Kid West (2017) Movie Script

Ungrateful mutt.
I fed you yesterday.
What are we gonna do
with this thing anyway?
I told you, we're gonna sell him.
To who?
I don't know.
It was your master plan to get him anyway.
I'm sick of him.
[KID] Why don't you return
him and get the reward money?
Who's there?
[KID] Banjo Cunningham, you ding bat.
Don't you know the voice
of the neighbor you've had
for seven years?
Jimmy, that you?
[KID] Well, who else would it be?
Your voice sounds different.
[KID] Well, Banjo, when a
boy reaches a certain age,
testosterone kicks in and
his voice starts to change.
You follow me?
Well, if that's so,
ain't your voice supposed
to be deeper?
[KID] Barret, do I
need to come out there
and give you a personal
education in health
or lack thereof?
No, Jimmy.
[KID] That's what I thought.
What you doing out here?
[KID] I'm squatting next to a tree,
what do you think I am doing?
As I was saying,
there's a reward for that missing dog.
I saw a poster on an oak tree
about 100 feet west of here.
If you call the number on the poster,
you can get $50.
You sure?
[KID] As sure as I'm sitting here.
Thanks for the tip, Jimmy.
We'll leave you to it.
Sometimes it's just too easy.
I know you may be afraid
of the dark, little buddy,
but it's for your own protection.
That's Kid West.
Hey, your mama told
me to come and find you.
Where have you been?
Sorry, Mrs. Roberts,
can't talk right now.
Now you listen up, Banjo Cunningham,
that's the last time
I wanna hear about you
stealing in my neighborhood.
Oh, by the way,
watch out for gators.
There's no gators in this river.
Oh yeah?
What's that?
Made you look.
We were worried sick.
I didn't think her little
heart was ever gonna mend
if we couldn't get him back.
Thank you, Kid West.
Just doing my duty, ma'am.
We'll miss you around here.
Where have you been?
Sorry I'm late.
What is that silly thing
still doing on your head?
Where do you wanna start?
Just some extra income.
Every little bit helps.
Where did you get it?
From the Edwards family.
Take it back.
Go on now.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Spitting image, I'd say.
I wasn't talking about you.
Try to blend in to your new
neighborhood, young lady.
There are no cowgirls in Minnesota.
Not yet.
I'll be in touch.
Any progress?
Not yet.
But if my calculations are correct,
we're right on top of where it used to be.
Something wrong?
Well, it's just that
no one's ever tried to
dig this up before.
You know,
there was a time stations
actually played music.
Through the rain
Through the storm
Through defeat or battering scorn
You better get some
sleep, sweetheart, okay?
I know there's been
a lot of rumors about
what this find actually means.
But can you give us the
historical significance
of what was found?
Well, first of all, it's
important to differentiate
between folklore and fact.
A lot of people misconstrue
this as some sort of
ghost story that's returned to haunt them.
But as a matter of history,
it's quite remarkable that
Walter Smith's personal life...
This it?
Uh huh.
Small population.
They're probably all eating breakfast.
What do you think?
Well, it has character, I'll give it that.
That's one way to put it.
Listen, my hours are gonna
be pretty full at the hospital
so that means you're gonna
have to take care of yourself
most of the time.
Oh, I can handle it.
What I'm saying is, don't
you go looking for trouble.
What if it comes looking for me?
Then hide.
That your truck out there?
Uh huh.
Well I just a received report
that it's a stolen vehicle.
I beg your pardon?
Just kidding you.
I'm Sheriff Badger, just
wanted to welcome you
to the neighborhood.
Well, thank you.
I'm Faye Cooper, and this is Harper.
Hello, little lady.
My daddy was a sheriff.
Is that right?
He died in the line of duty.
I'm very sorry to hear that.
That's okay.
He was a hero.
They called him Sheriff West.
He also...
Well, thank you for stopping by.
We sure do appreciate it.
Of course.
I'll leave you to settle in.
But if you two need anything
at all, you let me know.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
You shouldn't say things
like that to strangers.
Nice hat.
Nice bike.
You new around here?
My mom and I just got in yesterday.
Name's Kid West.
Your first name is Kid?
What happens when you grow up?
Haven't you ever heard of a nickname?
Not really a nickname person.
People just call me Angie.
You're gonna need a faster
bike in this neighborhood.
My bike is plenty fast.
You wanna race?
You wanna lose?
Talk is cheap, Miss
I don't like nicknames.
Count of three.
Hey wait, where's the finish line?
Hey you!
Who gave you permission
to ride on my streets?
Don't you know the rules?
Let me guess, you're the rule makers?
First rule, is that only kids in our gang
can ride on this street.
Unless they get permission from you?
You're catching on.
I'm guessing that
permission costs something.
You're smarter than you look, Cowgirl.
Time to pay your daily fee.
You're gonna charge that
other girl the same thing?
You mean Pocahontas?
She's my girlfriend, she gets a free pass.
How romantic.
She part of your gang too?
Not yet.
But she'll come around.
What happens if someone
doesn't pay their daily fee?
They get taught a lesson.
Don't you move, cow pie.
Hold on there, Axel.
Not bad for a girl.
Make you a deal.
Do us enough favors, you
can ride these streets
all you want.
I'm sure you don't give
many offers like that.
Like I said, you're
smarter than you look.
I'll pass.
Big mistake.
Better watch out, Cowgirl.
You and your family.
Friendly neighborhood?
So how was your first day?
Oh, it was okay.
A few nurses in another unit were let go.
They were fired?
No, it was just a low census.
When the hospital doesn't
have enough patients
in a particular unit,
the hospital has to let
people go sometimes.
Would this ever happen
to someone in your unit?
Well, the thing is.
Oh, hi.
I wish.
Well, it's not very good.
[TV] Now we go live to Tracy Storm
who is outside the museum.
Tracy, what can you tell us?
Well, Erica, the key that was discovered
just a few days ago was
stolen here last night.
The key is believed to have once belonged
to Walter Smith.
The legendary tycoon who
died in a house fire in 1855.
The archeologist who led the excavation
is offering a $5000 reward for its return.
No, it's not good.
I don't think it'll last
more than a couple of weeks.
You're right, she needs it.
Can I help you?
I appreciate that, but
I think I can manage.
I'm quite certain your
people were already here.
Are you sure another
crime scene investigation
is really necessary?
I'm not exactly with the police, sir.
You don't say.
Based on my initial findings,
I'd say whoever committed this crime
wasn't much taller than I am.
And how would you know that?
I know things about short people.
I see.
What do you know about the stolen key?
Just what I've heard on the news.
Why would somebody want this key so badly?
Well, depends on what it unlocks.
Any ideas?
My theory is it has something
to do with Walter Smith's
hidden collectibles.
We were digging around where
his mansion used to be.
And some people believe we
should have left it all alone.
Why's that?
According to urban legend,
he was cursed.
Well, this is a nice surprise,
what brings you out here?
I'm investigating the burglary.
May I ask you a couple of questions?
That's usually my line.
But it sounds better coming from you.
What do you know about Walter Smith?
Oh, a fair amount, I'd say.
He was a great man.
He did a lot for his
community in the mid 1800s
including his Ojibwe neighbors,
which wasn't a very
popular stance back then.
But he did a lot of trading with them.
Valuable sort of stuff.
And all the valuables he traded
were lost in the fire, correct?
That's right.
Unless he had a separate place
where he kept his collectibles.
I see you've done your homework.
And if there were such a place,
those collectibles would
be worth quite a bit.
Any suspects?
As much as I appreciate your enthusiasm,
I can't talk about an
ongoing investigation.
Sure you can.
From one officer of the law to another.
Excuse me?
My daddy made me an honorary deputy.
Off the record then, I'm not the press.
Well, the short answer is, no.
But I have a theory.
My guess is that anyone going
after those collectibles
thinks they have some
sort of claim on 'em.
Like a descendant or something?
That's a good thought.
But no one knows what happened
to old Walter's offspring.
Then who else would think
they have some sort of claim?
The culture that traded with him?
You think whoever
stole the key was Ojibwe?
That wouldn't be very popular
with the Ojibwe community
in town, but that's my theory.
Seems like the only working one we have.
You seem pretty anxious about something.
Thanks for the help, Sheriff, gotta run.
What are you doing?
Kid West on official
duty, you're in big trouble.
I think you're the one
going to be in big trouble.
Oh yeah?
When my uncle sees you
messing with his plants.
You match the description of the thief.
This would go a lot easier for you
if you confessed right now.
Oh really?
You want me to make a confession?
That's right.
I confess that you're a terrible detective
and your bike sucks.
The guilty always try
to change the subject.
Are we done?
For now.
What's wrong?
[FAYE] I'm late for work.
You've been late before,
I've never seen you
this upset about it.
Is that so?
Did you take your father's
wedding ring out of my dresser?
No, why?
I can't find it.
I have a long shift today,
so I won't be home for dinner.
There's leftover lamb chops in the fridge.
Just do me a favor.
Just stay around the house today, okay?
I like your subtle approach.
Sometimes it's not about
force, boys, it's about fear.
We gave him a good
scare though, didn't we?
Just wait till school starts.
Then we'll really give it to 'em.
How much do you think
we'll get for that?
I don't know, not much.
Piece of junk.
Easy there, Mucus.
What do we do next?
Wait for further instruction.
Is it true what the old man said
that the treasure or whatever it is,
has some sort of power?
Come on.
I wanna beat you guys again in Zombies.
One more game.
[ASH] We've been playing for four hours.
Don't be a wuss.
Why don't you be the zombie this time?
I told you, that's
not the avatar I prefer.
[AXEL] I'm down for another game.
[ASH] Fine.
Zombie Pandemonium Three!
[BOYS] Yeah!
Did you guys hear that?
[BOY] Aww, come on.
[BRADEN] Hey, what is going on?
Let me guess, your stupid dad
didn't pay the electrical bill again.
Shut up.
There's other stuff we can do.
[AXEL] Like what?
Let's go blow up a
watermelon with firecrackers.
Now that is a good idea.
There's some fireworks in the bathroom.
[ASH] Come on, Braden.
[BRADEN] I'm coming.
What are you doing here?
What am I doing here?
What are you doing here?
Give me the key.
Not on your life.
Let's do that again.
Hey, what's wrong with Mucus?
Come on.
It's stuck.
Follow me.
Come on, into the tunnel.
I'm not going in there.
Let's go.
I told you, I'm not going in there.
Don't tell me you're scared.
Nice try, ladies.
Now give me the key.
Go fetch.
You're a real piece of work, Pocahontas.
Even after all I've done for you.
That's not my name.
Braden, if you try to wrangle us,
you have another thing coming.
Big talk coming from
a cowgirl with no rope.
This would have never happened
if you didn't get us caught.
It was my idea to get the key.
Should have never tipped you off.
The only thing that got us caught
was that ancient bike of yours.
If I had a dollar for every
time you mentioned my bike,
I wouldn't even need the reward money.
Let's just try to get free.
As usual, I'm way ahead of you.
There's more important
things than money, you know.
It's not like that, I'm
providing for my family.
Isn't that supposed
to be your mom's job?
Forget it.
Aren't you gonna go get your bike?
Forget my bike.
You're right.
It's too slow for this stupid town.
Where were you?
I was out for a walk.
At one o'clock in the morning?
What were you doing out there?
Stop apologizing
and start listening to me.
If you knew what I was doing and why,
you wouldn't get so mad.
You know what?
I don't care what you
were doing out there.
I have to go to work in a few hours.
Stay up all night.
Blast some music, have a
whole damn rodeo in here
if you want to.
Just stay inside the house.
I can't promise that.
I'm right in the middle of something
that's really important.
Can't take this anymore.
Why can't you understand
what I'm supposed to do?
For God's sake, would you
give this deputy stuff a rest?
Daddy never gave it a rest.
You're not your father!
Anybody home?
Well, hey there.
Your mom around?
Must be at work then.
Story of her life.
I'm surprised you're
not out solving a mystery.
I'm grounded.
I see.
You seem more fragrant today, Sheriff.
Beg your pardon?
You stink.
Oh, right.
Well, some habits are hard to break.
Haven't you ever tried the patch?
Didn't take.
You wanna tell me all about it?
I found the key.
I found it.
Then I lost it again.
It's that Braden kid and his friends.
If you can call 'em that.
Oh, yeah, I know about them.
They're trouble makers for sure,
but I don't see 'em as criminals.
You don't believe me?
Braden doesn't have much of a father.
I suppose it's possible
for a kid to do anything
if he doesn't have the right role model.
I'll tell you what.
I'll look into it.
If they stole that key, I'll
get you the reward money.
How's that sound?
Why would you do that?
Well, I'd do anything
for an honorary deputy.
What do we say?
I'll handle it.
I don't know.
I thought this was
something I could deal with,
but maybe that's just not realistic.
Can you get that?
Well, it's not like I have
a couple thousand dollars
lying around.
The door, please.
Good evening.
Did you find it?
Well, that's what I came to tell you.
Mama, come here.
I'll call you back.
The Sheriff found the missing key
that was on the news.
What are you talking about?
Can I see it?
You didn't let me finish.
I'm afraid they don't have it.
I don't understand.
Well, everybody makes mistakes.
There was no key at that
house or anywhere around it.
And besides, I don't think
those kids are clever enough
to pull off a caper like that.
Thanks for stopping by.
Sorry for wasting your time.
It's no trouble.
I'll let you know of any
further developments.
Off the record, of course.
Can that be the end of this?
And stay in!
Well now,
seems like having friends in high places
isn't everything you thought it would be.
You may have fooled the Sheriff,
but you can't fool me.
I don't have to.
Think I'm tough now?
Just wait till you see what this unlocks.
Enjoy your book.
What do you think?
If you're here to brag,
I'm not in the mood.
You didn't answer my question.
It's amazing, okay?
Now would you please just leave me alone?
Suit yourself.
I just came by to drop it off anyway.
Say hello to your new bike.
I felt bad about the other night.
Even though technically
it wasn't my fault.
I thought this might make up for it.
See you around.
Wait a second.
What are you up to tonight?
Plan for an all night meeting.
Doesn't this ruin your
braces or something?
It could.
But I only chew with my lower teeth.
So why don't you like nicknames?
We don't need 'em.
We should be proud of
the names we're given.
I guess that makes sense.
Aren't you proud of your name?
It means one who plays the harp.
Would you be?
Still, your father gave it to you.
My mom.
Tell you what,
you can call me Little Sky.
I thought you hated nicknames.
I do.
Then why are you letting
me call you Little Sky?
Cause it's my last name.
You gonna be sticking around here?
I hope so.
What does that mean?
My mom has a new job.
I don't think it's gonna last.
Well in the meantime,
I need to show you something.
I'm sure by now you've probably heard
about Walter Smith.
Yeah, that old community do gooder.
Where did you hear that?
A friend.
Your friend needs a history lesson.
Walter Smith traded a lot with the Ojibwe.
But one day, he falsely
accused three Ojibwe men
of stealing from him.
What happened to them?
This is my ancestor.
He was a powerful Ojibwe medicine man.
What does that mean?
He had certain gifts that connected him
to the spiritual world.
It sort of runs in the family.
Anyway, he knew that
Smith was a collector.
So he made this staff as a peace offering.
Being the greedy man that he was,
Smith foolishly accepted the gift.
What do you mean?
My ancestor put a
terrible curse on the staff.
The day Smith accepted it,
his mansion burned down
and he died in the fire.
What happened to the staff?
Well, before he died,
Smith put it in his hidden cavern.
My ancestor found its location
and my family has been
trying to keep it hidden
for all these years.
The staff has to be destroyed.
If anyone finds it,
the curse will come back.
You think curses exist?
I know they do.
Lights out was five minutes ago.
Oh, come on, we're camping out.
The lights out rule applies
if you're inside or out.
Besides, being that you're still grounded,
you should be grateful I'm letting you
have a friend stay over.
Oh, yes, thank you for
letting me stay the night,
Mrs. Kid West.
I mean, Mrs. Cooper.
We need to come up with a game plan
to storm Braden's house.
But technically, you're still grounded.
Technically, I'll be
hanging out with you,
of which I have permission.
Technically, we have
permission to be in this tent.
Technically, we'll just fold up the tent
and bring it with us.
Technically, I don't think that works.
Technically, we have
a curse on our hands.
Good point.
[FAYE] And no flashlights either.
What do you think?
That'll work.
This time we'll do it right.
My mom won't be back for an hour or two.
That should give us plenty of time.
I'm home early.
Didn't mean to startle you.
I just felt obligated to drop by
and mention that Harper
has been hanging out
with a certain Angela Little Sky.
Yeah, Angie stayed over last night.
Did she now?
Is that a problem?
Well, it's just that her uncle Jeremiah
is a bit of a trouble maker.
He spent six months in
county a few years back.
Sounds like he paid his debt to society.
But I bet you wanna know what he did.
Has he harmed any children?
No, nothing like that.
Has he been in trouble with
the law since his arrest?
Well no, but.
Then it sounds like none of my business.
Yeah, well.
Be that as it may, I stopped by his house
and he accused Braden
Meyers of stealing that key
from the museum.
Is that the same boy Harper accused
of stealing that key?
I told Jeremiah the same thing I told you,
it was the wrong key.
I thought you said
you didn't find any key.
Anyway, I'm sure
you're smart enough to
choose the right company
for your daughter.
I just hope you do it sooner than later.
Oh, before I go,
my truck's been leaking.
I can't seem to find out where.
Would you happen to
have a rag I can borrow?
Will this do?
Oh, good boy.
Don't tell me you're
gonna drug him again.
No, he just needed a little snack.
Well, I can't say you're unprepared.
[BRADEN] Get the door.
[ASH] It's your house.
Hey there, Pocahontas.
I knew you'd come around eventually.
Why don't you come over here
and give me a nice juicy kiss?
How much juice would you prefer?
As much as you got.
Didn't your dad ever tell you
these things are dangerous?
Let's go destroy us a cursed staff.
My mom's home early.
What's the Sheriff doing at your house?
I don't know.
Maybe he can give us a ride.
Afternoon, Harper.
Sheriff, we need your help.
We found the key.
And this.
Braden must have hidden it from you.
It happens to the best of us.
So the staff is there.
How do you know about the staff?
You know,
no one ever knew what happened
to old Walter Smith's descendants.
Except, of course, his descendants.
You're a smart one, Harper.
Don't go after that staff, Sheriff.
Says the expert.
You people think you're so wise,
but you can barely even survive.
I'll say this for you though,
you know how to hold a grudge.
But even there, I have you beat.
Your ancestor cursed my family,
and now I'm gonna curse yours.
Like I told you, boy,
your grandpa knows what he's doing.
You three are under arrest
for the theft of this key.
No need for the grim faces, ladies.
Soon as we get the staff,
we'll come right back
and upgrade you to a nice
comfortable jail cell.
If I wasn't a young lady with manners,
I'd say you deserve to be cursed.
You got the legend all wrong, Cowgirl.
It's not evil the staff
brings, it's power.
Guess it wasn't mean to to be, Pocahontas.
In your dreams.
Well, Harper, I'm disappointed
in my honorary deputy.
You helped me out, but you
broke the law to do it.
Now your mom's gonna lose
her job and the house too.
But don't worry, I'm sure she
can write to you from prison.
Come on, Mucus.
That's one messed up
game of musical chairs.
They're at least five
minutes ahead of us.
Hopefully we can catch up to them.
Come with us.
When the time's right.
Remember your gifts.
Do not leave her side.
Count on it.
In a few miles, we
cross timber creek bridge.
Then we go off road and head east.
The cavern shouldn't
be too far from there.
That is if I'm reading this thing right.
Well, of course you are.
You're a sharp young fella
with a lot of potential.
How much further is it?
In a little while, we'll
reach a small bridge.
Then we'll be close.
I see the Sheriff on that other road.
Hey, they're gaining on us.
Who do you think?
I wouldn't worry about it.
Isn't there supposed to
be a bridge on this road?
Isn't there another way around?
Not unless we double back.
Oh no.
Looks like this truck's
got some life left in her.
Where to?
Follow me.
Stay here and guard the door.
Well now, looks like you
ladies here for some wings.
You're gonna need 'em again.
Time for lunch, boy.
Hey there, handsome.
Get 'em, you stupid dog!
Get 'em.
Let me have it.
Just like you promised.
All in good time, boy.
[HARPER] I wouldn't touch that staff.
If I were you, I'd get out of here
while you still can, Cowgirl.
Who told you the staff would
you give you power, Braden?
Someone I trust.
Did he tell you what
he was gonna use it for?
Say goodbye to your girlfriend.
What's she talking about?
You wouldn't understand.
I had high hopes for you,
but it turns out you're a disappointment
just like your father.
Hold still, you low life.
Hey Sheriff!
Braden, let go of the staff.
I can't!
Angie, can you get it out of his hands?
I don't know.
I need your help.
Braden, get her out of here.
I don't take orders from you.
Do you wanna see your
girlfriend go up in flames?
Harper, what are you doing?
I'll be right there.
Get over here.
In a minute.
Harper, you leave that thing alone.
No can do.
You need it.
Kid West!
I need you more.
We're gonna lose our
house again, aren't we?
Why would you think that?
I heard you on the phone.
We can't afford it.
You thought I was talking about my job?
Weren't you?
Oh, sweetheart.
I was talking about your daddy's truck.
It's on its last legs and
I can't afford to fix it.
So we don't have to move?
I'm sorry.
For what?
For trying to do your job.
I trust you.
It's just.
But not like you trusted him.
It's all right, you're in good company.
I like your truck back there.
Looks like it needs a little work.
Looks like it.
I know a place that offers a good deal.
Oh, I appreciate it,
but we couldn't afford it.
He said, "He knows a place."
Through the rain
Through the storm
Through defeat or battering scorn
Every hope
And every doubt
You'll always be my girl
Come on inside, Jeremiah.
I'll fix you something to eat.
Thought you'd be in jail.
Got off with a warning.
Helped out with the investigation.
You mean you sold out your
grandpa and your friends.
I'm no rat.
I'm just a pragmatist.
You don't even know
what that word means.
Do too.
Got something for you, Cowgirl.
I found that.
Lying around.
Better watch out, Cowgirl.
I still own this neighborhood.
You too.
Excuse me, are you Kid West?
Sure am, is everything all right?
You wouldn't believe it.
But over at the junior high field,
a whole swarm of bullies
stopped our fun loving game
of one hand touch football.
What do they want?
Well, you see,
they've turned one of the goal posts
into a giant sling shot.
And they threatened to launch my friends
one by one until we surrender the field.
How many bullies?
45 at least.
We're on it.
45 bullies, could be
our biggest battle ever.
I don't know, Little Sky.
The summer's not over yet.
Through the rain
Through the storm
Through defeat or battering scorn
Your despair
Is my own
Darkened canopy of the unknown
You'll be all right
I'm here tonight
Forever right here
Forever right now
Forever in hope
Forever in doubt
You'll be
My girl