Kidnap Capital (2016) Movie Script

-Yes. There's seven more.
There's a couple of girls.
I need two cups of blue.
- Manolo!
- -That's it.
- Manolo!
Keep your fucking hoods on!
Take your clothes off!
Turn the fuck around!
You find a shoulder,
and you walk. Walk!
If you can pay,
you can leave.
Two thousand,
eight hundred dollars.
That's what it costs you
to leave.
I paid the coyote,
the guy that brought us
to the Van in the desert.
- I paid him in nuevo laredo.
- -Oh.
See, that was your crossing fee.
For him to get you here,
to the u-s-of-a.
And here you are.
Nothing is free here.
Two thousand,
eight hundred dollars,
and the longer you stay,
the more you have to pay!
Nothing is free here.
And just one more thing:
Fuck with me.
I could kill you
and dump your body
out into the street.
And no one would
even know who you were,
or who they could call to ask.
Welcome to America.
Come on!
-No, no, no...
-It's okay.
--Alright then.
Easy. There you go.
No, no, no...
It's okay. Shh.
-I'm pregnant.
We've been working
real fucking hard.
What did you come down here for?
Get the fuck outta here.
How sweet...
How the wheels roll around!
Congratulations, guys!
It's gonna be
a great opportunity
for anybody
who wants to buy your house.
How are you? Thanks for coming.
These are the owners.
We're gonna look at the house.
You'll love it. It's fabulous.
Come on this way.
You like it?
There you go.
This is who you get.
The boss says, no more
blue juice for the ladies...
Unless they don't comply.
Blue juice, huh?
You must've made
one hell of an impression...
You displease Kay, here,
and I'll have to re-assess
our boundaries.
When the food's cooked,
you'll bring it to them.
You sleep?
Did you hear anything
about where they keep the women?
Feels like it's gonna
dry up on you, doesn't it?
You think you're gonna find
an exit sign we didn't see,
- or something?
Let's go! Follow me!
Elena! Elena!
That was her.
I saw her hands.
She's in the house.
Your wife is here?
I have a wife too.
She hasn't heard from me
in three weeks, now.
He was traveling with her...
We're from two towns
really close together...
Just north of antig--
there was a lot of us in Mexico.
Look, we don't have time
for this.
No time for what, compadre?
Where are you goin'?
There's nothing
you can do right now.
Eat that bread.
Might be all the food
you get today.
That's what my brother told me.
There'd be these restaurants
here called buffets.
He's been here
the longest.
I can't get much out of him.
Can't get much out
of anybody, really.
The first day I got here,
there was this one guy,
he was a bit of a talker.
There was an argument in here,
The thugs came in fast,
roughed up a couple of guys,
then they took him out.
We never saw him again.
I don't have money
to give these people.
I think...
If you cry now...
You won't have enough for when
they drag you to the basement.
What's in the basement?
In this house,
nobody fucks around, you got it?
Come on.
Can you pay?
Seor, my wife was here.
Is she okay?
Yes, your wife is here.
And you're gonna have
to pay for her too.
She's okay?
Seor, we don't have your money!
We spent most of our money
before we got to nuevo Leon.
The rest of it was stolen when
we were riding on the trains.
Maybe you can
borrow it from someone.
A cousin, aunt, uncle, brother.
Seor, why us?
You know who we are.
We were just trying
to take a ride into the town.
You don't choose
the fish that bites.
I have a boss,
who owns this house.
And he wants his rent.
He's a real asshole.
You live in this house, you pay.
-I don't wanna live here!
-Why don't you try and leave?
We make arrangements.
Hi, sweetheart!
Daddy's sweetie pie.
Hi, sweetie pie.
What the hell
is she doing in there?
She's cleaning. Whatever.
I don't want her
anywhere near Taylor,
you understand?
If you put a shirt on her
it makes her more likely
to think about leaving.
It's for me.
Kay, I don't wanna have to go
over this again and again.
I owe silo
a lot of fucking money.
We have to be really careful,
especially with his cousin
in the house.
He was rubbing up on her...
You know?
They've gotta be
after something else.
He's gotta realize who we are.
He knows.
It is what it's about.
Who we are.
We're nobody.
I don't have 3000 dollars!
Nobody here does.
That one guy did, today.
He didn't come back, did he?
Or maybe he didn't pay...
These guys...
They need bodies
to keep business going.
New whores to pimp out.
Drug mules, maybe.
Or they might have
dangerous deliveries,
all kinds of shit
to beat us into doing...
How do you know all this stuff?
Tonight. Yes.
Give him a rag.
Get the Van ready,
but don't leave
until the money is cleared,
in pocket.
Smokey is waiting
at the money union.
There's only 1200.
That's all we're gonna get
from him.
I'm on it.
-Amigo! Don't make that face.
I'm sorry you saw that.
He was just one of those guys
who didn't believe me
when I said I was serious.
He could've believed me
from the start!
And then that guy
that he called...
He just needed
a little convincing, right?
Go on, sit.
Ah, come on!
You don't need to be nervous,
Alright? It doesn't
have to go like that.
This is just...
A business transaction, right?
You just need to understand...
That I am serious.
What are you doing?
Did they touch you?
Did they touch you?
They drugged us...
I was numb all over...
Manolito, what if it
did something to the baby?
- What are you doing?
- -No!
-- Manolo!
They're raping Elena, out there!
-Hey! Don't be stupid, chapin!
I can help you. I'm a--
Are you fucking crazy?
- They will kill you!
What good will you be
to your wife then?
I'm here on behalf
of Laurel barbel.
She's running to represent
your council district
in the upcoming election.
Let me tell you
what Laurel stands for.
Laurel's on record as being
an advocate of both
the protect Arizona now and the
support your law enforcement
and safe neighborhood acts.
So... I see you got a child.
One of the things
Laurel loves is family.
She loves fighting
on behalf of family units.
I won't take up
any more of your time.
I'll just leave some literature
in your box.
Thank you.
Can I ask...
Who did you vote for,
in the last election?
We're new to the neighborhood,
so we weren't actually here
during the last voting.
Oh, I see!
I won't bother you anymore...
So I can count on your vote?
Yeah, definitely.
-Okay, thanks.
Today, instead of food,
you get to look at this.
Tomorrow we want answers.
Cash or phone calls.
Okay, okay, okay...
Up, up, up.
We're gonna die in this room.
My wife.
Elena didn't wanna come.
I promised her
that we would be okay.
She's pregnant,
and she's gonna die here,
because of me.
We're gonna die here.
No one's gonna die.
I can get the cops here,
bust us all out.
I write for the Arizona current.
Whatever it is you're brewin',
no one here is drinkin', cerote!
He's gonna get us
all out of here.
You're a journalist, right?
Who the fuck are you?
I'm a journalist.
And he's gonna
bring the police.
It's not what you think.
I'm three months into
going undercover in Mexico,
to buy a cross from a coyote
who's involved in
a human smuggling ring.
What does that mean?
It means, if they let me
make a phone call,
there's someone
waiting to trace it,
and put these guys' faces on
every front page in the country.
You've been here for four days
while I'm being roughed up
and you haven't told anyone?
I wanted to expose more people,
bigger people.
It's over.
They bust the house,
we all walk out free.
We lock the bad guys up!
They'll knock those putos
over the head,
but while this guy goes back to
his nice little house downtown
and washes this costume off,
you and me, we're gonna be
in a real fucking prison,
waiting, until they send us back
to where we all came from.
But you'll be alive!
Will I?
You may not be able to relate
to that, journalist,
but there's a reason
we left our homes.
I go back to tegucigalpa, papa,
and they're gonna
chop my head off.
There's a contract
on my head there.
There's a contract
on your head here.
Did you hear what he said?
He can get us out of here!
It's not all about you!
Don't talk to me
about what I want!
You wanna stop the love session
going on with your girl,
that's what you want!
But it ain't about you either,
Rafa's brother trying to wire
money from San Salvador, right?
And your sister is working
on rounding up some cash, no?
My cousin's driving money over
from Kansas City.
He'll be in Phoenix in two days.
You wanna get sent back?
Speak up!
Thanks for the noble crusade,
for the rights of the poor
But we don't want a crusade.
We don't want new laws.
We don't wanna be in the papers.
We want a life.
I'm walking out of here
in two days, papa.
I'm never going back to tegus.
You keep your mouth shut.
When is the police coming?
You wanna get sent back?
I don't like it here.
I don't like it here either,
They put a phone in my hand,
I'm splitting this house
wide open.
Six months ago...
I got a call
from my cousin from Mexico.
Says he's in trouble.
Says he needs money.
It was weird.
I hadn't seen him
or talked to him
since we were, like, eight.
I hung up.
Two days later,
they call me again...
I don't know
what they were doing to him,
but the screams were...
They had me.
I would've paid anything!
The line cut,
and they didn't have enough time
to ask for anything.
You know what's gonna happen
to me if someone talks, yeah?
Come on!
What's a guy like you doing,
trying to get into America?
I mean, did you have a job?
I used to deliver booze bags
mama made at the house.
So, your mama made you
the bag bitch,
so everyone would think
you had a job. Cute.
- It was a job.
- -Mm.
It was a job?
So where's all your money?
Where's all your money?
-Why did you have to leave?
Come on!
What would possess
a guy like you
to make that journey?
My mama thought I could
send some money back,
so we could...
Mama sent you.
Mama sent you.
What did they say back home?
"This guy is going to El norte?"
"This guy?"
How the fuck did you
even make it here?
I can't call home!
If I call,
everything was for nothing.
The train.
The desert. That room!
If I call,
it would be like if I failed.
You know what I'm gonna do,
for you?
I'm gonna call your mama myself.
And I'm gonna tell her
that you're dead,
and that you failed,
right to the end.
Alright, we gotta start
clearing this room!
Now, some of you have got leads
that we need to finalize.
Who wants to go first?
We got an address
for your cousin.
What's happening?
They're onto him!
Let's go.
Did something happen?
So you think...
San Diego's gonna come
through for you?
Yeah. I... I think...
Did you change your mind?
About what?
Let's make a phone call.
Here! Let's call.
Let's go in the other room.
Why don't you write about this?
That's one down!
Silo's gonna love that.
You're the one
who picks up the pollos!
Maybe I should let you
tell your cousin
how you picked up a fucking
reporter from the current,
and nearly put us all
on the front page!
You wrap that shit up!
Shh, shh, shh, shh...
You stay off of me, cerote!
We left for a reason too.
I didn't want my baby
growing up in a place
where she had to be scared
all the time.
We left
because of bastards like you.
I'll work...
I'll do whatever.
My wife.
You have to promise
that she's gonna be okay.
You'll work.
Why didn't I think of that?
Of course!
You'll work!
You can trim my hedge!
Or mow my lawn,
or wash my car...
How about you wipe my ass
after I take a shit?
That's what I need.
Not your fucking work!
Maybe I should just shoot you,
and put your wife to work!
She can make me some money.
Let's go ask elenita.
- I don't have anything!
What do you want me to do?
Did they do this to...
You got two choices,
you motherfucker!
You either pay, or you end up
wrapped in plastic,
with mister newspaperman.
- Huh?
- -Wyler!
You cashing me out this Sunday?
Yeah, no, I know
i said by the weekend, but...
You're losing pollos out there!
You know how this happens!
Some of these guys
have just been here two days!
You take the backend,
how I handle the middle
is up to me.
There has to be a backend,
that's the point!
We got 22 more coming, who will
be dropped at your house.
You take them to chino's,
or some other house!
Stall them in the fucking desert
for all I care!
Don't tell me
where to drop them!
-You're cashing me out,
and they're getting dropped
at your house!
You told him
about the fucking reporter.
What I tell silo or
don't is none of your business.
Everything that happens
in this house
is my fucking business!
Silo knows.
Silo knows what i
fucking put in his pocket.
He ain't happy with what you
been putting there lately.
Or how.
He needs someone
to do what needs to be done
to get these pesos
from these pollos,
not someone
with a nice button-up shirt,
that sides with
the spick bitches...
They could be fucking niggers
for all I care.
You don't pay up
when he shows up,
the niggers are takin' over.
Oh, hey! There you are!
I've been looking for ya.
They're just saying that
they're having a barbecue...
Next Friday?
Friday evening.
They were saying we should
come over.
- Be great to see you!
That's long overdue!
- Great!
- Alright! Here.
- -Friday, right?
Yeah, Friday evening.
- How's it going?
- -Good.
Good to see you, then.
What the fuck
are you doing over there?
What the fuck
were you doing over there?
Their dog came over, wyler!
I thought it was better
than them coming over!
You said we had to act normal,
--I wanna be normal, wyler!
What are we doing?
Look what's in our house!
-Kay, don't start...
-Good morning!
Would you listen to me?
You told me this was it.
That's enough!
Look, I have no choice.
I have to take every miserable
fucker out of that room,
one by one, and squeeze...
And if there's no juice,
then I have to cross 'em out!
I don't wanna be here for that.
I'm taking Taylor.
The number you have reached
is not in service,
-please check the number and--
I swear to fucking god, you dial
that number one more time...
Good morning.
I don't think so.
You see...
Nobody showed this morning.
What the fuck?
I don't know,
you talked to them yourself!
I don't know. What happened?
You fucking tell me
what happened!
Listen! Let me call them,
there's gotta be
some type of a problem,
like a setback.
A fucking setback!
Good idea. Let's call. Hm?
- Hello.
- Luis!
What the fuck, man?
No, it's not like that!
You don't...
You don't fucking get
where they got me, you asshole!
You say you gonna be there
at some time, you get there!
I couldn't get the money...
This is not the dentist!
- Listen to him, Luis!
- -Listen to me!
Just fucking listen!
You were not there!
- Do what they say!
- -I don't give a fuck!
I do not care
how fucking sorry...
Listen to me!
Then listen
to your fucking cousin!
i fucking need your help!
You fucking do what they--
Good... now...
- Same place.
- - Okay.
Your last plan
didn't work out so good.
They're not fucking around,
we gotta...
It doesn't look like your plan
worked out so good, either.
Get me up there! Maybe we can
leave from the roof.
Maybe we can
climb over the walls.
And I can go get the women...
What if they come in?
What happens when there's
no more fingers to break?
Get up there.
It's working.
- Shh, shh.
Take this.
Just a little bit more!
That's it!
That's it.
There's nothing.
It's just an attic,
it's all closed in!
-It doesn't go anywhere.
-Are you sure?
There's nothing. There's no way!
Shh! Shh!
Let's go, man!
Your cousin's waiting!
The fuck, you wanna stay?
Today's the day!
You wanna leave, right?
You're not
fucking acting like it!
Get down.
Get down from there!
Come on, come down!
Hold this.
I found something.
- Hey, get down!
Maria, where is Elena?
Where is Elena?
Shut your face!
Where is Elena, Maria? Seora!
Where is Elena?
It's coming off!
Make sure it doesn't fall!
Grab it in the middle.
Wait, wait, wait.
-I can't leave Elena here.
-In the middle.
-We can't leave without Elena!
-Wait. Wait, fuck!
It's too small.
We're never gonna fit there!
We gotta break it.
They're gonna hear us.
Take too long for us
to sneak out!
- Back off!
- -Wait!
They're gonna hear us!
They're gonna hear us.
And then what?
We need a diversion.
We need to make a big noise
somewhere else
to cover the sound
of the window breaking.
I can't leave Elena here,
There's a mirror
in the bathroom.
Out in the hall.
He's right. There's a mirror,
in this bathroom.
If we break it, it'll cover the
sound of the window breaking.
I'll break it.
He's right.
I was in there before.
I know. I saw you with the black
fucker before they killed paolo.
We'll break the window in here,
and you'll give us up!
'Cause they put me
on a hit to kill a guy.
I couldn't do that.
So I fled.
I would've killed back home,
there would've been
no reason to flee.
The reporter wasn't me.
I get them to put me
in that bathroom,
we need to sync.
I'll flush the toilet so you
can hear it through the wall,
we count to five,
and I smash that mirror
while you break the window
in here.
On the beat after five.
Flush. And five.
They're gonna kill you.
They'll rough me up.
I got it coming,
and I seen worse.
You wait for me.
Good news!
Finally, somebody listened.
The wire came through
from his cousin.
Just like that,
he will never see us again.
Okay, pollos!
The hourglass has been tipped.
It's check-out time!
Come here.
Your little offer
got interrupted last time.
It's time we continue it.
Oh, tegus...
Your fuck-head cousin called.
He's on his way.
But he says
he's only got half the cash.
What can I say?
Does no one there hear about
what happens to wetbacks here?
Fucking seor?
There needs to be new blood!
You should've paid up long ago!
- Silo needs to see how the--
What, you think this
is how it's done?
I was gonna get him
to call someone,
get this shit over with!
So, did he call someone?
You fuckers got mixed up with
the wrong coyote, this week!
-We could break it.
-They'll hear us if we break it!
Back off, cerotes! Back off!
You think you can leave me alone
to hold the wood before,
and that I'll just let you
waltz out, now?
He carried you the whole time,
and you won't even wait
15 minutes for him to come back?
We wait! We wait.
When they come back in,
with him or not,
I'll beg into that washroom,
and we go for flush-and-five.
If you fuckheads think
I'm gonna take the fall for you,
then you don't know me!
If you don't settle up with me
right now,
then your wife is gonna be
fucking strangers
on east Van buren.
She's gonna pay us off
one sucked dick at the time,
that's how we're gonna
settle this, you understand?
She's gonna suck dick
right here!
The fuck is wrong with you?
Talk, talk, talk... that's all
you fucking do, is talk!
Don't you move!
Put the fucking knife down,
what is wrong with you?
I'll take this one.
You stand in the fucking corner!
Move back!
Big fucking mistake!
You tell me you can't think
of someone to call now, right?
Dial the fucking phone!
-I don't know who to call!
-Dial the fucking phone!
-Dial the fucking number!
-I don't know who to call!
- You fucking...
- Silo's coming at noon?
-It doesn't matter.
We gotta get this house clean
before he gets here.
Fuck that shit! We gotta go now!
Put him off a few more days.
He keeps--
We need money.
We squeeze until the morning.
We know the rat will pay!
Alright, we get his money
tonight, and leave by sunrise.
We need some water!
I need to get next door--
what the fuck?
I can't feel...
I need water, I need--
- I need water.
-You. Come.
Come on! You like to talk?
It's time to talk. Come on!
You said
i was gonna be okay!
Hey, pedrito.
Do you know why you told me
about the reporter?
It's because you're a "gimme",
that's what you were born to be.
You don't wanna call home,
but you don't have to worry,
because everyone there
expects you to! Right?
Call your mama, and tell her
that I'm about to kill you.
You're still here.
No more waiting, chapin.
You said I was gonna be okay.
I told you, I can't call.
I don't give a fuck
what you said!
I don't give a fuck
what you think!
So call.
I can't leave her here.
You're gonna have
to choose, papa.
Or you and her.
And me, and...
I'm sorry.
- Hello?
- Hello!
We didn't get to choose
any of it, did we?
We didn't get to choose
we didn't get to choose
if we were able
to kill in cold blood
we didn't get to choose...
If we were born in a place that
sold all-you-can-eat buffets,
or if we were born in a place...
Where we couldn't afford
What we didn't choose,
that's what shaped us...
Made us who we are.
Being locked up in this room
is the smallest thing
this world ever did to us.
If we have anything left inside,
from when we left
and we walked thousands of miles
into the unknown...
For our families...
Then there are no walls,
and there's no doors,
just like there was no borders,
or no laws, to keep us in.
- -Cabron!
What if it's not him?
Then we're all dead.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- -It's fucking Pedro!
Get up off the fl...
On your knees!
On your fucking knees!
Fuck it! Get the hoods.
Get the hoods, get the ties!
Fuck it!
Sit the fuck down!
Manolo, let's go.
Don't fucking move!
You fucker!
Brother! Let's go!