Kidnap Tour (2016) Movie Script

On the first day during summer vacation,
I was kidnapped.
Your precious daughter is with me.
This is a kidnapping.
Kidnap Tour
[Summer, 2016]
The closing ceremony for the
first semester will begin soon.
[Summer, 2016]
The closing ceremony for the
first semester will begin soon.
Line up to the front!
Well, the summer vacation will
finally be here tomorrow.
During the summer vacation, please...
The melancholic summer vacation.
Haru, will you go anywhere
during the summer vacation?
Eh? Ah... yeah.
There are no definite plans yet though...
Mom should be able to take
2 to 3 days off, I think...
- What about you, Sayuri?
- I'm going to Hawaii again this year.
But I would actually prefer
to go to Paris though.
There it is. The disparity in society.
How nice. I won't be going anywhere.
I have 2 training camps to
attend at the cram school.
I'm envious of you, Haru.
You don't have to go to cram school.
Well, no.... um...
I'm not good at studying.
I have my own family circumstances.
Yuko-chan, open the door.
Let's play games.
Aunt Yuko, who lives nearby.
Ah, Haru. You see, today's a bit inconvenient...
I'll spend my whole summer
playing games here, I guess.
This is Haru-chan. My sister's child.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
An unfamiliar man...
- Oh yes. I'll go and buy some cigarettes.
- What?
- I'm going to buy some cigarettes.
- Eh, what?
- Cigarettes?
- Yes.
I see... take care.
- Take your time.
- Take care.
I'll be going.
- See you.
- See you.
Oh, keep this a secret from your mother.
Keep what a secret?
That you came here and saw an
unfamiliar man eating pizza.
- Your mother is really annoying.
- I got it.
- But Yuko-chan...
- Yes?
Who is he?
Tanaka-san. My lover.
We're going to live here together
from today. Keep that a secret too.
I got it.
Oh yes. I got a phone call
from your mother just now.
- She will be working overtime today.
- I got it.
I feel bad for you but...
I used to hate your mother and Asako-chan.
I mean, those two are extremely close and
I feel I can never get in between them.
You know what I mean?
Why can't we choose our own sisters?
I thought that many times.
- Do you still hate them?
- No.
- Unlike in the past, I don't hate them now.
- Why did it change?
I couldn't care less anymore.
If you ask me why...
It's because I came to like someone...
A person precious to me.
What's that? I don't get it at all.
I guess so...
[First day of summer vacation]
Hey, Haru. I'm going to buy some new clothes.
- What will you like?
- I'll leave it to you.
Sis, hurry up. The bargain sales are starting.
The one-piece dress that you want...
There are only 30 available.
Yes, yes. I know. Give me a moment.
After all, Mom will surely choose those
clothes with dull colours anyway.
The clothes that I really want to wear
are those which are slightly flashy...
The ones that Mom call vulgar clothes.
Yuko-chan's clothes today look good.
Let's go.
Ah, Haru. Don't laze around just
because it's the summer vacation.
- Finish up your drill exercises quickly.
- Yes~
Hey, Yuko. Don't let Haru play too many games.
- Yes~
- I'll be going. Coming! Thanks for waiting.
My sister is the same as ever.
- Haru, it's tough on you too.
- It can't be helped.
- Mom's personality is just like that.
- Ha ha ha... you're certainly right.
- About time I leave for part-time work too.
- Eh, you're leaving already?
The pizza shop is busy during
the summer vacation.
May I go to your house after
your part-time work ends?
- Sure. Oh, but my boyfriend will be there.
- It's fine. It's fine.
I don't dislike that person
who looks like a hedgehog.
A hedgehog, huh...
Please ensure you are properly hydrated
to protect yourself from having a heatstroke.
- Let's buy this from the beginning.
- You're right.
Shall I get an ice-cream?
Young lady, it's a hot day, huh.
Where are you going? Want to have a ride?
The air-conditioner is really cool...
You've grown taller.
I haven't grown any taller.
It's only been 2 months since you live separately.
If I've really grown taller,
I wouldn't be standing right in front
when we're lined up according to height.
You know that, don't you? Dad.
Is that so? I guess you're right.
- What's with this car?
- Hmm? Oh... this?
You see... I received it.
Hmm... good for you.
- By the way, Haru.
- What?
I'm going to kidnap you now.
You won't be able to go home for
a while. Be prepared for that.
Yeah, fine.
Summer vacation starts today anyway.
- I don't have anything planned.
- Alright.
Dad is always messing around like this.
Does he dislike being serious?
He often does such stupid things.
Haru... You lost the paper with
my phone number on it, didn't you?
You didn't call me at all.
I was worried.
- I've been busy too.
- Oh, I see...
The truth is I have no
intention of calling you.
It's troublesome and there's
nothing I can talk about.
Moreover, from quite a long time ago,
I've come to neither dislike
nor like this person.
I don't like this!
You can just do what you like!
Wait here. I'll give your Mom a call.
- Why?
- Huh? Like I said, I'm going to kidnap you.
I have to tell her and also discuss
the terms of our transaction.
- Transaction? Terms?
- Like I said, if she wants you back,
she has to do something.
That's what it means.
Mom doesn't have work today but
she went to a bargain sale with Asako-chan.
She's probably busy shopping
and won't answer the phone.
Besides, you know she won't
agree to that, don't you?
She will just get angry.
We don't have the money.
I didn't say that I will be asking for money.
Then, what will you be asking for?
That's... I can't tell you.
Well then, shall we eat this?
I shall partake...
It's good. As expected.
A hamburg steak is the best.
Hey, what are we going to do from now?
We are runaways.
The two of us shall go far away.
We have to run around here and there
so that our whereabouts won't be discovered.
Haru, where do you want to go?
The sea? Mountain? Hot spring?
- Ah, or...
- Department store. I want to go there.
I have the right to choose, don't I?
Yeah. I see. I guess you're right.
We have to go shopping too.
As if I'll go with you. After all,
I bet we're going back tomorrow.
I will announce my plans from now.
Firstly, we will buy some clothes from...
a department store in the suburbs
to prepare for a long battle.
Of course, price is no object.
Hmm... oh, it's cheap.
After that, we will hide in
a plain and inconspicuous inn.
I will then tell her mother, Kyoko, about
the kidnapping in a determined manner.
And bring up the terms of the transaction.
- Did Mom pick up the phone?
- Yes...
She probably got angry and said,
"Are you an idiot"! Right?
In order to quickly respond to Kyoko's timing
when she leaves for work, I have to wake up early.
- It's time for breakfast.
- Breakfast, it said!
We shall have breakfast without
attracting much attention...
And set off to a hideout to return the car.
Eh? Didn't you receive the car?
Who are you returning it to?
Could it be... an accomplice?
I don't really care but...
can't you do something about
that messy hair of yours?
It's embarrassing to be seen with you.
- Hey, kidnapper.
- Shh!
How long are you going to
mess around? Kidnapper.
Don't tell me the hideout
is in the mountains?
What's with this fishing pond shop?
A kidnapper's accomplice...
should be at a closed-down factory
or a dark basement, right...?
In the first place,
how long do we have to wait?
Eh? What? What was that?
This person looks scary.
Well, those should be enough.
Send the photos to Kyoko.
With a letter saying that her daughter is fine.
Nice to meet you. I'm Kanbayashi.
You're Haru-san, right?
Eh? That's his character?
What was that? Treating me like an adult.
Why are you getting nervous?
You shouldn't be saying,
"You're Haru-san, right?"
You're really funny.
Oh, I see. I see. During a time like this...
Do you want to have juice?
Somehow, he's kind...
Oh? What's wrong? Haru. Does your stomach hurt?
- Or do you want to go to the toilet? Toilet!
- Shut up!
Hey, hey. Don't lose your nerve.
- Shall I drive you to the the station?
- Yes, thank you.
Haru-san, actually...
I have met you before.
When you weren't even able to crawl.
I bought some hard cookies as gifts and
was laughed at by everyone as it was
still too early for you to eat them.
There's no way Haru could remember that.
You certainly bought the cookies.
It's the cookies incident.
I wonder if Mom is worried?
Thanks to your father,
I'm alive today.
Hey, here you go.
Well then, thanks for everything.
When you're in trouble,
please come and look for me anytime.
Hey, come on. Hurry up.
The train is going to leave soon.
Ah... jeez!
Somehow, I seem to remember...
Everyone was laughing.
I can't remember exactly where it was but...
Somehow, it felt warm.
Hey! Haru! Hurry up!
It's leaving! It's going to leave!
Dash dash dash! Dash! Dash!
Alright! Ah... that was close.
Kanbayashi is my friend from school.
He's a strange one, isn't he?
He used to be a salaried worker
but many things happened...
- Many things?
- Hmm... I can't find the right words.
Many things happen when you're an adult.
In any case, because of that, he quit his job
and is currently running a fishing
pond house in the mountains.
There aren't any kids around him so
he didn't know how to talk to you, I guess.
Don't change the subject, kidnapper...
Because you talked too much,
those warm feelings of mine have flown away.
Here it is! The kaki-peanut!
Haru. Haru.
Oh? Wait... last one. Last one.
I'm throwing it.
Can you do that?
Where are you bringing me
this time, kidnapper?
Thank you very much.
Could it be... the sea?
Your Dad thinks this is good too.
I mean... hey you, this isn't fair at all.
Suddenly calling me out...
it gave me a shock.
Couldn't you at least contact me earlier?
Eh? I won't tell you where.
As I said, you have to agree to my requests...
- That manjuu was good~
- As expected, it's really different.
- Right?
- It was good, right? Mama.
- Papa even ate 3 of them.
- So many?
It can't be helped. There are
delicious-looking manjuu in front of me.
That's why you're getting fat~
- Mama... my stomach hurts.
- Eh?
That's why I told you you shouldn't
eat so many sweets.
Are you an idiot?
What are you staring at?
- My poop is going to come out.
- You can hold it in until you reach the toilet.
Jeez, Kazu. You're noisy.
Why do you always get in the way?
It's fine, isn't it?
That's proof that he's alive.
- That's true but can you really hold it in?
- Can you?
- Don't poop in your pants.
- Tell me before that happens.
It'll be troublesome if that happens.
Are you alright? Can you go?
What's with that look in your eyes?
Did you think...
I'm envious of that family?
What a simple-minded person.
How nice. Everyone's going to the sea together.
I'm envious. They get along so well.
On the other hand, I've been kidnapped.
What a big difference.
You're right. It's a huge difference.
After all, you're alone with your kidnapper.
Oh? Are you angry again?
The sea! The sea!
Hey, you. This is the sea. It's not an izakaya.
[T/N: Izakaya = a type of informal Japanese gastropub]
Ah, the girl from just now.
- What's your name?
- Haru.
Hmm... I'm Chizu. It's a strange name, isn't it?
My brother's Kazu. What grade are you?
- I'm in 5th grade.
- Same as me. Where's your room?
The Maple Room.
Mine's the Camellia Room.
How long will you be here?
Two more days, I guess.
I'm going back tomorrow evening.
I dislike it... We're going back by car.
It's very cramped.
Kazu will cry while Mom will be
in a bad mood immediately.
Just by hearing the word "toilet",
she'll get angry.
Is the person with you just now your Dad?
No. He's just a relative. My uncle.
My parents are busy.
During the summer, they're unable
to bring me anywhere.
That's why I was placed in the care of my uncle.
Hmm... that happens often.
Haru, are your parents close?
Yes, they are.
When they don't have work, they go
out on dates and leave me alone.
Though they're old enough to know better.
Eh... any siblings?
I have a very kind elder sister.
She has middle school entrance exams next year
so she's staying at home to study.
I want to go to the same middle school as her but
I'm not really good at studying.
Oh, I see. You're not good at studying.
Eh? Ah... yes. Yes.
You see, I'm good at studying.
I've always been the top in class.
That's amazing.
Thank goodness...
There's something I'm better than you at.
Haru-chan, your parents are close
while mine have a terrible relationship.
Haru, have you ever seen a
divorce registration paper before?
- No.
- I have seen one...
Thrown away in a ball into the trash bin.
I may dislike Kazu but if
something happens at home,
Kazu is still young so...
I have to do something about it.
That's what I think.
I will protect Kazu.
Chi-chan! It's about time
we go to the hot spring!
- Let's go.
- Yes...
You'll be here for 2 more days, right?
Let's exchange addresses tomorrow.
- Yeah.
- Bye. See you tomorrow!
Your Dad and Kazu are waiting for us.
I'm sorry, Chizu.
The truth is my parents have
a terrible relationship too.
It will be great if we can
talk a lot more tomorrow.
I know about the money.
That's why you should listen to my opinion too.
Isn't it strange to push your
opinion on me all the time?
At this rate, I can't release Haru.
Haru, we're going to leave.
Eh? Why? Let's go to the sea again today.
I want to swim more.
Let's stay for one more day.
We have to go to other places.
Enough with the sea.
No. I want to swim more.
Didn't you say you'll bring me
to the places that I like?
I said this place is fine
so let's stay here longer.
Come on... Dad, please.
I hate this!
Does the sea feel good?
Haru. Haru. Um... the train
will be here in 5 minutes.
I'll go and buy the tickets. Wait here. Okay?
He's too selfish...
He suddenly appeared and
then dragged me around.
Haru! Haru! Haru!
I bought them! I bought them!
You're too selfish...
Someone... help me! Someone!
Please catch this person!
- Hey, what are you saying? Haru...
- I don't know him!
- He's a stranger!
- Stop it!
Someone, please help me!
- Please help me!
- Stop it!
- I want to go home!
- I said, stop it... You idiot!
- Someone, help me!
- No, no... It's not like that.
- No, no! Well, um... it's not like that.
- Please come with us.
No no no! She's... she's my child!
- Be quiet!
- My daughter! She's called Haru!
It's the truth. She's truly my daughter!
- Please keep quiet.
- I'm not lying!
Don't we look alike? If you don't
believe me, you can test my blood!
- Test my DNA! DNA!
- Keep quiet!
DNA, I said! Hey, wait!
Haru! Hey! What was that? Hey!
Hey, wait. Wait, wait...
The man you were with today...
When and where did you meet him?
Did he reach out to you?
Will you tell me?
You were with him at the train station...
Where were you all planning to go?
You can't... remember?
Here. Go ahead.
It's a hot day. How about drinking this juice?
I wasn't able to tell the truth...
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry...
Dad, this place looks expensive...
It's a wonder. A mystery.
Haru, shall we go swimming?
It's... nighttime though.
Because it's nighttime, it's good.
It feels good when you swim at night.
Okay? Let's go.
Come on, Haru. Come over here.
It's cold! Dad, how can this feel good!?
I'll die of a heart failure!
You liar! This is child abuse.
A little more... If you go further
from the coast, it will be warmer.
It will feel very good. Come on.
Dad. Dad. Dad. If we go any further, I'll drown...
I'll drown! I'll really drown.
I'm going to drown...
I'm going to drown... I'll drown. I'll drown...
Wow... it's warm. The sea feels soft, like jelly.
You see, I was very sad today.
I'm sorry.
I was looking forward to it though...
The katsudon in the interrogation room.
In those detective dramas on TV,
people eat katsudon in the
interrogation rooms.
I received orange juice.
That's because you're the victim
while I'm the kidnapper.
I could have saved on meal expenses
if they had given me katsudon. Right?
You're stingy, Dad.
- We're boarding. We're boarding!
- Are you alright?
It's gradually climbing up...
Hasn't that been decided already?
One chilled Chinese noodles.
Hey, Haru! Even if you go, you can't catch it.
- Mine is bigger.
- Ah... I lost.
- Alright, we've reached!
- Hey, what will we do about the tent?
It's alright. Your Dad will go and borrow a tent.
Hot. It's hot...!
It's hot!
This happened because you didn't
buy the fire lighter, Haru.
Eh, why? Why is that my fault?
- Ah... why?
- Why?
Ah... I can't do this anymore!
Take over for a bit.
I'm going to call your mother for a while.
I feel like I'm lacking oxygen...
What's with that beer?
It's expensive if you buy from here.
What happened to the transaction?
Well... somehow, I told her.
Do your best. Do your best, Haru-chan!
If you're going to say that, help me out instead.
Ah... it's disappearing!
- As I thought, I'm hopeless.
- Eh?
I can't even start a fire.
There's a trick to it. It's alright.
I remember how to start a fire.
And also, when we go shopping the next time,
I'll remember to ask you,
"You're not buying beer?"
- Hey, Dad.
- Yes?
Where did you borrow this tent from?
No, I didn't borrow it.
Eh! Then, how?
I got it in the woods.
The people who came here before
left behind the tent that
they won't use anymore.
It can still be used. What a waste.
Could it be that it wasn't left behind...
- but actually thrown away?
- Well, you could say that.
Ah... I shouldn't have consoled you.
As I thought, you're hopeless.
A hopeless adult.
The one that Dad picked up...
was a tent with a gaping hole.
- Dad.
- Yes?
Where did you meet Mom?
At an izakaya. Your mother went
drinking with her friends there
and came over to talk to me.
In other words, she hit on me.
- You're lying. It's the opposite, right?
- It's the truth. She was the one who...
asked me if I want to drink together.
Well, never mind. Let's just leave it as that.
The truth is probably the opposite.
Perhaps Dad was harassing Mom persistently.
He can't start a fire.
He's also bad at planning.
I bet Mom took pity on Dad like I did...
and said to him, "It's alright. I'll do it."
Ah, a star!
It's a shooting star, Dad.
Ah... come! Hurry up! Hurry!
I'm hungry...
Ah... it's cold!
Eh? This is a temple, you know.
It's a temple that provides lodging
to travellers in the boarding house.
The lodging fees are very cheap.
Don't tell me... no, without a doubt,
Dad is terribly poor.
The transaction with Mom
must be the ransom.
Um... excuse me.
Ah, hello. Um... I saw the flyer which says that
this place provides accommodation.
We already stopped providing
accommodation since 2 years ago.
- Eh? Eh...?
- But it's written here...
You see... we already called the
person-in-charge to say that we're stopping,
but I guess he made a mistake
and printed us on the flyer again.
Is the charge to stay for
one night written on the flyer?
It's 1,200 yen.
I see. Then, I'll accommodate you at that price.
I'll let you stay here specially just this time.
Thank you very much.
And um... after we had our breakfast,
we haven't eaten anything else today...
- Then...
- I shall partake.
- Delicious!
- This is seriously good.
I've never eaten such a
delicious onigiri before. Right?
Sorry to impose on you.
Um... why did you close the boarding house?
Even though you have such a fine place.
There was a rumour going around for a while.
A rumour?
I should tell you just in case...
It happened around 5 years ago, I guess.
During summer, huge crowds of
people came to stay here...
and it was very lively.
Children were having pillow fights
late at night on that day too.
The adults were drinking alcohol.
At midnight, it finally became quiet.
Oh no... this story is definitely
proceeding in a dangerous direction.
And then, from the entrance...
I heard an "Excuse me."
The voice was so soft that
I nearly thought I had imagined it.
When I went to the entrance,
a woman was standing there.
When I asked, "May I help you?"...
she said that her acquaintance is here
and that she was thinking of staying here too.
Since she had an acquaintance here,
I told her to come in...
I was concerned and when I sneaked a peak...
The woman was slowly, slowly...
looking at each person's sleeping face.
Like this... She was blowing on
their faces, one by one.
But it seemed that her
acquaintance wasn't around...
and so she left the main hall just like that.
I chased after her as I wanted to tell her,
"Even if your acquaintance isn't around,
it's fine for you to stay here"...
But she wasn't there.
I tried searching around the graves but...
she had disappeared...
That's enough.
I'm sorry. I just peed a little in my pants...
Haru. Haru. Let's have a test of courage.
Eh? No way! Never!
Don't worry. The old lady already
said that it's alright.
You have bad tastes...
Oh, is that so? Then, never mind.
I'll go by myself.
I wonder who the woman was searching for?
Probably her lover.
I bet she had promised to meet her
lover or had something to tell him.
She couldn't forget him.
Is she still searching for him today, I wonder?
Ouch, it hurts... Ouch ouch ouch!
It hurts, Haru. I said it hurts!
Oh? What's that...?
- Eh?
- Candles? No, I guess not.
I don't like this. I've had enough.
- They're not candles.
- Surely not...!
I'm going to pee in my pants again.
Haru, open your eyes.
They're not ghosts.
They're fireflies.
It's the first time I've seen live fireflies.
The small, glowing lights swell and disappear.
And then, they again glow and
then disappear into the night.
There was no music but
they looked like Christmas trees.
Quiet and beautiful.
Like it was a celebration that
didn't belong to this world.
I'm also thinking about it properly.
The biggest problem here is
that you're not cooperative.
What did you say?
You're not listening to me at all.
In any case, you have to consider
what's best for Haru and decide.
This isn't a problem just between us.
- The woman didn't come last night, right?
- She didn't!
Wow! You finished everything up.
Thank you.
Thank you for the meal.
This is what I think.
Whether the people are alive or dead,
the feelings that people have
for others never change.
Thank you.
I have a bad feeling about this...
He's been on the phone
for almost 20 minutes.
Spicy! This has too much of an adult taste.
What? Are you hungry?
The transaction is successful.
You're so silly... It's 10 years
too early for you to have wasabi.
Well, in any case,
the transaction is successful.
With that, I no longer have
the right to restrain you.
I have to send you back to
Kyoko immediately.
Well, I promised her after all.
But there's just one problem.
Are you going to say...
you want to be with me?
"I may have promised your mother
but let's run away together".
I felt as though Dad would say that.
In other words... I don't have the
money to take the train from here.
Haru. What is it? What's wrong?
Huh? Are you alright?
You... have blisters?
They look painful.
Alright, come on! Here.
Alright, alright!
You've become heavier.
- Dad.
- Yes?
What was the transaction about?
Haru... sorry about this.
I pressed my cheek against Dad's back.
Dad, your transaction is successful.
Are you happy now?
Isn't it a bit too early?
It's fine. Sasaki wakes up early.
Yes, everyone. Please gather around.
Everyone, please gather.
It's time for breakfast.
Good morning. Your Papa always says it.
A greeting is important.
In order to facilitate communication,
it's necessary. Yes, here.
Haruna, please come here.
In the end, Dad decided to
borrow money from his friend.
Oh my... oh my, Taka-chan.
Sorry about this, Nori-chan.
Sorry to come so early in the morning.
Nice to meet you. I'm Nori-chan.
Oh, that's Haruna over there.
- The one at the top is Beckham.
- Beckham.
- That jet-black one is Matsuzaki.
- Matsuzaki.
Why does only one cat have a surname?
Hmm? I mean, look. It has the
face of a Matsuzaki, doesn't it?
No matter how you look at it, it's a Matsuzaki.
If that's the case, Haruna looks like a Kondo.
[T/N: Kondo Haruna is a comedian (part of Harisenbon).]
[T/N: Kondo Haruna is a comedian (part of Harisenbon).]
Amazing. We really call her Kondo Haruna.
[T/N: Kondo Haruna is a comedian (part of Harisenbon).]
- It's true. Amazing!
- Amazing.
Sasaki-san and Nori-san,
where did you become friends with Dad?
Sasaki-kun and your Dad were
classmates in school,
while I got to know him slightly later.
Oh, is that so?
Nevertheless, he hasn't changed at all.
Taka-chan, I mean.
- He's really a hopeless father.
- No, that's not it.
As usual, he's as charming as ever.
I wanted to say that.
Eh... you're kidding, right?
- It's not like that at all.
- No, that can't be.
You see, I... know quite a bit about your father.
- After all, he was my ex-lover.
- Eh?
Eh? Does that mean Dad was your ex-boyfriend?
Haru-chan, you really feel like
Taka-chan's child. You're cute.
Just like your father.
Somehow... I don't like that.
If... If Dad had married this person,
I wouldn't exist...
- Hey, don't you think it's amazing?
- What?
- That I met Tanaka-san.
- Why?
I mean, I just happened to choose
to work part-time at that pizza shop.
But because I chose that place,
I met him, who went there as a customer.
- It's amazing, isn't it?
- Is that so?
It is. It totally is.
Hey. Do you know what this kind
of encounter is called?
What is it called?
It's called a miracle.
The train is arriving at Platform 1.
Please step back from the yellow line.
What's wrong?
Dad, I have a bit of savings.
I don't really use the New Year's money
which I received every year.
Mom always deposited it at the post office.
So perhaps I may have quite a bit
of money. You can use it.
That's why... let's continue to run away!
I'll call Mom. I'll tell her
to send me my savings passbook.
She will probably say that she won't
but I'll threaten her to send it.
- That's why...
- Shh!
Let's run away.
There's no need for us to run away anymore.
Some people should be alighting
at the next station...
When that happens, let's sit down.
I'm surely going to be a worthless adult.
I'm surely going to be a worthless adult.
I'm dragged around by a
selfish parent like you,
who doesn't even take care of my needs.
Until yesterday, a delicious-looking
food was dangling in front of me,
but then, it was suddenly taken away.
"Yes, it all ends today."
When I'm being told that,
I'm really going to become a worthless adult.
Selfishly dragging me around
because of your own circumstances...
It's Dad and Mom's fault.
It's all your fault!
I... I am a worthless adult.
However, the fact that I
became a worthless adult... no one else's fault.
I don't think it's anyone's fault.
Because it's my own fault.
Like you said... I'm selfish.
But no matter how selfish,
irresponsible and hopeless I may be,
if you become a worthless adult,
it's not because of that!
It will be your own fault!
I don't like... the way you think!
It's detestable and uncool!
I'm not trying to run away from
my own responsibilities.
Haru, when things don't go well
for you in the future, and...
if you blame it on someone else
every time, that is just so sad...
Even if things don't go the way you wish,
there are times when you have to accept it.
No matter how painful it is...
You have no choice but to accept it...
For the past couple of days,
I had a lot of fun.
Haru, being with you was fun.
Me too... I had fun too.
It really... was fun.
Come and kidnap me again, okay?
Strangely, Dad looked like he was glowing.
Somehow, he was cool...
Whatever was the transaction
between Dad and Mom...
In the end, I never knew what it was, but...
I don't care about that anymore.
He's always waving his hand like a fool...
That kidnapper...
I think I like him very much, after all.