Kids in Love (2016) Movie Script

Shake your hair and have some fun
Forget our mothers and past lovers
Forget everyone
Oh, I'm so lucky
That you were my best friend
Oh, there's no one
There's no one
Who knows me like you do
Are your lights on?
Are your lights still on?
I'll keep you safe
You keep me strong
Remember when we cut our hair?
We both looked like boys
but we didn't care...
I don't know why you're not
jumpin' up and down it?
This is South America, man. Is what
our lives have been leading up to.
I do think it's been great.
I just don't think it's like...
The only option.
Dude, what the fuck else
is there to do, man?
You do the gap year, do Uni.
Then you go find a job...
- ...and then have a life.
- That's what everyone's doing, Tommy.
What about, you know, the paths
less trodden and all that?
What, Thailand? Are you kidding me?
Are you joking? We've spoken about this.
We've spoken about the ladyboy
thing, and how freaky that is.
Freaks you out!
It's cool that, isn't it?
Oh, it's a bit arty.
All I've seen so far... a bit of side-boob.
It's ID magazine.
It's not that sort of thing.
Yeah, clearly, but
this edition just checked...
...a couple of trendy titty pics only
for the lads, get 'em going,...
...and you'll boost sales.
Jack, Jack.
People are here. Can you and Tom
please come downstairs and says hello?
Yeah, I'll come down.
Oh, you are a sweetie. Thanks, Tom.
- Come on, Jack. Come on.
- Coming.
Right, now, plenty of
opportunities here, Jack.
Right? Come on.
- Jack.
- Hi, Mr. Walker.
How are you, Mrs. Walker?
Nice to see you.
I haven't seen you since
you finished school.
Congratulations on getting
into Bristol. It's fantastic.
Oh, thank you very much.
What are you going to read?
Uh, I'm going to read history...
- the moment.
- And then a law conversion.
So he'll be coming your way
for a job soon, Bill.
Yes, when your father mentioned that...'re interested
in doing an internship.
It'll be good to have a straight...
...down-the-line chap
like you about the place.
Oh, oh, thank you, yeah.
Um, I mean,...
...I'm not sure whether...
Ah, come on now, Jack.
Don't be modest.
I'm sure we can find
something for you to do.
I appreciate it, Bill.
So, you're taking a gap year?
Yes. Yeah, yeah, I am. With
Tom, which will be great.
I'm sort of hoping it, uh, turns
into more of a gap life, really.
Hello there, sir,
can I talk to you for a sec?
Lovely to meet you.
Take care. Alright. Bye, bye.
The grandmas, mate, they just love you.
No, they're wise.
They know what's good.
Tom? Tom.
Fuck off. Fuck off.
You've gotta go and speak to her.
- I'm not gonna speak to her.
- No, you have to. Come on.
I don't wanna do it.
I don't know what to say.
I don't know, just mention
her Spice Girls jacket.
Um, excuse me, miss?
Uh, uh, I was wondering
if I could have, um,...
...uh, time, a couple
of your minutes to, uh...
...a couple of minutes to talk
about the London Heart Trust?
- Yeah, sure.
- Okay.
Uh, uh, so what do you,
what do you wanna know?
I'm sure that's not
what you're meant to say.
Oh, uh, no, it's not, actually. Um...
Uh, so, uh, we at the London
Heart Trust, uh, we're trying... gain funding for
new research and, um...
Are you gonna say
these are gonna kill me?
Uh, well, that wasn't actually
in the speech but, um...
They're awful for you.
Sorry Jack, I was wonde...
Oh my God, you're with a customer.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I am Tom.
- Evelyn.
- Jack.
- Good, we got names sorted.
So, um, are you, are you
gonna sign up with us today?
No, I don't think so.
Well, if you've got five minutes, I can
take a break if you wanna grab a coffee.
- Well, I'm afraid I'm meeting someone.
- Brutal.
But you could walk me to that corner?
To the corner? Yeah, sure.
To the corner.
- So you're from France?
- Yes, I'm from Paris.
Oh, Paris. But you live here?
Oh, nice.
I like the jacket, by the way.
Which one would you be?
I'd be Scary.
No, you wouldn't.
What, don't tell me
you think I'd be Posh?
No, Baby.
Baby? Oh. She's the cutest one.
I'll take that.
What do you do?
This at the moment. Just charity.
And then, uh, traveling with Tom...
...and then probably...
No, I mean, like, what do you do?
What do you like?
What do I, what do I...?
Oh, I, I don't know.
You're not good at small talk, are you?
Yeah, it's... it's feeling
that way, isn't it?
It's okay. It's useless.
- Well, this is me.
- Oh, sure.
- Oh, it was, it was nice to meet you.
- Me too, Jack.
And, Jack, if you're ever knocking
about, come to The Fiddler's Green.
- What's that?
- It's a pub on Frithville Place.
Sure. Okay.
See you.
Well, tell me. Come on. Tell me what
happened, man. What did she say?
She just said, uh, there's a pub.
Come to... Obviously, you're gonna go.
- You think so?
- Yes. Course you should go.
Imagine when we're at the top
of Machu Picchu, just lapping up...
...all those beautiful vistas.
Did you say "beautiful vistas"?
There are gonna be beautiful vistas.
Oh, a seven. Go on.
Mate, that's not too exciting...
...think about all those
beautiful Brazilian women.
You keep saying this.
I'm not sure why Brazilian women are
so great. How many do you know?
Not a lot. That's the whole point.
So how do you know
they're gonna be great?
I don't understand why you're
even asking that question.
Why do you think they won't be?
Oh, she's a, she's a six.
No. My judgment is terrible.
She's a four. She's horrible.
I'm not saying that they won't be,
I'm saying they'll be...
...ugly, but there are some
beautiful women in the UK, too.
And I know that you're expecting every
single one to look like Adriana Lima.
That's your only reference point.
And Gisele. Some might look like her.
And completely I'm fine with that.
I'm cool with it.
- You'll make do, okay.
- Okay, here's a thing.
Name me one Brazilian girl
that isn't hot?
- I don't know any Brazilian women.
- Apart from Adriana and Gisele?
Apart from them, yeah.
Exactly! So we're operating
at 100% success rate!
Oh, 7.5. Look at her. Wow.
I might, um, I might
Shag Issi before that.
Just get, you know,
get some practice in.
How's that going for you?
I mean, it's, you know,
I'm just playing the long game.
I don't get it, man. Issi's sort
of a bitch to you, isn't she?
And you've been trying it for ages.
No, you should go and
see that girl in that pub...
...before you start giving me lectures
about having no chance, mate.
Yeah. Yeah, I might.
No disrespect, but you're
never gonna go some pub.
And even if you did, you
wouldn't know what to say.
I mean, I wouldn't
even know what to say.
Alright, love doctor.
Issi's having people round tonight.
Course she is. Again.
- You're going, aren't you?
- Yeah, I might go.
- You're definitely going.
- Yeah, I'll see.
Yeah, which means, "I have to go."
At Exeter, you get five weeks' Easter..., so we can
still go to Thailand.
It's like having a gap year.
Oh, my God, we're gonna
have so much fun. That's...
I'm gonna go.
Five of us now,
with Amy, Cesca and Kate.
I hope Andy's going.
He's absolutely gorgeous.
- Who the fuck is Andy?
- I don't know.
Come on, man. Don't go.
I'm not really up to it, to be honest.
What are you gonna do, go home?
Like, it's not even that late.
I think I might go check out that pub.
- What, the one with that girl?
- Yeah.
You're welcome to come.
No, it's alright. I'm not,
I'm not really feeling it.
Just stay, man. Like,
it's never gonna happen, is it?
- Might as well find out.
- Yeah. Yeah, alright, cool.
- Good luck, man.
- Yeah, good luck to you.
Good luck with "gap year."
- Call me later.
- I will do, man. See you.
Cool, alright, bye.
Why don't you come home?
Why don't you come home?
Waiting for the light to come
Waiting for you to come through
I see it too
Looking for a chance to take
It's never too soon
For me and for you
Come on and go
Come on and go
Why don't you come home?
What are you drinking?
Uh, I'm not at the moment.
I'm just about to get one.
Ah, you're a Crony.
I'm a... Uh, no.
- I'm here to see a friend.
- You'll have a Crony, though.
Always got a place to go
- Hey.
- Hi.
Always in tune
- Jack, right?
- Jack, yeah.
Uh, Evelyn.
So you met Lars?
- Lars?
- Lars.
Oh, Lars, hi. Sorry. Thank you.
I'm, I thought you were calling
me a crony, not the drink.
I was confused.
- Oh, drink the Crony.
- It's what we drink.
Actually, I was about to go.
I'm going to a club.
Do you wanna come?
- Oh, uh, yeah, sure. I, um...
- Oh, en avant. En avant.
And it's risin' up into my eyes
Up on my back I feel the static more
Tripping the wire
Surrounded in time
I see this as mystical
I'm sure that you know
I see this as mystical
I'm sure that you know
Just say yes
Just say yes
Just say...
I'd rather have everything than...
Have you been here before?
Here? No, I can't say I have.
- Ev, baby.
- Cas.
- Hey, man. Cassius.
- Oh, Jack. Nice to meet you.
It's a jungle.
Yeah, what animal are you?
White-bellied orca.
Just say...
I'd rather have everything
than nothing at all
Just say yes
Just say yes
- Hey, Milo.
- Hey, baby.
- This is Jack.
- How you doing, Jack?
- I'm well, thanks. How are you?
- I'm good, thank you.
How are you?
I'd rather have everything
than nothing at all
You never told me what animal you were.
- Uh, I hadn't really thought about it.
- So you're a dog?
I'm a dog. Why is that?
Well, if you're unspecified
in a man, you know, like a man,
- you're a dog.
- Okay.
Ev's a cat. Watch out for cats
'cause she's you know can be tricky.
But they always come back.
Speaking of cats! I thought you'd left.
We'd never let you down.
We know we're the life
and soul of the party!
- I didn't realize you worked here.
- Sisters, this is dog. Dog, sisters.
- Hi.
- Hey. How's it going?
Yeah, I work here.
He makes sure the girls
outnumber the boys five to one.
I'm surprised he even let you in.
He came with Ev, so I didn't
really have a choice.
Speak of the devil. We've just
been hearing about your friend.
- Quite the charmer, isn't he?
- Where did you both meet?
- In the street.
- Yeah, I'm working for a charity, so...
I felt sorry for her.
Brought her in from the cold.
This is mine. I've gotta take this.
Jack, you're a beautiful, man.
I'm sure I'll be seeing you.
- Shall we dance?
- Yeah, why not?
- I'll grab a drink.
- Come on. - Okay.
Singing the sun don't shine
The sun don't shine,
The sun don't shine
The sun don't shine
Without you, you
Without you
Through all the space and time
Your love is mine
But the sun don't shine
The sun don't shine
Without you, you
Without you, yeah
Singing the sun don't shine,
The sun don't shine
The sun don't shine,
The sun don't shine
Without you, you
Without you
This, uh, Yorkshire pudding may
well be a tad on the overdone side.
Uh, pass the gravy, will you, Lin?
Thank you.
You were very late last night.
I was just out with some friends.
How's your job, darling?
Mmm, yeah... it's fine.
Can't wait to get started
at the firm, I expect, eh?
Well, I don't know.
I'm quite enjoying...
It's all very exciting.
My son, the lawyer.
- I think you mean the tea-maker.
- Hmm, don't take that attitude.
Bill Walker doesn't
give out favors often.
What is there to complain about?
I'd have...
...jumped at the opportunity
if I were you.
the bare minimum these days.
It's not easy to get a job
in this climate, you know, Jack.
I-I know and I, you know, I'm,
grateful, I'm grateful to Bill,
but I just, uh... you know.
Well, I don't know.
Maybe... University's not for me.
Ah, you've always had a very dry wit!
- Sure it, how was it?
- Ah, it was cool, actually.
We went to this place
called The Drambuie.
- Met some really nice people.
- Is that a club?
- Sort of, yeah.
- Was it like,
"No way, you're here", or was she like,
"Oh, yeah, you. What's your name again?"
- She remembered my name, yeah.
- That's cool. - Yeah.
The whole thing is kinda wicked.
And, uh, and then from there...
What's up?
It's Issi, man.
Like, after you left the other
night everything was fine.
And we actually got some time
to talk, which was nice, until...
lona, with the help of Freddy,
of course,
starts mixing up this, this rum punch.
And then she starts coming at me,
and basically saying
that I'm a second-class citizen,
because she's going
to Exeter, and I'm going to Bristol,
which is below on The Sunday Timeslist.
She has one drink too many, and
starts being sick everywhere.
- For you, sir?
- Uh, a Crony.
A Crony? Someone's picking up the verse.
- So you score the other night?
- Score?
I fell in love. You had fun?
- Yeah, man, it was wicked.
- What's your plan tonight?
I dunno. Where's Evelyn?
- Why? Do you like her?
- No.
- Oh, shit. You actually do.
- I said no.
Jacky, you listen to Cas.
Don't go near that.
It's too much stress.
Yeah, I mean that's fine.
I don't like her, so...
And, uh, anyway, she's
with Milo, isn't she?
Yeah, she is.
So, what do you like?
What's your thing?
- Evelyn asked me the same question.
- Here we go again!
No, come on, I didn't mean it like that.
- That's not fair.
- I'm fucking with you, Jacky boy.
Tell me, what would you do
if money didn't matter?
If you could do anything,
just for the kick of it.
- I mean, I quite like taking photos.
- There you go. So where's your camera?
- At home.
- Is it film?
- No, it's digital.
- You gotta be shooting on film, baby.
I know.
- You do it all the time?
- I try to. Um...
I mean, my girlfriend
wasn't really sort of...
Don't let chicks get in
the way of what you love.
- Why? What do you love?
- Chicks.
All I do is I wait and I dress
Then I eat and then I leave the yard
For the sunshine
For the sunshine
All I do is I wait and I dress
Then I eat then I leave the yard
Wait, are not we going
to ring the doorbell?
It doesn't work.
Come on. I'll show you the scenic route.
Oh, shit!
Sorry, man. You scared me.
I'm... I'm Jack.
OK. Good talk.
- Cas?
- Dog!
Oh, sister.
You can't call me that
when Elena's not here. I'm Viola.
I'm... I'm Jack.
Oh, thank God, dude.
My ex was called Dog.
Feeling the pain.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Um, is this your house?
Thank you so much for having me.
Oh, you're so sweet.
Uh, also, is that guy OK?
Who, Dave? Yeah, Dave's alright.
Aren't you, Dave?
Yeah, see?
He blinked. He's cool.
- Hey!
- Hey.
God, he's way cuter in the light.
Yeah, good shoes, too,
but shame about the shirt.
I can get past a bad shirt.
I'm feeling recently broken up?
Hmm. Good call. Sagittarius?
Virgo. I think Virgo.
Uh, well, uh, Taurus, actually.
But you're sort of right
about the girlfriend thing.
- Taurus. Really?
- Yeah, I didn't see that one.
Yeah, anyway, we gotta
go check on our tie-dye.
- Ev's upstairs.
- Thanks.
- Don't be a stranger!
- Yeah, thanks.
Oh, hey.
What's up?
- Nothing. What's up with you?
- Not much.
- So a weird place.
- Why?
Well, I-I just don't get any of it.
What is it that you don't get?
Well, we've only got
seven minutes, so...
Oh, well, you'd better get started.
Uh, what do you want?
Most? Bottled-up fun.
- What do you all do to live?
- Really?
Um, Cassius works at The Drambuie.
- Uh, the sisters, they just...
- What about Milo?
That question wasn't on the list.
Um, what do you do?
I'm a full-time daughter of darkness.
But, no, I just think you're different.
We're just kids, man, like you.
Like me? I'm not so sure.
There is something
about you, Jack, isn't there?
Now, which ones?
Um... those ones.
Great shout.
So d'you live here, man?
Yeah, Jacky. This is where it goes down.
Where are Viola and Elena's parents?
They're not really around anymore, Jack.
- Bad car crash, man.
- Oh, shit. I didn't know.
No, no, no, no, they're fine.
I mean, the girls are.
A couple of days ago I hooked up
with this artsy-fartsy baby.
She left her camera here.
It's like a Panto or
a Pentagon or some shit.
She's not coming back for it?
She's never coming back.
You want it?
- This is a Pentax.
- Is that good?
Is it good? It's the best.
Start taking some photos, then.
You know what? I think, for a Pentax,
I can take some photos.
Thanks, man.
- You wanna be my first photo?
- Let's go.
You ready?
Oh, sister!
- Hey.
- Oh, hey.
- How's it going?
- Good.
So, who dumped who?
Who dumped who?
You or your girlfriend?
Yeah, it wasn't really like that.
You know, it was more of a, um...
She dumped you.
Yeah, dumped you real good.
No, no, I promise.
It wasn't. It was, it was fine.
I love a good dumping.
It's like one of those ones
from out of nowhere. It's like...
But I... I love you.
I need you.
I am nothing without you.
It's good, though.
You know, you've got emotions, Jacky.
- I can call you Jacky, right?
- Yeah, yeah, that's fine.
I mean, that's more than
can be said about some.
True. Not mentioning
any names or anything.
- Who?
- Milo.
Where do you think
she'll say he is tonight?
I'm going for "fuck knows."
"Fuck knows" sounds right.
Not eaten you alive yet,
have they, Jacky?
He calls him Jacky, too!
Uh, yeah, I'm, I'm hanging in there.
Elena's got a girl for you.
I don't need hook-ups.
Come on, Jack.
It's for us. You got your
boogie shoes on, baby?
Oh, don't "baby" me, honey.
You're on the run
You have nothing to fear
I don't know if it's a good thing
But you have me
It won't be long
Till you're back home
I'm pretty sure
We won't get along
- Hey. How are you?
- OK.
- Where's Milo?
- Fuck knows.
All over your head
And in my car
Your mama's talkin'
To all the news
She thinks you run away
With some crazy fool
You scared of somethin'
You got me
I'll keep a secret
Well, it's just for you and me
White Fang
And red blood
All over your head
And in my car
Guys, I should get home.
No, you can't. Then you'd be
breaking the only rule.
What's that?
When you come to the Gabettis',
you gotta stay at the Gabettis'.
I should be going home, though.
Jack, you are at home.
A few days later
Feeling sober now
My head is gonna burst
With your innocent thoughts
Another drag won't save you
I need more whisky
And more virgins to be sure
And all my wild boys
They feel it too
I'm not the one
Who's gonna make it stop
They keep takin' me
night after night
Wakey-wakey, sunshine.
- Hello.
- Hey.
What are you doing today?
Oh, um...
I dunno. I probably
should be getting home.
Oh, not on an empty stomach.
What would your mother say?
Come on.
Hmm. You don't wanna know.
You've known the sisters for a while?
Yeah. A year, I suppose.
I just moved in, like,
a year ago or something.
Oh, nice. And they're so sweet.
They love you.
Hmm, they love you.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Although I'm totally blaming them
for how I feel this morning.
I just feel so bad.
Sorry I'm late, baby.
- Counted on it.
- Well, that's sweet.
- Hey, man.
- How's it going?
I'm good.
- Where have you been?
- Just busy.
Um, excuse me.
Can I get a coffee, please?
Yeah, coming right up.
Anything to eat?
No, I'm good, thank you.
- You should eat.
- I'm not hungry.
I sorta never eat breakfast.
Most important meal of the day.
Well, that depends when you
start your day, though, right?
True. Normally in the morning,
but not today, apparently.
- There you go, love.
- Thank you so much.
What do you do, Jack?
Mmm... sorry, mouth full. Um...
I'm going to Bristol uni next year.
He's working for the London Heart Trust.
You're a chugger? That's beautiful.
He's a real-life Robin Hood.
Yeah, without the bow and arrow.
Is that yours?
Um, yeah. Well, uh,
it's Cassius's actually.
Or his friend's, but, um,
he gave it to me, which is...
- Really? That's sweet of him.
- Yeah.
- What are you gonna do with it?
- Try and take some photos.
Other than Cassius in his underwear...
Some proper photos, you know.
How was the party?
It was fun. Jack is my new best friend.
Watch out, man. She's flaky.
I'm flaky?
You're the flakiest person I know.
Jack is a little reliable rock.
- There's a compliment for you.
- Right.
Yeah, no, I love being compared
to inanimate objects. That's...
I'm going for a smoke.
She really lives in her own world.
I wish I could be
more like her sometimes.
- Like all of 'em.
- Yeah? All that's pricey.
What does that mean?
They're a bit lost. Going
round and round in circles.
You just keep your head, you know.
Yeah. Thanks.
What about her?
Well, if she ever lived in it,
she'd be the most beautiful
thing the real world ever saw,
Yeah, she's hard to work out, I guess.
I wouldn't even try.
Hang out with me one of these days.
We can try and work you out.
- Are you done?
- Yeah, sure, man.
Can we go? If it's not too dull.
Not too dull at all.
See you later, Jack.
Is this how you imagined your life, Mum?
What do you mean, love?
When you were younger.
Is this how you thought
things would pan out?
I mean, was this the dream?
No, of course not.
Then why?
Because that's just how it works.
You know, you...
Life doesn't always... out the way
you think it's going to.
In a funny way that's what
makes life more interesting.
You don't really think that, do you?
Yes. Yes, I do.
That's... that's how it works.
- I was going to be a painter.
- I know.
And Nancy was going
to be a fashion designer.
And together we were
going to, you know...
- Take over the world.
- Exactly, darling.
And then I fell in love with your dad.
Hand in hand we walk along
Our sandy path
Humming a song
Oh, we have come
Yes, we have come home
I want you
What I've been waiting for
Hearing the waves
Crash against the shore
Oh, we have come
Yes, we have come home
Oh, that would
That would be marvelous
A glorious beach living
Oh, that would
That would be marvelous
A glorious beach living
That would be
That would be marvelous
A glorious beach living
Oh, oh, oh-oh
There are no words to explain
How much I hate the bloody rain
And the nasty wind
That creeps under my skin
I want to live right by the sea
With our kids playing
under old pine trees
Oh, that is where
we would be staying
Oh, oh, oh, oh
That would be
That would be marvelous
A glorious beach living
Oh, that would
That would be marvelous
A glorious beach living
Oh, that would...
What do you wanna do?
Right now?
No, I mean, like, what do you wanna do?
Cassius asked me the question
the other day, and I didn't...
I didn't have an answer.
I get that.
I think that life is too short
to... to do something
that you don't like, but it...
I don't know, it takes a lot
of courage and bravery to... really have trust in yourself,
and do what you wanna do and...
I... you know, I didn't
wanna end up like my parents,
and spend the rest of my days
doing a job that I don't like,
and not having the time
to see my children and, um...
It's... it's not always easy.
Don't you worry?
Yeah, I worry a lot.
Being around you guys
makes me worry less, though.
And you shouldn't worry.
If, uh...
If anyone deserves happiness
more than you, I wanna meet 'em.
That's sweet.
Well played, man.
Good job. Played, Aaron.
See you, Michael.
See you later, Josh, mate.
Played, Josh. Take care, man.
- Well played, dude.
- Yeah, man, you did brilliant.
- There's little Reid.
- Alright, Reid?
Alright, Jack?
Why weren't you at work yesterday, man?
Oh, yeah, man. I was, uh...
I've decided to stop working.
What? How are you
gonna pay for South America?
Yeah, that's what I... what
I wanted to talk to you about.
I'm not sure I necessarily
wanna go anymore.
- What?
- Yeah. I just...
We've both worked really hard,
and we've saved up money,
a lot of money...
And I'm not exactly sure
it's what I wanna do with it.
What's gonna be better
than going with your best mate
to South America for six months?
Like, it was an amazing plan,
and I wanted it too, but...
But it's this new girl, right?
It's got nothing to do with
the new girl, man. I'm not with her.
But I've had time to think and,
you know, I...
No, I don't know.
I don't know at all.
You might have a better time
if you go with someone else.
What are you on about?
You're my best mate!
We've been best mates since,
like, I can remember.
And now you're...
As your best mate,
I'm saying it's not what I want.
Whether that's shit of me, or not,
I'm not gonna waste
that period of my life.
Next thing you'll say you're
not going to Bristol anymore.
I haven't made any decisions
about Bristol.
- You out of your fucking mind?
- What?
- What did your mum and dad say?
- I haven't told them yet.
- What, so it's not definite?
- What do you mean?
You can't just change your plans, mate.
I can change my plans, Tom!
I'm an adult!
What do you... what do you mean?
Like, if I don't wanna go to uni,
I don't have to go to uni.
I'm not gonna go traveling with you.
Deal with that.
Whatever. I'm going to work.
- Let's have a conversation.
- I don't want to talk about it, mate!
I think it's time
to settle the score
I'll be loving you for evermore
I'll be loving you for evermore
I'll be loving you
Mind if we run a quick errand?
Oh, sure, man.
Take your time.
Yeah, man, we've been here half an hour.
- Who's this?
- Charlie. Your newest recruit.
How old are you? How old is he?
- He's 15.
- He's a good kid.
Ah, it's too young, man.
Get yourself something to eat.
- When's your birthday?
- November.
November. I'll see you then.
Come on, Tweedledee, Tweedledum.
We're late.
This a new guy?
No, this is Jack.
Jack, Gabriel and Felix.
The Glimmer Twins.
Hey. Nice to meet you.
Who are we seeing?
Remember that guy in Mayfair?
- Oh, how can I forget?
- I'm blanking.
The fucking guy that made us
dance round his Picasso.
Oi, turn it up.
Blackstreet and Teddy
The original rump shakers
Shorty get down, good Lord
Baby got 'em open all over town
Strictly biz
You don't play around
Cover much ground
Got game by the pound
Getting paid is a forte
Each and every day
True player way
I can't get her outta my mind
Well, I think about
the girl all the time
Well, well.
East side to the west side
Pushing phat rides It's no surprise
She got tricks in the stash
Stacking up the cash
Fast when it comes to the gas
By no means average
She's on when she's gotta have it
Wait. Hold on, man.
Turn that engine off.
This is what you do?
Yes, Jack.
Have you got a problem with it?
Well, yeah.
I mean, it seems pretty fucked.
Do they seem unhappy to you?
No, but I mean how...
It's just money, man.
We're in control, alright?
- Are you?
- Yes. 100%. Thank you.
How do I survive? No parents
bankrolling this motherfucker.
My parents don't pay for me.
And you pay the electricity
and the water and the rent?
- No, but...
- Then it's just you?
- What do you mean?
- I've got Evelyn, haven't I?
How do you think she's gonna get by?
Evelyn can work a normal job
like anybody else.
Stare at the windscreen,
then try and imagine Evelyn
brewing tea in a mail room.
That's what I'm about to start doing.
Oh, sorry, man.
I mean, I wouldn't do that
if you paid me.
It's unpaid.
You know what, Jack, you could
always come and work for me.
So can we, can we move on?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, OK.
Yeah, Kiko bun bun bun bun
Sometimes I feel to do
a boogie to a few 45s, yeah
'Cause sometimes
You really, really, really
can't beat those vibes
Sometimes I feel to do
a boogie to a few 45s, yeah
'Cause sometimes
- Did you just get here?
- Yeah, I just got here.
- Alright.
- Where's your drink, sir?
I haven't got one yet.
I literally just arrived.
- See you in a bit.
- Nice to see you.
Hey, man. What's going on?
I'm going to call my date...
Where did he go?
- Who?
- Milo.
You're probably the best person to ask.
I'm not sure I am.
Well, he likes you,
and I like that, but...
Well... everybody likes you.
You like playing this little game?
Are we playing a game?
Ooh, I think you might be.
Well, if we were playing a game,
I don't think I would play it with you.
That's a shame.
Yeah! Wow!
Let's take a cab.
Let's walk.
- You serious?
- Yeah, I'm serious. Let's walk.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah. You want to?
OK. Take us all night, but...
That's fine. I've got all night.
How did you end up
living with El and Vi?
I don't know if I can tell you.
You're gonna laugh.
I'm not gonna laugh. Tell me.
On a school trip. French exchange.
OK. That is quite funny.
That's perfect.
And so, what, you just kinda...
stayed and never left?
Well I-I had to go back to Paris
to finish high school.
And, um, when the accident happened,
I came back and I stayed.
Oh, that's nice.
What about your parents?
I mean, do they...?
They must miss you, like...
Yeah, well, you know, they're busy,
and I'm busy too, so...
Do they come visit or...?
Not really.
They call me, every Monday at 9:30.
Oh, like a set time. Wow.
It's very stupid.
It's strict.
they still think I'm in college.
- Really?
- Yeah.
For art?
Yeah, 'cause, you know,
I tried that, but, I don't know,
I'm not really good with
this color structure, I guess.
OK. Well, that's alright, you know.
I mean, there are
a ton of famous artists
- that never trained.
- Yeah, right.
So, can I see some of this art?
I don't know.
I don't, I don't really
like to show my art.
Such an artist thing to say.
That right there.
Well, maybe I'll show you one day.
Yeah? OK.
I look forward to that.
My two favorite people.
Want a beer?
Yeah, thanks, man.
Thought you were Cassius.
You guys have fun tonight?
Yeah, man.
Yeah. Why did you leave?
Don't worry, baby.
I'm just glad you had fun.
And you, Jack.
Saved by the bell.
- Are you OK?
- No, not really.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You're being a bore again.
- Oh, the biggest.
Let's go to bed.
You really are a beautiful man.
You really are.
Jacky, he'll get over it.
How do you know?
He cares more about his car than her.
Peanut butter?
Oh, no, I'm fine, thanks.
Yeah, come on.
Anyway, Jack, you know we love you.
- Sleep well.
- Thanks.
Wake up, mate.
Wake up.
I've got you a cup of tea, yeah.
Hey, man.
- Big night, was it?
- Yeah.
- Been a while.
- Yeah.
What's up, man?
What's up with you?
Uh, I've felt better.
- Haven't seen you in ages.
- Yeah. You're good, though?
Why haven't you introduced me
to your new mates?
They're not my new mates.
Whatever the fuck they are.
Why haven't you introduced me?
Are you embarrassed by me?
They cooler than me or what?
Am I emb...?
Why are you in my room, Tom?
I don't know, actually.
I'm just... I'm gonna go.
I'll just...
I'll see you whenever. It's fine.
OK. Walk away, and be a child about it.
Are you joking me?
Are you kidding?
I was gonna say the same
thing to you, mate.
It's three o'clock in the afternoon.
Sort your shit out!
Look at this place!
I don't care what time it is!
And why do you?
What does that matter to you?
Why are you in my room?
Asking me all these questions?
Is this 'cause I won't
go traveling with you?
- No.
- So what is it about, Tom?
It's about you turning
into a fucking arsehole, mate!
How am I an arsehole?
How would you know?
I haven't seen you!
I haven't been with you,
and you can't deal with that.
Fuck off!
- Oh.. good, great, nice.
- Jack.
Sorry, mate, you've gotta understand...
Jack... Jack, can we please have a chat?
You and them both, huh?
This is great. Everyone's having a go.
I didn't mean to push you.
I just lost it for a second.
You know what?
It's good. I needed it.
Any idea how much money you've
spent over the last few weeks?
Are you actually joking me right now?
Your internship starts tomorrow.
Oh, you're right!
I'm so sorry! I totally forgot!
I should be downstairs ironing my tie!
How do you think
Bill Walker likes his coffee?
You have no idea how lucky
you are to be working for Bill!
Bill Walker can fuck off!
Excuse me.
- Oh, you missed him.
- He was quite far away.
Yeah, you should have just hit his car.
Smashed window would've been nice.
Or right on his head.
- Dans la tte?
- Ah, oui, c'est a.
What's with the backpack,
Huckleberry Finn?
Oh, I've run away.
First time?
Yeah. Yeah, it's my first time.
Livin' the dream, brah.
Actually, I was gonna ask you
guys whether I could stay here.
- Yeah, sure.
- You can have my room.
- Wait, where are you staying?
- I got a date.
Like a sleepover date?
Not officially, but...
You are such a sleaze.
You're like an advert for chlamydia.
It's way too early for this.
Shall we do something?
Uh, us?
Why don't you guys go up to the country?
Yeah, we've got a place.
We haven't been there in ages.
Do you want to?
Yeah, I mean... I want...
Do you want to?
- Yeah, yeah, sure.
- Yeah, yeah, OK.
- What's...?
- Drive safe.
I'm just gonna pack,
and I... I come back.
I'll, I'll wait here.
Oh, my God.
I'm sure it's not that hard.
I can drive. I just...
...don't have a license.
That's fine, then.
I believe in you, baby.
Wait, wait.
- Miss.
- Thank you.
Fucking hell.
This is an awful idea.
- I mean, like, really bad.
- Do it for me.
Let's go. Hit the road, Jack.
Don't wanna know
What's written on the last page
Let's just leave
'Cause I've grown so tired
of this place
Oh, the road is lonesome
Before you travel on it
Oh, the road is lonesome
Before you travel on it
Let the wind run through my fingers
There's a cool breeze
coming from the sea
I hear the sand under the wheels
There's a cool breeze
Thanks for doing this.
- It's OK.
- No, you're kind.
It's fine.
Are you having fun?
Yeah. I'm having fun when I'm with you.
While you drive me far away
We left head over heels
Oh, the road is lonesome
Before you travel on it
Which one do you want?
I don't mind. Which one do you want?
Well, that bed is better.
You could always be a gentleman
and give me that one.
Not sure about being a gentleman.
- We could toss a coin for it.
- Fuck you!
OK, well, Rock, paper, scissors then?
Go on, count it in, pussy.
One, two, three.
What is it that you call me again?
One, two, three.
Pussy. I called you a pussy.
OK, well. Big time.
- Oh, massive! Huge moment.
- One, two, three.
Oh, fuck.
Paper beats rock.
- Yeah, whatever.
- Yeah, whatever.
You know, in France,
I don't think that paper
really beats rock.
In France, yeah. That's good
because we're in England now.
In England, the rules are
that paper does beat rock.
- Oh, yeah.
- So French rock,
unless we're in France
that wouldn't work.
Go run the bath for me.
- Hey, you.
- Hey.
It's so early.
It's beautiful.
Do you know you snore?
Sorry about that.
Last night was really fun.
You're always fun, Jack.
Yeah, it's beautiful.
- Jack.
- Yeah?
Um, I'm gonna go and make a cup of tea.
How do you feel?
How are you feeling?
About what?
About us, Ev.
Don't start that game, man.
I'm not... Don't call me "man."
Man, man, man.
What is wrong with you?
Nothing. What's wrong with you?
Oh, good.
We're back doing this now
where you don't tell me anything.
- Hey!
- What?
Just look at me.
I'm trying to talk to you.
I'm not playing a game.
- We're all playing games.
- No.
No, you and Milo might play games.
- I'm not playing a game.
- Don't work yourself up, Jacky.
I'm not getting...
What does that mean,
"Don't work yourself up"?
You all play games.
It's all a joke to you.
Am I a joke to you, Ev?
You play games with Milo.
Milo definitely plays games with you.
Always messing you around.
And now you're playing games with me.
He's not playing games with me.
Oh, Milo doesn't play games
with you! Really?
What d'you think he's doing
every time he's not with you?
- His work.
- Yeah.
- It's sick.
- How exciting.
You have no idea what he does?
OK, well, let me fill you in.
You're better than him, and
what he does and how he is.
And you and me,
we can get away from all this.
- Do you never ask questions?
- Do you ever stop?
Do you wonder
what your boyfriend is doing
when he's not with you?
- If he loved you...
- What are you talking about?
Who are you to tell me
what to think about my boyfriend?
You don't know anything.
You don't make any sense.
Well, that's the best compliment
anyone ever paid me.
I'm trying to help you, Ev.
You never ever had to do that.
It's not about what I had to do.
It's about what I want to do Evelyn, OK.
I get it.
You liked me, you wanted me,
and now, now you've fucked me.
You happy?
And did me fucking you mean anything?
Yeah, it meant lots.
So where does that leave me?
Where it leaves me.
Part of your history.
I don't want you to be my
history. I want us to be real.
Jack, we...
We barely know each other.
Don't try to make that
what it can't be right now, and...
Just try to enjoy it as it is.
As it can be.
A spark.
- Jack...
- Not now.
We thought you'd run off.
Hey. I didn't realize
you guys were coming down.
I didn't have a birthday party,
so I thought it'd be fun.
- The others are downstairs.
- Sure.
- Oh, hey, Jack.
- Jack!
I can't believe they let you
drive the Rolls.
- Why can't I drive the Rolls?
- Cause you don't have a license.
- Whatever.
- Still I think it's unfair.
You and Jack go sort out the barbecue.
Let's get out of here.
So there must be quite a lot of
people coming to Vi's birthday?
Any minute now, baby.
Any minute now.
- How was last night?
- Yeah, it was fine, man.
- What went down?
- Nothing. We just went to bed.
Something happened, surely?
Jesus, why the interrogation, Cas?
You fuck her?
- Shut up.
- No. No?!
- No. No.
- Cas, shut up.
What the fuck were you thinking, Jack?
You better keep that
to yourself, my man.
Yeah, of course.
Good. Good.
- Fuck! What was it like?
- Shut up, man.
Please God, tell me Dave
didn't drive you all down?
Do you all have a death wish?
Hey, I'm Cassius.
What's going on, baby?
We could stop this now
before it starts
When God made you
He made a work of art
Capture the flag!
Could we just stay for a while?
Could we just stay?
Don't wanna be left out
in the cold again
Need more than a lover
I need a friend
If I speak at all
It's gonna be the truth
I want you to want me
the way I want you
I want you to want me
the way I want you
I want you to want me
the way I want you
Don't wanna be left out
in the cold again
Need more than a lover
I need a friend
If I speak at all
It's gonna be the truth
I want you to want me
the way I want you
I want you to want me
the way I want you
I want you to want me
I want you to want me
It's my dad, man.
I just don't think we see eye-to-eye.
What about your parents?
Parents are tricky, man.
They are tricky.
Hey, guys. D'you wanna play
fire hockey later?
- Uh, what's that?
- Oh, it's the best, man.
Come on, Jack. Don't be a bore.
Come on, Jacky.
Um, yeah, I might sit
this one out, you guys.
Who's being a bore?
Come on, Jacky. Play the game.
What's wrong?
Nothing, man.
Yeah, um, let's play.
- Let's play.
- Cool.
You go there.
Over here!
It'll be OK.
Come on. Let's get you a drink.
Want one?
Or are you one of those
"I don't like salt and vinegar" losers?
Uh, thanks.
See, I knew you were
part of our team, Jacky.
I know what you're thinking.
You want cheese and onion, don't you?
Do we have any cheese and onion?
No, only salt and vinegar.
Jacky wants cheese and onion.
I'm fine, really.
Let's go and put Dave to bed.
- Hey.
- Hey. How's it going?
- Milo and I are...
- Listen, you don't have to...
You don't have to explain. It's...
It's fine, really.
Thank you, though.
I understand.
What about the boy you were
with the first time I met you?
Yeah. How is he?
Tom, how's... how's Tom?
I don't really know.
To be honest, I haven't
spoken to him in a while, so...
Well, maybe you should call him, then.
Yeah, I don't know, uh...
How much he's gonna wanna hear from me.
I haven't been that good to him,
but, uh...
Yeah, no, I will. Thanks.
I'll do that.
Why, um...?
Why... Why did last night happen?
Because I wanted to.
I'm sorry, I just don't have
any other explanations.
Yeah, no, that's...
That's OK. That's, that's fine.
But you'll be alright.
Yeah, you reckon?
You're gonna be a great photographer.
It's really me you should worry about.
Oh, yeah? How's that?
Well, I'm just a lost girl from Paris.
What about, uh,
what about your painting?
Well, I don't show my art, so...
Oh, right. I forgot.
Well, that's up to you, you know.
Hey, Tommy, it's me.
How are you doing, man?
Um, listen, it was so good
to see you last night,
and I just wanna say again
good luck on your trip.
That smug look on your face
while you're overlooking
the beautiful vistas
with Gisele on your arm
will be priceless.
And, listen, if you need to get
bailed out a Colombian prison,
just give me a call.
Anyway, have a safe flight, my man,
and can't wait to hear all your stories.
Lots of love. Speak soon. Bye.
Timecoded from the Plain-Scripts, added
many missing words, by H@w-to-kiLL.
We are kids in love
And I got so much more to give
More to give my love
I gotta get it straight out of you
If I find us somewhere new
Will you stay forever?
Stay forever?
And now I'm in over my head
I feel out of my depth
But I'm gonna stay forever
I'll stay forever
'Cause I got a reason to love you
I got a reason
We are kids in love
And I got so much more to give
More to give my love
We are kids in love
And you are now a part of me
That I can't get rid of
So we took the car out
for a few hours
Just me and you
If we could take it forever
Take it together
I didn't know what was wrong
But the sun it hasn't shone
This bright in forever
Bright in forever
'Cause I've got a reason to love you
I've got a reason
We are kids in love
And I got so much more to give
More to give my love
We are kids in love
And you are now a part of me
That I can't get rid of
And now I gotta waste my time on it
And fade away
Or should I take a chance on you
And find my place?
Am I gonna waste my time on it
And fade away?
Or should I take a chance on you
And find my place?
We are kids in love
We are kids in love
And I got so much more to give
More to give my love
We are kids in love
And you are now a part of me
That I can't get rid of
Whoa, whoa, whoa
We are kids in love
And I got so much more to give
More to give my love
Whoa, whoa, whoa
We are kids in love
And you are now a part of me
That I can't get rid of