Kiddo the Super-Truck (2005) Movie Script

(gentle music)
- [Kiddo] Vroom, vroom.
(upbeat music)
(uplifting music)
(birds chirping)
- It's a big world out there, son,
overflowing with opportunities to help.
(brakes whooshing)
(animal calls)
You must keep alert, see who needs what,
and always offer assistance, it's our job.
We do good, because
doing good makes ripples
that cause everyone to
feel like doing good.
- Woo hoo!
- That's why the world's
such a good place to be.
- Because of us,
being a Junior Ranger is
pretty important, huh, Dad?
- The most important.
You have to know when
anyone needs anything,
way before they know they need it.
What's the Junior Ranger motto?
- Hear the bell before it rings,
hear the bird before it sings.
(light flute music)
(soft music)
Good day, Mr. Minister of Traffic.
- And good day to you Kiddo, Chief.
- What road do you
recommend today old friend?
Feelin' up on sunny
though the skies are gray
There may be rain
But it's going away
We told 'em so, we always know
Magical blue skies are washing our way
We've been blessed
a double rainbow day
Wishes come true at
the end of the rainbow
Twin wishes come true on
the double rainbow days
We wish the best wishes
come true for you
We wish the best wishes come true
I do believe a sniffle
raised in the air
(upbeat music)
- Everyone's buzzing about it.
- Double O Davey's gonna raise the champ.
- A fine event for a double rainbow day.
- Does it mean Davey
and the Champ will tie?
- I think it means that it is
going to be the best day ever.
- As duly appointed Chief
Ranger I second that notion.
- And as Junior Chief (laughs),
I mean Ranger, I third it.
- So be it, the best day
ever has officially began!
- Vroom, zow-ee, yeah!
Can I help Davey get
ready for the race, Dad?
- I'm sure he'd! welcome the offer.
- Okay!
I'll see you at the race sir,
thank you for the best day
ever, Minister DeLight.
- The pleasure was mine,
just call me DeLight.
- See ya!
(magical music)
- Most magical age there is.
- And he just keeps
getting better and better.
And Tito the truck take a ride with me
He can magic I'll go buy land there MC
- Good day Mister Bleu.
- Morning Chief.
Pretty much everyday.
And this nation is better than most.
Rainbows don't come in and more colorful.
- Couldn't help but enjoy your song.
- Oh that, it's heavenly inspired.
I just passed a little super tramp.
How do you ever get the
beat so sweetly magical?
- That's the way they deliver up.
- Making them better
and better all the time.
Making magic I go by
land, air, and sea
- The best day there ever was.
(light piano music)
- Rodney!
You've got your checkers
in your roof light.
- Dad says I'm big enough
to start carrying on the family tradition.
- Well I am just saying.
- Have the jolliest.
- We will Mr. and Mrs. Hartman.
- Bye mom, dad!
It's my pleasure to get you there
safe on the road rich and fun.
Rich and fun, rich and fun
We'll give you a ride that's goals
- It says today's gonna
be the best day ever.
He says a double rainbow day
is the day to get all of your wishes.
- I got mine,
somebody's going to want to see the race
from all the best places and
I'm going to get them there.
- Vroom, we are all growing up,
you're like your dad and I'm like mine.
And Davey is just plain being everything
he's ever wanted to be.
(upbeat music)
- Davey.
- Davey.
Double O Davey was going to race
His hobby is waiting
and taking first place
Zooming in grooves and
what he loves to do
Even where the broke and
the back hurts you Davey
Double O Davey is cool
He zooms and vrooms
And Double O Davey is cool
Only hits the pits when
something's going wrong
He's back on track and
he never takes long
The kingdom's over
Steven Davey loves to go
He's the one to race says never small
Davey, Double O Davey is cool
He zooms and he vrooms
And he Double O Davey is so cool
I say he zooms and he vrooms
And Double O Davey is so cool
Right, right, the win
And get so hard to see
Got leaders loading
No one's fast as me
(upbeat jazz music)
- Well, look at that.
These double rainbow days are
just chock full of wonders.
- You gettin' ready for the race Davey?
(upbeat music)
- Warming up.
- Woo-wee!
- You're gonna win so big!
- Well, Champ might want a say in that.
- You're gonna roll of him.
- He's won every race he's ever run.
- So have you.
- I have had a nice run of luck.
Hey Sport, wanna spot me to the track?
- Can I turn into anything I want?
- Anything your imagination can conjure.
(dynamic music)
- I'll beat you this time.
- Could be, it is a day
for wishes to come true.
- I'll start you.
- See you on Victory Mountain?
- Best seat in town.
- Ready?
- Steady?
(upbeat music)
- You gettin' comfortable there?
You're not giving me much of a workout.
- We'll see that got a--
(energetic music)
- Hey well, I saw Davey.
- Well, he's racing.
- You know Davey,
he ain't near ready 'til
he's run two or three races
before the big race.
That little Kiddo ain't be thinking
he's gonna beat our boy.
- Well it will take more--
- Than a double rainbow day--
- For that to happen.
- That Davey roundly enjoys himself.
- Only secret there is to winning.
- That little red truck's a miracle too.
- Kiddo,
is something special.
There's no limit to what he can do
The magic in him is the same as in you
(upbeat music)
- Davey does everything 'cause it's fun.
- So do you?
- Yes.
(dynamic music)
That's what going to make it interesting.
(wheels screeching)
(Kiddo laughing)
- How do you do that?
- Giving your all and having a ball.
That's the only thing wins are made of.
(light guitar music)
Isn't it beautiful?
I've trained all my life
for that big track in Colombia city.
After I beat the Champ,
I'm going there to outrace everyone else.
- You're leaving?
- You plan on winning this race.
- That makes two of us.
- It is one of those special days.
- Then let's make it special for everyone,
wish me luck Sport.
- Uh, yeah, grab the stars Davey.
You too Champ.
- Well thank you Kiddo,
that means a lot to me.
(engine humming)
- Guess I'll better make ready too.
- Kiddo, look, I've found my first pairs.
(animal calls)
Aren't you happy for me?
- Yeah, that's great.
- Then what's the matter?
- It's Davey.
He just told me after he beats the Champ,
he's going to Chrome City.
I'm never gonna see him again.
(engine humming)
(all chattering)
- I think I got gas.
Win or lose, it really doesn't matter
The fun's in the run
What sets your heart
- Ladies and gentlecars,
let the race for the championship begin!
Racers, get ready.
(energetic music)
(cars sighing)
Racers, get steady.
(cars sighing)
- This is gonna be fun.
- Yes.
(engine bangs)
- Whoo-wee!
(tires squealing)
- Fun.
- Look at 'em go!
- Davey is just too fun.
- Mm-hm!
- I'm sorry about Davey going
but I still hope he wins.
Gotta jet!
My new buddies are going
to want to see this,
from all the best places.
- I know just where they are.
(whimsical music)
- Why did somebody do that?
- Some cars are bound to win challenges.
(upbeat music)
(engines revving)
- They're really racing.
- Everyone knew it will be close.
- This is so good Kiddo,
we can see everything.
- Dad always says the street
rose the fastest way there.
- My new pairs are loving it.
(dynamic music)
(upbeat music)
(cars gasping)
- Vagoes Hills the best place
to watch him around Pintiam curve.
- How would we get up there?
- Follow me.
(whimsical music)
(engine revs)
- Ooh!
(dynamic music)
- Having a great day little guy?
- Aw.
- Look, Davey's gonna fish tail!
He'll rocket ahead.
- [Kiddo] Champ's crowding him.
- [Taxi] Davey couldn't do it.
- They're still neck and neck.
- Let's see what they do with the goal.
- Ooh.
- That Champ, he knows Davey's every move.
- The ghost road.
How will they get past?
(cars gasping)
(tires screeching)
- Go Davey.
- Go Davey.
- Go Davey.
- Go, you too, Champ.
(cars gasping)
- They're still neck and neck.
- But what about Old Tresle Bridge?
- Oh, Train.
Well look at them go!
Looking really beautiful.
- You must be alert,
see who needs what and
always offer assistance.
(whimsical music)
- Ooh.
(cars cheering)
- And here they come,
giving their all as they have all the way.
But wait, Davey's found some sudden speed!
He's whipped ahead.
Davey is at the lead
and it's Double O Davey now
the Sunny Side Champion!
(uplifting music)
(whimsical music)
(wheels screeching)
- I am the new champion.
- As only someone so enchanted should be.
- Rodney, your friends,
where did they go?
- Huh?
- Thanks for riding.
(dynamic music)
I think I have my first steadies.
- You did it.
You are the new champ.
(soft celebratory music)
- Thank you.
(chiming guitar music)
- Congratulations, Champ.
- Thanks to all your coaching.
- So, this is what it's
like to come in second.
Not bad, really when the
winner is someone you love.
- Alexander, you can't fool me,
you wanted Davey to win.
You always gets your
double rainbow wishes.
- I've been thinking a
lot lately settling down,
having little kiddie cars.
- Well it looks like Davey
got a big double rainbow wish.
- Then I got mine too.
- And I got mine.
(crowd murmuring)
- This calls for party.
(cars cheering)
- It's Davey's best day ever party
(upbeat piano music)
(light music)
- You became who you
were meant to be today.
That deserves your own song.
Knew that will tickle, tickles
good name for the taxi cab.
I am Tickles the taxi
Happy and polite
- You're gonna do all right
son, it's easy to see.
You've got a life full of
matching already on its way,
a lot of that going on today.
- I'm gonna go get my sweeties.
He's Tickle, the
taxi, happy and polite
He will take you where
you're going any day or night
Just sit back, relax, enjoy the sights
(upbeat piano music)
- Was it fun?
- The best racer I ever ran.
- I have to say you
look great from up here.
- It felt good too.
I'll have to do it again soon.
You have a double board 312, don't you?
- I'm your mechanic, not your play thing.
- Can he ploop yet?
- Yep.
- I'd love to see, hello again.
Looks like we're going the same way, beep.
- Davey are you coming to my part?
- We do have high hopes.
(soft piano music)
(upbeat music)
- No Henny you're being an old tin lazy.
Every little truck loves the mud pits.
Ah, you remember what
it was like when we met?
You were knee high and modern.
Happy as a bug.
Hey let's go back to the garage, shall we?
And I fell for that dimple
little robot, (sighs).
- Cubird, Hummy is still a baby.
- Ah ah, I'm almost as big as Kiddo.
And he's a big truck now.
- All your baby wants to
do is a little off-roading.
There're not much more than
playing in a big wet sandbox.
Oh we'll be near and
Kiddo will be with you.
- You just don't want me
to get muddy, huh mommy?
- I love you so when
you're clean and shiny.
- And she loves you so
when you're gritty grimy,
and that's how we like them. (laughs)
(soft music)
- You ready for the mud pit, son?
- Everybody says they're so fun!
- Sure you don't want to come, Dad?
- Oh, I'm too big for the kiddie pits.
You little puts enjoy yourselves,
mom and I will be at the snack shack.
- Oh, your new hubcaps.
- Go get them champ, see you curbside.
- And I'm gonna remember
this for ever and ever?
- Yep and it'll make you smile every time.
(soft music)
- Do I see two proud trucks standing tall
and looking for adventure?
- Yes sir.
- This is Hummy, it's his
first time in the park.
He wants to go all the way to the mud pit.
- You think big for a young wheeler.
(whimsical music)
- I'm gonna be a big truck.
- And the mud pits is
a good place to start.
Let's check your tires
and fill your tanks.
(workers chattering)
Now I want you to remember,
always turn right and stay on the path.
And because it's your first time,
make sure you steer
clear of the wild slide.
(dramatic music)
- Let's hope you don't find out.
- But if your road gets bumpy,
and you don't know where to
go, just look for DeLight.
(bright music)
Tire straight and tracks true,
I wish you fun adventure.
- What's the wild slide?
(dramatic music)
- A really long, muddy ride
that dumps you in
deepest ickiest mud hole.
- Sounds scary.
- You don't have to worry about that,
because we're going to the
funnest place, the mudpits!
(upbeat music)
Right after we take the mudslinging
all the way to the mudflats.
Come on Hum.
(upbeat music)
- That's me most fun ever, let's go again.
- I don't know, Hum
I think you're going to be too
busy enjoying the mudflats.
- Best kid in traffic town,
(laughs) wanna play slip and spew?
- It's Hummy's first time.
- (laughs) Then it'll really be fun.
First one to the mud mill wins.
(upbeat guitar music)
- This is so fun.
(whimsical music)
(dynamic music)
Are the mud pits this much fun?
I like spoo and boo.
- (laughs) It's called slip and spew.
- Did we win, Kiddo?
- We mudded 'em.
(whimsical music)
- Kiddo how do you ploop into all
the different things you ploop into?
- Just do.
When there's a need,
I become what's needed to be,
I'm the best me I know,
every minute I'm me.
Loving it been me
Loving it
Be the best you can be
Become who you were meant to be
Just from the star just
to follow your heart
And be the best you can be
Parents help you find your way
Listen to the things they say
Because they will point the way
Then you can be the best you can be
Become who you were meant to be
Just know from the start
Just to follow your heart
And be the best you can be
You can be
- I wanna be just like you when I grow up,
and be what I wanna be too.
I wanna fly through the mud pits.
(bright string music)
- Hummy!
(wheel screeching)
- Squishy, squishy, I love you.
- Come on in.
- No, not that way,
its The Wild Slide.
(dynamic music)
- This is the best part.
(upbeat music)
- Whoa, watch out, I'm coming!
I'm coming to get ya!
Watch out, whoa, you are
sloping back into the wow!
- What's he doing down there?
- This is the fun way.
- (laughing) Beep beep.
- I boo-boo.
- Missed the pits by a good right turn.
(upbeat music)
It'll be easy, we will
go around the hard parts.
When the road get bumpy
And you don't know which way to go
Slow down, stop, look and listen
Listen to the light
The light is there to guide you
The light knows what to do, oh yeah
So look up not on up now
Looking up to the light
The light is there to guide you
The light knows what to do
The light is always up
there watching over you
Come on everybody I
need to baba bumpy way
If you listen to the light
Everything is gonna be okay
When the road get bumpy
And you don't know which way to go
You gotta slow down,
stop, look and listen
Listen to the light
The light is there to guide you
The light knows what to do, oh yeah
So look out, look on up now
Look on up to the light
The light is there to guide you
The light knows what to do
The light is always up
there watching over you
Come on everybody I need
to go the baba bumpy way
If you listen to the light
Everything is gonna be okay
- Ah, two adventuresome little
trucks who forgot that right,
looks like you've been having
yourself a frolic some time.
- I slid down the wild slide and plooped.
- Plooped you say?
Then you miss the mud pits,
the most fun part for the mud part.
You'll have to come back
again sometime and mash it up.
- We will.
- I haven't been down the wild
slide since my first time.
(soft guitar music)
- You'd be surprised that a goodly number
wayward little road stars come his way.
Sometimes I think they just
like to go on a hard road.
It does make one wonder, me guess,
we don't want to your
mother blowing a gasket
at the sight of yah.
The light is there to guide yah
The light him know what to do oh yeah
Take a right, and
you'll be back on track
The shin shan will pamper you
Soap you down, shine you up so nice
So much mud you got
to go through twice
- Attend them tonight say,
to give you an extra scrub
behind the mud flaps.
When you're all amiss
You really must come first
It's time to come on down
To get yourself clean
When you're stinky and smell
Your mother nose can always tell
It's time to finally clean up your act
You know that you're
dirty and that is that
So if you're ready
One, two, one, two, three, four
Oh yeah
And we'll sanitize and sterilize
Sanitize, sterilize
Won't get the bubbles in your eyes
Won't get bubbles in your eyes
And lot lot lots of foam and lather
Foam and lather
And if you do, doesn't really matter
Doesn't matter, doesn't matter
Yes we'll scrub a
dub dub in the shower
Scrub a dub, scrub a dub
And we'll rinse you off in the shower
In the shower, in the shower
Then we'll blow, blow, blow you dry
After that you'll be really sly
And we won't get bubbles in your eyes
No we won't get bubbles in your eyes
I can see my reflection in you
That's when we know that we're through
But there is, oh
You feel
Squeaky clean
So squeaking bubbly bubbly bubbly
Life is better clean
- It was so fun dad and I plooped.
- We saw--
- Up and in two, just like your mom
at her first time.
- Oh Herbert. (laughs)
- I would have liked the olden days.
(soft music)
(engine revving)
(upbeat music)
- Are we ready to go now grandpa?
Are we, huh, are we?
- Are you sure about this dad?
- We'll have fun, won't we Kiddo?
- Going all the way to the
Big Garage, you betcha!
- That's the spirit, ready for anything.
Don't worry, honey, this
is gonna be Kiddo's.
- Okay boys, just drive safely.
- First, to the warehouse, right Gramps?
To pick up all those engine
parts we have to deliver?
- That's right Kiddo, we're
taking them to the Big Garage.
The Circus is coming to town tonight,
Travis has to have them
on the road by morning.
- It's a pretty important job, huh?
- The most important, we'll load up,
then take the road over
Dark Tree Mountain.
- Dark Tree Mountain?
But it looks so spooky up there at night.
- There's nothing to be afraid of.
The mountain is really
quite beautiful at night,
that's why I wanted you to come with me,
so you can enjoy the
sights as much as I do.
- I'm not afraid Gramps,
I'm a big truck now.
Besides, I have you with me.
(soft piano music)
- That's right, come on
let's get those parts,
my little big truck.
(both laughing)
(upbeat music)
- Welcome, Mr. Rig,
right on time as always,
and you've brought your helper.
It's going to be a big
night for you, Kiddo.
Imagine, going all that way alone.
- He's not alone, Freddy, he's with me.
- Oh (chuckles), that's
right, what was I thinking?
You'll be with your grandfather
all the way over the mountain.
Travis and all Circus friends
will be so happy to see you.
- I'm eager to see them too.
(bright music)
I've never met real circus trucks before.
- Well then one thing I'm sure of,
this is going to be a night
you'll always remember.
- Thanks Mr. Freddie, I'll remember that.
- Good luck to you, Kiddo,
you sweet little super truck.
(soft relaxing music)
- You're right Gramps, everything
is so beautiful at night.
It's magical out here.
Look at the stars shining in the lake.
- That's our wonderful universe
reflecting all her beauty right at us.
- I'm so glad you're
right, Gramps. (chuckles)
We're gonna have all the fun.
(dynamic music)
- Whoa.
Are you okay, Kiddo?
- I'm fine, Gramps, how about you?
- I popped a tire, oh.
Uh-oh, you've got two flats, Gramps.
- Oh no, I've only got one spare.
- What are we gonna do?
- I'll have to radio Tony the Tow Truck
to bring me another tire.
- Oh no, that's gonna take hours.
- Oh, Travis won't get his parts tonight.
- Gramps, I've got an idea.
(whimsical music)
I can deliver the parts,
while you wait here for Tony.
- I don't know, Kiddo.
- All I have to do is follow this road
over the bridge and up the hill.
It will take me right to Travis's garage.
- You're right, you're big enough
to start making deliveries on your own.
- Ya mean it, Gramps?
- You've been on enough
deliveries with me,
you know the way and you know what to do.
- Yeah, I'll be back before
your tires are changed.
Wow, sure are lots of parts back here.
- Oh, ooh, take it easy their son.
- Sorry Gramps.
- Whoa! (laughs)
I'm okay, it tickles.
- Look Gramps!
I'm big enough to carry everything.
- Now hold up, son, I
want you to promise me,
no detours, no delays,
you'll make the delivery
and come right back, okay?
- Okay, there and back.
You can count on me.
- I know I can.
That's my boy.
(engine revs)
(light music)
- Are you sure he's gonna be all right?
- Oh sweetie.
Every little truck has to have
his first big adventure sometime.
- Kiddo is smart, responsible,
ready for anything.
He'll be fine.
- Wow, my first delivery all by myself.
- Whoa, boy, too nice a night
to be in such a big hurry. (laughs)
La la la la la la
- Hi Mrs. Turtle, your little
ones are getting so big.
See ya! (laughs)
Whoa, I'm glad Gramps wasn't
watching that maneuver.
I don't think he'd approve. (laughs)
I better pay more attention.
Travis and the circus
folk are counting on me.
Hey, hey it's the airport,
and there're my friends Carly, Tammy, Max.
Hi, everybody, it's me!
Just look, I'm a big truck now.
- Kiddo, what a lovely surprise?
- I'm making my first delivery alone.
- Well, how 'bout that?
- Aren't you getting to
be a big little truck?
- I think Gramps
pretended to hit a pothole
and lose his tires just so
I could make his delivery
and be a big truck like him.
- So you plooped yourself
in little cargo truck
and figured that out all
by yourself. (laughs)
- Magical and smart, you're
going to be someone to watch.
- [Tammy] Ooh, I can't wait.
- You guys always say
the best things. (laughs)
- Guess this means you're gonna
be getting out on your own
a whole lot more. (laughs)
- I hadn't thought of that,
I'm gonna have so much fun!
(all laughing)
- That's what all little
trucks think at first,
but then they realize,
with more fun comes more
grown up responsibility.
Knowing your grandfather,
he gave you pretty specific instructions.
- There and back, no detours, no delays.
I guess I shouldn't be here
talking to you guys then.
- It's always nice to stop and say hi.
- And it's always so
good to see you, Kiddo.
- You come by and say hi
anytime you want, sweetie.
- I've got work to do.
- We can't wait to hear all
about your big adventure.
- See ya, nothing stopping me now.
Look at this!
There! (laughs)
Gramps sure wants to make sure
I'm staying on the right path.
- [Rodney] Hey Kiddo, down here, it's me!
- Rodney, what are you doing here?
- I'm with my mom and dad.
Everyone's talking
about your big adventure
and I know a secret shortcut
to get you to the Big Garage faster.
- I don't know Rodney,
that sign up there said I was
already going the right way.
But my way's faster and more fun, come on.
- Woo-hoo! (laughs)
(upbeat music)
- (laughs) That was fun,
and we're more than halfway there.
- Yeah but what about the other half?
The road ends here.
(spooky music)
- [Rodney] Aw, this old rail line
goes practically all the
way to the Big Garage.
- Practically?
And where are we?
- My dad says it's a ghost town,
but there aren't any real ghosts.
- Are you sure about that?
(dramatic music)
(both gasping)
Looks like you kids
have taken a wrong turn.
Sign on there clearly
says there ain't here.
And you young truck,
I don't know if your grandpa would approve
of you putting your sense of fun
over sense of responsibility.
There and back, I always heard him say,
and that ain't no way to get there,
contrary to popular opinion.
- Gosh, mister, I didn't know.
- If I know your grandpa--
- Hey, there!
- You will warned to do what he says.
- Yes, sir, no detours.
- No detours.
- Thank you sir.
- Call me Mo.
- I'm Eenie.
- Meenie.
- And I'm Minnie.
- Pleased to meet you Kiddo.
Now you best be on your way.
You still got a big job to do.
- Do you get the feeling
that everybody knows what you're doing?
- That's mom's doing, I'm
sure she's in on it too.
- But not your dad though.
See you Rodney.
(upbeat music)
I wasted too much time with Rodney,
it was fun though.
Now I have to be responsible
and make up for lost time,
and I know just the way.
(whimsical music)
(upbeat music)
- Yay.
- He made it.
(upbeat music)
- There's my guy.
- Our hero. (laughs)
- Hi guys.
- Well, you got here
ahead of the Circus.
- I did good.
- (laughs) Your Gramps must be beaming.
- Come on, let's get yA
unloaded and back on the road.
Can't leave grandpa out there
with twin flats. (laughs)
- All the best to your grandpa.
We'll see him on his next delivery.
(upbeat music)
- There he is!
Truck of the hour.
- Without you my little sweethearts
wouldn't have new tires.
- Thanks Kiddo, we wont forget this.
- We love you.
(upbeat music)
- Ooh jogging, I'd love
to know how he does that!
- [Kiddo] Vroom ,vroom.
- Look mom, pap, he
made it, isn't he great?
- There he goes, ain't
a little truck anymore.
- There'll be no stopping him now.
- Isn't he wonderful?
- All fixed up Gramps
(laughs) no permanent damage.
- And I guess I'll mosey up the road
and meet my little super truck.
- We'll see you back at home, dad.
Wouldn't want Kiddo to think
we're worrying over him.
- He's grown a bit tonight.
light music)
- Yipee!
Gramps, you're all fixed up.
- Better than new.
And you made it there and back.
I can tell by that big beaming
smile, no detours, no delays.
- Well, I wanted to
talk to you about that.
Is it a detour if it's an old road,
that's maybe only a
little bit still there?
- Hmm, now, that's an intriguing question.
I'll have to think about that one.
(soft piano music)
(engine softly rumbling)
- Dad?
- Hmm?
- You guys were watching
me all the time, huh?
- Guilty.
When you love someone
as much as we love you,
you want to see all their shining moments.
- Did I shine, dad?
- (laughs) Brighter
than the brightest star.
And you knew it.
- (laughs) It was my best moment, huh?
- Your most glorious.
All our friends got to shape
you plooping into a big truck.
- It was so fun!
Dad, now that I'm a big truck,
isn't there a big truck ode or
something I should be taking?
- Hm?
Oh that!
Yes. (clears throat)
Be smart, be strong, be you,
always keep your teeth
brushed and your tires new.
- (sighs) That's all?
- All I've ever used.
I thought it was good.
Grandpa thought it was good.
It is good.
- No, no, it's good.
It's just, I kind of
thought there'd be more.
- Hm.
Well, simple is good,
it's easy to remember.
- Simple is good, easy to remember.
I'll remember that, dad.
Win or lose it really doesn't matter
The fun in the run
Is what sets your heart a patter
- Morning Chief, Kiddo.
Heard about your night.
Must feel good to be big?
- Yes, sir Mr. Bleu.
(soft music)
- Uh-huh!
- Tony, you old tiger, you
have a thorn in your ball.
Let me have a peek at that.
Go ahead without me son, Mr. Bleu.
- Chief, I still remember the
first time I ever felt that.
It's a feeling that stays all the years.
- You really know how little putts feel?
Huh, Mr. Bleu?
- I've been around a
putt or too in my time.
- Then, maybe you're
the only one I can ask.
I know I'm a big truck now,
and I'm supposed to act
big truck responsible
but I feel a bit empty inside.
My friend Davey is going away,
and he's not coming back.
- Hm, I can see how that
might dim your sparks.
- He likes a girl car too.
- That has been known
to add complications.
- She's taking him away from me.
I'm losing Davey,
because of her.
- Little putt, you
can't ever lose anybody,
if you carry a piece
of them in your heart.
That's the very best way to
be close to anybody, anytime.
Whether they're here, there,
or halfway to the junkyard.
There's already enough Davey in your heart
to see you clear through
to the end of your days.
As for our love birds, there
isn't a four wheeler around
hasn't seen that one coming for years.
- Yeah I've been being selfish, huh.
- Happens to the best of us on occasion.
There's better ways to spend your time
than worrying about
what-ifs, maybes, and more,
that reminds me of my grandpaps
favorite little ditty.
You ever heard the Loopity Doop song?
- No, sir.
- Let's see if I can't elevate
your current state of feeling.
(upbeat music)
Don't let the word
if not get you going
Keep them far away
Frettin' over what is fate
Is a waste of a perfect day
Don't let the word is
not get to you down
Keep them away and away
We were built to live life's fun
Make the most of our stay
Loopity doop doop this moment
Loopity doop doop for fun
Live life full of loopity doops
And it'll be a full throttle run
- You make everyone feel so good!
- I like to think of it as
being in the joy business.
(light music)
When I see magical sprinklings of logic,
I like to pass it on in a song.
Which reminds me of another little ditty
I've been wanting to share with you.
- Vroom!
I'd love to hear it,
next time, okay Mr. Bleu?
See ya!
There's no limit to what he can do
The magic in him is the same as in you
- Hi, DB!
- Hey sport.
- Wanna race?
- I'm going to my cherie.
You've got to be the first to know.
(soft piano music)
I'm gonna ask her to the Diamond Lane.
- You're gonna swap medallions?
- She's the one, sport.
The moment I saw her, I just knew.
She wants to live in Chrome City too.
- Then you'll never come back.
I'll never see you again.
- You've always known
that I'd have to leave.
- It's just, you taught
me everything I know.
- That's why I can go.
Your Sunny Side's hero now, Kiddo.
The rest of the world's mine,
and I've got a lot to do.
But I'll be back,
and probably have a truck
bed of jet cars in tow.
- Promise?
- And I'll tell you all
about the magic out there.
What's life about?
- Fun!
- And some things are
just funner than others.
No one's has ever told me girl cars
could run so intriguingly.
Tell you what, let's run
one last race just for fun.
Let's see who whips up
the biggest magic of all.!
You know I dream big.
- And I'm dreaming bigger
and bigger everyday.
- High moon at big tree?
Just you, me, and all
the wiz we can wuster.
- A magical moon beam race.
- Your last chance to beat me, sport.
- And I'm gonna do it too!
- A magical moon beam race?
- I'm telling Sparkle and Elaine.
- Then the whole world will be there.
- I don't take my sunshine zooming again.
- And I'll see sweet little bee.
- Has all the makings
of a most decent night.
Whole town'll hear wedding
bells when she says yes.
- And I'll help you
celebrate by zwooming rings
around you at the high moon.
- It's gonna be fun seeing you try.
- Can I tell the guys?
- Tell everyone.
- Tell us what?
- Davey's asking Sherry
to the diamond lane!
- For keeps?
- And longer.
(light music)
- Ah, what is that
uplifting scent in the air?
- Smells like a moon beam race.
- Then we're gonna be
seeing some magic tonight.
(light music)
(Mr. Moohoo laughing)
- That's Mr. Moohoo watching high up--
(Mr. Moohoo laughing)
- (laughs) I love his laugh.
- It's so spooky.
(Mr. Moohoo laughing)
- I am gonna need my naughty bike tonight.
(bright music)
- Sparks of fear?
- Change your gear. (laughs)
- Your Hummy, the big putt blooper.
- Do like the nighty-by says.
- Close your eyes and see with your heart.
And you'll never be afraid of the dark.
- Or anything in it.
(spookuy music)
(Mr. Moohoo laughing)
- Nighty-bys are comfy songs.
- That's Mr. Bleu's doing.
- Nina says he has more comfort
than a tucking room flat van.
- I like that nighty-by,
mom sings it all the time.
- Mine does too.
- Okay.
Mine too.
Nana says you're never
too old for a nighty-by.
- Nana says all the best things.
- Hey, there they are.
(upbeat music)
- On lovers lip.
- The kissy face place.
- I think maybe we shouldn't
watch, it's private.
- Then why are the Beetles there?
Rolling around on my own set of wheels
Searching for something,
you know how it feels
Wondering where I should go from here
Turn around the corner
and then you appear
You pulled up to me
And I pull next to you
Felt kinda strange
Didn't know what to do
My heart started racing,
could this be true
Tint to your eyes and then I just knew
I always knew I'd find you
I always knew
I'd find you
All of our dreams
Came true
(dynamic music)
- That little truck is pure magic.
(soft music)
- Mm-hm!
- You looked too, I saw him. (laughs)
- Seems like only yesterday
he had that sweet new baby car smell.
(dynamic music)
- Well now, if was Davey,
I might be rethinking that high moon race.
- Yes!
- Should prove illuminating.
- (laughs) Kinda windy.
- What's the kid gonna do?
- Have an encore.
(soft piano music)
- I so love it when I smell that smell.
It's got the magical scent
of everybody winning.
(soft piano music)
- Looks like everyone in Sunny Side
has turned out for the race
between the brand new champ,
and the grand up-start
who've stolen all our hearts.
Winner goes home the
Magical Moon Beam Champ!
- This the thang to be.
(whimsical music)
- I wish you the best, sport.
- I'll always be glad you're my friend.
No one has ever encouraged me more.
- And no one has ever been more deserving.
You've got all the zoom to
be the best of the very best.
Of course you still have to
whoop me before you can be.
- My heart's desire.
- Ladies and gentlecars,
the contestants are at the starting line.
(energetic rock music)
- Go get him, champ.
- Racers, get ready.
Racers, get steady.
- Yeah!
(engines revving)
(cars gasping)
- Whoo-wee!
(engines revving)
- Boom that Davis.
Gotta jet, this one's
gonna be over in a blink!
(animal calls)
- That's two races, in the valley.
- We missed it all.
Maybe we didn't see them in the park.
(engines revving)
(cars cheering)
(tires screeching)
- Oh, this is it, race day again.
- They're still hump to hump..
- Ooh.
- Those little putts are pure lightening.
(tires screeching)
(cars gasping)
- They're still running even.
And coming on hard!
- The blue!
(tires screeching)
(animals screeching)
- And here they come,
giving their all as they have all...
And they're, oh!
They're both just so blessed good!
tires screeching)
- Mm-hm!
(engin revving)
- Beep, beep.
- Our night, sport.
- One we'll remember forever and ever.
- Or until we do it again.
- World is yours super truck,
I found my dream.
(light upbeat music)
- And with that, our little super truck
begin their new life.
(bells ringing)
And all your dreams can come true too
(soft music)
Diamonds in heaven
are twinkling tonight
Mr. Moon's wearing a halo of light
Lay your head down, dear
This memory I'll keep
Close those, your eyes
And fall fast asleep
It's the end of a wonderful day
Heavenly visions are drifting your way
It's the end of a wonderful day
Sweet dreams are so near
Sweet dreams almost here
Almost here
It's the end of a wonderful day
Heavenly visions are drifting your way
It's the end of a wonderful day
Sweet dreams are so near
Sweet dreams almost here
Almost here
The fairytale ends
under the star light
Shadows dance on the walls at night
Imagination begins to fly
Then I get up and my mom says
Go back to bed, my little sleepy head
There's only toys beneath your bed
There's nothing for you to fear
La la la
So close your eyes
And see with your heart
And you'll never be afraid of the dark
You'll never be afraid of the dark
So close your eyes and
see with your heart
And you'll never be afraid of the dark
You'll never be afraid of the dark
Never be afraid of the dark
You'll never be afraid of the dark
Firefly enters
Light up the night
Give your dreams wings
And watch them take flight
Love in your eyes
You are so precious
I realize
Stars twinkling from your
Lantern of love