Kid (2012) Movie Script

There's no more toilet paper!
Toilet paper!
Toilet paper!
I'm taking a bath!
Don't come in. I'm taking a bath.
Kid, its me.
Don't come in.
Mom, I'm taking a bath. Get out.
- I heard you, I'm not deaf.
I don't like you to be here
when I'm taking a bath.
Mom, I'm taking a bath. Go away.
- Don't yell like that.
I'm not yelling.
- What? I don't hear you.
I didn't yell.
Don't stay in the tub for too long,
Your credit rating is too low.
It's not possible you'll get
an additional loan.
Where's your form?
- I don't have one.
The form you received
at the beginning.
Where are you coming from?
- The bathroom.
Where's your form?
- Which form?
The form you had to...
Where are you going?
To the bathroom.
The form you had to fill out.
- Kid has it.
Who is Kid?
- Yes, wait.
What are you up to?
- Stretching my legs.
Sit down.
Are you Bart?
I'm Bart.
- Hold on for a second.
Where is your form now?
- Madam?
What is it?
- I misspelled my name.
Give me two minutes.
What are you doing?
Want to play?
I've got a piece.
Come here, I'll pull your tooth out.
What's with you?
Here. Thanks.
I'll call you this week.
Bye, Kid.
What's for dinner?
- Macaroni.
I don't want macaroni. I want fries.
- I'll make fries tomorrow.
I don't want your fries.
I want fries from the snack bar.
Don't pretend you're not there.
70.000 euro. Do you hear me?
70.000 euro. I want my money.
Misty, I told you: base one,
base two, base three.
Back, come on.
Everyone back to their place.
You first have to hit the ball, you
Misty, give me the bat.
Give it to me.
Give it to me...
- Come here.
Are you kicking the table, John?
- No, Kid is.
I'm not kicking the table.
So I am kicking the table?
- I don't know, sir.
What are you doing, Kid?
Stop kicking the table.
Hi, Billy.
What are you watching?
- TV.
Where's your mom?
- Upstairs.
Do you know the story about Job?
- No.
That's a pity.
16.40 euro.
I only have 5.
And without this?
- 15.20 euro.
How did you get that candy?
Where did you get that from?
What about my money?
I don't have the money yet.
I'm losing my patience.
I don't know where my husband is.
I'll do my best to pay you back.
In other words:
Do you use beta agonists...
...or do you have a permit
for pesticide waste?
Do you own land that's been
classified as protected...
...or are you aware of endangered
species living on your property?
Foxes, probably.
Are there foxes on your property?
Not really.
You'll need to answer
with 'yes' or 'no'.
What if I say yes?
Then you can't do anything that will harm
the endangered species or its habitat.
Mom, that spot where we were today...
If I ever lose you again,
we'll meet there.
Will you wait there for me?
Do you hear me, mom?
If I ever lose you again,
will you wait there for me?
You have to fight.
- Fight?
What do you mean?
Play against each other again.
- OK.
Take this one.
Who's there?
Is Mr. Wynants at home?
Mr. Wynants doesn't live here
It's the bailiff, Marc Verbiest.
Can you please open the door?
Yes, let it go.
- I'm going to get money.
Gym clothes.
There you go.
Want something to drink too?
Yes, they're doing fine here.
I don't want you to call again.
I'll help you.
Ting tang tear. I'm pulling your ear.
What'll you choose?
Hen, hare or fox?
- My hands are like locks.
Ting tang tear. I'm pulling your ear.
What'll you choose?
Hen, hare or fox?
- My hand is staying there.
Ting tang tear. I'm pulling your ear.
What'll you choose?
Hen, hare or fox?
- I'm pulling you again.
Ting tang tear. I'm pulling your ear.
What'll you choose?
Hen, hare or fox?
- It's the end, I swear.
It's blue and doesn't weigh much.
Light blue.
No weapons.
People say their father is back.
- Says who?
That's what they say.
They say he's here for the boys.
People talk too much.
In any case, I don't know anything.
I haven't heard from him yet.
We'll probably hear about it.
OK, see you later.
19 cookies.
Your mom is happier where she is now.
Who's that?
- It's Kid.
Where have you been?
Do you know how worried I've been?
Do you realize that?
# Evening is falling again
# Over field and land
# Let peace come
# Give me Your hand
# Then I know I'm safe
# I am home again
# You will take care of me
# Father, in Your house
# When I close my eyes
# Don't know where I go
# Lord, have compassion
# Don't leave me alone
Billy, pull my finger.
Is dad coming back?
I know dad is coming back.
I heard you.
Be quiet.
Be quiet about things
you know nothing about.
Coming to have dinner?
Shit face.
Dog, goat face.
I'm stuck.
I'm stuck!
Shit face.
Don't move.
Gee, I was stuck.
What's with you?
What's that on my socks?
Maria, it's me.
There's blood on it.
- I know. Hand me the towel.
Why didn't you let us know you were coming?
- You didn't want me to call.
Go to your room.
Go and get ready for school.
Jack and Pete were in a bar.
Jack says: A round on I.
Pete says: No, it's: A round on me.
Jack says: Fine with me!
A chicken said: 'Tok' and the other
chicken said: Are you tokking to me?
You know the joke about
Jack in the bathroom?
No, because the door was locked.
Three Turks were in a car.
Who's driving? The police.
Where did you go?
The lake.
I see.
Was it fun?
That's good.
Billy, I've found us a new place.
What's happening?
You'll be fine.
Don't worry.
Here you go.
This room will stay the way it is.
You can come and stay over
whenever you like.