Kiddo (2011) Movie Script

Come on Kiddo,
let's play some ball.
just like we practiced.
Bring it on old man,
let see
what you got!
Who want to see
this old-timer strikes out
this cocky little brad?
I guess you are my only
fan today.
You got me that time Kiddo,
but I ensure you this is...
Oh my god, grandpa.
Oh what happened?
Please help him!
Help him!
OK, just lay down,
lay flat,
just breath nice and slow, OK.
Everything is going to be
all right.
We are getting you
some help, OK.
Just lay flat,
I think you have to
help me with breathing.
Do you have
any medical condition?
I'm all right.
Are you sure?
Just a little something,really.
I will be all right.
Thank you
for your help.
You scared me
there for a second grandpa.
You scared me with
that line drive out to centerfield.
Come on,
let's get going.
Are you sure
everything is OK?
thank you for your help.
No problem.
What happened to you kid,
I almost floored back there.
I don't wanna do this
What, are you chicken shit?
Come give me that damn fuck book.
You do what I say kid,
clean and simple,
no hesitation.
You know what will happen
when you blow our cover?
I can throw in the can,
and you know
what will happen to you?
You will be out
on the street,
with no future, no money,
no nothing.
You are nothing
without me Kiddo.
He is a lawyer
for Christ's sake,
let get the hell
out of here.
that son of a bitch.
You see what happens
when you hesitate.
No, don't do this,
don't do this.
Don't give me a huddle.
Hey you guys.
Shut up!
Look what...
I don't understand...
Shut up!
You know what the problem
with you rich people is?
You get sinner
with every dollar that you make.
I don't know...
You want your wallet
back, hum.
Does it really mean that much
to you?
Go fuck
Look I don't know
what is going on...
It is not my fault
that the kid is a rotten thief.
the kid
came begging one day
and I made the mistake
of taking him in.
Hey Kiddo.
Do you want
to make some real cash?
I can use a kid.
With a little imagination.
[Man:] All what I was trying
to do was to give the kid...
Shut up!
Screw you and the kid!
Look, let's get
something straight here, OK.
All what I
was trying to do...
was give the kid,
his ball back.
This is your fault, Kiddo.
It's OK kid.
Everything is going to be OK,
all right.
Let me
help you trough this.
I promise.
Hey Sean!
Hey paps.
Let's play one on one.
Bring it on old man,
let see what you got.
Are you good at this?
Hey, no
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