Kickboxer: Vengeance (2016) Movie Script

You speak English?
Kru Po, he teaches you right?
Listen, I wanna
train with Kru Po!
I have cash.
I just wanna train.
What the hell man?
I can't take you to Kru Po,
if you have no skills.
- Hey!
Prove it!
Kavi fights better
when he's drunk.
Yeah, he's so drunk
it's almost a fair fight.
- He's very fast.
- No, you're very slow.
Por favor.
Thank you.
I just lost my
position as doorman.
- You started it.
- What?
You attacked me.
I come a long way.
I wanna train with tong Po.
I wanna train with master Po.
Put it back.
And the money.
You know what, keep it.
- All of it?
- Yeah.
You need it more than I do.
You fighters from
around the world
have been invited to
train with master Po.
And witness the impossible.
Now, you might think
that master Po
has run out of the unthinkable.
But he'd like to challenge
himself and stay creative.
And continue to inspire you all
with an infinite imagination.
Check it out!
The universe is composed
of particles.
Which are subjected to
the power of the focus.
Quiet mind.
Again I say!
Check it out!
And can I get an amen?
That's what I'm talking
about. The fight will begin.
Unless first, somebody
wanna challenge master Po.
You mean to tell me there's
nobody here Batshit crazy enough
to go a couple rounds
with the master?
- Can I get another amen?
- Amen!
Let's fight.
The next round we
will add weapons.
You come here to kill me?
Your brother was brave,
your brother was a warrior.
Unlike you.
Such a coward.
Come to my home with a gun
to kill me in my sleep.
Ladies and gentlemen
my brother Eric Sloane,
world champion.
Come on, you do it.
- We're gonna do this?
- Absolutely.
One more time, one more time.
I need a drink.
- I'm gonna get some wine.
- Well, look who it is.
What brings you to
this side of town?
Here to see the
fabulous Eric Sloane.
- You look great.
- Thank you.
You've made a quiet
a name for yourself.
I'm working on it.
Almost a modern day warrior.
Heard you won the gold.
Yeah, I did.
So, what's next?
I don't know.
Probably expand the gym,
get some new equipment.
Well, I have an idea.
I bet you do my dear.
You're gonna have
to talk to Kurt
because he's my manager
now as well as my trainer.
Always looking out
for baby brother,
- I love that about you.
- Taking care of him?
Are you kidding me,
he takes care of me.
This kid always pushes me
in the right direction,
and pulls me with no
strings attached unlike
- some people in this game.
- Hm. Right.
So, who wants to go to Thailand?
Jesus, can you give a
guy a moment of victory?
We're having a party here.
- I'm talking immortality.
- Immortality.
- No rules, no ref.
Just your wit and skill
to keep you alive.
What do you mean no rules?
No wait, I heard about these
underground fights over here,
but, uh, what's in it for us?
Well 200k right now.
And 200 when you land.
And the chance to be
remembered for a lifetime.
Alright, now we're talking.
Keep going.
I've got this fighter
by the name of tong Po.
He's an undefeated
Muay Thai champ.
And I think you can take it,
and make us all
a ton of cash while doing so.
Kurt, wanna go to Thailand?
You know what let's
talk about it later.
Let's have a drink!
It's a party!
Just don't let her
get into your head.
It's not her getting
into my head,
have you ever seen this
kind of cash before?
We could buy this place
and be set for life.
Eric, if you decline it's okay.
It's not for everyone.
She comes in, looks
at you, smiles at you,
and you fall into her trap?
She's a crook!
She's a fight promoter
Kurt, they're all crooks.
Our job is to get as much
cash load
as we can while I'm on top.
You don't know what
you're walking into.
Jesus Christ, Kurt,
you're driving me crazy
with this already.
You know that Thai champ
should be worried about me.
I'm a badass, you know that?
Stop being a coward.
I'm looking out for
you and your career.
No, stay here and do what
you do best, just worry.
You really think you can take
the Thai champ at his sport?
Are you that arrogant?
Well, I know you don't,
so I guess
I'll be doing this alone.
Thanks for the party.
- You're just gonna walk away?
- I'm walking toward a future.
Hey, Kurt!
You got something from Eric.
- He's fighting in a week.
His gold medal?
I gotta go to Thailand.
Get up!
Come on!
Eric! Get out!
I'm so sorry.
- You set him up.
- We got him the best trainer.
He trained his ass off.
Eric knew what he was
getting himself into.
Sometimes these
things just happen.
You killed him!
This is on you.
This is all on you!
I'm just gonna say
goodbye and then I'll leave.
Taking care of him?
Are you kidding me,
he takes care of me.
This kid always pushes
me in the right direction
and pulls me with
no strings attached.
Who's this?
I think this is your
brother's trainer.
I think he may have
something for you.
Do you mind?
I'm training him.
Are you Durand?
- Yes I am.
- This is Eric's brother.
- Here.
This is Eric's fee
for his fight.
He wanted you to have this.
If anything happened to him.
And of course,
it did.
You're making a joke.
- Do I look like I'm laughing?
You trained
my brother Muay Thai?
Yes I did.
Why would you let
him fight that monster?
I train people.
I don't tell them when to fight
and who to fight.
You didn't train him
well enough, did you?
We have to go.
Kurt! Let's go!
I'm putting you on a
plane out of the country.
If you stay, come back,
you will go to jail.
You get it?
Oh, Mr. Sloane.
We normally would welcome you
to master Po's humble home,
but it's clear that you're
here with dubious intentions.
But when Michael Corleone
was sitting in the restaurant
across from the two man who
attempted to kill his father,
many argued that he was
wrestling with his conscious
to whether or not he could
kill them in cold blood.
I however believe that
the decision were made
the night he visited his father.
And saw him barely
alive in the hospital.
He had no choice really.
He had to pull the trigger.
And as for you Mr. Sloane,
all you had to do
was pull the trigger.
I should have.
You're coming with me.
By going after
tong Po like that,
you made things very
hard on yourself.
And on my investigation.
You're the only eye witness
wiling to come forward
and now you're credibility's
gonna be questioned.
I guess I should thank
you for saving my life.
I'm the one that put you there.
You know I have orders
to arrest you?
What about those guys
in the street?
We'll take care of them.
In the meantime your
brother's trainer has agreed
to shelter you here.
- When did that happen?
- It's just for a few days.
Train me to fight tong Po.
I failed Eric.
What am I gonna do with you?
You're gonna help
me make this right.
I will train you.
We wake up at five.
No coffee break.
- What's going on?
- Forgot to numb the nerves.
Oh, my god.
- What?
- What are those from?
- Training.
What kind of training
does that to you?
Training with Durand.
Why are you putting
yourself through that?
When I'm training,
when I'm in that place
the pain just
turns my brain off.
I don't feel anything.
That's good.
How do you feel?
- You're crazy.
- I'm crazy?
One more time.
Just give me a minute
to catch my breath.
Why would you do that?
Do you think tong Po
would give you a break?
We have more to do.
- You look tired.
- Are you tired?
- He gets tired so easy.
- Why don't you rest?
- He won't let me.
Let's have a coconut break.
- Coconuts!
- Coconut break!
You like coconuts?
You're supposed to try
to crack open the coconuts.
Let me show you.
I'm ready Durand.
- You're ready?
- I am ready.
See? I am ready.
Oh. You think
you're ready? Let's get a drink.
Oh, he was unlucky wasn't he?
- Huh?
Is there anyone that
can beat my fighter?
Five thousand baht.
If you can last two rounds
gets you 50,000 baht.
Master Durand.
- Lovely to see you again mate.
Ah, you've brought me some
more easy money have ya?
I'm just messing with ya.
Joseph king by name.
- Joe king by nature, huh?
Eh, looks stuck
up this one, yeah?
- Yeah.
- What can I do for ya?
Two rounds.
Your funeral.
- 5,000, two rounds?
- That's right.
- With him?
- You're ready, no?
This way.
Like I said before,
just stay put.
You cannot leave this compound.
Do you understand?
It's just not safe
for you out there.
Just come by anytime,
I'll be right here.
Wait a second, you said
he was in training.
Training for what exactly?
I'm a trainer.
That's what I do.
You stay away from tong Po.
I'll keep him busy.
Don't worry.
And just stay put, okay?
Don't make me
bring you an ankle bracelet.
Great distraction.
And not a distraction.
What are you doing here?
They kicked me out.
He's from tong Po's camp.
Please, come.
Just go for a second,
I need to talk to him.
Why did you come here?
Maybe you came here to get a
reward from the cops, right?
Or maybe you came here
because of your master,
tong Po.
- Look, master Durand.
- Yes?
Maybe... maybe you should
have trained Eric better.
Tell me the truth.
Okay, I work for tong Po.
Now you work for me.
And Kurt.
- How am I gonna get paid?
- Get paid?
You will keep your teeth.
Stop drinking
and start to train.
You're good.
Not impressed by
your performance.
Never gonna win going back.
Yeah, that's good.
Come from the inside.
Push up the chin.
Hands up, break hard.
If you're afraid to die
in a fight with tong Po,
you're dead.
I don't want to lose two sons.
Tong Po's head.
Tong Po! Tong Po!
Tong Po!
Tong Po!
Tong Po!
Come on, tong Po!
Tong Po!
I challenge you to a fight!
Let's go, bring it.
Master Po has gladly
accepted your challenge.
Be prepared.
Master Po has gladly
accepted your challenge.
Eric's little brother
wants revenge.
A grudge match.
Tong Po!
I challenge you to a fight!
Wattona, darling?
What seems to be the problem?
Your place is compromised.
Do you know what we could
do with this information
knowing that she's listening?
We could send her to a
much better place for us.
It's been her crusade for years.
Without her,
none of this would be happening.
Without her,
doesn't that sound ideal?
You want it clean or messy?
Make her an example.
You don't have to do this.
This is for your own good.
You're both under arrest.
You're a fugitive.
You're harboring a fugitive.
Love and Muay Thai don't mix.
So your girlfriend won't
let you fight tong Po.
We have to get out of here.
Vous parlez francais?
Forgot about me?
Come on!
Let's go.
Just let everyone know
initial bets can be
placed before the first round.
No betting during fight time.
A man's strength in Muay Thai
is not just
his destructive capacity.
There are often 30 to 50
deaths in the ring each year.
One of those deaths
occurred not so long ago.
Right here on this spot.
Another will occur today,
right here.
Let's meet the challenger!
Kurt Sloane.
The brother of the last man
who died by tong Po's hand.
His fury over the death
of his brother
has led to one attempt
at tong Po's life.
He wants revenge so much
that he broke out of jail
just to be here with us today
and face his formidable enemy
in mortal combat!
Ladies and gentlemen,
the undisputed champion
of all champions,
the man who defies
the laws of physics.
The man who is responsible
for more than half the deaths
in the ring in the
last two years,
usually in the first round.
- I give you tong Po!
Tong Po!
Tong Po, tong Po, tong Po!
Tong Po, tong Po, tong Po!
Tong Po, tong Po, tong Po...
You know what to do.
Don't think about anything else.
That champion's amulet has been
around his neck for too long.
Now you have the spirit
of Muay Thai in you
and he's going down.
The rounds will be progressive,
weapons will be added,
chosen by me.
But the first round is only on
the eight points of contact.
Ready to die...
After you.
Back to your corner!
Come on, up.
Is it done?
Half of 'em lined up.
Anyone betting on Kurt?
Couple of guys
went for the odds.
Just about three mil on tong Po.
I'm gonna have Po stretch it
out a round, even the odds.
Sit down.
You're doing well.
What fight are you watching?
This one, come on.
You're doing exactly
what I want, okay?
You're doing very well.
Surprise, surprise, surprise.
The challenger is still alive.
So let's up the ante.
Second stanza, glass.
Place your bets.
Tong Po, tong Po, tong Po...
Come on, get up.
Sit down.
- How you doing?
- Not good.
he's just a man.
Like you, his bones can
break and he can bleed.
Now go in there and take
that son of a bitch out.
Come on.
Let's go.
You're under arrest.
Look, you should
really check this out
before you do something stupid.
I've got some juice
down in Metro.
Yeah, I know all about it.
It'll come out in prosecution.
I'll be out in a day.
I am in a state of shock,
Sloane's heart is still beating.
He's proven himself a worthy
opponent for master Po.
And with that we move
into our final round,
and the weapons shall
be our double swords.
Death is imminent.
Get up. The swords.
Get up!
Your brother was brave.
Your brother was a warrior.
Unlike you, such a coward.
If you're afraid to die
in a fight with tong Po,
you're dead.
I don't want to lose two sons.
You don't have to do this.
Come on.
You're a warrior
and he's going down.
Come on.
That's my boy.
Again, coconut!
Come on.
- Yeah!
This is for Eric.