Kidnap for Romance (2023) Movie Script

Let's do party!
Order anything you want, girls.
No one goes home
until you're all hammered.
What are you waiting for?
Get her!
You bastard!
Don't you know who I am?
I can buy you.
You and your friends.
Also this club!
Don't you dare come closer!
Or this one dies.
Who are you, anyway?
Cut! That's good.
Done with the stand-in.
Bring in the actress!
Copy, sir.
Was that okay?
Actors in, please. Actors in.
Mr. Director.
You were really good out there,
pretty girl.
Thank you.
Book me again, okay?
Of course!
Ah, ma'am.
Ma'am, maybe I could
- get paid now?
- Oh, you can do it! You're great.
Oh, no.
We're on a tight budget right now.
I'm sorry, okay?
You'll get paid on the next cut-off.
Tissue, please!
- Hey, pretty girl.
- Yeah?
Here. Your phone.
It's been ringing nonstop.
Okay, thanks.
Coming, sir.
Find the light.
There you are.
Come back here.
What the
- Fred.
- Yeah?
- Stay here.
- Hang on.
Last night was so fun...
Sir Fred!
- What is this?
- Gelo. Chari.
What are you doing here?
Sir, I'm so sorry.
Boss Henry is looking for you.
You're late for work
so he asked us to knock
and wake you up.
- Okay?
- Don't mind them.
Yeah, what she said.
You didn't even knock.
He also has a point.
- No?
- I don't think so.
Sorry, sir, but Wait a second.
Sir, were you out
partying last night?
What about the fiscal report?
Why do I have to do it?
- Ignore them.
- What's the use
What the hell did I hire you for?
Okay, sir. Gelo?
Could you cram
the fiscal report, please?
Do it now.
Ma'am, here they are.
Dad? And JJ?
Wow, what a beaut!
Here comes my bride!
Psst! Shut up.
- That's my sister!
- Don't mess with my daughter.
She's getting us out.
Unlike you lot.
You're gonna rot in here.
Y'all stink!
I can't bail you out now.
Tell me you're kidding.
My dudes. It's a prank.
He says it's a prank, bro.
Dad, JJ, what happened?
Well, your brother and I
were just trying to score some cash.
To help with your mother's needs.
And? What happened?
We were at church. Praying.
Then the donation box
fell into my hands.
It was so heavy
from all the money inside.
Then I remembered what the priest said.
"God helps those who
help themselves," he said.
So I helped myself.
Dad, come on.
And you, JJ?
I had nothing to do with that.
I just held her hand
when we were singing "Our Father"
when everybody hold hands, right?
Our Father in heaven
In heaven
Hey, lady. He only held your hand.
What's wrong with that?
He did not reach for my hand,
but my shoulder bag.
He's a thief!
That boy is a thief!
Cut it out! Cut it out!
I said enough!
I know your tricks!
Let's sort out your complaint.
You must be an addict.
I just checked if your bag's genuine.
Wow, you're one to talk!
We're sorry.
We talked about this.
We're finished with all that, remember?
What now?
You're adding up to my problems.
We didn't mean to. Sorry, we're
Dad, I'm doing everything I can
to get Mom out of the hospital.
Elena, my child.
This is embarrassing for us.
We're the men of the house,
yet we can't do anything.
Pretty sis.
It's Mom.
What the hell, Mando?
You bunch of idiots.
What are you, amateurs?
Why did you get caught?
Come on, love,
we're doing this for you.
And we're the idiots?
Well, now what?
Elena's gonna have to
clean up your mess.
I'm already such a burden.
Now, you too?
It's fine. I'll take care of it.
I'll get you out of there first
before these bozos.
Wow. Sis.
- Huh?
- Please.
Baby, please.
All right, Mom. Bye.
Buknoy, here.
Go home.
Then go to our neighbor, Bebang.
Tell her what happened.
Stay with her tonight. I'll text her.
Okay, pretty sis.
Dad, JJ, I'll come back later.
I'll bring you some food and clothes.
- All right.
- Thanks, Buknoy.
And some cotton and antiseptic.
Because it looks like
you're gonna get your asses kicked.
We know, right!
Hey! Don't remind them!
Do you want a massage?
Let's get you some massages.
Here, here.
Massage here.
Give me Uncle's number.
Who? Your Uncle Turo?
You know why, Dad.
No way, Elena.
Don't even think about it.
Don't go to your uncle.
It's dangerous.
Dad. I'll be fine.
I'll fix this.
- Good morning, sir!
- Good morning.
- Chari.
- Yes, sir?
My meetings for today?
Today, sir?
All your meetings
have been canceled, sir,
since they were all scheduled
for this morning.
Why didn't you say so?
Why did you drag me here?
Why am I here? What am I doing here?
Sir. We would have gotten here on time,
but you meditated for four hours, sir.
I need meditation.
So I can relax.
But why?
What am I supposed to do here, huh?
Why did you bring me here
if I don't have any meetings?
Chill, bro. Chill!
You're such a Scorpio!
I bet your rising sign is Aries.
Sir, I'm sorry.
- Let's go, okay?
- Let's go, sir?
Come on.
- Let's go.
- Calm down.
Come on.
It won't work.
Sir. Sir, sir, sir.
Let's go.
Why don't you consider my nephew?
You sent him off to get his MBA
at Wharton University.
I'm sure he's capable
of running the company.
If you want,
Cynthia has a grandson, remember?
I can tell him to come home from Macau.
So the company won't go
to some nobody.
It would be a shame.
Hold on.
I called this meeting
so we can talk about
the new sites of our projects.
Talking about who's going
to inherit my company
was not on our agenda.
Besides, that's been decided long ago.
Don't tell us. Fred?
All he cares about is partying.
He can't even straighten his own life.
Let alone a company.
Henry, please.
You look busy.
What is that?
Hey, that's me.
You're so sweet, Grandson.
Of course, Grandpa.
But your smell?
You smell like booze.
Were you out partying last night?
No, Grandpa.
I was only releasing some stress.
It's only Tuesday and you're stressed?
When are you going to fix yourself?
You know I'm old.
We don't know, I might be gone tomorrow.
that's not true.
Don't say that.
You're so handsome, Grandpa.
Look at you!
You're so strong.
You can even lift this. Here.
Sorry, Grandpa.
So when will you be ready?
You don't even have a girlfriend
to introduce to me.
Whatever happened to
Grandpa, don't mention that, okay?
Past is fast.
What about this? Is this a present?
Yeah, I know. Oh!
This is mine, Grandpa. It kinda fits.
Be careful.
- You'll trend on Twitter.
- Sorry.
No Shucks. Wait, wait
You have to settle down.
Keep in mind,
you're inheriting my company.
You need to find a wife.
So your relatives can take you seriously.
I'll make you a deal.
The next woman I see with you?
She will be your final choice.
Or else
Or else what?
Say goodbye to your life of comfort.
I'll cancel all your bank accounts.
And your cars? I'll take them all back.
Try living on your own.
Grandson, this is your last chance.
But, Grandpa
Why did she even have to come out?
- Wow!
- Who's she?
We'd look good together.
Pretty lady.
Look how much you've grown.
This one used to get into trouble
at school all the time.
Always getting into brawls.
Damn, wouldn't want her to be my girl.
I'd get my ass kicked.
Uncle, that was a long time ago.
Don't remind me.
I told Mando many times before.
If he needs a job,
all he has to do is ask.
My dad is done with
that kind of work.
We've moved on.
But my mom is in the hospital.
Do you have any jobs I could take?
Are you sure?
We've leveled up, you know.
We're in the big leagues now,
not some backyard petty thievery.
This is a different operation now.
What operation, Uncle?
He's Godofredo Tan,
the Chinese inheritor
of the billionaire, Henry Tan.
He's a ladies' man.
You're in luck. Just bring him here
and we'll take care of the rest.
- Copy that.
- That's Godofredo Tan.
Hey! The Godofredo Tan is back.
That's me. No doubt, brothers. Come on.
We were waiting for like an hour.
I'm so sorry. Sit down yourself.
Sit down yourself.
Sorry for being a waiter. You know, guys?
Not him. The one beside him.
That one?
No, the one who just arrived.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
All right!
Hair looks like a wig.
Is he really rich?
More like a half-stray dog.
If only I didn't need this.
Oh, no. What happened?
I hope she's okay.
Do you wanna take this somewhere else?
Hey, what was that?
What is that?
Hey, what's that?
- Get in.
- Wait a second.
- Get in.
- Hold on.
- You getting in or what?
- Why?
- Get in.
- All right. I'm getting in.
- Fine, hold on.
- Get in.
- I swear I'm gonna pull this trigger.
- Hey, I'm on it.
I'm getting in.
Wait, keep your finger off the trigger.
Whoa, whoa. Watch it.
Wait, wait.
Hey, you might
accidentally pull the trigger. Hey.
What's this?
- How do you start this?
- Huh?
How do you start this?
Uh, well
This is how it works.
You push the button.
- Your gun.
- Which button?
Then you step on that.
Hey, how about I drive?
Fine, fine. You drive.
Go. Let's switch.
Come on.
Other way.
Hey, do it properly!
I'm proper.
See, I'm even wearing a suit.
- You're so annoying.
- Whoa, whoa!
What's with her?
I'm here now, see?
Hold on.
Hurry up.
Have we met before?
I think you're the one from Iloilo.
Am I right?
No? Julia?
Can you please shut up?
I wanna beat you up.
You're so violent.
But I like that in a woman.
Wait a second.
What do you really plan to do?
What do you want? Come on, tell me.
Because what I want is
I'm kidding.
Come on, it's funny.
Oh! Nice music.
I like that!
Party! Party!
So where are we going?
To the hideout.
Ah, I thought we were going to your heart.
Yes? Sir?
Good evening.
What's going on?
Just turn back, sir.
We're apprehending
members of a kidnapping syndicate.
Oh, is that so?
You really should catch those kidnappers.
They're everywhere.
All right.
- Come over here.
- No.
- I said, don't move!
- No!
Say all you want at the station!
I don't wanna go there!
- Uncle Art
- There's no women!
I can't believe this.
Are you working with them?
So, what now? Can I go?
Am I free to go?
Be quiet.
You know what?
You're acting like an amateur.
Just relax.
Aren't you rich?
That means you have a resthouse, right?
Didn't you tell me to be quiet?
A lot of people die
from being a smart-ass.
Okay, fine.
I'll tell you. We do have a resthouse.
One of them is in Tagaytay.
All right.
Let's go there.
You're sure no one is there?
No one.
Wow. Look at you.
What are you gonna do to me?
You're naughty.
- You must be
- Just shut up. Please.
We'll stay there while I figure out
what to do with you.
You should get some sleep
since it's a long drive.
So you can get some rest.
I can stay up.
And I'm not stupid.
You might do something.
Go ahead.
There's a pillow back there. Take it.
Oh, no!
Nature's calling.
I need to pee.
I've been holding it in.
My bladder's about to burst.
Can't you hold it in a little longer?
Hold it in? For an hour and a half?
If you don't let me, whatever.
We'll both smell like piss.
Do you want that?
Fine. It's your choice.
Snake? Where? Where's the snake?
Your fly is open, zip it up!
- Oh.
- Gross!
Sorry, sorry.
Mister! Mister!
Hey, mister.
You have to help me. She kidnapped me.
Come on.
Hi, mister.
I'm his nurse. He's a mental patient.
Excuse us.
Okay. Take care.
I don't know why you're trying
to escape this beauty.
All right, mister.
Take care.
Stupid! You're trying
to get me in trouble.
You think you can escape, huh?
Try that again, and I'll mess you up.
Hey! Where are you going?
Why? I'm getting in.
You're already getting on my nerves!
- Don't think you can fool me.
- Fine, fine.
Should I drive you home, sir?
We'll stay at our resthouse in Tagaytay.
I'll be visiting someone
in that area tomorrow.
Okay, sir.
Where's the bedroom?
Hey, you're naughty.
You should've just told me.
I'm always game.
I'll let you have your way.
Let's get it on.
Let's go.
Okay, okay, okay.
So for today's video
We're here in the bedroom.
My grandfather told me that this is where
My parents made me.
And this is also where we'll make
You know.
You're violent, huh?
That's what I like.
Keep going.
I'm starting to like this.
Ah, I get it.
You're into BDSM.
Well, I like that.
All right. I'll play along.
I like this drama.
I've seen this before.
You'll tie me up.
Ah, more! More!
Let me borrow your phone.
What's the password?
No clue.
You're really testing me, huh?
Wait, wait.
123p0gi. In all caps.
And the O is a zero. Ah
Don't move. Stay there.
Don't try to run away.
Don't try me.
Ew. These pictures are so gross.
Girl, answer the phone for me, please.
Thank you.
Ew. Are telephones still a thing?
Yes. 'Sup? Who's this?
Is this the Tan Mansion?
Who's this?
I'm Ele
I'm Elmer.
Hi, Elmer.
Hi. I have Godofredo.
Ah, okay.
We've been waiting for him to go home.
Can you just bring him to this address?
- It's 95...
- Shh! No, stop. Okay?
I have Godofredo, and I want you
to give me 100,000, okay?
Or else something will happen to him.
Wait, wait.
That's too little.
Uh Make it a million.
That's too greedy.
Uh Okay. Half a million.
Okay. Maybe we could make it 200,000?
Is this a wet market?
Why are you haggling?
Fine, 300,000.
Okay. That will do.
Who was that?
No one. Just a prank caller.
You're so stupid, Elena.
What was that?
You didn't even tell them
where to drop off the money.
Wait, wait. Let me do that again.
You do not have enough load
in your account
A rich man
who doesn't have phone credits?
What's up with this guy? So lame!
I'm starving.
That smells nice.
That's my grandpa's favorite.
This is good.
What about you?
I'm done.
You know you can ask nicely, right?
Why so rude?
You gotta work on your temper.
Don't try to escape.
Escape? How? I'm tied up.
If your family doesn't pay the ransom
Try escaping and you'll see.
Hang on.
I thought we were just fooling around.
Oh, no.
If my grandpa finds out, he'll get mad.
I knew it.
Go on.
Try it.
You're really testing me, huh?
Wow. Okay, keep walking.
Go on.
I've had enough!
Didn't I tell you to stay put?
Was I supposed to help you?
You're my kidnapper.
What am I? Crazy?
Oh, really? You little
You're really gonna get it.
Is that what you want?
You like that?
This is wonderful, dear.
You know when was the last time
I had a meal this delicious?
It was my late wife Amparo's cooking.
My love.
If you cook this well,
you're ready for marriage.
Ah uhm
Elena, right.
Elena. I forgot.
I'm sorry, I got used
to calling you "baby."
I'm sorry about your grandson, sir.
He's so forgetful.
This guy, really
Please, Elena.
Don't act like a stranger.
Call me grandpa.
Fred must think you're very special.
You know what?
You're the first woman
he ever brought here to Tagaytay.
I'm sure he had told you
how special this place is to his parents.
Uhm, yes.
He did mention it earlier.
Didn't you tell me, Grandpa,
to bring the one I'm gonna marry?
- Yes.
- That's her.
Right, babe?
Oh, hang on.
Madam Stella finally responded.
August 8th.
That's the most auspicious date.
Who were you talking to?
I asked my fortune-telling friend.
I asked her
when you should have your wedding.
And here it is. August 8th.
Ow! Ow!
Oh. What's going on?
Get Get ow!
That's great! The date is great.
Right, babe? It's great.
August 8th.
It's lucky in Chinese.
Yes. It's a great date.
I forgot to buy something.
- What is it?
- I'm going out, okay?
- Excuse me.
- Ouch.
Wait up. Babe.
Hey. Don't go out.
- Why?
- It's late.
Don't go out. It's late.
He's right, Elena.
There's a lot of people out there
up to no good.
That's why I'm always
with my trusty assistant.
He has a black belt in karate.
Did you hear that? Huh?
Good thing there are no criminals in here.
Or this black-belter
will mess them up big time.
Okay. I'll stay.
I won't go out.
Well, I guess that's all settled now.
So, we have a wedding.
Hey, Grandson.
Give her a kiss.
- Kiss?
- Yeah.
Come on, kiss.
Of course, Grandpa.
That's easy.
Grandpa, I'm sorry.
She's a little conservative.
It's embarrassing.
Conservative, huh?
After what I saw earlier?
I hate you!
What is this
Why did you drag me into this?
This is none of my business.
Be quiet.
Be quiet! Grandpa might
Grandpa might get suspicious.
He's in the next room.
I don't care! I don't care!
Wedding? What wedding, huh?
Why did you drag me into this?
Wait. Wait!
Just go with it. Come on.
- What do I have to do with it?
- Ouch.
- Huh?
- That really hurt!
Just go with it.
I'll get disowned if I don't marry you.
I don't care. I don't care, okay?
I don't wanna marry you. You
You're not my type.
You are not my type!
Oh, I'm not your type?
- Yeah.
- Why?
Why, are you my type?
There's a lot of women out there
with more class than you.
You think you're all that.
I should just tell Grandpa about you.
That you're a kidnapper.
- You see this?
- What's that?
- Oh
- These.
These disgusting photos on your phone?
Wait! Don't do that!
Drop that phone.
- I'll upload these.
- No fair. Don't mess with my phone!
- I will upload these.
- Wait
Oh, really?
What? What?
Go ahead.
Try uploading them.
Drop my phone.
Or I'll shoot.
Drop it.
Then shoot.
I don't care.
I'm not kidding.
- Okay, fine.
- Fine.
- One.
- Two.
Two and a half.
Three, four, five.
Now what, huh?
This is a prop gun.
You stupid.
You see? It's a lighter.
Threatening me? Seriously?
Don't ever threaten me.
There won't be a next time.
Kids these days are so horny.
Hello, everyone!
Buknoy here. Live selling with the fam.
Even in jail.
- Is everyone having fun?
- Hello! Woo!
Oh! Pretty sis is watching.
- Pretty sis!
- Hi, sis!
- Here's a T-shirt.
- Do your best.
How much is that?
- Buy it.
- There.
Maybe 180 pesos? 180. Take a screenshot.
Make it 100 pesos.
- Okay.
- 100? It could sell faster.
- A jacket.
- Your younger brother?
With a hood.
Wear it outside!
- That's 180 pesos.
- Yes.
- He visited my dad and brother
- Comment "mine."
- In jail.
- Huh?
Kidnappers, too?
Watch your mouth.
They used to be snatchers.
They stopped a long time ago.
But they had no choice.
Our mom is in the hospital.
Wait, hang on.
Why am I telling you this?
You really do love your family, huh?
Yeah, I do.
This is my first time at kidnapping.
And I failed.
And now, I'm all caught up
in your situation.
Well, why don't you leave?
What I mean is
Well, since my grandpa's bodyguard
is asleep, you can leave.
I promise you,
I won't report you to the police.
But what about your thing?
What about your situation?
I'll handle it.
I can explain it to my grandpa.
Hold on.
You can have this.
This is my mother's collection.
I'm giving it to you.
Maybe you can use it.
You can pawn it.
You rich people.
I don't need your pity.
Don't be shy yourself.
Keep this.
Pawn it if you want.
It might help.
Thank you.
Okay. Let's get some rest.
I'm just gonna sleep here for a bit.
I'm so tired
from everything that happened.
Tired already?
Imagine how tired you'd be
had we done something.
Hey. You pervert.
You're such a pervert.
Pervert? Come on.
You want me to hit you?
I was just kidding.
Atty. Mendoza.
I'm ready to sign my last will.
Guess what.
My grandson's getting married.
In two months.
I can finally rest now that my grandson
will have a bride soon.
That's enough for me.
I only have six months
left on this earth, don't I?
Why should I make it harder for myself?
No thanks.
Morning, Grandpa.
Oh. You're awake.
Relax. Breakfast is almost ready.
About Elena.
What about me?
Hi, babe.
Elena and I have been talking.
She says that her friends'
nickname for her is "Pretty."
I like it.
That nickname really suits her.
What happened?
I thought you were leaving.
Why are you still here?
Just go with it. And keep quiet.
I bet you got tired from last night.
We have to tell you something.
Please don't get mad.
Oh. What is it?
Uh, we're not really
Ow. Ouch.
We don't really want a fancy wedding.
We prefer something simple.
A few friends, and
a few family members.
Right, babe?
That hurts.
You know, dear.
Any wedding in the Tan family
is always the wedding of the year.
But it's your decision.
It's your wedding.
Grandson, this is really happening.
But Granpa, it's not true
Babe, don't talk when your mouth is full.
Silly. Eat up until you're full.
You haven't eaten anything.
Oh, are you choking? Hold on.
One, two, three. There.
One, two, three
I haven't done anything.
You're overacting!
My baby's so dramatic.
Brutal love.
I think you've met your match, Fred.
I'll deal with you later.
Excuse me.
- You.
- What?
I thought you were leaving.
I was ready to be scolded.
Your grandpa has a deadline.
What I mean is
Didn't your grandpa give you a deadline?
Aw, you care.
I knew it.
You're falling for me.
No way.
I was thinking
I don't wanna go home penniless.
Where's my mom's jewelry?
I put them back
Thank you.
I put them back.
In the room.
I'll get a lot more money
if I pretend to be your girlfriend.
And you're going to pay me, right?
Perhaps I can put up with that.
You have to put up with that?
What? And I'll be a battered husband?
It won't take that long.
What do you mean?
I mean, it won't take that long
to get annulled.
You even want me to "annul" you?
- You're so gross!
- Ouch!
What's gross?
What? Why?
- Ouch.
- Pervert.
- Wait, wait.
- Why?
Are you two fighting?
She loves to tease me.
Oh, no. We're always like this.
Okay, then.
Well, you better get ready.
We're going out.
Where, Grandpa?
I think it's time that Elena meet
your mom and dad.
As in right now?
Where are we?
What are we doing here?
Is it really okay
to wear your mom's dress?
I'm embarrassed.
You're really beautiful, Elena.
That's not news.
Where are your parents?
This is where I laid my son's ashes.
Fred's dad.
And his mom, too.
This is where my son proposed to her.
They even carved their names on that tree.
Alfred died from an illness.
Not long after, Mila passed.
True love is mysterious like that.
Why don't you say hi to them?
Uncle, Auntie, my name is Elena.
I'm sure you can start calling them
"Mom" and "Dad."
I'm Elena.
Don't worry, if Fred gets into
any sort of trouble,
I'll make him regret it.
Did you know,
I raised Godofredo myself.
That's why he's always been Grandpa's boy.
Even if he acts like that,
he's really a sweet boy.
Whoa, whoa.
Wait, it's burning.
Excuse me. I'll help him.
Stop trying to impress us,
it's not working.
There. That's how you do it.
You know nothing.
But in fairness,
it's been so long
since I saw Grandpa smile this much.
It's all thanks to you.
Give me that.
No, I'll do it.
I'm the one grilling.
- Let me.
- I'll do it.
No, I will.
You're so fake.
And you're not?
Dear, have you heard?
Your Uncle Art is in jail.
Yeah, mom. I guess it makes sense.
Mom, by the way.
I'll be able to get you
out of there on Monday.
Really, dear?
Dad and JJ, too.
Oh, my! Thank you.
Wait, where did you get the money?
Don't worry about it, Mom.
I'll handle it.
- Get your things ready, okay?
- Okay.
- I love you, Mom.
- I love you, Pretty Girl.
Was that your mother?
I would like to meet your parents.
Can we arrange that?
I think they're busy.
Surely not too busy to talk
about wedding plans, right?
Why don't we have dinner at your place?
- Pardon?
- Arrange it.
Okay, Grandpa.
You're starting again.
Grandpa's on his way.
Ma'am Elena.
Let's go over the points again.
Tell us about your family.
My family exports tuna from
- General Santos City.
- Yes.
My dad is away
because he's at a summit for
a Tuna Summit in Japan.
Good. Okay
Now, we hired a theater actress.
She'll be the stand-in for your mom.
Ladies and gentlemen!
I was born ready!
Good evening, Grandpa.
This is my mom, Violet.
This is Grandpa Henry, Mom.
So nice to meet you, Violet.
Now I know from whom
Miss Pretty got her looks.
Darling, Henry.
You're so naughty.
Fred, you didn't even tell me
that your grandfather is such a grand
Uh, Violet.
Shall we?
Yes. Let's go.
Let's go!
Looks like I'm eating well tonight!
Hello, Violet?
You're the mother-in-law.
You're not the one getting married.
Let's stick to the script, okay?
Okay? Violet? Violet!
Low battery. Please charge.
Your tuna steak is delicious, amiga.
It's really fresh.
There's something
even fresher and more delicious than that.
What my mom is saying is
my cooking is better.
That's why I've always wanted to taste
your mom's tuna steak.
Well, you better make it
two servings then.
So it's "two-na."
Henry, you're so funny.
That's my weakness
when it comes to men.
When they have a great sense of humor.
Grandpa? Do you want dessert?
Here. Lemon pie.
Taste a slice of my lemon pie.
It's delicious.
Violet, why don't you tell me
more about yourself?
Oh, Henry.
Oh, Henry!
I was born into a wealthy family.
But alas, when I was but a baby,
I got switched with another baby
in the hospital.
Right? Right?
Oh, cruel world.
- Right?
- Fred, what's happening?
Ma'am Elena? Can you hear me
- Low battery. Please charge.
- Surely,
you're happy with your daughter
and husband, right?
Where is he anyway?
My dad is in Japan.
There's a Tuna Summit there.
Your father, dear!
Your father.
Have you heard?
I only found out about it.
Oh, my God.
- Alberto.
- Alberto!
He's been having an affair.
- Right?
- Fred, one more and I'll slap this woman.
He's been cheating on me
with a Japanese woman.
I think I'm going to faint.
Why can't
- Oh, no!
- Did you charge their earpieces?
- I'm going to faint.
- Gelo.
- I'm going to faint.
- Gelo!
You had one job!
Hold me. I'm going to faint!
Henry, hold me.
There's no battery!
I can't talk to them!
We're separating.
But I'm ready to fall in love again.
That's enough.
My Mama Rosing isn't like that.
She's not a slut.
You're insulting.
Rosing? Or Violet?
Uh, Elena.
She means
Rose and Violet, meaning Rosing.
- That's it.
- Yes.
Where's the restroom?
There, Grandpa. Go left.
- Left.
- Excuse me.
Just a bit more.
Excuse me.
I need to talk to Chari.
Stay there.
Why is the mom acting like that?
I'm so sorry.
She was just referred to us.
We didn't know she was crazy, boss.
- I'm so sorry.
- And this one.
Didn't even charge the earpieces.
You two.
I gave you a simple job,
and you blew it.
What's the meaning of this?
Grandpa, I'm sorry.
I'll tell you the truth.
The truth is
I first met Fred because I'm a
She's a woman from the slums.
Elena's mother is in the hospital.
While her dad and her brother are in jail.
But even if she's going through all that,
I accepted her.
Because I love her.
And that's the truth.
Well, if that's the case
why didn't you say so in the first place?
You know what?
I don't care if she's rich or poor.
What's important
is if you two really love each other.
Yes. We do love each other.
Yes, Grandpa.
I love Fred.
Well then, there's no problem.
But your family,
I need to meet them.
So what should we do to make that happen?
Oh, my children!
My children.
My pretty baby.
Mando. How did you get out?
Oh, Miss Pretty got us out.
She handled our case at the precinct.
Yes, Mom.
And I already paid your hospital bills.
You can finally come home.
Thank you, dear.
But how did you do that?
My fianc took care of it.
Fianc? What's that?
Come on, Dad. You're embarrassing.
That's what she did to bail us out.
She paid the fine-c.
- You idiot.
- That's not it?
Who's that?
Hi, Mom.
A son out of wedlock?
Mom. This is Fred.
He's my fianc.
- Fianc.
- Meaning
we're engaged,
and we're going to get married.
- There.
- What?
- Hey, Rosing.
- Mom.
We'll be out of hospital now.
I'm sorry, dear.
I know that you're doing everything
you can for your dad and I,
but you didn't have to sell your body
to bad people!
Oh, wow.
- That was rude.
- No, Mom.
Even though he looks like that,
he's a good person.
- Okay.
- You're not helping.
Sorry, dear. My apologies.
And thank you. Thanks for your help.
You're welcome.
I just want to let you know that
My grandfather and I will be asking
for your blessing soon.
Why not?
You and your grandfather
are very welcome.
Come on. Let's go.
Pretty sis, we're going.
Dad's waiting by the car.
- Okay.
- Okay? Bye-bye.
- Mom. Bye-bye.
- Okay.
Bye, Pretty Girl.
I just noticed.
When you're with your family,
you're different.
You're so nice.
I am nice.
But, Fred.
Thank you.
No problem.
So, what now?
Your family's out of the hospital.
Out of jail.
What's next for us?
Let's stop pretending.
We're good.
Fred, we can't stop.
Why shouldn't we
I knew it.
I figured this would happen.
You're falling for me?
It would be bad for Grandpa Henry.
What do you mean?
I heard him talking about it.
When we were in Tagaytay,
at your resthouse.
He was talking to his doctor.
Six months.
Why didn't he tell me?
Maybe he has a reason for not telling you.
So please. Try to act like you don't know.
Don't treat him any different.
That's too hard.
Fred, sorry.
Sorry I didn't tell you sooner.
- Delicious.
- Your mom is really the best at cooking.
"Best"? How?
All smoked fish dishes taste the same.
Stop complaining.
Be grateful that we have something to eat.
Anyway, we'll be out of poverty soon.
Because you and Fred
are getting married soon.
Oh, did you know?
I googled him.
He's the grandson
of that rich guy, Henry Tan.
Damn, sis!
You hit the jackpot.
Please, JJ.
I'm not marrying him for that.
What did you see in him anyway?
Dad, if you got to know Fred,
you'll really like him.
Let's get back to planning.
Pretty soon,
Fred will ask for our blessing.
What if
we steal his wallet?
Come on. You just got out of jail.
And Dad too.
There are no plans.
You pretty sis is right.
Listen to her.
Let's wait for them to get married.
And let them go on their honeymoon.
Then we'll have a chance
to visit the mansion.
Damn! We're gonna be rich!
Hey, both of you.
Why do you think like that?
Let them love each other
until they're old and gray.
Then, when Fred dies, well
The mansion will now go
to your pretty sis, am I right?
That's better!
- Right!
- I'm the best, right?
We'll each have our own cars,
and live in a mansion!
Grandpa, I just wanted to thank you
for all the help with Elena's family.
I'm sorry for everything.
You know, Grandson,
I'm getting old
and forgetful.
I don't even remember
everything you put me through.
You know what?
Elena seems remarkable.
She's a good kid.
And she wouldn't be that way
if she wasn't raised right by her parents.
Even if
they used to be thieves?
You know, Grandson.
Long ago,
I was also forced to steal.
We didn't have money
for my baby brother's milk.
Your Grandpa Frankie.
My mother was surprised
when I brought home a can of milk.
You really did that?
Well, I had to.
I couldn't let my brother starve to death.
I'm not saying that stealing is okay.
What I'm saying is,
I understand them.
What I don't understand
are those extremely wealthy families
who steal.
What was that?
It's nothing.
Uh, Elena.
Can I make a request?
Since Grandpa doesn't have much time left,
perhaps we could give him the chance to
be happy?
Of course.
We're a pair.
Let's set aside that "annul" thingie.
You're still thinking about that?
You really want that?
You're gross.
Thank you.
You might be forgetting
that I'm getting paid for this.
Of course.
I know.
I didn't mean to come off as cold.
But this is how I can make up
for kidnapping you.
You no longer had to do that.
You've caught me.
Stop that.
I'm going to bed.
You're talking nonsense.
All right, sleep well.
Good night.
This is the first time
I've seen my daughter this happy.
Mom, were you there the whole time?
Hey, they'll be here tomorrow,
so go to sleep.
Get some beauty rest.
You need that
so you'll be pretty tomorrow.
Okay? As pretty as me.
You talk to them, Mom.
Fix Buknoy's clothes.
- Mom. You talk to them.
- You do it.
Come in.
Come in, come in.
- Fred, good evening.
- Come on in.
Good evening.
Don Henry Tan, my friend.
My name is Mando.
- He's good.
- I'm Elena's father.
- Nice to meet you, Mando.
- Ah, yes, sir.
- Fred's workmates.
- Oh, she's my wife.
I'm Rosing.
Welcome to our home.
This is for you.
- Thank you, Rosing.
- Here's yours.
Thank you, Auntie.
Where's Elena?
She'll be here soon.
She'll be here soon.
Mr. Mando.
Mama Rosing.
JJ. Buknoy.
May I ask for Elena's hand in marriage?
Why don't you ask her?
She might have changed her mind.
Elena Alvarado.
Will you be my wife?
Say yes!
I'm having cramps.
I accept you, bro!
I accept you!
- Wow, with matching hug!
- Congrats!
Let's give it to the audience.
What are we waiting for?
Let's get this party started!
Time to party!
I don't understand why I'm into you
You're not even handsome
But even if it doesn't make sense
I'm crazy about you
Nice to meet you, Elena and Fred.
My name is Helga.
Your wedding planner.
Royal Regalia Romance.
- So pretty.
- You have options.
I'm gonna wear that?
Or this one.
There must be something wrong with my eyes
- You're dashing!
- Bro!
Wait, I'll take a picture.
The belt is nice, bro.
That's how mysterious my mind works
Grandpa says I must be sick in the head
Granma says I should look for someone else
Someone cool and with money
But they bore me
I don't understand why I'm into you
You're not even handsome
But even if it doesn't make sense
My bro's so handsome!
- Wow!
- Like that!
- There!
- Don't step on it.
Why are you stepping on my gown?
Hey! Sis!
- Food.
- Cupcakes from Paper Moon.
Strawberry shortcake.
Wipe some on him too.
Granma says I should look for someone else
- Okay.
- Sweet!
- Try me.
- They're sweet.
- You see this?
- Me? Single.
See this? Go ahead.
But they bore me
I don't understand why I'm into you
- Hey! Sis!
- Oh!
- Yuck!
- Hey.
Don't throw up on me. Don't you dare.
Oh, oh. Stop. Stop!
What are you doing to my son?
I love you, Elena.
Love you, too.
Even if I know
that this is all pretend.
Fans are all over
the royal regalia-themed prenup pictorial
- of Mr. Godofredo Tan,
- Boss.
the only grandson of the business tycoon,
Mr. Henry Tan.
Mr. Tan is the owner
of the Henry Tan group of companies.
Godofredo, famous for being
a party monger in BGC,
will be inheriting the said company.
The lucky bride-to-be is a simple lady
Elena really went all the way.
named Elena Alvarado.
Wow, what a lucky girl.
In other news
What's this?
Grandpa Henry said
he left it on this table.
The paper with the list of all
principal sponsors.
Help me.
What does it look like?
Like paper, obviously.
You boomers are so backwards.
We should really be pushing for paperless.
"Medical records."
Sir Henry's medical records?
Hey. Check this out.
Grandpa has cancer.
Do you think Sir Fred knows?
What do I need to know?
Ah. Sir.
That you look extra fresh today.
- Yes, sir. No pores.
- You look fresh, sir.
You have to know.
I have
I am sick.
I know.
How long have you known?
Since Tagaytay, Grandpa.
Elena heard you on the phone.
Shouldn't we fight it?
Get treatment?
What's the point of being rich?
There's plenty of doctors abroad
that could treat you.
No need for that, dear.
You know,
I'm content with the life I've lived.
And I'm not afraid to die.
Because I know
I have done all that I wanted to do
before I leave.
Besides, I can't wait to see your grandma.
And your mom and dad, too.
I'm sure that when I see them,
they'll say, "Henry, good job."
Don't you want to wait
for your great-grandchild, Grandpa?
You're already a handful.
You got this.
It's time for me to rest.
You can do it, Fred.
I've always believed in you.
Okay, Mr. and Mrs. Tan
Oh, future Mrs. Tan.
We're all set for the wedding, okay?
The flowers will all be fresh,
delivered at the church.
And your food requests are all good.
If you want to add a guest,
just let me know. Okay?
Excuse me. I have to take a call.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
So, Elena.
Are you ready to be
Mrs. Elena Suk-Mah-Tai-Tan?
- Pervert!
- Hey!
- You're such a pervert.
- I'm not a pervert.
What about you?
Are you ready for anal-ment?
That hurts. Not that.
- Bastard!
- Hey.
I know you.
Don't even try, Elena.
You're gross.
Gross? That's how I am.
- Sir Fred.
- Yes?
What is it, Chari?
Your grandfather.
Please let me be alone with him.
You there!
Get out of my house!
I don't ever wanna
see your face again!
Don't try to stop them.
They're getting on my nerves.
Get out!
Get out of my house! Leave!
Arturo escaped. Gang boss
of a kidnapping crime syndicate.
Welcome back, boss.
Where to?
Church, of course.
I'll confess to a priest.
Really, boss?
Idiot, when will you ever learn?
We're back in business!
Let's go!
Are you okay?
Are you hungry? I'll cook.
I'm full.
How about coffee?
Please talk to me.
Helga's been asking me.
She said the suppliers have been wondering
if the wedding is still happening.
I don't know what to tell her.
Then, tell her that the wedding
is cancelled, Elena.
I don't even know why you're still here.
We no longer have to pretend.
We have no one to fool.
Do you really think
that we're still pretending?
I'm sorry, but
Isn't it obvious?
For me
this is real.
You're just saying that
because you feel sorry for me.
I'm sorry, okay?
To make you stop
I'm paying you.
I don't need your money.
You know, Fred? If you want to cry,
let it out.
If you're hurting,
I'm here for you.
You don't need to pretend you're strong.
Not when you're with me.
There it is.
Criminals really know
their way with words.
Like you.
You're right. We did start with lies.
Why did I even ask for something real?
What are you writing?
Wedding vows.
You know, Elena.
Even if we're just pretending,
wedding vows should be
You know, they need to be sincere.
Let me see yours, then.
E for energetic. L for lovely.
E for edgy. N for nice.
A for angry.
That's what you've been writing
all this time?
It's kinda hard.
What about you?
What are your wedding vows?
I'm not going to write them.
I'm going to say what I feel.
In the moment.
That's easier.
Try it.
For my wedding vows, I'll probably say
That you
That you always hit me.
But that's okay.
Because you also give me
a lot of pleasure.
You really are a pervert.
Pleasure from being a part of a family.
And knowing that someone is always
thinking about me and waiting for me.
And that's you.
That's corny.
Okay, you go. What's yours?
I don't wanna.
Hey, wait.
That's not fair.
Tell me!
We keep circling around
These kinds of questions
So, Ma'am.
Are you saying that
your relationship with Sir Fred was fake?
Doesn't seem like it.
Please. It looks so real to me.
You know, I'm a big fan of you two.
Honestly speaking.
Fake love turned to true love.
Yeah, it was all just a setup for Grandpa.
Now that he's gone
it's over.
It's the passive-aggression for me.
Gelo. Chari.
Remember what I asked of you.
Take turns visiting your boss, okay?
Bring him some food.
He doesn't know how to cook.
It's the soft boy mood for me.
Why are you throwing those slangs around?
I'm not in the mood.
Such an Aries.
Maybe you shouldn't leave.
I believe he really wants you to be there.
You leaving might just
drive him off the edge.
But it's all up to you, ma'am.
In my opinion,
don't leave.
Okay. I'm hanging up.
She hung up.
That's crazy.
So, am I done with my internship?
You still have 9,600 hours to go.
Don't be stupid.
When will this end?
Stop that. You're always complaining.
We're feeding you, right?
But am I getting paid?
Not really.
Do you think I'm getting paid?
We're no different. Stop complaining.
Ugh. I lost my appetite.
We knew from the very start
There was no way we could last
I knew I shouldn't have let this happen
Let myself hope
Let myself believe
We can't be together!
Paths have crossed but
Come on!
I'm trying to have a moment back here!
not meant to be.
It's just not possible
Let's not put our hearts through this
My pretty baby.
We can't be together
Mom, I'm sorry.
I faked all of it.
Fred and I weren't really engaged.
I did all that for you.
We guessed that you were hiding something.
But when we saw you
How you treated each other
and the way you looked at him.
I could tell
that it eventually became real.
Okay, you go. What's yours?
I don't wanna.
Hey, wait. That's not fair.
Tell me!
I will probably say that you're arrogant
narcissistic and noisy.
But you're dependable,
caring, and funny.
So I'll tell you that
I'm grateful because you made me feel
how it felt like to be loved.
We're a team, okay?
Yours is worse.
- Elena!
- Sorry, sorry. Come here.
Fred, don't starve yourself.
If you die, I'll kill you!
Your ex-partner in crime, Elena.
Water delivery.
Actually. This is a kidnapping.
So if you're still in the mood to live,
come with us.
Another kidnapping?
The hell with that.
I'm so sick of it. Go on.
Fine! Kidnap me.
I like this guy.
Hold on.
No one's even pretty among you?
- You trolls, tie him up!
- Yes, boss.
Come on!
Kidnap me! Do it.
Hurry. Come on.
What a bunch of weaklings!
Did you have breakfast?
Why don't we go to a drive-thru first?
I'm getting hungry. Hurry up!
Hey, Gelo. Have you seen Sir Fred?
Yeah. Over there.
The water delivery guys took him.
I don't know.
Maybe for influencer content.
Maybe it's a prank.
Boogsh! Busted!
This kid's probably ill.
I left the two kids at the market.
Why are you here?
It's Uncle Arturo.
You're free?
You know me.
Slippery like an eel.
Best wishes, dear.
I only said to kidnap him, remember?
But perhaps there's more money
if you marry the target.
I saw it on TV.
Uncle, there's no wedding.
Oh, really?
So Fred wasn't lying?
Uncle, what What did you say?
You're with Fred?
I was supposed to make him sign a check.
But he says he doesn't have the energy.
Maybe you can help him with that.
Uncle, don't you dare hurt Fred.
Where are you? I'll go there.
You know where to find me.
Come quick
while he's still breathing.
What did your Uncle Turo say?
What the hell is happening?
Welcome back, Miss Pretty.
Where's Fred?
It's too bad.
You could've hit the jackpot
with that wedding.
Don't worry,
I'll share some with you.
Just make him sign this.
That's packed!
The hell are you doing?
Why don't you give them what they want?
It's not my money.
It's Grandpa's.
And nobody cares about me
even if I die.
Nobody loves me.
You pick this moment to be a sad boy?
What about me?
Untie him. I'll make him sign.
The check?
On this blank one.
I'll add all the zeroes.
Uncle, my share?
Of course!
It's you.
I won't forget my goddaughter.
Fred, let's go! Hurry!
Damn! Don't stand around!
- Get them!
- Let's go!
Hurry up!
Attack them!
Come on, come closer!
Try me.
I'll blow up his head.
Don't come after us!
Come on, Fred.
Hurry. Come on.
Fred, let's go!
- Let's get out of here!
- Follow them!
Hurry up!
Fred, hurry up.
Come on! Hurry.
I'm sorry for all the hurtful things
I said to you.
- What?
- All right, I confess.
All my feelings for you are real.
But I got scared.
I really do love you.
- What?
- Wait a second!
Ah, love
What a dangerous thing.
What now, Mr. Godofredo?
Should we continue with our deal?
Or should I blow her brains out?
Fine! Shoot.
Go on, Uncle. Shoot.
I told you.
I fell for that, too.
What about this?
This one is real.
I'll sign.
Hurry up!
Took you long enough.
Hold on.
Why take a check from me?
Why not cash?
Don't you know that I could call the bank
and void that check?
Oh, really?
What if there's no one to make that call?
Uncle, no!
Fred, hurry.
The question is
who has the real gun?
And who has the fake?
Let's end this.
There's only one way to know.
Let's shoot.
Why is there no blood?
Fred, Fred! Wake up!
We're a pair.
- We're a pair.
- Civilian injured. Call an ambulance!
- I'm not going back!
- Arturo! You can't escape!
Stop resisting!
I said hurry!
Let go of me!
They're over there!
Ma'am Elena! Sir Fred!
You're right, Fred.
We're criminals.
I'm sorry.
You got involved in our mess.
I'm so glad you're okay.
Fred, I'm sorry.
I think it's better if I leave you.
Elena, here's the scene
This is what's gonna happen.
This is the scene.
While you're getting married,
your mom enters.
She starts crying.
Your mother wails
The mother of the bride!
Like that!
My dear!
See? Acting.
You again?
Let's continue.
While you're about to kiss the groom,
your lips almost touching, suddenly
someone screams,
"Stop the wedding!"
After he screams that,
he's going to shoot the both of you.
Then, we'll cut and bring in the actress.
Okay, quiet. Stand by for take!
Bride to Kill. Sequence 83.
Shot one, take one.
We are gathered here today
to witness the union of
Oh! Mr. Director! Wait up!
This is wrong. The casting is wrong.
There's someone more handsome than him.
Yeah! And there's no chemistry.
- None.
- Get someone with experience.
- Replace him! Replace him!
- Right?
- Someone's better.
- Mom?
- Someone's better.
- Dad?
Mom, what are you doing here? I'm working!
There's someone better.
Stop the wedding!
That should be me up there.
Slowly, slowly!
Yes, yes.
You ignored me for months.
But that's okay.
At least today's auspicious.
Fred, you're crazy.
You will always be in danger
when you're with me
That's okay.
It's okay. My life is already in danger
when I'm with you.
You're always beating me up.
Actually, these are from you.
These bruises are all from you.
- He really had to point those out!
- Yes, that's true.
But it's okay, because it makes us happy.
We both know in our hearts
that we make each other happy.
Do you want this wedding to happen?
You see all those people?
They all want us to get married.
The bride seems against it.
- No, she's not!
- Oh, please!
Don't you want to?
Fine, we're already here. Okay!
I do want to. Okay?
If that's the case,
you may now kiss the bride.
Come on.
This is your chance.
You're too much!
Father, can I have one more?
One more?
One more!
Hey, wait up!
- Why?
- One more! One more!
One more. One more!
One more. One more!
- Father, one more?
- Okay, fine.
Pretty sis!
Take it easy!
That's too much!
One more! One more!
Helga! JJ!
I thought we were just planning?
Why are you doing X-rated stuff there?
Oh, my God.
This is so unprofessional of me.
- Well
- I'm sorry.
Bro, it's just that Hazel's stressed
from planning your wedding.
I was just calming her down.
There. Calm down. Calm down!
I told you to calm down.
Don't worry, bro.
Next time, we'll do this out of work.
There'll be no next time.
Let's go, Fred!
- Let's go, Fred!
- Okay!
Let's go, sir. Miss, get your ass moving.
You're disgusting.
I lost my appetite.
- Then I'll take that.
- Hey!
You like that?
I like it when I get tortured
before getting what I want.
Yes, yes
That's nice