Kid Kulafu (2015) Movie Script

Thank you, Lord,
for the food on our table.
Please keep my husband strong
and my children healthy.
And keep them away from any harm.
We are truly thankful. Amen.
Let's eat.
You spent all day harvesting for Mr. Dado,
and this is all you got from that?
Why don't you find another job?
Let's move to the city. To General Santos.
And what job will I get there?
Be a porter at the pier.
Or maybe... at the fish port.
There are lots of jobs out there.
I can work at a factory.
The city is noisy and crowded.
And where would we live?
At my cousin's. At Sardo's.
Here we have a quiet and simple life.
We'll have a simple death too.
Admit it.
You're scared to leave your farm,
your buffalo, your rooster,
and whatever else
you're keeping back there.
We have four children to feed and raise.
Even if you harvest all the coconuts here,
it still won't be enough to buy us rice.
Oh, hello, Commander.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Just passing by...
Uel! Hand me the pitcher and some glasses.
Where did you come from?
Another town.
We've been crossing the mountain
for two days.
Have some water.
Thank you.
-Where are you headed?
-To the next town.
But we'll rest up for a bit.
One of our comrades is sick.
If anyone asks,
don't mention that we were here.
Don't worry about it.
She's the only one
who's noisy around here.
Don't worry, Commander.
You were never here.
OK, then.
Thank you. We'll be on our way.
Let's go.
Be careful with the nets.
All right, throw the ball.
Now, I'll throw it at you.
Hey, come on. Let's play.
Leave some for me, OK?
Where are you going this time?
There's a fight at Ka Ermin's.
Another fight?
Instead of working, you go cockfighting.
Throw the ball.
-Pass it.
-Pass it here!
-Give it to me.
Hey, he's gonna hit us.
Give it to me.
Good day, madam.
What is it?
We just wanted to have a drink.
We still have a long journey ahead.
From far away, we sensed something
different in the air up here.
The air's really fresh in the mountains.
It seems like something else
is in the air.
Seems like...
Something like...
like fried fish.
Oh, that!
It's rare my husband has any luck.
They caught some fish this morning.
Then we came at the right time.
May we have some of their catch?
Get the fish.
Stay right here.
My child. Let me do it.
Get the container.
Give this to them.
-It's not much anyway.
Where is your husband?
How many men are in your family?
Just one and he's lazy.
My husband's on his way home.
Aside from him, just the children here.
Why do you ask?
We're actually on the lookout
for a group of rebels.
Some people said
they went up here yesterday.
Did you notice anyone come by?
We didn't.
Oh, really?
We'll go ahead then.
If you notice anything,
or if any rebels approach you,
tell the village chief down the mountain.
-They will notify us.
-Yes, we will.
Let's go.
Slow down. Pay up.
Here. Put the money in my hand.
Oh, you little kids!
Whenever it's Bruce Lee,
you're always here.
How about you guys? Do you have money?
-Whose is this?
Then, you go watch.
Now, go inside. You, sit beside me.
You can wait for Bruce Lee here.
What do you have there?
Some limes.
Just two pesos to buy.
In the market, it's five pesos.
-Why are you in such a hurry?
Mom's sick.
This is for her medicine. Please?
Oh, boy! OK.
So you will leave me alone already.
There you go.
Our buffalo ate all of Ka Ermin's crops.
And you even told Mrs. Biday
that I was sick.
You crazy child!
You just came home now? It's already late.
Good thing you didn't tell them I died,
and you needed money for alms.
I just wanted to watch Bruce Lee.
Bruce Lee!
Who the hell is this goddamn Bruce Lee?
Is he from here?
He's a good fighter. He punches and kicks.
Is that what you want? Here you go!
What a violent child!
Is that what you want?
Give it to me.
-To your sister.
-That's it.
-Pass it to me. Why don't you let me play?
-Pass it.
Go inside!
Get in the room. Hurry!
Get inside. Faster!
Hurry. Stay down.
My God!
Where's Emmanuel?
I'm out of bullets!
Sir, I'm out too!
Got any more bullets?
You have no soul!
No matter how slippery a fish is,
it will still be caught!
You'll pay for everything
you've done to this country!
You like her?
Who'd she look at?
At you?
-Or at me?
-I think it was you.
Who do you like among them?
The one sitting at the end?
You're still too young!
You guys stink!
Even back there I can smell you!
-Baste, we're not looking for trouble.
-Look at your uniforms.
Like old rags!
Who do you think you are?
You're gonna fight back?
You think you can handle us?
Hey! Emmanuel!
You're gonna leave your brother here?
Stay there!
You stinkers stay together! Let's go!
Mr. Boy! Looking good today! There you go.
What's new?
You're missing some.
I'll bring it next time.
I haven't finished watching it.
You'll rent more?
You haven't even finished this lot.
Just put it on my tab.
That looks good.
I'll return it by the end of the month.
I promise.
Sardo, this isn't a convenience store.
Come on.
It's not like I can hide from you.
You know where I live,
and we're good friends right?
have you seen Tyson's latest fight?
That fight where he went all out.
I can't believe you...
Hey! Buster Douglas
already beat your idol Tyson.
You didn't see it on TV?
-Ten rounds.
-On TV?
Bam! The buffalo was knocked out!
You know I hate watching fights on TV,
Mr. Boy.
It's better to watch fights on tape.
No commercials. No waiting.
Let me rent these.
You know this is all I enjoy doing.
Watching boxing and cockfighting.
That's it. Let me enjoy them.
There. Tommy Hitman...
He's already calling out to me.
But I know you have the new one...
Turn around!
Hit him! Punch him!
You look really busy.
No, this fight's really good.
It's getting intense.
I brought you some of my peanuts.
You shouldn't have bothered.
You might need them more at your place.
No, they're really for you.
You're already letting us live here
in your compound.
I'm starting a new job tomorrow
at the fish cracker factory.
Factory? The pay's good there.
I was thinking that I might need some help
with the store.
I was thinking maybe Emmanuel could help.
But he still has to go school.
Then after class.
He's just gonna organize some stuff,
and collect bottles.
-Up to you. Hey!
-What is it?
-Will you work for your Uncle Sardo?
You're just gonna collect bottles.
OK, Ma. No problem. All right, Uncle.
-OK, then. OK.
-OK, thank you.
-Well, thank you too.
-We'll head out.
-Thanks again for the peanuts.
-Wait, take a shot first.
Take that with you. Take it home.
Go ahead. Take it with you.
-OK, then.
-Go ahead. I still have another one.
Let's go home.
You spoiled Isidra.
That's why she turned out like this.
With her boyfriend
whose face looks like a slipper.
Is it my fault she fell in love?
It's your fault that
she has an attitude problem.
Hey, say something!
We can't do anything about Isidra.
We're here now.
We're already here,
and you haven't changed.
Find a better job!
You should be thankful for our neighbor
who got me into the fish cracker factory.
Otherwise, what? You'd feed our children
fish innards again?
Why not? It's still food anyway.
Emmanuel, take this.
You should be thankful I still work.
I like it better in the mountains
than in that stupid fish port.
Rosalio, all I'm saying is,
if you just worked harder,
then you could feed your children
It was a lot better in the mountains.
The mountains again?
I'm already beginning to notice.
At first it was your crops,
then your buffalo, then your chickens.
Perhaps you're taking care of
other animals there?
Hey, Rosalio! Answer me!
If I find out that you have
some other girl out there,
I will slap you till you regret it.
I break my back working here
and that's what you're doing?
Knock him out now.
He might knock you down.
Knock him out now!
This is taking so long.
That's it!
You're dead.
So slow.
He should've attacked with his right.
-Hey! Emmanuel! Come here.
What is it, Uncle?
Did you see that fight?
-Yes, Uncle.
-You like boxing?
Not really.
You know, Tyson...
He's like the god of boxing.
A huge scary animal.
No one can beat him.
He's like a buffalo
that was taught how to punch.
-Really, Uncle?
-But what did you see?
He lost.
Which just goes to show...
you can lose anytime to anyone.
You can win if you're quick
and have proper timing.
-I can tell you like it.
You just need to practice. Train.
-No, Uncle.
-Just try.
I was just watching.
One, two. Just punch, one-two.
-Just like that. OK.
Come on. Punch!
-Your left is pretty strong.
-I'm so sorry, Uncle.
That's perfect! Come on. Do it again.
Another punch. Go ahead. One-two!
Do it just like that.
-OK, I'll do it.
-Punch here, Uncle? One-two?
That's it!
One, two! Wait.
Your arms should go back up,
because after your one-two punch,
the enemy will hit back.
-You have to cover right away.
-Right away?
-Like this, Uncle?
That's it! Do it! Come on!
-Just keep doing it, one-two, one-two.
Don't get too excited. Relax.
Now do the one-two-three.
-Three. Like that!
That's it! Do it!
Go ahead. Punch harder!
Harder! Hit it!
Try these on.
I used these gloves a long time ago.
There. And this one.
You'll try sparring with these.
-Sparring, Uncle?
OK, try it.
Remember to keep your hands up.
Before you strike,
your hands should be up.
That's what you do.
Never let your guard down.
It's that simple.
Jab, jab, move, OK?
One-two, one-two-three, OK?
Take it easy.
That's a slow punch.
Hands up. Keep them up.
OK. Jab.
Oh no.
Are you OK? Now, keep your hands up.
Hands in front of you. Come on.
Just like that.
He's coming nearer. Stop him.
There you go.
That's it!
That's it! Keep it up.
He stopped and you still punched him.
-Are you OK?
-What is this?
What did you just do?
-It's fine.
It's just sports. Boxing.
Boxing? I told you,
I don't want you getting hurt!
-I told you it's a sport, just boxing.
Come on. You wanna box with me?
You won't win against me.
What do you want?
Come on, we're just having fun.
Boxing is a sport.
There's nothing wrong with it.
Sardo, we owe you a lot
because you're letting us live here.
But if this is part of the deal,
then you will have to fight me.
Come over here. No gloves.
Let's fight. OK?
-Come on!
-You really want to fight?
That punch will hurt, Dionisia!
Go home!
I'll just get my slippers.
It's just like we see on the TV.
It's a sport. Boxing.
-Go box yourself in the face!
-I'll go ahead, Uncle!
Sure. Emmanuel!
We'll do it again tomorrow!
See you tomorrow.
-I told you so.
The ones I'm renting now,
just put them on my tab.
Emmanuel. Get me that one.
Let me see.
Sardo, who's this?
Emmanuel, my nephew.
I heard you're training kids to fight.
-Is it true?
-Oh, yeah.
-For real?
-Yes. This boy.
And all the kids who are out of school.
Instead of getting into trouble,
I let them box.
You know what?
This Sunday, Amang's opponent got sick.
He backed out.
You might have someone to replace him.
Emmanuel. Do you wanna fight?
No, not me. Mom will get mad.
Too bad.
It's 100 pesos for the winner.
And... 50 pesos for the loser.
You could have paid me with it.
I know what you're doing.
You're just looking for a way
for me to repay you.
Give me that one on the top.
I have a lot to watch tonight, Emmanuel.
You have a lot of tapes like that, Uncle.
-But this one's new. See you!
-I'll go ahead.
Have you eaten?
We're so hungry.
Where's Mom?
Knock him out! Strike him.
Are you OK?
Of course, I'm good.
Thanks for bringing me home.
You sure?
Ma, wake up!
Uncle, wake up!
Something's happened to Mom! Hurry up!
Hurry up, Uncle!
Uncle, hurry.
What's happened to Dionisia?
She fainted.
What's happened? Dionisia!
Hurry, quick!
-Are you with Dionisia?
-Yes, we are. How is she?
It was a heart attack.
A heart attack?
But her condition is now stable.
Oh, OK. Good to hear she's fine.
All right, I'll get a prescription ready.
Buy the medication right away.
You can now visit the patient.
Thank you very much, Doctor.
OK, thank you.
Good thing your mom's OK now.
I was really worried.
What are we going to do?
We don't have the money
to buy her medicine.
Dad's up in the mountain.
He hasn't returned.
Don't worry.
I'll lend you some money.
I promise to pay you back soon.
Don't think about it.
See, you should have joined
that boxing match at the plaza.
That's 100 pesos!
If you win.
Where else are you gonna find 100 pesos?
Come on!
The fighters are tired already
but they're still in the game.
Keep it up!
coming from Cordero!
That punch was a miss by the rookie!
Our fighters are really on fire!
They're exchanging punches
with a good show of speed and power!
Keep punching!
He missed that punch again!
Let's go!
Punch! Combination of left hook!
Cordero has been hit many times!
Our winner is Abner Cordero!
Here in the town of Gen San!
Abner Cordero wins by knockout!
Sir, can I register my boxer?
What's his name?
And to my left...
Kid Kulafu!
Kid Kulafu. What kind of a name is that?
He'll be in trouble. His opponent
is bigger than him. But, let's see!
Our boy in blue's got a long reach.
Kid Kulafu is having a hard time
landing a jab.
Kid Kulafu moves forward...
This kid is so small,
his jab doesn't even reach!
The one in blue is ready!
Got him on his right!
-Kid Kulafu stumbles.
-Keep your fists up!
Missed that one!
There's his body combination.
He landed a left hook!
-This kid's jabs are not really landing.
-Keep jabbing!
Fists up!
Oh, no! Kid Kulafu is down!
His trainer must've been drunk on Kulafu
when he named his boxer!
Emmanuel! Stand up! You can do it!
-Keep your fists up!
-I think he can still fight.
Keep your fists up!
-This Kid Kulafu is really determined.
-Keep your fists up!
Hey, stay in the corner!
Come here. Come, quick!
Come here! Hurry.
Hurry up.
-Our fighters will have a short break.
I told you to raise your fists!
After you punch, raise them up.
Defend. Just defend it.
Just keep your fists up!
Keep your fists up
and then go straight at him.
Your opponent's strong. Strong and big.
But you're faster.
When you punch, punch hard!
Throw many punches!
We can see the one wearing blue is big,
but this Kid Kulafu is fast.
But it'll be a problem
if he doesn't have any defense.
His opponent is bigger than him.
Kid Kulafu is knocked down again.
He's hit again.
Keep your fists up!
Kid Kulafu.
He's having a hard time
with his big opponent.
-OK, punch! Punch harder!
-Kid Kulafu!
He is landing so many punches!
Heavy punch!
Yes, that's it!
Punch him! Harder!
-Punch him!
-That was a solid blow!
He's knocked out again! It's a knockout!
Kid Kulafu wins! This kid is really swift.
The opponent was knocked out!
You should just rest, Ma.
Here's your medicine.
One pill in the morning, every day.
Thank you, Emmanuel.
I can start working again tomorrow.
But, Ma,
you should just stay home and rest.
Bobby and I will sell the bread instead.
Ruel, come with me.
Bobby, let's go.
We still have to go out and sell.
-Thank you. Let's go.
-Thank you.
-Are you doing OK?
Are you hungry?
Not yet.
I hope we sell a lot today.
The fighter before me was good.
His name's Abner Cordero.
His punches are strong.
He's so good!
And his trainer is his dad.
What's his name?
It's... Mister Dizon!
Again. Stronger!
Use power even when you're shadow boxing.
Here. Give me four punches.
Strong punches!
Four times.
Strong punches!
Your turn now. Go ahead.
Put some power into them! Carry on.
OK, on your own now. Go ahead.
OK, on three.
You told me we were gonna train.
Let's go. Uncle, let's train.
So. You really want to learn?
Then show me what you've got.
Go, punch hard!
Give me more!
Punch hard!
OK, wait...
You're just using half of your strength.
You should have the proper stance.
Get in the proper stance and focus.
You have to move.
Move your whole body, OK?
-OK, Coach.
-Here. Hold the bag.
Get it?
Now show me.
Jab! No!
Don't punch
unless you're giving it your all.
OK. Try it again.
Punch hard!
Let the strength come out of your mouth.
That's it!
There you go!
That's the strength I'm talking about.
OK, I'll go ahead.
You haven't been home for days!
You didn't even ask permission.
You're just like your Dad!
You want to live there instead?
No, Mom. I was just boxing.
Boxing? You wanna box?
I told you I don't want you boxing!
It's just boxing.
First, it was your Uncle Sardo.
Now, it's that Dizon.
Sardo said that was good
so you can improve,
but I don't like it!
I want you to be a priest!
Mom! We don't have the money
for me to be a priest.
All right then! Go box!
Throw me some punches!
-Why are you moving away?
Because you're my mom.
Kid Kulafu is going for it!
Kid Kulafu landed a heavier punch!
He's got a strong chance
to make the General Santos team!
His opponent gives up!
And the winner is Kid Kulafu!
The boxers who qualified for
the General Santos team
for the regional boxing derby
during the festival are...
Rey Luna.
Benjie de Vera.
Leonard Rodrigo.
Eugene Barutag.
And, Robert Varron!
See, I told you.
We wouldn't make the team.
They only take Class A fighters.
We're not even Class C.
Don't worry.
There's still Class D.
The regional derby's no joke.
The fighters are going to be tough.
Especially the one from your hometown.
You'll have to level up your game.
Speed, strength, and combinations!
Footwork! That's important.
Hey! What time is it?
Can you take it, bro?
You talk too much!
Where's your defense?
That was a strong punch.
Punch hard!
Hey! Defense!
We welcome you to General Santos City!
Our first match featured
a strong performance by Abner Cordero.
A victory over General Santos'
own Robert Varron.
But they know
they can still win the championship,
and keep the gold in General Santos City,
as Eugene Barutag
was victorious in his match.
So, we have a deadlock. One win each.
Our final fight is about to begin
in this "Battle of the Best" tournament
between General Santos City and Digos.
The regional champion
will be decided in our next match.
Emmanuel Pacquiao
has really come a long way.
He's actually from General Santos City,
but wasn't able to make the team.
Move your feet!
Pacquiao needs to use his agility
against the bigger Rodrigo!
Oh! What an early right hand by Rodrigo!
Pacquiao is leaning in the corner!
Team Digos' Member, Pacquiao,
was knocked down. Let us see!
Are you OK?
Just move your feet!
Will this kid be able to recover fast?
He's now taking advantage
of his speed and quickness.
Pacquiao is throwing rapid punches
in the stomach of Rodrigo!
It looks like... Oh!
That is a solid right!
If you win here, we'll be champions.
Defend yourself, but take any openings!
Be strong!
Despite Pacquiao's outstanding performance
towards the end of round one,
The judges will have to give that round
to General Santos' Rodrigo
because of his beautiful knockdown.
Pacquiao's already dodging. He needs
to use his agility against Rodrigo.
He knocked down the bigger Rodrigo!
Both of these fighters have one knockdown.
Go on! Punch again!
This third round will decide the winner
as Pacquiao has evened up the score
in the last round.
Move! Defense!
It looks like Rodrigo's going down!
This round seemed a bit lousy.
Rodrigo's punches are not landing anymore.
We can all see that he is not leaving
that position even to take a glimpse.
Is Rodrigo going to make it?
Right on time!
Rodrigo, saved by the bell on round three!
Excellent round
by Team Digos' Emmanuel Pacquiao.
We can see Rodrigo's corner
is pretty worried.
There we have our official winner!
Kid Kulafu,
Emmanuel Pacquiao of Team Digos!
You're already home!
I didn't even notice.
Have you eaten?
I already went out to eat with my friends.
What's wrong?
What is that?
Oh! Nothing!
-What's that on your face?
-It's nothing, Ma. Don't mind it.
-Is it a bruise?
-It's nothing.
It doesn't even hurt.
You know I hate seeing you like this.
No. It's not painful.
You're burning up, Ma.
Do you have a fever?
Don't worry.
I just got wet from the rain
on the way home from the factory.
Oh, Ma.
You're really not taking care of yourself.
Come on.
I won.
They're looking for new blood in Manila.
Amateurs that want to go professional.
There will be trainers there.
But you have to pay for your own way.
Who knows?
One of you could be a future champion.
You haven't been home for months!
You just stay up in the mountains.
Then I hear you have another woman there.
I wasn't sure at first,
but Isidra saw you! You bastard!
You haven't changed.
Always nagging ang screaming!
I'm sick of this!
I'm done!
Our trip was a waste
if this is all we're gonna be doing.
Oh, come on.
Why did we even come here?
They told us we just need to wait.
Maybe this is really how it is.
Until when, Eugene?
Until they tell us we can really fight.
You know what?
We shouldn't be complaining.
We should be happy that we have work,
It's better than nothing.
We don't even know anyone around here.
We don't have family here.
Just relax, bro.
Don't tell me to relax.
We'll get to fight soon.
Come on! Help us here.
You guys can do it yourselves.
Hey, Isidra.
You should visit us more often.
I haven't even seen my grandchild.
It's tough to travel with a kid
all the way here.
And my mother-in-law takes care of him.
Why don't you just move here?
It's tough to find a job where you live.
In the fish cracker factory,
they're looking for workers.
I think we're doing fine there.
My husband and I both have jobs.
And where would we stay here anyway?
What are you saying?
So you can help me out.
Especially now that Emmanuel's not around.
How is he?
He finally wrote me a letter.
Sent some money.
He didn't say bye
because I might not have let him leave.
He really wants to be a boxer.
So he can give us a better life.
Ma, you know what?
He's also famous in our town.
They even call him Kid Kulafu.
That's what he wants.
Even when he was a child,
he couldn't sit still.
Even then,
he would sneak out to watch Bruce lee.
I don't even know who Bruce Lee is.
You've accepted it, Ma?
Your feet should move faster.
Follow through with your punch!
Hook. Another hook!
Learn the proper hook.
Combine it with this move.
-That's it!
-Always return to that fighting stance.
Hook! Keep your fists up!
That's it. There.
Keep your guard up! Defense!
Emmanuel, don't throw useless punches.
Throw some combinations.
Jab! Straight! Jab, jab! Straight!
Like that.
Punch higher! A little higher!
Like that.
Even the jab. It has to go higher.
Bro! Are you all right?
Don't worry. I'm just hungry.
What's up with you?
Why? What's happening?
-It's nothing, Coach. I'm fine.
-If you're exhausted, take a break!
Coach. I can still train.
-Are you sure?
-Yes. I'm sure I can.
-Then carry on.
-Yes, Coach.
Emmanuel, only power shots!
All right, let us see your weight.
Here, try it again.
Eat more, just to be sure.
There you go. You can fight now.
This is Mr. Ben.
He's your new trainer.
Good morning, Sir!
All right.
The fight's about to start.
Turn up the volume.
This fight will be good.
Miss Remy.
-Here's your order.
-Just put it on the table.
Sorry I'm late.
You don't need it until tomorrow, right?
And payment's not due till the 30th.
Thank you very much, Dionisia Pacquiao!
-That's his mother. His mother.
-Huh? What?
What did they say?
That can't be!
Fight back!
His defense is really good.
I trained him myself.
He'll fight back.
There he goes!
Don't stop throwing those punches!
Give it your all!
Don't stop throwing those punches!
He's not gonna lose!
Block those punches, son!
My God! I trained you for this.
You dodged all my punches!
Give him a good fight! Do it!
Come on, son! What's up with you?
What's taking you so long?
That's my son!
Thank you, Lord!
Sign here.
Sign here.
Eugene Barutag.
Let's go.
You got the cash?
Guys, where do you hang out?
Just at the gym.
Let's relax and go out tonight!
Have some drinks.
OK, let's do it.
Let's go.
-I don't know if I can.
-Come on, join us!
Let's go.
-I'll join as long as there's karaoke.
-That's not a problem. Just join us.
It's your treat, OK.
Let's go.
We don't have money, bro.
Lord Almighty...
Please, never leave my son, Emmanuel.
Keep him strong...
and healthy.
-Guys who are playing, bro!
My son.
Try to blow it! Fail!
-Just kidding, bro.
-I'm feeling weak, bro.
Drink more, bro.
May he be a good man out there.
May he always pray...
-I don't know how to smoke, bro!
-You can do this.
I hope he comes back,
because I really miss him.
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
There's too much water in this.
It's like watery porridge.
I bought some snacks for later.
-Our favorite!
Great! Something tasty.
You think you're better than me?
Show me what you've got.
-Let's go!
-You think you can take me?
-Come fight me!
-Abner! Obet!
Let's go!
-Obet! Abner!
-You think you're good?
It was all luck when you won against me.
Let's settle this now!
-Stop it!
-Come fight me!
-Calm down.
-Come on!
-You guys are acting like kids!
He's crazy!
I just said he put too much water in
and he got mad!
Mind your own business.
Why don't you cook it yourself?
I'm sick of waiting around for nothing!
You guys can rot here together!
Rustico Torrecampo will not back down.
That's part of the game, bro.
We're not giving up, right?
Answer me!
A heart attack...
It's your fault...
Our trip was a waste
if this is all we're gonna be doing.
Maybe this is really how it is...
We're so hungry...
I told you I don't want you getting hurt!
There's nothing for us here...
We don't have money to buy her medicine...
Dad's up in the mountain...
He hasn't returned...
Emmanuel. Do you want to fight?
What now, Quiao?
You really don't wanna go back with us?
This is all useless.
I thought we'd stick this out together.
I finally caught a break.
I'm gonna be fighting Andangan.
Remember you asked me
what'd we do when we became champions?
Yeah, why?
It's just...
Even though I said we'd get there...
I doubted myself too.
Like everything might fall apart.
I can't go home either.
Well, I just feel like...
Life's just harder than boxing.
When we left General Santos...
I wanted to go back.
I was really scared.
But I know...
In all of my fights...
God's there.
For me.
Defense. Keep your fists up!
That's OK!
OK, combination! Give it a combination!
Timing! Know your timing!
There you go!
Andangan with a straight!
Eugene was hit.
Eugene throws a punch...
Andangan dodges...
Andangan was hit! Eugene...
-One... Two...
-Eugene hit Andangan with a straight jab.
-Two... three...
-Why did you start the count again?
Why did he restart the count?
You cheater!
Hey, that's not right!
Why did he restart the count?
We've already won.
Why did he repeat the count?
-Why did he start again?
-Ready? Fight!
Defense, bro! OK!
Get out of from there! Get out!
You fool!
Fight, bro! Hurry up!
Put him inside!
So we can take him to the hospital!
Hurry up! Let's go! Leave already!
-Wake up!
-You still have a fight, Emmanuel!
No! I'm going with him.
-I won't leave my friend!
-They'll take care of him!
-You still have a fight!
-Don't give up, Eugene!
Bro, don't give up!
You go with the kid, Polding.
We'll just follow.
-Calm down.
-You have to stay here.
Hurry! Get this car moving!
I don't want to leave him.
Start the engine and go!
-I'll fight if I want to fight.
-Just focus.
-Focus, hey?
Calm yourself down.
They'll take care of him.
Think of your match.
What's important...
is that whatever happens,
we'll never give up.
...Manny Pacquiao is lacking combinations.
He's not attacking his opponent's body.
We can see that Chatchai's fists are up!
While Manny Pacquiao, it looks like
he's hitting below the belt already.
That's right and Many Pacquiao's attack
is uni-dimensional.
Chatchai is a strong contender.
For Pacquiao, it's probably difficult.
-He's quick.
-And he plays dirty.
-He really plays dirty.
-That was a quick punch.
Pacquiao tried to land a good punch.
He hit it.
Manny is playing for his points
in this game.
His dodging is so amazing.
Pacquiao is giving it his best shot.
Chatchai's broken movement.
Which means he may be dropping.
-He did!
-He's done it!