Kid Brother, The (1927) Movie Script

The recent death of
"Prof." Powers
has left his daughter Mary
with the problem of carrying
on the medicine show.
Flash", I'm sorry
I let you persuade me
to keep on with the show.
Forget it, Mary.
It wouldn't be a show
without you. Besides,
everything's going to be O.K.
Sheriff Jim Hickory and his
two oldest sons have made
the family name famous
throughout the country.
Harold, the youngest Hichory,
was born on April Fool's Day.
The stork that brought him
could hardly fly for laughing.
We'll be leaving for
the meeting directly...
how about my Sunday shirt?
If anything happens
to that shirt, young man,
I'll whale the life
out of you.
Hank Hooper, Harold's sworn
enemy ever since Harold sold
him a dozen door knobs for
fresh eggs in the dark.
Well, I see the town
raised the money
for the dam all right.
It will be a big thing
for Hickoryville.
And a bigger thing
for you... eh, Sheriff?
Son, how many times
have I told you we don't
want any more trouble
with these Hickorys?
Where is this metropolis
of Hickoryville and who
signs the permits
for the shows there?
Sheriff Jim Hickory...
but he ain't got any use
for medicine shows... he run
the last one out of town.
You stay here, son...
the town meeting's
no place for boys.
Hi, Sheriff!
I've brought this show
all the way from New York
just to play
your wonderful city.
Sheriff, Id like you
to autograph
this little permit.
ADVICE - ENTERTAINMEN Subscribers to Country Dam
The undersigned Citizens of
Hickoryville have paid
their share for the new dam.
I move we give Sheriff Hickory
a vote of thanks and place
the money in his keeping until
it is time to turn it over.
I appreciate your confidence,
Mr. Chairman...
and I'll write
the State Treasurer tonight.
I'd rather see that much money
in a real safe place.
You're hinting
that it won't be safe with me?
I got some money in there...
and I don't want to see it...
Keep back...
or some-one might get hurt.
Mr. Hickory, I... I don't
know how to thank you.
Who told you my name?
Every one n the state
knows the Hickory
...and I'm proud
to have met the man
who made
the Hickory name famous.
You mean my father
and brothers.
You're modest...
but I like you for it.
What's your name?
Where do you live?
With the Medicine Show...
down by the river.
This is a great day
for Hickoryville...
and we Hickorys have
something to be proud of.
Never mind the letter...
do those supper dishes.
May 6
State Treasurer:
The Hickoryville citizens have
collected their share for the dam
and it is now in my keeping.
We are now waiting further
instructions from you regarding
the dam money.
Sheriff Jim Hickory
How does that sound to you?
Now you boys can sign it.
Goin' to the show?
That big medicine show
in the village.
Who gave them permission
to play here?
I thought I'd mail our letter.
Did you give them permission?
As you seem to be taking
over the duties of sheriff...
go down and stop the show.
This medicine is not only
good for man and beast
but is recommended as a
furniture polish and for
cleaning harness.
My father sent me
down to stop the show...
if you don't mind.
Now folks, on the count of
three, this trick will prove
that the little sheriff
is out of sight.
Now folks, we will
again be entertained
by our little beauty!
If you don't stop
the show, I'll have
you arrested.
Where's your authority?
One moment, Sheriff,
I've got a little present
for you... first.
I'm giving you 24 hours
to get out of here!
I'll get the key,
Mr. Hickory...
The kid is as much
at fault as anybody.
I'll attend to him
when we get home.
Will these do for
Would you get me a glass
of water, please?
Wouldnt you rather
have some hot coffee?
It's the wind.
Me and mama have come
to take the girl home.
She can't stay here
where there's no
womenfolks. It ain't
I suppose I'd better go.
Will you go with me
to the celebration for
the dam tomorrow?
Good night, Mary...
I'm going to sleep
in the barn.
Next morning...
The money will now remaining
the Sheriff's keeping until the
celebration tomorrow when he will
turn it over to the state
officials who will be present.
Where's that Harold?
Sleeping in the barn.
The girl from the medicine
show came home with him.
She's asleep in the parlor.
Miss... I'm going to fetch
you some breakfast.
Everything all right,
Here's your breakfast,
Get to work... that boy
Harold does more work
than both of you.
...and if you fellows
ever try anything like
that again, I won't let
you off so easy.
I'm earning my board
at the Hoopers' by
helping with the housework.
I'll get my wraps.
You go in and get her wraps...
I want to speak to her
a moment.
The older he grows.
the worse he gets.
You boys better get
dressed for the
Come on, you're
going with me to
the celebration.
If you don't go with me,
you won't go with
The money for the dam
has been stolen!
All I know is...
I found the strong box
open and the money gone.
Some one broke into
your house, opened
the box... and you
didn't hear nothing?
It sounds funny
to me...
Haven't you any
clue, Jim?
I just got an idea who
did this and I'm going
out and get them.
We ain't satisfied with
your goin' and I reckon
you better stay here till
we are.
Then I'll deputize
my sons.
Boys, it's those two fellows
with the medicine show.
Bring them back here.
Son, you get hurt.
This is a man's job.
Harold, aren't you going
with your brothers?
You see... my father
and brothers don't
reckon much on me...
and I guess they're right
I'm not what you
think I am. I was
just pretending.
But you can be what
I think you are...
without pretending.
...and no matter what
anybody else thinks,
have confidence in yourself
and you can't lose.
Do you really believe
in me?
There's that girl from
the medicine show...
and he's helping her to
get away.
Pop, I reckon they
got away.
BLACK GHOS Subscribers to country Dam
The undersigned citizens of
Hickoryville have paid
their share for the new dam.
You keep him covered,
Sheriff, while I get
the money.
Help! Help! I can't
I went clear beyond
the county line but
not a trace of them.
Jim Hickory, I believe
you stole that money!
Let's put him under
arrest and take the
law in our own hands.
The leading citizen of
Hickotyville may soon
find himself at the end
of his rope.
Son, you're a real