Kids in America (2005) Movie Script

like Lenny Bruce
and Abbie Hoffman, right?
Let me go find out
you know, like,
freak out the other team.
In the history of cheerleading,
that was so hot.
Great, great.
How did I get down here?
I said get out!
This one's a keepe
[school bell rings]
So, directors,
how was your first assignment?
Yeah, Lawrence, Wham! rules.
And how do I know this?
Why does Halloween
only come once a year?
which will be an hour and a half
of me watching paint...dry.
But I will.
[woman sobbing]
) That's simpl
a class assignment.
and it's "little peo
You can take me home.
Well, then, it's a good
thing I don't own a bi
Shut up!
See you in cla
I don't know.
but just after this saved game.
All right, Yahtzee.
How about the history
of the pom-pom?
Smashing, good show.
I'm not the one wearing
a homemade banana hammock.
Get creative.
for tonight's performance.
by Master William Shakespeare.
That is the question.
who urge you to close your eye
s and "trust us.
would rather buy a new Jumbotron
than hand out a condom.
r) Stop this now!
(audience gasping)
Oh, my God.
I could have walked away
with that trophy.
Thank you so much,
Mr. Stratton.
Oh, good news: you don't have
waste your time doing homework.
What do you think
about the rule?
You speak heresy, young lady.
Would Harvey Fierstein
have slit his gay wrists?
I know; I have his autograph.
[pen clickin
I respectfully agree
to disagree.
[clicks pen]
Good luck with this.
George Michael'
s fall from grace?
to rip out
the young girl's genitalia
Yes, thank you
Fuck it.
Uh, that's where we
run into a slight hiccup.
You can't judge a book
by its cover.
You want to see a movie?
Oh, yeah, my mistake
. It's n
just sort of
stumbled onto it one day.
Besides, if I chose one, then
the others might get jealous.
Are you kidding me?
One of my favorite on-screen
kisses of all time.
all wrapped in one.
I don't know.
I think you've got to see it.
Show me.
to formulate my pl
Anybody know what this
"12:15" means?
Ugh, these GD kids
are effing me.
Hustle up!
Come on, get up there!
extinguish everything.
Suspension for
bad fashion sense?
to exclude the students
at Booker High School?
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Very good, very good.
December 15th...
Mom, did you
ever protest anything?
Did the soy sauce come out
of my flowered print dress?
s] I remember she burned her br
because she complain
ed of chafed nipple
Love y
Good night, Holden.
You were amazing today.
Right, I should get going.
Yes, you did mention that.
when you're not playing
in the game.
and I was
the first order of business.
long enoug
h to hear about
Why bother
Are you telling me tha
t I don't listen to my student
And you're giving them
a reason to.
I have no choice
but to let you g
what the union says
about that.
if you'll reconsider
your teaching style.
I'd rather be fired.
and make the best darn
Making of the Promvideo ever.
Little Betty Do-Good.
Yeah, Hold, I'm an out
law; outlaws don't take the b
you know, inspire people
with words instead of guns
Well, you've inspired me.
if you know what I mean.
Would you like t
Make lov
tired of being respected
What are you looking for?
This is getting a little bit
ridiculous, don't you think?
Then who are they fo
Not that I like porn.
I'll give you a quick hint who
I shot those.
You heard Holden!
Come on, you guys!
Shut off the power right now
That's it; that's en
g to.
Do not tell my wife.
I'm not goin
Go, team.
) Check the cafeteri
I promise that Holden
will not disappoint you."
All right,
let's do this.
This has gotTowering Inferno
written all over it.
Oh, my God, Lawrence!
Oh, he's going to be fin
e-- second degree burns.
How the hell did this happen?
This is not racism
I'm not buying that.
You know how much prison t
ime you can get for arso
You could be looking
at 20 years, leader of the crew.
She's kind of ho
Not to me.
No problem
Look, what I said last week,
I didn't mean.
Maybe too long.
What's the subje
Are you serious?
That's why I'm here,
Are you sure
you can do this?
Watch me work.
up close and personal again?
Hamadah, hamadah, breathe.
[marching band playing]
[crickets chirping]
Seriously, eew.
I will attempt to levitate.
Give them a hand.
Lift, lift.
We couldn't have done it
without you.
He's like, "It's inappropria
"Five days' suspension.
Go home."
she was shot by the school
resource officer.
I got suspended for it.
never even crossed my mind.
theOrlando Sentinel;
Sharon Osbourne called me.
They were really mad
at the school.
My mom's just 110%,
she's behind me.
and people should be allowed
to express themselves.
about things
that happened to them.
Come on,
how long was it?
Are you read
I'll do
If not, it's still
early in the week.
You're all I need.