Kidon (2013) Movie Script

Sole, wake up.
Why are you still here?
5 more minutes...
You have to wake up, Sole.
We fell asleep. It's 4am.
No, it's not.
No, it's not.
Shit Daniel, I can't believe it!
You promised to wake me up!
This is the tenth time.
Happy anniversary...
We met one month ago today.
You're so cute when you want...
I know.
-What've we got?
-Israeli papers got this 30 min ago.
European newspapers as well.
The Dubai police
is holding a press conference at 7am.
Ask the police
to send us a liaison officer.
Hi, Ofer. ltzik.
-Did you talk to the CIA?
-They're clueless.
MI6 too.
Get me the head of special relations.
Yair Yitzhaki.
Ephraim, this is classified:
The newspapers are wrong.
I repeat: wrong.
Now, we wait.
The three men and the woman
are assassins working for the Mossad.
On this tape,
two are at the Dubai Airport
going through passport control
with false European identities.
This tape shows
two men dressed as tennis players,
following the victim into the elevator.
Here, the four
leave the victim's room
after the alleged murder,
before leaving the country unpunished.
A Palestinian named Mahmoud El Mabhouh.
Mahmoud El Mabhouh, a Hamas leader...
...known for his ties
with the Iranian regime,
...survived an attempt on his life
by the Mossad
in Amman 4 years ago.
Do you think the Dubai police
have enough evidence
to accuse the Mossad?
When something happens
in the Arab world,
they blame the Mossad.
Sorry, but it's obvious.
Just look at the signs.
It's all there.
Look at their faces on the tapes...
If it is the Mossad,
someone will pay a heavy price.
Still in Dubai,
the choice of the nuclear power plants
contractor is imminent.
France and the US
have been competing fiercely
for several months,
and neither
seems willing to give in.
This could very well be
the contract of the century,
valued at tens of billions of Euros.
Good morning to you too.
Well, I'm off.
Sammy, let's go!
Good morning, everyone.
-Good morning, how are you?
-Fine, and you?
Thanks. Can you add this on my tab?
The difference
between man and animal
isn't so much
the fact that we can talk,
but that we can lie and cheat.
And admittedly,
our true heroes
are the ones who do it best.
Moses told his people he knew the way,
and lost them in the desert
for 40 years.
And what did we do?
We made him our number one prophet.
But relax, it's not only the Jews.
Odysseus used the wooden-horse trick,
Columbus said he'd discovered America,
George Bush
said Iraq had the A-bomb,
and Obama
claims he wasn't born in Kenya.
Everyone's deceiving everyone
and we continue to applaud.
But if you ask me,
if God hadn't wanted us to run,
he shouldn't have given us legs.
Shit! Shit! Shit...
What is now known
as the Mabhouh Affair
is the first secret service operation
caught on tape by security cameras.
Mahmoud El Mabhouh
died of a heart attack
in his Dubai hotel room last month...
I still have time. I'm on it.
I'll call you later.
Are you coming in?
You're Lankry's replacement, right?
How sharp!
I understand why you're in the Mossad.
Lieutenant Orna Maimon.
Shimon's on vacation.
I know you always keep your mouths shut,
but we are very proud of you.
Look, Ms. Maimon, we have work to do.
So make yourself coffee, do a crossword,
and, for questions, ask lrit.
-What's this?
-Your agents' files.
What agents? They're not ours.
I brought everything.
I said, "Orna, it's your first time."
-"Make a good impression."
-Do you speak Hebrew?
They're not ours.
No one here knows those clowns.
-Can I go on?
-I'm listening.
What do I do with this?
It's a touch screen.
We don't have these in the force...
Daniel Levi.
38, born in France.
Profession: Counterfeiter.
His favorite sting is selling
fake archaeological treasures
to museums and collectors.
See you soon, sweetie.
I promise.
Two years ago, he made headlines
"finding" Jesus' grave.
You must remember.
Recently, he sold a copy
of the Code of Hammurabi,
which sent him straight to prison.
He got out 3 months ago.
Eric Fliman, "the Doctor."
50 years old.
Respected professor
at the University of Brussels.
A reputed chemist.
Accused of sexual harassment
by a student in 1999.
He found himself
a Jewish grandmother,
became religious
and moved to Israel in 2004.
Within 6 years,
he became the "Madam" of Tel Aviv.
Today he owns several whorehouses
and counterfeits Viagra pills.
Antoine Simon, also French,
20 years old.
AKA "Facebook."
Computer whiz.
Known hacker.
Forges credit cards for a living.
More dangerous with a PC
than Nasrallah with a ballistic missile.
Last but not least,
Einav Schwartz.
A real beauty.
We don't have much on her.
Never been arrested.
A 25 year-old student.
Customs says
they're all currently in the country.
I want their photos
compared to all our files:
foreign agents,
pro-Palestinian activists,
anyone we deem a problem.
Send the Shaback to their addresses.
Mr. Ambassador...
Do I know you?
You could say that.
I hope you're not here to kill me,
there must be CCTV all around.
I do only one job per month.
What do you want?
I need to get out of the country.
Why should I take such a risk?
I can give you the names
of all Mossad agents in France.
You must be in deep shit.
What's going on?
Are they blaming you
for the Dubai fiasco?
I must leave the country today.
I have a French passport, if that helps.
You understand I need this approved.
How do I contact you?
I'll be contacting you.
Well. I'll be at the residence from 5pm.
It's a dinner party.
Dress nice!
-French Embassy.
Get the minister on a secure line.
It's going down.
It's started!
The camera outside Levi's,
we pulled and enhanced
all data for the last 30 days.
This is Nimrod, our computer whiz.
Anything interesting?
Levi's partners showed up twice.
The girl alone 16 times.
Anything else?
This woman visited him 22 times.
This is from yesterday at 11 pm.
She left at 4:30am.
Where did this taxi drop her off?
1 Toulouse Street, in Jaffa.
At the French ambassador's?
Why won't you answer my calls?
I can't talk now. I'll call you later.
Don't you think
you owe me an explanation?
I said later!
This was 5 minutes ago.
Mrs. Garnier called a number
over 20 times until it answered.
Why won't you answer my calls?
I can't talk now. I'll call you later.
Don't you think
you owe me an explanation?
I said later!
Later my ass, you son-of-a-bitch!
Sweet-talking scumbag!
Okay, listen.
There's a cafe on Kedem street.
Be there in 30 minutes.
We have an ID.
The first voice is Mrs. Garnier.
It was easy, we have all diplomats
and embassy personnel in the system.
With the other one, we got lucky.
We have his voice sample
because we tried to recruit him in '96.
Look... It's Levi!
Elite soldier,
wounded twice in Lebanon...
The ideal Mossad agent.
But the psychologists vetoed him,
despite the recruiter's recommendation.
Who was that?
Ariel Palmoch.
-Who's this?
-Yeah, who is he?
A former Mossad employee.
Irit, get Udi his file.
Ever notice that "Thou shall not lie"
is only the 9th commandment?
Since the first 3
are related to God himself,
I guess they're organized
in order of importance,
as if God himself was saying
that lying is forbidden,
but it's not that bad.
So I wonder,
if the 9th Commandment
is kind of shaky,
how can the 10th be taken seriously?
You know the 10th...
"Thou shall not covet
your neighbor's wife."
What am I?
An assignment? A target?
Why would you say that?
Why would I say that?
We've been fucking daily for a month.
So either you're jobless
or your job is to sleep with me.
And today's paper says you have work.
It's not that simple.
I have to know. Are all the men
I've slept with here Mossad agents?
Do you exchange tips?
Tell me. What is it?
A competition to have sex
with the most diplomats' wives?
You thought you're the only one?
I'm leaving the country...
-For a long time.
-Great, send me a postcard.
Would you leave your husband
and come with me?
Is that what you came here for?
To ask me to leave him for you?
I must be dreaming.
You're right.
I don't know what came over me.
Why leave a man you don't love
and who doesn't love you
for a lover who does?
What do you know of my marriage?
Just because I sleep with you?
Daniel, you're the perfect lover.
Because outside of bed,
you're totally useless.
Oh, yeah?
So why did you want so much
to meet me now?
Solene, wait!
They're on the move. Arrest him.
And her?
Why would we arrest her? Cheating?
Look at me, please.
Mr. Levi,
would you please come with us.
Excuse me.
Good morning.
3 hours since
Mabhouh's killing was made public.
The Israeli government
hasn't commented yet.
Experts agree it looks like
the work of the Mossad's Kidon Units.
What's "Kidon?"
It's our killing unit.
"Kidon" is a Mossad unit
run by Ofer.
Only Ofer, who's not here right now,
knows its members,
who themselves don't exist,
and I didn't tell you.
So if these guys, who aren't yours,
did work for you,
they'd be from this non-existent unit,
which is run by that autist
who's not here, right?
Something like that.
Well, it sounds like
they're very much one of yours.
May l?
Thank you.
"Sarkozy" is here.
-I'm coming.
-That's not necessary.
Mr. Itzhaki, I'm here because
the law requires my presence
when you question an Israeli citizen.
So actually, you're coming with me.
So, I'm playing good cop.
Good morning, Mr. Levi.
Why the brutality? We did it for you!
Empty your pockets, please.
That too.
This too?
Tell us, Levi,
if you really did it for the Mossad,
why did you try to run?
I don't like cops.
Start talking.
-Where's Ariel?
-Excuse me?
Ariel Palmoch?
What's he got to do with this?
I'm not talking to anyone except him.
-Where's Palmoch?
-He'll be here in 30 min.
It's a wonder that drunk took the call.
He'll be here in 30 min.
I missed this!
Got everything you need?
You know Itzik and Ofer,
Udi Ganz, the PM's military secretary,
Orna Maimon, the police liaison...
Yair, I remind you I used to work here
and that's not exactly
a nurse's uniform.
Orna Maimon!
When I left the service you were deputy
prosecutor of Jerusalem,
and now a Mossad liaison!
Any connection to your affair
with Commissioner Mirro Cohen?
What? I never...
Who cares?
-Okay, Itzik...
We arrested this man.
He asked for you.
Daniel Levi.
Good memory, after 16 years.
-Actually, I saw him very recently.
-At an AA meeting?
No! When l...
recruited him for Dubai.
You son-of-a-bitch!
Back then,
I said you should be jailed, not fired.
So it really was the Mossad?
It was me.
But they think
they did it for the Mossad!
Amusing, huh?
Why put together such a mission?
I'm not exactly authorized
to run official missions anymore.
Mr. Palmoch!
Ms. Maimon.
Please, Ms. Maimon.
Itzik, you too.
A month ago, an old source told me
Mabhouh was planning
a trip to Dubai... Solo.
I guess it has something to do with
what happened in Amman?
Mr. Ganz,
for the past 4 years
my life has been about
what happened in Amman.
Why not tip the Mossad?
And then what?
They would've made up excuses!
"Dubai is friendly territory,
it's too risky,
Mabhouh isn't worth risking
our contracts with the Emirates!"
Weird guy that Palmoch!
Don't be mistaken,
he's the greatest fighter we ever had.
Doesn't look like a fan club downstairs.
4 years ago in Amman,
Palmoch and 4 agents
tried to kill Mabhouh.
The local police stepped in.
One agent was wounded...
another was killed.
It ended Palmoch's career.
Why? Was it his fault?
Come on, it's time to go back in.
What happened? They miss us?
Better yet. Palmoch is cooperating.
Where's Levi's team?
In one of Fliman's whorehouses.
This address wasn't in your files!
Hello, Daniel.
Finally you're here.
They're treating me like a criminal.
Things are more complicated
than you think.
It wasn't a job for the Mossad.
But cooperate with them
and you'll be fine.
We're going in.
Positive ID for Fliman and Simon,
but the girl's missing.
Put cameras 2, 1 and 4 in a loop.
Ofer, go!
Mr. Levi.
Let's start with your team.
The first one I contacted was Eric.
For the passports and the poison.
I don't know, Daniel.
I'm a respectable businessman now.
What about the 3 months
I did for you?
How long are you gonna make me pay?
3 passports, 48 hours.
48 hours?
Go ask David Copperfield!
48 hours.
3 passports.
I only see 2 photos.
Who's the third?
I'm taking you to Dubai. Smile!
Who's the kid?
Facebook. That's my name.
Like a face,
and a book.
Bernard and Bianca
said you need a hacker.
It's for a job overseas.
ln Dubai, to be precise.
I'll need access to some rooms,
a safe and data systems...
I don't need a guy who can hack my mail.
I need someone
who can hack Fort Knox.
Is that all?
See the CCTV up there?
What do you prefer?
It's up to you.
Be there tomorrow, 8pm.
Ok but, who pays the juice?
And the girl?
Who is she?
Einav was Eric's idea.
We need a girl.
You know it's not a vacation,
and there are tons of women there.
If your genius can't do the job,
we'll need a Trojan horse.
And your pretty ass won't help.
And you think he likes women?
That girl, anybody would fall for her.
You called me, boss?
So you procured 4 passports,
for you, Daniel, Facebook
and the girl, in less than 48 hours?
Tell us.
It's not that hard.
You just need to find people
who look enough like you
and borrow their passport.
Einav was the hardest,
but I found one in the end.
Call the police, I caught the thief.
Hello, I'm Yariv Moses,
with hotel security.
This man is a professional thief.
-Are you guests of the hotel?
-Yes, Barrot, room 139.
-139... and the children?
-Room 137.
137... The police will be here shortly,
they'll want to take down
your statement.
-Yes, we'll wait.
I didn't do anything! Hands off!
How about a weekend in Dubai, Ms...
Valerie Barrot?
Now, Dubai.
Daniel had booked us
on separate flights.
With stopovers in Europe.
We all reached Dubai
within the space of a few hours.
Daniel and Einav
waited for Mabhouh at the airport.
He was to arrive
on Emirates' flight AQ912 at 2:50pm.
Eric and Facebook
took position at the Bustan Hotel.
Stop it!
Daniel walked in
moments before Mabhouh.
Eric and I were in the lobby as backup.
Once Daniel was in position,
Mabhouh entered the hotel.
Ahmad Allabi.
What was most important for us
was to know his room number
so we could get one next door.
He introduced himself
as Ahmad Allabi,
but Daniel
didn't get his room number.
So what did you do?
We improvised.
For sure he spotted us, you moron!
I was over discreet!
What doesn't fit is you
and your scrawny chicken legs!
You're not credible as an athlete,
Who's dumb idea was this?
It was mine!
Eric gave me the room number
and I booked the room next door.
Facebook had hacked
the hotel's systems.
The plan was to wait for Mabhouh
to leave his room.
He left for dinner at 7:30
and Daniel followed him.
I was to open his room for Eric.
But people kept interrupting us...
So we sent in the Trojan horse.
I love this job.
When Mabhouh got into the shower,
Einav let us into the room.
Mabhouh was so drunk,
it was easier than planned.
Eric injected him and we left.
Stupid Russian bitch!
It all checks out.
The customs, the plane tickets...
everything fits.
-You check with the hotel?
I don't like this.
Their stories match up too well.
-So what do we do?
The girl is at the airport.
She bought a ticket to Sao Paulo.
I'll handle her alone.
Your feminine touch worries me.
have a seat.
Ms. Schwartz,
I want to verify your details.
You're 25.
You live with your mother.
Your father died of cancer
2 years ago.
You're a student
at Tel Aviv University.
Does your mom know
how you bought your Mini Cooper?
And how you paid for your vacation
in Los Angeles 3 months ago?
I don't do that anymore.
I'm sure she'll be happy
you're no longer a whore.
You can't talk to my mom.
Not only can I talk to her,
I can send you to prison
for prostitution.
What is it, Einav?
You're in love with him?
Did he say
you'd be together from now on?
You don't understand a thing.
I think...
you don't understand.
What's this?
Who is this woman?
During the last month
you went to see Levi 16 times,
she went to see him 22 times.
Not good for Israeli girls' reputation.
This was last night!
What a scumbag.
They're all scumbags, sweetie.
Understand that,
you understand it all.
I don't want a beauty like you
to rot in prison.
Give me something,
so I can help you.
Mabhouh's computer.
What do you mean "Mabhouh's computer?"
I want a report on this computer.
Talk to me.
Facebook found it.
Daniel said to search the room
for anything that could be of interest.
I thought he'd given it to the Mossad.
Then he said he'd contacted
the Iranians to sell it to them.
He said no one would know
it had disappeared,
and that we'd be rich.
Where's the computer now?
I don't know.
Look me in the eyes.
-How do you contact the Iranians?
-I swear I don't know.
Don't put me in jail, please!
According to our files and the CIA's,
Mabhouh had a Dell laptop
activated by a smart card
and by 3 algorithms
for which only he and the Iranians
have the codes.
It contains endless data
on the Iranian nuclear program.
Get them back in.
No problem.
You look troubled, Ms. Maimon.
No one here saw that Levi
had a Computer at the cafe?
Is this a joke?
Nimrod, pull the recording
from the coffeehouse this morning,
When Levi arrived.
Okay, fast forward.
More, more.
She's got it.
What do we do?
What do we do?
Time to pay Mrs. Garnier a visit.
Itzik... get Palmoch.
Why did Ariel have to come?
It's an ambassador's wife.
If the French make a fuss,
it'll be for him, not me.
Tell us about this man.
I have nothing to say.
It's a bit out of focus, but...
what do you say?
What were you thinking, Mrs. Garnier?
That an ambassador's wife can have
an affair in a country like ours?
Yair Itzhaki.
I'm the Deputy Head of the Mossad.
Mr. Itzhaki,
do you really think
my husband cares about such pictures?
You'll have to try harder.
You have 2 options.
We can make this official,
get our PM and your president involved,
and at the same time
expose your affair and destroy
your marriage
and your husband's career.
Trust us on that.
Or you can talk to us now,
and nobody will ever hear of this.
Is he not one of your agents?
I don't get it.
-It's complicated.
That's all you ever say
in this fucking country?
So, for how long have you been
sleeping with Levi?
It was a month ago,
on Heritage Day.
Once a year,
beautiful homes are open to the public.
The first time I saw him,
he was in the living room
trying to steal a painting.
But there was something
really harmless about him.
Not that one,
it's wired to the alarm system.
I give up,
you know more than I do.
They're all yours.
You're so right! Solene Garnier.
I see!
You must be the ambassador's daughter.
Very funny.
We've never met "Mr. Moriarty."
I'm no thief.
So it's OK if I call security?
Why not the police?
Why not indeed?
I have an explanation.
I'd love to hear it.
Well, everything in this house
was paid for by the French taxpayer.
I claim France's ownership
of this painting,
this house...
and everything in it.
If I wanted,
I could go find the hostess,
drag her into her room,
which is my room,
throw her on her bed,
which is my bed,
remove her clothes,
which belong to me,
and it would be my right
to make love to her...
over and over... and over again...
And to tumble her
in the name of the Empire,
and make her come
on behalf of the Republic,
the General de Gaulle
and Free France!
You pay taxes, "Mr. Moriarty?"
Me? No, why?
I've been looking all over for you!
It's a shame Mr. Tumble,
the Republic would have
enjoyed your sense of duty.
Come, Edouard. This man
is considering stealing your painting.
Very funny!
That was the first time.
We need your help.
We're trying to prevent a war.
We want the computer he gave you.
Daniel gave me no computer.
He forgot it.
That is, your idiot agents
forgot it there.
Come with me.
Guard, take him back in.
Knock yourself out.
Good work, Maimon.
-Where's the card?
-What card?
The smart card. lt's missing!
Mr. Levi,
your lover gave us Mabhouh's computer.
That makes him smile.
You lost,
at least lose like a man.
-You know how much this card's worth?
100 million dollars.
What an achievement
for the Dubai Police!
You could be free and rich.
Instead you'll spend your life in jail.
100 million...
But you're lucky because you did...
help us out.
So here's the deal:
You give us the card,
plead guilty and in a few years
you'll be paroled,
you and the others.
I think you don't understand.
This card is worth
100 million dollars.
But since I like you,
and since we Jews
must help one another,
I'll give you a 15 percent discount.
But you have to decide
right now.
Ofer has something to say to you.
If I don't get that card in...
one hour,
I'll board a flight to France,
I'll go to the Charlemagne Institution,
in Angers,
and I'll rape a 26-year-old retard...
by the name of Sandrine Levi.
I'll say I'm her brother's friend
and this is her birthday present.
Then I'll take her away...
and you'll never see her again.
What do you say?
Okay, I'll give you the card.
But you release me
and I want 1 million dollars.
Here's 50 shekels, because I like you.
Where's the card?
Where's the card?
Mr. Garnier!
Wait, please!
Sorry I'm late.
I was told you have a message
from the Emir.
Not exactly the Emir,
It's from the Sultan,
but it's also something!
Who are you exactly?
I represent the Emirate of Dubai
in Israel.
I mean, in the Palestinian Authority.
Unofficially, of course.
How come we never met?
I don't exactly go to cocktail parties,
Mr. Garnier.
What's the message?
We know that your government
agreed to grant political asylum to...
What's his name?
Daniel Levi.
The minister told you?
Not directly to me... but...
Here, sir.
It's for you.
Is this what I think it is?
France is very close
to being granted the contract
for the nuclear power plants.
What do you want?
The murderers.
Their leader, at least.
Hand him over to me in Cyprus.
I'll take it from there.
He's a French citizen,
France doesn't hand over its citizens.
I know, of course.
Anyway, I'll let you think about it,
Mr. Ambassador.
Mrs. Garnier, may we come in?
Here's your card.
Let's go.
-I'm not going anywhere.
You have no authority here.
Get up. Now!
Ah! Mr. Levi.
Thank you for coming.
Don't make me
call your Prime Minister.
Please go now
and leave my compatriot alone.
Yes, yes... excuse us.
Excuse me. Thank you.
Good one, Levi.
The Prime Minister got a heated call
from the French President.
He wants to know
who's to blame for the incident.
This is worth more than France to us.
Nimrod, get to work.
I hope so, Yair,
because you just lost
your main suspect.
Come in.
Can I help you?
I see our friend Shafahi
can be very efficient when he wants.
I hope he's less efficient
with your nuclear bomb.
We'll let you know
when you should leave Tel Aviv.
Did you contact them?
I waited for you
to arrange the exchange.
-Whose is that?
"Need to talk asap,
diamonds in."
Oh yes, it's a gift I ordered
for my mother.
Cut the bullshit.
We know what it is,
just not who it is.
I want a deal.
It's not Jack Bauer here!
Make the call!
-Is everything alright?
I have the diamonds.
You have the computer?
Of course.
Take a cab to the old bus station
at 7pm.
Wait by the phone booth
until I call.
Be careful.
We can't trace the call
nor clean up the voice
enough to identify the caller.
What we know for sure,
it's a woman, probably a Russian.
That much I'd told you myself!
Keep them until the swap.
Ofer, you have 20 min
to get to the bus station.
Good luck.
The commissioner wants my report.
He's asking about the prisoners.
You can take the girl.
You're a good guy.
-Good luck.
-Can I have one?
-Me too. I like those...
You know what,
take the box, I have another.
Come on.
This is too cool, man!
Don't get excited, it's fake.
Why are you giving them the computer?
It's worthless without the codes.
Nimrod, explain it to him.
I installed a transmitter
with a virus,
activated if the codes are entered.
If it finds a wifi network,
it transmits
everything on its screen to us.
There's a 5-minute delay.
-What do I do?
-Good evening.
-What do I do now?
Get into the car that's pulling up.
-You think he speaks French?
Him! The driver.
Ofer, plate number?
Yes, 771-66-72.
-Did you see how Einav looked at me?
-Looked at you? No...
She was like a sexy canary
who's spotted
a manly sparrow and tweets,
"Make me children!"
Sparrows don't tweet.
-What do they do?
-They go...
chirp, chirp!
Nothing special?
She's crazy about me it's obvious!
Know anything about diamonds?
No, but I know about people.
It's all in the eyes.
That's reassuring
if it's in your eyes.
When I'm nervous, I sing.
Where is he going?
Yair, he left the car,
but I can still hear them.
Come in, don't be afraid.
Something to drink?
No, thank you.
We'd rather make the exchange.
Too bad, it's a great Vodka.
Just a glass then.
Eric, what are you doing?
It's just one glass.
Relax, we're among friends.
Well, in that case...
Show me what you brought.
I'll just check...
-It's fine.
-It's fine.
You see?
That wasn't so complicated.
Keep this, it could come in handy.
Ofer, go see what's going on.
Wait here.
Let's move!
Yair, they got away!
Go to the ambassador's
and arrest Levi!
On my way!
Send their photos to the border police.
Get me Maimon.
Please give our friend
one of your dresses.
I'll explain later.
We're leaving when you're ready.
What are you doing?
I still want you to come with me.
What business do you have
with my husband?
Stop it.
Stop it! Are you nuts?
This is an outrage!
What are you doing?
I have orders.
From whom? To do what?
-It's my job.
-Who's your boss?
-Open the trunk!
-Out of the question!
I want to know
who your boss is!
-I'm sorry, sir.
-I said no.
I know that cocksucker's inside!
Watch your tone!
Go ahead, open it.
Thank you.
Mr. Levi,
one last thing,
I would like
the list you promised me.
Sure, as soon as I get to France.
I prefer to have it now.
I don't have it on me.
Search them, Sammy.
Lay off!
We said we don't have anything.
What's that?
What a pleasant surprise.
I didn't expect this.
I guess it'll do. All right?
Bon voyage, gentlemen.
What have you got there?
It's from that Levi.
I don't think he'll miss them.
His flight will land in Cyprus
in 30 minutes.
An impromptu stopover, naturally.
There, a representative of the Emirates
will be waiting,
Probably to hand him over
to the Hamas.
How could you?
You know what Arabs are like.
It's all about honor.
Given the circumstances,
I don't think they'll be tried.
But the Arabs will get their revenge,
France will sell
its nuclear power plants
and America will be mine!
It's not official yet,
but I got the job in New York.
What's the matter?
Maimon's car was found
at Herzliya Airport.
A plane
leased by a French company
took off at 22:05
with 5 passengers.
What? They kidnapped Orna?
Mission accomplished.
Here is Mabhouh's computer.
The police went
to Orna Maimon's house.
They found her... tied to a chair.
She says she was attacked this morning
by the two Frenchmen in the papers,
that they stole her car and her tag.
Upload all we have on
lieutenant Maimon.
So who the fuck was that woman?
Send Ofer to the Police
to see what they have on them.
And back to the whorehouse.
Someone activated the computer.
We did it!
Here we go.
Won't this fucking day ever end?
I have no choice,
I must involve the PM.
I see.
The PM and defense minister
are with your boss.
They're waiting for us.
You take control.
The PM is worried.
Work this out.
Where is he going?
I'm in command now.
What have we got?
You recognize her?
Some cop, my ass!
Elizabeth Atlan, a birthday clown.
Single, no kids, no criminal record.
Daniel Levi. It's his real name.
A graphic designer,
mainly an unemployed comics artist.
Single, an only son,
no criminal record.
Einav Schwartz.
Student, no criminal record.
Just use of marijuana
and driving under the influence.
Divorced, no kids,
a bank clerk, no criminal record.
Antoine Simon.
Says here he's a major hacker.
The best.
I'm going to see Palmoch.
Good job on slipping
Daniel Levi's file into our server.
Pretty slick.
It was mostly Facebook.
Let's discuss the computer.
We know you gave the Iranians
a mock computer.
Where's Mabhouh's real computer?
That mock computer...
is the only real thing
in this story.
I don't get it.
a year ago,
I was arrested for a DUI.
I met this other drunk at the station,
Daniel Levi.
He told me about
the French speaking AA meetings.
Sounded discreet enough, so I joined.
I started going every week,
we became...
a family.
And one month ago,
he came up with an idea.
That's why I said congratulations.
What's that?
"Mahmoud El Mabhouh
"found dead in a luxury hotel room
in Dubai."
Show me that.
It's your Mabhouh?
Cardiac arrest... my foot.
Mabhouh today,
Husseini a few years ago...
It's incredible how many Palestinians
have heart attacks in hotels!
Elephants go die in their cemeteries
and Palestinians go to hotels?
Give me a break.
Even if it was a heart attack,
people will blame the Mossad.
But it wasn't.
The Americans wouldn't agree.
That's funny! He looks like Ahmed.
Yes, he does!
I don't look like him.
Look how fat he is.
I'm much more handsome!
This may sound silly, but...
if you wanted to freak out the Mossad,
you could say it was you
who gave him a heart attack.
-Someone had too much carrot juice!
-Watch my shoes!
The kids took good care of you.
-I'm paying.
Sometimes I wonder why you even come.
Tell me...
how would you do it?
Do what?
Well, convince them he did it.
It's pretty easy.
Find a fake Mabhouh,
fly off with him to Dubai,
make sure CCTV catches you,
at the airport, the hotel,
even leaving his room, then you wait.
Yeah, but it won't work.
You'd have to hack into
the surveillance systems
of the Dubai police and the hotel!
You have to change
the dates on the tapes
or it won't work.
If you had their "backdoor" codes?
Would you join me?
Of course!
Now we need bait.
That's me.
I always wanted
to work for the Mossad.
You know
it's not really the Mossad.
What will I have to do?
You'll have to seduce Mabhouh
on camera,
so the police will for sure
suspect a murder.
Enough, leave me out of it!
-Forgive me, Ahmed.
But if you think about it,
there's a lot of money to be made.
'Cause if we can convince everyone
that we killed Mabhouh,
we can also convince them
that we stole something very valuable
that we can sell for top bucks.
What did they find in his room?
A watch, a suitcase,
two cell phones,
clothes, sunglasses,
and 3 passports.
-Why "bingo?"
Bingo 'cause there wasn't a computer.
And if there wasn't a computer,
it's because we stole it.
I get it!
Hold on, winos, I can do it!
If Ariel tells me the model,
I can forge a fake one.
Even passwords are a cinch.
I can program it
to accept any password.
What do you want?
-How much money are we talking about?
-A lot.
A lot.
I don't understand.
-Who killed him then?
-Don't know.
Maybe his cholesterol?
Not only did we not kill him,
we never even saw him.
Their plane was found empty
at some airport in Cyprus.
I guess this Levi
is real Mossad material.
Too bad.
The PM decided to bury the story.
You got off easy.
What would we try you for?
Making us look stupid?
Come on.
POWER PLANT CONTRAC Up your ass, Edouard!
"Air Cyprus 225."
Who can claim
they never scammed anyone?
Push up bras,
hair dye, silicone implants,
teeth whiteners,
even light makeup...
Who doesn't cheat a little?
My favorite con artist
was an Indian Guru, Osho,
he invented meditation
for the white man.
He made them dance
until they dropped
to keep them from realizing
that what he really wanted
was to have sex with their girlfriends.
Because a good sting
is based on distraction.
Like the magician
who cuts his wife in half.
The smoke, the half-naked girl,
the music, the big gestures,
it's all designed to keep you
from asking the real questions.
Is she really in the box?
Are those really her legs?
At the end of the day,
we're all liars,
we always have been
and always will be.
We spend our lives refining our lies.
So what is honesty
if not just admitting it?
Daniel, she's here!
I told you she'd come.
Come and sit.
Facebook, I said no alcohol.
Thanks for bringing my cat.
I'll get back to you.
Hi, Itzik. How are you?
I'm here with some friends
who want to say...
hello and make a toast.
Come visit sometime.
Ariel, you sure it's a good idea?
Forgive me.
Bring the camera!
Hello, Mossad.
"Hello, Mossad?"
You have the mind of a 6-year-old!
It's all good between us, right?
No hard feelings!
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