Kick 2 (2015) Movie Script

What are you doing down there?
The marriage is up
What are you looking at?
Run away!
Why should I get married?
For a Kick
Steal for the kids
Thank you, partner
Love my life
He got into police for the dad
Police work is nuts
Everything is abandoned
Coming to America and settled down.
Today I am drunk for you
Hey partner
Cheers Partner.
I'm very happy.
You have not even changed your mind
They're still funny.
You're having fun on the day
After you left, you were in my message
The Kick went well too
That's why I want a kick because I came to you
Correctly tell your son?
Also, it was cooked in Kikk.
Do you want to hear about it?
What's wrong with you?
Something is wrong
It's a problem.
After I was born, there were problems
He's born before, too.
One more Kick?
Not a Kik, but a comfort
Say comfort
Nothing is understood
You lost all the time.
You know what had happened before you were born
I brought my mango with my wife very much
I was very happy
But it's stomach
What a cover did you get?
I will not have you.
The pitch is given a KIK
After that, every time I go to him, every time I go
He gives me a kik.
I'm not comfortable here.
Not easy?
It's not so easy.
Take me out of here.
After seven months, the other side has started to come out
This is fun
A super comfortable place.
Whats going on?
I'm not comfortable here
Every single gesture needs comfort
So you think,
How do you get it?
Listen what she did to you and then you'll find out
One time he does not get comfortable
I did not fight the bunch when I was screaming
He called the police and sent me
He was arrested to arrest him
I was sent to jail
The comfort was easy.
I was worried about what would happen
I want to be a doctor, Kik
Doing a doctor
Also, my son
Do I do a service?
My friend Aqueduct
The doctor was late
So he died
So if that's what happens to me?
Oh shit.
If I happen to be a doctor
I can take my own medicine
Served ten people
It's called Robinhud
Now the ten of them are serving him
Is she still like that?
No, she's not like that
Look what it looks like now
Why not smoke cigarettes?
- not
Why did they come out here?
Sit down somewhere else
Go ahead ... get out
I am in Pakistan, are you Indians?
No discipline?
Are drinking cigarettes in public places?
Why should I destroy my health because of you?
Go here. Here
All right, I'll go.
They do not have the brain.
- Sir?
- What is it?
To ask a little question?
- what?
When you were smoking a cigarette, you left me.
- Yes.
But you drove him when somebody jumped.
Why is that, sir?
- It's safe to go.
Basically I want comfort.
Oh shit.
- Comfort.
He's your broker
Hi, daed
Who is this?
My friend and partner,
From India.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I want to talk to you
Wait a minute
Tell me ... you know I was a doctor
I need to build a hospital
I want money to start with one business
What she said was that you needed a hospital to build a hospital
There's land in Hyderabad. Let's sell it
I'll give you the rest of your permission
It's been claimed by someone.
We can leave it if it was not
That land is their dream
The land is our dream, how are you?
What are you saying?
Happiness of four men
My happiness is inside me
What is a KIK?
I need a comfortable kink
That property. I'm going to India
Looking good.
Tell her your name
Semain Durga.
Semain Durga.
Thank you, .
Go selling the land
Robin, you do not know about India
India does not know about me
I want to meet me
Bye bye.
Robin, hold on.
Did you see partner?
What now am I supposed to do?
Your son is super
You need a kick, he needs comfort
Both of them are fine
I would like that
It will not change for an old age
I want that too
Like a kid I got a kick just for him
I want to get out of India
Where are the kids?
- Somewhere.
- Bye, Daughter.
- Bait, Dad.
My name is Rishinder, a journalist.
From Delhi.
You came from Maharashtra
But my men are
You are in this little village from the whole country
The villages in the lower villages obey your orders
Your life, we, Rami, are Ravana
So you have to give me an encyclopaedia.
Do you have the fluency to write?
Yes, sir.
- Then do the record.
20 years ago
My village was fine
They lived here happily here
I forgot God too
Teach them a lesson
Solomon Singh, Dikkur Paminiya
God's Son.
Sell it
I wanted a story to write down
They wanted to work in the village
Therefore, I destroyed the paddy lands.
The hills slid off the water
Then they remembered God in these villages
The whole village came to my control
Except one village
That's the village
May I run away until sometime?
This place was where this village lived
After me, I knew what happened
Since then the people in this village
I've been trapped in my hand
Show me something else?
The first step I started here
From here, I began my work, making villaspur
The family came out and settled down
They kidnapped their children in their childhood
In their brains
Straight up
do not
They gave guns to their hands.
one two three
Protect my law
I killed these dogs
So long after that, sir
For such a man,
Send the media to me on a pedicure
You came here from the Mahasabha for this
What is he doing now?
What did you say?
Please, sir
Kill him.
He's your dad.
Tell me now
Yes, sir
A betrayer sir
Tacore is our God
Those who cheat Tajko
I'm not alive
You are my son
Burn him
Son, I'm your father.
do not
do not
Solomon Singh Dikkur,
God's Son
Is there a helper to write to the head line?
Show me
From here you take pictures from here
You're so curious about this song
I was thinking that I was a big actor
While everybody is living in the firestorm,
Look at it now.
You are a man
Tell the people who are dead
He killed us because of us
His son burned him and killed him
You live for Tacore
Happy as we are
Your baby is happy with Tacar
Nothing can ruin her
If he tries to do something, it will be as much ash
We can not do anything
The gods on top are waiting
He will come
We have an eagle in the tacum, there is no one to save us
Nobody's there
We have to live like this
Look, God
God does not need to have to suffer from our suffering
One man
His eyes are like the strength of God
The cellphone.
Let's face it.
Ten people will have control over him for control of him
What are you doing?
I saw sir
You're funny
Comfort is important
- He was so foolish that your bugs
It got caught
He does not even know whether he has a watch or not
Have you felt
How did this go?
Just the same for him.
He's an actor
She's not her
Robin Hood
Surreal Babu
I recognized the face I saw.
You were beautiful in the picture
Let's go home
I looked at another house for my comfort
Ravi thea
- Bengal Tiger Shooting?
This is not a Ravi Dynasty.
- Then?
Pandith Ravi thesis
- Who is it?
No use
Tasha is not good
You're not lucky
Show me some time
Lacerate to the right direction
The second is to be kept
I thought the first person would not be in trouble
How to keep the second one
Does not understand this much
Does not tire in a tire?
Does it happen like that?
- I was a teacher
Teacher G.
This is for you.
I get to know the second person
I'll meet you
From today you've set me up
Pandith Ravi Theja?
This is coming.
I made my online book
So that's you
This is what happened to you
I saw him happily
That's not Theja Pandit
The Ravi Teenage People are turning around
Robin Hood, I'm playing with people
Show home
Let's go in
Beautiful tile
Beautiful furniture
Lafine Buddha ..
Have you touched your home?
- I checked it till it's done
How did you feel about life?
- I can wait
200,000 a month.
Two hundred thousand?
I'm okay.
The $ 10,000.
- Ten lakhs?
- I'm so comfortable.
come here
Two lakhs more
Time will increase if it's time
Look how good he is
A man.
Homes told in America, right?
Every month, rental rentals increase by 10%.
That's great, Pundit, great.
And what happens in South Africa?
- Just shut up.
Robin Hood will be six months old and the rest is short
Are you there?
Why do I have to?
- Then you shut up
-Cheek and Cash?
- Both of you are ok.
watch this.
- What is this?
My house rules
The photographs at home can not be hanged
If there's a home party, I have to speak
Okay, Sure.
You're also fun.
- Thank you
Take this.
- What are you doing?
For my convenience, this is my comforting book
Robin Hood's luxury
Sign this.
Your work touched me
- to you
There's everything here for my comfort
Your convenience is for me
Do you feel comfortable at the FBI?
I said American police
- If you have a problem
You will not have any problem here.
Ela boy.
DD's gone
Come back three months
The sunburst, so easy, grabs the land and builds buildings
Which country is this?
It's like this
I'm right outside
In three months
Know who this car is
Is there anyone?
It was an accident.
Get to the emergency ward
Check Bibi
What is hurry
What happened to you
Tell me what to say
Do not worry
Take his x-ray
It does not matter,
Listen to me
Doctor, you and me
(Names of drugs)
- Do not come here
Who is it?
Who is it?
Now, come on
Now tell me where
Someone to be
He knows where he is now
It'll be an hour
an hour
No need
No need
This pain is not so easy
Coming two hours,
Get down, ready
An ambulance
Who is Bal Ram?
Now, you understand who Balram is.
You come to my area and listen to me
You're great
You made a mistake
Who is Yoko Balram?
Son of a bird, take care of this
I did not have time for medication
Who's this Ballram?
In the meantime ..
Who drove this car before?
I led
Who are you?
I was hit by the road or killed
Did not leave.
I've been wasting my blood
And I'm asking myself,
Who am I?
Not just your boss
Your brains are useless
Say sorry
Say sorry
He's a fool.
Say sorry
Say sorry
Say sorry
He's a fool.
I will not kill you
Tell me once
Hold it.
Do not let him go alive.
Very good
The words that I'm sorry to hear from you
Until then I did not feel comfortable
Right now
Something is tense
Something is speaking inside the inside
This is a sound for dogs
This feels great
What is the truth?
Say sorry
If you're sorry,
But tell me what your inside says
Tell the dogs
Did not you hear what I said
Here, you're cutting down the pit
There is a value for life,
Blood Prosor has increased,
Now, I want to stop
A pound of pain
It's an ethnol
The pain is gone
Look, sir
I'm a very easy man
But someone was me
It does not matter
It does not matter
It's okay to cheat
Because I'm a very easy guy
Do not get me mad
I'm sorry to say sorry to you,
It's okay
It's okay
Be careful,
Robin attacked Balram for his convenience
But he easily deceived the masses
Balram's name,
The fame was lost
That's when people celebrate
Someone was looking after him
There was one secret meeting in the villas
Is it true ?
The quality of our villas is the same
Chicks too
Balam there
They're taking innocent people into slavery
There they beat him in front of his men ...
His pride was tormented
He waited until he felt as if he were whupping Tacore
We are the people
If you come to the villas

He will come to us
why ?
He's forcing me to have my paperwork. Sir,
- So?
Sir, give it to us
Why don 't I bring it?
Sir, who are you bringing me, sir?
- Who's the problem?
- My sir
So, what am I doing?
He wants to solve his problems himself.
Then nobody will be a problem.
Do you understand?
He'll solve his problems
But she's distracted from the problems of others
He's not coming
You never understand her situation
But if he comes to our village, we will lose our time
One Takhur cuts 100 of them
But he'll lose one hundred out of his way, Tarasulawa .. Remember
He will smash this city by his name as he steps into this city
There's something he has
If we have to save innocent children
If we want to live freely
You have to bring him to this city
There's something to come up with
What kind of meeting is going on here
Something's messing around here
You and the assembly were here
Something's wrong
What's going on here
There is nothing uncle
You do not say anything
Something's inevitable
Before we screw you
Get out of here
Everyone go
Let's go
Stop Chandner
I do not have any contact with this meeting
You want to die if you want to die
I do not have any dealings
To bring him to the village
We have to handle it
No, this is not funny
They have to go together
Let's go ..
Let's go
What are you doing?
What happened
How to fight stupid with stupid creatures?
Everyone get up
How to use it
To bring him home
Three of you will have to die
Three people have to die
I'm ready
What are you doing?
If I get better from this death in this village,
If so,
Already dead
You're going to die for this village
We have so many wagons
What nonsense is this?
One coffee,
- Tell the story
- Act right now.
Action is my job
You're giving the light
Why do I know sir sir? I start the story
So start
I have a cutter in my speech
In front of the local arrack kade
The hero's garage
The garbage on the river street
At night we look for bottles of old arrack
The character is great
The Actor has a kidney cancer in the actor
You're surprised
Now ask around
Sir, born with three renowned kidneys
Sir, it's on the spot
But the third kidney is visible
Come on, sir
Why did you shut up?
Now it's the entry of the enemy
He's kidney
Dr. Kidney, kidney
Kidney italy ... great, that's it
I like the story
I'll try a Hollywood movie with this story
Work begins,
What's the story?
What the kid said was three kidneys
Is that a story,
This film can not start
Will be ruined
Sir ... is a woman
How should the story be,
How should the hero be?
Have fun jokes
I did not find comfort in my mother's wife
So out of the 7 months I came out
Because of my convenience, there has been somebody
I was screwed to the victim
That's its ease
what else,
Can I write this story? '' Of course, ''
Write for comfort.
What happened after that?
I do not know,
Because in my life this is all so
That means,
Yes it is my life
There is more time to come to actress,
You do not understand the character
Follow me
That's what I said from the address
Looks like here
Listen carefully
From tomorrow we will be curious about Robin
I do not have water to bathe
You watch movies here
Because this is your father's house
I've lost comfort
I do not have water to drink. I need my comfort
Is this comfort?
The comfort was gone to hell
I need a twist now
This boy is a big mistake
I want to look beyond what is comfortable
The water is too hot
I have to learn about Arjun's comfort
Good Morning
Good Morning
How are you with that man?
I did not recognize you
Robin is coming here
Today you are my lawyer
Now tell me this girl
When are you here?
Tell me quickly who is
I'm in front
The girl in the front yard is in the center of the room
I'm the same myself
What the hell's the girl in front of doing here?
That's what I ask,
You're on your way home
A beautiful girl was sent to this house
He's taking advantage of his beauty
Spend money in my desk and get me here
I tried to drive out
Whatever it is
I'm Broker
I'm a big bunch of people
Brokers say
Now who knows this girl?
Who is he?
Why did you come here?
My friend told you to think
So, I thought your house was all night long
This is not your house?
Okay, you came here for me
This is also my house,
Come on
The horoscope of the other house,
Come on..
- Hay Landy '
Why was this sculpture broken?
I will break my belongings
What's wrong with that?
I'm giving you wages for every lease here
I took this house for what I liked
So, I was sent here for my comfort,
Right now
I want one like this
If not
Where are the wharves here?
Give me a minute
If there is no imagination, where are my conveniences?
Do one thing,
I'm home eating
You're the sculptor
Hands up
When I get out of the house, I'm a sculpture
Get out of here
What are you writing about honey?
To pay the rent,
Mara Sin
Are you laughing
I was not mindful at night
You can not go home,
I did not touch,
From the two of you, do you know?
- Do you speak idiots? No.
shut up
Jade came,
I'm coming right now
This land is my grandfather
Hey, this grandson
First, your grandfather and dad fought
They went to court,
Then I got caught
Construction commenced ... But
I did not know that you had the documents on this site
I do not have any documents,
Oh, hell
What are you doing now
What to do? What to do?
What to do
Say an idea
Let's give a better idea
Cut the ticket
Unless I cut it, I shoot
Then I will send herself to the United States
If you do not even care
You're burning with your bomb
I'm like a grenade
This pin is easy for me
Remove it
You can send it up on that way
Are you threatening me?
It's for my comfort
Michael Jackson's songs are good,
Too much?
Asks ..
It's called threatening
You give me my land
No, you're down
You give it
Do not scare me
Do not scare, do not scream ... do not work
I'm losing your sight
But you give me my land
Who gives
I'll take care of who
What happened here?
He sees his eyes closed
His face is not recalled
I see Lalji with your face
You and I both are
What is she doing here?
There is no electricity
Turn to our bedroom
When I lost the fan in the bedroom, I was confused
Then you sleep here
I'm going to sleep with Nadya and sleep
I'm sleeping under my fan in my bed
Can understand
To fully understand
How relieved
Do not turn the hools up
Still more needed
You're sleepy
From night to night,
Good Morning
Good Morning
Good Morning
Good Morning
Why did you come in the morning?
Your style is your character
Your quart,
I like it a lot
I love you
I love you
what is your name ?
Sorry, Chitra.
I'm already in love
Who's that lucky girl?
Girl is not a boy
That means you?
You love yourself too
you are right
I love you
I can do whatever I can to get me
But why are you stopping?
You told me you loved me.
So love
I'm crazy
Love me so much
Nobody in the world is inferior
Robin is my boyfriend
Just like a banner
Now I'm in England
But I can be in a different place tomorrow
That's it.
Remember one thing
You can not be sad that I do not love you
From today, I'm your lover
I would like to talk straight away.
Now our love started
Not much
Come with me
This one
He's also crazy
I hope you like the work
Now get out of here
I'm dying.
Get out of my love
What do you want?
I do not mean love
No, it's not
What is this
This is convenience
If I love him,
Let him take him with you,
Take the movie together, take a walk
I'll lose my whole ease
If he loves me
I'll take care of your convenience
When it comes to coming,
When it's time to go
Like a little boy,
This is easier for him
This is not the convenience of dignity
No, this is convenience
Both are one
Why are there two pronounced English pronunciation?
I left here a while ago.
Also send a message.
Do you have coffee?
Coffees later
Hello, sir
The bill, sir,
My turn
Did you call me?
His girlfriend gives money to humiliate a boyfriend
On the first road,
'm really
Until now, I did not see
This is for Tacore
Give a beer
his way, honey,
American Robin left
He's using you
I'm not second to Robin
Compare yourself with Robin
Girls show fake postures
I like to know them well
I love her
But he did not take advantage of me
He's Robin
You're not the same with his serper
You me
Is there something wrong
But mine
Then you drink this
I'll take care of this
Did you ever wonder if he loved you?
He does not love me
Whether he loves me or not
I'm crazy about him
You do not know me
Take your hand
Chitra, you're the one
You have a video
You're dangerous, super
A girl should be like Chihter like this
There is no one like you
Is there a problem?
Yes, but it's not yours
It's funny
I wanted to get an idea about you
You'd like to like it again and again
I understand that I have taken it
If you get away from me
Can not live
It seems to me,
Let's go
Where are we going?
Where are you?
Come out now
From today, your convenience will be eliminated
What are you doing?
The hero will know his heart
It'll be a rookie
I've broken my mind and done it
After this, I got it
Talk to him
He will never bother me anymore afterwards
Destroy his convenience
I'm drinking from the evening
- Hey, pony
They did not come out with anybody
From the morning I drink
Let's talk tomorrow.
- Hey, pony
I did not know that you would drink
Robin is a good friend with everyone
I like the KFC foot, give it to me and take another
You like chicken
What do you know,
After you've smoked, that's funny
What do you think about me,
Forget it
Is everything hidden inside?
Do not say
- Quickly say, or not
You're my friend, right?
Do you drink arrack?
What do you think, Pundit?
You're such a good friend?
What's in your mind?
There's a sound coming out to get it out
I can not hear you
Put 'em in. Hold the jail inside
And that left that out
I'm just drunk right now
Get it out

You're not a human but a brute
I patiently endured your work
What facilities do we need?
That's what this wants
Not in India, not in America
You should have been ... you are a great fool
Hey Pandit! Control her
Say it
Is this him?
- Yes, yes
Where to govern me
Here I've profaned one of them
Hey, Pandith, explain it to him
Is not he, sir?
- Yes, yes, yes.
Come on! I'll explain
I'm who
I told you, sir, he's crazy
Pull it out, sir
- Come on
Shout and scare me?
If so, if so
Hey, hey, you were inside
I was attracted to the madness
I do not care
- It's not that you beat up that too
Get me up
How did you feel now?
- You're the hired agent here
Even with that, I'm holding my hand
You became the owner of the next soul
I'll show you the husband afterwards
Why is it for the next soul?
This is the same spirit
Is it a challenge?
- Double chanel
Is being the owner of one day?
- It's a great thing, it's easy
Is it easy?
Read it all
- Why are you giving me this?
You gave me a home raisine
Where are you?
Now, I'm the owner of this house
Tell the lawyer what is the legal regulations
There are no regulations
What's going on with my ease?
If it's okay, come to the owner
Now let's go to bed
Bad boy
Now, I'll show you how bad my trouble is
Now I'm renting this house
There is no law
I do what the thinking thinks
Let me see what he will do
There is no limit
Water is over,
Aure, Robin Hood
Real picture
He has come to give the picture
Smoked cigarettes
Why so angry
How can I bathe in the bathroom?
What can I do?
I want to bathe
What can I do?
You're the owner of this house
That was late last night
That's called last night
Because I am the house boyfriend
Mr. Vikk
Look, they're coming to live,
Go and see
What did you do?
What's going on is my house
This is my house
Did you say, is your going?
I'm the owner
I took the money at night.
In the morning, register art
I do not know them,
This is mine
I'll wait for you
What are you doing?
We're coming home
He did this too
You came here because someone took your land
You're wrong with Pandit's house
Do not know who gave Dodi my land
That's a great property
Your destiny will change
Take this land for you,
The idea was given
Therefore, I received two houses gifts
Now straight goes to Didi
Do not worry
Who dragged you to the streets
What happened,
She abducted me from my abode and destroyed me
I do not change my clothes until I'm destroyed
I'll destroy it and get it to your door
Call Robin for a call
From Didy
Talk with Robin Coorse
Talk to you later
I'm JoeN Collector
He knows the boxer
They gave me a tough decision
Get the speaker out of the 4
Can you talk to Robin?
A meeting with Robin CM
Who are you?
Your brain is spoiled?
Who asked CM
Forgive me for the wrong number
He knows so many people
He does not know any CMs,
She's doing you stupid
I will sue the clothes with the blood of the blood
Get a call
I'm Robin Hood
Build up, Didi wants to talk to you
Why with me
Robin Hood
She's in another call
Tell me what to do
Who are you, minister?
Reading shit
Are you drunk?
You're talking to the police commissioner
Reduce your sound
Why is she raging like a crazy dog?
I'm afraid of you
Do you know who to talk to?
I know how much your wife likes me
My wife
When you go to the office,
Your wife is calling me
He's not only his friend but his good friend
We're the same asset of both of us,
I'm coming right now
At home,
If there's an energy, wait
Call the police officers in the city
What is this sound?
Something to be good
A police force has come
Beat it
Sorry, sir
You said Khamisner your dog, right?
We did not know, sir
Then you know the person you know
Your common property
My Sonia
I'm ready for me
Come on
This is our house
It's time to go to work
I'm leaving,
Here I closed the door
Now you're alone
Now my husband left,
I'm talking to the riches
Mr. DD, call you
It was a mistake, sorry
Raise it 4th or I
Raise it 4th
Honey, my husband went
Come straight in
Madame number is wrong and no number
My wealth has come
After you left, another person came
That third treasure
Where is he?
Talk to you
Get out of here
Come on
Come on
God save us.
my wealth
Honey, I'm here
What did my husband do and what to do?
I was cheated, shot
Hurry, do not come out.
It was a big mistake
Take him out of here
I was punished someone took me out of here
Take him to Charpur
And now there's someone to save you
Only God
Who caught up your assets?
All of her scrolls were here
Return everybody's papers
If not, I would not
Look back
Do not worry, do not worry.
You'll give me my land
Nobody can cheat me
I love you,
Keep quiet now
I remember my home
I want to go home
How did she remember her home?
I said no
How he remembered her
What are you doing?
He will come
He will definitely come
I'm back to America
Where's Robin?
You stayed here for so many days
Now my job is right
I'll miss you
Thank you, Chitra
Let's get going late
Are you really going?
That means?
You forget me?
I'm sorry, Chathra.
I foresaw that you do not worry if you did not love me.
But you are my best friend
Come on, hurry up
He's leaving the country
Robin Hood America goes
What did you do there?
I'm lost
I could not fulfill my pledge to the village
First we have to learn our mother's march
He came here because he had a piece of land here
Why is he here?
Because of love
His love
His love is in the village
You can not bring him anything but love
He will come for me
Even if I loved him,
He loves her
If he loves me a little, I'll do it
I could not make love in his own mind
I've been trying so hard
But it's lost
He's coming back here
They have to come
Now save us, God
Everyone go home and pray on a lamp and pray
Where was it?
With the faces
Sir is leaving,
Turn your phone off
Sir, please
one minute
Sir please phone the phone
I said
Sir please phone the phone
You're easy
You're easy
I'm not easy
I'm not comfortable
Why did not you come to the airport?
Why wait
I know I'm leaving,
Get out of here
Why am I,
I was together when I was together .. We are friends
What did you come up with?
What are you saying?
I'm here to say this
You're lying
This is not you
Someone else says it
Who is it?
You're inside
The cool one
You want to tell him what to say
When did you leave my mind?
I can not believe it
When I went to the airport, I did not feel comfortable
I guess
I love you
You said you were coming from Robin
He left for me on the rope
He has to come
I left something for her
About our village
She is coming right now
He's not here yet
It's still running the game
What game
It's not good to pick up an American here
What happened to him?
He can not destroy Tacore's anything
He does not do anything for you
If he does not,
We will do everything
We all fight our brains
Do not know each other
War between Tacor and Robin
Fight two
Whatever happens, Tachore will die
He does not want Robin's way to close
If you get stuck with him, you'll die
From Robin's hand, Tacur is dying
We have removed Tacur from the village sand in this village
Robin will return to America
It's a game
Go tell Tacore
We do not have another way
That means you are from your brain
Between them
Creating a condom
This means the villagers started the disaster
The noise is coming
I've already told you before
The whole village joins this role
Our job is done
We'll have to keep him for a few days in the village
We can not see our grief in our eyes
To all of us
He has to be happy in front of him
Do not be disturbed
Or he'll leave
We can not let her be lost
We'll teach us to teach
Commt is not a dine
Then what?
The commt is a commt
Let's tell you what
Kamelee, you and your daughter, please
What are we doing?
You are dead because of Tacorus
If he sees you, he'll kill you
They talk about the arrack and tell the truth
Do not mix arrack until Robin
Hold this
No arrack from today
Your idea is great
Everything is good
But if he realizes the truth
How to find out how to find out
I'm talking about Robin Hood
You are acting in love with Kitha
He got faked and brought him here
If he learns about this play
To understand is more dangerous than Tacarus
This is Robin Hood
You're just trying to get some new enemies under your head
Do not give it up
What is this?
You have to be mindful
Trains are coming
Our freedom will come back
Our trouble will be lost
Give the money, Barbie
What are you doing?
Get out of here
Give the money
Wait, wait
I asked the money for the ticket
What's wrong with me?
You start an actor and start your drama
Before Robin, we have to go to the village
The place where you look is empty
Listen to me
Information Center
That's also in this language?
Give me the money
Give me the money
From here
Where are you going?
Do you know Hindi?
You know, too
I did not send the cigarette here but here
That me
My son is here
You came for a girl
How do you know?
This is what's happening
Our girlfriend is a poor girl
He came back and celebrated his happiness
There's a girl named Chathura
This is the 4th tooth
This is our village
I love this goddess too,
That's why I'm here
That means you're in our village
come here
Our son-in-law is here
He's here
You work for me
is skin to
Shatura is my daughter
Robin Hood is acting in such a way
It's scary to act like that
Do not be scared anyway, he's your husband
What did you say, Chathura's daughter?
That means we can act as a husband of another person
He's here
Keep quiet
It's the Sardar's decision
Who is this?
This is your mummies
Yes, mommy
That's my mother-in-law
Yes, I am the ladies
You are his wife, who am I?
This is her husband
Okay, okay
Be quiet,
Who is this?
Your son-in-law
Your stepfather loved her in the city
I'll decide now
Where's Chathra .. He's dad
Do it quickly,
Say father
Who is this?
Can I see her?
It's Robin Hood
He knows how my name is
We said,
How do you know?
She said
Do you have a romantic relationship with her?
Yes father
Oh shit
I sent the city to study
The story is a leech
He's got the story on the floor
Robin is a good father
I'm a bad guy too
do not
do not
Ask her daughter
Do not Cry
Damn it
I'm marrying myself.
If so, these babies will end up at the Sinhalese
Tell me to go.
Acting more than anything
elder brother
Be quiet
If so, how much others would like
We'll keep him in our village for several days
Everybody liked the boy
Let's do it with Chathra's wedding
Because this girl's father
I decide
It allows Robin Hood to stay in the village for three days
Everyone agreed to my speech?
How can you decide about me?
Chathra, I thought you were a problem. I came.
But when I look at you, you ask your own people
If I had America, I wanted to provide information,
Not permitted
I do not like acting out of your dad
So he does not need his permission
When is the next cap?
Do not say
When is the next cap?
Give the money, Baba.
The assassins are lying
When is the next cap?
I'm not late
An hour later
What happened?
Do not leave our village.
It's been so intentional
This is a plan
Give Barbara money,
If she talks, money
Get out of here
How badly did you get yourself starved
Talk to us once
Do not waste your time, Chathra
Let's go
What's going on?
I have to stay here for three days
3 days
This is a small village like this
You do not have to be loving for two people
You have to hear the elders' sayings
I can not wait a few days for me
I can not do much for me
Look ten days to see
After that it does not like the village
Do whatever you want
Just ten days to stay here
All right,
I'll try
I always need strength
Give strength
Where is this place in this village?
I'm not talking about this energy
about you
And tell me
Give me something
Come on
There was good strength
Got everything
But where is he sent from the village?
Do not tell me about my village
Do I have KFC cooked meat in the city?
This chicken is in this village
Foreigners come to my village
Chiriya's seen
Every day, three foreigners come
Yo Yo
Take a cellphone
He will not act more than he needs. He will understand
A real village
I like it a lot
I am here
I like the village very much
He would like to go to this village
Who does not like to see Mahela's dance?
kick off
Take a look
Tacour House
I'm not coming
Go on
Your brain is spoiled
Whatever you do
On top of them, they are waiting for everything
Save us, Babu
Give the money, Baba
Give the money
You saw that, Babu
He hit the two
He's a big scammer
But Tacur is not a good man
You shut up
Never will a big bay come to this village
This is not the end of this stranger
Why are you coming?
There is a madman here, like me
Be crazy
My condition has been destroyed
It's energy
Where is my strength?
My children
He brought it
He does not do anything
Get out of here
We rob Robbins' house
Let's say the people of Tacur did
The people of Tacur changed
Take Robin to Tahkur
Robin gets frustrated and goes to Tacur
That means Tacore is over
Who gave you permission to come to our village?
Why are you letting me go?
Get permission from Tacur to this village
Tahur Tacur
My mind is losing
Because this is Tacore
Tell me?
do not
You do not know our Tacore is so dangerous
You do not know how dangerous I am
To the tachar,
Show your men
There are bells in their hands
Where are you, Tacur
Let's go
Let's go
Come on
The game started now
Tark's people are doing this here
Who brought our horses?
Are you saying it or not?
It was joking
You fucking
This is not the people of Tarkur
Who are you?
I've come from the city
Nice to meet Robin Hood
I was scared of this by Tacore
Look, I've gone to get my supplies
Who is scared of the name of Tacore
He said so bad things about Tacar
Leave us
This is something wrong
Not telling the truth
Thieves, sergeants, thieves
These are his widowed wife
You proved to have died
Yes, it's true
Are you three women?
Two of us, sir
Sorry, sir
They did not usually make a mistake
They want to break my equipment as much as they did
Put these three on me today
Tomorrow, take you out
Where did she bring him?
That's a good idea
Say thank you to Tacur,
from my side
Raised up my belongings at home
I tolerate anything
But the scam does not
Give it pain,
You're laughing
She stabbed us and gave us pain
If he's angry with Tacore,
Whatever will be of Tacour
I see everything in my imagination
Now the pain has decreased
Listen, crazy
He knew that the three of them were cheating
Falling Aft
Now think
He knew that the whole village would cheat him
Whatever will be
He cheated me
You're scared of it
This is the menu
Talk to your daughter here
Oh shit
Hey, Chathura
Hey, Chathura
I'll be right back
What happened
Why we are bothering our love
I did not see you both
All right
First, look at your wife after all
Who are you with?
Forget Babu
She's worth it,
The 24 hours are working for us
You sleep
You're the same thing with your work
He forgot about his father's death.
She can not do anything.
We're worn out here
Are you very fun?
This time
You're worried that since he was out of here,
I'm worried
He can leave this village at any moment
I acted loving him with him
The village is good
You're loading me wrong
Who told you to love
If people in this village love him
I can not
I do not have the right to love
I'd like to pay my life with him
It's wrong to love anyone
Do not get my mistake
I'll wake up
We're all stupid
Forgive us
No dirges can happen
Now, Chubbul, you have to talk to Pandy
Get some work for the village
I am her
Tell the future of Sandhya Pandith
Tacore's gates set
Mr. Pandith,
Now listen well
Bulwand Singh Thakur
What happened
Something messy
I'm supposed to be booming
You say that everything is as good as you say
In, it's black
You do not know, I have the third eye,
I see everything
Change that
Not here
Good gracious,
It's a devotion
I am fortunate
You've been far from me so far.
Tell your questions
Our problem is Robin Hood
Robin Hood
What he's doing here
She loves a girl in our village
He does not really love
Saying comfort
that's it
Let's get a picture
It's him
Yes, it is
I know his history
This is my common enemy
What should you do?
Get him out of here
That's what I do
Let's confuse him with Takaur
Actually, that would be so nice
Robin Hood is gone along with Tacor coming
Robin Hood caught Balearine
Tucker Robin will be killed
Hello, Diddy
Mr. Pandith
Robin Hood's death
Virass, come quickly
Viras, I'm coming
I'm preparing the fight
Now, I know how to do the stupid thing
Where is Chathra?
- He went to the river
This menu also happens
Dead to your death
Your enemy is killing you in this village
But how can I identify him?
You do not need to know him
When they both meet each other
The nature will change
Will be electric
Birds will fly away
The explosions will explode
Let him go
He'll kill you
Everything was where he was
It's somewhere somewhere
Let him go
Hurry Up
Who the hell is going on?
Here is the rain
It's raining too
Where is my enemy?
I am back
Teacher G.
Why did she enter the wrong time?
My enemy
Look at that
This is it
There is nothing to worry about
No work
You are a sinner,
You are me
They have to do something to create an enemy
How's Dad?
How ?
My lion came
Today is my birthday
I'm very happy
How's Mr. Johan?
The man went to a big place
How powerful he is
But he will give him the power
Think about what happened to you
Father's talking
This is my lion
My son
Happy birthday, son
Tell him, son
What a wanted gift
Ask for a son to say something
Dad's power
Daddy, do me a tacum
You're Tacore
Mr. Tacore said the truth
I am Tacouro's son
But Tarcourt is not.
My hand should be on the shoulders of someone else's hand not on my shoulder
It's been a while longer
Have fun with friends
Or I'll blow it
He does not have a mandate
That's what Gust wants,
We need the deer
Even if you saw a chicken from your childhood, you're scared
The one who does not understand the difference between the cock and the guy
Show her men,
You can never be Takuur
Never can be Takuur
Never can be Takuur
Never can be Takuur
do not
do not
I'm a man, Dad
Now I see my men
Kamala Nona
Come on, Babu
The soup is so good
It's sweet
What happened
What happened, teacher
Tell me what's the matter
Kamala Nona
A little milk
What happened Kamala Nona
What happened?
What do you want?
Very good food
Tell me anything
I'll come out a little
get up
Get up! What happened?
Something to say?
Who did this?
What happened to you?
What happened to her?
What happened to my daughter?
Who did this to him?
There was no death in this village
Who hit my daughter?
Who did that?
Do not touch her
Do not touch
She worked as a man in this village and became a man
But she killed my daughter
What did you all do?
My daughter's death has been lost
But I could not cry in front of Babu
I can not say anything about this drama
Now there is
We do not have food
We give food to the bait
I drank my tears
But it was too bad for me
Whatever happens now
That murder should happen
Do something
Everybody do something
My baby
I have to get in
I have to give you a baby to eat
My child left
This innocent child is promised and promised
At the beginning kicking
The tinker's end will begin
Start every job
Enjoy Guantare
The worm must be on fire
I'm very sorry
Thinking like my girlfriend
A mistake
I'm sorry to be sorry. Sorry
Say sorry
Excuse me
Say sorry
One time, I'm sorry
What are you doing to your brother who hurt your sister?
Kill him to kill him
What will I kill?
You do not survive today
We are Tinker's men
The situation is going to be serious for a week
My son must get up now
That's not right now, sir
The person who attacked is aware
How seriously they get to the affected areas
Who is it?
Why did you play with this blood?
We did the same as you did with Pandith
Everything you said was the same
But do not tell anyone I'm the cause of all this
We promise not to tell anyone
He's been happier
I said no. It would not work
How did we see the use of brains?
We'll play and play
Look at that
Tell him that Dhakaor is not coming
What are you doing?
I checked and met
We decided that our daughter will give to you
Thank you
Where are you going?
You told me to stay for a couple of days
I've been through for days. I'm not even a second now
Will not there be a Relay?
Who is it?
-he's from America
A new man came to the village
I did not know
What happened in the village?
- Got it, gentlemen
Have you seen it?
- I'm there.
Shall I see you?
- Yes
It killed my son
Did you watch it?
Eyes That Slowly Shot Up
The world can not see anything else
He said that he killed Lord Shtatha
Who is this stupaur here?
Did you find that your whole family was missing out on Dhakaur?
Because of a little misconception, you are
My son tried to kill me. It had nothing to do with other people
There was a fight between you and my son
You did not care if your boy lost it
If you have the strength, take your vengeance on me
Not from the villagers
Anyway, you and yours do not have any problem
I made a mistake
I'm sorry
Your son did not accept
So I hit
This is the end of me on my part
You better forget that too
I kill my son
Solomon went on shooting his son's son
Get out of this village alive?
Within seven days my son will stand up
In the middle of that palace, among the villagers
It's pieces
Until then, you will have to stay in this village
You have to stay in this village for seven days
Where is your son?
Where is your son?
Go back
Go back
What are you doing?
do not
No ... no
Listen, he's treating her
Everything's right
It does not make sense to wait seven days to fight
Inside, I made a cure
Give it three to four hours in 24 hours
Do not stick with me
Or die as a dog, it's your will
Send your son to me by 24 hours
Have the strength. Come on
Either I'm dead or I'm going to die on my hands
Twenty-four hours ... ... then ...
Do not give up on that
What do you mean?
Hold it
The same bastard
The same way
In twenty-four hours she's ready
Same place
I'm ready
Are you ready?
Because the village people saw your son hitting him
You scared those men out
Now you, your son, are hitting your son with you
Shut your eyes?
He'll kill me
He'll kill me
He'll kill me
He'll kill me
This was not possible for a man
But his father was a man
Solomon Singh Tucker
God's Son
Prepare funerals
And then he will disappear with my son
See if it's okay
I saw the road early on
One of his sons is burning down a father
Now father's killing his son
The history of this village has changed
Soon this time in the village will change
I will not give him that easy death.
How are you, Robin?
Our needs tied our eye
That guy's playing with our lives
Playing with Robin's tale
But what about the difference between the cricket?
If that bullet hit Robin's head
That tinker killed his own son
He can do anything
So we are not worried about our words
We do not have to worry about our wrath
You yourself have to tell us what to do
Let's tell Robin the truth
He'll lift up our hands and hit him
He has to get away from this village
If that happens, our every success will dissolve in the soil
If that's the case
This village's trick is blaming
If anything happens to Robin tomorrow
All of us will be put to death
Let's just say every truth
You said the truth
Let's go
The only way out of here is knowing
Where are you, Pandith?
Who is Pandith Ravi?
He's not me
Look at my face
Maybe you misunderstood
Right now, take the Oryol
Is that okay?
Yes, that's right
Tell me what you're doing here
I am the reason for you to set up a condom between you and the speaker
I'm very sorry
You made a fight between me and the tinker?
The original person came over to leave me
Tell me now
You came to this village for the girl
The villagers said you were people in the village
That their lives are destroyed
They thought if they were going to fight between the tinker and you
Tricur will kill you
That plan was joined by people from the village
That means between talking
Calm down
Robin got the plan
Did you say everything?
Yes, I said
Did you say the whole story?
Yes, brother.
That's our plan
You said the plan to destroy the tongue completely
Pandie needs to be fed up with your mouth
What's your plan?
Not sure
Not sure
The story started with dogs Singh
This is the whole scheme
The picture was sent to you
You took possession of his illusion and came to our job
Robin got the truth
Who said?
I said that
So many so why are all of us dead?
Did you fool me and get everyone home?
I used to drink arrack in this village
Everyone come out
My dad said you did not know about India
But I said I knew
Are you coming out? Otherwise, should I set the whole place on fire?
Come on ... from here
Out of the way .. .. .. so to speak
A fresh presentation. A Moment presentation.
This kind of presentation should be shown in Hollywood
Are tourists coming to this grocery store?
Is this a place for tourists?
Whatever he said
Baba talked
No, no
There was a fight between you two
So why is a meeting?
Give the money
Give the money
Give the money
Give the money ... give the money
Why not?
He knew
What are you saying, Baba
Nothing is Baba
I've learned everything
So do not waste your acting
Where did you get him?
You said you did not
The madman is not you
I'm crazy
These bugs have been written in my app
Pardon us ... do not make a wish
You are lying .. your people are lying
This is the whole lie
Not so, Robin
Wait, come on.
I'm coming to you
Sorry, Robin
Pardon your pardon
Since I was born, I have only two loved ones
One is you and I are the other
The younger woman is better than you
They do not play love
You did everything for your work
No one's gonna talk quietly
Like Dhakaur and I have hostility
You did all this
You're right talking
India taught me a good lesson
To die in the Ratakur
Villas villas
Villas villas
Forget Babu
Forget this village
I said this was not working
But he did not ask this craze
Did you hear the lies? How big is the basebasket?
One man in the village was right in front
No army is being used to go with 'kidney bears' to go with them
How bad a man is?
People in your village are comfortable for you before you come
Do you know what it's for you?
All you have to say is not to blame for anything
Chittie's dad burnt the tinker
I told you not to cheat
It's another fraud
But the purpose behind it was Babu
It's not a hoax
What they did for your comfort
Give me some food you like
The whole village people started to eat one meal
This is a fraud, babu?
You need to know who the man is
Actually, it was a fraud
Kamala Nona
His daughter had raped his son's son
The next 20 days, it's Uva
You can not help but die
It's gone nowhere to find it
Hugged the fire of his womb
He stuck the pain
Babu was your stomach. She did not eat
They did not do it
For their children.
Now this is true
Everything's over
Forget about what happened, forget about a dream
Forgiveness for the entire village
Forgive them all
He killed my son
Robin, will you kill me?
It was a game
Good game starts
Now I'm playing
Stop Tacor
How to play without a fugitive, Tacore
I'm doing this game too
They made me a big scam
Before the game starts
Talk to them one minute
You guys cheered on, Tacore
What they want to kill is not wrong
That scam you and me
I want to go out of my mind
I'm not a man
I want to get angry when cheating on you
I'm not angry
Your fraud is a lie. Tell me
I cheated on love
Or loved me for cheating
Let's talk to your heart,
He did not lie
Forgive us
Forgive us
What kind of people are these, Tac
Now tell me why they cheated me and loved me
Love the art
I loved them
It's a story
I can not bear their suffering, Tacore
It's not easy for me
Do you understand now, Tacore?
What KIK is,
What is the ease of being able to get Kik?
If I stay with those who are with me
That's my convenience
So far, there were 300 people in the village
Now there are 301
This Villapur is my village
I'm not comfortable
Turn around
This is the perfect game
Not only to improve my mind
You know, it's back
I'm a spiritual person
Hey, I'm Solomon Singh, Dahakur.
God's Son.
I'm Robin Hood.
Son of Chaksi
Let's get out of here
Kill him
Why I kill
Whose problem is that?
of our,
So why are you coming to me?
He has to solve the problem
Why am I here?
Understand or not
Find answers to your questions
Babu knows we're in love
But not anyone's life
We can not kill anyone
Let's go
Where are you going?
I love the villas
Burn me up
Solomon Singh Okachandra
God's Son.