Kickboxer: Retaliation (2017) Movie Script

What a great opportunity for Kurt
Sloane, entering the last minute.
With Hoskins with a back injury,
might be useful to him.
At this time, Renzo, I do
not know what to expect.
He came, he won, he
lost, he came back.
I'm totally wrong.
Apparently he's not kidding.
"Did you see it?"
I love this guy.
Gentlemen and ladies,
your winner, Kurt Sloane!
Hey guys, we're here with
the winner, Kurt Sloane.
Dude, he's a bit of a fight.
I want to know, what is the
name of this final step?
That's the kind of storm arm.
The name is a taufan arm.
Arm hurricane.
I love it. I really enjoy it.
Tahniah once again.
If I fall...
I have to extinguish it.
He never amazed me
like that again.
I have this dream.
He is very complicated.
Your promise will not leave me.
I promise.
There are limousines
waiting for us there,
Full bar.
I will bathe and meet you there.
Kurt Sloane?
We are the US representative.
What can I do for you?
I do not know. Follow
us silently, I think.
Apparently, the murderer,
the crew killed someone.
This is for Eric.
Maybe you forgot.
What happened 18 months
ago in Thailand? So?
He is in self-defense.
Ah. Well, that's good.
That's the kind of case you want to tell
the judge as well as you get there.
We will take you to the judge.
May I see this badge again?
Welcome back.
Surprises and fears.
It's how you feel right now.
The man who killed Tong Po.
Possibility for American
coastal men is astronomical.
You will be with
him in hell soon.
I want the crew to
take his place.
Such a great pull onwards.
but you are leaving Thailand.
I think you are legit.
Today is when you will meet...
It does not work like that, is it?
It is a time to defend your title.
In another struggle to death.
Do not think crew?
No longer.
If you are smart, let me go now.
If you hit me again, I
will break your nose.
Sense of humor.
This man.
Another struggle for death.
Against the defending champion.
That's what I asked! "Voila"!
Enter the arena with Mongkut.
I will pay you $ 1 million.
Or you spend the rest
of your life in jail.
Without the possibility
of not going away again.
Remember, the man in this
prison loves Tong Po.
They know who the crew is.
Surprises and fears.
They will attack you.
I will control this.
You better call a prison doctor.
Explain that there are three
broken ribs and one hollow lung.
Jaws switched and a broken nose.
That's not so good, is it?
A day with inmates in general
and already in some problems.
You will not, Encik Sloane.
At least do not like this.
Behind these walls, you
will fight with death.
Every day. So why do not
you take the money?
If you agree to fight for me,
Instantly get out of
choking on your own vomit
for comfort and provocative
and sensual entertainment.
Are you listening?
Are you with me?
If the crew is still small,
will you give up too much?
You look better with
the nose I give you.
I like your spirit.
I do not want to membalirnya.
Do you really think he
brought me this picture?
This is crazy!
- Hello?
- Honey, it's me.
Kurt. Where... where are you?
What's going on?
"I'm going crazy here.
I was kidnapped."
I left Bangkok in jail.
Kidnapped? Kurt!
Where's the crew?
He interfered with my meditation.
Meditation, really?
Is this helping you to swim?
I'm calm. Very quiet.
I do not think so.
I keep my fist fast and hard.
Willing to solve what he likes.
What is important that should
not be said in the policy hall?
I do not feel safe
in the policy hall.
Where can you be safer
than in the policy hall?
I need your help.
Two years ago if you were a
policeman you worked around us.
Now you want our help?
Tell me where my husband is.
It is stored in a chain to
the north to kill Tong Po.
Who is responsible for this?
Thomas Tang Moore,
advocate of fighting.
But I did not tell you that.
Let him.
You do not have the
required amount.
Follow him and tell me where he is going.
This is how they frame
you in the system.
I want what you have.
You talk without complaining.
With this way.
Every day I want you to come
here and get this plant.
It weakens the nerves.
Put it behind you at night.
The rest will have something
to do with your mind.
- Can you walk?
- Maybe.
Ayuh. Behind the wall.
You will not be able to fight in
the same way again. Trust me.
What are you doing here?
Warrior training.
Here? Why?
Because I was accused of taking
part in Tong Po's murder.
Can you believe it?
And also because I will
not leave you at hand.
Then Encik Moore blinded me.
Do not be sentimental.
It is a mercy.
How is that grace?
Can use my meaning
without my eyes...
It is a mercy. Can know the
answer before the question.
It is a mercy.
Do not look me in the eye.
You are not alone.
After two weeks we
made no progress.
Yes, we need to get more.
However, leave you in
a state of battle.
And then, ruining it...
if we get bored.
Are you willing to hear me now?
I know this guy.
I know how to solve it.
Hey. Are you calling?
Thank you for coming.
Are you kidding me?
What did the crew do?
Working for isolation
looking for an absent mother.
I'm looking for my husband.
I think he's in a
chain in the north.
I need you to get
a kidnapper too.
The name of this man
is Thomas Tang Moore.
I know he has more
money than God.
Well, then the question
is not ransan money.
I will ask you some questions.
We met here in two hours.
OK. thanks.
Do not worry.
We'll meet him!
My old Kurt Sloane.
I still owe two broken ribs.
I think I have the right.
But I just came to talk to you.
His answer is still dead.
In this case, I have something
you might want to see.
If you touch...
I am not a person who needs to worry.
You know what he wants.
Now... are you willing
to talk to Encik Moore?
Are you saying yes?
What else can they do for you?
They have my wife.
I am very adored with the struggle!
This is a struggle that
I will pay to see.
Well, obviously.
I have my condition.
You may not contact
him or anyone else
so struggle.
But we can show that he
is very well cared for.
If someone hurts you...
Let's die! We're all dead!
The crew is dead!
You do not. You...
You need to feel this thought.
Air movement.
Before the spoils of power. Because...
You are the target.
Use her own power.
Not Arrested.
Dodge, dodge, dodge.
No, you need to put
back your weight.
In this way, move on.
You need to forward it first.
Trust your ability.
Let me know if you want
to feel close to you.
You may take a sale.
Too late to do nothing.
It does not work.
How about cinema?
He would.
Oh, yes? Maybe he'll
never make it, you know?
He has claws.
Listen, Briggs.
I know his skill.
Maybe he's never good.
He will defeat Mongkut.
Mongkut's name once again
that I broke your face.
Do you understand what I say?
He is blind as a bachelor.
Out of jail!
You will train in the complexity
of my luxury suburb complex.
So relax and enjoy.
I need my coach, Durand.
I still need to train
with my prison staff.
I am here to help.
I need field trips for
a bout of exposure
if I am willing.
I love this guy.
You need to start the exercise.
Initially heed the attention.
And forget everything.
He is a bit difficult.
They kidnapped his wife.
You need to fight big giants.
Let's laugh about it.
Let's get back to what's
important and keep focused.
Its strength against its weakness.
It is their speed and flexibility.
What is the weakness?
That's a good question, Kurt.
I want to see Mongkut training.
How will you see anything?
You are blind.
Well, you do not have to worry.
I just want to see it.
Meet Mongkut.
What miracles can
bioengineering do to us?
A killing machine.
A fighter.
Dicipta from the generation of fighters.
With the best in chemistry.
From the sound of his breath, he looked
like a rhinoceros. That's right?
His creator graduated from
Cambridge as the best in class.
He came to work for Encik Moore
to earn a million a year.
What did he make?
Drink adrenaline.
This is not the way.
You know that.
There is no test for
battle, is not it?
This is not a martial art.
He is not true.
Mongkut is a superior
human specimen.
Greater than. Faster.
Stronger than everywhere
on the planet.
Is everything good
with your champion?
Oh, yes. He is fine.
Let Kurt live.
I beg you.
I fought with Mongkut
instead of Kurt.
It will be interesting, is not it?
That would be interesting.
I have many followers.
This is true.
There was a problem. You are blind.
Yes, I am blind,
it will be the thrill of the
ugliest human being in the world.
The strongest man in the world.
Yes, definitely, I'm sorry.
But to see blind men wrestle...
will make wealth. Do not crew?
This is an exciting prospect.
But of course, I do not need money.
Cancel this struggle.
Do you really think you
can seduce my goodness?
You need to learn how to...
to fly.
The strongest man
does not always win.
And yes the smartest.
Not bad.
I am Mr. Liu's friend.
He told me the crew was here.
They took it.
I am here to help you.
OK. Stronger than that.
Higher. High kick.
Higher than that.
He has 1.90. Ayuh.
Higher. Once again.
He will kill you in
the blink of an eye.
Death has its benefits.
You will save the shopping.
- I killed Tong Po!
- Mongkut is four times.
Tong Po, Kurt!
You will lose.
Maybe there is another way.
What I need is the third man
who causes the disturbance.
Very good.
Hey. Mahu smoking?
I want to.
I think we have a chance.
New guard there.
He knows where he is.
The dragon in his arm
is in the video.
We need to go now.
Do it tonight while
he's on duty.
Time of field trip.
I need to see this with Encik Moore.
I need this.
Wang it.
Master Durand! He is always good
to see you again, my friend.
I know the crew.
Kurt Sloane, is not it?
Yes, I remember the rebellion
that caused the last time.
It was as if you never
tried again, did you?
You know, Joseph King with the name...
Joe naturally.
You've heard it before.
Then. They say that you
will fight Mongkut.
Are you supposed to kill yourself?
Give me support. Can he
fight the best fighters?
Then you go back to
take a blow, right?
Well, I will need to
see your first friend.
My God, watch this!
Wang easily came through the door!
Once again. Come with me.
One more thing. Remember,
we're not here for that.
- Be careful.
- Let me.
Gentlemen and ladies, we
have a new messenger.
Well, technically
he's an old enemy
with suicidal tendencies.
Let's get this wrong
and unhappy soul.
Kurt Sloane, gentlemen
and ladies!
A brave young hero.
Willing to risk everything,
just 2 minutes in the arena.
Only with the only survivors.
The beast. Widow maker.
Sick carriers! Moss!
I hate malignancy.
I need to go to the shower cubicle.
I need your phone.
I need a phone.
"Father, are you?"
Well, the struggle is over.
Kurt won.
Beautiful performances.
Come here one more time and fool
yourself, and then come back
and scrub the floor with my
best fighters? Come here.
My part.
The next time we
have to be partners.
Maybe next time.
I think all the
exercises are berbaloi.
What did the fuck say?
Go! Walk, walk,
walk, walk, walk.
It's been a long time, father.
She's my son, Travis.
Time to go.
Go save the crew's wife.
Trust me. I will take care of him.
- Come on, move on.
- Go, go.
Where do we go?
It was up to the crew.
You know where he is.
I know where it is?
You are next to it in the video.
Where is he?
What is this thing?
All right, listen.
Let's go to the river.
North Row!
So... how many people
hide behind this train?
I have told you, no one else.
No more deceit.
Let me go, I will show the crew.
You will need me to login.
You need to be more specific.
- Where do we go?
- Above the cover.
You will regret it.
Put your senapang.
Drop the knife!
"Are you all right?"
Yes, it is me.
Are you sure?
I am fine.
He can shoot.
Put it on the floor.
You know you should not be here.
Honey, wake up! Honey!
Honey, wake up.
Get up! Get up!
Call an ambulance!
Call an ambulance! Now!
Get up. Get up.
Please, wake up.
Tell Moore I will
fight the bitch.
Where alone, if in time.
They tell me that...
if he left the coma...
What is this if?
No, do not think about it.
I do not believe in church...
but I pray shaitan for you back.
He loves the crew. He needs a crew.
You scared me.
Now you know how I feel.
I will fight it.
I know.
So what's the weakness?
Glass chin.
If your heart is
spinning, you attack.
But times need to be perfect.
So what a surprise?
You need to be right.
In the jaw.
Gentlemen and ladies.
Welcome to the original
muay thai temple.
It's all here, over two thousand years ago.
The villagers sent their
children to study here.
And the teachers are masters
of the art of self-defense.
And all the spirits of
all Muay Thai fighters
has been taught here.
And they are fighting here.
And they found their domain here.
Your spirit is with us tonight!
Gentlemen and ladies, I
want to take him now.
Which gives us the biggest
surprise of discontentment.
And I was very impressed with
the skill of the fighter
to withstand punishment...
and waiting for his time.
Some say it is a true fate.
Kurt Sloane!
But today we will know
if this fate goes on.
Because here tonight,
to take revenge...
weight 180 kilo...
he has killed more than 20
opponents in the arena.
Palma for men at this time...
The greatest man of all time...
The first and only... Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Applications have been loaded
down to their guidance phone.
You can not bet
during the struggle.
At the end of each round,
you may make another bet.
But they can not trade their
original bets. Understood?
Gentlemen and ladies...
place your bet.
You are well trained.
Do not forget...
flexibility, agility
and dynamism.
And remember... death blow.
I am very happy to hear that your
wife has come out of a coma.
I just want you to know
that after killing you...
I will keep a good handle
well heated at night.
For your song!
First pitch.
Not at all.
Mongkut! Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Kurt! You need to
feel the air step
before he blew it!
That's it!
Kurt! Power!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
- Stop.
- Ayuh, Dad.
Palma to Kurt Sloane!
Because he should not
last long with us.
Ayuh, wake up.
Kurt! Kurt!
That's a bad idea.
I know.
I have no chance.
I think we will do it quickly.
I have an idea.
Do not let him hit the crew...
touch you.
Stay away from him. Okay?
Yes, good tip, Dad.
Moore we want to get it.
He's too big.
I know.
Go there and finish this guy.
Let's get this.
Now the next round,
with knife for elbow...
and knees.
The second attack.
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut! Mongkut!
He's dead.
Kurt! Kurt! Kurt!
You say you will not leave me.
You say you will not leave me!
We have a winner!
The greatest hero in the world!
Mongkut! Mongkut! Mongkut!
I want to see his face again.
Take me out of here.
Holy shit!
Oh, God!
The greatest warrior in the world!
White Hero! White Hero!
White Hero!
White Hero! White Hero!
The period for the third round.
No. The fight ended.
Do I look dead to the crew?
I will only be defeated
if the devil killed me.
White Hero! White Hero!
White Hero!
White Hero! White Hero!
White Hero!
Take it easy.
Do something!
Fighters! For your song!
Gentlemen and ladies.
Do not pay the payment.
The struggle is not over yet!
Double or not!
At this time, place your bet.
Double or not.
Sell it.
And now for the third round.
Back from the dead...
Kurt Sloane wants more punishment.
Go. Kill him.
Let's fight!
White Hero! White Hero!
White Hero!
White Hero! White Hero!
You need to feel the thinking...
air movement...
before he attacked.
The strongest man does not always win.
And yes the smartest.
Kurt! Run a big one on the floor.
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Mongkut! Mongkut!
Your brother is brave.
His brother is a hero.
Not like you.
If you continue the
desire and desire to win,
I make you immortal.
This is your fate.
Believe in yourself.
White Hero! White Hero!
White Hero!
White Hero! White Hero!
White Hero! White Hero!
Blow! Blow!
White Hero! White Hero!
White Hero!
White Hero! White Hero!
White Hero! White Hero!
Surprises and fears.
Kurt Sloane beat Mongkut!
Durand. He is not so big.
All right, raise your hand, champion.
Subpack and
Rectification by DanDee
Cuba focus...
one more time.
I try to concentrate.
Look, try to give a pedestal like
trying to try to try a baby. Got it?
Do it.
His wife was kidnapped.
Your wife has been kidnapped
and now you need to fight.
Against a huge giant.
Your wife has been kidnapped
and now you need to...
big giant.
More than that. He has 1.90.
More than that. He has 1.90.
Ayuh. Higher. One more time.
One more time! One more time!
Gentlemen and ladies, the time has come.
The time has come for the
main event of the night.
And now, exposing the challenger,
the blue side of the bracelet...
He is a muay thai black belt.
One perfect cartel winning
eight, a loss of zero!
Representing Venice
Beach, California...
Kurt Sloane!
And now, on the other side of the
cage, fighting in a red corner,
the cartel is 21 victories,
loss of sifar, series 1.
And all 21 victories are
by losing to death.
Representing Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil...
he is an undefeated champion, retaining
the world's heavyweight crown!
Shogun Street!