Kidnap (2008) Movie Script

"I need you!"
"Darling, you're the one for me."
"And I'm the one for you..."
"I'm not the kind of a
girl who says that!"
"Darling, take my heart away."
"I'll make you fall for me."
"All these talks are just not me!"
"I'm a mystery, I'm fearless!"
"I'm truly special, there's
no one like me."
"Singin', hey ya! I'm a
girl who spells trouble!"
"Singin', hey ya!"
"Say S for Sonia!"
"Hey ya!"
"I do as I please!"
"Singin', hey ya!"
"Say S for Sonia!"
"Hey c'mon!"
"The world is at my feet!"
"Girls, c'mon!"
"The world is at our feet!"
"We feel at home on the streets."
"Who can dare stop us?"
"Moving on!"
"C'mon! The world is at my feet."
"It's true! Full on!"
"I'm losing control."
"The skies are beckoning me..."
" go on dreaming."
"Singin', hey ya! I'm a
girl who spells trouble."
"Singin', hey ya! Say S for Sonia!"
"Sonia... Sonia..."
"Sonia... Sonia..."
"Everywhere, people's
hearts are broken."
"Everywhere, it's a mess!
Don't you agree?"
"What a stress! Don't you see?"
"Is this what life's all about?"
"No! Never!"
"We'll make a world..."
"Yes, right here, we'll make a world...
...full of happiness and cheer."
"Only smiles, no tears."
"Singin', hey ya!"
"I'm a girl who spells trouble."
"Singin', hey ya!"
"Say S for Sonia!"
"Darling, you're the one for me."
"And I'm the one for you..."
"I'm not the kind of a
girl who says that!"
"I'm a mystery, I'm fearless!"
"I'm truly special, there's
no one like me."
"Singin', hey ya! I'm a
girl who spells trouble."
"Singin' hey ya! Say S for Sonia!"
"Hey ya! I do as I please."
"Singin', hey ya! Say S for Sonia!"
You're grounded for two weeks.
You've got to be joking, mom!
I'm not a kid anymore!
I'll be turning 18 next month.
When you were 18, you were
already married and pregnant.
Don't remind me.
You can't do this to me!
Granny, help!
But mom, it was Christmas eve!
You mean you were
at the church till 3 a.m.?
Nothing doing.
I want you back home before 9.
That's so unfair, mom!
One minute.
Did you take medicine
for pressure? Go and take.
One minute.
C'mon mom! Teesha
is getting engaged this week.
- She'll have to attend that.
- Yes!
And then
new year's eve is round the corner.
This comes only once a year!
And then it's my birthday on the 10th!
That calls for a grand
party without a doubt!
I'll have to go to the night
club to book the DJ, right?
I've never been there during the day!
9 pm. Your deadline
for the next 2 weeks.
Why just two weeks?
I won't go out for the rest of my life!
But on one condition...
I want a birthday gift.
I want my dad.
Call him here, mom. Please!
Vikrant Raina means nothing to us.
That's what you think!
- You've divorced him, not me.
- Sonia!
He's my dad, damn it!
You've kept us apart since 8 years.
But now, I've had enough!
I want to see my dad on my birthday.
Call him. 212-575-5555.
I know his number, and
other details as well.
But I didn't want to contact
him without your permission.
Here, call him.
Why don't you just go live with him?
Celebrate your birthday with him.
Forget me and whatever happened to me.
Here we go again!
This emotional blackmail...
- Sonia, enough!
- Let her speak.
- I want to listen.
- What's the point?
It'll be the same old story again!
He's so cold, arrogant and selfish!
He's much more than that.
And once again, I won't
be permitted to meet him.
So what's the bloody point?
Sonia, wait!
He's my dad and I miss him.
But does anyone care about my feelings?
Or does anyone care about me.
- Sonia!
- It's okay, mom.
Let her go. She'll be back
once she calms down.
Where will she go?
But when will you calm down,
Mallika? It's been 8 years now.
Who are you and what's all this?
What's this bloody place?
This is a kidnapping.
I've kidnapped you.
Yeah sure! Okay now...
Sara! Amrita! Divya!
C'mon out, girls!
Great idea for a surprise party!
Except that it's not my birthday today!
No girls. No birthday.
Just me and this prison.
Okay now... game's up, girls!
Okay, you're forgiven!
Let's celebrate today itself.
How does it matter, right?
Hey you dumbhead!
I've got to go right now!
C'mon, now move it. Open the door!
Or else?
- Or else...
- What will you do?
- I will...
- You can't do anything.
You're trapped.
You may have some tea though.
Want some?
Now open the goddamn door!
Enough! Don't push me.
Try and remember
what happened this morning.
You had gone swimming...
Try to remember.
Do you remember now?
I've kidnapped you.
The sooner you understand that, the better.
Yes Amrita, I'd been to Sara's place too.
I've called everyone but
she's nowhere to be found.
Why is she so angry?
Let me know if she calls.
I tried calling from
my mobile but it's still unavailable.
We must tell the cops...
Sonia, come home at once!
She can't. Not tomorrow, not day after.
Or should we say never?
- Because I've kidnapped her.
- Kidnap?!
- Who's this? Where's Sonia?
- Wrong questions.
The right questions are,
is she alive? Will she ever come home?
That she's fine as of now
is all that should matter to you.
Would you like to speak to her?
Talk to your mom.
- Mom...
- Sonia!
No, please don't hurt her!
Would you like to talk some more?
Take whatever you want but don't hurt her!
I want you to follow
two simple instructions.
One. If you call
the cops, she'll be dead meat.
Second. I want Vikrant Raina
on this phone by noon tomorrow.
Vikrant? Why him?
Look, Talk to me, I'm her mother.
I'll do as you say.
I want him on the phone by noon tomorrow.
- Vikrant lives in America, he can't...
- KABIR: He's in India.
- What?!
- He is in India.
VIKRANT RAINA: 'People say I'm arrogant.'
'Yes, I am and proud of it!'
'But the best part about
me though is that I'm greedy.'
'My day is made
if someone calls me cold-hearted.'
'Whatever else I maybe,
the fact is I'm very successful.'
'If somebody envies my success, great!'
'If they hate me, even better!'
'Vikrant Raina.
President, Raina Incorporated.'
'Net worth, $ 51.7 billion.'
But do you know what really angers me?
When someone takes me for a fool.
Someone has made that mistake... swiping away
$ 20 million from Raina Tech.
Three things can come out of this meeting.
Either the thief should come forward...
...or you bring him to me by tomorrow...
...or no one comes to work from tomorrow.
And that is how it has to be!
What are you doing here?
It must be something important.
Let me guess, another court order?
Do you want
to stop me from coming to India?
No? Then you want a favor, right?
Of course, money!
Tell me, how much
do you want. I'll give you.
I've already given you enough.
Tell me Mallika, what do you want?
Because the only
thing I don't have is time.
- Sonia...
- Sonia?
Sonia has been kidnapped.
- Hello...
- TEESHA: You ditch!
Where the duck have you been?
- What?
- Oh crap! Sorry, aunt. Teesha here.
I want to speak to Sonia. Is Sonia around?
She's not reachable.
She's out of town.
How can she not come for my engagement?
I'll tell her you called.
Bye. Take care.
Mom, did he call?
The line was busy.
Preparing for a funeral?
Vikrant is right here.
Here, talk to him.
Vikrant Raina.
SONIA: Papa?
Papa, you're here!
You've actually come back!
Oh my God!
I can't believe it's really you!
I missed you so much!
I missed you too.
Papa, you're back home
in India and I'm stuck with him!
Don't worry. Now that
I'm here, I'll make things right.
Why did you not meet me for so many years?
But why haven't you seen me for so long?
It was mom and the court's
decision that I don't meet you...
...but I never said no, did I?
Tell her, why have
you returned after so long?
Did you never miss her or had no
one stolen from your company before?
How do you know? Unless you have...
Guilty, your honor!
It was a piece of cake, actually.
All I had to do was press a few
buttons on the computer and voila!
Raina Tech's $ 20 million disappeared...
...and you were
on the next flight to India.
The simpler the plan,
the more brilliant it is, right?
When you've already stolen
a fortune, why kidnap Sonia?
Your cash is still
there in your bank account.
You see, I'm not after money.
I just want revenge...
With a little interest.
Who are you?
Your past... and your future.
You had ruined my life.
Now, it's my turn.
From this day, both you and your
daughter will be at my mercy.
Starting now, you'll do exactly as I say!
Go to hell!
Hell is right here, Raina.
Get out! Get out right now!
Mom, ask him to leave right now!
You arrogant man,
you're going to get my daughter killed!
Out of my house! Now!
You're overreacting as usual.
He'll call back.
Had I not hung up,
he would've had the upper hand...
- What? - ...and there would be
no scope left to negotiate.
Can you hear yourself?
Did you hear your 'favorite' son?
He has my daughter!
He already has the upper hand!
Don't you get it?
I'll lose my daughter because of you!
'Our' daughter. Get that straight.
Listen, I can't explain
but he'll call back.
And that is how it has to be.
Trust me. I know what I'm doing.
The phone will ring,
and it'll ring right now.
YOUNG SONIA: 'Papa! Mom, please stop him!'
'Papa, please don't go.
Mom, Please stop him! Papa, please!
YOUNG SONIA: Papa, please don't go!
Papa... please stop papa. Mama. Please.
- You arrogant man.
- Please stop papa.
YOUNG SONIA: Mama... please stop papa.
I swear, Vikrant.
If anything happens to Sonia...
- I will...
Nails can always grow back,
just remember that.
Listen, Vikrant will do as you say.
What do you want?
Apologize to sister Margaret.
Sister who? I don't get
what you're saying.
At 4:10, a train will
pull out of Panvel station.
Sister Margaret will be on that train.
She'll hand over
a clue once you apologize to her.
That clue will lead you to Sonia.
Is this some kind of a game?
Yes, and there are rules too. My rules.
But if you miss the train, game's over!
Just 40 minutes! It's ridiculous.
I'll never be there. It's rush-hour.
So fly!
- VIKRANT: Raina.
- KABIR: So, where were we?
Yes, I was telling
you the rules of the game.
The rule is that you'll play alone.
The prize, your daughter.
You have to try to save her,
save her from me.
I've left you some clues.
Solve them and take her away.
That's what the game's all about.
Remember, only two players.
You and me.
No police. Understood
or should I go over it again?
My daughter's life is
a bloody game to you?!
Move your car!
I won't spare you.
Pay me for my damages.
Give me the money, right now.
- I want money.
- Haven't I suffered damage?
Hey! Listen!
My car! Hey, stop!
Oh no!
Hail Union Leader!
Hail Union Leader!
SECURITY: Where are you going?
What is he up to?
Are you okay, Mr. Raina?
I know you.
Sister Margaret?
Raina here, give me the clue.
Hurry up, give me the clue!
What are you
talking about? What clue?
I'm sorry! There... I said it.
So, you're the one.
There are better ways to say sorry.
'Mary had a little lamb...'
'...80, 90, you had an upper hand.'
'After 90, you stopped further low.'
'You've sinned, now face the blow.'
'Mary had a little lamb...'
'I did the time, now the crime.'
What rubbish!
Who gave this to you?
I don't know. All he said
was to give it to the man...
...who comes up and apologizes.
Send the car to Pen station now!
Are you sure it was a computer error?
Is $ 20 million intact?
Okay Mehra, keep me in the loop.
Nothing's changed.
And you're still as sarcastic as ever.
Who are these people?
My corporate security.
You've involved others?
Just Irfan. I trust him.
How could you, without asking me?
What for?
Oh no! Not again. Not one of those.
You never felt the need to ask me, did you?
Always had your say in our lives, remember?
Your wife's opinion never mattered.
But you have to ask
everything from Sonia's mom.
Listen! I know that you don't like me.
And you won't approve of my actions.
But that doesn't mean I'm wrong.
Irfan has solved two corporate cases.
He rescued both
the kidnap victims in just four days.
Wrong. Well... almost.
I took 4 days for one and 3 for the other.
I'll bring Sonia back.
That's my guarantee.
Vikrant, your security and
house staff are on leave from today.
Everyone except the cook.
I informed everything to her.
Four of my most experienced men
will act as servants of the house.
That's Balram. Mohan... Is the work done?
Sir, actually...
Don't waste my time.
- We have very less time left.
- Sir.
He's installing the caller ID.
All incoming calls will
flash on the machine.
What if they don't?
We should also tap the phones.
That's already done.
We've spoken to the phone company.
Only you must engage
the kidnapper for at least 3 minutes.
Specialized cameras
have been installed outside.
We'll be ready for him if he pries on us.
They are Avinash and Shyam.
Why do you think he's after you?
God knows. But I've sent
for a list of my enemies.
Good idea. Keep this with you.
This is how you activate it.
Call me if anything. One more thing...
The clip has 8 bullets.
I have more clips.
No guns. Let's save them
for the cops and the criminals.
You may need it for protection.
It'll be too late by then.
No guns.
Love this song!
You hate my dad, don't you?
You really hate him.
I've been obsessed
with this plan for 3 years.
Plan to destroy Vikrant Raina!
But why me? What have I done? Why?
Why not?
You did the cooking.
Let me do the dishes.
No, you'll break them
and I can't afford new ones.
Kill me if I break a single one, okay?
- You like to play games?
- No.
I too like a game. Let's play.
Now I'm looking...
Now, I'm not...
- Now I'm looking...
- Please stop this!
Please stop!
Please stop! Please!
Try again.
So what's she like?
She's very stubborn, just like you.
Then you must be at
dagger ends with her too.
Had we not had that
argument on then maybe...
So your last memory
with her is an argument.
Funny, my last memories are quite similar.
It was all your fault.
You kept me away for
8 years, yet it's my fault?!
You were the reason why we fought.
She wanted you over on her birthday...
And you refused.
What do you expect after
what you did to me?
All I wanted was a divorce.
But you dragged Sonia into it.
Tried to prove in court that
I'm an irresponsible mother.
That I can't look after her.
You tried to say
I was not fit to be a mother...
...and used all your power
and influence to prove the same.
Why? Was it
because your ego was hurt?
No, I was angry.
How can I ever forgive you for
trying to snatch her away from me?
I was hoping that
in the fear of losing her... would reconsider divorce.
I was just trying to stop you from leaving.
IRFAN: Vikrant, wait!
How was your tour of 'Mumbai'?
The name is not all
that has changed about the city.
VIKRANT: I want to speak to Sonia.
No I'm sorry. That's not possible.
Give her the damn phone now!
There's a slight problem,
you see. She's dead.
She's alive.
I didn't like your tone.
KABIR: Now, let's talk business.
Your next clue is on a thousand rupee note.
And do I have
to go to the airport for that?
- Do you own a nice suit, Raina?
- What?!
You're going to an engagement party.
You have to wear a good one.
Your business rival
Mahesh Verma's daughter...
...Teesha is getting engaged tonight.
And you know,
Teesha and Sonia are good friends.
Very clever! You know very well
that Verma will never let me in.
How will I ever find the note?
I'll call in a bit. Wear your
best suit. You're going to a party.
Damn! It couldn't be traced.
I know, He hung up within 3 minutes.
First phone to Mallika...
...then three calls to
you and now one more.
Sometimes he calls from landline,
sometimes from mobile.
Each time, he calls from different numbers.
I'll have to go to
Mahesh Verma's house for the next clue.
He's interested in only two things.
One is to make illicit cash...
...the other to develop security
systems to safeguard the same.
His is not a house, it's Fort Nox.
IRFAN: Gambling King Verma's house is
on the 5th floor of the hotel he owns.
Close circuit cameras
cover every inch of the hotel.
From the central monitor
room in the basement...
...a guard keeps a tight
watch over the building.
He conveys the slightest of
problems to armed guards on the walkie.
You can take the hotel's
lift only till the 4th floor.
Only Verma and his family
members can take it to the 5th floor.
A guard is stationed outside
the house's main entrance.
He checks the house every
two hours in Verma's absence.
The entrance door is armed
with an electronic security lock...
...the password of which is changed daily.
There are cameras everywhere
in the house, except for his study.
No one can enter this
room as this is where he stores...
...all the illicit cash.
That kidnapper has
definitely gambled in his hotel.
And that's how
the thousand rupee note got there.
And this is where you have to reach too.
Do you know where to park?
Come here, I'll show you something.
No thanks.
Well, if you don't want to see your dad...
- Sir!
- Vikrant Raina.
Yes, sir.
Sorry sir, you're not on the guest list.
- VIKRANT: Is it so?
- Yes, sir.
You're making a huge mistake.
If Verma ever finds out,
you all will be fired.
Sorry sir, let me check again.
Check quickly.
What are you doing here, Raina?
I've come to wish Teesha On Sonia's behalf.
I'll pass on the message.
You're not welcome here.
You better leave.
- Security...
- Uncle Vikrant!
What a pleasant surprise! Where's Sonia?
- She couldn't make it...
- Why are you standing here?
- Please come in.
- Come.
Sonia couldn't make it.
But she insisted that I wish you.
Oh my God! That's dad!
Teesha? Oh God!
I forgot it's her engagement today.
Rajiv, this is my best friend Sonia's dad.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you, sir.
This is going to be so much fun!
I'll go get a drink.
Uncle, Sonia was going to dance today.
Since she's not here, I'm going to
drag you to the dance floor.
All right.
How did you do all this?
The only thing that's left
free in a prison is one's mind.
I took full advantage of that freedom.
Became a computer whiz.
Bugged Verma's house with a chip... extract all the camera images
of the house onto my computer screen.
Cool, huh?
You've been to jail?!
That's great!
- Mahesh.
- Yeah...
Meet my friend.
Where's he gone?
To the monitor room,
where there's no camera.
He's stopped the video recording. Smart.
Where's he? Change it.
In the study,
where there's no camera again.
"I'll steal your heart from
right under your nose."
"Don't take me for an angel."
"I am ravishing!"
"I am stunning!"
"Look into my eyes..."
"You'll see a fire raging."
"Don't be afraid."
"Come close to me."
"And then you'll see...
...that there's no one like me."
"I've come to win you over."
"I've come to steal your heart."
"I've seized the moment."
"I'm going to live it to the hilt."
"I'll steal your heart from
right under your nose."
"Don't take me for an angel."
"I am ravishing!"
"I am stunning!"
"Look into my eyes..."
"You'll see a fire raging."
- Hello!
- Mr. Verma...
...someone just broke into your study.
SECURITY: Security! Be aware...
Someone is trying to steal...
- Hurry up.
- SECURITY 2: Yes, sir.
Bring 6th Block Entry
Guard Near the lift... Fast...
"What's life without love?"
"Love is worth dying for."
"Love is all that's real."
"Life's meaningless without love."
"What's life without love?"
"Love is worth dying for."
"Love is all that's real."
"Life's meaningless without love."
"Love is all that we need."
"Love is worship, love is God."
"I am ravishing!"
"I am stunning!"
"Look into my eyes..."
"You'll see a fire raging."
- He is wearing black suit.
- What?
I know your intentions, Raina.
Everyone will be checked!
Security, line them up.
No one should leave the premises.
How dare they rob me in my own hotel!
Especially, this man.
Frisk the black suits first!
There is nothing, sir.
Oh no.
There's a clue written on
one of the notes. Find it!
Ballu, Shyam, do it.
KABIR: Well done, Raina!
What do I do with the rest of the money?
Leave that to me.
Drop it where I tell you to.
I could do with some charity work.
Hey you! How can
a criminal ever get peaceful sleep?
Have you ever
lived a nightmare? I have.
And all of this is just
to erase these nightmares...
Maybe one way of stopping
these nightmares is to sleep forever.
KABIR: 'Eer, Beer and Fateh
lived together by the sea...'
'...while me, I was just an orphan.'
'Now I see them day and night...'
'...but we talk only in my dreams.'
These clues are meaningless.
Mere tactics to divert our attention.
No, they definitely hold some meaning.
He's not my business rival.
It's something personal.
It's a restricted number.
Engage him for as long as you can.
Quite the showman, aren't you?
'After 90, you stooped further low.'
90 denotes the year 1990.
But 1996 onwards, I was in New York.
That means, between 1991 to 95...
Not bad. But it takes you
not even 5 minutes to make an enemy.
How many 5 minutes
are there in 5 years, Raina?
I know who you are.
You're just a thief...
...who decided to be rich
when you saw a rich man like me.
You decided to steal.
But of what use is a petty robbery?
VIKRANT: We both know
that revenge is merely an excuse.
You want to live life king-size.
You want a lifestyle like mine.
It'll all come down to money in the end.
Let's cut this nonsense and
come to the final stage of the game.
How much money do you want?
How many million? Just name it.
I'm ready to lose to you
for the sake of my daughter. Deal?
Money is all that you can ever give, Raina.
You seem so pleased with yourself.
Do you think your
sarcasm really bothers me?
I'm tolerating your nonsense only
because my daughter is with you.
You're a sad case if you
think you've matched up to me.
You'll remain where you are.
You can't reach where I am
by talking to me over the phone.
Or for that matter, by becoming
the richest man in the world...
The fact is, you are
a thief and will remain one.
- Could it be traced?
- It's a landline number, fast!
What do you want?
There's very little water.
So? I need more water to bath.
You've misused water.
I told you, there's limited water.
Take a dip or drown in it, I don't care!
From now on,
I'll do as you say. I promise.
But please try and understand,
I need to have a bath.
Do something, please?
Got the location, let's go.
"O gentle breeze..."
"So soft is your touch
against my skin."
"O gentle breeze..."
"So soft is your touch
against my skin."
"Is anyone watching?"
"It's playing sweet mischief."
"The weather is so awesome..."
"The weather is so awesome..."
"The weather is awesome...'."
"The weather is so awesome..."
"It's spreading magic all around."
"The weather is so awesome..."
"The weather is so awesome..."
"The weather is so awesome..."
"It's spreading magic all around."
"I'm dancing under open skies..."
"How do I thank you enough..."
"...for such sweet delight?"
"I'm losing control..."
"My happiness knows no bounds."
"I've lived this moment..."
"Lived it to its fullest..."
"As I know these moments
will never return."
"The weather is awesome..."
"The weather is awesome..."
"The weather is awesome..."
"It's spreading magic all around."
"The breeze is playing mischief
laughing all along."
"It tickles and blows..."
"Leaves me wanting for some more."
"Who's that looking for me?"
"Why do I feel so coy suddenly?"
"Why am I unable..."
" flirt."
"The body is wet and soaked,
my hearts want..."
"The weather is awesome..."
"The weather is awesome..."
"The weather is awesome..."
"It's spreading magic all around."
"O gentle breeze..."
"So soft is your touch
against my skin."
"Is anyone watching?"
"It's playing sweet mischief."
"The weather is awesome..."
"The weather is awesome..."
"The weather is awesome...'."
"The weather is awesome...'."
"It's spreading magic all around."
"The weather is awesome..."
"The weather is awesome..."
Leave me! Let me go!
Leave me! No!
Get off me! Stop!
Stop! Get off me!
Leave me!
Leave me.
Boys... sorry.
Some consequences are worse than death.
He had tapped the old guy's line.
He'd called from his number.
He's a clever criminal.
Irfan, I want a list of
the police complaints...
...I've lodged in the past 10 years.
Okay. It seems like
he's holding onto an old grudge.
Try and remember who it can be.
I don't know him
or why he's doing all this.
But once we trace him,
I'll give him a good reason to hate me.
I'll bring him down.
Wait, I'll do it.
You need not do a favor on me.
Yesterday, that you could have done... didn't do it.
This is... I've...
This is my house!
Our old holiday home!
You locked me in my own house?!
I remember these steps...
The kitchen was there...
I loved this place!
The last time we were here...
Wedding anniversary.
It was my last holiday with dad.
Your mom got this house as divorce alimony.
We never came here again,
maybe because dad loved this place.
You sealed the windows, the doors...
...closed it from there too.
Very clever of you to keep me here.
Who will look for me in my own house?
What a dump this place has become!
Naturally. It was locked for years.
How do you know so much?
I was here.
- Hello, Mr. Soni!
- Hello!
- Happy anniversary.
- Thank you very much.
- Happy anniversary!
- Thank you.
Kabir, come...
Hey, let's go inside.
Mr. Raina is not to be seen.
He'll be here any minute.
"Give me this one!"
"Check it this one!"
"Give me this one!"
"Check it this one!"
"Say, give me this one!"
"My eyes first met to a girl."
"I said, yes baby!"
"The girl asked will you marry me."
"I said, yes baby!"
"My eyes first met to a girl."
"I said, yes baby!"
"The girl asked will you marry me."
"I said, yes baby!"
"Come Sunday, we got engaged."
"Monday, we tied the knot."
"She said, will you
love me forever?"
"I said, yes baby!"
"My eyes first met to a girl."
"I said, yes baby!"
"The girl asked will you marry me."
"I said, yes baby!"
"Oh no!"
"Now whatever in the world
is the man to do?"
"When you see a lovely
girl like the one I see in you."
- "We were very happy!"
- "Really?"
- "And then came Tuesday!"
- "Really?"
- "I returned home tired...
- "Really?" see her sulking on the terrace."
- "I went up to her and asked..."
- "Really?"
- "Darling, am I the reason you're upset?"
- "Really?"
- "Little did I know I was in a mess."
- "Really?"
"I'd forgotten her birthday,
oh goodness!"
"Come Wednesday I said,
sorry dear wife."
"Unmoved she said, sorry
won't suffice."
"Made me promise the
moon and the sky."
"And all I could say, yes baby!"
"My eyes first met to a girl."
"I said, yes baby!"
"The girl asked will you marry me."
"I said, yes baby!"
"Oh no!"
"You got me baby, down
to the knees baby."
"I'm a label stuck on you."
"You got me baby, down
to the knees, baby."
"I'm a label stuck on you."
- "Be it a Saturday or a Sunday..."
- "Really?"
- "She nagged me all night, all day."
- "Really?"
- "Forever at her beck and call..."
- "Really?"
"I became a slave to just
another pretty face."
- "It's been years now...
- "Really?"
- ...since I've lost my peace of mind."
- "Really?"
- "She's made my life hell."
- "Really?"
"But I bare it all with
a smiling face."
"It's a free country, they say."
"But at home, the wives
have their way."
"Don't you all agree with me?"
-"Those who are married regret big time."
-"We were kings then now meek as mice."
-"Life stretches long like a chewing gum."
- "No one can be happy with just one."
- "Really?"
"Listen to me or you'll regret."
"Never ever marry, it'll
be the end of your life."
"Never ever marry, it'll
be the end of your life."
"It'll be the end of your life."
"It'll be the end of your life."
"It'll be the end of your life."
"It'll be the end of your life.
It'll be the end of your life."
Raghu, be quick, buddy.
Will you allow me to tie?
Oh no!
Come out!
I've told you so many times not to drive.
Sister, you've always said that...
...we're not as privileged
as the other kids.
And so we have
to learn things twice as fast.
The car was parked in a wrong place.
Why don't you ask Joseph to do it?
He's celebrating his birthday. Look!
He has no time to park cars.
Oh my God. Jesus!
How did it happen?
Don't worry. We'll take you
to a hospital immediately.
The hospital is an hour away.
And our van broke down as well.
Kabir! Please do something.
Please help me.
Kabir, please help me.
Yes, don't worry, we will...
Hey, what are you doing?
This is my dad's car.
Oh no! Where did you come from?
I'm taking this car. Please get out.
No, this is my dad's car. Dad!
I need your car.
I'll return it in no time.
No, this is my dad's car!
Sit if you want to.
I'm driving anyway.
- Hey, stop the car!
- Papa...
- Hey, stop the car!
- Papa...
Kabir, stop! Stop!
Stop it, I say!
Stop it, I said!
- Leave me.
- I said, stop it!
- I said, turn it! Go back.
- Leave me.
Vikrant, she's very serious.
She's suffered multiple injuries.
She is bleeding internally.
We're helpless for the next 24 hours.
He was saying that Sonia may not...
Excuse me, sir.
We've done the investigation.
The boy is speaking the truth.
His friend has hurt himself.
He's in the hospital right now.
His leg has been seriously
damaged because of the delay.
He didn't have any intentions
to kidnap your daughter.
But for stealing your car...
It's his first offence.
Maybe if the judge considers that...
Stop. Come here.
Look at her.
That's my daughter, Sonia.
The doctors say that only if she
makes it through the next 24 hours...
...can they even think of saving her
life. But her chances are grim.
This boy is responsible for her condition.
But sir...
Shut up! And listen
to what I'm saying.
Had she been your daughter, you
would've never taken his side.
But the truth is...
The truth is that he kidnapped
my daughter in my own car!
The truth is that my daughter may die.
My daughter means the world to me.
Look into his eyes, inspector.
They're full of deceit.
He's a kidnapper, on his way
to commit graver crimes.
I'll make sure he's never bailed out.
My lawyers will watch like hawks
if anyone tries to take his side.
He deserves to be put behind bars.
He has committed a crime
and he is a criminal.
Vikrant Raina pronounced me guilty
and that was the final verdict.
Because of your father's complaint...
...Sister Margaret was fired
from the orphanage.
Our lives were ruined.
And I spent seven years in prison.
- But...
- Were you ever asked...
...what actually happened that day?
I thought so. Who cares
about the truth?
I was very serious.
Dad's anger is justified.
But I can tell them the truth now.
Who cares what the truth is?
A poor man's mistake means the
end of the road for him.
He's thrown into prison
and expected to change.
But that change never comes about.
Instead, pain, frustration and rage...
...are all churned together
inside you... leave a kind of
emptiness within...
...that is fuelled by rage.
You've been through a lot.
But aren't you overdoing
the punishment bit?
What do you say to this?
What do you say to this?
My punishment for eating
before an older inmate.
This... with the knife...
I was only 14 then.
My sentence got extended.
So, wasn't that punishment overdone?
Here's another. I helped
a deaf mute. My reward?
Prize... overtime in jail...
These are very special! Bought
me two more years in prison.
I owe them to a drunk jailer.
He lied that I was trying to escape.
And you talk about me overdoing it?
Stop it! Stop it, please!
You can't even bare to look
at them. I've borne them!
And all I ever wanted was to save a friend.
And now, your dad has to save you.
Let's see how far he can go.
Let's just wait and watch.
Sir, there's an e-mail regarding
the police complaints.
Mr. Raina had lodged three
complaints against individuals.
One... Rajan Chaudhary in Mumbai,
1992. Aged 35.
No, he's too old.
This kidnapper is young.
Another, Kabir Devendra Sharma,
an orphan from Alibaug. Aged 14.
And the third, Hiren Mehta...
...aged 30 years.
A stock broker from Mumbai 1995.
- What was that name again?
- Hiren Mehta?
The one before that.
- Kabir Sharma, an orphan from Alibaug.
- Kabir!
'Ran away from Mumbai...'
' orphan...'
'...breaking the door...'
'...breaking the shackles...'
'...eighty... ninety...'
'...Sister Margaret...'
That's it! That's it!
Do you remember the day of the
party when Sonia was abducted?
And he stole the car too?
- You mean the accident?
- Yes.
Of course, I remember.
It's him. I'm sure Kabir
is the kidnapper.
- All details on Kabir Sharma! Quick!
- Yes, sir!
Are you sure? He was just a kid.
Yes, all these clues point towards him.
It all adds up.
Kabir Sharma!
Vikrant, phone.
Vikrant, that must be him.
- Stop!
- What?
- Nobody should answer.
- But...
Just don't pick up the phone.
- What are you saying?
- Don't pick up the phone!
For how long?
I don't know.
I just don't know, Mallika.
All I know is that if we
don't take his call...
...he'll be forced to do something
he has not planned before.
That is the extension
number of Sonia's room.
Oh no!
Nothing's going right.
Then you'll make it right,
Vikrant. I trust you.
So does Mallika.
Mallika and I... how
did it all go wrong?
Some things in life need to be said.
You've always loved her. Only...
She's never heard you say it.
Go and tell her that you love her.
And that you need her. That's all
she has ever wanted to hear.
Where is Mallika?
Where she always goes when she's upset.
The temple?
Take my wallet. But there's
no cash in it.
Do you ever think beyond money?
Give me the wallet.
Soni, are you alright?
Those scars... how dare he hurt you!
You've become so...
I saw your photos.
Yet I can't believe my eyes!
You're so grown-up.
I'm looking good?
What? I don't understand.
Mom? You mean, how's mom?
She's tense. She misses you a lot.
You miss her too?
I'll tell her that.
No, you tell her that, after
all this is over...
- I'll get you out of this, I promise.
I didn't miss, Raina. I was
aiming for the fruits.
Raina, But if I fire 100 rounds...'s possible that
I miss the mark...
...and a stray bullet hits Sonia.
It may strike her face...
Or her neck?
Let's see...
No! Stop it! Don't do it!
Why not?
After what happened today,
why the hell not?
Listen, keep Sonia out of this.
This is between you and me.
And I'm right here!
Shoot me instead.
I told you! Only two players.
You and me.
I told you the rules.
No more, I promise.
From now on, I'll do as you say.
I find that very hard to believe.
I'm seeing my daughter after eight years.
I will do anything to see her again.
I know. That's precisely why
I've brought you here.
Now listen to me carefully,
get rid of your security man.
I'll do that, I promise. Irfan
won't work on the case anymore.
Now let's get back to the game.
This is your phone.
Your instructions for the
next clue are on this.
What happened, Vikrant?
I followed your signal
and found this wallet.
-Did Kabir...
-Irfan! You need to get off this case.
What? But why?
Kabir made him meet Sonia today.
That means he learned about
the tracking device.
I'll sort him out.
No, you won't. He knows about you
Operations and everything.
He wants you off.
That's his new demand.
That's because he knows he doesn't
stand a chance against me.
Why don't you understand?
You need me.
He's outsmarted me twice but
I won't let him win so easily.
This is not about winning!
This is about Sonia.
Don't make it a personal matter.
Okay, fine. I can't do much if you've
already made up your mind.
But you're making a big mistake.
My team will remain here.
Just for your safety. Take care.
...You all stay put.
And keep me in the loop.
What is this?
To get my next clue, I'll have to
spring a prisoner from Devapur jail.
- SECURITY: Tell me, madam.
- MALLIKA: I'm a human rights activist.
I need to meet the jail
superintendent immediately.
Please sit. What's the matter?
There are complaints...
...about extreme abuse by prison
authorities to inmates.
Now, you're going to tell
us how to do our jobs?
Here... here...
Where are you going?
I'm here for an inspection.
I need to talk to the prisoners.
At this hour?
It's a surprise check.
What happened? Shinde!
Hurry up!
- Shinde!
- Yes, sir.
What happened?
This is my chance!
- Take a roll call of the prisoners.
- Yes, sir.
Slowly Slowly...
This is my chance!
Hurry up.
It's opened!
What are you doing?
No chance!
It's there!
- I have written permission.
- Please come tomorrow morning.
Please go now.
I was told you would help me escape.
But you've gone and locked yourself in!
Now, no chance!
We will escape.
Right. Do you even have a plan?
Do you see that white van?
We're going in that.
Who will drive the van?
That beautiful lady?
She's my wife.
She's walking towards the van.
She's turned the ignition on...
...and off she goes!
Now, no chance!
- Is the roll call over?
- Yes.
Wow! You swapped the lock earlier.
There's still a chance...
You are thinking, right?
I hope you're thinking
about your next move.
Once it is morning, we'll have
no chance of escape!
- Is that the kitchen?
- Yes.
Shinde... come fast... come
fast... all of you...
Hello... I am calling from Devapur jail.
A fire has broken out here.
Hey, bring the water.
Come fast!
Where's my daughter?
Tell me. I'll give you
anything you want.
I don't know. And even if I did,
I would never tell you. No chance!
I was the kid Kabir was trying
to save when he stole your car.
So that was you?
Yes. In my guilt, I tried to spring
him from prison and was jailed.
You have everything in this world.
But do have a single friend
who can go to jail for you?
Do you have?
My daughter is all I have. I just
want my daughter. That's all.
Maybe this will help.
'Twinkle twinkle little star...'
'Heaven's near, so why fear?'
'Twinkle twinkle little star...'
'Fear, as the devil
too dwells here.'
Come on. You have to
drop me on the highway.
Thanks for rescuing me.
Limping all the way home?
Couldn't you have come sooner?
KABIR: Raghu, wait right here.
A bus leaves for Indore
in three hours from now.
Get on that bus and disappear.
Don't come back.
Even if you hear something about me.
Don't talk rubbish!
What will happen to you?
I'm going to hell...
- await your arrival.
- No chance!
Kabir, let it go. Let her go.
You go.
You should leave.
How much, sir?
Fill up the tank.
Your game is up.
Now you're a dead man.
Don't move.
Or I'll burn you.
Vikrant, I'd almost caught him...
Shut up! I was following him
for the past two hours.
I'd have easily found Sonia
had it not been for you.
I'd told you earlier,
don't make it personal.
Just stay away, Irfan!
Stay away.
Eer and Beer live together at the sea.
After 90, you stooped further low.
Heaven's near.
The Devil too dwells here.
After 90 means 1995...
There's a sea near Alibaug...
He's an orphan...
Sonia is with him
in 'Swarg', our holiday home!
Swarg, Mallika...
He has kept Sonia in our own house!
On no!
- Shit!
- No shit! I'm still here.
Surprised? If I would have escaped,
you would've bled to death.
That's the difference between you and me.
These won't help.
Shut up! Now listen carefully...
Pick up the receiver.
Call my dad.
Ask him to come here and take me home.
This is how I want it to end.
No, it's not over.
Yes, it is. Forget everything.
We too will forget everything.
No police, no complaints. Nothing.
Now, you'll do the right thing.
Call my dad right now!
Sonia is around somewhere.
I can feel it.
Quiet! I won't shoot you,
I'll shoot him.
I'm sorry.
Where's Sonia?
She's alive and so am I.
You tried your best to kill me.
I released Irfan as per your demands.
Trust me, I'm not involved.
Listen, we've solved the clues and
found the location. Fair and square.
Now, return our daughter to us.
KABIR: It's not so simple, Raina.
I'll decide what's fair and what's not.
You'll have to do one
last thing to save her.
What's that?
Everybody having a good time?
Great to hear you scream.
Dance to the beat. And there
is no stopping the beat tonight.
Welcome to the rave!
A world far from reality.
Everyone's alive in this place,
but are they really?
Time ceases to exist once
you step into this place.
You're going to live this world tonight.
A world caught between light
and darkness, my world.
Turn right.
There are two bars.
Go to the one on the far end.
What beat will you groove to?
Reached. Now what?
What do you do at a bar?
Order a drink!
- Excuse me.
- Yes?
- A glass of water please.
- Sure.
KABIR: You forgot the ice.
Thanks! No ice for me.
Take some ice and take it yourself.
I've left you
a New year's gift in the ice-box.
Excuse me? Do you need
something, dude?
- No, thanks buddy.
- Cheers!
Why are you making me kill someone?
Who's he and what's my connection with him?
That's not important. Keep moving.
There's definitely a connection...
...considering all
that you've made me do so far.
First, It was sister Margaret.
She was your matron who got fired...
...from the orphanage after
you were jailed.
Then you made me steal and donated
that money to the same orphanage.
Well researched.
Then you made me spring Raghu from prison.
And you took the credit!
- Stop!
- What?
Your target's here. Turn left.
Do you see a man in blue paint?
- Yes...
- Look to his left.
There's a man in a butterfly jacket.
He has a ponytail. He's it.
I see him. Stay behind him.
By the way, you're right.
There is a connection.
He knows you, be careful.
Make sure he doesn't see you.
Who is he?
The last character of this story.
The story will end with him.
You must shoot him at exactly 12 midnight.
Not even one minute later than 12!
Go and stand in the middle of
the dance floor...
...never removing your gaze from him.
The countdown is just about to begin.
Remove your gun.
A bullet from your gun will set Sonia free.
The countdown has begun, Raina.
21, 20, 19, 18, 17...
- I can't.
- You can. You have to.
I can't! I can't!
He's not worth it Raina.
You have to kill him!
Choose. Him or your daughter?
She is your daughter, Raina!
This man or Sonia!
Come on, Raina! Just pull the trigger.
Choose. Sonia alive or Sonia dead?
Sonia alive or Sonia dead?
Sonia dead!
Sonia dead!
Happy New Year!
This one's a wild night,
people. A night to remember.
KABIR: Sorry.
"I'm sorry."
Asking for forgiveness, are you?
Forgiveness for committing a murder?
Or for killing the one person
who could've led you to Sonia?
Years ago, a kid too wanted
to say 'sorry' to you at the hospital.
"I'm sorry."
But you never gave him that chance.
And ever since,
his heart was filled with hatred.
No forgiveness.
Once there was a boy, who
took off in a car without permission.
He was accused of kidnapping...
...and was labelled a criminal.
Today, there's a man who has
caused accidents, destroyed property...
...robbed people helped
a prisoner escape and finally...
- He has committed a murder.
- What does that make you...
...if stealing a car
made me a criminal?
He was helpless. He was
only trying to save my daughter's life.
The boy too was trying to save his friend.
If I was thrown into jail for that...
What punishment do you deserve?
There can be no greater punishment than...
...what I've gone
through in the past seven days.
The thought of killing
an innocent person...
Or knowing that I may never
see my daughter again...
Does anything get worse than that?
To see tears in my wife's eyes,
each time I turn to look at her... there a greater
punishment than that?
My wealth and power are of no use.
But now, I understand
what you've gone through.
You were innocent. I was wrong.
Your hatred is justified.
It is justified when
it's towards me, not towards Sonia.
I don't hate you, Mr. Raina.
Not anymore.
You've shot dead that boy.
Standing before
you is a man freed from his past.
The man who sent you to prison...
He too no longer exists.
Please forgive me for what I did to you.
We can't change the past...
...but we can definitely change
the present and the future.
Soni! Soni! Soni! Soni!
- Soni!
- Papa! Papa! Papa!
Papa! Papa! Papa!
- Papa is here. I've missed you.
- Papa.
What do you think, Soni?
Who's better?
- Well...
- Hey, that's not fair!
Soni! Tell me, who's better?
Come on!
Both of you were mind-blowing!
Actually, you're the coolest couple
and the world's best parents!
I'm really... I...
Sorry, I'll be back. Excuse me.
Don't worry.
Hey you!
I'm working with a software
company. Security systems.
That's good. Actually, it's quite cool.
I wanted to say sorry for what I did.
You didn't deserve it.
So, I'm sorry.
It's because of you,
my parents are together.
So, I guess we're quits.
Okay. Bye. I'll leave.
I wish you all the very best in life.
I wish you deserve all the happiness.
Thank you, Sonia. Have a good life.
Just one thing. Stay close to the
shore the next time you go swimming.
- So how many boy friends do you have?
- Let me guess.
- No! Dad, don't listen to mom.
- Let me tell him.
"Get evaded..."
"Get evaded... this earth."
"The sky stand still."
"Get evaded... this earth..."
" becomes the sky... this land..."
"Listen to it, this is my tale..."
"Get evaded..."
"Separated me from happiness...
...gave me tears..."
"Every wound of mine has
given tears in my eyes."
"There's sorrow
all around all the time."
"My dreams are shattered
in my eyes."
"Get evaded... this earth."
"The sky stand still."
"I treaded your golden path...
...becoming your shadow with thorns."
"In the darkness of sorrows,
my dreams shattered."
"My dreams are behind the bars."
"Get evaded... this land..."
"The sky stand still."
"Listen to it...
...this is my tale..."
"Get evaded..."