talk! - You're thrashing me!
You beat me more if you want, but why are you..
..removing the gun? Man dies permanently with this.
Give me some time before dying. - Stop!
I'll tell you what the truth is. I deceived you.
I deceived him, I deceived all of you.
I lied that I'm Mr. Govardhan's son.
I'm not his son.
Thank you.
What did you say? You're not my son?
Great! That means you entered the burrow of..
..the poisonous snakes and played with their hoods? Why?
Because I love Preeti. True love.
Stupid fool! Did you forget your status that you dreamt..
..of marrying Preeti? Where Preeti is and where you are?
You worm of a dirty gutter, one who does not know..
..either his mother or his father.
You abuse my mother! You! I'll tear you apart!
You abuse my mother!
Leave my son or I'll make a hole in your head.
Lowlife! Today I shall terminate your life.
You here?
Are you surprised? I thought that I shall come myself..
..on this happy event, give my blessings to the bridal couple..
..and see with my own eyes your enmity converting..
..into friendship.
That's all right. But here the matter is different.
That I'm seeing. This impostor has not played..
..a game with only you, but he has also played..
..a very big game with me too. But now I shall play..
..such a game with him now, such a game that..
..he shall remember it even after his death.
What are you saying, 340? I have no interest of..
..playing any game with you. Here such a tense moment.. going on and you are talking nonsense!
Shut up! Now Vicky will be the groom and..
..the bride will be your lover. You'll yourself bring..
..your lover to the marriage stage.
Not only that, you only will decorate the bed..
..of the bridal couple for their first night.
No, no, 340, now don't do this. No lover in the world..
..will have faced such a huge humiliation.
I tell, no one will ever love in this world in future.
Shut up.
Remove your clothes. - What are you saying?
Remove your clothes. - There'll be a big problem.
Let the problem arise. Remove your clothes.
Then turn your face that side. - Which side?
That side. - Okay. See that side. Vicky, you get ready.
There are such people who can play tricks..
..on people like us also.
Now you go and bring your lover. Guards, go with him.
Hey, are you trying to tear it again?
I'm saying, will it be proper to face Preeti.. this immodest state? - Are you going or not?
I don't know what he'll get by stripping me like this.
Shut up!
Come, Anna, let us sit there.
But Mr. Trikal, how did he fool you in the US?
He's a very dangerous man, there's no trusting him.
Even if he has to face death, he'll place..
..someone's else's hand in the Grim Reaper's and go away.
What are you saying?
Anna, I've been trying to say this to daddy and uncle..
..since such a long time, but they..
Why has he not come yet? Go and see what he's doing.
Fraud, brother-in-law, fraud...fraud..
That naked man ran away with his daughter.
Fraud, we've been conned. - What happened?
He ran away with his daughter.
What nonsense are you saying?
This is why they say, there's no stopping love.
What are you saying?
Hello, hello, 340, what is the condition there?
What's this? You've made away with our girl?
Then what? If you send the cat to look after milk..
..then it'll surely slurp all the milk, won't it?
What about those four guards of ours who went with you?
They were of Bihar. They have entered my party.
Where are you speaking from? - I'm speaking from Kashi Ram Mandir.
The marriage is to be done. the pundit is come..
..the mantras are about to be read.
I'll shoot that pundit along with you.
How will it work if you shoot the pundit also?
Who will get the marriage done then?
He's your family pundit. Will you shoot him?
One minute, you tell that to your pundit. - Our pundit? - Pundit?
Hello.. - Sir, save me quickly. I'm in a dilemma.
How did you reach there?
Don't ask. Where this man takes whom and when.. one knows. He has held me at gunpoint.
Come quickly. Kashi Ram Mandir.
Where is this Kashi Ram Mandir?
Nobody will move from his place.
One minute.
What are you doing, sir? It's my wedding.
Where's Raja? - Raja is my father's name.
Where's Preeti? - I'm Preeti.
This is Preeti?
The name is the same, but the model is different.
He has fooled us again.
Hello, it's me, father-in-law.
Where are you speaking from, you fool?
With my mouth! I mean, I'm speaking from the Anand Hall.
Anand Hall! Why did you leave the Kashi Ram Mandir..
..and go there?
There was already a marriage going on there.. I didn't get a reservation. Also I came to know that.. villains are going to reach there.
How do you know all this?
My skull has a satellite in it, with which I can know all.
Good! Good! Now I shall not leave you alive. Come on.
Pundit, do everything quickly. The villains may reach here.
Leave all that and come to the mantras directly.
Directly the mantras? Okay, where are my spectacles?
One moment! There is something under me.
These are your spectacles. They are a little broken.
They got pressed a little. - Thank you, brother.
Is this a pair of spectacles? This has completely broken.
How will I read the mantras?
Do as well as you can. Read the mantras.
I can't read the mantras with these spectacles.
You can't read? - No!
Preeti! - Will you read or not?
This is a gun. I'll read.
Do you know whose daughter she is?
Okay, then you crop the front hair first, then the hair behind..
..then dip yourself in the Ganges and turn around.
Pundit, have you gone crazy? What are you talking about hair?
Is this a marriage or a child's hair-shaving ceremony?
It's the wrong book, I think. I had told you that..
..I needed spectacles. But what I do now?
This is read for the marriage ceremony.
What nonsense? Crop hair in front, crop hair behind..
Keep the head of the corpse towards the east..
..keep his legs towards the west and then put..
..ghee in his mouth.
Pundit! How did the corpse come in our marriage?
What nonsense are you saying? Speaking things of ill will..
..during a marriage. Do it quickly. The villains will come.
Okay, I'll read. Again I have mistaken. I read for marriage.
For marriage..
Look, the villains have come. I had told you.. read quickly. Now lift all of this..
..and let's go elsewhere. - I'm not coming with you now.
You won't come? Preeti.. - Come on..
Oh, my God! - Come on, come on. - This gun!
We know this is a problem, but what to do?
We'll definitely get married today. Point the gun at the right target.
That wretch is not here also. Where must he be?
There was a group marriage centre on the way.
He must be there. - Let's go there. - Come on.
What are you doing?
Congratulations, congratulations..
..the seven rounds of the fire are over.
You both are now man and wife.
Give me the charity.
My father-in-law will come. He'll give the charity.
Hey, pundit! Stop this marriage. This marriage can't be done.
Come, father-in-law, come, come. The marriage is done.
He has also given his blessings. Now you also give your blessings.
I'll give you my blessings, but of death.
You'll go up and there'll be no one to weep after you.
What are you saying? Preeti will weep so much.
She'll weep and convert your bedroom into..
..a swimming pool. - Shut up!
Rascal! Death is hovering over your head..
..but you are thinking of joking?
No, Daddy.. - Get aside, Preeti. You get aside, I say.
No, Daddy, if you shoot today, then not one but two..
..dead bodies will be here. One Raja's and one mine.
Are you threatening your father?
Not threatening, but explaining, Daddy.
Your rule may work in your world..
..but in our world of love, it can't.
Did you hear what she has said? Just hold this a minute!
See, whether your world is small or very big..
..lovers are respected everywhere.
So we request you that you spare us.
You fool, you are struggling before being slaughtered!
Listen to us. Law does not have the power.. which it can vanquish crime.
The law heeds us, we don't heed the law.
Okay, you've said what you wanted.
Now you also say what you want. I'm very busy.
I don't have time. - Very good!
You really have very little time. You don't know..
..whom you've embroiled yourself with. With Damani.
That Damani who has brought billions of gold and silver..
..on the soils of Gujarat. I myself don't know.. many murders I've committed.
You'll remember. You'll remember all when.. receive some blows from the police.
We've cut the hands of the police and kept them in our..
..vaults. We are not going to be caught by your law.
Forgive me, but today you all have come in the hands of the law.
Okay? Then let us see whether today we all are.. the hands of the law or you are in the hook of death.
Hands up! You all are under arrest.
See! There would have been no problem..
..if you had given your blessings first only.
This son of yours, he always puts you in trouble.
Now see, all that had to happen has happened.
Now that you've come, Inspector, be it at gunpoint..
..but please make them give us their blessings.
Very good! Very good!
Sir, these are your children. Give them your blessings..
..and earn some goodwill for the first time in your life.
Hey! - Indirectly, he has blessed us. He said 'very good'.
Bless us.
Come on, move.
I shall see you, son. - I'll deal with you.
They all are goons. Get them locked inside the prison, sir.
Raja, you got my father arrested too.
Preeti, if I had not done so, he'd have sent us up there.
But he's my daddy.
Okay, let him be inside for some days.
He'll come on the right track. Don't worry.
He'll be out in a few days. Now I'm his son-in-law.
So, all the bad influences of his destiny are gone..
..and the good influences are coming.
"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
"We have to tell what is in our hearts.."
"..I do not have to live without you."
"We have to tell what is in our hearts.."
"..I do not have to live without you."
"Why should we be scared of the world."
"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
"Let's love each other openly.." love each other.."
"We have to tell what is in our hearts.."
"..I do not have to live without you."
"We have to tell what is in our hearts.."