Kicking Blood (2021) Movie Script

Happy Birthday
to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, dear Anna
Happy Birthday to you
I happen to know that is
really good cake...
Because I made it myself.
It's okay.
Happy Birthday.
Thank you.
You're a goddamn liar.
Oh, calm down.
We decided it was going
to be a casual thing.
You told me you loved me.
It's an expression, Bernice.
Go to hell.
Hello, Gerry.
How did you get in?
You invited me over for a drink
and gave my shoulder
a little squeeze. Remember?
I've been thinking about things.
How short life is.
So, you decided to
seize the day?
Well, you only get so many.
Why don't you put on some music?
Set the mood?
Great idea.
You have taste.
I didn't take you for much.
Excuse me?
I would've gone for something a
little more
Best to drink this vintage neat.
- Maybe later.
- You sure?
This is 80 years old.
You can only get this
in Scotland.
Very impressive.
Hmm. These are cool.
So delicate.
Now, please be careful
with that.
Everything is transitory, Gerry.
Just ask her.
How did you die?
Where did you go?
What do you think?
I have no idea
what you're talking about.
Where is her soul, Gerry?
- Don't insult me, now.
- I'm keeping this.
Like hell you are.
You come over
to some lonely man's house
and give him ideas,
and then you act like
a spoiled child.
Now, give it back.
Why don't you come and get it?
This is for Bernice.
Ugh. 'Morning.
Hint of cherry.
Tart finish. Hmm.
Get your stuff, Robbie.
What'd I do this time?
Yep. You have to leave.
All right. Whatever it is,
just... I'm very sorry.
Just please let me wake up,
and then I'll help you clean.
You really don't remember?
Did I get some?
You made out with my fianc.
Oh, man. I'm sorry.
This isn't funny, Robbie.
Okay, okay. I'm sorry, though,
Please, please. Just...
It didn't mean anything.
It was just a couple of guys
having fun, all right?
You can't crash here anymore.
Look. Take a step back,
all right?
You know,
I thought maybe, just maybe,
you'd stick it through rehab
eventually, but it...
You didn't want to admit
your own brother
is nothing more than
a worthless sack of shit.
You make out with one dude.
You know what?
I was suffocating here.
Now, I'm free, I'm really free,
to go out there
and find my destiny.
So, hey.
Thank you.
Can I ask you a question?
- I'm not giving you money.
- I don't want your money.
Where do we go when we die?
You tell me.
I have no idea.
I need to find out...
What's the rush?
I think it's time for me to,
you know,
end it.
So, do it, then.
That's the thing.
I'm fuckin' terrified
of what comes next.
Oh, I've done some shit.
Um, I absolve you
of all your sins.
That's a nice gesture. Thanks.
I just...
I don't think you have
the authority.
- Nobody does.
- No.
Somebody does.
I'm going to meet him, tonight.
No. You're not.
There's nothing.
You just go out like a candle.
That doesn't sound so bad.
What are you doing tonight?
None of your business.
Sounds fun. Can I come?
Up to you.
Um, I don't have anywhere else
to go, so...
Maybe I can just come in
for a bit...
...and warm up?
Maybe have a drink
and I'll be on my way.
I don't drink alcohol.
Then, make tonight an exception.
Hello? You there?
Jesus. Come on.
All right. It's officially
super weird now.
You didn't even tell me
your name.
Hi, Anna.
Um, I'm Robbie.
Hi, Robbie.
So, how about that drink, huh?
I might have something
lying around.
This scotch is 80 years old.
You sure I can have
some of this?
Knock yourself out.
Like your eyes.
I don't fuck humans.
Tilt your head back.
What are you doing?
Exploring your veins.
Feels... feels good.
Different blood
has different qualities.
I'm trying to guess
what yours is like.
I'm a vampire.
I kind of figured.
I'm going to suck your blood
and get high as fuck.
I'm going to kill you.
Get on with it, then.
You're really not afraid?
I'm ready.
Okay, then.
- Wait.
- It's too late.
No, no. Please. I just...
I got one last thing I need.
That shit is expensive.
Yeah, it is.
It's cost me everything.
I vow not to have another drink
as long as I live.
Now I'm ready.
Is it going to hurt?
You might feel a little pinch.
That's it?
It's going to hurt quite a bit.
Make it quick, then.
What are you waiting for?
Most people don't go so easily.
They scream.
They cry. They fight.
I never understood it.
I mean, no matter what,
it's going to happen somehow,
Now or later,
what's the difference?
Good night.
Can I sleep here?
What do you think
you're doing here?
I'm going to start over.
I know I made a lot of mistakes,
all right?
I'm sorry.
But things are going to be
completely different now, okay?
What do you want, Robbie?
Gus, I just want
to make amends, okay?
You're not getting
your job back.
No, no. You think this is about
some dishwashing job? No.
No, no.
It's so much more than that.
It's about me.
It's about who I am.
You know, I just want to be
a good person, okay?
I can't do anything for you.
Go get yourself cleaned up.
That's what I'm trying to
tell you.
But I need help. Please, Gus.
We're going to be
getting busy soon.
Go home.
Stop. Take it easy.
Let me do my job.
I don't even know
how you're still here.
The Grim Reaper is going to come
for me when he wants.
But if he thinks I'm going to
lie around waiting for him,
he's got another "think" coming.
Can't run. Can't hide.
Thank you.
Most people
just avoid the subject
or treat me with pity.
It's so exhausting.
You seen Gerry today?
Still here?
Well, bye.
Tinseltown swimming in blood
Tinsel ribbons
dancing in the rain
Flowers on the skyline
Hey, how was the wine
What comes round's
going round again
Towers coming up for air
I couldn't see, I was blind
Off in the corner
doing poet's work
That's all right for now
Could you turn it down?
It was just a dream
of your blue eyes
Could you turn it down, please?
I couldn't see, I was blind
Off in the corner
doing poet's work
That's all right for now
It was just a dream
of your blue eyes
That room was crawling
with centipedes.
You were hallucinating.
I know that.
Flowers on the skyline
Hey, how was the wine
Tell me more.
I thought I'd died.
It was hell.
There are worse places
than hell.
Now, get out of my bed.
- Hi. I'm Ben.
- Nina.
I... How's your night going?
Could be better.
Let's figure out
how I can help.
I'll think about it
while you get me a drink.
I would move heaven and earth.
I'll be right back.
Hey. Hey.
Tough to get service
in here, huh?
Yeah. This place must be union.
What is the world coming to?
I got this chick over there
waiting for me.
She's got to be, like,
I don't know, 20?
She's an old friend.
Oh, you know her?
So then, I decided
to make life my bitch.
All right? No more kissing ass.
And if you're in my way, watch
out, because I will flatten you.
"Do what thou wilt
shalt be the whole
of the law."
Yes. Aleister Crowley.
I mean, great quote.
Some people say that
he was dark,
that he worshipped Satan.
It's the nicest guy I ever met.
You guys are full of shit.
You don't own life.
Life owns you.
The best you can do
is reach out a hand,
catch a gust of wind,
and see where it takes you.
You want to get out of here?
You've been trying to
slip away
And leaving footsteps
in your wake
There's a fever
washing over you
It's just something
that you used to do
Ah. Oh.
No, thank you.
I mean, come on.
Are you guys here to party
or what, hmm?
Jesus Christ. Sorry.
Yes. Finally.
Who is that?
I wouldn't worry about it.
This time
that you'd rather go
Can my friend come in?
Um, manners.
Yeah. Please, do come in.
You've been trying to
slip away
Ben, this is Anna.
Anna, meet Ben.
May I offer you a line, Anna?
Ah. Pretty. Is that your wife?
All the things
that you're going to lose
Switching places in our mind
Yeah, if you can believe it.
You guys got kids?
Uh, I mean, maybe someday,
but I hear enough about it.
So, where is she?
She's at her mom's.
You got a lot going on here,
Nice house. Beautiful wife.
Can we just chill out
and just try to have
a good time?
You seem so sad underneath
this party-animal shtick.
It's like you're hiding
from yourself.
I'm not. Not sad.
All the footprints
that you never leave
Oh, my God.
It's the only thing
that I can see
Guys, seriously.
Take a closer look.
- What?
- Who does he remind you of?
Oh, my God.
- The Baron.
- The Baron!
Let's do this.
Who's the Baron? Who's the...
- Yes!
- Oh, that's good.
So, how do you guys know
each other?
Oh. Uh, we hunt together.
we're a pack of cheetahs,
and you're a hobbled gazelle.
When I am laid
Am laid in earth
May my wrongs
Create no trouble
No trouble
In thy breast
You guys are wild.
Hold on a sec.
Let him do one last line.
Oh. Ah.
Just stay right there.
Um, wait. I...
Shut up.
Thank you.
It's Mom.
Sorry, Mom.
Ben is permanently unavailable.
What was your mom like, Boris?
Oh, fine, I guess.
I don't really remember.
I remember being
in a dark room...
...and not allowed to leave.
Sometimes the door would open,
and a woman would come in
and beat me with a stick.
I think that was my mom.
Tell us about your mom again,
I have to go to work.
Please, indulge me
one more time.
Why do you go to that job
every day?
It's beneath you.
I can't live looting the dead.
It's undignified.
Besides, I like books.
Oh, come on.
Oh, shit! Shit.
What happened?
I spilled some pills.
You take all of these?
It's ridiculous.
Oh, my God.
How do you swallow that?
I know. They sprung this one
on me yesterday.
It's supposed to help
with the side effects.
I don't know.
Maybe it's not worth it.
Tell me again
why you're doing this.
For the laughs.
Just have a drink.
You could end it all right now.
You think this is a joke?
You watch me.
I brought you something.
Good morning.
You sound different.
I woke up this morning,
and I looked at
the pile of pills
in the organizer
and I thought,
I don't want these.
And so, I didn't take them,
and you know what?
I feel like a million bucks.
- Don't you need those?
- No, no.
I don't believe the lies
I'm going on faith.
Faith and sheer willpower.
I know what I'm doing.
I know what I'm doing.
Go away!
You okay?
Hey. Come on. Come on.
Robbie? Robbie!
Robbie, wake up!
It's freezing.
I thought you were dead.
So did I.
I think you saved my life.
Clean up.
You reek.
Can I help you?
You're Lara, the artist, right?
Oh, somebody's heard of me?
Of course I have.
I brought some friends.
They might want to buy
Okay. Come in.
Such balanced form.
Please. We don't have to do
art-school talk.
Talk to me about
where this came from.
Sculpture is talking.
- Just look at it.
- She's right.
Talking about art is like
drawing legs on a snake.
Well said.
This is the one
they'll remember you by.
God. Who cares? I'll be dust.
But your art will live forever.
I'm not in this
to create forever.
Why do you do it?
I do it to make
the spirit flesh.
Is that the kind of thing
you want to hear?
People will look at this
after you're gone.
They'll look at it
and they'll remember you.
They will miss you.
I won't be able to do much
about that.
Deep, deep in the ground.
So fearless.
I wouldn't say so.
Not this one.
We are already here, Anna.
People die all the time.
Think about it.
Someone, somewhere,
is dying this very second.
And this one.
And this one.
And this one.
You're here to kill me?
Sit beside me?
Your work history has some gaps.
What were you doing then?
Uh, honestly,
I don't really remember.
Hmm. Well, don't really need
any dishwashers at the moment.
Well, that's perfect.
I'm sick and tired of hiding
in the back.
I need to reinvent myself.
I want to be a waiter,
out front, interacting,
serving people. I think
I'd be really good at it.
You don't even have
bussing experience.
Well, let's start there, then.
Okay. Well, we'll call you.
I don't have a phone.
- Hey, stranger.
- Holy shit. Vanessa.
You look great.
How you been?
Uh, unemployed.
Fine. Perfect.
You have time for a drink,
Uh, I don't drink anymore.
No way.
No, it's true.
Well, get in anyway.
Uh, I don't think
that's such a good idea.
You know, Robbie,
if you can't face your triggers,
you haven't really
beaten them yet.
And your doubting mind
Love's all
I could devour you
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
She'll wreck in kind
Next time, dear,
you only shake cocktails
with juice.
Old-fashioned you-just-stir.
How's your water?
Um, cold.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't be enjoying this
so much in front of you.
No problem. Don't worry.
I thought about you a lot.
Good God, why? I was a mess.
Well, you were a hot mess.
Looks aren't everything.
No, but they're not nothing.
Tell me a story.
Oh, God.
I'm sleeping on
a vampire's couch.
Like, an emotional vampire?
Very. Sorry.
But she's going to suck the life
right out of you.
I don't know yet.
Well, if she ever gets to be
too much,
I have a guest bedroom.
It's nice.
I just got clean.
Well, I'm not going to
pour booze down your throat.
But you will, though.
Come on.
I just want to take care of you,
you know?
At least for a little while.
I'm not asking for help.
I know, but sometimes things
just fall from the sky.
I just don't know
if I'd do too well
in a gilded cage, so...
Well, the offer is open.
Take my card.
And you call me, day or night.
I mean it.
Now I'm the one
who looks like death.
What happened?
Oh, things
are just being cut short
a little sooner
than we expected.
How do you feel?
I'm in agony.
But it'll all be over soon.
I mean, the agony ends,
but so does everything else.
And to top it all off,
you're here.
I used to have nightmares
that I had a fatal disease,
and I'd be so relieved
when I woke up
and knew it was just a dream.
Could you wake me up, Anna?
Wake up, Bernice.
I wish I could offer you
some hope,
but I can't think of any.
What if...
What if what?
Why now?
Oh, God.
Well, you know, you barrelled
in here and you jumped on me.
Do I need a reason?
Maybe I just felt like it.
Come on.
Look deep into your heart.
Someone I work with is dying.
She might already be gone.
Don't be sorry.
So, you wanted to, uh,
make the pain go away?
Who is that?
Nobody. Just ignore it.
Ah. So, you do have friends.
Let's see who these people are.
Come on in.
You idiot.
You have no idea
what they can do to you.
You can protect me, right?
I don't know if I can do that.
Who's this?
He has nothing to do with you.
Don't tell me you fucked it.
When was the last time you fed?
You look like hell.
I don't know. A few days.
Okay. You need to feed, now.
No. I think I'm going to lay off
for a while.
You can't lay off.
Then I guess I'll have to
kick altogether.
You'll die.
You've seen what happens.
Maybe I'll become human again.
Remember, they are cattle
and not pets. Okay?
Frolicking with the humans
makes you one of them.
An animal.
Take a deep breath
and let it pass.
You're wrong, Boris.
You haven't fed,
and it's messing with your head.
We need to do this, Anna.
You'll thank us later.
Robbie, run,
and don't come back.
- No.
- No. I will be fine.
- I'm not leaving you.
- Listen to me.
If you don't go,
I will have to kill you myself.
You don't want them to do it.
Now, we have to go hunt.
You can't change, Anna.
I need to be alone.
Well, that's it, then.
You're just going to sit here
by yourself and die?
She'll come around.
She just needs time.
You know we will find him,
What's going on, Robbie?
You're not going to understand.
Try me.
I just left her there.
Oh, yeah.
The bloodsucker.
If you want, I can pour you one.
That's a bad idea.
I get it.
You're scared.
You're scared that
people are going to think
that you're just a lousy drunk.
But I'm not going to judge you.
All I want
is for you to be...
...who you really are.
It's okay.
Are you okay?
'Morning, Anna.
What time is it?
Who cares?
Can you just forget her?
Tell you what.
Let's get away from here.
Let's go to the cabin.
She needs my help.
She's not your responsibility.
Where are your keys?
You're not driving.
Don't wait up for me, all right?
Robbie, Robbie.
I need a word with this bitch.
Please stay in the car.
Not on your life.
Stay! Stay in the c...
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, Anna.
This is what
you've been so obsessed with?
Just what kind of hold do you
have on him, you junkie witch?
If you don't get out of
his head, I will beat your ass.
- Okay?
- Okay.
No. Let me handle this.
- Hold on.
- Don't.
Okay. Come on.
- No.
- Open your mouth.
- Stop.
- Come on. Open your mouth.
You have to let me finish this.
Please. You can't be here.
They will kill you.
I'm not going to let you
die here alone.
Okay? Now, come on. Get up.
Come on. Come on.
Hey, baby. You okay?
He's in trouble.
Tell us where they went.
Come on.
I can't see.
Anna, it's okay.
It's okay.
What are you doing here?
Oh, my God. Run, Vanessa!
Just stay calm.
We're here to help.
Where's Anna?
She didn't make it.
You're lying.
Can you just please get in the
car and we'll take you home?
Can you please get out of here?
Listen to me.
You're under a spell.
Will you go? Now!
You don't have to do this.
You tell me where she is.
I said she's dead!
Oh, my God.
Watch closely. You did this.
Oh, my God. No.
You see the mess he's made?
Any ideas?
Turn him.
Anna bites Robbie. Robbie turns,
and we all live
happily ever after.
I can live with that.
It's a pretty good deal, man.
I don't want it.
I'm talking about immortality.
Look at me. I'm a god.
No, you're not.
Living forever
doesn't make you a god.
It makes you less than human.
Are you listening to this?
I'm offering him the chance
to live forever,
and he's too stupid
and weak to take it.
I won't turn him.
Fine. Then kill him.
Or we will.
This is all my fault.
You're going to die
because of me.
I'm sorry.
No. No, no. Don't be.
You saved me.
No. This can't be happening.
How can she just be gone?
Don't act like you care
about her.
I did care.
Quite a bit.
But it doesn't really matter
now, does it?
Just get on with it, then.
If you're out to kill me,
then kill me!
Do it!
Let's go, Nina.
Are you sure you don't want to
turn, honey?
Travel the world? Get high?
Live forever?
I'm sure.
Yeah. Well...'s not all
it's cracked up to be.
I'm giving in
to all my sorrow
If I wake up
I'll quit tomorrow
Can't sleep till I
Get out of my head
I'm getting up
to meet the shadows
Creeping lightly
on my tiptoes
Can't sleep, guess I'll
Go right back to bed
Wonder will I
Wake up when I'm dead
I'd forgotten
there was a sun
How it tortures everyone
Will it love us
When it's gone away
I'm giving in
to all my sorrow
If I wake up
I'll quit tomorrow
Can't sleep till I
Get out of my head