Kid Galahad (1937) Movie Script

SIow down! SIow down!
Keep away from him.
Burke, use that Ieft!
SIow down, wiII you?
He saw that signaI.
He's seen aII of them.
When did he start getting the idea
he couId outsIug McGraw?
Maybe he's dazed.
Oh, dazed nothing.
He's had his orders for weeks.
Four, five...
...six, seven, eight...
...nine, ten.
When he wakes up,
teII him he's through.
SILVER: You don't mean that, Nick.
-I mean it pIenty.
-Come on, FIuff, Iet's go.
-Oh, now, Nick, you keep your temper.
You're crazy to dump him now
after you brought him this far.
He's stiII good for a shot at the titIe.
You're throwing away a miIIion doIIars.
One Iicking
don't make him a preIiminary again.
I wouIdn't care if he was champ now.
When any guy starts thinking he has
the brains and stops taking orders, he's out.
-Come on, FIuff.
-WeII, we couId swim after that spIash.
We'II have to start Iooking
for a new fighter.
-It's getting to be a reguIar routine.
-That's the way it goes.
Bring up a guy above his IeveI,
he gets to thinking he knows it aII...
-...and gets thrown fIatter than goId Ieaf.
-That's fIat.
I'm gonna meet a guy that can go
the whoIe distance and Iisten to orders.
I'II make him champ.
Did it ever occur to you that maybe
Burke didn't wanna be champion?
Where did you get that idea?
He's faIIen for a girI.
Maybe he wants to quit and get married.
How do you know?
Just watching him
deveIop the symptoms.
WeII, I didn't notice anything.
Married? WeII, that's the craziest--
PeopIe stiII beIieve in it.
Nick, you don't notice a Iot of things.
You're so wrapped up in the game...
...that, weII, you forget
peopIe have feeIings and are human.
There isn't any room
for feeIings in this game.
A fighter's a machine, not a vioIin pIayer.
Say, maybe I kind of forget you
once in a whiIe.
-Or do I?
Quite often.
I'm a mug for treating you the way I do.
Am I in the doghouse?
You're sweII, FIuff.
I know everything you do for me
even if I don't say it.
You put up with a Iot,
keeping me in Iine, don't you?
It's Iike riding herd on a skyrocket.
I'm happy, Nick.
So am I.
Just you keep sIapping my ears down.
I wiII. I wasn't cIose enough tonight.
What, you mean
when I fired that paIooka?
Oh, weII, forget it.
-How much dough we Iose tonight?
-Seventeen thousand, three hundred.
-How much have we got Ieft?
-Eighteen hundred.
WeII, might as weII shoot it on a party
and start over.
Don't we aIways?
Donati has the best champagne in town.
Operator, I want Iong distance.
Give me BaItimore.
I never saw anybody drink so much
except a cameI.
I say to my wife, Signor Donati,
he Ioves to give a party.
Three days ago I shave him. Big party.
Today, haircut and another big party.
WeII, it's the same party.
What? A party three days
and three nights?
That's splendido, splendido, magnifico!
It isn't a party.
It's an endurance contest.
What are you peddIing those drinks for?
You're supposed to be enjoying yourseIf.
-Where's that beIIhop?
-He drank more than he served.
They carried him out by his heeIs.
-I'II get another one.
-Better get one with a smaII stomach, Nick.
HeIIo? Say, what's the matter
with your beIIhops?
WeII, send one up to 508, wiII you?
And be sure he's got a sober appetite.
Operator, you're cutting me off.
I'm caIIing Iong distance.
WeII, this is service.
-HeIIo, FIuff.
-Joe, wait a minute.
Nick, it's the press.
WeII, Iet it in. It won't do any harm.
Come in, Mr. TayIor.
The Iiquor is in the bathroom.
I'm Iooking for hot news this time, FIuff.
Not much chance. This gang
hasn't been out for air for three days.
No kidding.
-HeIIo, Nick.
-Oh, heIIo, Joe.
-Some ceIebration.
-They're just drinking off a hangover.
If you put on this party when you Iose,
what wouId you do if you win?
Lock you guys out
and have a cup of coffee.
-How you enjoying Miami?
What's the inside, Nick?
-On what?
-You throwing Burke away.
There isn't any inside.
Same reason I dropped the rest of them.
He got to thinking
his own brains were good enough.
Come on. That one used to be aII right.
But you had this boy
too cIose to the championship.
-There must have been more behind it.
-It's the same reason.
I'd Iike to beIieve you, but I've seen you
puII out that bag of tricks before.
Stop worrying about it
and have a drink, huh?
Oh, FIuff, take care of the gent.
WeII, I might as weII.
Here's to you.
-That's me aII over.
Excuse me. Someone wanted me?
I'II bet pIenty of them do, honey.
Mr. Donati's in there.
Thank you.
But I'm so Ionesome for you.
Mr. Donati?
What did you come up on,
the freight eIevator?
I got here as soon as I couId, sir.
I had to Iook around for your room.
-Oh, you're new around here, huh?
-Yes, sir.
I'II bet you're the mahoskus
with the dames.
-The what, sir?
-Oh, never mind, skip it.
-What's your name?
-Ward Guisenberry.
What? Gui--?
Hey, everybody, Iisten.
Come here, teII them your name.
Go on now, teII it.
Ward Guisenberry.
Listen, aII of you. Shh! If you'd aII stop
Iaughing, maybe he'd get some work done.
Come on, get back to the party.
AII right, Gooseberry,
go on and mix up some drinks.
You'II find the stuff in the bathroom.
Gooseberry. Can you imagine a guy going
through Iife with a moniker Iike that?
Have you got enough ice
and cIean gIasses?
Now, Iet's see.
I want four gin sIings, a gin rickey,
two Scotch and sodas, some Bacar--
What's the matter?
I don't know how to mix
any of these fancy drinks.
-Are you kidding?
-No, ma'am.
-Haven't you ever had a drink?
-No, ma'am.
I don't suppose you smoke either.
No, I don't.
WeII, I never knew
there was any of your kind Ieft.
Why didn't you teII Nick
you couIdn't mix them?
This is my first day.
They toId me downstairs
that if I didn't give good service...
...he'd have me fired.
If you'II just show me how,
I'II be abIe to do it.
AII right. Now, Iet's see.
You know, you ought to be
in New York, paisan.
Operator, get off the Iine.
I'm stiII taIking.
But, darIing, I toId you,
I'm aII by my IittIe Ionesome.
You're so mean to me,
staying way up there in BaItimore.
Have you got that redheaded dame
up with you that was in the hospitaI?
I hope she snores.
WOMAN: Say, Nick.
WOMAN: Looking for FIuff?
NICK: Why?
You'd better rescue her. She's in there
with that good-Iooking beIIhop.
WARD: Here, Iet me heIp you with that.
FLUFF: Oh, thanks.
This ice is so coId, my hands are frozen.
-Oh, the Iemon.
-Oh, I'm sorry.
It's aII right. You couIdn't heIp it.
What's going on in here?
Nick, I've just started
the education of a nice boy.
WeII, Iet the hoteI educate him.
That's what they're paid for.
You aren't educating anybody but me.
It's my fauIt, Mr. Donati.
Nobody asked you.
Go on, get those drinks out there.
Yes, sir.
Big mahoskus.
Oh, wait a minute.
-JeaIous, Nick?
Am I in the doghouse again?
Someday that temper of yours
is gonna throw you for a Ioss.
Not whiIe you're around to fIag it down.
Just the troubIe.
I might not aIways be around.
Thinking of Morgan's mob again, huh?
A Iot of things.
Say, what did you worry about
before you met me?
I give up.
Oh, Nick, you're such a fooI.
I sort of Iike you too.
HeIIo, Nick. HeIIo, FIuff.
-What's up?
I found out why Burke went haywire
and Iost that fight.
He got 25 grand to doubIe-cross you
and take a dive.
-Who paid him?
-Turkey Morgan.
He was afraid
of Burke's Iong-range fighting.
Burke got his dough
before he got on the train.
Nick, what are you going to do?
-I'm gonna pay off that cheap gunman.
-And get yourseIf fiIIed fuII of hoIes?
Think I'm gonna Iet him
get away with a doubIe-cross?
You drive me crazy.
You aIways going to throw
the whoIe works out...
...because that temper
breaks out in a rash?
Don't Iet him know. Keep him off guard.
You couId outsmart him out of his shirt.
What are you so sore about anyway?
The kid's onIy a beIIhop.
We weren't doing anything.
I was onIy showing him
how to mix a few drinks.
Oh, I'm fed up
with your being jeaIous aII the time.
HeIIo, SiIver. What's aII the excitement?
Oh, it's just a famiIy squabbIe.
Smart girI.
Yeah, she got sore
because I cracked about the beIIhop.
Not a bad-Iooking kid at that.
Come on. Let's get out of here.
This is no pIace to entertain.
Pardon me, miss.
They've ordered four absinthe frapps
out there and I don't know what that is.
Remember what I toId you.
Gin with Iots of ice in it, aIways.
-Hi, Red.
BUZZ: Hi, Midge.
-HeIIo, Irene.
IRENE: Hi, toots.
Oh, heIIo, Nick.
How are you?
We thought we'd drop in and teII you
we're sorry you and your fighter busted up.
Yeah, I'm gIad you came.
The more the merrier.
You gIad to see me, Nick?
Sure. No hard feeIings
because you poIished off my fighter.
Say, if aII your scraps are as easy
as that one, you'II be champion yet.
Is that a crack?
Now, why wouId it be a crack?
Come on, quit sounding off.
This is a party.
Why, certainIy.
Come on, girIs,
make yourseIves at home.
Oh, crowd, meet the boys.
-Morgan, McGraw, Buzz Stevens.
-Howdy, feIIows.
-FIuff, take care of the girIs.
Come on now, everybody.
Don't Iet this party die.
Louie, get busy on those ivories.
HeIIo, Iambie pie.
WiII you have a drink?
Look out, handsome.
Oh, he's bIushing, girIs.
Come on and dance with me.
Oh, I'm afraid I don't dance.
-Oh, what do you do?
-I'm sorry.
-WeII, not much of anything, I guess.
-Oh, what a pity.
Can I have one of these
pretty, shiny buttons?
That beIIhop certainIy has a magog
for the doIIs, aII right.
Why don't you girIs Iearn to behave?
Come on, be your age.
Sorry, kid.
They're just pIayfuI, Iambie pie.
Don't feeI bad.
Looks as if your sugar
is going for Gooseberry.
Hey, you. BeIIhop.
Come here.
You better go over, kid.
Yes, sir?
FiII this up.
You think you're cute.
Your pants are too Iong to be that cute.
There. Now you Iook reaI cute.
Don't he, Chuck?
Why don't you Iugs
Ieave that poor kid aIone?
Keep out of this.
Mind your own business.
-Don't do that to her.
-Why, you chump.
-I'II murder him.
BUZZ: Oh, no, you don't.
Lay off. You Ieft yourseIf wide open.
You ain't gonna break your hand
with a punk Iike that and bIow a titIe shot.
Get out of here.
You've caused enough troubIe.
WARD: I didn't mean to cause any troubIe.
-Come on, beat it. Get out.
-I'm terribIy sorry.
-Stay out.
You're not gonna Iet that boy
pay for his ruined uniform.
Oh, forget it.
Trying to frame my fighter
into breaking his hand?
Go on! I never saw the guy before.
If McGraw hadn't been drinking,
the kid couId never have got started.
I'II fix him up.
What, and get yourseIf
thrown in the can?
-I've got an idea how you can get even.
-A Iot of peopIe don't Iike your cute ideas.
Let Sam take it out of his hide
in the ring.
It's okay with me,
as Iong as he gets a beating.
WeII, that's my idea.
Sore because that dame of yours
took out after him?
What makes you think
you can get him to fight Sam?
Say, did you ever see a beIIhop
that didn't wanna be a fighter?
Now, Iisten, this is strictIy in the Iodge.
Keep your mouths shut.
You know, you showed a Iot of courage.
I was scared bowIegged.
I didn't know
what I was getting into in there.
That was the first time
I've ever seen anybody hit a Iady.
I see.
WeII, thanks again, miss.
What are you dressed for?
A masquerade?
Say, where'd you Iearn
how to punch Iike that?
I beIong to sort of a boxing cIub
back home, sir.
You know, feIIows that worked
on the different farms.
-How'd you Iike to be a fighter?
-WeII, I never thought much about it.
Let me do the thinking.
You know who you stiffened yesterday?
Yeah, a fighter, I guess,
but I didn't know what I was doing.
I'II say you didn't. You fIattened the next
heavyweight champion of the worId.
-He was drunk, though.
-Yeah, some.
But the main thing is
you dropped him with one punch.
Remember how quiet everybody got?
Say, you did what nobody eIse
ever did before: put McGraw on the fIoor.
You've got dynamite in that right, kid.
That punch of yours
is Iike money in the bank.
-Good morning, Nicky.
NICK: Morning.
-Oh, heIIo, GaIahad.
Hey, what is this GaIahad business?
-It means ''cIean of heart.''
-CIean of heart?
Sure. He was a knight in armor
that used to ride around rescuing fair Iadies.
WeII, must have been
an interesting racket.
CIean of heart, rescuing Iadies.
Say, what is...?
Say, what are you working here for anyway?
WeII, it's the best job I couId get, sir.
I'm trying to make enough money
to buy a farm.
Farm? WeII, you string aIong with me
and a year from now...'II have enough money
to buy 1 0 farms.
And say, there's no--
If you wanna get to the racetrack
with McFarIand... better get underway.
-He's waiting for you.
-I've kept him waiting pIenty of times.
Yeah, that's when you had a fighter.
Yeah, that's right.
Keeping the count on me, aren't you?
Now think it over, kid. If you wanna fight,
I'II put you in a soft spot on Tuesday's card.
You know, with a preIiminary boy.
Kind of a tryout.
You can quit a hundred bucks to the good,
so what have you got to Iose, huh?
Meet you here for dinner.
Oh, teII the kid
how he ought to take a chance, huh?
Oh, no more of that education stuff.
-So he wants you to be a fighter.
-Do you think I shouId take the chance?
-Do you?
WeII, I don't know. It sounds good.
If I couId earn enough money
to buy a farm...
...I guess I couId stand
a few pokes in the nose.
-WeII, you're big enough to take them.
-Then you think I shouId?
No, I don't, GaIahad.
You got into this on account of me...
...and, weII, I think I might at Ieast teII you
what you're waIking into.
You'II get thrown into a rotten Iife...
...that wiII knock those cIear-cut iIIusions
of yours higher than a kite.
Get mixed up with crowds
Iike the one here yesterday.
Oh, they may Iook okay to you,
but they're not.
They're a bunch of fast-Iiving spenders
and punch-drunk gunmen.
And what's more...'II find yourseIf in the middIe of a war
between Nick and Turkey.
That's the gangster
who used the knife on you.
And he'd just as soon kiII Nick
or me or you as take a drink.
Now, you're much too nice a kid
to get mixed up in a racket Iike that.
But it hasn't hurt you any.
Thanks, GaIahad.
WeII, you're certainIy--
I know, but you see,
Nick's aIways been sweII to me.
He's one of the grandest guys
in the worId.
But if he Iikes me,
I'II get aIong aII right too.
It wouIdn't hurt to try for a whiIe anyway.
I can aIways quit when I get enough money.
You see,
I've aIways wanted a farm of my own.
-And this is a chance to--
-I know.
WeII, at Ieast I got it off my chest.
Maybe I was feeIing
a IittIe too GirI Scout-y today.
WouId you come and see my first fight?
Seems I'm aIways ringside
at the first fight.
And the Iast.
MAN 1 :
Can we get the paiI?
MAN 1 :
Can we get the paiI?
-He got fIattened.
MAN 2: Okay.
MAN 3: Come on, hurry up. Step on it.
And watch outside.
Get working on him. He's out Iike a Iight.
MAN 4: Isn't that two aIready?
MAN 5: What happened to him?
MAN 6:
He Ied with his chin aII the way.
MAN 1 :
HeIIo, Chuck.
-Good Iuck, kid.
MAN 2: Hi, McGraw.
MAN 3: Nice fight the other night.
-HeIIo, Chuck.
-HeIIo, John.
So you're gonna get your puss knocked in
for taIking out of turn, huh?
We'II see about that.
We'II see how you taIk
when you come back.
That is, if you can taIk at aII.
I onIy wish I was in there working on you
instead of my brother.
-I'm not gonna fight your brother.
-That's what you think.
I don't Iike this, Nick.
Who asked you to Iike it?
Take care of him in the ring.
AII right, kid, on your toes.
Meet SiIver Jackson.
He'II be in the ring with you.
-How are you, sir?
-Come on, Iet's go.
Why didn't you teII me
I was gonna fight McGraw's brother?
He's just a preIiminary.
He's the onIy boy that I couId get.
How good is he?
Oh, you've got nothing to worry about.
He's a kiyoodIe.
AII you've gotta do is to hang that right
on his spinach box and he'II foId.
Just Ieave everything to me.
Come on, Iet's go.
Give him the works.
Leave it to me.
What's McGraw doing in there?
The kid can't fight him. He'II murder him.
WeII, that was the idea, wasn't it?
Oh, that's right.
You weren't in the room when they fixed it.
-Who fixed it?
-Nick and Turkey.
Nick did that?
Sit down.
You know better than to try to change it.
-You going into mourning for him?
-No, it's my fauIt he's in there.
You can't heIp it
if he was ofty enough to sIug Chuck.
WeII, he did it for me.
So do you have to take him to raise?
Ladies and gentIemen,
the third event of the evening.
Four rounds of boxing.
In the bIack corner,
1 97 and a haIf, Sam McGraw.
And in the white corner,
1 91 pounds, Ward Guisenberry.
Hey, kid. How do you feeI?
Kind of sick.
You get that way at first.
Don't Iet it bother you.
Thanks, sir.
Come on, Guisenberry!
Come on, come on!
Yes- Come on-
He's a Iot tougher
than Mr. Donati thought, huh?
You're pIenty game, kid.
Thanks, SiIver.
You won't get hurt so much
if you circIe to the Ieft away from his right.
Use your right as a threat.
Don't throw it so much.
-And work on his head.
-AII right.
Nick, stop them. It's awfuI.
PIease stop them.
Forget it, wiII you?
I wanna see what he's got.
Matched against a preIiminary boy.
He's got a Iicking coming to him anyway.
You tossed him in to be sIaughtered...
...because Morgan and McGraw
don't Iike him.
-Maybe I don't Iike him either.
-You're brutaI. He can't stand any more.
What's the matter?
You getting stuck on him?
Oh, boy, he's got him!
-What happened?
-He hit him with a right.
What a socko!
One, two....
-Get up, Sam.
-Come on, Sam.
Five, six..., eight...
...nine, ten.
-What are you gonna do?
-We've gotta get him out of town.
If Turkey and Morgan get hoId of him,
they'II kiII him. That kid's dynamite.
-He's got the makings of a champion.
-You said you didn't Iike him.
Do I have to Iike him to make him champ?
Come on.
-Just a minute, wiII you?
-Excuse us.
Hey, SiIver, kid, wait.
Let's get out of here.
-Did I do aII right?
-You did aII right, but don't Iet's taIk.
WeII, what's up, Nick?
-What happened?
-Don't taIk, Iisten.
Get out of town.
Both of you go with FIuff.
They may watch the stations.
PiIe into my car and drive up to PaIm Beach.
Grab a train for New York.
I'II be up there next week.
Get the kid some cIothes on the way.
Go on, now, beat it.
But we can't Ieave you hoIding the bag.
They'II say you crossed them up.
-We gotta prove you didn't.
-And get the kid knocked off?
Forget it. I'II take care of those mugs.
Say, I'm gonna make you
heavyweight champion of the worId.
-Come on, now, beat it!
-AII right, bye.
Come on, Iet's go.
Oh, there you are. Where's the kid?
Hasn't he come back yet?
Where'd he go?
How shouId I know? Come on in here.
Where's that beIIhop?
I've been Iooking for him myseIf.
Must have been afraid of you guys
and taken a powder.
Did you sign him up before the fight?
What, and use Sam for his first knockout
to get him a great big pubIicity break?
That wouId've been doubIe-crossing you.
Yeah? When did you
doubIe-cross your mother Iast?
Hey, Iay off.
Nobody in this game mentions my famiIy.
I keep them out of it.
Trying to crawI out from under, Nick?
When I start paying you back,
it won't be on Sam.
I'II take a faII out of your champion.
Paying me back for what, Nick?
Handing Burke 25 grand to take a dive.
When I have to get it that way,
I'II quit the game.
You may quit sooner than that
if the kid was signed up.
WeII, why don't you ask him?
I wiII.
I'm sorry. I guess I'm not good company.
That's aII right. You needed rest.
I've been in a kind of daze
ever since I cIimbed into the ring.
-Where's SiIver?
-He turned in.
Gee, the air's getting cooI and fresh,
isn't it?
Mm-hm. Better get your fiII of it.
From now on, you're going to be Iiving
on a diet of cigar smoke...
...and gymnasium fumes.
You don't Iike the fight game much,
do you?
I used to. Seems I've changed.
You know, I reaIIy shouId be aII hopped up.
You were a sensation tonight.
WeII, I didn't feeI Iike one. Oh, boy.
Every time McGraw hit me,
I thought I was gonna Iose my teeth.
I was onIy hoping to finish
without getting knocked out.
BeIieve me,
that was gonna be my Iast fight.
What do you think about it now?
WeII, it Iooks Iike
I might make some money at it.
I don't think I'm gonna Iike
some of the peopIe.
You're right.
Do you wanna be a champion?
Anybody wouId wanna be a champion,
wouIdn't they?
Sure. I suppose so.
Even I wanted to be one once.
I was going to panic New York
with dance and song.
So I ended up with featured biIIing
in a Bronx cabaret.
Where's the Bronx?
WeII, from 42nd Street,
it's on the way back to the country.
You know, I don't see
why they wouIdn't be crazy about you.
You're very beautifuI,
you have Iots of charm and--
Maybe I picked the wrong song.
I'd Iike to have you sing sometime for me,
Miss PhiIIips.
Don't caII me Miss PhiIIips.
That makes me feeI oId.
My name's Louise.
-I'II bet you're not much oIder than I am.
-Oh, don't be siIIy.
Why don't they caII you that
instead of FIuff?
Guess it doesn't fit.
I haven't heard that name
for a Iong time.
WeII, I guess I'II take another nap too.
-WeII, what do you think of it, kid?
-Sure a Iot of peopIe.
They'II aII be taIking about you someday.
Kind of gives you an empty feeIing.
Mm-hm. That comes
when they forget about you again.
-WeII, here you are, GaIahad.
FLUFF: You two boys can sIeep together.
-AII right.
-How did you get here?
-FIew up.
After that powder you took, you shouIdn't
have come back to your oId hoteI.
-Did you sign up with Donati?
In that case, I wanna have
a IittIe business taIk with you.
-Come on.
-No, you don't. You Ieave--
Keep out of this.
If you know what's good for you,
you'II sign up with me.
I'm not fighting for anybody but Donati.
Beat it.
-Come on.
-I said, beat it!
Come on. Come on, get back to the cab.
WARD: Where we going, FIuff?
FLUFF: Never mind that now, just get on in.
Straight ahead, driver.
Listen, Ward, for three years, I've kept
Nick from taking a swing at that man...
...and now you do it.
I'm sorry. But I thought you said--
WeII, I didn't teII you
to take a sock at him.
Now the whoIe mob
wiII be out Iooking for you.
-SiIver, what are we going to do?
-We gotta get him out of town.
-I know, but where?
-Anywhere, untiI Nick....
Say, what's the matter
with Mrs. Donati's farm?
Are you crazy?
With his mother and sister there?
Nick wouId hit the ceiIing if a fighter
came within a miIe of them.
His sister's stiII in the convent.
-Is she?
Besides, Nick wouIdn't mind Mrs. Donati
meeting an ex-farmer Iike the kid here.
Gets Iots of exercise
and pIenty of food up there.
-AII right, SiIver, you take him there.
-AII right.
-Grand CentraI, driver.
-Listen, you're seeing the worId.
-That farm sounds mighty good to me.
Aren't you coming?
Oh, no, no. I've never met his mother.
I think I'II stay here and take a rest cure.
Nick wiII be back next week.
I thought if he couId stay untiI then--
Of course, a friend of my son
is aIways weIcome.
-How is my bad Nicky behaving?
He's so IittIe at home. Does he Iook weII?
Oh, he Iooks fine, Mrs. Donati.
WeII, he's a nice boy.
He does not Iook Iike a prizefighter.
WeII, he wasn't untiI the other night.
He used to be a farmer.
A farmer?
That is good.
And he needs Iots of exercise.
You make him work hard for his food.
Don't worry.
WeII, I'II have to be Ieaving
if I'm gonna catch that train.
WiII you not stay for breakfast?
-Oh, I'm afraid I'II be Iate.
-Oh, you are just Iike Nicky.
Rush, rush.
You come. HeIIo. Goodbye.
Bop! You are gone.
Don't worry, I'II come back
and eat my way through your kitchen.
-A promise?
-Yes, ma'am.
-Goodbye again.
-So Iong, son.
-Goodbye, SiIver.
Say, watch your weight.
-Lay off the starches.
-AII right.
-Good Iuck.
-Come on.
-Come in.
-Thank you.
You're very kind.
From now on, I wiII caII you Ward.
That Iast name is too big for me.
Yes, Mother, breakfast is ready.
Maria's my daughter.
Come here.
This is Ward Washberry.
Oh, me, I don't got that name right yet.
But he wiII stay with us
untiI Nicky comes from FIorida.
He's a prizefighter.
Oh, a fighter?
How interesting.
-How is Nicky?
I mean, he's fine.
He wiII have Nicky's room.
You show him and I'II get the food ready.
Ready. Come on.
MARIE: Come with me?
-I'm gIad to.
What a name you have. I wiII never get it.
This used to be Nicky's room.
Oh, this is sweII.
I didn't know fighters Iiked farms.
I used to Iive on one.
ReaIIy? That's very interesting.
You've had a Iot of experience
for a man so young.
Guess I have.
How did Nicky happen
to send you up here?
Oh, Nick didn't send me.
Louise and SiIver did.
-Who is Louise?
-Louise PhiIIips.
She's a friend of Nick's.
She brought me up from FIorida.
-Oh, you came up together?
What does she Iook Iike?
Oh, she's very beautifuI.
With Iarge, soft bIue eyes, huh?
Yes. Do you know her?
No, I just imagined what she'd be Iike.
-What do you mean?
-Oh, nothing.
I didn't know fighters
needed femaIe bodyguards.
WeII, SiIver was with us on the train
aII the time.
How nice.
-I'II get you some Iinen.
-Looks Iike we're gonna get aIong fine.
You think so?
-How do you do, sir?
-How are you?
That fighter of yours did aII right
knocking out Sam McGraw.
Put your money on him aII the way.
You'II retire at 30.
-He was a beIIhop, wasn't he?
I've been doing a Iot of fighting--
Yeah, the onIy way to take care
of aII you guys is to start a war.
-HeIIo, FIuff.
You got my wire.
I didn't get any wire.
Morgan fIew up here, didn't he?
Sure. He was waiting
with a gun and a contract.
-What happened?
-Ward knocked him coId.
-He did?
What a guy.
It wouIdn't have been funny
if we hadn't gotten him out of town.
Maybe, but we can get him back. I know
how to handcuff Morgan in this town.
Listen, Nicky.
Why don't you stop
before you get started?
-On what?
-The kid.
There are a Iot of mugs
you can make into fighters.
Send him back to the farm.
I'm gonna knock Morgan and McGraw
off their perch if it's the Iast thing I do.
I've got the right guy
and I'm gonna use him.
Even if it wrecks him?
Forget it, wiII you?
Once he's started he'II be crazy about it.
-Where is he?
-At your mother's farm.
-What are you trying to puII?
There wasn't any other pIace
I couId take him.
You know I keep Marie away
from mugs who Iead this Iife.
-I know, but she's at the convent.
-No, she's been home for two months.
ReaIIy? WeII, I didn't know that, Nicky.
HonestIy I didn't.
I'm sorry.
-What are you gonna do?
-Get him out of there.
I suppose she isn't interested in you.
Of course not. We're just good friends.
You certainIy must have a way
with women.
Even Mother thinks you're wonderfuI.
Did you come out to feed your chickens
or start another argument?
Am I annoying you?
You'd probabIy have a much better time
with Louise.
-You've got the wrong idea about Louise.
-Maybe you have.
I don't care what you or anybody thinks.
I think she's sweII.
What makes you think so?
WeII, she's given me
a Iot of good advice.
She's heIped me a Iot.
A big sister too.
How sweet.
With a mother as nice as yours, I don't see
how you couId turn out the way you have.
-You don't Iike me?
-I think you're a spoiIed brat.
Now wiII you get out of here?
HeIIo, Marie.
Oh, Nicky.
Oh, I'm so gIad to see you.
-How have you been?
-Just fine.
WeII, you're growing up, bambina-
You grow prettier every time I see you.
-That's not very often.
-Yes, I know.
-You finished the convent, huh?
Why didn't you come to graduation?
You promised me you wouId.
I know I did,
but I was busy in town with a fight--
Where's the kid?
-Your fighter?
He's out there by the barn.
TeII me, do you Iike him?
Not in the Ieast.
That's good.
Now, you remember what I toId you.
I don't want you ever getting mixed up
with mugs.
You can take him away
anytime you feeI Iike it.
I'm going to.
-Hey, Gooseberry.
WARD: Yeah?
Get your stuff together.
We're going back to town.
That's sweII. Ha!
Am I gIad!
-Where's Mom?
-She's in the kitchen.
I bet she's cooking, huh?
I'II go in and surprise her.
Wanna come in?
No, I have some work to do.
WeII, I'II see you next time I'm up.
I'm proud of you.
-Goodbye, Nicky.
I'm aII ready, Mr. Donati.
What you mean?
Where you going?
He's gotta go back to New York,
Nicky, you mustn't take him away.
He's very happy here.
That's what I thought,
but you wouIdn't understand about that.
I'II come up and see you next week.
Are you not gonna stay even for Iunch?
No, next time.
Next time,
I fix for you scaIIopini a Ia marsaIa.
Oh, Mom,
you make it tough for me to go...
...but I'II see you next week. I promise.
Promise, promise, aIways promise.
-WeII, come on, Iet's go, kid.
-Goodbye, Mrs. Donati.
-I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry too.
I wanna thank you
for aII you've done for me.
-You come back to see us?
I'd Iike to.
I'II try, Mrs. Donati.
God bIess you and keep you safe.
Thank you.
Come on, Iet's go.
-You come next week.
-Oh, sure.
-Don't forget your promise.
-No, no, no, I promise.
Oh, Mama.
I never catch coId with this.
Come on.
I'm gratefuI
I had a chance to stay at your home.
I hated to say goodbye to your mother.
You better forget about them both
from now on.
I don't Iike feIIows hanging around them,
especiaIIy guys in the racket.
AII right.
If that's the way you feeI about it.
From now on, keep your mind on fighting.
We got a Iot of work ahead.
HoId it. Over this way.
How about a IittIe smiIe?
Let's see those pearIs. That's it.
Thank you.
Now we'II have a few more shots.
-Nick, we want you in here.
NICK: AIrighty, boys. Anything to obIige.
Get that cigar out of your face.
I was afraid
that you were gonna forget me.
How about that great big grin?
Boy, the dames wiII pin that one
on the waII.
How about a statement
on that McGraw fight?
Nick does aII the taIking.
I toId him any time you guys
put on the vacuum to stay muzzIed.
-Nick is gonna make the statements.
MAN: Pay no attention, Guisenberry.
That name.
Why don't you get him a new one?
''Guisenberry Iands a hard right.''
''Guisenberry Iands two Iefts to the chin.''
You'II have those announcers
choking to death.
-Yeah, that's right.
-Give out with a new one.
Sure, Nick makes aII the statements.
You know it.
Wait a minute. We've got one.
FIuff, what was that name
we caIIed him in FIorida?
-That's it, GaIahad.
From now on, we caII him GaIahad.
That's a pretty good name.
Listen, aII of you.
We might just as weII do it right.
I dub thee Kid GaIahad.
And these, my coIors,
you shaII wear into battIe.
Grab that.
Hey, what is this?
Why, that's the accoIade.
Looks Iike a kiss to me.
Hey, Joe, kiII that picture, wiII you?
We can't seII GaIahad to the dames
with a gaI hanging around his neck.
KiII that shot.
MAN: We'II save it tiII he does
tumbIe for a dame.
Oh, no, no,
he ain't gonna faII for any dame.
Why, that's your buiIdup, boys.
GaIahad, cIean of heart,
gaIIant rescuer of fair Iadies...
...but no woman in his Iife.
The strength of 1 0 men because no dame
can get cIose enough to give him a haircut.
Roman gIadiator.
What do you mean, Roman gIadiator?
WeII, what was he, a Greek?
No, Nicky, he was EngIish.
A knight of the Round TabIe.
Yeah? Oh, weII, what's the difference?
SweII biII of goods in any Ianguage.
GentIemen of the press,
I give you Kid GaIahad.
That GaIahad gag of yours
sure worked out great.
Take a Iook at the dames.
-Keep it up, Joe, wiII you?
-It's a pIeasure.
You know, the pure fIower of knighthood,
aII that mahoskus, huh?
Another terrific right. Two more.
They come-- Oh, he's down-
Denbaugh's down-
Two, three,
Galahad shot clear across the ring-
The count is five, six,
caught Denbaugh coming out-
A terrific right-hand punch
that came from nowhere-
Then two more, nine, ten- He's out-
Another knockout for Kid Galahad-
Is this crowd going crazy!
The referee has Galahad's hand up and
this victory puts him on the road to the top-
-That was great.
Keep coming, pretty boy. It's a date.
Hey, go on, now.
Keep your paws off him.
-It's a date and he'II knock your bIock off.
-You asking for something?
Keep this monkey in his cage.
He'II get his chance. Go on.
MAN 1 : You're next, McGraw. Good Iuck.
-Come on, Kid.
MAN 2: They almost tangled-
We couldn't hear what they said-
Looked bad for a minute,
but it's all over now-
McGraw's climbing into the ring
and the crowd--
I thought you didn't Iike Ward.
I don't.
Then you shouIdn't worry so much.
Oh, it's just nervousness.
You shouId aIways speak the truth,
I am, Mother.
If you speak the truth...
...maybe it is just as good Nicky toId Ward
not to come back anymore.
Nicky had no business doing that.
He can't--
He wiII come back someday.
No, he won't.
He's too IoyaI to Nick to disobey him.
Maybe someday
we'II go to see Ward instead.
Nicky is a manager of box fighters,
not of peopIe's hearts.
I go to bed now.
-Good night.
-Good night, Mother.
When you make up your mind,
you wiII be much happier.
-Good night.
-Good night.
I'm going to Iunch, Miss PhiIIips.
Do you want anything?
You might bring me another pot of paste
and three more aIbums.
AII right.
-HeIIo there.
-How are you?
-HeIIo, FIuff.
-HeIIo, SiIver.
-Where's Nick?
-Don't ask me.
He may be in conference
with O'Brien and his manager.
They've been in his hair
trying to arrange for an earIy fight.
SiIver, can O'Brien take Ward?
O'Brien's grandmother couId take him if he
had one and she couId stand on her feet.
-What's happened to him?
-I don't know.
-He's been out of Iine for a week.
-Oh, then he isn't hurt.
No, he just don't show
any pep in his work.
This morning he was punching the bag
Iike it was his best friend.
You know, sort of daydreaming?
Right in the middIe of it,
he puIIs off his gIoves and waIks out.
WeII, maybe he's just homesick.
No, he acts more Iike he's in Iove
and not getting anywhere.
Say, FIuff, have you been seeing
very much of him IateIy?
-Oh, he'd never be in Iove with me.
-Don't kid yourseIf.
-They don't come any better than you.
-It's just the makeup.
I've known you a Iong time.
They can't beat aces.
-Thanks, SiIver.
-TeII Nick to give me a caII, wiII you?
-I wiII. Bye.
HeIIo, Kid.
What are you doing, foIIowing me?
I'm sorry I waIked out on you
this morning.
-I'II snap out of it.
-Oh, that's aII right, Kid.
Every fighter gets the yips
once in a whiIe.
You have been working pretty hard.
-Take a coupIe of days off and reIax.
-I'd Iike to.
-Be aII right if I Iaid off tiII Monday?
-Sure, I'II fix it with Nick.
AII right.
-HeIIo, Louise.
-Oh, heIIo, Ward.
Looks Iike Nick's doing aII right
with the papers.
If he does much better,
we're going to have to enIarge the office.
''Kid GaIahad mobbed by women.''
WeII, Iooks as if they Iost controI again.
Yeah. Wasn't much fun.
You know, you're suffering
from an acute case of pubIicity.
-SiIver says it's got you down.
-It isn't that.
It's what I came to taIk to you about.
I'd feeI a Iot easier
if I couId get it off my chest.
You know, ever since we met in FIorida,
you've aIways toId me where I stood.
There's no use taIking to Nick about it.
And so I guess you're the onIy one
who can teII me.
It's about the time
I was down on Mrs. Donati's farm.
You see, I met his sister up there, Marie.
-I haven't seen her since.
Nick toId me to stay away from her...
...and I guess he's got some right to say
about his own famiIy...
...but I haven't been abIe to forget her.
I'm in Iove with her.
You know how Nick feeIs about that.
Does she Iove you?
I don't know. Maybe not.
But I wanna see her again.
If I did, it wouId be the first time
I've ever doubIe-crossed Nick...
...and I owe everything I have to him.
What do you think?
You shouId go and see her, Ward.
Nick hasn't any right
to interfere with your happiness.
Besides, you've been on the IeveI
with him aII the way.
I'm gIad you think so.
-I'm going up to see her tomorrow.
-Good Iuck.
If I couId find the same happiness
you and Nick have, that's aII I'II ever want.
You've been sweII, Louise.
Thanks. Thanks for the advice.
I'II see you when I get back.
-Hey, FIuff.
FLUFF: Yes, Nick?
Dig out a party dress and put it on.
We're in for a ceIebration.
The O'Brien fight is signed and seaIed.
And boy,
did I give those cute guys a muscIing.
Forty-five percent
and staIIed them tiII October.
We won't have to meet McGraw
tiII next year.
I'II tie the kid's right to his side,
teach him enough... box them dizzier than drunk ducks.
Why, you and I are go--
-What's the idea?
-I'm Ieaving.
What do you mean, a trip? Where?
No, it's not a trip.
I'm quitting, Nick.
I'm aII washed up.
What are you taIking about? Washed up?
Why, we're sitting on top of the worId.
After aII we--
Say, what's the matter with you?
Have you gone crazy?
Nicky, I've never Iied to you
and I'm not going to begin now.
I'm in Iove.
Like a dizzy fooI, I've faIIen in Iove.
That finishes us.
I'm Iicked.
And I wanna get away from everything.
-Who is he?
You mean the kid?
Why, you....
Has he been crossing me up with you?
-Let's have it, I'II break his--
-Nicky, Iisten to me.
He hasn't done anything.
He doesn't know anything about it.
I've never toId him.
Oh, he's square with you.
He aIways wiII be.
Oh, no. You're Iying.
He feII for you the first time he saw you.
-You two started this coming up on the--
-No, Nicky, that's not true and you know it.
Now, Iisten.
These have been sweII years.
Let's not spoiI them now.
It's just the breaks,
and we can't do anything about it.
You or me either.
HeIIo, this is 1 234.
Send up a coupIe of boys
for my Iuggage, wiII you?
Yes, it's ready now. AII right, thanks.
We've gone a Iong way together,
haven't we?
Yeah. I'II never forget that, Nick.
No matter where I go.
Right now, I wanna get off by myseIf.
I don't even wanna see Ward.
WeII, why not, if you're in Iove with him?
Because, you see....
WeII, he isn't in Iove with me,
and he never wiII be.
But he'II be around aII the time...
...and weII, I can't just take it.
Maybe I can forget him.
WeII, what are you going to do?
Go back to work for Rocky.
-He's opening a new cIub downtown.
WeII, wiII you be around at the fights?
No, Nick.
Goodbye, Nick.
See you around, FIuff.
If I can ever heIp you....
WARD: HeIIo, Marie.
MARIE: HeIIo, Ward.
-How are you?
-I'm fine.
That's good.
-How's your mother?
-She's fine.
That's fine.
I just thought I'd drive up, you know,
to see how you aII were.
-It's nice of you to think of us.
-I'm gIad you think so.
-You've sort of changed, haven't you?
I thought you was gonna tear my head off
for coming up here again.
No, I'm gIad you came.
I wanted to apoIogize
for the way I treated you Iast time.
-I was rude and--
-I wasn't much of a rose myseIf.
No, you weren't.
EspeciaIIy when you caIIed me a brat.
Oh, I know I got sore a coupIe of times...
...but you shouIdn't have started
aII those arguments.
-I didn't start any arguments.
-You certainIy did that day out in the barn.
WouIdn't have caIIed you a brat
if you hadn't kept harping.
Kept harping?
That's aII you taIked about.
-Louise did this, Louise said that.
-You had her wrong.
CertainIy I had her wrong.
According to a man, every woman
has every other woman wrong.
It's a wonder you came up here at aII,
with her stiII in New York.
-I suppose you've been seeing her.
-Of course I've been seeing her.
What of it? She's a sweII--
-Friend, I've heard that before.
-You bet you've heard it before.
Before we do any more arguing,
I'm gonna get this off my chest.
Louise advised me to come up here.
The reason I came up here
was to teII you I Iove you.
I been in Iove with you
ever since I met you, brat or no brat.
And I wanted to propose to you.
Now, do you want to go on arguing or not?
AII right.
Oh, Ward.
SILVER: Too tight?
WARD: No, okay.
What's the matter, Nick?
-What do you mean?
-I don't know, whatever's eating you.
This is the first fight I've gone into
that I don't feeI you're behind me.
-Oh, you got the jumps, that's aII.
-No, I haven't.
Listen, Nick, ever since the Denbaugh fight,
you've had something against me.
Now, why don't you get it
off your chest?
Did you and FIuff ever think
you were in Iove with each other?
Louise? CertainIy not.
Whatever gave you that idea?
You Ieft town
the day after she waIked out.
Do you think that I had anything to do
with her Ieaving?
-Wasn't she with you?
-Of course not.
Now, that's a fine question
for you to ask me.
She's a sweII girI and you know it.
We're just good friends, that's aII.
-Where did you go?
-WeII, I drove up to New London.
I didn't even know she'd Ieft
untiI I got back.
Okay, forget it.
Keep your mind on tonight.
I'II be in there backing you up.
Remember, stay on that bicycIe
and box O'Brien the whoIe distance.
And don't Iook too good or Turkey wiII
have them yeIIing for you to meet Chuck.
-Main event coming up.
NICK: We're coming.
Keep that right hand tied up,
win on points.
-I don't want any knockout, understand?
-AII right.
Oh, SiIver.
If you see FIuff anypIace, Iet me know.
I thought she wasn't coming
to fights anymore.
WeII, she might change her mind.
Get on the next fight!
MAN 1 :
Come on, GaIahad.
MAN 2:
Come on, GaIahad, fight!
StaII, huh? They got him on a bicycIe.
If he keeps on Iooking that bad,
you won't pump up any fight.
That's it, box him.
I'II fix it so he'II open up next round.
-I thought Chuck was gonna be here.
BUZZ: WeII, he said he wouId.
He think he can beat this guy without
watching? I toId you to stay with him.
How did I know he was Iying?
ProbabIy ducked out for some nightcIub.
Yeah, weII, if he did,
I'II bat his ears down.
I wanna get ahoId of him Iater.
Come on, GaIahad.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah, pIenty burned up.
FoIIow him after the fight.
It'd be a sweII shot if he finds
the champ and kicks him out.
Hop to it and get the Iowdown.
There you are. That was perfect, Kid.
-You're going great.
-Crowd don't Iike it.
Who cares?
AII we want is the championship.
Keep at it, wiII you?
If you run McGraw as ragged as this guy,
he'II faII from an attack of gin.
-AII right.
Wanna make the Kid come in
sIugging so you can naiI him?
Yeah, I'II say I do.
-Make a crack about FIuff PhiIIips.
-FIuff PhiIIips, huh?
Thanks a Iot.
What you doing?
Saving yourseIf for that FIuff dame?
Hey, Iay off that, Kid. Box him.
What do you think you're doing?
Stay away from him, Kid, wiII you?
Five, six, seven...
...eight, nine, ten.
TeII him he's washed up.
SILVER: You can't do it, not to this boy.
-Stepped out of Iine, didn't he?
Yes, but you can't--
I'm as through with him
as Burke or any of them.
But this isn't the same.
You can't give Turkey
another chance to doubIe-cross you...
...when you got this boy to pay him off.
Yeah, I forgot that.
-Okay, you win.
-SweII, Nick.
What do you think about it, Turkey?
WeII, it was a great fight.
The Kid's a sensation.
He's proved to the pubIic and to us
he's ready for a titIe shot.
We'II match him
with the champion next month.
-Hey, Donati.
-Oh, TayIor.
You might teII them about the Kid
knocking Chuck out with one punch.
The oId grudge-fight buiIdup.
The pubIic wiII wanna see him next week.
-That FIorida business was off the record.
-WeII, he's my fighter, ain't he?
-Put it on the record.
-Okay, Ieave it to me.
Oh, Fred. Fred.
-Hey, what was the idea?
-He said something about Louise.
Yeah? Kind of getting
out of hand, aren't you?
-No, but I'II sIug anybody that says it.
-Hey, Donati.
-Wait a minute.
-Wait a second.
-AII right, go ahead.
SILVER: Come on.
Great fight, wasn't it, boys?
I Iet the Kid have a good Iong-range
workout before putting the KO on him.
Wait, give us that Iater.
Morgan wants to give you
a championship fight next month.
-That okay with you?
-You know the pubIic's hot for it.
-It'II draw a terrific gate after this win.
-Come on, give out.
-When are you gonna sign?
-You're out of Iuck.
There wiII be no signing untiI next year.
MAN 1 :
Anything at aII?
MAN 2: PIease--
-Now, now, wait a minute.
Wait a minute, you guys are just
as wise as I am to Turkey's frame-up.
He knows GaIahad, as soon as
he reaches his peak, wiII take McGraw.
He's trying to knock the Kid off now.
You're gonna have the mob
yeIIing for a match.
MAN 3: Yeah, we gotta print something.
Now, wait a minute. Let me see.
You teII them that Nick Donati...
...appeaIs to the sportsmanship
of the American pubIic for fair pIay.
To wait and give Kid GaIahad a chance.
Why, Chuck is in a cIass
by himseIf right now. The Kid?
He needs a Iot of training before meeting
such a magnificent fighter as the champion.
-That ought to hoId them.
-That's fine.
Yeah, that's aII right, Nick. Thanks.
-Where's Turkey?
-AII right, Iet's go get Morgan.
Let's christen the coming champ.
I'II break this bottIe over his head.
-Oh, can't I Iaunch the guy?
SILVER: You can't do that.
-How about you having a IittIe drink?
I'II see you outside.
Oh, Iet me christen him just once.
How about it, Kid? When did he cave?
It was the fifth round I started sIugging.
-Here's a note for you.
It was your first right that hurt him?
What are you taIking about?
It was the second.
-How about a statement, huh?
-Yeah, how about a statement?
Wait a minute.
-Marie, darIing, how are you?
-Just fine.
Gee, this is a surprise.
How did you get in town?
Mother Iet me come down on the train.
-Did you see the fight?
-Are you hurt?
You were wonderfuI.
Changed your mind
about the fight game, huh?
-Let's go somepIace where we can taIk.
-I just wanted to see you.
I have to Ieave on the 1 2:30 train.
I'II drive you home.
I'II get you there before the train wiII.
You've never been here before,
so Iet's take a Iook around tonight.
-AII right.
-My car's right down here.
-Like it?
-Oh, yes.
-I'd Iike to ask you something.
-AII right.
Is it true that Louise toId you
to come up to the farm?
Yes, it is, Marie.
I'm afraid I was wrong about her.
-She beIongs to aII this, doesn't she?
-That's right.
I'd Iike to meet her sometime.
She's singing at Rocky's.
You've never been to a nightcIub,
have you?
-You Iike to stop in and get a bite to eat?
-Oh, I'd Iove to.
AII right.
That's Louise singing.
She's IoveIy, isn't she?
TabIe for two, pIease.
-Oh, how do you do, Mr. GaIahad?
-How are you?
This way, pIease.
-I heard it was a wonderfuI fight.
WADE: Yeah, weII, we had a Iot of fun at it.
Here you are.
-HeIIo, Louise.
-HeIIo, GaIahad.
-I Iike your singing.
FLUFF: Thanks.
you aIways wanted to hear me sing.
-You're Nick's sister, aren't you?
-Yes, Louise.
I've known your brother for a Iong time.
-WiII you sit here with us?
-Yes, sit down.
Sure, I'd Iove to.
WiII you have something with us, Louise?
No, no, I don't think I wiII.
Does Nick know you're in New York?
No, he doesn't.
You won't teII him, wiII you?
Oh, no, of course not.
I hear you made short work of O'Brien.
Guess you're gonna be a champion
after aII.
If I do, it'II be my Iast fight.
Then Nick wiII have what he wants
and so wiII I.
Marie was at the fight tonight.
Did you enjoy it?
Very much, but I was a IittIe worried.
The next thing she wanted to do
was to meet you.
I'm gIad.
You know, a few months ago,
I didn't think I'd Iike you.
But I do, very much.
Same goes with me.
And you know, don't you?
Know what?
You wouIdn't understand.
-Good evening, Mr. Morgan.
-Where's Chuck McGraw?
-Sorry, he's not to be disturbed.
-Don't give me that. Where is he?
Private dining room number 6,
but you did not hear it from me.
Taking in a fight, eh?
-Come on, you. Get outside, go on.
WOMAN: Say, don't you dare touch her.
-Who do you think you are?
CHUCK: Hey, cut it out.
-Breaking up a--
-Give me my coat.
-The very idea, imagine the nerve--
TURKEY: Outside.
-Why, Iisten, who do you think you are?
TURKEY: Never mind, outside.
-What you sore about?
-I thought I toId you to be at the ringside.
I don't have to see that hick fight.
I can knock him off anytime.
O'Brien couIdn't and you won't be abIe to.
That's what they're staIIing for.
Oh, so they're staIIing?
Waiting for you to Iap up
aII the Iiquor in town.
-You're going back into training.
-I'II take care of that guppy.
Why don't you go Iose yourseIf?
What you trying to do, grab an excIusive?
Come on, get out of here.
He won't do no staIIing on me.
Shut up.
-I know what I'm doing.
-Come here.
WeII, if it ain't oId Iambie pie,
aII doIIed up.
Ward, Iook out.
Chuck's drunk.
So you're trying to crawI out
in a fight, huh?
Stand up, we'II have it out here.
No, Ward, pIease.
Listen, McGraw, I've had enough of you.
-Let go of me.
-I'II take you on anytime.
Wait a minute, hoId on there.
Get him out of here.
-We'II make it next month.
-Suits me fine.
Okay, that's a date.
CHUCK: Let me throw a hook.
-You're throwing no hook at anybody.
-I'II smash that kid.
-You'II smash nobody, get him out.
Cut it out, boys, that's enough.
Come on, get her out and take her home
before it's too Iate.
-I'm sorry.
Don't you worry about it,
it's gonna be aII right.
Good night.
PIease don't use those pictures.
If Joe TayIor didn't get that picture,
he'd murder me.
Oh, but....
Cochran, Brady taIking.
HoId your run.
I'm gonna re-pIate page one.
What a break on top
of that FIorida hoteI fight angIe.
Stay with
''The Women in GaIahad's Love Life.''
That's what the squaws want for breakfast.
Smith, where are the pictures?
WeII, bring them out wet.
I'm gonna jerk the war stuff on page two.
Save me four coIumns.
That picture of PhiIIips
kissing in the office ought to work.
Yeah, but who's the other girI?
A fine Iot of newspaper men
we got around this pIace.
-Doesn't anybody know?
-You might ask GaIahad.
-Lady to see you.
-Keep them aII out, I'm busy.
-I'm sorry-- You can't go in.
-Never mind, Joe.
Sorry, you're out of Iuck.
You got pIenty
without pIaying up the fight angIe.
Don't use those pictures.
You've got to keep them out.
And Iet the Express beat us?
Their guy was there too. I'm sorry.
But you don't reaIize what wiII happen.
It'II ruin the Kid, his whoIe career.
You don't know Nick. It'II be the end of
everything if you drag his sister into it.
His sister?
-Didn't you know?
What a break.
Yo, Brady, Brady.
-Good morning, Mr. Donati.
-HeIIo, Nick.
-Oh, weII. There he is.
We've been waiting here hours.
How many interviews do you boys want?
The Kid won't fight the champion
untiI next year.
What I wanna know is--
What about this romance
between the Kid and your sister?
-How Iong have they been going together?
-What romance?
Here it is, right here.
Goodbye, darIing.
It was an exciting evening, wasn't it?
-You're here, huh?
-Why, I brought Marie home.
Not satisfied with messing yourseIves up
in New York, have to come here.
-Don't say that.
-If you foIIowed us--
You haven't had enough. You had to sneak
behind my back to doubIe-cross me.
-There's no doubIe-cross.
-I toId you to stay away.
-He's not gonna keep away from me.
-Marie and I are in Iove.
Love, what does she know about Iove?
She's a kid, she's too young.
-You don't know anything about me.
-Stay away from guys.
I'II do as I Iike.
What business is it of yours?
You're never here,
you've never Iived at home.
Chasing around,
doing anything you want.
What I do
hasn't anything to do with you.
-You're different.
-I'm not different.
I have as much right to be happy as you.
If you think you're gonna keep me
cooped up here, you're crazy.
-We Iove each other.
You can't keep us apart,
you haven't any reason to.
It's your own temper and dirty mind.
We hadn't done anything.
How do I know
what's been going on between you?
Nicky, don't say that, stop it.
Sneaking into the city.
How many times you been up there
with him, and what have you been doing?
I tried to keep you decent, didn't I?
Sent you to convent, kept you away
from guys. Where'd you end up?
Getting yourseIf smeared
over the front page of smut sheets...
...Iike a common rat.
You bad, bad boy.
I'm sorry I hit you, Nick...
...but you shouIdn't have said
what you did to her.
I owe you a Iot.
I've aIways obeyed your instructions,
and I'II go on obeying them.
But whatever I do outside the ring
is my own business.
AII right,
I wouIdn't worry about it if I were you.
MAN 1 : HeIIo, Nick.
-Oh, heIIo, Joe.
MAN 2: Hi, Nick.
-Sit down, there's a pIace for everybody.
Warren, that's where you sit.
-Hey, Nick.
What's the idea of the teIephones?
I said when you heard the announcement,
you'd wanna get to a phone fast.
-Sit down, sit down, enjoy yourseIves.
MAN 3: What's on your mind, Nick?
What's aII this about?
Come on, Nick,
how Iong you gonna hoId out on us?
MAN 4:
Oh, for Pete's sake, get it off your chest.
MAN 5:
Yeah, Ioosen up, give out, wiII you, Nick?
-AII right, aII right.
-Come on.
So you don't get indigestion.
Turkey Morgan's been shooting
his mouth off to get Kid GaIahad...
...into an earIy match.
You birds said it wouId
draw a miIIion-doIIar gate.
AII right, we're going after it.
We signed for the championship bout
next month.
Next month?
What'd you start aII this for,
to pay me back for socking you?
Forget the other night.
Our personaI brawIs haven't anything
to do with the fight game.
I thought you wanted to hoId out
tiII next year.
Yeah, tiII I found out
how much McGraw has been drinking.
He can't get back in good shape
in four weeks.
With this feud in the papers,
that's good for a miIIion-doIIar gate.
I had an idea
you wanted to get rid of me.
If I didn't wanna take the titIe
from those guys...
...I'd have shoved you overboard for going
against orders and knocking out O'Brien.
Ask SiIver, he taIked me out of it.
That's right. Why'd you teII the newspapers
you're gonna send the Kid in sIugging?
Because that's what he's gonna do.
McGraw's ripe for it.
You can punch harder,
you're in perfect shape, you can take it.
The sooner you wash him up,
the Iess punishment you'II take.
You get on for 1 2 rounds, you're gonna get
more chances to Iand a Iucky punch.
-I don't Iike to argue--
-You're not going to.
Or eIse I get another trainer.
I don't want any sparring partners,
I want punchers.
I want you to send them in
punching aII the time and him too.
-Listen, I never Ied you wrong yet, did I?
-No, you haven't, Nick.
Then Iisten to me
no matter what anyone eIse teIIs you.
McGraw asked for a sheIIacking
when he pushed you.
You said you'd pay him back for it,
didn't you?
-Okay, we sign this afternoon.
We'II meet
at the commissioner's office at 2:00.
AII right.
So Iong, Nick.
Five thousand doIIars
open on McGraw at 5-to-7.
McGraw, 5-to-7.
-I'II take that.
-Okay, Barney.
HeIIo. HeIIo, Nick?
Barney speaking.
Yeah, I just pIaced the Iast of it.
Okay, Barney.
Say, teII me,
what's the reaction downtown?
Yeah? What are the boys offering?
Five to seven. WeII, that seems a bit....
-Oh, come in.
Keep in touch with me.
They teII me you're stiII
gonna send the Kid in sIugging.
-That's a good way to Iose, ain't it?
I just Iearned
you bet 50 grand undercover.
-On McGraw to win.
That's right.
What are you trying to do, Nick?
PuII another fast one?
If I wanted to take the titIe away from you,
I wouIdn't spend 50 grand to do it.
I'm dumping my fighter.
The more McGraw cracks him up,
the better I'II Iike it.
The oId wheeze
that he doubIe-crossed you, eh?
You read it in the papers.
Oh, yeah, your sister.
You ask me, take it or Ieave it.
I think I'II take it.
BiII, Turkey.
Bet another 1 50 grand
on McGraw to win.
No, I'm not crazy. Donati's backing it.
He better win.
He wiII.
If he don't,
you won't be around to taIk about it.
Thanks for the tip.
Ladies and gentIemen, we are at ringside.
The big moment is nearIy here.
This promises to be the most
sensationaI battIe of the year.
An enormous crowd's jammed
into this huge auditorium... see Kid GaIahad cIimb
into the ring...
...against Chuck McGraw,
the heavyweight champion.
Oh, he's going to be aII right.
Now, don't you worry.
At a Iongest, it'II be over in an hour.
I know, but I'm afraid
Nick wiII get back at him.
Not whiIe there's a chance of getting
that titIe from McGraw and Morgan.
-You don't think so?
-No, I'm sure of it.
Anyway, I'm gIad it's his Iast fight.
He's going to quit after this.
Does Nick know that?
-If you see FIuff anypIace, Iet me know.
-Oh, forget her, wiII you, Nick?
Come on.
Good Iuck, Kid.
Fifteen rounds of boxing...
...for the heavyweight championship
of the worId.
In this corner,
at 1 99 and one-quarter pounds...
...the chaIIenger, Kid GaIahad.
In this corner,
at 205 and one-haIf pounds...
...defending his titIe tonight,
the heavyweight champion, Chuck McGraw.
He expects you to go sIow
and feeI him out.
Get him out of his corner
and give him the works.
AII right.
Seems I'm aIways ringside
at the first fight and the Iast.
What did you say?
Oh, nothing,
it's just something I remembered.
Watch him, he'II come out sIugging.
Remember what I toId you:
Get him in the first round.
Come on, boys.
You toId him wrong.
Kid can go the distance, and McGraw's--
Hey, I know what I'm doing.
This evens up for FIorida.
One, two, three, four....
Stay away, Kid. Keep away from him.
Punch him. Go on and sIug him.
Two, three, four, five...
...six, seven, eight, nine....
Come on, Kid, keep going in.
Punch, punch.
Don't you stop it.
Don't you stop it, referee.
He won't get hurt Iike that next round.
Nick knows it's the wrong way now.
Six, seven, eight, nine....
You had him down.
He threw everything he had at you.
-Punches can't knock you out.
SILVER: They can, if he sets himseIf.
He isn't gonna give him a chance to get
set. Keep hanging him up with that right.
In two rounds, that
Iiquor of his wiII sIow him up.
AII right, I'II get him.
-Three chances to finish him.
-I hit him with everything.
Throw them wiId, you'II wear
your arms out. I toId you to set yourseIf.
I'II mess that kisser some more.
Better do what Buzz says,
get hoId of yourseIf.
Stay away. Stay away from him, Kid.
Two, three, four, five....
-Punch, sIug into him.
-You're wrong, Nick.
I know what I'm doing.
You can't get away with it.
You're murdering the Kid.
He's gonna change to defense.
Defense, Kid, Iike I toId you.
This is SiIver, defense.
No, you're not going in there again.
You're out, fired.
Go on, get away from the ring.
AII right.
Go on, punch, sIug him.
Another terrific round, two more-
McGraw's battering him with everything
and the Kid is still standing up-
He's shown this crowd a gameness
that's seldom been equaled-
But he can't last much longer-
He's into McGraw again!
Still throwing them, but they're wild-
ShouIdn't have sent him in sIugging.
He's tried to carry the fight for the-- Ooh!
McGraw steps in with a right
over the heart.
GaIahad feII into a cIinch.
Come on, Iet's get out.
Get him, Iike I toId you, come on.
Fight, come on, boys.
FLUFF: Nick.
Nick, you can't go on with this.
What are you doing here?
Never mind that.
I said you can't go on with this.
I know what I'm doing.
We know what you're doing too.
You're murdering that kid
because of Marie.
You're tossing him to Morgan
and those dirty woIves to satisfy a grudge.
You Iet that temper of yours throw you off
the deep end, Iike I aIways said it wouId.
SeIIing out that kid's trust and IoyaIty.
He's up there fighting his heart out for you,
keeping faith with you...
...because you heIped him.
You toId me that one day you'd find
a feIIow that wouId go the distance...
...and take orders aII the way,
and you'd make him a champ.
Don't do this to him
because he Ioves me.
You can't keep me a kid aIways.
I Iove him. I'II aIways Iove him.
PIease, Nicky,
don't Iet him get hurt anymore.
Okay, go on back to your seats.
He'II be aII right.
Thank you.
Smart. Come on, darIing.
Mac, have 20 cops ready to get us back
from the ring to our dressing room.
Barney, try and cover our bets.
-Fifty grand on GaIahad.
-Have you gone nuts?
Do as I teII you.
Get as much extra down on him as you can.
-Oh, Iet me have your gun.
-How do you feeI, Kid?
-Oh, I don't know.
Wake up, wake up.
What round is it?
Eighth coming up.
-I thought we were just beginning.
-That's it.
-Know me?
-Yeah, Nick.
That's it, Kid.
Now, Iisten, we're changing now,
understand? We're changing.
He shot his boIt. He's on his heeIs
and breathing through his mouth.
Now, stay away from him,
run him off his feet, staII him.
Rest up now, Kid.
Rest up.
Don't forget, keep that Ieft hand up high
and keep moving.
-Nick switched on us.
A compIete change of pace.
GaIahad's boxing.
He's shooting them Iong range,
staying away, counter-punching.
He's making McGraw force the fight.
-GIad you changed, Nick.
-Come on, you can go back after this round.
Look, he means it.
He's sending SiIver back in again.
Did you see him eat it up
when you staggered?
Now we go to work.
He thinks you're gone, he's wide open.
PuII it this round
when I give you the office.
We got a date when this is over.
Stand by.
Two, three....
Four, five, six, seven, eight....
Two, three, four, five...
-...six, seven, eight...
-Chuck, on your feet, come on.
...nine, ten.
Back up, back up, back up.
You can't get in. AII right. Back up.
OnIy the press,
wait a minute, wait a minute.
Fat chance of getting in.
Go get yourseIf a badge.
-You got a match?
-Yeah, I got one here.
Put them up.
Get back there.
Hey, the man's down. HeIp, heIp, poIice!
PoIice, poIice.
MAN 1 :
How about it? Come on.
MAN 2: We need just a second.
MAN 3: WiII you say a few words?
-Hey, they just shot a feIIow outside.
Down in TunneI B.
-Who did it?
-They don't know.
-Who got shot?
-Some insurance guy from Ohio.
First time in town.
-Oh, that's too bad.
-I'II say it is.
-Yeah, Nick?
-Get the Kid under the showers.
-Come on.
WARD: Yeah, I've had enough of this.
NICK: Get some medicine.
Get out of the way, come on.
Pack my things, wiII you?
Marie's waiting for me.
-Okay, champ.
-Come on.
Get your hands up and turn around.
WADE: What's the idea?
-Get over there.
I shouId've taken care of you mugs
in FIorida.
You ain't gonna catch no train
this time.
NICK: Come over to the hoteI.
We're having a ceIebration.
You'II get aII the dope you want.
-Take care of the champ now.
-Hey, SuIIy.
Watch this door,
don't Iet anybody come in.
AII right, Nick.
-So Iong, see you Iater, boys.
-Good night, Nick.
Oh, I beg your pardon, Mr. Donati.
You gave aII the other guys a break
before I got here.
You rushed the Kid out of the ring
before I couId get shots.
Just one picture of you and the champ?
-You're from out of town?
Just got a wire tonight to do the job on you
and, weII, I'II get fired if I don't deIiver.
It wiII onIy take a minute.
We can grab one in the shower room.
-Okay, anything for the press.
-Oh, thanks for the break.
Go on, get over there with them
and keep your hands up.
You, duck out that way.
This is my business.
I've been aching to fiII you fuII of sIugs.
Use your head.
You can't get away with it in here.
There's cops aII over the pIace.
I'II square it with you.
Yeah, Iike you aIways have.
You're starting to crawI, eh?
Anything, I'II settIe with you any way
you want it, but Ieave those two aIone.
So they can put the tag on me?
You're too used to a machine gun.
You might miss with that peashooter.
-If we were to rush you--
-I'II settIe with you, you doubIe--
You shouIdn't have thrown away
that machine gun.
-Get him over on the tabIe.
Open up.
WeII, get an ambuIance, wiII you?
Get a doctor.
-Outside, boys.
-Go get Louise and Marie, wiII you?
Send an ambuIance to the stadium.
Connect me with the Homicide bureau.
HeIIo, Marie.
There's an ambuIance coming, Nick.
You'II be aII right.
Oh, no, he wasn't that bad a shot.
Nicky, you've got to get weII.
For Nina.
For aII of us.
I was wrong, Marie, about the Kid.
I guess I been wrong
about a Iot of things.
You two go on being happy,
being in Iove.
-Be carefuI how you teII Mama about this.
-I wiII.
Am I out of the doghouse?
You know,
I never shouId have gone away.
Oh, forget it. It's just the breaks.
You've aIways been sweII.
The Kid put up a great fight, didn't he?
Took us a Iong time, you and me...
...but we did what we set out to do.
We got a champ.