Kids on the Slope (2018) Movie Script

Any change in your condition?
I don't think so.
Any pain, or numbness?
Thank God, no.
Let me check your chest.
Roll up your shirt, please.
Kaoru Nishimi, physician
Mr. Shimada said he can't sleep because
of the pain. Give him some aspirin.
Yes, Doctor.
And Mr. Okano, don't let him smoke
unti | tomorrow's op.
Explain to him once again
the risks of complication.
Doctor Nishimi!
Doctor Nishimi!
What's up?
This way!
Come here!
Play that song! Monin'!
Play! Play Monin'!
- No, I didn't!
- I didn't!
OK. But just a little,
since I'm busy.
He effortlessly ran up...
...that big s | ope I hated.
It was 1966.
We met
on that slope.
- Hello.
- Hello.
What's on today?
What a horrible slope.
Kaoru Nishimi
He's Nishimi. For family reasons,
he moved here from faraway Yokosuka.
Make friends with him.
He had top grades in Yokosuka.
He's the nephew of Yonkacho
Hospital's Head Doctor.
He lives in that big house?
He's a rich boy.
Look, he's got an expensive watch.
He looks moody.
Why changing school
at this time of the year?
Er... Nishimi?
They told me to show you around
the school during recess.
It's OK.
I'll learn my way around by myself.
l'm class rep Ritsuko Mukae.
Pleased to meet you.
Sorry, how do | get to the roof?
From the main building, but
it's better to stay away now...
What's this?
Did you come for me?
Who are you?
And what's this?
You took my hand!
Where are you from?
How did you get here?
Step aside, you're in my way.
I want to get through.
I must go to the roof.
The door's locked.
I told you
to bring me 10,000 yen.
That key is mine.
You steal stuff
and try to sell it back?
Come to the roof.
Hey, middle schooler.
I'm talking to you.
I'm not a middle schooler!
Do you want the key?
Just wait.
You're crazy. Alone against
three older students...
You wanted this, didn't you?
Just give me 100,000 yen.
| risked my life for it!
100,000 is even cheap.
So that's what you were after.
Feels good!
Try it!
You'll feel refreshed.
Why do you want the key to the roof?
lt's none of your business.
| find it hard to breathe
in the classroom, too.
Haven't been there all day, though.
Stop it! What's up with you?
Nothing good comes
from being scared!
I don't mind you playing the piano.
But since you're here,
you must study
hard to run the hospital in the future.
And probably, your late father
thinks so, too.
I'm sorry, Aunt.
I suppose
it was hard for a single father to raise a child
with due discipline.
I guess the responsibility lies
with your mother, who abandoned you.
Don't think you can do what you want.
This is not your house.
City boy showing off.
So it was you!
The preppy transfer student.
You haven't paid me for the key yet.
We can do installments.
I don't get a word you say!
Speak Japanese, Preppy!
I'm reading the textbook.
I'm not talking to you!
Sentaro! Stop it!
What's up, Ri'ko?
Why are you yelling?
Still acting silly
even in high school!
Nishimi, did you adjust
to school life here?
Well, somehow.
Bye, Ri'ko!
What the heck is wrong with him?
Sentaro gets always in fights .
So everyone's afraid of him.
But he's a really nice guy.
I can assure you.
I'm his childhood friend.
Childhood friend...
That's why you call
each other by first name.
If you want to know anything about
the school or the town, just ask.
Ah, so...
Do you know any shop that sells
classical music records?
Records? We've got lots.
Come to my house!
Your house?
Do you mean...
That's too sudden...
Too daring, I mean...
Mukae Records
We've got a record store!
| see.
And that's my dad.
It's for practice.
My record's jumping terribly.
You can play the piano!
I'm not very good, though.
Then come with me, Nishimi.
Ritsu ko!
Only authorized personnel
can access that room!
He's a dear friend of mine
and Sentaro's.
That guy's not my...
Come in.
Under the record store there's...
What are you doing here?
And you! Why?
Sentaro, Nishimi can play the piano.
I bet he just plays stuck-up
classical stuff.
Play the piano, Nishimi!
- No...
- Hey, Ri'ko.
lt's jazz only, here!
I'll play the piano, instead.
You're terrible!
- Like this?
- It's got no swing!
The sound's too flat!
want to hear you two
play together.
He ain't good at jazz.
I'm not interested
in your barbarian jazz.
Thank you very much.
come back again.
What's the tune he played
on the piano?
Sen on the piano?
The only thing he can play...
is Moanin's intro.
I'll buy it!
That's got nothing to do
with classical music.
Who's that?
Sentaro's friend.
I'm sure he'll be.
He's so irritating!
He was making a fool of me.
I've been playing
the piano for years!
I'll put him to shame.
The sound's muddy?
Syncopation and a peculiar accent...
The three branches of government
under separation of powers:
exercise their powers through
the Cabinet,
and the Court respectively.
It's a model by Montesquieu,
a French philosopher...
So, Preppy?
Did you practice hard?
I've only listened
to the record a little.
A pencil and thumbs only
jazz session's no fun.
If you insist, I might
even play with you.
What are you guys talking about?
Preppy's begging me to play,
so we'll come to your place.
He came up with it!
I told you, I didn't practice.
I don't need to practice
to play such a simple tune.
You ain't honest, Preppy.
You came together.
Go Downstairs.
He's waiting.
Jun Bro's here?
Jun Bro!
When did you come back?
Long time no see. How are you?
Did you arrive today?
He's the person Sentaro admires
the most, since he was little.
He goes to college in Tokyo.
When he's here, he comes to play.
How's life in Tokyo?
Long time no see, Ritsuko.
Who's that well-to-do boy?
Oh. Er...
My friend.
Pre p py.
Well, aren't you playing?
You became quite the chatterbox.
You're right.
O kay.
Just like that?
Why are you so nervous?
Don't think too much,
just barge in!
Kaoru's smiling?
Sen making friends with someone!
It's going to snow.
Music's got amazing power.
Are you still in the student
movement in Tokyo?
I'm not hanging out
with them anymore.
You're not going to school, are you?
Maybe I should live
down here for a while.
Are you serious?
Hello, Mukae Records.
Hello. Er... it's Nishimi.
Kaoru? What's up?
You know, I spent summer vacation
playing the piano, so...
Would you like to come study
at the library with me?
Yes. I'm sure I'll learn a lot
studying with you.
Can we meet at the church?
Of course, it's fine.
Let your Spirit come upon
these gifts to make them holy,
so that they may become for us the body
and blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
The day before he suffered,
he took bread in his sacred hands
and looking up to heaven,
he gave thanks and praise.
He broke the bread, gave it
to his disciples, and said
Take this, all of you, and eat it.
This is...
Ritsu ko!
You're early.
Sorry I made you wait.
No problem.
Let's go.
Let's go, Preppy!
- Come on!
- Wait!
Why did he bring a swimsuit?
Why don't you come for a swim, too?
Ritsuko, even you...
Ri'ko! Preppy!
I'm here!
What's wrong?
The thing he's wearing
around the neck...
It's a rosary.
It's not normally worn
like that, though.
But the priest makes
an exception for Sentaro.
Don't talk too much.
Hey, where are you going?
Let's have fun together.
Stop it.
We ain't gonna hurt you.
Let go of me!
Let's go eat spaghetti.
She doesn't want to.
Take your hands off her.
Who are you?
- Me?
- You.
l'm Kawabuchi from Higashi High.
What's wrong?
You ain't gonna fight?
We'll leave it for today.
Let's go.
He's that Kawabuchi.
The wind keeps blowing off my hat.
Thank you. I owe you.
Maybe I should use a chinstrap,
like yours.
Look at your face!
Ah, it's you.
She's a bit famous in town.
They say she came back
from Tokyo out of the blue.
Apparently she's from
a very rich family.
Are you talking about
the woman we met on the beach?
Yurika Fukahori.
20 years old.
She moved to Tokyo to study
in college.
Art school, they said.
When you think about her,
you lose your appetite, don't you?
I'm sorry for you.
That's love sickness.
This is?
Have you never fallen in love before?
You've got many rivals.
No practice today.
We'll have a strategy meeting.
I don't mind doing it at mine,
but can't we do it here?
Of course not!
Ritsuko might hear us.
This way.
You're doing it wrong.
Big Bro!
- Welcome back, Sen Bro!
- I'm home.
No jazz today?
Hey, Sachiko.
We're having a strategy meeting.
Come in, Preppy.
Hey, Mom!
- Kota, where's Mom?
- She was by the well.
What's with the noise?
Sen Bro brought a friend!
Hello. Thank you for being
good friends with Sentaro.
You're welcome.
It's a noisy house,
but stay as long as you like.
- l'll cut some watermelon.
- You drew this?
Isn't this Sachiko?
- And what's this, Taichi?
- No no
A ghost!
A ghost?
You couldn't eat anything
until a moment ago.
| always got space for watermelon.
You're so materialistic.
when we spoke on the roof,
I realized that someone close
to me understood how I felt,
and I felt reassured.
So, do you already have in mind
a strategy to meet her?
She needs a hat with a chinstrap.
Why don't you buy her one?
Got no money.
Just the chinstrap, then.
Not a striking idea.
And how am I gonna give it to her?
How about an ambush?
| see.
You call this a strategy meeting?
You're no good, Preppy!
Jun Bro's the right guy
for love matters.
Sorry then.
Isn't it dangerous?
Don't worry.
Jun Bro's a regular here.
Jun Bro!
Hey, Sen.
And Kaoru.
Good evening, Jun Bro.
Perfect timing.
For what?
The owner just asked me
to do a live show here.
Sounds awesome!
Owner, here's my drummer
and pianist.
If you're no good, the regulars
are going to go for your throat!
What? Speak Japanese.
Or do you drink only mommy's milk?
It was good.
- Whatever.
- Sen, let's go.
Wait here, Preppy.
Hey! Are you making fun of me?
What are you doing?
Let me go!
Let me go!
Violence is meaningless.
They're writing songs of love, but not for me
A lucky star's above, but not for me
With love to lead the way
I've found more clouds of gray
Than any Russian play could guarantee
l was a fool to fall, and get that way
Heigh-ho, alas, and also lack-a-day
Although I can't dismiss the memory of her kiss
I guess she's not for me
I can't understand a word.
What are you saying?
You should get that.
What's a princess
like you doing here?
I thought I'd find you here.
Sen! Wait a minute!
We must go home.
Didn't you see her?
She's here!
Jun Bro!
We met the other day.
You remembered me?
Do you know her too, Jun Bro?
we met in Tokyo.
l was right about coming here!
l have a favor to ask you.
I'll do anything you want!
Don't move.
Is it necessary to dress like this?
Sentaro, you're the perfect model for this.
You're flattering me.
You're so... Apollon.
The image of him
I have in my mind.
Powerful eyes...
...and strong muscles.
What does he look like?
I'm sure you've seen him.
There are many statues of him.
That naked guy thinking
about something difficult?
That's Rodin's.
Apollon is the God of Music
in Greek mythology.
The God of Music!
I wanna meet him.
But he speaks Greek, you know?
Can you speak it?
No need for words.
You can communicate your feelings
through music!
There are no rules.
Are you alone?
Where's Sentaro?
Ah... he's...
Ritsuko, were you humming
My Favorite Things?
From The Sound of Music.
Do you know it too?
There's a scene in the movie where
she teaches the kids how to sing.
- I love that.
- Ah.
I think you'd make a great teacher.
A teacher...
I've never thought about it.
And you? What are you going
to do after graduation?
I'm not sure.
He should get some new drumsticks.
Listen, Kaoru.
Why don't we buy him some?
The two of us?
Why don't you do it?
I think he'd be happier if
the present comes from you, too.
Look at this!
Yeah, it's amazing.
She said I look like Apollon.
She said he's the God of Music!
OK, I got it.
Put it away now.
Hey, Ri'ko!
Wanna see the picture
I modeled for?
What picture?
This is you?
Yuri ka drew it.
She's so beautiful, and can even draw.
How about the next test, Sen?
- You should try not to get bad marks.
- More importantly...
What's the best way
to ask a girl out?
I'm not Yurika, so I don't know.
I'll think about it.
O kay.
All you talk about is women.
Aren't you ashamed?
Why are you mad?
You can't ask me
to stop my feelings.
You'll go to medical college
after graduation, right?
That's the plan.
Don't be vague.
You must decide where.
We'll have to take care
of tuition and lodging.
Yes, Aunt.
How long are you going
to stay in town, Jun Bro?
Dad's so happy when you're around.
He's always sullen otherwise.
It's only because
he can chat about jazz.
He even made this music room.
Can't beat him.
Speak of the devil.
The one you played at the bar.
You're so bad I can't figure it out.
You can't?
Jun Bro! You're here.
Let's play then.
Yurika wants to hear
the tune we played at the bar.
Isn't it off-limits
for unauthorized people?
Who's unauthorized?
Wait, Ritsuko!
Sorry, I'm not in the mood today.
I'm off.
Jun Bro!
He's so whimsical.
Ritsuko! Wait!
Thank you.
I didn't give him the gift.
I'm sorry, Ritsuko.
What's up, Preppy?
So late at night.
What is it?
It's a gift from Ritsuko.
We're just having dinner.
Wanna join?
No, thanks.
What's wrong?
| just came to give you that.
I can't let you go like that.
I'll walk you home.
Hey, l'll pop out for a bit.
Save my food.
You already ate
three bowls of rice.
It's not enough!
Where are you going?
Leave me alone!
You're lucky.
You have a nice family.
You have everything...
...l've always wanted.
What are you talking about?
Shut up!
can't understand how it feels
not to belong in your own home!
Come with me.
Let me go!
I won't.
This is...
Ritsu ko.
You can tell by looking
at me when l was a kid.
l'm mixed-blood.
I don't belong in my own home either.
That's not my real family.
was abandoned in this church.
Father! Father! This way!
Who did this?
May God
bless this child
You're a foundling!
What are you doing?
Stay away!
You got funny hair!
You got no parents.
Wherever I went, I got abuse
because I was abandoned.
Mom and Dad couldn't have kids,
so they adopted me.
...they were born.
Of course, everyone would
love his own kids more.
I couldn't help feeling humiliated.
And I couldn't get along with Dad.
Drumming was my only consolation.
when I went home, l'd sink again.
Now it's fun to be at home.
Sometimes I wonder if I should
stay there forever.
Still not able to play
anything but Moanin'?
You sound even worse on the organ.
I'll play.
Is that why...'re the only one who's allowed
to wear the rosary around your neck?
l was born here.
This represents that.
| feel that, if I take it off,
it'd be like I've been
abandoned again.
Me too.
Only the piano would make me
forget the bad things.
Same here. Only the drums.
Until now.
Hello? Can you hear me?
Hello? Can you hear me?
Er... Sachiko, right?
Are you alone?
Big Bro's working
at the liquor store.
Ritsuko's cooking dinner.
| see.
It must be boring to make
phone calls alone.
Do you want to play with me?
Really? Come here then.
Take this. Stay there!
Preppy, can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
Can I tell you a secret?
Go ahead.
You know, a boy from my class
called Hashiguchi keeps being nasty to me.
Why is that?
Let me see.
Maybe Hashiguchi actually likes you.
he won't stop even if I cry.
I wonder why.
One shouldn't want to be nasty
to the girl he likes.
You'd want to take care
of her more than anything.
You just want to see her smile.
Pre p py?
I made a girl I really like
cry, too.
I don't think she'd forgive me
even if I apologized.
I won't.
It was...
...the first time for me!
I'm sorry.
really sorry.
I'm sorry...
for running away, too.
Don't be.
I did that without even
telling you how I feel...
It's a bit late, but
I love you, Ritsuko.
For me, you're the most beautiful
girl in the world.
Thank you, Kaoru.
Thank you, but...
I don't know what to do.
I'm sorry.
You'll be better off
without me from now on.
I decided.
I'll go with you.
I won't go back to college.
And I'll never come back here.
Playing with Kaoru and Sen,
I remembered.
The friends who fought
with me in college.
Revolution and Counter- Revolution
I can't just... away.
Why can't you take me with you?
l have no idea
what's going to happen.
I can't bring a princess
like you down with me.
I won't be a princess anymore.
- Hi.
- 'Morning.
Nice timing, Sen.
Can you swing by Jun's?
He forgot his mouthpiece.
I can go when I finish.
No problem.
Is that all you've got, boxing club?
Stop it!
Let me go, Preppy!
Let go of me!
Stop it.
Why are you so mad?
It's nothing.
I don't buy it.
was with Jun Bro.
Hey, Preppy.
Did you know about them?
Er, um...
Answer, Preppy.
I did know. But...
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't know how to say it.
You say that, but weren't you...
having fun watching me
act like a fool?
Certain things are better not said.
If I knew they were dating...
You're so boorish!
| just didn't want you to get hurt!
I'm too boorish. ..
to hang out with a sensitive city boy like you!
Are you serious?
Boys! Stop playing around
and decide, come on.
No dice. We're all busy
with club activities.
Can you join the school festival
executive committee?
Mukae's the female rep.
You're good friends, aren't you?
Where's Kawabuchi?
He went to the teacher's office.
He had a fight with the boxing club.
I heard he can play drums.
Can you ask him if he wants to join my band?
We can't ask him that.
Sen is devoted to jazz.
He's never going to play rock.
I'm not asking you.
He'd say the same.
Would you play drums in my band?
I don't mind.
Got no plans to do nothing with nobody.
Outside that underground room,
jazz, rock, anything will do.
Then write your program below.
Higashi High
School Festival
Performer Registration
This is it.
- OK.
- Let's go.
They forced you to join the committee.
It must be hard for you.
I'm fine.
Being busy keeps me distracted.
Rock Band Performance
Wait, Sentaro!
Kaoru Nishimi / Sentaro Kawabuchi
Jazz Session
You too, Kaoru!
You can do both rock and jazz!
Kaoru! Sentaro!
Don't come here!
18th Higashi High School Festival
Sorry, Ritsuko.
Maybe we can't go back
the way we were.
- What happened?
- Blackout?
- Doesn't work.
- What can we do?
What happened?
I think it's an electrical fault.
The main's not off.
I'll help too.
Check the wires in the backstage.
Enough of electric guitar!
Start the next show!
Sorry! We'll fix it right away.
Please wait.
We were having so much fun.
I can't go home mid-live!
We're checking now.
What's the committee doing?
Wait a moment, please.
Wait one more minute.
They're checking the wires.
I don't mind if it's over like this.
It's not like I wanted to play rock.
Why didn't you refuse, then?
l was a fool.
I lost something precious.
I thought friendship was forever.
I guess some things can't be mended.
That's not true! Kaoru's...
- Hey, committee!
- Yes?
What are you doing?
Isn't it fixed yet?
Sorry! The teacher's coming.
Wait a bit longer.
l'll fill up for a while.
You get ready to restart.
What's going on?
The committee guy?
Nishimi plays piano?
Huh? The song from
The Sound of Music?
My Favorite Things.
Can't beat it, the most fun time
is when | play with you!
What's that, out of the blue?
You're grossing me out!
Big prize!
The church's Christmas
party's coming up.
I'm so happy I'll be able
to hear you play together again.
Tell everyone in school.
If you want to listen to us,
come to church."
I'm sure they'll be delighted.
They asked for an encore.
Speaking of that...
Huh? What?
Ritsuko, why don't you sing?
What are you saying?
Me singing?! That's...
Let's play My Favorite Things
together, the three of us.
I want you to sing it.
Ri'ko. If you want to refuse,
it's now or never.
Once we're on board,
I'll take no prisoners.
Ritsu ko.
When you played the drums and Kaoru
the piano here...
...smiling all the time...
That's my favorite thing.
Are you saying I can be part
of that world?
Of course! Right, Sen?
My Favorite Things, huh.
My favorite things are...
...drums, watermelon and rice balls!
What are yours, Preppy?
Mine are...
I'll think about it.
Preppy! Me and Ri'ko said it!
It's not fair, Kaoru.
Say it!
I'll think about it!
Say it, Preppy!
Christmas Jazz Performance
Sankacho Church, Dec. 25, 7pm
What's up? Are you nervous?
Of course!
Can't wait until tonight!
And Preppy too, I'm sure.
Let's go get him.
- Can I sit on the back?
- Yeah.
Let's go.
How many times do l have to tell you?
You know what you must do now.
Right after graduation,
I'll go to Tokyo.
What? It's so sudden.
Dad's friend will help me
to find accommodation.
For me, becoming a doctor
should not feel like an obligation.
I want to act on my own will.
Good attitude.
Your words,
I won't forget.
Hey, Sentaro.
Lately, I don't know
how I feel anymore.
When I look at Kaoru...
Old piece of junk!
What were you sayin'?
These days, when I look at Kaoru
my heart goes pit-a-pat.
I can't hear you! What?
Mr. Mukae!
How's Ritsuko?
There's nothing you can do here.
| wi | | ... you.
And Sen?
Today's Christmas
Jazz Performance is canceled
Look who's here, an angel.
If you came for someone
let it be me, not Ri'ko.
Am I not good enough for Heaven?
Anywhere will do.
Why do | always
hurt the people who are dear to me?
Why was I born?
Stop it.
Pre p py.
What's wrong?
H ey.
Why are you crying?
Stop it, Preppy.
This way...
...we won't have
to see each other crying.
What do you mean by each other"?
I'm not...
It's OK for you to cry...
Mr. Mukae!
She's awake!
Ritsu ko!
Do you recognize me?
Ritsu ko!
Ritsu ko!
Ritsu ko.
Thank God!
They said you'll be fine.
I dreamt of when l was little.
Sentaro was sitting in church.
It was already dark outside.
he wasn't going home.
How is he?
He's only got a few scratches.
Don't worry.
He must feel guilty.
Tell him he shouldn't.
I will.
Leaving the rosary behind,
Sentaro disappeared.
10 years have passed
without us seeing each other again.
I became a doctor in Tokyo.
Not very good.
Tokyo Medical College Hospital
Did your grandson come to see you?
Yes, he did.
I'm happy for you.
He came all the way from Osaka.
You have to get better
also for his sake, then.
You're right. I'll give it my all.
Did you get married?
You changed so much.
You're a fine doctor, now.
Are you still playing the piano?
Only sometimes.
Is it a boy? Or a girl?
We don't know.
We want to keep it a surprise.
We came here...
to show you something.
What's this picture?
A hometown friend sent me
her wedding picture.
Look closer.
Mukae Records
Closing Down Notice
Thank you for your patronage
It's still a horrible slope.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
Long time no see.
You really became a teacher.
You should have told me
you were coming!
I couldn't talk properly
on the phone.
You were nervous when
you invited me to the library, too.
But then we went
to the beach instead.
Listen, Ritsuko.
I finally found him.
Why don't we go meet him together?
This is...!
Walking together like this,
it seems we were never apart.
But time did pass by.
Yeah, it feels like yesterday.
| f Jun Bro and Yurika didn't show you
this picture, what would you do?
I knew we would
meet again somewhere.
Friendship is forever.
I haven't changed either.
I haven't told you about my feelings.
It took a long time, but...
See you tomorrow, novice priest!
See you tomorrow, novice priest!
Come whenever you want!
What's up with you two?
If you came to get married,
I can take care of it.
What are you talking about?
Besides, can you really officiate?
Isn't that a carnival costume?
Huh? Can't hear you.
Did you say I look great?
Well, aren't you playing?
You became quite the chatterbox.
You talk like your dad.
I found my favorite thing!
I kept wondering about that.
What is it? Tell me!
This time, now!
Directed by
Takahiro Miki