Kick-Heart (2013) Movie Script

"Christmas Charity Match,
Monday, December 24th"
"A Dream Match!! WSC"
Chicken! Chicken!
Will Vacuum Fat get back into the ring?!
Count out!
Looks like tag team M and Chicken won!
If they find out that Lady S didn't win...
they will destroy our team!!!
I'm going back to the countryside!!
Take care of yourself!
Same to you!!
Mr. Wrestler?
Uh... yes?
Are those Lady S toys?
Why, yes they are...
Would you care for one?
"Lady S Dolls"
"SEXY QUEENS This is what you want, right?"
Thank you for your purchase!
Please don't forget to take your change!
You guys still awake?
Hey, hey, hey now...
We watched the pro wrestling match!
Welcome back, big bro!
Welcome home.
Sorry I'm back so late.
I have some presents in my car...
Oh, I see! Well, why don't I
take care of that for you?
Sorry to trouble you.
Sorry to trouble you like this.
It's nothing
Here's out new nun, Juliet.
She's studying psychology at university
with a minor in brainwashing.
Oh my...
I was wondering where
you had gotten off to!!
Report to the disciplinary room later!
Romeo is a sort of alumni of this place.
As a child, he was always cruel
to his own body.
Even as he got bigger, he continued
to put himself through intense training.
Ah, it's Lady S!!
How cool!
Everyone got S??!
There's no Maskman M?
Wrestling dolls!
One must not succumb to idol-worship!!
Be sure to give thanks to
our hard-working big brother.
The CEO who bought everyone presents!
Thank you, Mr. CEO!!
It was nothing, really.
What's this? A book?
"SEXY QUEENS This is what you want, right?"
Wait, not that!!
What's got you in a panic?
"TOP PRO-WRESTLING Maskman M - Issue 52"
It's 'Maskman M'!!
I call it! Please give it to me! I got it!
I got it!
I don't want nothing like that.
Wrestling is bad enough, but worse
when it's someone nobody knows!
I want to see a pro-wrestling match!
We wanna go!!
Absolutely not!
Pro-wrestling is for filthy beasts!
You're not supposed to
leave the grounds on your own...
We must exterminate the evil
that roosts inside the body.
Open the door!! Please hurry!!
It can't be!!
Please, hurry up and open the door!!
I'm coming in!!
What's the matter, what's wrong?
A giant python!!
We told you, you can't go potty here!!
For the time being
we have been using next door's toilet.
Could anything be done
with your help, Mr. Maki?
"Inbox 68 messages"
"From Boss: I'm going to kill you.
Do you even know what you have done?"
"From Boss: You are a worthless creature.
You should just die now!"
"Call from BOSS"
- Yeah?
- Finally!
You're not tired are you?
I know I said some terrible things in the past
but let's put all that aside!
A job just came in for YOU!
It's at the personal request of Lady S!
A no-holds-barred fight
to the finish against Lady S!
If you take this job, we'll forget about
your little mistake earlier today
and if you win, there will be
$500,000 in prize money!
I knew you were the man
to get the job done!!
Maskman M vs Lady S
December 31 at Tokyo Dome"
"Maskman M"
Would anyone like some beer?
"Lady S"
This is what you want, right?
It's me... Mommy!!
You can do it!!
Why don't you spend the rest of your life
in your little backstreet gutter.
He did it!
Lady S wins!!
"PRO-WRESTLING NE We Have a New Hero!"
"A Christmas Death Match
Turns into a Heartwarming Drama!"
"Maskman M Moves the Audience
with His Performance."
"Hard to Figure Out
What He Really Looks Like."
"Who is Maskman M?!"
"What About Lady S' Prize Money?"
"'I Used the Money Already,'
says Lady S."
The building is fixed!!
Please give us another ticket
to the wrestling match!
You sure made a generous donation
to the Orphanage!
Well, I...