Kidnapping Stella (2019) Movie Script

We need your father's email address.
Stay calm.
Your father's email address.
Do you understand?
Breathe calmly. In and out.
Your father's email address.
Your father's email address.
Martin... M...
And the mobile phone number.
Mobile phone number.
Is everything okay?
Put her cell with the other stuff.
We might still need it.
Check every ten minutes.
Lock the door behind me.
Help. Help me!
Was the email correct?
No reply.
Is she all right?
Yes, all good.
She needs to drink.
You need fluids.
We'll take out the gag so you can drink.
When we do that,
we don't want you to bite, spit or scream.
Otherwise, we'll have to sedate you
and do it a different way.
Nod if you've understood this.
We don't want to hurt or kill you.
But we're ready to do so at any time.
You got that?
I will now take the gag out.
Are you going to scream?
Help! Hey!
Nobody will hear you.
Nobody will help you.
We're the only ones
who can get you out of here.
We're your only friends now.
Look at me.
You understand?
Will you scream
when I move my hand?
Very good.
We'll look after you.
When you need to use the bathroom,
do this:
One finger for peeing, two for number two.
Eat. You need energy.
- I'm not hungry.
- Doesn't matter, eat.
Tom, please eat.
No, I really can't.
I said I'm not hungry.
You'll eat now.
I said I'm not hungry.
You haven't eaten in nine hours.
You worked hard, but you're not hungry?
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
You have to be honest or this won't work.
- Yes.
- You know how long I've planned this.
I'm just not hungry.
If you're not hungry, your emotions
are suppressing your appetite.
Which means you're thinking too much.
About whether we're doing
everything right.
Whether we've made a mistake
that will send us back to prison.
Whether she can identify us,
because then we're screwed.
We'd have to kill her.
Or you're becoming soft,
now that we're really doing it.
You have doubts. You wonder
whether we should let her go. Now.
End it before it gets too complicated
to stop. Now while we still can.
Forget it, okay?
Forget it.
You and I will push through this.
It's like prison.
You can't get out anymore.
This is the plan
and the plan is happening now.
Doubting it is bullshit
and you know that. Say it.
We will do this.
- We will do this.
- Say it again.
We will do this.
Now eat. It will be a long night.
What will you do with the money?
None of your business.
Okay. It's starting.
Check every ten minutes, okay?
The gag isn't safe
and we don't want her to choke, right?
And lock the door behind me.
I can't!
Please give me some privacy.
Could you go outside?
Then turn around.
Stop. Give me the gun.
Set me free or I'll shoot you.
Okay, calm down.
I'll give you the keys.
- Throw them over here.
- Wait.
- Throw them over here.
- Calm down. I'll give them to you.
- Stop right there.
- Take them, here.
Take them.
No! Stop right there!
- Take them.
- Stop!
Give me the gun.
What are you doing here?
Give it to me.
Wait. You did this?
Are you serious?
You know exactly why.
You ruined my life.
So you kidnap me?
Let me go.
Let me go!
No, the plan has started.
Now give me the gun.
Okay, Tom.
- Wait a second.
- Give me the gun.
Wait, I have to tell you something. Tom!
It's your fault. You left me alone.
And shut your face.
If Vic finds out that we know each other,
if he notices anything, you're dead.
Hey. Did everything work out?
Is she okay?
She's fine, I was just in there.
He doesn't want to pay.
He will.
You have to sleep.
What? I can't sleep now.
You need to rest.
Tomorrow will be exhausting.
And who will check?
Lie down.
If you say so.
Sleep well.
Wake up.
Get up, I need you now.
She might bleed.
Stay focused.
Okay, but...
Just stay focused.
Get the camera.
No matter how well you're prepared,
unexpected things can happen at any time.
You then have to improvise
and make the best out of the situation.
Or you have a plan B.
We have a plan B.
Your father doesn't want to pay.
So, we will show him again exactly
what this is about.
We will...
amputate your left pinky finger
just above the middle joint.
- No!
- It will hurt.
But it's not life-threatening.
You won't lose much blood
and we will store the finger
in here, cooled.
The finger can be sewn on again
within 24 hours.
If your father pays.
No! No!
Turn the camera on.
Please don't!
Tell your father.
Tell your father.
They'll cut my finger off.
Please do as they say.
Help me, Dad.
Please don't. No.
Dad, I love you and I'm sorry
we fought so often.
Please help me.
Dad! Dad, I'm pregnant.
Four months pregnant.
Please don't leave me alone.
Please don't leave me alone.
Please help me.
Please don't!
I think that's enough.
- Don't do that again.
- What?
I decide.
But we had what we needed.
Hello... Hello, Dad...
No! Dad... I'm pregnant.
Four months pregnant.
Help me!
Please don't! Please! Do as they say.
It works.
She was a great choice.
You need vitamins.
Your mask.
You need to eat.
This is minestrone.
It's still hot.
I want him to feed me.
I'll do it.
Come on.
This will be over soon.
What is it?
What's up?
You see?
If you play along, it's easier.
What are you doing?
Go back.
What are you doing?
Give me that.
I told you to give me that.
Tie her up again.
What's wrong?
Something's wrong.
No, I'm just a little nervous.
Because of the excitement.
You need to stay focused, Tom.
I am.
- Completely.
- You sure?
I'm 100 percent fine.
Pull yourself together.
Where are you going?
For a piss. Is that okay?
Tom, what's wrong?
Nothing. Everything's okay.
You sure?
Yes. I'll be done in a second.
Open the door!
What are you doing?
Open the goddamn door!
I'm coming in.
What the fuck?
Why didn't you open the door?
I was worried.
I told you. I was almost done.
I couldn't get rid of it.
I thought you only had to pee.
I thought so, too.
I can't smell anything.
My digestion is fine.
Damn, my shit just doesn't stink.
It's the adrenaline.
Having to shit suddenly and the bitter
taste in your mouth. It's the adrenaline.
I used to have it. All the time.
It will stop. Relax.
I'll send him the video,
then I'll call him
and tell him the details.
Then it will start.
Once I'm back, we have to act quickly.
We'll take her out
and downstairs to the van.
In two days, this shit will be over.
For good.
It will be over.
We'll be free and rich.
Sounds good.
We'll pull it off.
- Yes.
- Sure?
Why are you lying?
- What?
- The pregnancy.
Why should I believe that shit?
Forget it.
Tom, wait.
Feel it.
Feel it.
Feel it.
Sometimes I can already feel it.
A little.
Can you feel something?
I feel nothing.
Because there is nothing.
Because you are lying again.
- Tom.
- Shut up.
And why didn't you tell me?
Because I didn't want to.
Because you had disappeared again.
Running around with someone, as always?
And then you were gone for good.
In prison.
Where is the other guy?
He's gone.
Calling someone.
When will he be back?
Half an hour. Maybe sooner.
- You didn't tell him we know each other?
- Of course not.
I told him I read your name
in an article about your father.
He loved it and said you were perfect.
Wealthy father, female, young, only child.
- You fulfilled all the criteria.
- Criteria?
Vic has been planning this forever.
He talked about nothing else in jail.
When we got out,
we started looking for a victim.
And you suggested me?
Have you gone completely mad? What? Why?
I was in jail.
I was waiting for you every fucking day.
No visit, no explanation, nothing!
Fuck you, Stella!
I should have known not to trust you.
Open your eyes for once, Tom!
It's always somebody else's fault.
You promised
you would stop with all this shit.
The burglaries, your fucked-up friends.
And then suddenly the cops
come to my place and arrest you.
That's when you said you'd help me.
Well, what should I have done?
When I found out I was pregnant,
I knew you were not good for me
or the child.
And I know you. You can't be trusted, Tom.
As soon as there is a problem,
you're gone.
Exactly. But with that kind of money,
I can leave for good.
That's the plan? That's shit.
Shall I apply for something
with prison on my CV and work my way up?
Forget it.
But your father is a rich asshole who
doesn't even spend money on his daughter.
Not even for her ransom.
How will we get out of here?
Tom, what about our child?
Stop it. You don't even
believe it yourself.
Okay, then take a look.
Look at the doctor's appointments
on my cell phone.
Forget it.
If I put the battery in there,
the police can locate it.
But obviously you know that, too.
Wait a second.
Stella, are you okay?
Come on, sit up.
No, please don't!
Stella, please don't do that.
I'm sorry, okay?
No. Stella! Please don't!
Stella, stay here!
Stella, come back!
Stella, stay here!
Stella, you're killing both of us!
Berlin Police.
- Hello?
- Stella!
I was kidnapped.
My name is Stella Mertens.
I'm locked up.
Can you locate the call?
I don't know where I am.
No, you have to come now! Right away.
He'll come back soon. He'll kill me.
No! There is no time.
- Stella?
- Can you hear me?
Okay. I think I can get to the key.
Stella, I know I screwed up.
Shut up.
I was just so angry.
You are mad.
You kidnap me
and want to cut off my finger?
I don't know you.
Lie down.
Just do as we say.
Then nothing will happen.
Just stop lying.
- I thought you weren't coming back.
- What?
Everything okay?
She puked with the gag in her mouth.
Probably because of the food.
But I realized early enough.
She's sleeping now.
Did you talk to the father?
Did he get the video?
Tell me.
The time has come.
He has the money?
All we need are the coordinates.
We need to get her to the boathouse.
When will it start?
Now. The father will pay.
Yes, great.
I was really nervous.
I didn't expect that.
But we pulled it off together. Straight.
And tomorrow we'll have four million.
We'll never see each other again. A pity
almost. But can you imagine four million?
Not really.
I'm going to go to Mexico.
With the money.
I know someone there. An old friend.
He showed me a picture once.
He lives right on the Pacific Ocean.
It's always sunny there.
Sounds good.
If you want to...
Think about it.
Let's end this.
It's starting.
Where did you get this?
Where did you get this? Tell me.
I don't know.
The police.
You called the police.
Will the fucking police come?
You called the fucking police.
- No.
- Tell me the truth.
Tell me the truth.
No! How? I'm tied up.
Why would he give you the cell phone?
I don't know.
Tell me.
Tell me the truth.
- Why would he give you the cell phone?
- I don't know.
How do you know his name?
EXI - You know each other.
- No.
No, he only told me his name
to calm me down.
He gave you the cell.
I didn't give it to you
and you're tied up.
Shut up. I need to think.
What happened here?
How did this get here?
How did the bullet end up in the wall?
Who shot here?
Tell me who shot here or I'll kill you.
I did. I shot.
I had to go to the bathroom
and he uncuffed me.
We had a fight and I managed
to take the gun away from him.
So why are you still here then?
Because he overpowered me
and cuffed me to the bed again.
He is my ex-boyfriend.
He didn't tell you, right?
Do you know my name?
What's my name?
I don't know.
He told you.
He didn't tell me your name.
- Yes, he did.
- No.
Say my name.
Say my name.
You're out of breath.
I ran up the stairs.
Shall we check her gag again?
I just did.
You did?
Is she okay?
What are you doing?
We want it to work when we need it, right?
Tom, explain something to me...
Why did you pick her?
I didn't pick her. You did.
But you suggested her. Why?
You know exactly why.
I saw the newspaper article.
You saw it as well.
What is this about?
Something is not right.
What do you mean?
Well, she was acting weird.
What did she say?
Why should she have said anything?
You just said she was weird.
But I didn't say that she said something.
What would she say?
Probably nothing.
Come here.
Tom, come here.
Tell me that we're honest with each other.
Tell me that we're honest with each other.
We're honest with each other.
Get the anesthetic.
Are you checking the coordinates again?
Let's go.
Give me your keys.
Why? You have your own.
You don't need them anymore.
Is that a problem?
No, no problem.
Let's go.
To get the money.
The plan was that I stay here.
I need you at the handoff
in case of any surprises.
What kind of surprises?
Tom, if I knew,
they wouldn't be surprises.
- But...
- What?
What if something happens to us
and we don't come back?
We will come back.
But what if we won't? She'd die here.
If we don't make it,
who cares what happens to her?
It's better if we kill her anyway.
Because if not, she will always
be able to identify our voices.
If she's dead, she can't. Right?
Let's go.
My shoe.
Is the money already there?
It is.
Go get it.
- What if they're waiting for us?
- They're not.
- But...
- Go.
Get the money.
Vic, the money isn't here.
They screwed us over.
They didn't screw us over.
But why is the money not here then?
I sent them different coordinates.
Vic, wait!
What did she tell you?
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
Please don't do this.
She's pregnant with my baby.
What did you say about me?
Did you tell her my name?
Only your first name
and that we know each other from prison.
I asked you whether we're honest
with each other.
You don't have to do this.
We'll go ahead as planned. We'll pick up
the money and you'll never see me again.
Forget it. You screwed up.
This is the consequence.
- Close your eyes.
- Wait, Vic!
- Close your eyes.
- Wait!
Do you remember
when we first met in prison?
I was so scared and you protected me.
You helped me.
I'll never forget that.
Help me! Help!
Let's end this.
It's almost over.
Everything will be over.
The poison will stop your breathing.
Then you'll die quickly.
Stay calm.
Stay calm.
Stay calm.
Calm down!
It'll hurt for a brief moment
and then you won't feel anything anymore.
What do you still want here?
Her death is your fault.
And her child's death, too.
I don't understand you, Tom.
I thought we'd do this together.
I trusted you.
I liked you.
But you ruined everything.
I have something to tell you.
I don't care anymore.
Yes, you do.
Screw you.
Tom! The keys, Tom.
The keys, Tom!